Vampire, The (1957) Movie Script

ABSA Pictures
Written by
Produced by
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From Bakonia, Hungary
Contents. Earth
To M. Duval, Sierra Negra, Mexico
Good afternoon
And to you, young lady
Anyone here from the
The Sycamores...?
You must be Marta Gonzales.
Emilio's niece
I thought he'd be here
He was here
He left
when we heard about the landslide
Will he be back?
No. I don't think so, miss
With the landslide on the tracks...
... we thought they'd stop the trains
But they managed to clear it
Could I get a lift to the Sycamores?
That won't be easy
People round here
don't like to be out after dark
What can I do?
You'll have to wait here
See that gentleman?
He has the same problem
It's hopeless
We just have to accept it
My aunt is very sick.
I have to get to the Sycamores
I tried a hard luck story too.
But it didn't work
Come on. We might as well sit down
This is an odd place
It seems no-one round here
goes out after dark
I was planning to walk
But he wouldn't let me go!
Someone's coming
A strange man!
Not a pretty sight, I agree
That crate...
Here's the papers
Yes... go on then
A crate of earth
all the way from Hungary!
What's wrong with this earth?
The quirks of the rich
It's a man called Duval
who's lived here 10 years or so
I think he's crazy
Only a madman
walks about at night
He wears a long cloak.
Like that guy
Hang on - I've got an idea
Excuse me, sir!
That young lady's looking for a lift
She'd be good company for you
Not tonight
But she has to get to the Sycamores
Where did you say?
The Sycamores
All right - bring her here
He's going there
You're coming?
Where you go, I follow
Sycamores, here we come!
OK, mate!
Just a moment...
I want to see her one last time
May I keep this, sir?
Rest in peace, dear sister
She'd have said the same for you, Sir
God grant her rest and peace
through all eternity
This is our land.
The Sycamores can belong to no other
What's this?
End of the line
This isn't the Sycamores
I turn off here.
You must go that way
- Look, if it's about money...
- It's not!
So much for manners
You know where we are?
The crossroads.
The Sycamores is that way
Is it far?
- About an hour
- An hour!
It's a long walk through this fog...
... so we'd better get acquainted
- I'm Enrique
- I'm Marta
Now, a few facts about myself
You should know that I have
a birthmark here
I hate the country with all my heart
Because I think the country
is for cows
And I'm a salesman
I work in a small shop...
My Uncle Emilio wrote me two days ago
He said I must get here tonight
without fail
- He's married to your Aunt?
- He's her brother
My other aunt
also lives at the Sycamores
They are both single
Are you sure this is the right way?
I get the feeling we're lost
No - it's fine
I'm worried about Aunt's health
She was like a mother to me
after mine died
Why didn't they marry?
Are they ugly?
No - far from it
They were very pretty girls
Of course, they're older now
They lived out here
all these years...
... time just passed them by
And your uncle?
That's another story
He left many years ago
and only returned recently
I still remember the patio
carpeted with flowers
The sun's rays
spilling through the arch
The fountain...
My happiest childhood memories...
... are connected with this place
I recognise this tree!
The house is just around that bend
What is it?
I'm not really sure
I got a strange feeling as we came up the path
Like what?
Like someone following us!
We didn't see anyone
I know.
But I did feel a breeze
Who's there?
It's Marta. They're expecting me
Of course, child!
Let me unlock the door
Please come in
Hello Anselmo
My child
I'll take your bags, sir
Why is the house so run down?
Things have changed a lot
since you were here
No-one wants to work here now
And Black Mountain has become
like a ghost town now
Come in, please.
Your uncle is waiting
It's Marta, sir.
With a young man
Little Marta!
I expected you tomorrow
Yes, I know!
No kisses for me?
It's your aunt - Eloise
Don't you recognise me?
That's the sick one?
You don't look a day older
The years have been kind
No, you look incredible!
And Maria Teresa. Where is she?
Tell me
She died yesterday. We just buried her
Don't cry, my dear.
Your tears are useless
Come along
Excuse me, sir.
May I have my suitcase?
- Your suitcase?
- I'm going
- Now?
- I must
The young man is leaving
Forgive me
This gentleman accompanied me
here from the station
Why not stay here tonight?
Where else could you go?
To a hotel
A hotel?
The last one closed years ago
Stay here...
This is a big house.
You'd be most welcome
My condolences for your sad loss
Sad... Yes, indeed
But it was all for the best
How come?
She suffered so much
in the last few months
Isn't that so?
Yes. She lived in terror
I hope she's found peace now
What caused it?
A heart attack
But she'd been acting strangely
for many years
She swore she was in danger
From what?
Yes. Silly ideas she picked up
from the peasants
They are ignorant and superstitious
She believed
that in the dark places of this house
... a vampire was lying in wait
to suck her blood
It was worse when night fell
Fear overtook her
The poor woman
would lock herself in her room
Surrounded by crosses and mirrors
Why did she do that?
Because of those foolish legends
They say that vampires...
... are repelled by the cross
And that they give no reflection
in a mirror
I heard about that
Because they have no souls?
So the story goes
Marta - you must be tired.
And such talk will upset you
Yes, let's go
Excuse us
Of course
You collect old books?
They've been here for many years
Some are connected with the mine
up at Black Mountain
Seems I came too late
What? ... .
I did as you asked
No-one knows who I am
Please keep this a secret,
I beg of you
If anyone else found out
you were here...
Open it!
Just earth?
To give new life to my brother
Count Karol of Lavud
Our enemies stole his immortality
This earth
is from our cemetery in Baconia
In two moons we will take it
to his tomb
He still has power
And will return to life
when the time is right...
... a hundred years since his death
Soon shall I stand again
at my dear brother's side
Stand at his side and know such joy
as in centuries past
We will go forth into
this new country...
... and once again impose
the rule of the Lavuds
Hook up the horses.
We leave at once!
Do you intend to stay here now?
I don't think so
Maria Teresa left part of the estate
to you in her will
She was always so good to me
You now own an equal share
of the Sycamores with us
But the Sycamores has changed
so much
I know someone
who would like to buy it
Sell the Sycamores?
I want to.
Only Emilio is against it
The rules say
we must cast a vote to decide
The majority wins
So it all rests on my decision?
Let's talk about it later
Right now
I'm still in a state of shock
Please think about it.
The house is in ruins
There's no-one
to bring in the harvest
But they laid her to rest here
What is it?
We have a guest
Take carel
There is a stranger in the house
I know.
You must watch him very closely
Our neighbour
is an important person
Come and say hello
I can't face it right now
Another time maybe
I'm really too tired
to face anyone
Very well
I'll receive him
Sleep well
Good night
Mr Duval - our nearest neighbour
Duval - Duval?
Of course!
The Hungarian earth importer!
- I beg your pardon?
- You exaggerate young man
You must mean that large crate
I had delivered
You must think I do that all the time
That was only a sample
If that's a sample
your shipments must be huge
I don't understand
It has to do
with a very old tradition
I bet it's cemetery earth
No - it's nothing like that
It's soil from the forests of Baconia
My homeland, as you might say
That's all
What was that?
A book fell down
How did that happen?
An accident
This book looks very interesting.
All handwritten
100 years old
They're all from that period
Official declaration on
the execution of Count Karol of Lavud
Founder of the Sycamores
Originally from Baconia in Hungary
Fancy that!
He was your countryman
So it seems
Isn't it Lavud who's buried
down in the crypt?
I think so
This says he was buried
over a century ago
That nameplate
does look older than the rest
He'll be dust by now
- The guest room is ready
- Thank you, Maria
May I borrow this book tonight?
I'd like to finish reading it
- Of course
- Thank you
Goodnight, Mr Duval
Show him up, Maria!
This way
you, please
- What's your name?
- Maria
Maria what?
San Antonio
An interesting young man
Why's he here?
I don't know
I think he's a salesman
He met Marta at the station tonight
She doesn't really know him
He's leaving tomorrow
So your niece is here?
Yes - but we won't see her tonight
She's very tired
Does she know I want
to buy the Sycamores?
Don't get your hopes up
Marta just adores this place
I think she'll vote with me
not to sell
Be a pity
if she does reject my offer
She might regret it
Your room sir
No - don't go yet Maria
I'd like to speak to you
Who looked after the dead woman?
That was my job sir
And these nervous spells...
Did they happen at night
or in the day?
Oh no, sir - only in the night
And it was not nerves, sir.
She was quite normal
But she was superstitious
No, sir
She knew many things, sir.
True things
But it's ridiculous
to believe in vampires
Vampires do exist
despite what you say
Have you ever seen one?
No - God preserve me
My grandfather was killed by one
100 years ago
in an old mine near here
Many others died at that time
Their bodies drained of blood
So people stopped working
in the mines
It was too dangerous
The men in the village
killed the monster
There's only one way
to kill a vampire
Knives and ordinary weapons
don't work
So what do you do?
Sink a long stake into them,
just about here
While they're asleep
But this vampire's
been dead for 100 years...
No, sir
That one lies in the crypt below
Now there's another
The evil has returned
History is repeating itself
More corpses have been found...
With small holes in their necks
The blood drained
from their bodies
No-one round here
dares go out at night
Even wild animals flee in terror
from this creature
This is nonsense
What I am telling you is true
Vampires do exist
They sleep by day
and by night they hunt fresh blood
That's what they crave
I'll pray to God to protect you, sir
So they won't turn you
into a vampire as well
If they suck your blood twice
Your soul will become immortal
and you'll live on
as a wandering spirit
It's a horrible and cruel destiny
I bid you goodnight, sir
Thank you!
Once more, my deepest sympathy
Sleep now...
Sleep now...
Shut your eyes and dream, dear
While I sit and scheme here
That's right
Go on
Keep crying
For as long as you can
You know,
crying preserves a woman's beauty
Despite what the experts say
And crying's good for the health
Didn't you know that?
It's true
Look at me
I cry every day at dawn.
For at least an hour
Try it
Try it.
You'll see I'm right
You joke about everything
Anyway, this view isn't exactly worth
losing sleep over
You need a distraction
Like me
I was reading
about a great crime
That's a crime...
Seeing this beautiful place in ruins
My Aunt's death
wasn't enough suffering
I had to see this too
You mean because the house
and grounds are in a state?
Why does that surprise you?
Underneath it's still the same
You just miss the pretty flowers
lts nothing new...
For example
You're very pretty
It's true
And you seem prettier
every second
Suppose they took your beauty away
and left the skeleton...
I'd be back at that station
in a shot
With that fat man
You're crazy
But it's true
Look at the world
through coloured glass
Things look
the way you want them to
And you'll be happier
Not maybe
You know it's true
Our dreams are important to us.
You can prove it!
Go to sleep now
Why not try it?
You'll wake up
feeling fine
Thank you...
Hey - don't forget to lock your door!
I walk in my sleep!
He's a doctor.
He's keeping it secret
Don't worry
Probably just coincidence
He came to see the sick woman
He won't stay now she's dead
Be careful, master
If he doesn't leave tomorrow...
...we'll know he's lying
He'll be dead
before he sees another dawn
And Marta?
Marta - soon she will join us
When I suck her blood a second time
She'll become a vampire too
On an endless quest for blood
Each night slaking her thirst,
destined never to quench it
But still she'll hunt...
For all eternity...
I bring this gift to the world
That all may join us...
Here on this strange bridge...
...that links the end of life
with the beginning of death
Good morning!
Good morning
You're off?
I want to catch the next train
How are you?
Not really...
I had a nightmare
that kept me awake
Tell me about it
I saw a tall man
in a long cloak
He had huge staring eyes
He was standing by my bed
What did he want from me?
He's waiting behind that door
to give you a kiss
But it interests you
Maybe you should open it
I'm afraid to
I slept there as a child
My Aunt promised
to keep my things there for me
And now... I'm afraid to go in
Don't be.
Come on!
I prefer to dream, like you said
I heard my first lullaby in that room
My Aunt Maria composed it
She'd sing it
when I was in bed at night
It was our secret
It went like this
Sleep now
Sleep now
Shut your eyes and dream dear
While I sit and scheme dear...
But I know this song.
You sang it last night
This is the first time I've sung it
I've heard it.
I heard it last night
That's impossible!
Only my aunt and I know it
She's dead.
Maybe it was a voice from beyond
It must have been
But ghosts don't sing!
Anyway, I'm always hearing things
Come on, let's look
Please don't!
Could have been shut
for 1000 years
All dust and spiders
There's a doll's crib
Is it yours?
Go and have a look
You might as well
Go on!
It's her!
I saw her!
My Aunt Maria's in there!
What's wrong?
My Aunt's in there!
She was wearing a black dress and
holding a crucifix like this
Eyes wide open
and hair down to her shoulders
Here. Try to calm her down
Come on, child.
It's all right
What is it, doctor?
There's nothing here
It was an illusion
But, doctor,
she described my sister...
...exactly as we buried her!
Yes, doctor
I'm off!
No, I beg you - don't go
Please stay
She needs you.
She's scared
Now, Emilio,
let's get this straight...
You ask me here
to decide if your sister...
...who sees vampires,
is really mad
Yes or no?
I arrive to find her dead
Now your niece sees her
as clearly as I see you
Please, doctor...
All right
I'll stay a few hours
But at 8 I'll be on that train
This place disturbs me
Where's Marta?
In her room
Let's go
There now dear
Get ready
Forget about it
Go talk to the young man
Don't stay alone with your thoughts
Think of the living
Forget the dead
Duval will be here soon
Yes, auntie
Go and prepare everything
Certainly, Ma'am
Try to look your best
Duval really wants to meet you
He wants to buy the Sycamores
He's coming just to meet you
You need jewelry
Try this
That'll be him
Marta was looking for my reflection
It's bad
Use the ring
Good evening Mr Duval
Please come in
Marta is coming
Good evening
Nice to meet you again,
Mr Duval
Don Emilio...
It's time
You have to go?
The train's due
Here's your book.
Thank you.
Here comes my niece,
Mr Duval
How are you?
- Something's happened
- What?
Mr Duval - Marta
How pretty
I'm delighted to meet you at last
It's a real pleasure
I'll get my hat
Please stay!
It's late
Surely you can take
a drink with us, sir?
Well - maybe a quick one
It's one of our best wines
I'm sure
Mr Duval, you really
ought to read this book
It's very interesting
About that countryman of yours
who lived here years ago
He was staked through the heart
What for?
Your drinks
That's in this book?
That's right
- For you, Marta
- No, thanks
Come on, Marta.
It's good for you
This book you read...
- Who wrote it?
- No-one
It's a transcript of the trial
of those who killed the vampire
But... why did they
bury him downstairs?
For safety
It would stop
more vampires coming
Or so they believed
According to the legend...
...if the vampire is not buried
where he dies...
...someone from that vampires' family
comes to take vengeance
So that the dead vampire
can rest easy in his grave
Strange stuff
You believe in vampires?
Me? No, of course not!
Excuse me, sir
Take it away!
Marta - Marta - what's wrong?
Don Emilio - my bag!
Bring my bag!
My niece's illness has
spoiled a pleasant evening
Don't worry about it
I can wait
Anselmo -
show Mr Duval to the gate
There's a smaller bag inside
What is it, doctor?
Tell me!
What is it?
She's dead!
She just moved, sir
She moved
I was watching
It was her little finger
Anselmo is no liar, sir
What if she wakes up in the tomb!
Her pupils are contracted
My bag, please!
She's breathing!
Remove these
Take her upstairs
She needs a shot
She should come round soon
The symptoms are always the same
Am I right doctor?
Yes - usually
Suppose this is what happened
to Maria Teresa
...and when she woke up
and opened her eyes!
Stop this!
It's all over now
No, doctor.
Come with me, please!
I must know!
Just for my own peace of mind
Come with us Anselmo
Go on
What is this?
I don't know, sir
Tell them Anselmo
We can't keep it secret
any more
We found this note
Hurry - I'm not dead
Open the casket and take my body
to the tunnel behind the cross
And so we did, sir
She's still there
Open it up, quick!
Go on
Who's there?
Maria Teresa!
He's a doctor - a friend
You bought a doctor
to see if I was crazy
Don't lie to me!
Look what they did to me
Those two - they tried to murder me!
Thought I was dead
They'd got away with it
They gave me a powerful drug
so I'd seem dead...
...and wake up in the tomb!
They wanted me to die of terror
inside the coffin
I found out just in time
I know their secret now
They can't fool me
I heard them talking out there
And one day, they caught me
Tried to kill me
Both of them
That monster in the cloak
has come to open this tomb
To set him free
We must stop them
Kill them in their sleep
Drive stakes through their hearts
Listen to me!
Do it - before it's too late
I'm not mad
I'm not mad!
She'll be safe here
Until tomorrow
Now you know why
you had to come secretly
If she isn't crazy,
then what she says is true...!
Don Emilio!
The same name
Look in the mirror
They went this way.
Must be a secret door
I'll get a lamp
Don Emilio!
Anselmo - he's hurt
What is it?
Well - this is it
But first, let me say this...
...with all my heart
Your bag!
Made in Mexico