Vaashi (2022) Movie Script

-Is he here yet?
-Yes, hurry up.
Oh, no...
I'm so late.
Give me a way.
Coming through.
Sir, your meeting was scheduled for later!
Good morning, Kumar. I couldn't wait.
Advocate, where are you at?
The fifth court?
The hearing is in the magistrate court.
Hurry up!
Please don't make things worse
for the accused.
The court is in session. It's very busy.
I've spoken to a lawyer about you.
Let me call him.
He's good, isn't he?
Of course, trust me on this.
He's very busy. Must be in the court.
Hello, Mr. Kumar.
Mr. Ebin, which court are you at?
I wouldn't have answered
if I were in court.
I'm in the canteen having snacks.
Hand it over to a junior
and hurry up, sir!
The client is here already?
I'll be there in a minute.
Don't let the client slip away.
Where are you going in full uniform?
Worry not! Haven't hit a jackpot.
-Morning's case files?
-I'll return it by noon.
-Don't forget!
Hello, Kumar.
Sir, this is Mr. Anto.
Ebin Mathew.
May peace be with you.
Sir, I'm handing you his case
only because he is dear to me.
Carry on the discussion. I'm in a hurry.
-Kumar, thank you very much.
-Okay, sir.
-Tell me about the case.
-Can we talk at the office?
Of course, let's go to your office.
Do you drive?
Not my office. I meant yours.
-My office?
Yes... Let's go to my office.
Will it take too long to get compensation?
Give me a minute.
-Did anyone see you beat up Mr. Vijayan?
-No, sir.
Then, we will argue that Vijayan got drunk
and had a scuffle with the police.
And that they beat him to death.
Then, they took him to the hospital
and framed you for their crime.
We will pin the blame on the police.
Yes, Ebin?
Hello, this is Advocate Ebin.
You will have to evict
the property immediately.
The property cannot be evicted now.
It is presently being used.
No excuses. It needs to be evicted.
My client is in a fix.
B-But someone else is using it right now.
This is nothing new for us, right?
Do you need me to tell you
what the law says?
-Oh, God!
-What's the matter, sir?
I have a splitting headache.
-Let's eat something.
-I ate already.
Let me eat something, then.
You can pay. Come.
M.A, L.L.B
Evidence is what matters in court.
Evidence decides
if you've committed a crime or not.
With no evidence or witness
against you, you need not worry.
Let's go inside.
-I expected a bigger office.
-Size doesn't matter.
-What's your case?
-I got cheated.
I specialize in such cases. IPC 415, 420.
Non-bailable offense.
No bails for him!
-Is the court session over?
-Who's inside?
-The client with the bail application.
Prepare an objection report.
You still don't know
how to tie this, Madhavi?
She still can't file papers properly.
These cases are scheduled for tomorrow.
Prepare these two petitions.
I had told you.
I need to leave early today.
But this case is scheduled for tomorrow.
I haven't checked on my pregnant wife
since she went to her house.
If I don't visit her today,
I'll be pleading my own divorce!
Let Mr. Sijo leave. I'll manage it.
It will take you all night to finish.
So our boss will ask me
to stay back with you.
Don't babysit me,
but don't tell our boss either.
Listen, don't sweet-talk me.
But you better stop trying to belittle me
at every opportunity!
Or else, I'll have to tell our boss
about you chatting up Ms. Manju.
I was just clarifying doubts
about her divorce case.
At midnight?
He is asking for you. Not you, her!
Once the charge sheet is in, we'll try
to quash the investigation report.
This is her.
Madhavi, they are the sureties
for the bail.
Copies of Aadhaar cards
and tax receipts are enclosed.
Execute the bail tomorrow noon.
Sir, can't you appear for the hearing?
You've already been granted bail.
And I got you that!
This is just a document submission.
Madhavi can manage it.
What if something else comes up?
She's young.
Madhavi is quite experienced.
We are collecting all documents in advance
to avoid complications.
Don't worry.
-Excuse me.
-Yes, come in.
Let me finish my lunch.
Sorry, I must be in the wrong office.
That's okay. Take a seat.
-What happened?
-Looks the same!
Excuse me. Where's the lawyer?
That would be me.
No. There was another lawyer.
There is just one lawyer here.
Check the name board.
Satheesh Mulloor, B.Com, L.L.B.
Believe me now?
Come on in, please.
Let me call someone.
I had taught that idiot well.
Why did he come back, then?
Maybe he didn't quite understand
your points.
I think he must've been suspicious
of the cheap-looking office.
Go find a posh place, then.
Even if I get a decent place,
I will leave.
-Will you?
-Of course!
Mr. Surendran is vacating his office.
You should check that out.
-What about the rent?
-About Rs. 15,000.
That's fair for a decent office.
Where will I find the money?
Build yourself a stable base first.
You will find a way to pay the rent then.
Or just ask your family.
Ask your brother-in-law.
Even selling beer bottles from his bar
will earn you enough.
No, that's not right.
But throwing me out is completely
fine with you, isn't it?
You are my Lord of Lords.
-Good to know.
-What's the serious discussion?
I was trying to make him
get an office space.
It's not going to happen, Mr. Mulloor.
He is just all talk.
Did anyone ask you?
I stopped giving you my opinion long back.
-Then, just don't talk.
-I will not.
-You have nothing better to do?
I won't have a permanent office
until he gets one, too.
-The verdict is coming this afternoon.
-That'll be in our favor.
That's not vegetarian.
-What's the case?
-Domestic violence.
Genuine domestic violence,
or did you just add it in?
We need to win!
This is why I'm scared of marriage!
-You better be scared.
-Of course.
-Or I'll be trapped, like this poor guy.
-What poor guy?
-You have no issue with him womanizing?
-Then raise that argument.
The law favors women already.
Why raise false allegations then?
False allegations?
Mental abuse is domestic violence, Eby.
Women need no favors
as long as you have no prejudices.
Wait, why are you both
arguing over my client?
I'll be there immediately.
I've been summoned to the office.
Hurry up. Go frame some poor soul.
Don't get an earful!
He'll pay for the juice.
You can't win an argument with her.
That's why I keep mum.
I'll leave in a bit.
What's there to worry about?
I'm not alone. Mr. Cherian is here!
I'll not be late.
Haven't you left yet?
I was about to leave, but your mother
told me you were here.
I thought I'd accompany you
if you were scared to go alone.
Who's scared?
What if I go alone?
Will anyone kidnap me?
Not if they know you.
I'll take the right from here.
-I need to meet a friend.
-See you. Good night!
-You said you'd drop me home.
But you said you weren't scared!
Yes, I did.
I'm not scared.
But you shouldn't say things
that you can't do.
See, you are just all talk.
But you asked me to go!
I'll manage myself. So, goodnight!
Oh, you're home!
Oh, Ebin accompanied you?
I didn't ask him to come.
He came along himself.
Come have dinner with us.
My sister and brother-in-law are home.
They'll be waiting.
You said you had to meet a friend.
I'll say whatever I want!
-Bye. See you.
Our people back-stabbed Mr. Jacob
in the last Chalakudy election.
You know where he's contesting from
this time?
-From where?
-Pala constituency, our stronghold!
We will succeed, Daddy.
You know how much it's going to cost?
-You know how much it will cost me?
-Crores, Papa!
-Will this do you any good, Jose?
-Plenty good, Daddy!
Forget the food and listen to me.
Brother-in-law, I'm listening!
Poor liquor barons like us
cannot survive without politics.
If Mr. Jacob becomes the minister,
it'll be good times for us.
Then I'll renew the bar license
for Ramapuram and Kidangoor.
Just as public service.
-Brother-in-law will have his benefits.
-Just a little!
Not just a little! You'll benefit well!
I was talking about beef!
I will have some, too.
What do you mean benefits, son?
All kinds.
I have some things planned!
Do I get to marry
the minister's daughter?
-You wish!
Please help him achieve something in life.
Or else he'll just wander
around aimlessly!
-He won't even get a girl!
-Mother, this is how men mature.
-We'll find a girl once he matures!
-I am all for the minister's daughter.
Quit pulling my leg.
Did you find a space for your office?
Still looking. No luck yet.
Mr. Kurian has a vacant space
in Thampanoor!
Don't even pay rent. Let me talk to him.
That's not right.
Mom, give me the phone.
You and your pride!
Here you go.
Let the witness be summoned.
I'll post the case in two weeks.
The other case was moved.
What's the situation here?
-We're about to be called. Take these!
-That's us.
I'm for the accused, Your Honor.
Bail application already allowed.
Today, sureties are present
for executing bail bond.
The property tax receipt is not enclosed.
Don't you know the terms
to execute a bail bond?
Your Honor, it's all in there.
It was all in there.
I don't have time for this.
The counsel should be responsible.
Documents are not sufficient.
Bail canceled.
Your Honor!
Call the next case.
SE 257/18.
What's the issue now?
-Are you sure?
I left the firm.
What do you mean?
Did you quit?
The land tax receipt was missing
when I went to execute a bail bond.
The bail got rejected.
The clerk misplaced the document
at the photocopy shop.
But the blame was on me
until we found it later.
And Sijo used the opportunity
to insult me.
Mr. Thomas scolded me
in front of everyone.
Nobody believed me.
Let them go to hell, Madhu.
You can join a better firm.
I can't work under anyone anymore.
I want to be independent.
Look, this is determination!
Mr. Mulloor, can I get the
vacant space you mentioned?
Of course.
No, I wanted that space!
You never confirmed.
But I was thinking about that.
Keep thinking. Can we go see the place?
No way! Find another place, Madhu.
I already weaved dreams around it.
You couldn't decide
until I expressed interest!
Don't assume. I had decided.
This is the place I want.
-What's your--
-Why don't you rent the place together?
There is room for two.
You can even share the rent.
Cat got your tongue?
When you say we share an office space...
Don't overthink this.
I've decided.
Let's go check out the place.
-This place, right?
These stairs will keep you fit.
There's plenty of space here.
One office can be there, and one here.
Superb, isn't it?
Shall we fix the deal?
-No ifs and buts!
But what about the advance?
I'll take care of that.
Pay me back when you make it big.
Let me call him up.
Are we chasing our cherished dreams
Through its mystic pathways?
Are we weaving the magic loom of love
Without a word uttered between us?
You are the music of all my seasons
I bloom as an eternal spring in you
Love sheds like a soft dewdrop on us
Did a new breeze brush past us?
I can't send my kids to school.
I can't even put food on the table!
We can prove that the signature
on the check is his.
Excuse me.
Hello, tell me.
Tell you what?
Don't worry! We'll ask for
a protection order under 498A.
My God! Such a show-off!
Whenever the soul strays
Whenever the heart grows heavy
My other half
I feel you leaning on my shoulder
I am the shore
You are the surfy waves
Covering my grief eternally
My eyes twinkle with soothing wonder
That befall me when I'm with you
Will my cherished moments of joy
Come true, dear?
My silence longs for your presence
My love
You are the music of all my seasons
I bloom as an eternal spring in you
Love sheds like a soft dewdrop on us
Did a new breeze brush past us?
-Mr. Jacob has won!
-He'll definitely become a minister!
Our good times are here!
-How is it?
-Looks fine.
Like dewdrops on grass tips
That shine like diamonds on a necklace
You light up my soul, my love
In solitude
Even my silence
Longs for your presence, my love
Will you ever sense
The sweet agony of my heart?
Will you add your rhyme to my rhythm?
Let's weave our story together
You are the music of all my seasons
I bloom as an eternal spring in you
-When did you buy this?
-It is pre-owned.
I guessed that.
But too soon, isn't it?
A lawyer with a car gets paid better.
Come, get in.
Let's go!
Madhu, I'll leave a little early today.
-I have to meet someone.
-A client?
-Not a client.
-Who else?
I got a marriage proposal.
Today, I am meeting the girl unofficially.
Eby, quite a coincidence!
My family also mentioned
a potential marriage alliance for me.
Leave it. Tell me about yours.
Where's the girl's photo?
I don't have a photo.
So, you haven't even seen her?
You must be really excited!
If you like her, don't wait for long.
You aren't getting any younger!
Tell me about your wedding proposal.
Mother is in a hurry.
She asked me if I loved someone.
I said no,
and she brought up this proposal.
This is the guy.
We are the same age.
Nice, right?
Apparently, he's expecting
to clear the magistrate exam.
Okay, then. All the best!
I have to file this application.
Send me a selfie with your girl.
Also, on your way back,
will you come pick me up?
Without my scooter,
I'll be stuck looking for cabs.
Did you take a photo?
I didn't. I couldn't.
Didn't I tell you to take one?
Anyway, I'll meet her
once you get engaged.
So, tell me, did she like you?
Why wouldn't she?
To be honest,
I never thought you'd find a girl.
But then, this is nice.
You'll be a bit mature now.
Do I lack maturity now?
You don't, but...
Never mind.
Madhu, stop beating around the bush.
Say it to my face.
That's precisely what I have to say.
When did I beat around the bush?
Don't shout!
I'm not shouting. I'm just saying.
Eby, don't raise your blood pressure.
-I was just joking.
-Oh, God!
I was joking about the marriage proposal.
But why?
I'll say whatever I want!
I was lying when I said
I didn't love anyone.
And that photo was a friend's
WhatsApp display picture.
So, where were you until now?
I was at a nearby tea shop,
waiting around.
I drank so much tea.
Brother-in-law Jose,
tell me why we are here.
-Relax, man.
-Is it for a case?
Is it regarding a case?
-Let's get you married to his daughter.
-That's me. Come.
-You can come in.
Fasten the buttons, man.
-Am I really going to marry his daughter?
Hello, Mr. Jacob.
Jose, I hear things are going
well for you!
It's all lies. If it's about the cardamom
plantation, the prices have fallen.
If it's about the rubber plantation
in Ramapuram, it's in partnership.
Anyway, what about the other plan?
So, this is the guy. Looks smart!
He is my brother-in-law, after all.
Of course.
Since I became a minister,
he hasn't given me a moment's peace.
He's been calling me non-stop
about his plan for you.
Not as many times as you called me
when you were in need.
That was just between us.
But this is different.
What plan is this?
I haven't told him yet.
The plan is to make you
a public prosecutor.
Look, even he is surprised.
Then, imagine my situation
when I recommended him.
After all the scramble for power,
there's only one prosecutor post open now.
And there's a fight for that between...
-You might know who.
Advocate Shani Abraham and Shahul Hameed.
Both of them are backed
by bigwigs from our group.
Amid this... What's your name?
Ebin Mathew.
They would block his nomination.
Please bypass it! Did I travel
all this way to listen to excuses?
Calm down!
Things have turned around
faster than you can imagine.
To avoid in-fighting,
the party took the alternate route.
-What's that?
-Youth representation.
In that gap,
I nominated your brother-in-law.
No blocks this time.
Meaning, your brother-in-law
has been appointed
as the public prosecutor.
You can't believe it?
I'll light a pack of candles
at the church!
There are so many eligible seniors.
What will the public think?
But this is not based on seniority.
If you're concerned about public opinion,
serve them well and earn goodwill.
We are looking for efficient youngsters.
Can I trust you with this responsibility?
Yes, you can!
-Mr. Prosecutor!
-Thank you!
-I'm Udayan, sir.
-Sir, your bag?
-It's fine.
-How long have you been here?
-Three years, sir.
I requested for this post.
There's too much work
at the police station.
Here, I can go home
if there are no cases after lunch.
Please update me on the status
of today's cases.
Let's do that after today's session.
Sir, Minister Jacob's brother
has a trial in this court.
There's a rumor that that's why
you have been posted here.
There's resentment since you overtook
many of your seniors.
Udayan, I've not come here to do
somebody else's work.
I will do my job pretty well.
And I expect you to do as I say.
Did you tell him?
What's up?
-Did Jose call you?
Jose was talking about a wedding proposal
for you from an affluent family.
The affluent part goes without saying!
We thought of talking to you
before proceeding.
I'm in love with a girl.
Is it Madhavi?
Didn't I tell you?
We had anticipated this.
We like Madhavi, too.
-She's a nice girl.
-She is a nice girl...
But she's from a different community.
Madhu is also a lawyer.
We are birds of a feather, right?
That's not the issue.
Will she convert?
But she doesn't have to convert.
It's not for us.
Forget about relatives,
what will we say at the church?
I can't antagonize anyone.
Don't worry.
Let me try talking to the priest.
Her family may also face similar issues.
They may. But Madhu will handle it.
Let me talk to Madhavi's mother first.
We'll decide after that.
Why did you talk to your parents
about marriage?
Why shouldn't I?
You should've discussed my wedding
with me first!
Have we ever discussed this topic?
I didn't tell my parents--
My issue isn't you telling your parents.
But this wedding plan is going too fast.
I don't want this until I settle down.
-But haven't we settled down?
-You have. I'm just starting my career.
A wedding is impossible right now.
Our marriage is not going to affect
your career!
It's easier said than done.
In any profession,
there needs to be a work-life balance.
Besides, this is not a decision
one can force onto someone.
Take a decision based on your priorities.
And do let me know.
Nandu, have you reached your hometown?
No, I'm home.
-Have you reached a compromise?
-Yes, sir.
-For how much?
-Rs. 10,000, sir.
Never get into street fights again.
A compromise isn't always possible.
When I ask you in the court,
you have to act like strangers.
I'll take care of the rest.
See you in the court.
Good morning, sir!
Running late. Are the cases ready?
Ready, sir.
-There's a bail hearing.
-What's the offense?
Rape on the pretext of marriage.
-Is the investigation report out?
-No, sir.
The arrest was yesterday.
-Hello, Madhu?
-Sir, we are already late.
I'll call you back. Let's go.
Miscellaneous petition, right?
Eby, Eb...
-What's your case?
-Where's your phone?
You called right when I was leaving.
Which is your case?
CMP 184/19. Petitioner: Gautham Ganesh.
I'm for the petitioner, Your Honor.
Your Honor, the alleged offenses are
under section 375 and 415 of IPC.
Rape under promise of marriage.
But this is a false case.
The petitioner is from
a well-reputed family,
highly qualified,
and has never committed any offense.
Prima facie, none of the sections charged
in this case hold any merit.
So, the petitioner is entitled to bail,
Your Honor.
What do you say, Prosecutor?
Your Honor, I only received
the petition 15 minutes ago.
I haven't even read it yet. And the
police reports aren't available either.
So, maybe, post it to tomorrow
for hearing the petition.
May not be, Your Honor!
The learned prosecutor cannot
simply seek time for adjournment.
An innocent man is being framed here.
The court may kindly take his age
into consideration.
Your Honor,
I've only asked for a day's time.
I have to go through the case.
Tomorrow is a weekend holiday.
The court sitting is only after two days.
This is no trivial case.
Two-day custody will do no harm.
He needs just a day.
I think his submission is reasonable.
I'll hear this case on Monday.
Case posted to 10th June, Monday.
-I don't know.
-Let's see.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
Nandu, I'm asking you again.
Are you sure about me handling this case?
Dear, we can't expect your sincerity
in Gautham's case
from any other lawyer.
Is Aunty okay?
I'll come home.
Madhu, won't Ebin listen to you?
I don't think so.
I'm sorry.
Come in.
I tried calling you since morning
when I found out the case
was in your court.
I was about to leave when you called.
-How did you get involved?
-We are family friends since childhood.
She called me last night.
I was excited about this case,
but it's become an issue now.
What issue? You are a prosecutor!
You will find many familiar lawyer faces
in your court.
So what? After all, we are professionals.
But we aren't just colleagues.
This Sunday,
our families are meeting each other.
What do we do now?
I spoke to Nandu about us.
They are fine.
If your client has an issue,
they can appoint a special prosecutor.
Madhu, this is my career's
first major case.
It'll be a shame if I withdrew.
That too, citing marriage.
There's already resentment
about my appointment.
It's unnecessary to think
of giving up the case.
Talk to your client. If they are okay,
what's the issue?
And just postpone the wedding if required.
People already blame me
for not getting Madhu married.
Now with this...
I agreed quickly only because it's Ebin.
The new bypass will make
travel smooth.
It is never going to be constructed.
Give me a minute.
It's not going to happen.
He likes cake, doesn't he?
He's always up to something.
-Our families are discussing.
-We need to take a stand, right?
She is sitting here, all tense.
It's Mr. Mulloor.
Of course, I'll take a stand.
We want to get them married
as soon as possible.
Us, too.
We just want to conduct the wedding
in our church.
Or else, that'll turn
into a huge headache.
But if it's at a church, our relatives...
We can't antagonize them.
Can't we conduct it
at a registrar's office?
You wouldn't have said that if you'd
received proper religious education.
We can't offend our community
and the church.
In a way, our children are also correct.
But as you said,
we should consider our relatives, too.
Isn't it better to conduct the rituals
as per both customs?
Don't worry. With the bishop's permission,
even baptism could be avoided.
Let's try that.
Let me consult an astrologer and get
an auspicious day and time confirmed.
Of course. That's good!
We don't believe in astrology.
The deal is between the Lord and us!
We have something to say.
We took this decision together.
All of you know about our case.
We need time till it's over.
A wedding in the middle of this case--
Madhu, keep quiet!
Leave the case if you want,
but the wedding can't be delayed.
Yes. I don't care about the case.
The wedding can't be delayed.
Petition is allowed, and bail is
granted on following conditions.
The bail will be granted
once the petitioner executes
a bond of Rs. 50,000,
with two people as surety.
The petitioner is expected
to appear without fail
before the investigative officer
whenever he is summoned.
The accused should neither get involved
in criminal cases
nor try to influence the witnesses
in this case.
Sir, I'm Shivakumar, the victim's father.
-Let's talk in my office.
Sir, what do you do?
I'm an officer at Attingal Town Planning.
Don't worry about his bail.
It's because it wasn't a kidnapping
or a brutal rape.
And he has no criminal record either.
He could've been granted bail
the other day.
But my job isn't to make their lives easy.
I've studied the case well.
The investigative officer's report
is watertight.
Since the case is under section 375,
even if the sexual intercourse
is consensual,
it would legally amount to rape
as a false promise of marriage was made.
Things won't be easy for the accused.
Sir, I'll be outside.
Sir, I'll need to speak to your daughter.
That's why I came here.
She is reluctant to meet you
at your office.
I can understand. That won't be a problem.
I can come to your house.
-I have something to tell you, too.
-What's it, sir?
Let's talk at your residence.
His lawyer...
Will she cause us trouble?
No. Don't worry about that.
Anusha, you okay?
A police complaint isn't enough.
We need to prove the case in court.
To do that, I need absolute clarity
on what happened.
Anusha, the court doesn't see me
just as your lawyer.
To them, I am your voice.
Whatever you want
to tell the court is on me.
I'll step aside.
Let's go inside.
Gautham, forget that we know each other.
Consider me as just your lawyer.
I need you to tell me
every single detail of this case
that you may or may not have told
the police or your sister.
How do you know each other?
Saira, my roommate,
was Gautham's friend from college.
Saira referred my resume to Gautham.
That's how I got a job at the
architectural firm where Gautham worked.
How did the two of you get close?
I was assisting Gautham.
So, we were always together.
And you fell in love.
What about him?
He always behaved
as if the feelings were mutual.
Everyone at work knew this.
Has Gautham ever told you
that he would marry you?
He knew very well
that I was not interested in a fling.
But that's not what he says now.
Never! We were just close friends.
I always interacted with her
the way I interact with others.
How does she expect me to read her mind?
She has never expressed her feelings.
How can she say
that I promised to marry her!
The intercourse... Was it the first time?
What led to it?
Who took the initiative?
I know it's difficult for you to tell me.
But we have no other option.
One night, he called me to his apartment
for a discussion.
Just you?
Mr. Vimal was also there.
But he left after the discussion.
After that, at night...
We spoke for a while.
At some point...
If you ask me how we got to that point,
I don't know.
It-It just happened.
When we spoke the next morning,
I realized he didn't want to marry me.
No matter what I said...
You don't seem to understand!
Anu, it just happened.
You can't just wake up
and ask me to marry you.
-So, you don't love me?
-I didn't say that.
But that...
Let's talk later. I'm booking you an Uber.
Is it only my fault that this happened?
If I knew she expected me to marry her...
I wouldn't have gotten into all this.
She has a friend, Saira.
Anusha must have told you.
I came to know everything from her.
She tried to kill herself at her hostel.
So I brought her back home.
In her mother's absence,
I have always taken that role.
It wasn't easy at all.
She wouldn't stop crying,
asking to get them married.
So, I tried to talk to him over the phone.
Her father tried to threaten me
into marrying her.
I got all frustrated and shouted at him.
Then I came to know that
they filed a case against me.
He cheated my daughter
and forced her to attempt suicide.
I can't let him get away with it.
If I give up on this
considering public scrutiny,
I would fail her as a father.
After all, he should be worried,
not my daughter.
The times have changed, sir!
He knew I was in love!
Then, why did he...
I have not cheated anyone deliberately.
I have something to tell you both.
The defense lawyer in this case,
She is my fiance.
I know it can be difficult to accept.
But, within the court, our interactions
are strictly professional.
I can assure you the same treatment
in your case too.
Besides, this is a very important case
in my career.
If you ever doubt my commitment,
you have an option to appoint
a special prosecutor.
If you have complete faith in me,
we can go ahead together.
Madhavi's mother had called.
They consulted an astrologer.
September 8th morning is auspicious.
They are also okay with it.
Let's schedule our rituals at the temple
in the morning
and their rituals at the church
in the afternoon. Okay?
Did you commit the crime
mentioned in the charge sheet?
-Shall we list the case for trial?
Let's add it to the list for September.
The trial of this case will be held on
Monday, 2nd September.
Hey, my darling, tell me something
Won't we be one someday?
Beyond arguments and disagreements
Don't you see
We are made for each other?
Even if we fight, hurting each other
Won't we resolve it without fail?
You reflect in me
And I'm your other half
Won't you lead me through the right way?
Blue is an ominous color.
Our joy and laughter all day
Should never turn into despair any day
With our routines changing in no time
I'm alone, unaware of the right path ahead
When we are together
When our fingers cross
I feel a light inside me
A thousand questions stay inside me
As we start our new beginnings
The victim's statement is sufficient
in cases filed under section 375.
Court considers it strong evidence.
We need to find loopholes
in the victim's statement.
If we get the benefit of the doubt,
we can argue that
the prosecution's case is weak.
We need evidence
to counter such arguments.
The accused's gifts to her
or selfies which show that they were close
will be helpful to us.
We should check if we can influence
someone on the prosecution's witness list.
Evidence is in our favor.
And, in such cases,
the court is lenient toward women.
We can utilize that.
It's not just evidence that wins cases.
It's not the truth
but how the truth is presented in court
that matters.
Listen, ask for a plain wedding chain.
Hey, my darling, tell me something
Won't we be one someday?
Beyond arguments and disagreements
Don't you see
We are made for each other?
Even if we fight, hurting each other
Won't we resolve it without fail?
You reflect in me
And I'm your other half
Won't you lead me through the right way?
What's wrong with booking the hall
on a Tuesday?
It's a good day for us,
the day of St. Antony!
We have saints for the whole week.
Daddy, he is on their side now!
-She's in the car.
-She must say that he insisted.
AC 1398/19.
Accused: Gautham Ganesh.
Accused is present, Your Honor.
Witness is present, Your Honor.
PW1: Anusha Shivakumar.
It's going to be in-camera proceedings.
Everyone except the witness,
the defense attorney,
and the public prosecutor
may please step outside.
All the best.
You too.
Were you in love with the accused?
Did you believe that he loved you too
and would marry you?
Why did you believe so?
That's how he interacted with me.
Could you please let the court know
why you believed he loved you
and how it led to sexual intercourse
with the accused?
Don't hesitate to tell me.
My roommate, Saira...
She asked me to send my resume
to Gautham's architectural firm.
The next day when I brought up marriage,
he just dismissed me.
He said he never intended to marry me.
Your Honor, these are screenshots
of their WhatsApp chat.
These are their personal photographs.
These tell us how intimately
the accused interacted with the victim.
My client's--
Did your parents know
about your relationship?
Your Honor, Anusha's mother passed away
years ago.
Did you tell your father?
Gautham reacted poorly
when I suggested telling my father.
This is a birthday gift
she got from the accused.
Gifting a sari is considered
a promise of marriage in our culture.
This gift was at least intended
to make her believe so.
From this, it is evident that the accused
was deliberately trying to mislead her.
Therefore, section 417 of IPC,
read with 415, stands valid.
Isn't this the dress you had worn
that day?
How did a few of these buttons break?
I don't remember it very clearly.
And why is that?
I had consumed some wine.
-Do you consume alcohol regularly?
Then what was different that day?
When Gautham suggested it...
Of course! It's not with a stranger,
but with your loved one!
But were you drunk enough
to lose consciousness?
What happened? Did he insist to do so?
So, he insisted, right?
The intercourse happened
only after that?
Your Honor, a woman's sexual consent
is legally valid
only when she is free of intoxication.
Since my client was drunk,
her consent is a manipulated one.
This offense can be read
into Section 375 of the IPC
by using the definition of the word
"consent" from Section 90 IPC.
Had you known that
he had no intention of marrying you,
would you have had
a physical relationship with him?
No more questions, Your Honor.
Are you all right?
You said the buttons
on your dress were broken.
But you don't remember
what happened that night, right?
Then, how can we be sure
that it happened the same night?
Your Honor, questioning the validity
of an abuse victim's statement
is insulting her.
Your Honor,
there's a possibility that the victim
broke these buttons later
to strengthen the case.
The defense is spinning a tale.
That's what the prosecution is doing!
In this day and age,
youngsters taking pictures together,
sending a few messages on Whatsapp,
or giving out gifts
aren't signs of a relationship.
Tell me! Has my client ever told you
out loud that he would marry you?
Has he, at the least, proposed to you?
Verbal affirmation isn't always required
in a romantic relationship.
Your Honor, the law clearly states that
the promise to marriage can be inferred
from the action and conduct
of the accused.
The accused's behavior is clear from
the evidence and the victim's statement.
Maybe. But without ever discussing
marriage with each other,
why would my client's willingness
be assumed?
That's not an assumption.
When two people are in love,
they would want to get married.
That's trust!
It's not just about trust.
Proper communication is also important.
Lack of communication
leads to such naive assumptions.
From this day forward,
until death do you part,
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
will you love and honor each other
all the days of your life?
This isn't a television debate!
This is a court!
Let's move forward only if you can be
better disciplined.
Mathan, I did tell them that we'd have
a few drinks and crash here tonight.
I told them too.
All right, bye.
All right, then. I'll call you.
-Bye, see you.
Susie, they are all leaving.
-Dear, say bye!
-Okay then, bye!
-See you, dear.
-Let me change.
-It's okay, we are leaving.
I will be coming alone to Madhu's home
tomorrow morning.
Jose will go to Muvattupuzha.
-It's okay, right?
-Yes. Come with us, Elsa.
Let's go?
When are you moving to the new house?
Next week.
We've already moved some stuff.
Let's go.
Bye, Ebin.
All right, then.
Let's go?
Jose, shall we leave?
-The little guy is sleepy.
-Should we not take him to his room!
-Madhavi has already gone.
She did?
Come, hold my hand.
You're already late at everything.
Your wife has already gone in.
-Don't waste time on trivial things.
-Stay here!
Get a good grip on things!
-Bye, sis.
-I'll see you.
Come on, Mom. Let's go.
-Bye. Take him home.
-Just go!
Mom has been calling non-stop asking me
to hang the garland.
Some believe wedding garlands
shouldn't be thrown away.
She was worried someone might do it.
She has called four times.
Let me send her a photo.
I wonder what rituals they follow here.
I see every possibility
that we'd get stuck in this.
This is why I told you
we should move to a new house.
A private space for us.
Wouldn't that be nice?
What happened? You tired?
Feeling sleepy?
I'm full of energy.
A wedding in the morning,
another at noon
and then a reception in the evening.
I'm full of energy.
If you are going to sleep,
lie down comfortably.
None of this was easy for me.
I did it for you.
I know.
I never intended
to put you through all this pressure.
But when the families got involved,
things got out of hand.
Anyway, this is what we wished for.
It's just that the timing
wasn't what we wanted.
Did you fall asleep?
I don't sleep well in new places.
Shall I turn the lights off?
Aren't you tired?
I am, but we could sleep tighter
if we are more tired.
What is it?
Your dad was a hippie, wasn't he?
That was the trend back then.
Recognize this person?
He was surrounded
by women back then too.
He is harmless.
That's Nandu, me and our friends.
From what Vimal had said,
he isn't harmless.
How do we know his words are true?
How do we know
what our clients tell us is true?
We plead for them,
collect our fees and adios.
Yes, Your Honor.
Shall I vacate that office space
and move to a smaller place?
-That would save us some rent.
It's manageable.
Don't leave that space.
You are not going
to come back any time soon.
Who knows!
The government may fall anytime.
Irrespective of that, you should
keep the space. It's ours, isn't it?
Let me ask you something then.
What have you
taught Vimal for the next hearing?
Yeah, right!
If you can, win this on your own.
This prosecutor
isn't susceptible to any influence.
Can't I influence you?
-Are you tempting me?
-What if I am?
If you are...
It's been a week since the wedding.
If you tempt me the right way,
I might get influenced.
That's all I have got to say too.
Eby, look at this.
I wore this yesterday
and the buttons are broken.
It happens at times.
No, listen. This could be how
her dress' button broke.
-Who are you talking about?
-Eby, Anusha!
Remember your argument
that Gautham must've used force?
What if he didn't
and it broke this way?
Madhu, please don't drag
court affairs to our home.
I thought we agreed on it.
Sorry. It just occurred to me
and I'd to tell you.
Can't you
say something nice in the morning?
Why are you shouting at me?
-Why did I even bother!
-Get ready soon.
That broken button
is her concern right now!
They have filed a counter-petition.
That's not an issue.
But if the court appoints a commissioner,
we'll have to pay the fee
before the visit.
How much would that be, ma'am?
Please excuse me for a minute.
I had called Ebin.
But he didn't answer the call.
Eby must be in court now.
Oh, I see.
-What happened?
-I'm at Peroorkada Police Station.
Scaria, who lives in Cherpunkal...
His son Sunny
and friends got into a brawl at the bar.
Someone got hurt.
Did you recognize Sunny?
He had come to your wedding reception.
He said he'd gifted you
a Sujatha mixer grinder.
Let that be.
Can you please come here, Madhavi?
Jose, there's no point in me coming there.
Why? What do you mean?
They've recorded the witness statement.
Since they've charged 161,
even the police can't do anything.
Let's see what we can do in court.
How can you say that?
He hasn't done anything.
But we'll have to prove that in court.
That's the procedure.
This isn't right.
Leave it be then.
You reached early, didn't you?
I didn't have any clients after noon.
I also have to study
for tomorrow's defamation case.
So I bought the groceries
and just came home.
Eby, take a shower
and chop these up, please.
Why did you start cooking early today?
I have loads to prepare for tomorrow.
I need to finish this and get to it.
We could have ordered something then.
No, this will be over in no time.
If you were free after noon,
couldn't you have
gone there when Jose called?
His friend's name
is in the witness statement.
There was no point in going there.
We know that,
but they wouldn't get it.
I clearly explained it to him.
But still,
you could have gone
just for his sake, right?
Was that really necessary, Eby?
what I'm trying to say is
they would've felt more confident
going to the police station
with an advocate.
-That's why he called you.
Just this morning, you asked me
not to drag court affairs home?
I want to say the same.
Also, I think Jose will be fine with it.
He would've understood.
No, we don't know for sure
how he would have taken it.
Family affairs
are always pretty sensitive.
Things could easily go wrong.
just in case he's taken offense,
I've invited everyone for dinner tonight
to solve the matter.
We can't invite him alone.
So I invited everyone.
We can order in the food.
Why didn't you talk to me
before doing all this, Eby?
You wanted us
to invite everyone for dinner.
Did I say tonight?
When will I prepare
for tomorrow's case?
They won't be around for long.
How could you, Eby!
I'll have to clean and tidy up everything.
It is fine the way it is now.
I'll help you clean the house.
-Would you like some?
-Want some Thoran?
-I will serve it.
Jose, what happened to that case?
-He's trapped.
-It is spicy.
You know Sunny, Scaria's son.
It was a stupid bar fight.
The police have filed a case.
That's when I called you.
Yes, but I was in court.
Madhavi told me. I had called her.
She said she couldn't come.
Jose, my clients...
Her clients were waiting.
She couldn't just leave.
That's okay, I understand. Leave it.
we need to get him out.
We've an obligation to the family.
The boy is one of us.
We can easily acquit him
during the hearing.
We'll argue he wasn't there
or there's a contradiction
in the witness' statement.
-Then why don't you appear for him?
-I can't.
I'm a public prosecutor.
-We could--
Daddy, Kuriakose from our parish.
-He's an advocate, isn't he?
He is very good!
I completely forgot about him.
He'll do.
what is the status of your case?
It's going on.
I was meaning to ask you.
Who's at fault in that case?
I don't feel that boy is innocent.
We don't know that.
So, between you two, who will win?
Let the fair side win.
If you don't win, people will say
that you let your wife win.
If you lose, it will be humiliating, Ebin.
-Pass me the rice.
-I am done.
I'll take it.
I didn't expect your prosecutor position
to be this tricky.
PW4: Vimal Sreedhar.
-What's your name?
Do you work in the same firm
as the victim and accused?
-Were they just friends?
Have you felt they were
more than just friends?
I have heard rumors
that they were in love.
Just rumors, right?
People say anything about anyone.
But rumors don't fly around
without a reason.
There's no smoke without fire, right?
They were always seen together
in the office. Even during breaks.
People have spotted them together
even on holidays.
Even though
our company has a cab service,
Gautham used to drop
Anusha back home at night.
Your Honor,
gossip cannot be accepted as evidence.
In cases like these, it is vital
for us to know the defendant's intent.
From how closely they interacted,
all their colleagues
believed that they were in love.
One person may be misled.
But could all of them be wrong?
Your Honor, they might have
spent time with each other at work.
Anusha's accommodation
was on the way to Gautham's place.
He'd have dropped her there
on his way home.
This doesn't mean they were in love.
She misunderstood
a healthy professional relationship.
Does the defense lawyer think
that they cannot fall in love
in these circumstances?
Hold on.
If you have anything to tell each other,
do that outside the courtroom.
If the defense wants to make a point,
do that during the cross-examination.
Sorry, Your Honor.
Did you go to Gautham's apartment
along with Anusha that night, Vimal?
Could you explain
why you went there
and everything that happened?
I had gone to Gautham's apartment
to discuss an upcoming project.
He asked us to come to his place
as he was alone there that night.
I picked Anusha from her hostel.
they had a few drinks
during the discussion.
Whose idea was that?
That was Gautham's idea.
Didn't you drink?
No, I didn't because I had to drive back.
So the accused
wanted to get Anusha drunk.
Okay, continue.
I had to visit a site early the next day.
It was getting late
and Gautham suggested I leave.
Did Gautham force Anusha
to drink anytime during the discussion?
But the victim says that he did.
Anusha wanted to stop
after two glasses of wine.
But when the discussion went on,
Gautham offered her more.
-And then?
-Anusha initially declined
but then Gautham...
Insisted, right?
Your Honor.
The accused pretended
to be in love with the victim
and invited her home when he was alone.
He then forced her to get drunk
and took advantage
of the situation after sending Vimal away.
My client, who was in love with him,
didn't realize the deception.
That's all, Your Honor.
You told us Anusha drank that night.
Did Gautham give her the alcohol?
Anusha only drinks wine.
So, we bought it on our way.
Okay. So, at the apartment,
did Gautham force Anusha
to drink the wine she bought?
No. Okay.
Didn't you pick
Anusha from her hostel?
So, naturally
shouldn't you have asked her
if she wanted to leave with you?
I did ask.
But Gautham said he would drop her back.
But do you think what you did was right?
You left her with a man.
That too, a senior employee.
Even if she didn't want to stay,
how could she say that to Gautham?
She wasn't scared
and she could have spoken her mind.
I didn't feel that
she'd have any issues in staying back.
That means
she could have left with you
if she wanted, right?
-Most definitely.
-Your Honor.
I don't understand the deception
the prosecution has accused my client of!
Because when my client
made a plan to drink that night,
Anusha got there with a bottle of wine.
Later, she had the chance
to leave with Vimal,
but she chose to stay back.
This shows the victim's consent.
When they became intimate later,
it was consensual too.
So, when both of them had the same intent,
how is my client alone the culprit here?
Is he in there?
-Is Ebin in there?
-Yes, he is.
What's the problem
between the two of you?
The arguments in court end there.
We don't let cases affect us.
Forget the case, is there anything else?
I just met her before coming here.
You sure there is no other issue?
Just a small... It's nothing really.
When Jose came home two days ago...
...what he said was vile.
I remained silent only because of Ebin.
He could've defended me, but he didn't.
She said that?
Can't we just ignore these things?
What's bothering her
is that you ignored it.
She opened up
only because I kept on asking.
She is a bit stressed.
No wonder she is.
Instead of going on a honeymoon,
you find each other
in the courtroom.
That too, at the opposite ends of a case.
Anybody would get into a fix.
I'll suggest an idea.
Madhu needs a change.
Uma has been talking about
inviting you over for dinner.
Let's meet at my place on this pretext.
We'll tactfully bring up the issue
with Jose and resolve it amicably.
Should we bring up that topic?
It'll only worsen things.
I'm more experienced
than you in matrimony.
Such things should be nipped in the bud.
Have some faith in me.
I'll manage this smoothly.
You want to try some beef?
-It's really tasty.
-You know she doesn't eat it.
Stop irritating her!
People find pleasure
in irritating vegetarians.
I'll fix you a drink then?
No, I have to drive back.
Don't you have the "Advocate" sticker?
You'll be fine.
Don't compel her.
It's expensive liquor.
-We'll finish this.
-Of course.
-Where is it from?
-Her brother's gift.
The only good deed
he does once every two years.
Ebin, nobody I know has benefited
from their brothers-in-law
the way you have.
By the way, how's Jose?
Liquor business going good?
Ask him to open a bar here.
Then we'll get booze on dry days as well.
I'm not kidding. He might as well do it.
He's a peculiar guy.
Isn't he, Madhu?
-J-Jose... Isn't he helpful?
He may be but he doesn't know how to talk.
Come again, Madhu?
He doesn't know how to talk.
He is fine otherwise.
He... He is brash in his ways.
He is not malicious though.
We can't change people, can we?
All we can do is adjust according
to someone's character.
It's difficult for me, but Ebin can.
He's always on his side.
-I'm not taking sides.
-Diplomacy. Didn't I tell you?
He'll not utter a word against him.
Mr. Mulloor, Jose said that
I have to win this case.
I can't blame him.
In cases under section 375,
the prosecution usually wins.
Or else the defense has to be strong.
So that's your thinking.
You believe the defense is weak.
Come on!
Madhu, that's not what he meant.
He meant precisely that.
I'm used to this taunt.
This is a male-dominated profession
and contempt isn't new to me.
But I can't take it from my partner.
-Madhu, what are you saying?
-Is that what I meant?
This is your insecurities speaking.
My insecurities?
You feel that nobody takes you seriously.
That's your problem.
You are the one with insecurities, Eby.
You owe him
for your position as the prosecutor.
And that's why you can't talk back to him.
I won't let you win this case now!
I'll show you how I win it
with my limited experience.
If you do win,
I'll resign from the post of prosecutor
and come back to our office!
Hey, night, without a word
Are you leaving the doorstep?
Without shedding any moonlight
Without fusing with the dew
Without searching for silence
Why leave a half-sung tune
resonating in my ears?
Why leave a soul to lament in distress?
As our paths part halfway
As you leave mid way
Why leave hopes to tear up?
Why leave memories to fade?
Hey, night, without a word
Are you leaving the doorstep?
Dear, his death anniversary
is on the 11th. Won't you both come?
Of course, Mother. We will come.
The sweetness from our past
Guard us with a hopeful teary memory
Have they agreed?
I have to urgently meet a client.
At this hour?
Don't go alone. I'll drop you.
It is okay, Eby. This is official.
Night and day
are the same in this line of work.
I stayed awake till you came
I await your sweet call
But your call just faded away
PW3: Usha Kumari.
-Usha Kumari.
What do you do?
I'm the house help
at this boy's apartment.
That "boy"?
Did you see Anusha leave his apartment?
-Can you explain?
-From the 6th floor...
-Louder, please!
I was waiting for the lift
to go down from the 6th floor.
I saw that girl leave his apartment.
She hugged him at the door before leaving.
I was in the lift with her.
She was crying in the lift, wasn't she?
No, she seemed happy.
Your statement to the police is different.
You said she cried in the lift.
The police forced me to say so.
You skipped
the "hug at the doorstep" part, too.
Didn't the police tell you that?
I must've forgotten to mention that.
That's all, Your Honor.
Was she wearing this
when you saw her, Usha?
Yes. She looked good in it.
Did you notice that her dress was torn,
disheveled, or had broken buttons?
No, I didn't.
You didn't notice it
or are you sure it wasn't?
I'm sure. This dress was intact.
Your Honor, the witness is certain
that Anusha's dress
was intact while leaving
Gautham's apartment.
How did that happen?
The victim tampered with her clothes
to strengthen the case.
Your Honor,
the victim's statement is very important,
only as long as
it is rational and believable.
But here the evidence of the prosecution
isn't reliable
and is full of contradictions.
The FIR has contradictions
and I request the court
to take that into account
and acquit my client.
Your Honor,
I want to re-examine the witness.
No, Your Honor.
The prosecutor already did.
I need more clarity on one thing
that the witness stated.
-May kindly allow me, Your Honor.
-You may proceed.
You remember the dress well, Usha.
Did you notice this shawl?
-She was wearing...
-Answer to my question.
-Do you notice this shawl or not?
-I did.
If her dress was torn, wouldn't
she have hidden it with this shawl?
-So you'd not know if it was torn, right?
-Is this your first time in court?
Do you realize that every syllable
you utter in the courtroom is important?
You should.
Everything in court
follows certain procedures.
Didn't that advocate tell you beforehand
how to behave and answer questions here?
Yes, she did.
This witness has been tutored
by the defense, Your Honor.
Was your statement based on
what the defense asked you to say?
Don't you dare
use the witness as a puppet, Advocate!
The court doesn't exist to play the fool.
I must compliment the defense
for getting her this far.
This witness
may be declared hostile, Your Honor.
I request the court to see this
as a desperate attempt by the defense
to misrepresent
and discredit my client's plea.
That's all, Your Honor.
Let's have the next hearing
on 11th October?
-Yes, Your Honor.
-No, Your Honor.
Do you need more time
to tutor the witnesses?
We have a family event.
Aren't you a part of her family?
I forgot about it.
The next hearing
will be held on 15th October.
Hey, night, without a word
Are you leaving the doorstep?
My days are on unseen shores of agony
Not a word uttered to erase the ego
Our faces were once brightened
By broad smiles
Now shadowed grimly by tears
Still as far as it may
As long as it can
We forgot to talk to one another
We flowed away from each other
Hey, night, without a word
Are you leaving the doorstep?
Without shedding any moonlight
Without fusing with the dew
Without searching for silence
Why leave a half-sung tune
Resonating in my ears?
Why leave a soul to lament in distress?
As our paths part halfway
As you leave mid way
Why leave hopes to tear up?
Why leave memories to fade?
I want to meet Saira at the earliest, sir.
We have to tutor her
on what to say in court.
I'll call her right away.
What would Gautham's possible sentence be?
Up to ten years.
Maybe even life imprisonment. It depends.
Can I withdraw the case?
Such cases cannot be withdrawn.
Why do you want to do it?
The arguments in court...
I can't take this anymore.
But your identity won't be revealed.
Please don't worry.
I understand how you feel
because I witness your struggle.
But what you are doing is no mean feat.
A lot of women would hesitate to do this.
Saira is willing to meet you
anytime you want.
Gautham, Saira's statement
can make or break this case for us.
I want you to talk to her.
She may not listen to me.
Isn't she your friend?
Tell her the truth.
How would you convince others
if you can't even convince her?
It's not just that.
What's the problem?
Look at me while we are talking!
Tell me what the matter is.
Should I tell you everything?
You have to.
Remember that I am
the only one who can save you now.
Are you still reluctant?
Tell me.
I knew she was in love with me.
Have you discussed this with Saira?
Saira is the one who told me.
But I didn't think
it would become a problem...
-I've not cheated anyone.
-What about us?
I was enjoying her affection.
But I didn't realize that she was serious.
What happened that night...
I didn't premeditate it. It was mutual.
Please believe me!
The court has to believe you.
W-Will this go away
if I agree to marry her?
Please save me!
I'll beg for Anu's forgiveness.
Not just Anusha, nobody can do anything.
What you did can't be settled
with just an apology.
Call Saira and let her see your tears.
Your fate lies in her hands now.
I knew she was in love with me.
If you do win,
I'll resign from the post of prosecutor
and come back to our office!
You have witnessed
Anusha's emotional state
and you are their common friend.
Saira's testimony
is very crucial in this case.
So, we have to be very careful.
Can you narrate what happened
after you returned to the hostel?
When I went into the room,
I saw Anusha attempting to commit suicide.
I snatched the blade from her.
I had to press her
to tell me what had happened.
You know Gautham since college, right?
I'll ask you about his past relationships.
Your Honor,
please don't allow
such irrelevant questions.
It is relevant. Knowing
the defendant's character is important.
You may proceed.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Please answer me. Since you've known him,
has he had multiple girlfriends?
Yes, he has.
But he was never serious
about any of them, was he?
He's not someone
who takes relationships seriously, is he?
We will establish
that Gautham has commitment issues
and it will be followed
by the most crucial question in this case.
Do you believe that Anusha
was in love with Gautham
and she wanted to marry him, Saira?
Didn't Gautham pretend to love her
and lead her on to believe
that he'd marry her?
I-I don't know.
I'll repeat the question.
I heard it.
I don't know the answer.
Didn't Gautham always know
that Anusha wanted to marry him?
I don't know.
Weren't you the one who conveyed
this to Gautham?
No, I have not.
Your Honor,
the witness
has already answered the questions.
Yes, yes.
Any more questions?
Who made you change your statement?
Prosecution, do not cross your line.
That's all, Your Honor.
What's your relationship
with the victim, Saira?
We are roommates.
Is Anusha stubborn?
Objection, Your Honor!
Your Honor,
knowing the victim's character
is as important as that of the defendant.
Tell us.
She can be stubborn at times.
Didn't she have
an issue with the hostel warden?
What was that?
She used to be late to get back from work.
When it recurred,
the warden asked her to move out.
Did she start getting back on time?
Didn't the warden say anything?
This hostel
doesn't have a commercial license.
Anusha said
that she would complain about it
and the warden
didn't bother her anymore.
That means, if instigated,
she will do anything, won't she?
Your Honor!
You proceed.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Where were you
when Anusha tried to commit suicide?
I was in another room.
Do you believe the unthinkable
would've happened
if you hadn't reached on time?
-A stroke of luck, wasn't it?
How did you get inside the room?
Did you break open the door?
The door was not locked.
So, she tried to commit suicide
without locking the door.
All right.
Was Anusha drenched in blood
when you saw her?
No, she was sitting on the bed
with a blade.
-Did she have any wounds on her hand?
So, it wasn't really a suicide attempt.
But you reached
there in the nick of time, right?
Your Honor,
let me give you two reasons
for the victim
to have faked a suicide attempt
out of sheer desperation.
She must have hoped
Saira would see her with the blade
and that would make her
talk to Gautham.
Or she must've wanted
Saira to see her with the blade
to create a strong piece of evidence
against Gautham.
Objection, Your Honor.
As the witness stated, the victim
is stubborn. So this is a possibility!
That's all, Your Honor.
Does the prosecution
have any more witnesses?
Prosecution witnesses are over.
Does the defense counsel
have any more evidence?
No, Your Honor.
Then 313 can be posted on October 23rd.
We will hear the arguments
of this case on the same day.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Gautham spoke
to Saira only because of you.
By God's grace, she changed her statement.
Don't worry, Uncle.
Today was favorable for us.
-Isn't Aunty alone at home?
Bye, then.
How will Ebin take it?
I would've closed this case today,
Mr. Mulloor!
The witness changed her statement
despite my tutoring.
The defense is not as we expected.
All this to save a guy like him.
Our ideologies
should not affect our profession.
After all, we are professionals.
Did you call me
to hear you justifying her?
I'm neither taking sides
nor being the intermediary.
But let me make this clear.
This case will be over soon.
Don't let this ruin your lives.
How long will you stay apart?
The accused may step forward.
Answer my questions to the point.
Have you understood
the witness examination?
Understood, sir.
Were you in love
with the victim of this case?
Did you promise to marry her?
-No, sir.
-On May 24th, 2019,
did you have sexual intercourse
with the victim?
Did you force her to drink alcohol?
No, sir.
Did you know
that the victim was in love with you?
If you feel a question
will be used against us,
say "no" or "I don't know",
even if it contradicts the truth.
No, I didn't.
Do you have anything more to say?
Sir, Anusha is my friend.
I have not cheated her intentionally.
Please believe me.
Are you ready for the hearing?
Yes, Your Honor.
Your Honor,
when I met my client for the first time
she asked me a question.
"He knew I was in love with him.
How could he do this to me then?"
Amid arguments such as
whether the accused promised
to marry her or not and
whether they were in love or just friends,
the question my client asked
still echoes around us.
Its answer shouldn't
be coming from the court
but from the conscience of the accused.
The law has to act
when his conscience is numb.
And in the eyes of the law,
the accused is guilty.
The accused has committed
crimes under IPC 415 and 375.
Your Honor, in this case,
the court should consider
one thing in particular.
Whatever the verdict is today,
it will undoubtedly leave a mark
on society.
Despite being protected by the law,
the number of women who get cheated
is more than we can possibly imagine!
There are many reasons
for their decision to remain silent.
This verdict
shouldn't add to those reasons.
In the name of Anusha
and many other Anushas,
I request the honorable court to convict
the accused for the offenses charged
and award him the maximum sentence
prescribed for the same.
Your Honor,
article 14 in the Indian Constitution
gives men and women equality
and equal protection under the law.
But does our society bind to these values?
For example,
when a woman said,
"Sex is not a promise"
society applauded it.
But what if a man says it?
This very question
is pertinent in this case.
When my client is branded a criminal here,
he hasn't done anything
more than what the law allows a woman.
Then why is there discrimination?
When two people
do the same thing with the same intent,
how could one of them
be branded a criminal?
Your Honor,
I'm a feminist.
And as the word suggests,
I wish for a man,
woman or a person of any gender
to be treated the same way.
Women like me fight
for equality every single day,
but not even a single man
should be denied his rights or justice.
If a woman misuses the laws
that are made for our protection,
an innocent person will be punished.
And then society will denounce us.
So, it is on every woman
to make sure that this law is not abused.
Your Honor,
the prosecution is trying to misuse
the law and convict my client.
I request the court to discern it
and have mercy on my innocent client.
The case is taken for orders.
Orders will be pronounced on November 4th.
AC 192/16.
-What's up?
-Madhu, I need to talk to you.
Take a seat.
Madhu, this ego clash
between you and Ebin...
From the start, it did not seem to me like
it would stay in the court.
But I chose to ignore it until now
out of my selfishness.
You don't have to feel guilty.
Madhu, I don't know
if Gautham is innocent or not.
In fact, I don't want to know.
I am his sister and I have to protect him.
Anyone would be selfish in this situation.
And rightly so.
But if it continues to affect you,
I won't be able to forgive myself.
Don't spoil your life to save my brother.
That'd be stupid.
The case is over.
Please sort it out with Ebin.
She is getting calls
from the office to rejoin.
But she isn't listening to me.
We haven't done anything wrong to hide.
Can we possibly know
the verdict in advance?
We have done the best we can.
It is at the judge's discretion now.
Let's hope for the best.
I need to talk to Anusha alone.
Of course.
Are you nervous about the verdict?
There's a similarity between us.
To win this case, we have to beat
the person we love the most.
It is what it is.
I have to win no matter what.
It's a matter of survival.
It's the same for Madhavi.
I know.
But the unexpected blow
that I received in this case
was Saira changing her statement.
I saw that Madhavi was tense
right before Saira took the stand.
When Saira changed her statement,
I noticed that Madhavi was shocked.
We, lawyers, do not think about answers
but questions that would
get us the answers we want.
So what is the right question here?
Is it "Why did Saira
change her statement" or
"Who could possibly make Saira
change her statement?"
I'm not judging you.
I don't have to,
because you are my client.
But there are things I want to know.
Didn't you ask me if we could
withdraw this case? Why was that?
Didn't you ask me how long would
Gautham's sentence be? Why was that?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
When he said that he wouldn't marry me...
I sobbed and pleaded with him,
but he didn't even listen to me.
I was really angry at him at that point.
When my dad forced me to file
a cheating case against him,
I didn't think twice.
I know he hasn't understood
where I come from.
If only I could make him
understand me better...
If only we had sat down
to talk and resolve this...
I don't know.
Even if you win this case,
you'd see your wife on the other side.
How happy could you possibly be
when you see her lose?
I feel the same way.
That's why I asked Saira
to change her statement.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Eby, move.
Look at me.
-Please move, Eby.
-Just look at me.
What is it?
Move aside, please.
Please move.
AC 1398/19.
Accused is present, Your Honor.
This case was
very well conducted by the prosecution
and equally well contested
by the counsel for the accused.
This court would like
to commend both of them.
Moving on to the judgment of this case.
Among the offenses charged
the one under IPC 415;
the prosecution couldn't prove
beyond reasonable doubt
that the accused
intentionally misled the victim.
the court cannot discount the fact
that the accused had sexual intercourse
with the victim after she was inebriated.
The victim was not in a sound mind
and her consent was a manipulated one.
based on the victim's statement
and corroborating evidence,
the court finds that the accused
has committed the offense under IPC 375.
The accused is sentenced
to ten-year rigorous imprisonment
and a penalty of Rs. 50,000.
are you okay?
No other job would put us
in a similar position, right?
There's no right or wrong.
The conscience is irrelevant.
Everyone is just a client to us.
Do right and wrong really exist?
Aren't they just perspectives?
And who are we to judge all this?
There is actually no black or white.
Just different shades of gray. That's all.
One must get used to it.
There is no choice.
Are you sad because Gautham was convicted
or because you lost the case?
Let me ask you something.
Was the defense so weak as you expected?
Oh, no! It was scary!
-What's your next plan?
-The high court, of course.
Go make somebody else's life difficult!
I don't intend to give up without a fight.
Didn't I already tell you that
this is a courtroom and not your house?
I won't tolerate this behavior
in the courtroom.
If you have anything personal to sort out,
do it outside the court!
Sorry, Your Honor.