Vampire Hunter D (1985) Movie Script

Luke? Luke!
Luke! LUKE!
A werewolf!
A Noble?
You're a wandering Hunter, right?
You can talk, can't you?!
Is that sword just for show?
How about I take it from you?!
Pretty good.
Sure enough, you're just a sham, huh?
Now leave that sword on your back and go!
You're a Hunter, aren't you?
What's more, a Vampire Hunter!
I'm right, aren't I? I'm sorry.
I apologize for being rash.
I wanted to see what you could do.
I... I'll hire you. I need you!
Look at this.
It's the Kiss of a Noble.
What's your name?
D-Doris Lang. Will you take this job?
You'll be rewarded.
Th-three meals a day.
And... you can do what you want with me.
When did the Noble assault you?
You'll take the job?!
Ah! I'll do that for you.
Wow. This horse is a DL4-model cyborg, huh?
You don't talk much, do you?
Dr. Ferringo says there are two kinds of quiet men:
The ones who stay silent thinking bad things,
and those who've been through a lot
and don't talk more than they have to.
I'd say you're more like the second type.
I mean, you're really cool!
Yo, Doris.
Sure enough, it looks like the rumors were true.
Wh-what do you mean?
I'd like to talk to you a bit about that...
What do you want?
Oh, you know... How they say you
were attacked by the Count.
Wh-what are you talking about?!
Now, now. Keep your voice down.
Or don't you care if little Danny overhears?
Look, Doris... Why didn't you come ask me for help?
I AM the mayor's son.
I can hire Hunters way better than that one,
as many as you need. You get what I'm saying?
Well? I'll even overlook that incident before.
Just do what I say...
What the hell, woman?! That hurt!
Keep your paws off of me!
Doris... I'm worried about you.
I'm tryin' to say I'll help you!
If you think you can buy my gratitude, you're wrong.
I know plenty of people
who've suffered because of you all!
You're so cute when you're angry
that I can't stand it.
Now be quiet and do as you're told--
Y-you bitch! You think you can screw with me?!
Bro, what...?
Hey, everyone!
Listen up! Doris was attacked by the Count!
A vampire got to her!
That's why she hired that Hunter!
So you're a Hunter, aren't you?
That's right.
Doris, you...!
It's just as I said, isn't it?
No way! My sis isn't like that! The heck?!
This is because she turned you down!
What was that?
You little shit!
But, Dad! They're making a damn fool of me!
We're discussing important
village issues right now. Just go outside!
In any case, since you were bitten by a vampire,
we can't let you run free.
You're going to the detainment camp!
Stop it! You're not taking my sister anywhere!
Please wait a moment, Sheriff.
That camp is no place for humans to enter.
It's worse than a pigsty.
As a doctor, I absolutely object.
What's more, it hasn't even been
used for over 50 years.
It can't be helped, Doctor. It's the law of our village.
Rohman, you still remember what happened
when we used that place 50 years ago, don't you?
What happened 50 years ago?
There was a woman who, like Doris,
was attacked by a Noble.
We locked her in the camp,
which infuriated the Count.
He brutally murdered 30 villagers.
What happened to the woman?
She went insane and died in the camp.
Can't you wait till I've finished my assignment
before you deal with Doris?
Y-you seem quite confident.
But you're going up against vampires!
If you should fail...
If that happens, then I will take my own life!
Dan. Listen closely.
Um, I'll have the usual month's worth of fertilizer
and five packs of dried meat.
And some canned goods, too.
Sorry, but we're all sold out!
Mr. Whateley!
Whateley, what are you saying?
You have plenty of stock here.
Doctor! All my other customers have run off.
I can't sell to someone in cahoots with the vampires!
What was that?!
Going forward, there'll be even more hardship.
Dan, you can cry if you want. Do as you will.
But don't make your sister cry.
If it seems your tears will make your sister cry,
then hold them back.
Even in tough times, you must smile
and encourage your sister.
Because you're a man. You understand, don't you?
What's with you today?
You're not quite yourself, are you?
Protecting this girl, even encouraging her brother...
Just what is going on? Don't tell me
that you've fallen in love with the girl.
Don't be foolish!
Let's see... She offered you her body,
but there's no way you would want that.
Your only interest is the Nobility.
Your fate is to live a life drenched in blood.
In which case... Have you become jealous
for the warmth of a human being?
Impossible! Not a man like you.
Uh, oh.
Thank you for this afternoon.
You talked to Dan, didn't you?
He keeps trying to encourage me.
My father was a Hunter, too. A Werewolf Hunter.
But he didn't know anything about the Nobility.
"You should only ask Vampire Hunters about
the Nobility. Other Hunters will be of no use."
My father always said that.
D, please tell me about the Nobility!
Tomorrow is the Woman's Moon.
Woman's Moon? You mean, the red moon
that appears once a month?
To the Nobility, the blood that flows
during this moon is impure,
so they detest feeding of it.
As such, someone from the castle
may come for you tonight.
Who is the Noble that lives there?
His name is Count Lee. They say he ruled this land
long before our village was established.
He apparently vanished for a long time,
but when light appeared in his castle two years ago,
we knew that he'd come back.
They say he's 5,000 or even 10,000 years old.
In either case, it looks like he's incredibly old...
Ten thousand years?
It seems he'll prove a difficult enemy.
They've come.
How will you fight them? I'll fight, too!
Crosses and garlic will have no effect on them.
It's for this reason that...
...the Nobility keep mutants and werewolves.
So she's hired a bodyguard, eh?
That's the sort of thing a lowly human would think of.
A woman? What happened to the Count?
The girl here is of a beauty unrivaled in this land,
and her blood fairly melts on the tongue.
So my father says, which is why
I've come to see her...
And yet, her kind is foolish and insignificant.
She forgets her gratitude to us, her rulers.
Such blatant disobedience will not be forgiven!
You will die a bloody death first,
then the girl will be dealt with oh-so slowly.
I am Rei Ginsei. Slaughtering people like you
is my duty. Please ready yourself.
You're better than I'd expected.
In which case, please allow me to be equally serious.
I see.
I've heard of a mutant
who can warp space... It's you?!
Yes, unfortunately. Now then, I will take your head.
Y-you bastard!
This man is a dhampir.
Rei! I will handle this.
But Milady...
Fall back, NOW!
Understood, Milady.
So, a dhampir? I've never seen one.
You were some Noble's whimsy, the bastard result
of consort with a vulgar woman.
You're more troublesome
than those wretched humans.
Young lady, my business is with the Count.
I don't want to kill you.
Shut up! You think some
lowly dhampir could beat me?!
Go back to the castle and tell the Count this:
"The fate of the transient guests
is to return to the darkness."
The "transient guests," you say?
Has Larmica returned?
They acted selfishly, without asking my leave.
I'll deal with them later.
A dhampir, you say?
You're saying Larmica and Rei
were forced to retreat by a dhampir?
Interesting. Now there's
one more thing to look forward to.
O Sacred Ancestor, Count Dracula!
My father is mistaken.
He seeks to bring that lowly Doris girl
into the fold of our noble Lee family.
I cannot allow him to foolishly taint
our noble blood. O Dracula!
Lady Larmica. Please return to your room.
I don't recall having to do as you say.
I was just admonished
by the Count for our earlier actions.
It is his order that you not leave your room.
Now please come.
Rei! I will not allow you to touch me!
You seem to want to ingratiate yourself
with my father and be part of a Noble family,
but you, too, are of a vulgar race.
I would never allow one who sheds
such filthy blood to become part of this family!
D, be careful. It's a trap.
Yes, I know.
Over there!
So, we meet again.
Well! You evaded my young jaguar
and that arm is still attached to your body.
You truly are a dhampir.
I would like to settle our matter from yesterday,
but by order of the Count,
I am to guide you to a certain location.
I said it was a trap, didn't I? Whoa...
These are ruins from the war 10,000 years ago.
Now THIS is a proper view of the world.
Who are you, sir?
Who are you, sir?
Why do you not answer?
Why do you not answer?
Who are you all?
We three are...
We three are...
THIS is what we are!
We are the infamous Midwich Medusas!
Big Sister, it's been so long since we've had prey.
Shall we slowly savor the taste of this man?
Yes. We'll drain his life energy,
down to the very marrow!
Doris, don't worry. He will be back.
He seems like he's forged out of steel.
He won't be beaten that easily.
Doris! Don't tell me you've fallen for him!
No! That won't do!
He's not the kind of man you think he is.
He may not be a bad person,
but he has dangerous eyes.
Dangerous eyes?
The eyes of a man who's fought
with life and death always on the line.
He's not the sort of man who'd look after you!
Well, Madam. The Count has been awaiting you.
Let Dan and Dr. Ferringo go!
So sorry. Fresh meat is a favorite of theirs.
I-if you do that, I'll bite
through my tongue and kill myself!
The Count ordered me to bring you free of injury.
It seems I have no choice.
Put that tongue back in your mouth. It's crude.
Come, Doris.
Tomorrow, you will enter into a family of the Nobility.
Why not drop all this bravado?
No way! I'll be out of this moldy old castle
before the night is through!
How cute. You will be my Countess soon.
Thus, I will forgive your impudence for now.
By the way, Doris, it seems you still think
your Hunter will come to save you.
The Medusas are draining him of his vitality.
Look: they're at the peak of ecstasy.
They've been in the throes of such base pleasure
for more than half the day.
A normal man would have died in five minutes,
but sure enough, he's a dhampir.
Dhampir? You're saying D is a dhampir?!
Oh, you didn't know?
He is of mixed blood, born from whatever
base woman one of us Nobles slept with for fun.
What is it?
Doris, take a good look.
It's an arousing sight, wouldn't you say?
No! Stop it!
Very well. You should get a good rest
in your quarters tonight.
Tomorrow we'll be wed, my dear Doris.
The moon seems quite baleful tonight...
Such a man he is! At this rate, he'll overwhelm us.
He'll really overwhelm us.
So then, this woman will join the Lee family?
This female would become my mother?
Sure enough, you can't fight your lineage.
Hate it all you like, but in the end you
still bared your fangs.
Shut up.
Getting angry again? Too bad, this is your destiny.
Bastard. You want me to cut you off?
Fine. My lips are sealed!
What is it about her that my father can't resist?
I, Larmica, will NOT allow you
to join the Lee family bloodline, bitch!
Damn you!
I can't go back to the castle till I've finished him.
Sis... Sis!
D-Dan. Where's D?
Ah, he's outside fixing the wall.
He sure is awesome! I mean, he rescued you
from that scary place all by himself.
Then when he came back, he didn't rest at all.
He just went straight to work!
Hey, it's a Noble!
That's a Noble's carriage!
What's it doing here?
Hey, what's with you?
Let's go to a hotel and drink some more!
Go home, bitches.
What the hell?!
What gives?!
What the hell?!
Hey, Pops!
A servant of the Nobility...!
Yes, I know. Give me the key to the monitor room.
I am a messenger of the Count.
What do you want? Did he order you to kill me?
No, not at all. One such as I could never defeat you.
The reward for failure is death.
That has been the law that protects the castle.
The Count says you are to use this to kill that man.
Don't tell me that's Time-Bewitching Censer!
You are correct.
Time-Bewitching Censer?
D! Did you find Dan?
Dan's been taken.
That's Dan's gun! I'm the one the Nobility wants.
Why did they take my brother?
What does it say? Let me see!
What is this?
Forget it. It's a sort of code
only understood by assassins.
It says if I wish to save Dan's life, I must go alone.
They're trying to separate us.
But why Dan? Why not just tell ME to go?
The person who wrote this letter
wants to settle things with me.
What's more, if he called for you using the boy
as a shield, it would stain the Nobility's honor.
What "honor" do they have?!
The Nobility are nothing more
than monsters that suck human blood!
I... I'm sorry.
Why do you make that face?
You know full well I am a dhampir.
My blood is mixed with the Nobility, whom you hate.
I understand. You kept quiet so we
wouldn't worry unnecessarily, right?
I wish I hadn't found out...
So you're here.
Where is Dan?
Brother D! Help me!
Little boy! I'll get you down as soon as I kill this man.
Just keep calm and wait there.
D, I'm scared!
And now, here I come.
D, watch out! That's the Time-Bewitching Censer!
It... It won't light!
Dan... Dan! Please come back safe.
If you died...
Doris, it's me. Ferringo!
Doris, please switch off the barrier.
Doctor... Doctor! Dan is... Dan is--
There was a very sick patient in the village.
I'm sorry I'm late. Come, let's go right now.
Still, why did this have to happen to you two?
My hand! Someone tricked me, dammit!
You were given a fake Censer, you cretin.
Let this be a lesson to give up
your foolish ambitions.
Dammit! Don't talk like you know how I feel!
Doctor, is there really such a place?
I found it in the northern forest, passing right by it
at first coming back from Old Man Harker's.
It's an ancient building with some kind
of writing on its stone walls.
Later, I learned it's a place
that can somehow repel vampires.
We'll be safe there. And that man is sure
to rescue Dan unharmed.
A female Noble!
Whoa, whoa!
Doris, turn us around!
There's no room here. I'll take care of her!
Doctor! Dr. Ferringo!
That was my name...
...till yesterday!
Doctor! Doctor! No!
Doctor... Not you, too!
Lady Larmica, what brings you here?
The Count's plan was for me
to take her straight to the castle--
Get her down.
Up till yesterday, I thought of this girl
as my daughter...
But seeing her now, she's so beautiful
I'm shocked I've never had sex with her.
The Count truly has good taste.
Don't be shy! I think I'll ask the Count
if I can have some of your leftover blood.
Hey, you there.
D... Doris!
It's no good. I'm sure Dan and
that man are already...
"That man"?
You mean that dhampir?
I'd rather die here and now than become a Noble!
This is all my father's doing.
Very well. Go somewhere far,
where he can't find you.
Hey, you!
This is great...
...this "Time-Bewitching Censer."
It's just supposed to blind vampires.
But it really makes them suffer, huh?
How did you get that?
The important thing is the Count's daughter
is our hostage now.
If we set up a deal with him, everything will go fine.
Just what are you...?
I'm going to draw the Count out,
and then I'll kill him!
It'll be easy with this Time-Bewitching Censer.
But first, you have to promise that you'll be mine.
If you say no, then I'll leave right now.
Otherwise, we can get the Count's treasure
and even rule the village.
Stop! It's so bright!
You don't look good, Doris.
Well, you'll have me to protect you from now on.
Huh. Seeing her like this, she's actually pretty cute.
I thought female Nobility looked like monsters.
Kill me! Right here and now!
Still strong enough to be sassy, huh?
Kill me! I'd rather die than be captured
by a lowly creature like you!
What was that, you little brat?!
Kill me! Do it now, or I promise I will kill you later!
All right, fine. I'll kill ya. I can still lure
the Count out even if you're dead.
Stop it! She can't even fight back!
I'm a "lowly creature," am I?!
Dan? Is that you?
You okay, Sis?
Dan! You're all right! Dan!
I see. The Doctor...
I thought you were dead. I didn't care if I died, too.
Sis, you have to be stronger!
Brother D said we should never give up!
Dan. You...
The castle isn't far from here. Go.
You're not going to kill me?
Of course not! How could we
do something cowardly like kill a girl?!
I'll tell you why he's helping you. This man...
he can't sit by and watch someone be killed,
not even a Noble.
I am not some lowly human: I'm a Noble!
Love and emotion do not exist in our world.
The only law is survival of the fittest.
The truly gifted... the Nobility rule you lowly humans.
Survival of the fittest? Only the strong rule?
Your Sacred Ancestor didn't teach such things.
The Sacred Ancestor?
D! The shower is...
D? D!
What's wrong?
Thank goodness. I thought you
might have gone somewhere again.
I'm sorry for the terrible things I said...
It's all right. I'm used to it by now.
I don't want you to end up like my father.
He was forced to fight the vampires
because he was a Hunter, and...
You've fought enough. Let's go live
together somewhere far away.
I can't do that.
Why not?
You would suffer even more misfortune.
That's not true! I... I don't want you to die!
Stop it.
No! I want to stay like this for while.
It's all right. Take my blood.
I'm sorry.
Why can't you be honest with yourself?
Do you think your blood is cursed that badly?
You can't even grant a woman's wish.
First-rate dhampir, like hell!
Your father would...
Shut up.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, at least the Time-Bewitching Censer
is safe, thank goodness.
So it was you, eh?
Wait a minute!
I cannot wait. I shall kill you.
Damn you!
My apologies, after you were kind enough
to let me live the other day.
D-damn you!
My, how strong. Take THIS.
Nobility... The eternal youth...
You bastard.
Now we're even.
D! D! Are you alive?! D!
Brother! Brother, wake up! Open your eyes!
Is he... Is he dead?
You're a stubborn girl, aren't you?
This is my last request.
Please reconsider your wedding tonight.
You can't let that lowly girl into our family!
Larmica. Tonight's wedding is but
a fleeting fancy in my long, long life.
I will, of course, grow tired of her. After that,
I will look for a new girl. This is solely for pleasure.
In that case, I will kill her.
Otherwise, the Lee family will fall!
Listen well, Larmica. Bringing a human into our fold
is not enough to make the Lee family fall.
Because, Larmica...
your mother was just like that girl...
A lowly human woman.
I have lived in this world for 10,000 years.
You cannot understand what that means.
I am surrounded by boredom and weariness.
The best medicine for that is having some fun
with a lower-class woman like your mother.
Once we Nobility took control of their lands,
the humans were finally able to
live their simple lives.
When you consider that, finding pleasure
every 50 to 100 years is nothing.
Father! Take back this falsehood!
It's not falsehood. Your mother
was of the lower class, yet--
Larmica, your pride is indeed that of a true Noble.
However, I can't have you disturbing my wedding.
Stay there a while till you've calmed down.
I would ask you to fulfill your promise.
Promise, you say?
Yes. To make me one of the Nobility,
and grant me eternal youth.
You damn fool. Be grateful you're still alive
after your repeated failures!
"Eternal youth", indeed.
You can wait another 50 years.
Fifty years?!
There we go. This guy sure is a handful.
Oh, no. I gotta hurry!
Let's see...
Hey, what is it? Move already.
What's wrong, D? Snap out of it!
O-oh, no! It's found us!
Hey! Hey, what's wrong?
Move! C'mon, move! Hey, D!
What's up? Move! Hey!
C'mon, move! Move! Dammit!
Move, damn you! HEY! What are you doing?!
You son of a--
Looks like we made it somehow.
Rei. You're being rude. Stand aside.
This is the end for you.
"Wait 50 years"?
What do you think 50 years is to us?!
Thanks to you, I lost my left hand...
I let all my comrades die!
But no matter. You're going to die here, too!
You thought something like THAwould work on me?
Farewell, Rei.
Such a joyful day. I doubt I'll ever have
such a fulfilling day again.
It is with great joy we congratulate
Count Magnus Lee on his new bride...
I am grateful for your blessings.
You are the first woman
to have caused me such trouble.
So it's you?
The Nobility died out long ago.
Your kind are but transient guests in this world.
Transient guests?
Both the Nobility and this castle
are ghosts forgotten by time!
Return to the world where you belong!
Such amusing things you say.
You are a product of our whimsy; a mere dhampir.
Do you really think you can beat me?
I'll have my fun once I've finished you off.
How pathetic you look.
Truly, you're just a dhampir.
I don't know why you chose to hunt us,
but there's no way you could beat a pure Noble.
Now then, I will dispose of you
in a different manner from Rei.
I don't know how many Nobility you've put down,
but as a dhampir, you have been killing your own kind.
Thus, it's fitting that you die by your own sword!
Bastard! What are you?
Sis! No!
Sis! Sis!
L-Larmica, what are you doing?
Hurry and strike down my enemy!
Father, please stop this! The Lee family will die.
Your desire for this girl has
made you forget the pride of the Nobility!
Are you...
Could you be our Sacred Ancestor's...?
D... Sacred Ancestor.
I will die in this castle with my father.
I'm not the Sacred Ancestor.
I am a Noble! If our Sacred Ancestor says
we should die, then of course I will obey.
I'm just a dhampir, like you.
Human blood flows within you.
You can live without the trappings of the Nobility.
No! I am a pure Noble. My blood is not polluted!
Brother D!
I am a pure Noble!
Brother! Big Brother!
Brother! Big Brother!
Kimi no uta kaze no kanata ni
Your song, beyond the winds
Boku wa kiita feels like a human voice
I heard it; feels like a human voice
Yami o hoshi o surinukete
Having waved its way through the darkness and the stars
Ima todoku yo, boku dake ni message
It arrives now, a message just to me
Itsukaraka machitsuzukete ita
How long I've waited for this
Konna yoru ga kuru no o
For a night like this to come
Fushigi ni natsukashii kimi no koe
Your voice, strangely nostalgic
Totemo chikaku ni kanjite iru
I feel it so very close
Only your song
Kanashii dekigoto mo kagayaki ni kaete
Makes even sad occasions shine
Only your song
Kanashii dekigoto mo kagayaki ni kaete
Makes even sad occasions shine
Utaeru yo, kimi dake ga kotoba yori tsuyoku
You can sing it, only you, stronger than words
Close your eyes till the morning
And if you love me, need me
Let me hear you say
Utatte hoshii
I want you to sing
I love you kimi o sukuu no wa toki o koeta boku dake da to
I love you; only I, the one who transcended time, will save you
I just wanna stay inside
You just wanna go outside
Who's gonna make you up?
Who's gonna make me down?
Why do you go forward?
Why do I go backward?
Kimi no uta kagiri naku
Your song, boundless
Kanashiku yasashiku kanaderu
You perform it sorrowfully, kindly
Sagasu sube wa only your song
Your means of searching is only your song
Haiiro no sora kugurinukeru yo
We can slip past that ash-colored sky
Subete no yume nagedashitemo
Even if I abandon all my dreams
Kimi ni ai ni yukitai
I want to go meet you
Soshite moshimo aeru no nara
And if, maybe, we can meet
Sore wa boku ga boku ni naru toki
That's when I'll become myself
Only your song
Deaeru basho sae mo wakaranai yo
I don't even know the place where we can meet
Only your song
1985 futarikiri de modoreru no nara
If we can go back, just the two of us, to 1985
Close your eyes till the morning
And if you love me, need me
Let me hear you say
Utatte hoshii
I want you to sing
I love you kimi o sukuu no wa toki o koeta boku dake da to
I love you; only I, the one who has transcended time, will save you
Close your eyes till the morning
And if you love me, need me
Let me hear you say
Utatte hoshii
I want you to sing
I love you kimi o sukuu no wa toki o koeta boku dake da to
I love you only I, the one who transcended time, will save you