Vaanam (Sky) (2011) Movie Script

Where else will I disappear?
I will come.
When will you come? Even now you're
in stage of disappear permanently!
You did lend the money for interest!
So why don't you pay it!
We did settle the amount we lend.
What else need to be paid?
Why are you keep
on talking back?
If you want to say something,
just tell it to my master.
If you don't come with the
money to see my master!
I will take your grandson
back with me!
It has been long time since I saw you.
Walk carefully.
This time is not for me.
Tell her.
- I want Saroja.
Look here.
She's cost more, it's Rs 5000.
Try to reduce the price.
- Pay me Rs 500, and I'll come instead.
I just want her.
- Call her.
How long you'll be
sitting like this?
What are you planning to do by
coming here?
- Karpuram here.
I'm coming.
Call from Gobi.
- Not Iinish yet?
Haven't sta rt yet.
Tell. - Everyone here are going
crazy over you after seen your photo.
You have a big market here.
- Wait for a while.
Close your ea rs!
Tomorrow 31 st night, two youngsters
have booked you for Rs 40,000.
He is smart.
- New year, new business.
Sure it will be fun if you come.
- Shall I pack my clothes?
Then? What do you
want to do there?!
Try to come soon!
- I can come tonight itself.
Come to the station tomorrow.
- Make up some stories to Rani and come.
My stomach not feeling well.
I'll come later.
All this only for the flrst time.
See you later.
- Ok.
Doctor wants to talk to you.
You're going to be a father.
And an important thing
that I need to tell you.
She had been miscarriage once.
So please take care of her well.
For both of you.
Please pass the phone to her.
Are you happy now?
I need to tell an important
thing to you.
Come back home early, and we
can talk the rest. - I saw Nasser.
I talk to you later.
- I did saw him.
I saw your brother, Nasser.
- Where?
- In Chennai?
I saw him at a bike workshop
near Chennai New College.
In Chennai?
- Yes.
I want Cable Raja
to be here, now!
Where is Cable Raja?
- Did you see Cable Raja?
Lift him!
Let me go!
Who ask you to bring me here?!
Its bro.
Yes bro, greetings.
They were holding my hands.
That's why I used leg to greet you.
Greetings bro.
- Greeting?
Are you going to put
gold ring on my linger?
Cash and the cable is mine,
but the collections belongs to you?!
I did send the collections to you.
-I didn't receive anything!
To your hand?
You need to wait for some time.
Are you making fun of me?
Where is Cable Raja?!
Both of you dare to cheat me!
Where is he?!
- You shouldn't see him in this level.
You must see him at this level.
-Which |eve|?i
Look at there.
They even chase me down even
I've worked hard to come up here.
What a life!
Greetings leader.
Why didn't you just call me?
Surely I come to see you.
Get him!
They start to chase even before
the leader give command.
Why do the followers' reactions
are more than the leader?!
What will I do?
They're already here.
How am I supposed tojump from here?
My God!
Please save me.
I'm still alive.
Thanks God.
They forced me to fly like
actor Vijay in his movie.
They're coming in this way too.
Doesn't have way here.
Curse him!
Bro, you will live long.
- Me?!
If he live long?
You want the rest to die fast?!
I just thought of calling you.
- But did you call me?!
Why didn't I call? - Why? Because you
didn't have enough credit in the phone.
Let him go!
- Is it pain?
Is it pain?
So is my fmger had fun just now?!
He made my hand useless!
- Run before he kill us.
I'm sorry bro.
I don't purposely hurt you.
Don't take it seriously.
Forgive me, bro!
Give me! She's drinking Pepsi happily
while I'm thirsty by running.
Keep it for your mixer
later at night. - Thanks.
Sis, when will you do the payment?
- I'll give with next month.
Is it so? So you watch the
serials next month onwards.
Your girlfriend?
- Don't answer!
Should I answer?
What do you say?
What a life!
What are you doing?
You are coming for the party right?
I will.
Running is good for health right.
I'll fmish three more rounds
and come there.
He's there!
- Come fast!
Thieves are chasing!
What is that?
They came to steal in my house?!
I'm stuck!
Look here.
Just settle things by discussing!
Discussion is only after the actions!
Your words are superb.
But it should be my dialogue.
The pipe ends halfway.
Why are you playing with the pipe?
- Am I playing?
I'm hanging halfway!
Throw me the rope.
Ok, I'll throw the rope. But you must
exclude me for next month payment, ok?
As if you're paying every month.
Throw me the rope!
Where is he?!
- He escaped.
- Yes, bro.
He escaped.
But I got his bike.
It's my bike!
Let's go!
Curse you!
You left the bike.
I know martial arts.
Then why don't you
show them your skills?!
But we don't know whether
they know martial arts or not right.
Start chatting early morning granny?
Do you have bike to lend?
Don't have, Raja.
- You're asking the wrong person.
Look there!
We can make use of him.
How are you?
He looks great.
- He looks so stylish.
What is the issue for both of you?!
Asking how are you
and try to borrow bike form you..
Bike is like my wife.
I won't lend to anyone.
Then why washing your
wife in public?
Sure I won't give my bike!
Don't talk much and go!
Not only me, the rest of pal
in this area won't lend you.
You will meet in accident soon.
For sure I won't get bike till
you're around me right?
Do something!
Raja, come here.
I'm rushing back to my village.
Can you help me to send
this to the bike rental shop?
Bro, I will help you.
You get down.
It's a rental bike.
Send it fast.
Is there enough petrol?
-The tank is full.
Have enough air on tyres?
- Yes.
Is the brake working?
Is the light working?
- It's a new bike.
We're so lucky right?
- God exists.
Let's go then.
What a life!
Hundred times ten is one thousand.
I got the total of one thousand, sir.
- Is it?
You did well.
Have a sit.
Who is next?
- Let me do it, sir.
You again?!
Is there no one else to do this Maths?
Learn from him!
Where is Mut'tiah's grandson?
- For what?
He is here!
What are you doing?
Why are you taking him?!
Ask him to come n see Narisimman!
- Narisimman?
Why did he asked to
bring this kid?
To teach lesson.
Don't talk nonsense!
Go and continue your work.
Sir, he is coming.
Looking at your walking speed,
seems like you will beat me up.
I dont have strength to tight you.
- Why you have to responds to my words?!
You have tonnes of
money in your pocket?
Give him his debt accounts.
He will pay everything today.
I have already settle the original amount.
Only few left on interest.
Only few amount left?
Do you know even your interest
is more than Rs 50,000.
Do you want to see the account?
- Why do we want to see account?
So just pay the interest then!
Paandi, it's your mom.
- Mom!
Have you eaten?
- Not yet.
Pity him.
Pay your debts if you
want your kid.
Don't talk.
Come with the money.
Please let the kid go.
- Is it his burden to settle this debts?
Please let him go.
- I will pay in six months.
I can't wait that long.
Just three more days.
Give the money and take your kid.
I won't keep him here.
I will send him to construction site.
I beg you!
He's a small kid. Please let him go.
Then why don't you come?
Bring him away.
They won't let him go without money.
We will get the amount.
All this while we just performing
in pub and colleges.
Should we do live concert?
We're performing tomorrow
evening at Chennai.
We're leaving in the
Iirst flight tomorrow.
Bro, please help us.
What is this?
- Fridge for people.
Only the rich knows how to contain
the stinks from going outside.
So touched..
You teasing me!
Lift it.
One old man passed away.
- Is it?
He will be here for 3 days.
They will throw our bodies
to rubbish because we're poor.
And a fridge for the rich pal.
I guess we need
money to die happily.
What a life!
Will show.
Will show.
This won't show.
- To show what?
That it is duplicate.
RS 100.
- Bro, please take Rs 20.
Someone named Karthik coming
from Canada tomorrow.
Sol need to him for
the new year party.
Then get married with him.
What are we going to do?
Both of us go to the party.
What if your mom doesn't like me?
And you have tonnes of money.
What else we need?
Tomorrow is the most
important day for us.
It have been 3 years since
Nasser went out from the hse.
How did he survived?
Sure he will be so happy if he gets know
that we're going to have a baby again.
You have twins.
Why took so long?
What happen sis?
- Nothing.
What nothing?!
Not one, two.
What is it?
- Blow.
- Blow!
You smoke again!
I told you not to smoke
anymore right!
It's ok.
Leave him.
How many times he
said it's the last time?!
Promise this is the last time.
- Don't scold him in public.
Let's go home.
- I talk to you later.
Are you all drunk?!
What's all this?
- What did you said?
They spread colour on the face.
We're drunk?!
Take the key.
-See what will he say.
They spread paint on my wife's face.
- He's so upset, so spread on his face too.
Don't disturb my bro!
Let him go!
Why are you fighting?!
- He talks bad about our religion!
He said we're drunk. He's beating
us because question him back.
Good thing you are here.
Ask him why?!
What is your name?
He's my brother.
Came to make havoc here?
Not that. Only they came and
spread paint on my wife's face..
All of you are the same.
Don't stand in front of me!
Get lost!
We are going!
Why are you beating us?
Don't you worry sis.
Pass it to bro in law.
Akhbar wants to talk to you.
Yes Akhbar.
- Where is Nasser at Chennai?
I just know that he's in Chennai.
We need to Search after this.
It's ok, you just come.
We take care of it.
He will be found.
The debts is killing us.
My son is suffering working then studying.
Is that so? You can settle the
debts and send him to school again.
Wait for a while.
Is this Ranjunan?
- Yes.
I'm Sivakolunthai.
I know that. Tell!
Kidney O positive is available.
Can we talk?
Need to talk?
Need it urgently.
I'm chasing around
four days for it.
Is that so? Are you searching
for it for four days?
I'm living among people too.
Try give me two cases each.
Will do. Try send them
to Madras soon by bus.
We will give them Rs 80,000.
What say you?
You give that amount.
But I will adjust the rate with them.
Do as your wish.
Hang up!
The operation is tomorrow.
Prepare Rs 100,000.
Can we go soon?
- Be patient.
Your blood is not a good ones.
We won't get a good amount
with your blood type.
Don't talk like that.
We believed in you.
Do something.
My son must continue studies.
I beg on you.
- Ok.
Let's try to talk to him.
They are too poor and suffering.
And it's about their son's education.
And I know them well.
We must do something about it.
He only agree for Rs 40,000.
- Rs 40,000?
Shall we give our properties.
I'm agree.
Shall we go now.
Look at them wearing pants!
Don't make havoc and show them we're
poor! All of them here are high class.
High class?
They looks like unwashed glass.
Driver for a bike?!
So disgracing!
It is a big thing to bring you here.
Be quiet!
Tell them I'm your Manager or PA.
In our place, girls queue
to get prayers oil.
But here they're queue up
for alcohol.
Why aren't you laugh
even I made a joke?
Rich pal won't laugh.
They won't laugh, won't whistle,
and won't clap their hands.
And won't cry even if anyone passed away!
- You're aware of it right!
How much will it cost if
we drink for a month?
It won't cost Rs 40,000 for drinks the
whole month plus admit in the hospital.
Then why were they asking
Rs 40,000 for 1 liter drink.
Be decent!
Don't let them know we're poor.
What should we do?
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
Philomiah sis is going for
church on the new year.
I'll bring you her hse key. Buy cake
and celebrate new year with your girl.
And there is Nayantaras interview at night.
-Then I have to see it.
Beat you up!
I have promise her
that I will buy it.
I'm doomed if I don't get the ticket.
You should thought about this earlier.
What can we do now?!
How to get the money?
Shall we sell the bike?
-Should we suicide?
It's Mustan's bike. If he found out,
sure we're dead meat!
What a life!
Rs 40,000?
- One rupee less.
He's coming on the business time.
Welcome sir.
It has been long time since saw you.
Is it a police station for
me to come regularly?!
Stop smiling!
I can't focus on work
if Saroja came to my mind.
Send her.
She's busy with other client.
I have new comers.
Should I call them?
You keep your new comers.
I want her for the whole night.
If not tomorrow will have police raid.
Then no one will be here for you.
Can I do business against you?
Come in.
Do you want massage,
dear police?
Take your hand!
- Is Saroja ready?
Yes she is.
Why you booked her full night?
They said you're weak in Maths.
You need to be taken care
at police station one day.
Let it be.
I have pills for that.
Tell me if you want.
I'll give you two pills.
Move away!
- Call me when you needed.
You look like an actress.
You shouldn't be here.
- I know that.
But they said you don't have
the thing for the whole night.
Who say so?!
I'm a man!
But these girls said you're weak.
- Really?
Shouldn't be like that!
Wait a minute.
I'll be back.
Why are you standing here?
- I'm here to give you pills.
For rest is Rs 1000.
But for you is Rs 500.
You collect the amount double from me.
If you are still alive!
It seems you're ready?
- I am.
Now you see my strength!
A lion!
- What is it?
- What is the calculation?
You're done.
Nanny, anything to eat?
-I have sandals!
It's ok.
I don't eat anything at night.
Don't you worry anything.
We'll settle everything.
And another important matter.
Can you give me Rs 100?
I have slippers!
- Why are they so cheap?
Where have you been
since morning?!
The owner of the bike was
searching for you.
They said you took their bike.
They threatened to kill
me if you don't give it back!
Curse you!
Are you listening what I'm saying?!
I begged him so you will
give it back tomorrow.
Make sure it will be your
flrst work tomorrow!
Why aren't you responding?!
Answer me!
It is his money you're collecting.
Why don't you just give it back?!
What are you doing with that
much of money in your hand?
Listen to me Raj.
You haven't buy the passes yet!
Why don't you take it seriously?
Do you know how important this to us?
Do you know something?
They're saying all kind of things to
get me married with him soon.
We can meet your mom.
Only Rs 40,000.
- Rs 40,000?!
Why do you need so much of money?!
What are you mumbling about?!
Are you high?!
Which slum is she from?
Is she from this slum?
- Slum.. slum..
Don't talk about slums!
For sure you will bury me in this slums.
Their house is as big as our slum.
In English, they call princess.
Try to pronouns.
You can't.
Stop day dreaming and
try to earn money!
You're talking about how to earn money.
I'm talking about money my girl have.
You talking about how to earn
by hardworking.
And I'm talking how to live
with person we love.
You're telling me to sleepin bench.
And I'm telling that I will ride
in her Benz.
So listen to me granny.
I will bring back a beauty.
After this no more cheap
hardware in this hse.
And this slum will turn to a modern city.
See you.
Don't fall asleep.
I know all that.
I will be at the airport at 6am sharp.
And you go back and hug your
teddy bear and go to sleep.
I'm so hungry.
Major Kulkarni called and asked you to
bring application tomorrow.
I don't have interest
in joining the army.
Not interested?!
So what is the plan of your life?!
So you're going to play guitar
in hotels and bar forever?
Your grandpa and dad served the nation.
Nation got a hero by losing him.
Your force your dream
and prestige on me.
My dream?
What are you talking?
I'm performing for the first
time at Chennai.
What suppose me to answer
if pal ask what my son achieved?
One day the pal will tell you
about my achievements.
He's here.
See how fast he runs once saw us!
He slept off nicely.
Take your hand of
I'm trying to call you since morning.
Why did you switch it off?!
I forgot to charge it.
Where to go?
Flight departed half an hour ago.
I told you right!
It is always because of your punctualityl
It's hard to get tickets.
If we travel by car,
we can be there on time.
Pass me the bag.
- Careful dear.
How are you?
- We are line.
How are you?
- I'm flne sis.
They saw Nasser at the mechanic
shed beside New college.
We can go there after send
sis back home. - Ok.
We can't be a son of
a rich man even we dream.
It's all written in a person's faith.
But if we execute perfectly as planned.
We can be his son in law.
For that what we need is he have a
daughter and we need a bit of talent.
You plan to get that Rs 40,000 Iirst.
That's true.
It's hard to get that big
amount from one person.
What if we ask Rs 1000
each from 40 of them?
But what if we ask Rs 1 from 40,000 pal?
That's called beginning.
- Is it?
Grocery store Annachi?
- Him?!
He get upset even ask Rs 4
worth cigarettes for Ioan.
He will suicide if we ask
him Rs 40,000.
He won't give you.
You lend money from my
new wife right. Please give back.
She won't let me sleep inside.
Even the clothes is mine.
Give that to me flrstl
I will beat you up if
come asking for money!
They so terrible.
It was nice right?
-Yes, it was.
Is there no one to help us?
Don't search in your phone.
You have lend money from all of them.
Only left is the customer care line.
There is someone.
- Who?
What is telling here?
Is it telling Ganesh?!
The one who have a voice like
a radio out of frequency?
Yes he is.
He chose wrong songs
which doesn't suits his voice.
I need Rs 40,000.
- What! Rs 40,000!?
Shut your mouth.
They haven't brush their teeth yet!
Is granny not feeling well?
It is for her, but..
- It is not for granny.
He needs that amount to go for
a party with his girlfriend.
Rs 40,000 to attend a party?
I didn't even spend that
much for my wedding.
That is because you marry
a aunty who is married before.
Don't insult me in front of
my colleague.
They successfully cancel
my performance.
Uncle, it is a life and death matter.
- What is so great problem of yours?!
Where are we?
Basanagar is other side.
That is rich place.
But we're at this place.
Dirty, non hygienic slum.
So pal who live here is
not human being?
Is this a life?
There, they will keep the corpse in the
fridge until he's son come back from US.
If we died, they will throw us
in the rubbish.
It's not wrong we born as poor.
But it is our fault to die as poor.
For sure I won't die as a poor person.
Is it love?
Is it worth?
-Worth of Rs 600 Million.
Worth of Rs 600 Million?
Why are you open your
mouth like a car bonnet?
Can see all the breakfast you took.
Close it.
Hse on OSK garden.
- Beside Ex CM's hse.
I have succeed halfway.
I will settle if just can
fmish the other half.
Yes, we can get Rs 600 Million
if we throw that Rs 40,000.
Why is the cup is hotter
than the tea?
What to do?
How long I have to be poor.
If he's the king, I'll be the minister.
If he's the hero, I'll be the comedian.
So if he bought car,
you'll be the driver?
That is so funny!
What's with you?
He's the last person we have.
This seems a new bike.
Why don't you sell it?
Of course I thought about it.
It's Mustan's bike.
Then later I will tell you're
the one who ask to sell it.
Why is he putting me trouble?
He even came to chop our
finger for a small amount.
If he gets to know we sold his bike,
surely he will chop your middle finger.
Then you can't perform.
Is it ok?
I have an instant plan.
- What's the plan?
You won't do it.
- What is the plan?
Can see by your face.
You can't do it.
Put three China tea.
- Tell me the plan!
He did told you about the plan.
That will have tea on our bills.
I will do whatever it is.
Tell me!
It won't work.
- I will do it. Tell me!
Snatch chains.
- Is it dog chain or bicycle chain?
Snatch the chain from girls
who walk alone on the street.
Why are you asking him
to do that just for a party?!
As a elderly person, how could
you ask him to do thatl?
Nowadays all these snatchers doesn't
snatch for helping their mother or kids.
It's only for their enjoyment.
That is what both of you are asking.
How could you ask an
educated person to do so..
I'll come back with chain.
- Why are you listening to him?!
Come before 8.30pm.
Or he won't give the money.
Rani will send us to customers
even we're not well.
We can do business
whenever we want to.
We can sleep whenever we want to.
Ok, come in.
I overheard your
discussion last night.
I need to talk you one
important matter.
What is it?
For what?
We can know each other
more if we know the name.
Why you didn't name yourself Agarpathi?
I didn't ask your name.
Just know it.
Look here Saroja.
How beautiful you are.
Why are you in this filthy work?
What are you going to
do by knowing me?
I want to raise the humanity.
Mother Theresa told that helping
pal is greater than just pray.
Even so brother Bhairavan.
I sponsored by painting
blackboards in schools,
Just to make my
hometown to higher level.
Even yesterday I sponsored
six apples for a hospital.
And asked them to distribute
to all the patients.
Why are you telling all this?
-I even asked nurses to share it too.
What are you trying to say?
- I will tell.
Should I do something to you?
- What are you going to do?
Lift up your standards.
If you just marry me rather than being
with different pal every day.
I will uplift your life.
So I have to be with the
same person everyday!
Please up lift my life too dear.
- What?l Am I here to up lift your life?l
It's not really matter how you were.
The important is how
will we be in future.
My only goal is to marry
and up lift your life!
Get up!
You want to marry me?!
Have you seen your face before?
- Don't talk like this.
What is parliament and assembly all?
Get lost Shorty!
Look properly.
I'm taller than Singam.
Did you see?
- Get down!
Don't pull my shirts!
- Go and sit at the bathroom!
Where is kidney, father in law?
How they will take it?
It is here.
- You said it was injury caused by fence.
It's not the fence.
It was the doctor's knife.
This is the same train
I took last year..
To do the operation to settle
Narasimman's debts.
The only property that
poor have is their kids.
I didn't study.
My son didn't study too.
And so do you. At least if
he studied, he can be better in life.
That is true.
He must study.
And become an important person.
Because of that I can sell
whatever part my body have.
Watch you own work!
I'll show you who am I!
We should done something right.
They met in accident right.
There is pal to help them.
They will take care.
It is not only us can help.
Anyone can help them.
Anyone can help.
But not us.
Because we only sing.
Why everyone is so alert today?
- Stop.
Did you saw that? She's like calling
someone to snatch her gold chain.
So I'll do it!
- No. You wait here.
I'll do it.
You start the engine and be alert.
That's my chain!
Don't you have brain!
He snatched the chain.
Won't you be more careful!
Someone stole your chain!
Do you know how expensive
is the gold?!
Do you know how hard
to get money?
Why are you lighting as if
she's your wife?!
See if her friend have
something on her neck.
Nothing there because her
father is a beggar.
Curse both of you!
Leave it.
We go some other place.
Is anyone here named Nasser?
- No one in that name.
They told me he is here.
Take a look at his pic.
That is not Nasser.
He's Amer.
He stayed with Salman.
Show them his hse.
Brother Salman.
They came searching for Amer.
He did stayed at my place.
But recently he doesn't come here.
Where should he be now?
- Not sure.
Try to ask pal at mosque in Triplicane.
- Which mosque?
Let's go bro.
Have you seen this person?
- No.
Come here.
What photo is this?
- We're searching for my brother.
This is Imran.
- No, he's Nasser.
Grandpa, he's Imran right?
- Yes.
Where have you seen him?
- He always with Jalil.
And where is Jalil?
At last we are here.
Get lost.
Curse you!
- Shorty!
She took my chain!
Phone is ringing.
But he's not answering.
Curse him!
- What happened to him?!
Please call this number.
Who is this?
- Muthuiah here.
Yes, tell.
- We came from Tothekodi.
Sis, everyone are staring at us.
Let them see. They will stare
cinema stars and us in such way.
Look at that aunty.
I will ride near her.
I will slow down when near
her and you snatch her chain.
Please don't let me down in this main road.
A lot of murder cases happens here.
I'm so scared.
You do it.
You are the one sitting behind me.
- Or should I sit on the petrol tank?
Come in front!
Go slowly.
When we were small you'll
bring me to steal mangoes.
But now you bringing me to snatch chains.
I can't do it anymore.
One tea please.
Raja, you doing wrong
again and again.
You should born in a rich family.
But born to a poor one.
Even educated you have come to
be a snatcher.
The main thing is you have attempt
to snatch Priya's mother herself.
Is that Priya?
She look like a heroin.
- I worked hard to get her.
But it is great your attempt to snatch
her things to get her daughter.
What caste is she?
- Rich caste.
Only two cast in this world.
One who have everything, and
another like us who have nothing.
Caste is not important, but cash.
I was surprised why no
calls from her yet.
Try to settle the problem.
Our caste must change.
I came to see you.
Later evening ask for
sorry to my mom.
Have you bought the passes?
- I am going there now.
To whom you're talking to?
I need the money.
- How do you talk with rhyme?
We will get it however. Because we
have to change our caste!
You are the one called?
- Yes.
She's the one?
Let's go straight to the hospital.
What if he didn't come?
Now your name is Vengataraman.
Not Muthuiah.
So she's not your daughter in law.
But your own daughter.
She's Revathy.
Your brother's name is Jayaraman.
You're donating kidney to
your brother's son Varatarajan.
So for you he's your brother's son.
And for you, he's brother.
Do you get me?
Remember what I said.
We have jack right.
- Yes, we have jack but doesn't have air.
You didn't stop there.
But your car stopped here.
There is God watching everything.
I will make sure this thing
won't repeat again.
So make sure you don't let
this things happen too.
I told Him.
Is it ok?
Why are you talking
about the past?
Think of what need
to be done now!
Four of you play with the tyres.
- In this middle of thejungle?
They only flght when
we're around.
But later they will be so
caring to each other.
Why do you always tight with me?!
- Not me, its you.
What you don't like about me?
-I don't like the way you sing.
Doesn't have soul in it.
It must come from deeper inside.
My father wrote it.
So I tried just because it sound nice.
Nowadays who focus
on the lyrics?
What's that mean?
It will be a nice song
if put nice lyric in it.
So what do you like in me?
I like your singing.
God have gave you a gift.
A good voice and music sense.
But the sense is only on music.
- At least I have sense in something.
You're getting so mad while
the new year getting near.
Look there.
I'll go near, you snatch it.
I'm so scared.
- You want to change caste or not!
I got caught.
Save me.
Beat me using your hand!
It's hurt when you use that thing!
Why are you keeping phone?!
Can't you answer it!
It's not that!
- How long to wait?!
Because of train was delay.
I have to agree to do something.
Just in ten minutes.
I'll be there.
I'll be there.
- Come fast!
He's coming!
I need to go for pee.
I'll be back fast.
There is for gents and ladies.
Ppl like us where to go?
Have a sit.
- Greetings.
What is your name?
- She's my daughter Revathy.
I'm Vengataraman.
- Be patient, didn't ask you.
Tell me, you are Revathy right?
- Yes.
You are donating this kidney as
your own decision right?
Where are you from?
You came to sell kidney?
I told you before..
My brother..
You keep quiet!
I won't believe all your stories!
Should I call the police?!
Uncle, they are going
to call police!
- You said she's your daughter.
Are you doing business
by selling kidneys?i
Don't you feel ashamed!
- Get out!
Why asking sorry?!
He's your son right!
Why don't you give?!
Don't you feel ashamed
by doing this!
I'm the one.
- My bro in law from Coimbatore.
Tell. - We came searching
my brother Nasser.
I don't know him.
-The one in this photo.
I don't know what name he used.
But he's my brother.
I doesn't know him.
Who are you?
I'm his elder brother.
I'm saying I don't
know him right.
Stop the car.
- I'm searching for him for 3 years.
He's here.
Everyone said he was with you.
Why are you running?!
Please tell me where is my brother?!
Why did you meet Ashraf?!
Just tell me where is my brother.
Who are you?!
I have seen you before.
What is your name?
Coimbatore right?
On the holy parade.
He have done big things back there.
What are you doing here?
- I'm searching for my brother.
How do you get to know them?
When you come Chennai?
- Yesterday.
Where were you the day before?
- Coimbatore.
You came yesterday.
And loitering around with them.
And telling stories about your brother.
You seeing everyone in bad view.
I am seeing in the right way.
All the truth will exposed when
beat you up at station!
I came to search my brother.
Where are you coming from?
She's the one from Rani's place.
You ran off after gave
sleeping pills to an offlcerl
Please help us! -You will put me in
jail when I wanted to help you.
I'm begging you.
- My kid is trapped with debtor.
So what can I do?!
I will tell lies perfectly next time.
- Next time?l
Curse the one who send you here!
I forget it.
Why there is no one?
Will they wait for us to snatch?
You're funny.
We will get the money.
- How?
All they have is our interest money.
- We can get the money from Seth.
I'll go and get it.
You hold this.
Hold the bike.
Let the engine in running.
Don't screwed up!
The things you don't like in me.
Things you like in me.
Do you like me?
Tyre punctured.
My friends went to flx it.
How you dress up?
Guitar in hand.
Is your parents are Europeans?
Who is she?
Ifa friend will you hug her publicly?
- Was just chatting.
Was just chatting?!
Ifa girl being alone with a guy.
It must be a married couples.
Or sister and brother.
If you're her husband.
We this 'thali'.
What all this?
Or tie this rakhi' to him.
- Why must I tie it?!
We it!
I didn't snatch the chain!
- What? Chain?
The chain is on top there.
- I didn't snatch it.
I did it.
What is the name?
That's the thing, I don't know.
She won't tell if I ask.
You try to ask her.
And get her phone number.
What is your name?!
- My name is Scene.
What a useless name!
Your date of birth?
When I was a baby.
- What?!
You are asking my happy birthday?
- What you did?
Why they brought you here?
- Didn't do anything yet!
Will they bring you in just
because you do nothing?
Is all done?
- Come fast!
What is your name?
- Raja.
|tsThi||ai Raja.
But few calls me Cable Raja.
What is your father doing?
He passed away
when I was little.
From where?
Slums beside Basenagar.
The pills matter.
That SI Inthiran told.
The beauty that Inthiran fell for?
She's hot.
Who are they?
- Chain snatchers.
We caught them instantly.
You're talking as if you
chase us down to catch us.
We the who one came to you.
How could that be?
Coming straight to a police jeep?
It's because of our luck.
- Luck?
What's with the luck?
- My head is dizzy.
Why are you shouting silently
like in a music recording?
You shut your mouth!
Have you bought the passes?
You seems so upset.
Is it love matter?
How you found out so fast?
How long you were doing this?
Only this.
Is it only chain snatching or robbery,
murder and raping?
You are asking like what else
food there is in a restaurant.
Nothing like that.
We are virgin.
This is the flrst time.
- It is because we're in trouble.
What is the trouble?
It is because of my uncle
Bajanai Ganesh not well.
We have admit him in the hospital.
That's why we need money.
Who are you?
- Ganesh.
Bajanai Ganesh?
-They already know about me?!
You were in the hospital seriously.
- Yes, he is coming..
The same AC I told you.
Would you talk to him?
One minute.
-Who is it?
How are you?
It's only small chain snatching case.
I given to them back.
Why is he reacting like
this for that call?
How do you know her?
-I use to do bajanai at her hse.
- Yes.
What will you do for me?
-Should I do bajanai at your hse too?
I don't care whatever they tell.
I need money.
Everyone need some amount
to take care themselves.
I get you sir.
It is coming.
I will give at the place you want it.
And bring back this kids.
Go to the entrance.
The counter will be ready.
You have a tough body to show!
Wear something.
I have forgive you.
Go back.
- Put it back!
Take it. - Is it a ATM machine to deposit
and withdraw as your wish?
Don't cheat ppl.
- Can't recognise who is the real thief.
Are you truly love her?
Wonder how is my son?
I couldn't talk in front of the
doctor even I memorize it.
I will be in peace if
sell this kidney.
How to sell it?
Where and who to ask?
It is wrong to sell kidney.
So Paandi can't go to school anymore?
Where are you going?
We're leaving to home.
- Going back home?!
The luck is on your side.
- Did the doctor agree with it?
What he can say more,
I changed the hospital itself.
Take this new clothes.
Wear it.
Didn't you feel to wear more proper
clothes when coming to city?
Ppl who build hse,
doesn't have a own hse.
And ppl who saw sandals,
won't have sandals to wear.
Same goes to our life.
Where will you go after
cheat a policeman?
What? Did I cheated him?
Did I stole his jeweleries
or his properties?
Shut your mouth!
You're so dare to talk
big in front of me?!
Call Inthiran.
- Yes, we're selling ourselves for money.
We don't have work nor education.
What is less in you?
You have education, work
and have uniform to wear.
But still you sell yourself
for money like us.
Are we the same?! Such a low person
you are! Don't you feel ashamed?!
Why must we be shame?!
We sell ourselves without clothes
and you with clothes on!
How dare you advise a police?!
Come here!
How dare you talk like this?!
I will tear you apart!
Please let her go.
You're her partner right.
Inthiran told your name something..
Karpuram means?
- Life after excitement.
Is it after excitement or
beginning of excitement?
Beat them up nicely and
send them back to Inthiran.
He will only give you one bottle
and biryani if you send us to him.
What will you give?
We will give you the share monthly
once we open our own company.
Don't send us to Rani.
I thought you'll say that you'll repent
and start over as a good person.
But you want to open a new company.
They are so cunning.
What a big goal?!
Take this as an advance.
It is gold.
So how about this gold?
Peacock! Don't be so arrogant
because you're so beautiful!
I with chop it!
You can't do business.
I want their agent and theirs
address on my table.
Chase them off after get
all the details from them.
What if the Singh left us
as you left them earlier?
What would happened?
Bharat injured badly.
Each of them telling
their God is bigger!
Why are they lighting?
Problems not about Gods.
The language.
In Tamil?
Things inside is same thing.
But they call it in different name.
In one language they call it Rama,
another calls it Jesus and Allah.
Problem not in the God.
It's how we refer Him as.
If you lost your brother.
You should come to police.
Why you went to them?
What is the plan?
- You are doing this for a reason.
We're not such ppl.
All of you are same.
Why are you involve us with
few of them who doing it?
Few of them?
If they are few.
Then who are they?!
Where did you went?!
Tell me!
Went to my uncle's hse.
- Ashraf is your uncle?!
Where is he?!
They are saying don't know right!
-Then do you know?!
Do you know then?!
- I don't know.
I don't even know about them.
Even my family was destroyed.
You backed up the one who beats us.
And beat the ones who got beaten!
He left the hse since then!
It have been since 3 years he disappear!
At least let them live
with their family.
They are innocents.
Are they innocent?!
Tell me what is the plan!
What will happen tomorrow?!
Don't suspect everyone!
Let them go!
You police dog!
It's not tomorrow!
But today!
Thousands of ppl will die!
Go and celebrate new year
with dead bodies!
What are you talking?!
He's lying because of the pain.
Keep quiet!
I'm not lying. I don't know where is your
brother. But I know what will he do.
You will see our respond
to their actions on us.
Where will it explode?!
Tell or I will shoot you!
Kill me!
It will happen in all the main city.
Don't you think Chennai
will happen too?!
It will happen!
It will happen today!
Are you crazy?!
What are you talking?!
They know everything!
They're planning for bigger thing.
Don't let them.
Change them to the special cell!
We will torture them and get the
information from them!
Killing thousands of ppl! Is this the work
that an innocent person do?
Money is on the way. Give tea for
him and take money from me.
They are chasing money like crazy.
- They even took Rs 2K I had.
Rs 2K? If you come here to
complaint that your baby is missing,
And your wife will be missing too!
That kind of place is this.
He was handling perfectly in English.
I'm the one who doesn't know
English talk nonsense and made us
If you keep him with you,
surely you will end up in jail.
Keep him so he can bring you to parliament.
- What are you talking?!
Wait a minute.
I will be back.
You're here granny.
Give me the money.
Can't take it with them.
Talk something to your grandson.
He too show off even using
granny money to save us.
Here, I have only Rs 3K.
Take this too!
It's your life! And up to
you how to spoil your life!
Don't you feel ashamed to
spoil her life too?!
It's all faith.
How will it be if I admit to
director Shankar..
That I'm good as AR Rahman?
Even us feel mad to listen you say so.
Sure he will kill you.
Same goes to you and her.
You won't match her.
Only rich can be rich.
- Ok poor, you can leave now.
Do as you like!
What happened?
Who are you calling?
I need to talk to you.
- Now itself?
Can meet outside my hse.
- I'll be there.
What are you going to tell her?
Where this Gobi went?
Curse you!
- I'm here right!
What did he asked?
Gold chain, share from business,
and Saroja.
Don't you worry a thing!
- Curse you!
If you come on time all
this won't happened!
From where you get the gold chain?
I took from the Shorty in the train.
Only this God have saved us.
If there is God sure we won't be like this.
How can I forget about you.
I will come to the usual place.
This time is a new one.
Our work is so special.
Normally they will pay
accordingly as their experience.
Only in this work they will pay
more for less experience.
They will throw their money if
don't have experience at all.
The operation will end in 2 hours.
Talk to you later.
What is your name?
He's my father, Venkataraman.
And he is my uncle Jayaraman.
I came to donate my
kidney for his son.
You agree to donate your kidney right?
- Yes.
Put your sign here.
I use thumbprint.
Is this a hse or wedding hall?
Why is it so big?
This is her beach hse.
What is beach hse?
-They build it to get some air.
You don't even afford to buy a table fan.
You need a hse to get air.
You're so lucky right.
What are you thinking?
I don't know how to
tell the truth to her.
I feel afraid.
- You're afraid of this?!
You will lie so many things.
That time you don't scared?
Lies are easy to tell.
But to tell the truth is hard.
We can do like this.
Can you tell her?
Tell who?
-Tell your nanny!
To Priya!
- Me? Please let me go!
It's my life.
Please tell her about me.
The truth?
You stole bike, snatch chain..
Lying about head massage
and rest is it?
Tell the good ones!
- I get you.
You're poor, working
as cable fixing, from slums..
And tell her the lies from me
is because of the love..
Why are you asking me
to talk in Hindi?!
It's Tamil!
He asked me to tell you the truth.
- What?
He said his love got poked and..
- I don't get you.
He was saying...
It was good words.
Where is Raj?
Where is Raj?!
What is the words?!
Tell me, I can't remember.
I made a mess.
What happened?
I told you that need to meet
your mom right?
Before that I need to tell you..
What a life!
Why is he in half fainted?
What is it Raja?
- Need Rs 40,000.
I thought he will ends this,
but its continuing.
Yes sir.
There is another person involved.
He's new.
I am bringing them to a special cells.
I will tear them a part!
It's not only them have vengeance.
Even for you.
That is why faith
bring me to you.
So terrorist and
me are the same?
Am I terrorist? - Ppl who make
innocents to suffer is terrorist!
Baby died!
Brother ran off!
Your life will gone because
I tile you in terrorist acts.
What are you staring?!
You told your wife is
pregnant right.
You will have your kid.
But you won't be there.
They have found me!
- He's heroin!
Peeking form inside.
Come out!
Why both of you keep
on coming to me?!
Just give me one more idea.
You have bring me to the police
station for the Iirst idea I gave!
Or with your idea will
they vote you in elections?
Be quiet.
Please one more idea.
Just tell her your true colour.
- I did try that.
She have managed to change
his mind with just a kiss.
I don't really understand all this.
I don't have any money.
Please let me go!
Come here.
- Who is he?
See how arrogant he's
sleeping there.
Understand one thing in life.
Man creates false money.
But money creates a false man.
Even a lot of false priest
exists nowadays.
We should add wealth in here.
You should know one thing in life.
-What is it?
There will be cream in a cream biscuit.
But won't have dog in a dog biscuit.
What proverbs is this?
- So it is useless of your proverb!
He couldn't go to Kaasi
because no money.
So he's high here and talking crap.
I can talk like you without
high like you.
Only one proverbs in the world.
- What is it?
Only one proverbs in the world.
- What is it?
Client is waiting.
Faster come, we're late.
Please help me out.
You danced, and made
me to dance too.
I'm so happy.
Just let the Rs 40,000 go.
Because of this you went
to police station.
Next you will go to the jail.
Leave this useless thing
and celebrate new year.
Because of you this innocent
too will go to jail.
Think carefully, let this go.
Let me go too.
I need to go bajanai.
Need to bath.
Go ahead.
You go back Iirst.
- Where?
Go and buy side dish.
I need a walk.
Where are you going alone?
I'll buy drinks.
- Only now the new year getting fun.
I'll go and buy side dishes.
You come early!
We have fun later.
The whole area will have fun.
I have bike.
Any buyers?
Bring it.
We can settle it.
Just bought 1 acre of land.
- You're doing good.
Is it only kidney and eyes?
Nothing else?
You're so greedy.
Keep in touch.
We shall go.
I need to give you Rs 40,000.
Our expenses is Rs3,000.
The balance is yours.
Take this.
- You promised Rs40,000 in total.
Who will pay all the rest expenses?
You get new clothes right.
You travel in the car
up and down right?
Is the money falling from the tree?
- It's for my grandson's education.
I'm begging you.
- Listen to me!
Hold it!
Please give the money you
suppose to give me!
Pack it!
Don't let anyone sees it.
Where are you going?!
The client will come soon.
Inside got more honey
and more money.
Not that!
This is the one.
You don't want me?
How are you Gobi?
You came with golden statue.
She's here.
- She's there?!
She got caught there!
Ask him to send Saroja here.
Now it's not my matter anymore.
Just send me my money!
Don't you afraid of your money.
Put down the phone.
You worked with me so long..
And started a new company
without my knowledge?
It's not that..
- Get him!
You're coming
as my competitor!
I am talking to bro right.
Forgive me.
I won't do it anymore.
Prey must run faster than predator.
If not it will get caught.
Are you an animal?!
- Keep quiet.
We came because Gobi said
he have big clients for us.
Look here.
Gobi is the one who brought us here.
But he ran of Just take
it I came to you by myself.
We can do the business together.
Don't involve Rani here.
Take half from the income.
- Half?
You're not my partner.
But things to be sold in the market.
How will we buy all the Sundries?
I bought you like that.
I have a new girl.
You haven't seen such beauty.
Bring her to the van!
You are Revathys dad?
- Is she's flne?
Shes line.
You can see her.
Could ask more right.
He doesn't have extra shirts.
He is still wearing the old shirt.
He's keep on asking
sandals for him.
Must buy him one pair.
How to buy it.
They even gave lesser Rs 3K.
So for Narasimman?
Won't there will be
end for all this?
There is money there.
Is it yours?
Where is it?
It's there!
Please give back the money.
It's for my grandson's education.
It's for my son's education.
I sold my kidney for it.
Please give it back.
It's for my son's education.
He's your ppl too.
A old terrorist and a new terrorist.
What are you staring?!
Don't you both plan something?!
I will pluck your eyes!
Watch them carefully!
This is the respect we gain
in this country.
We are coming to the guest hse.
You have been stabbed.
Please make a move.
What are you doing?
Listen to me!
It's not our business!
I don't have money.
It's Thillai Raja.
They call me Cable Raja.
There is a slum near your hse.
There is my hse.
I lied everything about me to you.
Nothing is true.
But the love I have for you is true.
Ask where is the doctor!
Doctor went for rounds.
Please wait for a while.
How long?
- It will be 10 minutes.
Please look upon her.
- What happened?
They stabbed her with knife.
She lost a lot of blood.
- Have you lodge police complaint?
It's a medical legal case.
Someone stabbed her.
She's dying.
And he's telling I need to go to police.
Yes, you have to.
- Please do something.
I will give the money.
- Money is not important.
It's a police case.
- She doesn't have anyone.
Please save her.
I keep on telling you!
Don't you understand?!
I won't forget you in my
whole life. - Go to the police Iirst.
What is it?
- I will sleep with you.
Even how many times.
Please help her.
Are you insane?!
Do you want me to call police?!
This is gold.
Take this and save me.
Because she doesn't have
anyone then me.
Can't take it, problems
from kids nowadays.
They are doing all kind of stuff.
- How's your new year?
It is going.
Some more they ask me to come in.
Who are you?!
You stay there.
We shouldn't keep crying
thinking of what we lost.
We should make them cry.
Only few will die if we put
bomb at theaters, park or mall.
And few will come to hospital.
If we put bomb in the hospital?
Get out from here.
You will have a new life.
Don't waste your life by
living as normal person.
You have a tire in your eyes.
Everything gone!
My son's life is gone.
What can we do?
We should just drink poison and die.
We got back the money.
He's going to study.
Is he going to study?
We have more then we need.
- Is it true?
God is there.
He didn't let us to suffer.
Is there any other number?
- Only that I have.
Where are you?
It's getting late.
Here got few things..
You arrange everything..
Need to go back urgently.
Very important thing to do.
Our future depends on this.
They ask you to go
to the third floor.
There is a lift this side.
Be careful.
Be careful.
Must be alert.
Did you get me?
Be careful.
Push it to the left.
Come fast.
You shouldn't bring pregnant
lady like this!
Come, go down by using lift.
Listen to me.
Don't go that side.
What are you doing here?!
Please believe me.
There is a great danger.
Close the door!
- What happened?
Don't shout!
It is your money.
Keep it.
I did mistake.
Wake up!
Please someone help me!
- Wait here, I'll be back.
You are alright?
- How to go to the new block?
This way.
Ask everyone to go in!
Please take care of her.
- Constables take her.
Where are you going?
- I will be back!
Be quiet.
Come this side!
Come back!
Is there any Muslims here?
Which God ask to murder humans?!
Why are you killing ppl?
You must believe in humans as
you believe in Gods!
What kind of Muslim are you?!
Here we have kids and ladies.
Kill them all!
Kill me too!
Kill me too!
What a life!
Your hand..
He is a guitarist.
Even he can't play guitar anymore.
But the history of this nation
will be talked about him.
Where to?
Where is the next bus to?
I'll take it.
How to survive at the
place we don't know.
We can work as something else.
We just need money for food.
Please forgive me.
The situation was like that.
We have work in hand.
The situation was like that.
We have work in hand.
We can go some where
there is no problems.
Believe me.
Let's go sis.
Your dream, your own company.
A life that we won't understand in many
generations is answered by a death.
He will bring me whenever he goes.
But now he left me behind.
Who is here for me?!
What he said?
That rich ppl will keep corpse for 3 days.
Even for 10 days ppl will
come to see him.
He died bravely.
- Who told he died?
He died bravely.
- Who told he died?
The death died!
How many pp|'s live is saved from
death because of him!
He didn't die!
RS 35,000.
- Balance Rs 15,000 who will give?!
If you want your grandson!
Pay all the balance.
Shut your mouth!
Enough of your robbery!
Where is your respect?!
Do you want to see the account?!
I don't know how to see it.
Then give me the balance and
leave with your grandson!
I know how to count.
Let me count the interest.
For Rs 50,000, how much is the total
interest Rs 2 monthly for 30 months?
It's Rs 30,000.
RS 30,000.
That is enough.
Let's go.
Why let them go?
How well the kid did
the calculation.
Let them go.
Let him study well.
-The end -