Valentine DayZ (2018) Movie Script

Have you ever wanted
to live forever?
Maybe now is your chance.
Scientists in Russia
say they're very very close
to unlocking the mysteries
of eternal life.
They just have one cabinet,
and I quote,
Unless something goes wrong
during the experiments, unquote.
Ugh, oh my,
what could possibly go wrong
playing around
with the mysteries
of eternal life?
In international news,
something wicked this way comes.
It's being widely rumored
both in Russia and China
are calling
hundreds of thousands
of chickens
in an attempt
to halt a new variation
of the so called bird flu.
Now haven't we heard
this song and dance before?
Of course, we have.
But this gossip
has whispers
of something
much more fearful and sinister,
happening here.
Our multitalented sources
are working
to confirm the rumors,
but where there's smoke,
there usually is a fire.
And in this case, folks,
I'd venture to say
it could be a raging inferno.
Now excuse me,
but we have to take
an obscene commercial
profit break.
Valentine's Day
is just around the corner,
and you're gonna wanna
look your very best.
Have you ever
wanted your clothes to be
a whiter white?
Well, of course,
you have.
Love is in the air, folks.
Probation, Dale?
I did the best I could.
You can't be the savior
of the every dog and cat
in the city, Max.
Besides, the guy's face
was swollen up like a pumpkin.
He deserved it, Dale.
Be that as it may.
To my best friend,
protector of small children
and small creatures,
great and small.
Hey, what's the difference
between a lawyer
and a vampire?
- Aren't you a lawyer?
- I'm your lawyer.
That's what's
gonna make it funny.
What's the difference between
a lawyer and a vampire?
A vampire
only sucks blood
at night.
Oh, that's funny, Dale.
I got a million of 'em.
That's too bad.
You're drooling.
And drooling is normal.
You're normal, max.
You are just a normal guy.
Hard to accept,
isn't it?
So are you just gonna
stare at me all night
or are you gonna
step up to the plate
like a real man?
All step up to the plate.
I cant believe that line
actually worked.
- Hey, I'm Sara.
- Max.
- Very nice to meet you, max.
- Nice meeting you.
Can I buy you a cocktail?
Yeah, I like that.
Vampire only sucks blood
at night.
Hey, what's a lawyer's favorite
pour-a-cop reception?
- What?
- His personality.
I got a million of 'em.
- So are you coming in?
- I'm not sure.
- It's been awhile for me.
- Oh, Max,
it's like riding a bike.
You know how to ride a bike,
don't you?
I was the bicycle king
of my block, if that counts?
Oh, the whole block?
- Oh yeah.
- Wow.
I'm impressed.
I think you should bring
that whole bicycle king inside.
Will I see you again?
Wild horses
couldn't drag me away.
Has anyone
even taken the time
to read this?
For those of you
who do not know,
I performed Shakespeare
on the stage in London.
The bard onstage,
in London.
"A horse, a horse,
my kingdom for a horse."
Can you see the tears
welling up in my eyes?
Can you not?
And you must be the professor.
Yes, but of course,
you are.
Excuse my little tirade,
but this business
can drive a grown man to cry.
Are we ready to shoot this?
Are you guys ready up there?
All right, quite on the set.
Hello, my name is Phil Philbin
and thank you for watching
this edition of "Monster Mania."
Today I have with me my esteemed
guest, Dr. Rupert Stuben,
frequent lecturer
at such stellar institutions as
Harvard and MIT.
He now works exclusively for
the World Health Organization.
let me get right
to the point.
Are the rumors true?
Well, we have many new rumors
on a daily basis.
Which rumors are you
talking about specifically?
Uh, duh, let's see.
China killing chickens.
And you may be sinister,
bird flu at our door?
As I'm sure you are aware,
rumors cause,
fear and anxiety
this many of the population.
The young people,
the old people,
uh, especially,
the ill educated.
But more importantly,
the misplaced rumors.
Maybe you're misplaced.
I deal In fact, Mr. Philbin.
I am here to dampen the phobia.
Fact this, professor.
Do you really have the tenacity
to sit there and deny
that China and Russia
are calling foul
at a furious rate?
We do not have proof,
but there is a contagion
in those countries
and the same countries
are doing their best
- to counter measurality--
- Pitfall, gobbledygook.
Let me explain
to our average viewer
what the good professor
just said.
China and Russia
are killing birds
to stop a new,
frightening version
of the Asian bird flu.
That's not fair.
It's not just China and Russia.
There are other countries
where this has spread?
Which countries,
You know,
why oh why
would a doctor
of your emanant stature
appear on my
"Monster Mania" show?
I-- I'm leaving.
Where are the monsters, Doctor?
Good luck.
What aren't you telling us?
And more importantly,
why aren't you telling us?
Who woulda thought
a big metal box
could look so beautiful?
Well, I hate to be
the bearer bad news,
but they wanna meet.
- They want more.
- More? Really?
They don't think
their 30 percent is enough.
No, no, no,
I'm taking my share
and I'm going to Mexico,
sun, sand, marguerites,
and senoritas.
- What more could a guy want?
You're a smart man.
You know they're gonna
follow us to Mexico,
- don't you?
- Oh yeah.
That's why you and I
will meet them, Dale.
While Isaiah
takes his share
to Mexico?
- That's not fair, Max.
- No, it's not fare, Dale.
On second thought,
why don't we all go to Mexico?
- Damn right.
- Set a meet.
Oh, I've got a bad feeling
about this, Max.
Set a meet, Dale.
A really bad feeling.
I want that one.
Would you buy it for me?
If it'll make you happy.
- You would, wouldn't you?
- Mm-hmm.
I can buy it myself,
you know?
Oh, I know.
What else would you do for me?
Would you save me
like in the fairy tales?
Would you be
my knight in shining armor?
I'm no knight in shining armor.
- But...
- But I would fight for you.
I would fight
very hard for you.
That's the most romantic thing
anyone has ever said to me.
You're a poet, Max.
You're a poet
and didn't even know it.
Let's go sneak aboard.
Come on, Max.
do something illegal
for the first time in your life.
- How do you know?
- What?
That you haven't done
anything illegal?
Come on.
You're uptight, Max.
I mean,
not in a bad way.
I'm just I'm just saying
you're uptight.
Really, really uptight.
Maybe you should get
a dog or a cat
or something
to loosen you up.
I did have a dog.
She was my best friend.
What happened to her?
She died.
I'm so sorry.
That's all right.
She lived a good long life.
Come aboard.
Your vessel awaits.
Come on, Max.
It can be your ship.
You can be the captain.
- Come on.
- I don't think so.
- Come on, Max.
- No, I don't think so.
- Yes.
- Please.
My fault
the car broke down?
How could it be my fault?
Next time,
bring your own car
on a date.
Hey, I'm walkin' here.
I walkin' here!
Although they say
it's just a flu-like virus,
my sources indicate
something else entirely.
In just a matter of days,
this virus has made the jump
to cattle, horses,
and an even swine.
Millions, yes,
you heard correctly,
millions of these animals
are being slaughtered
as I speak.
And this is not limited
to just Asia and Russia.
My sources are indicating
this is happening in parts of
Europe, South Africa,
and South America.
Good morning, Professor Z.
You are widely recognized
as the renowned expert
on zombies.
I didn't even know there
was an expert on zombies.
Can you explain
to our less educated viewers
what a zombie is?
I am delighted you asked.
Zombies go by various names,
the living dead, the undead,
the walking dead,
soulless corpses.
A zombie is a being created
through the reanimation
of a human corpse.
It's also
a pretty mean rum drink.
Uh, uh,
but, I, uh, I digress.
Um, have you
ever seen a zombie,
Oh my, yes.
On both of my expeditions
through South Africa
and the Caribbean.
That is why I'm skeptical.
I'm hearing
this virus is creating
variations of what
we would call a zombie,
cannibalism, mindless attacks,
the change of skin
and eye color,
- and they walk funny.
- Mm.
Uh, can you give us
a demonstration?
I would be delighted.
I don't know about
our viewers,
but I would not want
that coming after me.
Thanks you.
Thank you, Professor Zee.
It has been
a delightful pleasure.
Well, this I do know.
This is no regular virus.
People are not getting
flu-like symptoms.
People are changing.
People are transforming.
There's talk
of herd mentality violence.
Violence, unlike anything
we have seen before.
And those
that are not transforming,
they are dying.
They're dying
not in a month, or a week,
or even a day days.
No, they're dying
within minutes
of contracting
this so-called virus.
And the mortality rate
is off the charts.
We hope to have
more information
on this fast evolving story
on our later broadcasts.
Follow me.
I like what you've done
with the place.
- Is he trying to be funny?
- I don't know.
Are you trying to be funny?
Are you trying to be funny?
I should staple
your eyelids shut.
- That would be funny.
- You know,
we were all surprised
when you pulled off
your, uh, very first job.
Right, first job?
Big brass balls
is what we should call you.
How did you make it so easy?
How did he do it?
Come on,
you can tell us.
How'd he do it?
Tell us
or we'll chop off
your balls.
Um, remote pepper spray.
Pepper spray?
Well, you
break into the armored car
the previous night
and plant the cans
under the seats.
Ah man, it's gonna happen.
It's an armored car.
You can activate them by remote
up to 500 feet away.
All that bright yellow metal,
all those rectangular bars...
- Oh yeah.
- It must've been great
to hold those bars
in your hands.
Power, Max.
That is what
pure gold is,
What is it with you
that you won't talk?
Maybe you can only talk
when you're trying to be funny?
You work for us now, Max.
- I don't think so.
- Now he speaks.
Mister big brass balls speaks.
Make no mistake, Max.
We own you.
We own you,
we own your girlfriend,
we own you like a car
or a dog.
So here's what's gonna happen.
Here's your new job.
It should be easy for a smart,
funny guy like you.
Due to time constraints,
you need to do the job tonight.
And just to make sure
you remain loyal,
we're keeping
your little friend
here with us.
And if I refuse?
We're gonna chop 'em up
into tiny little pieces
and send him home.
And you still
have to do the job.
Time's wasting, Max.
- Tick-tock.
- Clock's ticking.
See you tomorrow night,
funny Guy.
Now you can go.
You've got work to do.
We own you, Max.
You're our lapdog.
Ruff! Ruff!
- And that girlfriend of yours.
- Let's just say
it'll be a shame if we have
to make her a little pet.
Ruff! Ruff!
Max has a water phobia.
A water phobia?
Hell, two more days out here
and I'll get a sand phobia.
That was a good one.
Uh, yeah.
Uh, oh.
You know, you're the only one
that can still make me laugh.
Oh, that's a hell of a burden
on the shoulders
of a talking doll.
I wanna thank you for just,
you know, always being
and letting me
talk to you and share,
and you know, and...
Now don't get me crying. know better.
Okay, okay,
let's, let's--
oh, let's don't get mushy.
You know,
Max is a good Guy,
- but...
- But what?
he may look like a Guy
that works in
an office building,
but he's got a history,
believe me.
Oh yeah?
I'm shaking all over.
History's mystery.
Max, you should do wet work
for the government.
He was really good at it.
That's what I hear.
Oh yeah?
So he was like, uh,
an assassin?
A killer?
A liquidator?
A executioner?
Yeah, something like that.
Well, I'm tattoo,
you know?
I once kicked a kid
in the shins
'cause he kept
calling me "Tanochio."
I can stand a lot,
but that was just too much.
Men and sometimes boys
do evil deeds.
Ain't that the truth.
Ah, okay,
well, what we learned is, uh,
these guys
are imported gangsters.
They immigrated here
to the good ole USA
via Chicago.
And, uh,
they got involved with
the Chicago mob
and they sent them out here
to kind of open up
new territory.
Max, these guys
are ice cold killers.
Yeah, so if you're
gonna take them on,
make sure you don't try
bringing a knife to a gun fight.
Max, you do still own a gun?
No one really needs a gun
until he really needs a gun.
Hi, Max.
I've done things,
things I'm not proud of.
I know.
But when I'm with you,
all those memories
are wiped clean.
What exactly are you trying
to say to me, Max?
I'm saying
I wanna be with you
all the time.
So then ask me.
Max, ask me.
Sara, will you marry me?
Yes, Max,
I will marry you.
You have just made me
the happiest girl in World.
You made
the right choice,
you know?
Oh, I know.
I made the right choice, too.
I'm just so stunned.
I, um...
- When can I see you?
- A few hours.
I'll be ready.
Buck up, bucko.
It's not your first rodeo.
- Hurry, we'll go this way.
- No, no I can't go anymore.
Come on, all the way.
Jess-- Jessica?
Wow, I never thought
I'd see you again.
I thought you were out
of the game, James.
- Who's James?
- Ah, I call everybody James.
You don't like James?
I'll call you Jones.
- Makes no never mind to me.
- James will do.
Ah, let me guess.
Somebody's gone
and done you wrong,
haven't they?
Oh yeah,
you could say that.
And let me guess again.
These boys
don't know they got a tiger
by the tail, do they?
Yeah, you probably
acted all innocent like,
they thought
they was playing you,
when all the while,
you were playing them.
Am I right or am I right?
Must be all the drugs
you're taking.
You still funny, man.
Yeah, they don't know
you got a scorched earth,
take no prisoners policy,
do they?
Maybe that was me
in a past life.
Hah, you are still funny.
Yeah, but I'm not
in that reincarnation game.
Drugs, you got that right,
but no reincarnation for me.
I got one life to live,
I'm gonna live it well
and straight to hell.
Well, let's get down
to business James.
You remember
how to use one of these?
- Pump, point, shoot.
- Mm-hmm.
That baby'll hold eight shells,
and you probably won't
have time to reload
spray pattern
should be large enough,
so poor aim
from being rusty and all
shouldn't be too much
of a hindrance for you.
I had a BB gun as a boy.
Does that count?
Being a boy
or having a BB gun?
Shoot, James,
you forget we have got history.
Hell, I know you could
probably make a tactical pump
out of duct tape
and a coat hanger.
Ah, but I'll play along
with you.
Makes no never mind to me.
Well, BB gun is all right.
But it just leaves
a little red welt.
Well, now that baby,
that'll put a second hole
and a rhino's ass.
Welcome, if you don't
make it out of live,
take comfort in knowing
that all roads lead
to the same destination.
- Well, that's real comforting.
- Ah,
I don't know
where all roads meet, man,
especially your roads.
I was just spoutin'
that reincarnation crap
'cause I thought you'd dig it.
I'm getting the feelin'
you're losin'
your sense of humor.
You may be right.
- How much?
- Well, go ahead,
make my night.
It's been a long time.
I don't have a clue what
you charge me.
Well, that's music
to my ears, Jones,
music to my ears.
Why Idaho?
Why Idaho?
Man can live free.
Hunt and fish for his own food,
plenty of space to roam,
plenty of fresh air to breathe
and you get four seasons.
It's a free man's country.
- Does it snow there?
- Sure, it snows.
I'm not big on snow.
Idaho, it's God's country.
Look what's happenin'
to this world, Max.
Look what's happening
in this country.
I don't think
they're just rumors.
Things are plum crazy.
Just dust.
Change your filter,
you'll be fine.
- I'll visit you.
- You do that,
I'll cook you the best meal
you've ever had,
cleanest water
you've ever tasted,
and the freshest air
you've ever breathed.
You know,
we see the same sun
as the Roman gladiators did.
That's an amazing thing.
It is at that.
Well, I'd better mosey on now.
Things ain't
gettin' any better
any quicker.
Keep your powder dry, Max.
Odds are you're gonna need it.
And a dude rides.
I know what you're thinking.
You're thinkin',
did he fire five shots or six?
Well, to tell you the truth,
even in all this excitement,
I clearly counted five.
You guys like to bark,
don't you?
Then bark on this.
You don't look so good.
They beat me, max.
Just for fun, they beat me.
They didn't like my jokes.
Didn't think
they were funny enough.
Tough crowd.
Yeah, well,
not so tough anymore.
Where's that big Guy?
Dark eyes?
He left early
and he hasn't come back.
You like my jokes,
don't you, Max?
You laughed at 'em
the other night at the bar.
I was drinking hard liquor,
Oh, that hurts.
That really hurts, Max.
On that note,
I'm gettin' married.
Who'd marry you?
I can tie you
back to your chair
if you'd like.
I'm kiddin'.
I'm just kiddin'.
I mean, I like Sara.
I like her a lot.
You make a great match.
Max, there's a back way out.
Come on!
Come in.
Don't be shy.
Come in.
And welcome to my humble shop.
No, no, no, don't tell me.
Let me guess.
You want flowers?
But of course you do
because it's Valentine's Day.
The day of flowers.
The feast of Saint Valentine.
A celebration of love
and affection.
The feast of Saint Valentine.
She bathed in roses red
and violets of blue
and all the sweetest flowers
that in the forest grew.
Beautiful, isn't it?
And I will be
your most humble florist
to guide you
through the cornucopia
of hydro-smores magnifica.
Oh, as you probably
call them...
A rose by any other name
is still a rose.
Did you know
that it was the humble,
solitary wasp
that pollinated
the first flowers?
And the bees get all the credit.
Imagine that.
The modern bee
was merely the descendant
of the mighty wasp.
Amazing, isn't it?
Do you know the type
of efflorescence
you are looking for?
It's Valentine's Day
and I just got engaged.
On my
Lions and tigers and bears,
oh, my.
Magnificent choices,
if I do say so myself.
A cornucopia of the finest
petals and blossoms
nature affords us.
Your Valentine and betrothed
will be most pleased.
Most pleased.
They say it's the end
of the world coming for us,
but what will happen
to my flowers?
My flowers!
It's the infection, Max.
She's got an infection.
I gotta check on my mom!
It is confirmed.
The virus had jumped.
We now have direct knowledge
that the virus
is moving through
the air.
The very air we breathe.
The military has just been
placed on highest alert.
As of 15 minutes ago,
we have stopped
all air and ocean arrivals
into the country.
We've been notified,
we've seen the first cases
of the virus right here,
right now.
Quarantine of the entire city
just went to went
into immediate effect.
But we have additional
confirmed reports
the virus has been seen
in other cities in the US.
Many other cities.
What's that?
Oh my God.
Ladies and gentlemen,
China and Russia
just went dark.
There are no communications
in or out of those countries.
Do, do we even have a clue
what we're dealing with?
Most of the city is dark.
My colleagues
are either dead
or missing
or transformed.
We-- I...
no longer hear the sirens
of our protectors
The air bombings
have stopped
but the smoke
from hundreds of fires
hangs thick in the air.
The streets
are all but deserted,
except for them.
I can still hear
the dreadful wails
of those
that were transformed.
They fill the night air.
I have no idea
how many of us are left.
Communications are down.
We are cut off
from the rest of the world.
We are alone.
I cannot think
of anything more chilling
to oscillate.
I'm deeply afraid
that there
may be more of them
than us.
I'm using
our back up generators
to transmit to you.
I do not know
how much longer I have.
Indeed I do not know
how much longer we have.
Can't-- you can't swim?
It's only three-and-a-half
feet of water.
Fight for it!
You-- you are gonna go
the way of the dinosaurs,
my water challenged friend.
And how do I know?
Trust me,
I know everything.
Rufus knows everything.
Can't turn this switch off.
We didn't
have enough time
for us, max.
Please, Max.
I'm yours.
You're mind.
Say it again.
You're mine, Sara.
Promise me,
you'll never let me go.
I promised.
That's so good.
So good.
Cameron, you jerk.
Now, where was I?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, beautiful.
You know,
I really missed my calling.
I should've been a pastry chef.
Ugh, I coulda lived in New York
Could've lived in Paris.
If that's you,
I'm gonna kill you.
It's your birthday.
Oh, that's beautiful.
I have a knife,
and I know how to use it.
You really think
that you're gonna scare me?
Nothin's gonna happen
to me today.
It's her birthday.
You need to get a better
monster suit, Cameron.
You really think
that little growl is gonna
frighten me?
You're a loser, dude.
Grow a pair.
I got your number, buddy.
You let me in,
didn't you?
Against all odds,
we are together.
Will we live
happily ever after
like in the fairy tales?
Will we, Max?
And will all our dreams
come true?
'Cause I would like that.
Oh, Max,
I would like that so much.
Well, I say
when the sun has set.
maybe not.
But I'll bet
when the sun starts to set
and it starts to get dark.
You two don't know nothin',
do you?
I mean, come you're both wrong.
Wronger than a turd
in a punch bowl.
Lookie here.
There ain't nothin'
going on upstairs.
It's too dark in here.
He derives his energy
from the sunlight.
Now, why do you say that?
Do you know something we don't?
I just read
a lot of comic books.
That's all.
But I'm smart enough
to know one thing.
You do not bet against
the knower of all things.
I mean,
how could you be so stupid?
How could you be so ignorant
to bet against me?
I mean, do you--
Is he the guy
that chained that thing up?
Looks like
the knower of all things
is getting
a first class education.
Long overdue, I'd say.
Ain't that the truth?
Say, I'll have
a hit off of that.
Sure thing.
Now, how long do you think
it'll take that thing to eat him
and get back to us?
Oh, I, I've seen
those things eat before.
It isn't pretty.
Mm, I'm gonna say 20 minutes.
I'd say 15 minutes.
Well, it's just enough time
to finish this bottle of hooch.
Timing's everything,
isn't it?
Oh, indeed it is, officer.
Indeed it is.
Maybe we shoulda
went to Mexico.
Or maybe Canada.
Or maybe all the way
north to Alaska.
I'm home.
I shouldn't have said that.
Gallows humor, I guess.
There she is.
Like clockwork.
Just as you said.
Must be hard
to see her like that.
We didn't
have enough time together.
How does she know you're here?
No idea.
I thought
about putting her out
of her misery,
- but...
- But what?
I can't do it.
- So.
- So, what?
So tell me about your mother.
What happened?
She tried to kill me, max.
My own mom
tried to kill me.
When I, uh,
when I, uh,
got to her house,
she'd already turned.
There is nothing I could do.
So I just
locked the door
and ran.
Does that make me a coward?
- She's gone.
- Don't worry,
she'll be back again
in a few hours.
- Where are you going?
- She's my mom.
I couldn't,
I couldn't live with myself
if I didn't keep an eye on her.
You can't help her, Dale.
Probably not.
But she's my mom.
You know?
"May you not have suffered
nor died in vain.
May you live long and prosper
like the pouring rain."
Step right up.
Step right up, folks.
Drinks are on me.
Don't mind if I do.
A girl needs
her daily fruit.
who wants to hear me sing?
You flatter me
beyond all expectation.
I am truly humbled.
Now what would you
like to hear?
Don't be shy.
What would you like to hear?
Just yell it out.
Please don't come in.
Please don't.
would you like a drink?
I thought you'd never ask.
You see at this point,
I'm just
a damsel in distress
relying on
the kindness of strangers.
Now what a coincidence.
Kindness is my middle name.
Oh well,
I like that.
I like that very much.
These little babies,
stimulate nerves, muscle
and bone reformation.
That should do it.
Try squeezing your hand.
Give a little time.
You'll be right as rain.
The staples
will self-absorbed
in a few hours.
This is my brother's office.
He was a vet.
I was a military
combat surgeon.
I'm much tougher
than I look, max.
it was all very
But trust me,
you want anything
hyper advanced
in science and medicine,
the military has it.
Where is your brother?
I killed him.
He turned very quickly.
There was nothing I could do.
The virus is the perfect
killing machine.
They are the perfect
killing machines.
The first three days,
the afflicted
hunted day and night
killing anything
that I came in contact with.
Then they morphed
and started
taking their energy
from the daylight sun.
They hunted only at night
- killing...
- And sometimes eating
anyone they came
in contact with.
Then they started
hunting in packs
killing anything
- that was still human.
- But the new wrinkle
is they would only
hunt and kill
people they had been
close to.
Or people...
that they'd intense contact with
before or during the outbreak.
The final attack
is taking place now.
The infected
are at this moment,
seeking out those they knew,
those they were close to.
Seeking them out
to eliminate any competition
as the dominant race.
They have become the perfect
killing machines.
The perfect killing machines.
But some of those
who had morphed...
came back.
Some people
are turning back
into what they were before.
Human, Max.
Some people are reverting.
How do they track us.
I think by smell
or magnetic impulses
or both.
Kind of like
their own private GPS.
Much like a lost dog or cat
can find their way home
over hundreds of thousands
of miles.
That's why
I moved out here
to the desert,
middle of nowhere,
away from everyone.
My girlfriend.
She's infected?
Oh yeah.
And she's found you?
Is she alone?
She won't be for long.
They're hunting in packs now.
Besides my brother,
I have--
no relatives
or close relationships.
You're the closest.
No, you're
the only relationship
I have now.
That's a lot
of pressure on me, Doc.
No, don't worry, Max.
You don't have to visit
and make nice.
I like being alone.
How do I thank you?
Try staying alive.
There aren't many of us left.
I'll do that.
Did you forget something?
Something wicked
this way comes.
Do you believe
in love at first sight, Max?
Well, do you, punk?
Would you say it like it
in the fairy tales?
Would you be my knight
in shining armor?
Hammer Time.
Max, untie me!
Today is the first day
of the rest of our days
for we are coming back
from the brink of oblivion
and we have the enemy
on the run.
The most simple and blessed
example of our earth's abundance
is leading the way.
The oceanic coasts
are tremendously overwhelmed
with the flow of our people.
So please,
choose more simple
H2O source
to go to.
A stream,
a river,
or a pond.
Will do nicely.
It is a new beginning
and a new order, I guess.
We do not know
how long it will be before
we write our ship.
Before the foreseeable future,
we have returned
to the bartering system.
And once more,
gold and silver are kings.