Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi! (2005) Movie Script

Life should be such,
Come baby.
Let me tell you a story.
There was an old house in Lokandala, Mumbai.
Basera. Baba lived here, Shuni, Sunni, Angela. .
.. With all their children and their uncle Adi.
All children loved uncle Adi!
All children were ready to dadt life of Adi
This guy is Shuni, who liked to popiyva alcohol.
This nephews of Adi
And this is their child naBahadur butler
Their grandmother wanted to marry Angela
But all started from there it concerns a child were all disturbed child
This here was Adi's uncle but he was a good man
Liaise with the builder was not the famous Mr. Hirachand
He wanted to assign their house at any price.
And from here all the troubles stood facing the family
Adi was a partner in Vikram Auto Service
What happens on tell me.
Hey Ratan not hear the phone ring that you
Adi is a phone, which you must vdigne. Who-looking!
What is sir? Do what your work phone do not care.
But, where Adi is gone tested the new car.
I now accept your name.
I now accept your name.
I now accept your name.
I now accept my name.
What's in my eyes, day or night?
I now accept your name.
With all my love.
In all your love.
With all my love.
What's in my eyes day or night?
What is it? What is it?
Stand alone with a person only and only your face.
What is in my heart day or night?
What is it? What is it?
My thoughts, my memories only you.
You're the soul of my dreams.
Only you primliva for me.
pleasure of my eyes, I am now the pieces.
With all your love.
With all your love.
- Adi! - No problem.
Tell Chopra to take the car. It will nadbyagva and winds.
This car is as good as a newborn child.
Adi! Do you have to race against the wind. - The meaning?
There are 10 missed calls are all a threat to you.
Ouch! Damn!
What is it?
Chandu, has a birthday today.
What happened?
- Do not lift the phone.
'll Never forgive him, Uncle.
When we met, I'm going to fight. Narezhem Let cake.
When will Uncle?
- Let narezhem cake.
Kaka Where is Priya?
Kaka Priya!
- What is it?
Let narezhem cake.
But your uncle will bring cake.
He always late? He never comes on time.
Eta yourself why we bought the cake.
Bastards! It should be zapilyal of any meeting.
It should be coming in anymore.
Let me live a thousand years.
Sir, you're crazy.
Let that day appear again and again '. - Bahadur.
Let this day appear again and again '. - Bahadur!
Always sing.
Bahadur, you have to sing in tune.
- Who called me?
The box you speak?
- Sorry, sir.
What is the situation there?
Blow them? - Hey Tiger, I arrived.
- Let me put it first.
Hey, Tigers.
Oh yeah!
Burst tire on my car.
Come on, they remove their money. Hey! Amazing '!
What happens here?
They took the bet, what excuse will you give us.
With delayed .- I had a client meeting.
I fell asleep at the office.
- I had free time.
There was a great jam.
Burst tire on my car.
He assumed the proper apology, then he wins.
Okay, folks.
One, two, three, four.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday dear Chandu.
Happy birthday.
Charge it!
Chandu Today's Birthday and you sit here.
Sunnis, do not worry for me. You and I celebrate too?
You can go to them and to celebrate with everyone.
If I drink to you all will be felt badly.
Then do not drink.
- Get out of here.
.. Why you
- Get out. - Daughter.
Why do you do with him when he is not listening?
Happy birthday.
- Uncle, come with us.
Happy birthday. No, I sit there.
I'll sit there.
- Shvita come quickly.
Good evening, Mr. Harry.
Children playing musical tones there.
You seem to play a musical tone with me here.
No, I will not do it.
- Yes.
When I sold the house ..
.. You also accepted the deposit for this house.
You told me that they will agree to sell the house.
Not yet been agreed. What's the secret?
I need a little time.
- Little time?
I became a builder not to build smaller buildings.
I want to earn money any time in any time.
That's why they waited so.
Those who are unemployed are the enemies of the country.
A vragag of my country is also my enemy.
India is my country.
Every Indian is my brother and my sister.
I love my country.
- Shut up.
Give me some time about a week.
What happens in a week?
I have chosen for fiance's sister Adi.
How many will there be?
Two. Prabakar Roit and his son.
They will be two and we are two.
That be an injustice.
We ate your food.
Shut up.
Tomorrow the boy will come to meet with Angela.
I do not want to appear before him.
- Why? Many are you eating?
Told to remain silent.
- No!
Angela is my niece, but it is more of a daughter to me.
We love.
Great! Rarely encounter such joint families in those days.
What is qualified to Angela? It also passed a course in computers.
In the last year she worked in a private company. - Very good.
I must tell you that you are lucky.
It will bring much joy.
I mean really ... get out.
- What?
Eat, I wanted to say .. eat something.
- No.
They are all calm.
- One minute.
I saw the boy.
How's it look like?
- It is very beautiful.
I'm leaving?
- Where? - To see the boy.
Why are so netarpiliva?
- This is my wedding.
Where bother?
- To meet the boy.
Girls have become shameless these days. - Why?
I was thinking it would tell me I do not want to get married.
Then I would gratify you and I would tell you that ..
Girls .. one day .. zadomyat
And .. leave her and all this bullshit nonsense. etc.
I am leaving? Not known.
I will marry on condition that I will live here after the wedding.
Should they tolerate and after the wedding?
Dobre.Ne wish to get married.
- One minute. - Listen.
No, I do not want to marry
Are you sure?
- Yes. -100% - Yes.
Then they will say that she does not want to marry.
This is not a bad idea.
- Brother! - What is it?
Why always take me seriously?
Now come with me.
- Where? - Here! Come on, Brother!
Oh yeah!
- Yes!
Here he comes.
- Arrives our daughters.
This is not Angela. And this is not Roit.
Come on, Mr Prabakar let's leave them alone for a while.
Come I will show you the house.
- Come on.
My house is the next.
The moment you leave the house '.
- Bahadur!
At present century.
- My boss always behave like this.
How are you?
-I am fine.
How are you?
- Fine.
You you have not taken anything. Take something.
Not everything is nared.Vie Why not get something? Please!
First you do not, then I'll take it.
Not vie.Molya first!
Firstly you.
I've sold my property who shall make it in this build.
This is what I offer ..
- Uncle please. Not today.
Listen, Adi. I will tell you otkrovenno not wrong with me.
Nowadays girls can not live in joint families.
So I decided to buy the apartment Roit.
amount is a ten million rupees including interiors in it.
I arranged for 50% of the other 50 percent ..
Dobre.Shte give you rest.
So 25 and 25 before the engagement before the wedding.
- Bye. - Bye.
Is this how you talk to Prabakar?
50 million for it a little?
Will give this union. We will find another Alliance.
No uncle, this is good for Angela.
But where will you take such a large sum?
Will think of something.
How we can find 25 million in so short a time?
Vicki, those 32 million downloads and that investing in property.
Adi, the market is low now '.
It will take three months to get that amount.
3 months. Are you sure?
- Of course!
Then you take a loan to that period.
You'll have to mortgage the house.
Did you read it carefully, my son.
date of return ..
.. Money is after 4 months on 1 December 7.
Take this, sir. This act is naturialniyat house.
There are 25 million rupees for you.
But what was this fast. These days ..
No matter uncle. What's the difference. .
.. If you pay today or tomorrow?
All right. We can arrange the engagement of the 15th next month?
Whatever you say.
- Take your thing. - Thanks
Mr. Hirachand you!
First, divide, and then cut.
What to do? Born money laundering.
Here is the contract concluded with Aditi Verma.
And these are documents of the house.
And here are all 50 million, right?
What thought, Mr. Harry?
If you do not mind I want to tell you something Mr. Hirachand.
That your transaction will cause you great loss.
You bought papers worth 25 million, paid by 50 million.
I know my nephew Adi very well.
He will do anything and recover the loan. - Maqbool!
This is Mr. Maqbool Kalam.
basic artist stamp paper.
To see!
- Thank you my friend.
Mr. Harry, give them my documents.
Now tell me what the signature is genuine.
Impossible! I can not believe.
Adi is the wrong assumption that the date ..
. To repay the loan is 17 th ..
.. It until December and 17 October.
After two months the house will be mine.
But now, I do not need more. You both of us, right?
Yes. One!
The enemy of my party and my enemy.
India is my country.
All Indians are my brothers and sisters.
Adi time you noticed?
We will see you in good times?
When he arrived in the morning, this is avtomobilshte Burr and wind.
I will have power over this car.
Zashtogospodine drive that way?
Children come.
New car! New car! New Car! New Car!
Do you know who created this car? - Who?
Your Uncle!
Do you know what moved into this new car?
I think we crazy? Gasoline, of course!
No, friend. This car runs on solar energy.
Solar energy? What is this?
Solar power via the sun.
New fun!
- Listen.
No kidding, son.
No kidding, Granny. Seriously.
I have a meeting tomorrow with General Motors.
When my patent grant then we'll be rich!
On the road of life we shared our pain together.
Unfortunately, whether or happiness that we share the things together.
If you find someone like you then my work will be done, dear.
If you find someone like you then my work will be done, dear.
On the road of life we share the our pain together.
Unfortunately, whether or happiness that we share the everything together.
If you catch someone like you then my work will be done, dear.
If you took someone like you then my job will be done, dear.
Such friendship can not be nowhere.
We will give our lives for one another.
We will live together and we will die together.
This world will teach us how much we love.
Each step we take makes us always together.
Unfortunately, whether or happiness that we share the things together.
If you catch someone like you then my job will be done, dear.
If you catch someone like you then my work will be done, dear.
- Yes!
Order! Order!
- Shut up.
Brother, very nice. But certainly very expensive, right?
Not as expensive as my dear sister, right?
- Right.
What is this? Why are scattered all jewelry?
- Grandma, wedding is'.
No wedding engagement.
Soon will come a lot of money not to worry.
They will come? But have not yet come, right?
Go on like this will be a cracker.
I'm not occurred yet? Right?
- Right.
Grandma, why do not you understand?
Look ..
- This one is.
That too.
- OK. - Great!
- OK. - Great!
- This is not for you. - Why?
This is for wives.
- A daughter?
Come here.
Are you okay?
- I am fine. She was created for you.
One day, if you marry her you will save much money. - What?
You will live peacefully and fees scare the children!
Wedding .. and this with Priya? It is absurd!
Not at all ridiculous.
- Marriage! Marriage! - Shut up.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
- What meeting?
There is discussion between my mother and grandmother Priya.
What discussion?
- Otnosnosvatbata you.
Oh sure you?
- Yes.
He will learn.
My daughter has no objection.
to be your bride people agree ..
.. They will specify favorable date. - Hello!
Grandma what was it all had to ask me?
- But Adi ...
But so what is your hurry?
A man once married life.
But my son, no objection to our daughter.
- Why would she object?
But now Mom Default mode proposal.
Grandma, I disagree.
But we bought tickets to Bangalore.
This is makes no difference.
Bangalore, why?
To meet people with the bride.
Grandma but who is there?
- My sister lived there.
It was this that gave the proposal.
boy from America.
I am a picture and brought it too.
Look at his picture.
But what about exams of children?
Do not worry, Uncle. Priya prepare us anymore.
Beautiful is not it?
It is very beautiful.
- Not less than a hero.
Yes, Sharuk Cannes.
Well as you all reshili.Dobre
Now I'll leave you, I have a little work.
Oct. Goodbye.
O yea
- Yes.
Go and get Adi.
Uncle, come with us.
Play, do not worry about me.
Please come, uncle.
- No.
We will win.
What are you?
Why not go to them? Tigers lose.
What is the difference for you? You leave for Bangalore.
Behaving like a child as long '.
I kid? Am I a child?
You never think that if you go ..
.. What will happen to me.
Rent a new teacher.
Take someone off the road ..
.. And make her their aunt?
- Why?
You call all you bastards and you're the biggest flop.
I mean?
I mean, I love you.
I Obichamte.
Go now. They need you.
I love you.
- Also I love mutt.
We will lose.
Useless, Uncle! We will lose.
Tigers never lose, okay?
- Right.
- Shut up!
Oh yeah!
- Yes.
Tanu! Grandma, Tanu beat me.
All right. Well .. let children go to bed late is 'already'.
Five minutes.
- At least ten, not five minutes.
No! Only five minutes, come on.
We won the match and I intend to make money overnight?
What are you doing? They sally to bed.
Grandma! What it is Adi? It seems faster than all
Uncle, will you let me be eaten safely.
Wanton! You eat for a third time. Have some shame.
We want some time for a cold drink?
- Enough, good night. Get them to.
Chandu you .. Stop. Come Come.
Grandma, please brought them to lie down '.
I told her to lie down lyagate.Vednaga they said.
Come on, please come. And you come back quickly.
Grandma, what are you doing?
Refurbish the table.
And who's going to rehearsals early in the morning then?
But here ..
- We are here and will do.
- Grandma! Good night.
What is she doing?
Why not return?
What happened?
I left them both.
Come on Grandma, let's go surprise them.
'Chandu, Chandu his uncle and aunt kissing secret'.
This ..
Grandma because you said it, we thought. .
How can you not obey the elderly?
Okay. Everything was clear!
Tomorrow morning I will go to Priya's parents to talk about it.
You can walk in Bangalore.
Priya's aunt will be sorry, son.
Not Auntie. I'm decided to avoid it.
I also plan to go to America for a proposal.
We can do it.
We will arrange American girl meet this American boy.
Then there will be a truce between them.
Then I am from Mumbai and Priya also from Mumbai.
No, this is not possible. I'm sorry '.
Mama, do not act like that. Anyway, too far.
All right.
As they say usually?
I never even dreamed that it would have such a good son in law.
Thank you.
So let's clarify the date of the wedding.
Today, Angela is engaged to will and we can announce their engagement.
So it means. I was turned off when you have settled the problem.
- Panko!
I will present itself.
15 years ago, my father and her husband were friends.
- Our marriage was sdklyuchen even then.
But even in my childhood Dubai otidev her husband and my father in heaven.
And three years before they deceived me so I am from Pune to come here.
Auntie, what nonsense is he talking about?
I will tell you briefly.
Want Priya to marry this Panko and ruin your life?
He has always failed in school and.
.. Even was detained in prison for drugs.
Now all the shackles are broken. Now someone doesn't want me Priya sections.
Come, Priya.
- One second, come here. Very good.
Have you noticed the way you talk?
I look at you face in the mirror before?
Only a madman could give his daughter to marry you.
So, Mr. Panko, Stop acting like a monkey and just walk home '.
What are you talking about? Hey!
- Uncle! - I'll be back shortly. Do not worry.
Both Ilate.
Priya, come quietly or else they will be kidnapped '.
Oh yeah?
- Yes!
Anand seems to beam love music. Explore the drum
Think a hero?
Mr. Harry, why rub their soles in vain?
Come and syadnete and not be so tense.
How could I not busy?
Tomorrow is the meeting with Adi. He will receive a huge amount.
Well so what? Tomorrow is Friday.
Adi will not deliver the check on Saturday.
Then Sunday.
Monday the bank will strike.
On Tuesday, a religious holiday.
Then on Wednesday ..
course will be suitable.
After two days of the deadline expired.
Then this property will go in my name.
Since this is a document.
That which goes against the law of the nation is the enemy of the nation.
enemy of the nation is also my enemy.
India is my country.
All Indians are my brothers and sisters.
I love my country.
What happens here? What? Stop
You must go to work. What is wrong?
Today is a very important day in the life of you? - Yes, what is?
So we'll grime today.
- No
What are you doing buddy!
Who will put my pants?
Uncle, you're not a child. You can not you put them alone?
Late. Grandma, I go.
One minute my son.
Live longer.
Get small curd.
What are you looking at?
Grandma is the biggest deal in my life.
After today, all our problems will end.
Everything will be arranged.
Oh dear! It is now 10:30 to go.
What's that?
- My blank, must sign.
Why do not you come tonight?
I am a child and I forget.
I will sign tonight.
Do not punish me master it?
Do it quickly.
Why so low note?
I was sick during the exams, remember?
Brother! All the best.
- Thanks.
Daughter. - Neposlushnik. All the best. - Thanks.
Bye, now what?
- I forget anything?
Nothing I have forgotten? Thanks. Goodbye.
Went to school so early?
What happened?
- I'm Dead.
Uncle took my folder
- What? Show me.
It really is Adi.
Tigers. Hello.
- Adi. - Yes, Grandma.
Son, what folder you took with you?
Why? Oh shit!
Grandma, send one to two navan.Pristigam 2 minutes.
Do not cross.
Uncle. I come.
- Do not cross.
Mr. Yamradzh.
Number in the opposite direction.
Nothing would not.
I remember in his childhood with his breath had stopped suddenly.
Mother, calm down.
Please calm se.Ako razstroesh you then ..
.. What will happen with all these people?
I will arrange for cremation arrangements and come.
- Hi.
Nice car.
- Thanks.
Chevrolet 925 4 cylinder heads in 1800 Well maintained.
Do you teach me about my car.
Why is there so much smoke?
Do not smoke and clouds.
Do not have any mountain station?
- No, in paradise.
Better be joking.
You're dead.
Ok kidding again.
You have a good sense of humor.
You want to see. Look down.
- Yes, definitely.
How is this possible?
Probably dreaming.
Ushtipi me.
This is not a dream?
- This is not a dream. You're dead.
Let me present you, my boy.
I'm Yamradzh, Master of Arts
- M.A?
MA as a 'Mauth Ka Ayojak' (messenger of death).
Why are so kidding?
Please tell me the truth!
I said the same to me.
He is serious.
Who are you?
- I am Shakti. I am also dead.
How is that possible?
His time was over.
View here.
Here. This is your date ..
.. Is that a birth date of your death.
And I? l'm the delivery man.
One second. I suffered an accident and. - And he died.
How can I like that I killed? You should give me a sign.
I could get sick
But you can do something for my family.
Now what will happen to them without me?
This is not my concern, sir.
Will otnesesh to Chitragupt.
No, you can not Yamradzh (god of death)
Since I have big mustaches?
Do not wear a crown with horns and wearing and ..
Dottie on .. right?
- Exactly.
That left him in the past boy.
We're in 2005.
Why manage Chevrolet car instead of buffalo.
Mr. puffed show please.
Mr. Yamradzh.
- Yes.
Where your bozduganya?
- Where?
So small?
Have patience my boy.
How do you do?
- Teaching, my boy.
How come these sounds?
We pass the hell.
- Hell? Can I look? - Look.
Oh dear!
What is it?
- There is devastating.
They also have done terrible things.
Top. - Calm down. - This is a mountain. - Relax
We arrived to our destination, sir.
Let's go.
-Will not come.
But this is a good place.
-I am concerned for his family.
Mr. Yamradzh, please let them come back.
You know you can not afford.
Please Mr. Yamradzh, my family no one else but me.
Please folded hands.
You do not razbirash.Az I have that power.
You do not need one? You're so strong. - Now we know.
But no - Please. Well show me what is going on in my house.
Cobra as you wish.
Sister Priya. This is all a lie, right?
I know that nothing could be with uncle.
It will definitely be back.
He will come and give some excuse.
tire burst. - There was a traffic jam
- This is, Vikram
.. many leniv.Az svaarsha all had to work.
banktata not want to give money.
I fell asleep in the office.
Sister Priya. Phone calls uncle.
I call him but not lifted.
We will zvannem phone again.
- Why lie to them, dear?
See your uncle left children ..
.. A place from where no one ever returned.
No, do not tell.
No, I will not surrender. He thinks that I will surrender.
No, no to surrender.
Grandma. - Allow me also to see how much pain he can give me.
Let's see how difficulties can cause me.
Allows me to see how bad it may be.
I can not watch it all. I'm very emotional man.
Then help me, please.
- What can I do?
Send me down some days.
- That only God can perform.
It took eight days to leave his wife.
Leave it? Then do so. Send me down for 7 days.
Then you can get me back here please.
Okay I'll try to do something.
Will come and fix everything.
Will fix everything okay?
Thank you
But, for one minute. Nobody can see you or hear ..
. And so what you gonna do something.
- You will go down as having spirit.
I know you can do something. Please do something.
I would have to put life back into you.
Then do it. - Are you crazy? I can not bear that risk
Okay. I also will not go anywhere. I'll stay here.
I will not eat or drink or do something.
Will feed you with my own hands.
- No, I do not want.
Makes me emotional again.
- So, what can I do?
My family, please help me. You'll think of something.
What will come up?
- After 7 days I will go down in..
.. I will give you life for only five minutes.
What is the benefit of living just five minutes? I do not want.
Then five seconds?
Or 5 minutes?
- Okay.
Okay, prepare to start.
Why are you shouting?
We will fall and die.
Idiots, you've already dead.
All the best. Happy landing.
Let's go.
We're ghosts.
Oh dear!
What happened?
- You said it yourself, we're ghosts.
Yes, we are ghosts.
Will you go?
I'm a bad boy
Everything happened for me.
If I was asked to sign would now be dead.
Sorry Uncle
Do not talk that way.
Sister Priya, why god called uncle?
He plays a game with us.
It's as we play krishka mouse.
God, your uncle hid from us.
What we do is pretend.
And we let God know that we miss and we are bastards.
We will behave as if you are with us all the time.
I'm here, Priya.
God is cruel to us.
Everything was about to be ordered well and so suddenly ..
We will postpone the date of engagement.
No, the engagement will take place on the appointed day.
Adi was any thought nothing will change that.
But you'll be able to arrange for twenty five million a month?
What? Twenty five million?
Yes, this was subject to Adi.
Twenty five million prior engagement.
And twenty five million before the wedding.
But, I have already paid twenty five million for engagement.
All right.
If you really Adi promised then we will run it.
Do not worry Prabakar.
How much money will we take?
Vikram that we pay. It is his partner.
I do not have much money.
which had a profit last year, Adi invest in real estate.
What lies talking about?
You know, the indicators fall.
Poor Adi! All this money is melted.
Well mayko.Shte leave you now.
Tell me about your decision tomorrow.
I'll tell you now.
I do not want this wedding.
- Angela! Shut up.
As you wish.
No, Mr Prabakar, they hear me.
Grandma, then stop now worry for my wedding.
Do not talk like a fool, baby.
Some decisions will undoubtedly appear.
lNe want this marriage.
Shut up, Angela. - Sit down, dear.
Vikram, what happened with the deal with General Motors.
Cables Adi told me that a lot of money will come from there.
Grandma ..
There is a company that says Fictional Wheels.
They have sold this car model.
They have done it before Adi.
He lies. Scoundrel!
Will benefit from this, we are ghosts.
- What happens Now?
I'll see what I can do if I did something.
Madame will go well.
Hey Vikram, where were going?
Stop. Vikram! Stop
It is true that I am not a real uncle Adi.
But we are of one family?
Now Angela's wedding was my responsibility.
dear, your marriage, as and.
.. Your wedding will take place on time and place as Adi was asked.
But where will you find so much money?
How would you find this money?
There would be one way road.
I've sold their ownership to a rich man Hirachand.
This good man is also ready to buy that property too.
You get a good amount and also apartment to live.
- Why?
- Then look at this.
Adi and took 25 million from Hirachand.
And should return to 2 days total.
But I never charge money from Hirachand.
Even the date the return in a month.
Look signature Adi
Svsichki They try to spend my family.
Grandma, do not listen.
Okay, I'll go.
I think this house is done.
- Where bother?
Oh no!
Why do I have here? Why? Why?
Brother Adi.
- What?
Our luck is so bad that even heads can not blanks.
Brother Adi, where departure, tell me?
- Do not know
Adi brother we are ghosts.
I know that we are ghosts.
This is the problem.
What is the benefit of those seven days?
What good that we came here?
We can not do anything. Useless in.
Hell with it.
Night there is very little food inside.
But still I can not sleep but these two here.
Hey, what?
Stop spinning? You speak.
Come here.
- We Do?
Can you see?
Hey stop SDA is jacking. Do not you think that my vremesvarshi here?
You know my name?
Bi Pi CM.
What Would Pi CM.?
Spirit soul connecting medium
Mom asked me to become a doctor and an engineer dad.
but I told them that doctors were more than patient.
And then that buildings are more than engineers.
I wanted a profession that is unique.
But this was my loshkasmet.
In my professional customers are hard.
But they have no money to pay me and you know you?
No, right?
First, there is no food inside.
On top of that, people think I'm crazy.
They think I'm mad that I speak alone.
Hey crazy! Why are you talking about yourself?
Hey, podledtsi!
disease you are on earth, They think that crazy.
You've done the limit. Even if it is conveniently dead.
In that case, why are you here? Useless f.
What I watch?
My speech is over.
Tell me, what is your problem?
Mr. Fakir, only you can help me.
What is the benefit?
Tell me what you napregnag?
My grandmother is in deep problems.
My uncle and his friends worry a lot with my family.
We can not even and does not help.
Therefore, Mr. Fakir asking you for help.
Please do something.
Will come up with anything. Everything depends on you.
I will only tell you the technique.
Within 24 hours you will have power for ten minutes.
Power only for ten minutes?
And would you little spooky.
With such a small budget and how you only talk.
Do you or help you ..
Mr. Fakir, we agree.
Now sit down in this way.
I will tell you the formula.
Praise God Hanuman, which is oceans of virtue and knowledge '.
He fooled us. This is the anthem of God Hanuman.
In this case, sing this song.
We want the power of Spaydermen, Batmav or Superman.
And I was a small transistor.
Do you know who is the father of Superman, Batman and Spaydermen?
God Hanuman.
These three were formerly with the American culture?
These three have also taken this power from Hanuman.
Bezmislitsa! But we are Indians who know the value of Hanuman.
To Mr. Fakir. It is still a child, forgive him.
Shut up.
Now I'll do whatever you say.
Hey Nargavale.
Is this also dead?
No, he just looks dead but otherwise their lives.
Now playing.
This, my lord Guru which corrects our mind.
It is God's favorite Ram can give his blessing.
I know I am ignorant and please the son of the wind.
Give me strength, wisdom and education side of my misfortunes.
God Hanuman Greeting, enlightened ape.
Conqueror of three worlds.
Greeting God Hanuman, enlightened ape.
Conqueror of three worlds.
Ambassador Ram ..
.. With unparalleled power and a son of Angela and the God of wind.
great warriors also called Vikram and Bazhrang.
Remove evil thoughts and give us better at our pious mind.
Greeting God Hanuman, enlightened ape.
Conqueror of three worlds.
Greeting God Hanuman, enlightened ape.
Conqueror of three worlds.
The man who lit his precious stone.
He is a decorated with divine jewels.
Your hands carry mace.
Your shoulders are decorated by the Holy Thread.
Greeting Hanuman God, enlightened ape.
Conqueror of three worlds.
Greeting God Hanuman, enlightened ape.
Conqueror of three Worlds.
Shankarr manifestation of God and son of Caesarea.
This and illuminates and honors.
Shankarr manifestation of God and son of Caesar.
It illuminates and honors and.
Most experienced and capable.
Only eager to fulfill the commandment of God Ram.
Most experienced and capable.
Only eager to fulfill the commandment of God Ram.
The one who likes to listen to the recital of the praise of God.
The one who loves to listen to recitals of praise to God.
Whoever is at the heart
Lakshmi and Sita.
This became a minor form of Sita.
This gave a demonic form and destroy Lanka.
That they made stronger to defeat the demons.
Whoever fulfilled the tasks of God Ram.
Greeting God Hanuman, enlightened ape.
Welcome conquerors of three worlds.
Greeting God Hanuman, enlightened ape.
Greeting conquerors of the three worlds.
What are these clothes?
What do you want? Clothes Do not you like?
How good God has given you clothes.
Have you seen the 'Men in Black?
Clothes are good but what about power?
Those clothes you wear are bought by a shop?
There is force in the clothes.
CE Why fight?
Why fight all?
This is a load of ground work for people to eat, others to blackmail them.
Why not do something?
Should I do it? You gave your clothes by force.
Now go and test silata.Varvi
See where he went?
I will fight for everyone.
NNasladi you of your strength?
It's good Mr. Fakir.
I will leave you now.
You also are ungrateful ghosts. You become like the people.
Sorry, Mr. Fakir.
Bring some more bread.
And put some butter on it.
Yes, you will put.
See what makes your partner there.
He is trying to amend the bread and juice.
It is finished. Bread and juice over. Fool of me doing?
Until not you a bit more bread?
What now. Will you watch while the food suck?
You already get the power? Get. Sweep them up.
Get it and leave me to eat.
Thanks Mr Fakir.
I will take care of you. Bread and juice flying.
Hey, what happened?
- Bread and the juice fly.
'Come, sit and eat.
Come inside. Don 't you sleep?
You go. To me I do not sleep.
Grandma, you must go on dialysis in the morning.
I do not want dialysis.
- What?
Look, poor Adi died in such a young age.
I am an old woman, but I'm still alive.
I do not want to burden you all.
Do not speak as a child, Grandma.
Angela is true, my life is so precious. .
. To spend money for dialysis.
not say so, Grandma.
Let's go.
- Where?
Hayde.Da go
Adi Brother, these here are dangerous people there?
It seems to me that they are hired to protect our money.
Let a vesilim.
Hey, why hit me?
Do they udarya.Ne I have hit!
Someone hit me and. What's going on here?
Who hits us?
What happened?
Why are you laughing?
Your pants padnaha.Vdigni them.
Why are you laughing?
Your pants also fell.
Maya, close your eyes.
- Close them. - Okay.
Favorite this is for you
- Yes.
Is great! What a beautiful necklace.
Ten million is!
You will want prize tonight?
Yes, it appears that is so '.
Yes son. Something will definitely happen to you dnes.Hayde!
Hey! Turn heels. Stay right.
Qaeda to go.
What is it, baby?
- Nothing.
What are you doing?
I watched them do what
- Shut up.
What is it?
- Guess how to ..
.. Open the safe without a key.
We're ghosts. We will put their hands inside.
We will put their hands inside but how do you pull the money?
Yes, think.
Idea occurred to me!
I will open the safe on the inside, okay. - Okay.
Do not stand there, come.
Favorite best French wine in the world. - Really?
Twenty-two year f.
- Great! Offers me?
One minute.
- What?
Best wine in the world f.
- How many times can you say it?
Well, go and fetch a cup.
Yes, madam, I am at your service.
Favorite! Wine!
Thank you.
- Cheers!
The taste is strange.
French wine-f.
So strange. Try again.
What are you doing? Why do not you drink?
What are you?
- Sorry.
Maya, please listen to me.
Leave me.
- Listen. - His departure.
Maya. Listen to me, Maya. Sorry. Maya. .
How dare you?
Grandma, how are you?
Come late.
- You must go on dialysis?
Nowhere to go.
Grandma does not say so.
Spri.Ne argue with me
- What is it?
What is it?
What happened?
How come?
- This is also what I think.
Maybe Adi them left. Not found an opportunity to say to us.
It is impossible, open it every day. I've never seen them before.
Perhaps his ghost has left them here.
You say everything I feel, Grandma.
Probably never noticed before.
- Maybe.
Grandma, will you go on dialysis now?
Yes, dear.
Oh yeah!
- Yes.
Good thing Grandma would go on dialysis, right?
I'm tired.
Yes friend, I too am tired.
What drink Sounion Brother?
- Alcohol.
Alcohol is bad for health, right?
So why drink it?
In the past century it suffered a loss.
.. business and then started drinking.
Why has suffered a loss?
How many questions still asking me to let me sleep on.
Now it is time to sleep?
Our time has not come over why?
I had to come to the house of Sharma.
The clouds were so come clean earlier.
And I had 15 minutes so I thought to meet you.
One minute.
- Is there something wrong?
No, sit down. You talk to your neighbor Mr. Sharma?
Yes. - Very good. You will end up good for the first time.
Strange. You're not so damned had yielded to a few days ago.
Actually Mr. Sharma is on a bed of the last 6 months alone.
- He suffered from bone cancer.
He often called me!.
- No.
What is it? - Work is such that I'm not here for it.
I am here for his son.
- What? - Yes.
You get ing?
He married three years ago and has a son one year.
What are you talking about?
Do not create tension. Look, his name is on the list.
It appears now goes to the office.
On the next corner there will be an accident and I ..
You took me longer. Do not you enough?
This is too much.
Relax, boss.
When Sharma will take?
After four years together with me to heaven.
No logic here?
One who has to go now .. you will get it after 4 years.
But I will take that family by whom depends .. What do you say?
Will relax you?
I'm here, but you do not even showed no hospitality.
Instead you ran over me.
Sorry. What do you want?
coffee, tea Coke Pepsi?
What drink it?
- Whiskey.
I also want whiskey.
No, this is bad and dirty thing.
Who is the guest here?
- VTi.
Then, drink whiskey.
- You can get.
Watch out or I'll take up .- You take me up again and again?
Okay, none of the harm.'ll Get a little whiskey.
Mr. YAMRADZH (God of Death)
Now bring me the whole bottle.
You brought your cup, why now all want a bottle? Can.
Who is the guest here?
Friend, your guests.
Then bring it, buddy.
- Bring yapriyatel. I'll bring it.
What do you agape me?
Are you crazy?
- Crazy? Sorry.
Why did he drink so much brother Adi? - I do not know.
Hey, who's there?
- Nobody.
Life must seem that way.
Oh God! What did I do?
Hey, I'm here. What is it?
Are you tired? I'm that with time and you are tired.
Why, what is it?
- What is!
I'm done!
I'm dead!
- Go.
I am destroyed!
- Go.
What gave me to drink?
I told you I, I told you not drinking?
He told me?
- Yes.
You never told me it would be this way.
What are you doing?
- Meditate, dear.
Go and do it below.
-Not go down.
Mr. YAMRADZH. (God of Death)
What happened to him?
- I do not know.
I've warned you.
What do you want from me, sir?
Oh God!
I'll discuss a cup of tea?
What are you muttering in English?
Since you do not understand Hindi.
I lost my job. And lost shipments.
Go into the employment office. Aznachava Which official in heaven.
Bezmislitsi What are you talking about?
Goat. You called me a goat?
Not a goat. I said, What bezmislitsi talking about?
Which means that blather?
My entire career is in jeopardy.
And you make me laugh to make me sick!
Strange. Disappeared again.
He drink whiskey. He fell. He makes us run around the house.
What have we done?
What did you do it?
Why are you afraid?
- I know they scared?
You destroyed me.
From the moment I met you I'm damn.
We are not alone if you're not whiskey, and they killed.
Only my enemies will die. YAMRADZH I (God of death).
If you YAMRADZH, why are you so hyped?
You only hyperactive.
- Thanks.
It was work ing to save.
- Save it?
the means by which he left my house a second signal.
However, I've been here drank his whiskey and.
Do not they understand.
I'll explain.
What sorry? This is your daily drama.
When you go to the office are busy doing something.
Each day late because of you.
Why are you wasting your time now?
Let's go.
Cursed be the day when my mother chose it for my husband.
And I curse my father they chose.
I'm despised every day because of you.
That's what I like.
- What?
You're just cursing at the office ..
.. But me and from early morning.
Why not? "Everything is for you.
Because of me? Your father is ill.
Care of him day and night.
You never once even praised me but I was always Castro.
What do you praise? Should they greet?
My dad is sick. And you want me to throw him out of the house?
When I say that?
- What else? -Wait.
So what? He died.
Not so.
- Look.
What sorry? This is your everyday drama.
This skip it ..
- Give first.
Where is he? Oh, I do not know where she went.
Where'd you go? You must notify me as going anywhere.
I am late. And tried to fly.
This is good. Ing will not die.
- Why did he die?
Everyone has a certain time.
- The meaning?
Sometimes we come later. I saw myself on a channel?
You you do not see how man died and he revived?
When it will die now? "
- After 40 years.
I had such a gracious period?
- Sure.
Then she died?
- Because I came on time.
Before you cry, let me quit.
All right. Ing at least be saved.
Excuse me, sir.
- What now?
Can I have another whiskey?
Has its limits, pal.
I just fail because of it. Want more?
Not for me. So I can bribe ..
.. Chetragupt (keeper of records) then.
In which is heaven!
Well will get you.
Excuse me sir, your whiskey.
Thank you, sir.
My future lies in your hands.
Thank you, boy.
Then you will be able to paddle me, okay?
Jolie good!
- Indeed.
What is this?
I told you that the problems will not solve by themselves?
your exams are very soon, but you all are not zainterisovani?
We do plan, Sister Priya.
I know. But it is not necessary now?
Sister Priya, this is you and this is Uncle Adi.
Sister Priya, what is it? Do not you love drawing?
Yes. It is very beautiful.
You're doing your job.
Sufficient Priya.
Adi? He rode up.
Come with me.
Leave me.
What are you doing? Leave me.
God Hanuman will simplify all your misfortunes.
This can manage all their minds, actions and words.
Hanuman God will simplify all your misfortunes.
This can manage all their minds, actions and words.
God Hanuman will simplify all your misfortunes.
This can manage all their minds, actions and words.
God Hanuman will simplify all your misfortunes.
This can manage all their minds, actions and words.
God Hanuman will simplify all your misfortunes.
Whoever can manage all their mind, actions and words.
God Hanuman will simplify all your misfortunes.
This can manage all their minds, actions and words.
No, this is impossible.
Grandma, it's true. Adi went.
How else .. I
I would deal with Panko?
You say what I like.
One minute, Grandma. Priya I think telling the truth.
You know what happened to me? Two bottles of whiskey disappeared suddenly.
Granny, but this money! Three days ago, they were not there.
Grandma, please explain to Ishan.
Magic show is tomorrow and he is not practicing.
Okay, I'll tell him.
Ishan, do something.
- I will not do anything.
Ishan, why not train?
I do not want to participate in the show.
- I do not want it all.
Ishan, if you join then even Adi Uncle Bud will hurt.
If this will hurt him never to abandon us?
Ishan, you know that uncle is with us.
It also helps us.
He also sees us.
Oh God! How know?
They only say it so. See.
Ishan enough. Otherwise we will. .
Come here everybody.
Now our new magic.
Tie me to the chain.
- Do they tie a chain?
Tie me to the chain.
All right. Are you sure?
- Yes, Grandma.
Tie knots well.
- I'll tie.
Embed lock.
Set lock.
It is really locked?
Follow it to me.
Opens the chest.
Chandu how come here?
I wanted to scare you all.
Where is he now?
Hey Tiger, I'm here.
How did you do that?
- With magic.
Check out my magic too.
Why not leave the crate, now?
To open it you are?
- It will hit us.
- What magic! How did this Ishan?
He lied. Of duplicate keys in his mouth.
In the fifth annual contest Young Magician ..
.. next participant is little Karina.
Friends, you should announce our next contestant, King Ishan.
Ishan? Ishan! Ishan!
Ishan hands of King will be attached with a chain.
Chain which will be secured with a padlock.
Then King Ishan will be closed in this box.
Ishan king will emerge from the chest by a bullet from a weapon.
Watch. - How many times can you watch?'ve Seen rehearsal.
Ishan if the King deal with that then it will be winner.
But in my five years experience. .
.. such a thing never seen.
I think that King Ishan will be able to cope with this number.
Sister Priya!
Help me!
Brother Adi ..
- What?
- What happened? I'm worried.
Nothing expensive .. not worried.
Come Ishan you can handle.
Priya, I am troubled. Ishan to know well?
Uncle Adi, help me!
Ishan, come on. Appeared.
Brother Adi.
- What?
You're worried.
- Yes. - Then go.
Come Ishan. You can do it.
Hanuman God will forgive you all guilty
All those who can manage their minds, actions and words.
Brother Adi.
What now?
- Something is wrong with Ishan.
One, two and three.
God Hanuman will simplify all misfortunes.
All those who can manage their minds, actions and words.
God Hanuman will simplify all misfortunes.
All those who can manage their minds, actions and words.
God Hanuman will simplify all misfortunes.
All those who can manage their minds, actions and words.
God Hanuman will simplify all misfortunes.
God Hanuman will simplify all misfortunes.
Tell us how you do it.
a magician never tells his secret.
Ishan, we do not display. We were sure to appear.
But how then lifted into the air?
I can only tell you that there was some magic.
You know you think I slipped the key in the chest.
And I began to slowly suffocate.
- Oh God! Then?
Then rose and key lock is opened.
Then someone lifted me up.
- Who can lift them up?
Dud, it was unclear.
Ishan, talking nonsense.
Ishan's right. Adi is one of us and helps us.
But I do not understand why it does not appear before us.
I am here before you, Grandma.
Grandma, Uncle Adi you know how much we miss?
Me too miss.
Let us just look at it.
I will love only You and I will speak for you.
Me will love you and will only talk to yourself.
From now on I will only love you day and night, my favorites.
From now on I will only love you day and night, my favorites.
From now on I will only love you day and night, my favorites.
I have the whole world, but only you I miss you.
Melt at your touch ..
.. Those lips that were cold so far.
What season came and what time is that!
My stand is completely lost and into trouble I inserted.
From now on we will live together until we are endowed with life.
From now on I will love is night and day, my favorite.
I will only love you and will talk about you.
From now on I will love is night and day, my favorite.
From now on I will love you day and night and, my favorite.
Hi Vikram. What you come here?
These are the documents of the bank I need your signature.
I will read it.
- Read it, brother.
I'm old enough to read?
What is this joke? Sign it.
Well you kidding me?
What did you do? Why throw the pen?
I know I've izhvarlih.Ne
I-I saw that ...
Hey drunkard! Enough.
Vikram warn you. Do not insult him.
Sorry, daughter. It must be signed.
For what?
- Nothing, some documents from the bank.
Let's take a look.
- Look.
He talks nonsense.
Enough. Sign or else!
Do something.
Why are you laughing?
He knows that my brother was boxing champion in college.
Stop or else!
- Dad!
Hit him. One more time.
Get up.
Take it.
Never dare to come in this house again.
I am proud of you, Dad.
What you're here?
-Surprised, right?
Surprised you know what you mean? Punished because I missed that oh son of Sherman
Really? What do you think that nobody you punish me
Friends this is very bad
-Are you bad?
For all your fault
"I know ...
Sorry! What now apologize!
I have an idea, come with me sir
Coming, let us get there. Let's dance now.
Move your body.
Refresh it.
- Can you hear me?
On the dance floor.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
feelings are still fresh.
Requesting not to me.
For every moment spent with you
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
feelings are still fresh.
Requesting not to me.
For every moment spent with you
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
Wherever you go.
I see you, baby.
I see you, baby.
You are always with me.
Your shadow.
Your shadow.
dreams into my eyes and pain in my heart.
My lips pronounce your name only.
My lips pronounce your name only.
My lips pronounce your name only.
feelings are still fresh.
Requesting not to me.
For every moment spent with you.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories of your memory.
Your memories, your recollections.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
When the moon rises in the sky.
When the moon is rising in the sky.
It displays only.
your image.
My heart is filled with you.
You have every part of me.
You have every part of me.
You have every part of me.
feelings are still fresh.
Requesting not to me.
For every moment spent with you.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memory, your memories.
Your Memories, your recollections.
Your memories, your memories.
Your memories, your memories.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six.
Five, four, three, two,
time to return the mortgage loan over the house.
What will be our tomorrow?
This house!
How about that property?
You will build 25 - storey building.
You telivizor black and white! Who are you?
Who am I?
The owner of this house.
From this house tonight to be released.
You're crazy.
- Crazy? I?
What is this?
- Read it.
What does it say here?
I I told you that Adi is a loan any money.
It was he who gave the loan.
The final date to return the money was yesterday.
Will you release the voluntary house ..
.. Or force you out with all of your accessories?
Really? Just to touch something ..
.. vtazi house, I'll break your hands.
I will dispose of out together with their accessories.
Really? Come here.
One minute, sir.
And I will explain.
All these problems are due to this house.
Before that house them.
Otherwise, their physical strength is also as real as that of paper.
What are you doing now will izkukurigash you?
You old woman, watch.
No! No!
What are you doing, Mr. Hirachand?
You build your own shtastiya with these hands now ..
.. Izpolzvuvate them to clean his nose out your fingers from there.
So as you're with him?
You strike me!
- To beat them.
Hey, this document!
root of all problems is this old man.
Hey, I'm very angry, let my hand.
- What is your problem, man?
Why do udryazh me?
- Because you deserve
What kind of insolence is this?
- Who, me?
Give me a break!
Mom! Dad
Mom! Why is my face?
What is your uncle? You tired?
Here you get the connection.
What is this? You will be fought him all alone?
You also come Kakko, Let him enjoy.
- Welcome.
Uncle, you get it right?
Oh you!
Very good! Do not let go.
What is it?
- I'm tied!
I have tied me.
- What are you doing?
You can not you see that swing?
When I was six months old my mother swinging me in this way.
Behave yourself.
How do I?
See what happens there, come.
I move on alone, I move on there.
I do not know how to move.
'Oh .. I podlaznah '.
Why do it?
Mr. Hirachand!
-Shut up.
Mr. Hirachand, whose property this? - Mine is.
Oh yeah!
- Yes.
You're here, you Adi?
I know. I could feel.
Please talk to me Adi.
I love you.
Adi, talk to me. Please!
I want to see.
Where are you, Adi, I want to see.
Where are you?
Priya What is this?
- Adi wrote, I love you.
Grandma, Adi is here among us.
I know. But why these Jezebel not appear before us?
I am forced, Grandma.
From today, no further action under duress.
I've told you that they will come to 7 days.
Take it.
What is this?
- Your life.
I told you. That you will be able to meet all of five minutes.
Yamradzhi you can not be over 5 minutes, please?
So You're a good man.
Not any emotional blackmail.
Eat it.
Grandma! Look
You are back!?
I'm not alive!
He gave me only 5 minutes.
- What?
- Yes, he's there.
Uncle, who is this?
- It's Shakti he is with me.
Hey it all.
- Hi, Shakti.
Grandma responsibility of Celan house you.
Where is my brother Sunnis and my daughter?
Sounion Sunnis took to the doctor.
Everything okay?
- Yes, Sunni wants to leave alcohol.
This is good!
No! You remember what happened last time?
But his taste is good.
Grandma, there will be no more lack of money.
Angela's wedding will be magnificent.
How are you in school?
- Well, Uncle
Life should be such
Dead I am undone I am finished.
- Shut up.
Why drink alcohol again?
I could not control myself.
Dead I am undone done.
Nothing you will.
I had to spank fifty times to wake up.
Two of my minutes wasted.
Plesnal to me fifty times? But why you did it?
You promise resist so I had to withhold my.
You're a good boy.
Enough with the praise. Can I walk with them now?
Go, go! Sorry.
- What are you sorry?
Who are you talking about my son?
Why did you have to drink?
Then they tell him to leave.
How is this possible?
It may take me instead of you and I'm just not load it here.
No, Grandma. All they need you.
Mr. YAMRADZH, you can take me.
No, Mr. YAMRADZH .. Take me.
My mom and dad were also there. Uncle is needed here.
Yes, Mr. YAMRADZH leave and get my uncle.
Take me.
I can take!
Take me.
Take me!
Please, Mr. YAMRADZH.
Leave uncle and get me.
What do you all? Stop.
Stop immediately.
All must die someday.
Shakti parents do not mourn me?
Do not start it.
All I want to smile in silence.
Come on, smile.
Priya, your whole life ahead of you.
You will have good boy from me, do not worry.
I do not want anyone else.
Grandma, and explain.
Another minute, please.
Will get you.
- What?
Because of that people would leave.
What will happen? You'll only lose lose her rabota.Da.
I do not want a job where there is no such method.
I will tell that Chitragupt ..
.. Many people here on earth have the right to life.
Let us take only the bad people and criminals.
I can handle this, somehow.
Come on. go.
Oh yes.
- What is it?
YAMRADZH allow me to live. I will live here now.
Oh yeah?!
- Yes!
Uncle! We want to thank Mr. YAMRADZH.
Tell them that all is well.
He said that everything is OK.
Do not like it much. We want to meet him.
Yes, we want to meet.
No, Adi.
Have to break the hearts of children?
Do not put me under imotsiya.
Hello all.
Sanjay SAT!
Who is this?
I'm puzzled, you know ...
but several years ago, people called me Munnabhai.
Several years ago, people called me and Khalnayak Raghubhai.
Who are these people?
Next time you meet Sanjay STA ...
tell him it looks like YAMRADZH.
- See ya.
- Yes.
Do not you like tea, coffee or something?
Can I ask for?
I'm only kidding.
After ten minutes I must be in the hospital.
- Friend!
Do not cry.
Do not leave us.
What are you talking about?
Stay here with us.
Please Mr. YAMRADZH.
Visiting us, please.
You're the first to say nice things about me.
Otherwise, I curse all over the world.
Death, a messenger of death I am.
You're lucky. You have these beautiful children.
You too can have.
You know that I have my job.
Then withdraw.
Do not be a child, Adi.
Whenever you think of me Call me.
Will surely come.
Bye all.
Shut up.
What is it? What is your problem?
Why ask all these questions? "I am fine.
That boy went inside? You can not get inside.
- Leave me.
Oh God!
What are you doing here? "I live only 2 stops from here.
Can I come to play here?
Of course, Shakti.
-How do you know my name?
Who is this?
- I do not know. Let's see.
Ask him.
- Okay.
You must be mistaken. My name is Sanjay Date
I have small roles in movies.
Of course, Sandzhubaba. How are you?
children joking.
To say that regret.
- Sorry. - It does not matter.
Son why you came here?
Look tadi property for a long time.
Pretty f.
I thought that if you want to sell it then .. - No
Okay. Why are you screaming about?
Do not sell it as they do not want.
Actually, I risked my life to save that house.
Okay. Can I get a glass of water?
Course, please come.
Mommy, what are you looking at me me?
Poglednigo it. He is fifty pounds.
- Fifty pounds.
Hey you seen this movie?
- Three times.
In that case, why call me YAMRADZH?
It was slip of the tongue.
slip of the tongue!
But why with YAMRADZH?
- This was a mistake, Uncle.
I will kill this child, uncle?
I mean he will get a life?
Forget it, Uncle. Give me the magical embrace.
Everything will be fine then.
Good idea, come all.
Hey where you were going?
I also want a hug.
Life must be so.