Vam i ne snilos... (1981) Movie Script

Central Studio of Children and Youth
Films named after M. Gorky
Based upon the book by
Screenplay by G. SHCHERBAKOVA
with participation of I. FREZ
Directed by
llya FREZ
Director of Photography G. TUTUNOV
Production Designers
Music by A. RYBNIKOV
T. Kameneva
Katya - Tanya AKSYUTA
Tatyana Nikolayevna -
Lyudmila Sergeyevna -
Kostya - A. FILOZOV
Grandmother - T. PELTSER
Volodya - Ye. GERASIMOV
Tatyana Nikolayevna's Mother -
Misha - L. FILATOV
Sashka - V. KURKOV
Alyona - Ye. VASILYEVA
"Poetic Notebook"
at 9:15.
"Radio for Kids",
broadcast from Leningrad,
at 10:10.
For school students: "An Invitation"
(a concert on your demands)
and a radio essay,
"Your Electronic Helpers",
at 10:25.
A concert of Petrov's compositions,
broadcast from Leningrad,
at 1 1:15...
The fifteenth session
of thermal treatment.
Enough for today.
Now, legs apart,
we start our morning exercises.
One, two, one, two.
Now turn.
One, two...
- Well, how do you feel?
- Fine.
Sit down.
One, two, one two.
Get down. You'll go with us.
I don't want to. I'm fine here.
Half the road your way,
half the road my way.
All right.
Uncle Volodya, take me down.
There we go flying.
We're losing time
at this crossing, ma'am,
and we have three more runs to make.
All right, I'll pay you.
And what do you suggest?
Unloading right here?
I don't know how to talk to them.
In such cases call me.
Oh, we've got a man in the house.
- What year at school is that smarty?
- She'll go to the 9th grade.
Too small for her age.
My girl's in the 9th, too.
We bought her a size 14 school dress.
Can you imagine? Where're they rushing?
To be the right size.
Uncle Volodya, why don't you shave?
I don't like bearded men.
But our mom likes it.
So you have to submit, Katya.
Are you newly married?
Oh, it's a riot!
Newly remarried!
I'm going to flog you.
On Saturdays after bath.
Brest Drama Theatre
He came to see me off.
He rushed here after his shift,
without getting any sleep.
What do you really want?
You know...
Time will pass never to return,
as it's happened with me.
Mom, I'm begging you.
By the way, Tanechka,
a very famous theatre's coming here.
I know.
I wouldn't go if I were you.
I can't understand that acting
zigzag of yours after university.
You've got too analytical
a mentality. Hasn't she, Misha?
Yes, too analytical.
What a woman!
Why don't you fly?
I like riding in a train and dreaming.
It's serious.
Why not go somewhere
in winter, all three of us?
Mom, I beg you.
We're going to quarrel.
Tanya Koltsova!
I was afraid you were not in Moscow.
- I put the books under the seat.
- Fine.
- Is that the husband?
- No.
- But he may become one, right?
- Ella, I hardly recognized you.
- Did I get better or worse?
- Better, of course.
Honest? I've lost 5 kilos.
I can squeeze into size 8 now.
We have a terrific "Westside".
Such expressivity! Such a great tempo!
You would look lovely in tights.
Ella, I'm sorry,
I'm seeing my mother off.
You look so much alike!
I was just telling Tanya
how much we miss her at our theatre.
Everybody has failures at first.
Tanya did the right thing.
Our schools are awful, children hold
nothing sacred, teachers are idiots.
Please go into the car.
All right, have a nice trip.
I'll expect you tomorrow at "Westside".
Well, goodbye.
Tanya, I must tell it,
and you bear with me.
We're not supposed to cheat nature,
it will take vengeance on us.
Give me a grandson or a granddaughter.
Even from the first man you meet.
All right, I'm going right now
to look for the first man I meet.
What first man you meet
were you talking about?
The one I'm
to have a child from.
Well, you've met him already.
Oh God, what kind of a man are you?
I'm going home alone.
I don't mind.
I'm terribly tired today.
I can't believe it.
The air is so good!
Aren't we lucky
to be far away from everybody now!
Lyusia! Lyusia!
Lyusia, it's heavy, let me help.
Kostya, what are you doing here?
I live nearby.
Let me carry these things.
No, we'll do it ourselves.
I'm here with my husband.
- Nice meeting you.
- How do you do.
So we're neighbors now.
And here's Vera, and Romka.
Goodbye, Kostya.
- I could give you a hand.
- Kostya.
- You don't have to feel shy.
- Go away, for God's sake!
What a hero!
You jumped like a real athlete.
What is it, mom?
At home he has radiculitis, but when
she's in his way, he's healthy.
Stop it, Vera. I hope I didn't
forget my medical certificate.
I haven't seen her for 15 years.
So you counted?
You counted it, didn't you?
I just remember it.
We'll have to change the apartment.
Just imagine, we're neighbors!
I couldn't dream of anything better!
Who was that man?
Who? My sometime admirer.
Oh God, we were even kissing then!
It makes me sick just to think of it.
First love, my God!
We might as well change the apartment!
The woman got off her rocker.
That weakling will go flying
from here like a butterfly.
He will keep coming and moaning.
I know him.
Then we'll have to punch him.
Right, Katya?
It looks like we'll have to.
What do you think?
Shall we have a suit made for me?
As you wish.
People say they make good suits now.
Really? For 15 years he's
been happy with suits from a store.
Mom, let him have one made.
I can do without,
if you make such conclusions.
Mom, why did you get upset?
It's all because of her, haven't you
noticed? He hasn't been sick since.
But it's good, isn't it?
I won't be home for supper.
We're going to "Westside Story".
I love you.
Do not fight.
Let's have something made for you.
I was waiting all evening, then
figured out you were at the theatre.
With the kids.
You're crazy. You could've asked me
to go, but you had to ask really well.
I would have been difficult at first,
but then would have gone with you.
And would have been difficult
all night.
You would have yawned, coughed
and groaned.
Tanya, I don't feel comfortable when
you want me to impersonate Chekhov.
You set too high standards in life.
Change the angle of your compasses,
and everything will gel.
Actually, it's atavism,
to follow your heart's calling.
I know everything
you're going to say.
"I'm coming to you after work,
tired and drawn out. "
Right, my love.
That's reality.
As a doctor, I'm a hundred times
above Chekhov.
As for the rest, please
spare me this comparison.
The show was awful.
My children behaved abominably.
That pure feeling of love...
...and they roar with laughter.
And anyway, I'll start my lesson
tomorrow with discussing this play.
I'll tell them, "You were laughing.
I felt like laughing, too.
But we're about to enter
the world of literature
which all tells us of love, all of it.
Pushkin, and Tolstoy, and Turgenev. "
Yet the classics wrote
not only about love,
but sometimes about
the daily bread, too,
which is more important for life.
You want everyone
to be like you.
Why not? A healthy society
without any complexes.
I'm the only teacher
whose subject concerns the soul.
I can't get away from it.
Or you think that the soul
is a complex, too?
I'm not building bridges,
because I don't know how to do it.
How can you teach about love
if you yourself are running from it
...a chased hare?
Still smooching?
Like babies.
All right, go.
You're making fun of me.
- You yourself will fall in love at 16.
- So it'll be soon.
And it'll be just a child's play,
like what I had with Kostya.
Then with your dad.
And at last,
I've got something real...
...when I didn't expect it at all.
Not everybody has it like this.
Of course. But you, like me,
have two crowns on your head.
You're so beautiful, mom.
You'll never grow old.
We'll see.
I am a reckless girl.
It's not such a big deal
to have a child.
A second child.
I'm so glad you're not the beanpole
type like everybody is today.
You're a girl for all times.
Birds get into flocks again.
You're my little birdie.
There're exactly 273 days left
until the end of the school year.
Isn't it too many?
A new girl.
I don't think
she's got in the right class.
Yes, she's wrong.
The new one,
why are you so small?
People are good for nothing now,
just too small.
Though pretty.
He doesn't like it
on our wall, folks.
That's how the classics are.
They wouldn't accept leveling.
Do you mind?
It turns out
we're aesthetically underdeveloped.
"Westside Story", they tell us,
is the real thing!
Attention, people! Here're some
pearls for you. Only for the educated.
- Well?
- He won't understand anyway.
"The nervous fabric of form!"
How is that?
"Plastic suffering!"
"Symbolism's swinging blows!"
Yes, the modern art
of love is real bullshit.
What if it stays for
at least another five years...
Don't worry, it won't.
We lump everything together:
love, five-year plan, tree felling.
In this case, even racism.
Only sex is unadulterated.
Right, baby?
Enough about sex, we're sick of it.
Where're you going, Roma?
Are you betraying me?
Bite! Search for your owner.
What are you doing?
Good morning.
Oh, it looks beautiful here today.
Sit down.
Alyona, those braids are very becoming.
Katya Shevchenko.
Sit down, please.
We already got acquainted,
Tatyana Nikolayevna.
All right, everybody looks beautiful
and well.
So we can begin our lesson.
Couldn't I see you somewhere before?
- Have you ever lived in Ostankino?
- I don't even know where it is.
Oh, it's where the Sheremetyev Palace
and the Ostankino Tower are.
Really, I couldn't have dreamed you,
could I?
I got an idea! After classes,
a field trip to a department store!
Roma, are you coming?
And you?
On the 2nd floor, to the left,
there're departments of
women's and men's apparel.
In the center of the hall
you will find
the cosmetics
and haberdashery departments.
Everything's just fine.
You know,
the tailor is quite young,
but I think he's all right.
- Was it mother who sent you?
- No, I was just passing by.
- Please, don't imagine things.
- I'm not imagining anything.
It's just a new suit.
Sure thing.
Some day we'll run into each other,
and I'll tell her: "Hi... "
- Yes?
- Accept my condolences.
Oh God, why?
What do you mean, why?
The beginning of a new school year.
What are your plans for the evening?
I was just thinking about it.
Well... why don't you come?
I don't sense any enthusiasm.
Whether I come or not.
Miss, are you wooden?
Cold as charity.
Had a good conversation?
I'm a swine.
Don't lose heart. Even if you are,
you're a very attractive one.
I'll take you at your word.
If I'm attractive, why not have
lunch with me, a lonely man?
With pleasure.
Just let me take my smock off.
Stop kidding!
Where're you going?
Wait! Wait!
Catch her!
Tatyana Nikolayevna,
why is he pestering me?
You're just like little kids.
Isn't it good here, guys?
So beautiful.
Grass, grass, a green field of grass.
To hell with you, I'll go walk alone.
We didn't dig the theatre.
Nor the green leaves.
What ever can amuse you, kids?
- There he is!
- Who?
The iron one!
Hurray for the mighty piece of iron!
Let's all to a man send all iron beds
to recycling! We swear!
Hurray for open-hearth and blast
- Hurray for progress!
- Hurray for stainless steel!
Say thank you to our cast-iron friend!
Turn swords to plows!
We swear!
Some plowboys!
It has a life of its own.
What is it like?
I get crazy when I think about it.
What about you?
No, not me.
Those tiny bugs
don't fit into my head.
Too bad.
Starting from today,
I'll love them like family.
Alyona, what's the matter?
What will we name them?
- Senya.
- And Venya.
- I'm Roman.
- Katya. Nice meeting you.
Only, please,
don't get sold.
- They'll sell them.
- No!
We're going to mark them.
Give them to me.
One cross.
Another cross.
Why have you been following me?
You're small. Someone may hurt you.
I'll give them back in kind.
When did I draw
your attention?
When we prayed
to the lamppost.
All were on their knees, just
kidding, but you did it for real.
I was kidding, too.
And then, what?
And then you were saying silly things
with a very clever air.
Discoursing on your dear bugs,
showing off your erudition.
- Even got as far as the Mongol yoke.
- I was just fooling.
Yes, trying to be clever.
That's why I decided
to call you a Mongol.
Thank you.
Good afternoon. I'm sorry, it's my
first visit to you, and I'm late too.
But I don't belong to myself,
only to the breastfeeding schedule.
Yes, I know. You got Pavlik.
My sincere congratulations.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Roman Lavochkin,
is he in your class by chance?
Yes, he is.
The world is small, indeed.
I used to know his father.
What kind of a boy is he?
He's a very decent boy.
Decency is their family trait.
Didn't Katya tell you anything?
They're friends.
- Friends?
- Yes.
How interesting.
And how funny.
How long is it going to hang here?
I'll put it on tomorrow.
We have a commission coming.
Didn't you get a chance yet
to wear it for its direct purpose?
Stop it, Vera. You've got
a science-fiction imagination.
By the way, if you're interested,
I had a crush as a young girl, too,
and a very big crush.
- He's a famous actor now.
- Some actor!
Playing impoverished peasants,
as skinny and ragged as himself.
And what about your Lyusia?
She's no Alain Delon either!
Leave her alone!
And me, together with her.
Oh, together?
All right, then.
How was it at school?
Have you seen our Tanechka?
Did she say anything about me?
And about Katya?
Lyudmila Sergeyevna had a baby,
so Katya got a brother now.
She had a baby?
A second baby? At her age?
What do you mean, "at her age"?
- So Katya's her daughter?
- Right.
What's all this about Katya?
And I was wondering why
all I hear is "Katya, Katya".
Are there no better girls than
Katya at school?
Of course, there're not. Katya
is the best girl on earth.
I don't want to hear about it.
Go and take yourjacket off.
What was it all about?
You've heard it, haven't you?
Why ask, then?
Yes, I've heard.
And I have seen her.
All dressed up.
I wonder where the money comes from.
Whom are you discussing?
We know whom.
And you should forget about
those Katyas.
You have a graduation coming.
Like father like son.
What do you mean, "Katyas"?
There's one Katya.
The only one.
Do you recognize him?
I like those fashions!
This is the Kostya
who was jumping then, remember?
You know, he looks a bit like
his son, don't you think?
I hope this family is of no interest
and of no use to you, either.
You think so?
How did you like our Tanechka?
- I didn't like her.
- Why not?
I don't like former
actresses and old maids.
I hope she isn't spying on you?
Come on, mom, she's so moral.
I don't like the moral ones either.
In this weather?
- We came just for a second.
- What happened?
Nothing. Here.
Someone threw it out.
We went around. No one wants it.
- And we got a baby.
- And my father is allergic.
It's so cute!
Will you take it in?
I don't even know what to do with it.
Will I be able to raise it?
Come on in, let's have tea.
Thank you, we're in a hurry.
We got to go.
Now you're an old maid with a kitten.
Shall we go in?
Come on, let's get warm.
Don't worry, folks.
Wait a minute.
It happens sometimes,
we've just finished repairs.
You know...
I suddenly fancied as though
there was a war.
And these are our last crumbs.
Then I'm not eating.
The crumbs are for the children.
You think I'm small and chicken?
Wait, don't laugh.
Sometimes I think
I can endure anything,
even die if I have to.
You don't have to.
You have me for that.
I'm a man after all.
Are you all right?
You're just kidding, but I thought
it could really be you.
Want some coffee?
Let be light!
I asked you: do you want more coffee?
If it's with liqueur.
It turns out we're poor.
It's not true, we're rich.
People can be very rich
without any money.
Great thought!
It's just about you and me.
What's this beast?
And not a word after that call?
Mom, I've reported everything to you.
This is a key ring and a lighter
in one. I brought it for Misha.
You're so considerate.
You've let a good guy slip away,
and did it very clumsily.
Mom, stop it, I beg you.
I'll take you away from here.
To hell with Moscow and the apartment!
You're alone, with no friends,
buried under your copybooks.
But you're pretty and clever.
Oh, mom!
You'll marry me off to a postgraduate
laboratory assistant inconsistent,
I'll bear you grandchildren, and
you'll be taking them to kindergarten.
Stop it.
Mommy dear,
you stop it, you!
You can never count on your
only child to be a success!
And, please, go away!
Leave me alone, please.
- When have you last seen the doctor?
- Oh, mother...
You have an awful tachycardia.
I'm calling the doctor.
Come on. Nobody will notice
we slipped away.
So much snow!
It'll melt by the evening again.
Good afternoon, Tatyana Nikolayevna.
Don't get scared,
there're only 3 persons here.
Take off your coats, guys.
Go ahead, there's too little room here.
Guys, don't push so much.
Come on in.
- The kitchen is over there?
- On the right.
Girls, to the kitchen, quick!
I got cranberries,
I'll make the cranberry juice.
No, girls, I've got everything,
I was being sick very comfortably.
My mother leftjust yesterday.
And what is your mother doing?
Oh, you won't believe it, Sasha, my
mother's a Doctor of Medical Science.
Why did you decide to get sick?
And for so long?
Don't worry, we'll make it.
You'll write your composition,
and I'll let you go to work.
The girls stay in town, and we go to
a collective farm, to be among people.
We'll be sawing, shaving wood,
driving nails in.
And where're Roman and Katya?
They were going with us.
But don't get upset.
They behave strangely sometimes.
Can even completely dissolve,
in space.
Very funny.
A shot at her.
Someone's looming in Tanya's window.
If it's Alyona, she won't lose time
to draw everybody's attention to us.
You, my dear blind girl.
- You feel hurt?
- Why? I am blind.
- Don't get angry.
- Can you see Tanya?
No. They must have trampled her
We should drop in, too.
We should, we shouldn't...
Some other time.
By the way,
somebody's kissing in the kitchen.
Don't look.
I'm not.
I'll be looking only at you.
And I'll be telling you
if it's the red or green light.
So you never get run over
by a car.
When a man has to look for two,
he's very attentive!
But there's one condition:
I have to be always beside you.
You understand?
Oh, here comes Tanechka.
Congratulations on the start
of the work semester.
You think it's fair?
- What?
- You're dressed up, and what about us?
I have the right. I'm on leave.
And we're toiling.
Someone came to see you off.
Well, guys, we're in for a wedding.
- A real wedding!
- We'll put tables right here.
A square.
- What?
- I say, a square.
Are you a square?
No, you're a square.
The table as a square. Got it?
Nonsense. I suggest
"Aragvi" or "Beijing" restaurant.
- Good taste.
- Who's going to pay the money?
The parents will pool their resources,
they'll scrape up something.
I apply for a theory patent.
Great love - great expenses.
When it's average, average expenses.
When it's little, little expenses.
To economize, the parents will
marry us off to monkeys.
There was a story in the Weekly
that maintained
that people are better off
without any love.
- How can we explain it to Roman?
- Too late, guys, he's incurable.
Too bad for our comrade,
to be gone in the prime of his life.
- Good morning, Aunt Vera.
- Good morning.
Thanks for coming.
Katya, come on, stop it.
What's the matter with you?
It's only a month.
One, two, three... and thirty.
A man needs
someone to wave to him.
You want Roman? He ran to the school,
to have a drink of water or something.
Roman, your mother's here to see you!
Brought you some milk to drink.
She brought you some milk to drink!
Roma, they're calling you.
I'll be back soon, in a month.
And in the evening, as usual,
before the closing.
Roma, they're calling.
Never mind.
Roma, I just can't. I never
thought I won't be able to bear it.
All right, go. Go.
Why don't you send them off?
I'm dragging out because of them.
All those mamas and girls.
Get in the bus!
All the rest, please,
leave the area.
- See you soon, Tatyana Nikolayevna!
- Take care.
- Mom, why did you come?
- I feel nervous.
Nothing's going to happen to me.
Come here!
Good morning.
Have you seen it?
I've seen everything.
20 years ago there would've been an
uproar, now I just look & say nothing.
- Would you like some tea?
- Why do you say nothing?
The time is different. We've become
more humane and understanding.
- I'll pour you some tea anyway.
- I have not become.
And will not.
Because it's not your son.
- It's easy for you to be humane.
- Easy?
I personally am for stifling the flesh
before the soul has matured.
And at school the souls
are still green.
But we have to accept time
as it is.
I don't want to accept anything.
I'll transfer Roman to another school.
If you do, then to a school with good
training in physics and mathematics.
It's important to him.
There's a special school.
It's only 3 tram stops away,
a ten-minute walk.
You think it might help?
Vera Vasilyevna, dear,
this transfer
has nothing to do
with what we have seen.
We're speaking only about your son,
his training, his future.
Do you understand me?
Good morning.
All right, you can come with us,
at least for a month.
You'll help me with Pavlik.
You may even like it.
The sea, fruits, a motorboat.
I won't like it.
Why not?
Is it better to hang about here alone?
- Why alone?
- Everybody went away.
They'll be back.
- I can't leave you alone here.
- I'm not a little girl.
You've become too
grownup lately.
You must go and have a rest.
- What about my internship?
- I'll arrange it with the school.
All right, but only for three weeks.
One week has already passed.
So if I came tomorrow...
We've lost each other
in this big city.
I was always here.
I got to go,
or I'll be late for my train.
Perhaps this way will be right.
Look, can you...
chuck it all and wait for me?
I can get you a sick leave,
a disability leave, whatever.
Just a week,
and then we'll go together.
Only on one condition,
that you don't try to mold
something beautiful out of me.
You'll be submissive and stupid.
Just an ordinary woman.
Too many conditions.
So you're turning me down?
No. I just said:
too many conditions.
Then I'm getting married.
God help you.
Father, I've just met Alyona.
She told me
some terrific news.
You got me transferred to another
school. Why this nonsense?
- First say hello.
- Hello.
Get your knapsack out of the way.
- Don't you want to wash up?
- No.
Let's talk then.
Roma, we were thinking of your future.
You need a sound schooling if you
want to enroll at the Physics College.
- Who wants to?
- You. Have you changed your mind?
So it's me.
Weren't you supposed to ask me then
what I'm thinking of it?
But you decided everything
yourselves, without me.
What difference does it make,
with or without you? For you.
In secret, without saying a word.
We've never had it like this.
Itjust happened.
Forgive your mother for that.
- Your future...
- My future.
Do you understand? It's my future.
So I have to decide.
You've done nothing
for yourself yet.
And won't do for a long time.
It's us who are doing everything.
I'm not reproaching you.
Your time will come.
I'm fed up!
Enough of your moralizing!
Have you thought of your mother?
She has a weak heart.
- It's foul play, Father.
- It's not a game.
It's life.
Give in. I ask you as a man.
Hi. You're back?
Why so soon?
I had to.
A boy was here to see you. He rang
the bell until I drove him away.
- Was it Romka?
- He didn't introduce himself.
What is it between you?
Zoya, don't start, please.
You want neither my advice,
nor my good wishes?
I want nothing.
Katya, don't get angry.
You know I'm a fool.
Roma, let's
never part again.
You know, I'm going
to another school.
That's how it is.
It's a special school, you see.
A physics and mathematics school.
My calling is mathematics.
What do you need
that damned mathematics for?
You silly, they just want
to part us. Don't you see?
Then it's just stupid.
It's impossible to part us.
Why did you give them
Lavochkin's documents?
You've scared me. The year's just
started, but my nerves are no good.
Expecting something bad
to happen all the time. Don't you?
Would you like some tea?
These kids must not be parted.
Just look at the girl.
What's the matter with her?
She doesn't look herself.
Oh, what a tragedy!
She doesn't look herself.
It's you who don't look yourself.
And Lavochkin's mother didn't
look herself when she was here.
They're just children.
They'll always look all right.
As for measles and mumps,
they'll get over it.
You don't seem to know
what a child's grief is like.
- But...
- Grief?
Is it hunger, war, nothing to wear?
My dear!
Today's children not looking
themselves? Do they know misfortune?
how many cases do you know
when those school passions have
grown into something real?
Right, but perhaps this is
one of those rare cases.
Well, then they have nothing to fear.
They fear everything
that puts them apart.
You know who's in the same
school with me?
Sure I know.
Alyona is a mathematician!
It's funnier than Louis de Funes.
You don't like her at all?
Who? Alyona? I do.
Like I dig everything big, say,
an elephant, or the Ostankino Tower.
- And she likes you.
- I've noticed.
She walks me home.
Escorting me like a convoy.
I don't know
how to speak to still life.
I walk with her and think about you.
She doesn't disturb me.
Listen, what if you ask them
to take you back to our school?
Katya, let's bear with it.
Remember you said
that we can endure anything.
Will you come to me on Sunday?
- To your home?
- Right. Will you?
- Sure I will.
- Do come.
She isn't that pretty, is she?
Take off everything,
or you'll catch cold.
I wish I had turned to stone.
The archeologists would be mystified.
My poor flowers!
The jeans, too.
I think I can still live in them.
Stop arguing.
Take them off, I said.
Only don't beat me.
You can observe here
the evolution of humans' pants -
from rompers
to its ultimate form -
blue jeans pants.
You've got a stylish pad.
Didn't I tell you!
I was telling you, wasn't I?
I'm going to rub you.
- The man is freezing!
- Bear it.
What are you doing?
Some people take it orally,
and they survive.
So you're an alcoholic, too.
All right. Perhaps you'll live.
No, I won't.
- I'm going to throw you out.
- No.
Like this for the rest of our lives.
Though I've got two crowns
on my head.
Maman, I love you.
What's up? Are you all right?
Have you been drinking?
Only one glass.
But with syrup.
Stop playing the fool.
I'm not going to scold you,
just tell where and with whom.
Come on, mom.
I was given a rub not to catch cold.
Given a rub? By whom?
By Katya, mom. By Katya.
You've been at her place?
Was it her birthday?
How many of you were there?
So you were drinking, weren't you?
Mom, I think
it's stupid to hide it from you.
Katya and I are in love with each
other. I want you and dad to know it.
I think I'm a one-woman man, mom.
Let's pretend I haven't
heard anything,
or otherwise we'll have
to take you to a loony bin.
- You'll have millions of those Katyas!
- Stop it, mom!
It's all your fault!
Yourjumps, your suits!
Roma, hi, sonny.
Stop your hysterics.
Leave him alone.
He fell in love.
Why panic?
Don't you know what today's
young people are like?
Young people are always the same.
Roma, what are you doing?
Working on my mathematics.
One can get as much help from you
as milk from a he-goat.
Vera, first of all, don't touch him.
And who is she?
Can you imagine, mother, she's
the daughter of that Kostya's thing.
What Kostya's thing?
I don't remember such name.
Mother, it's not a name.
Remember that
mad love of Kostya?
That woman who
rejected him long ago.
- Lyusia?
- Yes!
If she called him now,
he wouldn't even think twice.
And the girl is no better than
her mother. Just as bad.
What do I do, mother?
Calm down, Vera.
You must show character and will.
They even make rivers flow back.
What love can there be at 1 7?
Who sent the telegram?
What difference does it make?
We got it over the phone.
I'm going to resign from work.
The doctor won't certify
a phone telegram.
What can we do?
Of course you have to resign.
And we'll live on the money
from your sick leaves?
Why aren't you saying anything?
Father is right, we should've
brought grandma here long ago.
- Can we bring her here now?
- What are you talking about?
No doctor will allow to move
a seriously sick patient.
I have to resign and go there.
You'll never get
such a job again.
To hell with this job!
How much time will it take?
A week? A month? Two months?
How can you count?
I have to count.
Before you decide anything,
I could go.
What about your school?
Well, I could go
to school there for a while.
- It's impossible.
- Possible.
I'm willingly sacrificing myself.
It's all wrong.
It's all wrong.
Why doesn't your mother go?
She didn't work for a long time
because I was sick.
Then she was lucky
to get a job in her specialty.
Your grandmother,
is she really bad?
Pre-stroke condition. It's like
pre-infarction condition.
- What's worse?
- Both are pretty bad.
Katya, you try
to study a little, okay?
What for, Roma? What for?
Well, at least for me.
I'm living for you,
and you say 'study'.
Don't leave.
Katya, please don't suffer, okay?
I don't understand why we have
to suffer. What's the point?
Lovers were suffering
at all times.
That's a tradition with the Lord God.
Let's die together.
I'm all for it.
Only in one hundred years.
I would agree even in 50.
It's not enough, old girl.
I still have so much to do.
Never mind.
If only I could always
hear your voice, like now.
Nothing easier. Want me to record
a whole cassette of me talking?
Yes, do it. You may say anything,
even a multiplication table.
There's no such person here.
I've already told you that
several times, my dear.
Please don't call again.
No, you're not wrong,
this is our number.
Roma dear, here you are at last.
Yes, here I am.
Hi, grandma.
How are you?
How can I be, honey?
The doctor came, it's the same.
Anyone called from Moscow?
Your mother called yesterday.
She promised to come to relieve you.
- And no one else called?
- No, no one.
- Any letters?
- No.
She's already forgotten
your name, you can believe me.
All those loves of yours...
Just chimera, smoke.
- It's just a whim.
- Grandma.
How can you say that?
Katya, listen to
my multiplication table.
3 x 3 = 9.
3 x 6 = 18.
And that's terrific, because
after 18 we'll get married.
How about your wedding garb?
I suggest gray shorts,
a sleeveless T-shirt
and red sandals.
And this is my last word,
like 2 x 2 = 4.
Don't even think about staying
in the same grade for a second year,
or I'll have to marry
a girl without high-school education.
It wouldn't look prestigious
for me, an academician.
I love you,
my Mongol,
my blind girl.
Many kisses, my little one.
How lucky that you're little.
How unfortunate that you're little.
Don't worry, I'll be back soon.
Your Roman.
I write to him, I write every day.
And in each letter he asks
why I'm not writing.
What's happened, Romka?
- I'll go buy some cigarettes.
- You bought them already.
They may have good ones here.
If you say you can't live without me,
I'll come at once and for good.
I can live without you.
It's not true!
Oh God, it's true!
Then why are you crying?
I'm not crying.
Yes, you are.
I can feel it.
- Where are you calling from?
- It doesn't matter.
Are you alone?
She's watching the bags.
But it's not important.
Come on, tell me that I'm a fool,
that I made a mistake.
Tell me that you need me,
that you'll accept me as I am.
Why don't you say something?
Where is she... watching the bags?
At the airport.
What difference does it make?
Have a nice flight.
Never call me again!
All new, as you like it.
It's my weakness.
And who doesn't like it, the money?
You know
that I'm not mercenary.
We've known each other for
so many years, my friend.
But I've never
seen you in bed before.
I'm 10 years younger, but I'm
sickly, with legs like an elephant's.
I've always told you:
don't eat so much.
Look at me...
Not one extra pound.
And all your ailments come
from your getting married at 16.
It was so long ago.
Now I have two grandchildren.
And yours keeps running with bags
of groceries. Must be a good boy.
Here's another letter for him.
They keep coming and coming.
If only you knew what a terrible
trouble we're trying to save him from.
Who's that girl?
A fool, like you were at 16.
I'm lucky to have Roma here
when I'm sick.
I'd like to be sick like that.
Warm and comfortable.
What do the doctors say?
They ordered me to lie down.
And stay in bed.
All right, I got to go.
Lisa, take this coat for
your grandson. It's Roma's.
I meant to give it to you.
Oh, I feel so embarrassed.
Come on, we're like family.
You help us a lot.
When I get up, we'll do
a thorough cleaning here.
No problem,
I'm always ready to help.
Take some apples
for your boys.
Thank you, we've got them.
I understand it all,
but you have to finish school.
I'll finish it, I have no choice.
It's hard for you
to understand it now, but...
life is notjust loving.
If all you have is only love, you
know, it means you're poor.
Romka is a fool.
He's developed such a big sense of
duty that he can't carry it anymore.
I write him about it
in every letter.
My dear girl,
when you have a husband,
you'll understand how reliable
is a man with a sense of duty.
I gave it a lot of thought.
They only bind a person with a duty.
But there must be something
that inspires a person...
to take care of the sick, feed
the old, look after the children.
Only love can inspire.
And what if you had
an unhappy love?
How would you
have looked at the world then?
I wouldn't live then.
I often felt unhappy,
but the thought of not living
has never occurred to me.
- Excuse me?
- Of course.
Try to imagine,
what if I had none of this
in my life - you, my mother,
our school,
my duty.
But I'm bound by all this,
and it holds me together very safely.
It can't be the same
with everybody.
Of course, it can't.
And yet, love is not as important
as your whole life,
take my word for it, girl.
All right?
How can you live without love?
- Mom! Mom!
- I'm here.
I'm making tea.
- You're out of the blue, as usual.
- An uninvited guest?
I'm very glad to see you.
And where's the girl?
I saw you from the window.
She went home.
I hope.
A difficult case?
Remember the boy who took me
for rides on his bicycle at school?
Kolia Redhead.
You kept saying:
Redhead is his surname.
Do you remember how angry you were?
Me? Angry?
"A human being
must have a lofty aim!
It's immoral
to pedal all day!"
And we were in love.
It's the same with this girl.
And they're being shouted at:
"It's immoral!"
Mommy dear!
I've brought a fine jam,
black currantjam.
I was so happy when
I was riding with him on his bicycle.
He kissed the back of my head quietly,
thinking I didn't notice it.
And I was ready
to die from happiness.
I ought to have
married at 1 7.
Why haven't you?
Because you shouted: "Is that a name?
You want to be Mrs. Redhead?"
What about Misha?
With Misha, everything got buried
in words, trying to find the truth.
What truth?
When you're over 30,
who will put you on his bicycle?
He's getting married to his
laboratory assistant. I think.
Many kisses, my little one.
How lucky that you're little.
How unfortunate that you're little.
Don't worry, I'll be back soon.
Your Roman.
My dear girl,
my poor little happy girl.
How can I help you?
Please forgive me, mom,
for not believing you.
I thought you were preoccupied only
with yourself and didn't care about me.
I never thought
it was so serious with you.
Why do you grownups think you know
all about us, and not believe us?
Calm down.
Do you want me
to go to his parents?
I myself will go to Leningrad.
Will you give me some money?
Guys, don't you hear the bell?
Tatyana Nikolayevna!
Just one question.
Are we free people or not?
You are. Why?
Well, nothing special.
Because all we hear are just lies.
As if all's done for someone's good.
Some circus.
What lies? What are you talking about?
Roman's been banished to Leningrad.
Katya went no one knows where.
And I'm back.
Don't I have the right?
Have a seat, please.
Take your coat off.
We're going to the theatre.
It's like our second honeymoon.
I didn't know the grandma had a stroke
and that you sent Roma to Leningrad.
I'll tell you the truth.
We played a practical joke on Roma
in order to save him.
So we had to invent that stroke.
What else could we do?
He'll never forgive you for that.
Such things are not forgiven.
Come on,
he'll only be thanking us.
We're doing it for him.
He'll have so many Katyas yet...
And this one, if she goes after
her mother...
You can ask my husband
what she's like.
You must make it that the grandma
gets well and Roma comes back.
No, it's impossible.
I'm his mother.
I know what to do.
Excuse me.
She should have her own children
and raise them, if she's so smart.
What's the matter, Kostya?
What is it you're doing?!
You deserve to be killed for that!
Go on, kill me. You already
started doing it.
I haven't started anything.
I want to talk to you.
- I came to tell you...
- She's going to Leningrad.
And you can do nothing
about it, nothing.
Wait. You think I'm against it?
It was exactly what I was thinking,
that the girl should go there.
Of course, we can'tjust
lay our lives in their way, can we?
It's not for you, it's for her and him.
I'm sorry, we don't have much time.
Thank you, of course, but...
Just to think that
of all boys she's chosen your son...
I can't understand anything
about this life.
He's inherited it from me.
Katya took a plane to Leningrad.
She's already on her way.
I'm glad. Their grandmother
isn't ill, they invented it.
Are they beasts or what?
It looks like it.
They're just parents.
Just parents.
Who love their darling son too much.
Katya is being called up for a phone
conversation with Leningrad tonight.
I can't stand it anymore,
I'm tired and nervously exhausted.
They'll talk when they meet.
I can go there, just in case.
Here, take it.
And give our best
to the boy.
All right.
We're sorry.
Katya's left for Leningrad.
Her mother saw her off.
Everything's all right, then.
Everything's fine.
A happy end.
Sasha, let's go to the movies.
We'll drop by the post office
on our way.
It's my third answer to you.
My studying is no good,
they give me C's out of pity.
The schoolmistress gave us a lecture.
You wouldn't even dream
a real misfortune!
And was boring me with her eyes.
Tanechka says that
life's more important than love.
But her eyes are as sad
as a sick dog's.
I dreamed that the earth-crust
burst between
Moscow and Leningrad.
Vera, daughter, we have
everything going like clockwork.
He's at school now.
And I'm smoking into an open window.
Then he will come,
and I'll be in bed dying.
By the way, I would have made
a great actress.
You're not an actress, you...
You... you're...
Try to understand, it was a forced
deception. Open up!
Open up and we'll talk.
Do you hear?
I'll explain everything
to you very simply.
Who told you that it was love?
Remember how you fell in love
with little Lisa in kindergarten?
You think we should've gotten
you married?
I can't see you.
Why are you hiding?
I'm going to break the door.
Let me in, do you hear?
Let me in!
I won't let you!
I won't let you go anywhere!
It's a vicious family,
and it's a vicious girl.
We'll tie you up
with ropes, with chains,
but we'll save you,
the fool, from that slut!
The End
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