Vampire Journals (1997) Movie Script

How many years
had passed since that
night I lost Rebecca?
And yet, the grief
still burned in my soul.
How many countries had I
crossed in my quest for revenge?
How many vampires had I slain?
And how many countless more
were spawned in that time?
For me, there is no answer,
no comfort, no rest.
The trail of blood
led me back again
to Eastern Europe in search
of Ash, the music lover.
the spawn of many bloodlines.
Some are monstrous
creatures forced
to hide their
faces from society.
Others are beings of
age-old grace walking freely
through the world of mortals.
filled my heart with rapture,
until my senses rose
to the scent of evil.
Ash was close at hand.
He was a master
vampire with powers
evolved over
countless centuries.
reached into my eyes
and forced me to look away.
He was mesmerized by the
girl who played piano.
You can dance
next time on stage.
I won't mind.
Please accept this small
token of my admiration.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
If I may be so bold.
Please, you must pay us a
visit some evening as my guest.
Thank you.
Maybe sometime soon.
Whenever you wish.
I'm a patient man.
Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
G... good night.
Good night.
He's weird.
This evening was great.
Thanks for coming.
I hope you enjoyed it.
It is our pleasure, you know?
I'll see you tomorrow.
Bye bye.
A master vampire
is invulnerable to
surprise attack,
except in the moments
when its bloodlust rises
and its senses are utterly
focused on its prey.
His senses were
focused on the girl.
It seemed a good time to
separate him from his neck.
Let me go!
It's all right.
You're safe now.
In the last moment,
I chose her life
over the life of Ash.
It was a moment of weakness
I shall forever regret.
Are you all right?
He's gone now.
Well, this is perfect.
First night on stage,
I attract a stalker.
He gave you something
else, I believe.
His calling card?
Oh, yeah.
"Club Muse"?
Why are you so curious?
What do you know about him?
Only that he seems to be
a great admirer of yours.
I'll walk you home, if I may.
Please, I'd appreciate that.
How was the concert?
The repertoire was sublime.
The concert was
mediocre at best,
except for the new
pianist, Sofia.
She has the gift.
How was the concert, Master?
Sublime, Cassandra.
I would like to attend
the symphony sometime.
Someday, perhaps,
we shall go together.
But leave us now.
Anything of interest?
The general is back again.
He's become enamored
with Angelica.
That could be amusing.
Anton knows you are
displeased with him.
He asked to speak with you.
I pray the fates
are smiling tonight.
Please, enjoy the night.
Drinks on the house.
Fetch me Anton.
You're American.
I come from many countries.
Oh, really?
How's that?
I travel the world.
Doing what?
A sort of personal quest.
That's cool.
I love this city.
It's so elegantly decayed.
It's one of the so-called
cities of mysteries.
Cities of mysteries?
I've never heard of that.
It's a city where
the ways of antiquity
exist in league with
the modern world.
Well, here's my place.
Thanks for everything.
I don't have a telephone,
but if you ever
want to have a cup of
coffee or something,
you know where to find me.
You must be careful here.
Don't walk alone at night.
Lock your doors and windows.
Hey, come on, Zachary.
You're scaring me.
I lived in New York.
I can take care of myself.
As you wish.
Good night.
Good night.
And thanks.
For nothing.
seen the look in Ash's eye.
I had seen the same look
in a thousand others.
He'd be back to claim his prey.
The game had just begun.
I took it upon myself to
watch over her 'til the dawn.
disappoint me, Anton.
Why, Ash?
What have I done?
We struck a bargain,
you and I. Immortality
and sanctuary in exchange
for half your worldly goods.
How dare you withhold a
portion of your wealth from me.
Ash, I swear to you.
I give you sanctuary,
blood to sustain you.
We share the sacred mysteries.
And you repay me with
such uninspired larceny?
Please, Ash.
That money is for my children.
You are the child now,
Anton, and I am the father.
I will rip your
children to pieces
if you dare to betray me.
No, Ash.
Please, spare my children.
I will do anything you ask.
You have scarcely begun
your passage into mastery.
You cannot survive without me.
One more chance, I beg of you.
You have two days to
correct this insult.
Iris will contact your
attorney tomorrow.
Thank you, Ash.
I'll call Walter tonight.
It will be taken care of.
I surprised you, Master.
Cassandra, your game
is a dangerous one.
Lie with me tonight.
Let me satisfy your cravings.
You distract me
with your sensuality.
Leave me to my meditations.
Ash, come quickly.
The general's had a problem.
It was an accident!
It was an accident!
You killed her!
I saw him!
It's not my fault!
General, relax.
I'm not here to enforce the law.
I'm here to serve you.
Please, it's very important
to avoid a scandal.
The last thing any of us
wants is a scandal, my friend.
You and Dimitri
may dispose of her.
Let's get this over
with quickly, Cassandra.
The smell is disgusting.
I shall have to use
a liter of perfume
to find anyone to dance with me.
You don't appreciate the
smell of death, Dimitri?
I find it intoxicating.
You're a depraved little bitch.
Join me, Dimitri.
It's a shame to let
her go to waste.
What troubles you, child?
The wanderer you prophesied.
I faced him tonight.
At last, he has arrived.
He held the Blade of Laertes.
Draw him close to you.
Fear him not.
You are the stronger one.
You will prevail.
Excuse me.
You're Sofia
Christopher, aren't you?
You perform with the symphony.
Uh, yes, I am.
Can I help you?
My employer offers
his deepest apologies
for frightening you last night.
He asked me to
convey he was merely
seeing you safely to your home.
Oh, uh, I guess I
did sort of overreact.
His name is Monsieur Ash.
He's a wealthy
patron of the arts.
A bit eccentric, perhaps,
but a most gentle man.
He was quite taken
by your performance
and wishes to engage you in a
private recital at Club Muse.
Oh, really?
Tonight, if possible,
for a fee of $1,000.
Uh, sure.
That's great.
I'll come around with
the car just after sunset.
That's great.
What are you doing here?
Hoping to see you.
You're going somewhere?
The most amazing
thing happened today.
This woman stopped
me on the street
and hired me to play at
that place, Club Muse.
Club Muse?
This woman, she was
out in the daylight?
Yeah, it was daytime.
That man who followed
me, he's the owner.
He's a patron of the arts.
They're paying me $1,000
for one solo recital.
Sofia, you must come
with me and listen
carefully to what
I have to tell you.
Tell me tomorrow, OK, Zachary?
I've gotta go now.
Sofia, please, don't
get in that car.
Zachary, I'm nervous
enough as it is, OK?
I like you, but you're not
my boyfriend or anything.
So don't get bossy, OK?
in the car was no vampire,
but she reeked of evil.
I should've stopped her,
but something held me back.
With shame, I realized I
hesitated in the knowledge
that she would lead
me to his lair.
She crossed the threshold
of her own free will.
To intervene in
that moment would
have jeopardized my quest.
This place is beautiful.
It suits our needs.
You may begin.
Please, continue.
The hours passed.
Mortals came and went.
I gathered my courage and
went down for a closer look.
I'm sorry, sir.
It's a private club.
That's quite all
right, gentlemen.
I'm a private man.
place was a fortress,
an age-old den of evil.
The air of malevolence
dwarfed my senses.
Sir, I must ask
you to please leave.
You cannot enter here.
My mistake.
reached into her eyes,
but I could not master her.
This was not the time or place
to rush blindly into battle.
I pitied Sofia, but
I was not her keeper.
Don't leave me, Sofia.
You are a goddess of music.
I can make you immortal.
for her until the dawn.
But in my heart, I
knew her fate was
sealed, as mine had been
sealed an eternity ago.
A fate of endless nighttime
and endless hunger
for innocent blood.
I drink in shame
only to survive.
I cannot bear to face my prey.
Fear not, child.
I will not harm you.
most desolate creature...
A vampire with a mortal's
heart, a predator
cursed to feel
pity for his prey.
I destroyed the
one who spawned me.
I swear I will destroy his
entire bloodline, the ones who
stole me from warmth of the sun.
For me there is no
comfort, no peace.
Night has come.
Please, let me go.
Your apprenticeship
has just begun.
What have you done to me?
I have initiated you
into the mysteries.
Please, somebody, help!
There is no one to hear
you, no hope of rescue,
no possibility of escape.
What do you want from me?
Absolute devotion and the
pleasure of your music.
In return, I offer you
the secret sought by man
since the dawn of
time... eternal life.
Let me go home now.
Embrace me willingly, and
your passage will be painless.
Resist me, and you will
agonize 'til the end of time.
I shall drink from
you slowly until you
embrace me as your master.
Like hell you will!
Let go of me!
Soon enough, you will
beg me for deliverance.
I surprised you, Master.
I remind you, Casandra,
it is forbidden
to enter the master's lair.
You're keeping the
piano girl, aren't you.
She is a sweet one, isn't she.
Come, Cassandra.
Darkness calls.
Take me out into the
great night, Master.
I crave the hunt.
There is danger in the hunt.
The night is no longer
our exclusive domain.
It seems unnatural
to live as we do,
secluded from the pulse of life.
I hunger for the chase.
We shall hunt, Cassandra.
But it is a rare privilege.
Master, may I speak
with you in private?
Soon, Dimitri, soon.
I promise you.
Cassandra, leave us.
Wait for me below.
You abducted her.
She was irresistible.
You're becoming reckless, Ash.
You're jeopardizing everything.
You bring your prey in
through the labyrinth,
not through the front
door of my nightclub.
You are not the master, Iris.
You are not my master, Ash.
You're my employer.
Apropos of which, did you
speak to Anton's attorney?
I arranged for Anton to
meet with him tonight.
Eavesdrop on their discussion.
I'll be upstairs later.
I'm frightened, Master.
The night is so vast.
Sharpen your
sentences to the prey.
Don't let the chaos
of life confuse you.
Listen, Cassandra.
Feel my heartbeat.
Let me feel yours.
Feel our hearts together.
Cassandra, I applaud
your depravity.
But you cannot carry on like
this in a public thoroughfare.
Sofia still lived.
I could sense her
despair through the walls
of his stronghold.
My fear was not that
Ash would kill her,
for that would've
been the kinder fate.
My fear was he would curse
her with eternal life,
and her destruction
would fall to me.
You are a stranger here.
I am master of this city.
At midnight tonight, walk
through my door in peace.
(WHISPERING) Make certain that
your people have everything
prepared as we planned.
Remember to put the package on
the plane behind the baggage
We are discussing
the arrangements
for our business venture.
Thank you for coming, Walter.
Always a pleasure, Ash.
I'll tell Iris to
extend every courtesy.
Dimitri, take your
friend downstairs.
And Alexander?
Remove your head
from the bar and put
on some evening clothes.
vampire with a mortal ally
is master of both night and day.
The woman, Iris,
was a danger to me
and to the safety
of my resting place.
Ash invited me.
You are welcome here.
This way, please.
Before me were
the spawn of Ash
co-mingling with mortals.
To purge this den would
be a bloody nightmare.
You are a stranger to my city.
You have stood between
me and my prey.
What is your name?
You stalk me.
What is it you seek?
The girl, Sofia.
Sofia is mine.
Release her to me, and
I shall leave in peace.
You are no hero.
The scent of death betrays you.
You are the hunter, the
scourge of our bloodline!
Fear him not, Ash.
It is you who will
strike the mortal blow.
Do not humiliate yourself.
You are no match for me.
This is the Blade of
Laertes, a vampire slayer.
These symbols endowed
with magical powers.
It was mine once.
It was stolen from
me 700 years ago.
I offer you the blade
for the life of Sofia.
I claim the blade and the
life of Sofia, and your life
as well.
Our lives are
intertwined, Zachary.
Drink blood with me.
You heard the prophecy.
It is I who will prevail.
You are a pitiful creature.
You lust for blood, but your
heart cries out for mercy.
You deny your predatory nature.
I despise it, Ash,
but I do not deny it.
I am spawned from your
own cursed bloodline.
Who is your master?
I killed my master.
Let us strike a
bargain, Zachary,
in our mutual best interests.
I will give you sanctuary,
a willing consort
to feast upon this one night.
Tomorrow, you must leave
here and never look back.
If you agree to that,
I'll let you see Sofia.
All right.
I agree.
This is the largest underground
stronghold in Eastern Europe.
80 feet beneath the
city are labyrinth caves
with a dozen secret exits.
It was renovated
in the 18th century
by my predecessor and
master, Radu of Transylvania.
Here, we are free to pursue
our predilections with mortals
who appreciate the
pleasures of our gifts.
him into the heart of his lair.
He held me in his thrall.
Sofia was somewhere
close at hand,
but I was powerless
to act against him.
Drink without shame, Zachary.
She is a willing partner.
I leave you in peace.
Who is this stranger?
Why is he so sad?
He yearns for redemption,
but there is none.
Leave him be.
He is my plaything.
Kiss me.
I warn you, child.
Stand away from me.
Drink from me.
Take what you desire.
But please, spare my life.
Run from me, child.
I have no wish to
violate your flesh.
Run from me!
Let me go, or I swear
to God I'll kill you.
Please, don't hurt me.
I have no wish to hurt you.
I offer you deliverance
from your pain.
My friends know I'm here.
They'll come looking for me.
I would welcome the diversion.
Sofia, to live forever is
life's most precious gift.
A priceless opportunity
to perfect your art
through the centuries.
Accept me as your
master, and you
will be an avatar
of the music world.
Iris, I require more incense.
Then you shall
have it, Dimitri.
Ash, I must speak
with you at once.
Why do you disturb me?
Anton and Walter are
plotting to leave the country.
Where are they now?
Walter's in the brothel.
Anton's in his lair.
Tell Anton to meet me
above, and bring Walter
to us immediately.
You are my child, Anton.
My life blood courses
through your veins.
What compels you to defy me?
No, no, no.
Everything is taken
care of, Master.
Walter will make the
transfer immediately.
What reason is there to deceive
me when all that I possess,
all my comforts and
protections, are yours to share?
Have I not given you
all that I vowed?
Yes, Ash.
You are a man true to your word.
And you, Anton?
What good is your word to me?
I swear to you, there will
be no more irregularities.
Kiss my hand, Anton.
Declare your devotion.
You are my master, Ash.
Please, join us.
Anton has made his
intentions clear to me.
The transfers will
be made tomorrow.
Iris can confirm
the transaction.
I am mortally
offended, gentlemen,
that you partake my
generosity and yet continue
to conspire against me.
No, Ash, we are
eager to cooperate.
Anton is being most generous.
In my opinion, he has no
legal obligation to you.
You, dear Anton,
disappoint me greatly.
And you, Walter, as a
practitioner of the legal arts,
are beneath my contempt.
Both of you have
betrayed my trust.
Feast, Anton.
Have mercy, Master.
Please, he is my only friend.
Prove your devotion to me.
You are my master, Ash.
Your cowardice is
a danger to us all.
All that I have given
you, I now take away.
Have mercy, Master.
There is no mercy, Anton.
Only darkness eternal.
You can't behave like
this in my nightclub.
I could not let them leave.
They would have exposed us.
And what happens now
when Walter's associates
call the police?
Witnesses can place
him here, and I'm
the one who must
face their questions.
You will deal with
it as you always
have, you and our
friends in high places.
What goes on in your
sanctuary is no concern to me.
But this?
This is where I draw the line.
Do not challenge me, Iris.
I have troubles enough.
I have been generous with you.
Do not betray me, or
I shall draw the line
across your throat.
I heard that.
Burn in Hell, Cassandra.
Master was
displeased with Anton,
as he grows displeased with you.
Anton tried to
gain his freedom.
Your master holds you
in eternal slavery.
Stop that, Cassandra.
You're disgusting.
You are the disgusting one.
You are as guilty as we.
And yet, we shall live forever
while you grow old and ugly
and die.
How long have you
been Ash's protege?
Two centuries and a half.
Your reign as his
favorite one has ended.
Sofia has replaced
you in his affections.
Jealousy becomes you, Iris.
We joke amongst us how you
yearn for our master's kiss.
lay there in a reverie,
the innocent's blood like pins
and needles through my flesh.
I prayed for death to release
me from my oath of vengeance,
but God mocked my despair
with visions of Rebecca
and my last days of
happiness a century ago.
Absinthe and poetry were
my foolish passions.
Rebecca was my inspiration.
And Serena, the seductress
who stole my life from me.
I had tasted less than
one glass of her blood.
I needed little to sustain me.
And yet, she begged for more.
When can I venture into
the great night alone?
Patience, child.
There is still much
for you to learn.
Lie with me tonight.
I crave your affection.
Leave me, Cassandra.
My patience is short.
Master, I have a problem.
What is it, Dimitri?
I accidentally
killed my consort.
I'm sorry, Master.
I couldn't help myself.
Dispose what's left
of him in the pit.
But first, go to
the salon and help.
Iris dispose of
Anton and Walter.
Anton is dead?
He betrayed my trust,
so I beheaded him.
My condolences, Master.
He was a vile man.
Go now.
Leave me in peace.
Your friend Zachary
wishes to see you.
Zachary, here?
You must make yourself
more presentable.
I have honored my
obligation to you.
God damn you, Ash!
My senses overwhelmed
by the innocent's
blood, I did not
hear them entering the chamber.
It was a moment of surrender
I would not repeat.
I searched for a crack in the
wall, a gap in the doorway
through which to escape.
But where no light can
enter, a shadow cannot pass.
Come on, Anton.
Don't be difficult.
Careful, it's hot.
Alas, poor Yorick.
Ow, brains!
Damn you, Anton!
Still making trouble.
Give me that, you idiot.
Careful, Iris.
Don't mess the floor.
Leave us, Dimitri.
Master, I'll be in
my lair freshening up.
Don't forget my incense, Iris.
This is the key
to Zachary's lair.
Tomorrow, when the
sun is at its zenith,
take his sleeping
body to the courtyard
and render him to dust.
I am not your
vampire slayer, Ash.
And from now on, I
want you to spare
me these intrigues of yours.
But this one favor
I'll do for you
if you give me
something in return.
Anything but what
you most desire.
The girl, Sofia... I
want you to kill her.
Do not mock me, Iris.
Sofia's life is more
precious to me than yours.
Oh, God, you're
in love with her.
What a poor, pitiful
Romeo you are.
As she grows stronger,
you grow weaker.
Destroy her, Ash, or
she'll be your ruin.
You have spirit, Sofia,
and a fierce will to live.
They will serve you well
in the centuries to come.
The hour has arrived to taste
the blood of your master.
Please, don't!
I will have you, Sofia.
Embrace me willingly,
and I vow not
to spoil that
portion of your soul
which is the wellspring
of your artistry.
I beg of you, Sofia.
I have no wish to defile
the music in your heart.
You will be mine forever.
I'm sorry, my beloved.
Come to me.
Our lives can be redeemed.
Let go of me!
Where's Ash?
I said, let go of me!
Where's Sofia?
Take me to her!
I'll point you to his lair,
into the secret tunnels.
But first, you must
agree on three things.
I could kill you right now for
delivering her into his hands.
Oh, that would be
a foolish waste.
What are your conditions?
First, you must promise
not to betray my confidence.
You have my word.
Second, you must take Sofia
and leave this country never
to return.
I will leave when Ash and all
of his bloodline are destroyed.
I will not stand
between Ash and his fate.
Sofia, you rest at the
threshold of mortality.
Tell me your desire,
life or death?
Will you take me
as your master,
honor and obey me
until eternity?
My blood will
suffuse you with life.
You are mine now, Sofia.
Cry, Sofia.
Let your sadness pass.
May I help you?
blade to finish him with,
so I did the next best thing.
I was too late.
She had tasted his blood.
He was immersed in her, which
gave me a moment's advantage.
Come with me!
Master, you're wounded!
Go after them, Cassandra.
Lead me to them.
I'm too weak to fly.
Yes, Master.
Do not falter, Sofia.
Keep moving.
I can't!
It hurts!
It is the coming of the dawn.
We must find shelter.
Master, this way.
Deliver Sofia to me, and I
promise you safe passage.
I can't go on!
I'm dying!
You must keep moving!
Sofia, come to me!
You'll make a pretty
prize for my master.
Sofia, come to me.
The dawn approaches,
and soon it will
be too late to seek sanctuary.
Strike the first
blow, Cassandra.
Deliver me from
the hands of fate.
Zachary, help me!
We must find a
resting place quickly.
Inside here.
We will lie here today.
Tonight, we'll find
a safer sanctuary.
Thank you, Zachary.
Do not thank me, Sofia.
I brought you no salvation.
What's going to happen to me?
Only one thing is for certain.
Never again will you feel
the warmth of the sun.
stolen her from Ash's lair.
I could offer her protection,
teach her to survive.
But I was not her true master.
Her life, like mine, would
be an endless nightmare.