Van Gogh's Eyes (2023) Movie Script

(waves crashing)
(seabirds cawing)
(shipwreck creaking)
(seabirds cawing)
(shipwreck creaking)
(birds chirping)
- I saw him.
- We've both lived here a long time.
We know that's not possible.
- Time is only one dimension.
- Time is linear, Amos.
Accept it.
Time anchors us in reality.
That ship ran aground over 30 years ago.
It is gone, Amos.
It's not there.
Reality is not a hallucination.
Please tell me you're back at work.
- They're poison.
- They help you.
You know that.
- I can't paint.
- Take the pills.
- Liar.
- What?
Next time we meet, remember
to write down your feelings.
I want to learn more
about your inner thoughts.
(door slamming)
(liquor sloshing)
(birds chirping)
(traffic humming)
(car horn honking)
- [Eva] A few more minutes
and I'd be dead of boredom.
- I'm sorry.
- Your sign says "Vacancy."
Do you even want the customer?
What about my room?
(Eva sighs)
Not much for decoration, huh?
- Not really.
- Quaint.
Kinda has that old motel feel,
if that's what you are going for.
- Yeah, uh huh.
- You ever hear your
surroundings tell your story?
I hope my room is clean.
(Eva sighs)
(keys jingling)
- Go on.
- No, I trust you.
So, this place is pretty dead, huh?
Hey, is there body lotion in the room?
- Name?
- It should be my boyfriend's name.
- Name?
- Anthony "The Biggest Stud" de Silva.
- Cash, credit?
- Listen, giving me a room
is like a really good idea for you.
Anthony can get all, you know, kookie.
He's an artistic type.
You don't want to interrupt his flow.
(keys jingling)
You don't like to talk much, huh?
- What's your name?
- Eva.
- Eva.
- You say that nice.
You look kind of familiar to me.
Have we met?
- You are too young to
forget the men you know.
- I've known more men
than you can imagine.
Why don't you stop by sometime?
Show me how the TV works.
(rock music)
- And so?
(heels clicking)
- I can't tell.
- Is that all?
- [Art Dealer] It's all I can do.
- I have expenses.
- [Art Dealer] Listen, it's very good,
but it's for my private collection.
- I hope you feel guilty when you sell it.
- [Art Dealer] I won't.
I only collect good fakes.
(gravel crunching)
(car door slamming)
(car lock beeping)
(bed creaking)
- Amos!
How's my big brother today?
- Bad.
- [Paul] What's wrong?
- The doctor.
How long do I have to keep going?
The pills?
They're killing me.
I can't, I feel-
- [Paul] Hey, hey.
You don't want to go back
to the hospital, right?
- Oh, I'd rather have a colonoscopy.
- [Paul] They keep you stable.
- Stable.
- Amos, try to, you know,
listen to me, try to relax.
You know, take a hot bath, have a drink,
and then try to paint.
It'll come back.
- I can't paint.
- I'm trying to keep
you outta the hospital.
So take the freaking pills!
But listen, I need a new painting soon.
We, we need money.
This place we have here,
it can't operate without some cash flow.
Hey, did the customer arrive?
- Yes.
- [Paul] What?
I forgot she was checking in today.
- She has a gray cloud over her head.
- As long as she has money.
- Anthony, the stud will pay.
- Anthony's coming.
Get a credit card, okay?
She pretty?
- You old pervert.
- I have a way with sweet
young things, big brother.
You know it.
And this one, she is a star.
Believe me.
Follow my lead and soon
she'll be a sex slave.
(Paul chuckling)
(flask lid clicking)
(Paul sighs)
You there?
Door is open.
- An open door means something.
You know, Paul.
It is Paul, right?
- Paul, right.
- You charge a lot for this little room.
- Anthony knows the price.
- Things can always be worked
out in our favor, right?
- It may be in my favor too.
- That's up to Anthony, you know?
But I'm game, now.
- I like game.
- Where are you going?
- Things to do, sweetie.
I'll check in on you later.
- What's the matter?
Didn't take your Viagra this morning?
(Amos sighs)
(waves crashing)
(seabirds cawing)
(light switch clicking)
(bed creaking)
(Amos sighing)
(light dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
(light dramatic music continues)
(eerie ringing)
(waves crashing)
(seal growling)
(eerie ringing)
(seabirds cawing)
(boats creaking)
(bells chiming)
- It's good to see you, Amos.
Are you okay?
- Time is a prison.
- You wrote this.
"Once freed by death,
our obsession and biases fly freely.
Lacking intelligence, some
cling to life desperately.
They attach to new life.
How they are, depends on
what they've learned before.
It can make us seem crazy,
like we are criminals."
Tell me what's wrong.
- Art is a virus.
- [Father William] Have
you been to the doctor?
- Too many times.
- How are you feeling?
- Alone.
- And so you are in the right place.
- Jesus.
Oh, he's the only answer for this world.
Pure love.
- I know, but he is rejected still.
I'm glad you came.
He loves you.
- I know.
You know me and her.
- [Father William] Who?
- Sien.
She's returned.
She, she's the only one.
- Amos.
- I hurt her.
I left her.
She killed herself.
She killed her child.
Oh God, forgive me.
Forgive me.
God, forgive me.
Me, too.
Me, too.
I'm responsible.
(Father William sighs)
(gentle music)
(water trickling)
(seabirds cawing)
- Hey, old fella.
You okay?
You got a weird look in your eye.
Kinda lost.
I'm Anthony.
I'm gonna be here a little while.
- I heard you were coming.
I need a credit card.
- Um, where did he go?
I thought he ran the place?
- [Amos] I help.
- He's his brother.
- Thanks.
Go back in the room, will ya baby?
I have some business to attend to.
(door slamming)
Paul knows I pay cash.
- Okay, but I need it now.
- I deal with Paul, okay, on money.
So do me a little favor, will you?
My wife and I need it quiet.
We are here for a little break.
She is recovering after a hard time.
- It's quiet here.
- And I want you to look
after her if I am gone.
I have something to attend to.
- Well, I'm not always here.
I sometimes have to go and...
- I want you to make sure no
one bothers her when I'm out.
(Anthony clicking)
She's a beautiful woman.
She's hot, great body.
There's a lot of people
who will want her, right?
She's got that kind of
hot, hot body, right?
Like a schoolgirl.
You know what I mean?
She's really special.
You know?
Can't you see it?
She's gonna be something.
- Why don't you kiss him?
(door slamming)
- Understand?
I got a plan, pal.
You'll see in a few months
you're gonna hear about us.
(Anthony chuckling)
(door slamming)
- [Eva] I want to go with you.
- [Anthony] No, baby, listen.
You need to rest.
I will be back.
- [Eva] I want to get
out of here for a while.
- [Anthony] Lay down,
watch TV, try to relax.
Drink that shake stuff, all right?
I need you better.
I need you beautiful and healthy.
- [Eva] Can I have some stuff?
- [Anthony] Tell you what?
If you are good, I give you just a little.
- [Eva] I'm not sure I can do this alone.
- [Anthony] I need you clean,
baby, healthy and clean.
You are my thoroughbred.
You're gonna be a star.
(traffic humming)
(car door slamming)
(car engine sputtering)
(car door slamming)
You know, sometimes I think
there's forces out there
that don't want me to succeed.
You ever get that feeling?
- All the time.
- [Anthony] All the time.
(car hood thudding)
(car door slamming)
(car engine sputtering)
(car engine rumbling)
(Eva crying)
(light dramatic music)
(soft haunting music)
(birds chirping)
- Would you like to sit down?
- I'd rather stand.
- It's easier to speak if you relax.
I received your email,
but I thought we would read it together.
- Fine.
- Writing lets us say things
in a more personal way.
(Amos sighs)
- Just read.
- "Once upon a time, there
was an old lonely shrink.
She was bitter and horny and
she had too much to drink.
She drank little bottles
and hid them about,
hoping her patients would never find out.
She was so...
She was so unprofessional
she made the mistake
of diagnosing patients
while she was the fake.
She was hungry for money
and she became a drug dealer
instead of a doctor,
a counselor, a healer.
These drugs were purchased
from elicit labs,
addicts mean profit.
The vulnerable pay cash.
This woman was lost as one in a maze.
She will be lonely for all of her days.
This doctor healed no one.
No peace, just disaster.
And none of her patients
lived happily ever after."
Oh, I see.
Quite the poet now, aren't we?
Now let me tell you a
little story, shall we?
Once there was this very lonely man
who had no one in his life he could trust,
surely because he never
became trustworthy himself.
How sad.
He made up stories that
he was the reincarnation
of a famous painter.
- Get a drink.
- And he ended up in a
behavioral health unit,
a mental ward.
He needed professional help.
Is this for me?
- No, but it doesn't matter.
- "After we die, our remains
wander through space and time
and attach to any friendly vibration.
It is a natural attraction of energies.
They find a life that
satisfies their need.
He needed to create, his soul found me.
He lives in me.
I did not make, I did not make him.
He made me."
So what then?
Van Gogh is a parasite attached
to your friendly vibration?
- Yes, yes, yes!
You are so stupid.
Just read.
- You're being rude.
- Well, read.
- "And once attached, they grow inside you
into what it is they are supposed to be.
What it was deemed to be so long ago."
So this has nothing to do with delusions,
obsessions with celebrities?
- No.
- Hence your dilemma.
If you were Van Gogh,
you'd cut off your ear
and paint something great.
But you can't, can you, Amos?
You can only copy things.
(Amos sighs)
- Fuck you.
(birds chirping)
- Hello, Father.
- Oh, Paul.
- [Paul] Have you seen Amos?
- Uh, he was here yesterday.
- But not today?
- [Father William] No.
Can I help you?
- Maybe.
I need a painting or a
drawing or something.
I might have a customer for him.
And quite frankly, business has been slow.
We, we need the money.
- How can I help you?
- Has he given you anything lately?
- In fact, he has.
He dropped off something last week.
He said it was a donation to the church.
- Can I see it?
- Yes, of course.
- Yeah.
You're, you're not gonna
steal it because it's,
it's not his or anybody else's.
But now you, you're gonna be,
you're gonna take care of it.
You alone are gonna be
responsible for, for it.
And, and that will make
you feel good, Paul.
That, that will make you feel very good.
(paper crinkling)
Oh, it's good, huh?
- Yes, it's quite good.
Even without the paint.
- Can I have it?
- Well, I don't know.
He gave it to the church.
It wasn't for me.
(Paul sighs)
- I need it.
- [Father William] We should ask, Amos.
- I'm sorry, Father.
I'll explain another time.
I wouldn't do this if it wasn't important.
(waves crashing)
(sand crunching)
- [Eva] Hey.
- [Amos] Hi.
- [Eva] So, listen,
Anthony's really a sweet guy.
He wants the best for me.
- [Amos] Ah, seems confused.
- Oh, he is confused all right.
I don't know you from the past.
I mistook you for someone else.
- Reality can be tricky.
- Yeah.
- The universe is like a thick liquid.
When I paint it, it
doesn't seem real at all.
- What does that mean?
- Mysteries.
I see in you...
The remains of all the men.
- What are you talking about?
(Amos sighs)
- I see fears, miseries
of all the deplorable souls forced on you.
- What?
- Anthony's not your husband, is he?
- No, but he wants to marry me soon.
- He won't.
- (scoffs) Says you.
Anthony's got plans.
Once we hit the big time,
we are gonna have a blast.
The world is our oyster.
- Are you free to go?
- Yeah, sure.
Why would I want to?
You are looking at a future star.
- Why are you here?
- Can't work.
I suffer from the plague of lovers.
- Syphilis?
- [Eva] A mild case.
- Why does the ocean roar?
- I don't know.
Why does the ocean roar?
- You'd roar too if you
had crabs on your bottom.
(Eva laughing)
- It's not funny.
I will be here until the pills are gone.
Then we'll go back.
- [Amos] Where?
- New York, that's where
we are making the film.
We make adult films.
- Ah, porn.
- Yeah, but classy.
I am like movie star.
Anthony says I'm award material.
He's producing me.
And we got this studio in Hollywood
just waiting for the shoot.
It's gonna be my star
vehicle, Anthony says.
This is my big break.
Anthony says, I have it.
You know, it.
He says, the camera loves me.
They are gonna love me.
- Love, desire, different.
- There's gonna be both.
It's written in the stars, Anthony says.
- Stars are far away.
- So?
- [Amos] You'll die trying to reach them.
(dog barking)
(car engine rumbling)
- Evening Paul, dear.
- Hello, Lois.
How are you?
- Where's the painting?
- I'm, I'm sorry, Lois.
I'm, I'm trying, but I'm
gonna need a little more time.
(Lois chuckling)
- Time is money, sweetie.
As Ben Franklin said.
Wasn't he kind of cute for an old guy?
- None of us is getting any younger.
- Speak for yourself.
I feel like a brand new butterfly.
And this little butterfly
is pissed at you.
You don't want me pissed do you, Paulie?
I can turn into a scorpion real fast.
- The artist is, is sick,
but he will be back to normal pretty soon.
- Get in your car.
- [Paul] Why?
- Put your little butt in
that car and get the painting.
- What painting?
I don't have it.
- Wherever you got from the priest.
Get it.
Get it!
Thank you.
(Lois sighs)
Now, this is not a painting.
So you are right.
You are a liar, but not a fucking liar.
I take this for now as a down payment.
Light a fucking fire under
that artist, whoever he is.
And don't let me see you
selling to that weasel
of an art dealer ever again.
Understand, sweetie?
(car engine rumbling)
Bye bye.
(boat horns honking)
(dogs barking)
(marker scribbling)
(light eerie music)
- You fucking bitch!
(canvas thudding)
(somber music)
(fire crackling)
(ominous music)
(Amos gasping)
(Amos groaning)
- [Amos] What do you expect from life?
- [Eva] Nothing special; to
meet a young man who loves me
and who I can love.
To be independent, I
mean to finish my studies
so I don't depend on my mother or others.
- [Amos] Do you think you will make it?
- [Eva] Of course.
I always achieve
everything I set out to do.
- [Amos] You know, bad
influences can make you
change your habits for better or worse.
- [Eva] Not in my case.
I'm a lonely girl.
I get bored with people my age.
That is why I have neither
terrible nor good influences.
Anyway, I will be careful.
- [Amos] Being too
attractive and sentimental
is not the best combination.
- [Eva] Don't you have any problems?
- [Amos] Of course I do.
- [Eva] Then why don't
you take care of them?
You have time.
- [Amos] It's not about time.
- [Eva] What is it then?
- [Amos] To do the right
thing when the time comes.
- [Eva] The right thing for whom?
(wind whooshing)
(birds chirping)
- Do you want one?
- No.
- Good for you.
(Paul sighs)
Amos, we are in trouble.
We have a cashflow problem.
- I know.
- You wanna help me?
- Yes.
- I love you too.
And you, you're a bigger asshole.
- You haven't done
anything useful in years.
You live off my art.
You make bad business decisions.
- It's bullshit.
I make business decisions
because you are so crazy
you cannot live a normal life.
And what do you do?
Talk to the moon and
expect something to happen.
If it wasn't for me,
you would still be in
the hospital or homeless.
- I'm the reason we have a hotel.
- You, you're delusional.
Believe me.
Your costs far exceed your benefits.
Just paint something will you?
Do some work for us.
We need it.
One good one will keep
us going for a while.
- Sell the car for cash.
Work at the hotel.
- Oh, you're so burdened.
- You're killing me.
You're killing me.
My art keeps us alive.
- These guys aren't messing around.
- They're thieves.
- They don't steal.
It's already stolen.
- They sell stolen art.
It's a lie.
What do you want?
Degas, Matisse, Rembrandt?
What do you want this time?
- I don't care.
Look, I need something I can
sell for $10,000 or I'm dead.
Do you understand?
- Maybe.
- Paint a stolen classic.
You have the list or I
will liquidate everything.
- I'm tired of lying!
(Amos sighing)
- [Paul] I'd keep this with you.
- [Amos] What?
- Just as insurance.
Better safe than sorry.
These guys are getting antsy.
- [Amos] I just want to paint.
- Just keep it.
Keep it and paint something I can sell.
Will you?
Do your magic.
(car engine rumbling)
- Hey, Paul, the cable TV's messed up.
Come in and check it out will you?
- Sure, be right there.
(door creaking)
TV seems to be working fine.
- [Eva] I lied.
- And why would you do that?
- Well, I didn't want to just yell out,
"Come inside and get naked."
You might run away again.
It's not free.
I need money.
- [Paul] I got money.
(zipper buzzing)
(gentle music)
- [Eva] I would never
have a child of yours.
Moreover, I can assure
you that someone like you
should not bring a life into this world.
- [Amos] You despise me
more than all those men
who hurt you?
- [Eva] One or 1,000 of
those men is the same to me.
I don't even remember them.
- [Amos] Do you think
someone will remember you?
- [Eva] No, I don't matter.
If suddenly someone started
to, it would be terrible.
It is better to be invisible.
- [Amos] Careful, you are
determining your future forever.
- Forever is too long.
Your love of art is your sentence.
You cannot be a true
brother, friend or lover
because you do not see people.
You see art in general, but not people.
It's like we're your props
and you like it that way.
You are not even a true man.
I would never marry you.
- "Let's get drunk," Ben said.
I want to see if your
paintings can get even uglier.
Please don't let me down.
(upbeat music)
Ben said (chuckling).
Yes, get drunk with me.
(upbeat music continues)
(Anthony growling)
(Anthony laughing)
It's disgusting.
(bell dinging)
(indistinct talking)
- [Bartender] Hi, Amos.
- Oh, Paul, my brother.
What are you doing?
Have you been drinking?
Washed the spider out
- Oh, come on, what do you got there?
A little spider?
Okay, Spider-Man, here we go.
Okay, time to go home.
All right?
Wash the spider out
- [Amos] And wash the spider out.
That's it.
Out came the sun and
dried up all the rain
And the itsy bitsy spider
went up the spout again
(indistinct talking)
(Anthony chuckling)
- Come on, listen, Jamie.
Have you ever tried it on coke?
Oh, man.
You never has?
Maybe able to get away in a few days.
I want to see you.
- [Eva] Tell me again how it's gonna go.
- Not now.
- Oh, come on.
I love to hear it.
It motivates me, you know?
- Mm.
All right.
So we will stay at the Hollywood Hilton.
Swanky place.
Lots of marble and glass.
We'll have a suite and
the view of the hills
with that big "Hollywood" sign, right?
We'll get all dressed up.
I'll have a tux.
- And I'll have a skin tight white gown.
Some big name designer made for me,
with a leopard skin shoulder wrap.
- We'll sit at a big table with all these
other famous stars and producers.
And there's an award for the hottest,
newest star in the business.
- And they'll announce my name.
- Yeah and show a clip of our film.
And there will be some
other names announced,
and the room will go silent.
While they open the envelope
(imitating envelope tearing)
you can hear a pin drop.
Then they'll say your name and the room
will bust up in applause.
(imitating audience cheering)
You'll go up front and make a speech.
- And I thank you.
Who else will I thank?
- Me mostly.
Maybe the guy co-star.
I'm working on this really well known guy.
- Really?
- Mm.
I shouldn't say, not until it's solid.
- Oh, come on.
Who is it?
- All I'm gonna say is
he also won the biggest,
newest star award.
- When?
- Not saying, look it up.
I'm leaving Tuesday to go sign him.
(Anthony sighs)
It's gonna be amazing.
Listen, when I get back, I need
you to sign a new contract.
It's a thing.
- Sure.
(classical music)
- Did Lois send you?
- I don't know what you are talking about.
- You work for him.
I've seen you.
You're following me.
- You must be confused.
(Paul chuckling)
- All right, I get it.
Hey, tell him he doesn't have to scare me.
- Excuse me, but I am
listening to some Mozart.
- Mozart?
Do you want a cup of coffee or something?
Do you wanna cut off my finger?
Are you gonna kill me? Huh?
(Paul sighs)
Hi, I met your goon.
He seems smart.
He's listening to Mozart.
He's listening to Mozart
outside of my house
in his car watching me.
What are you saying?
Are you, are you gonna break
my legs for a painting?
Are you that guy?
Are you that murdering mob guy?
Come on, I'll pay you the money.
Maybe he can paint it.
I don't know.
It's possible.
Look, I don't know.
I'll sell something and pay you.
What are you saying, Lois?
- I need the room longer.
- [Paul] How much longer?
- One, two weeks.
Two months.
What do you care?
The place is empty.
- There's no problem, right?
I thought everything was set.
- Hm, it was.
But I need a new leading man.
The other guy got arrested.
- And what for?
- I don't fucking know, man.
Shoplifting, lewdness, who cares?
- Anthony, it's been
already months of delays.
Then she gets the clap.
I'm gonna need a bigger cut.
- I'm not changing the deal.
- [Paul] No?
So, when are you gonna shoot?
- Soon, okay?
Listen, there's a lot to set up.
I need cameras and lights.
Sound guys, a crew.
You don't just shoot it with your phone.
I got a line on a real star.
He's a draw.
People have seen him.
He's the real deal.
- Look, shoot this thing
or I want my money back.
- I'm going out of town for a while.
A night or two.
Keep an eye on Eva.
- I want 5%.
(Anthony groans)
And credit.
- Not happening.
You're not the only backer.
I can't push these guys around.
We need her.
She is fragile.
Make sure she gets some, you know?
Just not too much.
Keep her anxious.
- Anything else?
(Anthony sighs)
- She's gotta be clean.
They test now.
Make sure she takes her pills.
I'm gonna get this right.
It's gonna be big.
(Paul sighs)
Listen, maybe I can swing 4%
and executive producer credit.
Hey, that brother of
yours, it's, he's crazy.
Can I trust him?
(Anthony chuckling)
- He's a genius.
Who knows if you can ever trust a genius?
(Anthony laughing)
(lid thudding)
- Hey, there.
What you doing?
- Working.
- Want a beer?
- Okay.
(beer can hisses)
- The place is kind of boring, isn't it?
- It's beautiful.
I don't need fun.
- Lucky you.
- What happened with my brother?
- Why should I tell you?
(Amos sighs)
- It's risky.
- I take risks and I don't complain.
So maybe you tough guys
should do the same.
You might find out
something about yourself.
- You're sick, Eva.
A virus.
- I wouldn't exactly call it sex.
Just a quick little something.
Well, actually not that quick.
Exotics like your brother
always have a hard time.
You know what I mean?
Like Anthony, who's
gay, but wont admit it.
The junky who wants me to get clean.
Do you like women, Amos?
- They don't like me.
- Come on, you are a good looking guy.
Gotta be somebody for you.
- Every word seems to push them away.
- Well, maybe just shut up.
Did you ever think of that, huh?
Maybe if you weren't so goddamn weird.
Do you wanna come inside with me now?
- Yesterday, my brother.
Today, me.
What is this, some kind
of crazy game for you?
- Crazy?
Oh, man.
Compared to other stuff I've
done, this shit is pretty tame.
- [Amos] Why then?
- To stop you from intriguing me.
- I like intriguing you.
Then you can't stop listening to me.
- Then I hope you'll say
something worthwhile.
Because so far you
haven't been fun at all.
(lips smacking)
- You said you wouldn't have my baby.
- What?
- I loved you then.
- What are you talking about?
(Amos sighs)
- It was a long time ago.
- You are something.
- Time doesn't matter.
(Paul muttering)
What are you-
- They take everything
away from me.
- Get up, get up.
- How can I be so stupid?
- Get up.
- Leave me.
- Leave?
- There's something I have to workout.
- With who, the rats?
- Leave me.
- What's the matter with you?
Our mother was cursed by us.
- It's a problem I have to work out.
- Listen, I am sick and
tired of fixing your mess.
I've been taking care
of you my whole life.
I hate you.
(clothes tearing)
- What are you doing?
I love you.
You're my brother.
(Amos grunting)
(clothes tearing)
- [Dr. Adams] I'm sorry
about our last session.
I was angry about what you wrote.
Could we move on?
- I'm sorry too.
- We need to get you back to
a stable frame of reference.
Practicing your art.
- You don't understand art at all.
- I wanna help you find yourself.
- You're killing me.
- No, I'm giving you the pills
because you try to kill yourself.
- I wasn't trying to kill myself.
I was trying to reach the edge.
I'm coming to the edge.
(seabirds cawing)
I'm coming to the edge.
You are not gonna do it to me.
Why do you do this to me?
Why do you do this to me?
(water sloshing)
(Amos crying)
(Amos grunting)
(boat engine rumbling)
- [Dr. Adams] Amos, you were
found a mile out in the ocean.
Your body temperature was 88 degrees.
Had that fishing boat not
come along, you'd be dead.
- We can't meet anymore.
- Amos, I have no problem
admitting as a professional,
that I'm having trouble finding
the source of your pain,
unraveling you.
We need to find a truly
good way to communicate.
- I speak through art.
- Your lack of inspiration
does not come from these pills.
Amos, let me give you the shot.
You know it helps you think clearly.
- Okay.
- Open, close.
(fingers tapping)
(Amos exhaling deeply)
Can you remember when
you and Paul were young?
- I, there's some holes in
my memory, but yes, I, I can.
- Were those good memories?
- Some.
- [Dr. Adams] And the others?
(Amos crying)
- Not so good.
- Why?
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- Fine.
Then tell me about your mother.
- Oh, geez.
The Oedipus again?
- Don't underestimate the
power of the maternal.
Her heartbeat was the
first sound you ever heard.
You were in her womb.
She carried you inside
her, brought you to life,
and nursed you for the first years of it.
Did you have a good relationship with her?
(Amos crying)
- I don't wanna talk about her.
- Were you creative as a child?
Did you have any need to create things?
- We didn't have much money.
I had to...
I had to use my imagination a lot.
- So did you have a
vivid imagination then?
- I had to, I had to.
- You told me at some point
your memory was replaced
for someone else's.
You saw yourself in another life.
- Vincent.
- How could you know if
you were just a child?
- I remember the parsonage.
I remember my father's
long sermons on Sundays.
The Dutch Reformed church.
It, it was like an echoing cavern.
His voice like an archangel.
The stained glass windows.
I remember drawing.
We were all taught to draw.
It's how I spent my time
mostly more or less.
I remember walking alone.
I was always alone on the heath
because no one would play with me.
They all thought I was strange.
I remember collecting
insects and bird's nests,
studying them in the attic, drawing them.
I had a collection.
My mother would say at times that I was-
- [Dr. Adams] Go on.
- [Amos] My mother hated it.
She thought it was odd.
- [Dr. Adams] Tell me about her.
- [Amos] She was a quiet woman.
She was always afraid.
- [Dr. Adams] Afraid of what?
- [Amos] She said one day the
water would overflow the dikes
and we would all be drowned.
She said mankind was evil
and would be punished by God
as he had done before.
- [Dr. Adams] Before?
- [Amos] The great flood, Sodom
and Gomorrah, the plagues.
"Mankind needs sweeping
up from time to time,"
she would say.
- [Dr. Adams] Have you ever read a book
about Vincent Van Gogh?
- [Amos] It's all too real.
The paintings, the feelings,
loneliness, the breakdowns.
My death, I relive it.
- Tell me about your death.
- I, I can't.
- Did you kill yourself?
Did someone kill you?
- I have to leave.
- Did you ever love anyone?
- Oh, it doesn't matter.
- [Dr. Adams] It does actually.
It means you can't connect.
Have a relationship.
(Amos crying)
- There were several.
Two died.
All of them rejected me.
- Tell me their names.
- It doesn't matter.
They're all dead.
- And so are your feelings.
- Her name was Sien.
- Who is Sien?
- [Amos] I think, Dr. Helen Adams,
you're the one who needs the pills.
- I don't need any pills.
- Of course not.
You have whiskey.
It's okay if you don't know the answer.
- The pills are just
placebos, sugar, actually.
So they can't be the source of your loss.
It's a technique to get you to relax,
to free you of whatever is driving you
without the interference of chemicals.
- Chemicals?
- It's healthier, Amos.
I am informing you.
I should have told you sooner.
I was hoping you might recover.
- Sugar?
- I didn't want to cloud your
mind with antidepressants.
I didn't want to kill your creativity.
- And what about the shots?
- Saline.
(birds chirping)
(suspenseful music)
(Amos gasping)
- Oh, here she is, the little slut.
- Oh, no.
- Go away, we're working.
- This is art, little boy.
You'll never understand.
- What did you say?
- I said, you are a little
boy putting on a big show
with your cowboy clothes.
- These are the clothes
of Buffalo Bill Cody.
I saw him at the Paris Exposition.
The greatest ever Wide West show.
- Go away and play cowboy.
- Try to find some girls or
boys or whatever you prefer.
- Shut up.
- Just be honest.
You are not the first.
- He's the one who can't get a girl.
He pretends to be an artist.
Look at you falling for his game.
- We're almost finished.
Now, leave us!
- You call yourself an artist (chuckling).
But all you are is crazy.
Your paintings are disgusting.
Everybody thinks so, hm.
You wander around talking to yourself.
I saw you wanking it in
the field the other day.
- Be quiet.
- You are a lonely, old, dirty pervert.
- And you are a fool.
You don't know anything about art.
- You don't talk to me like that.
Do you know who my father is?
You question if I'm a man.
You call me names.
(gunshot banging)
- Vincent!
(Amos panting)
(Eva crying)
(Amos gasping)
- [Announcer] Kicked under on the side.
Oh, big left hand landed by Haggerty.
On the exchange, elbows
cutting in the gauntlet
of Sam-A Gaiyanghadao.
As Sam-A comes back with knees.
Oh, big knee to the body.
Look at this close range action.
You could lock these
guys in a phone booth.
- [Announcer 2] What a grapple battle.
(Lois deeply breathing)
- [Announcer] Sam-A might
be starting to fade.
Looking for body shots.
Going for the head!
Haggerty forces the clinch up.
Tries to slow the aggression down.
Sam-A Gaiyanghadao.
Haggerty is taking some
deep breaths in the corner.
(Lois sighs)
(phone thudding)
- Arthur!
(traffic humming)
(gate creaking)
(birds chirping)
(door creaking)
Paulie, Paulie, Paulie.
What are we going to do with you?
I have a few ideas.
You won't like.
- I'm, I'm trying.
I really am.
- You have no money.
Interest rates are raising daily.
No good (clicking).
No good.
I want this artist.
- He only trusts me.
(Lois laughing)
- That's funny because I don't trust you.
And my friends in Amsterdam
don't trust me anymore.
We have risked beaucoup bucks
on this little enterprise,
selling fakes all over the world.
And this artist is having his period,
like a 14-years-old girl and
holding up the whole operation.
So, either you give me the artist
or I give them you in pieces.
(Paul sighs)
- Okay.
All right.
I'll give you the artist.
(hand tapping)
- He is asleep.
- [Amos] Come outside.
(waves crashing)
I know you'll be leaving soon.
- [Eva] You'll wake up and me and Anthony
will be in another place.
Maybe Hollywood, California.
It will be amazing.
- [Amos] You can do better.
- Anthony is a little
insecure, but he loves me.
He wants what's best for me.
- So do I.
- I know, I can tell.
Don't worry about me.
I will be all right.
- What do you expect from life?
- Nothing special.
I want to marry Anthony.
I'm gonna be star, gonna be independent.
We are gonna be rich.
- Is that all you want?
- I want a family someday.
- But will you do it?
- Of course.
I usually achieve
everything I set out to do.
- You can stop.
I can help.
I have a little money.
- Anthony will take care of me.
- I can.
- You...
You remember what you said
about pushing women away?
The opposite happens to me.
It's nice to walk the
beach with you, old man.
- One day you'll get pregnant,
and you'll have an abortion.
Because you hate those men
and you hate their seed.
- I can't kill a baby.
- You'll have an abortion
and you'll die young.
- Why would I die from a simple abortion?
- Sadness.
Listen, this has happened before.
You're, you are not this, you are good.
You have always been good.
(waves crashing)
- I lied before.
I remember you.
- It was a long time ago.
- It feels that way.
It's not clear, but I know
the feeling I get near you.
I deeply respect you.
- Where were you?
Stay away from her.
Do you hear me?
- You use her.
You're not gonna marry her.
She shouldn't be in these filthy films.
- You don't know anything about anything.
Do you know how much money she can make?
- That won't make her happy.
(Anthony chuckling)
- What do you know about happy?
Look at you, huh?
You are some washed up old man
who works at a fucking motel.
You can barely talk.
What are you, stupid?
Stay away from her.
- [Amos] I have this.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you gonna do?
Kill me?
Go away.
Go away.
(waves crashing)
(shipwreck creaking)
(hand slamming)
(Amos panting)
- What's wrong, Amos?
- Is it, is it lawful to kill
someone for a good cause?
- What happened?
- She needs my help.
- Who?
- Sien!
She deserves better!
- Don't tell me this.
I won't be made an accomplice to killing.
Will you be a hitman as
well as a counterfeiter?
(Amos panting)
- I have to help her.
- Don't ruin your life.
- They're ruining hers.
- [Father William] If you
kill, your life will be over.
Listen, Amos, Vincent never hurt the soul.
- I have to kill him!
- Stop.
(Amos groaning)
Stop it.
Listen to me.
You have wasted your life with this dream.
You used your skill to cheat people.
Paul is a cheat.
Do you hear me?
(rock music)
(horn honking)
- It's all set.
He's coming over.
- He better come soon.
I despise waiting.
- He's coming and he has the paint.
- No surprises, Paul.
(gunshots banging)
- Stop, stop, stop!
(gunshots banging)
- No surprises.
(dogs barking)
(Paul groaning)
(car door slamming)
(wind whooshing)
(car engine rumbling)
(Paul sighing)
(Paul groaning)
(phone buzzing)
Hello, brother.
At this moment, I believe
my idea wasn't very good
to say the least.
I ruined things again.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
(wind whooshing)
(stairs creaking)
- The baby.
What did you do?
(light eerie music)
Oh, oh, oh!
Oh, Eva.
What happened to you?
- Anthony.
- He beat you?
- Wait, Amos, stop.
It's my fault.
- What?
- I told him you're
the only man I respect.
He went crazy.
I've never seen him so crazy.
- Where is he?
- I'm not sure.
Maybe he's inside.
- I'm going in.
- Promise me you won't fight him.
- I never fight him.
- Don't go!
You don't have to do this.
(light dramatic music)
(soft music)
(smoker exhaling)
(soft music continues)
(ominous music)
- Help me.
A ghost came to take me.
Take him away.
- Why did you kill me?
- Take him away.
Because I am not alone.
I was recruited.
I'd say I'm part of a team.
That's why I ruin lives
of young people like Eva.
That's why I kill guys like you, Amos.
- You could refuse.
- I tried, believe me.
But I am a simple soldier.
And soldiers do not decide.
- There is something you can do.
- [Anthony] What?
- Don't ever kill me again.
I can take care of Eva.
I can help her heal.
Teach her to trust the
world and people again.
- You don't understand.
I can't afford it.
They always find me.
On this side or the other.
They are efficient.
- It would not have to be so
if you didn't want it this way.
- Possibly.
(Anthony sighing)
- Believe me, I'm sorry.
(suspenseful music)
(gunshot banging)
(Eva screaming)
(fist thudding)
(Amos panting)
(car door thudding)
(somber orchestral music)
- Will I see you again?
(somber orchestral music continues)
(somber orchestral music continues)
(somber orchestral music continues)