Va, Vis Et Deviens (Go, See, and Become) (2005) Movie Script

"...I bore you upon
a huge eagle's wings
"and brought you unto Myself..."
Torah - Exodus - chapter XIX - 4
They had been forgotten
on their mountaintops
near Gondar.
Yet, since the dawn of time,
the Ethiopian Jews,
known as the "Falashas",
dreamed of returning
to their homeland, the Holy Land,
With Israeli and U.S. Aid,
a vast program was undertaken
from November to January 1985
to transport the Ethiopian Jews
to Israel.
The Falashas were returned
and finally recognized
as descendants of King Solomon
and the Queen of Sheba.
The Israeli secret service
carried out the operation
on the sly,
keeping it from the Mengitsu
pro-Soviet regime who had
prohibited their emigration.
The Falashas walked from Ethiopia
to Sudan,
a Muslim country under Charia law.
There, they had to hide their
Jewish identity under pain of death
In Sudan, planes awaited
to take them to Israel.
On the road,
hundreds died of sickness,
famine, exhaustion.
Others were killed by bandits.
In the 1980s,
the Sudanese camps welcomed
thousands of Africans from 26
countries who were prey to famine:
Christians, Muslims,
and clandestine Jews.
The first secret airlift operation,
known as "Operation Moses",
saved 8,000 Ethiopian Jews.
died on the road
between Ethiopia and Sudan,
murdered, tortured
or suffering from famine,
thirst and exhaustion.
Many children reached the Holy
Land alone or as orphans.
Live and Become
Mommy, eat!
No, I'm not hungry.
Wake up.
Don't cry.
Go, live and become!
And don't come back.
Don't come back until then!
Hana, is this your son?
Didn't he die this morning?
This is my son!
I saved him this morning.
Tell him.
A man doesn't cry.
When we get to the Holy Land,
we'll all be white,
won't we, Mommy?
It's a land flowing
with milk and honey...
Paradise on Earth, my sweet.
Excuse me, my son,
are there many albinos in Israel?
- You mean "whites"?
- Yes, whites.
In Israel, all Jews are white.
Aren't we in our country yet, my son?
Haven't we reached Jerusalem?
We have, father,
we are in our country.
All of the country is Jerusalem!
Israel is the country
of our ancestors: Jerusalem!
No! No!
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Calm down! Calm down!
Israel has plenty of water!
There's enough water!
It's okay.
Listen to me! It's okay!
It's not my fault!
It's not my fault!
It's not my fault!
Like this.
Like this.
You see?
You see? You do it.
Let me.
Like this.
Enjoy your meal.
Like this.
Silence, please!
For the first time our black brothers
have been brought out of Africa,
not to be sold
or made slaves,
but to be saved,
On behalf of my entire community,
I thank Israel
for having helped us
return to Jerusalem,
and for having saved us.
What's his name?
- Adisalem.
- That's not a Jewish name.
Yes it is.
Adis means "new",
and alem means "world".
Adisalem means "new world".
We'll call him Eddy.
Write it: Eddy.
Are you sure you're Jewish?
I'll ask you one last time.
I personally don't believe it.
Nobody knows you here.
What village are you from?
Have you forgotten?
What is your grandfather's name?
And your great grandfather?
Can't you remember?
Follow me.
Come on.
Help me.
I can't recognize them on my own.
We must be careful.
Don't forget,
your name is Solomon.
Your father was called Isaac,
your grandfather, Yakov,
your brother, Yakov,
and your sister, Aster.
They all died on the road to Sudan.
The name of our village is Weleka.
My name is Solomon,
my cow's name was Mandala.
No, just Solomon, not the cow!
Are you circumcised?
I believe you.
Is this your son?
What's his name?
Solomon... Schlomo.
"Schlomo", do you understand?
Your father and your grandfather?
We're from Weleka.
Everyone knows us here.
Qes Amhra, too.
My husband's name was Isaac,
my daughter, Aster,
my youngest son, Yakov.
They're all dead.
Solomon is all I have left.
Would you like to go to school,
Of course!
With her!
You'll stay together. Don't worry.
Through there. They come in and out.
There's a door!
There are a lot of them.
She's getting better.
She's in good hands now.
You can see her later.
Take off your coat.
Do you want to watch TV?
Nobody came out of the TV.
They haven't gone to bed yet.
Keep your secret.
Don't say a word to anybody...
Otherwise, they'll send you
back to Ethiopia.
You are my son,
a Jew from Weleka.
Learn our traditions.
That way you'll be safe.
Don't forget the names of your
parents and your grandparents.
And don't forget your mother
who is still over there.
One day, you'll see her again.
Because you'll live!
Don't die.
Don't cry.
Hello, children.
I'm the director of the school...
Hello, my name's Zwi.
What's your name?
I'm the school psychiatrist...
Sit down.
Hello, everybody.
Do any children
have family still left
in Ethiopia or Sudan?
You're gonna eat this!
Eat, I say!
Stop! Have you lost your minds?
Let him go!
It'll be OK.
It's not my fault!
I have to become like them.
I don't want to change.
How will you recognize me?
Please, let me come home...
Can't find him.
I've had it.
This kid's driving me nuts.
Not in the park or the rooms.
We've woken everyone.
I've called the police.
Come on.
Schlomo, stop!
Leave him alone.
He's just a child. Leave him!
- He's only 9 years old.
- This child...
He learns Hebrew quickly
and is very interested in school.
I see his violence,
but we've got to give him some time.
I want a solution now.
He needs a stricter school
that will control him better.
Maybe Echel Avraham.
Is there any surviving
family member?
Nobody from his old village
wants him.
Do you have any ideas? Tell me!
Schlomo ran away, barefoot,
wrapped in a sheet.
Which way did he go? Which way?
Towards the south, Ethiopia.
Maybe he's trying
to return to his old life,
with his mother and family.
Time and another school
will never bring
Schlomo's mother and family back.
It's impossible.
I understand.
That's fine. Thanks.
Come in, please.
Schlomo, your adoptive parents,
Yael and Yoram Harrari.
it can go up to 200 km/h.
Volvo, the best car in the world.
Do you like cars, Schlomo?
You can call us "daddy"
and "mommy", if you want.
This is your brother and sister:
Tali and Dany.
Look, the stadium!
You can come and run here
if you want. I'll sign you up.
You like to run, don't you?
Gramps, they're here.
Come and see.
They're here. Daddy, daddy!
Hello, my cherubs.
Not a word about his
dead parents, okay?
This is Schlomo.
This is Tali,
Dany... and Gramps.
Yoram's father.
You're a polite boy.
We never looked somebody in the eye
where I grew up either.
He grew up in Egypt.
- Near Ethiopia.
- That's all you have?
What, I didn't say anything
about his dead parents!
Your room.
It was mine before.
You can put whatever you want
on the walls.
I forgot the presents!
Right... the presents.
This is from us, Yoram and myself.
My present.
If you want to write a diary,
I have one.
This is good luck where I come from.
A kippa, from us.
- Hello!
- Hello, Mother.
- Is he here?
- Yes.
Did he get here by bus?
No, we picked him up.
Where is he?
That's French.
Our native language...
Is this him?
He's so adorable!
You take plane... no afraid?
Mother, he speaks Hebrew.
Hebrew in Ethiopia?
Is he sick?
He's pale. I mean... pale-black.
- He's fine, mother!
- Are you sure? Have you checked?
Go see Dr. Cohen. He's wonderful.
He doesn't need to.
He's doing fine!
the traditional Ethiopian dish.
Listen, Schlomo...
I'd like to tell you that we know.
We prefer to be clear...
I wanted to tell...
No, it's us...
We're your parents now.
Schlomo, we're left-wing people.
- I wanted to tell...
- We like to be frank,
honest, and respect others.
So I'll be frank, Schlomo.
we're not religious.
We know that in Ethiopia, you were.
You have always defended the Torah
and survived because of your dreams
to return to Jerusalem.
We respect that,
even if we're not practicing.
If you'd like, tonight,
we'll pray with you.
We'll repeat after you.
Thank you.
That's nice,
but not tonight... Please.
It's just that... not tonight.
Let's sit down.
Don't you like it?
Did she mess up?
Stomach ache.
When I say that, it doesn't work!
They make me finish my plate.
Who do you like better,
Mickey or Donald?
They don't have Mickey
in his country, dummy.
What sport do you like, soccer?
Good night.
If you need anything,
come and wake me up.
Mommy, come here! Mommy!
Shut up!
He's really big and muscly!
He's handsome as a prince!
We have a new student:
Schlomo Harrari.
Take a seat, please.
Let's carry on with the lesson,
Did you have a good day, darling?
Hello, Mrs. Zilbermann.
How are you?
So, so...
I've brought you
some fish and oranges.
Fish and oranges!
And the brownie?
I forgot!
Next week.
I'll take down the garbage.
Thanks a lot.
Take care of yourself!
Where did we receive the Torah?
- On Mount Sinai.
- Exactly!
And who brought us the Torah?
Very good.
Who is the founder of our religion?
Because... Jesus...
converted... he... first Jew...
who became a Christian...
He suffered...
And that's why he walked on water,
turned the other cheek... got a slap.
And Jesus thought...
God's only child,
but... so nice
to have brothers and sisters.
And his mother... is his mother,
but Jesus mustn't say a word...
"In the beginning
there was heaven and earth..."
One morning I'll wake up,
and I'll be all white.
And I'll speak Yiddish
like a real Jew.
Like Mrs. Zilbermann,
from the first floor,
who's losing her hair
and has a hard time getting around.
Her feet have swollen up
these past few weeks.
I buy her milk and bread.
And brownies. She loves them.
She's constantly saying:
"Oy, oy, oy, mein Gott!"
That's what it is to be Jewish!
Mother's Day
Is Yael OK?
Yes, don't worry.
You're not happy it's me?
Sorry, you're not happy?
I understand French.
Okay... okay.
Was school OK?
I have a surprise for you.
Do you understand "surprise"?
There are good and bad ones...
and big and little surprises.
I have a good one!
Yoram, it's broke!
- What did you touch?
- Me, no!
It's not a toy, damn it!
You say play.
I didn't say to fiddle with it.
How can I work now?
I don't know what he did.
He broke it!
Does it work?
Of course it works!
Your father's got a bug
There are too many pieces
to change inside.
Murad Khelfi,
our computer genius.
A pillar of our company.
Schlomo, I suppose.
He can't stop talking about you.
Listen, if they ever seriously
get on your nerves,
you can come and stay at my place.
When the Queen of Sheba,
your great, great, great-grandmother,
crossed Egypt for Ethiopia
after her meeting with King Solomon,
I could've shut the door
and never let her pass.
She was beautiful, you know.
I could've taken advantage.
But I didn't.
Do you know why?
I wanted to meet you.
I wanted you to exist.
- What do you say to Grandpa?
- Thank you.
You tell me how I became a Jew.
But I'm not telling you how
you got out of that dump Alexandria.
Where did you get that?
Alexandria, a dump?
Heathen, ignoramus!
Black savage! Baboon!
Come here so I can slug you.
The largest library in the world
you call a dump!
For you.
I can't read Amharic.
You'll learn.
Can I talk to you please?
Schlomo, could you leave us alone?
This is a bit embarrassing, but...
Parents want to withdraw
their kids from school
if Schlomo isn't transferred.
They're afraid the level
will go down.
I know it's wrong,
Schlomo has very good marks.
And they're afraid
of diseases from Africa.
I know that...
Listen, you morons!
I've had enough!
My son is the most beautiful child
in the world. Understand?
He's as good,
if not better than your children!
He's healthy as can be.
Tell them!
His pimples? It's stress!
You're not the first or the only ones
to give him a hard time!
He's healthy! He's healthy!
Schlomo won't budge from this school.
You fucking idiots!
- Tigress, can you lick my pimples?
- Stupid!
Stop thinking about it.
You did the right thing.
Let him handle it on his own.
He knows we love him.
Let him go to school on his own.
- He's only 9.
- Dany's 8. He goes on his own.
Let him be,
otherwise they'll make fun of him.
Let them respect him, not you!
Dany, put out the glasses.
I haven't finished.
Are you OK, darling?
Can you handle this?
I've a meeting tomorrow.
What is it?
Hello, my love.
Tomorrow you have a medical exam
with the immigration service.
We leave for Jerusalem at 7:30.
We're getting up early.
So get to sleep.
Ready to go?
Eat something. We have to go.
In 15 minutes, understood?
Dany, get up!
Are you cold?
Tali, did you wake up Dany?
- He won't get up.
- Go on.
You threw out your bread?
You're impossible, Schlomo.
Make an effort!
An effort, damn it!
Don't be afraid,
they won't do anything.
Just an "ahh",
"open your mouth", that's all.
You're a man, right?
A man, right? A man!
Ritual bath
of the Jerusalem Rabbinate
Are you hot?
Are you OK?
Why did you take your bag?
Come in.
Tell me...
Schlomo, is that it?
Tell me about your name, your father,
your mother,
your place of birth,
your religious education...
My name is Schlomo,
my father's name was Isaac,
my mother Hana,
my grandfather Yakov, my brother too,
my sister, Aster.
My mother died in Ashkelon,
the others in Sudan.
You already have that information!
Isn't this a medical visit?
This way.
Lie down.
Take off your coat.
Pull down his pants.
Forgive me.
Run! They want to convert us!
Shame on you!
Don't touch my son!
Come on!
Climb! Jump!
Run! Run!
You are my son. My son!
You're Jewish.
Nobody will touch you. Nobody!
You're my son!
No to conversion!
We're Jews like you!
Humiliated by the Chief Rabbinate
who tried to convert them
by taking a drop of blood
from their penis
and dipping them in a ritual bath,
the Falashas ask
to be recognized as Jews,
true descendants of Moses.
This is not about purifying blood,
it's about purifying doubt.
It's for their welfare.
They are children
of the Queen of Sheba and Solomon.
The Queen of Sheba wasn't Jewish.
Judaism is passed on
through the mother.
Chief Rabbi Youssef
recognized our Jewish identity
Qes Amhra
in 1973 thanks to this letter.
The letter allowed Israel
to carry out "Operation Moses".
In Ethiopia, they said
we weren't real Jews,
not genuinely Jewish.
If we are not Jews,
then what is the point
of our sacrifices?
Why have we paid such a heavy
price in coming to Israel?
In Ethiopia, they accused us
of being Jews.
Here we're criticized
of not being Jews.
In Ethiopia
we were called "buda", witches,
and here we're treated
like "kushee",
I want to remind the government
that numerous Jews
were left behind
in Ethiopia and Sudan.
Children are living alone
in Israel,
while their parents
are still in Africa.
8 Ethiopians on a hunger strike
were hospitalized and treated
in Jerusalem, then released.
Today, people from kibbutzim
joined the demonstrators
and brought them food...
"Qes Amhra - Rehovot"
Our color is indelible!
We've all been circumcised!
Do you know where Qes Amhra is?
Do you know where Qes Amhra is?
Here's a piece of paper.
Write a wish on it.
Here's a pen.
Write your wish
and don't let anybody see.
Don't say a word to a soul
and it'll come true.
Why all these wishes?
Are people unhappy in Jerusalem?
I read what Schlomo wrote:
"I want to see you again, Mommy"!
Go to your room!
- I didn't do anything! Kushee!
- Shut up!
Can I tell you a story?
Once upon a time
there was a monkey.
He jumped from tree to tree.
He had all his family and friends.
He knew the forest by heart.
One day, by accident,
he fell into a thorn bush.
His entire body
was covered with thorns.
They hurt him a lot.
He started to take them out,
but he soon realized
it was hopeless.
There were too many,
even under his nails.
Those hurt him the most.
Should he tear out his nails
to remove them?
Hello, could you possibly give me
the address of Qes Amhra
from Rehovot?
Excuse me.
The healer Melassa? Herzel Street?
Herzel Street: Straight ahead.
Reassure me,
can I help him remove his thorns?
Come in.
Come in.
I saw you on TV.
You're the only one
to have spoken
of our family left behind.
I'd like to write to my mother,
but I don't write Amharic.
Can you help me?
You said your piece well.
What's your name?
- And your father?
- Isaac.
And your mother?
That's not a Jewish name.
She had to convert.
And not your father?
Where do you come from?
I don't remember.
I was too young.
Only my mother's left.
Could you help me
write her a letter?
I have to tell her
I'm alive and doing fine.
Sit down.
It'll cost you...
How much?
I'll bring you the money.
You're not going to negotiate?
Can I?
Not anymore, too late now.
"Dear Mommy, sunshine of my life...",
Yes, that's better.
"Dear Mommy sunshine of my life
"Israel's a beautiful country
"a nice family has adopted me
"I go to school and learn a lot..."
No periods or commas?
Just one sentence?
I don't know, you're the writer.
Very well.
What's next?
What's the address?
Camp Um Raquba,
near Gedaref, in Sudan.
And the return address?
Where should she reply?
Where do you live?
Can she reply to me here?
Very well.
I meant to call.
You meant to call?
Ask me a question to which
you know the answer's "yes".
Do I speak good French?
Did you have a good day?
Answer me, Yael.
Do you have a problem?
Are you kidding around?
What's with you?
A few years later - 1989
You've got to write another letter.
We talked yesterday.
She was less cold, much nicer.
Not now, tomorrow.
How about later?
Tell her "I love you
like Romeo loved Juliet,
- "that all my life..."
- Shut up!
If it's a dictation, you write it.
It's her birthday.
She invited us over, you too.
I'll read it:
"Dear Sarah,
ever since I left..."
Hold it, I never left.
Shut up, this works!
"Dear Sarah, ever since I left,
"I miss you.
You have no idea how much.
"I'd love you to be so proud of me.
"I'd like to wake up one morning
"and find you sitting next to me
"as if you had always been there,
"and our separation
were simply a long nightmare.
"Every evening,
I look up at the moon.
"God thinks I'm speaking to Him,
"but I'm speaking to you.
"One day we'll be together
"I miss you. I love you,
Shit, you can write!
Where do you get all that?
Wait, what's wrong?
Are you crying? You love her, too?
- Fifteen shekels.
- I thought it was ten.
She loves you because of me.
Five shekels success bonus.
I hope you're not stealing
this money.
I work hard, Qes.
I wash the stairs of our building.
You seem sad.
It's a twinge of melancholy,
What day is it?
Friday, the day of Sabbath.
And it doesn't smell like Sabbath...
It doesn't smell like Sabbath?
Don't you remember?
You were probably too young.
Friday morning,
it already smelled like Sabbath...
the scent of Sabbath bread
that the women were baking.
The best bread of the week.
It's terrible:
In the land of the Torah,
nothing smells anymore.
It's been lost.
Alright, I'm listening.
"Mommy, tell me why...
"I'm doing well...
"I'd like to...
I need to know why...
"I'm not allowed to come home..."
From now on, you write.
You need to.
Besides, my eyes are weary.
Go on, learn.
"Mommy, sunshine of my life...",
and then you write whatever you want.
You said: "Become..."
Become what?
"And don't come back until then."
Why don't you call Mom "Mommy"?
It's always Yael.
Yeah, you won again!
What a score!
Did you see the score? Champ!
Another round?
What should I wear?
Jeans, a T-shirt! Something cool!
It's a birthday, not a wedding.
I'll make him director
of the company.
With a new title:
"HardHarrari & Son".
What do you think?
He loves you, too. You know that.
No, I'm not a boy.
You are, but you're rotten
in computers and sports.
And you challenge him.
He hates that.
How does this look?
If you ring a third time,
I'll break your finger.
- Understand?
- But...
Go home!
- How was it?
- Great.
I'm just running down to see Itai.
Don't be long.
Have you seen the time?
- I'm Sarah.
- Who gave you my address?
- What do you want?
- To say sorry.
It's fine!
Daddy thinks you're not Jewish,
that you're Christian,
and you've never read the Torah,
that you were starving in Ethiopia
and you came here to eat,
and lied to Israel.
You came just to tell me that?
Listen to this.
Don't you ask a girl to dance?
Now, you haven't missed
the entire birthday.
Where's my present?
Close your mouth.
They say you're "black".
They're wrong, you're red.
Nothing works in this country!
Are you OK?
Can't you arrive slowly,
like the Messiah!
- Do you still lead the controversies?
- Yes.
Is Sarah's father
still on the jury?
If you win the controversy,
it means that you've read,
and know the Torah?
That you're Jewish?
Can I participate?
Everyone can.
But not before 6 weeks.
Yes, yes, yes!
I'll let you know
the subject to prepare.
Thanks, Rabbi.
Can I say something?
- I'm in a hurry.
- You're out of gas.
No, that's not good.
Interpret, Schlomo,
don't repeat like a parrot.
Put some Schlomo into it.
Let's start again.
Silence, please.
The subject today is:
"What color was Adam?"
In the image of God, white!
We'll start with...
Michael Leibovich.
Adam was created in God's image.
And the beautiful color chosen
was white.
We were all white in the beginning.
After the flood, Noah and his sons
emerged from the Ark.
Noah cursed the descendants
of his son, Ham,
along with his grandson Canaan:
"Cursed be Canaan,
"the lowest of slaves will he be
to his brothers."
Genesis, 9, 25.
Kush, Ham's eldest son,
inherited another curse:
Some of Ham's descendants
would have black skin.
And so it was:
Kush became black and from him
were born the "Kusheems",
the black people of Africa.
The descendants of Ham
became slaves and black.
Are Adam and God
the same color,
Michael said...
In the beginning was the Word.
God created Earth and us,
giving life to the Word.
God believed in Man,
in each one,
entrusting him with the Word,
on condition that
each give a different, marvelous
and profound life to the Word.
In interpreting it.
As for Adam... his name comes
from "adama", "earth", in Hebrew.
God created Adam with the earth,
from clay and water.
He gave him spirit,
something marvelous like the Word.
That's how Adam was born.
Adam is the color of clay: Red.
Like the Sioux.
Red in Hebrew is "adom".
So you see,
Adam is neither white nor black,
he is red.
But does he feel alright,
alone and red in this new world?
That's when God thought of Eve...
But Adam didn't understand
what God wanted,
what He was expecting of him.
What was he supposed to do on Earth?
What was he supposed to become?
Why all these trials?
But he knows he can't go back,
he knows he has no choice,
that he's here because God wills it,
and he must become,
and God is disguised as the moon,
and watches over and protects him.
Hello, sir.
I'm Schlomo.
I don't want to see you
with him again.
This boy is the devil.
How dare you compare God
to the moon!
If I ever see you with my daughter,
you'll have problems.
- Yes, young man?
- I'm guilty.
I'm not Jewish.
What? Guilty of what?
I'm not Jewish!
I've been lying from the start,
to everybody.
Hold on. Wait a minute.
Sit down!
Even you're starting to believe it!
You're as Jewish as we are!
More than us, do you understand?
More faithful to the Torah,
it's written everywhere.
Don't believe what they say!
It's shameful the way they treat you.
I don't know everything,
I read, I listen.
- I...
- Shut up!
Did I get flak
as a Rumanian immigrant?
Did they refuse my blood
for fear of Aids?
How many suicides in your community?
And it's our fault!
No other group of immigrants
has had that.
Hang in there, son,
I know it's hard.
Those idiots, they refuse to
understand what you experienced!
- But...
- It's OK.
What do you want to do later?
Are you in school?
Good, that's important.
After high school, if you're looking
for work, come see me.
I'll get you a job with the police.
We need people like you,
honest, courageous.
Mommy, I'm going to be late.
Mommy, I love you.
- What happened?
- Where were you? Look at the time!
I'm old enough to do what I want.
What you want? Under my roof?
Stop, he's upset.
Stop defending him!
The police...
I'll go if you want!
- Don't talk to me that way!
- Leave him! Stop, Yoram!
Why the police?
My son's no thief!
I'm not your son!
It's better you go.
A kibbutz is a good thing.
We used to go there on holiday.
You'll love it.
Grandpa lived there.
Yoram was born there.
Will you call?
Every other day?
More often if you can?
Come on, you'll be late.
Have you forgotten anything?
Joseph Aaron Harrari
Founder of the kibbutz,
hero of Israel
That's my grandpa!
He defended our land
and was wounded 5 times!
Can I call you Mandala?
My cow's name was Mandala.
She was a beautiful Ethiopian cow.
She fed my whole family.
I promised I'd never forget her.
Schlomo, telephone!
I bet you can't stop
thinking about me.
Hey? Are you there, Red Skin?
Maybe I'll leave Itai for you.
No, don't get your hopes up!
Have you met anyone?
- Anyone?
- Anyone...
like a girl, Red Skin!
Long hair, narrow waist, big boobs,
batting eyelashes
and saying silly things
to get guys' attention.
A bitch, you know!
Oh yeah, yes!
Really? What's her name?
- Mandala.
- What?
It's an Ethiopian name.
The jerk has a girlfriend!
Is anything wrong?
They say you're working hard.
- Did the director say that?
- Yes.
He's very happy.
Maybe you're working too hard.
Or maybe not discreetly enough.
Did you come to say that?
The director called to tell you
I should be careful
and work less?
Is that it?
I came to see you.
I hear you've got a girlfriend?
Who told you?
Sarah. She calls sometimes
to get your news.
What did she say?
That her name was Mandala.
Mandala, this is Grandpa.
Nice to meet you.
It must cost a fortune
to take her to a restaurant.
Did you have a cow in Ethiopia?
Yes, I did.
That's good.
"An Arab was killed
and 10 others wounded
"during a riot
after terrorists attack a bus."
Should we give back land
we consider our own,
the land of our ancestors?
We were deprived of it
in our wanderings
and had no other to call our own.
And now we finally have it back
and we love it...
This tree provides shade.
We planted it 50 years ago.
But the tree over there,
it was there before we got here.
I think we should share the land,
like the sun and the shade,
so others can know love, too.
Even if we risk
being pushed to the sea and dying?
Love doesn't come without risks.
And it's difficult to decide
how others should love.
Thanks for coming.
Do you believe in God?
When my feet ache
or when there's war here
or elsewhere.
Like any left-wing guy, I guess.
I'm not all that nice with Him.
I only call when I need Him.
Never "How are You?"
A simple unselfish phone call.
Yes, hold on.
Schlomo, phone for you.
I don't believe it!
You're back and you don't even call?
- I just...
- You don't love me anymore?
Just kidding!
How was the kibbutz?
- Great, I loved it.
- I hate it.
It's so cheesy,
the land, the cows, the chickens,
"look at the exploits
of our parents."
Are Ethiopian men
allowed to marry whites?
What? Why?
Just curious, that's all.
Just to see if you could marry
a white woman one day.
Dunno. Want me to find out?
Forget it. It's alright.
How's Mandala doing?
We write, she lives far away.
You write letters, too?
Yes... not beautiful,
short, telegraphic.
I said to him:
"Can Ethiopians marry whites?"
Isn't that clear?
Does he need a drawing?
He said: "Want me to find out?"
Do I need to send him a fax?
He exasperates me...
That Mandala's such a bitch!
Yes, we can marry whites.
But the day she marries an Ethiopian,
the white woman becomes black.
Put my mask on.
You're younger.
You've got all your life
in front of you.
And you've got to find your mother.
You're not allowed to die before.
You come home at this hour?
At least call after an alert
to say you're alive!
God damn it.
We've got to save money, Yael.
Cut down on expenses.
Let's go somewhere else.
To France or Canada...
You have two sons,
you know what that means.
I know, two future soldiers.
They'll go to war like you.
You think I want that?
- Then let's go.
- Who will stay?
The right-wing fools who want war?
Who'll vote for peace?
They're your children.
This is my country.
Several years later - 1993
- Yes to peace!
- No to the occupation!
Things will be better now, darling.
Let's try!
I'm black.
You don't see it anymore.
I don't give a shit!
For me, you're...
You're red.
I've got to go.
Forget it.
The river dried up months ago.
The little water left
in the river bed is filthy.
It's the source of the dysentery
sweeping the camp.
This camp was built
just 8 weeks ago.
Today it's home
for 90,000 refugees.
The world is pouring in medicine
as fast as it can,
but it has failed
to prevent that kind of disaster
from these people left behind
in Ethiopia.
They came in the hope
of recovery from the diseases
due to months of starvation
and dehydration.
The doctors are doing their best,
yet illnesses, so easily
prevented, kill children every day.
There is overcrowding,
and many are too weak
to respond to treatment
like vaccination
and intensive feeding.
By common consent, many who
are dying could've been saved
if aid teams had been
in position at the border
and waiting
as they came across.
The Sudanese protest
they must feed
thousands of Ethiopians
as well as their own.
The U.S.,
the one country able to respond,
is ready to feed the Sudanese,
but is reluctant to do the same
for the Ethiopians.
You want to go to Sudan?
What camp?
She's no longer at Um Raquba.
You know there's a war on?
I've got to find her.
I can't wait my entire life.
You won't find her!
Do you want to commit suicide?
- No, I...
- You don't understand!
You haven't understood a thing
about our history.
We're condemned to live!
We came out of Ethiopia
like our ancestors from Egypt.
Snatched from the clutches of death.
We'll have 40 years
of suffering and questions.
So what?
My son was butchered
before me like a dog
by our own guides and their henchmen.
He tried to save his wife
from being raped.
They killed her three days later.
Amongst others.
My wife
died of a broken heart in the camp.
Do you think I can ever forget
their eyes, now gone forever?
Do you think I can ever forget
my son, my daughter-in law and wife?
But I only have one option:
To serve those who survived.
You, for example.
Look at this.
This is all I could rescue:
The Torah.
Go now.
- What's your name?
- Schlomo.
You're cute.
You too.
Do you dance?
I don't know how.
Come on.
I've got to confess something:
I'm not Jewish.
But I feel Jewish.
In a way, I am.
I'm not Jewish,
but I feel Jewish.
That's OK, baby,
I really like you.
But if you want to go any further,
you've got to pay.
Yes, of course...
Lie down.
I'll be back.
You touch my sister?
You touch her?
I've got the cash.
I don't give a shit about your story!
Do you hear?
I don't give a fuck about your past!
Or your troubles! "We were simply
extras in 'Operation Moses'..."
I don't give a fuck! What about us?
What about us?
We're not even in the film.
Left behind there!
A simple statistic! Do you hear?
I know you hear me!
Answer me!
Answer me!
He's my son!
Leave him alone, it's not his fault.
He's my son.
It'll be okay.
I'm not Jewish.
You've known all along, haven't you?
We lived in a small village
in the north.
Aleka and Kidane,
my father and mother.
I had a sister, Tirunesh.
Beautiful, a real princess.
And a big brother, Menelik.
He made me laugh so much.
We had a little bit of land
and a cow:
The army sent my father to fight
against the Eritrean rebels.
He never came back: Dead.
A year later,
the drought killed Mandala.
We left for the south,
heading for a camp.
We set out on foot...
hundreds of kilometers.
My sister was the first to die
of disease and exhaustion.
A mound of earth,
a cross in the middle of the desert.
I don't remember
where my little Tirunesh is buried.
But one day...
One day, I'll find her.
What about your brother?
Where is he?
My mother sent me
for water in the camp.
We had been there for several months.
Water was at the other end
of the camp.
She gave me three coins.
I took the can and went.
I paid up front.
They took the money
and wouldn't fill the can.
They said: "You didn't pay."
The spring belonged to a gang.
I cried.
I asked them
to give me back my money.
People started to defend me
against the gang.
A fight broke out.
All of a sudden! Violent!
Everyone was on edge.
Then I saw my brother...
in the middle of the fight.
I don't know how he got there
or when.
He came to defend me. I tried
to get to him, but I couldn't.
The Sudanese soldiers showed up
and began hitting everybody.
The crowd dispersed.
Everyone moved aside.
My brother was on the ground.
Stabbed for a can of water...
For 3 cents.
It was my fault.
It wasn't your fault.
You were only 9 years old.
Your mother didn't
send you away, Schlomo.
She never wanted to punish you.
You loved him, she knew that.
Then, why? Why?
Why did she forbid me to return?
To save you. So that you would live.
Cry, you're allowed.
Come on, I have a doctor friend.
He'll look after you.
I know you, don't I?
Are you French?
This is Franois Buchman,
French from Strasbourg.
He worked for the Red Cross
and Doctors of the World.
We met in Um Raquba
and became friends.
He's been in Israel for 10 years.
Come in.
Don't move. It'll sting a bit.
I was the one to bury
Hana's real son
in the Um Raquba desert.
His name was Solomon... Schlomo.
He was only nine years old.
You were born a second time that day.
It took me a while to accept it.
Forgive me.
My God!
Look at you.
They really did a number on you!
There were 5 of them. Nazis!
It was that Jewish nose of yours.
Sarah, listen.
I'm going abroad.
I want to become a doctor.
You're running away.
You're running away!
You don't want to see me
fall in love with someone else
or be here when I marry.
I won't wait for you.
None of our family
ever ducked out of the army!
What's wrong with you?
You're a coward!
We all did the military
before college.
You're an ingrate.
Israel saved your life!
I could never shoot anybody.
Why didn't anybody
say anything to me?
- Stop!
- We knew you'd be furious.
But I'll defend my country.
I'm not a coward.
Really? Just how?
Differently. With words.
You'll go far. Very far!
- Another minister.
- He won't die!
He's seen enough death.
The country will die.
Yoram, defend your family.
My family lives in a country,
amongst other families
who've made a home here!
If the foundations are shaky,
maybe it's our fault. We failed.
He'll go to Paris.
Forgive me for coming.
I have a secret, Schlomo.
I've got to get it off my chest.
You know, the truth is...
I didn't want you.
I didn't want to adopt you.
I was against it.
Really against it.
I was afraid,
afraid for Dany and Tali,
for our family.
Yoram was all for it. Completely!
He was a real bulldozer.
As though he knew you already.
Every day, he said:
"Yael, all those Falasha orphans,
"we can adopt them all,
or at least one."
Every day, Schlomo.
And I refused,
determined to defend my family.
Yoram won
and I don't regret it for one second.
Not one second.
You're part of the family
because of him.
Go on now.
We've looked at the anatomy
of the bone marrow this morning
and now we'll look at pathologies.
Radicular pathologies,
the nerve endings...
Notice the sciatic nerve...
You're Jewish? A black guy?
I've also been uprooted.
I'm from Marseilles. Know it?
I had a real slap in the face
when I got to Paris.
Where are your parents?
The guy's tall, 1.86 meters,
blonde with blue eyes.
He's studying law.
Does it bother you
I'm telling you all this?
Do you miss me?
I miss you.
I left him, a jerk
obsessed with money.
I'm in love with my lieutenant.
Are you OK?
I miss you, my love.
You must have changed.
You must have become a real man.
Yitzhak Rabin,
the Israeli Prime Minister,
has been assassinated...
Why, my love?
Why did they kill him?
Congratulations. We were very pleased
to have you here.
Here is your diploma.
- Are you OK, Qes?
- Where are you?
I'm at the airport. I'm coming home.
I got my diploma. I'm a doctor.
Don't come home, Schlomo.
There's a big trial
against the Ethiopians
who passed themselves off as Jews.
It's all over the media.
Everyone's accusing them
of being liars and traitors.
They want to send them back.
Non-Jewish Russians, too.
Qes, where is my home?
Stay in France!
You won't die!
Don't die!
Don't die! Not you!
Don't touch my child!
You'll all end up in the sea,
in hell. Kike!
Don't treat them, got that?
Our men first!
Understand, kushee?
I don't understand...
You were lucky.
Stop crying, he's alive.
You were born under a lucky star.
You always survive.
A star named Mandala.
I want to have a child.
What? Are you crazy? With who?
I don't care. A family.
I passed the exam in Technion.
I'll be a computer engineer.
I didn't tell Daddy.
He thinks I'm studying philosophy.
Can I have a word with him alone?
Tell her you love her. She's crazy
about you. 10 years is long enough!
Otherwise, I'll kill you!
Schlomo wants to talk to you.
To our beautiful Polish bride!
May I?
You're sad they didn't come?
Your father renounced you,
tore his vest, proclaimed you dead.
You look good for a corpse.
It gives old guys like me hope.
Imagine when they resuscitate you...
Here comes the sunshine!
Sarah, with time, it will get better.
When you have a child,
they'll come running back.
Especially if it's a boy!
Your mother will sew up the vest
and all will be forgotten.
I love you!
Down the hatch, guys.
One more time. Let's go!
Tell her tonight.
I'll lose her, Qes.
Not tonight.
I just barely found her again.
I'll tell her soon. I'm too happy.
Tell her!
Sarah! Stop!
No, you can't stop me.
I've waited 10 years.
Look at my lingerie.
Sarah, listen!
I have to tell you a secret.
Alright, then.
Want to swap secrets?
I'll start.
I didn't sleep
with half the guys I said...
Not even a quarter of them.
I wanted to make you jealous.
I slept with two.
OK, just one. So?
When you left,
I wanted to forget you...
prove to myself I didn't love you.
It didn't work.
What's your secret?
Did you jump
every French girl's bones,
including the Eiffel Tower?
"Yes, Schlomo, yes!"
You won't leave me...
no matter what I tell you?
Are you joking?
What is it?
I'm listening!
It's not that...
It's just...
I wanted to say...
Itai's letters... I was the one...
Those love letters,
it was me...
when I was thirteen...
Is that it?
Are you sure?
I knew that, you ass!
I fell in love
with your letters first.
Not you! Idiot!
Dad and I are setting up a company.
A start-up!
The bank and the army approved it.
We set up a research contract
with them.
Mazel Tov! And what about the baby?
He's doing well.
His idiotic father hasn't called
since I got pregnant.
You didn't give him a choice.
Hang up.
Tali, I've got to hang up.
- Well?
- I took the test.
I'm pregnant!
No, I don't believe it.
You have 30 seconds
to tell me it's not true.
I knew it.
I felt it.
It was too good to be true.
I cut myself off from my family.
For you.
I left my father,
my mother, my brother.
For you!
They all renounced me. Everyone!
For you. Think that was easy?
Have we known each other
for 10 years?
You didn't trust me!
I couldn't care less
if you were Jewish or not,
white, red or black.
I loved you.
You, Schlomo, you!
Hello, Yael?
Can I see you?
Hello, Sarah.
Can I come in?
I'm not asking you to forgive him.
I understand your anger, Sarah.
Try to imagine Schlomo's trauma.
A mother who loves
her son so desperately,
she's willing to send him away,
and never see him again,
ready to lose him...
to save him.
And a man who loves his wife
so much, you,
that he dares not tell his secret
for fear of losing her.
Isn't that love?
Don't leave him, Sarah.
Don't leave him.
It's amazing
how many mothers love you.
You've got to promise me something.
Doctor, doctor...
Red Skin, listen, he's talking.
Say daddy.
I'll keep my promise.
I'll call you. I miss you.
I love you.
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