Vandanam (1989) Movie Script

- How did they escape?
- Don't know
When did they escape?
- They were last seen was at 4PM, right?
- Yes
We're thinking they escaped thru the milkman.
Who is this girl?
Sir, hold on tight.
Fernandez Kurian, was a professor at Rama Varma
Engineering College in Banglore.
Sir, why was he in jail for?
He escaped while serving a jail sentence for a rape
Afterwards, we didn't have any information on him
for six months.
Then, last week we caught him trying to assassinate
Bangalore MB Mr. Ramakrishnan at a political convention.
He escaped again while we were inquiring about
that situation.
Who is the inmate that escaped with him?
Raghu, he's an orphan and he knows how to drive.
So the girl in the photograph might be Raghu's
girlfriend or someone of the professor's.
What ever it may be, you two (names) must go to
Bangalore to inquire about the professor.
- I'm scared that your going to Bangalore.
- Why mother?
The people there have scary names.
There names may sound scary, but they are nice
Astronomically your time is bad now, so make sure
you go to the temple to pray daily.
If they have one, I will definitly go and pray.
When you get back, I will find you a beautiful bride.
- I will try to find one there
- No, I wont let a girl who don't speak our language in the house
- Okay, then I wont
- Make sure you find time to eat on your busy schedule.
Dont worry mother, I'll take care of my self. Now,
shall I go.
- Say, u'll go and come back
- Okay, I shall go and come back
I've got some information on this girl in the
She is the professor's daughter.
She works at an advertising agency.
She lives as a paying guest at an apartment nearby.
They came to investigate this case from Kerala.
This is Mr Unnikrishnan and K.P. Nayar.
This is Inspector Peter Kallayikkal.
We should start watching the girl and her
apartment as soon as possible.
- Do you speak Kannada?
- No, Sir
Then, wont the investigation be difficult if you don't
know the language?
It wont be difficult for smart people, Sir.
If you whipe your tongue and speak, then its
Malayalam. Otherwise, its Kannada.
Peter is the only Malayalee Inspector that will be
helping you out.
I don't require to have a Malayalee partner...
In that case, I will arrange an officer from here to
assist you.
Peter and Unnikrishnan will be in charge of the
night shift and Nayar the day shift.
Call the control room if you get any information or
need assistance.
Kalayika...Hey, Kalaykia
Damn, You recognize me?
- Your an SI?
- Your an SI too?
- What, you don't like it?
- You don't like that I'm an SI too?
- Its been a long time
- You wont leave me alone here either?
I cant believe this, this was very unexpected.
Just like unexpected death
Your an SI here in Bangalore and I'm one in Kerala
due to our courage.
No, thats due to our personality differences. They
send you here because you were bad there.
- Stop joking around man
-l don't think this is funny
This is why I said I don't want any Malayalee to help
me,cause they stab each other in the back.
These people don't have that problem
What did you say sir
- What did he say?
- Did you understand -Yes
What does it mean in Malayalam?
- Say it with out whiping your tongue, then
you'll understand. -l asked him, What did he say?
Malayalee's stab each other in back, you should ask
him yourself.
Your friend is just like you
Sir, don't think anything else, I'm asking due to my struggles.
Can you give me a small increase in pay.
I don't see you as a model or a copyrighter, Gadha.
After hearing your story, I helped you due to you
being a malayalee.
I make Rs. 300 here monthly, In which I pay Rs. 1 SO
for rent.
How could I get by with the rest this day in age?
The house owner is always yelling at me to increase
the rent.
I sold everything I had to start this. Plus I have bank
I'm just barely surviving, I'm not even getting
enough to finish my loan.
If I don't get a stable client, then I will have to close
this company.
If I get a good project, I will definitely increase your
Until then, I cant help you out.
Look at the grandma drinking at her old age
She's drinking another glass
She drank the whole thing straight
- Gadha is here, she's hot
- And they send him to do this investigation
She paid the auto driver and now going upstairs
Looks like she went shopping
She's ringing the bell and the door is being opened
She said something to the land lady as she went
into her room
Now she's in her bedroom and just turned on the
Now she's putting her bags away
Now she's...
Now she's?
- OPEN IT -Now she's?
Let me have a look
- Cant really see anything
- Let me have a look
- I told you, you cant see clearly
- Let me look
What is this? Bullying?
- She closed it, are you happy now?
- Yes
You were just like this back then too
What did you see?
- No way, you cant see her full naked on the first day
- I promise, I did.
Finally, your here
- Make sure you watch her
- Dont try to teach me, I already know
- Where did you get this monkey?
- They both match, right?
Dont open your mouth, I could smell the liquor.
You came to investigate Alcohol? I will report this.
Oh please don't report me. Get lost man.
I cant be like you, because I'm decent...
I'll bet that I will solve this case, otherwise you can
name your dog after me.
The dog has to agree to it too, right?
If I name my dog K. P. Nayar, it will kill me.
You've been on my case since the first time we met.
Dont mess with me, okay!
- Don't point at me
- What are you going to do about it?
Calm down
- We work together, we shouldn't be fighting
- What did he say?
Decent fellas like us shouldn't talk to people like him
Its a nice place...How can you afford this on your SI
salary? Must take bribes.
- It's a gift from my father in-law
- Dowry?
- Its a wedding gift
- Like I said, dowry.
Why are you letting me stay at your guest house,
when you have your own place here?
My wife's parents are there, so I thought it might be
a uncomfortable for you.
That's okay with me
We'll have lunch at my house tomorrow...
- You look tired, go take rest
- Okay
You want me to come in to have a drink?
- Your in-laws are home
- That's okay
I'll bring some when I come to your house for lunch
- Hey...
- Lets go drink huh
Nothing! didn't connect
Do you know what time it is now?
I don't have my watch, let me find out and come
Yes there is, I know..Just ask her
- Does the phone need any repair?
- Yes it does, I know, thats why I came
How'd you know theres a problem with our phone?
I told you so, where's the phone?
How do you know there is a problem with our
To increase our efficiency we installed a computer
Where ever there is a problem with a phone, it will
inform us...
So you are our first customer informed by the
So your lucky, by the way, What is your name?
I came here with my husband when he found a job
- Because he wanted to go back to England
-Poor guy
That's my wish too...l want to die in England
Don't worry, God will help you with that...
By the way, My name is Unnikrishnan. People close
to me call me Unni, so please call me that.
I have a good name in the Telephone Department.
Who is this? Your daughter? She looks smart
- No, she's my paying guest
- Oh,What is your name?
- Why are you eating snacks this late at night?
- Why don't you go fix the telephone
- Where's the phone?
- Right there
You don't have to follow me, I'll go fix it
Please don't think anything else of me, I just came to
fix the phone
- I need a glass of water
- To fix the telephone?
No, to drink
- Can you hear?
- Yes
- Hurry and finish up
- Okay
- Good enough?
- Yes
- Did you call?
- No, I'm on the phone
- Are you done fixing it?
- Its not the phone
Its the Telephone post
- Whats in your hands?
- Nothing
- You look like a robber
- No, I'm very decent
Did you take anything from here? Let me see your
What did you buy?
This is all I bought from pocket picking
I should of just stayed in jail. Didnt have to worry
about getting meals.
If I want a meal now, I have to pocket pick
If Police catch me now, they will beat me up and
put me back in jail
Damn, Why did I break out of jail
I didn't think about all this when you offered me
cash to help you
Did you think you'll get the cash with out doing any
hard work?
Don't get me mad
I told you that you'll get the money when we get to
Bangalore, so stop asking.
How do I know you have it when we get to
I'm not moving from here until you talk to me
about it
You want me to tell you?
You must know it
Long live student's Union
Did you sent a complaint to the governor?
Yes, and I sent you a copy of it as well
We could of solve this, there was no need to send a
complaint to the governor.
- When they investigate, just say you didn't send it
-No way
Because when your teachers helped some students
cheat on tests, you didn't do anything about it.
What is your problem? Just collect your pay and be
quiet. Don't spoil this school.
You people are spoiling it, not me
You take government grands for the school and use
it for your selves
You take wealthy students over poor ones due to
the donations you get from their families
- Who are you to say all that?
- I'm a teacher here
A teacher's job is to teach students, not have them
strike against us
Your the ones who make them strike. I will give you
a small example
When his son tried to cheat on a test, a teacher
named lakshmi tried to stop him, but he insulted her
And nobody made a complaint about that
Not only that, you made that poor teacher resign by
threatening her
When I received that answer sheet used by the
When you found out I had the answer sheet, you
sent your henchmen and broke my table
Since I knew you would try something like that, I
put the sheet in my bank locker
If you don't accept my demands, I will send copies of
it to the governor
Bullshit, get out here man
- Fernandez, you threatening us?
-Think what ever you want
- Are you trying to embarrass me?
- No, I'm doing what I feel is right
- Then what your doing is right?
- What did I do
The whole college knows your irting with a girl
Watch your words
He's got relationship with a girl named Mercy from
this school
She's like my daughter
I will cut your tongue if you talk about her
I will not keep you in this college after you beat me
- Your not the one who could decide that
- Yes
- What if we wont allow it
- Your not going to do anything about it
If you fire Professor Fernandez, then we will destroy
this campus
- We will talk about this
- Yes, please allow 3 months to do so
- Until then you must agree to our demands
- If its fair we will, now please leave
Dont worry about what they said, we cant shut
them up. Now come on.
You must beat up that professor, no matter how
much it costs
He must not strike with his hands ever again
What do you want me to do?
Beat him up
- I will explain to him sir
- Go and do it
Hope he doesn't beat up anyone else
Not only do what father said, there are more to do
as well and I will explain
I want to prove I can do a good talent program
here, I need your help to do so
Of course I will help
So, come to the auditorium after class for rehearsal
I couldn't try to save you dear
Lets not tell anyone and pretend none of this
Because we're the only ones that will lose
Who told you to do this, and why did you get
If I got insulted should I just stand still?
Good way to settle the score
If the public hear about this, then I'm ruined
Your ying high because your the MB's son
Here comes the next one
Your son got my son involved in this
Oh please, he's not a goodie tootsie
- They got it from their father's
- Maybe your son
All three of them did this, so we all are going down
if caught
What ever happened, happened. Lets try to find a
way out of this
- That's why your my lawyer, so do something
- I already got my handful with all your cases
If your going to do a job, finish it fully
You could of just killed the professor and get it over
Now who could this be
Whats wrong
That girl committed suicide
Hey lawyer, get some ideas to get out of this
- Did anyone see it besides the professor?
- No
Then there is a way
- We should..
- Hurry up and say it
- Change the story...Blame it on the professor
- How?
Just do as what I say...But you need to stay with us
- I cant join your conspiracy
-Then your son will get caught and so will you
What do you say?
- Tell me what to do?
- Good
I will take the rope from your neck and put it into
the professor's
- What happened?
-Fernandez, I didn't think you were this kind
Oh, poor thing. You don't know anything. Is this
why you were hanging out with these kids
You raped a girl in this school and she committed
suicide do to embarrassment
No, I'm not the one who did this
It's too late to say no. They have evidences and are
here to arrest you.
Yes, there are witnesses that saw you do it last night
- No, it wasn't me
When they wrongfully accused me, I told my self...
I will take the law into my own hands
That's why I broke out of jail
When I was in jail, there was only Lakshmi there to
comfort me. I gave her all my bank balances
I will get your cash when I get to her in Bangalore.
So stay on your own will
Mother, your son is calling you. Come outside
- Your not my son
- Then who is Ivan Joseph Anthony?
Keep hogging up all your money for your funeral
I'm starving here and you just want to save your
money to go to England
If its like this, your not going to England or anywhere
Hey, its me. Look out to see if anyone is cumming
and let me know
- Your looking rig ht
- Yes
Hey man, that girl Gadha is here
Sorry, that wasn't her. Keep searching.
Hey man, what is this
That old lady is coming man
- Don't get mad, its not that old lady
- Then who, your grandmother?
- It's another old lady
- Do your job right man
- She's here man
- Make sure its really her
- This time its really her
- This is too much
- She's coming up stairs
- She is
Where'd she go with the door left opened
I'm taking a shower, I'll be right out
He (son) said he's going to kill me. lf i go off to
London, how is he going to kill me
I named him four names and now he's complaining
about it
Then he wanted to know his father's name, but I...
Kids these days are too much
Wait, how did he get here
How beautiful
Like a ????
- Who?
- The beautiful girl next door
- Did you see her like an angel from heaven
- Yes
Oh my God
- Did you see her like a beautiful swan
- Yes
- Did you become a swan seeing her
- Yes man
- Did you see her coming to you like a green parrot
- Yes, Yes...
How do you understand my mind so well? Are you
my mind keeper?
You only remember these lines when you see girls
- But, I kept these lines in my mind for years now
- How
Get up, get UP
- You came to ruin my life again?
- What's the matter
You said the same lines to me in our college days for
another girl
I thought you were serious and when I gave her the
letter you told me to give her...
She gave the letter to the principal and I took the
fall for that
After I came back from my suspension, you were no
where to be seen until now
That was when we were kids
I thought you would change being a Police
Inspector, but I'm wrong
I'm living a straight life now, so I'm begging you
please don't ruin me again
- Hear what I have to say
- Don't say anything
If you ever mention a girl's name here, I will kill you
and then kill my self.
- I swear that on Lolapan Kallayikkal
- Who is that?
You don't know huh...
How beautiful???
- What Happened?
- Can't yo see what happened
Oh, the tire got at. I will help you.
- No, thanks -That's Okay, I will bring it to the
workshop. I have a helping mentality.
- I said its okay -lf l don't help you I wont be able to
sleep so I will help you out
- So there is no more problems with the telephone, right
- No,just don't make any
Don't say that, we at the telephone department are
nice people
What is this, where are you going with bicycle?
- What investigation?
-lt's pa rt of the investigation, sir
- Police?
- Yes, he's the police commissioner
- Then why did he call you inspector?
- Who me? He called me that, I don't think so...
Oh that's because I'm the phone inspector, he told
me to fix his phone
Its too sunny out, you should stay here. I"ll go and
fix it.
- Who made you a police?
- Don't ask about that
I got an idea, we'll hire some henchmen to go get
her and I will rescue her...
- No, that's too cheap. Kind of like Hindi movies.
- No, that's perfect for you
I got a better idea, but I need your help to do it
When shes walking alone, you just go and grab her
necklace and run away
- HEY -I'm not finished yet
Then I will chase you, when no one's around you
just give me the necklace and I will return it to her
- I'm a Police Officer -That's why your the man to do
it, and you are my good friend...
- But... -Dont worry, I will explain everything to you
Oh my God
We got the best quality shoes in India
For our new product, we need the best
advertisement as well as the best captions
Give me a sample of your work as well as a
marketing strategy report...
Please give me a week to do so
- You are watching out for theirs right?
- Yes, sir
Do you know this man? He's a big multi-millionaire
If we get his work, I will increase your pay by 5
This will make my dreams come true and expand
my company. Go and start on this project.
- There is no problem with the phone here
- I'm not here for that, this is a business matter
Where's your Managing Director?
- Where's your factory?
-lts not around here, its far away...
Lets talk about the marketing, call your copyrighter
What is your product?
His company's product is Gadha Gum
Gad ha Jam, like your name
I would like for her to come up with some captions
for my Gadha Jam
- Are you crazy, what is your problem?
- We'll talk about business here, other stuff we can talk outside
What is your point?
- What fruit jam are you making
Can you tell me couple of captions for advertisement
Come back in a few days, I will have it ready for you
That's not good
If your going to do your own captions, there was no
need to come here
Because I want to do the marketing and designing,
that why I came here
I will make all that. You can go now, I have some
work to do.
- I will stop by here and there
- No,just come back in 10 days
-lts not going to be done before that?
- No
- I can drop you off
- No
- We can talk about the stuff we couldn't talk about
in your office -No, I don't want to hear anything
What are you doing
Just because we had a fight? I'm still your husband
and the kids are waiting for you. Come on
I don't have a husband or any kids, stop bothering
me and get lost
Okay, I'm not your husband. But what did the kid
Oh God, your malayalees? Lets not argue in front of
I'll tell you what happened.
She wanted a sari, but I didn't get it for her so she
left and our baby is crying
What is this dear, your husband is calling, so go with
No need to fight here,just go with him
I will buy you all the sari's you need,just get in.
Please tell her.
Get in dear...Your fight will resolve if self when you
get home
- When I asked you nicely, you didn't come, see what
happened -What is your problem?
My mother told me to find myself a girl to get
married to, so your the girl that I found
Only you get to decide that?
Gadha, I opened my heart to you
I know you like me
Why are you hesitant to say you love me
Dont be afraid, open your heart and say you love
me too
- I don't mind saying it
- Then? Your shy?
- No -Then?
- You never gave me a chance to say it
- Oh okay...
Okay, then say it
I don't like you...
Because you have to like a handsome, wonderful and who
can offer a girl a happily married life guy like me
- I don't understand
- I will make you understand
I know you like me, and I will make you say it
At most, your going to bother me at work and at
the best stand, right
No, I will do more than that
- You want to hear it
- Yes
- That's all? -No, there's more
- That's all? -No, there's more
- You want to know what else I can do?
- Yes
That's not all, I got more. So you decide what you
want to do
I'm not the type of girl you think I am
I can't never be a wife of your dreams. You don't
know how I am...
I'm a real bad girl. My father's a murderer and
mother a prostitute...
I'm even willing to sell my self to get what I want
So, is this the type of girl you want?
Do you need a girl like me...?
- What? -What?
- Whats wrong with you -What is this
I think he's crazy, wont allow me to sit in one place
- What are you doing?
- I'm just doing some exercise
-if your tired, then I will look
-Then come on
I cant do it just like that, you keep looking
- Whats the matter with you
- Nothing's the matter with me
- What's bothering you -I don't trust you
- What Can I do about that. Keep looking
There he goes with the bottle
I always wanted to hang out with you, but never
got the time to. Where's your renter?
If you came to eat, then eat and go, don't ask
anything else
- Then
- We'll drink one more
- How is my caption coming alone
- Come to the office to talk business
Where were...What are you doing here?
- Where else am I supposed to be
- Why are you late
-lts only 6 AM -lts 6:30
- Where your partner?
- He left since your late, you didn't see him?
- No...
Dont play games with me, he don't come around
here does he
You must report it, I will report him and you for
cumming late
What ever the case, I will report this
-lts morning, get up and leave
- Oh God
- What are you doing there
- Nothing
- Then -Then, nothing
Still got a hang over from last night
Where's aunty
This must be the murderer, else why would he hide.
I caught him, now I will get a promotion.
- There no tea, you want coffee
- Sure
- My kitchen got dirty
- My feet slipped
How can I go to work in this...Do you have a dress
- My dress? -I just want something to hide my naked
Please give me a dress, I cant go to work in this
Kaliyikka, its you?
Your grandmother's investigation, get in
Police should be looking for you instead of
Fernandez, you been a pain for me for a while now
Police should be looking for you instead of
Fernandez, you been a pain for me for a while now
Why don't you get into the driver's seat and I'll lay
here so you can run me over
I received a lot of complaints about you for
vandalizing. Is this how you investigate?
- Sir, I have some doubts
- What doubts
Sir, the person I was chasing kinda looked like him
Sir, the person I was chasing kinda looked like him
- Did you see his face
- No, I saw every other body part
- How could you say that if you didn't see the face
- He's been acting foolish after getting hit on the head
You should hear what he said in the morning, Peter
tell him
- He said the guy looked like you
- No, I didn't say that
You said it
He's getting a little crazy, if it worsens will you fire
He's getting a little crazy, if it worsens will you fire
Sir, they're saying this out of envy because I solved
this case
- What did you solve?
- Someone came into her house
But the person escaped
If it was us, then he would be in jail right now
If it was us, then he would be in jail right now
- Sir he is stupid"
- Your father is stupid
- He doesn't have manners
- You don't either
I gave you some freedom because your malayalees,
don't try to take advantage of it
I gave you some freedom because your malayalees,
don't try to take advantage of it
- Didn't you see someone last night at the house
- No -Yes
Then why am I spending money on all those
equipment for you to solve this case
They are not investigating, they are drinking there
- I will...
- You did this on purpose to throw me out
- I will...
- You did this on purpose to throw me out
Don't believe him sir, we are honest police men
Stop blaming each other. The professor must be
here since someone was at her house last night
Stop blaming each other. The professor must be
here since someone was at her house last night
Be more cautious, tell your partner too
Act more professional from now on...if you see
anyone there again, shoot him. I will take care of it
Hey mother, if you don't give me your wealth and
accept me as your son, I will jump
If you jump, then I will say your my son
If you jump, then I will say your my son
You evil lady, I don't want you to enjoy me jumping
- I got other ways
- Get lost, Your not getting any of my money
All of you wanting to see me jump, get lost.
Because I'm not jumping
All of you wanting to see me jump, get lost.
Because I'm not jumping
- How is this sir
- Design is good, but not the caption
- Please don't say that sir
- But the caption has to be good
Please select one of these, or my company will go
out of business
If I select one of them, my company will shut down
How is my Jam caption cumming along
How is my Jam caption cumming along
- Must be working on my caption
- I have a headache, leave me alone
- What did you say
- I'm not giving your caption right now
- Your not going to give me my caption -No
- Your not going to give me my caption -No
Then why did you agree to do my Jam's publicity
- I cant come here to hear your nonsense
- Then get out
If you treat me like this, I will tell other customer's
and we will all take you to court
If you treat me like this, I will tell other customer's
and we will all take you to court
Do what ever you want, I'm not giving your caption
right now
What kind of advertisement company is this
What kind of advertisement company is this
I'm not giving up. Where ever you go, I will be there
What did you say?
After working for low wages in Kerala, I sold
everything I had to start this business
After working for low wages in Kerala, I sold
everything I had to start this business
Please help me sir
- There should be no sentiment in business
- Please don't say that sir
How Wonderful
I will take this caption
- Shall we sign the contract today
- Definitely
So this is what you do? Steal other people's
captions? I wont allow this to happen.
So this is what you do? Steal other people's
captions? I wont allow this to happen.
I beg you, please don't make a scene
I will go and tell the MD that I will only allow the
caption to be used for my product...
- This wont go with your product
- Oh no?
- This wont go with your product
- Oh no?
Then, no one was to buy my jam, I will eat it. I'm not
giving you my caption.
I will do anything, please don't tell the MD
Then say you "Love Me"
- Not going to say? -I will
- Otherwise, I could just to tell
Say it like you mean it. Like this...
Okay then, hug me and say you love me
Okay then, hug me and say you love me
- No don't -Then hug me and say it
Just like mother's wish, I found a beautiful girl. I will
tell you more in person.
Come here as soon as you get this letter. Your
loving son, Unni
Come here as soon as you get this letter. Your
loving son, Unni
I heard that you can get good vegetable here in
Bangalore, I want to get some when I go back
- We'll get that later, first tell me about my marriage
- That's for you to decide
- You will like her no matter what ever she may be?
-l will like what ever you like
- You will like her no matter what ever she may be?
-l will like what ever you like
- What if she's real dark
- Will still like her
- Crooked eyes? -Still I like
-if she's a mute? -Still I like
-if she's a mute? -Still I like
-if she's a christian? -Still I like
- Dont change your mind -I wont
Okay, she's a beautiful christian girl that will take
care of you
You may think she may not like me seeing her expression,
thats the difference between Kerala and here
You may think she may not like me seeing her expression,
that's the difference between Kerala and here
- What are you saying? -She's from the city, so she's
different from girl's back home
- I know your choice wont be a disappointment
- That's all I want to hear
Who's the grandmother
- Whats wrong with your feet?
- I banged it on the way out
- Whats wrong with your feet?
- I banged it on the way out
Remember what I told you about girl's from
You can sit here
Dont sit there, its not good to sit by the window
when coming to see the girl. Lets go there.
Gad ha is here
This is my mother
I like. Just as beautiful like the girl I wanted for my
He said you didn't have parents. From now on I will
be your mother
He said you didn't have parents. From now on I will
be your mother
So this was happening behind my back huh
- We should celebrate
- She means with sweats
I will have a grand wedding for you
I will have a grand wedding for you
I will go back and get a nice date for the wedding to
be held at our family temple
- But mother -Don't say a thing
My son couldn't have found a better girl
You are coming too, right
Of course, I'm the only one on the girl's side...
- Shall we leave -Want to eat?
- No, I'm in a hurry, have to buy some vegetable
We can make an excuse to the parliament, but what
are we going to tell the public?
I need police protection for my house at any cost
The papers are bashing the police department
- Shall we question that old lady and the girl
- Don't talk foolish
If we arrest them, then the professor wont keep in
contact with them and that is our only way
I don't care how you do it, he killed my son, I just
want to see that bastard's dead body
Don't get emotional, sir
He killed my son, so I will get my revenge on him no
matter how cruel it may be.
This is me, Kurian Fernandez. My war has started.
Mine too, I lost my son and you are going to loose
your daughter
MD's son Jayachandran ordered this. Please give it
to him.
You escaped from me once. Tomorrow evening no matter
where you are between 7:30 - 7:35 you will die
If I don't kill you between that time, that means God
is with you and I will leave you alone
We move him early from the house so that when
professor arrives to kill him we can capture him
Jayachandran should be escorted with police in his
We should be careful between 7:30 -7:35 PM. There
will also be an armed police bus in the back.
That's stupidity. Even though the car is bullet proofed,
what if the professor tries to hit it with a truck
- He may not die though
- No, but he could
Mr. Unnikrishnan, I know what to do...
- How is the advertisement coming along?
- Good, I will bring it to your office
Daughter, I want to say something
All I have is money, no family. Ever since I saw you, I
wished I had a daughter like you
I need a secretary, if you don't mind you can come
with me to keep me company
Tell me after you think about it, I will be here for
another 2 weeks
- Why are you late
- What
- Look at the time
- Dont you know how to look
- Don't try to be over smart -Don't point at me
- You could point at me though right
- Don't get involved
- What you going to do if he does
Your not going to catch Fernandez Kurian like this
I'm not your daddy...
How did my dad became a cruel person like this
They raped her in front of me and beat me up
In the morning, that poor girl hugged me and cried
I told her to forget it but she ended her life. Then,
they accused me of it and put me in jail.
Your dad died that day
I'm reborn to payback
All I have is revenge on my mind so I cant be your
daddy anymore...
What can I do to get my dad back
There's nothing you can do, I just cant be your old
dad anymore
I couldn't do anything for you, I only can give you
what I only have left
Your a good girl, nothing will happen to you
I heard you got a boyfriend. Whom ever you like is
worthy of you, that I'm sure of.
We want your blessing
- What's his job? -Telephone company
- Who said? -I know
- How do you know -He told me
You believed him, huh
He's a police investigator pretending to like you to
get to me
- I don't understand what your saying
- Hurry, you made a mistake your in a trap
He's watching you from the apartment across the
You don't believe me, go and see it for yourself
I don't see anyone else besides the grandmother
Our investigation is not going anywhere and he's
still out killing people.
Only thing happened is that you made that girl fall in
love with you
- I havent seen her there yet
- That's because...
Why did you stop
Here, see her drinking
- You weren't expecting me here
- No...
Don't...Don't try to say anything. I understand
everything now
I believed you really loved me
But now I realise you were after me to get my father
You even made your mom come here to make me
believe you
- Listen to... -No, I don't want to hear
You cant make me believe your lies now
I hate you
Gad ha, open the door
Please open the door and listen to me
Didn't you hear she didn't want to see you
Don't make a scene here, if you want to tell her
something tell her outside tomorrow
- For What?
-I'll tell you when we get to the station
- What are you doing?
- You must hear what I have to say
I'm an inspector searching for a criminal and I met
you during the investigation
I followed you around and liked you because I was
looking for your father
I only did one mistake, I didn't tell you I was a cop
because its a part of my duty
I didn't come here to love, but it happened and if
that's wrong I'm willing to try and forget everything
I only have one thing to say. I really loved and cared
for you...
Believe me if you want, I followed you around to tell
you this but you didn't want to hear it
That's why I had to tell you like this
- Writing a love letter?
- No, I'm writing to mother
Every time you write I get scared thinking about our
college days
- Why you writing your mother?
- To fix a wedding date -Who's?
Mines of course
- Then what I heard is true, you left her?
- Who left who?
- No, I'm fixing our wedding date
- She told me this morning is her wedding
- When did she say that -Yesterday
- Why didn't you tell me? -I forgot
She said she's getting married because you don't
like her anymore
- Where is the wedding?
- Some church on Church Road
- You still like her?
- Yes, I was only messing with her
- This wedding must not happen, you must help me
- Then lets go
Nobody's here. Lets go check in that church.
- Your telling the truth about this?
-Yes, there's a lot of church's here but no wedding
There's a wedding there, come on.
Please don't allow this wedding to happen
We had many dreams of living together and how
could she do this to me? Is this right?
Let her ask her heart if she still likes me...
- What is this -This is her man, I don't want this
She must of have married already
Just because I messed around with you a little, you
didn't have to do this
Unni,why didn't you show up when I said I'm
getting married
What did I do to make you hate me this much
What did I do to make you hate me this much Unni
No matter where you are or who your with, I will
never hate you or forget you
Even if you forget me, I will never hate you or forget
Death exactly at 4PM
He will have heavy police protection in the hotel
he's staying
- But somehow, we got to get into his room -How?
Your job is to stop the hotel electrician from
coming to work
Before that, we need to find out which electric
company the hotel hired and you must get a room there
You don't have nothing to worry about...
Its only police and hotel staff on this oor, no
outsiders are allowed in
There are a few occupants, but they're not allowed
to leave the room from 3-5 PM
There are security outside as well as the lobby
- He's a staff? -Yes
I'm calling from attorney Summit's room, he got a
minute to live. He will die at 4PM.
Your father made a fool out of the police
department and won
This is the last time he wins. He's crazy...
My dad was a poor man, they turned him into this
That maybe, but you don't take the law into your
own hands
I came to tell you all this before I do something
cruel to him
I don't know what to say or do
I know what to do, I'm going to catch him...Dead or
I understand what your saying. My dad raised me
after my mother passed away
He never hurt a y, but when I saw his madness I
was truely hurt
He may have been a nice person. But now he's on a
killing streak and we cant allow him to do that
My father was wrongfully accused and committed
suicide due to the shame it brought to my family
Then my mother wanted me to become a police and when I
did, she told me to follow and do what I think is right
- Thats all I'm doing -No matter what people say
about my father, I cant never hate him
I'm not telling you to hate him. If you love your dad
you must help me arrest him
He's not a full edged criminal yet, you can get him
back but you cant wait any longer
We can still make him understand killing is not the
A police cant show know sympathy. If my words
hurt you
You don't know where he is? Let me see if I can
make you say it
Don't get involved in this
To get answers to solve a case you need to do this
Nobody has the right to beat a girl. That's why we
have courts and laws.
I decide the law in here. I will also bring the
professor's daughter in here.
- For what...? -How do you know?
Sir I told you that him and that girl are seeing each
other. I have seen them.
Yes, we are in love...
So your on his side
- You know who your talking to? -Yes
You speech socialism and democracy to the people
and once you get elected you screw them
You should be called a social menace
Your saying this to protect your girlfriend
I would of helped her if I didn't wear or respect this
police outfit
- I don't think you respect this uniform now
- I respect this more than you do
Its not right to talk to a senior officer with this hat
Now I will talk to you as myself and not the police
What crime did Fernandez do?
Is it because he outspoke about him cheating the
students and taking their money
Or is it because he couldnt do anything when your people
raped that poor girl who he looked at like a daughter
Or is it because he was being harassed by the
students that he loved for a crime he didn't do
You never had to go thru that pain because you
never had a daughter
I don't know anything about that, but I had a son...
If you were in his shoes you would be doing the
same thing
- Your standing up for someone who killed my son
like a dog -You should of raised your son right
When dogs get mad, they get killed. That's all
Fernandez did, and I'm sorry that had to be your son
No matter what you say, I will arrest that girl and her
father will come looking for her
If you touch her, I will expose all the corruption that
is going on here
You made me do it...
You are discharged
An officer like yourself send me here to find a
criminal and if your not going to help me...
Stop this death laugh
What did you say
I'm an orphan and joined you because you told me you
want to revenge that poor orphan girl who got raped
Now you have turned into a crazed killer and you
are going to kill innocent people
I will do whats needed to reach my goal, you have
no right questing me
But now you are crazy about killing
I will kill who ever gets in the way of my goal
I'm not going to allow you to kill anymore. lam going
to report all this and your new plans to the police
Don't come closer
No one can stop me
You thought you could win with out ever being
No matter where I am tomorrow afternoon at 6PM
MB Ramadren will die
- There may be some truth to what he's saying
- Just because you caught him, you don't have to be right
- Mother and son made up now?
- Yes that was just a beauty fight
- Are you planning to try to jump from the
roof again -Only if mommy get mad at me
Your not going to die, because its 10 or 20 stories
you will only have broken bones
Its 50 stories high, there are 49 steps to get there...
- How do you go up to the north tower
-Thru there
Remove the bomb with out the people knowing, otherwise
they will panic and it will be a pandemonium
- Whats the problem? -Nothing...
I'm a regular at this stadium, what is going on that I
don't know
Be quiet or the bomb upstairs will blow
We need to defuse this fast
They're saying its a complicated planting
There are many bombs planted in this stadium, we
need to defuse this remote control to stop it
What are you saying? There are thousands of
people here, you must defuse it fast
What can we do now
This remote is connected to the big clock when it
hits 6 the bombs will explode
Then stop the clock"
That's why I said its a complicated planting, if we try
to adjust the clock the bombs will explode
- Then what can we do?
- Remove the remote control's fuse -Then do it
Say or do something fast. Otherwise I'll be
responsible for thousands killed
This is an extraordinary brain work
Out of these two wires one is the right fuse the
other false
We are confused about which one of them is right
fuse to pull to disarm the bomb
- How can we tell?
- Only the person who made it can
We must bring the professor here ASAP
There's a bomb here, RUN...
- Say it -No, I wont
This is not the place to get your revenge.
Thousand's of people's life are in stake here
I know your story, I know what you been thru
But you are going to kill 1000's of innocent people
trying to kill the MB
All of them have families
What are you going to accomplish by killing all
these innocent people
Please tell me which is the right fuse
Please, there is only 5 minutes left. Dont kill all
these innocent people
There's only 3 minutes left, please
Please tell me which is right fuse, I'm begging you
Let everyone die, including his daughter
Yes, I brought his daughter here, she's downstairs
What do you say now, Your daughter will die in 90
If you don't want that, then tell us which is the right
I'm ready for anything now
Pull the red, its the fuse
We're losing time
Are you telling the truth
Don't think you won. I still got your daughter, let me
try to make your laugh into tears
Don't bring him to the hospital, take him the place
he was hiding
I could only say to stop worrying about the things
you lost
I need you to hide from them, if they catch you the
commissioner will take his revenge out on you
Dont go home, they might be there so its not safe
Its not for you to stay with me either, he can arrest
you with a false warrant
If you escape from here they cant do anything
because your innocent.
- Don't worry about me, I can manage tonight
somehow -How
I have a friend nearby that no one knows of
I got ight tickets for tomorrow morning at 8:30
Where ever you are call me at 7:30 tomorrow
Just tell me where you are calling from and I will
come pick you up
I will call at 7AM
- May I use the phone -Sure
What are you doing here
Tell me
You said you can give me a job
I'm leaving here, are you able to come with me now
Yes sir, I can come where ever
Let's go