Vampyres (2015) Movie Script

Shut up!
Come on, we agreed that we wouldn't
open the fridge until we arrived.
Come on, man. Just to have a beer, yeah?
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Do you have any rooms
available for tonight?
A Single?
Yes, please.
Do you need some help, man?
Shit! Nothing.
Harriet, I told you, we're
coming to a dead zone.
There's no coverage here.
I know. I'm just trying to get
a hold of Peter and Ann.
They're coming on their bike
and they should be here by now.
Do you feel vulnerable
without your beloved Ann?
You know, they act like lovers, really.
Very funny, John.
They get lost,
they'll be devoured by
the witches of the forest.
Laugh if you want, but I read on the
internet that this forest is full of
folk tales of people disappearing.
It's not a good place to get lost.
Talking about lost people,
are we okay, John?
According to what the lady said at the
hotel, we should be near the site by now.
I hope that there aren't any wolves.
- Hey.
What's with the house?
I don't know.
Maybe someone lives there, ey?
I don't think so, it looks abandoned.
You'd rather stay here than go out?
To tell you the truth,
I never go out at night around here.
Nothing's changed.
You have to be careful not
to succumb to the temptation.
What do you know about this?
About what?
About what the paper says:
A girl disappeared from a neighboring town.
It's worrying.
Has it happened before?
Unfortunately it's becoming more common.
I forgot.
It's for you.
I kept it for when you would return.
Hey guys.
Have you seen the house?
What house?
This house.
It is so creepy, it gives me the shivers.
Hey Nolan,
Now that you're single maybe
you could find a girlfriend out here.
The fucking Blair Witch!
What I need is to find inspiration
to compose something new.
and me something good to write.
And I need something
worth taking a photo of.
have you noticed how romantic we are?
We're like
Shelley, Byron, and Polidori,
all gathered at the shore
of a mysterious lake.
With a haunted house.
Very romantic, Harriet. Very romantic.
Hey, Harriet, if you want some
romance later just let me know, yeah?
Grow up first.
Hey. Shut up.
Tomorrow we'll hit the lake
to see if we can find
any inspiration there.
Or maybe go to that cemetery
they say is nearby.
I hope they get here tomorrow.
I'm worried.
- I'm sure they're fine, OK?
That Peter, what a bastard.
He? me!
He? me!
John, wake up!
- John. Listen.
Do you finally want some of that romance?
There's people outside.
What? Come on, let's go back to sleep.
The man has finished fixing the boiler.
He said it should work much better now.
Let's hope so.
Pay him and thank him.
The photographs again?
In the 19th Century
it was quite commonplace to have
your photograph taken with the dead.
It was a work of art.
During the Renaissance,
they did it with paintings,
memento mm...
Do you think the youngsters
will be okay in the forest?
I hope so.
How're you feeling?
But, you know what heartbreak is like.
It's not easy missing someone so much.
I know.
Thanks, Harriet,
for arranging all this.
I know this isn't just about
playing Byron, Shelley and Polidori.
Actually, it was John's idea.
He's worried about you.
In his own way, but...
he is.
What's your name?
I'm Ted.
Thank you, Ted.
I went for a walk and I twisted my ankle.
You're not British, are you?
Why do you ask?
You don't seem to be.
So, where are you from?
If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.
Try me.
What for?
Drive, and take me home.
Maybe later I will find a way
to thank you.
It seems you're not fond
of these kinds of trips.
Don't worry.
Well, it is a weird place to live.
Don't these kinds of things excite you?
This is my living room.
Do you like it?
It's much better than
the rest of the house.
Make yourself comfortable.
Wow, how...
I told you I will find a way to thank you.
I was wondering...
- Wondering?
I'm not assuming you'll
tell me your secrets, but...
Do I have a limited number of questions?
There are a limited number of answers.
Do you live here all by yourself?
I usually have visitors.
What is it you do for a living?
I'm always looking for people.
Looking for interesting people.
You are interesting, but...
you have to accept me for...
who I am.
or explanations.
I'm sorry.
Help me.
Help me.
He? me!
It's no, no...
Just go away.
Why don't you come back to bed?
It's fucking opened up.
Help me, please.
I'm hurt.
Are you sure you can do it yourself?
I'm sorry I don't have a first aid kit.
Do you have tape or something?
I've got tools in my car, but not for this.
I think I drank something.
There was broken glass.
Does anyone live in that house?
I asked myself the same thing.
"La Morte amoureuse, Thophile Gautier".
The beloved dead.
One morning I was sat next to my bed
having breakfast on a small table,
not wanting to leave her for even a moment.
While peeling fruit, I accidentally
gave myself a deep cut.
The blood ran in crimson drops
and some of them landed on her.
her eyes regained their sheen
and I noticed in her face
a wild expression of fierce joy
which I had not seen on her before.
She jumped from the bed with animal
agility and pounced on my wound,
sucking it with
indescribable voluptuousness...
I bring some guests.
Miriam and some friends of ours.
I'm sorry but I had to
go at dawn last night.
You're still here, at least.
I had a nightmare.
Or at least I think I did.
I woke up and you weren't there.
Come here.
Wait, so where did you find this book?
I told you, right here on the floor.
That man must have dropped it.
The author, it sounds familiar, right?
Hey, the good Samaritan, she
doesn't even know his name, do you?
I don't know, he didn't tell me.
Drop the suspicion, OK?
Are you like... jealous or something?
Jealous of picking up
injured people. Good one, Harriet.
Very jealous.
Easy, easy, easy. Guys, guys, guys.
Well, the important thing is the book.
Since we have it,
I thought we could use it as a good source
of inspiration for the next couple of days.
According to what I read
here in the introduction,
this is one of the first known works
of people coming out of their graves
and drinking people's blood.
People drinking other people's blood?
- Anyway...
The story is from 1836 and it's about this
who falls madly in love with this woman
on the same day he takes
his vows to be ordained.
The woman is what he calls,
creature of the devil,
and she manages to tempt him, take him
to Venice, and make him her lover,
feeding off him by drinking his blood.
I'm sorry, but this is the only
thing that we have to drink:
red wine.
But of a very good quality.
Do you like it?
It's good.
Our guests always like it.
Ted likes it too,
don't you, Ted?
Can I make a phone call? My cell doesn't-
- I'm afraid not.
We don't have a telephone in the house.
Well, it doesn't matter.
It's just that we're supposed to
meet up with some friends and
I wanted to let them
know that we'd be late.
I'm sorry. I feel a bit guilty.
since we are here, I suggest a toast.
To the night.
To the night.
- To the night.
That girl...
your friend.
Does she live here with you?
More or less.
She's a very special friend.
And Rupert and his friend?
They are very nice.
Have you known them for long?
I met them this evening.
They offered to bring us home.
I love having guests in the house.
I'm not sure we chose the right place.
This place is awesome.
Don't let that book put you off.
I know, but...
How many times have you read of bad
things happening in places like this?
A tent,
a couple,
a forest...
A Couple?
You're playing a dangerous game.
You've never done anything
like this before.
Kill him, before it's too late.
What an early bird you are, Miss.
I came to take some photos.
Are you enjoying your stay?
It's such a beautiful place.
It's beautiful,
and mysterious.
Oh, yes.
God damnit!
So, are you...?
Okay, so I had this idea of how
to tell the story of the book
through a series of photos.
Using the people around here as models.
Some of them are really weird.
Yeah, I'm quite inspired too, but...
I didn't ask you that.
I'm asking about John.
He's always flirting.
He loves it.
He's been doing it for ages,
ever since I met him.
Come on, there must be something you can
We'll see.
Why on earth did you come down here?
I've been trapped here all bloody day.
It's a booby trap.
What were you doing here?
I was looking for Rupert.
- Rupert?
He didn't look too good last night.
I will set you free,
but just this one time.
What women are you talking about?
- The ones in the house.
I bet they know what
happened to Peter and Ann,
because something bad has happened.
OK, are you sure about this helmet?
There must be hundreds like it.
- I'm sure.
What do I have to do to convince you?
Okay, look, I'll go and
look for the helmet.
You stay here.
The sun!
What are you doing?
Come on.
What were you doing?
Are you crazy?
Hey. Hey!
Come on!
Are you crazy?
When I woke up and you weren't there,
I knew exactly where you'd gone.
Those women, they sleep in the basement.
- We've got to get out of here, Harriet.
No, not without our friends.
We don't know where our friends are.
Or where Nolan is, he didn't
come back last night.
We've got to get out of here.
Come on.
I could try and get to
the town and ask for help.
It's better if we wait. We're too far away,
and that forest...
- Okay, just for tonight.
But if they don't show up
in the morning, we're leaving.
I still remember your taste.
So deep.
So intense.
I'm so hungry.
You'll never guess where this wine is from.
It's from the Carpathian Mountains.
Do you like pleasure?
You have to learn to enjoy small pleasures,
don't you think?
Life is so short.
Especially yours.
There's something special about you, Nolan.
Just the sight of you makes me salivate.
You have to ask for help.
At the hotel.
In my car.
OK, take him inside. Close the tent.
I'll go and get the car. I'll be back.
Come on...
Come on.
Hey, stay here. Don't move,
okay? I'll be right back.
Do you like your little friend, Harriet?
I think she looks tasty.
The new one is awake.
Listen, open up your ears.
It's been known for millennia
that, as with animals,
human flesh is tastier
if the prey is scared.
And that is what we
are going to do with you,
make you tastier.
Do you hear me?
Do you know this game, you little whore?
It's the game of the Bloody Countess,
Elizabeth Bathory.
An ancestor of ours. She bathed in blood,
just like us.
Are you scared?
Are you scared?
Are you?
Talk to him.
Peter, are you?
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth.
Open it.
Good girl.
Give me your tongue.
Give me your tongue.
Let's play-
It's okay, enough.
Useless thing.
She had suffered enough,
hadn't she?
No, no!
Anyway, now we have you.
Now, you run,
into the light.
Quick. Before she comes back.
Come on, run!
Game over.
See you.
Hello, I'm here.
I was waiting for you.
What a strange crossbow.
It's very old.
- Hello.
How are you?
You won't regret buying this house.
Are the stories real?
What stories?
Ghost stories.
They say it has a dark past...
that it's haunted.
I love them,
but don't worry about it.
Every old house has its mysteries.
What you'd really like,
is to have a ghost in the house.
That's Spanish humor for you!
Seriously though,
the only thing that's important
is that it be habitable.
You will be the first in many years.
It's been empty for decades.
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