VANish (2015) Movie Script

Rosemary, marry me
in the summer night
The stars will shine for you
and I until we die
Top of the hill
is where you'll say yes
And she says no...
Mmm, it's delicious.
It was a very good year.
No, awesome.
I'm glad you brought me here.
I'm glad you wanted to be here.
I feel like I'm in
high school again
like we are out on lover's lane.
Well, I better get you back
before your curfew then.
Muy fascinate.
You're the fascinating one.
Humanity, Jack.
That's what's being lost.
When you buy a smartphone,
you lose a little bit
of that humanity.
It's simple social skills.
People don't look
people in the eye
when they fucking to them,
Do you know how hard it is
to pick up a chick
in a Laundromat nowadays?
You can't do it, dude,
because she's on her
fucking phone
in her goddamned Twitter account
with her goddamned followers
tweeting about the
goddamned guy hitting on her
in the fucking Laundromat.
Don't you find any
benefits of technology?
Last week, your piece of shit
Dodge Intrepid
broke down on the I-10 freeway.
All you had to do was
pickup your cell phone,
called AAA up and say,
"Can you come
pick my sorry ass up?"
Well, a kind man pulled over
and helped me out.
Let's see.
I got to meet him
and that was an actual reaction,
you know what I mean?
When I was in Iraq,
I could contact Dad
through Skype.
Vietnam, all they had was a pen,
a piece of paper,
and a 50% chance that
would even reach the States.
Dude, we got to go back.
There's onions in this thing.
No. Fuck no.
We ain't going anywhere.
I don't fucking eat onions.
We're not going back.
You know why?
Onions have penicillin.
Do you know what that is?
I don't care.
Dude, it's an antibiotic
that combats syphilis
and I think you should
probably look into it.
What the fuck is
that supposed to mean?
Well, you are a desperate guy
that does desperate things.
Go to massage parlors,
go to strip clubs...
Massage parlors?
I don't think you can get that
from there, those places.
Yeah, uh-huh.
Happy endings.
- You can get that from a hand job? Syphilis?
- Absolutely.
- Really?
- Yeah, man.
You don't want that shit.
Oh, Christ.
Who's that?
Who do you think, man?
- Jasmine?
- Yeah.
What the hell does she want?
Wants me to go pick up my shit.
She broke it off, man.
You're so much better
than that, dude.
I really liked her though, man.
Beautiful, smart...
I thought she was
a fucking cunt.
You think that about
every girl you meet.
No, she was a Grade-A bitch.
She was an elitist.
Dude, you know you couldn't
lose an argument with her.
And she didn't love you.
You know how I know?
She didn't remember
your birthday.
She didn't even know
what's coming up, dude.
She just walked away.
It's the little things
in the relationship.
Women always say that.
You know, if a guy
forgot a woman's birthday,
she'd go fucking ape shit, dude.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You know, I bet she remembers
the dead boyfriend's
birthday though.
I mean, they dated
for five years,
and then, all of a sudden,
he gets gunned down in broad
daylight for his fucking car.
I mean, of course, she's going to
remember his fucking birthday.
But that was three years ago.
I mean, people get over shit,
don't they?
- Well, I hope so.
- I would think so.
Dude, it was doomed
from the beginning, man.
He's a martyr, all right?
He's dead.
He can't fuck up.
Dead people never fuck up.
This is it, man.
All right.
Jesus Christ.
High society up in here.
Did you really think
Jasmine was an elitist?
Don't move.
Got it?
Ah, we got a nosy
neighbor over here, huh?
Are you all right?
Get in the van
and don't make me hurt you.
Oh, we got a baseball
player over here, huh?
Come on, motherfucker.
Come on.
Batter up.
Like that.
Get in the fucking van.
The bigger they are,
the harder they fall.
I told you no shooting.
I should have gave you
an empty gun,
you fucking child.
and then Babe Ruth back there
could have knocked my head
out of the fucking park.
We got to get out
of here quickly.
No shit.
Fuck man.
That bitch is going
to call the cops.
She's getting the plates, man.
We got to kill her.
The plates are fake.
She's got the make of the van.
You can't leave witnesses.
It's unprofessional.
What the fuck are
you looking at?
The fucking bitch
tried to bite me.
Serves you right, asshole.
Don't fucking talk
to me like that.
You're supposed to have my back.
I'm going to fucking kill you.
I told you, don't touch her.
I'm just easing the tension.
What the fuck did you do?
You knocked her out?
That or I killed her.
You better pray you didn't.
She's still breathing, man.
Her stomach is moving, relax.
I swear the fuck, man,
you keep this up,
I'm going to have you drive
and then Shane can watch her.
Fuck, man.
Well, he follows orders
unlike somebody that I know.
I hate that fucking guy.
Did you bring the shotgun?
Yeah, it's in the back.
It's in the briefcase.
Don't give it to Shane.
I don't trust him...
I trust you with a weapon.
He's not wearing
his fucking mask.
You're driving, bro.
Is that her?
No, it's some hooker we're all
going to want to train on later.
Of course, it's her.
Oh, she's giving me
a fucking eyeball.
Oh, fuck she's awake.
And she just saw his face.
Congratulations, Shane.
You just fucked up
the whole operation.
I'm sorry, Max.
I just got here.
That's my name!
That's my fucking name!
I know that's your name.
That's why I said it.
What are you doing?
I'm sweating my ass off
in that thing.
She saw his face.
She knows my name.
We're fucked.
I guess it doesn't matter now.
I'm sorry, guys, Jesus!
I'm... I'm just here
to drive, you know?
You know, Jack and I,
we're brothers in arms.
We're... We were in
combat together.
You know, he needs
a favor, I oblige.
I don't know who this squirrel
dick in the back thinks he is.
He can't talk to me like that.
Did you just call me a
fucking squirrel dick?
Max, cool it, dude.
Don't point a loaded gun
at somebody
unless you intend
to pull the trigger.
You're fucked up.
What did you do over
there in Afghanistan?
Did you ever drive a Humvee
through a fucking minefield?
I've fucking seen it, man.
I've seen it all.
I know you have, buddy.
Just calm down, alright?
I know you know.
Your fucking friend here
needs an education
in dealing with the pressure.
I'm fucking calm.
All right, Emma.
We don't want to hurt you.
We just want you to
calmly state that you're OK.
Ah, shit.
Where are those damn onions?
Hey, dad.
It's me, Emma.
I know we haven't
talked in four years,
and believe me,
if I had it my way,
we wouldn't be
talking right now.
I've been kidnapped.
I know you're probably pissed.
I am, too, but I guess,
in your line of work,
shit happens, right?
Please just read from the paper.
They want five million dollars.
Now, you see I couldn't
tell them that there's not
a snowball's chance in hell
that you would pay that much
for a daughter
that you disowned,
but I think they're too stupid to
comprehend that metaphor.
Call them when you see
this video on this number.
There's three of them, Dad,
and they're fucking amateurs.
Go ahead, Shane.
OK, she just said that she
hadn't talked to her father
in four years.
I mean, what makes you
think he's going to pay?
He's too high profile a man to
face an embarrassment like this.
He'll pay.
How do you know
so much about me?
My name, my address, my dad.
We're friends on Facebook.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Not at all.
Let me just go ahead
and pull us up real quick.
Status update.
"I'm bored as hell."
"I'm going to be trapped
in my house all day long
"studying for my
psychology final.
"Come through the
backdoor, Bobby,
Yeah, laugh out loud, you know,
staring at what a
piece of shit you are.
Oh, well, that's very well easy
for a rich bitch like you
to criticize, isn't it now?
Oh, give me a break.
That was my mom's house.
I fucking live in a dorm
and I work at Applebee's.
I like Applebee's.
Hey, man, can you take
a right, right here?
So, I may have
added you as a friend,
but that doesn't
explain the address.
There's GPS data embedded
in any photo you take
from your cell phone.
I extracted that data from
the pictures you uploaded.
Kind of makes you think twice
about bragging about
girls' night out, huh?
Go ahead. Pull in that
driveway right there.
Are you fucking oblivious?
What the...
What are you doing?
Come on.
You don't have to do this.
I called you three
fucking hours ago
to come get your shit.
Don't... well...
You know what?
- I had something important to do...
- Where have you been?
Do you not think that that
I have something to do
- with my fucking day, huh? Huh?
- Oh, come on, Jasmine.
- Oh, Shane is here? Hi, Shane, how are you?
- Please, Shane, don't
- How lovely of you to join us.
- bother her.
Is that loser Max in there, too?
You couldn't even
fucking text me
to fucking let me know
what you were doing...
- I have an idea...
- Come on.
Why don't you and your dumbass
friends move in together
so you can play circle jerk
while you play
Call of Duty all fucking day.
Don't mind her.
She doesn't mean it.
She's just out of
her mind right now.
Let go of my fucking hand, Jack.
What are you doing?
I'm just... Oh, just...
I'm trying to watch that
crazy bitch out there,
that's... that's it, OK?
- Uh-huh, is that what you're doing?
- That's it.
I know what you're
trying to do, all right?
Do not fuck with me.
Hey, hey, what are
you doing to her?
I'm telling Jack.
You mind your fucking business.
And you, who was
that guy back there
at that fucking house, huh?
The guy that swung
for the fences?
Is that your boyfriend?
Is that your fuck buddy?
I mean, he really looked
all heroic over there, you know?
And I was thinking
I'm willing to bet
that your naked body
was the last thing
that went through his mind.
I mean, well,
other than that baseball bat.
You're going to pay.
No, I'm going to collect.
You are going to pay.
Uppity bitches like you
who look down on me
my whole fucking life.
You're the one
that's going to pay.
What happened?
Your crazy friend
was talking shit.
He was scaring the poor girl.
Your job is to watch her,
not to harass her,
not to talk to her,
not to touch her.
Yeah, yeah, I got that, OK?
But I'm sitting here
and you're doing this
Days of Our Lives scene
out in the fucking neighborhood.
She tried to move to the door.
Take the tape off her wrist.
Dude, why?
She's going to try some shit.
She won't.
All yours.
All right, I got supplies.
Max, want a beer?
Oh, nice.
Road pops.
I would have asked
for 10 million.
The ransom.
I mean, you didn't
have to kidnap me.
You could have just asked.
You and me could
have split it 50/50.
Without all this
unnecessary bullshit.
Yeah, right.
Give me that fucking beer.
Here you go, man.
You look so familiar to me.
Max played a car mechanic
in one of the Smile car
insurance commercials?
Oh, shit.
Wait, I think I saw that.
What, you were... you were the
guy who was singing that jingle,
How did that
work out for you, pal?
Not like I'd hoped.
- Jesus!
- You jerk!
I almost hit
a kid in a stroller.
You had unprotected sex!
Big fucking deal!
Stupid mothers
and their kids, man,
so entitled.
Can someone please
turn on the radio?
Yeah, well, we don't jam to
Shakira in this car.
Oh, give me a
fucking break, man.
I listen to The Doors,
Jimi Hendrix,
The fucking Stones.
Those are good bands.
The girl's got some... some...
Got some good taste in music.
All right. Everybody,
everybody keep quiet.
This is it.
- Hello?
- Hello.
Who is this?
I'm the last person you want
to send a threatening video to.
I'm going to assume
this is Carlos,
Carlos Rodriguez.
I'm going to assume
this is the fucking idiot
who doesn't know what
he's got himself into.
This will go a lot easier
if you assume
I'm the smartest
motherfucker alive
because if you don't,
things will turn out very
bad for you very quickly.
Let me talk to my daughter.
Talk to your dad.
Hola Papa?
It's been a long time, hija.
Are they treating you OK?
Give me that.
Hey, reunion is over.
You dare interrupt us when
I haven't spoken to her...
Listen here, you can make up
lost years when we get paid.
Ah, the five million dollars
you requested.
That's a lot of dinero.
You'll have to give me
some time.
No, you have until
tomorrow afternoon.
Outside Barstow.
Take the 35, exit 15.
Take the freeway east,
2 miles on a dirt road.
You come alone, you put
the money in briefcases,
low denominations.
Now, wait a goddamn minute.
No, no.
You wait a minute.
This is the last time
we will speak.
If you do anything that
we didn't just discuss
or you don't show...
Then what?
I'll fucking bury her
out there, asshole!
Welcome to LA.
It only opens from the outside.
Yeah. You can't blame
a girl for trying.
Yeah, I guess not.
God, my mom used to say
that she could get from
downtown to Santa Monica
in like 15 minutes flat
back in the '70s.
Do you just see your mom
on the weekends?
You should know,
Mr. Facebook.
She's gone.
No, just gone.
I like to think that
she met someone special
and is on a beach
in Mexico somewhere
sipping on margaritas,
living the good life.
I take it your mother and
father didn't get along?
Yeah, that's an understatement.
I mean, my mom was way too
much of a free spirit for him.
He tried to control her.
He tried to control me
and that's why
we don't talk anymore.
I don't know why the fuck
I'm telling you guys this.
I mean, you're all way
more fucked up than I am.
Speak for yourself.
Oh, really?
- Yeah.
- OK.
When was the last
time you got laid, pal?
Jack, don't answer that.
All right.
I got two rooms.
Shane, you're with Max.
Emma is with me.
Oh, come on.
Come on, Jack.
I'll protect her.
You like getting bit,
don't you, asshole?
Jack, with all due respect,
I don't think it's a good idea
that I room with Max either.
I won't bite Shane, I promise.
I swear I won't.
You see what I mean?
Your friend is a
fucking fruitcake.
Now, I'm going to
get out real slow
and then you're going
to follow me, OK?
You try to run,
I will shoot you in your face.
Let's make this quick.
I don't want anyone seeing us.
Let's go, Max.
Come on, Emma.
You know, we need to have
a serious conversation
about your idiot friend here,
compromising this whole ordeal.
You know, under
different circumstances,
I think we would have
made a hell of a couple.
I would have killed you
in your sleep.
My kind of girl.
Is exactly what I thought!
What's going on, Jack?
Are those bodies down there?
Shane, get her out
of the room now!
I don't know what
room you put her in.
What room is she in?
Room 6.
Move your ass, soldier.
That was bad ass, man.
Where did they come from?
They were just hoodlums
trying to steal the van.
I guess they thought wrong, huh?
Max, won't you do me a favor
and take a look at
Emma's purse for me?
Wait, you have my purse?
I mean, we took it when
you were in the house.
We figured if you were
on the rag or something
and needed a tampon.
- Uh, Jack?
- Yeah.
What the fuck am I looking for?
Her phone.
Yeah, give that to me.
What the fuck?
Why the hell are you
talking to her in Spanish?
I'm freaking out here, man.
I'm fucking lost
and I'm exhausted.
Just relax.
We're going to find a place
off the freeway
and hide out for the night.
Well, well, well.
I guess it looks like we're going
to be shacking up after all.
Oh, yay!
I can't wait.
Wakey wakey...
- Time to go home.
- You ain't ever getting out of this...
It's time to die.
Why don't you
suck my cock, Emma?
I would love to.
Oh, I know you'd like to.
Wakey wakey, sunshine.
Are you OK?
I just had a bad dream.
I see I'm still in it.
Don't worry, Emma.
Just a few more hours with us.
We'll get you home.
You'll pass that exam,
become that great psychologist
you want to be.
I'm good, thanks.
Are we going to the drop-off?
I mean, do I need a gun, you know,
what if he brings the cops?
He isn't that kind of a guy.
He won't bring the cops.
All right.
So now what?
There's a diner
3 miles north of here
I saw coming in last night.
We'll go get us some grub there.
It's 8 a.m., Max.
What does that have
to do with anything?
Shane, you want a beer?
No, no, no, man.
I'm good.
Come on, man.
It's good for the nerves.
I got something
for that right here.
You son-of-a-bitch.
You've been holding out
on me this whole time.
No, man. I need to be
sober and focused,
all of you do, put it out.
I'm going to have some of that.
Jack said no.
What the fuck?!
I gave you a beer!
Sheisty motherfucker,
you know that?
Oh, Jesus, dude.
- Fuck.
- He just hit me with a can.
What are you going to
do about it, pussy?
What is all this shit?
Why are all these tools
laying around?
It's dad's work van.
You knew he was a mechanic.
Could you just mind your
own business.
You know, I was thinking
last night about your culture.
Your men,
they got too much pride
mixed with too much poverty,
which makes them
overly aggressive.
Your women,
they're just skanks
with high sex drives,
makes them uncontrollable.
And on top of that,
you guys are all under the
conservative hypocrisy
which is the Catholic church.
That's a recipe for violence.
I mean, look no further than
your home country of Mexico.
How's that for a
psychoanalysis, huh?
And I'm sure America's
addiction to illegal drugs
has nothing to do with
the problems in Mexico.
Now, don't look at me like that.
I got a... I got a card for this.
It's perfectly legal.
Oh, well, one of your children
just put a bullet
in my head already.
- Fuck.
- Fuck, man.
- Fuck, fuck.
- Fuck, dude, it's the cops.
Dude, do you think they
know about the kidnapping?
Do you think they know
about the fucking guns?
Do you think they know
about the... the hotel?
Do you think they
recognized her?
Can they even see her?
Can they see in here?
Shut the fuck up, Shane.
My, my, what a predicament
you boys have yourselves in.
Max, hide the beers.
I mean, who gives a shit, man.
The whole fucking van
smells like pot and alcohol.
Just do it!
She's got perfume.
Spray it all over
the van, please.
OK, Jesus,
not in my fucking face.
Oh, fuck, man.
All right, everybody,
I'm pulling over.
Remain calm.
I'll do the talking.
Emma, you see this?
You give that pig so much
as a seductive wink,
I'm going to blow a hole
in your head
big enough to skull fuck you in.
That's a small hole.
You shut up, smart ass.
I'll shoot you, too.
Good morning, Officer.
How can I help you?
Well, for starters,
how about some
personal identification?
Van registration,
proof of insurance, please.
Shane, can you, uh...
Can you go ahead
and get that for me?
What, are you military, boy?
Yes, sir.
It's just a paper cut.
Paper cut, my ass.
It looks like somebody's makeup.
Is there anything else
I can help you with?
You know why I pulled you over?
You got a faulty taillight,
I've been meaning to fix that.
I've just been kinda strapped
for cash lately, you know?
Like my granddaddy always said,
"If it's got tits or tires,
it's going to cost you."
Wait right here.
I'm going to run this.
Don't nobody leave the vehicle.
Dude, you just handed
an officer of the law
a registration
with blood on it, man.
Everything's fine.
He's going to run the
plates which are clean.
He's going to come back and
just give me a fix it ticket,
all right?
We're good.
He's not the friendliest
guy I've ever run into, huh?
He's just doing his job.
Yeah. But how many people do
you think come down this road
in a given day?
I mean, he's got to be... He's
got to be bored out of his mind.
You know, we got... we got to
be the first ones this week.
Bored pigs?
They mean trouble, Jack.
All right?
They sniff around
looking for shit.
And I don't care who you are.
Everyone is hiding a big
pile of shit somewhere.
That's a fact.
Let's just see it through, OK?
This vehicle is registered
to one Edward Banks.
Yeah, that's my pops.
Then you don't need me
to tell you that
he's been reported missing
for the last three months?
No, no need to remind me, sir.
Hey, I don't mean to
bring up personal issues.
You just make sure you get
this registration upgraded.
You got it.
What is that funky smell?
Squirrel Lips,
are you wearing women's perfume?
No, sir, sorry, that's me.
Yeah, three guys and a girl.
A woman's got to
impress, you know?
Yeah, so why skimp
on the makeup?
Oh, I must look horrible.
Yeah, we were on our way back
from a camping trip
in Joshua Tree
and I was climbing
and the cord broke
and my face violently
kissed a boulder.
Ah, lucky boulder.
What is that?
Oh, that... oh.
Hand that over, boy.
Well, well, well.
Now, you kids wouldn't be
drinking alcohol out here
on my roadways, would you?
We're just out celebrating.
We just forgot to dispose
some cans, you know?
You could test me, yeah.
No, that won't be necessary.
I'll be back.
What the fuck
are you doing, Max?
What do you think I'm doing?
I'm going to smoke him.
It's your fault he
found the beer can.
Fuck the can.
This guy knows something's up.
How do you know?
He saw Emma's face.
He saw the blood
on the registration.
He knows something is up.
This guy isn't stupid.
Did you change the plates back?
Yeah, at the hotel.
I mean, rock climbing, bitch?
Where the fuck
did that come from?
I didn't see you
come up with anything.
Oh, fuck, he's on the CB, man.
He's calling a backup.
He's calling for backup.
Hide that fucking piece, Max.
Shh, here he comes again.
All right.
I'm real upset now.
I got beer drops all over my
patent leather trooper shoes.
It took me two hours
to get those things buffed.
Now, I'm going to let
you go for the taillight
and the fact that you got a sofa
back there without seat belts,
but I got to give you a ticket
for the open container.
Understandable, sir.
You bohemians,
you try to behave
yourself out here.
We get a lot of weirdoes
that come out to the desert
to participate in the
devil's activities,
Squirrel sacrifices
and such shit.
Try not to venture off of
the Yellow Brick Road.
If you catch my drift.
Got it.
Yes, sir.
Have a great day, Officer.
Wait a minute.
Do I know you?
Have we met?
Never in my life I would... I
wouldn't remember a cop.
No, no, no.
I swear on a
dopehead's crack pipe
that I've seen you before.
I'm positive.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Now, I know where from.
"For the best
insurance rates in town.
"You'd be crazy
not to come on down.
We'll turn that frown
upside down."
Ain't that right?
Ain't that right?
Yeah, we got a TV
star in our midst, you know.
Man, I love commercials.
I hate TV.
I hate movies, but I'd tape me
some commercials on VHS.
Hot damn!
I love your work!
Fuck me, man.
Jesus Christ.
We got to get the fuck
out of here.
What the fuck?
Why did you do that?
He made me.
He was a fan of your fucking
commercial. That's it.
No, man.
No, he knew
something was up, man.
All he had to do was see that
this van was connected
to the LA kidnapping.
He would've known me
from that commercial.
He would've known you
because your dad's name
is on the car registration
and if I would have got nabbed,
well, I would've gave this
dumb son-of-a-bitch up,
so the bottom line is,
we'd all be fucked.
I hope they fucking
fry you, psycho.
That's it, man.
You know, we killed
an officer of the law.
You can't... you can't do that
and get away with it.
Jack, you've got to
stop your friend here.
He's going to get us
all fucking killed.
- Shut up.
- Don't touch her.
Why is the kidnap
victim not tied up?
What fucking kind of
amateur bullshit is this?
The kidnap victim stays tied up
until the end of the
fucking kidnapping.
I'm done.
Take me home, man.
Why the hell am I
the most professional
of this whole group?
You want to get shot?
You're going to shoot your own
brother for following orders?
He's your brother?
Half brother.
We had the same mom
until she got sick.
And who's been looking
out for you ever since?
You're out of
fucking control, man.
The guy at Emma's place,
the cop that was
going to let us go.
You are a fucking liability.
Yeah. What about the
carjackers at the motel?
I know as well as
the day is long
that those guys weren't some
run-of-the-mill thieves.
They had fucking silencers.
They were hit men
for the Mexican cartel.
Cartel hit men?
Fuck me, man.
And what does she
have to do with it?
Her father is their boss.
He sent them.
What's going on here, Jack?
You didn't give me this intel.
Shane, if I would have told you
we were kidnapping the daughter
of a Mexican drug
cartel kingpin,
your free schedule would
all of a sudden filled up.
Yeah, but I thought this guy was
some investment banker
con man or something?
Like, fucking Gordon Sachs.
No, man.
He's a mass murdering,
drug dealing,
and not-to-be-fucked-with
bad motherfucker.
Then why are we
fucking with him?
Because of this.
A ring?
Emma, do you recognize
the name on this ring?
Carlos Rodriguez.
That's right.
I found this underneath
a seat in this van,
my father's work van.
Uh, what the fuck is this now?
A wedding proposal?
What the hell is
that doing in here?
The last known place my father
was seen was Casa Vega.
He was on a dinner date
with a Mexican woman
the night of January 20th,
three months ago.
I found this ring the next day.
They found his van vacant
off the Mulholland Drive.
Nobody has seen him since.
Oh, God.
I fucking knew it.
I knew she was seeing someone.
Did your mother mention
anything about a new man?
No, no, she would never admit
to dating outside of father.
She was always trying
to set a good example.
My research has led me to this.
I got a ring.
I got the guy's name on it.
His wife goes missing the
same time my father does.
So, this isn't about the money.
You know your father
better than I do.
Would he have paid up?
A love triangle gone bad.
Are you shitting me?
Is that what this is all about?
I'm out here
in the fucking desert
with a kidnapped daughter
of a drug cartel kingpin
to confront him, to get
a confession out of him
and to put a bullet
in his fucking head.
That simple.
No, man.
It's not that simple.
I needed the money.
I wouldn't have
fucking come, otherwise.
I'm sorry.
I got a drug problem, man.
It's smack, you know?
I can't stop using, you know?
I thought... I thought,
with my cut of the money,
I could move out of the city.
They say that addicts need
a change of scenery
or something like that.
I don't know.
Fuck, dude.
How bad has it gotten?
I sucked a cock once for a fix.
Oh, fuck.
Has anybody else have
anything to confess?
Yeah, I got something to say.
Jack, I'm your brother, man.
And, you know,
if you want to get money,
let's go steal some money.
If you want to get revenge
on cartel bosses,
then let's kill us some
fucking cartel bosses.
But she would have
never came back to you.
What are you talking about?
If Greg had lived,
they probably would have
gotten married.
And your point is?
If I hadn't taken action,
you wouldn't have got
a second change.
What are you trying to say?
I was the carjacker.
He drove a red Mustang, right?
Some drug dealer was blamed.
They tracked the LoJack
on the vehicle
all the way back to his house.
Santiago was the
drug dealer's name.
He was my Adderall supplier.
You couldn't...
Do you think it was fate?
Some gangbangin' nigger
gets 50 years to life
and you magically get Jasmine?
No, Aladdin.
Unfortunately, no fucking genie
is going to pop out of a vase.
He didn't do that for you.
I did that for you.
She's miserable now.
No, I think she was
always miserable.
It just took a relationship with
her for you to figure that out.
Oh, my God, dude.
Come on, man.
I mean, we're a team.
This is no big deal.
It isn't.
Dude, everybody has got
skeletons in their closet.
Look at Shane over there.
He's a fucking freak, man.
I bet Emma has got her
own fucking issues
that we don't know about.
Carlos is my adopted dad.
My parents are gone.
When I was little,
I lived in this nice community
in Northern California.
I mean, it was great.
I had a swing set
and a dog named Ruffy
and all sorts of cool stuff.
There was one Christmas
that came around where
all I wanted was this,
My Little Pony ranch.
Like, I was obsessed with it.
I was just like,
I need to have this.
And my parents knew that,
so they waited in line for
hours on Black Friday,
just like, knew
that I had to have this
and Christmas rolls around
and they couldn't find it
and they even offered
to buy me a horse,
but I was stubborn
and I refused.
And they were devastated.
So, that night,
I went to the bathroom
and I looked through
these pill bottles
and I found this one that was
my mom's sleeping medication
and I gave it to them
to help them relax.
Then I went to the tool shed
and I found this big
thing of gasoline.
I don't even know how
I carried it into the house,
but I did.
And I poured it over everything.
Her Christmas tree,
their bed like, everything,
and then I lit a match.
It's funny,
I was watching the flames
and I just couldn't stand
thinking about
the fact that my parents
had failed me, you know.
I told the cops that Ruffy had
bit through an electrical wire
and that's what caused
the fire, but really,
I snapped his neck and I
let him burn with my family.
I'm fucking with you.
You guys are fucking pathetic.
I mean, seriously, I've never
been around a bigger group of
pussies in my
entire fucking life.
Can we please just get this shit
over with so I can watch my dad
put a bullet through your
whiny-ass brains, please?
I guess we're all on
a highway to hell.
I'm hungry.
Good idea.
OK, I got all the orders.
I don't have to tell you this
- but watch our guest, all right?
- All right.
Hey, Shane.
Why don't you let me out, too?
All right.
All right.
Emma, I need to talk to you.
You don't need to whisper.
We have to get away
from that guy.
Yes, yes, agreed.
When I was first taken,
they were talking about
a shotgun
and it's in here somewhere
and Max specifically said
not to give it to you.
So, you need to come
back here and find it, OK?
Are they looking over here?
But you got to hurry, come on.
Oh, shit.
Do you see it?
- I... I think I found it.
- OK.
- A silver briefcase.
- Come on.
It's kinda heavy though.
- Here let me see.
- OK.
Um, I need you to see if it fits
underneath the
passenger seat, OK?
Does it fit?
Yeah, yeah.
OK, good, good, sit down.
Did they see me?
No, you're good.
So, the plan is,
once we're back on the road,
I'm going to say that I need
to go pee or something,
all right?
And then, we'll pull over
and I'll take them as far into
the woods as I possibly can,
and then, you... you get
out the gun, OK?
All right, yeah.
Yeah, I got that.
OK, cool.
I'm fucking hot.
Is that the key?
Wait, have you had
that the entire time?
I'm the driver.
Well, then, let's get
the fuck out of here now.
What are you doing, Shane?
Emma... Emma was hot.
I'm just... I'm just turning on
the air conditioning.
You know what?
Why don't you drive?
Yeah, I'm...
I insist, man.
I've been driving for a while.
I could use a break.
- OK, OK.
- All right.
Ready in 15 minutes
and we're good to go.
Hey, Shane.
Can you pull over?
I got to go pee.
You ask Jack if you
need to go pee not Shane.
He ain't got no say
in the matter.
Jack, can I please
go to the bathroom?
I don't really feel like
meeting my dad
after four years of
not seeing him
sporting a urine stain.
Shane, why don't you just go
ahead and pull over right here?
OK, Emma.
You come with me.
Max, Shane,
you're both to stay in here.
No, I got to go outside.
No, you won't.
I insist.
I could use a wilderness walk.
What the fuck ever.
Shane, you're good?
All right.
Hey, Shane.
You look a little nervous.
I'm fine.
Mind your fucking business.
Must be those withdrawal
symptoms, huh?
Hey Jack,
we better get out of here
before he starts
sucking our dicks.
Hey, fuck you, man.
Watch your fucking mouth.
Whatever, man.
Alright, fuck.
Fuckin... the
fuckin' keys, keys, keys.
That one.
Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes.
The fuckin' keys.
Jesus, fuck.
Are you OK?
You scared me.
Calm down, tweeker.
Why is the van turned off?
It's just that I was...
I was nervous that I was...
I was afraid it was
going to overheat.
You look like you're
about to overheat.
Christ, you're sweating
like a whore in church.
I'm just nervous about
the drop is all.
There's no need to be.
Everything will be fine.
So, what's going on?
Oh, you know,
I just had to grab Jack's
phone for a second.
Why is it in here?
Oh, um, I hid it.
Oh, reconnaissance.
You know.
Like, spy shit.
It's pretty trippy, man.
I mean, I'm actually starting
to get into these whole
benefits of technology.
Yeah, it's the way of the world.
Did you know that there are kids
in elementary school
as young as 6, 7 years old,
they got their own laptops now?
Spoiled brats.
In Arizona, they got cars
that drive themselves.
Do you know how cool
that's going to be?
It's going to be available
for mass production
in the next 10 years.
I'd finally be able
to... to nap in LA traffic.
And they've got cameras
and I mean everywhere.
From outer space to cyberspace,
they watch us eat, sleep,
fuck, chat, shit, and...
And what?
And conspire...
We... we need to get
away from that guy.
He is a psycho.
That's not it.
You know, I cannot wait
to show Jack this footage.
I have had his back
from the beginning.
I always have.
And besides,
what the fuck could you two
possibly have in common?
That was a wrong move,
Hey, throw it out
the window, psycho.
The cocksucker is
getting cocky, huh?
I'm not going to ask you again.
Jack is going to be pissed.
No, man.
He'll understand.
He's a reasonable guy.
He's going to know
you're the real problem.
What happened to this whole
brothers in arms thing, huh?
You know, you're really
letting your buddy down.
No, I knew people like
you in the military.
You mean war heroes?
No, I mean, sick fucks,
guys with murder and
mayhem in their blood.
I'm not the one scheming
behind people's backs.
Shut up!
You bastards all have
one thing in common:
A hatred for humanity.
You can't be reasoned with.
You can't be saved
because you have no soul.
You're the one
pointing a gun at me.
It takes a psycho
to know a psycho.
Yeah, you got that right.
All that military experience
and you forgot to load
the fucking gun?
You stupid, pathetic asshole.
I'll be damned.
The phone still works.
Oh God!
Shane, what the fuck?
- Hey!
- He was a madman.
He attacked me.
He was going to
get us all killed.
Are you crazy?
No, you're the crazy one.
Let this lunatic come
along on the mission?
Put the gun down, Shane.
I'm going to have to ask you
to step away from the van.
- Think about what you're doing.
- Now!
And take that piece of shit
psycho with you.
I'm sorry, Jack.
But Emma and I can't be involved
in this crazy vendetta plan
of yours any longer.
You're going to
get us all killed.
He's right, Jack.
What about your mom?
Don't you want to know?
Yes, of course, I fucking do.
Not in some cinematic
shootout in the desert.
This is my fucking life
for Christ's sake.
Close that door, Jack.
I'm sorry, Jack.
Bury your brother.
I feel bad.
I mean, you guys were the
ones who kidnapped me,
but Jack...
You know, I know he meant well,
but that was a wrong approach.
I mean, going against your
father's men like that,
that's a suicide mission.
Where am I taking you anyway?
I guess back to LA?
This is all so fucked.
My mom disappears and I
can't confront my dad about it,
and then, you guys show up.
It'll be OK.
I mean, I can... I can help you.
And then, my neighbor.
I don't even know if he's OK.
- Was he a nice guy?
- Yeah.
He was awesome.
He had these two little girls.
He coached their soccer team...
Came over...
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why
I'm telling you this.
Oh, we're friends now,
aren't we?
Yes, something like that.
Oh, we got through this,
you know.
I mean, someday, you know,
we might look back
and we'll laugh on it, you know?
You think we can pull over
for a second
just so I can get this
tape off my wrist?
Oh, sure.
I'm sorry.
I for... I forgot all about that.
You know what?
We'll pull over here.
It should be far enough away.
All right.
Turn towards me so I can
take care of that for you.
You know what?
Let me... let me just load
this gun first actually.
How did you say you know Jack?
We're old war buddies.
You guys must have seen some
pretty bad stuff out there.
You have no idea.
He was... he was a big help
when my girlfriend left me.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
What... what happened?
I beat her.
Yeah, you... you what?
It's not my fault.
You know, I... doctors
prescribed me with that
post traumatic stress disorder.
You know,
bouts of anger and rage.
I had blackouts.
I couldn't even remember them.
That's actually
why I use the smack,
you know, to calm
down from that.
It worked for a while.
Can you, uh, can you
take this tape off me now?
Is my story boring you?
No, no, not at all,
I just, um, I don't want Jack
catching up to us, that's it.
That's all.
Yeah, about Jack.
Jack... Jack really helped
me out, you know?
Yeah, I remember,
about six months ago,
I had one of my blackouts
and when... and when
I came to, you know,
I had my hands around her neck
and I was just strangling
the life out of her.
I...I don't... I don't
want to get too graphic.
Anyway, you know,
he testified on my behalf
and the court said, you know,
I didn't get the proper
psychiatric treatment.
Yeah, you know, I've actually
been studying a lot about that
in psychology.
It's a fucking shame what
they do to our war vets,
you know?
Yeah, you know what?
I agree.
It really is.
Can you turn around
for me for a sec?
Yeah, sure, sure.
Why are you crying?
I'm not... I'm not upset at all.
- Are you scared of me?
- No.
- I'm a good guy.
- I believe you.
Woman always misjudge me.
I am not misjudging you.
I swear.
Don't lie to me!
All right.
Finally, a little alone time.
I bet you know what
that means for you.
Oh yeah, socially awkward,
woman hating, fucking psychopath
doing what he does best.
Oh yeah?
What's that, baby?
Humiliate yourself
with your little dick size,
lack of experience,
and lack of fucking stamina.
- Yeah...
- Get off me.
When I raided Kabul,
I raped so many women,
everybody just
turned their backs.
I missed that submissive quality
of women here in the States.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
A little too bitchy.
You are by far the most pathetic
of all your fucking friends.
I'm going to choke the
life right out of those
pretty little eyes!
Like Jack says,
we're all on a highway to hell.
I'm just going to make sure
the whore gets the express lane.
Just try to sleep.
Shh, baby, shh.
I'm bleeding, dammit.
Goddamn, look what you
fucking did to me.
No, come back here.
Come with me.
Where are you going?
I got a shotgun, motherfucker.
- Fuck.
- Whoa, don't shoot.
Where are those bastards?
They're dead, Papa.
- Dead?
- I killed them.
You look like hell, mija.
Let's get you cleaned up.
I'm fine.
You've been taking
care of yourself in LA?
I was about to graduate.
That's right. High school.
But thanks for trying.
I don't know what I've done
to get you into this situation.
You know, there are some people,
they just want what I have.
You mean, a wife that's gone
and a daughter
you don't speak to?
Hopefully, we can fix that, mija.
We'll take care of this thing
that's between us.
Why didn't you contact me
after mom disappeared?
What are you talking about?
Can we discuss
this some other time?
I've been sweating
my ass off out here.
Sure thing.
Ah, atta girl.
Hey, Papa.
I found this in mother's things.
Is it yours?
Yeah, I've been
looking all over for it.
Then what was it doing
in this van?
I don't know
what you're talking about?
Three months ago,
you were in this van.
No, I've... I've never seen this
piece of shit before in my life.
Where is she?
Where is Mama?
Please, Daddy, I am begging you.
Just tell me where she is.
Your mother abandoned us,
both of us.
Don't say those
things to me, OK?
I need to know what
you did with her.
Your mother had problems.
She... She wanted to get away
for a while... leave America.
Don't like to me.
Where is she?
What did you do to her, huh?
Well, you found out
that she was happy,
that she was with someone else
and you couldn't fucking
stand on that, could you?
I've been sweating out
here in this desert,
trying to save you
from them gringos.
I was better off with them.
Huh, your mother thought
she was better off with one, too,
a mechanic.
Huh, she thought she'd have
a... a romantic rendezvous.
Ironic, a mechanic.
That's a spic job.
My men followed him
to Mulholland Drive.
That's where I found them.
I hate you.
I always have.
Like mother, like daughter.
I suppose you want to
see where she's at?
Maybe, I'll lay you right
next to her for eternity.
Adios, mi amor.
Is that all you got?
You bitch.
You mother puto!
Die, gringo!
You fucked with the wrong
mechanic, asshole.
It's over, Emma.
Come on.
Huh... huh...
Where to now?
A hospital would be nice.
Hey, do you think you can
grab my dad's ring for me?
Thank you.