V1 Murder Case (2019) Movie Script

9/11 reminds us of the Twin Towers,
but that was an eventful day in many ways!
We'll discuss that
on our show today. More importantly...
There is a rain forecast today.
So here's a superb song from 'Budhan'.
Enjoy! This is RJ Pavel for Tamizh FM...
Listen, relish.
Bloody darkness!
I'm tired of your hypnotism sessions.
Got a napkin?
How long was I in the darkness?
- Not as long as the last session.
I've been coming here for a year and a half.
When will I be cured of nyctophobia?
Come to therapy regularly,
and you'll be cured.
Fear of darkness made me quit my police job
and become a forensic trainer.
I'd have come regularly
if I'd seen some improvement.
Agni, first try to understand your problem.
A phobia is nothing but
a situation you dread to face.
It could be a situation or an object.
For example, some people
are afraid of crowds.
While some others are afraid
of public speech.
Blood, sharp objects, light...
various people have various fears.
And you're afraid of the dark.
You're unable to face it.
Are you done talking?
Nyctophobia cannot be treated
at the drop of a hat, Agni.
There is a procedure to it.
So, problems of the mind, like fear,
cannot be treated with medicines. Right?
Of course.
Only therapy can heal emotions.
Or you can overcome this fear
on your own.
That's the psychology applied behind
the last hypnotism session you underwent.
But you couldn't survive in that.
What are you getting at?
I had to snap you out forcefully.
So, no improvement.
I've been saying that from the start.
Spare me the lecture.
Agni, don't walk out of a session halfway.
I have more important things to do.
You don't understand
the importance of these sessions.
Uncle, give me a balloon.
The red one.
Crackpot, check out my balloon!
I'm a crackpot, huh?
Give me that!
Give it back to me!
I'm telling the teacher.
When my father is back,
I'll tell on you...
It is murder.
She's drowned in water!
No, it has to be a suicide.
Stop fighting.
It's neither murder nor suicide.
I know it's murder.
I've set it up like you said, sir.
- Thank you.
Rahim, catch!
What is the killer's greatest enemy?
The police?
- Sir, catch.
The killer's mistakes?
- No.
It's the blood of the victim.
Blood is our best friend.
A murder has taken place in this room.
Analyse the blood here
and tell me two things:
One- the position from where
the killer attacked the victim.
And two- the weapon used.
- Sir?
There is a lot of blood.
Maybe a gun?
Okay... Sudha?
An iron rod?
That was going to be my answer, sir.
Where did the attack take place?
The dead body is here.
So, must be here.
Nice. Come on.
Hurry up, guys.
Pay close attention.
Look at the blood splattered.
It's in this direction.
So the attack must have taken place
on the opposite side.
The crime scene is not here...
but here.
Look on top.
The blood is splattered in four lines.
And each line is thinner
than the previous.
The killer must have attacked the victim
four times.
And the blood has hit the ceiling...
which means, the back of the weapon
must be sharp, or bent.
Sir, an axe?
- Fantastic.
The weapon is still in the room.
Find it.
This is blood-stained.
So the killer must have used this?
The killer could leave a decoy weapon
just to divert us.
And that's called staging the evidence.
But the weapon actually used by the killer
is not an axe or a knife.
A forensic examiner needs a detective mind.
You must look at everything as evidence.
Including the dead body.
You'll be the first people
to attend a crime scene.
Your report shall decide
the fate of the case.
No matter which of the 38 forensic departments
you end up in, follow these four rules:
Pay close attention.
Your evidence could---
Mr. Agni...?
- Two minutes!
Preserve as much of the evidence
as possible.
Analyse the data thoroughly.
Your answer lies in the data.
Before jumping to conclusions--
Agni, attend to this case.
I can't do field work, sir.
I'm asking you to apply on field
what you're teaching in class.
I can't, sir.
Shut up!
Can't you see we're talking?
Hold it!
Did you note his body language?
A person's sight and pointed finger
must be on the same line.
If it's not,
the emotion is not real.
Out of my way!
He's using me to teach his class...
Are you here, doctor?
Wait there.
Is your wife around?
I'll be there in two minutes.
Okay, sir.
Luna, why should we force him?
I told you he won't accept any cases.
Don't waste my time.
You handle this case on your own.
- Sorry, sir.
You handle it.
- Give me some more time.
I'll make him take up the case.
Don't sleep at work!
- I'll whack you.
Why do you own a mobile?
- Hi.
Nancy, nice earrings.
- Thank you.
If I don't answer your call,
you send the DD to pressurise me?
I'm tired of turning him down.
- Don't talk too much.
Tell them what you told me.
- Tell whom?
The victim's parents.
Our daughter...
Our daughter Narmada...
She has left us, sir.
She was the apple of our eyes.
And now she's gone!
One minute...
What? Trying to create sympathy?
You're so infuriating.
There is no evidence or witness.
Or motive.
You can handle the case
during the day.
What do you want from me?
Tell me.
I killed Narmada.
If mobile phones never existed,
we'd have had no problems.
What's this?
I told you to tighten the curtain rods.
Don't change the subject.
I'm talking to you!
You've got some random guy's photo
as your WhatsApp picture.
What's that status?
'Happy birthday dear'?
That's how you talk?
- Where is the clip?
I'm talking to you.
I'll smash your face in.
Men who are just killing time
won't ask any questions.
But I'm serious about you.
How can I not?
I'll beat up the guy.
That's my cousin.
He lives in UK.
I mail a million people at work
saying 'Dear Customer' or 'Dear Sir'...
you'll whack them all?
Don't get hung up on these things.
There's a huge gap between these words
and our life.
It's out of trust that
we're in a live in relationship.
Baseless suspicion...
I'll tell you something?
Frankly, our frigging relationship sucks.
What did you say?
I said it sucks.
- No, before that.
So what?
- Tell me what you said.
I said it frigging sucks.
So what?
You think you're the only one
who can swear?
That's your caste speaking.
After that...
things only got tense.
So I left.
I had the pressure to meet targets
at my sales job.
I couldn't get anything done.
This kept running in my head.
I went to her office to speak to her,
but she wasn't there.
Then, I saw her at the road.
You act like you didn't see me!
- What's your problem?
I thought we could compromise.
But what you said... irks me deep down.
If you don't like me, leave.
I'll be fine.
Stop making a fuss.
You came here to tell me that?
Go home.
We'll talk later.
I cancelled my sales calls
and went home early that evening.
She humiliated me in public.
So I wanted to hurt her...
9/11 reminds us of the Twin Towers,
but that was an eventful day in many ways!
We'll discuss that
on our show today. More importantly...
There is a rain forecast today.
So here's a superb song from 'Budhan'.
Enjoy! This is RJ Pavel for Tamizh FM...
Listen, relish.
What's happened?
Wake up!
Wake up!
Narmada, look at me!
Look at me!
Nami! Nami...
I'm sorry, love.
Forgive me, my love.
Wake up!
Have I killed you
because of my possessiveness?
I killed her.
If I hadn't broken her phone...
she could have called me.
I'll never see her again.
I killed her.
It was me.
I killed her.
I shouldn't have frigging fought.
You swear a lot?
You swear a lot?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
How long have you been together?
I've known her for four years.
We've been living together
for six months now.
Why didn't you marry?
Her parents are very strict.
Compared to her family...
I'm lesser in money, class,
social circle...
I wanted to start my own pharma company.
But I had no money.
I wanted to talk to her parents
after settling down.
But she's no more.
I misunderstood her.
I did.
Do you want to ask anything?
Do you want to ask anything?
Okay, Inba. You may leave.
Keep yourself available for us.
Turn off the cameras.
What is your problem?
Let's go.
- Why?
You ran out of biscuits?
I know why you're not showing interest.
Your problem is not nyctophobia.
It's Blessie.
Yes. It's Blessie.
Fine, I'm sorry.
You're fooling yourself.
You're not even trying
to get over her.
Every change needs a beginning.
Maybe this is the beginning?
Why do you torture me so?
I believed that the love of my life
would be with me forever.
At least I want to resist her memories.
Don't keep reminding me, please.
Don't worry, be brave and go home.
We'll find the killer.
Doctor, please take them.
Please help me, sir...
- Quiet, the inspector is here.
- Why have you made him come?
He came on his own.
- Give him a glass of water.
Don't cry. He will solve the case.
Priya's father refuses to leave.
Please have a word with him?
I'll talk to him?
I'll handle it.
Just solve this case for me.
Poor guy.
We planned the trip because you said
you'd handle it. What's the confusion now?
Still not found the rascal?
Why do you swear at his mother?
Found any clues?
Even better, I've identified the criminal.
- Problem is...
the culprit was killed in an encounter
before the girl died.
But all the evidence points to him.
- So what?
It's his flesh between her nails,
and the semen tested positive.
What I find strange is...
how could a man who's been dead
for three weeks, murder somebody last week?
Either, he's a ghost.
Or there must be a time machine.
There was a power cut for ten days
after the storm, right?
I'll laugh at your joke later.
Now let's solve the case.
Listen, think of the room as a freezer?
He could have raped the girl
three weeks ago and stored her body there.
There was a powercut for ten days,
so the ice melted and the body was discovered.
That's why the flesh under the fingernails
must have been preserved.
He is the criminal, Luna. Just write that
in your report and close the file.
Tell Priya's father who the murderer is.
Please don't let him go!
Agni, don't...
If I had worked on Priya's case sincerely,
her father would still be alive.
Justice that isn't served on time
is useless.
There must be a reason
the case came to me.
I want justice.
- Don't cry.
I understand your pain.
No one gets away with their crime.
I'll find the killer.
The girl has been stabbed in the throat.
We don't know the weapon.
Only that it's penetrated 2 inches deep
and punctured her windpipe.
There is no confirmation
on the exact weapon?
No, but it must be a minimum of
5 inches long and 0.5 cm thick.
Judging by the force of stabbing,
killer falls between 25 - 30 years of age.
And it's been done without panic.
Any other bruises in the body?
There are no signs of rape
or harassment.
Narmada had consumed capsicum on the day
she was killed, and hence a food allergy.
That could be why
she didn't fight back.
Did you track her blood trail?
During recovery, most of her blood had clotted
or was absorbed by her clothes.
And the pouring rain
destroyed all possibilities.
All the evidence was washed out.
We searched using grid method
but found nothing.
So we don't know
the exact place of attack.
Going by the report, the murderer fled
before the girl even died.
It's not a pre-planned murder.
- Correct.
What could the motive be?
Problem is, there is none.
If it was a murder for pleasure,
the killer must be a psychopath.
The incident has taken place
between 8:20 and 8:40.
Before that?
- She withdrew 1,500 rupees from an ATM.
Out of which, 400 was missing.
So let's start with the 400 rupees.
Where did she spend it?
But she didn't buy it, madam.
Narmada's debit card got declined.
She went to withdraw money, but someone else
picked up the gift she selected.
Was it this man?
No, that guy is from around here.
He rides a red R15.
Tattoos and piercings all over his body...
he looks strange.
It's hard to miss him.
Esquire everyone with a
red R15 in our circle.
And WhatsApp me the rider's photographs.
Take a look at the ATM, too.
- Tell me, sir.
You've become a forensic trainer now?
Tell me, sir.
You covered the V1 case in Mogappair?
- Yes, sir.
Shall I mail you the details?
Sure, data is always useful.
More importantly, gel with the public
and report any unusual activities to me.
Okay, sir.
Agni, the ATM security guard confirmed
what we saw in the CCTV footage.
We have a few photographs.
Let's ask the shopkeeper if it matches.
It's none of these people.
Narmada must have paid him 400 rupees
and bought the gift from him.
But she didn't have the gift with her
when she died.
He was the last person to see her.
Who knows?
He could be the killer.
Sir, this is the guy.
Want to eat something?
For the both of us?
This is such a depressing place
for us to meet.
Let's go to a coffee shop?
What's your name?
And you, beautiful?
Tell me your full name.
- Siddhanandan.
Do you like it?
I mean, my name.
Is it 'Miss'?
Where were you
on September 11th?
A beautiful angel like you...
Answer me!
It was my friend Murthy's engagement.
What a party, fun music...
that was on the 12th.
I was here on the 11th.
My darling!
Good one.
Is this meeting about our love?
Where's my babe?
- Love?
For two months now.
She didn't love me back.
But still...
It was divine love, you know!
So the girl didn't love you back.
And you killed her.
I'm so shocked,
I can't even cry.
I swear...
Ask all the women I'm in love with...
Once they turn me down,
I feel sorry for their loss and move on.
Don't take me so seriously, madam.
You were the last person to see her.
What did you do to her?
What happened that day, was...
You should see my hairstyle today.
Will you see me?
Or will you not?
Excuse me!
This is superb.
It's amazing.
So sweet!
How much is that? The other one?
- 400.
Give me that.
Here I come.
When I see this heart, I feel so good!
- PIN number, please.
Can you feel it?
- Card declined, madam.
There's an ATM close by.
That's 400 bucks.
She looks like an aunt,
you call her a baby?
Hold on, baby.
You wanted to gift me this.
But I surprised you with it!
Narma darling!
I've had it with you.
What is it that you want?
It's you I want!
You accepted my gift. I'll take it
that you've accepted my love?
Darling! Tom and Jerry.
When she flung that gift on my face...
I realised that she wasn't my soul-mate.
So? - So I kept those gifts safely to give
to some other girl.
Luna, we can hypnotise
the truth out of him.
Please, doctor.
The coffee?
She'll be serving me?
Hi, doc.
I'm Sid.
You don't have to tell me your name,
but you can give me your hand?
Fine, you keep your hand.
Mannerless people.
I'm going to hypnotise you
to reach your subconscious mind.
You'll reveal the truth on your own.
Close your eyes.
Let's begin?
You and I are alone in this room.
You naughty lady!
Just listen to my voice.
No need to shake your head.
Pay close attention to your breath.
3... 2... 1...
We're entering your subconscious.
You're going to reveal the truth to me.
Inba is not a good man.
Narmada was in love with me.
He didn't like that fact.
And that's why...
He planned everything.
He shot her!
He shot Narmada!
He's a bloody fool.
He shot Narmada!
He did!
Now come back to your conscious state.
- I'm coming back.
Open your eyes slowly...
She's not here, bro?
This is the beat?
- Awesome, bro!
You were not even hypnotised.
Why did you lie?
I wasn't?
But I felt like she did.
- Is it?
- Very.
Bro, man-to-man, I'll tell you the truth?
- Tell me.
I don't like Inba.
And I just know it,
he must have done it.
What do you know?
- What happened that day...
Wait, woman!
You're hanging out
with some other guy?
Why are you behaving like a psycho?
Even if I am hanging out with someone,
what's your problem?
You think I'm a psycho?
Then why are you still with me?
Leave me.
Go and live with
the guy you like.
You don't need to live with a psycho.
You don't get to tell me what to do.
I can handle my life by myself.
Don't create a scene here.
Go and mind your own job.
Oh, then return all the money
I spent on you.
I will.
Leave now.
Get me my money
from an ATM now!
Why do you act so cheap?
Who? Me?
I know you're not about to cry.
Don't act.
Instead of killing me little by little,
just kill me and get it over with.
Wait and see,
that will happen someday.
What the fish?
He's capable of doing anything when angry.
Don't let him go, bro.
Thanks for the information. You may leave.
- Thanks, bro!
I have a doubt.
Narmada's death is quite saddening.
But we have a party planned in Goa
day after: fun, girls, music.
I won't be required
for this case, will I?
Looking for something?
- My gun...
Oh, you're so funny!
That moron didn't sound convincing.
Why did you let him go?
Words and tone are only partly
indicative of the truth.
Their body language will reveal the rest.
There was no lie in his body language.
Definitely innocent.
But I agree, he's a moron.
I'm not saying anything, spare me!
You needn't say anything.
Sir, one Julia has come to see you.
Let her in.
Who is this girl?
A girl? She's Narmada's colleague
and close friend.
We'll find some information.
Let's see.
Don't be nervous.
We're just going to speak casually.
Are you alright?
Who killed Narmada?
I don't know that, sir.
But Inba upset her that day.
Why? What did he do?
Narmada's father used his caste influence
and got her into a medical college.
But Narmada turned it down.
They yelled and abused her
for that.
She didn't speak to her parents
for two years after that.
She's that sensitive.
Knowing all that,
he swore at her.
Who swore at her?
- Inba.
Even in her insurance policy, she's listed
him as her nominee, not her parents.
She trusts him so much.
He's a sadist.
He just didn't get her.
She was so hurt.
I compelled her so much,
but she didn't even come to team lunch.
Where did she go then?
You act like you didn't see me!
I really didn't see you!
Why did you come here now?
I thought we could compromise.
But what you said...
irks me deep down.
Why are you blowing up everything?
Are you going to torture me
to death this way?
Wait and see,
that will happen someday.
I didn't bring it up with her
as I didn't want to hurt her.
Do you suspect anyone
other than Inba?
Other than Inba...?
I can't think of anyone.
So... Inba must have done it?
I can't say that!
But Inba is very short tempered.
He has no control over his actions
when he loses his temper.
But then he regrets his actions
and gets restless with guilt.
Maybe Inba could have...
there is a chance.
What's with the team? It's just an enquiry.
Won't the two of us do?
He's killed his girlfriend for
one million insurance money.
Do you suggest we get his appointment?
You used the read technique.
You asked the witness questions
with answers you wanted to hear.
Naturally, Inba was the only answer.
Then why should all the witnesses
be against him?
He shed crocodile tears at the box.
I saw right through him.
When there is pain in the heart,
the left side of the eye tears up.
He wasn't pretending.
- What's your point?
We'll give him the benefit of doubt
and let him go?
It's only a doubt. There's no evidence
to prove he's the killer.
95% of women's killers are
men from their close circle.
Which is why I'm here.
What if he confesses to killing?
- How?
If we give him third degree treatment,
he'll automatically confess.
Madam, I think he's inside. I knocked
but there was no answer.
See if there's another entry.
Maybe he escaped?
Shall I break open?
Save your breath.
I think he's dead.
Don't touch anything.
Wait outside, please.
Call up forensics and ambulance.
Rough sketch and finger prints
altered. Photographer on the way, sir.
The house was locked.
No, we haven't disturbed the evidence.
Don't worry, sir.
I'll stay and take care of the checklist.
Agni is working the scene.
The killer could have entered
through the terrace, too.
We didn't expect it either, sir.
Looks like a murder.
Narmada's murderer could have killed Inba.
Maybe the same killer
got them both.
This is not a murder.
It's suicide.
Sir, I'll call you back.
- Inba is right-handed.
So, the injection mark is on the left.
He's taken an adrenaline booster
to gain courage to die.
It's used by sportspeople.
Being a medical rep,
he could source it easily.
What about the other injection mark?
- That's an empty syringe mark.
He injected himself with air,
which formed bubbles in his arteries...
and he's died of a heart attack.
So 'I killed her' is his suicide note?
Poor guy.
He feels responsible for her death.
Two consecutive murders in one house.
The media will have a field day.
When something like this occurs,
people hesitate to come forward...
with information
to the media or to us.
They wait till we knock on their doors.
Three streets connect the gift shop
with the victim's house.
Half the case is solved
if we identify the crime scene.
But it's a large area to cover.
Then let's use straight method
and knock on doors.
I'll go that way.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Did you hear any sound
on the day of the murder?
Have you seen this girl?
Do you know anything about the murder
in this area?
No. I don't know anything.
Thank you.
The noise came from that direction.
You didn't go out to see what was up?
- No, madam.
Sorry, I don't know.
My back is gone!
84 houses!
I've narrowed down the time and location
of the murder in the street.
Based on what we've heard,
it wasn't raining when she was killed.
It started raining later.
They heard the scream from that street.
So that's where it must have happened.
You said you missed which house,
in this 200 metres?
That one.
I knocked thrice.
No response.
You asked the neighbours?
Let's try.
Excuse me?
I'm running late already.
- Is the house next door unoccupied?
Avinashi must be there.
Check in his guest house? If not here,
he'll definitely be there.
Okay? I'm leaving.
Tell me, Javed.
- You'd asked about the V1 case detail?
Found something?
- Yes, sir.
Street harassment of girls
by men on bicycles...
chain-snatching, several such unreported
petty cases, sir.
Even on September 11th,
a man has snatched a chain.
What happened?
Nothing, let's go.
Judy, how did you get here?
Come on, baby...
Who are you?
What do you want?
We're enquiring door-to-door
about a murder case.
This girl was murdered three days ago.
Do you know anything about this?
No, I don't.
Why? You weren't here?
No, no.
I was home, but I had a headache.
So I went to sleep early.
- Why did you get a headache?
I had drinks.
A lot of drinks.
When did you go to sleep?
- At 8.
Judy! Judy, no...
- Nice dog.
He seemed to have ready answers
for all our questions.
Not a word he spoke is true.
He's cooking up a story for us.
- Look...
I don't need to lie to you.
Get out of my house.
Or it will get ugly.
He's not worth it, Agni.
He wouldn't have done it.
Get lost!
Talking to me?
I'll kill you when I catch you!
Watch out, Agni.
Tell me.
- Agni, where are you?
He's going towards the go-down.
- Don't go alone in the dark, I'm coming.
Come on!
You're afraid of the dark?
Like some child?
Go, go, go!
You climb on to the van.
Be careful...
Make it quick!
Get in!
Fast, get going.
What are you looking at?
You'd look so much nicer in a saree.
Why did you run away from us?
You must have done something wrong.
Where were you on September 11th?
You said I'm not worth it?
Is it so obvious?
- Where were you?
I'd gone to the hospital to meet Sagi.
- Is she your girlfriend?
What's that to you, woman?
If I hit you with a fiber lathi...
when you're 40,
you'll die of shriveled nerves.
I know you killed that girl.
Tell me why.
Is this how you beat up
a guy during interrogation?
I can file a case against you
with that recording.
You know that?
For which, you'll have to leave this room.
Take your time.
It's my word against yours.
You're wasting your time
on the wrong guy.
Is it?
Sec 177 - intentional omission
to give information.
Sec 179 - refusing to answer question.
Okay, I'll file that in my reports then.
I said, I didn't do anything.
You have any idea what prison is like?
Your dog won't be there.
It's a different world.
A tiny cell, open toilet...
everything you've done so far
in the privacy of 4 walls...
you'll be forced to do
in front of 40 men.
Get ready for it.
What do you want me to say?
The truth.
I didn't kill her.
I didn't kill her.
Hi, Agni.
Feeling better?
Why would you do this?
- What?
You could have been more careful?
Where are you going?
- To my cabin.
Meet the DD first.
- Why?
I told you to wait!
Who asked you to
enter a dark room alone?
Was the heroism necessary?
That was nothing.
What did Avinashi say
about the motive for murder?
Ask me what the doctor said.
She said I'd get better
with treatment?
You never admit your mistakes.
How is it my fault?
Don't yell at everyone
to conceal your weakness.
Deepa, we need to meet the DD.
Tell him Agni is here.
Don't glare at me!
Are you feeling better now?
Everything that affects our health
starts with the mind.
You must believe that nothing
will happen in the dark.
Whatever you believe, will happen.
You must care for yourself,
just the way you care for Sam.
DD asked you to come in alone.
Tell me, sir.
Sorry, madam.
I couldn't speak the other day.
Tell me.
Sam kept crying for her father
and became unconscious.
Sometimes, we cannot handle her.
Please come and meet her once.
Please take care of her.
I'll come soon.
You can't hide the truth from her forever.
I should have shot you down
the day I learnt to shoot.
I'm packed and ready.
You can't even answer your phone?
Sorry, dude.
I was upset.
What happened, love?
One man, in the station...
forget it.
Is this supposed to scare me?
I failed miserably.
How did you figure it out?
Are you such a fancy detective?
- Of course.
Would a killer place the knife perfectly,
drink water from the fridge...
and put the bottle back?
Even the mark is not dried yet.
Don't talk too much,
or I'll shoot you in the mouth.
There's only one gangster in this house,
and that's me.
You know all about knife positions
and water bottles...
do you know what this is?
You've pulled some trick with lemon.
Life is full of solving puzzles, right?
Your gun is poking me!
Deal with it.
You're crying, aren't you?
When the baby comes,
you won't even notice me!
You're my first child.
Not really.
- Get lost.
Look at that expression!
Let's take a selfie.
You're posing like a baby gorilla!
- Stop shooting a video.
Come on, my little angel.
Dude, the ice cream guy is outside.
We're eating it already.
- You are. What about me?
I don't have change.
You go find us change.
I'll make him wait.
This form of nyctophobia is found in
one in twenty million people.
Children get afraid of the dark.
That's natural.
But in adults, that's dangerous.
Make sure you're always in
well lit conditions.
Agni, you don't need medication for this.
Just come to therapy regularly.
That will do.
Shwetha, let's keep this
between us.
What happened?
That's how he is.
I'll make sure
he comes to treatment regularly.
Getting angry with the doctor
won't solve anything.
My Blessie is gone.
What do I have to live for?
To give life to another person.
So the man who died...?
He was innocent.
Just an ice-cream vendor.
He started running
when he heard gun-shots.
That's why he ran as I chased him?
I enquired.
He only has one girl child.
I don't want anything.
I want my father.
Be a good girl and eat.
Or your father won't come.
DD asked you to come.
Welcome, Mr. Agni.
Are you okay?
- Of course.
Is it...?
Luna, close this V1 case file.
I interrogated Avinashi.
- But I didn't.
Mr. Agni!
You'll have nothing to do
with this case henceforth.
How could that be?
I'm handling this case.
Luna was supposed to handle this case.
She requested me,
so I let you be on board.
You're just a trainer, man.
But I'm handling---
The whole world seems to know
about your nyctopobia.
Including Avinashi.
But not our department.
It didn't affect my work in any way.
I must detain you for hiding
your medical condition from the department.
They'd have buried you in enquiries
and background checks.
But I've not done that.
I'm sending you away with all your
remuneration and employee benefits.
You know why?
You deserve it.
This is the reason...
This is why I refused
every time you brought me a case.
Okay, sir.
I'll be leaving.
But I want to know
what Avinashi said.
Why should I tell you?
It's not your case anymore.
Why are you getting involved--?
You're the one who said I deserved this.
I deserve to know
who killed Narmada.
Show him.
How long will you keep me here?
I'm going crazy.
You want the truth?
If I tell you...
That night, I was hurrying back home
before it started raining...
I saw a figure moving in the dark
as I crossed 2nd Cross Street...
it was moving hesitantly.
I was suspicious...
So I followed that figure,
with the knife in my keychain.
That's when I realised it's a woman.
I touched her shoulder to ask
if there's a problem, but she yelled out.
I didn't expect that.
My keychain fell on the ground.
And she fell, too.
That moment, I didn't understand
what happened.
My hands were covered in blood.
I got scared.
I wanted to get out of there,
but my keychain...
she was lying on it!
I took my keychain and left.
The photograph you showed...
it was that girl.
That's why I ran away from you in fear.
But he didn't kill her.
I didn't ask for your opinion.
The keys stabbed her neck
while falling down? How?
How is that possible?
- It is not impossible.
- Nothing he says is believable.
He followed a girl at night
and touched her shoulder?
What if it's true?
I've faced the guilt of punishing
an innocent man.
Don't raise your voice!
You'd have died
if Luna didn't rescue you yesterday.
Luna will handle it.
You may leave.
Both of you are diverting the case...
- Get lost.
- Luna...
Avinashi's confession is not enough
to hold the case.
Agni will cause enough troubles.
We need strong evidence.
You put him under surveillance.
He will definitely get caught.
Agni is the best man we've got, sir.
Please don't lose him.
He's not even the murderer
but you've got him locked up.
Just like you, I studied his body language.
He is a pervert.
So what?
I have two days left to sign off.
I'll find the real killer.
- No.
You stay out of this, Agni.
Listen to me...
- You dragged me into this.
Now you're pushing me away!
Don't you get it? You'll die the next time
you end up in the dark.
Don't make me regret
bringing you on-board.
Look, I have no family
since Blessie left.
You're my only friend.
I won't make you feel regret.
Trust me.
Why are you so adamant?
Like you said, every change
needs a beginning.
Maybe this case could be it?
What should I do now?
- Let's start from the beginning.
We've been doing it right
from the beginning.
If my guess is right,
we've come across our killer.
Exactly. But we've missed
some vital information about the killer.
Did we leave something halfway?
Then I went to see her at work...
But she wasn't there.
I saw her at the road.
I compelled her so much,
but she didn't even come to team lunch.
Judging by the force of stabbing,
killer falls between 25 - 30 years of age.
It was my friend Murthy's engagement.
What a party, fun music...
that was on the 12th.
I was here on the 11th.
Even on September 11th,
a man has snatched a chain.
Let's meet the person who lost their chain.
- Tell me, sir.
You said someone's chain was snatched?
Yes, sir.
I need their details.
- I'll send it right away, sir.
The chain-snatcher could be
the killer, too.
You never said your chain went missing
on the day of the murder.
I told you, this is not a safe area.
It was only gold covering, so I let it be.
How did he look?
Turn off the TV!
What did you say?
He had a kerchief tied around his face.
He kept circling the street.
Suddenly, he snatched it away.
I was so furious, I pelted a stone.
It hit his cycle hard.
But he got away.
I didn't want to bother with the police,
so I let it go.
What cycle was he riding?
The one with these spikes...
Ranger cycle!
It's a geared cycle, mom.
That's the one I wanted.
Can I come in?
Give me a glass of water?
You're sure?
You mean the kind that shifts gears?
Does it have--?
The cycle is made of aluminium.
Control Shimano gears.
Front 80mm.
Just Google 'Ducati 729SX'
You'll find everything there.
I can't believe my mother pelted
that cycle with a stone!
The cassette would have
been bent for sure.
A cassette?
Yeah, the thing at the back wheel
with all that teeth.
It's a mountain bike.
Very cheap.
Only 150 thousand.
Everyone at the club
goes trekking in it.
Mum, enroll me in the club?
- Let's go?
No, thanks.
Wear your helmets.
What if he's not here?
Then we'll go to the next club.
But someone who knows the nooks and alleys
of Mogappair is likely to be part of this.
Guys, fast!
Tell me.
I'm the trek organiser.
How can I help you?
We need to meet the members individually
regarding a murder investigation.
No, that's not possible.
The kids here are children of big shots.
The kind of kids you're looking for
don't come here.
We'll decide that.
- Has everyone come in today?
You've already delayed us by half an hour.
This is a police investigation.
If you don't co-operate, it won't end well.
Watch out.
- Even the IG's son is here.
We have set rules and regulations.
We only organise trainings and trips.
We're not responsible for their
individual actions.
Go enquire them at their homes.
I won't allow an investigation here.
Agni, what happened?
Is there a problem?
Sorry, I guess I interrupted your trek.
Two minutes, we'll finish this fast.
A boy who chain-snatched in Mogappair
is among you.
We'll catch him and be on our way.
It's him.
The fluorescent green T-shirt.
Mr. Trainer, I did pay heed to you
and didn't investigate them individually.
He's the son of a VIP, sir.
He's not what you think.
Oh, yes.
I can tell from the way he runs.
Sir, talk to his father first.
You're creating problems for us.
Calm down, brother.
- Get in, boy!
Are you sure it's him?
When I was speaking,
everyone else was looking at each other...
But he was looking at the ground,
because he's the one.
I'm sure it's him.
- Move!
I haven't done anything.
Please let me go, ma'am.
Shut up!
I don't know anything.
Please let me go.
Who are you messing with?
You have no ethics?
You may be educated,
but a woman should behave.
Why have you dragged in my son?
It's a chain-snatching case.
Since he's a minor, we must interrogate
with his parents around.
Do you know who I am?
Do you know what business I'm in?
Do you know the people I know?
You're accusing my son of chain snatching?
I don't care who the.... you are.
I shall not swear in front of your son.
[swears in Malayalam]
What does that mean?
Shut up.
[swears in Malayalam]
Where were you on September 11th?
I don't know what you're talking about.
- He says he doesn't know.
You speak to my lawyer.
Let's go, boy.
Wait here.
Let's go.
You're leaving already?
Let's drink some coffee.
Hold on.
- I said, let's go.
Why do you yell?
Relax, you can leave.
I can't let your son go.
- Why?
He was caught red handed
while chain-snatching.
Do you have proof?
Check his pocket.
- No, daddy. Why would I do that?
No, daddy.
It's not mine, daddy.
This is not mine, sir.
I don't know how it got here.
I swear, it's not mine.
Shut up and sit down.
Why do you scold him?
He's putting a lot of effort into acting.
Does it hurt?
Poor boy.
He hit you too hard.
I put that chain in your pocket.
We convinced your father in two minutes.
It's not hard to convince others.
So tell us.
Why did you do it?
- Sir...
When we go out of station for trekking,
I need a lot of money to treat my friends.
My parents don't give me enough.
So I do this sometimes.
I won't do this anymore.
Please let me go, sir.
So you committed the chain-snatch
on September 11th.
Narmada saw you, so you attacked her.
I did snatch that lady's chain.
But I know nothing else.
- You know nothing else?
What happened after the chain-snatch?
That night...
I went to pawn it the next day.
But I realised only in the pawn shop
that it's a gold covering.
My friends said a girl was murdered there,
so I didn't go near that area.
Is this the man
you bumped against in the dark?
I didn't see his face in the
dark, but he had glasses on.
But you said he didn't see his face
in the dark?
His glasses fell down and broke
when I ran into him.
While he was searching for it,
I ran away.
I know nothing else, ma'am.
Can you show us where the glasses broke?
You think we'll find the broken pieces
after so many days?
What if he's cleared it?
In the dark? Not a chance.
It rained that night.
So the solid particles must be
buried under the sand.
It must be somewhere in this area.
What do we do with it anyway?
Find the killer.
Okay, get going.
I'll call you once we're done.
Don't file a case against that kid.
Poor boy.
But let his father know that his life
will be ruined if he does this again.
And warn the pawn shop guy.
They've recovered 72 pieces of glass.
Send this to lab without delay.
I'll see the report tomorrow.
How can we ready report for so many pieces
by tomorrow? - But we need it.
You heard her. Get to work.
- Yeah, quick.
Guys, of all the pieces we searched,
only this was a power lens.
It's a -4 short sight lens.
This man cannot function
without this lens.
Did you conduct a DNA profiling?
No, since it was buried in the sand,
we could only collect this report.
Excuse me, sir.
Sam is adamant
that she must see her father.
We don't know how to console her.
Either we must tell her the truth...
or at least you must tell her.
Tell us what to do?
These glasses belong
to a girl called Sagi.
A woman?
But the boy said he ran into a man.
Do you have an address, sir?
Address? One minute.
Please understand.
I can't come today.
You say that every time.
I'll call you back, madam.
Thank you, alright.
These glasses were received by Sagi.
But the order for replacement glasses
was placed by...
guess who...?
- Who, sir?
What, Agni? Are you still supporting
that boy Avinashi?
You call me so many times,
what can I do?
Understand my situation. What can I do?
- No, one minute--
How can I tell her I'm the reason
her father died? I'll come anyway. Bye.
What do we do now, Agni?
We have proof that he did it.
There's a chance that he's done it.
I don't know if he's brilliant
or I'm careless.
- Yeah.
I'll handle Avinashi.
You go ahead.
Avinashi is still here, right?
- We sent him away long ago, ma'am.
Who's gone for surveillance?
- I was supposed to go.
What are you doing here then? Go!
- Okay, ma'am. Sorry.
Listen, Agni.
We can't keep fooling Sam
that her father will return.
Telling her that he will never return
is the right thing for everyone.
That's why I called you over and over.
Don't misunderstand.
Buy her something she likes
and explain patiently.
She will understand.
Hi. I need to enquire about Avinashi.
Can I come in?
Do you live alone?
- Yes.
What do you want to know?
- I'll tell you.
Can I get a glass of water?
Avinashi said his diary was here.
I came to get it.
In my house?
- Yes, your bedroom.
He said it's somewhere there.
A brown diary.
Found it?
I'm searching for it.
I can't find it here.
He told us it was here.
Keep it aside if you find it.
Yeah, Luna.
You asked me to call!
I found the diary.
- What diary?
Come to Sagi's house.
- Sagi's house?
I don't know how it got here.
You're in love with each other?
It says you're in a physical relationship.
I'm sorry, I think it's your
personal diary?
He's written that?
I felt sorry for him.
Me? In a relationship with that paedophile?
Avinashi is a paedophile?
He's undergoing treatment at our hospital.
Whenever he's afraid or insecure
that he might be impotent...
he tries to misbehave with some child.
That's why the neighbours
don't talk to him.
I was the only person to understand
his psychological issues.
And I tried to help him.
That was my mistake.
I'm to blame.
Please sit.
Did you see him on 11th night?
When I said there's no improvement,
he just left.
That's the night Narmada died.
I thought he might react in anger.
You never said anything
when we enquired that day...
In fact...
you tried to hide this from me.
But I didn't see it.
How can I speak about something
I've never seen?
It was not my intention
to hide that diary from you.
I was worried he might have written
something about his child abuse...
that could be used against him.
If there had been anything about murder,
I'd have come forward with it.
I thought of him as a patient.
But he's a criminal.
My house keys.
Pervert! Did I sleep with you?
- What happened?
Get out of my house.
- Calm down, Sagi.
Why are you yelling?
Avinashi, your problem can be
easily cured. It's nothing.
What can be cured?
- Your impotency.
This woman said so?
- Don't you dare speak about me.
Calm down.
You be quiet.
Get out!
Listen to me.
Get inside.
Just get inside!
You want to see if I'm potent?
Isn't that your daughter in there?
I'll show you.
You're bleeding!
Let me go!
Uncle, come here.
Let me go.
Why are you doing this?
I'm really scared.
Come quick, uncle.
Let me go!
Stop shouting.
Daddy, come save me!
Daddy! Daddy!
- Stop shouting.
Where are you hiding?
Let's play...
Don't touch me! Don't touch me!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go...
Shut up or I'll kill you.
You're afraid of the dark,
and you call me impotent?
Where are you?
Are you okay?
Sir, we've got Avinashi.
And Agni?
- He's fine.
Make sure everything is in order.
- Alright, sir.
You're okay?
Let's go?
Wow, Luna! Look at my move.
I won.
I won.
Isn't that nice?
- Agni, you just missed it.
You should have seen it.
- Drink up, sir.
You just got your stitches removed.
Get some rest, man.
I'm fine, sir.
All my decisions are
just like this chess move I made.
You must have seen it
in this Avinashi case.
Sir, he's just mentally affected.
He's a criminal.
Luna, get that report from Sagi
and link it to the case.
Sagi suspects that Avinashi may have
killed Narmada.
But it's not proven.
His signature at the hospital register
checks out, too.
So what?
The hospital register timings
are hardly an alibi.
He could have committed the murder
and then gone, too.
Agni, I'm allergic to lemon, man.
What did you say?
Narmada had consumed capsicum on the day
she was killed, and hence a food allergy.
Enjoy your meal, sir.
Welcome, sir.
Please have a seat.
I need to see the CCTV footage.
- That's not possible, sir.
I'm with the police department.
- Oh...
Let me check
with the manager.
Come, sir.
She was the apple of our eyes.
And now she's gone!
I killed Narmada.
The girl has been stabbed in the throat.
We don't know the weapon.
Only that it's penetrated 2 inches deep
and punctured her windpipe.
Inba is not a good man, doctor.
Narmada was in love with me.
Even in her insurance policy, she's listed
Inba as her nominee, not her parents.
She trusts him so much.
I saw a figure moving in the dark
as I crossed 2nd Cross Street...
it was moving hesitantly.
I was suspicious...
So I followed that figure,
with the knife in my keychain.
Sir, I need to see the CCTV footage
of Narmada withdrawing cash from ATM.
Will you never learn?
I really admire your confidence.
Anyway, just like you asked,
I spoke to the highway department...
here are the details collected
at the tollgate.
Thank you, sir.
[speaking Malayalam]
[speaking Malayalam]
[speaking Malayalam]
Agni, what are you doing
in my cabin?
We just can't handle it
when the unthinkable happens, eh?
Have the three of them come?
Who killed Narmada?
You commit the murder
and ask me like you know nothing?
But interesting expression.
I need to crack the answer
based on the questions you ask them.
Come on.
We need your help
to find your daughter's killer.
Three people will be entering the box.
Using you, we must find the culprit.
Don't cry, ma'am.
What's this new setting?
Lot of changes.
Please. Please.
It's okay.
Your name?
You're not to blame.
It's the ambiance of the room.
The three of you are suspects
in Narmada's murder.
We've brought you here
to clear that up.
What's Narmada like?
I've already told you.
I know nothing about it.
Avinashi expresses his anger
at women who are intimidated by him.
And he tries to abuse them.
So I said he may have done it.
Narmada is one hot girl!
They're jealous.
She didn't have the privilege
of living with me.
Other than that...
in terms of caste...
and personality...
I'm the right match.
If it hadn't been for Inba...
I'd have made it with her!
I'd have made it.
- Shut up and sit.
Thank you.
What can I say about her?
Narmada was a good girl.
A simple girl.
She fell in love with Inba
overlooking caste, salary, status...
She only cared about character.
But Inba never understood that.
Fine. You may go.
I can't watch this.
Excuse me, ma'am...
One who commits a sin
and watches innocently is no human.
Not so fast...
Come upstairs.
Get in.
Weeping won't change anything.
Son, what did I do?
Why have you made me sit here?
You're a good actor.
September 11th.
Narmada got food allergy
because she ate capsicum at a restaurant.
But she didn't order it.
You did.
You had a big fight with your daughter
at the restaurant that day.
Over Inba.
You went straight to meet Inba,
deciding there's no other way.
You were shocked to see Narmada there.
You followed Narmada
to see what she was up to.
It's your ill fortune...
that it got recorded
in the ATM CCTV camera.
Your car with the Doctor symbol crossed
that lane again at 8:25.
Knowing just where to stab,
you calmly killed her.
Professional touch.
5 inches long, 0.5 cm thick.
An off-beat choice of weapon.
You committed the murder and left
to your hometown like you knew nothing.
Then you returned to Chennai
on the same day following Luna's call.
Here is the proof that your car
crossed the toll gate thrice.
I had to make sure that you did
commit the murder.
So I conducted a small photo test.
You showed no reaction on seeing
your own daughter covered in blood.
That moment, I knew for sure.
But one thing I just don't understand...
how could a father...?
Could a father kill his daughter
over a simple love affair?
Then it struck me.
One thing that
every witness stressed upon...
Narmada's father used his caste influence
and got her into a medical college.
I'm lesser in money, class,
social circle...
I got my clue.
I thought the motive for Narmada's murder
could be her inter-caste relationship.
That's the test you just attended.
Don't get it?
Our target wasn't those three people.
But you.
I was observing your reaction
while they gave their statement.
I saw so much anger in your face every time
they mentioned the inter-caste love.
You're so obsessed with caste.
You stabbed your daughter to death
for your caste!
An emotional, cold-blooded murder.
If not for the rain,
we'd have caught you sooner.
With today's advanced forensics,
we'd have locked you up in 48 hours.
Are you finished, son?
What do you have to say?
Tell me.
you won't understand this.
What's most important in the society
over wealth and status...?
Narmada is not just my daughter.
She's a symbol of my caste.
How could I lose that?
Only her death could have saved that.
So I killed her.
I'm a doctor.
A surgeon.
Then why did I marry that illiterate woman?
Like my father always said...
our seeds mustn't fall
on another caste's field.
This has been passed on to us
generation after generation.
Nothing is more sacred to me
than the society.
Till this moment...
what I've done,
has been a source of great pride to me.
None of this feels wrong to me.
I don't get it.
They fell in love.
What's wrong in that?
That's right.
Even when your child is in deathbed,
on Facebook and Twitter...
you people say you only want blood donors
from your own caste.
My mistake.
You know something...?
This case is the greatest lesson
of my life.
Because I believed that education
erased caste barriers.
I've been such a fool.
You even use education
as a tool to preach your casteism.
Everything from matrimony
to renting out houses...
you advertise boldly asking for people
only from your caste!
Aren't you ashamed?
In spite of all this, few people actually
fall in love and get married...
and you slaughter them in public!
Or you burn down their whole street.
Either fall in love within your caste,
or be afraid of love.
How long will you spread fear with blood?
It will change.
It is changing.
This generation is smashing everything
you've set in stone.
Your caste will diffuse in thin air
in no time, sir.
What did you say?
You feel it's not wrong?
You will feel it.
You have a lot of time in prison
before you die.
You'll definitely feel it.
Get going.
He's justifying it!
He's not human.
How? How did you live with
a man like him for so long?
What do you mean how?
For women, culture comes first.
That's the tool they use
to suppress us.
In a country like this,
what can a woman even do?
Why did you kill my Narmada?
Why did you kill her?
Why? Why? Why?
What did we ever do to you?
What did we ever do to you?
Why do you thrust your caste
down our loins?
This dress looks cute on Sam.
I know.
This is boring.
How about we play a game
of hide-n-seek?