Vaalvi (2023) Movie Script

No one's to be held responsible
for my suicide.
No one's to be held responsible
for my suicide too!
One two three...
If the guns are accidentally interchanged,
it's you who'll die....
Guns interchanged?
Is this why you interrupted me?
This is absolutely basic.
One makes basic mistakes when one is tense.
It's a different colour. This black one is real...
I'll give this one to my wife.
And this silver dummy is mine.
Yes! I'll use silencers!
Shots won't be heard.
Then why didn't you use them while rehearsing?
Also, you were supposed to eat up
your suicide note.
Damn these small errors!...
It's happening tommorow!
Practice should be absolutely perfect.
Or else, let's not do this,
let's wait.
Now? No!
My wife is ready to commit suicide...
such a wife will be difficult to find later!
She's a bit shaky now,
being treated by a psychiatrist.
This is possible only now.
Instead of doing this hurriedly,
let's wait a while, Aniket.
The bankruptcy charade has come together, man!
I can't cancel now!
- Is she really convinced about the bankruptcy?
- Yes!...
She's never even stepped into a Bank.
She's a fool in these matters.
I can't tolerate her any longer!
She's become crazy, irritating and difficult.
She gets annoyed if I ask for a divorce...
She threw a fork at me the other day!
Just missed my eye!
I can't even buy a new phone or car
due to this fake bankruptcy!
Let's not cancel now.
I will work out the note, silencer etc...
You haven't had any water in an hour,
Have it.
You have a kidney stone. Drink!
OK... One final rehearsal then-Ready?
The day you decide to commit suicide,
that night itself...
I'll take your appointment
for the next day.
I'll give my assistant an off the next day,
so I'll be alone in the clinic that day
In the morning, I'll tell her I am going to the office
one last time
and I'll go straight to the police station.
With the driver!
You have to be with the driver from the morning!
Where was it lost?
Can't remember..
Misplaced it somewhere last night.
Did you search for it at your house and office?
I searched at my house,
I've called up the office and I am on my way there.
I'll go to office from there.
For the dentist's appointment, I'll ask my secretary to...
I'll tell my receptionist to call up
your secretary. For a reminder.
Better !
Sir, your dentist appointment...
Oh! I'd almost forgotten. Thanks!
Will you ask Rajaram to bring the car?
To the dentist.
In your building.
First I'll give a book for
photocopying at the ground floor.
One copy. When should I come?
About an hour.
- Ok. Meanwhile, I'll go to the dentist upstairs.
- No problem.
I'll be seen on his CCTV.
Hi, Aniket.
Come in when it's your turn.
Till then, you'll be seen sitting with the other patients .
I'll take you in at one o'clock.
There's no CCTV inside.
I also don't let my receptionist enter
when there's a patient inside.
You quickly change, take the sack and the scooter keys.
and exit from the back...
Should I wear a wig?
You already have a helmet.
Forget the wig then.
and exit from the back...
The scooter will be in the parking lot.
Then, I'll reach my place by 1:15.
It's a busy area.
Delivery boys are common .
Security is not too tight.
I'll reach our bungalow.
With the helmet etc., no one will recognize you!
For the people, you'll be at my clinic
but actually at your house.
Our disguise plan will be successful.
Even if wife asks...
I'll tell her, this is to mislead the lenders...
else they would have followed me here.
Our last conversation. Writing notes.
The Guns...
My real black gun for her and
this fake silver gun for me.
Avani will die.
I will eat up my note.
I will leave through the main door...
I will calmly ride back to your clinic.
Entry through the rear.
Ideally, I'll be at my house by 1:15
and back to your clinic at 1:45
costume change again.
I will quickly polish a filling,
so that it will look freshly-done.
I'll be out from your clinic by 1:45 and...
- How much?
- 110 Rs.
Back to the office with the driver.
At around 2'o clock.
By 2'O clock our maid will come.
She has the keys.
She will enter,
She'll see the body and...
- and you will get a phone-call!
- What? Avani...?
The police will understand the whole thing.
They'll surely investigate...
But only that will be proved what we've decided!
Here's the suicide note.
Wife stole husband's gun and committed suicide.
The bullet's entry and exit angle is correct.
Handwriting report says,
the writing is that of the deceased Avani..
Moreover, her psychiatric treatement was going on.
Mr. Aniket has strong alibi for his wherabouts.
So, no scope for suspicion.
- It's a clear case of suicide.
- Correct.
And the Police themselves will console me.
Case closed!
- Hello.
- You needed to shift things for renovation?
Yes, yes. I'll call you back.
That means "Confiscation" for Avani
Your things will be taken to the warehouse...
Perfect confiscation notice!
Case closed!
Case not closed!
What if she changes her mind at the last moment?
What if she flatly refuses to commit suicide?
Then...plan cancel.
But you'd already have complained
about the missing gun.
I'll tell them I've found it...
And if Avani is ready again
you'll tell the Police your gun's lost again?
or will you cancel this plan then?
Or cancel the murder itself?
And you live happily ever after?
If she changes her mind, I'll kill her myself.
And the gunshot residue?
After firing a bullet, particles of the explosive
from the bullet sticks to the hand of the shooter!
Criminals are trapped this way.
What if I wear gloves?
Who commits suicide wearing gloves?
Won't Avani ask why gloves?
Right! That costume is full-sleeved,
which you'll later burn.
I'll wash and scrub my hands properly...thoroughly.
She'll have the gun with the real bullets..
If she refuses to commit suicide at the last moment,
you'll have to grab the gun from her hand-
anything can happen during this struggle...
That's a risk I'll have to take.
It didn't work out.
confiscation is inevitable.
Couldn't help it.
I am trying, I will try...
I've thought of everything, Devika
we've seldom talked over the phone
There are no tracks of us meeting.
Nobody suspects a thing!
the perfect murder is the "perfect suicide"-
It's foolproof!
Switch on the CCTV in 5 minutes.
(TV reality show playing)
Avani! ... Hey!
Avani! ...
I fell asleep.
Lali baby..
come to mama sweetie
Got you, naughty!
The termites in Germany have begun eating plastic!
Throw them away.
Why? It's my research..
It's useless.
No money, no children, no time for each other-
what do I live for then?
Anshuman says live for yourself
You always forget his name.
Sir, cake.
Who ordered cake?
I did!
Pay him.
There's no money to buy poison,
and you're ordering cake!
What is it? Christmas?
It's not Christmas, it's my birthday today-
It's not Christmas,
it's my birthday today-
thirty-five completed, thirty-six begun..
no children yet-and now there's no possibility either...
Happy Birthday to me!
I'm sorry, Avani.
You mean Happy Birthday?
Sorry, I forgot your birthday.
For the thirteenth time.
We've been married fourteen years,
you remembered only in the first year.
Happy birthday Avani.
Where were you?
I went to meet the bank officer,
for the loan, but....
Did you bring the gun?
- Why two guns?
- For both of us.
We can both die from the same gun
We have to die together, isn't it?
Can we do it once?
You haven't even touched me for almost a year.
these stupid TV shows...
It feels good..
The noise feels good..
It gives me company!
- Anshuman says,
- Anshuman?
Why waste money on a psychiatrist?
He doesn't charge, treats me as a case study.
Even the medicines are free.
You don't worry at all.
He's also a researcher type like me.
You had a session today?
Everything's stable
You haven't told anyone about our plan,
have you?
Is it an Award to announce to the world?
As decided, tomorrow we will...
Are you having an affair?
How can you control for a year?
- During our honeymoon, you..
- It's been fourteen years since
Would we have thought of suicide
if we had a child?
Is this the time for these talks?
- Don't scream
- I'm not screaming
do whatever you want to do..
Calm down, I am sorry...
I am also very stressed.
We've lost our house, the office, our Bank balance is zero.
Everything's finished!
Between us too?
You don't have to do this Avani.
you don't seem keen on it anyway,
divorce me, you be free
I will bear the financial crisis alone!
I will die, but won't divorce!
The Court's Notice, of Confiscation!
We'll lose everything.
The Car,
the T.V., fridge, washing machine,
we'll have to vacate the house in a week
Come then, let's die right now.
Today's a good day too
It's my birthday..
birth and death on the same day!
- I want to die today!
- Give me the gun, please...
- It's loaded!
- I want to die this very moment!
Avani, calm down.
Let's do it tomorrow.
Is there an auspicious day tomorrow?
You've unlocked it...
Watch out...
- Avani, it will shoot!
- Come on, let's die!
We'll have to write a note!
Others shouldn't be troubled by our death..
The Police will harass others...
We'll have to write a suicide note...
fetch a paper then...
Suicide Notes!
I could give neither happiness
nor children to my husband.
My husband's company is bankrupt.
Lenders have taken away the things
in our house..
my husband and I have lost all hope
and are hence committing suicide together.
I'm killing myself because I love my husband
immensely and can't live without him.
No one is to be blamed for my death. Goodbye.
What's all this!
Show me yours.
I am killing myself of my own free will.
No one is to be held responsible for my death.
That's it?
You're supposed to write only this much.
Why even write it then?
So that the people we leave
behind aren't harassed.
Like whom?
There's Radhabai, the maid
Driver Rajaram, the Office....
The Police can suspect them
and torture them.
Anything's possible.
Radhabai shouldn't be troubled...
Copy my note.
Signature too?
Put your own signature.
No one is to be held responsible...
We must pay Radhabai's salary..
I'll withdraw whatever little's left.
I am going to set Pinky, Guddu, Salma free
whatever's in their fate will happen.
That's why I say we'll do it tomorrow..
I'll visit office one last time, just to...
So that, I can manage....
What happened?
The Doctor's increased the dosage.
Why take tablets now?
They'll be wasted anyway.
I've put amino acid on the termites...
they'll eat that...
They are still not eating the plastic...
They will...
I'll just withdraw whatever's left.
You sleep.
Doctor, can I make an appointment
for tomorrow at one o'clock?
Yes you can.
They've come to confiscate the things...
Sir, the tempo's full.
- Will take that sofa, Chandelier later.
- Yes, will do.
By the way, this rennovation
is a surprise for my wife.
Driver is here.
You go.
Let's commit suicide in the afternoon
as planned.
Really, go.
Wind up everything. I'll wait.
I'll return by 1.30 pm.
Police station.
- What happened sir?
- I lost my pistol.
Pistol? Oh my god...
(Indistinct chatter...)
Where did you lose it?
It must've been misplaced last night.
- Have you looked everywhere? Your home, office?
- Yes.
That receipt....
Sit down!
A Crime Branch officer
will come with you
to your house, office & factory.
We have to follow procedure.
Hello sir!
It's a missing gun case.
He's sitting in front of me...
yes... he will come with you...yes.
He has to!
Yes sir...will tell.
Sir can't come.
You may leave.
The receipt...?
Hey, you'll have to come whenever we call.
- Search the car carefully later.
- Yes.
Ah.. Radhabai.. do come on time today!
Madam has to go to the doctor.
On time! 2'o clock, right? okay.
Sir, you have a Dentist's appointment today.
They reminded just now.
Yes, I had completely forgotten..
Thanks.It's a root canal!
Ouch! Take care, sir.
Hey boss...
No plans for tonight?
It's New Year's eve....
It's 31st?
Anyway, I won't be able to eat anything!
But tonight isn't meant for eating, anyway.
Yes, liquid diet!
One copy. How long will it take?
About 45 minutes.
Meanwhile, I'll visit the dentist upstairs.
May I give you the samples?
No, wait for Madam...
- Hi, Aniket.
- Hello, yes.
See you next week.
M'am, may I..
You please sit...
Suicide note...
Phone can be tracked...
Boss is upstairs.
Some dental treatment...
He'll come down in an hour or so...
I don't know when I'll be free today...
Must be asleep...
Oh darn!
Watch out!
Hey you...
Do you have a light?
- My mother-in-law is bleeding...
- Yes, yes...
What yes? Doctor! Please hurry up,
please listen...
I am calling the doctor,
there's a patient inside...
There's a patient here as well,
don't you understand?
I am calling the doctor...
- Please hurry up!
Hey, where to?
What's it Bharati? I'm with a patient!
Sorry madam, but see this...
it's an emergency!
Not now-there's a patient inside.
You can't enter from here.
But, the address...
Can't you see the blood?
it's a complicated..Root Canal.
Don't you have any humanity?
You'll have to wait...
Please adjust on humanitarian grounds!
Let me talk to your patient.
You wait here!
I'll get the first aid.
That way...
- See, it's bleeding.
- Wait, wait...
Move your hand...
- Slowly, slowly...
- Wait...
It's hurting over here...
Keep pressure.
I'll take you in after him.
Thank you very much,
I panicked because of blood...
Are you crazy?
It was an emergency!
I got screwed!
Don't speak so loudly, you idiot!
She was asleep. I shot her.
It became easier!
No arguments, no wailing.
Plain and simple...
You put the gun in her hands?
Your fingerprints?
It was my gun.
My fingerprints have to be there.
It would have seemed unnatural otherwise .
While keeping the note,
I saw termites!
I spread the boric powder.
- Then her fingerprints...
- I've taken them on that bottle.
Come on, do the drilling or polishing...
You must reach office before two.
It's already 2'o clock...
planning is very easy...
I almost got caught twice.
- Open your mouth.
- Yes, yes...
- He is not answering my calls...
- He must be busy...
Rajaram, bring the car
You've spoiled him...
Mr. Aniket...
Please wash your hands.
The filling material must have splattered.
Come madam...
- This is the last patient for the day?
- Yes mam.
- Madam his report?
- It's over there.
My husband's never there during such times.
He's already enjoying New Year's eve.
After this, I'm leaving too!
- What a woman!
- Terrible!
Excuse me...
- Done?
- Done.
Hundred and ten rupees.
Rajaram, we're late for a meeting... drive fast
And I've checked thoroughly,
your gun isn't in the car.
Avani is not answering my calls.
Madam's not answering.
If she calls you, go with her.
You've started smoking again?
No sir...
Any calls from home?
(Indistinct chatter...)
How long...
- Thank you.
- Thank you madam.
So? Are you partying as well?
Enjoy. You too.
You may leave. I still have some work.
Ma'm... ma'm...
Happy new year!
To you too.
Is she bunking today... of all days?
Rajaram, let's go home.
Darn! I left something in the car.
- Will you fetch the yellow file from the bedroom?
- Yes.
- Sir! Sir!
- What happened?
Pigeon! The window's open..
Shoo! Shoo!
Did you find it?
Oh yes...
It's not there.
Not there?
Yes indeed!
Where could it be?
No idea.
Madam must've kept the file somewhere.
You carry on,
I'll look for the file.
- But sir,
- You leave...
- Sir, where are all the things?
- Sir, what about tomorrow?
- I'll call you.
Hello, Devika...
Why are you calling me
from your mobile?
- Come to my place, quickly.
- Your place?
Yes! Quickly!
Radhabai where are you?
What's the matter?
You didn't come to our house at all?
I did. But no one opened the door.
The keys too didn't work... so I went away...
The keys didn't work?
I'm telling the truth...
All right..I'll see what to do.
Her corpse is missing.
What do you mean by missing?
She was lying here...
Our maid couldn't open the door
with her keys.
- And it opened with yours?
- Of course!
Who could blackmail us?
What else could it be, Aniket?
How else would a corpse disappear?
Are you sure you used the silencer?
Still, it made a muffled sound.
Did someone hear it?
Could your maid have played some mischief?
Do you pay her on time?
You don't keep insulting her, I hope?
Are you sure she was really dead?
Or did the bullet just graze her,
it didn't kill her,
and now she maybe in some hospital,
treating herself?
The bullet made a hole in her skull!
- Are you sure she was dead?
- I think so...
He thinks!
- I mean that's what I feel
- you feel?
And where is her suicide note?
I don't know
- Then who knows?
- I don't know that either...
Darn! It was right here.
'Perfect suicide is perfect murder?'
Now perfect gallows!
Let's tell the police
that my wife is missing.
How will that look?
You lost your gun in the morning,
and wife in the afternoon!
It's not me!
Come and meet me quickly.
- Who's this?
- I'm sending the address
But who are you?
You know the matter.
Hurry, there's no time.
Stop, stop, stop!
You've come alone?
What do you mean?
Where's your partner?
She is in the car, isn't she?
Fetch her too..
I am Anshuman.
You're Aniket.
And who's she?
- Reshma
- Gayatri.
Gayatri's my real name
and Reshma is my pet name.
Come in.
Please sit!
No, thanks...
What's the matter
you were talking about?
The matter is...
She's dead!
How? What happened?
Did some accident occur
during your session?
- We'll have to call the Police!
- Of course!
Did you do something?
Yes, 'accidentally'!
I accidentally saw what happened.
You shot her!
I saw that!
I was there.
In the bathroom.
But how...
How did you break into my house?
I need not break in.
She was my patient...
I'm troubled when I see cute babies...
I feel like kidnaping them,
I love children very much.
And I am childless.
Nothing interests me,
I feel useless, good for nothing.
Aniket too, agrees.
No children, no money, no love...
What should I live for?
Then I feel like dying.
I see...
You are slightly disturbed
because of your situation.
And medicines will help you control it.
By the way,
How is your research on termites going on?
Now only termites, bacteria and algae
will save the earth.
With a little genetic modification,
these insects can save the environment...
you're wonderful!
I was listening.
I was counselling her.
Later, I prescribed some pills.
But nothing helped.
Since last week,
she only spoke about death.
One day she called me, she was upset.
Veena and Ratan died.
They couldn't digest plastic.
What is death?
We know nothing about it yet.
I'll know soon.
They were alive in the morning
and now they're dead..
Pinky, Guddu, Salma,
aren't eating plastic as yet.
but perhaps the next generation will.
They'll eat, won't they?
Then why call yourself useless?
I distanced myself from her instantly.
Psychiatrists cannot have
an affair with their patients.
She was furious and raised hell,
but later understood.
However, she fell deeper in love with me.
She became possessive about me...
constant phones,
always asking my whereabouts...
Just this morning she called,
about some development regarding termites.
What's funny about this?
This isn't my pregnancy test,
neither Aniket's,
And it can't be yours either?
She was pregnant, by you!
Nothing of that sort happened between us!
Then did you bring her corpse home
to play hide and seek?
I haven't touched her for over a year.
She was carrying your child.
You would have been caught in the post mortem!
You dirty creep...
It was consensual between us,
just like the two of you.
What's it to you?
She called you because
it was your chid!
We did it only once!
And you hit the Bull's eye!
Why are you jealous?
No baby, not jealous..
it's because of this whole mess.
Yes Avani?
I'm pregnant, Anshuman!
To you too!
To me?
This is your child!
What do you mean by Oh?
- Oh means...
- What do you mean by Oh?
- It's our baby!
- Avani, listen to me...
Why the hell did you touch me?
Do you think I'm an easy lay?
Have fun and leave?
Let's talk later...
You think I'm a whore?
I'll make a scene at your place!
Calm down Avani, calm down
- Are you coming or should I?
- I'm coming right away...
You've misunderstood.
I'm in the middle of a session.
There's a patient in front of me.
So I can't talk much.
Sorry, sorry.
I am very happy, very happy.
I'll be there soon!
I don't know what happens to me..
I get extremely paranoid...
Ok, Ok...
I'll divorce Aniket and marry you.
All right!
Let's meet and decide.
Till then, don't tell anyone anything!
I'll be right there... right away.
It took me twenty years to establish myself.
Avani could've destroyed it all!
Marrying Avani or ruining my practice!
Both possibilities were terrifying!
I panicked..
I wanted to come out of this..
There was no other choice...
I went to your house around 1 o'clock in the afternoon.
sub beep
She ate the pills...
and she died.
I was about to leave when
I head some noise from the back room.
I hid behind the bathroom curtain.
I saw Aniket.
My plan flopped.
Due to my pills, there would have been a clear case
of suicide or accidental overdose,
But it became a clear case of murder because of you.
Meanwhile, he came into the bathroom
I dialed Avani's number immediately...
and was saved.
Avani had a bullet in her head...
the blood...
Narrow escape!
But why did you move the body?
That was not the plan at all.
I improvised at the last moment.
If the corpse would have been found,
surely police would have investigated,
and eventually they could have caught you
as well as me!
because there's my DNA in her belly.
But we have her suicide note!
Suicide note?
There's poison in her stomach
and a bullet in her head!
Did she shoot herself because
the poison didn't kill her,
or she ate poison
because the bullet didn't kill her?
The postmortem would have revealed that
she was already dead of poison
and was shot later.
A clear cut case of murder.
If I had left her corpse there,
someone would have discovered her.
What do I know
who comes to your house and when?
I cleaned everything.
I wrapped her head neatly.
I was about to open the door...
It was some lady.
I kept the door closed.
She tried to open the door with a key,
but of course it wouldn't open.
She left.
I kept the corpse in the car and luckily,
no one saw me.
I took her phone, note, etc,
and then called you up.
Why from her phone?
What if they get the call records?
It didn't strike me.
The Police can also ask why I called you
at the time of Avani's death.
Why didn't you tell us beforehand?
We wouldn't have killed her!
But how would I know your plans?
She was posing
as the ideal wife...
At least her murder revealed her pregnancy.
She had to do the test today itself!
He meddled and ruined the whole plan!
I didn't meddle, you did!
I had already killed her.
And my plan was simple.
But your DNA was there in her stomach!
But in that case it was easier to explain...
Yes, we had an affair... she was getting
a divorce.. we were to be married..
But suddenly, depression,
and suicide.
Nobody could have suspected me
as well as you.
But now, the same argument
won't convince anyone
in this murder scenario!
What a 'brilliant' plan you guys made!
Do you expect us to ask around
weather anyone wants to join in a murder?
You turned a 'perfect suicide' into
a messy murder!
And you,
You killed a corpse!
Couldn't you see?
I'm not a doctor.
You don't have to be a doctor
to know that someone's dead.
She always slept like a corpse,
because of his pills.
The only way out is to get rid of the corpse.
No body, no case!
That's why I called you here.
alias Reshma alias Devika!
- You...
- One minute, one minute, come here...
We'll have to do what he says.
I can't trust him.
- He is also trapped in this.
- But he...
Let's dispose the body first...
We'll decide about him later.
Come, let's clean up your mess.
Not mine, yours.
- You...
- Devika please. We have very little time
By the way, we know each other's secret.
So let's not try to kill each other.
We might be tempted.
I will certainly be tempted!
You know what,
I will put a message with timer.
If I don't delete it by 6 tomorrow morning,
It'll be delivered.
- I'll also do the same!
- Please do.
Let's make each other safe.
Now what?
- We can burn or bury it.
- Where?
At some secluded spot.
Let's bury her here,
in your bungalow itself.
- Why not at his bungalow?
- No!
Let's bury her out of town...
I'll have to report that my wife's missing.
Police will certainly search around.
Why invite trouble?
There was that case...
They had chopped the body into pieces
and disposed at different locations.
Who will cut the body?
You both are men!
You both are Doctors...
I can't do it.
Me neither...
Then let's bury her outside.
Put her in the trunk.
Not the trunk, open the door.
It's 31st December, police check cars.
Close the door.
I'll pull.
Hey uncle...
Taking to the Hospital.
Can I help?
No, no. We'll manage.
Alright, happy new year.
Come on, pull...
What's all this?
We're burying, right?
- What if we decide to burn?
- With what?
- With diesel!
- shhh...
Then we'll require a pipe to remove diesel.
Won't the shovels cause suspicion?
Will it?
Will this fellow cause any trouble?
Then he'll also be in trouble himself.
Come on let's go,
here's the pipe.
Hurry up!
I won't sit here throughout.
We'll take turns.
Where to?
Let's avoid Pune Nasik side,
too much traffic.
Then towards Gujarat...
Surat road? Manor, Wada etc?
What about the police checking?
- Of course, it's New Year's eve.
- We'll see.
We'll say she's sleeping because she's sick!
- But what if the police check...
- They don't check for a pulse!
Fill it up.
Happy new year madam!
Happy new year.
- And for her...
- She's asleep. I'll give it to her.
Happy new year.
Should we take diesel in bottles as well?
A tank full is enough.
What if it isn't?
Do we wander around with a tumbler in our hands?
Diesel in bottles is not allowed.
He killed his wife for this lady?
(Excited crowd cheering)
Really, we've chosen an excellent time.
But this wasn't the plan at all!
By now,
the Police would have ruled her death a suicide.
But people who impregnate other's wives pop up in between!
2997 rupees and 66 paise
How much?
2997 rupees and 66 paise
Here's 3000 rupees.
What about the change?
It's only two rupees.
what about the rest?
Come on, sir?
Forget it, they round it off.
Rounding off 66 would be 70.
Ani, please.
There's a corpse in the car, otherwise
I'd have never tolerated this...
They must be looting
hundreds of customers,
for thousands of rupees.
It's daylight robbery!
Let's get some water.
What must have Avani seen in this fellow?
Has it hurt you very much?
She wasn't divorcing me, that's why...
What an idiot he is...
He's a psycho himself.
In British times,
you'd get sacks of rice only for 34 paise.
My great-grandmother used to tell.
And salaries used to be
two Rupees, five Rupees per month.
Let's throw the corpse in the jungle.
Animals will eat it or it will rot away.
Lets burn it..
and wait till it's completely burnt..
Remember that case?
Police found out the killer
from half-burnt body.
Lets throw her off a cliff to the jungle below.
No one would know.
But what if,
the corpse isn't completely destroyed?
It's not that easy to burn...
We'll have to wait till it's completely burnt...
Anything can happen in that much time.
What if it gets entangled in trees
after throwing?
It'll be visible during the daylight,
Someone will certainly notice it.
Make up your mind!
Let's burn it.
But where?
Let's see...
Will it...
will it start stinking?
Not yet.
Not for a couple of hours at least.
Do you have to eat chips now?
Kurum kurum kurum...
People eat junk when they are stressed!
It's psychological.
Rigor Mortis will set in now.
The body stiffens!
Will she become stiff in this seated posture?
And do we have to take her out in that shape?
Her shawl...
cover her properly.
Really? You do it!
There's a Toll station ahead...
Let's be careful...
Act normal, there are cops.
- Is her wound visible?
- No!
Happy new year.
Happy new year.
I'll drive now.
In a while...
Stop the car! Right now!
Will we find an isolated place ahead?
I don't know the entire state by heart!
Hey move,
you idiot...
he's doing it deliberately.
No road rage please...
there's a dead body in the car.
I know that.
Otherwise I would have bashed him right here.
Devi don't!
No, no, no, no, no...
Ok baby..relax
They are drinking while driving.
- Let him go, relax...
- Don't don't...
Be careful...
We could've crashed!
Do you have any brains?
Can't you hear?
Why did you let him go sir?
Let it be...
No one's hurt, thanks!
There was no need to overtake..
And how?
Bury her?
Wasn't it decided?
Burning is too risky...
someone may notice...
It wasn't
Yeah, fine!
Do we leave Avani in the car itself?
If she's going to help in digging, bring her!
- Hey, you psycho!
- Devi, relax. You wait near the car...
Let's bury him too.
Why not two bodies instead of one?
Have you started to enjoy killing?
- He's getting on my nerves!
- He has that message with the timer!
The pistol is under the seat,
keep it in mind.
This grave needs to be a good five to six feet!
Or else foxes or dogs might dig it up.
- Let's go.
- Go... you'll need it.
Switch off the torch...
Here's a great spot for a campfire.
This hillock seems nice.
Hold on...
You have a campfire too?
No no...toilet break..
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
Yes, no no, here...
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
A little ahead...
Can we stop to pee?
Why didn't you go there?
It didn't occur to me.
Control it.
You fed me the water insistently!
Is it a pee party?
We almost did it.
but people want to picnic!
You'll never find a deserted spot in India.
Yes, our population is 1.25 billion.
Someone or the other will always pop up.
A good one foot ditch went to waste.
And it's 1.30 billion now.
What a relief!
Oh my god...
Stop stop...
There's a cop!
Make her sleep on your lap...
It wasn't my fault at all.
I had flashed the indicator.
That truck driver dangerously overtook.
there were 3, 4 people... drunk...
I was scared...
and I called the police...
It's very unsafe for women, I tell you...
Where to?
A little ahead...
Will you please drop her at the next town?
- Is there any Law and Order?
How can you overlook?
Stop it! Come here.
Is that lady asleep?
Yes, she's a bit unwell...
just gone to sleep..
Nothing serious.
We're taking her to the hospital.
Suits me.
Madam, they are on their way to a hospital...
that lady too is unwell.
You can follow me.
Sir, make some room for her...
Can't she go with you?
How can I?
My foot and my back are injured...
The road is so bad.
I am in a saree... how will I sit on a bike?
But it would be convinient for you
to go with him.
That's why I...
We'll drop her.
Come sit.
Madam you sit in front.
No, I'll sit behind...
Both of us will sit behind.
sick ladies, seat buddies!
- Let me not trouble you.
- Sister, I'm sorry...
- She is my wife.
we'll sit here.
- But how can I...
- I insist.
You ladies sit in front...
See, it's perfectly fine.
- Please close the door.
- Yes.
But I am really feeling awkward.
Don't worry.
- And I am very sorry.
- Don't sweat it.
As decided, follow me.
You don't need to come with us,
we'll drop her.
Anyway I have to report this incident
in the next village.
But my car...
I'll see to it...
Start the car...
He's gone.
Empty roads,
and still an accident!
No traffic sense at all!
I got lost.
I was following the map,
but it rotated...
and so did I.
and I had no clue at all..
She's dead asleep!
We're making so much sound,
but she's sound asleep.
My husband too, sleeps like a dead body.
Why have you wrapped her
like a pregnant woman?
Because she is pregnant.
That's such a great news!
Congratulations sister...
Thank you, thank you.
Did you get the network?
- I've seen you somewhere.
- I've met you...
- Network...
Doctor Devika!
I brought my mother-in-law today,
and you weren't ready to see her at all...
Do you remember?
Are you her husband?
And you hers?
Yes, yes.
I see.
Are you a Dentist too?
I am beginning to suspect,
has she fainted?
Have you used a lot of perfume?
The car is reeking of it.
- How far is the Hospital?
- 7 kilometers.
Can we stop to pee?
- You just peed!
- But I want to pee again.
Why isn't she waking up ?
How will she? She's fast asleep.
Accident on such an empty road,
how strange!
Yes indeed!
We should issue a license even to walk!
Hey, you blind pig!
Is she dead?
- No, no...
- She is dead!
- No madam...
- But I really think so!
You applied brakes so hard,
but she didn't wake up at all!
- Because she's sick...
- not sick, she's dead!
She's not sick...
Mam, listen to me...
Can't you see...
She's asleep...
She's not asleep, she's dead!
Stop the car!
Stop the car!
- Why stop the car...
- Why are you not stopping?
This means you all know...
Stop the car! Right now!
- Stop the car!
- Don't stop the car!
- Why are you calling? Don't call!
Is she dead?
She's dead!
Are you insane!?
She was screaming.
She called that cop!
Let's throw her out.
But what do we tell that cop?
Do we turn back?
Turn? Back? No, no, no...
We're finished!
- Hide her...
- How?
Is she asleep?
Tell her, we've almost reached.
Let her sleep...
Wake her up...
sister, wake up...
Is she not waking up?
- No.
- Stop the car.
Now what?
Shall we run?
Did she call me?
She suddenly felt dizzy.
Yes, she is really unwell.
Madam, how are you feeling?
hands up.
Let's take her to the hospital.
Move back... move back...
She's only unconscious,
Let's take her to the hospital.
- Listen, listen...
- Move back!
- Don't call anyone, listen to me...
- What are you doing?
We are telling the truth...
Bloody hell! Have you lost it?
He was making a call!
We would have been hanged, you hog!
Is he really dead?
She killed him!
She killed a Police inspector?
Now what... Devi?!
Shut up! Shut up!
He was calling up.
Everyone would know.
Didn't you see, you blind bats!
Give me the gun!
We wanted to dispose one corpse,
and ended up collecting three!
I know you are going to kill me as well!
We have no interest in increasing our work!
I have that message, don't forget!
I also have one, you pig!
- How can you have an affair with her?
- Don't touch me!
- Don't touch me! Leave my hand!
- Go to hell, you go to hell!
You wait!
- How dare you touch me, you tinpot!
- Stop, don't...
Is your father going to handle all this?
Don't you dare drag my father into this...
Help me with the body...
It's 4 in the morning,
and you want to kill more!
Shut your trap or I'll definitely kill you!
Stop it!
One murder gives you death penalty,
and so do three!
Ohh, the body...
Hey hottie, wanna join?
You scoundrel!
You swine...
I am trying to dig out the bullet from his chest...
fired by you!
He's right, thank you.
Shall we throw all three
corpses somewhere around?
But those villagers have seen us,
near this woman's car.
But will they remember that much?
Cuckoo bird...
Did you hear?
This lady's phone.
A message for her?
From whom?
Want to reply, you idiot?
I'll switch it off.
The cop had a phone as well.
Check his pockets.
- It's here.
- And Avani's phone?
I have it.
Oh my god.
Now what?
Look at that.
It's the same truck!
The driver is...
Oh, everyone's dead!
That's what happens
when you drink and drive.
Bloody 31st december!
Run, run fast...
Quick, quick...
Put him inside.
Let's go.
That man saw us.
Bye bye phones...
Lets go. Go.
We missed a good chance.
Now what?
Three Dead bodies Will require
a ten foot deep hole.
Shall we burn them?
Forget burning!
How will we burn so many in this much diesel?
It's 5 am.
- Let's go home.
- And what? Play cards with them?
- Hey!
- Devika's right.
It's very difficult to do anything now.
Let's go home, and venture
out again tomorrow night.
What if we're caught
while going back?
There won't be any security checks now.
Night is over.
Soon there'll be sunrise.
if we go to destroy the corpses now,
we'll certainly get caught.
I am deleting my message.
Yes, me too...
The bullet's out!
Throw it out.
let's leave in the evening...
Three corpses under the chandelier
and three are on the couch.
Strong nylon rope broke.
Maybe it wore away...
Will check.