Valimai (2022) Movie Script

'I sometimes think
about the consequence'
'of smoking a
cigarette or beedi.'
'Will it become a reason
for me getting a stroke?'
'That will make me a
burden to my family.'
'Will it be a reason for
me getting lung cancer?'
'Will it get me closer to
oral cancer, heart ailments'
'or Emphysema.'
'Next time when you think about
smoking a cigarette or 'beedi'
'then ask yourself about
the consequence of it.'
'Quit tobacco today itself.'
'Call 1-800-11-2356 for help.'
'Or give a missed
call on 011-22901701.'
'Smoking causes cancer.
Smoking kills.'
'Smoking causes cancer.
Smoking is hazardous.'
'Consumption of alcohol
is injurious to health.'
'Consumption of alcohol
is injurious to health.'
'Be safe.
Don't drink and drive.'
'Be safe.
Don't drink and drive.'
'Drug consumption is
injurious to health.'
'Drug consumption is
injurious to health.'
Fast fast fast!
Juan, Pedro c'mon!
Let's go! Let's go!
Poco, make it fast!
Stuff 1 kilo into each packet
Quickly Poco. Quickly.
Quickly! Quickly!
C'mon man!
Fast! Go go!
Fast! Fast!
Quick! Faster man.
- Madam, the powder's coming.
Sir, This is the Colombian gang
that holds Tamil Nadu as a base
and peddles drugs
throughout India.
They are about to bring 25 kgs of
cocaine through ECR into Chennai.
Our informer reports so, sir.
Seize them, don't let it slip.
Yes, sir.
'The Colombians' powder arriving
through ECR vehicle number'
'PY AJ 7584.'
25 kg shipment due to arrive.
Shall we play?
- 'Graffiti!'
Get out the M4! Get it out!
Shoot it.
- Shoot! Shoot! - Beat!
Oh my!
Are you simply going to roam
without looking for a job?
'Where are you going?
What are you doing?'
'Don't tell us anything.'
Do it fast.
Your family doesn't know
what's in the car, right?
No boss, they don't.
I'm loading it in this car only
because police won't check
if there's a family
in it be very careful.
[kids singing rhymes]
Madam, the vehicle has left.
Who are these people,
they look weird.
No clue.
Some bikes attacked the
car and took away our stash.
Balu's family died on the spot.
Find out who did it
and bring them to me.
Have an eye on the agent too.
'Chennai welcomes you.'
Finished grazing for the day?
You're never going to
listen to me, right?
'I don't know when
you'll ever change.'
Come on! The vehicle has left.
Hey! You stupid or what?
Don't you know how to drive?!
Where do you have your
eyes when you're driving?
You're blocking the
road with your bike!
Sir! Sir!
Dad! Dad!
'The day after.'
(Alarming sound)
(Grunting sound)
Pick up only, right?
I'll set it perfectly, wait.
Dad has brought something for you.
- Mom!
Mom! Uncle let her go. Uncle!
Mom! Mom!
Yes, mom I am coming.
How many times do I...
Eat a little, dear.
My kid!
Soormangal Quarry.
'Chain snatching.'
'Drug rackets.'
'Sickened by a rising
crime wave in Chennai'
'angry citizens block
the Commissioner's car'
'pelting rotten eggs and tomatoes
at the vehicle in protest.'
'While Chennai suffers trapped
in the clutch of crime's grasp,'
'what is the
Commissioner doing?'
'Chennai has become
a hub for murders,'
'robberies and drug rackets.'
'The city has become
very restless.'
'Every single person living in
this city, lives with a dream.'
'Getting a good education,
building a house,'
'getting their
daughters married...'
'They work very
hard 10 hours,'
'15 hours everyday to
realise these dreams.'
'To protect these people's
dream, their hard work'
'from being destroyed by
criminals is the job of a police.'
'The police that are around me
simply don't seem to get that.'
'I need a super police
who understands me.'
'These people need a people's
cop to protect them.'
'I just don't know where he is.'
Despite the high chief orders?
The auction was done online
so we couldn't control it.
We'll take care of it.
Chiththirai flag
will be hoisted today.
The high chief wants
him buried in the ground
before Azhagar (deity) is
submerged in the river.
Dad! Are we surely going?
- We will all go together.
'This is our target, Rajaraman.'
Look there.
Look at the lord. Pray.
Baby. Daddy is going
to the container yard.
Go home with your aunt. Okay?
Hey! Come out!
Boss, police.
Shut the gate.
Oh! No! Mom!
Sir, sir, sir. No sir!
- Drama! - No, sir! - Come!
Sir, it hurts sir, it hurts.
Sir! Sir! Come.
- No, sir. - Come on.
- What have you studied?
6th standard, sir.
Why did you stop with that, sir?
My father died, sir.
When your father died
did he make you swear to
not study beyond sixth?
My father too died when
I was studying 5th.
Didn't I study well and become
an Assistant Commissioner?
Sir. sir, sir.
I did it out of poverty, sir
Don't blame poverty
for your crimes.
And insult all the hard
working poor people.
Sir, no sir.
I have a family, sir.
The guy you were going to hack,
didn't he have a family too?
'News article'
'News article'
We've been searching that
gang for the past 10 years.
How did he find them
in just 10 days?
Remember the DC office meeting
after the murder spree in Madurai?
All the murders that are
committed around Madurai
are apparently being
planned from the jail
Raid all the jails and
seize all mobile phones.
No need, sir.
We'll sell it to them in
black ourselves? - What?
We'll sell it to them and
record all the calls they make.
We can then find out who
are they going to kill
and where they are going
to kill him, right sir?
We can nab them easily.
This guy's smart as a whip.
Should've shot these guys
down, sir.
We don't have the right
to take a life, Zahir.
Breaking limbs itself is wrong.
We're doing it because
it's the only way.
Call the accused's family.
Come here.
Is this how you raise your kids?
He got influenced by
the wrong crowd, sir.
Please forgive him, sir.
At least you should've
spoke to him, right?
Okay. Don't cry
He won't be able to work
for at least a month.
Run the household
with this money.
Be next to him till
his hand gets alright.
Try and make him
realise his mistakes.
Here. Read these books to him.
Let him change.
Once he recovers bring him
to me. I'll find him some job.
Okay, sir.
You're just giving away all the
collection money like this, sir.
Zahir. If we put him behind bars.
He must hire a
lawyer to make bail.
From where will he get 10 or
15 thousand for every hearing?
He'll again kill or steal
or he'll have to borrow.
Who will lend him money?
Criminals only, sir.
And after his hand
becomes alright
this guy will have to go kill
whoever that guy tells him to.
And then we'll have to
start searching again.
Is all this necessary?
You're different class, sir.
Sister, watch your hand.
- Brother.
Do you see a glow in mom's face?
- Why?
I did a facial for her!
Shut up you.
Where is Kundan, mom?
It's time for the offering.
If you introduce
me to your brother
I can boss around
in the neighbourhood.
Consider it done/
Your brother's coming.
He's just keeps drinking all
day without going to work.
Little brother.
My friend.
Hello sir!
Siva, Chirkut Siva.
Any sources available?
Thank you!
Thank you, sir!
Amount ready for the next
half mate. - Yes, right.
He's already
becoming unbearable.
Why are you too
encouraging him brother?
Leave it Kavi.
He friend is with him
What happened to your interview?
- That...
It's a small company it
seems. Sir doesn't like it
Machine operating job, brother.
Both of you brothers
will never find a job.
For how long will Arjun keep
running this household all alone?
Leave it mom!
- Yes. - Ashu.
Keep trying till you
find a job that you like
I'll take care.
What, mom?
If you introduce
me to your brother.
I can boss around
in the neighbourhood
Consider it done
Little brother.
He's my friend.
Hello sir!
I am Siva, Chirkut Siva.
Source. Any sources available?
Thank you!
Brother by your side,
fears for a water brushed aside.
If you introduce
me to your brother.
I can boss around
in the neighbourhood.
Consider it done.
I'm leaving to Chennai.
Little brother.
Meet my friend.
Hello sir!
I am Siva, Chirkut Siva.
Any sources available?
That's okay,
no need for any source
Oh God!
Couldn't you stay
for 2 more days?
No, I have to be in Chennai.
Sorry, brother.
I made a huge mistake yesterday.
It's alright leave it, brother.
Yesterday My friend Chirkut
Siva came for the festival.
I forgot to
introduce him to you.
Yelakaththamma (diety).
If my elder and younger
sons get good jobs
I'll offer you my
hay-swathed consecrations.
Are you kidding, mom?
It'll leave you with blood clots.
What else can I do?
You're sister-in-law
is suffering so bad.
Hey! What are you doing?
Leave me! Leave me!
Leave me! I said, leave me.
What are you doing?
Brother! Brother,
what are you doing?
What are you doing?
- All hail the lord!!
Hail Lord Ayyappa!!
He won't drink any more.
This is a GPS watch.
If you even go
near a liquor store
I'll find out sitting at home.
I swear to never drink again.
Kavi, let's leave. We have
to be in Chennai by 6.
One minute. I'll tell
brother and come.
What are you doing
now, engineer sir?
Engineer sir was, is and will
always keep looking for a job.
Sorry, brother.
It's alright.
You know about my
in-laws, right?
It's okay, you leave.
Mother's feeling very bad.
Sort something out, man.
For a salary of
just 8000 or 10000
Lakhs of people from other
states are ready to work, senior.
Our boys keep moaning
that there are no jobs.
The companies tell
they're not skilled enough.
Amidst all this a few big companies
are firing thousands of employees.
During such times
finding a job that
suits your qualification
is very difficult, senior.
Mate! It's so good to see.
You've put on the garland
and started drinking milk.
All hail Lord Ayyappa!
This is a sin
If the garland is
kept aside in milk,
there's absolutely no sin in it.
Hey! Chithra!
Listen to me.
I'm telling you I won't
drink again, right?
Chithra! Chithra!
- Wait! - Mom!
Chithra stop!
Chithra, listen to me.
Did I marry you to be
labelled as a drunkard's wife?
"Go ask little brother,
go ask little brother";
that's your answer
for everything.
Who do you want me to go ask
money to buy sanitary napkins?
Tell me!
Convince her
somehow to come back.
How do I convince her mom?
Do I tell her that my
brother is a good man?
Or that everyone drinks nowadays
And it's not wrong to drink.
His horoscope says it's
testing times for him.
A change in environment
may change his mindset.
3 crores worth powder. Keep
it safely in the mansion.
I'm scared, man.
Something might go wrong.
They stole it
from the Colombians.
Now we're stealing it from them.
What's wrong in this?
If we switch off the phone they
will never be able to reach us.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of it
If you switch off your phone
you thought we can't find you.
We sent 4 including you to
rob the Colombian's powder.
You alone without
completing delivery.
Took 3 crores worth powder
and handed it to someone.
Who is he?
His name is Naveen.
Naveen is the guy who already ran
away with our bike and jewels.
He lives in SS Mansion.
Go get him,
the bike and the powder.
Your pictures are with
me, I'll go to the police.
A police that can catch
our network isn't born yet.
Welcome to Chennai sir.
- Thank you!
The hashtag People's cop in Chennai
is now trending in Chennai sir.
The press are here
for your interview, sir.
- Understood, sir.
Sir, I got the new house ready and
handed the keys to your mother.
Mr. Mother's boy!
- Tell me babes.
It's been 12 hours since
you entered the city.
Why haven't you
come to see me yet?
Your family only keep insulting
me because I'm jobless, right?
I'll get a job and
then come meet you.
Then my birthday's next week,
you won't come for that too?
- No.
You are coming.
Otherwise I'll kill you.
'There are many
people in this world.'
'It's time for wine shop people to
stop their shop after business.'
'SS Mansion.'
'Sir, all the youngsters of SS
Mansion has gone unconscious.'
'We are not able to
find out the reason.'
Sir, everything's ready.
This way, sir.
What happened?
Last night a lot of people
suddenly fainted unconscious, sir.
In the morning, they found a boy
called Naveen hanging in his room.
Hey! Move! Go!
Who saw it first? - The
roommate of the deceased, sir.
- Success Balu, sir.
What is that. "Success" Balu?
If people keep saying "Success
Balu" instead of just "Balu"
it might spread a
positive vibration
and bring success into my
life, right sir?
Open the door.
It's locked from the inside, sir.
You're telling me you know how
to latch doors from outside.
But don't know how to open them?
Open it.
- Sir.
Open it, man.
- Open it!
Very experienced, huh?
Opened it with a single kick.
Sir, sir, sir.
Why are you pushing us?
- Move back!
remove the pant and check.
Okay, sir.
Success Balu.
You and the guy that's hanging
both tried for the same girl, huh?
- No, sir.
Did he borrow money and
not return or something?
No, sir.
Did he try to woo a girl
from your caste back home?
Nothing like that, sir.
Then why did you finish
off your own friend?
Sir! I got back only in the morning
after my night shift sir!
Playing hardball, huh? Fine.
Bring down the body the
same way you carried it up.
Oh Lord! I don't know
anything please let me go
Sir. It's happened.
Definitely suicide, sir.
- Sir?
Got away, huh? Go
Send the ambulance.
- Yes, sir.
I don't think this
is just a suicide.
There might be a crime
behind this suicide.
this is a drug addict's tattoo.
Those burns on his nose;
most likely from sniffing drugs.
There's an unusual
odour in the air here.
See if you find traces of drugs
being burnt somewhere.
Okay, sir.
Ambulance brother!
Sir's calling you guys inside.
I gave my bike to Naveen.
If it goes to the police...
Sir! They've burnt it here.
Get Sophia from narcotics.
Okay, sir.
Purest form, sir.
The smoke that spread from the burn
caused all those people to faint.
How is mom?
She's had enough
with me working.
Pushing me to get married.
No harm trying it once I guess.
You try it first then.
Drug residues. Pawn shop bill?
Success Balu.
- Naveen's helmet is here.
Where is the bike?
Bike, bike?
A guy came asking for it.
- Huh?
If you've never
met the guy before...
How did you give him
your roommate's bike?
The bike belongs to
some other guy, sir.
He said if the police
get their hands on it
they'll remove the
engine and sell it.
I felt that he had
a valid point there
That's why I gave him the bike.
Who took the bike. His face.
Do you remember it.
I remember it, sir
Sketch him Sophia.
Tell the vehicle number first
TN 10. W. 7742.
Balu. What did his
face look like?
Like a castor oil
baked buffoon ma'am
Tell me properly.
- Yes.
Ashok Kumar.
Senthil, his name is Ashok
Kumar find him and bring him.
Kanthaswamy, get me the details
of the shop that gave this bill.
Yes, sir.
This is your bike, right?
Yes this is my bike,
sir. I'm Ashok Kumar.
But I sold it on
ALX long back, sir.
Naveen found that
we're looking for him.
He burnt the drugs in
fear and hanged himself.
I just about managed
to get the ALX bike.
But that AC is getting
suspicions, boss.
I don't think this
is just a suicide.
This is the sketch of the guy
who took Naveen's bike.
Contact the IT Wing
see if you find a face match
on Aadhaar or Facetag, Sofia.
Sir Ashok Kumar sold the
bike to someone on ALX.
The buyer's phone number?
Stolen number, sir. And someone
bought another 8 bikes using the
same number not just this one.
Amith, what happened?
Dogs caught the smell.
One guy broke rules
on the Colombian job.
Satan's slaves never
forgive betrayal.
Rules are rules.
Okay, boss.
Lift him up.
Sir, couldn't find his
details on Aadhaar or FaceTag.
This bill from your pawn shop was
inside a suicide victim's helmet.
Why is your face changing?
- Nothing, sir.
He'll snatch chains and
sell them to me, sir.
I'll give him half the money.
The suicided Naveen is a
chain snatching accused, sir.
Has the Narcotics ever
received a case where
a single gang peddles drugs
and commits chain
snatching simultaneously?
No, sir
- Call Christiana.
Tell her to WhatsApp the city's
crime data for the past 10 years.
go to the Commissioner's office.
I'll come there straight.
Breaking the Satan's slaves
rules has consequences
I believe everyone
understand now.
Play the game
cautiously this time.
Okay, boss.
Ready! Go!
Hey! My chain!
Leave it!
Please mister, leave my chain.
Mister, leave my chain.
What are you doing? Hey!
My Chain! Stop him!
Hey! You! Stop him!
Hey! Catch him!
What are you doing?
Call the police. Catch him!
Stop him from running.
Hey! Hey! Stop!
Hey! Hey!
We'll receive the city's crime data
for this year in 10 minutes.
Good, get in the car
Just a while back
45 chain snatching
cases got reported
all over the city.
We couldn't find even a
single CCTV footage anywhere.
So the people who did it know
where there are no cameras.
ALX. Bikes. Drugs.
Chain snatching.
It all seems to fall
in a straight line.
the city crime data is here.
Check if any mass chain
snatching event similar
to today has ever
happened before?
Okay 5 minutes.
January 18th 2021.
40 snatching.
February 16th, 56 snatching.
March 24th, 60.
Arjun, it's been happening
repeatedly for the past 5 years.
Once or twice a month.
Close to 4800 chain
snatching, Arjun.
There's 18 thousand in this.
15 thousand.
20 thousand in this.
Label the days on which these
snatching events
occur as black days.
See if there were any
drug related crimes
reported before or
after these black days.
Before or after the black days
about 1300 drug related
cases have been reported.
Not just that There
are 55 murders too.
Sums up to more than 6000 cases.
Call all the 50 stations the
murders were reported in.
See if bikes were involved
in those cases as well.
- This is Sofia from Narcotics.
Jagan get that FIR file.
Yes ma'am,
bikes have been involved
in the murders
you're telling about.
But the murderers
have surrendered.
Arj. Bikes have been
involved in a lot of cases.
But, in all the cases the murderers
have surrendered it seems.
There are thousands of people who
are ready to surrender for money.
Call the ALX office.
Check if there
were multiple bike purchases using
the same number before black days.
One minute ma'am,
I'll check and let you know.
How come, ma'am?
You're right,
in all the dates you've mentioned
8 to 10 bikes have been bought
using a single number each time.
Before all the black days
using one particular number
they've bought 8 to 10 bikes.
They've bought more
than 600 bikes in 5 years.
'What do they even do
with all these bikes?'
Sofia What if...
A single gang could
commit all these crimes?
How dangerous
would that gang be?
Terrifying to even think about
it, Arjun.
My intuition says
this could be something big!
Wow! I've never seen an
investigation wrapped up so quick.
Half the case is
solved before reaching
the commissioner office
from that mansion.
Sir, the commissioner has called
you alone to the conference hall.
How do you so strongly claim
that a single bike gang
is responsible for 6000 cases.
Sir, last night a boy burnt
drugs and committed suicide.
'Inside the suicide victim's helmet
we found a pawn shop's slip'.
'Upon inquiring we found that
all of them were stolen jewels'.
'The bikes used for the theft
were purchased from ALX'.
'When we contacted ALX we found that
so many times in the past 5 years'
'stolen numbers have been used
to buy more than 600 bikes.'
Whenever there has been an
increase in the purchase of bikes
there has been and increase
in chain snatching,
murders and other
drug related crimes
There are chances of it
being the same gang, sir.
Not a chance.
A guy who snatches chains
won't commit murder.
Sir, murder is a serious crime.
Chain snatching
is a petty crime.
Chain snatching is not
just a petty crime, sir.
The jewels on a woman's
neck are not just ornamental.
It's their lifetime savings.
The women who get robbed off their
chains while walking down the road
are either middle class or poor.
If children' school
fee is to payed.
If the husband loses his job
or if some urgent
hospital expense comes up
those jewels are
what save those women.
Having jewellery is not
just a desire for women, sir.
It's a need.
A dream.
Destroying that dream is
also a serious crime, sir.
This is what I've been
telling all the officers.
Not one seems to understand.
Sir, who would commit all
these petty chain snatching
as a gang so organized?
How much could
they possibly make?
Sir, this bike gang
have snatched 400 pounds
gold in 45 places just today.
It's value is about 1.5 crores.
Even if they get
half the price for
it because they're
stolen, 65 lakhs.
They've done it 70 times
in the past 5 years.
70 multiplied by 65 lakhs.
Almost 45 crores.
There has never been
a bigger loot in Tamil Nadu,
not even from a bank robbery.
So what are you
trying to tell us?
Some unknown gang
purchase bikes from ALX
and use them to commit drug
crimes, murders and robberies.
Is that all?
- Yes, sir.
Chain snatching happened
today, right?
Yes sir.
- Then Yesterday or today
murder or some other big crime
should've happened, right?
Did it happen?
Answer me, man. Spoke
like some genius
- Yes, sir
Team Alert.
Contact all the police
stations in the city
and immediately check if there
are any reports of bike
related murders cases.
Who is this guy? Talks too much
The CM directly appointed a guy
after he won some bike race
championship, remember?
That's him.
Needs some rattling.
Put one of our men on his team.
Sir, I've checked all
the police stations.
No such murder reported.
What did I say?
He's simply running his
mouth out of excitement.
If it hasn't happened
yet It'll happen now.
Don't blabber.
It'll happen for sure.
- If it doesn't happen?
If it happens?
Can you hear me now?
I've come out.
Where? Hello?
Can you hear me or not?
Ganesh what happened?
Dad! Daddy!
- Ganesh, open your eyes. Ganesh.
A life could've been saved
if we had alerted them.
If it is what I think it is.
This should be the
most dangerous gang
Tamil Nadu police
has ever dealt with.
Salute chief!
A new ACP called Arjun
is entering into our case.
Who is he?
Arjun. You take over this case.
You can fully utilize
the modern control room.
- Please sit down.
This is the core team of the
modern control room, sir.
The 4,00,000 cameras in the city
are monitored zone wise as North,
South, East and West
from one place, sir.
We also have hackers
trained in Ukraine, sir.
Now then,
what do we all do next?
Look for the bike gang, sir?
- No need, we'll stop looking.
Stop looking for the bike gang
instead look at what needs to
be done to catch the bike gang.
Reverse process.
- Sir!
Make a list of our
usual contract killers.
Find out what they're doing now
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Find out how college students who
regularly use drugs procure them.
Okay, sir.
I want all the details
within a week.
Yes, sir!
What are you trying to do?
You said all the black day
murderers had surrendered, right?
- So...
Send it to all the agents.
Tell them to follow.
Please. Please.
Please do my work. Please go.
Tell me, Ashu.
Brother, if you give me
a recommendation letter
there's a company willing
to give me a good job.
It's only a letter, right?
Give it to him, son.
No, mom.
If I stand in front of
someone with a recommendation
he'll expect something from me.
And if I help him
some innocent guy will
get affected, mom.
Ashu, what Arjun's
telling seems right.
Ashu, take care.
I'll come straight to
Ramya's birthday party.
"Happy birthday to you."
"Happy birthday to you."
"Happy birthday dear, Ramya!"
My Ashu baby!
I totally wasn't expecting
this at all. Thank you!
Not from your hand.
- You sly!
We're in love
Why are you saying
it so hesitantly?
Tell bravely that
you're in love. You dear?
Even if she is, we're not
agreeing to this marriage. Arjun.
Why, uncle?
How do I give my daughter
to a jobless fellow? Tell me.
He'll find a job soon, uncle.
If not I'll get a loan and
start a business for him.
All that won't work out.
I'm not giving her to
any boy in Tamil Nadu.
All of them are drunkards.
The first daughter-in-law
itself isn't home.
You want a second one now?
Don't talk too much.
If my husband didn't have a job
would you have married
me off to him? Tell me?
If not this girl there are
a thousand other girls.
There are a thousand girls.
But none of them are
marrying a jobless fellow.
410 of the engineering
graduates from
Tamil Nadu are begging it seems.
If it wasn't for you brother
you would be the 411th.
These are the punks that were
peddling our powder in Chennai.
I picked them all up.
You haven't bought my powder
for the past 2 months
despite that you're
still pushing.
You're the punks who came on
bikes and stole our powder, right?
You better return it or else...
We didn't steal your
powder, I swear.
There's this new group,
they peddle drugs on bikes.
Inquire them.
Who do you think
you're lying to?
Leave one and kill the rest.
Why boss?
Why just leave one alive?
There should be at least
one to tell the world
what happens when somebody
lay hand on our stuff.
Last time they nicked 25
kilos from us. Not a big deal.
This time I'm bringing in 1 ton.
It's worth 3000 crores.
I am going to get down
with it. Dock the stuff.
Whoever comes our way will die.
Drop the shipment.
Quick quick!
Come, come, come! Quick.
Go straight to the
ATM vehicle and load it.
Go. Go, do it fast.
Fast. Come on.
The Colombian gang
are once again
bringing 1 ton cocaine worth
3000 crores into Chennai.
It seems massive.
Do it very carefully.
- Okay uncle, I'll take care of it.
- The same Colombian gang.
They're bringing in 3000
crores worth powder.
My cut is 10
percent, 300 crores.
If the deal's okay for you
I'll tell you when and where.
Deal okay, Shashan sir.
'Chief! Good news
One ton powder.'
'3000 crore worth.
Same route.'
Shall we play?
They're shipping in 1
ton powder in 2 days.
Tell them to paint the graffiti.
Till that Arjun's in
the city it's too risky.
Even our bikers
don't know who we are.
The agents don't know.
Graffiti's the only connection.
A lot of people here have
no idea what a graffiti means.
To scan it and then hack it
and then find our network.
The police aren't that smart.
Even if they do
not just Arjun
even if the entire Tamil Nadu
police department comes after us
at the speed at which we ride
they won't even touch
a strand our hair.
Super idea Arjun! Carry on.
Hey! How do you get
all these drugs?
There's a website called
Satan's slaves, sir.
A guy who was already a member
gave me an invite to join.
Using a TOR browser
you can order.
Ganja, cocaine, heroin,
DMT, LSD, happy pills.
They'll come deliver
anything on a bike, sir
Sir, apparently there's
some website called
Satan's slaves on the internet.
If you order using
some TOR browser
they itself come
deliver on bikes.
What is TOR browser?
TOR is a web browser
like Google Chrome, sir.
They call it "the dark
web" in foreign countries.
It creates a fake IP address
and keeps changing it.
So it's very tough to
trace, sir.
I have an idea, sir
If we get the boys
we've arrested to
order drugs from
the same website
a biker will come deliver
it, right sir?
If we arrest and inquire him we
can catch the gang, right sir?
If we arrest the delivery guy,
the guy above him will get alerted.
I have a different
idea for that.
Latha, is paid killers
I asked for ready?
Ready, sir.
Team, play the visuals
These 6 people are the only
contract killers in city, sir.
2 of them are in jail
and 2 of them absconding.
The remaining two have been out
of action for the past few years.
Okay, relax.
It's getting really tensed, right?
Shall we play a game?
Just for fun.
Okay, sir.
- Okay, sir.
We'll have a selfie competition
between the two of you.
Let's see who wins
Really, sir?
Take your selfie and send
it to Sarangan. - Okay, sir.
Done, sir.
- Sent, sir.
- Got it, sir.
Did I win sir?
- It's me, right sir?
- Sir.
Send these pictures to
those retired hit men.
Pay the money to
get them killed.
'We're getting the camera signal
from his spectacles, sir'.
'Sarangan is in the retired
contract killer's house.'
'We're tracking his number too.'
'I want these 2 dead.'
Whom is a retired criminal
forwarding the photo to?
But he hasn't used any
message, mail
or whatsapp from that phone.
No clue how he forwarded it.
'I'll finish the
job and tell you'.
Sarangan, nick his phone.
Open the browsing history
and send the links he's used.
The browsing history's
empty, sir.
Sarangan, stop stop! Go back.
Open that app.
Sir, this too is a TOR browser.
Oh my God!
This bike gang have created a big
crime network using TOR browser.
Hack it.
Team alert. Follow that
IP address and find out
where all the photos
were forwarded.
'Orbot enter.'
'Secure code.'
Sir. Got it.
The photos have gone to a
phone near the high court area.
And then to a phone
near sowcarpet area, sir.
Shashi. Quickly go
to the high court.
Ahmed. Quickly to
Sowcarpet. Right away.
This left, this left.
Turn, turn, turn!
From Sowcarpet it
has been forwarded
to a phone in another area, sir.
But the location keeps
jumping, sir.
Come on, come on!
Somehow find that address.
Come on, come on!
We're close, almost there, sir.
Abort! abort!
Tell the guys who sent you the
picture to escape right away.
'Connection lost.'
Oh! Shucks!
Hey! Come here.
- This is the location.
There a lots of houses
in this location, sir.
I can't find him.
He's absconded, sir.
There are a lot of lawyers here.
I'm not able to exactly spot him.
Okay! Good try,
good try. No worries.
Send Ahmed the last location.
Ahmed, inquire the location
where the connection got lost.
A building in that
location just exploded.
Some guy escaped from the
blast building in a B-king.
Check all the smart pole
footage in the surrounding.
Back, back. Yeah freeze.
The vehicle crossed 5
signals, sir.
2 smart poles have recorded it.
It's gone missing after that
Should've changed vehicles
- Sir.
Can you sketch his face
with these details?
I'll try, sir.
'Police reveal a sketch
of the man suspected'
'to be the gang leader
of the bike bandits.'
'If you posses any information
regarding the man in the picture'
'the police requests you to
contact them on the number below.'
'Tell all the agents to assemble
in the safe house immediately.'
They said all the work
will be done online.
Now they're now telling
ACP Arjun found us.
Get an anticipatory
bail, just in case.
They just keep coming.
So many agents!
Santha. You're in
this network too?
Mehta. You too?
Forget us.
Look at all these lawyers.
Lawyers, rowdies,
Ganja, powder pushers everybody.
Everybody are in
the same network.
I'm the person who
receives the photos
and money you've
sent all these days.
I send it to the leader.
Where is that leader?
You said that we'd never have
to meet each other in person.
You said that we'd leave no trace
if everything is executed online.
And that no police
would ever find you.
Then how did Arjun find out?
Arjun hacked out network.
We don't know how much
information he has about us.
All this seems like a big trap.
We are escaping from this
only if we kill this guy.
Finish him.
Chop him to pieces.
Burn him beyond recognition.
Who is this guy?
What are you staring at?
You fool!
We will kill you. - We'll kill you.
- Where did these guys come from?
Look there.
What are you looking at?
Boss, this is the first
time I'm seeing you.
This society called us jobless,
useless and a waste of space.
It has always insulted us.
At home they served us
every meal with abuses.
We had to digest it along with
our misery and depression.
Family didn't respect us.
Relatives didn't respect us.
This society didn't respect us.
Only after joining your network
we realized that we too are human.
You got this society
to respect us.
You gave us belief.
You made us respectable humans.
We'll do anything for you.
We'll do anything for you!
We are your slaves.
We are your slaves!
We are Satan's slaves.
We are Satan's slaves!
All these days we've been
lurking in the shadows.
From today, the Satan's slaves
openly declares war
upon this society.
Your mother, father,
relatives. Don't trust anyone!
We're gonna take what we want.
Any obstacle like
Arjun should be killed
that is our first job.
The Colombian gang's
bringing 1 ton powder
into Chennai tomorrow
in an ATM van.
Arjun's crossing
paths with us now.
Arjun's got an image
now that he's brilliant
because he discovered
our network.
I'll make him a fool tomorrow.
I'll make everyone call him
a clown and laugh at him.
(Indistant chatter)
(Indistant chatter)
Trace the call.
Who is this?
Shut up and give him the
phone. He knows who we are.
Arjun here.
- Tell me, you bloody thief.
If a person can't
protect what is his
he loses the right to keep
it, Arjun.
People with power take
whatever they want.
Power is to protect,
not destroy.
Good men protect,
the bad ones destroy.
But ultimately the
good always triumph.
The words good and bad in itself
are against nature, Arjun.
Read history.
See how many good
people have won.
The good guys you're talking
about only win in stories.
When I arrest you, you'll find
out if the good wins or bad wins.
You can't even touch
a strand of my hair.
Tomorrow you'll see the
power of my network.
You gave me an assignment to
kill two of your people, right?
As per your wishes,
I will kill both of them tomorrow.
Tomorrow my bikers will ransack the
city with murders and robberies.
I'll see how you stop us.
You cops set foot on the road
tomorrow and see what happens.
Tomorrow morning
on the bridge in the
center of the city.
I'll be waiting with
a girl in that picture.
Come touch her if you can.
Get ready for the game.
I've started the game long
back, kid.
Are you ready?
Yes, sir.
Check each and every bike.
- What is your name?
No bike should go
- Put the banner.
Show the license.
Alright, I will.
'Sir is on the bridge.
Check all the bikes.'
'Cops all over the city.'
'What do we do?'
'Arjun and that girl
are on the bridge.'
'Cops on either
side of the bridge.'
'We can't even get near
them, boss.'
Check that truck and send it.
- Fill the challan.
(Indistant chatter)
He has no engine.
A bike from inside the truck?
Sir! Sir!
- Sir!
Lock hands, lock hands!
Don't leave.
- Stop the vehicle
Stop the vehicle, man!
Gang leader's trapped here!
Call all the patrol vehicles.
Gang leader's escaped, sir.
How did the gang leader escape?
Amit, is the package secured?
We're following
the 1 ton powder.
Arjun's not coming, right?
Good to go, right?
He's chasing the
decoy thinking it's me.
'They have no clue
about our plan.'
'The whole police force
is guarding the city.'
Super boss!
You made Arjun a fool
just like you said.
Game on!
Bring it.
- Keep it inside.
Keep it safely.
(Indistant chatter)
- Watch out! - Run!
Run! Run!
- Run fast.
Arjun, good news.
The Colombian gang's been
apprehended with 1 ton drugs.
- Ready, with arms.
Chief, it wasn't Arjun
who was chasing me.
Amit! Abort abort!
Arjun figured out our plan.
- Oh shit!
Trap him in a hook.
Challenge huh? Now die.
Come quickly, bring the drugs!
How did he find our plan!
Go for the kill!
Free fly, liftoff!
Divine fly, takeoff!
Shashan sir.
- Tell.
All the information about
the Colombian drugs you gave
was to the guy Arjun
has just arrested.
If he opens his mouth to Arjun
we'll all get caught.
You go there
immediately. Do as I say.
This is a mistake.
This is a mistake.
This is a mistake, Arjun.
You're making a huge mistake.
I just take what I want.
And live the way I like.
Who are y'all?
You'll keep making new laws.
And I'll have to
keep following them?
Is he the gang leader?
No, sir.
No, sir.
How does you network operate?
How many are you?
I don't know anything, sir.
We only do what the
gang leader tells us to.
Then who is the gang leader?
He speaks to us only
through phone, sir.
Is the work done, bro?
It's done, bro.
I did exactly what you told to.
Super, bro.
Bring him here.
Get in man.
What, Arjun?
You give advice to
everyone around town.
Don't you know how to
raise your own brother?
You first get out.
From here on, you shouldn't
set foot in this case.
Is Ashu the leader of the
Satan's slaves bike gang?
Citizens react with fury.
So what if ACP Arjun
is his brother?
It's a crime no
matter who does it.
All these people should be shot.
Is ACP Arjun's brother
linked to the bike gang?
The public demand
Ashu to be executed.
Sir, if we don't shoot them down
now all small kids
will start doing crimes.
We shouldn't encounter
them, sir.
Why? Are you worried
because it's your brother.
No, sir.
I'm saying we can't execute
someone without thorough inquiry.
How many executions
have we done till now?
Have crimes decreased?
We have to find the
root of the crime.
And encounter the root.
So it's okay if you alone
break people's limbs?
When brutal criminals aren't
swiftly punished in the court
the courage and necessity to commit
more crimes increase for them.
I break their limbs
to prevent such crimes.
Will you break your
brother's limbs then?
I have doubts in this case, sir.
I'll produce him in the court
conduct a thorough inquiry and
if required break his limbs.
Did you produce everyone in court
before breaking their limbs? Why?
Your brother won't slip and
fall in the bathroom or what?
He had drugs in his hands.
Bikes have been purchased in
ALX using his phone number.
What else do you need for proof?
No matter what Ashu did
he is your brother
Please remember that, son.
We keep complaining that the
government and system is not right
but when we get a problem
we become selfish.
Aren't we the system, mother?
If we aren't correct how
will the system be correct?
You're right, son.
Yet my heart won't listen.
The memories of him
kicking in my stomach.
They keep haunting my heart.
Arjun, Arjun.
You've saved so
many people's lives.
Don't take away your brother's.
He'll only get punished
for the mistakes he made.
I won't let him die.
I'll bring him back home alive.
I promise mom.
Break his limbs.
That's the only way you
can show your honesty
and still work on the case.
'Brother, I am scared.'
Ashu, don't shake your
hand it'll shatter,
Brother, I didn't know what
I was doing. Let me go please.
Did you study for this?
Do you call this a good job?
How do I answer to mom?
What do you want me to do?
You all keep compelling
me to find a job.
Shall I just go do some random
job after doing engineering?
If other state people
are finding jobs
it's because they'll
even clean tables.
Shall I also do it then?
What if my friend comes and
sits on the table I'm cleaning?
How do you think I'd feel then?
Then why do you make us study?
All of my friends are roaming
with cars, bikes and girlfriends.
I don't have anything, brother
Everyone compare me with you saying
that I study and eat on your money.
My own sister
doesn't respect me.
Tomorrow they're taking him to
court through the ring road.
It's time to show or loyalty!
The police van is coming. Fast.
Go to the side! This way.
First case is
ours, right Prabhu?
We can go to the court
early, right?
Yes sir, we'll make it.
Check who's behind.
Okay sir.
Pull over to the side!
Who are you?
Where are you going?
I told you to stop the
vehicle. Can't you hear?
Hey pull over!
Prabha. Move out.
I will handle it.
Hey Arjun! Stop the vehicle!
Otherwise we'll kill
all the police inside.
Highway patrol! Highway patrol!
There's absolutely no signal.
Stop the vehicle!
I'm telling you again.
All the police inside will die.
- Give me the key. - No.
- Give me the key.
- Do it fast.
Sir! Sir!
I've tied the rope on him, sir.
Sir, he's bleeding heavily.
We must take him
to the hospital!
Two daughters, sir.
Don't let me die,
sir. Save me, sir.
Highway patrol!
- Coming, sir.
C'mon, come in!
Hey, hey! Come in
Stop the vehicle!
Kill him!
You're dead!
I'm gonna chop you to pieces!
Hold on!
Finish him.
Kill him!
Don't let go.
Come out! come out!
Come on! Quickly!
Come, come
- Come.
Open it quickly!
Fast fast! Come fast
- Come come!
Watch out he's driving fast.
Watch out, man!
Ready, come.
Come closer, come closer!
Ready, ready, ready.
Come. Come. Jump.
Come closer.
You're dead, Arjun
Leave him. You go.
Come. Come.
Chief, come on.
Come on. Careful.
Ashu, c'mon!
Ashu, don't go!
Trust me. Come with me.
Don't go, Ashu.
You're my soul mate.
Come with me.
Come on!
- Ashu, don't go!
You remember what I told
you, right?
A beautiful and luxurious world
is waiting outside for us. C'mon!
Come with me.
Don't go, Ashu.
Come! C'mon man!
Don't go, Ashu.
Come on!
Come on! Move!
Come on!
That's my boy!
Boss the police have arrived.
Come on, boss
The police are just nearby.
Sit down, boss.
Come, do it fast.
- No, Ashu. Don't go.
Think about mom.
Think about your family.
I don't want anyone.
I'm being chased with questions
from the day I was born.
What are you studying?
What is your rank?
When are you finding a job?
When are you getting married?
It only hasn't asked me
when I'm going to die
this society is chasing
me with questions.
I don't want this family.
I don't want this society.
I don't like any of you
- Come fast.
I'm going.
Ashu. Don't go
'Satan's slaves
attack police bus'
'and were successful in
freeing their gang leader.'
'13 youngsters
sacrifice their lives.'
'Their mothers are grieving.'
'ACP Arjun who let the criminals
escape faces dismissal.'
Do you want to listen the
sound of your brother dying?
When my brother left home
I promised my mother that I'd
bring him back to her alive.
I might not be able to
save my brother right now.
I might not be able
to save my promise.
But you,
who's been the cause of it.
No matter which state
in India you run to.
No matter how many men
you have around you 100
or 1000 or even an empire
I'll destroy it completely
and come stand in front of you.
When the balance
of mind of a man
who just keeps to himself
and does his job tips
you'll see how frightening his
anger would be, I'll show it you.
Every cell in your body will
regret touching my family
and will beg for
forgiveness from me.
Trying to scare me?
I'll wreck you and your
family using your brother.
Take out that 1 ton powder
and restart my business
in front of your eyes.
From here on you're
my only enemy.
Don't try to be my enemy.
It's too tough.
'The sale of a ton of
drugs which could have'
'worsened the situation
in the country.'
'Commissioner had advised to
keeps the drugs in Tamil Nadu'
'State Department Treasury
till the inquiry is done.'
Why did you leave the hospital
so soon? - Forget about it
Any clues?
We've checked the
toll gate cameras.
They haven't crossed
the city yet.
They've evaded CCTVs
all this while.
Why would they get caught
now? Christi. - Sir.
harbour and railway station.
Send a lookout notice to
everywhere. - Yes sir.
Commissioner's calling you.
5 constables are in
a serious condition.
They're saying you've planned all
this to help your brother escape.
They're calling
for your dismissal.
I didn't plan anything, sir.
I know you didn't.
But I don't have a choice.
I'm demoting you
from ACP to Inspector
and saved your job by doing so.
Hand over the case to Shashan.
Congratulations Inspector Arjun.
I'll get you something to eat?
Did mom eat?
She hasn't eaten since yesterday.
Her blood pressure is dropping.
If Ashu's your son
he's our brother too.
We're also worried about him.
Arjun's telling
you'll find him, right?
Come and eat, mom.
Mom. Come, mom.
Nothing will happen
to Ashu. Come, mom.
If the criminal is
even your brother
you've arrested him
as a police officer.
You've succeeded
But I have failed as a mom.
After your father died I raised
the four of you in the same way.
If one of you became a police
and another one
became a criminal.
The mistake is in my upbringing.
I want to see Ashu.
I want to ask him
what my mistake was.
I want to ask him
why he did this.
Until then
I won't drink even a
single drop of water.
This is the punishment
I'm giving myself.
You are the source
of our courage.
I'll take care of mom.
People will say because
dad wasn't around
mom didn't raise her son right.
You shouldn't let that happen.
If a mother feels
that she's failed
it means the whole
family has failed.
Do your job.
Bring Ashu in front of mom.
Don't let mother lose.
They've crossed the bones before
wrapping the leg bear the pain.
13 of the bikers who came
to save us have dead.
5 of them are in a
serious condition.
The rest of the bikers
are scared straight.
We're not sure if anyone
will come for our call again.
Our game's finished.
- Be prepared.
Game's not finished yet
We take it to the next level.
We're playing that
level with Ashu.
The thought of his mother shouldn't
occur to Ashu event for a minute.
That's your responsibility.
One minute.
Boss. He's on the line.
That 1 ton powder will be
in our hands in just a week.
Tell Prasad to
talk to the Nepali
and make arrangements to see the
drugs to agents all over India.
Selva has given this advance.
'I'll wreck you and your
family using your brother.'
'Take out that 1 ton powder'
'and restart my business
in front of your eyes.'
Sir. If you talk to
the Commissioner
we can form a special
team to find him.
If we go looking for him
he'll keep changing his place.
We should make him
looking for us.
Tell all the news channels
that we are going to
burn the 1 ton drugs.
Why sir?
- 3000 crores, Shashi.
No criminal would
like to lose it.
If he gets to know
we're burning it
he will come out on his own.
The 1 ton drugs that were kept in
the state's treasury to be burnt...
The police make the decision due
to a rise in safety concerns...
Somehow stop them
from burning it.
I need the drugs.
It's in the treasury
we can't touch it.
I will take it.
Within one week I'll come to
the city and take the drugs.
I need your help for that.
Your share was 300 crores.
It's doubled now.
- Okay.
Who did you ask before giving news
that you're burning the drugs?
Till the case finishes no
one's touching the drugs.
Sir, it's better to burn it now.
Hey, you're just an
inspector now get out.
I've told the new ACP to
brief you about your job.
Leave now.
- Yes, sir.
Why are Shashan and Sarkar getting
so nervous over the fake news?
No clue, sir.
- Something's fishy.
I want their complete details.
- Yes, sir.
Do you know who's been
appointed in your old post, sir?
Your friend Sofia, sir.
Yes Latha.
The bike just crossed
Alwar signal twice.
Thank you. Ahmad.
- Ma'am.
See if you can trace this
bike near Alwar area.
Arjun's secretly
planning something, sir.
Call Sofia.
Only if he gets humiliated in
front of her he'll subside.
Sir, I found the bike.
The owner of the bike is the guy who
took the bike from the mansions.
He is hiding in an
under-construction building.
He has 50 men around him.
It'll be difficult to
even get close to him.
Chop him up and
put him in a box.
- I'm watching you.
You're trying to do something in
this case without my knowledge.
Without your knowledge how, sir?
This time I'll dismiss you.
Sir. No, please, sir.
Please don't fire
me from the job.
Please, sir.
What's that sound?
A dog kept torturing me, sir.
I gave him one.
He became silent.
You speak, sir.
What's that sound now?
This is another dog, sir.
From now on all the dogs that
torture me are getting smashed.
Okay, I'll call you later.
Run him over!
Where is the gang leader?
I swear I don't know, sir.
I get calls from
a private number.
I do what they tell me to, sir.
How did my brother get
involved with Satans' slaves?
They find boys who've been
unemployed for a long time.
Conduct interviews.
Brain swash them and
pull them in the gang.
'I was told to send a similar fake
interview call for your brother'
'and made him fail.'
'Our senior agent acted like
he came for the same interview'
'and became friends
with your brother.'
Cool bro.
We'll crack the next one, chill.
Without a job there's
no respect at home.
Relatives don't respect.
Depressing bro.
'And then Amit introduced your
brother to the gang leader.'
Wanna smoke a joint, bro?
Just try it, bro
It's a ticket to paradise.
There are lots of agents like
me, sir.
Each agent has 25-30 boys
working under them, sir.
'All agents are connected
through a graffiti, sir.'
'What do you do
with the ALX bikes?'
'We ditch them in
Soormangal quarry, sir.'
'A key agent of the Satan's
slaves bike gang arrested.'
'More than 600 bikes
bought on ALX'
'have been used to commit
murders, robberies'
'and then dumped in a quarry.'
'Inspector Arjun discovers.'
Satan's slaves.
Bad influence of
European Motor Clubs.
What is the problem
with these people, sir?
The problem is that
only with money
and success once
can get respect here.
Shashan. What were you
doing all these days?
I've also been inquiring, sir.
Where? In Africa?
Good work Arjun.
From now on,
you deal with this case.
Congratulations, DCP sir!
Welcome back, Chief.
Thank you!
It's been 6 days since mom ate.
Eat mom, why are you
being so stubborn?
Sir. Both Shashan and Raji Sarkar
have bought about 15 houses
in their wives' names.
These are the documents, sir.
Shall I give it to
the Commissioner?
Not now.
We must catch them red handed.
Or they'll get away.
- Arjun.
It's better to shift
mom to a hospital.
Only then we can
manage emergencies.
Despite giving TPN
externally her BP is too low.
If she stays hungry like this
then her life will be in danger.
Add TPN to the drips.
Sara! What are you guys thinking?
I've got advance from
all the major peddlers
across India and
given it to you.
Will they accept if I tell them
now that Arjun is in our way?
If we don't deliver
them the drugs
in 2 days as promised
we'll be smoked, Sara.
'The Leader has planned
out everything.'
'When it dawns tomorrow the 1
ton powder will be in our hands.'
'We're all coming to Chennai.'
Ashu. C'mon leave.
Your brother found our hideout.
Look here. Come, come!
Your brother's got the go
ahead to encounter all of us.
Bro, now...
What do we do now, bro?
Only your mom can save us now.
What can mom...
We can threaten them
holding your mother
and flee abroad, bro.
If Ashu calls his
mother will come?
All this mother-son affection
is fake Harish Right bro?
Don't talk like that
about his mother, Naren.
Sara Mother's love is
the biggest selfishness.
Why do mothers show more affection
to kids than their husbands?
It's because when they get old only
the kids can take care of them.
That selfishness.
They will never let us be happy.
No matter how good
we take care of them
they'll keep on pointing out.
I took such good care of you.
Gave you such good education.
You're not taking care of me.
No, Naren.
Just asking.
If we tell his mother to come
here without telling Arjun
will she come?
We have a guy next to mom.
Talk Ashu.
'Sister in law?
This is Ashu speaking.'
Ashu's downstairs it seems
- What?
You both stay here...
- Ashu stay there, I'm coming.
Hey! Hey!
Brother's gonna
encounter me it seems.
I wanna see you one last time.
You come back home, son.
Your brother won't
cause you any harm.
When he's ready to break my hand
why wouldn't he be
ready to shoot me?
Come without brother's
knowledge, mom.
Or he'll come following
you and kill me.
We'll go.
Brother, please come.
Send pictures of sister-in-law
and mom to the traffic police.
Activate the site.
'Assembling point.
Napier Bridge.'
'Assembling point.
Central Station.'
'Assembling point. Butt Road.'
Ma'am their
website's active now.
Hack it then.
- Team alert.
Hack this website and gain access
to the messages the bikers receive.
What, Arjun?
No mother, no brother.
Do you still have
your job at least?
You bloody criminal!
If I'm a criminal
this society which
pushes boys like me
to act selfishly is
the main criminal.
Give my family back.
Give my empire back to me.
I'll give your
family back to you.
You're the one who
caught my 1 ton powder.
You're the one who disrupted
my plans to get it back.
The drugs which is in the
treasury under police protection
you're heisting it for me.
Bring it to the Red
Hills brick chamber at 6.
Or else
at 6:01; by your kid
brother's own hands
your mother,
brother and sister-in-law
will all die.
And then he will die in my hands.
Not just that
my gang is waiting ready
throughout the whole city.
Everybody's intoxicated.
Even I don't know how many
heads will roll for my signal.
You can act selfishly
and save your family
or act selflessly
and save the city.
Either way you have
only one choice.
You must get me the drugs.
The game timer starts now.
Tik tok!
Tik tok!
Shall we take out
the drugs somehow?
If these drugs go out And
spread throughout the country
do you know how many families
would be wrecked, Sofia?
A unit has been following
the Nepalese crew.
Looks like there's
some transaction
about to happen at
6 tomorrow morning.
Do as I say.
Shashan, Arjun's coming to
the treasury to get the drugs.
Kill him right there.
'We can kill him after he
takes the drugs, right?'
Idiot! If you kill him after
he escapes with the drugs
what will you tell the department
when they ask you about the drugs?
What will you tell them?
I'll kill his family with, Ashu.
You kill Arjun.
Throw all the blame on
Ashu shut the case,
tell them you're burning the
drugs and hand them to me
Go. Direct all the
forces to the treasury.
Arjun shouldn't
enter the building
even if he does,
he shouldn't take the drugs.
If anybody trespasses
shoot at sight.
HCNO4 (Cocaine) 1 Metric Ton.
Shashan sir. We're
ready with our team, sir
If Arjun escapes
from me you kill him.
Take control of all the floors.
No one should move
without my knowledge.
Okay, sir.
What Sofia?
What are you doing here?
I came to leave some evidence
in the treasury, sir.
Go tell him that this
game finishes today.
Sir. A similar setup is ready
in the treasury building.
Bullet proof jacket, sir.
There's no chance of
getting in the building.
I'll take care of it.
Wait with the lorry
near the next building.
Yes sir.
- Make the call.
Hello. There's a bomb
in the treasury building.
Sir. We got a call saying
there's a bomb in the building.
Trying to misdirect us?
Don't care about it.
I'll see how he takes the drugs.
Arjun sir, wait or we'll shoot.
'Boss! Arjun took the
drugs out of the treasury.'
'The drug lorry is coming
towards the delivery location.'
Shashan! Arjun's got
away with the drugs.
Finish him!
Go, go, go!
Arjun's going that way, get him.
Catch him! Catch him! Stop him.
Arjun's escaping
through the Gandhi Road.
Block him.
Signal's opened up! Go, go, go!
Block him opposite
the Gandhi Road.
- He's here only.
Why did you do this?
Didn't I show you love?
Didn't I give you
good education?
Where did I leave you short?
What did I say?
What do you parents
ever do for us?
We've got to study
for you happiness.
We've got to work
for you happiness.
It's for your good.
We're telling you to study, work
and not to drink for you well being.
That's not for our happiness.
For your happiness.
For you to be secure.
Parents... What else
should we parents do?
Tell, we'll do it.
Will you die for your son?
Will you give your life?
Tell. Will you die?
I'll die
- Mom!
No, mom!
Listen to me, mom.
- No!
You think I'm playing, right?
I'll count to 10.
Make your decision by then.
- No.
Don't count.
If my death can only prove
to my son that I love him,
I'm ready to be
killed by his hands.
Then come, Ashu.
Kill your mom with
your own hands.
Acting, acting. Take
this, there's no bullet.
Simply fire.
She'll scream. "No!"
Block him from the back.
I'm coming from the
opposite direction.
Bomb, bomb, bomb!
Everyone run!
Come, come, come!
Down, down, down!
Come on!
Arjun! I'm not letting you go.
I'm coming.
Arjun has been like a father to
you without even getting married.
He's worked so hard
for your education.
Don't misunderstand him.
- Ashu, no Ashu.
Ashu, don't do it.
Ashu, no!
Listen to us, Ashu.
- Ashu, don't shoot.
What, bro?
You said there were no bullets.
- Mom!
Sara, don't leave me. Sara.
You said love,
affection are all a big lie.
What are you
whimpering for then?
He's on the bridge, get him!
Go, go, go! Run him over!
Block the bridge!
He's dropping bombs, sir.
Bomb is dummy, he is also dummy.
Run him over!
- Is that so?
Run him over, man.
Is Arjun dead?
He escaped.
He'll come to the brick
chamber to hand over the drugs.
Tell Sarkar to be ready.
Arjun's escaped with the drugs
and is coming to the chamber.
I'll take care of it.
I've loaded the drugs. Let's
go. Only 15 minutes left.
Arjun's shifted the
drugs to a car and left.
Your son's making us run in
circles. - Don't beat my mom.
I will kill you all.
- No!
- Ashu!
No! Ashu!
-Amit, hang them up.
IG sir.
Arjun's entering the
chamber with the drugs.
Hand over the drugs
and surrender.
You? Where's Arjun?
'Only 15 minutes left. Drugs are
loaded. Quickly get in the vehicle'
Sofia's here with the Commissioner.
They're arresting us.
Then where's Arjun?
How did he find this location?
- No clue.
Hey, bugger!
GPS watch.
Cheers to wrecking all my plans
and hunting me down, Arjun.
As a token of love.
Throw the gun away.
I'm not killing
y'all that quick.
I'm killing you inch by inch.
Amit! Tell the bikers to
kill whoever they see.
The streets should
flow with blood.
Boss. The bikers have left.
Within 10 minutes they'll
cover the whole city.
How is it, Arjun?
R1 patrol! R1 patrol
Hundreds of bikes are
roaming the city, sir.
All of them are armed, sir.
We're scared to
even approach them.
Don't mind.
Let them be.
Come on, Arjun.
Tell the bikers to stop.
Or else I'll kill you.
You won't kill, Arjun.
I know.
You can't kill.
But I'll kill.
Tell them to stop.
Arjun you're a bore police.
Cops like you who keep blabbering
about honesty and justice.
People don't like you guys.
For them you're a joker.
I'm the hero.
'Server access code.'
'Server unlocked.'
Sir. Success.
- Sir?
Change the bikers location
to their own hideout.
Yes, sir.
Boss! They've hacked our website.
You were right.
I won't kill.
Your bikers.
The bikers that you
created will come kill you.
Boss! All the bikes
are coming here!
The bikes are almost
here. Get away somehow!
'Mission Accomplished.'
We should execute few
of these guys, sir.
Only that'll spread
fear among them.
At least we'll book them
under Gundas act. - Why?
So they too can
become big criminals?
We all have our problems.
Murdering. Looting.
Getting addicted to
alcohol and drugs.
Fighting with parents
and loathing them
is not the solution.
You must battle.
You must battle and fix it.
Look at the faces of your
distraught mothers worried
about your well-being.
They've sacrificed their lives
to bring you into this world.
They've sacrificed
they're wishes for yours.
Their sleep, beauty, health...
They've sacrificed it all.
Your mothers only want
happiness for you.
Your fathers only
want you to succeed.
Without respecting them
no matter how much you win.
No matter how much you earn
you're a loser in your life.
We haven't filed
any cases on you.
Go talk to your parents. Only
they will understand you.
"Never seen any face."
"Never heard anyone speak."
"Mom, I saw you for
the first time only."
"Never saw blue skies."
"Never heard any lullaby."
"I heard the first
lullaby from you, mother."
"In your arms..."
'The same public that pelted
rotten eggs and tomatoes'
'are showering them with flowers
as we see the footage live.'
"Your face in my eyes."
"You are my world"
'The next step,
to help youngsters recover'
'from depression
and drug addiction.'
'With the motto "Change
begins from us."
'playgrounds have been
initiated in villages and towns'
'by the police department.'
"You are my voice, o mother."
"You are my holy
book, o mother."
"You are my soul, o mother."
"You are where I live."
"O mother."
"You are my life, o mother."
"Wherever you are, o mother."
"I will be there."
"You have given birth to me."
"You raised me."
"You took away my pain, gave me
happiness. I'm grateful for it."
"You sacrificed
everything for my sake."
"You only lived for
me and prayed for me."
"How do I repay your debt?"
"How do I repay
my debt as a son?"
"O mother."
"O mother."
"My mother!"
"O mother,
you are my holy book."
"You are my soul, mother."
"You are where I live."
"O mother, you are my life."
"Wherever you are, o mother."
"I will be there itself."