Vacance (2013) Movie Script

Unthinkable events happen around us
Conditional dating, prostitutioning,
sponsor, human trafficking, dating minor...
But these are obvious and natural reality to them
Everything is possible with money and
law can't even reach them
By the time they were addicted to drug like
sex and values began to crumble...
A dark shadow approached them...
For those who didn't look after
themselves come the judgment day...
Did you get the item?
Three. . arrived.
They are very valuable items
so make a careful pick.
So that you don't regret it.
I'll have a nice item ready.
- Jun-sang!
Let this go, punk.
Pm sorry Don't kill him.
Don't kill him. Don't kill him.
I'll do anything. Don't kill him.
No. Jun-sang!
- Jun-sang.
- Stop yapping.
Don't kill him.
Don't kill him. Don't kill him.
Please don't kiH him.
I'll do anything. Anything. D0n't kill him.
Watch this.
You have to go home retard
Nice job.
I'll do anything.
H's my fault
H's my fault I'm sorry.
That would fucking hurt. Shit
Can't wok at it without tears.
You are the speaker for Snow White.
Live happily ever after.
Great! Great! This is it
Director KIM.
H's me JANG Tae-seong.
We need to meet.
It's early but I got something.
The best work ever
Come to my office right now.
This, this.
Even the title is my style.
\ haven't been with you
with expanding my hospital these clays.
Pm sorry
Right nowl
all the women around me...
approached me for my money and occupation.
They were dying to spend one night with me.
you're different.
Do you know that it took me 6 months to kiss you'?
Pm sorry' Chang-u.
\ have never seen someone
innocent and pure as you.
So I want to marry you.
Let's gel married.
WW you marry me'?
You were casted to play
the main role in this movie.
How does it feel t0 be the heroine of
a respected director like KIM Min-seong?
I had never imagined that
I will get a main role like this
so fast.
I will have to do my best as a rookie.
I heard that the title of
the movie is 'Faceless woman'.
Interestingly, you didn't read the scenarios yet'?
\ heard that the script writer is a perfectionist
\ am waiting for the final draft.
Eun-bit, what is your ultimate goal as an actress?
WW you be late today?
For awhile.
Just bare with my mom, alright'?
No. she got a lot softer these days.
See you.
Is this YANG Yu-hee's house?
Flower delivery for you.
If you're not ready tell me.
Pm fine
No. maybe not today
I'll go and take a shower. Are you alright?
Who is it'?
Room service.
Thank you for coming to such a pathetic place
So tell us the conclusion.
What do you want us to do'?
Pm sorry
For keeping you when you're all busy.
Tell us now.
Have you heard about talent donation?
\ got the item.
Do we have a buyer?
Yes. but very complicated buyer
How many?
3 necklaces.
3 checks for a head.
I'll train it well before sending.
Don't damage the item.
Don't worry.
Pm not a rookie.
Then tell me after the training.
Bitch. what did you say?
Bit the client's head?
Fucking bitch.
Get the bitch and turn her over to the shack.
Sell her organs,
wire 300 million won
to the client's secret account.
No. send him to Su-ji
Tell the bitch to take a good care of him.
Or I'll sell her to Russia, alright?
Fuck, Jin-wi will kill me if he finds out.
What a shithead!
Isn't it cruel to just pass by'?
Get 'm.
You're something.
I got something fun. Want to join me'?
Go off to somewhere nice.
Make some money.
Want to do it?
Why are you keep following me'?
What's wrong with you just
before cranking up for the movie?
Like you're dazed.
And what filming.
Filming that a manager doesn't know about?
Just leave me a lone. I'm about to die.
If you take a step closer I'm going to
leave entertainment business.
I got the scenario.
What scenario?
The script writer didn't give it yet
I stole it from the boss's desk.
Next week's the reading. We can't wait.
You have to read as soon as possible.
- Hello.
- Didn't you arrive yet?
Promise is there to keep.
I don't know. I don't have anytime to read it.
I'm leaving my mobile phone. You die if you call!
Hey' Hey'
What happened to the Russian case'?
H's not as easy as you think.
Take care of it without any mistake.
Yes. \ understand.
Customer is here.
I'll call you after the work.
- Call me.
- Yes.
You look familiar.
Let's go that way
I think we both need security.
Pull out your boobs to the front.
Yes. those eyes
I think we'll get the best product ever.
Absolutely nice.
Star HAN Eun-bit is sure different.
Slowly come down with a mood.
Keep looking at the camera.
Take it off Sexy.
Little. Little.
Feel my skin digging into yours.
To have HAN Eun-bit I'm honored.
I think you two can do amazing work.
I like it.
There's a trip several weeks later.
Want to join me?
Nice friends are going too.
I'll be a good experience.
Good money.
If you want, let me introduce you my friends.
WP is going down
My brother.
Nice 9W-
Crazy bastard.
Once I have you you cant get away. Be careful.
Be careful.
One shot.
Go to Yeong-ung.
Shall we dance?
It feels like a dream to be with you.
Forget about the star Han-bit.
\ am nowjust...
YOU! girl.
Getting horny seeing someone make out
you're a sex freak.
So'? You're getting more interesting.
She's a killer.
You're crazy.
When I see a sexy girl.
Let's go!
WP is leaving.
So, Snow White. did you have fun'?
I'll make it more interesting.
Let's go party tonight
Hurry and get in.
So, how was it Snow While?
Like my gift?
To our endless pleasure!
And to our endless fun trip till we die.
Let's die!
I think I picked it right.
The best in quality.
This feels like winning a lottery.
But I'm beginning to gel greedy.
Don't want to share.
Get H straight, punks.
They are just items.
Pm going to turn them over with big prices.
How much?
300 million won!
The items are safe and enjoying.
Be carefm so the items don't gel damaged.
I'll call you when the preparation is complete.
Yes, I will.
Miss actress.
Pm just curious.
How did you gel that main role'?
A lime more.
There's nothing to it.
\ rocked the old man with this.
My thing is screaming
for your Ups too.
What can you do for me in return?
Shut up and suck. bitch.
Then. I'll think about it.
\ give up. I give up.
I heard that your father sold stocks.
How much will he give?
Laundered H dean and is in a safe place
How much is that?
4 billion won.
Please, please, stop now.
I think I'm going to go crazy.
You die tonight
Like you
so innocent and pure
first time for me
you get your hands on the master
when you're just an item!
I think you're hiding a lot.
Your eyes are somewhat empty
but not bad.
I like girls with a lot of secrets.
Please seeks greater measure.
What's the end.. of pleasure?
Just where are you going?
To board the plane.
Have you done it in the air?
Pulling everything below your feet.
You and I become one and gel ecstasy.
So busy starting early in the morning.
Look at that teats hardened.
Bro, are you listening to me?
I'm going scuba diving you have fun.
I'll be filming in the jungle.
Some there and don't be late.
You're dying with measure.
Soon we'll go to the sunken vessel area.
Let's anchor there and do scuba diving.
Put on some oil and enjoy the tanning for now
and let us serve you.
This wide blue sea and this yacht
I think you sure know women.
Of course
If you work with us you can
live everyday like this.
Anything. Just let me work.
This is not work. Just enjoying
Just give your body to your instinct, OK?
So'? Was it good?
Shall we gel it really started?
Sounds great.
\ got something greater.
I got this just for you.
The loudest echo here
let us just die.
Take off.
You said you need money.
You can make the money you need in 3 days.
It's alright. This is how
everyone makes the money.
Don't you want a luxury bag?
You can buy anything you want.
It's alright.
It's alright.
Shit, it's alright.
Stay still.
You need to go away.
With all of my pathetic past,
in my life.
Fucking bitch.
Please don't.
You can go back.
To our happy home.
Do you know Amazon's woman'?
Strong' original and sexy woman
I saw that on TV.
Woman warrior feeling?
Today's concept is that
sexy woman warrior fearing.
Agile like a nakedjungle snake but
power that can take away
a person life in one moment.
If you're good
I'll love you like Jane of jungle.
Sex freak.
So, kill?
This is what you want to do all day.
Pm going to go crazy.
Don't stop
You are hooked.
Yeah this is life.
This is how you enjoy it.
We're here. Let's begin.
You wait.
I'll kill you in the water.
You won't want to come out.
OK. I'll look forward to it.
Here we are.
H's so nice.
I'll make you Jane.
Let's go that way
H's nice there.
This is perfect.
Look at this
This is awesome.
Let's take a break.
Wait, stay there.
Sit there.
Wait, stay there.
Nice, nice
Pour it on your chest
More sexy
Seduce me.
This is real art.
More, more powerful
A lime more.
A lime more.
More sexy
You're something.
He best thing alive.
Feel me
Die. die, die.
Just lake it all.
Thank you. Have a nice day.
Can you drink?
Where do you five?
Around here.
I'll make you feel better.
One shot.
So pretty.
Feels good?
When you go to a room you naturally take a shower.
And when the man goes to wash message
me the room number.
When we get it naturally it's 100%.
Answer me, bitch.
Here he come.
Act natural.
First time is the hardest. You'll get used to it.
If you get the taste for money you'll
understand why I'm doing this.
Are you Hye-rin?
Get 'm.
HAN Hye-rin 5 limes theft, 4 times fraud
\don'l want to ever go back
to the time of poverty.
H's so good.
No. no, I really.
No. no.
Kill me.
Pm yours.
Don't leave me.
Stop playing.
\ really want to do H.
Since H's raining we'
begin after the rehearsal.
Eun-bit, are you ready?
Ready, action.
Hey' What are you doing.
Do you know how much I am per minute?
You trash shits me?
Director, refs lake a break.
Pm sorry I'm sorry. Let's lake a break.
Hey, who brought her?
Hey, assistant director, gel her out.
Are you alright'?
Do you really want to act'?
Then come with me later.
It's alright. it's alright.
A lime more. A little more.
It'll end soon.
It's alright. it's alright.
H's good now. That's it.
Name Eun-bit currently a top movie star
main casting for 'Faceless woman'
Big star on spotlight for her past of sexual favor
Stop playing.
\ really want to do H.
I love you.
I love you.
- I love you.
- What'?
You what?
You love her when I told you to train her'?
- You.
- Why?
Did you fall in have?
No way, no, no.
Don't you remember our last time together?
That desperate cry.
That extreme cruel night.
Your sin.
Do you remember who I am?
How can you...
Amazed that I'm alive'?
To revenge for that day
Hived a hell.
In this hideous look.
Pm sorry Don't kill me
I'll do anything. I'll give you anything.
Yes. \ mean it.
Then. shall I take your thing first?
Hey, partner.
Would you help me.
As you can see. I have a bad sight.
Next that dirty hand.
Lastly, cold hearted
dirty heart.
Is this the end'?
Is everything over'?
Please let us leave as soon as possible.
Make sure to clean up the body well.
No traces. Let's go.
Where are you going?
The lnlerpoFs probably on the way.
You get your own lawyers.
Did you report us?
No way.
Are you putting all this on us'?
Pulling it on you?
W ho'?
Yes. this hand print.
H's enough to prove your murder
Why are you doing this to us!
Was this planned from the beginning?
Did you fool us'?
Why are you doing this to us!
We never told you to kill them. Don't blame us.
You're afraid to gel caught
with the dirty things you did.
You made the decisions and killed them.
So well
plane pilot, resort staff, etc...
there are tons of people to testify.
Finally, all ended'?
How do you feel?
Pm not over yet
\ have a last line left
WW that change the world?
It'll at least send a message.
That's enough.
But you know
did we have to do that to the ladies as well'?
No exceptions Won by sec. ruined by sex...
H's over now.
Now shall we find the heart we lost 5 years ago'?
My heart always beat