Vacation Friends 2 (2023) Movie Script

Caliente, caliente aqu
Caliente, ah
Est caliente aqu
Oh, I think I
forgot my headphones on the dresser.
Ugh. Now I gotta look
for a Brookstone.
All right, what time's
our connecting flight?
I don't know.
- You don't know?
- Mm-mmm.
Okay, Marcus, if you're
sick, just tell me.
Look, I'm not sick. I'm
on vacation. I told you.
- While I'm on vacation, I'ma just float.
- You just gonna float?
- Yep.
- Okay.
You trying to tell me
you don't currently have
all of our connecting
flights saved in your phone?
Not at all. Floating.
Okay. They change our gates
on us. You still floating?
Look here, baby. They could put
us on a whole nother shuttle
- to a whole nother terminal
- Hmm.
and I'll be fine with that.
- Ooh.
- I'm floating, baby.
That might be the single sexiest
thing you've ever said to me.
- Come here, Mr. Parker. Yeah.
- Look at you, I like that. Mmm.
Attention, Marcus and Emily Parker.
- Please come to the TSA immediately.
- What?
You have failed to
notify your airline
- that you are registered sex offenders.
- What?
- I repeat.
- What?
Depraved, nasty-ass
sex offenders.
I knew it had to be them.
- Will you put that thing down?
- What the fuck is wrong with y'all?
So happy to see you!
Look at us. All together again.
You guys, we have been
so stoked for this.
- I know.
- We really have.
I mean, Ron and I have been to
all the best places in the world.
- Reno, Orlando, Panama City.
- That's in Panama.
- Mexico City.
- It's in Mexico.
But never the fucking Caribbean!
It's all because of
you, Marcus. Thank you.
Look, we just wanted to give you guys
a real honeymoon. You deserve that.
Plus, I got a really good
deal, so it was a no-brainer.
But just so you know, no
cliff jumping this time.
You say
that when you're sober.
No, I'm serious, for a
specific reason, you know, um
- I'm so excited. Girl, you tell them.
- You want me to tell them? You tell them.
- No, you tell them.
- Um
Well, Marcus and I, um
We're going to start
trying to have a baby.
We trying to have
a baby.
Fuck me in the ass.
That's amazing.
Yes. You two are gonna
love being parents.
It is the best thing that
has ever happened to us.
I mean, you wouldn't even believe
how different our lives have become.
I mean, we've grown up. We've
really settled down. You know?
We're so boring, I don't
even recognize us anymore.
I mean, look at me.
Never thought I was going to be one of
those overprotective helicopter dads,
but that baby is all I think about.
He's obsessed.
I don't mean to alarm you,
but I just found this
crawling under our table.
I believe it's yours?
- He's crawling?
- He's crawling?
- That's fucking amazing!
- Holy shit!
It's your first time!
- Good job!
- He's a prodigy! He's amazing.
Honey, you're the most
amazing baby in the whole world.
We love you, Marcus.
So where is the guest of honor?
- Two o'clock. Coming in hot!
- Whoo!
That's right! Whoo!
- Yeah!
- I can't believe you made it.
I can't believe it either.
And a million thanks
for the invitation.
As a hotel manager, it seems I am
forever the host but never the guest.
We are so happy you are
here. We had to have you.
Please. An
all-expense-paid vacation
in exchange for some light babysitting
with my favorite little man in the world?
Of course I'd drop everything.
Plus, it's the Caribbean,
the land of love and romance.
Who knows what awaits an
exceedingly single man like myself?
But now, if you'll excuse
me, I must powder my nose.
- Bye!
- Classic Maurillio.
Such a sweetheart. Watch this.
Stop that man! He has anthrax!
The TSA is a stupid fucking job.
And all of you guys have
no fucking sense of humor.
You need to have a good laugh.
I was having a fun time!
I got that mula mula Mula mula
Queso queso Queso queso
Camouflage money They
can't see my bankroll, nah
I been whipping
whipping Django Django
'Cause I got
everything that I want
We've reached
our cruising altitude.
Feel free to move about the
cabin. Enjoy your flight.
- Baby, what is that?
- It's an ovulation tracker.
Is it weird that you have my
ovulation cycle on your phone?
I'm just trying to stay on
it. So we don't have to guess.
We know exactly when it's ready.
- You are ovulating.
- Baby, shut that...
Gotta figure how to turn
these notifications off.
Oh, my God. You're ovulating?
That's awesome, Em.
No, no, no, no. It's
just... It's the test run.
If you need to, you can do some
inseminating in the bathroom.
You up for it?
- No, I think we're done.
- No, we're good. Yeah.
Are you sure? Kyla and I just did
it in the back one. It was great.
And I would definitely not use
the front of the plane facilities.
Disposing of a fulfilled diaper during
turbulence was quite challenging.
Hey, I... I noticed something
a bit odd before I left.
As I was making my seat selection, I
asked to be placed closer to you all,
and the agent said that you and Emily
are not on the returning flight.
Are you aware of that?
What? Pfft.
Yeah, I'm aware, 'cause we staying
for a couple extra more days.
Just a little longer.
And do lots and lots of
Ah. I see. Excuse me.
You didn't tell them.
Did I actually tell them
why we're going? No!
Marcus! Why?
Look, man, they gonna be long gone
by the time I get into my work thing.
- You mean your meeting?
- It's not just any meeting, baby.
It's an interview to build a
fucking five-star hotel. Okay?
- Look, the CEO is flying in for this.
- Sir, sir, sir!
I can't let those
animals anywhere near her.
What happened to the guy
that was just floating?
Baby, that's...
that's what I'm doing.
I'm fucking floating. And that's
what I'ma do for five days.
I'ma float with their
out-of-control ass, okay?
And then they gonna leave, and I
get right in business mode again.
Keep everything separate,
and I'm relaxed.
Why can't you just take a
Valium like the rest of us?
What the shit?
- This is nice!
- Oh, my God!
- Holy shit! This is incredible.
- Oh, my God! Amazing!
What are they doing letting
us in a place this nice?
I know. They
really fucked up.
- Mimosas!
- Oh!
- Hi. Thank you.
- Welcome.
Look how nice this place is. Could
you imagine Parker Construction
building a beautiful hotel
like this in Chicago?
This hotel has two
different sushi bars.
Did you see the full meditation temple
on the way in? What?
Helicopter pad. This hotel
has a fucking helicopter pad?
Guys, we should get a helicopter so
we can land it on the helicopter pad.
Yes! Baby, how the fuck have
we not heard about this place?
Strange name
though. The Kim Wae.
Oh, Kim Wae, it's a
Korean ownership group.
How'd you know that?
I read about it before
I got here, because I...
Before I get to places, I
like to, like, read up on it.
You do the same
thing, don't you?
- No.
- Marcus!
How the hell did
you get us in here?
I was talking shop
with the manager.
He said this is booked
out five years in advance.
He... He said five years, huh?
I guess... I
guess I was lucky. You know?
It's so weird how lucky
you get sometimes.
Mm-hmm. Very weird,
ain't it, baby?
You know, so I'm about
to go take a shower,
because I feel a little
funky sitting on that plane.
Whoa, hey, Marcus.
I just opened this.
Bruh, look, you gotta
pace yourself, brother.
We got five days here.
This is 12-year-old El
Mirador Grand Reserve.
This bottle of rum is like 700
bucks. And there's a note attached.
"Thank you for being so accommodating.
Compliments of the group."
I love compliments,
and I love rum.
And I love compliments.
Given the information in front
of you, is there any scenario
where we don't drink this
rum right fucking now?
He does have a point, baby.
All... All right.
Yeah, okay, one shot.
If we do one shot, it
can't kill us, right?
Shots, shots, shots, shots!
- Cheers! Fuck it.
- Whoo!
- Yeah! Ah!
- Mmm.
Yeah, I made it!
To everyone here! To everyone!
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
- I fucking love you!
- I fucking love you!
Here you are.
- Sort of.
- Hmm?
I was wondering where you ended up.
- Did we... Did we sleep out here?
- Oh!
We should get some brunch going.
- Ooh, a menu!
- Oh, my baby!
Oh, come here, sweetheart.
- Oh, God
- Thank you for watching him last night.
Man, we went hard last night.
You should've seen Mommy talk her way
out of getting arrested last night.
You would've been so proud.
You guys, you thinking conch fritters
or something from the smoothie family?
- Baby, something definitely fried.
- No, I want something healthy.
I'll take a smoothie, please.
- Okay.
- I'm with her.
Let's go healthy.
- Why don't you make it two...
- Okay.
What? Oh Just someone
Ah, oh See
anybody in there? No?
Yeah. I
don't see anybody.
Hmm. Just gotta find a waiter.
Oh, there... I'm just gonna
send my vibes, I'm just gonna... Nope
Zeke, what's up?
First of all, there's
nothing to worry about.
Yeah, man, everything's
totally fine.
Every time y'all say shit like this,
something fucked up has happened.
Have you not checked your phone?
We've been trying to reach
you for the last 24 hours.
Yo, did you turn your
notifications off or something?
Look, I don't know.
Maybe I did. What's up?
The meeting with the CEO,
Mrs. Kim? It got moved up.
She's flying in this Tuesday.
Wha... Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Oh, God.
- Why would they do that?
All right, motherfuckers! What do
we want? We want breakfast coladas?
No idea, man. But I guess all of
the executives landed there this morning.
Lucky you're already
out there, right?
- Right there.
- No, no, no. No, no, no. Shit!
- You okay?
- Brother, chill.
We called to tell you we got you covered.
We even overnighted you the handouts.
That's right. No need
to thank us or anything.
I don't wanna thank y'all. Fuck
y'all. Look... Whoa. Damn. Fuck. Fuck!
Oh, you must be Mr. Parker.
Fuck yes, he is.
Ah! Ron, no.
Yeah. But he's right.
I am... I... I am Mr. Parker.
My name is Goe.
I'm from the advance team
for the Kim Wae Group.
Wait. Are you the
Kim Wae people...
- Like is this your hotel?
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, because I, for one,
really need to tell you
how much fucking ass
this place kicks!
No, no, no. Hey, hey, stop!
I mean, I love hotels.
I'm relaxed, I'm horny.
I'm relaxed, I'm horny
- Sit down.
- after a day in the sun, or three.
- It's amazing.
- Y-You're not hiring, are you?
Look, don't pay them no mind.
I'm sorry. Yes. How... How can I help you?
We merely wanted to extend our
apologies for the change in schedule.
Again, thank you for
being so accommodating.
Accommodating? Wait.
The rum. The rum was from you.
Yes. I hope you enjoyed it.
Oh, enjoyed it? I mean...
Wait. Was I on fire last night?
Just your head, babe.
You... Don't listen.
- They just be playing.
- Oh.
And you know something?
We was getting kind of busy,
'cause we about to get breakfast.
So if we can catch up
later today, that would be
- That'd be perfect.
- Oh, we hope to catch up tonight.
Mr. Yeon, who is the lead on the Chicago
project, is very eager to meet with you
before Mrs. Kim arrives.
Mr. Yeon is our most
senior vice president.
He's invited you for drinks down at
the lagoon tonight as our guests.
All of you.
- You don't have to invite all of us.
- No, no, no, no. It's our pleasure.
We insist.
Appreciate it. That's right. We'll...
We'll be at the lagoon tonight.
What was that all about?
I'm just confused.
Marcus, why don't
you just tell them?
Tell us?
Tell us what?
Okay, again. This is a
big deal for me and my company.
So, everybody just please,
please be presentable.
Ah, speaking of.
Hold on.
I knew I should've
packed more clothes.
Back to the baby carrier.
- Oh? Oh!
- Oh!
- Thanks, Maurillio!
- Maurillio, you're the best.
- Baby, just get a drink.
- No, I don't wanna have a drink, baby.
I am hungover, and I'm nervous.
This isn't how I pictured
things going at all.
- Okay, can you remember something for me?
- Thank you.
That you are personable,
you are charismatic,
and you are damn
good at your job.
Baby, I know, I know. I know I'm
good, but I have to be the best, okay?
Picture your dick.
- Oh, yeah.
- Mmm.
Wait, what?
It's exactly what we did
when we prepared for battle.
Visualize to achieve.
Marcus, you got more talent
in the tip of your dick hole
than everybody at
this entire party.
I'm actually visualizing
it right now.
And, wow, it's a gorgeous dick.
Stop it! Cut the shit.
Stop it!
I talked to y'all earlier, and I
thought y'all heard me loud and clear.
I don't want you talking to nobody,
I don't want you making eye contact,
and I especially don't want you
talking about my damn dick, okay?
Ah, excuse me?
Hi. You must be Marcus Parker?
I'm Yeon, VP of
properties at Kim Wae.
You're Yeon.
First of all, what I was just...
What you was just hearing,
that was me, uh, being
funny. You know, I was...
I was just playing around with my friends.
You know, it's a little American humor.
Oh, right.
I went to college in Pittsburgh.
I must've missed the
class on American humor.
Damn. Uh, well, I own
a construction company.
- I'm not a stand-up comic, so maybe I...
- Clearly.
But check this out.
I am excited to meet Mrs. Kim.
When I tell you this
presentation is perfect,
- I've been working on it for months...
- Mr. Parker, I'm-I'm sorry.
Let me stop you right there.
- Can I be honest with you?
- Of course you can.
You are not my first
choice for this job.
- What?
- It's nothing personal.
We just already have another
candidate we've worked with before.
He's a real
no-brainer, honestly.
So, I don't know why Mrs. Kim
is making us go through this.
Frankly, I find this whole
thing a little insulting.
Is it
Is it insulting for
you, or is it insulting for me?
Ah, for both of us.
- Goddamn, that was honest. Okay.
- Anyway, nice to meet you.
Zero overages!
Sorry, what?
We took on 12 major projects
last year and had zero overages.
- Really?
- Y-Yes.
Uh, and I'm Emily, Marcus's
wife. And I can attest to that.
And you are?
I'm Kyla.
And I am Ron.
And you work with him, or
Oh, you
can speak Korean?
And I second
that, but make it a double.
That was esoteric.
- But oddly impressive. As are you both.
- Ooh, thanks.
When the wind is right, we will
be releasing these lanterns.
The flame represents happiness
and good luck.
Whew. Wow.
Ron, first
of all, thank you, man.
How do you always pull that off?
Okay, I'm going to let you
in on a secret, Marcus.
I don't know if you've noticed.
Everybody likes me.
Come on now. Everybody?
No, I'm serious.
Every single person I have ever met.
The crazy thing
is he likes them all back.
- Right?
- Oh, yeah.
Okay, well, you can't possibly
like everybody back...
No, Emily. I do.
Every single person.
- Every single person in the entire...
- What? Fucking hell!
What's wrong with you people?
Come on. What are you doing?
I'm... I'm an invited guest.
Okay, I'm not invited invited.
I'm just looking for somebody.
- Okay, handsome, what's it gonna be?
- What's up with that guy?
Fifty, a hunny? Now you tell me.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- What's wrong with you people?
- No. No!
- I gotta do my job.
No, no, no, no, no! What
the fuck are you doing here?
Fuck you, lady!
Fuck me? Fuck you! Get
the fuck out of here!
What? Are you going to
make me? What are you gonna do?
I'll fucking kick your ass.
- Ooh!
- Ooh!
- Ooh
- Ooh
Dad! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
- What the fuck are you doing here?
- Wait. What?
What do you mean
what am I doing here?
- That's her dad? I thought he was in jail.
- So did I.
I'm glad you're here. These
guys wouldn't let me in.
- Fuck you! And fuck you!
- What's going on with this place.
Shit, that's Reese. I'm
finally gonna meet Reese.
Emily, how do I look?
Guys, look who it
is! It's my dad!
One... One second, one second.
Don't say another
word. Marcus, right?
Am I right? Oh!
Fuck right off. You
must be Emily!
Oho! That mustache!
- It's even better than Kyla said.
- Oh, thank you.
Whoa! He's got your eyes. The
most beautiful eyes in the world.
Well, Dad, you haven't seen these eyes.
I want to introduce you to Ron.
This is Ron?
Kylie, you didn't say he
was a fucking gorilla.
- Well, he's my fucking gorilla.
- Oh!
Dad, he's my soul mate.
He's the love of my life.
Hold on. I thought I was
the love of your life.
Well, now I have two.
Oh, Mr. Hackford. Can...
Can I call you Reese?
Whew. I cannot tell you what an
honor it is to finally meet you.
Uh, a kiss on the forehead. That's
the ultimate sign of respect.
- Learned that from a sheikh in Kuwait.
- Mmm.
Okay, Ron.
It's nice to finally
Blah, blah, blah.
Don't worry. I approve.
Or do I?
Did you see his face?
That was good.
Goddamn it,
- I can't believe I'm actually here.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, you know, neither can we.
- Yeah, man.
It's crazy that you...
That you're here.
I mean, if you don't mind me
asking, why you... why are you here?
Guys, this is so fucking crazy.
He was literally just
released from San Quentin.
Just yesterday.
Perfect timing, right?
So, wait, Kyla, you
told him to come here?
No. I mean, all I told him was,
like, the hotel we were staying at
and then, classic my Dad,
completely surprised us.
Look, I have missed all the
big events in Kyla's life.
You know, the birth of her kid, wedding,
graduation from CoolSculpting school...
That one hurt.
And her mom's death.
May Jesus rest her beautiful,
precious, lovely soul.
God, I hated that witch.
So after all that,
I had no choice.
- I had to come crash her honeymoon.
- Right?
- We are so glad you did.
- Can I tell you something though?
This particular honeymoon is not the
type of honeymoon that you "crash."
If you're worried about your, like,
"business stuff," please do not be.
Because honestly, we're
cool. My dad's even cooler.
Yeah, no, I'll be cool.
Now where can an asshole like
me get a drink around here?
- We need to get him a drink!
- I gotta work the room.
- I'm going to the bar.
- No, no. Hey, brother.
It's... You don't wanna go that
way. We got liquor for you.
- We got some rum. In the room.
- In the room.
- No, we don't.
- No. We... We drank it.
- We get another bottle of rum
- Yeah.
just for you to celebrate.
- We're gonna celebrate him.
- Marcus, it's $700.
It's $700. It's
on me. It's on me.
We gonna get another
bottle for you on me.
- Classy guy here.
- I know!
- All right.
- Okay, let's go.
He's very nice.
Thanks, Marcus. That's sweet.
also needs drinks?
Dad, you're so
funny. I mean, come on though.
You're such a cutie-pie.
You guys are so cute.
Oh, the rum is here. I
know where this is headed.
Don't tell me, Reese.
- You're a guy that likes it straight up.
- Nah, I'll just have a beer.
A beer?
So, Reese. Um, you know,
I hate to be intrusive
Oh, ask away. Open book here.
So what were you in for?
Absolutely nothing. I'm an
innocent victim of the system.
Okay, come on now. You had
to do something to go in.
Here's a cold one, Reese.
All right, let me put it
to you this way, Marcus.
Kyla tells me you own your own
construction company, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, imports, exports.
And so I get a little aggressive
with some tax write-offs,
and all of a sudden I'm money
laundering with criminal intent?
And now I have to make up for
eight fucking years of lost time.
Speaking of, I got you the
best wedding presents ever.
- My God. Give it to me.
- No, honey... Okay.
- I know how great you are with money.
- She's the best with money.
Yeah, Ron. I just said that.
But you have a family now, right?
With a kid to take care of.
And you gotta start thinking about
your long-term financial security.
- Right.
- Don't ask me how,
but I got you in on an amazing,
rock-solid investment opportunity.
- Ready?
- Yes.
I'm sorry. What?
- Oh, cryptocurrency.
- No, I know what that is, but...
Dad, I've heard of that.
- Yeah, so have I.
- No, no, you haven't. No, no.
- This is SCOM-coin.
- Did you say Scam-coin?
No, SCOM-coin.
- Scum-coin?
- No, no, no. S-C-O-M.
Yeah, it's an acronym.
- For what?
- For what?
Fuck, I don't
But anyway, it's
gonna be huge. Okay?
All you gotta do is give me
like 40, 50 grand and boom!
You are going to be so
fucking rich in no time.
Dad, I'm crying.
This is so sweet.
It's the best
wedding present ever.
Okay, so I actually
work in finance.
Yeah. And I...
I know you guys may think
I'm a little conservative,
but the last time I checked,
cryptocurrency is insanely volatile.
Yeah. They're
Hey, trust me. You're
gonna want a piece of this.
- Emily, trust him.
- Oh.
Also, I have a fun idea.
- Emily, why don't we do it together?
- Yes!
Oh, and Marcus, I could
tell the Koreans about it.
- No, no. No.
- It might help you out.
Can we talk about... We can
talk... We need to talk.
- We should.
- Now we gonna talk.
But you don't talk to
nobody else about this shit.
Yeah, no. Okay, okay.
- I'ma tell you this.
- T-Tell me...
I want you to hear me. I do not
trust Kyla's daddy for nothing.
Who goes to jail for eight
years for, what, tax write-offs?
He went to San Quentin. Come on.
You don't go to San
Quentin for no tax shit.
- We should know 'cause we from Chicago.
- Exactly.
You know he gonna stay here. You
know he plans on staying here.
What was I supposed to do?
I couldn't have him bro-ing
it up with the Koreans.
You know what? Matter of fact, this
motherfucker didn't even try the rum.
Hold up. Did we
pay for that rum?
- Yeah, baby.
- Did we pay for the rum?
- I paid for the rum.
- What the hell?
Fucking right, and I had
to leave a tip. Goddamn it.
Calm down.
You know what? When we
first met Ron and Kyla,
we thought... We thought
that they were batshit crazy.
- Yeah, we did.
- And you know what? We were wrong.
No, we were... Baby, we
were... We were right.
Okay, but they're harmless.
And so that's what I'm trying to say.
Maybe Reese is of the same variety.
A-And it's not like he's gonna
be in your meetings with you.
- And that should be the plan.
- Yes.
We need to keep him
away from the Koreans.
Okay, I like that plan.
In fact, let's keep
him as busy as we can.
And we just pray that
nobody burns down the hotel.
Guys! Oh, my
God. There's a bonfire.
- We're all going. Come on.
- Bonfire? What?
That's not a bonfire.
Question. Um
Y'all wouldn't
happen to know who...
Whose lantern it was
that-that caused this, right?
We just built this
meditation temple too.
Well, this is... this is gonna have
to be a total rebuild, you know.
From my professional
opinion, you know?
What the fuck, man?
I told you not to do
the stupid lantern shit.
Once the lanterns are lit, you
can't control the direction.
You're making us look bad
in front of the Americans.
You had to be like, "Yeah, it'd
be good to promote Asian culture.
I used to do this
when I was a kid."
Do you know how bad it looks for a hotel
group to have a building burn down?
The lanterns were supposed
to be a symbol of good luck.
Goddamn. It is heaven to
eat with a metal fork again.
I can't tell you what it's like to
drop a deuce with nobody watching.
- Deuce.
- I'm serious, Ron. It's not funny.
Do you like shitting in front
of other people? I don't.
Cool. Um
Well, look, um, what... What
plans do everybody got today?
You know, is it... You guys plan to
do something that's off the resort?
Why? Why would you
wanna leave this place?
I'm never leaving.
I mean, I've never been to the Caribbean
before, but this place is nice.
You know, it's...
It's drug lord nice.
I'm sorry. "Drug lord nice"?
Emily, come on. These places are
like Soho Houses for all the heavies.
The Barnes Brothers, Escobar.
I wouldn't be surprised if Chencho
himself is with us in the hot tub tonight.
- Chencho?
- Chencho Novar. From Colombia?
Ah, yes, Chencho Novar.
I watched an entire
documentary about him once.
So deadly, no one who has
seen his face is still alive.
So scary, nobody will
utter his name in public.
Although I... I
guess I just did.
Okay, well, I... I don't think we have
seen anyone like that around here.
I suppose next
they're gonna tell us
that those aren't high-priced
hookers over there.
Definite hookers. They look
extremely expensive though.
And super niche.
If you'll excuse me, I'm
gonna set up camp by the pool
- and check out the merchandise.
- You earned it, Daddy.
- Think of something.
- What?
Oh, um, hey!
Why don't... Why
don't you guys go, um
go surfing?
- Surfing!
- That is... Mm-hmm.
Let's go surfing.
Let's do some surfing!
Yo, Marcus. What's
the room number?
I'm having another little
wedding gift sent here.
You don't have to
do that for us.
It's really for her.
Okay, look. Just fill my name on
it, and they'll get it to me, okay?
- Ron, look, thank you for doing this, man.
- Oh, yeah, man.
I was kind of surprised to
hear you know how to surf.
Nah, I don't know how to surf.
I... I'm not good. I
do some paddleboarding.
- Sometimes you gotta push your limits.
- Okay.
Look, I'm just
glad to be out here.
It gives Reese and I a
chance to bond, you know?
Reese, I can't tell you
how much this means to me.
I've heard so much about you through the
years and to finally get to know you...
Wait. Are you sure we're
going the right way?
Oh, yeah, I am.
Checked the map at the
front desk before we left.
Old habit I picked
up in the service.
Right. I heard.
You're a park ranger.
I am. Uh
It was... It was
before that. Like the
service service.
Special Forces.
Ah, I could've done that.
I picked the hard road,
pal. Sales. Now that's war.
What? Look, sales
isn't... It's not war.
He actually fought in
the war. Like combat.
Oh, my bad.
So tell me, have you ever
killed anyone before?
I don't relish in admitting
it, but yes, Reese.
- Yes, I have.
- Okay, Ron. How many?
We don't really
talk about it. It's, uh
It's kind of a code we
all live by. We just...
Code? And you can't tell us
because it's a secret code.
Look, Reese, that is
very disrespectful.
You don't ask a soldier
a question like that.
Damn. For real?
Forty-two confirmed.
A couple of "iffys."
Okay, Rambo.
What are you gonna tell me next?
You deserve a medal for bravery?
I have eight of those, actually.
What a beautiful day.
I guess.
What's wrong with you?
There was a striking young woman
at breakfast getting yogurt,
and all I could think to say to
her was, "Mmm, strawberries."
Mmm. That's not
gonna get it done.
It is still very early, okay?
All you gotta do is
be yourself. Okay?
And I promise by the end of this week,
you are gonna be a stone-cold killer.
Um, do you want me to be myself,
or do you want me
to be a killer?
Because, Emily, these are
two very different things.
Oh, this
is heaven.
Poor girl.
If only she knew how much Ron and I
assed up that chair the other night.
You don't think these
waves are too big?
I can't tell.
- I mean, those guys are out there.
- Those guys are fucking crazy.
- I'm not going in that shit.
- What? Are you guys scared?
Not at all.
But even in the best conditions,
you have to be careful.
She's a fickle mistress.
You gotta respect her.
You gotta listen to
what she's telling you.
The natural world, Reese.
And if you just be patient, she'll
reveal all the mysteries to you.
It's what I've
dedicated my life to.
Like that.
- See that bird there?
- Yeah?
I can tell from here.
- That bird's about to shit.
- Hey, Jerome!
Jerome, there you are.
Damn it! I had him.
Hey, tell me if you
see another bird.
- Tell me, how we doing this?
- Brother, this thing is a bad idea.
For why you even want
to involve Warren?
Because I'm trying go through
the proper channels here.
- Oh, man.
- That way we get paid,
and we keep our heads on.
- No, no.
- You don't understand.
I have to get that money. Look,
tell him I have the coordinates.
How-How does he know this guy?
He said he'd never been
to the Caribbean before.
Mr. Parker.
What are you two doing
on the backside of the island?
We... We... You know something?
We about to get our surf on.
We about to do some surfing.
Ah. I didn't know you surfed.
- That's unusual for someone from Chicago.
- That's not unusual. You know something?
I'm... I'm a little more than
somebody just from Chicago.
Matter fact, it looks
intimidating, but it's not.
You know? All you gotta
do is push your limits.
That's right. Like
my friend Ron says.
Right, Ron?
What? Oh. Yes.
That's what... Yep, yep.
- I like people who push their limits.
- Hell yeah.
All right. Well, uh, we better keep
the pace up before we tighten up.
- Do that. We're gonna do some surfing.
- Let's go!
- Okay. Let's go.
- Hey, fools, back to the hotel.
Chop, chop. Let's go.
Wait, wait. You're going back?
Because you just said
you were gonna jump in.
So, are you surfing or
are you not surfing?
- Yeah, that's...
- Are you kidding me?
These two caked their trunks
the second they saw the waves.
Caked? Me?
What? You're telling me now
that you're not chickening out?
As a matter of fact, Reese,
I'm going for it right now.
Let's do this, Marcus.
Okay, have a
good nap, sweetie.
Oh. Isn't he just the most
beautiful thing in the entire world?
You okay?
- I don't wanna have a baby.
- Me neither right now.
No, I mean, like, ever.
Like, of my own.
- Wait. Are you serious?
- Yeah.
I just saw you with baby Marcus.
You were just incredible.
I know! I love kids.
And Marcus and I have always
talked about having them,
but now that the moment is here,
I realized I never actually envisioned
myself carrying these babies.
You've gone through the process.
You know what it does to your body.
Sweetheart, it's fucking hell.
I had a stage three tear, which means
I pissed and shit at the same time.
- Oh, my God.
- You're gonna love it.
I just love my life
the way it is now.
I know it sounds
selfish. I know.
I can hear it. But I feel like a
baby would just ruin all of that.
And I am the happiest
I have ever, ever been.
Does Marcus know?
The man with the ovulation
tracker on his phone?
No, he doesn't know.
I don't want to be a negative
Nancy, but you do have to tell him.
- It would literally break his heart.
- Can I just say something?
I don't know why I'm not
eloquent or smart enough
to be able to say the kind of,
like, badass feminist thing
that I wish I could say now, but I'm
proud of you for knowing yourself.
And secondly, you know, I
think he's gonna understand.
Come on. I mean, do you really
think he's gonna lose his shit?
Ah! No!
Ron, what the fuck?
Okay. Could be a little
tough paddling out.
Man, fuck this! Okay,
why don't we go back? Huh?
We can come up with something. Say
it's a rip current, or something.
Man, you heard Reese.
- I can't chicken out now.
- Who gives a fuck what he thinks?
You kind of cared what your
father-in-law thought, huh?
I don't know if you picked
up on it back there.
It was kind of subtle, but it just seems
like Reese and I aren't connecting.
I knew it. Chickenshit.
Great. So now what the fuck
am I supposed to do then?
Go back up there
alone? And look at...
This motherfucker's
filming us. Fuck!
There's only one thing
left to do, Marcus.
Hell no!
- Come on. You did paddleboarding.
- Twice! In a lake!
Look at that set, Marcus.
This may be the only chance in your life
to ride something that fucking perfect.
Once you're out there, your
instincts will kick in,
and then you'll just
be one with the wave.
- Are you sure about this?
- Believe in yourself! You can do this!
- I can do this. I can do this.
- You can do this!
- Yes!
- We're going out there,
- and we're going surfing.
- Yes!
They say it's new
Ooh! Oh!
Mr. Parker?
Mr. Parker? Mr. Parker!
That was violent.
- Where's Ron? Is Ron okay?
- I'm right here, buddy. I'm totally fine.
But you, Marcus.
Fucking hell, man!
I can't believe
you're actually alive.
Yeah. I've never seen that much
water come out of a person before.
Did I... Did I throw up a lot?
Definitely, no -Uh, no.
Then where did the
water come from?
Your butthole threw up, bud.
Thank you, Ron.
You read my mind.
Oh, hey, that's for him.
Baby, I got so much.
I, um
I'm going to need to rinse. Excuse me.
So, how's it going with my dad?
It's going. It's good.
It seems like you guys have,
like, really had a chance to bond.
- Yeah. Yeah, totally bonding. Yeah.
- Oh, thank God!
- I'm so relieved.
- Huh? What?
I don't know if it was, like, my weird
psychic ability kind of flaring up,
but I did have a moment where I
was looking at you, and I was like,
"Oh, my God. I
love him so much."
Then I was looking at my dad, and I
was, "Oh, my God. I love him so much."
Then I was looking at you
two together and was like,
"Oh, my God. What if they
don't love each other so much?"
Yeah. A nightmare,
I know! A total nightmare.
It was a total nightmare.
And it got me thinking about Sue's dad
doesn't get along with her husband,
and that's why she
got cystic acne
and started collecting
those little glass cats.
And everyone's just
worried about her.
I was like, "I don't want
that to happen to me."
But then I'm like, "I'm
just being crazy," because
you're Ron, and
everyone loves you.
Ha! Not literally
everyone, you know.
Literally everyone.
Every single person.
And that's why I love you.
I'm so sorry.
I will never, ever, ever, ever,
ever suggest surfing again.
Good. 'Cause I don't want to even hear
the word surfing. You know what I mean?
Look, I had to do
whatever I had to do to...
To get rid of Kyla's fucking
shady-ass father somehow. You know?
Well, you don't have to
worry about him tonight.
Apparently he already got
plans. Some business thing.
Ah, thank God.
Okay, so what,
uh... What you had going on today?
Yeah, it was good.
- You know, we just kicked it by the pool
- Mmm.
just talked about stuff.
- Stuff? Like, what type of stuff?
- Baby, you know.
Girl stuff, some personal
stuff, some deep stuff.
You are ovulating.
Shit! Goddamn it!
Oh, you guys just go at
it. I'll turn the music up.
What? Hold on.
Mr. Parker, it's Yeon.
Hey, man.
Yeon, what's going on,
brother? How you doing?
Mrs. Kim wanted me to check
that you are still, well, alive.
- You told her about that today?
- No, no, no.
I sent her the video. Uh, it
made quite the impression.
I wish I could say she
found your effort admirable,
but really she was just
concerned about your well-being.
She said that if you wanted
to cancel your presentation...
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Can... No, no, no.
We're not using that word here.
We're not canceling anything.
You know, 'cause... 'cause
guess what? I'm... Pfft. I am...
I am great. I am so fine.
You're totally fine?
Matter of fact, I was telling my wife
how bad I want to go surfing again.
- What?
- Really?
Well, I wasn't gonna offer this,
but the group and I, we're
going to the casino tonight.
You and your guests are more
than welcome to join, of course.
But, uh, if you can't make it
that's totally fine.
No, no, no. Ain't
no buts.
We... We would love to meet
y'all at the casino tonight.
Okay. Well, I'll
see you there then.
Okay, that was
a lot, holding that in.
Uh-uh. You can't go out.
You can't even walk.
I can walk. Watch. Watch me walk.
- See? I'm walking to the bathroom.
- Oh! Oh, baby.
- Wow!
- Okay, I'm just gonna say it.
This place is nicer than Reno.
Okay. And look, guys, I want
all of us to have fun tonight,
but the Kim Wae people are here,
and I want to make a
good impression. Okay?
Got you. You want us
to get super fucked up.
Let's score some Molly, and maybe we
could pitch Yeon on a hot three-way.
- No, no, no, no. Hell no.
- No.
I'm kidding. I'm not drinking
tonight. We've got our child here.
Come on. We're not monsters.
How's that
fucking ass tonight, buddy?
You ready to get spanked?
Four hundred for us.
Let me go find
Yeon. I'll be back.
Come on, Em. You
wanna play? Come on.
Actually, I don't really
see the appeal of gambling.
What? Come. Let mama show you.
You just have to know how to play.
Sir, you can't have
a baby at the table.
Hey! Hey, Marcus!
- Marcus!
- Yeon.
- Hey, come over here.
- Come here, come here.
- Yeah, yeah! Sit, sit.
- Go, go.
How you
doing? What's going on?
- Sit, sit, Marcus.
- Sit down. Sit down.
- What's going on?
- Come play with us.
- Play what?
- A drinking game, Mr. Parker.
What we
call after-work drinks.
This is how we bond
in our business.
It's a company tradition.
- Huh.
- Get ready.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- Ah!
- I win again! You all suck!
You all suck!
He was... He...
These were for me?
No, I'm not drinking
tonight, man.
I'm taking a break. I'm on
a... I'm on a drink fast.
Excuse me?
Okay, look, I'm not trying
to offend any of y'all.
Especially you, Yeon. But
I... I cannot do this tonight.
This is how we bond.
Are you saying you don't
want to bond with us?
No! Come on now. I
just can't drink, okay?
I said it's a company tradition.
Somebody has to play.
Twenty again? Shit!
Ron, Ron! Wait. Why you and the baby...
Look, no, fuck that... I need you to drink.
Marcus, you
told me specifically...
I know what I said, damn
it! Come with me. Come now.
Mmm. So, babe, oh, my God. It looked
like Marcus took your talk really well.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Because we didn't have it.
I just wanna make sure I'm
assessing this correctly.
- This is a... This is a drinking game?
- Yes. I need you to pinch hit for me.
No, Marcus. If I do something like this,
I'm gonna have to unleash the beast.
Are you comfortable
with that? Yes or no?
In this case
All right, you fucking pussies.
- Let's do this.
- No. It's you who's the pussy.
okay, get ready!
All right.
Suck it!
Fuck yeah!
Get Minjin.
I saw it in his eyes. I know how much
he wants this baby, and I just...
I couldn't do it to him. I
couldn't break his heart.
- Nineteen. Dealer wins.
- You're on fucking notice, dude.
But I mean, it's
also so confusing.
So, I think that this is just
one of those moments in life
- where you have to listen to that wisdom
- Mmm.
that is deep within
your soul that says,
- "You cocksucker."
- I'm sorry. What?
You cocksucker!
I see exactly what it
is that you're doing.
Excuse me, ma'am?
You're not showing us your cards
until after we find out what ours are.
- You know what? You gotta go first.
- Ma'am, ma'am, don't...
- Just go first.
- Don't touch the cards.
- Great. You just burned the deck.
- Hey, sorry.
I thought you
said you knew how to play.
I do know how to play. All
the face cards were out.
The shoe was absolutely fucked,
and I had to do something.
My tits are on fire.
I gotta go pump.
I'll be right back.
Okay, so whenever the low cards come
out, that's when you go deep. Trust me.
- Okay, we end this right now.
- Fuck that, dude. I got this!
Listen to me, damn it! Alcohol
poisoning is fucking dangerous.
- You get what I'm saying?
- Dude, I fucking got this.
Quiet, quiet!
Be quiet! Calm down!
Hey. Let's get ready.
One shot!
year old male
- Sir, sir! Can you hear me?
- No response.
There we go.
Sir, do you know where you are?
He's breathing.
He's breathing.
Thank God.
Oh! Hi, my sweet
little baby boo!
Well played, Mr. Parker.
Well played.
Thank you.
Uh, I need to find a
bathroom. I'll be back.
Me too.
Okay, here's the
way I look at it.
I've got something you want, and I
really wanna fucking give it to you.
So we just need to come up
with some kind of agreement.
I told you. Ten grand.
Actually, Warren, I was
thinking more like half.
Half? Half of what?
Of whatever you've
got on that plane.
Yeah. That was a close call.
I didn't exactly make it, but
thank God there were so many sinks.
Holy shit, that is Reese.
I don't know what Jerome
told you about me...
- Jerome not work for me.
- Okay, look.
I know where your
plane went down.
Yeah, the location's
a little hot,
but I could take you there
tomorrow if you want.
You can do that.
Or you can just give
me the coordinates now.
And give up all my leverage.
Why the fuck would I do that?
So I don't blow your
damn brains out.
What you gonna do? Shoot me in
the middle of the dance floor?
Of course not.
Take him outside
and then shoot him.
Come on. Let's take a walk.
Reese! Reese!
Tell your ding-dongs to put
their guns away, all right?
You see this guy coming
over here right now?
The one who looks like
he just had diarrhea?
Mmm. No, not him.
The one next to him.
The big guy, the
scary-looking motherfucker.
- He's with me.
- Reese.
- Hey, you two.
- Reese.
Oh, Ron, am I glad to see you.
Yeah, me too, Reese.
We gotta talk.
It's something important.
don't you like me?
I don't get it.
Ron, Ron.
Hey, um I'm... I'm Marcus.
Okay, come on, baby. Paint that ace!
Okay, come on! Let's paint that ace.
- Paint that ace with a ten!
- Blackjack again.
- Y'all see that? That's me all day.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Hey.
- I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
You are aware that in this casino
counting cards is strictly forbidden?
Oh! Well, I'm not
counting cards.
See... Let me tell
you how to play.
You just gotta keep track of the
face cards and the low cards. Boom.
That is counting cards.
It is?
Get it together, man.
What's the matter?
For the
first time ever,
I'm having to deal with
all these emotions.
You know, uh,
disappointment, insecurity
- Okay, now is not the time to...
- inadequacy.
How about anger? Huh? You
feeling some anger now? Fury?
No. It's, uh... It's like
a pain and a sadness.
I just wish you knew I would
do anything for you, Reese.
- Anything?
- You name it. You name it.
Okay, well, why don't you tell Warren
here how many people you've killed?
Oh, I
Warren, hey, I am Ron.
Yeah, nice to meet you guys.
I can't do that
because of the code.
- We talked about it. I...
- Ron!
Okay, 42 people. Forty-two.
All legitimate targets though.
Hmm. Every one of them.
Hey, um
I think we should get
the fuck out of here.
Um I don't think you're
reading the room correctly.
- We gonna get up out of here.
- That would be best.
No, wait. A few iffys. You guys...
They wanna hear about the iffys?
What can I say, Warren? I tried.
Reese, what was that all about?
What was what about?
You know what. The
shit with those dudes.
Oh, those guys. Yeah, no, they're...
They're just new friends of mine.
New friends who were very
impressed with you, Ron.
As was I.
- Really?
- Yeah, hey.
Salaam and all
that. Thanks again.
I'll catch you guys later.
Look, Ron. I know that's your
father-in-law and everything,
but that guy is up to
something. I'm telling you.
Come on.
You were right. He
didn't bite.
In fact, he was being
a dick about it.
Look, it's time
to move to plan B.
Yes, Jerome. I have a plan B. Tell
me you know how to scuba dive.
Reese is a great dude.
Look at me, no
the fuck he's not.
He's not even an okay dude.
Did you just not see that?
We connected, man.
I think this might've been,
like, a real breakthrough.
You know what? I may even look
into that crypto thing he's got.
- What? You don't need to be participa...
- Let me go!
But I wasn't even cheating!
- Wait, where's my money?
- Is that Emily?
Where is my money? I'm
from Chicago. Let me down!
Shit. Get your hands
off my fucking wife!
Again, thank you
so much for doing this.
Ah, it's okay. It's okay.
We're... We're almost to your room.
You wanna
know something, Marcus?
starting to like you.
Okay, that's cool and everything, man.
And-And Yeon, look, I-I like you too.
No, I'm not just
drunk. I mean it.
You're a fighter, like me.
You think on your feet.
Plus, you have great friends.
Fucking love you, man.
- Oh!
- And in my opinion
you should get this job.
It's my honest opinion.
That's great, man.
Too bad my opinion
doesn't matter.
Wait, what? What are you
talking about? You're the VP.
- You're in charge of this whole project.
- So what?
She doesn't listen to me.
Mrs. Kim doesn't care
one bit about my opinion.
That's fucked up.
- Ron, come on now.
- Sorry.
No. No, he's right.
That is fucked up.
You wanna
hear my opinion?
- You wanna hear my opinion, Mrs. Kim? Kim.
- Okay, okay.
My opinion is that
you are a mean person.
- Yeon, you know she's not...
- I'm gonna tell her that.
Next time I talk to her. I don't even
care anymore, I'm just gonna say it.
I'm gonna say it to her face.
That's right. I'm gonna say...
Mrs. Kim.
No, no,
no, no, no. No. That...
That won't be a problem.
No, no, of course.
Of course. Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Thank you. Sorry.
Uh. Mrs. Kim just spoke
to her architects.
And, uh, she would like
the roof to be slate now.
She want the
roof to... To be slate?
Is that gonna be a problem?
Pfft. What?
Shit, man! Look, we've never
worked with slate before.
So what? We'll figure it out.
What you mean, "So what"? Look,
this isn't thermo PVC, okay?
And you gotta take into
account all breakages
and fucking finding, uh... uh,
bonding agents, all that shit.
Come on, man. You gotta relax,
everything's gonna be fine.
What the hell do you
mean, "It'll be fine"?
I don't want it to just be
fine. I want it to be perfect.
If you try to get it perfect, you're
just gonna fuck it up, playboy.
Exactly why I never try.
Shut the fuck up. Both of
y'all, just-just shut up.
Do me a favor, okay?
Work out a new budget, add the slate
in there, and give it to me tonight.
Whoa. Tonight?
Yes. Tonight. Okay, I wanna read
all of it. No surprises, okay?
- Marcus Parker?
- Okay.
Just so you know,
when you get the handouts
tomorrow, skip over the last part.
That's all fucked up now.
What are you talking about?
I got it in my hand here.
Oh, no, you don't. We're tracking right
here, it says it's still in Miami.
What's this then?
What the fuck.
- Cocaine.
- Hey.
- Oh!
- Glad I caught you.
Cau-Caught me doing...
What'd you say?
Listen, I just wanted to thank you
for getting me home last night.
Last night. Man, come on.
That-That was nothing.
- No-No big deal at all.
- No, no, no. It is a big deal.
I shared
some thoughts that were
out of line.
Thoughts about my superior.
Dude, I don't know what
you're talking about.
I don't even remember
none of that shit, but...
No, no, no. It was totally
unprofessional and, uh
In fact, I don't even
know why I said that.
I don't know where it came
from. I didn't mean it.
Look, man. I-I'm not no snitch, okay?
I ain't gonna tell on you. You good.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Great, because the last
thing I would ever want to do
is put you in an embarrassing
situation where you had...
Oh. I'm-I'm sorry. I'm, like,
totally crushing your package.
You ain't crushing my package,
'cause that's not mine.
- Whatever you're crushing, no, it's not...
- Sorry, man. Gotta re-scan that.
- Re-scan what?
- Uh, your express pack.
You know, the one
you just signed for?
- Oh. This?
- There it is.
You know something, I forgot...
'Cause I had to sign for this earlier
for somebody else. 'Cause this not mine.
- Know what I mean?
- Wait. Are you not Marcus Parker?
No. No, he is.
I thought so. Well, all yours.
Thank you.
Is... Is everything okay?
Your father sent me cocaine.
Wow! This is way more than you've
ever smuggled in your ass, babe.
- It's a lot of cocaine.
- There's like five pounds in there.
- What?
- Marcus,
why did you sign for
five pounds of cocaine?
Yeah, baby. Why did you do that?
I didn't know it was
cocaine in the package.
When you sign for something, they
don't tell you what's in there.
Oh, God! That's like major
trafficking. Like-like international...
What the fuck are you do...
I didn't bring this
to you to snort it.
It is cocaine, Marcus. What are
we... Are we not supposed to do it?
No, motherfucker! No!
What the fuck are...
You just heard me say some shit to him.
Get rid of this shit right the fuck now.
We got rid of a little bit.
Yeah. And I think if we just keep plugging
away, it'll be gone before we know it.
What the fuck is
wrong with y'all?
Oh, great! Come on,
Marcus. Now Kyla knows?
It was supposed to be
a surprise. What...
I'm sorry, Reese. Did I...
Did I ruin your surprise?
You wanna know who else
was surprised? Come here.
Me, motherfucker!
I was surprised
to get a package,
and I almost opened that
shit in front of Yeon!
First off, you told me
to put it in your name.
I know what I said.
Shut the fuck up.
- Okay?
- What? What? Marcus. Marcus!
Baby, I am sorry, but
I was fucking right!
He almost blew the job for me,
and I want him out of here.
Matter of fact, this guy
right here is a criminal.
If you went to jail, you must
have really did some shit.
And, man, don't you give me that
"innocent victim of the system" bullshit.
- I am an innocent victim of the system...
- I am an innocent... Shut the fuck up!
Just admit it, you were
using me to smuggle drugs.
Marcus, that's not drugs.
Kiss my ass, okay?
If it's not drugs, then,
Reese, what the fuck is it?
Why does this coke
not taste coke-y?
Because it's your mom.
Oh, my God!
That's her?
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
- Yes, Emily.
Those are her mom's ashes.
Oh, Mom!
She died while he was in jail,
and we didn't get a chance
to spread her ashes around.
Again, hated her, a witch.
But I had them sent here so we
could scatter them together.
I just snorted your mom?
I just did too.
It's really kind of beautiful
if you think about it.
Well, I realize now I should've
reminded you about it, but fuck, Marcus.
I had no idea you'd rip it open and
start chopping her up into lines.
- Hey, hey. Look, man.
- I mean...
Now you can... I did some
fucked... I said some mean...
I said some really mean things,
but I'ma tell you what I didn't do.
I did not chop those
white-woman ashes up.
- That is what they did. I did not do that.
- Look...
Marcus, I know you're all stressed out
before your million dollar meeting,
but I was just trying to do
something special for my daughter.
Now it's ruined.
Look, Reese, I...
I-I didn't know it was a
father-daughter moment, okay? I'm sorry.
Yeah, well, hey, it's a
little late for sorry.
And to think I came in here to tell you
all about this great day trip I booked.
A day trip?
Yeah, snorkeling.
I found out about this secret spot
that's supposed to be amazing.
Ah, never mind, the
vibe is too shitty now.
No, hey!
Reese, you stop that
crazy talk, okay?
Snorkeling is a great idea.
- Right, Kyla?
- Yeah, Dad.
- Really.
- Ah.
Yeah. Right, Marcus?
Right, Marcus?
Right, Marcus?
Right, Marcus?
Aight, look, if y'all wanna
go snorkeling, I'm in. Shit.
- Yay! Everyone's happy again!
- Fuck yeah! Let's do this!
Oh, my God, Dad!
Look, I brought Mom.
I thought we could spread her when we're
done here. Or, you know, 99% of her.
- That's great.
- Wait. Reese, hold up.
We're flying in there? In that?
- Awesome, right?
- Reese, no, I can't fly nowhere.
I got a big meeting tomorrow
I gotta prepare for.
Well then you should thank me because
we're gonna get there ten times faster.
That is some great
thinking, Reese.
No seats! It's so rustic!
Come on, Marcus.
I got it all handled. There's even a
boat waiting for us and everything.
Right, Captain?
I am so excited, Dad.
You guys, it's gonna be so fun!
Oh, honey. Just wait
until you get in the water.
Reese, what the fuck is
this? This place sucks!
Think you gotta go out further. Yeah.
Oh, I think I see some dolphins.
- What?
- Yeah, yeah. Go!
We're just a happy family
snorkeling. Nothing to see here.
- Is this all of them?
- Nah, man. Me think there's one more.
Hurry up, Jerome. Come on.
somebody's getting upset.
Somebody's getting
more upset, and
Okay. Let's go wrap you.
I'm no killer.
Excuse me?
I... Hi, I-I don't mean
to be forward, I just...
I have to tell you that
I have never seen a man
with a better touch
with his baby than you.
Oh, eh. Thank you, seora.
- It's Veronika.
- Ah. Thank you, Veronika.
I am Maurillio. But this
Caucasian baby is not mine.
Oh, yes. I have no children,
uh, that I know of.
I am kidding. I am childless.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Mm-hmm.
Are you doing anything later?
Oh, God, that
was fucking disgusting.
Wait, what is that shit?
You mean the jellyfish?
I saw all too
clearly what it was.
For recreational waters, these
conditions are deplorable.
I'm not talking about that.
Wha-What Reese got
going on? Fuck this.
We are definitely gonna
need tetanus shots.
This is disgusting.
Hey. Sorry.
I was just about to call you in.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
Visibility is not
so great today, huh?
- Reese, what are these bags?
- What bags?
"What bags"? You fucking with me...
I'm talking about these bags here.
- Oh, yeah.
- Reese? Reese! Somebody's got eyes on us.
Ah, fuck!
We gotta get
moving, like, now!
Okay, kids. Time to pack
up and head out. Right now.
Reese, seriously.
What's in these bags?
- Come on.
- What's with the crazy rush?
Oh, man. That's... It's
a really funny story.
- Oh? Tell me!
- Oh, I will, baby.
But on the way
back, okay? Come on.
- Okay.
- Hey, uh,
don't we have to
tie up the boat?
No, Ron. It's okay,
just leave it.
All right, everybody in.
We can catch that
beautiful sunset, right?
And dig into that fancy
bottle of rum you bought.
Oh, that sounds good!
Attention. This
is the National Cuban Police.
Oh, no.
You have
entered Cuban territory.
But who
the hell are they?
Oh, yeah. Must be
the local game wardens,
and they... they are really strict
about snorkeling in Cuba, so come on.
Cuba. Hey! Fucker...
You brought us to Cuba?
Yeah, yeah. But it's okay.
We just don't wanna
deal with them. Come on.
Jerome, please!
I'm trying!
Jerome? Reese?
I do want to deal with them.
That is the filthiest
snorkeling site I've ever seen.
- No, you really don't wanna...
- No, Reese.
As a park ranger,
it's not the first time I've had to
call out the negligence of game wardens.
- Kyla? My credentials?
- Oh, got it. Got it, got it. Right here.
Over here!
Just gonna find out
who's in charge.
Whoever is, is about to
get their ass... Oh, shit!
- Ron! You gotta get the fuck in here!
- Come on!
Go! Go!
Get in! Get in!
- What is happening?
- Why are they shooting at us?
What the fuck is going on?
- Can you take off already?
- I can't.
- We're too fucking heavy.
- What?
Toss something! Now!
What the...
I love you, Mom!
And I came on this trip with
all of these stupid expectations.
Like, I'm a single woman,
right? I'm available.
Oh, you are more than available.
You are ready to meet someone.
What was I thinking? The reality is,
I've barely left the resort all week.
But then I saw you and...
The world of possibilities
just opened up?
Yes! Exactly!
- Would you get out of my brain?
- I don't want to.
You know, I heard that the casino
in town is supposed to be great.
Coral Cay?
Oh, yes. It's supposed
to be magnificent.
Well, then I guess there's
just one thing left to ask.
How much do you charge?
I mean for the whole night. 'Cause
if I'm going, I wanna go deep.
Quick question. Uh, what
exactly are you looking for?
Hmm? Someone to watch my baby.
- Baby?
- Yeah!
- Hi, little bubs.
- Oh, look at that baby.
Isn't he so cute?
Oh. I-I didn't even ask.
How was the snorkeling?
It was just okay.
Fuck that! See
what's in there...
Hey, wait. What are you
doing? Marcus, no, no, no.
- What's in this bag, right...
- Hey, no. Do not open that...
Whose money is this, huh?
Whose money is this?
Um. Shit, shit. I think
we got a problem, brother.
- They must've hit a fuel line.
- The fuel line?
Don't tell me that's
Lower St. James.
That's Lower St. James.
Okay, we cannot land there.
No shit!
The hotel's just over
that bridge. Turn, turn, turn.
I got it!
All right. Can you make it to
the other side of the island?
Yeah, man. Definitely.
Hold on right there.
Now what the fuck was that?
I could've sworn that
was Jerome's plane.
That was
not a fun crash.
Is everybody okay?
I'm good. Everybody else?
- Yeah.
- All good.
- God, I keep...
- Except for Jerome.
Oh, God, no. Did he not make it?
Oh, he did. And he just fucked
me out of a million bucks.
What a dick.
I thought we were friends!
Okay, guys. That was
a goddamn commotion.
So, yeah, we should... We
should get all our stuff and go.
I have no bars. Fuck!
- Baby.
- Hey, where you going?
- Baby, wait. What is...
- Shit.
what are you doing?
Something I should've did a long time
ago is to call the cops on your ass.
- Shit. I can't get a signal.
- No, no. No cops. Will you listen to me?
We need to get out of here.
Look, I'm not fucking moving, okay?
Until you tell us the truth, okay?
Look, what is all this shit?
Dad, there's gotta be, like, a perfectly
innocent explanation for all this, right?
Okay, fine. All right, look.
I'm gonna give you the God's honest.
All my cards, plunk, on the table.
When I heard that I was
gonna get out of prison,
was my first thought
to come see you?
To belatedly celebrate my
beautiful daughter's nuptials?
- Yes. Yes, it was.
- See?
Thank you.
You know, me being away
and out of your life.
I just thought that there's no way
I could ever make it up to you.
But when I told the other guys in prison
that I was headed for the Caribbean,
well, this very nice dude
named Frankie in D-block,
he told me about a plane that
went down in the waters off Cuba.
- Hmm.
- A plane containing five million dollars.
And then I thought, boom!
That's my big wedding
present to you.
Minus my cut, of course.
That's so sweet.
What? He's being thoughtful.
Thoughtful? Whose plane
and whose money is this?
- Is that really important right now?
- It actually kind of is.
Reese, whose fucking
money is it? Huh?
A drug dealer's. That...
that guy, Warren.
Warren, Warren, Warren.
From the casino?
Yeah, can we get moving?
Because that was a
super loud crash.
And trust me, Warren's gonna
eventually find out where we are.
- Wait, what?
- What?
Yes. Come on, can we just get the
money out of the plane before he...
Oh, my God.
Aw, I had it. I
had it right in my hands.
- Over there!
- Oh, fuck.
It's Reese.
I fucking knew it.
- Go, go.
- Let's get out of here.
- Cut them off!
- Okay!
Come on We're on the move!
Go! Keep going!
Get them!
Okay, the body's reaction
to gunfire is a surge of adrenaline.
It's good. Harness it.
Just don't let it overwhelm
you, you might give in to panic.
Panic has already happened.
What if I've already given in to panic?
Zeke! Thank God!
Zeke, listen to me!
- Okay, so the slate's in the budget.
- Listen!
- But there's one little surprise.
- Damn it! Shit, motherfucker!
- Shut the fuck up!
- Now this is probably gonna freak you out,
- but I decided to change
- Zeke just...
- the font in one section.
- Please...
- I tried Helvetica, Times New Roman...
- Shit! Listen! Motherfucker, shut up!
- You don't understand!
- No, no. Trust me.
It looks better bigger.
I don't give a fuck about
that shit right now!
trying to fucking kill me...
I lost him! Shit!
So, how'd he take it?
Hmm. Better than I thought.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, baby. Hurry up! Come on.
- Yo! Yo.
- Wait, what?
Go, go, go, go.
Get in there. Get...
Okay. Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Now where the fuck did they go?
You are ovulating.
Oh. Hey,
Yeon. Come on in.
Thanks. Uh
I just wanted to check in with Mr. Parker
to see if he's, uh, okay with...
Wait. Why are there
two babies here?
Yes. I am asking myself
that very question.
Okay, uh.
Anyway, I just wanted to
check in with Mr. Parker
to see if he's feeling good
about the presentation tomorrow.
Because he seemed a little
stressed this morning.
Oh. Well he's still on
his snorkeling trip.
- Without me.
- He went on a snorkeling trip?
Mm-hmm. Without me.
Well, then I guess he must
have everything under control.
I also have everything
under control.
Look, Warren.
I get it. I get it.
You really want some answers
here, but it's getting late.
So I was thinking we just
pick this up in the morning.
Shut the fuck up!
You're not so tough, when your muscle
have an Uzi pointed at him. Eh?
- Muscle?
- Kyla,
tell your dad to
stop playing around.
Dad. Why don't you honestly
just tell him what happened?
Yeah, Reese. Tell me.
Tell me where the
fuck my money is!
Warren, I-I am out
of moves here, okay?
I'm gonna give you the God's honest.
All my cards, plunk, on the table.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, not this.
Did I intend to take your money?
But then the Cubans showed up and
started shooting up our plane.
So, I...
I never got to it.
Your money is still down there.
Under the water, where
it's always been.
So how about if I just give
you the coordinates, all right?
And then you guys can... can go get it,
then we'll just... We'll call it a day.
Yeah, okay. Look, here.
I'm gonna write it down.
Yeah, well
- See? He's so smart.
- Oh, God.
know something, right now
is about when I'd be running through
my presentation for the last time.
Then I'd call Zeke up, you know,
yell at him to get the blood pumping,
and then I'd put my suit on and...
Make sure everything is right,
look through the papers,
make sure I got
everything together
And then I'd go in the bathroom
and look right in the mirror.
And I'd tell myself,
"You got this, playboy.
You fucking got this."
- Hmm.
- But instead
I'm in a fucking box.
So thank you, Reese.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
Really, Reese?
Well, hey. I bought us
a little time, didn't I?
Look, if they find
the plane, right?
And see no money's in there, what the
fuck you think is gonna happen, huh?
Well, Marcus. I haven't
figured that part out yet.
- God.
- You haven't figured that part out?
Reese hasn't figured
that part out yet. Wow.
I mean, it feels like you
just know all types of shit.
But you... But you haven't figured
that part out yet? Great job.
Marcus, I'm not sure if
you're being sarcastic,
but I don't think there's
any reason to make my dad
out to be the bad guy here.
But he is the bad guy.
What did you just say?
Kyla, Marcus is right.
Reese is the bad guy here.
Ever since he showed up, he turned this
relaxing family vacation into chaos.
Total chaos. Who
does that?
- Kyla.
- Yeah?
Kyla, there's something I
need to say to you, and...
It is not gonna be easy to hear.
- But I'm gonna say it anyway.
- Okay.
You know how everybody likes me?
Everyone on planet Earth.
Everybody does. Except
for your father.
- That's impossible.
- That's not all.
You know how I like everyone?
Everyone you've ever met.
There is a small
piece of me
- that doesn't like him. I said it.
- Ron!
Well, I guess that
evens things out then.
What the hell's
your problem, Reese?
It's like everything out of
your mouth's an insult to me.
- Like you're in some contest with me.
- Uh. It's hardly a contest.
- Guys, you don't...
- Wanna know what I think?
You're the one who feels inadequate.
I think you feel threatened by me.
- Ron!
- What are you now, a therapist?
This is not the moment
- to have this conversation...
- The only
time you were even remotely nice to me
was when you were using me at the casino.
- 'Cause you needed me to be your muscle.
- Fuck.
Hey. You should be flattered.
At least it's a step up from
being a fucking park ranger.
Fuck you! How dare you belittle
that hallowed position!
Take it back, right now!
- Take what back?
- Take it back, or there's gonna be
- some fucking consequences...
- Stop!
Both of you! Stop!
We are family whether you
like it or not, you assholes.
We are going to get out of here.
And tomorrow we're gonna
be sitting on the beach,
sipping cocktails,
having a great time.
So sit the fuck down!
And remember, everything
is gonna be okay.
What the fuck was that?
- Oh, my God!
- Uh...
We're moving!
All right, what's the word?
It's definitely our plane. It's
right where the guy said it would be.
We're diving down
now to get the money.
All right. We're done with them.
Are you okay?
What the...
- They dropped us in the ocean?
- Don't worry. Don't worry.
- Why's this thing moving?
- What's happening, baby?
- It's filling up with water. We sinking?
- It's all right.
We're sinking!
It's coming in fast.
Relax, relax. We're not sinking,
okay? These things can float for days.
How the fuck do you know that?
Imports, exports, remember?
I'm telling ya, as long as
we're floating, we're fine.
Damn it!
- All right. Help!
- Let us out right now! Help!
I thought you said these
things don't sink, Reese!
- Hey!
- Hey! Hey!
Help us!
Get us out of here!
My God!
- Help! Help! Help us!
- You hear us?
Ron! You gotta help us, man!
- Tell us what to do!
- One thing left to do.
- Goddamn it! Help!
- Get us out of here!
That's what you're gonna
do right the fuck now?
- Let us out!
- Old park ranger trick.
Used to teach it
to all the kids.
- Help!
- You taught the kids to smoke weed?
No, I didn't teach
them to smoke weed.
I taught them if you're
ever stuck in a cave,
find any incendiary material, light
it, and let the smoke lead you out.
Oh, my God!
'Cause it always
finds a way out.
There. The weak point.
It's right there.
- Get ready.
- To do what?
Just float.
Come on, baby!
Something supposed
to happen? Because...
Yes, it was. And I don't
understand why it didn't.
That's more than enough force
to breach corroded steel.
Here comes another
flood of bullshit.
It's not bullshit, Reese.
It's basic physics.
The pressure differential
in here is much more...
- Everybody's here, holy shit!
- Dad!
- We made it!
- Yeah.
There! Go, go.
Go, go, go!
- You need to pull me in. Please.
- I... Okay, okay.
- Get up Edina girl
- A let me tell you now
Get up Edina Get
up Edina girl
You're a fucking genius!
Yeah, Ron. Now can you
hot-wire one of these cars?
I don't know how to do that.
Pfft. Some genius, huh?
I mean that's like
a basic life skill.
Okay. First, it's stealing.
Dad, did you see that?
There you go, baby. You
remembered like I taught you!
Wait. Wait.
What do you mean all
of the money's gone?
The every last bag?
Uh. Where is my car?
Is anyone back there?
No, baby. We're
good. We made it.
Oh, my fucking God.
Wait, wait, wait.
What time is it?
- What time is it?
- Uh. Oh. Here, look.
Uh. 8:48. Wow.
Eight forty... Baby,
you can still make it!
what? Y-You think?
Okay. We're not far, we're not far.
Shit, shit! I gotta get my focus on.
Okay, okay. Uh.
Parker Construction,
uh, was founded in 2007,
by this kid who knows
Chicago better than anyone.
That kid is-is Marcus Parker.
- Honey?
- I see it, babe. Thank you.
They're right there.
That's them. It has to be them.
Merge left. Merge left!
Ron! The hotel's
right to the left!
Oh, shit, Ron! We're
actually gonna make it.
I can't believe
you did this, man.
You know, sometimes
I don't believe you,
but I'm like, "You know something,
this dude is a fucking amazing...
What the fuck?
Goddamn, Warren.
Great... Great
to see you, Mrs. Kim.
You know the idea is to
avoid the bullets, right?
Dad! Leave Ron alone.
- He's doing actually a really good job!
- I'm not criticizing.
- I'm just saying.
- Not helping!
Shut the fuck up! Okay.
All right. Unless you got something you
absolutely have to say before we die,
don't say shit at all!
- I don't wanna have a baby!
- Wait, what?
I'm sorry, Marcus.
I love you so much,
and I know we talked about
it, but I just don't.
You know what's crazy? I don't
wanna have a baby either.
Yeah, look, I didn't
know how to tell you.
But-But the ovulation
tracker, you were all in.
That shit was for you.
I didn't wanna do that.
Baby, I like kids, but, baby, I just
love the way our life is right now.
- Not necessarily right now but you get it.
- I'm so happy for you guys!
Oh, yeah. Me too. Now hold on.
No, no, no, no! We're not gonna make it!
Move it! Move!
Holy shit!
You did it, Ron! You
actually fucking did it!
This-This font is quite
nice, don't you think?
Is everyone okay?
- Are we good?
- Is everyone all right?
- Go! Come on! Go, go, go, go.
- Fuck.
Raise your fucking hands.
Oh, God. This is bad. Kyla,
this is really, really bad.
Hold on. Hold on.
Ron has, like, a really good
touch with drug dealers.
Hands up higher, you pussy.
- Kyla.
- What?
Drug dealers!
- Oh, my God. This is it. Come with me.
- Where are you...
- Maurillio!
- Maurillio! Maurillio!
- Where is he? Fuck! Is he here?
- Check upstairs...
- In here.
- Oh, my God. Come on. Okay.
- Why are there two babies in here?
- Because I am very clearly not a killer.
No, no, no. But you are.
You're Novar. Chencho Novar!
Wait. What?
You have one last chance.
where is my money?
Pfft. You mean it
wasn't on the plane?
You know, salt water is
pretty corrosive, so maybe...
Okay, it's torched.
All of it, torched.
Believe me, I am more bummed
about this than you are.
You sure are.
You sure fucking are.
May I ask you to
put your guns down?
What are you doing?
Who the fuck are you?
You know my name.
Perhaps all too well.
For I am Novar.
Chencho Novar.
You're not no fucking Novar.
But I am.
You see
nobody knows what I
look like for a reason.
Unlike you, who is
known by so many,
How you know my
fucking name, eh?
How do I know his name?
You may run this island.
You may know everything
that goes on here. But me?
I know everything that
goes on everywhere.
So if I were you, I
would let my friends go.
- They're with you?
- Oh. Yeah.
Hey, Novar.
We're totally with him.
Because if you do
not release them,
well, the consequences
will be most unpleasant.
she is my sweet lover.
Uh. Too... too much
Maurillio. Too... too much.
I know, he needs to pull back.
Perhaps you've seen some of my
cruel handiwork in Cartagena?
The bag of heads in Caracas?
No, you back there with the
BO I can smell from here?
Well, they made the most
impressive documentary about it.
You should check it out.
But that? That will
be nothing, Warren.
If you do not heed my warning,
this quaint island of yours will
endure horrors you can't imagine.
The streets bathed in crimson.
Severed heads affixed upon
all manner of public signage.
The entrails of your beloved
ones strewn across the room...
Well, you get the point.
All right. Fine.
These two can go.
smart fucking lady.
Honestly, me don't know who
the fuck them is anyway.
And I definitely don't
give a fuck who you is.
But Reese.
Reese, I want five
million for him.
Or him dead.
Five million dollars?
Pfft. No problem.
Does anybody
have five million dollars?
I do.
No. Seriously, I do.
I believe you have my phone.
What you want your phone for?
So I can wire you the money.
You... I mean, you can watch.
What... What is he
doing? What's Ron doing?
I don't know.
- What kind of bullshit is he pulling?
- I don't know what the fuck he's doing.
- All right. We're good here, guys.
- Yep, move on.
- Okay.
- Oh, my God!
Ron, what the fuck did you do?
You're a genius!
Baby! I'm so proud of you!
- Ron, what the fuck was that?
- I just paid the man.
With what? Where'd you get
five million dollars from?
Check this out.
What the hell is Secure
Commerce for Online Markets?
Wait, wait, wait.
- That crypto thing? That was real?
- Yeah.
Took Reese up on his hot tip.
Yesterday morning I invested
30K and it 200x-ed by lunch.
Oh, my God.
- You're such a genius.
- Whoa, whoa.
You-you paid five
million bucks for me?
To save my life?
What can I
say? Kyla was right.
We are family.
Seriously, son.
- Baby. Go!
- Shit! I gotta...
- Go!
- Go!
Mrs. Kim! Mrs. Kim! Wait.
Hey, hey, hey! You stop that!
You stop the helicopter!
Cut it off!
Okay, Mrs. Kim.
- I really need you to hear me out.
- I'm sorry, Mr. Parker.
I have another meeting.
Now if you will excuse me.
Okay, no! No! No.
I-I don't... I don't mean to
yell but I-I can't excuse you.
Understand this, me and my friends
have been through hell to get here.
Okay? So this has to happen.
And if I can be honest with you, I
don't give a fuck no more. All right?
So if you can, just
stand there in your...
In your perfect outfit
and your very comfortable heels
and beautiful steamed blouse.
And just hear me out. Please!
Please. I got
something I gotta say.
Which is?
Pretend like I have a clicker
'cause I had a whole slideshow.
Parker Construction
was founded in 2007,
- by a kid...
- Stop!
Mr. Parker.
In the silence of that
empty conference room,
I was able to digest
your written budget,
which was quite thorough.
But I didn't become head of my
company by just analyzing numbers.
I did it by listening
to my gut, Mr. Parker.
Do you know what my gut
is telling me right now?
That-that, um...
That your gut likes...
Likes Parker Construct...
It's telling me
I flew you out here,
put you up for a week,
had my staff tend
to your every need,
and yet you still left me sitting
there for 12 full minutes.
Now I don't care if you were
held at gunpoint, or if...
Okay, I'm glad you brought that up
'cause that actually just happened
- two minutes ago right over there...
- The point
is that my gut is never wrong.
So, I'm quite certain you
are not the man for this job.
I have a different opinion.
What did you just say?
I have a different opinion.
Baby. Okay, so
- He got the job.
- I got the fucking job.
- You got the job?
- I got the fucking job.
- Yes! Baby!
- Fuck yeah, Marcus!
- Oh!
- Yes!
We knew you could do it!
I didn't, but yes!
Baby, I am
just so proud of you!
You know something? Honestly,
if it wasn't for Yeon,
I wouldn't have the job.
He... He really vouched
for me, you know?
Thank you, brother.
Yeah. Turns out my opinion
actually does matter.
This calls for a
celebration. Right?
And when we get some drinks, I'm going to
be the first one to raise my glass to...
Oh, my God! The babies.
I fucking love
this little guy.
He's a little genius.
You guys have any
second thoughts?
- I'm good, you good?
- I'm Gucci.
- Oh, no, we good.
- We're great, thank you though.
Hey, hey. But little Marcus can
come visit us anytime he wants to.
Absolutely. I mean,
we may even know of a hotel where
you guys can stay at in Chicago.
Mm-hmm. We
may have an idea.
So, Reese.
What are you gonna do next?
Well, actually, uh.
I think I'll be heading back
up to San Francisco for a bit.
For, like, ten to 20 years.
Dad! What?
Aw, honey.
I am so goddamn grateful I
got to spend time with you.
But there's one thing that I haven't
exactly been straight with you about.
You do like to shit
in front of people?
No, no. It's...
It's just that I wasn't really
paroled, like I told you.
I kinda broke out.
Which was stupid, I know. But it
was worth it. I got to see you.
You and your family. All of you.
Reese Hackford?
That's me.
- FBI. Hands behind your head, please.
- Everybody, step back.
- Come on.
- Thanks for having me, honey.
- I hope I didn't ruin everything.
- Dad, are you kidding?
I got to snort my own mom.
This was the best
honeymoon ever.
- And Ron
- Down on the ground.
you were right.
I was threatened by you.
But you know why?
Because you're great.
In all the ways that I'm not.
And that's a lot of fucking ways.
Sorry I was such a dick.
And the truth is I couldn't
imagine a better son-in-law.
Come on. Get up.
I don't know what to say.
Except for when our
kid gets married,
I hope I'm the type of father
that would break out of prison
to face another ten to
20 years just to see him.
Time to go. Let's move.
So nice to meet you both.
- And you too, Chencho.
- Hmm?
- Okay. It's just a joke. It's a joke.
- Come on, let's go.
I love you
so much, Daddy.
Have a great flight.
What are we doing tonight?
It's our last night
in the Caribbean.
Well, I have a date.
With who?
- With her. Veronika.
- Oh.
I finally found the nerve
to ask her out to dinner.
You see, playing a drug dealer almost
may have gotten us shot in the face,
but it also unleashed
something inside of me.
Apparently, I can be
the killer after all.
Till tomorrow.
All right, Chencho.
So what about us, you guys?
Should we get some drinks?
Yeah. We should definitely
get drinks and dinner.
And maybe, like,
the casino after?
Girl, you know I'm not allowed
back in there. Like, ever.
You know what,
you guys go ahead.
I have some unfinished
business to attend to.