Valley of Bones (2017) Movie Script

You remember that
rancher guy you had
working for you, back when?
That's him.
Look, I gotta get in touch
with his brother.
He was some kind of
a dinosaur hunter, right?
Him and his wife?
Brothers said that.
Now, about the wife...
TERRY: Hey, John.
You in there?
Come on, Dr. Olson.
Got something
we gotta discuss.
Not Olson anymore, Terry.
All right, Doc.
Old habits.
So, you wanting something
or you just come by
to shitheel me?
The oil company's
moving in.
All right.
Signed off on the land,
yesterday, so...
You flirt.
The Bakken don't
extend this far South.
Hey, hold off, now, doll.
As long as
you've been out here,
how much have we seen
from all your fossil hunting?
All right, well,
think it's time
for you to move on.
You're right.
You want me to make you
something to eat?
Want to know
how the dig went?
It was a total disaster.
Thanks for asking.
ANNA: Can I come in?
So, whatcha working on?
Yeah, the spacing's good.
You gonna make a wish on one?
That's stuff for kids.
Granddad didn't get you
too far in this book, huh?
Hmm. He tried.
Hey, Ezekiel.
Wanna see something?
What is it?
Check it out.
Another one of
your dinosaur things?
Yeah. Yeah, kind of.
It's from the dig.
I was hoping to find...
I got homework.
Do you wanna at least know
what species they are?
I'm not gonna know for sure
until I extract
the entire embryo.
That's cool, Mom,
but I really have
homework, okay?
I have a strong theory
they are triceratops cubs.
Isn't that cool?
You wanna hold
a triceratops cub?
Maybe later.
Ezekiel. Come on, this is
your chance
to hold a piece of...
Mom! I don't want to
hold your stupid thing.
ANNA: Ezekiel!
What's happening?
What the hell
did you just do?
When did you get home?
ANNA: It's the best
goddamn piece
I found today.
I wasn't interested.
I said no!
What, uh...
Well, welcome home, Anna.
I'll put the little
bruiser to bed.
I guess that didn't
go so well, huh?
Well, Dad,
you're the one who's always
telling me I oughta try
and get closer to the boy.
Well, yeah, by asking
Eze what sort of
things he likes.
Not by forcing on him
the stuff that you do.
I have no idea what he likes.
I think that's
what I mean.
Look... It's getting
a little late.
Why don't you go
tuck your son in
and I'll finish up.
You know, a nice thing
about the past,
it will still be there
when you wake up.
Worst thing, too.
ANNA: Hey, Ezekiel.
I know it was
an accident, okay?
Let's get to bed, okay?
Is that...
It's my watch.
Well, it's broken.
Don't you want
another one?
It's Dad's.
Yes, I know it was.
Where did you get that?
ANNA: Hey.
We're not open.
Nate, it's me.
We're not open.
You got my voice mail.
You get my voice mail?
No, I... Look.
I don't want you
hanging out with...
I don't want you
giving stuff to my kid.
The watch? Jesus Christ!
This couldn't wait a bit.
That could have waited
till tomorrow morning, huh?
No, Nate. Because I
distinctly remember already
having this conversation.
I don't want you hanging out
with Ezekiel
when I'm out of town.
When you're out of town.
I'm the boy's uncle.
Someone oughta be
spending time with him
when you're out
for months on end,
digging around in
boneshit nowhere.
Mmm-hmm. Okay, great.
Thank you very much.
Nate, I realize Ezekiel's
the only family you got left,
but I don't need parent...
I don't need
parenting advice from you.
Okay, so,
you called me, twice.
I'm here.
What the hell
did you want?
NATE: Well, if you
had listened to
my voice mail,
we could have done it
over the phone.
You wouldn't have
to bother
coming down here.
But since you're here,
have a beer.
This that ranch
you used to work on?
Napping around on?
Okay, and?
I told you all about it
in the voice mail.
We could go over it
again if you'd like.
Hey, you. It's me.
You got me on your phone
as "Son of a bitch"?
Would you be quiet?
I'm trying to listen to you.
Well, you're not
answering, obviously,
which means you're probably
still, I don't know, mad,
but my old boss
got a call from
one of them oil rig guys,
Wes McCoy.
Thinks he might have
stumbled on something.
He found a tooth.
Big one...
You hung up on me.
A tooth, Nate?
You've got to be kidding me.
Yeah. Pretty cool, huh?
No. Because a therapod
tooth means shit.
If it's even what they
think it is, carnivores shed
them suckers like mad.
It's probably nothing.
Yeah, well, it
could be something.
Great. Yeah,
it's great science
there, genius.
You know,
for somebody
who doesn't like
bringing up Ethan,
you sure sound
a heck of a lot like him.
Yeah, maybe
I'm no scientific genius.
If I was, I wouldn't
have to bring
you in on this deal.
Jesus, Nate, what
do you want from me?
I'm just suppose to
drop everything
and rush up there?
Dude, you got
nothing to drop.
I mean, what's the worst
that could happen?
Go up there,
you don't find anything.
I'm still a son of a bitch.
What the hell.
God damn it, Nate.
Is that a yeah?
You're coming with me, though.
Somebody's gotta
introduce you
to the ranch owner.
No. Because
when it turns out
to be nothing,
I'm gonna need someone
within swatting distance.
I'll pick you up
tomorrow morning, then.
Well, come on.
This is ridiculous.
You just got back.
Dad, it's probably
just for the weekend.
Three days, tops.
Well, maybe that's good, then.
'Cause this way,
you'll be back
on Monday, right?
Please, Dad.
I know what
you're gonna say.
That he should come with...
Yeah, that he
should come with...
Of course
I'm gonna say that.
Why the hell not?
ANNA: You know exactly
why the hell not, Dad.
Because it's the Badlands,
not a playground.
Jesus. There's wild animals,
crap weather.
The list goes on.
This ain't funny, Anna.
You're telling me.
It's a long list.
Morning, Bill.
What do you want from me, Dad?
It ain't what I want.
Now, I went to the trouble
of packing him a little bag.
What about school?
I went to the trouble
of notifying his principal.
Well, you went to quite
a lot of trouble, seems like.
Listen, kiddo,
you're gonna have
to deal
with this sometime.
You can't go running off
with your rocks and bones,
and pretend that
you're raising a son.
Guilt ain't the
same as protection.
MAN 1: Right. But that
doesn't have anything
to do with the cartel.
MAN 2: It doesn't
have anything to do...
It has everything
to do with the cartel.
The boom brought
They brought the
trade of crystal meth
to an all-time high,
and now, you got
these Mexican cartels.
They're up here
and they're trading guns.
Or drugs.
MAN 1: Right, but the cartel
has been here
since the '90s, at least,
Just didn't hear
about it regularly.
MAN 2: You hear about it now.
Do you realize
that we have gangs
competing for territory
all across the state?
And I'm not just
talking about Williston.
I'm talking about...
MAN 1: I'm just saying...
MAN 2: I'm talking
as far east as Fargo.
MAN 1: You had 'em, right?
If you wanna take
the power away
from the cartel,
you have to take away
their market.
It's just, I mean...
Jump. Look out.
Easy on the language.
Billy can say it,
and he's only seven.
Oh, yeah? Let me get a game.
Show you how the pros do it.
Anything else for you two?
Just keep 'em coming.
Hi, hon.
So, McCoy.
Word down the line is,
you think you found
yourself something
out in the Badlands.
I know I got something
down there, so,
hon, the question is,
what's it worth to you?
Carnivore species were
known to shed their teeth
all over the goddamn place,
but this still has
its root intact.
That means the incisor
was still attached to
the dinosaur when it died.
You're saying
there's maybe more.
There may be a lot more.
What did I tell you?
She's out there.
How do you know it's a she?
I don't know.
I've just been
calling it a she,
like a...
Well, like a captain.
White whale kind of shit.
You know what I mean?
Okay, well, you're not wrong.
This here?
T-rex tooth.
It's a fairly large specimen,
too, which among
tyrannosaur breeds means,
yeah, it's probably female.
A T-fucking-rex?
I'll be damned.
Hey. Dead man.
You're supposed to be gone.
But here he is.
Here I am.
I'm kind of in the
middle of something
here, slick, all right?
Yeah, I see that.
I didn't mean to
intrude on your date.
But we've seen you now.
Let's go, Reese.
Next time,
they ought to bury you deeper.
So, good. Great, roots,
teeth, all that.
That's fucking awesome.
That something
I ought to be
concerned about?
I've never seem 'em
before in my life.
Just a couple of
dumb drunks...
'Cause I don't know you.
I don't know
what the hell this is.
But I do not need
that shit on my dig.
It's Ace. Okay.
He's all right.
You're all right. See?
You've seen me.
Well, well. Nate Olson,
as I live and shit.
You meet with McCoy?
She did.
Mrs. Jordall.
Hi, it's a pleasure.
Kimberly, please.
"Mrs." is for
spinsters and suits.
We got dirt under our nails,
don't we, Doctor?
Anna, here, she...
You don't have
to give me a big spiel, Nate.
I know who she is.
You're the
paleontologist, yes?
The one that was thrown
into prison for digging up
bones on government land.
Actually, I didn't know
it was BLM land at the time.
(LAUGHS) I'm sure
there's a pretty story.
There always is.
Look, I know how this works.
Someone like you comes
and digs up the bones,
and we're supposed
to arrange for a broker
to find a buyer in Dubai
who wants to be the
only guy on his block
with a dinosaur
in his living room.
What I want to know is,
why should I let an ex-convict
monkey around on my land?
I need this.
If that rex is down there,
she's been trapped
for 67 million years.
I think she deserves
a new life.
Well, I certainly
hope she gets one.
I look forward to
meeting our dinosaur.
Thank you.
Not her.
I can still...
ANNA: Don't "what." The book.
The book is "what."
Why did you pack it?
it's just a little something
I got for Eze when you...
I know what it is.
I don't know why I
packed it exactly.
I just thought maybe,
I don't know...
Might be
a little middle ground
for you two.
So, you staying?
It's a little premature before
I've seen the bone bed.
But looks promising.
Oh, honey, that's great.
I'm really happy for you.
So, do you think
Eze's gonna be
staying with you?
If it turns out, uh,
I'll think about it.
Just don't know
if he'd want to.
You two just need some time.
He's young.
He just seems older,
that's all. (CHUCKLING)
He always does.
That's the way it happens.
They grow up.
You have a good night.
Give that boy
a big squeeze from me.
Good night, Dad.
Hey, what's up?
I just got off the phone
with the shift manager
over at Scofield.
He said one of his
drillers didn't show.
Fucking Scofield.
So, I'm going to
need you to fill
one of these for me.
The boom's slowing up.
The company's cracking down.
It ain't personal.
Hell, they're
testing everybody,
even folks who got no
history of abuse.
Of course,
I could always say
you never
showed this morning.
You like that one, huh?
You like horses?
Yeah. They're okay.
When you feed 'em,
make sure you
hold your hand flat
so you don't get bit.
I'll be out of your hair
in a couple of days,
then you don't have
to worry about anything.
No, I was just...
Be careful, that's all.
Did you and Dad
use to ride horses
when you were working?
Sometimes, yeah.
Yeah, when we could.
ANNA: What's that
you're playing?
I'm not sure
you could call it
playing just yet.
That's a lot
better than I can do.
Couldn't find my
sorry way around
a kazoo, let alone
that monster. (CHUCKLES)
I got a little girl back home.
A bit younger than your boy.
Get to call her,
or whatever,
now and again,
when I can sneak
it past her mom.
So, you know,
just thought I'd learn
a little ditty she liked.
A lullaby.
That's nice.
Nah, it's stupid.
NATE: Hey!
What gives?
We're burning daylight.
Get a move on.
It's up ahead.
No, she won't.
So, you really think you can
have her out inside a month.
Well, we'll have to.
It's late in the year
for a dig of this size.
Over there, please.
It's not unheard of.
We'll have to have her out
before winter, though,
or, we're looking
at having to break
till next season.
This your shit?
Thanks, slick.
That is mighty
impressive, Doctor.
Don't get too excited.
It's going to
take us a minimum of two years
in a lab before
she's ready for auction.
KIMBERLY: All right,
well, I'll have my man
draw up the papers.
ANNA: Last thing, shares.
We split our 70.
You keep your 30
all to your lonesome.
I see.
Sacks of money from Dubai
are always an option, Kim.
Like hell.
Let Dubai dig up
its own tyrannosaur.
This gal's American.
Hey, stranger.
You gonna join civilization?
I'm good
right here. Thanks.
EZEKIEL: This okay?
Let's see.
What have we got here?
We got some from our gal.
And... Oh.
Some fragments
of Edmontosaurus annectens.
I'm in second grade.
Sorry. Duckbill.
T-rex breakfast.
Nice find.
Do you think Dad
would have been proud of me?
Anna, I need your
eye over here, please.
Whatcha doing there, Eze?
Find something?
Susanna, have a beer.
Thank you.
This is going great.
Look at this.
Hey, guys.
Come look at this.
Goddamn, look at that skull.
What are you doing up here?
I get one bar up here.
I thought I'd
check the weather.
What are you doing?
Checking the weather.
What do you think?
Those clouds
sure look mean.
I don't know.
a couple of years ago.
We had that big storm.
Yeah, I remember.
EZEKIEL: You were
talking in your sleep.
Yeah. I had a bad dream.
About Dad?
It's okay.
You can talk
about him around me.
Me... Me and Uncle Nate do.
Talk about him.
Come here.
I'm telling you,
she's cheatin'.
You just got
a shit poker face,
that's all.
Would a guy with
a shit poker face
throw that?
That's actually exactly
what he would do.
Needless to say,
I called your bluff.
Did you see how I did that?
Well, we're laying 'em down
there, buddy. What you got?
Look at these.
King Pokerface over here.
Layin' it down full houses,
like it ain't no shit.
KIMBERLY: Mmm-hmm.
Yeah, I bet
you wish you were
playing for more
than just butterscotch
and bottle caps, huh?
You wanna put some
real money on it?
Yeah, I don't think
you could afford it.
Well, the way you're playing,
I don't think I'm the one
that needs to be worried.
Well, I'm not out yet.
I see I've got some
more bullshit here
in my pocket
that I found out
in the field.
We can get back
in this game here.
That's my ante.
Now look at that.
Found that out there, too.
What the hell is that?
Ask him.
Nate, this isn't funny.
Get that off the table. Now.
You don't bring that
nasty shit out here
around my nephew.
You understand me?
Billy, you hear?
I said, don't bring that...
You actually think
I'd give that shit
to a kid?
You crack head...
GIRL: Dad.
Hey, baby girl.
Am I calling too late?
I'm not a toddler anymore.
And it's Friday.
I can stay up till 9:00.
I'm sure you can.
I just don't want
to get in trouble
with your mom is all.
You're always in
trouble with Mama.
Oh, that's right.
Is that the pup?
Is she around?
Yeah. Out in the yard.
Must have thought
she saw something out back.
She was crazy begging
to go out before you called.
That's too bad.
I was hoping to say hi.
I'll pass it along.
She misses you.
Well, you tell that
shaggy son of a bitch
I miss her, too.
I got something I
want you to check out.
I gotta get ready for bed.
That's okay.
That's all right.
You just get
yourself tucked in
and listen.
All right?
Don't you cry
Go to sleep, my little baby
When you wake
You shall take
All the pretty little horses
All the pretty
little horses
McCoy, storm's comin'.
We're headed back to...
You always snooping around
everybody's tent,
or am I just lucky?
We've been calling you.
What the hell
was that thing?
Can I show you something?
This your Emily?
That's her playing
with a dog there.
We call her Snickers.
She wanted to name it after
something she liked.
She wanted that
dog in the worst way.
Are you in some
kind of trouble?
She's so smart, too.
She does these little, like,
vocab crosswords.
She got "panoply."
Little eight-year-old kid,
I don't even
know what a panoply is.
She's a lot smarter
than her old man.
I used to
work for some bad people.
Cartel kind of bad.
I got caught doing a run
and did some time for it.
Cost 'em a lot of money.
She don't know nothing
about those people.
Why should she?
It makes me sick.
'Cause I did that.
You can keep
trying to get...
Just keep trying
to get ahead of it,
I tried to quit, tried to...
But it's...
I don't know.
Sometimes I wonder,
maybe it'd be best
if I'm not around.
Is that really
what you want?
I, uh...
I spent some time
inside, too.
Three years.
No shit.
Yeah, the judge wanted
to make an example
of me, I guess.
It didn't even matter
that I was pregnant.
Yeah. I never even
got to hold him.
He went to live
with my dad
'cause my husband
was already out of
the picture at that point.
Then the FBI came down
on us, and it was just me
left to take the fall
and I kept saying I didn't
know it was federal land.
It was Ethan who knew.
But I don't even
know if that's true.
Maybe I did.
Maybe I know I did.
I didn't even see Ezekiel
till after I got out.
You know, not 'cause
I couldn't, but...
And then when I did get home,
he didn't even know who I was.
So, I spent every
spare moment out here
'cause it just seemed
like it was better somehow.
For both of us.
Is that still
what you think?
NATE: Anna, you coming?
If we don't leave now,
we ain't leaving.
ANNA: Yeah. We're coming.
Heard about the ruckus.
That something
I ought to be worried about?
He'll cool off.
Long days.
Lotta work.
Did Nate ever tell you
how I happened to
come to know Wes?
I mean,
I guess I assumed...
I'm his sponsor.
So, that means...
Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.
Well, you know, I mean,
we were all young
and dumb once, right?
Anyway, I just thought
it best you know it.
Ain't nothing
I've ain't handled
a million times before.
Ain't nothing
I can't handle now.
You shouldn't
sneak up on folks.
Oh, sorry.
Come in out of the cold,
at least.
It's pissing rain outside.
So, what's the deal?
You moping?
I don't know.
Well, I ain't gonna
yank it out of you.
Didn't wanna come with,
at first.
And now
you're glad you did?
Well, it makes me
miss my dad.
Shit, kid.
You know, dads ain't always
all they're cracked up to be.
Yesterday don't mean jack.
What's that you got there?
Oh, somebody told me
I was supposed
to give this to you.
Who? Someone from the ranch?
Uh, yeah, maybe.
I haven't seen him before.
Look, uh...
Get inside.
Head off to bed.
And don't talk to no one else
you don't know.
Put your boss
on the phone, slick.
I got his bones.
You heard what I said?
I'm tired of talking
to the fucking help.
El Papa will come to you.
Oh, what did they do to you?
It's tight.
You done good,
dinosaur lady.
dinosaur fella.
Oh. I've been promoted.
I'm gonna go grab my pack,
then we can caravan
outta here.
NATE: You got the keys
to the truck, right?.
ANNA: Got it.
NATE: Right,
let's get going.
Hey, Eze,
come on, let's go.
You got all
your stuff packed?
Come on,
let's load up.
I wanna get out of here
before the sun sets.
You got everything?
Good boy.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, Nate...
Look, man, I just wanna...
I wanna say I feel bad
for how things got outta hand
at the fucking card game.
No hard feelings.
ANNA: Nate!
NATE: Eze, stay down.
ANNA: Ezekiel, get down!
Ah, shit.
ANNA: Nate!
You get in the car
and keep your head down.
What the hell
is going on?
Stay right there.
You hear me?
Are you guys okay?
Oh, no.
No, not the keys.
NATE: Anna!
Anna, what are you doing?
Get in the truck
and get outta here.
I lost the keys in the...
NATE: McCoy.
What the hell is he doing?
You motherfuckers
wanna kill me?
You better aim straight!
You hear me?
Stay right there.
You're okay.
I can't find 'em.
NATE: It's not worth it,
Anna, come on.
We can't just
leave her here.
I knew we never
should have trusted
that junkie son of a bitch.
Ouch. Ouch!
Yeah, all right.
I know, it will sting
like spitfire,
but at least
it won't fall off.
I still can't believe
we just left her out there.
Well, we have worse things
to worry about than
that dinosaur, Doctor.
Where are you going?
McCoy ain't back yet.
That's enough, okay?
From both of you.
Kim, this whole thing
is his fault.
Well, I know that,
but I'm gonna go
look for him anyway.
What you got there?
He said it was
for good luck.
Who did?
Fuck. (GROANS)
Wait. Wait.
Wait, God damn it!
Just wait a minute
and listen to me, yeah?
for a fucking...
English, English,
right now.
It's over, gringo.
You make this easier
on yourself.
You, or your daughter.
I can still pay,
all right? I can.
Don't be a coward.
Be a good father and die.
No. No, no.
I have the T-rex.
It's there. I have it.
Pictures. Huh?
Just like I said.
That's from today.
It's already loaded up.
What I'm supposed to do
with a big, dead lizard?
You know exactly
fucking what.
Auction it off.
Black market?
The last one that complete
was an $8-million dead lizard.
Don't be stupid.
You kill me,
I'm just another body.
The grave
out in the Badlands,
what's that worth?
You let me get
this fossil for you,
you'll get
a hell of a lot more
than I owe you.
Two ways to pay.
It's the dinosaur.
Or it's me.
But you leave
my kid out of it.
You're in tight spot
to be making threats,
Then do it.
At the oil rig.
You'll get it tonight.
How many albums you got
in this shit house?
I don't know. Seven.
Well, you better
go get my lizard
because you only got
six-and-a-half tapes left.
We gotta go back out there.
Are you nuts, Anna?
You wanna just
leave her out there?
We already did
all the work. Okay?
She's just sitting out there,
exposed in the truck.
Which you don't
have the keys to,
if you remember.
Nobody else is
gonna get those keys.
Come on, hey.
Just relax. Go inside.
Think about your son.
Oh, my God,
you're right.
Thank you.
No, Nate,
he'd fit.
Ezekiel would fit
into the fissure.
He could get the keys.
Are you insane?
I got shot out there.
I just got shot out there.
You know the bullet
was meant for McCoy.
They're not still out there.
They're not thinking
we're gonna come back tonight.
You're not going
back out there.
Ezekiel can't go
back out there.
EZEKIEL: Yes, I can.
I can help with this. I can.
No, Eze. You can't.
Mom, you said
you wanted my help.
Let me do this.
Anna, what are you...
Okay, you're doing great.
Where are they?
They can't have gone too far.
Move back very slowly.
NATE: I'm going in there,
Anna. Get him out of there.
Get out of there, now.
NATE: Eze,
come on out of there.
No. Come on, baby.
Baby, come on.
Come on. Ezekiel.
ANNA: Come on.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
I'm stuck.
NATE: We got you. We got you.
ANNA: Call for help.
NATE: Try to stay calm,
Anna. You hear me?
ANNA: Nate! Call someone.
Are you bit?
Ezekiel, did it bite you?
Mom, I don't...
Oh, God.
You're gonna be fine,
baby, okay?
Where's the...
There's only one.
Okay, ready?
Hold still.
Okay? Okay.
Mom, I broke
Dad's watch.
That's okay, baby.
I'm here.
I'm here.
Mom, I did it.
I know, sweetheart.
No, I really did it.
Yes. Yes, Eze.
Come on, you piece of shit.
Give me something.
Can you hear me?
Eze's snake-bit,
we're up at the dig site.
You gotta send
an ambulance...
Is everyone okay?
Nate, goddamn it,
talk to me.
Nate. Nate.
What's going on over there?
Uncle Nate.
Nate, where are you?
Are you gonna be okay?
Yeah. I'm gonna be fine.
Just have to find your uncle
and get to a hospital.
I got the second bite,
so I got
the least of the venom.
I'm gonna be fine.
We just gotta
get out of here.
Okay, stay here.
Keep an eye out
for your uncle.
I'm gonna go find a flare
and flag him down.
Where the hell is
that stupid thing?
We gotta talk.
Where the hell have you been?
What was that back there?
Don't get all excited.
People were shooting at us.
We could have died.
People have died.
Where's Nate?
You come diggin'
in my shit,
I come diggin'
in yours.
I want those bones.
You give me what's mine.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
She's not yours.
Bullshit, she ain't mine.
She's been under my feet.
McCoy, she isn't...
I found her. Me.
And I'm taking her,
all right?
And I don't
give a good goddamn
what I gotta do to do it.
Now, you still
gotta be all mean
and unpleasant?
You don't gotta
do this my way.
You can do it
the nice way.
Give me the keys.
Don't be stupid now.
Use that big
science brain you got,
and don't be stupid.
I think there's been
a misunderstanding.
Nobody's trying
to cheat you...
I ain't got
a couple of years,
dinosaur woman.
I got fucking
five seconds.
Just settle down.
Nobody's mad.
Nobody's getting
excited now. Huh?
McCOY: I told you
I didn't want it this way!
I told you
you didn't want it.
I know you laugh at me.
I know you laugh.
Daddy's coming
home now, baby girl.
Don't you cry
Go to sleep, my little baby
When you wake
You shall take
All the pretty
little horses
ANNA: Go. Go.
Close the door, baby.
Mom, help!
Shut up.
She's mine,
God damn it!
You'll bring her to me.
NATE: Anna.
Anna, where's Eze?
NATE: Come on. Come on.
ANNA: He took my boy.
It's gonna be all right.
Your mom's gonna
do the right thing.
You'll see.
Did you get bit, too?
I meant what I said.
You get me out
of here, you fuck!
Is she safe?
Is she safe?
Get out.
It should have just stayed
in the ground.
Ezekiel? Ezekiel?
Baby, are you okay?
Wake up.
Say something.
Say something.
Wake up.
You scared the bejesus
out of us, kid.
All out of bejesus now.
Mom. Mommy.
Have you seen
this pile of crap?
Which pile of crap
was that?
Dubai, huh?
Well, I guess
it doesn't matter,
We're in the Badlands,
after all.
There's always
more bones.
Should we tell
the Doctor?
Nah. She's busy.
EZEKIEL: So, it's like
the rings in a tree?
Yeah, the rocks tell us
how old the earth is.
Each line
represents a milestone
of a few million years.
They tell us more
about who we are,
where we came from.
Do you ever wish
you can go back?
See it yourself?
Once, maybe.
Don't you cry
Go to sleepy, little baby
When you wake
You'll have cake
And all
the pretty little horses
Black and bay
Dapple and gray
Coach and
six-a-little horses
Hush your cries
Close your eyes
Time to sleepy, little baby
When you wake
You'll have cake
And all
the pretty little horses
Black and bay
Dapple and gray
Coach and
six-a-little horses
Chestnuts and bays
Pintos and grays
And all
the pretty little horses
Way down yonder
Down in the meadow
Lies a poor little lambie
The bees and butterflies
Pecking out its eyes
The poor little thing
cried, "Mammy!"
Don't you cry
Go to sleepy, little baby
When you wake
You'll have cake
And all
the pretty little horses
Black and bay
Dapple and gray
Coach and
six-a-little horses
Chestnuts and bays
Pintos and grays
And all the pretty little