Vabank (1981) Movie Script

October 1934.
Good morning, sir. How may I help you?
- I'd like to buy a necklace.
- Of course.
Ah! This one.
If I may say so, this is a bracelet
that you're pointing at, sir.
- Oh, a bracelet...
- Yes.
I'd like this bracelet, then.
Certainly, sir.
A bracelet...
No, out of the question.
Could you show me some
elegant necklaces, though?
And these are...
Are you certain?
There is no doubt about it.
I have worked in this trade
for 24 years.
Well... And could I...
Excuse me...
Could I have a look at this ring?
It is a ring, isn't it?
You are absolutely correct, sir.
As everything is so beautiful,
I'll take it all.
All of it?
As you wish, sir.
If I may, that will be
a total of 9300 zlotys.
Please add something
for 700 to make it an even amount.
- Something exquisite, you know.
- Certainly, sir.
- How about this trinket?
- What's it called?
- A breastpin.
- I'll take it.
- And do you know what this is called?
- Just a moment...
- What is it?
- A silencer.
I don't quite understand, sir.
Will you cooperate
or should I attach a gun to it?
Does this mean that...
this is probably...
a robbery?
Don't even think about
triggering the alarm.
It would end badly for you.
Smile... and pack.
Turn around...
and pretend to look for something
in the bottom drawer.
When you've counted to one hundred,
you can turn around.
Not any sooner.
Special edition! Yugoslavian king...
...Aleksander murdered in Marseilles!
Is there anybody here?
Take the kids!
It's Rychliski! By God!
- Maybe he is still alive?
- Fetch the doctor!
I've just passed him by.
I've just passed him by in the gate.
Neighbour, please, you fetch the doctor.
Holy Mary! Such a young man...
I appreciate it.
They are releasing him today.
They had to at some point.
Thank you. You may go.
Good morning, Mr. President.
Kramer's Bank. Code: Forget-me-not.
Switch off the alarm system, please.
To the vault.
See you around.
Do you always get on like this?
My God...
Please, come in!
Henryk... I am glad you are free.
You know, the dinner is ready.
I'll serve it in a moment.
I didn't visit you for a while
because I was ill.
And I've been visiting
my aunt in Skierniewice.
Because my uncle has died.
I should probably
introduce you, gentlemen...
- Henryk, this is mister...
- Karelicki...
is my name.
Nice to meet you. Very.
I'll... I'll bring another plate.
I'll be right back.
Sit down, Henryk.
Stay, please.
At least for dinner!
Hey! What are you doing?!
Stop it, you hear me? Are you mad?
Looking for a cab?
We'll give you a lift.
We must be going in the same direction.
- Sir!
- I need to see the president!
- I have to see him!
- But sir!
- Let go of me!
- But, sir...
- I have to!
- Sir, you can't!
- The president is busy!
- Go to hell!
Mister President!
Don't touch me!
Sir, you must listen to me.
Your bank tellers...
refuse to give me my money!
What is the matter? Please, stay calm.
Mr. President...
My name is Jan Roek.
All of my savings are in your bank.
And these bastards... !
I mean...
Your bank tellers...
They refuse to give them to me.
Damn it!
I have a reason to be angry!
Dear sir! Stop screaming!
And stop offending my employees.
Mr. Majer?
Mr. Roek here wants to withdraw money
from a Mr. Kowalski's account. And so...
- Exactly!
- We can't do it!
Well, I am very sorry,
but only Mr. Kowalski can make
withdrawals from his account.
Yes, but I...
What? Why don't you say anything?
You're the one who suggested that
I open an account under an assumed name!
He said that there are many Kowalskis
and no one will ever find who's who.
And that I won't have to pay taxes, sir.
That's what you said!
It was supposed to be
a "gentlemen's agreement."
Did you truly offer our guest...
a "gentlemen's agreement"?
Mr. President,
I do nothing without your knowledge.
By the way, it isn't nice
to evade taxes, Mr. Roek.
Who? Me? What do you mean?
You treat an honest Pole this way?!
I'm punished for not supporting foreign
banks and trusting you with my money!
You're trying to cheat me!
Crooks! Scoundrels!
But you will pay...
You rascals! Rascals!
You'll never make it!
Fortunately, this is
a law-abiding country!
- I will... I will sue you! And you too!
- Well, Mr. Roek...
You went too far with the shooting.
But if you leave at once
and stop repeating this nonsense,
I won't call the police.
Take him away.
- But... my money!
- Take him away!
- My money!
- Go to hell!
Everything's all right. You can get back
to work now, thank you.
"Gentlemen's agreement"... How did you
come up with that one, Mr. Sawicki?
Was it a lot of money?
Six thousand.
Not bad...
Let's drink to your fortunate
release from prison.
Why fortunate?
- I did my time.
- Agreed.
It's not like we celebrate just
anyone's release in such a way.
It's just yours.
You are Henryk Kwinto,
The best safe breaker in Poland.
Do I look like a safe breaker to you?
I'm a musician.
And you were in prison
for bigamy, right?
Year 1924, Lviv. Polish Land Bank.
Year 1925, d. Swiss Credit Bank.
- In 1926...
- 1927!
In 1927, Bydgoszcz, People's Bank.
1928, Warsaw. State Development Bank.
These are your
most important "concerts",
- Mr. Musician.
- You were caught only once. In 1928.
Got six years. They couldn't prove
your involvement in other cases.
What do you want?
We have a few great ideas.
- Let's drink to our health, then.
- Your health.
You're not drinking?
Nuta, show it to the gentleman.
You've mistaken me...
for someone else.
Do you know what it is?
A silencer.
Do we have a deal?
Or should he attach a gun to this thing?
Do you know what this is?
- A mouthpiece.
- A what?
- Part of a trumpet.
- What trumpet?
I'm a musician.
All right.
If you ever want to...
play with us,
- we'll be in our garage in Okopowa st.
- Bodywork and vulcanization.
You cracked safes with no tools. By ear.
What safes?
- What now?
- What do you think?
That's the last time I listen to you.
It's not him!
- We've got to do something about him.
- Like what?
- Damn it, we have to take him back.
- Obviously.
To hell with him...
- I'd like a room, please.
- Excuse me, sir, but...
Here you go.
You haven't changed one bit.
May I?
Aren't you curious what's inside?
Consider it a business matter,
not a personal one.
After all, both of us
are businessmen, right?
Have you ever considered
what would happen if I mentioned
your complicity during the trial?
Nothing would happen.
As it wasn't complicity...
but entrapment.
I'm being honest with you.
Do you remember that government
bonds forgery of mine?
The criminal police got me on the hook.
Certain Commissioner found out
about our connections, somehow,
and blackmailed me.
They forced me to orchestrate a burglary
and set you up.
Catching Kwinto red-handed
was a big deal.
Even then, they were teaching
about you in the Police Academy.
It wasn't easy for me.
After all, we were...
Try to understand, Kwinto...
If I got locked up,
that would be the end of all for me!
End of my career, health...
Of all. And you?
You had a bad reputation anyway.
Yes, it's cruel...
but that's what I thought at the time.
You can't change the past.
But this parcel
could make your future easier.
45000 zlotys!
Look! 45000!
Twice as much as you would get then.
I was locked up for 2196 days.
That would be about... 20 zlotys a day.
- That's not much.
- I think it's a fair offer.
This thing has been haunting me
for all these years.
And now I want to resolve this.
Fair and square.
I am done with that life. Done.
I'm an honest man now.
I can be one...
because now I have the money.
You, an honest man!
I've been dreaming about this moment.
Nicely calculated.
But today...
All right.
Let's say we are...
You had the right.
You're forgiven.
If you're ever in trouble...
I'm your man.
You shouldn't give me your address.
I get your meaning but... no way.
My bank can't be robbed.
When herrings grow ears.
You know I'm a professional.
Well? So, we're good, aren't we?
Don't waste your time.
When herrings grow ears.
Buckle was here yesterday.
You know what I'm saying?
Something's up. He's gathering a crew.
I could have recommended you.
So... Shall I call him?
Hook you up?
Listen up...
It's safe.
No risk involved. A foolproof plan!
How much?
Listen, you can make 250.
I was asking about this Fiat.
For you, it's 4 grand.
You know what I'm saying?
Hydraulic brakes.
I've bought it already.
What else do you want?
- Just think about it.
- I've done my thinking in prison.
And I think I don't want to
do it any more.
They cut your hair and your balls.
So, are you leaving?
Wait a second!
- So what should I tell Buckle?
- To unbuckle.
They've released you?
Is Tadeusz home?
May I wait for him?
I came because he wrote to me.
He did? What for?
When will he be back?
Tadeusz is dead.
You didn't hear me? He is dead.
How did this happen?
And what is it to you?
Tadeusz is my friend.
Was your friend.
And I've been wondering why.
Ever since I learned who you really are.
What happened?
My God...
He decided to...
put all our money
in a bank to get interest.
All 19000.
On his way home,
he got robbed and beaten up.
They took the deposit slip. He couldn't
get the money back, as it was
- a promissory note payable to bearer.
- Which bank was it?
I don't know.
Next day...
he jumped out the window.
The police said it was suicide.
Tadeusz? Suicide?
Here you are.
I am doing it because I know
he would have wanted me to.
Listen, Kwinto...
Tell me...
Was he also...
Was he like you?
Rest assured.
He wasn't.
Go now.
Kwinto! They're close, hence the note.
I know how Kramer took over the bank.
Find a grey folder at home.
What colour is this supposed to be?
It's shitty! Some quid pro quo!
You should have hammered it out better.
Better hammer some sense into
your stupid head, prick!
When the boss sees this...
You will drive... your bare ass
through splintered wood!
What did you say?
And who dented the car?
Who was it, huh?
That's the last time I let you drive!
Blooming heck!
You see this?
The Music Man himself!
Well, I'll be a ginger!
Looking dapper, sir.
First of all, you will sell my car.
Five grand. Today.
Second, you will find Duczyk.
Here's his address. That's tomorrow.
The day after tomorrow, we're meeting
at two o'clock on Smutna street.
- Maybe I could...
- No... ideas of your own.
That's the third thing.
- How did you get in here, by the way?
- You should have been more careful.
- A parcel for you, Mr. President.
- Open it.
It's money, Mr. President.
45000 zlotys?
Yes. How did you know?
There is something else.
Didn't Rychliski and Kwinto
use to play together?
Rychliski, Kwinto...
Yes, in a cabaret, around 1926 or '27.
Why didn't you check it sooner?!
- Bring me Krempitsch.
- Yes, sir.
Damn it!
Don't let anyone interrupt us.
Please, come in.
Can I offer you a cigar?
No! I beg of you, don't do it!
No! This gun is no good!
What do you mean?
It belongs to my brother-in-law,
a policeman. It's a real Browning.
What is it this time, Mr. Turwid?
You are scared!
You know it's not loaded.
You know I am not!
It's not that, director.
It won't do! All is conventional here,
apart from the gun!
- It simply spoils the mood.
- Mood, mood!
First you refuse to hide under the bed,
now this. What is your problem?
Did I hire an actor... or a sissy?
Director, I won't allow it!
The dressing room is dirty!
- We have no towels!
- Sir...
Bring a dummy, please!
I can play with a dummy just like
with a real gun. I'm an actor, damn it!
All right!
Bring a dummy, please,
for Mr. Turwid.
Ten minute break.
Thank you.
- What is it?
- Are you the owner?
Mr. Kwinto would like
to play ball with you.
- What?
- Football.
I only play tennis.
Who is Mr. Kwinto?
Aren't you Duczyk?
Duczyk? I last saw him four years ago,
when he sold me this place. I wouldn't
call it a theatre at the time.
And now? We're moderately good.
But who will appreciate that?
- Dilettantes are everywhere.
- Any idea where he might be?
- He has a cinema in Ziemiaska street.
- Mr. Duczyk?
I knew him, of course.
- But he sold this place two years ago.
- What does he do now?
I don't know.
I only sell tickets, sir.
You should ask the doorman.
They got on well.
We would like to get in touch
with Mr. Duczyk.
Mr. Duczyk, you say?
Never heard of him.
Odd. Cause you worked
for him for two years.
- Oh? I can't remember.
- Yes.
Maybe I was sick at the time.
And now?
And now I'm not.
You think we're the police?
And what do I care?
Either go in... or out.
Out. We've already seen this film.
My regards.
He sold a theatre four years ago,
bought a cinema, then sold it as well.
We don't know what he's doing now. But,
if he's consistent, he should sell soon.
I've looked through some ads...
For example here...
Peepshow for sale.
- Today's paper?
- Offers...
- It's at the top of the page.
- Interesting.
- Yep.
- We are playing against Victoria today.
There's nothing to say. We lost in
Berlin 3-0. We don't stand a chance.
Who knows?
Nothing happened!
Something is rotten
in the state of Denmark.
Kwinto's outside!
It's a pleasure to see you.
You've manned up.
It's hard to recognize you.
- And it's hard to find you.
- Too many are looking for me.
Fortunately, you stick to your hobbies.
But not many people know about it.
- Like me.
- Yes.
- How long has it been? Four years?
- Six.
Will you go to a bank with me?
- You don't know.
- Don't know what?
That I've retired.
So have I but it's not an ordinary case.
How much do you want to withdraw?
All of it.
It's mere curiosity, nothing more.
As you get older,
the demand for profit decreases,
while the demand for
peace and quiet increases.
Sorry, Kwinto, but you're talking
to a retiree.
Duczyk, I have to do it.
And do it with you.
- Goal, goal, goal...
- Come on!
They're pretty bad.
They're gonna lose.
Bolek, wait!
...then he passed to Durka...
Well, the referee was bribed.
Gentlemen, this is wrong...
They should have done better
in the first half...
- Is he drunk?
- No, he fainted!
Someone fetch a doctor!
Come with me! The police is here! Quick!
What's the commotion?
Excuse me, excuse me!
- It's blood!
- Calm down...
Move aside.
You thought they
were trying to shoot you.
I won't deny it.
You're in trouble?
Gustaw Kramer,
Bank, Joint Stock Company,
6 Kredytowa street.
Wait a second!
Is this the same Kramer
who turned you in?
The same.
Now he's helped my friend...
to kick the bucket.
Took all his money.
Oh... I see.
What kind of job did you have in mind?
Va banque.
And, plainly speaking?
Remember Szwandrowski's case,
Cracow, 1924?
Brilliantly thought out.
But he didn't succeed.
I will.
Wait, Kramer? He knows all
about alarms. He used to work in a bank.
Three years, as a cashier.
He's a professional.
Do you have to take your revenge on him?
He's a dodger.
Any blind spots? You know him?
I do.
- We'll need two more guys.
- Done.
- Know them?
- No.
- Their experience?
- A jeweller, once.
- Shoplifters...
- They are very eager.
- They never did time.
- Good. We need new faces.
What do I do?
Get us inside.
What happens next is my business.
A chap who knows alarms,
and two eager shoplifters.
And I merely "get inside." It's like I'm
running across the pitch,
dribbling past six guys,
and you just do one kick.
And, plainly speaking?
I'd have to be weak in the head
to take part in such a thing.
But you know what? I'm not feeling
particularly sane these days...
Take a look.
Last chance.
I'm selling this junk.
The others are even better.
The first one on the left!
Check the whole report, all right?
- Can I help you?
- No need.
- Excuse me, Mr. President.
- What is it?
A cashier noticed that this man
was here this morning.
I've forgotten all about him.
He's been lying low
for the last couple of years.
He opened an account today.
Maybe he simply started saving up?
Find out where he lives.
And follow him.
What's that?
Who he meets,
where he eats, all of it.
- Yes, sir.
- Yep.
Let's go then.
Krempitsch. Kramer's hitman.
He does the dirty work. Spent seven
years in the French Foreign Legion.
He's offed more people
than you've had hot dinners.
And this is the bank,
on the first floor.
The restaurant's below. They
are open late. Can't get through there.
We can't get there from above, either.
Private flats.
That's it. Get in.
But the toughest part...
is the alarm system.
Unfortunately, they have the best one.
Swiss Ziegler.
When it's triggered, it immediately
blocks the exits and alarms the police.
Inside, you can't open a box of matches
without triggering the alarm.
Can it be blocked?
They all can.
But you have to succeed at first try.
But even if I can manage to crack it,
I have to block it from the inside.
And all the entrances are wired.
In other words,
we're squaring the circle.
Got it! We'll do it in broad daylight.
We'll threaten them with guns,
grab the money...
Kwinto, who is this guy?
- Don't pay them any attention.
- Also, two guards. For shifts.
Which means we have at least...
six hours.
Bravo! The only problem being
that there's no way inside.
No chance at all?
Well, there's one.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be
wasting my breath.
Take a closer look at this plan.
Well, can you see it?
This way.
Blooming heck!
Excuse me, sir. Could you phone my papa?
My car has broken down.
I could, naturally.
But... why bother your papa?
- I know my way around cars.
- Oh, it's wonderful!
Cause I don't have a clue about them.
Do you have any tools?
- I do.
- Splendid.
Well, let's get down to it!
Is it something major?
I don't know yet.
What's your name, miss?
There's some dirt on your face.
Higher, on your little nose. There.
Switch it off, damn it!
What are you waiting for?
Switch this shit off!
Bloody hell...
Swiss quality indeed.
Take that, bitch.
Polish invention.
- All's clear? No need to explain again?
- Clear.
Get to work then. And tomorrow...
don't let Kramer out of your sight.
We've been following him for a week.
Don't worry.
Well, then.
See you tomorrow.
Till tomorrow.
I didn't want to talk
with your shoplifters present
but doesn't Kramer suspect anything?
I gave him a hint to make it hurt more.
Hurt whom?
I'm not saying you're jinxed,
but you've not been very lucky lately.
That's why I picked you.
You're the luckiest man I know.
My brother was equally lucky.
Except, he drowned at the age of three.
You'd better check out of the hotel.
People know you're staying there.
If they want to get me, they will.
It can't be helped.
Indeed. Do you have anything for
protection, if it comes to that?
Not bad.
But... take also...
Take also this. Just in case.
If we manage to pull this off,
I think I'm gonna get drunk.
And now, our last accomplice.
It blocks the Swiss Ziegler alarm.
This widget?
Ziegler & Son would be mad
if they could hear you.
- Continue without me.
- Right.
No, it's not necessary.
I am sorry for inviting you here.
I always liked this place.
You know that.
You've started working again?
Thank you for coming.
- Can I get you something?
- Yes, please.
A cocktail and the usual.
I happen to know well
a public prosecutor and a few
police commissioners.
They promised to
look into Tadeusz's case,
and to reopen the investigation,
if necessary.
If it turns out that someone...
helped Tadeusz commit suicide,
you'll get compensation.
- No.
- Tadeusz had life insurance.
I know that it won't
bring him back but...
they owe you the money.
Why are you doing all this, Kwinto?
I don't believe it was a suicide.
- I am grateful.
- I haven't done anything yet.
Thank you.
Listen, I need a favour.
If anybody asks, say I was
playing with you tomorrow evening.
I'll take the roses. All of them.
Thank you, keep the change.
He's done for the day three hours early.
I don't blame him.
You are punctual to a fault.
It's a kind of professional trait.
Good evening.
Champagne! What's the occasion?
It's been a week! Time to celebrate.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
I had to change.
Do you like the place?
I think that's the proper word.
It's my papa's. I use it
when he's away on business.
Is that so?
Setzen Sie, bitte.
Pardon, bitte... Say what?
Setzen Sie, bitte.
Did you forget our deal?
- I was going to teach your German.
- Ah ja, natrlich! Ich habe vergessen.
I'm sorry, I forgot.
Kaffee? Tee?
Nein, danke. Champagne.
Ja... Tell me, Miss Natalia,
wer ist das?
Das ist mein Papa.
Bielecki & Holtzweber, Agricultural
Machinery, is your papa?
Only Bielecki.
Holtzweber is my uncle.
Oh, stop it, you...
That's my sense of humour,
Miss Natalia.
I don't think this necklace suits me.
Why? It's very pretty.
- Could you unclasp it for me?
- Naturally, that'll be my pleasure.
It won't unclasp.
- You have to push harder.
- Well, indeed!
- Langsam.
- Ja, langsam, langsam, aber sicher.
What do you want?
- I didn't recognize you.
- No problem, that's good luck.
- Now get Kwinto.
- Sure.
Are you in a hurry, sir?
- I am afraid you will be late.
- Police.
We're taking you to the commissioner.
Why me?
Mr. Kwinto, your name is damning enough.
- You don't have the right.
- In fact, we do.
We can detain anyone for 48 hours.
Unless you're a Member of Parliament.
Follow me, please.
Don't sleep!
- What's up?
- He's gone!
What do you mean?
I've already drilled the holes!
What do we do now?
What do you think? We wait.
It's not a bad place to be.
What do you think happened?
What the hell are you wearing,
This is a robbery, not a boutique!
Good evening, Mr. Kwinto.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Sit down, please.
You know, I checked the legs in almost
all pieces of furniture,
but the money was only in one of them.
But let's get to the point.
You must be wondering
why we've brought you here.
You see, yesterday afternoon
there was a break-in
in the office of Mr. Walenta,
an attorney.
That is why we took
the liberty of troubling you.
It's a routine procedure. We start from
the obvious suspects. And you are...
still our number one.
Do you know him?
Is this the attorney?
You must be joking.
This is Adam Szpulski, known as Szpula.
He's a car dealer.
- I don't know him.
- All right.
How about this one?
- No.
- No?
This is Bertrand Malkiewicz.
Also known as Buckle.
I don't know him.
Well... In any case, you are lucky.
They're the ones who robbed Walenta,
not you.
They were caught with the loot while you
were on your way here. You were lucky.
I'd say you were unlucky.
But you've spoiled my evening.
This is the outcome of your
colourful past.
But, perhaps, I could
make it up to you...
before we meet again.
Six o'clock. What do we do?
We should have started half an hour ago.
Do we give up?
Damn it, the holes...
They'll know something was up.
Such a pity, blast it!
All right, no point sitting here.
We'll get hemorrhoids.
Police! Police!
Have they come for us?
What do we do? Run?
We stay.
It's Kwinto!
I knew he would come if he was alive.
- You've kept us waiting long enough.
- We were worried sick. So?
I overslept.
No, not here.
So I go... here.
I move this one back.
Guard! I attack your queen
with my knight.
How is that guard? Look here!
I move my pawn over here...
- Darn...
- You see?
- Wait, I've changed my mind.
- Well?
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
I don't know exactly...
What could it be?
I do... this.
Really? So I... do this.
I'd better check.
Olek, give it a rest. It must be
some music from the restaurant below.
- Occupied!
- Oh, excuse me.
Come back, let's play!
- You didn't touch this tinplate?
- Of course not, who do you think I am?
May I go on?
You may.
- How did you do it?
- You should have paid attention.
Start packing.
Natalia, which card is this?
Jack of diamonds.
Bravo. We rub it like this
and now we have...
- Ace of diamonds.
- We rub it again and...
You are so smart...
There's nothing I appreciate more
in a woman.
- Gustaw, be a gentleman.
- I will, I will.
You got everything?
You don't have to worry.
We'll see what tomorrow's
papers will say.
- What is it?
- What?
- No traces, Commissioner.
- Examine this.
- What do you think, sir?
- It is a very complex system.
Current runs through here. If
the circuit is cut, the alarm goes off.
In order to bypass it,
you need to block the sensors.
It would have to be an interrupter...
of approximately this shape.
Excuse me, Commissioner.
There are fingerprints
on this tinplate.
I'll take it to the office.
Wait. First, take fingerprints from
the employees.
- Someone else can go through the files.
- Yes, sir.
Could this be the interrupter?
Easy, relax.
Don't push, we can manage.
I'm not pushing...
Look at your colleague. He's all right.
He wasn't afraid. Done.
Commissioner, the bank owner is here.
- Mr. Werner.
- Kramer!
Commissioner Przygoda, homicide.
Well, it's my only consolation that
you're in charge of the investigation.
- Were these nitwits on duty?
- Yes.
Fire them.
- How much was there in the safe?
- 585000 in cash, plus securities.
How did they get in? It's absurd!
This alarm system is infallible.
It's operated from the outside,
by the police.
They broke in through the air shaft to
the toilet. From the restaurant below.
Air shaft...
Why didn't I think of it? Damn it!
But how can you switch off
such an alarm, commissioner?
With this tinplate.
Now, Ziegler will pay restitution.
Get me Krempitsch, now.
I've tried, sir.
Vanished without a trace two days ago.
What is that supposed to mean?!
- Damn it...
- Could you open the safe?
Open it?
But it's already busted.
- But could you?
- Here.
- How much room did the money take up?
- The securities at the bottom,
money in bundles on the top shelves.
- Mr. Stawiski. A cigarette, please.
- Sir, open the other half.
You see?
This hole enables access
to the middle shelf only.
The top shelf is safe.
- The hole doesn't reach it.
- So where's the money?
Exactly... I suspect that the safe
was opened in the normal way.
With a key.
And broken into only later
to throw us off.
It makes no sense...
- Why would anyone go to such lengths?
- Well...
- To fake a burglary, for example.
- To fake it?
The commissioner suggests it was
someone from the bank.
I said, "for example."
In any case, we'll need fingerprints
- of all your employees.
- Sure.
Starting with the guards...
and ending with you, Mr. Kramer.
You think I did it?
Or maybe Mr. Stawiski stole my money?
I'm so lucky you're in charge,
So happy. I'm truly glad.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Is there an adult at home?
- Yes.
- Mrs...
- What's the matter?
- Mrs. Marta Rychliska?
- Yes.
I have some money for you,
may I come in?
Come here, sweetie.
- Good morning, madam.
- Good morning.
Come in, please.
I've got 20000 zlotys for you.
- Count it, please.
- There must be a mistake.
I don't understand
what's with all this money.
I can't take it.
- It's not mine.
- I'm quite certain it is yours.
No, no...
Justysia, go play in your room.
It's impossible.
The president of the bank where
your husband made a deposit,
turned out to be a swindler.
Fortunately, we've dealt with it,
and we are now
- returning the cash to the victims.
- Are you... from the police?
More like the justice system.
Please, sign here.
It is... impossible, sir.
I can't believe it.
I can't thank you enough.
Oh, it's unnecessary.
I am simply doing my job.
Sign here, please.
- Here?
- Yes.
Are you... working with Mr. Kwinto?
- Kwinto?
- Yes.
- Well... Kwinto? Forgive...
- Did he... send you here?
Forgive me but this name
doesn't sound familiar.
Perhaps he works
in a different department.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Good bye.
Oh, this is very important.
Good bye, madam.
Thank you.
After deduction of costs,
it's 20000 each.
It's not too much.
What about you?
I've already taken my share.
I've never taken part
in such a bizarre robbery.
- Do we have any other obligations?
- No, we've paid off everyone.
To the letter.
According to the list.
If I had gotten this money a month ago,
I would have gone to Rome.
To see the FIFA World Cup Final.
You will go, when Poland participates.
Oh, I'd have to live for 40 more years.
To long life then!
Are you sure you got your share?
- Who's in charge of the investigation?
- Commissioner Przegroda.
- It's Przygoda.
- Very well. He's scrupulous.
A meticulous fellow.
He's probably there already.
You must have a vital reason
if you can't let me finish my meal.
Any leads?
- That's why I'm here.
- Please, sit.
Thank you.
- Whiskey?
- No, thank you.
- We're on the clock, as they say.
- Pity, I'll have to drink alone.
Do you remember this tinplate?
Well... You've shown it to me.
This thing blocked the alarm, correct?
Indeed. We've found fingerprints on it.
- We've managed to identify them.
- You're quick as lightning. Cheers!
Thanks. Unfortunately,
Mr. Kramer, they are yours.
Is this some sort of a joke?
I've never seen this god damn thing
before! Not to mention touching it!
Maybe the prints only look similar?
Sir, dactyloscopy has ruled out
the existence of identical fingerprints
in different people.
That's why they are vital
to fighting criminals.
You've gone too far, don't you think?
Are you trying to frame me?
You're dangerously close to libel!
There is one more thing, sir.
While we were waiting here for you,
our men took a look around
your flat.
You had no right!
You must have a search warrant for that!
Signed by the public prosecutor.
- Who is your superior?
- Here you are.
Do you think
I don't know the procedures?
Tell me, do you always
keep your money...
in a laundry basket?
Sure thing!
Always! I also keep marmalade
and toothpaste in my socks, don't you?
Well, we've found this
in your laundry basket.
Empty the bags.
We've found your missing money.
Jesus Christ...
You bloody pleb... You rascal...
You son of a bitch! I'll get you!
Did you call for me, sir?
It's preposterous! Why would I do that?
There are many reasons.
First, the insurance. Second, a robbery
affects your clients more than you.
When they come for their money, you'll
say: what can I do? I got robbed.
I may believe you. But the evidence
is against you.
It's absurd! I am rich enough.
I don't need to rob myself.
There's a saying :
A man with half a mil is richer
than a man with quarter of a mil.
And if someone is trying to frame me?
Does the name Kwinto ring a bell?
Yes. You set him up six years ago.
Do you think he wants revenge?
30 years on the job,
and I've never met a man
who would steal half a mil only to plant
it and frame another man.
Anyway, we've checked.
Kwinto has an alibi.
Exactly! Why didn't you ask me?
- You should have started with that!
- You have one?
I do! Turn around!
Good morning.
- I'd like to see Miss Natalia.
- There is no Natalia here.
What do you mean?
Natalia Bielecka.
- It's a mistake.
- No way! I was here yesterday.
Who do you think you are?
What are you doing?
- Is it the debt collector?
- No, it's some lunatic.
This man claims he was here last
evening, with a lady.
It's very important for him.
Can we come in?
I can't stop the police.
Oh, excuse me.
I swear to God...
Incredible. Commissioner,
this is some horrible hoax.
I recognize this place anyway!
I was here yesterday!
It's interesting that we didn't meet.
Maybe I was so busy
that I didn't notice you.
- It's a hoax!
- Sorry, sir. We'll go on soon.
Commissioner, arrest these people!
They're in cahoots
with the real robbers!
You're quick with the arresting!
Be quiet, he's a maniac.
Sir, I was here.
I give you my word!
Don't you believe me?
I must say I'm not convinced.
Just a moment, the Negro!
The Negro!
That's an alibi, commissioner! Let's go!
It's the strongest alibi in the world!
I wouldn't want to be in your shoes,
- What now?
- Open up.
- Can I speak to the...
- What?
You know, the Negro?
- What Negro?
- The one that lives here.
God forbid!
Under one roof? With the Antichrist?
Why are you lying? I saw a Negro
leaving your flat yesterday. With a dog!
- A dog?!
- Yes!
Dear Lord! What dog?
There is no dog here!
What? But I saw a Negro with
a cigarette holder and a dog!
This hag is in cahoots with them
too. Arrest her, I beg of you.
Commissioner, I swear I saw a Negro
with a dog.
For the love of God! I beg of you!
Mr. Kramer, no more alibis. Let's go.
- Your fiance is a top-shelf gal.
- Well...
I'm not surprised
that Kramer fell for her.
I was simply his type.
If I knew what you were planning
I'd never have agreed.
I hope he was even more successful
with that tailor...
It's a miracle that everything's
worked out.
- You know what?
- Yeah?
I have to do it.
Dance with our bait.
She's got legs like a fine mare.
I have a great idea!
You know who we'll rob next?
There won't be a next time.
How so?
A safe breaker doesn't speak this way.
You mistake me for somebody else.
I'm a musician.
Safe breaking isn't good enough?
Just like any other job.
It requires high qualifications,
like many others.
Anyway... Instead of stealing as
a manager, a factory owner,
a clerk or a chairman,
it's better to steal,
par excellence, as a thief.
It seems more honest.
Par excellence... Well said.
But then, why did you rob so many banks?
- The reason was always the same.
- What was it?
Because there was money in there.
Commissioner, a few words for the press!
- Take the photo!
- Mr. Kramer, why did you...
- rob your own bank?
- What sentence are you expecting, sir?
Watch where you're going, pal!
Mr. Kramer,
do you feel like the Polish Al Capone?
- Move back, sir!
- What will you do with the money?