Valley of Angels (2008) Movie Script

Valley of the angels.
For four months
- Then it tell me, a what you dedicate yourself? | - Work in a bookstore.
Now that it fodder, I did not have to guess.
Good then it tell me de where you are? | - I am of one pequea city in Ohio.
Youngstown. Has ear to speak of her?
De what, Ohio? Yes, he is one of | states that conform this country.
I changed myself two months ago.
Y why you feel uncomfortable here?
It is that it is different.
That is an interesting adjective.
De where are you?
Alive there since it had nine aos.
When my parents divorced my mother | it wanted to be well far from papa so
Then eres become attached to your mother?
Yes. You already know she has | their things but are my mother
and the master. Also I have a sister | of aos I want and it very many.
- Qu well! Cmo is called? | - Natalie.
- aos peligorsa. is an age | - I know Yes it.
You do not remember it to me.
Te you maintain in contact with your father?
- Tambin you have your plans? | - Good, I do not know it.
I have not put myself to think about that.
Things as that is discovered | with the course of the life.
Y what you do now?
As that you do not know anything?
the majority of the people lives | their lives and never realize
of how much badly there is a | his around every day.
They never must fight with | the worst part of all this.
It seems so real.
But unfortunately she is not my | better friend the one than I see from the car.
Truely it does not matter to me.
That girl is going to grow | without its father by my fault.
You know something, but everything has | to stay oneself as the decided thing previously.
In the end I finish yet.
Already for that.
He is irritating.
I am boring.
- I want to see a film | - You know what, vetoes to see the damn film.
- Empaca your things that we traveled to Bermuda. | - I cannot, maana work.
Only empaca everything what you need | that we will not return by a time.
- Qu happens? | - We will remain in Bermuda by a time.
We must move and cross the border.
- we cannot gather and irnos. | - Por what no?
- Qu has of your family? | - We will come to visit them.
- Explcame why you are doing this | I do - It by our good.
- Y our friendly? | - We will have new friendly.
- Zach, this is a madness | - Me mistresses?
Good then vmonos, | it is by our good.
- I only want to go to me of this damn city | - Podemos to think it a little?
We do not have time. I do not have | option, I must go to me of.
- Qu happened? | - Something terrible.
Podras please to listen to me? | Again, we must ourselves go.
- we do not have with what marcharnos. | - Yes we have.
Here they are the passages and effective | Encuntrame to in terminal 3.
- De where you removed all this? | - Smooth, I do not have time for that.
Better you are to me explaining everything, Zachary.
It tell me the truth.
You must that to me.
I have made things bad.
I am put in serious problems.
Qu kind of problems?
- I did dao to Him to somebody | - A who?
My provider.
- Te you romped with drugs? | - No, no, it sold only them.
I know that he was bad, but | I have it under control.
I did not say it to you because it did not want perderte.
Because it is the first time in my life | in which this world has sense.
This I am not, I can be | one better person I promise, it.
Your words do not say to me | much at this moment.
I know it.
If you do not help I to me I die.
Sers honest with me | from now on?
- Qu made you think that it would not follow to you where you were? | I feel - It.
I thought that if said to you | you would not want more to me.
I need that you come with me.
You cannot force to me to do nothing.
It would never do it.
I love you.
I also I love you.
Hars this by my?
We can try.
It knew that it could have you.
Son of dog.
Dnde is my cabrn money?
- De what you speak, Hector? | - Of my money, I do not have time for this.
- I do not know where carajo is | - No you are going to say it to me?
- Dnde is jodido money? | - I do not know it.
Jodan to that dog.
Well, that is your fianc2ee and | they are going away it to happen.
Dnde is the money?
Dnde is cabrn money?
Gisteren [] [] Vinieron behind my.
There was a special interest in my.
Somehow it was it.
I do not know if it were the form | to narrow the hands.
They did dao to million | and million people.
And I had done one | it mixes of all that one.
Of the good and the evil
of the emotion and I disillusion.
Of that form I became | somebody different one next to my wife.
The water seemed a way | endless to the horizon.
Far from that anxious life | of that it tried to escape.
- I was speaking with my mother | - S, you sent a photo to him mine?
It said that you seemed adorable.
- I feel flattered | - But it has reserves exceeds of you.
- Cmo what? | - It said that you seemed mujeriego.
De sides? That is graceful.
It would want to know your mother and your | sister, would want to know where you live.
I know - It. You will do and it | - Y what so this weekend?
- I will see what puiedo fix with them | - We can go to have dinner or something.
Sabes what?
Natalie is going to you to adore.
I already have desire to speak | with her on books.
And on boys.
No. Not even it thinks | in leaving with boys.
- No has had fianc2e still? | - No, and it cannot until
perhaps, until never.
- you see so sensual you protect when it | - With that I am very serious.
- Adorable | - Please.
Cmo is called this?
This is good stops | to enter heat verdad?
It would want it for always, | please, please.
Well clmate. This is put good.
- that Hides all | - I already have it I have, it.
You see and abre the door.
- Qu so, how are you? | - Normand cmo is everything?
- All good | - They see with me.
It wanted hablarte of my sister.
We go, already has aos.
I know it, only joked.
- I thought that you were taking it to you in serious | - I do not want that jodas brother.
- Clmate. | - You do not joke.
You are crazy. Curse.
Now, what you want.
- you do not need so much | - I need Yes it.
I feel it.
You do not feel it jeopardize, | you knew it would do that it thus.
Soon if there is some leftover, we see.
You are tightening a little the play.
I am not liking truely. | You must think the things.
Excuse if it bothers to you.
We follow peacefully.
It lived on boys like Normand.
Accommodated, good house, | car and everything what wanted.
They spent its money in any thing.
They gave money me and I gave product them.
A system that at least | it worked for my.
It removed these | specimens everything what could.
I was leaving with Sandra | by a long time, too much.
It is tolerable when it is of good.
When it is not it, it goes, | it is necessary to remove it from the way.
It used to pass it with her well, but | now only it wanted that it disappeared.
It meant to him that it had found | to somebody better and true one.
Only that could not | to do it. I do not know why.
- Dnde we go tonight? | - Where you want.
I want to go to some new place.
- Qu so bar | - Jdete.
Por what, you have something against | of that type of establishments?
Only the fact that they are | difficult to find.
And the fact that there not | it can dance. I want to dance.
You could dance in one of those | tubes and to bring something to us of money.
- I want to really go to a club. | - Money Takes and sees with Miguel
- that way. | - No.
- you promised to Me that you would leave | - Yes, but the desire took off to me.
Curse, Zeus.
It give account you than always me | you say, I am not priority in your life.
I only want to walk by | Valley without nobody bothers to me.
- I go with you. Zeus | - No.
Crees that I am stupid? | You have S-state all the day.
- I have businesses that to take care of | - As always, cabronas lies.
It is my work bien? If no, | con what we are going to pay the rent?
- It leaves seen my | - Already dog, clmate.
You also go away for carajo Miguel.
Hector, is Zeus. We hoped to you outside.
Taking a little.
It used to be good with me, all along.
And now it is put thus whenever | it smokes. I do not know which is its problem.
It is like all the others. To all | the dogs they like the poetry.
Miguel, their fights are more | frecuntes and no longer I support more to it.
Qu carajo is that?
But you lose yourself by | there, that either aid.
She suspects something. I say it to you.
Hatred to come to Goes Nuys. | I like more to be in.
Good, one ntre so many.
Sometimes I wonder myself how | it would be east place without drugs
pornography or all that dirty excrement.
To do it everything of the correct form, | a police without corruption.
Truely it would be good for seeing it.
It would be first in | to be in agreement with that.
We go.
Qu passed muecas?
Ah, yes, yes.
- Qu you need? | - The one of always.
Hector the Toro. It scared to me | little although that did not concern much to me.
Always thus.
I tried to benefit that relation
It ordered to me to do the best thing | that it could with its product
And in return it had sufficient | money for vivr a good life.
The days weeks became
And the months, in cabrones aos.
He is first cabrn to | that I liked to visit.
Stop, they see here.
Everything is well with them.
Its merchandise were given.
So far they are not had | presented/displayed problems.
You have 5 minutes for largarte of here.
I need a favor.
Something great comes.
Something serious.
Really serious.
You are the one that I want that it fixes everything to it.
I am leaving you | you take care of the back to me.
In few days.
Without problems.
Te you have returned crazy?
- you do not know what they are going to you to ask | - It is the unique form to deal with Hector.
That one goes away to carajo, it is in | contact with the sharks really.
We must go to us of here.
This is an advance. She is Maria.
I need to you watchman by days.
Carajo, I believe that I am not going to be able.
All the people do something forced | in its life, more in those conditions
when it give account you | no longer there is return back.
And now already he was jodido.
My life, I do not want to go.
Not jodas.
Well I will call, you for decirte | when you are of return.
I do not want peros that are worth. Entendido?
- Entiendes? | - Yes.
They can go away.
Not me treasons.
Or your sister pequea | he becomes in my puta.
You do not throw it to lose.
I will make sure that cheers good.
Well Hector, does not have | problem. You do not worry.
- De what carajo treats all this? | - Now no, we must go to us.
I cannot return house, | they will cut the balls to me.
Either for mine, because | my family would be in danger.
We must go to us.
- Cmo knew that you had a sister? | - Cmo I go that is to say?
- Hello | - Qu happens?
It needed to listen to your voice.
Zachary, ests well?
- Truely I love to you | - I also I love you.
Sight I must go to me, you | I see maana well est?
- De sides you are well? | - Yes I am it.
- Well, until maana. | - Yes, goodbye.
Qu carajo is what | it wants Hector of us?
I do not know.
Carajo, watches what was.
I see that they gathered to somebody.
She is Maria. Maria she is Sandra.
Qu carajo happens here, Zeus?
Maria will remain with | we by days.
So I do not want problems | between you you bien.
I am only helping Hector.
Un favor? Him beams a favor | to a dealer that nor you know.
And hope that agree verdad?
- I need to use the telephone | - A who you are going to call?
To Hector.
- you are exposing lo you know to Us? | - I did not have option.
Sandra, Qu you hoped that | we would do? Qu would have done you?
It did not speak to you, stupid idiot.
- You are one jodida crazy | - Jdete you.
- Lrgate of here | - Clmate.
- we will go away soon of here | - Esa dog comes with us?
It does not remain by her account.
I do not create to you, I do not create nor one | word than you say.
Vstete, and sees look for something to eat.
It vetoes to carajo.
Sandra, we go. I need your cooperation.
It is interesting how Miguel can | to speak to him to Sandra since it does.
They communicate in the same registry.
I believe that the circumstances | they were getting worse.
Sandra does not have anything to offer | so everything gives the same him.
Thus it is as they passed some things.
One turned the bottle and all the problem.
It did not do much well, but | in any case it would not do it.
He is amazing how what goes | happening it can change the minds.
- Pudiste to speak to him? | - It does not answer.
- No is another telephone by where locating it? | - I tried but equal.
We must hope.
Alguien wants to take something?
- you do not answer | - Hello.
Qu has, Carter? No, I go of exit.
Yes, I have something. But now | same I go away to the bar Sunset strip.
- I will see that in the way | - Stupid idiot.
Sigues brave?
Never I was it, I will see Carter.
- I do not want, he dislikes to me | - As you want.
They watch who arrived.
- Cmo is the thing? | - Enchanted of verte, how it goes to you.
- Hello, Miguel, what happens? | - Hello, Carter.
It hears you are going away to amuse here, we have | those crazy girls who are funny
Oh, please, presntenme | to this beautiful girl.
Carter, she is Maria. Maria, Carter | - Enchanted.
Carter, she is the woman of Hector.
Good, welcomes to the palace of Carter.
Hello beautiful Sandra, lights as always.
Carter, whenever I see you
I see that you become | in a stupid major.
There is no problem, already I have | all the one of tonight solved.
I do not need any praise yours.
I am going to do many things to him to that girl.
Carter. A man is in his and already.
It enjoys the moment already and | it is. It is sufficient for him.
Damn bastard.
It would want not to have to do it all | the days but it is part of my ambition.
It would want that my life was simpler.
rich mascots | - Small bad.
First first. We go.
We are jodidos, we have | to find another supplier and express.
Yes but Hector will not be quedr calm.
I do not know to where it was.
I would want presentarte to somebody.
You are so lucky of tirarte to Sandra.
It would make any thing by that ass.
You know, Carter. Of | each ass gets tired one.
He is always the same, with | whatever encuntres.
Yes, and I have a special connection | with the girls here down.
But Maria, by God | You must take that ass.
No, I am truely not interested in that.
You must be useful now, | Hector will not appear at the moment.
You must help it, | " Oh, papi Zeus, aydame.
Tengo to think what | to make with Sandra and express.
Yes, already you must leave that | wretch, always is upon you.
- She nor lets speak to you | - Lrgate.
No, he is something normal. You | it blinds and you cannot see
that is what I believe that | it happens to you, you are blind.
You know what, of all | forms no longer matter.
- Because I found somebody | - Then you would have to lend it to me.
It is really special, | it fills to me completely.
He is rational and it does | that everything has sense.
Excrement, seems that my | boy Zeus is enamored.
Someday all we grow Carter.
You do not leave that happens to me.
Good cundo I will know | to the Perfect seorita?
So far never because I do not want | that it knows some things my life.
Joder, qu creates she who beams?
I do not know, I am jodido, nor | at least I have spoken to him of that.
It hears, Zeus
you must cuidarte of that of | love, you could leave wounded.
I am certainly that | thing is better than this.
- you can be if you want | - No, I cannot.
I must return with my dog, | it needs it to be able to sleep.
Better it sees see what abre tonight.
Nobody goes to protegerte.
It follows of the side of the villains and | so far you will not have problems.
- We are the villains | - Good, never I thought that it would be thus.
We see maana.
There is food in the refrigerator, in case | you want to eat something before acostarte.
Taking this, so that you take shelter.
- Good night. | - Good night.
We see if maana you are more obliging.
I will try.
You bring the problems | to our own house.
It is what I do and nothing else.
So I must do it.
And I cannot do nothing on the matter.
- Zeus, we can change all this. | - Please, Sandra. Now no.
I believe that I will move away of everything | this by my good, maana, Zeus.
When I knew Sandra the first time, | I thought was the finest girl of the world.
Now that met better my | opinion had changed a little.
She is not a bad person.
Only that has passed many aos with | men who always are been trs she.
Nobody worries about girls | like her when they arrive at the .
Many aos back Sandra were | a girl with another face.
Many men were after | it, I is not one of those.
Quivoc with me.
- Excrement | - Qu beams?
- Carajo. | - Qu you are making Zeus?
- one was | - What good.
Nothing of good because I | I am responsible by her.
One assumed that it would be | here until they warned to us.
I hear, no, could not say
Qu? You do not say that to me.
In fact I have so much | as you want and you need.
Yes, para when would be?
En what place? Well, I will be there soon.
Maria disappeared | last night. Yes, it raised flight.
Right now I am making a delivery, | I found to that it wanted a kilo.
You do not worry, I will not leave | that nobody becomes jumbled.
I only hope that Maria returns.
Well, I see you there.
- It hears enters | - Qu has, Joe?
- Dnde you have been? | - Occupied.
I listened that Hector complic | and nobody knows where it is.
This express walks.
Qu you have listened?
Nothing else that what I said to you | Treatment of not involving to me much.
- Quin is the client? | - Carlos.
The crazy person.
Qu demons goes a | to do with a whole kilo?
It deals in another one | zone, needs merchandise.
- I want to know this type | - He is the husband of my premium.
- Entonces is well? | - Yes.
- Ests surely? | - Yes, you do not worry.
I put my hands in the fire by him.
It only watches how | it tolerates. he is a damn one.
It does not smoke.
One is not going away to moletar | when nothing falls to him.
She is the client who all wanted to have.
You are changing a little.
Yes, you would do the same if | you would be in my pellejo.
Carlos, he is Zeus.
Qu has?
Trajiste my cabrn kilo, Holmes?
Yes, kilo is cabrn here.
Cunto money you have?
Stupid idiot.
You do not ask to me how much | I have and only it tell me the price.
- I want ten | - Jdete, I will give two you.
Quieres to give two me by a kilo? | This bond in the market.
You have desperciado my time.
Qui carajo is east type? Cllate.
Quin demons you are created to speak to me | thus? As that wasting your time?
You can fanfarronear everything what | you love friend, but you know what
mustrame some money since no | I have time for all this excrement.
Chinga your mother puto.
I will give four you, son | of dog, that is everything.
Four by the cocaine and
one more than you will give me | because it gives the desire me.
This good, culero.
Thanks, Zeus. You are | damn bastard friend.
- we see ourselves, Joe. | - Until soon.
- an island Chooses | - Island.
Atlntica or of the Pacific?
Atlantic, any thing | better than the Pacific.
- Grande or pequea? | - Pequea.
Qu so Bermuda?
- Perfect | - Very well.
I will take soon to Bermuda.
I must go to me.
- Please you do not go away | - I must do it.
The good only imagines that | pasaremops in Bermuda.
Slos you and I, nobody more.
Me you would say to something tuna before irte?
They do not leave the pretty words to me.
It is well, you extraar.
I will return, I want to you, Sandra [5] [7] I wonder myself when you entered.
In fact I also | it would want to know that of you.
Zachary, this place smells of marijuana.
- They are candles of which Sandra puts | - Velas?
Yes mami candles.
- Dnde is Sandra? | - I do not know to where it was.
This is a disaster, clean nunca it?
- From time to time I organize the things | - It is that you do not have anything better than to do.
Sight mami, I do not have time | for the domestic tasks.
It is evident.
- Qu we are going to hecer today? | - I have many things that to make Nat.
No, no, you promised to me you would take care of that it.
- one forgot to me. She does not need they watch that it | - One becomes bored in the house.
- Y that is my problem? | - Better bscate a work.
Mami already leaves that.
I will buy some things to you so that | you can clean from time to time here.
I must go to me, I will return | to some hour at night.
- I love to You | - I also.
- Truely I have much work to do | - You do not have to be so disagreeable.
- I am Maria. | - I am Natalie. The sister of Zach.
Su true name is Zachary?
Yes, it began to be called | Zeus because it did not like.
Well, pequea, pnte a | to see a film or something.
- A where you go? | - You do not worry.
- I want to also go | - You remain tranquilita here.
- Llmame only if you need to me | - You do not leave me here, dnde is Sandra?
I do not want to be here | when that dog returns.
- Nat, you are bothering to me and I will put myself brave | - You do not need to make it so obvious.
- I go with you | -, Well perfect. Welcome.
Por what you are created superior?
Good, Maria
hace how much you know brother?
- Y how was known? | - He is a friend of a friend mine.
- they Han had sex? | - Well Nat, detnte.
- Her fianc2ee is a veradera daughter of dog | - I also realized.
- Tienes fianc2e? | - Yes, its name is Hector.
A what dedicates Hector?
- It directs some compaas. | - Purchase houses.
- Surely it is a trafiante of drugs | - Well Nat, sabes what?
Shut up Qudate, we are going to play | to the game to close the mouth.
Please qudate here, | entendido? I speak in serious.
Encontraste something?
Some people have | its more complicated lives.
Something that seems to them | to be true lives.
It used to think that these people finished | without no importance its lives.
Their lives did not mark much | the difference in this world.
The people who were titular stop | my they were those that took something.
That was my theory, I create | that it feared a little to him.
Those of the holders probably | also they are its scared.
Beginning to think that | world is not as I believed.
I must begin to listen to other opinions.
Right now I know that I must disappear | of esat house and to never return.
But for some reason, | I believe that it is not what I will do.
Qu is all this? Ests related | with the drug or something illegal truth?
- I will say it to mother | - Cllate.
- something of food Looks for | - No. [1] [8] Ve right now, dale.
- Qu looked for they? | - I do not know it.
You do not come to me with that Maria, | so please I occurred it now.
Look for they me to kill to me.
Maria, Hector is dead.
- He is dead | - You do not know that.
Maria, Hector is dead bien? Ahora | what looked for those types, more drug?
Qu was? Entonces?
Hector has hidden cash.
It is in a box in the back patio.
- Cunto has? | - I do not know, enough.
Me you would show where is?
Maria we must remove that money.
I do not want to fall in mud.
Qu you want?
All we want something, | but you, qu want?
- I want to go out this jodida city | - I will remove to you from here.
I will send to you to Noordpool | if that is what you want.
I want to return to Mexico.
Maria, we took | money, you take half,
and you are going away to live to the town Daisy | as a queen if she is what you want.
Zeus, I say it to you.
If we took that money, they will kill to us.
Everything implies a risk, Maria.
Everything takes to a risk verdad?
Miguel, I need that you come a | my house as rapidly as possible.
Well, I will be there in one hour.
No, minutes Miguel | I am in which already you know.
- Excrement | - Yes I know, it.
He is important brother, I need to you.
It is well.
I must go to me.
- Tacos Twaalf. | - Twaalf?
You need much food | when you are of the bad humor.
Better we move.
Sandra, ests in house?
Miguel has not appeared?
La you brought of return?
It could not leave it, is dangerous.
- I hope that you understand | - Well.
Sight everything what quero is to finish | this and that all we are out of danger.
Its life worries to me.
My mother left this maana brother.
All this in which litters scare to me.
- It stops thinking about that | - I cannot.
- I cannot do nothing at this moment. | - I Can return to the school, would like.
- Y to do what? | - To study like all.
Y to be what? Sight I am not that type of | Sandra man, I have my complexes.
Crees that I am going to be the following | aos of my life studying and working?
It only wanted that you improved.
That was everything.
Qu you want that it does, to see?
You do not have to do plus that excrement, | people die making that excrement.
Everything is going to be well, Sandra.
Everything is going to be well.
God is going to help to us.
We later must be patient and | we will have sufficient for a new life.
We will be able to change.
- Qu has? | - We will be of return soon.
- A where goes? | - It does not matter to you.
- You know which has a metal detector | - Bryant. Lo you know?
Yes we will need because it for this.
I believe that there are some thousands | there, that will serve to us as much.
All in the damn one | They are looking for it to valley.
Qu we will do if it returns?
And so sacermos of this, no | we must ourselves worry about that.
No worries to you nothing else?
Qu would have to worry to me?
Qu has of Maria? Cmo | we shut up the mouth to him?
I will give him quite effective | and a passage to Mexico.
Zeus, Miguel. Qu has?
- Qu has, Bryant? | - Cmo you have been?
Excellent, they come this way.
- somewhat delicious position in the grill Had | - You do not bother yourself.
Please, they do not despise to me.
They hear, this beer
- it is done in house, prubenla. | - Una prescribes vikinga of mother?
Well, now they will grow to him | more hairs in its balls.
They hear I go to Rosarito this | weekend, quieren to come?
No, it excuses. Very we are occupied | We have many businesses now.
Boys hear must live | life and to leave to a side work as much.
- Listening, todava you have that metal detector? | - Yes, clear man.
What good because I need | one that is facil to use.
- Well we needed, it now | - Well.
They always are in the hardship, without | time to sit down and to eat something
- to play something, to talk | - Thus he is ours you know and it.
It is well, djenme to see where it is.
Unfortunate poor man.
Bryant is looked much like Carter.
Both live the present without thinking | in which it can happen in the future.
They nor tell occur that they are | circus, lives the life to their way.
I am different, I cannot live | life following a hope.
I do not know.
I do not know what to me would happen different outside if.
Very simple, only | you must ignite it.
Thank you very much brother | Here you have a gift.
We must march to us | but I will give back it to you.
- Ni at least has time to play? | - Not this time.
They must begin to enjoy the life | before one goes away to them of the hands.
I speak in serious, to relax cleans | the soul. They learn of the teacher.
It takes care of the front part | that I am going to enter.
Well-taken care of Ten.
Carajo, this jodi.
What we are leaving jodi.
We follow in ours.
It seems damn mueca. | We are going to remove it from the way.
Carajo, I do not want to do it.
In the end you and all your people | they will die, in the end everything is known.
You, your family, your friendly
Dnde is my damn money? | Or you will see as we ended her.
Nat, vetoes.
- Zachary. Aydame, qu is this? | - Djala.
Now you are going to have to scream to him | to your papi Hector est well?
Qutame your hands of above.
Hector djalas peacefully.
It tell me what I want if you do not want | that one becomes my dog.
I will say to you where it is the money.
- I will say to You where it is the damn money | - Dnde is?
It is in a safe-deposit box | with access code.
Cul is the number?
Not it memory.
Dnde is the key?
Delay, you do not do anything to him.
- Qu you say to me? | I will take - You to the money I will do, it.
You will pay with your life if | engaas, me you understand to me?
I will fly the brains to you.
Including in hell, in | the unique thing that you will think is in my.
If we did not return in average | hour, kills the major.
And if we did not return in | one hour, kills the minor.
Chngatelas first.
- We must go in my car | - The mouth Closes.
He is key for who | it must give the key me.
I will go with him in his car | Sguenos. You handle.
I did not want irrespetarte, | I thought that you were dead.
Nobody can kill to me | stupid idiot. I will live for always.
- Sabes what I did to him to the one of the dark suit? | - Qu?
I put three bullets, I finished to him | with that son of dog.
That cabrn stopped breathing.
Also I cut its throat.
Later I bound my tinkles with | its blood, I pissed the mouth to him.
That damn one of the suit | dark wanting to joder to me.
Son of puta.
- Qu has, Joe? | - Zeus. Qu has?
- I need to speak with Carlos | - Qu carajo you want?
I need that you give back that kilo to me.
Qu carajo is this?
They said to me that you had that key.
Jdete you.
I want that you know that me | I will put by your ass, cabrn.
Voltate dog.
Joder, we go. Dnde | it is the damn key?
Oh, yes, that is what | I want that you do, escpeme.
Escpeme, dog, we go, hazlo.
- they do not do this in my apartment | - Joder.
Dijiste that you chingara? Eso you said?
Chngame, escpeme.
That you chingue, because I will make dog.
Carajo, qu I go to him | to say to the police?
Deals which you love dog son.
- Now what you think to do | - Jdete.
Qu demons we will do?
I do not want that you return to hacerte | graceful with me. Now car raises cabrn.
Son of puta.
No. Maria?
Ests well, Maria?
Thanks to help me.
I will go by aid est well?
I will look for aid. Maria?
Hello Carter qu has?
Qu you are doing, with whom you are?
Listening, I need you do a favor to me.
- Hello | - Smooth.
Zachary, ests in way? No | I want that we lose our airplane.
I feel it I am not going to be able to arrive.
Zachary, ests well?
Listening, watches in pequeo on.
You do not return to house, follows | your way to Bermuda.
Ests well? It tell me where you are.
I love you, I love you.
I love you.
No, no, it tell me what is happening.
You only remembers whichever | I want and mntate in that airplane.
- Ests well? | - Yes, yes.
Dnde you are?
It would want to excuse me by | everything what I have made you happen.
- Dnde you are? | - I feel all this as much.
Zachary, I only want to know where you are.
I love you.
Please dile to mother
le you will also say that the master?
I have it.
So here I am.
Neither in the paradise nor in hell, | but in some place near both.
I was looking for therefore time | the light, and I discovered finally it.
Finally I realized that belonged | to this damn place to which it hated so much.
It was neither underneath, nor above.
I am inside, was inside.
The things are where they are | and I am where I used to be.
It would have wanted that all outside | different, but I did not want outside that thus.
I chose my destiny and my style of life.
And in the end all I chose.
East full world enchanted to me | of the dark, egosmo and hatred.
I realized that nor was although it | wished it would have been another type of person.
And now that already everything | it finished, begins again.
I continue with my charge | to find a way.
In some place of the Valley of the Angels.