Vanished into the Night (2024) Movie Script

- Where are the kids?
Where are they?
In the States, I had a career.
Here in Italy,
it was impossible to start over.
I don't speak Italian well enough
to take care of my patients.
What was your job, Mrs. Walgren?
I was a psychotherapist.
Specialized in PTSD.
Here in Bari,
I was just a mom, and I loved it.
But it's been really hard for me.
In the States, I had a career, a life.
And I miss my friends
and family tremendously.
- Giovanni!
- Bianca!
I know that she lent you
a substantial sum to buy an old farmhouse.
It's something we both wanted.
Not just me.
We wanted to turn it into a B&B.
We'd begun remodeling.
The capital for this venture
came entirely from my client.
While the remodeling
was underway, it is no secret
that Mr. La Torre was gambling,
accumulating huge debts.
Then I must add that Mrs. Walgren,
having access to certain drugs
because of her profession,
developed an addiction
to opiates in the past.
Allow me to say this, counselor.
My wife had an accident
in the States while driving her car.
As a result, she was prescribed
strong painkillers, which are addictive.
I'd say we have a complete picture.
This session is adjourned.
I'll appoint a technical consultant
to examine the profiles of the couple
and carefully evaluate custody procedures.
You didn't find us!
It's not funny, okay?
Don't ever do that again.
I told you, the sea is dangerous.
Good morning, sir.
Salvatore, how are you? How's your family?
All good. By the way,
I have some mail for you. Here.
Why do they keep sending it here?
I moved a year ago.
- I'll get it on my way out.
- Perfect.
- Ready for the game?
- More than ready!
I bet. See you later.
- You show up now?
- The kids?
They're getting ready.
Hi, Dad.
Hi, Dad. Mom bought me new flippers.
Good. Got your masks?
- I'll go get them.
- Spare swimsuit too. Hurry up.
- Giovanni, will you hurry up?
- Hey.
I'm so sorry about my lawyer.
With lawyers, it always gets brutal.
It sucks.
What time are you leaving?
At eight.
Of course. Why are you asking?
- Come and say bye to Mom!
- We're coming!
When will you be back?
On Tuesday. Behave, okay?
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Let's go.
- Bye.
We got another one!
It's a good one. It's purple!
So now we have... 14!
Look how big it is.
Leave the sea urchins. Come.
We'll make spaghetti with those tonight.
Hey, guys! Did you catch anything?
Dad, it's Uncle Nicola!
Hi, Nico.
Hi, Pietro. You came back
empty-handed as usual?
No, we caught 41 sea urchins.
- Uncle Nicola, can we get on your boat?
- Sure, you can!
But you need your father's permission.
Daddy, please.
No. It's out of the question.
Don't call him your uncle. He's not.
Come on, Daddy, please.
- No.
- Pietro. Five minutes.
We can't. We have stuff to do.
Why? Just five minutes.
Hey, Dad! Five minutes.
Five minutes, okay?
As soon as I'm done, we're leaving.
Sorry, but I'm busy.
Of course.
Come on, kids! Let's go!
Hey! That's a scorpion fish.
It stings. Don't touch it.
This is a monkfish. It's ugly but tasty.
Then we have sea bass, mullets.
And this one here is my masterpiece.
- See?
- It's scary.
Your boat's much bigger than Daddy's.
Lucky you.
- Hey, Pietro.
- Yeah?
Come watch the game at my place tonight.
I have a big-screen TV.
Friends are coming. We'll cook the fish.
- Please, Dad, say yes.
- No, Nico, I'm taking them home.
Of course. You're always so busy.
Since you became a father,
you no longer have time for bad company.
That's right.
Kids, do you know
how much I love your father?
Go on.
Let's go.
I was passing by
and wanted to see if you were in.
- Santo, the kids are here.
- Just two minutes.
Go inside, please.
Why are you here?
You know why I'm here.
Pietro, I haven't seen you for months.
Our patience has run out.
Listen, the house isn't for sale.
I haven't finished renovating.
You haven't even started.
I've had problems,
but we're starting up again.
Is that right?
And how will you get us the money?
Renting rooms at 100 euros per night?
It's 250,000 euros, you know?
Listen to me.
Sell us the property, and we're even.
- The house is not for sale. Okay?
- The bank will take it anyway.
We'll see.
You're such a moron.
You can't come without letting me know.
We had an agreement.
You'll have your money by Christmas.
I need time.
All right.
I got it.
Still there?
I told you to go inside.
Go on.
Stop it!
Stay still for a moment, please. Hold on.
Dad, is that man going to buy our house?
What? He's not buying anything.
If he does, can you come back
and live with us at Mom's?
He's not taking the house,
and I'm not going back to live at Mom's.
Okay? Come on, let's rinse off. Here.
Oh God.
- Let's dry you off!
- I'm cold.
Dad, it doesn't work.
Gio, you have to push twice. Look.
- Let's go.
- No!
- Oh God! Wait!
- No, Dad! No!
- No, Dad!
- Oh God!
Come on, pillow fight!
- No pillow fight! No!
- Come on! Please!
Get under the covers.
Time to sleep. Come on.
Okay. There you go. Good.
- Good night.
- Good night, Dad.
Labriola is advancing.
He's keeping the ball.
Labriola again. He loses the ball.
Paponi passes on to Botta.
Botta avoids Labriola.
Paponi's in position, but he doesn't
catch the pass by Rubn Botta.
Bari is a team that knows
how to retain control of the ball.
Giovinco breaks away
to keep an eye on Botta.
Maranesi whistles.
Pucino takes a shot with his right foot!
Goal! He scores!
Pucino, at the 14th minute,
and Bari has taken the lead, 1-0.
Versienti wants the ball.
Pucino. Versienti to Giovinco.
The supporters are booing...
Still awake?
There's a monster in my room. I'm scared.
A monster?
Let's go kick the monster out.
Where is it?
In the wall.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
So? Where's this monster? Show me.
There. Can you see the mouth?
These are just the branches of our trees.
It's not a monster.
We'll kick it out anyway.
See? It's harmless.
Go to bed. It's not a monster. Go.
Get under the covers.
I'll be in the other room. Okay?
Go to sleep.
Watch out for the ball
retrieved by Cheddira.
They're holding on to it. Cheddira shoots!
Can't get past the defender
who forces him to put the ball
on the goalpost...
The ball goes too high.
Double whistle.
The first half is over here at San Nicola.
Bari leads by two goals,
thanks to Pucino and Rubn Botta.
Come on, guys.
It's not funny, okay?
Now I'm getting mad!
Kids, are you here?
I heard you.
It's not funny. Come out!
Dad's gonna get really angry now!
Elena. Where are you?
I just arrived.
How are you guys?
Elena, listen.
Giovanni and Bianca. I put them to bed.
I was watching the game,
then I went back to check
if they were asleep,
but they weren't there.
I can't find them, Elena!
They're gone!
No, that's what I thought too.
I looked everywhere. I can't find them!
It's like they just vanished
into thin air.
Hello? Elena?
Your children are with us. They're fine.
We want 150,000 euros,
cash, by 8:00 on Monday.
We'll let you know where to leave it.
No cops, or you'll never see them again.
Leave a message after the tone.
Santo! What the fuck are you doing?
Are you insane? How the fuck
am I gonna find 150,000 euros in one day?
Take the house, okay?
I'll give you my house.
But give me my kids back.
Call me back. Please.
No, Elena. No.
I'll go. You wait here.
I'll be quick.
Hey, Pietro.
What's the emergency?
I need your help.
I need money.
It must be really serious
for you to come to me.
It is.
I need 150,000 euros. Cash.
Fuck. That's a lot of money, you know?
It's about my children.
What happened?
I can't tell you.
You got in trouble, huh?
We used to be like brothers, remember?
Then things changed.
We went down different paths.
Now we're not even friends anymore,
because you're ashamed of me.
You think you're better than me.
Nico, if you can't help me,
just say it, and I'll leave.
I'll help you.
But I'm doing it for the kids.
I'd do anything for Bianca and Giovanni.
But... you have to do a simple job for me.
Then I'll give you that money.
What job?
A job. If you don't work,
you won't make money.
I can give you the cash
by tomorrow morning.
But I need your dinghy.
You have to go to Greece,
beyond the Strait of Otranto.
Three hours by boat. Ever been?
Yes. Many times. Where, exactly?
I'll send you the coordinates later, okay?
You'll leave at sunset.
You'll get to a small harbor
with a tavern. You can't miss it.
You'll sit down.
And that's it.
That's it?
That's it. You relax.
Eat something.
They make amazing moussaka there.
Then you'll wait,
without talking to anyone.
Someone will get in touch.
- Someone?
- Don't stress out, Pietro.
Someone will get in touch.
Just follow their instructions. Okay?
Then they'll load the goods
onto the dinghy.
Nico, I am a father. I have two kids.
You're right. I'm sorry.
I forgot.
You're an exemplary father, right?
- I try to be.
- Yeah.
I know, but you came here
at the right time, you see?
Your boat's clean.
You're clean.
It's not like you have options.
Once the goods are loaded,
I'll make a payment in cryptocurrency.
They'll check on their cell phone,
and it'll be done.
Three hours later, you'll be home.
It's that simple.
I want half now and half later.
Let's do it later. It's better.
What you're asking me to do is dangerous.
It's dangerous for me. No?
You're just a rookie.
You've never done anything like this.
Anyway, if you don't want to do it...
I'm in.
Give me your phone.
Ever heard of cell towers? Phone tracking?
See? You don't know shit about this.
And turn off the GPS on your boat.
You know it wouldn't help. Come.
Let's go.
- Italian?
- Yes.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Just you?
- Yes, just me.
One moment.
Excuse me.
Is this the only restaurant on the island?
We're the only ones here. Just Poseidon.
- Do you like this place?
- It's wonderful. The sea is amazing.
Excuse me. I'm Italian too.
I dropped my phone in the water.
I have to call my wife. It's urgent.
Any chance you'd let me make a call?
Thanks. I'll give it right back.
Listen. I've been waiting for hours,
but no one showed up.
Maybe something happened.
Maybe Nicola changed his mind.
I don't have my phone with his number.
Call him. Ask him what I'm supposed to do.
Why aren't you picking up?
Keep your phone close. I'll call back.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Thanks a lot.
- Can I have the check, please?
- Coming.
Keep the change.
- Thanks a lot.
- Thanks.
Let's make it quick. Come on.
Okay? Do you know where to put this?
- Do you?
- Yes.
Speak up! Say your name
and that you got everything.
I'm Pietro. I got everything.
Okay. Now we have to wait for the payment.
I can call Nicola.
Shut up!
Let me call Nicola.
I said shut up!
Oh no!
Boat Santa Lucia. Do you copy?
I need assistance with engine failure.
Mayday. Boat Santa Lucia.
- I need assistance.
- For mayday calls, use channel 16.
This is Otranto Coast Guard.
Please switch to channel 12.
Boat Santa Lucia from Circomare Otranto.
How many people on board? Any injured?
Do you see flames around you?
No injured. No flames.
I'm the only one on board.
Copy. Please provide the coordinates
of your position.
Right away.
- Is everything okay?
- I'm fine.
- Thanks for coming.
- It's our duty.
- Anything else happen in the meantime?
- Nothing.
Sergeant, check if the boat
is taking on water.
On it.
No sign of leaking at the bow.
- Take a look at the engine.
- Yes.
- The sergeant is a mechanic.
- Good to know.
Has this ever happened before?
No. First time.
May I have your boat license
and registration?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
What happened there?
Nothing. I hurt myself
while trying to repair the engine.
- Do you need medical attention?
- No, thanks.
Why are you out here at night?
- I was fishing.
- I see.
You haven't got any fish here.
Yeah. It's been a bad night, actually.
The boat can move
with minimum engine power.
What happened?
A sealing clamp
from the power system came loose.
Some fuel spilled out on the turbine
and almost started a fire.
Sergeant, stay on board with him
in case he needs help.
We'll go alongside to Otranto.
Otranto? I have to go to Bari.
Sorry. This boat can't reach Bari
in this condition.
Otranto is the nearest port.
Don't worry. We'll go safely.
Go ahead.
Easy there.
Are you sure we can't go a little faster?
I told you,
revving the engine is dangerous.
Don't worry. We'll get there soon.
- I have to be in Bari urgently.
- We're almost there.
- I have to go.
- We need to go to the office.
Yeah. I'll come by tomorrow.
The documents are in there. Thanks!
- I'll wait for you tomorrow, then!
- Okay!
- Bari?
- Get in.
Thank you.
Listen, I ran into some trouble.
Nothing serious. Don't worry.
I'm coming straight home.
Thanks a lot.
No problem.
Giovanni! Bianca!
Hey! Are you nuts, crossing like that?
- Do you need help?
- No.
Who are you?
- Is Nicola here?
- Who?
- Nicola.
- Now?
- I have to see him.
- Wait here.
Sorry. Hold on.
- You shit yourself.
- What the fuck, Nico.
Are you alone? Are you?
- Yes, I'm alone.
- Come on, then. Move.
Come. Have some blow.
- Put that away. I've got your stuff.
- Come on!
Let's not talk business right now.
Relax. Come on. Drink something.
Everyone, this is my childhood friend.
We go way back, but he's changed.
He doesn't love me anymore. Right?
Nico, I almost got arrested.
I'm tired. Check your shit
and give me the money.
Hey! I've only got 20 minutes left.
I'm doing it for you.
You look upset. I want you to relax.
- I'm upset. Yeah.
- Why? It all worked out.
Aren't you happy?
I'm thrilled. Check this shit out
and give me the money. Please. I beg you.
You're right.
Follow me.
Here. See if it's all there.
Now you have a reason to be upset.
- What the fuck, Nicola?
- I'm kind, and you treat me like that?
You can't be serious, Nico.
What do you think?
- Drop the fucking gun.
- Hey!
You always look down on me.
You're not better than me.
- You made your choices. I made mine.
- Elena made them for you.
The bitch doesn't know shit
about guys like us.
You lost your virginity tonight.
We're the same again.
I'm sorry.
- You've got a gun on me.
- Yeah.
- Huh?
- Yes. Why?
- I've had a rough day.
- Yeah?
- I'm not in the mood for jokes. Stop it.
- Let's play a game.
Instead of 150,000 euros,
I'll give you double.
But allow me to pull the trigger
so we'll see if I'm joking.
Three hundred, okay?
Not in the heart.
No amount would be enough to pay you back.
In the leg. Take the risk
of getting a bullet in your leg. Huh?
If I'm bluffing, that means the gun
is fake or unloaded. What do you say?
Nico, I just want to get my kids back.
- Please.
- "Please. I want to go to my kids."
You're so disappointing.
I've had enough!
Where the fuck is the money?
In the bag under the desk.
Your phone's there too.
It's fine. It's all right.
Hi, Dad.
- What happened?
- Is that blood?
What are you doing here?
What do you mean? We're having breakfast.
Today is a holiday, remember?
Oh God!
When did you get back?
Huh? Who brought you home?
We were home yesterday, Dad.
No, sweetie. That's not true.
You weren't home yesterday.
We played the whole afternoon.
We watched a movie
and went to bed, as always.
- What's wrong?
- That's not true.
What are you doing here?
- Elena.
- What happened to you?
When did they get back?
It was a nightmare.
The boat broke down.
I called the Coast Guard and took a bus.
I thought I wouldn't make it.
Calm down. Wouldn't make it for what?
For what? For the ransom.
Why weren't you answering the phone?
I called you, and you didn't answer!
I brought ten kilos of coke from Greece
to get the money to pay the ransom!
I come back, and the kids are here?
What the fuck?
You know I did!
You drove me to the port yesterday!
I went with my boat.
- Good morning.
- Hi. Fill it up.
- How much?
- Fifty.
- Thanks.
- Thanks. Bye.
I brought ten kilos of coke from Greece
to get the money to pay the ransom,
and the kids are here? What the fuck?
What the fuck...
Pick up.
Pick up the phone, please!
- Look who's here!
- Dad!
See, Daddy? I'm trotting.
Me too.
So, today we're going home with you?
Mom said she was coming.
Listen, kids.
I came to ask you something important.
Remember you stayed with me at the farm?
Daddy, again?
- I don't know.
- You don't know, Giovanni?
Remember I put you to bed?
We took a shower,
and I watched the game on TV.
Then you woke up and said
you were afraid of monsters.
- Yes. Maybe I do.
- Yeah.
Can we have pizza today, Daddy?
I'm hungry.
Yes, okay.
Bianca, do you remember?
You slept at my place
and woke up at Mom's.
Good. Did someone pick you up?
Dad, stop it. Will you leave us alone?
Make an effort, please.
Did someone come to pick you up?
- Someone? I don't know.
- How can you not know? Try to remember!
You went to sleep at my place
and woke up at Mom's, right?
Answer me.
Why are you being like this?
I remember we were at Mom's, as always.
You just said you remembered!
Go. Get in the car.
- Dad, it doesn't work.
- You have to push twice. Look.
- Yes?
- Salvatore, it's Pietro.
- Morning, sir. How can I help?
- Sorry to disturb you. I need the keys.
- Right away.
- Thank you.
My wife is leaving,
but she left Bianca's ID at home.
Sure. Hurry, or they'll miss their flight.
- I'll bring them right back.
- Yes.
I just arrived.
How are you guys?
Last call for flight AZ1435
leaving for Rome.
Last call for flight AZ1435
leaving for Rome.
- Dad!
- Hi, Dad. Are you coming with us?
Hi, kids.
EXIT PERMIChange of plans, kids.
Mom's leaving on her own.
- You're staying with me.
- Why is Mom leaving on her own?
There's a problem with your passports.
You can't leave.
So we're not going to the States?
No. Actually, I'll tell you what.
Sit there for a minute
while I talk to Mom.
I talked to a doctor.
The traces of those opiates
last a long time in the hair.
Leave, and I'll report you.
I'll have the kids' hair tested
in New York.
What you did was serious. Very serious.
I can't believe you.
You lied to me. You put on an act.
You put me in the hands of a drug dealer.
You put our children's lives in danger.
And you blackmailed me.
Say bye to Mom.
I don't want you to go.
When will you come back?
Since today was complicated enough,
no school tomorrow, okay?
Really, no school?
Yes, and for 24 hours,
you can do anything you like.
Really? What time is it now?
So we can do anything we like
until 8:00 tomorrow night?
Maybe not anything.
- Almost anything, okay?
- Okay.
I'll race you!
- I'll beat you!
- Don't run. Slow down!
- Santo?
- Hey, Pietro.
What's that message you sent me?
Were you drunk?
What the fuck were you thinking?
I'm only going to say this once.
- We don't touch children.
- Yeah, sorry. I had a pretty rough day.
- Right.
- I have your money.
- Finally.
- Come and pick it up.
- I'll get it first!
- No, I will!
Come here!
I'm picking the movie!
I will!
Come here.
Subtitle translation by: Paola Porciello