Vanguard (2020) Movie Script

Chinese New Year is now
celebrated all over the world,
and we're about to witness
a Spring Festival carnival parade
at London's Trafalgar Square.
There's so much festivities in the air!
He's finally slithered out of his cave.
Bold move for a coward.
Where have you been?
You're late.
Happy Chinese New Year.
What is this?
Showing up late with just these?
You've got some nerve!
There are more.
- Wait, I can't manage.
Where's mine?
The one I just juggled.
If it's smashed, keep it.
- I'll put it in storage.
Get in!
We're here! Give me a hand.
Here's Lei! - Uncle,
Happy Chinese New year, have a good health.
- Thank you so much! Same to you.
Happy Chinese New Year!
- So many presents!
Give me a hug.
- Godfather!
This young man works
with my son-in-law.
He's super capable
and a decent man, too.
he's unattached!
A smooch...
Give Godfather a kiss!
A call from my daughter.
Hi, Daddy!
Happy New Year!
Happy new year to you, too!
How's your sore throat?
I'm good.
I heeded your advice, and quit smoking.
Where are you? - I'm in Africa!
Let me show you... - Africa?
Can you see?
- You have to stay alert.
Is your boyfriend with you?
- I don't have one. - Fareeda,
Meiwei is here,
have a chat with her.
Fareeda, Happy New Year!
- Daddy!
Dad, I'm losing you...
- Meiwei here...
Hello? - I don't have a signal.
Fareeda... Hello?
Juma, let's go! - Okay.
Poor connection.
- Yes, as always,
whenever I want to start a conversation.
She's avoiding me.
No way! Don't over-react.
Get out! Come on! Now!
The Qin couple has been kidnapped.
Did you called the police?
- Just called them.
There is a Chinese New Year parade.
There are thousands of revellers,
all roads are blocked.
The police will take time to respond.
- Where is Qin?
On the move, but still in Chinatown.
- Are there Vanguards in the area?
Two off-duty Vanguards nearby.
Send them to rescue Qin Guoli
right away. - Yes, Sir!
See what Godfather has brought you?
Godfather, who is that?
Captain China!
He looks just like your Dad.
Captain China is my dad!
Yes! - Dear boy, give Daddy a kiss.
Our VIP clients are kidnapped.
Emergency deployment requested.
About 400 m from your current location.
Stay alert!
Copy that!
Mom, we need to go. Let's go.
What's the hurry?
- It's work.
Jiahua, keep your aunt amused.
Sit down!
Good afternoon, Mr. Qin.
Who are you people?
You betrayed Omar's father's location
to the Americans, didn't you?
No, I didn't know where his father was.
Omar is... still alive?
The money!
Omar's father's money,
do you have it?
I don't know.
Is he your husband?
Please don't hurt my wife.
No, please! - Honey!
Let me explain.
She has nothing to do with this!
- Honey...
Do you know what it's like to
lose your loved ones?
Mr. Qin!
The money!
Tell me!
We're in position.
Brought your gun?
- No, it's my day off.
What about you?
- Of course.
It's with them. Cover me.
Sir, we're closed.
Closed? - Yes.
I'm the boss! - Hey, stop!
I'm his brother.
- I don't care.
He's unarmed. - Let's split up.
Kill her!
No, no! Please...
I know where the money is.
Hand over the money to me
and I won't hurt you
or your wife.
Hi. - We're closed today.
Your puppy needs you.
Come with me!
Get her!
Go inside!
C'mon! Go!
Take cover.
Kaixuan, where are you?
- I'm frying a pig's knuckle!
He's just security.
Hand over Qin Guoli to
me and I will let you leave.
It's just a job.
Why risk your life over it?
They don't pay enough for
you to work this hard?
Who are you?
I'm from Vanguard!
Don't shoot. We need him alive.
Let's go!
Miya, where are you?
- I'm 30 seconds away.
Come... This way!
Get in,
Don't shoot! - He's hurt.
You alright?
- I'm okay.
The gang that captured Qin
are from the Arctic Wolves.
Their leader is Broto.
They'll do anything for money.
Why are they after you?
I had a business partner called Maasym.
I made him a fortune
by selling oil and artefacts in Europe.
I only found out later he ran the
gang Brotherhood of Vengeance.
I tried to quit but
it was too late.
Maasym forced me to
arrange funds for him
to buy weapons of mass destruction,
or he would kill me
and my family.
Later, I tipped off the the
London police about him.
7 months ago, Maasym was
killed in a military operation.
His eldest son Omar survived.
So Omar sent the Arctic Wolves?
If they can't get me,
they will go after my daughter.
Can you send someone
to bring her back?
Where is she now?
- Africa.
I'll sell to it. - Thank you.
Boss, Broto.
He's been taken. - Taken away by who?
They call themselves Vanguard.
What is Vanguard?
- It's an international private security company.
Most of them are retired military
or security experts.
Their services include security for
shipping, and VIP protection.
Qin has a daughter.
Bring her to me
and he'll scurry out of whatever
hole he's crawled into, okay?
Yes, Sir!
Sir, the intel from Qin
has been verified by the London police.
- Good!
This girl went alone to
protect African wildlife
and risked her life
recording poachers.
She's brave.
Among wildlife conservationists,
she's an activist.
In Africa, 30,000 elephants
are slaughtered by hunters every year.
I have great respect for her.
Just look at her video,
uploaded an hour ago,
already has 400,000 hits!
Now we have many more adversaries.
We must find her quickly.
We have reason to believe that
the volunteers were victims
of a group of poachers
led by a man named Tunda.
Murderous scum like him should be locked up!
I want her dead!
Tunda! How's it going, my friend?
Good to see you.
Look at you, superstar!
400,000 clicks in one hour.
Not bad, my brother.
- Shut up!
This girl, I'm gonna find her
and kill her.
- We're looking for her, too.
Come on, let me
introduce you to my boss.
Hey boss, this is Tunda,
the best hunter in all of Africa.
Can you find the girl?
This girl, she is a meddling brat!
She said the kill count was 119?
Once I get to her,
I'm going to make it an even 120!
You hunt animals,,
I hunt people.
The only difference is,
I got my trophy taken alive.
Here's your deposit for now.
You will get the big bucks
once you complete the hunt.
Let's go hunting!
Yeah! Go hunting! Let's go!
Yeah! Yeah! Go hunting!
Charlie, come. Charlie, come on!
There she is.
Juma, who are they?
-I don't know.
Are you Fareeda? - Yes.
There are lions here. Back off.
Charlie, stay.
they're real lions!
Stay, stay!
- Lei, stay calm!
Stand your ground!
Your father sent us
to come and fetch you.
They're here to kidnap you!
Come over now
Lei, go get her!
Charlie, back!
- Sir, lions on the loose!
What are you afraid of?
It's a male.
- There is also a lioness!
She's over there.
Get the guns! - Yes, Sir!
Follow me.
Kill them all except Fareeda.
Damn you!
Vanguard again!
Stay with me.
Get the girl, now!
This girl, she's gonna get what she deserves
What are you doing?
We need her alive. - What?
I'll cover you. Go get her!
- Whatever...
Get in!
Get out! Come on! - Charlie!
Help me!
Charlie... Charlie!
Come here!
- Charlie! Help me!
Charlie, over here!
- Who is Charlie?
Tell him to hurry.
Leave with her now.
Get in.
Tunda, come help! Hurry!
Help me!
Charlie! Charlie, don't...
Charlie... go away!
Charlie! - Let go!
He's ignoring me. Don't move!
Hold still!
Why is no one listening?
Don't run!
Lie down and play dead!
I am dead. - What?
Come on, let's go! - Get in!
Go, go, come on!
Go, go, go!
Keep going!
Don't let my trophy get away!
No, no...
You let her get away!
The best hunter in Africa my ass?
You can even not hunt a woman
- I'm the best because I have patience.
Even hyenas understand
the cost of patience.
They wait hours, even days
before they get their prey.
I didn't pay for you
to preach about hyenas.
She just got lucky.
Bring her to me, or
you will become my prey.
What's up ahead?
It's just a jungle.
Follow me.
What do you use the gun for?
Juma, are you okay?
What about you? - I'll manage...
Yuanxu, what's the status?
We've located Lei
20 km away in the jungle,
moving towards the southwest. Vehicles
can't pass through a primeval forest.
Go on foot, and be careful!
Miya, take them to the hospital.
Ok. - Be careful.
You should be taking them to hospital.
What are you doing here?
Jonathan can drive.
I'll go with you.
Come on then.
Calling London HQ, please come in.
Roger that.
We've located Lei.
The coordinates show he and
Fareeda are in an avian observatory.
His vital signs are normal.
Copy that. - Keep moving.
We need to get there
before daybreak.
What kind of bird is that?
Take a look. - Okay.
Bird of Paradise!
These birds spend their lives searching
for happiness and freedom.
When they meet their own kind,
they dance for each other.
Tribal people used their feathers
to decorate themselves.
The're prized in Europe in the 19th century.
But because of
excessive hunting,
they're so rare now.
You hang out with lions,
and exotic birds.
You are a carefree spirit,
a romantic at heart
in pursuit of your dreams.
You must be a Virgo.
I think you're a Virgo.
How could you tell?
Are you really?
Faster, faster! Right behind the big tree!
Let's go! Let's go!
Let's get out of here! - Sure.
Go straight.
They're 100 m ahead.
Don't let them get away!
Two unidentified vehicles
are heading for Lei.
They are 3 minutes away.
Got it.
Go, attack!
Got them all, sir.
-Let's go!
Once more.
Hop in, sir!
More over,
let me...
They are coming! Hurry!
Move! - OK.
Hurry up! Hurry!
Hold on tight!
Jet ski, surround them now!
She did get lucky last time.
This won't happen again.
- No bullets, I want her taken alive.
Go, get them!
Go, go, go!
Virgo, help me!
Fareeda! - Get closer!
Go, go!
Help! - Hang in there, Miya!
Get away!
Get away! Get off me!
Help me, sir!
We're done for.
Brace yourself, jump!
Over here!
What are you yelling for?
They can't hear you!
Over here! We're here!
Qin Guoli has assets
belonging to the Brotherhood of Vengeance.
You say Vanguard
leaves no man behind.
So listen to me carefully.
Deliver Qin Guoli to us
and I will let your man go.
If you fail to make this exchange,
they will be beheaded.
I volunteer myself
for the realese of my daughter
and your colleague.
No, you mustn't.
It's dangerous.
There must be another way.
I'll be fine, trust me.
May I have a word in private?
Of course.
Give us a minute.
I will be fine.
What are you hiding?
I'm the only one who knows
where Maasym's assets are.
I must settle the score with Omar.
Mr. Tang, if they use this money
to buy more weapons,
many lives will be at stake.
Protecting the innocents
is our paramount duty.
Thank you.
is the root of all evils.
1, 2, 3, 4...
Hi, Jiahua. - 5, 6, 7...
8, 9...
Dad, this is for you.
My dear boy!
What brings you here?
- He wants to give you a present.
Present? What for?
Because I wanted to.
It's your birthday today!
Daddy is so absent-minded!
We're still waiting for the support...
- Hold on just one sec...
Let's go.
Who is that? - That's Daddy.
- To him, you are Captain China.
- What did we discuss?
What about Captain China?
He is mightier than
Captain America!
He's awesome!
Give me five!
But he is much stronger than me.
-Daddy's the strongest!
Now give daddy a kiss.
- Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy birthday to Kaixuan,
Happy Birthday to you!
Thank you, sir. Thanks everyone.
I'll make a wish,
for Lei's safe return.
Daddy's awesome
Please share the cake.
Here, a baby panda for you!
Take it!
Take it.
And say: thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Just call me bro! - Bro!
Right, call her auntie.
Say auntie.
- Who are you calling auntie?
Sis would do.
Sis! - Good boy!
Okay, let's go out with sis,
and let daddy get back to work.
Go play with auntie.
- Stop misleading children!
Lei has been with Vanguard
for 5 years?
5 years, 3 months and 28 days, sir.
This operation is challenging.
Since you're still recuperating,
why don't you
stay behind as back-up?
Sir, don't worry. I am fine.
Your boy drew this? - Yes.
Quite frankly, I'm not sure
how this would turn out.
Jiahua has already lost his Mom.
You should stay
to look after him.
But I want to make him proud.
You're our CEO now, so
you don't have to go.
I've a duty to
bring my team back.
then let's go together.
I think we should
order some of these.
Gorgeous! - Really?
For you. - Thank you.
Jiadebala population
is 50,000 citizens.
2,000 of them are Omar's fighters.
They used the area
as a training ground.
Due to the the rugged terrain,
the government
couldn't take it back.
We need more intel before we go in.
Do we have anyone on the ground?
Yes, we have a source.
He's on it. - Good.
We are entering
uncharted territories,
We'll be up against
extreme dangers.
You are the best of the best,
virtuous and trustworthy,
loyal and reliable.
For our obligations,
for our comrades-in-arms,
we must overcome all odds!
We have to return
triumphantly! - In triumph!
In triumph!
We'll return victorious!
Let's go! - Move!
Jiadebala dates back a 1000 years,
It's home to many priceless relics.
When the Brotherhood captured the city
they sold off artefacts, smuggled drugs
and made a fortune.
The locals have vecome their hostages.
If government forces were to attack,
the city can be destroyed overnight.
Can we trust Kalasu's friend?
Will he help us?
Abati is the best chef around.
His only son was shot
dead by drug gangs.
This is the hostage, Fareeda.
Lei is one of ours.
We cannot leave them behind.
You know what it's like
to wanna save someone
you care about.
I can help you and your family
start a new life somewhere else.
I just need your help to
get us inside the fortress.
I can only transport her.
Rest of the team have to
take the unguarded route.
Why are there no guards?
It's tough.
How are you gonna escape?
We have a plan, but
we need your help.
Open up, Mohammed.
This is Abati.
This is the closest I can
get you to the fortress.
I have to go now.
Mohammed is my man.
He'll take care of you.
This special war paint,
will save me from getting killed
by friendly fire.
These two bullet-proof vehicles are specially
modified for Omar just like an armoured cars.
Will they really kill us?
I don't want to die so young.
Show me your right palm.
Don't worry, you will survive.
You have a long life line.
What is this?
Don't worry, Vanguard
will come for us.
But how?
I have good news for you.
Your father is on his way,
and your boss, too.
Get him out.
What do you want?
Where are you taking him?
Where are you taking him?
We are destined to cross paths again.
First you snatched
someone from our grasp.
This time I have you captured.
Not many can get even with us.
My boss sees something special in you.
Work with us,
you'll earn more in a year
than a lifetime.
- We are different.
We both risk lives for money.
What is so different?
Be content, know your weakness.
Things you do,
things you don't.
What are you talking about?
I don't understand.
Never indulge in desire.
Know yourself.
Know what you should do,
know what you shouldn't do.
You've learned our tongue,
but not our ethics.
Boss, he says that...
Big mistake.
Take him away.
They're strapping
a bomb vest on Lei,
with a timer.
Vanguard has promised to bring
Qin in exchange for the hostages.
But I wouldn't trust them.
They will attempt a rescue.
In the millennia since
our fortress was built,
there's never been a breach.
Our warriors have been
trained since boyhood.
We should still take precaution.
Step up security,
and shoot on sight.
What's the plan?
The deal is still on.
Did you prepare the money?
- Time and location of excange?
I'll let you know.
Good evening, brothers.
- Good evening.
Come try some snacks.
- Thank you.
Got to go. - Go!
Holy shit!
Even wearing my mask, this
place reeks like hell!
I can't stand it anymore.
Keep moving!
The masks are no match for the smells.
Too stinky.
At 12 o'clock , 4 gunmen
are heading north.
At 3 o'clock,
1 armed man is standing guard.
All clear on the south side.
You do your usual beat.
We're in.
Everything is normal.
Split up as planned.
Copy that.
Laila, she stays with you tonight.
I'll bring you to Omar's compound tomorrow.
Please turn off the lights.
- Yes.
Explosive all set.
We've located Lei
on the rooftop.
There are two snipers
lurking at 12 o'clock.
They are here.
Let's shoot some Chinese ducks.
I'm in position.
You'd better leave now. - Okay.
Daddy, daddy... - Don't move!
I'm the head of Vanguard.
Let's make the exchange.
You speak with the conviction
and impatience of a man in charge,
but you are not in charge here!
Mr. Qin, have you brought
me what I asked for?
Come on, give it to me.
Target is in the trap,
we will finish them.
What is this bullshit?
That's the list of your
father's assets I managed.
He converted most
of them into gold
but hid it away in a secure place.
I can take you there.
Honour your promise,
release Fareeda and Lei.
Not until I have the assets.
I heard Vanguard never
leaves anyone behind.
I'd like to test that theory.
I would say my goodbyes quickly.
Mr. Qin,
your daughter's time is up!
No, stop!
No, please!
- Cut her head down!
What's going on? - Stop!
Look at your chest.
Drop the gun, tell
everybody drop their guns!
Nobody gets hurt.
Everyone, drop your guns!
I'm standing on bouncing mines!
Block all the gates!
Hit the deck!
Kaixuan, we've no time.
Let's deal with the vest first.
- Don't worry about me, just go!
Cut the bullshit!
They are so sneaky.
Whichever wire I cut, will set it off.
Just leave.
I can deactivate the bomb
by freezing the battery.
Now the bouncing mines!
Kaixuan, there's nothing you can do.
You have a son.
You need to stay alive.
Just go! Run!
Take your feet off!
The mines will bounce up and explode mid-air,
decimating everything within 14 meters.
Jianping, behind you!
Yanlong! You go first.
On my count of three,
Let's go.
Over there!
Shoot him down!
Go help Fareeda!
Stay with me.
I can't be shot.
Me neither!
They are over here!
Go! Move!
Don't move!
Catch it!
Pull out !
Come... We need everyone!
On the double!
Omar needs help!
Mohammed, come with me.
Block all the exits!
Hold it in your positions
and lock the gate!
What are you doing? Get off!
Are you alright? - I'm fine.
Let's go!
Abati and Muhammed
are just blocks away
on their way to pick you up.
This way. Quick!
Yanlong, cover me! - Copy!
Take this!
Move him!
Hang in there!
Let's go!
Zhou, pull out! Go.
Get in, quick! Get in.
Pull out, I'll cover! - Copy!
Get in quick!
Go, go, go...
I can't detect Kaixuan's vital signs.
His vital signs are gone!
Go, come on.
They are closing in.
We need to go now or be trapped.
I'll find Kaixuan
and bring him back.
Sure, be safe! Cover him!
Yes, Sir!
Yanlong, are you alright?
I'm okay . - Let's go.
Hurry up.
Hang in there, bro!
Pull out!
Go now or it'll be too late!
Go, let's go!
They just want me!
Qin! - You all leave!
Come back!
Dad! - Go back!
You come back! - Stop, stop!
Come back!
- Take my daughter out of here! Quick!
Remember our deal.
Dad, don't...
Get in. - Come on. - Quick.
Nobody shoots!
Hang in there!
Buddy, don't die on me.
Stay alive!
Kaixuan, wake up!
Remember your son, Jiahua.
You said you'd be his hero.
You promised!
Wake up now!
Come on!
Kaixuan, wake up!
Wake up, you hear me?
Hold Tight! Take cover!
Hold tight!
Stop, dear...
Thanks to my rollercoaster ride!
Did you just kiss me?
I am all yours now!
My son gave me this.
Our son is the best!
Relax, your father will be fine.
They need him alive.
I know where to find them.
Tracking device.
I don't like torture
as much as I don't like bullshit.
Did you betray my father?
Where's the gold?
I'll take you there.
Don't hurt me.
His father Omar paid a deposit
on weapons of mass destruction.
But he was killed before
the deal went through.
They have over $ 200 million
stowed somewhere in Dubai.
We have to catch them in
the act of making the deal.
Based on your intel information
of the Arctic Wolves,
we found information on every
Arctic Wolves mercenary.
Two of them entered Dubai this morning,
and they are under our surveillance.
We can't confirm if they are
connected with the kidnapping of Qin
or the arms deal .
Sir, can we carry firearms?
No, you will be only assisting
and consulting with the investigation,
All field operations here
are going to be carried
out by our police force.
You understand Chinese?
I can understand, though
I don't speak much.
My wife is Chinese.
Must be beautiful.
This is Marder.
He's a serial womaniser.
Loves dating models and small-time actresses.
He has a violent temper.
Arrested last year for
beating up a girlfriend.
A typical scumbag!
I'll see you at the pool this afternoon.
Best if we can hack his phones
and credit cards.
Then we can find out more.
No problem.
But they are careful and alert
hard to infiltrate.
How about a honeytrap?
Why are you staring at me?
Didn't you always say I am one of the boys?
I can't wait to beat
up that scumbag!
Forget honeytrap,
not me!
how about you?
Not taking any chances, huh?
Change the pose.
Great, a little more.
Good, stroke your hair.
Good, nice posture.
A little more, great!
Not a bad conference
room for the day.
I'm with you on that.
Wonderful! Turn around...
Great! Sweet!
Great pose!
Hold it right there...
Very good, the lighting is beautiful.
Let's take a few more photos.
Items must be delivered
to Dubai within 2 days.
Can you guarantee it's safe to enter the port?
Our goods don't need to enter the port.
Can be controlled remotely
But you've been putting it off for a year.
So if you want to complete the
transaction, it's still $ 200 million.
Only accept cash.
You got what you bought.
I'll get back to you shortly.
We're almost done here.
Let's shoot some more at the beach.
Darling, let's get change first.
How is it going?
He works for Josef, a mojor
arms dealer in the Middle East.
Let's find ways to hack their phones.
What's happening?
- I believe the three Asians
have been taking pictures of you
we need to hurry
to catch the light.
Hi good day.
To the beach now,
Light's fading.
So much for your honeytrap!
Dressing up like this
and he still ignores me.
Don't you think she's beautiful?
- Of course.
So gorgeous, I can't even bear to look.
- Keep walking.
He's watching us from the balcony.
- Good.
Who are they?
They are still taking pictures on the beach.
I think they're clean.
You just kill my chances.
I could have got lucky tonight.
I'm sorry.
I have to be careful.
Let's do it one more time.
Good, keep on,
let your dress flutters.
Got it.
See, aren't they great?
All is not lost.
I am Chinese.
Chinese? Beautiful pictures.
- Can I have your WeChat?
I'm her agent. Can I help you?
A Middle Eastern swimsuit
brand I invested in...
To copy, just place
your phone next to his.
I think it could be very fit for her.
You can add my WeChat.
You can scan me.
Got you. - I'll be in touch.
Nice jacket. - Thanks.
How did it go?
- A copy is made.
The aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis
arrived today at Port Rashid
for a 4 day visit of Dubai
in the United Arab Emirates.
Live from the aircraft
carrier, Captain Greg Dawes.
They want $ 200 million.
It has to be in cash.
I'll pay in gold.
An eye for an aye, Mr. Dawes!
The weather is clear.
There are only seagulls, no falcons.
It's safe.
We've taken care of the police surveillance.
We will see every
move they make.
Tell them the exchange location.
We pay on delivery.
It's dad!
Turn on the sound,
monitor Marder's phone.
Sir, the location is
a second-hand car dealership.
Send a team there at once.
Yes, Sir!
Watch him.
They are on their way.
How much is this?
About 2.2 million dirham.
That's about 4 million RMB.
This special edition costs
10 million RMB in China.
It's a bargain!
I'll take one.
Okay, they're coming.
They're here.
Get SWAT in position.
Move it.
Where's the gold?
Boss, they're here.
Finally we meet.
Good timing.
Watching from the sideline.
Not for long...
Each gold car is worth
over 100 million dollars.
The windows, the tires,
are all bullet proof.
You may pick 2 cars.
Consider the extra
money a gratuity.
I love them!
But how do I get
them out of Dubai?
It shouldn't be a problem.
This car has foil on it.
It's gold underneath.
Choose any color,
put a license plate on,
and you're good to go.
I have my present.
Here's yours.
It will take down
anything within 20 km.
This is called Flash Mob.
The aircraft carrier has docked,
which makes it vulnerable to attack.
It's automated system is so fast,
by the time you launch,
it's too late for them to respond.
That's why oyr machine
is so expensive.
How do I operate it? - Easy!
It's like a game controller.
Activate, lock in the target there,
then press launch.
The US army was
responsible for the bombing
that killed Maasym and
the rest of Omar's family.
The USS John C.
Stennis is currently in Dubai.
Captain Greg Dawes was the commander
of the search and destroy operation.
There is no surprise
Omar wants revenge.
Go tell the US military immediately.
Yes, sir!
You said you'd let me go.
- I lied.
Just like you lied to my father.
I know you betrayed
him, and I'm making sure
you get what you deserve.
Lei, take her to the police HQ.
All units standby!
Fareeda, it is dangerous.
All the way from Africa
to the Middle East,
as long as you're by my side,
I came through
everything unscathed.
Please come with me.
I have a duty to protect you!
Isn't it your duty to
protect my father as well?
I can't lose my father.
Unless you knock me
out with tranquilliser,
I won't go with you.
Alright, gentlemen.
This is not a drill.
What's the status?
- We have a possible hostile attack.
Turn around. - Go back.
Go, go, go.
- That way.
Grab your weapons!
This is the hostage we need to save.
Let's go!
Hostage's in the a golden Hummer.
Come with me.
You both have your own gears.
What about me?
You've got this truck.
- See you later.
Hey! Stop! don't move!
Turn around!
Hands behind your head!
Warning Red, weapons tight,
and prepare F35!
Unknown airborne object
has been detected, 2-3-2.
approximately 16,000 yards.
What the hell is that?
Fire! - 2, 1, firing!
She's on my team.
I teach her.
Don't move!
- How many people have you trained?
Many, many...
Go, go, go!
Out of the way!
Move, move!
Secure the exit!
What have we just missed?
Watch out, watch out!
Sit down!
Stay back, stay back.
Come on, get up, get up!
- Don't move!
Back off! I say back off now!
Back off!
Get down, I say get down!
Get down!
We need backup.
There! - Go!
Stay here. - Be careful!
Stay down! - Move!
Go somewhere safe.
Come on!
stairs are over there!
Come, come! - That's great!
Stay where you are. -Come.
Move. - Get down! Don't move!
Get away! - Move!
Get off! Get off! - Get away!
Get away! - Move!
Don't move! Nobody moves!
Get down, don't move...
Why did you shoot yourself?
Hands up!
- Hands in the air!
Where is Omar? - Down there.
Daddy! - Fareeda!
How did he get down there?
- I don't know.
Hands up!
Drop the gun!
Wait, he's one of us.
You can go.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Peace be upon you!
It's all over now.
An update on the attack
yesterday in Dubai.
The police have officially
reported that 15 injuries,
no casualties.
Two F /A-18s and one F35 were destroyed.
It is all because Dubai Police provided
accurate intels to the US Military.
All related to the attack
have been arrested by the Dubai Police. And in
addition the police have retrieved seven gold cars
worth more than 800
million dollars!
Good evening!
- Good evening, Mr. Tang.
How are you?
Let me introduce my wife.
Mrs. Hattawi.
- Mr. Tang, nice to meet you.
Your wife is just so...
Beautiful. - Elegant too!
I heard from my husband,
that thanks to Vanguard
for their timely and vital info,
damages were kept to a minimal.
The way that your husband
led the Dubai police,
was a real eye-opener for us.
I'm the one actually impressed
by your amazing team!
All in the line of duty!
- Hey, guys,
well done!
How do you do?
- Thank you, Vanguard.
Don't you have something for her?
How did you know, sir?
Nothing escapes me!
Go on.
Get out of here!
What have you got for me?
That's amazing!
Mission accomplished.
Hope you liked it.
Yes, I love it.
Thank you. - Don't thank us,
thank the bees!
Chinese New Year
Lantern Festival!
Let's take a photo together.
Come on...
Happy Chinese New Year!
We wish you all good health!