Vaaimai (2016) Movie Script

'We know the story of
our Independence how we got'
'But the story of our slavery?
Let us know of it'
"This nation of ours once fell
in the hands of foreigners"
"They came, they conquered and it all
started from the shores of Madras!"
"Our culture and
customs changed"
"The foreigners spread all over,
tricked us and robbed us"
"The true sorrows are
yet to be told"
"Road and rail transport
were introduced"
"Electricity became a reality"
"We acquired a lot"
"Their flag raised over all our flags
and we lost all our kingdoms"
"We lost our warriors"
"We lost our treasures"
"We suffered a lot"
"Our land, our country has
turned into a mere business"
"Politics became our
pride and forte"
"They treated us like
the downtrodden"
"They treated us like slaves"
"A race that served are
now being severed"
"We toil hard and sweat
ourselves here..."
"...and it's worth is enjoyed elsewhere"
"The west grew on the
sacrifices made by the east"
"How did ever the wolves
overpower the lions?"
"How did such a small group ever
rule the land of millions?"
"A land that donated generously
is now yearning for generosity"
"We merely made use of the
sea to catch fishes"
"But they captured the
sea and the shore"
"They laid trap and
tricked us into it"
"They slowly transformed
Chennai into Madras city"
"Will my country see
the light any sooner?"
"Will the damage incurred
be erased permanently?"
"Will the rivers flow pure and
fresh like they used to?"
"Or will the rivers of
tears continue to flow?"
"A country ruled by ourselves will
it come back to life of its own?"
"With every changing governments"
"The corruption keeps
raising to new levels"
"A country ruled by ourselves
will it have a better future?"
"Let dishonesty and
lies flee our land"
"Let sincerity and
glory rule our land"
"Let's wish the whole world will
one day appreciate and envy us"
"Let our national anthem
be heard everywhere"
"Let the voice of the
people be the ultimate"
"Let our history be re-written"
"Let those who once ruled
us speak about our glory"
"Hail India! Hail India!"
'Every human should have the rights
to voice against injustice'
'That is the real freedom'
'The Sinless Verdict'
'Swaminathan was brutally killed
And the murderer was caught'
'Devakiammal, mother of Velan, was
arrested by the police today'
'She has been remanded into custody for
15 days for further investigation'
'She refused to answer any of the
questions put to her by the police'
'She has been ignorant towards
the police and the law'
'In this country...pardon me, in
this forest ruled by the wolves...'
'...all the living beings
will be hunted down'
'Nothing will remain
Not even a feather'
'In order to survive
here you must kill'
'And if you can't
then you'll perish'
'Devakiammal will be produced at
the court today for a hearing'
'Only if she speaks, a final
verdict can be made'
'It is expected that if
she opens up...'
'...the motive behind the murder and others
involved will be exposed'
'Signing off for Thanthi
News channel...'
'...along with cameraman Rasamathi,
journalist Janakardas'
Hang Devakiammal!
Hang Devakiammal!
An eye for an eye!
Die for die!
Hang Devakiammal!
Hang Devakiammal!
An eye for an eye!
Die for die!
'3 months before'
He was a very nice
person, so sad that Mr Murthy...
...who was against
violence, is shot dead
An incident that has put
our nation to shame
Many desperate youths have
turned into contracted killers
What else do we expect?
He must be hanged
If he is not hanged to death
Then I'll myself finish
him off and surrender
Why do they even bother pressing
charges and take it to the court?
He is caught red handed
They should have just shot
him dead on the spot
Tell me your name
Your identification marks?
A scar over here
A scar here
What is the charge
pressed against you?
Any last wishes?
I wish to be hanged using
my mother's saree
"The whole world will envy you..."
"The whole world will envy you..."
"when they look at you"
"Oh dear son!"
"Oh my dear son!"
"It's a privilege that
you have given me"
"I was just a lonesome soul"
"And now we are two
lonesome souls"
"I am now born as a mother"
"Thank you lord for the
gift of motherhood"
"It's you..."
"It's only you..."
"That drives me to
live this life"
"Oh my dear son you
give me courage"
"Oh my dear son you are the epitome
of a life full of happiness"
"You are my pride"
"You are my pride"
"I had sown the
seed of happiness..."
"...little did I know that it'll
grow out into sorrows"
"All my dreams are shattered"
"I have lost all the faith"
"A mother's lullaby"
"Has now turned into a lamenting"
"I am a mother who is now barren"
"It's my fate to be performing
the last rites of my son"
"It's my fate"
Since this a planned
political murder
I request you sentence her with
the same punishment as her son
That's all my lord
Your silence will
go against you
I'm postponing the verdict
for couple of hours
'After independence, the law has never
sentenced a woman to be hanged'
'However, in this case, looks
like the convict must be hanged'
'A critical dilemma that has made this case
the most important one in the country'
'Hence, I am going to make an verdict
based on a jury's decision'
'This might sound new'
'Until 1952 this law was in
practice in our country'
'The trial is done as far
as the court is concerned'
'But as far as the verdict goes
the trial has just begun'
'In this trial, they are the advocate'
'They are the judge'
'or for that matter
they are the law!'
'These 12 of them should
discuss, debate and...'
'...not only eradicate the myth but also
should stamp their assurance on the truth!'
'They should come up with
cent percent of truth'
'This debate should be
touted as the best trial'
'A decision should be made in two hours'
'And the decision
should be unanimous'
'He is Siddarthan, a philosopher'
'A pass out from the famous Gurukulam'
'He was taken into Gurukulam
for his sharp brains and wits'
'A person who has read the autobiography
of all the great leaders of the world'
'Believes questioning the
truth is always the best'
'General Dheena Dayalan'
'It was under his leadership
India won the Kargil war'
'A person with a great
sense of dressing'
'Short tempered'
'Hates convicts and
drown trodden'
'Strongly believes that a mistake
that shouldn't be forgiven is...'
'...forgiving itself'
'Dr Benny Quick, heart specialist'
'A person with very
large sense of humour'
'He will tease and mock
everyone out there'
'But none has ever succeeded
in doing the same to him'
'Such is his valour!'
'Ms Janavi, a pilot'
'A pilot who averted two major
plane accidents with her wits'
'Calm and composed'
'Studies her rivals by putting
herself in their shoes'
'Mr Thirumaran, IPS'
'He was qualified for IAS
but still he opted for IPS'
'An encounter specialist'
'So far he has done 99
successful encounters'
'He is waiting for that
one more encounter'
'Along with him is the government
waiting to reward him'
'Ms Narayani, a multi millionaire'
'Prestige isn't so prestigious
when hunger strikes'
'She cannot withstand hunger for a
minute, well, a second for that matter'
'The sad part being that she is here for
the meeting without having her breakfast'
'Mr Manibharathi, a
writer and an actor'
'A timid person'
'Refused to act in movies even when
called up by well established directors'
'Rose, IAS'
'Thirunelveli district'
'A proud transgender'
'A human activist who fights for
the complete human rights'
'Shri Thuyavan (The glorified one)
a Tamil pandit'
'He came to India as a tourist'
'Everyone votes for the convict in English
as either 'guilty' or 'not guilty'
'But he speaks and
votes only in Tamil'
'Indeed a glorified man'
'Mr Gopikrishna, a Psychiatrist'
'A master in psychology
'He different from the normal human
He never gets nervous'
'He is that calm and composed'
'Mr Namo Narayanan,
Charity commissioner'
'He is from the slums'
'Well versed in mantras'
'A core hater of the
VIP treatment'
'Ms Chinmayi'
'A women with high
regards for self'
'She single handedly organized a
farewell for the Indian military'
'The only common thing
between these 12'
'Each of them has either
risked their lives...'
'...or taken lives for the
goodwill of the society'
Attention please
As you all know
Our verdict is
going to be final
There shall be no
appeal thereafter
You guys may put forward
your suggestions
There are no conditions
But we have to arrive at a
verdict within the allotted time
So, are we going to discuss?
Or are we going to vote?
I guess we all know the verdict
Then why discuss and waste time
Let's cast our votes
and make a call
Only then everyone can leave
I can go home and eat
I just said what I felt
You don't feel
anything but hunger
- Now stop laughing
- Come on sir
Okay, so is everyone
ready to vote
So let see who all are
voting the convict as 'guilty'
Seven, eight, nine,
ten and eleven
11 people
Where are all you off to?
- There are more formalities
- Is it?
Tell me about it
Anyone voting the convict
as 'Not guilty' ?
Not guilty
Oh no!
Come on now!
See now that's why we shouldn't
have youngsters in here
Well you can't avoid them
Avoiding him and avoiding his vote
are entirely two different things
A vote has claimed governments
A vote has also seen
fall of governments
That doesn't matter
Majority is what matters
Our debate is disharmony
in harmony...
But while deciding our
harmony is in disharmony
We got to follow the rules
The decision should be unanimous
Excuse me sir
Why opt for the messed up 'Not guilty'
option rather that the easy 'Guilty'?
Oh lord Narayana!
So do you really believe
the convict is innocent?
I don't know
I might believe it
I might not believe it
So looks like he made a mistake
Then why did you
vote 'Not guilty'?
11 for that
1 against
What do you mean?
What do you mean by 'against'?
I am against punishing her
If I too had voted 'Guilty',
the count would be 12
What then?
Verdict is done and we'll
all set off to our homes
Isn't that what judge
wanted us to do?
Things are happening to fast
Don't you see?
Too quick
What do you mean?
We sat throughout her trial
We spent 3 months on
this ie 90 days
You say that is too fast?
If everyone decides
unanimously then it's over
If we all vote against
her, she'll be hanged
What next?
She is gone
Don't you understand?
Never do this
One word can take a life
Indeed! A life will be lost
So let be it
Why should she live?
To murder another
advocate of nonviolence?
Forgiving a murderer is same
as committing two murders
I'm sure you know it
Let me assure this
I am nervous
What if my decision leads to
further damage in the future?
How can you drive if you think
you'll meet with an accident?
How will you use current appliances
if you fear of getting electrocuted?
How will we discuss if this building
falls down and kills everyone?
'What ifs', 'suppose', 'ifs' and
'buts' will let you do nothing
You can't even commit a mistake
So tell me, arent you living you life
even though after all these doubts?
Aren't you?
So decide!
What a shot!
Blinded but yet right on target!
Well today is full
of shocking events
Now that's some achievement!
We are privileged to have lived
during your era Dr Benny
'Too much of accolades
I better be careful!'
Let's vote once again
If still I am the one
who votes 'Not guilty'
Then I shall change my decision
And so let it seal her fate
At least...
I will be satisfied that I
tried fighting for her
Now check this out
You'll change your decision
to 'guilty' like everybody
Yet still to be proved
yourself as uncorrupted
Well assume all you want
This time around
let's vote in secrecy
- It's my request
- But why?
You didn't question
the death sentence
Why would you question this?
You know why?
Because everyone will have to take
a pen, write down their vote
They'll have it pass it on
At least that little time will
help them to think and understand
We all are used to blindly
vote along with the majority
In secrecy or in openness, the
result is going to be the same
No problem
Go ahead
Look at her playing
games at this hour!
- She'll lose it
- She'll win it
- Wanna bet?
- Bet!
It's on
She won
So come on
She might have won this
But in life she'll fail
She will be hanged for sure
- Wanna bet?
- Bet!
- This time 1000 bucks
- Sure, it's on!
Sir, this is malpractice
This is illegal
Well, I wasn't copying I
was just supporting you
Why are you against yourself?
Sorry sir
Here, go ahead
Isn't it illegal now?
Sir, come on now
I've already copied it
Why are you crying?
These are not tears of sorrow
These are tears of joy
I've never ever
voted in my life
Until now this is
the first time
Someone has been deceiving and voting
on my behalf for the past six times
Six times?
That means for 30 years
I haven't voted
I am not an Indian citizen!
But today I've voted!
I am now an Indian citizen!
To all of you who made it possible my
greeting, my thanks and my welcome!
Now come on everybody
Pass it on
And one
Not guilty
Not one
But two
When did you reach the top?
Now come down!
Ten for guilty
Two for not guilty
No chance it could be so
Here, let me check it
Won't be required
It was me who voted for 'Not guilty'
Five minutes ago you
said she was guilty
Now you say she is not guilty?
Here, this man!
When you questioned if he was
confident he said he had no idea
Even after he had voted
her as not guilty
I saw some truth in it
He patriotically believed
in his decision
He waited to see if any one
of us would acknowledge it
I voted on purpose
As I found his gesture noble
I salute him for that!
He took responsibility
for his own decision
So I felt there was
something right about it
I voted for 'Not guilty'
So something struck you that
didn't strike all of us
Indeed sir
I'm sure that I've made a
better decision than you all
Why do you look concerned?
It's ten of you
Against two of us
It's us, who should be worried
Yet, I am concerned
Too much worried
This concern and worry is for
sure going to get us into a mess!
A woman's trick is trying
to manipulate this case
If you like him, impress him
Or may be propose him
But keep it outside this room
Don't you change your vote
based on your emotions
Well done
You have attracted an attractive
woman on to your side
First you were advising
about saving a life
Now go ahead
Both of you advise on
how to create life
It could be theoretical or practical
At least we shall learn from it
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
- Janavi hold on
- Come again!
What did you take me for?
Leave me!
Listen to me for a
moment Janavi
Is this how you talk?
How dare you?
Mind your words!
Remember I am a pilot!
You are making it even more complex!
Do you expect me to be quite
to all the tantrums you throw?
- I said leave me!
- Please!
Just leave me!
No Janavi, listen to me
There is a limit for everything
Calm down!
Instead of asking me to calm
down, you should be furious
We'll become weak if we get furious
That's what he wants
If you want to stand
by some one... should be prepared
to get embarrassed
Sir, people who
live with pride...
...won't talk ill of others
Let me come to the topic
Leave the topic
Come to the point
My point
The convict has had nothing but
misery throughout her life
She started working as a
labour at the age of six
She got married at the age of ten and
became a mother at the age of twelve
Finally at the age of
13 she was widowed
Thirteen is just the
beginning of teenage
Fate of her life was sealed
even before it could start
But it didn't stop there
In the name of sharing wealth
her house too was sold off
After all the sacrifices
She made her way to the city
in search of a new life
She came here with a
baby in her hands
She bought the baby
up for twenty years
These twenty years she
again worked as a labour
So in her 45 years of life
She hasn't committed any crime
She was an honest human being
I trust her
You may believe she is innocent
But why are you trying to
make us all believe it?
I know about down trodden
people better than you
I've been with such
people for a long time
You can never trust
them or their words
Such people lie right
from their childhood
Only a fool will believe you
So you mean all the rich people
carry an initial called 'Truth'?
It's all an analysis
Go check it out yourself
90% of the prisoners are
downtrodden people
You've got it wrong
Cent person of the
prisoners are downtrodden!
Do you know why?
The rich will escape but the
downtrodden can't
That's the law!
All your laws, discipline, prison and
punishments are for the down trodden
All the punishments are implied
just for the downtrodden!
Rice, television, even
gold is offered for free
But justice?
Only money can buy justice!
I'm reconsidering my decision
'Not guilty'
But why?
Because of the advocate
What about the advocate?
During the whole trial only
once did he had objection
And he forfeited it
The advocate never fought
the case for the convict
Well, correct
There was no point in
him fighting this case
Why was there no point?
Because she couldn't afford him
The advocate was neither
bothered to fail...
...nor bothered that
she will be hanged
Someone has to support the weak
Isn't all these for that?
At least the weak should
support the weak
I support her
She is not guilty
Me too
I too support
She is not guilty
When one of us changed her
mind there was huge spat!
Now two more have changed minds
Today hell will be raised!
Oh Narayana!
Why are you calling him?
It's a deity's name
Oh is it?
What's happening here?
Can someone explain it to me?
You guys keep talking
as you wish
And change your
minds accordingly
She changed her mind
because she likes him
He changed his mind because
he hates the advocate
- And him...
- Sir, well...
Shut up and sit down!
Oh my god!
Oh lord Narayana!
So all of you like
hearing stories?
He'll say stories and
you all will relish it
Now I'll tell you all a story!
Not a story from the past
A story from the future
Come here
I said come here!
Sir, that's a wheel chair
So what? Just come here!
Sit down!
Let's do a small experiment
Close your eyes and imagine
whatever I'm going to tell
That's a walk in
the park for me
You reach home late
I don't have to imagine that
That's a fact
Shut up!
As you park your vehicle you notice
that your house looks dark from inside
You think it's a power outrage
But there's power in
the neighbourhood
You and your family go to sleep
only after you've reached
Noticing that it's unusual, you
proceed to go and ring the door bell
It doesn't work
You feel something is fishy
You knock on the door but
there is no response
You yell out to your wife but all
you hear in response is dead silence
Then you get tensed...
...and start kicking the door
Still no response and
only dead silence
That's when you realise you
have a spare key with you
You take it out...
...and open the door
It's dark everywhere
You turn on your cell phone's
torch and start searching
Your wife and kids are
abducted and tied up
That's when, from behind, some
one strikes you right on your head
You lay half conscious as they slit your
wife and kids right in front of you
All these just for the
sake of some money and jewellery!
Now tell me! Are such people
'Guilty' or 'Not guilty?
He has blurted
out the truth
Note it down
Sir, do you need some water?
Give me two minutes
He is psychologically
arresting everyone's mind!
His mind too shall be arrested!
I am writer
Hence I took it a bit
personally and reacted
That was one hell of a story
to change my thinking
You are very smart
Well I don't know much
about your tricks
I say now with a clear mind
My vote...
'Not guilty'
Why did you laugh at me?
No! No! Not like that
Sir, hold that thought
I'll be right back with you
Why do you keep
laughing at me often?
Have we met earlier?
Have we traveled together
or partied anytime?
No, no
So did I tell a joke?
- Do I look like a joker?
- Not like that
I've been noticing since we arrived
you have been laughing at me
Answer me!
Please! Please
Laughing is all you do for
everything and anything
Laughing is all you do everywhere
So everything is a joke to you?
When a literate is
unemployed you laugh!
When thousands of them
lose their job you laugh!
You laugh at murders
and bombings!
You laugh at private sectors
for running schools
You also laugh if the government
runs the beverage industry!
0.5 million lives...
...a whole race was
murdered and lost
Even then you laughed!
This laughter has widened
you lips from ear to ear!
Do you know what's hidden
behind this laughter?
The fear to take too
much of seriousness
That's the reason
I swear...
You ain't insulting
us by laughing at us
You are actually
insulting yourself
So laugh as much as you can sir
Go ahead...Laugh
Sir, how do you say
that she is guilty?
Set aside the police reports
Set aside the opponent
advocate's points
Also set aside the story
published by the media
You tell me
One proof!
Your own independent proof!
That proves that she is guilty
Until then, even your vote
is like one in a million
A fake one!
I like you!
He had a point if it's a wrong
decision it must be an own one
That's my point too
But in a more positive sense
My parents...
...had four sons before me
I was the fifth one
My dad wished for a daughter
My mom prayed for
it to all the gods
When I was born...
...they were disappointed
knowing it was a boy
At the age of 12...
...when I told them I was a girl
...they couldn't digest that fact
...saw me as an insult
Finally they lied that
They adopted me
They chased me away from home
The same night...
I decided to commit suicide
I got into an electric train
I was afraid to jump from it
Not that I was afraid of death
Everyone thought that I
was the usual freak
That's when a kid...
...pointed at me and
asked it's mom
If I was mad
The mother replied
She is in agony
That is why she is behaving so
She accepted me for what I am
She adopted me and took care
of me as her daughter
She made an IAS officer
Are you done?
Not yet
There's some more
That day a mother...
...looked upon a
daughter with care
Today the daughter...
...has to look upon a
mother with care
Please make a note
She is...
Not guilty
You are guilty!
Now start!
First it was me
Then him
So now her?
You are best at
insulting others
Just because you
achieved in one field
Don't make that you have
achieved in all the segments
Is this how head
all the meetings?
Is this how you even managed to
become an officer in military?
So I guess, that's how you
must have even won the war?
We shouldn't take
anything personally
Moreover we shouldnt get
too personal with anybody
Be careful
Take care
I am getting furious!
Why this carnage?
That cat eyed lady
is bothering me!
You mean Menagha?
Even you?
Planning to finish her off?
She keeps drinking some juice and
she is doing on purpose to tempt me!
Sir, I can't bear hunger
Moreover, in a hurry to reach
here I skipped my breakfast
Skipping a meal drives
a woman like me crazy!
Proverbs are fine
As long as you don't spoil it!
If not us then no
one should get it!
Why the 'us'?
I meant generally
Nice intentions
Preach it and our
country will prosper!
If something is in
favour of the people...
...that can never be termed wrong!
This one too
People who commit crime looks
to be good at philosophy!
(Song from 'Petra Maganai Vitra Annai')
I would like to
change my decision
She is not guilty
I think so because...
Even if human fail to
perform their duties
Even if the seeds aren't sown
Even if the lands aren't furrowed;
Even if the lands aren't irrigated;
The sky will still shower
our land with water
We are gifted by the nature
with trees, plants and food
We have nothing to fear
Dear, do not cling on to
a religion and struggle
Don't put your body
through tortures
The nature will feed you
Your only duty here
is to preach love
Everyone here applauded
you for speaking Tamil
Except me
You spoke Tamil without
the English accent
That is what I
applauded you for
Those who claim to be a Tamilan
are surviving because of Tamil
But none of them has ensured
the survival of Tamil
You are an English and you
had made Tamil proud
You are indeed a Tamilan!
Here after if anyone claims
to be a true raw Tamilan...
I was just making a point
'You are listening to Suryan FM 93.5'
'The open talk topic is
Verdict for Devakiammal'
'The jury meeting seems to be heated up
and there is no solid decision made yet'
There has been lot of
changes in opinion
Let's find out the current stand
Let's vote again
Let's do it in order
Just like we voted
the first time
Not guilty
Not guilty
Not guilty
Not guilty
Not guilty
Not guilty
Six votes
Not guilty
Six votes
Equal strength
I confess
I'm involved in this murder
Hang me to death!
There, one more proof!
Would that suffice?
Or do you need more?
This is not an interval
This is the end
See you guys
Sir please
Sir, please...please
No matter what you do,
I'm not going to change my stand
You didn't pay heed
to any one here
Nor did you even try to
understand what I had to say
Now the convict
herself has confessed
So what else will it
take to convince you?
I'll believe anyone
and everyone...
...but only if it's the truth!
Now stop repeating yourself!
You have be going over the same
thing again and again and again
I am not for it!
Oh gosh!
That wasn't a mistake
It was on purpose
I am back!
Here is a flashback
I would have been killed
even before I was born
It was my mom who saved
me from the doctors
The doctors claimed
I had a hole in the heart
And said that I won't live
much even I had born
My mother refused to accept
what the doctors had to say
She believed in God
They also said another thing
If I had to live long... would be with a defect
So life is very precious and
I had to hold on to it
I did hold on to it
I take injections everyday
I take medicines everyday
I have gone past
the half way mark
I'm confident that I'll
make it to the finish line
I'm a heart patient
Yet, I've saved thousands
of life as a heart surgeon
Dr Benny, the best heart
specialist in India
You all have achieved
a lot in your life
For me living this life
itself is an achievement
That is why I am here today
So what is the truth after all?
It's trust!
I trust that woman
I am not guilty
To all present here,
I am changing my vote
Dear, now start
The meeting is on, baby
"Oh dear deity earth"
"Let me bid you goodbye"
"As I begin my final journey,
let me bid you goodbye"
"Dear death your are
going to live on as I die"
"So let me bless you a long life"
"Dear soul less life you will
continue to wander after I die"
"So let me bless you too a long life"
"My soul has already been
burned down to ashes"
"All my desires have died inside me"
"So will I be burnt down?"
"Or will I be buried?"
"My lonely life is wandering
in between worlds"
"This life of mine has
become meaningless"
"Oh dear immortal god,
you may have my soul"
"Now let me rest,
let me rest in peace"
"What the meaning of this life"
"When I am left with nothing?"
"Death is ultimate"
"Only death completes the life"
The charges against Devakiammal
and her son Velan are same
So immediately
Get me all the details about Velan
Sir that's too much of risk
The foundation for safety
is laid by taking risks
Go, get it
The jury will soon prove the reason why
I've let this case to them for a verdict
Hence I'll have to provide them
with Velan's case evidences
I'll answer to everything
It is my responsibility
Placing a wet cloth on your
stomach to beat hunger?
You cannot control your hunger!
Now how did you find it out?
Everyone knows it by now
Oh! Oh!
I wonder how people
go on hunger strikes
After having a meal
- In between meals
- Really?
Behind all the hunger strike
hides a mobile food van
You spoke like a leader
Now what are you upto?
This is my favorite attire
My uniform
Within an hour I should be
on duty with this uniform
I got the intimation
I would request you all to
let me be in this uniform
This uniform makes me realise
there are lives I'll be responsible for
...I'll be very careful
Well now that's your
last hour as pilot
Here fly this plane!
Is she house keeping?
Ask her to clean thoroughly
This place has turned filthy!
Excuse me, sir
Well at the hour of
need nothing's wrong!
Watch out! Do not
consume the vessel!
Oh lord Narayana
Sorry...sorry, sir
I'm sorry I didn't even
bother asking you all
- I hope you guys won't curse me
- No curse will ever affect you
Sir, I had read recently
It seems the gruel is
a good source of Vitamin A
Does it stop with A
or goes on till Z?
I've been wanting
to have it for a long time
It was very delicious
Sir, having gruel is also an
interpretation about equality
Now your stomach is filled
so you have turned into a philosopher
Look here
The rich sharing their gruel
with the downtrodden is equality
But the rich sharing
the gruel from a hungry...'s arrogance
So it's fine if the rich don't share...
But do not snatch
from the down trodden
Here the rich and the politicians
don't even spare the gruel for the poor
You too do the same and let there
be scarcity for food all over!
Oh! Oh!
- Sir
- What is it?
Why is she leaving the money?
And that is why
they are downtrodden
Velan's case has come
Hereafter it will be volcano
Please come with me one moment
What's all this?
Does the images
make the story true?
Is it true that
there were two guns?
Are you alright?
- Well nothing
- What do you mean?
What was that?
No one is special here
All are equal
We should speak mutually
Follow the rules!
Tell us what did you
guys discussed in person?
Come on tell us!
Tell them
So, the problem is...
That no one has ever got the correct
understanding of this assassination
One who indulges
in a political murder...
...will never get caught
Why would one shoot from
a point where he can't escape?
Why would he still stay and get caught
from the exact point where he shoots?
All this was a plan to
trick and create evidence
This plan was executed
by that individual
Who is that?
The real killer
His works as a contracted
killer to kill leaders
He doesn't use more than
a single bullet to kill one
The perfect killer
He can't be traced by his looks
He can only be caught
by his modus operandi
"He changes forms and
shapes in lightning speed"
"He sneaks and escapes
from places like wind"
"His perspectives and
vision are third eyed"
"His rehearsals are for real"
"No matter what the sky
and the earth demands..."
"...he keeps roaring
and soaring like the sea"
"When the intentions
are unshakable..."
"...he screeches away
as fierce as the tiger"
'All the departments are spread out
corruption for political corruption'
'Against corruption for honest and
talents are goes backwards...'
'...hunger strike was conducted
by Swaminathan in Tamil Nadu'
'A corruption heads
was allocated...'
'...a Top Class Killer
against freedom fights'
"If the diamond has to be cut..."
" can only be done
using diamonds"
"Evil can only be put to an end..."
" the pure evil within it"
"Say his name and
lighting strikes"
"You'll never see him coming,
he is just like the wind"
"He is the one who doesn't
believe in theories..."
"His life is all about reality"
"He can turn the seasons
and time in his favour..."
"He is a sun that shines
during the night"
"A king of disguise"
"A faceless hero"
"A bow may stutter and
it's arrow may miss"
"His target is always spot
on and will never miss"
"Just like the wild
fire catches on..."
"His anger spreads
He is unstoppable"
"Only the banks will know
where the river is flowing to"
"Where is our fate headed to..."
"...will anyone ever know?"
"He is like the serpent that
hides underneath the soil"
"He'll pass by just
like an illusion"
"No matter what the sky
and the earth demands..."
"He keeps roaring
and soaring like the sea"
"When the intentions
are unshakable"
"He screeches away
as fierce as the tiger"
When the hunger strike was set
to happen by the Anna flyover
The killer started
his observation
In order to set the target he chose
incomplete building right opposite to it
He chose it based on
its height and the angle
On the same day...
Velan got the approval for
the carpentry contract of that building
In order to celebrate it...
Velan bought his mom
to show the building
Now that's fate
Their life goes further down
when they try climbing up
His mother was happy that
her son had reached heights
But little did she knew...
That danger was
right above them
Firing isn't easy
Even more difficult is to escape
from the place after the murder
Because the embassy
was right opposite...
The killer needed a plan to escape
from the building and from the city
Killer laid down
a trap for Velan
Provoking is all you need
to turn the good into evil
He dragged Velan
into his trap with ease
Velan caught by police
Killer escaped with the people
Based on the details it looks like
you might be the one who did it
Not only you...
Everyone else here
will feel the same
That is the strength
of the killer
He takes various forms for
each and every murder he does
In reality and in imagination
Since none of us know him...
We assume our own
imagination to visualize him
Just like how Janavi
has visualized me...
...the police had visualized
Velan as the murderer
The gun that was used to prove
that Velan was the murderer... the same gun
I'll use now to prove
Velan's innocence
Hey! You are handing over the gun
to a person from the military
If he shoot out to all
Go ahead shoot
Shoot me
Come on, sir
You are a military man
Shoot me
I said shoot me!
It won't fire no matter
who pulls the trigger
The gun is dummy
...the bullet fired
was different
...and the gun got
at the spot was different
And so the person
who shot was different
Please pass it on to everybody
Give it
What the hell is this, sir?
She is avoiding me deliberately
Nine, ten, eleven...
Oops! I am so sorry
Didn't I hand you one?
You having it is the same
as you not having it
You charge heavy
for petty works
In here there is not pay at all
So, do you intend to do any work?
They must have chose someone
else from a different field
Else at least a different candidate
from the same field as yours
You must be knowing more
about yourself than me
So think
I'm very sorry to have
missed handing you the file
Thank you
I'm yet to help you
So tell me what can I do?
I need one more vote
I need my tab now
Get it!
Hello, sir
I am Chinmayi
Need to discuss an important matter
Please pick up my call
I am also one of the jury among
the 12 juries in Devakiammal verdict
The statement given by you confirmed
that Velan was the criminal
Please tell me whether Devakiammal
is an accuse or innocent
We need your immediate
answer in this regard
Thank you
This is it
I'm Thyagu...
Superintendent of police
The convicts,
in order to murder some
revolutionary individual...
...take more than a year's time
to plan and execute it
But, to crack that case
the time given to us, the police... merely 24 hours
Later even if there is a delay of
an hour media starts questioning us
The ministers bombard
us with calls
The public rallies out in
the form of protests and riots
Under the pressure,
our department... forced to point
finger at someone else
Such are the circumstances...
...where our doubts
baits an innocent
...and traps them
Even at that point...
Without any changes to the words
or even letters for that matter
We have to record exactly what
the prisoner says, as per the rules
But due to the pressure we face...
We aren't able to
implement that
Velan, who was arrested
under the charges...
...of murdering an advocate
of non-violence his statement to
me, claimed that was true that I was
there at the murder spot
I wasn't aware of
the murder that took place
He claimed that he was
lying unconscious
But I wrote it as...
'It was true that I was there at
the murder spot' and left the rest
Since this case is regarding
a political murder...
...and since like me, everyone
associated to this were under pressure, media, lawyer
judge and everyone else
...misread the statement and instead
Confirmed that he
was the murderer
Everyone's negligence resulted in...
Someone else committing
the crime and claimed...
Everyone's negligence resulted
in death of another
Let me tell you
when I realized all this
You see it is very necessary
I make it clear to you all
Every time when his mother pleaded
that her son was not guilty...
I thought after all it's
a mother crying for her son
But after Velan was hanged...
She came and confessed
She said Yes my son did commit
the murder I was too a part of it
Only when she was arrested...
I realized that there is some other
angle to this case I felt it strongly
I started observing her
The murder...
...and the means to commit it was
given by her in a statement
I looked into that witnesses
Only then...
I realized all she had mentioned
was her own assumption
Even after all this her
pain never faded away
Just like how her
son was hanged...
she knew she too will be hanged
So she took a decision
The statement
she gave the police...
...along with all the false proofs
with clean explanation
...was mailed to the media by her
The law and the misuse of the law...
by people like us must be
exposed to the public and that...
...should result in getting
us ashamed, was her target
But again...
Velan who passed away
His soul... trying to save his
mother from all this
Hence it has resulted in
and come to
This unique practice that
was never used earlier
All 12 of you have
been chosen... bring the case to
light and to the open
All I'm requesting
you all is this...
Law and justice are
like a scepter
With Velan's verdict
it has been deformed
So save his mother and
set the scepter back to its form
That's when...
The whole world will
realise Velan's innocence
And that is what will console his
mother and let her be in peace
I just have one regret
I was the reason behind
Velan's execution
To repay his mom...
There is only one way
That is myself
That's the only compensation
Justice denied cannot
be treated as faith...
...but as fate
Oh crap!
Those who saw it,
were they liars?
Was it a lie what I heard?
Those who claimed,
were they liars?
Was the whole
investigation a big lie?
What about the truth?!
I'll cast two votes
One for that woman
One for her son
Both of them are not guilty
Not guilty
Not guilty
Not guilty
Sir, please
I'm sorry for my behaviour
Thanks for your courtesy
It's ok, sir
So how about voting
for the final time?
Not guilty
Not guilty
Not guilty
Not guilty
Not guilty
Not guilty
I haven't voted yet
I cast my vote now
She is guilty
Now come on stop troubling us!
The moderator should
solve problems
But here? The moderator
himself is the problem
Sir, aren't you hungry?
If you accept that her
son is guilty...
I'll vote for his
mother as not guilty
I know...
Where you are getting at
So do I know...
Where you are getting
at, since the beginning
She is taking some risks not
for saving herself, sir
Only she acts to prove her son is
innocent to this world
How can we refuse that?
Just for an individual
We cannot give up on law
That individual should
have right to live
It is for the right to live
law was invented
Instead, the right is snatched away
and the law itself executes the human
The right to take life...
...belongs only to God
All Gods kills the evil
to save the holy
The law too does
exactly the same
But how?
By executing people
it saves the people, is it?
Which order
to save 51 people...
the law will execute 49 people?
Answer me correctly
Does the law execute people?
Else does it save people?
It saves the people
by executing the murderers
So you accept it?
So, you believe in punishments?
Not in fellow humans?
You sound clever
So you need jobs
after education
That too you'll prefer
a good salaried job
You'll commit crimes but
shouldn't be punished?
Murder cannot
be a punishment
Punishment cannot be justice
Know this...
Unauthorized justice
can never be strong
Unjust authority
is dictatorship
How can you gain
without some pain?
How can this disease be cured?
The treatment for this disease is
worse than the disease itself
The treatment is correct
But it has to be expanded
Just like in the past all
the convicts should be...
...hanged in front of everyone
When only that function
will be effectively
Under what act can you take life when
you won't be able to give it back?
Not only the evil but
the good ones too will be killed
It'll be like a lottery
Hang till death is a punishment
that is against the law
Fine, let's say hang to
death is unnecessary
How can crimes be stopped?
How will the convict be warned?
How about pleading 'Please, I request
you don't commit crimes, don't kill' ?
Do you think people will obey?
Isn't that why you have
rehabilitation centers?
Show mercy to everyone
Sir, all good people
have a past...
...and all criminals
have a future
If the law is powerful
then it should...
...forgive and change
the convict for good
We cannot rule the law...
...instead the law will rule us
Everything is below law
Including justice?
After all what is law?
A written book?
A decorated court?
The black robe?
Or is it the blinded statue?
It's all a right to live
Right to live
I speak on behalf
of that lady...
This shouldn't happen
to any other mother
This shouldn't happen
to any downtrodden
This shouldn't happen
to any other innocent
That is all
Now it's your call
The law is here to
prevent one from danger
Hence it's foundation
should be mercy
So I vote now...
He is not guilty
12 votes
Wow! Unanimous
Now let go off my hand!
Based on the jury's debate
and proofs provided...
...the real killer has
been arrested
Judgement group is one of the best
thing for in these different case
I hope the whole
world now knows...
...that Velan is innocent
I had bought him
up the right way
What's your name?