Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) Movie Script

The exterior of the space station is getting enlarged in orbit ...
Now the magnitude has become a threat to the Earth.
And with a policy, the community will use all the resources that exist,
To release the space station from Earth's gravity.
His lane without anyone being taken ....
Then the Alpha station, going to go heading into an unknown place.
The symbol of our knowledge.
It will bring a message of peace, to the furthest place from this world.
Our thoughts, and our prayers with you.
May God bless, and good luck.
Valerian and the city of a thousand planets.
What do you see that?
Good morning.
Stay here.
-Good morning. -Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Let's go on.
Good morning.
-Good morning. -Good morning.
Good morning.
Hopefully this will give us all happiness.
Take this to the storage space.
What is it?
Fast shelter!
Come quick!
-What happened? -There are objects falling from the sky.
Oh Jeez ...
Secure all people, bring them to a safe place.
Come on quickly.
Wait for it.
Some are coming!
Fast shelter!
-But ... -Come quick!
-All assembled! -Come on!
-Fast! -Fast!
Come quick!
Let's go!
-Assembly! -Fast!
Hold everything!
I'm sorry!
You're either right?
Yes it's just ...
It is not.
I won from you now.
-Don't you think to run of the task. -What will happen?
Should not be drinking, we have to be professional.
Nilaiku perfect 200, in the last memory tests.
Unfortunately, you forgot something important today.
-What is it? -My birthday.
What I can do to redeem it?
We are already approaching the destination.
Nothing can get you in 3 minutes.
-Come on. No. -Don't start if you can't finish it.
-Landing on planet Eurion in 5 minutes. -Sorry.
Hey, look ...
-I know you mad. .. -You're really selfish.
Yes of course, that's the point I took a difficult lesson.
Why do you have to take a difficult lesson, naughty man like you?
Calm down, you're not going to get the better of me in the market.
Look, look well good.
-Handsome, clever, courageous ... Well, crazy.
-Keen. Faithful. -Arrogant.
-On yourself. -Yes, and you, you rekanku.
Yes, don't forget that.
Look, why don't you semarah it?
I didn't want to be another name on the list of penaklukanmu. Thank you very much.
-What are you talking about? -Alex can we see a list of putarnya?
No, no. Hey ...
It's just a former co-worker and that's it.
Correct. Where is a picture of me then.
I mean I'm taking seriously. I'm just like you you know it.
You've said it before.
Yes but with you differently. And you know it.
I'm just yours alone and no one else.
My heart belongs to a man who will take care of the planet for me.
What are you talking about?
Planet ku?
We both know you seducer of women.
So why did you lose interest as soon as you win her over?
Because I'm looking for the perfect woman.
Did you ever stop looking for?
That's not a crime.
Yes, not a crime.
But it just is not true, you're afraid of commitment.
I'm afraid of commitment? Are you kidding?
Record unresolved.
7 medals of honor.
Never lose a colleague.
Yes, until now.
Is it true?
- Alex kunci coordinates. - Everything is ready, synchronize the wheel.
- Wow .. Thanks. - Thank you again.
You will leave the space Exo in 30 seconds.
- Want to bring us down? - Certain.
Alex bisakah you display the records in the last 10 minutes?
I had a strange dream.
Saw nothing strange?
Most brain activity is more intense than usual.
You receive a bit of a nuisance.
It does not come from your mind.
Someone sent you a picture of this image.
- Do you know who or where it comes from? - No.
It could have come from the present or past.
And where else in the world.
Leaving space Exo.
3, 2, 1. Exit.
- Whoa, whoa, calm down. - We're too late.
No more late than death.
- You want to drive? - Whoa please ..
Please put your hands on the wheel.
Laureline put your hand back into the steering wheel.
Laureline please can you put it back in your hands to the wheel?
Please stop complaining about the way I drive.
Yes, I'm sorry, you're a good driver, you're the best driver in the world.
Why, thank you.
- The intercom is activated. - Thank you.
We will arrive at the landing site Kyrian in 2 minutes.
Perdana Menteri online.
Agen Valerian Laureline.
I believe you already do your job.
So as soon as you land, go back to Alpha, for high-level covert operations.
Her converter is the last of his race.
So we count on you.
- Yes, Sir. - Captain Gibson will give her details.
And please, wear clothes more appropriate.
Great idea. Leaving manual.
Manually turned off.
The intercom is turned off.
They come, the hour and a half to 12.
Check its perimeter.
Nothing to worry about. No parasites.
Where the band?
You will undertake a mission to wear it?
We should talk to the Taurus, right?
What do you expect from our clothes? Panda costume?
Nice hat.
Mayor, your mission will take place now.
In large markets, you will find the suspect along with Cooper.
I will be with my partner.
- Hi. - We are a team.
Sorry to interrupt, time is 20 minutes, you have 10 seconds to perform removal
You read his memo?
- Of course. - You'd better.
What if we look at the memo for the last time.
There is no harm.
- Do you think it can last 20 minutes without me? - How could it be?
Go on, be careful.
Oh, I almost forgot, I have a question for you.
Just say it.
Will you marry me?
- Well, it's funny. - No, no, I'm serious.
Oh, I was thinking about what you said before, and you're right I should evolve ..
- I have committed. -Disini? Just like that.
Yes, among the billions of people here I'm sure we could find a priest who would gladly marry us.
Okay. Let's go.
No need.
We suggest to you if you want to feel fully in this huge market ..
You have to wear this equipment.
See it all.
Welcome, assembled.
Well, my name is Hasidic, and I was guided to you today, okay?
Well, who's your first time in this huge market?
You're going to have fun. Nice.
Well, let me remind you that the major market is in another dimension, you can not see it without your helmet.
Or touch it without gloves you.
There are millions of interesting stuff in a big market, that's right.
We had a time of 1 hour, please note the article above, and make sure that you humans who carry a lot of money, okay?
Wear helmet.
Let's continue together, right behind your guide, whose name is ..
- Hasid! - Hasid, ayo ..
Follow me on ..
Enter the gate.
Okay. Wear your helmet correctly. Very good.
The system is activated.
Welcome to the Great Market.
What's up now? Can not stop here. Go away!
- O .. - You are not welcome here.
Yes, of course. Bill, please my camera.
Thanks, Bill.
- You can do that? - Thank you.
Hey, come with me.
Like me..
Stop it, good luck.
What are you doing, soldier?
Sorry, Sir.
- Keep an eye on the other. - Yes, sir.
Come down through the stairs.
Come on, everybody.
This place has millions of shops.
Buy enough to be taken away.
- I promise. - Okay.
- Okay, you got 12 minutes. - Acknowledged.
I find the store the suspect.
Nice. Sergeant Cooper will come to pick up the stolen goods.
- Major Valerian. - Sergeant Cooper.
As explained in the memo, you need glasses to see another dimension ..
and a transmitter box to take whatever was there.
Especially weapons.
Be accepted.
Wear this.
And you have to press the button, to go back and release to return to normal, you understand?
Good luck.
Hey, Tsuuri, glad to see you again.
Please, sit.
- Have you got what we asked for? - Yes, yes.
But it's hard to get it.
I lost many members to get this for you.
But the priceless objects.
What did you give me instead?
I can not believe I get to see this in my life.
You will get hundreds of it. Once you give us what we wanted.
Looks like we have a little problem, mate.
If you could be mined for yourself why I did not do it alone.
Hey .. calm down, my little lamb.
We really need a converter that, you know we need this for a good purpose.
I know, I also fight for the good cause.
Well, you have 10 seconds to drop your weapons.
It's show time.
Federal agents, Major Valerian, this is a great thing, and I also fought for a good cause.
It's called the law.
Hey, did I ever seen you before?
Hey, I did not do anything illegal here. What do you want from me.
You're accused of stealing the converter from the confederation.
Before you drag himself into the
I'll will take care of objects in curinya.
Okay, I'll do it.
I'm almost there. Valerian, I'll get to you at 3 o'clock, 3 minutes.
I understand.
- Friends. - Follow him.
Well, come the customer-plan and input into the box.
The converter is in the box.
- Undetected, back to headquarters. Good work. - Acknowledged.
- Valerian out of here. - I will be there.
I will find you, Valerian.
Wherever you are in this world I will find you.
And I'm going to kill you, good luck.
- Valerian in trouble. - The mission must continue, Cooper entered.
Search and destroy. Main priority.
Targer should you follow.
- Valerian how it is? - Good.
I'm lost.
- Thank you. - I'll be there, a few steps away.
- Do you want this. - No, thank you.
The box is damaged. Hey, you need a lawyer?
I'm an agent who was on duty, leave me alone.
- Oh no. - Oh, yes.
Valerian what are you doing?
Very funny.
What is your name?
Come here. Come here.
Try this.
It's much more fun.
Yes, there is time for everything, kid. I have a job I had to do.
Okay, let's go clean yourself, go to the mother.
To pick up your groceries at the box please download the displacement.
And enter your DNA code.
It was very unusual and brief.
You mean, useless. You do not even care about that gem.
Do not frown. It's still good.
Try to blend in.
Mingle, yes, of course.
Hey Hey!
- Hey, thanks a lot. - Sorry.
I did not see the wall.
- Do you need help? - I need you to fix orbnya.
I guess because you asked me to help, maybe you need to calm your mind first.
So the answer '' yes ''.
Do not move.
How can I help you if you keep moving?
Please, hurry up.
Please do not move.
You've been in detection.
Does that bother you?
- You're in my way. - Wait a while.
I do not have time anymore.
Okay, you're ready.
I do not know what I can do without you.
To get the items you already buy, come to the displacement box ..
And enter your DNA code.
You've been detected, keep moving, do not change your direction.
What should we do?
- Give them protection. - Yes, sir.
- Let's go. - Loading ... Enter manually !! I come.
See the creatures chasing us.
Let me handle this.
Hey, lift your arms.
We have to get out now!
Let's go.
- He ruined my clothes. - Alex, getting to the manual position. We will go into space.
- Did you set the coordinates? - Yes, it's ready.
Alex, what is it?
We have a stowaway.
Oh very good.
You have no control.
Valarian, you're 20 minutes late.
Yes, the time will fly by when you're having fun.
We have a problem here.
Perfect, now you have to take 90 million light years from the meeting point.
Ya, kedengaran jauh tapi kami akan tiba disana dalam waktu 9 menit.
Kau harus sampai disini tempat waktu, jangan lewatkan jadwalmu.
Kita akan segera ke sana.
Kita akan segera ke angkasa dalam 5 detik.
Jadi kita akan bersenang senang sekarang.
Oke, mari kita lihat dirimu.
Tidak akan sayang, ayolah.
Jangan takut, aku akan menjagamu. Ayolah.
Wow.. Kau punya mata yang luar biasa.
Kau agak kotor jadi kenapa kita tidak mandi agar kau tampan kembali.
Heard any good?
Come on.
Come on in and you will be good.
Istarahatlah, whiz.
The scanner object.
In magnitude 20 megatons energii.
Correct. There is a greater energy than the energy jewel in our ship.
-Where it comes from? -From Muel.
The planet is located in the constellation of QN34.
-First. -Yes.
The planet is no more during the last 30 years.
Let's see its exact appearance.
There are vegatasi very much, where ancient creatures but very interesting.
My dream is also quite interesting.
Should be enlarged.
Use the code aksesku.
I'm afraid it can't, Mayor, access is restricted.
-By whom? -General.
The five-star.
The creature in my dreams have gems like that around her neck.
Note, the mayor.
Leaving the eksospace in 1 minute.
She is very sweet, you know, and very interesting.
You're probably there are competitors.
I love to compete.
Hey, you still haven't answered my question.
I know I sometimes selfish, but I was very serious with lamaranku.
We must complete the mission, major, there are still Secrets 2-10-2.
Or memory sempurnamu rip you again?
Seat belts.
You know?
I will ask you 10 times longer and I will bring you to the most beautiful beach in the universe.
But we will do so in a timely manner.
The perfect place to honeymoon.
10 seconds.
After the wedding comes the honeymoon, you know that right?
Seriously? -Yes.
3, 2, 1 set off. ..
-Alex, what are you doing? -Sorry, the traffic is too crowded ...
-What need I driving? -No, no, thank you.
Welcome to Alpha, the city's thousands of planets.
-Alex, can you explain his condition? -I set up a file.
Alpha stations are already growing 7 percent this year.
And since its off of the terrestrial orbit, where it's already ventured as far as 700 million miles.
-Population? -Nearly 30 million.
3236 species from the four corners of the universe is here.
Mixing knowledge and their culture.
More than 5000 languages here, and not the language of the computer.
In the South there is a section setting inhabited 800 species in any type of liquid.
Like farmers, who cultivate Polom Cobalt.
In the North there is a carbonated areas inhabited by Azimo.
That's because sensitivitasnya, they meant the question of Science and molecular components of the nerve.
They can makes cells of any kind.
To the East, the great Olight colony.
They control information technology, finance, and banking.
Finally in the West, in a pressurized atmosphere, we have 9 million man and similar species.
My House my house.
The economy is not good the last few years. You want summarized?
No, that's enough for one day.
Intruder SP 92, authorization to land in doc section 1, VIP access.
Oh, we are famous for.
You're too late, the Mayor.
Sorry Sir, conditions are more complicated than our ekspektasikan.
You guys were assigned to the West and you're not disappointed, so am I.
I'll remember that, Sir.
And you, did you already check konduktornya?
He is in top condition.
May I ask what happened?
Follow me.
Open confidential files.
One year ago we found radioactive zone in central sections.
No signal could penetrate and probe we send nothing back.
So we send a special unit.
Its mission is to approaching as close as possible to the Centre and the identification of the problem.
There is nothing to go back to live life.
There's an idea that strikes it what?
It is not.
This is the situation we are today.
The air in the zone were not functioning, highly contaminated.
And he continues to grow, such as viruses.
Excuse me, but we have to loose that part as soon as possible.
If not then he could destroy us all in less than 1 week.
Can we have a reason destroys Alpha and destroying many species?
This is a result of the work of weapons of mass destruction by whoever he is.
This is a threat to all species.
-Commander. -Prime Minister.
The cause of all this is already able to green light, but we recommend that international law and the sovereignty of the area remains respected.
Of course, that was indeed targetku.
Valerian and his teammates will be there for perlindunganmu.
Sir, it's not necessary. I have a unit of K-Tron can. ..
This was a direct order from the Government. They can also mengases this problem.
-All right. -The master of the masters ...
Miss, good luck.
Since we are on the same team, can you give details of operations?
I'll talk to the security council shortly.
There will be all the details you need to know.
It would be much more fun.
Hey handsome, you look more attractive.
You know, I've heard a lot about you in school.
I wonder if they said it was.
Wow, you have to come shopping with me.
Wait me here.
- He's ready? - Not yet.
We can not be anything, but I'm trying new things.
Once again. If this fails, finish him.
Ya pak.
If there is something wrong with this operation, you know what you should do.
Wow, I think you seriously consider my refuge.
It has become our duty.
Are you sure you want to come, this is the mission that danger.
This incident is the first incident that occurred in the history of this place.
.. will be very useful jka I have to be alone ..
You only negotiate on the table.
You're gonna take care of my safety,
... I'll take care of the negotiations.
I do not think it's a good idea.
For your personal safety, let him keep the animal.
I do not think so, it's against protocol, I was the highest-ranking officer in ..
This is a rare specimen whose oversight handed to us.
That is why we are holding it.
All right.
Just do not get in my way.
Commander, the board is waiting.
Okay, let's do this.
Stay here.
- On the way to the meeting. - Okay, sir.
You watch the back, I was in front.
Ya pak!
Everyone, thank you for coming quickly.
As a representative of the Human Federation, I asked for this meeting to explain our emergency conditions.
Seperti yang kalian tahu, jantung dari Stasiun Alpha terkontaminasi dengan kekuatan yang tidak jelas.
The Federation had sent the man a few battleships to prevent widening threat.
And they all failed and suffered considerable losses.
Analyze all the scary threats and develop these, Federations search for. ..
All is fine.
Did you miss the part of the excitement.
Yeah don't worry, we'll soon be at the beach.
I can now answer the question all the details of this operation.
The 30th battalion, Division special operations.
This is all I need.
-What? -Alien kid.
-Nice to meet you. -Interesting as usual.
-Just tell me what you guys want? -We work here.
Since the 5000, for what information you butuhkani.
-Need our help? -I'm there help themselves.
-Now go. -Have them tell info about Muel.
Planet Muel, remember something?
-This is a sensitive matter. -It's a big problem.
-As Mayor Sam. -Alex?
Mayor Sam died one year ago.
What? Yes, in a strange way.
-No need to explain. -How strange.
I think you're not a doctor, right?
This is valuable information.
-He's dead. -Vain.
If you have any information on this planet, I'm interested.
Glad I could help.
Before we go we want to give you the info.
For free.
Free? You must be crazy.
-Machine switches. -A very expensive.
-The army will come. -And steal it.
What kind of soldiers?
- The first tip is .. - You'll want to know.
But you will get a discount, of course.
General, there is a problem at the station B.
- Alex, what is it? - Dozens of unidentified creature approached.
Undetectable for now.
It seems like the info you lose the price.
Now get out.
Go you!
Which direction they go in?
From where, they pass through walls.
Alex, I need some info about it.
Everyone, please evacuate.
- I can not read their DNA. - What?
- Sir, the door was locked. - We can not get out.
- Log. - I'm in.
- Evacuation commander. - OK.
General, secure the door.
- Commander, we have to evacuate you. - Come on.
This door does not work.
Alex, Open the door.
- What's that? - Team.
They kidnapped the commander. Take this, find General, tell him to keep track of them.
- What we've returned to full power again? - Yes sir, just.
Everyone returned to the post!
Hang as much as possible, a level five emergency.
All right.
Turn biovisual.
Okay, we get them, try to find the commander.
Okay, we can them. He was close to the dock, you're there.
Where the most rapid pathway to get there?
North-east, 130 degrees.
60, 70, 80, 90th
- It's the wall. - You say you want the fastest way.
This is not the easiest way.
Forward. You almost got it.
Tunneling from other vessels, no message of their module.
Valerian, cancel, change of plans.
140 degrees to the East, Alex will pick you up.
-81? Actually, 81, straight.
-Are you sure? -Yes, I'm sure.
Because I was just thrown off into space.
-Sorry, my fault. It was number 18. -Does nothing.
We all do mistakes. Any idea how to get out of here?
Alex, picked him at 81.
I'm already logged in.
Back to home.
I'm not sure you where, but I knew I had to send you to an extents.
Valerian, hold, we analyze the system of defence.
Major, we will lead you.
What if they have something bigger?
Where its commander?
Direction 9. The lower level. Hurry up.
It's her, don't miss him.
Valerian, carefully.
Penyusupnya are being followed, I will be riding in his small plane.
Okay, Valerian, you are in the dangerous zone.
Their fishing rods before I Kau.
I was trying.
-Valerian, you need to be faster. -Damn.
Valerian, you have 10 seconds before I Kau.
Feel it.
Now, who's smart?
Valerian, you've got the time of 5 seconds.
Oh, no.
-Valerian. -I could not reduce speed.
-Oh, come on. -Enter the red zone.
-Yes! -Enter the red zone.
Valerian, do you hear me?
It's not clear! They approached.
Valerian, just answer!
-Valerian, answer me! -Major, just answer.
-Alex, are you able to help? -There are too many distractions.
I lost the signal mayornya.
Valerian, what you heard?
We miss him.
-You want to where? -Take my SkyJet.
-You will not catch up with him. -Why not?
The zone was controlled by our enemies, it is too dangerous.
Enemies that are not known to us. -The enemy that attacked us.
With wounding one man of us.
Why did they let one person alive? Give me a reason.
-I don't know. Valerian-never seen this creature.
-They are from the planet Mule. -Planet Mule was destroyed 30 years ago.
It does not make sense.
That's our mission, it makes no sense, Sir.
Someone is lying to us. I'm going to find out, I would save rekanku.
Major-General, Valerian is a valuable agent.
You can't miss him.
I can't lose you both in one day.
Hold him.
Give a signal of danger.
And a swatch of his commanders.
Yes, Sir.
Listen, I don't want to tell you guys how to do the task, but you guys aren't you guys supposed to be memborgolku?
First, it was because of Protocol. Second, because I very much wanted to escape.
A nice effort, comrades.
We have to talk.
If you guys didn't help me find Valerian, then the bullet will find you.
-You first. -Don't, don't, don't ...
-To avoid situations like this.. -All our information..
Split with 3 way, kill one of us..
-And you kill information. -That's too bad.
Okay. You have to give me a credit card, because I don't have enough money.
-Very difficult. -If its commander is here ...
-He can pay us. -But he was kidnapped.
Precisely, because the other exchanger is on you.
-Except, for security reasons. .. -Someone else took it. ..
How do you guys get that information?
-It's not the info ... -Only the conclusion.
-We know the workings of human beings. -They are easy to guess.
It's obvious you guys have never met a woman.
-Okay, okay. -Calm down.
-What do you want to know? -Location Of Valerian.
-It is difficult to say. -We know how to track them.
Location precisely.
-How much does it cost? 100,-per person.
Lupakanlah it.
It is only this that I have.
Berlianmu is worthless to us.
His negotiations are over.
-We mempercayaimu. -And in a situation like this ...
-We approve the deal. -Good.
Now I bring to Valerian. Now, too.
Follow us.
He sends the location where mayornya disappeared.
Laureline agents track and catch him.
-Notify all staff. -Yes, Sir.
Give me a few minutes.
View the file.
I need information about planet Mool.
Who has authority over this file?
We do not like this place.
Give it to me.
Too bad you guys should give it.
What do you want?
-We want to fishing. -Fish.
-If that's possible, Sir. -Thank you.
Nice. Not in this season.
-It's not a good catch. -This.
Welcome to.
Uh, lower it.
-Lose, lose the thing. -Who is this?
What's a dangerous?
Not too. Carefully, lest they menghirupmu.
There. That it was a male.
How do you know?
The males are smaller than females.
How do you know that it's got a jellyfish?
All males have a jellyfish. Bromosaurus pulled out of the water, it takes the jellyfish to live.
That's why they live there all year round.
That's where they get their food.
One day ...
What I can help? I'm a great driver.
This, this, Yes!
-Do you see it? -What?
-Seat belt. -Why have you not told me of yesteryear?
-I told you when you accept the invitation. -Good.
By the way, I'm Bob.
There is no time. Jellyfish cortex is very fragile.
-It will show the position of Valerian. -It shows what he saw.
-Certainly, but, how? -Put it in bahumu.
-You are kidding? -Not when we're working.
-If you do it. -You will be able to communicate.
-Carefully. -With what is in it.
-For longer than 1 minute.. -It will take ...
-Ingatanmu. -Good.
At least I know I'm willing to attach my head into her mouth.
-Actually, it's not his mouth. -You can start.
Right now.
-Don't forget ... -1 minutes, not more.
We have to count them.
Uh, the smell ...
We start.
This is very interesting.
-30 seconds. -Valerian.
No! No!
40 seconds.
-50 seconds. -Quit now!
55 seconds!
-Carefully! -Amazing!
-10 seconds! -A record!
Anyone know it?
The level of 630, East.
The possibility has been inactive.
Okay, thank you.
You need a map that detail?
We found traces of Sergeant Laurelie here.
What he is doing in its?
Don't know, Sir.
He stole a vehicle. He headed into the red zone.
And we are losing trace.
He must have found the mayornya.
General, there are three civilians who got the news that you want.
Send them in.
So the three of you guys.
-We have news ... -You want.
-What do you guys want? -We have the information that is important.
-Can we sell ... -For $100 ...
Per person.
Let's say.
Departed, the lizards.
Valerian? Valerian? What you can mendengarku?
Valerian, wake up. Valerian, I beg.
Stay with me, Valerian, come on, come on.
-What are you doing here? -I come pick you up.
You knocked off pesawatmu, you remember?
Yes. ..
I lost it in the Chase.
Do you mean you almost die. You are lucky I found you.
What about the commanders? You know she's no where?
There is no sign of him.
Their aircraft went into the red zone. -No.
I had to look it up.
-Come on. -Wait.
-That's it? -What do you mean?
There is no '' thank you '', there is no '' good ''?
Uh, I'll do the same for you.
The little bastard you!
Hey, hey. Calm down.
I believe you're more than myself. Isn't that what you want?
It is not.
You are an incredible woman, Laureline.
No wonder I want to marry you.
-Why would I want to married people do not self ... -Because you can't live without it.
I mean, when all the people went you could just go after them.
I just did my job, Mayor.
Now could you let me go back to the mission?
-Yes. Of course. -Okay.
Captain-what is going on here? -I reported directly to the Commander of Arun ...
And I was the General G-Bar!
The Supreme Commander of all the forces!
Catch this man!
Now remove that one.
I apologize for the treatment of you.
We'll take you to jail. But the doctors will be merawatmu.
Please us.
If you need help me. You have to tell me everything you know.
But first, why are you attacking us?
Because you have what we need. ..
Did not you say that the girl in the dream
can change people's minds?
-It is true. -Then it was like an animal in planetku.
Obviously, it's understandable if they want to save the last species.
Yes, and possibly Knapping the commander because I think they're carrying.
Yes, until discovered that it was not so.
Do not worry I will not let you go anywhere.
No I will not let you go anywhere.
- beautiful butterfly. - Sure, but whatever you do do not touch them.
- Why? - Because some of them ..
I come!
Let me go. Come on, put me down.
Sorry, you will die.
Mayor, I can now hear sinyalmu.
- Valerian! - Shut up!
Alex you know something?
The only way to get into without damaging severe doplimatik
that by passing along one of them.
I suggest you find a pot.
Thank you, Alex.
Did you find it?
Yes. But there is much that is not found in the database.
Well, that's not possible.
Whether it comes from species that are not recognized.
- Or? - Or the creature was deleting data.
General, mayornya has emerged and is in the red area.
The area is it?
Go tell all the troops.
All the major search unit Valerian. Not harmful.
Search as soon as possible.
- Can I help you? - Of course you can.
First remove the weapon.
Remain silent.
Is mental.
Do you want a ride?
Honey, do you want to fly?
I'm allergic to feathers.
You have the wrong person.
- Hi, dear. - I do not speak French.
Come on! Go on a bird!
Hey, cowboy! You've come at the wrong place, of all places.
I will be with you in a moment.
I was looking for something special.
Oh of course. Whatever you want me to have it.
-I'm not sure you've got. -Dude what are you talking about, what are you looking for?
-Clamopard. -You're very lucky.
I had the best in the entire universe. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Hey, I work for the government.
If you want to avoid the diplomatic mess,
You should let go of me now, too.
It is not. Hear.
I came here not for the didandan.
I should go from here. Do you understand?
I could not believe it.
I'm not here to try the clothes fool you!
Call ketuamu or penerjemahmu so we can at least communicate!
Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
Okay ...
This is where you lose peralatanmu, soldier.
But I have to keep bringing it. A job.
Well, unfortunately the rules are the rules. And this is the place for that is not so.
This is tiketmu.
Do not get lost.
-I I make a deal. -Let's not talk about the matter of business, okay?
Anyway enjoy the course. What music do you like?
You like Techo? Macros? Bio? Nano?
-I prefer Retro. -Oh, I did too.
Just for a few of these.
Sit back and relax.
And enjoy the show.
Do you like to drink?
So what will happen, soldier?
The dance was very cool but not what I was looking for.
Well I have a lot more if you tell what is dipikiranmu.
I've got a lot of that is unthinkable.
Tidak ada waktu untuk ini, aku hanya lewat.
Dengar, aku dalam bahaya dan aku butuh bantuanmu.
- You do not like the show? - No, no, yes, I like it.
- Of course. - I started from the age of 4 years.
Plays everything and go to a top school.
I can play anyone or anything.
- I'm sure you can. - I know Shakesphare if you want.
Bochi Maybe. You Like Bochi?
- Eh, tentu saja. - Rainbow atau Lane.
Difficult choice.
I'm afraid to kiss ..
As the kiss became ..
Suffer like this.
And we can sleep ..
I'm not afraid to kiss.
I've told you what was in my mind.
Oh, stop yelling.
How did you get a gun?
Major Valerian! I advise you to lower the weapon.
- And I advise you to sit down. - Okay. Okay, okay..
Please, do not. Do not shoot me.
- What's that? - It's you.
When you were 10 years old. You're not going to shoot yourself, is not it?
- Can you get back to normal again? - Okay, okay.
No, not. That this is not normal. The other one.
Oke. Oke.
- Thank you. What is your name? - You're much I named what, dear.
Aku tidak punya waktu untuk bermain denganmu, sayang. Ayolah beritahu aku siapa namamu.
Right now, I lose the rekanku Bubble. If you help me find it I free you.
What his name is free if you were illegal and away from home?
I work for the Government, I will give you the identity and passport. I promise.
-If I go Charlie will kill me. -No, Charlie is not going to kill anyone else.
So what do you think? Bubble?
-You really like your show I? -Best of that ever I saw.
-Thank you. -Equally.
So I'll go for a bit. The two of you watch the two warriors.
Because it will make me fear.
Okay, Bubble quit weak.
All right. I'm doing it.
Hey, are you okay?
Thank you.
-You want to get into it? -Yes.
I know foreigners are not allowed,
the only way by becoming one of them.
Oh, no, no. I wouldn't want to.
What is it? You were an artist or not?
Yes, but I have to take time to master peranku and.
Gerakanku capture and behavior and.
-The shape of the characters and some of the exercises ... -You have to manage without it.
Let's go.
All right.
Turn around.
Ugh ... It's not true. I need a manicure.
I thought the hat was too excessive.
Forget it.
Hey, Hey! What are you doing?
Give me a moment. I'm used to.
-Hurry. -I told you I need more practice.
This is a fairly large weight.
Much better. You did well.
Do you think the mayor failed again?
It looks like .. Where is she?
- In the area Embolatora - In Embola ..
- None that go into it. - And obviously do not get out of there.
We need reinforcements. Send a message to the minister.
Ya, pak.
- So why did you lose your partner? - Because I'm stupid.
- What do you mean? - All I did was a joke.
- Oh feel cool than being honest. - The story of my life.
How young you are when you lose your mother?
- Please do not speak to the side there now. - It is okay to be weak.
Can you stop to find out this mission?
And do not touch anything.
Well, it would not hurt you to show some weakness.
- I'm not good at it. - That would make her feel the most important.
Yes, believe me, she has become the most important thing in my life.
I think he wants us to join their groups.
Em, I'm not sure this is a good idea.
And it seems he does not give us much choice.
- What is going on? - I think it's lunchtime for the king to 3.
Being a table, the worst nightmare of any artist, never bring this to anyone, okay?
Thank you does not make us the menu.
I'm going to throw up.
- That's him. - Wow you're right he's skyline.
- There is something wrong. - What if I dance to divert attention?
No thanks.
I knew this would be a problem!
- I think we should ... - I think you should let me handle this.
- Help! - Do not move!
As ...
You're going to think, okay? Sit, stay there.
- Laureline, it's me, Valerian. - What?
- Get away from me. - OK.
Excuse me, Your Honor.
Hey, baby.
I deserved it.
She's a woman, you can not hit!
Let's talk about this, you do not want to get hurt.
I warned.
Now that's a colleague.
Great! It was incredible, I was very impressed.
- Hi. - Hi.
Trust me on this.
Regiment to three is approaching, sir.
- Is there any news from our agent? - No.
- And the commander of what he reported? - Negative.
- Minister wants to talk. - Okay.
- My respects, minister. - You have been appointed to head this operation.
- Congratulations. - Thank you sir.
But to accomplish this mission I have access to key data.
It can not be done without the benefit of urgency.
The commander may be dead.
If I should succeed in my new assignment, I need to know everything.
- Access is permitted. - Thank you sir.
Open secret file.
- Show the data confidential. - Request received.
Conflict in seven regions.
The war led to the destruction of a planet.
Tell me more about the planet.
The planet was uninhabited.
Who's running?
'' Access Denied. ''
It is not good.
I told you there was a door.
There is no plan before entering, it kbiasaanmu.
What we have to turn back?
Better than you take me to a giant trash bin.
Bubble, where are you? Where is he?
He is behind us.
I am here...
- What is wrong? - I must have been injured during the fight.
Bubble, tell me what to do.
There's nothing you can do.
Where I come from, life is more painful than death.
Do not say that...
Unfortunately it's true.
Inconvenient when you do not have their own identity.
You have an identity.
You are the greatest actress I've ever seen.
I am happy to perform for you.
If you come to my kingdom,
- keep well. - Good.
- And he's not our enemy ... - Yes.
Keep him well.
Love wholeheartedly. No magic in it.
It will give you strength.
Come on.
All warships are already anchored, General.
Nice. I want you to finish it soon.
What are they doing there?
The commander who program them. They can not be turned off.
Nice. That's what we need.
- Do you know where we're going? - Yes, of course.
- I guess. - Are you sure, or what you think.
Look, I know this is weird, but ...
Daughter ... she led me.
Princess. He lead you?
Yes. Listen, it's hard to explain, but ...
As if he's always with me.
You said there was a woman inside you?
Since the beginning?
- What can we continue to walk alone? - Certain.
- Ladies first. - Very funny.
Quickly bring to it!
Let's move!
Captain Chris, sexy one ready operational.
Nice, execute. Bring soldier with you.
- That's not necessary. - Orders from the boss.
We have been manipulated from the start.
- What do you mean? - We're in the dead zone of dangerous.
It seems that contamination may have occurred.
Who is behind all this mess.
- herus. - My name is Zui, I am the son of the Emperor.
- I thought you were going to introduce us to your father. - He is waiting.
Try to contact the General. Tell this location. I will be playing for time.
What if you are calling in reinforcements this time?
Hard to believe.
Follow me.
I want you to meet my father, the Emperor.
My name is and this is my wife Yemay Haba Aloy.
How are you? We are happy to receive you here.
My son felt the presence of his sister, Princess Nina in you.
It seems he has chosen you.
What do you mean?
When we die, we leave our body's energy in the form of waves.
Which will through time and space.
Sometimes the energy it will find a new body.
Daughter Nina was chosen to be the guardian of his soul.
I told you.
My child...
I am very happy to see you.
Same with me.
She also.
What actually happened to you all?
Our planet is very beautiful and we live in harmony with the elements.
Our activities are fishing and collecting energy.
That energy makes fertile soil, control the wind and the waves.
Two years we performed on land and sea.
We lived in harmony for centuries.
Until doomsday arrives.
The sky outside our planet a big battle going on.
The war between the two parties, we do not recognize.
- The missile is ready, sir. - fired missiles!
- Do you confirm, sir? - Yes.
Ready to carry out, sir.
May God forgive you.
- They died in the fighting? - Yes.
6 million others.
What happens after the explosion?
We float in space for years.
On board the remainder of the war.
The ship was half destroyed.
Come back to your room.
This environment is very different for us. We took at first.
We learn how it works.
We learn, language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and folisofi.
We learned about the millions of planets, stars and moon in the universe.
We never know.
And we learn which species are there in the universe.
Including people who have destroyed our planet.
Time has healed our loss.
But we learn to forget grudges against the responsible.
They're coming.
Then one day we met with merchants galaxy.
After a few years, our ship is completed.
And we headed into a giant construction site.
-Tesla. -True, the city millions of planets.
For millions of years many species of knowledge sharing.
We hid and learn everything.
Until we have the knowledge and materials to create our own ships.
Our planet was destroyed and we were trying to recreate the relpikanya ...
and restore our lost world.
-Incredible. -There are two things we want.
-Great Energy. -And the Pearl.
Only one who successfully obtained Zui.
We are happy, it made us as a witness to the massacre.
Witness that humans once ruled and tried to forget about it forever.
We could memfaatkan but how can we forget.
So, there is no choice but to steal the Converter.
-With the help of a professional Suriha. -I stole it from Suriha.
But Valerian, and take that Converter.
Which left you one choice, captured commanders, forcing him to tell the truth.
You know how to get it done. Our ditanganmu destiny.
What is it? Where is this?
-Keep me from them, they are really bernahaya.
- Mutiara itu, dari planet U. - Aku pernah mendengar cerita konyol itu,
Tapi itu tidak mungkin. Planet U tidak dapat ditinggali.
Keberadaan mereka membuktikan sebaliknya, bukan?
I tell you, there is no life on the planet.
Detected on Gatacalicor. And the rest..
- How are you sure? - Because I wrote the report.
You wrote it?
Yes. yes, I was there.
That is something that should not be feared.
Our crew in the investigation, we lost 500,000 soldiers in one day.
It was fully chaos.
You're very busy so do not detect any sign of life of the planet.
Or even worse, you know the planet is uninhabited, and you sacrifice him.
Commander, the planet has a life.
Primitive life forms ?.
No, Commander. I detect the use of energy there and very complex.
Revenge, history is running ..
You and some primitive people there will not be able to hinder this history.
So you're aware that there were no survivors of Planet U and you heard about this.
You've decided to destroy them ..
Despite whatever the consequences.
I want no one survived.
You have to destroy all evidence of the mayor Sam had to fight.
What do you expect me to do?
It's the only way.
I admit, this is one of, if you deploy these events, there will be chaos everywhere.
and compensation. Economic planet could never recover.
Do you want it? We will lose our sovereignty and everything.
And we will be isolated. We will be denied access in all the planet. Science, technology.
What is it that you want?
Make their civilization declined.
Forcing them back 1000 years ago.
Hall we swore to me, to protect civilians us first.
And foremost, it is a chore!
My duty. And your job !!!
Or are you better off letting a risk to our economic woes for the sake of a few ..
Primitive people?
You're absolutely forced into this problem, do not confuse that which the enemy.
He is the ruler. He is the enemy.
You yourself are your worst enemy, Commander.
Unless you make up with your past. You will not have a future.
Major. I command you to arrest this man.
Can we talk man to man for a moment?
Hey, what are you doing?
I who mengajarinyan way of doing it.
Nice conversation.
Road, street, road.
- Section 1-2 has become a red zone. - Prepare the cleaning section 2.
Look, it's very fun, but we have to report to our people.
This. This is yours.
I gave this as a promise. Let's go. What are you doing.
I gave Converter back to them.
No, no.
- Mutiara itu tidak berguna tanpa alat ini. - Ya, tapi..
- Bisa berikan kami waktu sebentar? Ayo. - Apa?
Converter adalah milik pemerintah. Ini alat yang terakhir diseluruh alam semesta.
Jadi kau mengikuti filosofi komandan. Milikku adalah milikku, dan sekali milikmu adalah milikku.
Tidak, aku hanya menjalankan tugasku. Kita tidak memiliki kewajiban menyerahkannya.
Federasi harus dihentikan. Dan harus bertanggungjawab atas insiden ini.
Ya, aku setuju tapi ini bukan kita yang memutuskan.
Serahkan ke Cort.
Mereka juga pembohong, hanya kita saja yang bisa berbuat benar.
Baiklah, aku seorang prajurit.
Aku menaati peraturan.
That's what makes me be myself.
Do you know,
That's why I do not want to marry you. Because you do not understand love.
No, come on, this has nothing to do with love.
That's where you're wrong.
Love is stronger than any other.
It breaks all the rules, overcome all the power, even though the team.
Just look at him.
Just for a moment you are in position.
He lost all of his people and their children.
And he is willing to forgive.
That is true love.
Is to trust others. And ..
I think I could be someone for you.
- But obviously .. - You can.
You can trust me.
I would die for you.
I did not ask you to die for me.
I'm asking you to trust me.
All right. Give it to them.
We were blamed for the loss of your planet and we will be honored to help you get it back.
That is ... thanks.
Spread. Spread.
Jack 2, we lost 2.
- There are signs of radiation contamination? - No trace.
This makes no sense.
Did you see the coast?
Our daughter made the correct decision.
He can rest at ease now.
Now we have to go, I hope you and your people to make peace wherever you are adventuring in space.
And wherever.
We've set it up, ready to leave this place.
Accepted, evacuation zones. You've got 4 minutes.
Implemented now.
Valager, there are hundreds of soldiers around the spaceship.
- We will soon be gone. - Where are you going now?
Could there be a battle.
- If we do not make a signal for the defense .. - I can communicate with them ..
So you do not have to be forever defense.
One call alone.
- Turn off the signal. - Thank you.
There is something moving. Something is happening.
Stay in position. And analysis of the detector.
- I can not believe they did that. - General following the procedure.
Now I hate the procedure.
Captain, there is a space behind a wall.
Contact with the enemy.
Give me a physical description.
The same creatures who kidnapped the commander.
There are dangerous signs?
- Greetings. - Greetings.
Tiidak well.
- Are they armed? - No.
General, we get a signal from 205 Destiny Module.
- What? - It seems Major Valerian.
- Connect. - Major, you are connected with the General.
- Mayor. - or. Mayor valerian
Sergeant Berlin, we are still living there behind the wall. Cancel the attack immediately.
Mayor, we can not read the code of your DNA. You know the drill.
- May have to make sure. - No time procedure stupid question.
We are here together with the species that once you've destroyed.
The development of the planet U. So tell your men to stand down!
Before you ordered the massacre of the two.
- It was really her temperament. - Planet U uninhabited.
Come on. You know that's not true. Commander taste there.
He gave the order, and he set up the whole procedure cessation survivors.
Evidence proving they are alive is a mistake.
- Stop the procedure. - Maybe that explains why ..
commander interrogate the creature.
What commander along with you?
Come on. Wake up!
- What?
- Come on friend!!
Time to admit.
- Hello! - Without the DNA code.
- Her voice fits. - This is General Okto-Bar.
Do you hear me, Commander?
What is going on?
We've put an explosive device.
According to the command you gave.
Do you confirm that order?
Or you have nothing to be told to me.
That it was a mistake that you make.
I was a soldier.
Taught always choose death over humanity.
Kill them all!
Come away!
- What are you doing?
I do not give orders! Captain, immediately stop this shootout!
Not us, robots that shoot us!
Turn off!
- I'll bring help! Take care of him! - They're not going anywhere!
Get down! Take cover!
- Alex, immediately bersiap.- Acknowledged. Thank you!
- Hey, turn off the countdown now! - Yes, Sir!
Neza Hurry!
- Who's in control? - Yes I can!
There are dead bodies.
Put me down! Come on, you coward!
- Mr. Commander! - Is he still alive?
Still alive, hanging rope. Nice!
Get him!
Do you have a plan we're going where?
2 hours we will be on vacation.
Cooking pot roast.
2 hours? Yes 2 hours.
We need to talk about our conversations are pending.
Conversations what?
About the future. Very?
What future?
You ... me.
Happy Birthday.