Vaanam Kottatum (2020) Movie Script

'Let it rain'
Come on!
I said, come on
Come on
Come on
Come on, dammit.
It's better you move--
--If not I'll make
soup out of your horns.
It's for you own good.
Come on.
Come on, damn it.
Velusamy uncle is here,
he's going to win the
election this time
On that day,
you'll be served on a platter.
- Son, pull it out
- Uncle.
Pull it out, son.
Come on, pull it out.
Hurry up,
the tractor is going to leave.
It's getting late,
please board sooner.
Mmmm...hold this.
Keep it moving.
Come on, board the tractor.
Be careful.
Come on, hurry up.
Bose, I thought you'll
arrange a car for your mother,
instead you got a tractor.
What if something goes wrong
with me on this rough ride?
Do you really think,
this will harm you?
You'll live a long
life, with no qualms.
Get on it. Let's finish our prayers
sooner and complete the rituals.
There's a lot of election
work pending at the moment.
Hey, bolt it up.
Where's Selva?
He's been missing for long
He's never home. He's always lurking
around the fields and the forest.
Where are you coming from?
Why are you holding a billhook?
Brother, Brother, Brother...
Ey-- lift him up.
Come on lift him up
Come on, lift him up.
Hold his leg
Lift him up
Handle him carefully
- Who was it?
- Who else do you think?
-Them brothers!
We were just talking,
they feared defeat and hacked me down.
Take him to the hospital.
Hey...hey catch him
Look, Dad is here.
- Nothing happened, Chandra
- What happened?!
Hey Selva, come here
- What happened?
- I said nothing happened
Oh no!
Can you please tell
me what happened?
Come on, Mangai climb up.
- Pray to the deity.
- Almighty...
...will you take good
care of our children?
What happened?
Your shirt is full
of blood stains
The opposite party
attacked my brother
They didn't want my brother
to win the elections.
What happened to Brother-in-law?
He survived.
I got him admitted
at the hospital
But-- the guys I attacked,
might not make it alive.
Hey, stop crying
it's temporary.
I'll be out of the prison in no time.
My party will bail me out.
Listen, instead of crying...
...try and make my
mother understand.
Selva, you will have to take
care of your mother and sister.
Don't be playful all the time.
Dad, will come back
as soon as possible.
"I'm shattered by
my dear son's loss"
"He was the life
of this village"
"My dear you've lost
your beloved husband"
"Our dearest has
left us in despair"
Please listen to
what I have to say
Hey, what's happening?
Hear me out
- Step aside
- Where are you taking him?
- Where are you taking him?
- Partner!
Sir, let go of him.
How can you do this?
Partner, don't you
worry, we're here for you
- Partner...
- Let go of him, damn it
Partner, don't worry
we're there for you.
'Central Jail - Madhrai'
How are you dear?
[Overlapping Chatter]
Don't you understand?
Don't speak nonsense.
Did you come here to
show me your long face?
Let me know what's
been happening?
It's been long since
I heard your voice.
I can manage without
money, house or a job
but I'm not sure how to manage
everything without a husband.
I'm not able to go out
for social gatherings,
nor I can go out
to buy anything
It's become hard to move
around the neighborhood.
The entire town is shaming us.
Stop whining about it.
I'm not the first
person to be imprisoned
When they knew about
their defeat in election
rightfully they
should've backed off
They shouldnt have
resorted to violence
Obviously when my brother got
attacked, I had to retaliate
Listen carefully,
we can't let go of our anger or ego
We'll always follow the
steps of our ancestors
So will be my kids too
Just 'cause you couldn't control your
anger, I don't want our kids to suffer.
Eh-- don't exaggerate now
You'll be taken care of, once Velusamy
brother is back from the hospital.
I beg of you...
...It's enough that your
brother brought this on you.
I'm gonna leave this
town with my kids
I'll make do somewhere else.
Where will you go?
Have you gone mad?
How can you leave
everything behind?
I don't care!
I'm just going far from here.
"Darling. Love. Princess"
"just the sight of you...
What's wrong with you?
Why are you leaving with the kids?
If I stay back,
then he'll do the same as his father
I had enough. Spare me from it.
How dare you?
How can you take away my grand kids.
You couldn't raise your
sons grow up to be sane...
...I can't do the
same to my children
Spare us,
we're going far from here.
Go and sit there.
- "Trust me on this
Kids, don't worry about
anything -"'O' my dear
I'll come and meet you guys in Chennai
- "if your name isn't mentioned
...monsoons go dry"
"Darling. Love. Princess"
"just the sight of you makes
my heart burn with desire"
"Trust me on this 'O' my dear"
- How are you sister?
"if your name isn't mentioned,
monsoons go dry "-I'm good
"Your beauty is nothing less
than a gleam off the full moon"
"Speak to me with
love 'O' dear..."
Rowther, this the person
for whom I wanted a job
- She's from my town
- Vanakkam, Ma!
Father is not living with them.
Moreover he's in the prison for murder... do you expect
me to take him in?
My son is studying
in this same school.
Please understand and
make an exception.
"A speck of anger
in your eyes..."
He's my only son, Ramachandran.
When we got here first,
everything seemed new to us
but now I'm used to it.
- Uncle!
- Hey, Selvam
- Mangai!
- Mangai, my sweetheart
- Please come inside
- Come in, mother.
The manager is
calling you inside.
Bose, they won the election with
sympathy votes stating double murder.
Neither our relatives nor
our friends vote for us.
I've been trying
hard to bail you out.
They're just giving false hopes
Nothing seems to be working out.
"You're my strength
and guardian"
"no matter what anyone
says, youre my better half"
"Love, I've been
waiting for your return"
Hey, Selva.
Let go of him
Let it go. If mom knows about
it, she'll kill you.
Hey, then don't bother telling her
Ey-- what the hell
are you doing?
I've been asking 50
bucks for a week now
if you still don't give it to
me, I'll light myself on fire.
Here take it. Come on take it.
I'm going to open the door
If you dare hit me again,
I'll light myself on fire tomorrow
Ram, get two 10 rupees tickets
Mangai, I'm really
scared about doing this
If you're scared
of your parents--
--you buy me a
ticket and get lost
I'm only scared of Selva
If he comes to
know, he'll kill me.
- Mom, It wasn't me.
- Come over here
- It was Ram who made me do it
- I said come...
It's morning already,
please wake up dear.
Mangai, wake up and get the
milk, I need to drink coffee.
It was her turn yesterday.
But today it's Selva's turn
That's right, It's Selva's turn.
Son, looks like you
have to get the milk
He's tired from driving cab all
night, it's not fair to wake him up
Hey Selva! Your mother
is asking you to wake up.
- It won't work out, Preetha
- Where do you want to go?
Just a long drive.
Full speed!
You got this complex, Prathap
don't have negative thoughts
You're smart and a Casanova.
Preetha, I'm getting
engaged next week.
Hope you're not kidding with me?
Why would I be kidding with you?
Why didn't you say
anything earlier?
Before you asked me out
or before you kissed me
Her father is my dad's friend from
Delhi, a successful business family
Your father is nothing
compared to them
Driver stop the car
No, please keep heading straight
- Driver stop the car
- Driver, keep driving straight
- Stop the car!
- Why Preetha?
Stop the damn car!
Preetha, don't act
like a crazy person
- Promise me, that you'll marry me?
- I can't do that now
Hey-- Preetha!
your dad's business is in trouble
Enforcement, Court
I can't do this right
now, come on.
Please, don't be stupid
don't get me into
unnecessary troubles
- Climb up, Prathap
- Preetha!
If you don't, then I'll jump.
Climb up
Preetha, you know
that I have Vertigo
if you don't climb up,
I'll definitely jump off the bridge.
Promise, that you'll marry me
- Please understand, Preetha
- You're kidding with me right?
You'll marry me, right?
What did you just do now?
What did it look like?
- Does he know swimming?
- How would I know?
- Do you know swimming?
- None of your business
Do you know or not?
- I know
- Ah...
Then go and save him.
- Help! Help!
- Looks like both can't swim
Everyone at the hospital wants to
know how did this accident happen?
What should I say?
Thanks for saving
us like a hero.
Thousand rupees
You can leave now,
I'll take it from here
Your father, Police
inquiry, attempt to murder
do these things scare you?
I said, you can leave now
Oh, so the respect is receding
Money does change things, right?
Don't worry, I won't tell anyone
that you attempted a murder
It was you who pushed me...
Preetha, the boy is ok
Thank goodness, nothing serious.
Just a tad bit water seeped into his lungs
Dad, he's the driver
who saved us.
My name is not driver
- Selva!
- Oh...
...what caused this accident?
He had too much to drink at the party.
He slipped and fell
It was her who
jumped in to save him
But you saved my daughter too
- Take this
- Cash?
So, if it's 2500 for a life?
so twice that makes a total of
5000, you're spot on, Sir.
Fine, why don't you tell
me, what's the right price?
Dad, I already paid him the fare.
Nothing else...
You tell me, Selva
A thank you, and a hand shake.
Thank you!
Please visit us one day.
On a Friday...a weekend. Ok?
- Sure I'll come
- Good!
Velumani auntie,
your son has kidnapped me
Hey, just shut up.
Mom started my morning
with a long advice
What did she say?
That you'll be ruined in my company?
It's not that.
It was fine,
when we both were kids and playful
Mmm...fine? can't be seen
together all the time
You guys are grown ups now
Hey Ram, turn around
Turn around.
Ram, I said turn around
Selvam, please listen
Hey-- Selva!
Selva, Selva...let it go.
Stop fighting.
Aren't you guys friends?
If mom comes to know,
you'll be in trouble.
Then don't tell her anything.
Stop staring,
come and help me stop him.
Selva, come on let him go.
Please let him go
Let him go. Let him go, dammit!
- Fine, I let him go
- That's enough, Thiyagu bro
What's wrong with you, Selva?
Always picking
fights with people.
I'm tired of your antics
- You really don't have sense.
- Hey!
Just 'cause your father is in prison,
that doesn't make you a gangster
how dare you lay hands on me?
You heard him right?
How can I keep my cool?
Selva-- Selva, don't do it
He's inside, you can meet him.
Who's your son?
Sir, she's Selva's mother.
If he repeats this act,
I'll definitely file an FIR.
Write down your address and sign it.
Then you can take him home.
Scoundrels like him don't belong at
home, let him rot here
What's it? Tell me?
I had enough with your
father going to the prison
and now you're
following his footsteps
I came this far, 'cause I didn't
want you guys to have a violent life.
The entire bloodline is cursed.
Agreed, we'll discuss this later
Sign the papers and get me out of here.
I'm hungry.
Mangai, make her understand
Hey, I really don't
care about you anymore
- Stay right here...
- Mom!
Hey, stop screaming.
They'll let you out by evening.
If not I'll make arrangements
As if you're capable of it.
Go and get mother
Mom! Mom!
Mom, why are you so
outraged about it?
- Hi, Uncle!
- Mangai!
That's great,
can't get any worse
Seems like your head was ringing
you're here at the right moment.
I came down to Koyembedu
to collect some cash
Where's Selva?
Oh him?
He's a freedom fighter right?
So he's been locked up at the
Police station for beating up a guy.
Police Station?
Where else? I thought moving
away would be good for them
But my ill fate, I'm still making
rounds to the Police station
Let him rot out there.
I did warn your father
not to get married but to stay
single and be happy like me
He never listened
It was you who got him married
to keep the family tree growing
Now see what you've done
Don't keep blaming
me for everything
First, you go and get him!
Take this.
Police stations are not new to me
Come on, let's go.
Have your meal and then go
- You can finish it instead
- Hey...!
If it was the Police station from our
place, I would've got you out in a jiffy
the Police officers
here are too arrogant.
Hey Selva, please for God sake stay
calm and don't get into fights.
Selva and Mangai,
this is the Koyembedu Plantain Market.
It's fortune as good as
Tirupathi's donation bank
people make millions out here.
If you go wrong with accounts,
I'll beat you to pulp
- Paramasivam!
- Welcome, Boss!
You guys go and load the stock.
You've arrived with no notice
You never answered my
calls for past 2 days.
It's not easy to run a
business at Koyembedu
There are one too many
issues to be resolved.
Please sit down.
Are they your children?
They're my brother's.
Oh your brother who
is in Madurai's prison
Hey Augustine, get me 3 teas
So, tell me boss,
who's your new vendor?
You refused to take it further,
so I'm trading locally at Theni.
I just came to visit my family
and also to settle the accounts.
What are you talking about?
I listed down everything during the last
consignment and settled the account.
There's a pending
balance of 80,000 rupees
Boss, our previous deal
incurred me a loss of 2 Lacs
If I take the rotten bananas into
account, it'll add up to a truck's load
As this was our first deal
I didn't want to burn bridges
that's why I listed everything
and settled the account.
It's not fair that you're here
asking for another 80,000 rupees.
Look here Paramasivam,
I don't like foul play
In spite of my
partners warning me,
I took the risk of doing
business outside Theni.
Dont try to be over smart.
I'm particular about the accounts.
Make the payment of 80,000.
Boss, this is not your village,
you can't talk to me like that
We follow our own
technique down here
Listen, I'm being calm,
'cause it's your hood
If it was my village,
you would've lost your hands and legs
Fine, you can do it
when I'm over there
Now, please get out.
Hey Augustine, cancel the Teas.
Hey! Can't you fix the vehicle?
Start the bloody vehicle
Oi, why the hell are
you following me?
Ey-- Ey-- what happened?
He punched me in the face
- Who?
- That's him, look he's coming
Hey, hey, who the hell are you?
Hey, hey,
hey...what the hell are you doing?
Hey, how dare you...?
Sit down, damn it!
Just 'cause you own
a shop at Koyembedu
and dress like a rogue
doesn't make you a gangster
I'll kill you damn it.
Uncle, take this. Let's go.
Just one drink dear,
it'll help me sleep through the journey
can't stay awake for
10 straight hours
That's how it is.
That's it.
C'mon, let's go.
Come on.
Don't you know I was leaving town?
Where were you all this while?
Paramasivam, had a change of heart.
Returned it with interest.
Count it. I didn't count.
How the hell did you managed
to take this from him?
You nailed it!
Don't worry, we'll talk to her
Don't you call me by my name.
I'll whack you right on the street
My dear mother,
we came down to get an opinion from you
Please don't curse us
- Something's fishy, sister
- Velumani, auntie
Read my hand and let me know if
I'll be a successful businessman?
It reads, that you're a hooligan
You're absolutely right
He's a hooligan
Our idea is to change
that course of his fate
you just have to say yes to it
What happens when I say, yes?
Instead of hunting for a job
also he'll stop renting
car from Kathir uncle
Then what else?
I'm going to start a business
Business? And that too, you?
- Yes
- That's a good joke
Ma! Your daughter
is a smart advocate
I'll take care of it.
Firstly, you pass your exams.
Oi Chandra, stop right there!
Better say, YES!
Fine, Yes!
Mom, it's not enough
that you said "Yes"
help us get some funds
from Rowther Uncle.
- You heard them right?
- We can start our business
They're trying to destroy me now
Get me as a loan,
I'll return it with interest
Chandra sister,
didn't you come down to start a new life?
Why are you stopping them,
when they're about to start something new?
You're asking me to
trust them on this?
They'll drag me down
like a dead weight.
Uncle! Wake up!
Hey-- how come you
guys are already here?
Uncle, we came down to
discuss something important.
What's so important?
Did you find a suitable
match for your sister?
Uncle, first listen to
everything what we have to say
Fine, tell me
We're planning to start the
Plantain business at Koyembedu
I thought you were smart kids
but you guys sound
like the dumb ones.
What do you guys even
know about Plantains?
Agreed, we don't know
anything about Plantains.
How many varieties?
how to check quality?
It's business or
how much it yields?
We have no idea about it.
But I'm sure this is my business
I'll learn
I may be rusty in the beginning.
But will work my way up.
- Here, hold this.
- Hold it.
Surprised to see you here.
What's the matter?
your partner attacked me
and my brother
attacked your partner
We've been living our
lives full of grudges
I think, it's enough
My nephew and niece
are here to do business
You're the only successful
businessman in this area
Give us 30,000 plantains a year
you'll make a profit and as
well as they'll make some money.
What do you expect me to say?
That's my partner's son.
What do I tell him?
Our grudge is with their
father, not with them.
"You're the king of
this deserted forest"
"If you meet the God,
ask him about it"
"I flipped the coin and bent
over to see how it landed"
"I tried to buy him out,
but there's been no response"
"Oh my God, Oh my God,
please talk to me"
"Please point us to a heart
which bears no worries"
"On an unfortunate night,
I got destroyed a bit"
"also cursed myself
asking, Why was I born?"
"but later I saw
a ray of hope"
"Got a clarity and my
heart got fired up"
"When I started looking
for unanswered questions"
"a path which I never
wanted to pursue, opened up"
"Show me the right direction
so that I can go head on"
"Roll the dice and see if
it lands on a hard number"
"You're the king of
this deserted forest"
"It doesn't matter
whom it belongs to"
"without a perspective,
you can't find answers"
"Take small steps
to achieve success"
"The end and beginning
are two faces of a song"
Fool, are those 10's and 500's?
Uh? When you can't
why do you bother?
Why are you indulging in it?
Ey-- don't fight you guys!
As if you're a genius?
-Wonder how they got you to study law?
"Come on!
Listen to a fantastic idea"
Come on kids, let's have lunch
This is for your
hard work with farming
and this is the profit
from our business.
Fine, either ways I'm going
to save up for you kids.
Bose, don't waste a lot of water
the lands have gone dry.
Brother Bose...
There's still time
for the visiting hours
Doesn't matter,
anyways I'm not such a busy person
Hey buddy, how are you?
I thought you didn't come
For a moment,
my world was in darkness.
I thought God once
again disappointed me,
but you're here now.
You never used to be so
sweet when we were together.
Now that you're behind bars,
your love is shining on me.
- Hope the kids are doing good?
- They're doing good
and have grown up
to be wise people.
You could've brought them along.
It's been ages,
since I've seen them.
They don't like to visit their
father in the prison? Am I right?
Fine, forget about that
How are you managing things?
You look younger than
our previous meet.
How's that even possible?
half my hair has turned Grey
It's all 'cause of our children
they literally made
my life difficult
But everything is good now
Our son took me to a Bank
and opened an account for me
He deposited 25,000 rupees
Also asked to quit my job.
I said no to him.
Why should I quit my job?
I was never dependent on them.
Ah...ah...tell me more
They've started plantain business
they've been working
hard day and night.
Our daughter goes to college during the
day and to the market in the evening
to help out her brother.
The time is running out
try and tell me
everything you can
that'll be my only solace
until we meet next.
It's time, please come out.
Come on, come out.
Please go. Come on get out.
I said leave, it's time.
Come on, leave.
I told you to get out.
Go, go, go...
Time's up, everyone leave.
Get out!
Keep it moving. Go!
Hey, who the hell are you?
It's time, why are you still here?
I said get out!
[Holistic Chants, performing Rituals]
Tap on your head
[Holistic Chants continues]
- Did you speak to Bhaskar?
- He did say that will come for the ritual
But today,
he never picked up the phone
[Holistic chants ends]
[Phone Ringing]
Why didn't you come
for work yesterday?
You take a day off every week
without informing in prior
and I'm here stuck
with less manpower.
Bloody, doesn't even react.
Get lost.
Hey, you should've
come for the ritual.
You don't mind going to
Madurai Prison to check on Bose
but it never strikes for you
to come and see your mother.
Bhaskara, my son
Did you get me a saree?
Did you buy me a saree?
Son, the threads have
started to wear off
it's all torn now
Dear, please get me a saree,
please get me a saree.
Hello, hello,
who are you here to meet?
Came to meet George Sir - George
Sir, is it? - He had asked me to come
Please wait for sometime.
What's your name?
- Selva!
- Selva...Mmm
The house itself looks
quite weird to me
Come on let's go back
Uncle, just wait for a while
Looks like there's a
function at their place
let's not disturb them.
We'll come back another time.
Uncle, hold on for minute
Sir, raid is in process.
No one can go outside.
Please get back inside.
- What is he saying?
- Sir, please get back
Let's go.
My great grandfather used to
work for British Government
Which officer signed the
authorization for the raid?
I wanna meet him and
ask him few questions
Sir, that's fine.
Can you please give me your phone?
Sir, give me your phone.
Who are you?
Are you an Income Tax officer?
Selva! You had asked me to come?
This is my Uncle Velusamy.
It's a relief to see a friendly face.
Please come in.
Dad, who are these people?
They're just barging
into our rooms
- It's nothing to worry. Just chill!
- Dad, what's wrong?
Listen to me,
both of you go over there and sit.
- Not fair, Dad
- Go, go...
You please come with me.
They're all my guests
Bankers, IT Dept. Officers
They're threatening to get
an arrest warrant in 2 days
That's true,
all officers are like that
- Please come
- They threaten us for no reason
but we shouldn't get scared.
You're right,
we shouldn't be scared.
Come in.
- Do you take whiskey?
- I drink everything
my body can take
all the spirits.
Here have this, enjoy yourself.
Selva, this is for you
for saving my daughter.
Enjoy your drink, Sir.
Please...enjoy your drink.
When you keep staring at the sea,
it does feels like calling out to you
What happened, Sir?
To put it in one word, "Loss".
Court case, Bank loan default
60 years ago when Britishers left India, my
Grandad Cyril Thomas bought mills from them
they were huge Cotton mills.
But my father destroyed everything
Club, Drinks and Women
on top of it,
enmity with everyone
Even my father was
a clubbing freak.
Then it was me,
I lost everything.
Dad-- Is this the time?
Time for what?
Having drinks and
that too with a driver
Is it necessary?
-Hey, mind your words
that's Selva,
who saved you from drowning
He's well educated
Selva, please enjoy your drink
I'll go downstairs and
check up on the officers
Hello, I think it's
better you leave now
I don't want to see you
anymore in my lifetime.
Is that so?
Your love failure, squabble
then you pushed
him into the water
Everything is still
fresh in my mind.
But whenever I see you father,
it's right at the tip of my tongue
Not surprised. For a moment I
thought you were a good person
I don't believe in good or bad
I believe in just one thing
What is that?
"Come on! Just listen to your
heart, nothing else"
Violence has no bounds..."
Uncle, the load from
Andhra is going to Mumbai
If we turn that around to Chennai
You'll be the King,
he'll be the Prince and I'm the Princess
I'm a King?
Sounds really good though
"Dreams do kill you,
but you can't escape its streak"
"There's no one here
to judge your actions"
...make sure everything is in order.
- Sir!
Sir, we're looking for the
owner of this Plantain farm
Why do you want to meet him?
Huh, to ask his
daughter in marriage
- His daughter?
- Yes, to marry her
- Who's the groom?
- Of course, it's me
I never got married,
looking at this farm I wish to get married
Uncle, if you're done with your
wits, can we get this done sooner?
Son, don't be scared.
I'm here right, don't worry.
Follow me!
His attitude is not right.
Did I mess it up?
Shall we quickly
scoot from here?
They can't find us.
You wanted to get married right?
Shut up and come.
Selva, they're coming with a gun
Now tell me, who's the groom?
Here, that's him.
Six feet tall, my son
he's a good person,
please consider.
Sir, we're from Chennai.
We run a Plantain
business at Koyembedu.
It's a small one though,
but makes more profit than here.
If you send us 150 trucks loaded
with plantains, this season
we can fetch you good profits
First, we'll take 5% commission
send 20 trucks loaded
if you find it viable,
then raise our commission to 10%
I'll take care of Transport,
Toll gate and Police commission
So, you came down from
Madras to talk business?
Fine, come in.
Uncle, let's go.
- Shall I serve you more?
- Please serve the guests
Please server them rice
- Please eat
- Have more dear...
If you add them both and
eat, it'll be delicious
eat your hearts' content
I'll serve you too
I'm enjoying the feast
Come on take more,
don't feel shy son
Oh no, that's enough!
I was about your age,
when I started my business
I just had 5000 rupees
and my brothers with me
This year I'm planning to get 500
acres of land and raise plantains
My grandfather had 300 acres
My father and I
sold it all in vain
Kalyan come on, take a seat.
That's my son, Kalyan Reddy.
He's an Engineer.
Going to do his masters at Madras.
I never expected that
Mr.Reddy will help us out
With blind faith,
you came down to Andhra
and requested to do business with
me, that confidence
and your courage
I liked it a lot.
Never let that go.
So, you're stealing a smoke?
Scared of your parents?
They know,
but they pretend not to...
I don't want to spoil that
Stealing a smoke
is a fun of its own
This is nothing,
I've smoked during my childhood
- Oh Brother - Oh Dad!
- We don't own a shop at Koyembedu
But we earn good commission
-Sounds good
First get a shop,
later we'll take care of the rest
The reason being, a shop at
Koyembedu will take you to heights.
You're right, but it's not
easy to get one at Koyembedu.
- Kalyan, where are you?
- Now, it's my mother
- Ma! I'm out here
- Hey, don't call her
It's not right if
she sees us together
- Where are you?
- I'm right here
I can hear you,
but can't find you
- Shut up!
- where are you?
I'm gonna whack you.
- Did you get scared, ma?
- I got scared dammit
Where did you go
after the dinner?
We'll distribute Andhra's stock
all over Chennai - Mangai!
- Haan..Garu?
- One moment
I found out something last night
I don't like when people cheat
Your brother told me everything
- What did he say?
- Yes, regarding your father
He told me everything
- What happened and where he is
- Oh...
I spoke to my brothers about it
They were little hesitant--
--in how to go ahead
doing business with them?
Garu, at times your mind will stop
you, but your heart will long for it.
What will be your take, Mangai?
I would like to
listen to the mind
but I will be a winner,
only if I listen to my heart.
Koyembedu is the
hub of everything
Selva, Mangai is a
very intelligent girl.
She should've born
as my daughter
Let me know once you
get a shop at Koyembedu
the first load will
be from Andhra.
Thanks Garu!
Do you know how hard is it
to get a shop at Koyembedu?
As if you're a
successful cinema heroine
'cause your one smile will make the
CMDA officer melt and sign the papers.
I've inquired,
heard he's an honest officer
but please don't break his nose.
Hey-- stop ranting nonsense.
Just pray to a God or Satan
so that we'll get the shop.
"On an unfortunate night,
I got destroyed a bit"
"also cursed myself
asking, Why was I born?"
- Ey, come with me
- I'm not coming
Come on, dammit
-I won't come, you carry on
Get lost!
- Excuse me, Sir.
- Please come in
So, it's you who has come
from the Audit Bureau?
Sir, only if I lie
they're letting me inside.
I don't know how to explain
Everyone warned me
before I got here
and asked me not to pose as
Audit Bureau to meet you.
but this is pertaining
to our future and lives.
Sir, our future entirely
lies in your hands.
Please consider.
"I'm the king of
this deserted forest"
"It doesn't matter
whom it belongs to"
"without a perspective,
you can't find answers"
"Take small steps
to achieve success"
What happened?
Idea Flopped?!
I told you right.
Get lost, don't irritate.
"restart from where
you have begun"
"restart from where
you have begun"
"Come on!"
I'll finish talking
before you get angry
We're from around Theni.
Our father is in prison for a murder
our mother was the sole
bread winner and raised us
Brother is running
a Plantain business
as we don't have a shop,
it's hard for us to grow in the business
So, we've registered the shop
allotted to us by the Govt.
Our application number is 140
It's highly impossible for us to
compete with the rest of 139 candidates
Sir, the others are affluent
I know there are applications
recommended by Politicians
We can't afford such
That's why we came
looking for you.
If you consider and get
that shop sanctioned for us
we'll manage to survive
the competition.
Sir, please sir.
Please don't take me wrong
A small gesture from us.
Thank you, Sir.
We have a shop in
Koyembedu, it's confirm.
Can you hire an Ola auto
Why? - I have to go
to the Police Station
Why are you going there?
I have to file a complaint.
Oh! Is it regarding the bribe
I offered to the CMDA officer?
During my childhood,
I used to hang out with a girl.
She hold hands and will be coy
she has even kissed me
- What else?
- She has even proposed to me once
As I grew up,
she seems to be missing
I'm gonna ask them
to find her for me.
Hey Ram! That was a very good joke.
Can we go now?
- Mangai?
- What is it?
If Selva comes to
know, he'll be pissed.
Hey, hey, hey...
Mother, I passed!
- Hey, hey, hey...
- Yay, I passed
Put me down. Have you gone mad?
The shop has been
sanctioned in Koyembedu
Miss Future Supreme Court Judge
she challenged me,
it won't work out until we bribe them
Take a look, madam
Without any bribe nor
any recommendation
I'm happy,
if everything is going good.
Mom, we'll be soon successful
The shop is confirmed right?
Hope it's not wait listed
I'm getting my hands
on it next month.
I called you so many times
it was not reachable,
where were you lurking?
Is it? Did you call?
- Hey, where's the phone I got you?
- I have it
Did you lose or break it?
Ma! Look how irresponsible
your daughter is
I gave it to my boyfriend
- What?!
- He's really handsome
Are you talking about
the chicken, Ram?
Your rotten arrogance is...
Hey, don't you dare
lay your hands on me
Look, in business we're partners
in other matters,
we're on our own.
- Understood?
- Hey...!
- Get lost!
- Stop damn it, Hey...
Annachi, Annachi...There are more
stems inside, please take them. - Ok
Here, count them all
You'll park the vehicle
and sleep in a corner
if you come late, how the hell
do you expect us to do business?
You can leave with your truck.
Sir, I've been carrying the
load through a long route
Hey, where are you from?
Huh? Where are you from?
Brother, Brother...
- I don't wanna see your face
- Brother, don't mind him
Hey, go. I said go from here.
- Where's my father?
- What?
I've searched everywhere,
he's missing since yesterday
- He was speaking to you...
- Brother, your load didn't arrive today
But I have the green ones, they're good.
I have 20 stems of it
Hey Bala,
get those stems to him.
He was drinking with you yesterday.
What did he say to you?
Where did he go?
Or did he mention when he will return?
He swore at all the
living beings in the city
He kept repeating that he'll
teach everyone a lesson
- How much is here?
- There's 40,000
Don't worry, he'll return once
the problems are resolved.
- Take this
- I'll pay them, Brother
shall we check the stock?
Sure, let's go.
Mr.Victor, you can go to hell.
I'm not hiding my
father in the kitchen
I have no idea where he is...
- Is she upstairs?
- Ya!
- Is she on phone?
- I said I don't know
What can I do if you were foolish
enough to give my father a loan?
If you wanna take me to the
court, be my guest.
You can't scare me with threats.
Ok, goodnight.
Hang up the phone dammit.
Dad, I'm going to kill you.
I swear, I'm going to kill you.
Can you hear me?
How long have you been
enjoying my misery?
I arrived when you were
screaming over the phone
If you come over,
I need to know you're here
How dare you sneak in,
when a girl is alone in a room?
Why? Did I disturb
your screaming session?
Hey what are you drinking?
Whiskey or Brandy?
Oh, it's wine.
Obviously you're not a saint
not saint enough unlike you
You're determined to
kill your own father.
Flight passenger list,
Train passenger list
Hotels, Hospitals
nothing though,
what If he met with an accident?
I've checked everywhere.
Final option is social media, so I came
down to check with you If I can proceed?
Do you think something
bad would've happened?
Nope. He's in hiding leaving
you in-charge of things
Are you calling him a fraud?
Are you saying he defrauded
everyone and ran away?
If rich people decide
to commit fraud,
they'll do it on a
very large scale.
You-- You're a banana vendor
who screams out loud
to make his sale.
What do you know
about rich people?
I think youre too drunk.
This is the only thing my
dad has left behind for me
Have you ever had
alcohol before?
Sir, I can take care of myself
Thanks for your
concern, you can leave.
Bank, Taxes etc...
...will you take care of everything?
- Yes, everything.
Bloody Rascals!
None of them look into
my eyes while talking
this is where they look.
Why are men like this?
What is their problem?
What is your problem?
Hey, hey...
- Hey!
- Let go...
I asked you to get out
Fine, I'll leave once
I empty this bottle.
- Reddy Garu, come on
- Velusamy
Look we finally got
a shop at Koyembedu
Madam, everything is done.
Please take this file.
That's awesome.
Hey, Kalyan come over here.
Are you going to stay
here the entire day?
Or shall we hang
out in the city?
I have to pay fees and
registration has to be done.
Sir, everything is done.
Madam said that Mahesh
Babu is your relative
I am Mahesh Babu's fan.
"Asteroids and Neptune
shining over the rainbow"
"the golden streak and the entire
milky way is within your palms"
"The mighty sun will surge
through your stellar appearance"
"the sweet scent of first rain,
takes a solace in Mangai's heart"
"Holding hands when we march ahead,
the world will pave way for us"
"even highest tide will
recede at our sight"
"The blooming paths
laid in front us"
"there's no one to tie
us down with force"
"So put aside any
worries you've got"
"Easy come, easy go.
Take whatever you want"
"Easy come, easy go.
Sustain, if you like it"
"Easy come, easy go.
Take whatever you want"
"Easy come, easy go.
Sing your heart's desire"
Correct, that's 500
- Does this have 500?
- Ya, it's there, sister.
Fine, then it's in order.
So, then what's in this?
- Check if this has got, 350?
- Ma!
- Ma?!
- Hmmm...
Please call her
- Sister, someone's here to meet you
- Who?
What happened?
Is something wrong?
Did you provoke Selva
and get him into a fight?
This is from
Kabaleeshwaran Temple
If you drop in,
like this unannounced at my work place
what am I supposed to think?
Bose is getting
released this month.
I thought...
...I thought there's
6 months to go
He's getting released earlier
'cause of his good behaviour.
"'O' dear you're
the love of my life"
It's 'cause of me,
he's in the prison.
I'll bring him back myself.
"'re my better half"
"Love, I've been
waiting for your return"
"Don't mind anymore"
"take me along ashore"
- Be careful, when you tell Mother-in-law
So that she doesn't get a shock
Fine, I'll bring him home.
"You're my shoulder
to lean on..."
"Give me some space in your heart
and lap to rest for a while"
- Finally, I'm free now
- Hey...!
There's no police nor the
bars in between us now
hug me tight, brother.
Hey, Bose.
It's been ages,
since I hugged you.
I'm quitting the job.
Please settle my account.
Did you say you're quitting?
It's not that simple
to quit your job here
you gotta find a
replacement for you
he should be able to understand
how the company works
only then,
you can quit your job.
Go and load the goods.
Helped them to learn the job
and now they're acting too smart
What the hell are you doing?
I've been working
hard day and night
I have another job to tend to,
settle my account.
Hey, let go. Have you gone mad?
I won't kill you here
but the minute you
step out of the company
I will slit your throat.
Mom, it's getting late.
I'll eat at the shop
Hey, what's wrong with you?
I'm a working woman,
still I manage to cook for you guys
but you always leave
without having food...
"Darling. Love. Princess"
"Just the sight of you makes...
Mother, look who has returned heart burn with desire"
It's your son
- My dear son...
- Mother!
How are you mother?
My son has returned after ages.
Thank God I didn't die
before your return.
I don't mind,
even If I die right away
Mother, prepare a feast
and feed him well
and bring back his
health to form.
You just wait here,
I'll come back
My wife
The wife who I always
took good care of
Not sure... to talk to you now?
Should I maintain a distance
or not sure If I
can even hug you.
"My dear Queen,
Kali and guardian angel"
"just your glance fills
my heart with warmth"
Do you recognize them?
They're your children.
Look, this is Selva
and this is Mangai.
I saw them as kids
Now they look so grown up.
Dad has returned
Did you take good
care of your mother?
"I swear... I am your slave"
Stay blessed my son.
Ok dear, you guys get home safe.
Uncle, did Dad decide
to stay back in Chennai--
--or is he planning to return
Chinnamanur along with you?
I don't get it?
Uncle, I meant to say he's
familiar with lot of people out there
Start the car
It's better you
start the car now
Look, I won't think twice
will whack you right over here.
It's not a good idea to
leave Bose with you guys
you siblings might say
something and chase him away
Sir, come on,
the bus is about to leave.
Ey-- I'm not coming.
You can leave.
Sir, minute he'll come.
Uncle, if he's gonna live with
us, people will gossip about us
It'll be the same
at the market too
it's inconvenient for everyone.
Don't forget that
he's your father.
Just 'cause someone attacked me,
he murdered them and went to the Prison.
Exactly, he's been in the prison
Don't try to be a smart lawyer, have you
ever done something for your brother?
But my brother
sacrificed his life
Now he has returned
to his family
it's your responsibility
to take care of him.
I'm warning you guys...
Hey, start the vehicle.
[Classic Tamil Movie Song on Tape Recorder]
I bought this tape recorder
when we got married
It's still working fine.
It's you who used to listen
to it the entire night
As if you never listened to it.
Moreover you used to
sing along with Susila.
She has sung a beautiful song.
Where are you off to?
I can't be sitting
ducks at home.
Don't take me for an old man.
Only if I get out,
I'll get used to the place.
What's this?
It wasn't me.
Hey Mangai! Come on.
- It's getting late...
- Who left money in my pocket?
No one can leave,
until you've answered my question.
Fine, I won't go to the college
and you don't go to the market
So, shall we sit down
and gossip instead?
Hey-- are you asking me to discuss
about the stories from the prison?
Look, I noticed something
since I've arrived
you guys have been looking
at me like a stranger
you kids don't speak to
my face and now this.
Do I look like a charity to you?
'Cause I returned from prison
Don't do this outside,
people might mistake us
Let's go inside
-Ey-- don't make me slap you
What's with this violence?
The woman you're disrespecting now,
do you know the hardship she went through?
You went away to the Prison
right from feeding us
until our education...
Hey, hey...hold your horses
How dare you raise your voice?
Don't show off
your arrogance here
You're concerned about
my hardship right?
Have you ever contributed
to make it better?
Aren't you the same
person who threatened to
burn himself if I didn't
give you 50 rupees?
You don't have
the right to talk.
Where's that brat?
- Let it go
- Hold on
Do you know what she did?
Once I was sick worried
looking for her the entire day
but she bunked school and was
watching movie in a theater
I should've ended
her life on that day
You guys don't deserve to talk.
What makes you speak
with such arrogance?
If you dare speak to
us like this once again
Come on dear, let's go inside.
Come on.
Don't you know, if you load 'em
this way it'll spoil the fruit?
Separate the Poovai
and Rasthali Bananas
Hey, unload them.
You heard the man.
What is he doing over here?
I offered tea and asked him
to sit inside the office
Children have been
working hard day and night
How can I sit idle?
It's not advisable to
be late for business
If you want to succeed
then make it a point to
be on time in the morning.
- Hmmm, load 'em up
- Can I get 36 of Rasthali?
Here, take this, come on.
This is an old
pillar, quite broken
no one stays over here anymore
Everyone prefers the Hotel
The owner wanted to demolish
this and build an hotel
This is the canteen.
You'll get idlis
for 20 bucks here.
Your room is upstairs
Here you go.
Hey give me the ball
are you Selva's father?
- Yes dear...
- I'm here to meet, Selva
- Selva!
- He's on the terrace
Thank you.
Thank you, uncle.
Who is this girl?
How would I know?
Ask your son that question.
It doesn't feel right.
- Selva!
- What is it?
I'm checking accounts,
there's a deficit of 12,000 rupees
- Is it so?
- Stop kidding with me
How much did you spend
on booze last month?
I'm gonna kill you.
If I question you're getting angry
but the accounts doesn't tally
If you add the truck
rentals, it should tally
Who are you? - I need to talk to
Selva, it's an emergency.
- I am Preetha
- Oh!
Selva! Preetha is here.
It's an emergency,
she wants to speak to you.
In private
She wants to speak in private
Ask her to wait for 5 minutes.
You can discuss with
me, not an issue.
I'm in need of a favor
What kind of favor?
I need to arrange for funds
as a Bank Guarantee.
Selva, she expects you
to arrange some cash
as a Bank Guarantee.
Really? That too from
a Plantain businessman?
I don't have any friends or
businessman I can trust at the moment
that's why I need him...
- How much?
It's not much
Not much as in?
Two thousand?
2 Lacs?
- Two crores
-Two crores?
Two crores?
Two crores?
- What's happening out here?
- Now that you're here...
You take care of things now,
I can't handle it anymore.
I'm not expecting as cash,
just as a bank guarantee.
Two Crores is it?
If I don't get it,
everything will be auctioned.
To get the Bank manager to agree on 2
Crores, I literally had to flirt with him
You're a fast growing
businessman at the moment
Whenever you rich people want something,
that is when you will flash your smiles.
I'm in a situation where
nothing will offend me
Can you help me?
I'll think about it.
Two crores, it seems
It's better we remain
as middle class people.
Sir! look like Mangai.
- What?
- I meant, Mangai resembles you
She's too straight forward
But she never speaks to my face
We need to take right
for the printing press.
We're related,
so call me, uncle.
- Is this the place?
- Yes
You're young and must be
busy, so you can leave.
- Sir?
- Thank you for your service
I too have some work to finish
- Vanakkam
- Vanakkam...
I'm Bose Kalai,
Chandra's husband.
Is that so? Nice to meet you.
Sister, looks like your
husband has come here!
- Where is he?
- Out there...
"Don't you talk dear "
"words will be wasted "
"dont run... "
" sweetheart "
"It ain't enough... "
" celebrate my Tamil "
"Please don't leave... "
" don't have an option "
"I'm drenched with nectar of life "
"doesn't recede when
it stops to rain "
"your pretty lips
are irked with anger "
"Will the droplet landing on the
tip of the leaf reach the root? "
"Won't I get lucky to
fall head over heels "
"Every day in and out "
"Every day in and out "
"Every day in and out "
Acho...I'm doomed
The villain has spotted me
I'll call back later. You carry on
- Oh Damn, it's Selva
- I'm a dead meat
Sister take a look at this.
Pick a striking red saree
for our 60th wedding ceremony
New bike...saree... did you
manage to buy them?
Hey, this is my hard
earned money from Prison.
Pick the red one.
Do you like it?
"Will the droplet landing on the
tip of the leaf reach the root? "
- Hey!
- Ah...!
Hey, hey, hey...stop right there.
What's your business
with Reddy's son?
What's your business
with Preetha George?
Did I ever question you?
Get lost!
Then what do you make of Ram,
who always hangs out with you?
First let him propose...
...then I'll think about it.
- Damn you woman!
We're heading home
come home for lunch
We're going out,
you guys have lunch at a hotel
What was that?
"Don't you speak dear... "
Move aside.
Oh no!
Ey-- stop the bike
- What happened?
- Ride faster, ride faster
- Oh no...
If I get hold of
you, you're doomed.
Get lost you jealous chicken.
Hey, why aren't you guys
cutting down the crops?
Only if you get it done by 5pm,
it'll reach Koyembedu on time.
Thevar, the owner of the farm
asked us not to cut it down
- Rajendran uh?
- Yes.
Rajendra, what happened?
Why are you stopping them?
It won't work out, uncle.
Let's settle the account.
Settle the accounts?
Didn't we agree on
30,000 plantain?
And you're asking to
settle the account
I heard Bose is
out of the prison
Agreed that you didn't want
to mix enmity and business
back then Bose was in
the prison and I agreed.
Now that he's out of the prison
this won't work out, uncle.
Let's not proceed.
Let's settle the account
and part our ways.
Don't be upset that the load
didn't arrive from your village
let's take this
as a positive sign
- It's monsoon and the crops will get spoiled
- Hello, Bose Kalai speaking
What does he think of himself?
Look here--
--doesn't matter,
if they're refusing to send him the stock
I know how to get
the stock for my son.
Ya, let him know about it.
That's not how business is done
Won't send in the
stock it seems.
Selva, did you happen
to see your father?
I didn't see him at
the market today.
He left in the morning,
hasn't returned yet.
Not sure,
if he knows his way back here.
Selva, did Dad mention
about going anywhere?
first ask where is her jewelery?
I never saw him today
She gave him all of her jewelry
Did he inform anyone
at the market?
Mom! All your rage
is out only on us
but in front of your
husband, you're a kitten.
You gave him all your
jewelry once he asked for it
he must've sold them
don't worry, he'll be back
once he runs out of the money.
I'll break your bones
don't you dare accuse my son.
What do you really know about my son?
Mom! Where are you going?
Stop right there.
Ey-- it's my husband
who's been missing
My children are not going to
bother, looking for him
I'll go to the Police
station and see what I can do
- Let go off my hand
- Mom, you're overreacting
- Let go off my hand
- Mom!
You stay back,
I'll look for him.
Where were you since yesterday?
We were looking
for you everywhere.
Mom and granny are
relentless without sleep.
I'm here now, right?
Show your brother the
stock I brought in
Mom-- he's back.
He's right here.
Mom wants to talk to you.
Hello, where will I go?
Don't start screaming now
Brother said load won't be coming
in, so I went to Bangalore
I'll explain when I meet
you, hang up now.
Ya. Take this.
Go and take a look.
You can't recognize
the fruit right?
Look closer,
it's the same plantain
Nothing much,
they cut them down in batches
and have been ripened inside
a air conditioned room.
My boys took me to Bangalore.
It's called Golden
Fruits it seems.
They're turning the plantains
into ripe fruit and making money
We'll be the first in
this city to do so.
Please don't take me wrong
he got fruits which will
get spoiled in a day
and that too loads of it.
What do we do about it?
We're not running a
street retail business
we're wholesale
retailers in the market.
If someone looks at
it, they'll mock us.
How do we explain this
fruit and sell them?
Mom's jewelry is
going to rot forever
Giveaway the fruits to our
customers in the market
Tell them it's a gift
Let's not leave them to rot.
If I knew you'd be coming over,
would've prepared meat for you people
In jail, the three of us used
to eat together all the time.
In these 10 years, whenever brother
comes to know there isn't enough food
he used to share his
food with all of us.
Brother, come on feed him.
Guys don't embarrass me
Are you feeling awkward
'cause sister is here?
- You don't have to be...
- Change up and join us for dinner
Were you able to
sell all the fruits?
How much did you make of it?
Hey, hey, hey...Selva stop.
I have to dump them
all in the sewer
Did I ever ask him for his help?
Over enthused!
I gave away the
entire load for free
He should either stay at home or
should've returned to the Village.
Shouldn't be messing
up our lives like this.
How dare you?
How dare you speak to him like that?
Ey-- instead of
talking to your mother
Be a man and talk to my face
I don't have any issues
talking to your face.
Now listen--
--you can stay if you won't
interfere with my business
If not, are you asking me
to get out of the house?
C'mon tell me, are you asking
me to get out of the house?
I'm asking you not to
interfere with my business
Ey-- save your tactics
for the business
don't try and use them on me.
If you're going to be
interfering with our lives,
we don't need you.
It's better you return to the Village
Ey-- what's wrong with you?
- Chandra!
- How dare you say that?
Hold on!
He's been ranting nonsense
and you've been leading him on
I asked you to stay
calm, dammit!
Are you a fool?
I clearly explained it to you
Bose, please don't do it.
Please don't
Bose, listen to your mother
- Bose!
- Dear, what's wrong with you now?
He's being childish and
you're taking it seriously
I thought of taking
you along with me
We have a daughter,
so please take care of her.
Please listen...
Bose, where are you going?
Take me with you.
"no matter what anyone
says, youre my better half"
"Love, I've been
waiting for your return"
"Don't mind anymore,
take me along ashore"
"You're my shoulder to lean
on, when I'm lonely"
"Give me some space in your heart
and lap to rest for a while"
Are you leaving 'cause you were
hurt from the fight last night?
Don't you like to
live with us anymore?
Your son is short
tempered just like mine
But I'm sure, he's a good soul
I have two sons
the eldest never got
married and lived his life
But Bose, in spite of having a
family couldn't live with them
Anyways, with God's grace--
--I was expecting everything
will fall into place
Wonder who cast an
evil eye on our family?
Once I reach our village, I'm gonna
offer sacrifice for Deity Karuppusamy
I took an oath when
Bose went to the prison
may be the Deity is angry
for not keeping my word.
May be that's why
this is happening.
Sir, this is my brother.
He ran away from Tirupur
and is now in Madras
can you please help me find him?
Chennai is a hugely
populated city--
--how do you expect
me to find him?
It's better you consult an astrologer,
he'll find him for you. Get lost.
Sir the problem is,
he's a little mentally disturbed.
Before something bad happens
it's better we find him.
Brother, please come over here.
Mom, Mom, Mom...
Why are you so
bloody angry with me?
You won't speak to me
nor will look at me?
For a moment,
think from my perspective
Trust is very
important in a business
If they don't trust me,
I won't have return customers
That's it,
business will be ruined.
Mom, the truck load
of stock he got us--
--was a huge loss,
as we couldn't sell it.
What is it dear?
How are you?
And how's business?
The machines are running,
I'm sailing through
Any update on the
whereabouts of your father?
I think he's way
far off overseas
not able to find him.
How are you managing things?
Factory, Business, Loan sharks...
I'm trying my best
to be strong like you.
You're my inspiration.
- Selva...
- Aunty!
I didn't come to meet Selva.
I came to meet his father
and I have something for him
I went to your house,
as no one was there, I came over here.
I've paid half of the guaranteed
amount, Selva had signed for
I want to inform the
same to Bose uncle
I want to tell him that I don't
know how to flirt or cheat his son.
Him? When did you meet him?
He's not in Chennai.
He returned to the Village yesterday.
He had come over to the
Factory this morning
He insulted me in
front my entire staff
accused me of luring
you to borrow money
What he said was not
entirely wrong though
half of it may be true.
I'll make sure to clear the debt so
that you won't be in any kind of problem
please inform him the same.
--I won't disturb you anymore.
If he didn't return to the Village.
Where is he now?
Listen, don't be thinking too
much about the issues at home
try to move on,
only then,
you'll find a solution.
Ey-- master of advice
I was bugged with your ranting,
that's why I agreed to come to the movies
Come on, let's go.
- Hey...!
- Bunked college is it?
How can I not,
when Mangai asks me out for a movie?
Did you hear that Ram?
This rich dude will
do anything for me.
Listen, if you sleep off
again during the movie
I'll definitely kill you.
You keep blaming me for it
Why do you bring me
to English Dramas?
Ram, look at them.
So, do you want me to watch the
- It's a lame logic bro
- Correct!
Only you can reply to her
nonsensical questions.
Ey-- get lost and shut up
Excuse me. Ssshh!
Excuse me. Ssshh!
Excuse me. Ssshh!
Who's that?
This is the first time,
you've called me Dad.
Son, please come.
We need to talk.
Not to worry, please come.
You sit down.
Please come.
Son, we have great
respect for your family.
Please don't spoil it.
I think you've misunderstood.
It's not wrong to go out for
movies or ride together on a bike.
Agreed that you're a good kid.
That's why you
invited Ram as well.
But I'm not a fool
to believe everything
I'm sure where these
things will lead to
Kalyan, you're not
obligated to speak to him
Mangai, please be patient.
Let him talk.
Son, what would've your father
said if he was in my situation?
He would've definitely
said it's wrong.
Not you,
but would've blamed my daughter
It's 'cause you own a farm
you're filthy rich.
We elders know what's
right for our children
Please don't rush into things.
- I beg of you
- Uncle...
You're calling me uncle, right?
Then listen to what I have to say
I'm a villager,
and quite egoistic
I've been in prison for years
Please don't put
me back in there.
Uncle, I'm confused if this
is an advice or a threat?
It's up to you to
make that decision.
Tell me Annachi
You're well aware of
the market's situation
everything is going good.
Please tell me.
Golden Fruits is it?
They were from Bangalore
Keep talking.
I got them as sample to test
You're right,
Karnataka is filled with them.
Yes, that's why I had sent my
father to pick up a stock of samples
Tell me what's the matter?
Our father will never change,
he's going to destroy us.
- You just wait and see
- What?!
200 boxes for
Pazhamudhir Chozai?
For just one customer, I can't even
afford the transportation charges
You were right about him
we were at peace when
he used to be in prison.
Why don't you speak
to Nilgiris as well?
I can do it if two
customers places the order
Selva, what does he
really thinks of himself?
Sir, even if the profit is
less, there'll be no loss.
He literally insulted
me in front of everyone.
As if I committed a crime.
What did I do wrong?
Was it him or it was me?
He committed a crime
and went to the prison
But he's accusing me of
doing something wrong
Look, I don't want him
to be controlling me
- I've said it
- Sure, we can do it
Today is Friday
we'll start
delivering from Monday
- Ok, Sir. - I'm talking to
you, but you're not bothered.
Selva, you just come and
speak to him about it.
Come and support
me as a brother.
2400 boxes,
the Bengaluru fruits are in demand
the boxes of fruits
we thought was useless
are in demand now.
Now think,
how to make this a big hit.
Selva, this is my life
Put your life on hold
I'll speak to the
guys at Bengaluru.
Ey-- don't leave me
hanging with a problem
Hold on, I'm coming too.
"This that hunnid dolla bill; thats
on my mind that's how Im feeling"
"Thats what Im feeling.
Im in the building, talking my shot"
"Walk and I get it.
Imma go get it and pass to my kids"
"Hunnid rims. Hunnid goons.
Hunnid mill."
"When you're in trouble,
you know what's the deal"
"It'll be blazing,
shot is a film"
"Homie, let it rain money"
"And Im breaking the
bank for my Family"
"the money too Long
not an issue anymore"
"Hit it!"
"This that hunnid dolla bill; thats
on my mind that's how Im feeling"
"Thats what Im feeling.
Im in the building, talking my shot"
"Walk and I get it.
Imma go get it and pass to my kids"
"Hunnid rims. Hunnid goons.
Hunnid mill."
"When you're in trouble,
you know what's the deal"
"It'll be blazing,
shot is a film"
"Homie, let it rain money"
"And Im breaking the
bank for my Family"
"the money too Long
not an issue anymore"
This looks like
Laila-Majnu's love story
You leave from here.
I was able to bear
it for 20 years,
but in these two days,
you made me cry a lot.
Why should you cry?
What else do you expect?
I have to be angry with God.
You'll do things which
you feel is right,
and the kids do the same
what they feel like.
But I'm stuck in
between you guys.
You take your bike
and come back home.
I can't do that,
I have a lot of work to do.
What job?
As if you're a Collector.
They asked me to
get out of the house
I won't return,
until they come looking for me.
But I'll come over here.
I'll come and spend
time with you.
Listen carefully--
--Mom has been calling
out your name relentlessly
She doesn't think
of anything else.
I've come down to take you home.
There's no time for revenge now
Let's make do and move
on with our lives.
If you don't forget about it--
--you can never be at
peace in your life.
Do you understand,
what I'm saying?
I'll head home and
cook something for him
Mom-- Mom,
don't leave me alone over here
Yes, I went to a movie yesterday
it was average.
- Hold on, one minute
- He's coughing, I think it's hurting him
Call me later -Doctor had asked
to give an injection at 4pm
- Please check what's wrong with him
- They'll come and do it
- When was this?
- Sister, it's time
It's 4:15 now, please check what's
wrong, please sister.
Didn't we mention that,
they'll come and do it?
He's suffering out there,
and you people are so irresponsible.
Will you move only if he's dead?
Is someone's going to attend him
or shall I complaint to the Doctor?
Come on, start the vehicle.
Naatraya, hey Naatraya!
Naatraya! Hey, Naatra...
She's lying there like an orphan
are you here to gloat?
Listen, you're going to
lose your grand children
My brother has returned
from prison after 16 years
They don't seem to move on
Why are you screaming on
top of your voice now?
Ask your grandson
what he has done
Ask him to stay in the limit.
Or else he'll be dead.
What's this?
To help you move
Not required, I can walk
Be careful
Are you angry with me?
I'll come straight to the point
Are you in love
with Reddy's son?
Daughters have never been
honest with their fathers
Hello-- Hello, Selva...
Hello, I'll call you back
Hello Selva, they found my Dad.
Oh, where was he?
Now he's at home.
But they brought him as a corpse
and he's lying here lifeless
What happened?
Preetha's father is no more.
"Oh God, the creator and the
redeemer of all your faithful people"
"Grant to the souls of
our faithful departed
your mercy light and peace"
"Lord we pray to those we love
who have gone
before us in faith."
"I know you've forgiven their sins,
of the blessings of everlasting lives
"We're so grateful that,
you have made us all...
"Thank you for all that love...
What happened?
He was staying at a Beach
resort in Pondicherry.
He was drinking out
there, day and night.
This morning his body was
found washed away at the shore
Fishermen found him...
"Unfulfilled desires has
been swept away by the winds"
"Tell me why?!"
"Why does the horizon
shrink day by day"
"Tell me why?!"
Will it work out between us?
Short tempered,
Fighter cock, Arrogant
"I'm filled with sorrow,
please come to me dear"
"Wonder why there's
a silence between us"
"Not sure what I've sinned?"
"Tell me 'O' dear!"
Bose, why have you been
toiling yourself in this state?
You should've stayed
back in Madras.
After our father died,
you're the one who raised me
You always used to
carry me around.
You could've been a
little strict with me.
Also you could've
imparted a little wisdom
Bose, what are you talking about?
What's wrong?
I'm not sure
I've been in the
prison for 16 years
I was unaware how
times have changed.
From that day at the
Karupusamy Temple till today,
I havent been able to hold
them and speak to them.
I'll stay back with you.
Let my children be at peace.
You're children
are just like you
they'll come looking for you.
Come on, let's go home.
It's better that you came over
that guy couldn't kill
you in an accident
has brought his cousins down
to Madras in order to kill you
I was anyways going to call
you, before something happened.
He's got his cousins to kill me?
Don't worry, we'll discuss with
head of the village and sort it.
Where are they in Madras?
I'll take care of it, Bose.
Don't worry about it.
What if they don't find me
but instead harm my children?
Rajendran knows their place
it was him who made
all the arrangements.
Where's Rajendran at the moment?
we've discussed among us
They'll handle the legal matters.
We won't stop until we slit
that Bose Kalai's throat
Don't worry.
Please come inside.
- Reddy Garu!
- Selva...
...just like you came to me
with your business proposal
I've come here with a proposal.
I'm here to ask Mangai's
hand in marriage for my son
Ah-- Aiyoo-- how can I ?
I can't take a decision
without Selva's father.
You please come inside. We'll
discuss the matters inside the house.
Where are you running off to?
I'm scooting off to Dubai
Once I get there I'm going
to start a company like Uber.
Reddy Garu is here to
ask my hand in marriage
I've found a potential
partner out there
he's filthy rich.
What do I tell him?
I won't return if I go to Dubai.
Where are you going?
Stop right there
So, that's it?
Mangai, you're meant to fly high
I'm an ordinary man
You should marry
someone like Kalyan
I cant offer anything to you in
compared to what Kalyan can offer you.
But I'll find a girl very soon.
I'm not over you yet.
I'm going to Dubai, for good.
Fine, go.
Mangai, I--
Mangai I wanted to...
...I always wanted
to tell you something
but never got the
courage to express it
I was scared you'll laugh it off
- What?!
- Just hold on...
Let me just tell you now
Ive been in love with you
since I was a child, Mangai.
when we used to fight,
or when we used to play
or when we rode on
the bike together
You're truly precious to me.
Oh, really?
You may wonder,
why am I blurting this out now?
But at least once,
I wanted to express my feelings
If I don't then this
feeling will eat me alive.
If you think I was
wrong, please slap me
"I've thought
about it 'O' dear"
"hold my hands 'O' my love"
"'O' dear I'm
drowning in poetry"
"...I'm withering"
"shall I drown into
the river of dews"
There's no time
left for hugging now
go and tell my father about Ram.
Let's go
Reddy Garu,
Kalyan is a very good friend of mine
And I'm his good friend too.
But Dad misunderstood about us.
I hope you'll
understand the situation.
That's him.
- Hey, come over here
- Hey...!
This is Ram.
He's been my everything
since my childhood.
Neither my mother nor
Selva knows about it.
But now you've made me say it
...please forgive me Reddy Garu.
you should've been my daughter.
Fine, I'm leaving.
Hey, please don't dear...
Selva, hear me out...
Didn't you make an attempt to kill my
dad by running him over by a truck?
You're making a mistake, Selva
That wasn't me
Selva, that wasn't me.
- It's a lie
- I'm Naatrayan
Don't you understand,
what I'm trying to say?
He's mentally unstable.
We have to save your father.
I don't want my brother
going to the prison
Check where's your
father right now?
Ask him!
My cousins have come
down from the village
they would've caught
your father by now.
We have to somehow save him.
Where the hell is your brother?
Which way is it?
Keep driving straight
Naatraya, he's so bloody naive
I spoke like you
and he believed me.
Now that you're here--
--even your father
will be here soon.
Your father will
come for you right?
Don't do it, Bhaskara
Please listen to me,
forget about everything
Throw away the
hatred in your heart
Why should I?
Tell me?
Do you want me forget how my
father's head rolled on to my feet?
You've been spoiling
your life obsessed with it
Cousin, he's talking too much
take him far off,
so that I don't hear him speak
- Bhaskar, please don't do it
- Hey, come on get up
Ey-- don't do it Bhaskara
-I said come with me
Hey, don't do it. Let me go.
-Get inside damn it
Bhaskara don't do it.
Damn it Bhaskar.
Now tell me, Selva
how shall I kill your father?
Shall I beat him to
death, in front of you?
Or shall I just decapitate his
head like my father was killed?
Your father is here...
Hey, Selva
Bose, you're right on time
- Selva!
- You go!
Hey Selva! -How do you expect
him to leave without you?
Ey-- let him go.
He'll always try to save you.
Don't do it, Selva.
- I asked you to leave
- Selva let him go
Selva, please let him go
Can't you hear me?
Dad, please leave from here.
Hey, you're calling
me Dad, after ages
As a father, I've never done
anything right for my children
It's all my fault. All my fault.
- Dad!
- Hey...
Don't do it son, don't...
- Listen to me, don't do it
- Bose...
..I've been waiting
for this moment
16 years...
...It's been penance for 16
years, Bose
Hey, don't destroy yourself
with this rage for revenge
Hey, only after your death,
I can hear humans speak
Selva! Selva!
Selva! Selva!
Don't do it, let him go
let him go,
let this end with me.
Let him go damn it.
Don't stop me Dad.
We can live peacefully only if he's dead.
Listen to your
dad, put that down
Put that down!
Put that down, dammit.
Do you think everything
will end if you kill me?
A minute of my rage,
killed your father.
Since then I'm burdened
with that guilt.
Do you want to
burden yourself too?
Don't even think
about the prison.
It's hell out there.
I'm not saying
this to stay alive
I'm pleading for your sake.
If you could forgive me for
your father's death, please do.
If you can't, then kill me.
Kill me!
Come on, Kill me!
"'O' dear,
my love and my guardian angel"
"no matter what anyone
says, youre my better half"
"Love, I've been
waiting for your return"
"Don't mind anymore,
take me along ashore"
"When I'm lonely,
you're my shoulder to lean on"
"Give me some space in your heart
and lap to rest for a while"
"Darling. Love. Princess"
"just the sight of you makes
my heart burn with desire"
"Trust me on this 'O' my dear"
"if your name isn't
mentioned, monsoons go dry"
"Your beauty is nothing less
than a gleam off the full moon"
"Speak to me with
love 'O' dear..."
"My heart fills with music"
"My dear Queen,
Kali and guardian angel"
"just your glance fills
my heart with warmth"
"A speck of anger in your eyes,
sends shivers down my spine"
"I've no one but
you in my life"
"I swear... I am your slave"
"'O' my dear"
"'O' my dear"
"'O' my dear"
"Darling. Love. Princess"
"Darling. Love. Princess"