Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned (2016) Movie Script

SHOWBOX presents
a BARUNSON E&A production
This book recounts my conversations
with Su-rin over the past 3 months.
Su-rin helped the suspect in the
'Hwano Island Kidnapping' to escape.
Rage spread over the island
and attacked the child.
In this book I will tell
the unfiltered story of Su-rin.
I sincerely hope this might help you
to understand her at least a bit.
From the preface of VANISHING TIME
by MIN Kyung-hee, child psychiatrist
Do you really need to shoot it?
Are you worried
I'll show it to someone?
Don't worry.
It's only for me.
I just don't want to miss
a word you say.
I've got a bad memory.
That's why.
I used to...
live alone with my mom.
When I was in 4th grade,
mom got married,
and passed away soon after.
Since then, I've been
living alone with him.
After summer vacation
in 6th grade,
we moved here
because of his work.
This is Oh Su-rin,
who just transferred.
She's new to this island
so be nice to her, okay?
Yes, ma'am.
Oh Su-rin!
Oh Su-rin!
I'm not Oh!
I'm Park Su-rin.
I'm on the night shift from today.
Call if you need anything.
Five, four, three...
two, one.
Too many things happened at once.
50 I wanted to run away.
Ways to get into another world
I wanted to be anywhere but here.
I had out-of-body experiences.
Practice helps you get better.
You're amazing!
I always failed. T. If you turn off the water
in the restroom...
She's strange.
- What's a worm hole?
- Who cares?
That's when I met Sung-min.
Your shoelace is undone.
You're the new student in Class 1?
Oh... I'm in Class 2.
I'm Yeo Sung-min.
- Do you live here?
- Yeah.
- Then are you an orphan?
- Huh?
Why do you ask?
Recently there have been accidents
near Tunnel construction site.
Explosions have caused
dangerous things to happen
such as collapsed pigsties or
flying stones.
So keep away from the site.
That out-of-body experience on her blog.
I did it.
- Go to hell.
- Don't lie.
When I opened my eyes,
I saw myself sleeping.
Then what did you do?
I went flying.
Here and there.
This prick said he saw you puffing.
What? You blockhead.
He said he was out-of-body
after reading your blog.
That's all bullshit.
I made it up.
What's with her?
- She seems angry.
- Maybe because of you.
Why are you following me?
I'm out of my body.
I'm out of my body.
Out of my body...
This is stage one, isn't it?
I wasn't supposed to
be able to move...
but I could move my fingers.
So I raised my arm.
Then my arm
came out of my body
and I was floating!
You were just dreaming.
No, when you dream,
you have no control.
But then I thought of flying
and I really flew!
How long did it take you
to succeed?
About a week?
That's ridiculous.
I tried so hard but always failed.
That's because you didn't believe.
Believing strongly you can do it.
That matters most.
I read your whole blog.
Why don't we try it?
Inviting the guest.
You made all these?
Yeah, memorize them
all before we start.
I'm ready
Inviting the guest
this afternoon
Don't say you're scared
and run away
Is it here?
The ghost?
- Why? You scared?
- No.
But do we really have to
go through here?
If we open the front door,
we might run into the ghost.
Anybody in?
Have you met my mother?
Did it answer?
Let's trade.
Read mine first.
Let me grow to 6ft.
Earn $10 million before age 30
to live off the interest.
What the heck?
I said to write a question!
- Can't I make a wish?
- No, you can't.
- Show me yours.
- No.
- Come on!
- No way.
- I'll give it right back.
- No. No.
- Just once.
- I said no!
I showed you mine.
It's not fair.
Go to sleep.
See the seawall over there?
This place...
...seems to have a door
to another dimension.
Doesn't it?
So cool.
- Not done yet?
- Huh?
Wait a minute.
I'm an orphan too.
My mother died last year.
The man I live with
is my stepfather.
Since when have you lived
in the orphanage?
I was five when
my father left me.
I even remember what he said
in front of the orphanage.
What did he say?
'Don't worry,
you can survive anywhere.'
So even if we go to
a different dimension,
as long as you're with me,
you don't have to worry.
What is this?
What? It looks just like you.
Don't you feel like someone's
been watching us?
You scared me!
- Are you okay?
- The thing you made...
Can't reach it.
Need a stick.
Are you okay?
It's bleeding!
I'm fine.
Found the shoes!
It's pushed further away.
Forget it.
I'll make you another one.
You wear these.
No, I'm fine.
These really stink!
Wow, you'll be really tall.
I heard you grow tall
if your feet are big.
6 ft?
Then I'll be this tall?
Do you... like me?
If you betray me,
I'll kill you.
White Moon.
I walked with my eyes closed.
The darkness scared me
but I couldn't open my eyes.
But soon I wasn't afraid anymore.
I opened my eyes
and found you holding my hand.
We gazed at
the white moon together.
Damn. I got her.
You shouldn't
aim at a person!
I didn't aim at her.
She walked into it.
Are you okay?
- What are you doing here?
- Huh?
We're going to see the explosion.
- Prick, don't tell her!
- Bastard!
Yeah, at the tunnel
construction site.
I wanna go too.
No way!
- No girls.
- No.
Right, doesn't her father work
at the construction site?
He's not my father.
Then who is he?
- Can't I come with you?
- No girls!
Let's take her.
She knows now anyway.
Oh, I forgot I have
Chinese class from today.
You're scared of getting caught?
Forget it.
We'll go without you.
Tell me about it later.
What the heck?
Group photo.
Watch out.
When is it going to blow?
Aren't you guys hungry?
What are you doing?
It seems really deep.
If you don't take part,
you're a stupid loser,
rock-pa per-scissors!
Rock-pa per-scissors!
- Yay!
- Damn it.
I really can't do it.
- Move, asshole!
- I can't.
Hell... what is it?
This is really weird.
Hurry up and move!
But how far do we have to go?
Once you start,
you should go to the end.
I'm gonna shit my pants.
If you fart, you're dead.
Don't hit my bum.
Are you a pervert?
Why did you stop?
I think something's down there.
This is freaking awesome.
Hey, look at that.
Can you see it?
What is that?
It looks like an egg...
Maybe a meteor from
outer space.
I read that they found
a shining meteor in Austria.
You really do live
in another world.
What can it be?
I'm so curious.
Shall I get it?
Don't turn around
until I say.
You've got
nothing to hide anyway!
Hey, why did it get dark?
What is it?
- I'm getting out!
- Wait, Jae-wook!
Can I turn around?
- The egg!
- Take it!
Let's gm!
Could it be...
a goblin's egg?
The time-eating goblin.
You're from the
same world as her?
How can you eat time?
That's why it's a goblin, dammit!
Before he died,
my grandfather told me...
During a full moon,
a cave appears in this mountain.
Full moon!
Wasn't your grandfather
in a mental hospital?
Go to hell!
It was a convalescent hospital!
Hey, so tell us more.
He said if you enter that cave,
the goblin steals your time,
making a child a grown-up,
and a grown-up, an old man.
But we're the same.
- Will you stop interrupting?
- But it's true!
Anyway, you interrupted.
Stop doing that!
What is it?
My hairpin's gone.
- She scared me for nothing.
- Where is it?
Did you drop it inside?
Let's go together.
Wow... You two are dating?
He got mad when I shot her.
It's not like that, asshole!
I knew when he asked her
to come with us.
- You take your time.
- It's not like that.
You two look good together.
Where are you?
Stop the construction!
What is all this?
- Hello.
- Mr. Park is here.
Hello. What can I do for you?
He's in charge.
Please explain it to him.
Well, stop the construction
right now.
Could you tell me why?
Our boys came here
to see this!
You know our site is
surrounded by wire
and strongly guarded,
so kids can't get in.
You'd better look for them
somewhere else.
Even my house shook
a few hours ago.
People say the explosions here
caused the earthquake.
How can you continue?
The kids might be nearby!
- That's...
- Hey.
Isn't your daughter's name
Oh Su-rin?
Yes, it is.
She was with our boys.
Why'd they go to the mountain...?
Yesterday afternoon
on Hwano Island,
three boys and a girl in 6th grade
climbed a hill
to watch explosions at
a tunnel construction site,
and are currently still missing.
Police started the search right away
as there was an artificial earthquake
of magnitude 3.6 around 4pm
the time the children are presumed
to be in the mountain.
They entertain the possibility
of an accident.
Out of the way, please.
When did you move here?
A month and a half ago...
Yes, it was around then.
Was Su-rin close to the boys
who disappeared with her?
I guess so.
That's why they went together.
Yes, I suppose so.
How tall is Su-rin?
She is...
up to my chest.
What was she wearing?
Well, I don't know.
Pants or a skirt,
you don't know?
Okay, got it.
Listen Detective, 2 years ago
I married Su-rin's mother.
But there was
a car accident last year
and only I survived.
Since then she's been...
Anyway, it's true that
we're not that close.
Can I smoke?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
Then she might have just run away.
What is it?
It seems like they found something.
- What is it?
- They found a kid!
Clear the way!
Don't let the people get in!
Where is the kid?
- It's a girl?
- Yes. She is alive.
Su-rin's father, hurry!
Go see if it's her.
In the cave, there was a
shining egg in the water...
That is...
the time-stealing goblin
according to Tae-sik's grandfather.
But it only appears
under a full moon.
Sung-min took it
and we all came out.
But I lost the hairpin
my mother gave me...
Wait, so...
Didn't you hear any sound?
A scream or something like that?
No, they just disappeared.
But the egg was broken
and there was a sort of
mystery circle...
Why do you keep saying
these strange things?
Hey, girl.
How many times has it been?
First you say it was here,
and then over there...
Can't you remember?
It was only a few days ago.
Did you lie about the cave?
- You shouldn't lie to us!
- Okay.
Everyone calm down a moment.
I understand your point,
but if you get angry at her,
she can't remember.
How can we believe her?
At school they call her a freak.
Watch your language!
What's wrong with our language!
Do you have any idea
how we feel?
Don't point your finger!
This is all because of
your construction!
Calm down please.
We need to find the boys!
Isn't that what you all want?
- They found a body.
- What?
A corpse?
Whose body is it?
Don't panic.
We need to check...
We'll now conduct
a phone interview
with Detective Ahn,
who heads this investigation.
- Detective Aha?
- Yes, hello.
Tell us where you found
Jae-week's body.
It was a deserted playground
20km from the village.
Yeah, we'd have found the boys
if they were at the mountain.
There are no external injuries,
so we believe his chronic asthma
was the cause of death.
By the way I heard that
Someone claimed
our company kidnapped the kids
to cover up an accident
caused by construction.
Saying that's why
only Su-rin returned.
Who the hell said that?
Moron, is it a writer or what?
She's here.
You know what?
I felt so relieved
it wasn't you who died.
But thinking it over,
I started feeling sorry
to Jae-Weak.
I'm going to school.
At 8 AM this morning
at the houses of
Yoo Jae-wook and Park Tae-sik,
the clothes worn by the
missing boys were found.
It's presumed someone left them
between 2 AM and 5 AM.
We're now searching for
witnesses and reviewing
CCTV and dashcams in the area.
Is it you?
It's me, Sung-min.
Please be quiet for a second.
What's going on?
What is it?
There's a strange man...
You can't tell?
It's okay.
Take your time.
Do you remember his clothes
or anything?
He said he's Sung-min.
what are you talking about?
I don't know.
That's what he said.
Why are you outside?
Go in, it's dangerous.
Detective Cho, we found this
in the forest.
- What is it?
- Dunno.
What the heck does this mean?
Is this yours?
Are you listening?
- Is this yours?
- Yes, it is.
Su-rin, this is Sung-min.
When you went back into the cave,
something strange happened to us.
- Hey, come here.
- What?
- What is it?
- Just look.
It's freaking awesome.
You saw it too!
It moved!
What's inside it?
Shall I just break it?
Hell, no!
What if something comes out!
I can raise it.
Things from eggs think
the first thing they see is their mom.
Okay, I'm breaking it!
Here I go.
Two !
Should we wait
until Su-rin comes out?
Just break it,
you prick!
- You can tell her later!
- Right!
All right.
What was that?
It was empty!
- I can see her panties.
- Hey, you!
Guys, my dad won't move.
Hey, she's not your mother,
is she?
At first, it was just fun.
We felt like we were
the only ones in this world.
It tastes exactly like coke.
This is amazing!
Stop eating, you fat ass!
You wanna die?
We felt like
we could do anything...
- Wait!
- What?
Isn't it a mirror?
Why aren't we reflected?
Why not?
Did the mirror stop too?
But soon we realized
there were things we couldn't do.
How many days has it been?
Do we really only escape
when we're grown-ups?
Hey, Yeo Sung-min!
I told you not to break that!
No use bringing that up again.
Let's try leaving the island.
Time might pass there.
Try harder!
It's just not working!
I told you!
Su-rin, are you going to
believe my story?
We found footprints
of an adult male!
The footprints are that way!
You stay inside!
Tell everyone to come this way.
- Wait.
- Yeah?
It's all a lie.
What's a lie?
That the man said
he was Sung-min?
I never met such a person.
Why did you lie?
I'm sorry.
How to go out of your body
The probability of meeting aliens
Must be another world down there
Su-rin, we failed to leave the island.
Now, we're just wandering
the island.
What are you doing?
I'm counting the days from today.
- The date?
- Yeah.
I add one day
whenever we wake up.
What for?
It's frustrating not knowing
how many days passed.
I'm bored to death!
Are you okay?
Where's Tae-sik?
Wait, I'll bring him.
Don't go too far.
Hey, what are you doing?
Jae-wook's looking for you!
Wait, after I finish this.
It's awesome.
You should read it, too.
Hey, Jae-wook!
We found some great stuff!
Ryoo Baa-Wonk?
If I came sooner,
would Jae-weak
have been any less scared?
Wake up!
That's the first time
I saw Tae-sik cry.
So I felt I should
stop myself from crying...
Let's keep these
and give them to
his parents later.
Su-rin, in here,
every day is the same.
Today is the 1974th day
but nothing's ever changed.
Tae-sik and I are doing okay.
As we have plenty of time
we're even studying.
Men should be masculine.
Adonis Complex.
The competitive ocean
and the uncontested ocean...
Red ocean and blue ocean.
You really memorized all that?
We should learn something.
We won't be going to school...
And to prepare for the future
we're also earning money.
Tae-sik, doesn't she look like Su-rin?
I don't remember her face.
Do you?
I am scared
that I'd forget
everything in the past.
Even what happened with you.
- How many days?
- 2142 days.
Hey, come here.
You remember
how to do this?
5 years and 317 days.
We were 14 years old
when it happened.
It means
we're going to be 20 soon!
People say you're a grown-up
when you reach 20!
Meaning we could return soon?
What do I look like?
A bit similar to
how I looked then?
When I wondered
who might recognize me
I could only think of you.
When can you say you're a grown-up?
We're way older than 2O now.
But no matter how long we wait,
time won't flow.
Tae-sik's getting strange lately.
But I'm okay.
Because I believe we can return.
You know...
what matters most is to believe.
You asked me to carve you.
- It's me?
- Yeah.
When you are
fully immersed in something,
subjective time flows faster.
Mihaly's 'Flow Theory.'
It's good to feel time pass,
you try it too.
I wish I could live well here
like you.
We'll escape,
once we become adults.
We're more than 20 now.
We're grown-ups.
We're big!
But 20 was just our guess.
Then when is it?
Tell me when!
If we turn 30 or 40...
If only you didn't break the egg.
I think we'll end up dying here.
Just like Jae-wook.
I will return.
I can return.
I don't think like Tae-sik.
I'm going to make it!
I can return.
Su-rin, I'll go back.
I will.
I can make it.
I can do it.
I can return!
The moon has changed!
Where are you?
Since then...
I've searched for him
all over the island.
Does he know
that even if it's just a little
the moon has started to change?
Su-rin, I finally found Tae-sik.
Realizing I won't have to
look for him any longer,
I feel strangely relieved.
Maybe nothing at all changed
in the first place...
Maybe it's all my mistake.
It's all over, Su-rin.
This book...
I read it through.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Will other people believe
that I'm Sung-min?
Don't worry.
I'll help you.
It's from the neighbor's dashcam.
He drove the car
off the island that morning,
but after seeing the news,
he checked it.
I'm sorry!
I didn't think it would fall.
I'm not used to it.
I can see little Sung-min
with your hair like this.
Ma, I'm Sung-min.
Time stopped suddenly.
I grew into a man there.
No, make it more convincing.
Is there anything you can say
to grab their attention?
when we were 'm 3rd grade,
we fought over a Nintendo,
and dropped it in the pond
behind the school.
R was Baa-week's.
So we promised
to keep it a secret
until we saved up
to buy him a new one.
But we never did.
He'll probably run away.
Like I did.
You think I'm an idiot?
You wrote this.
Tae-sik never cries.
I've never seen him cry.
He's not that kind of person.
Don't fake things
you don't even know.
Hey, it's all true!
I swear on my mother in heaven.
Why swear on a dead person?
They must all be dead.
My dad said that.
Sung-min is not dead!
Don't joke about my friend.
It pisses me off.
REWARD: $30,000
My mom is 39.
It's not right to be
older than her.
let's get off the island.
Time might flow
outside the island.
There must be something
we can do.
Yea Sung-min...
What are you doing here?
Why are you here?
Go before you get caught.
I'll drop by in the morning.
Don't want to be alone.
What is it?
Is something wrong?
It's all my fault.
I broke the egg
and made them all die...
Should I be living on
without them?
You took the egg
because I was curious.
It's not your fault, Sung-min.
Don't blame yourself.
Oh Su-rin, open up.
Yes, one minute!
I need to go back to
the construction site.
Why don't you stay at home, okay?
Invite a friend over
if you're bored.
What is it now?
What is it this time?
What did you do?
Why is your daughter
talking nonsense?
What do you mean?
told my kid a strange story.
She said Sung-min is back.
But that he's become an adult.
Same thing happened to Tae-sik
but he's gone, she said.
I told you my girl
is not well now.
MY apologies.
Last time she made a false report.
Do you know
what people are saying?
Your company is trying to cover up
an accident caused by the explosion.
Su-rin knows it too,
but can't talk about it.
Ma'am, don't just believe
what you want to believe.
Why are you making up stories?
Don't hit him.
He doesn't care about the others,
his girl is alive!
You know all the paths
in this island by heart?
Yes, as I wandered around.
Right, I figured out
how old you are now.
Listen, after about 8 years,
you saw the crescent moon.
Then there was a full moon
when time flowed again.
It takes the same time
from a full moon to a crescent,
as a crescent to a full moon.
That means about 15 or 16 years
might have passed.
it means you're not 30 yet.
If you saw Sung-min again
in 10 or 20 years
could you recognize him?
I mean, could you recognize
the grown-up Sung-min?
I guess I could...
- if I talked to him.
- Really?
Sung-min has been here
the longest.
But you know, Su-rin.
As for me,
I really understand how you feel.
I miss him dearly, too.
Please wait a second!
Come here!
Come here, you!
Please, let go of me!
Sir! Mr. Oh!
Don't scold her too much.
Listen to what
she has to say.
Yes, and thank you
for calling me.
Go talk to her.
What is it with you?
You're really driving me crazy!
Why are you talking bullshit?
Damn it!
After your mom died
like that, I...
It's because of you!
You made her die!
How dare you!
You come here!
Let me go!
Come on!
Let go of me!
Get in!
Open up!
Please, don't!
Open up.
What have I done so wrong?
I really don't know anymore.
Please, open UP!
Are the kids up?
Who are you?
The window of Sunflower Class...
Geun-ho didn't break it.
I did.
Everyone else thought it was him
but you knew it was me.
So you told me
to apologize to him...
What are you talking about?
I'm Sung-min.
I see...
Sung... Sung-min!
Su-rin told me
more or less what happened.
So shall we go outside
and you can
tell me about it?
No, sir!
Come here.
No one believes me
because I'm a weirdo.
Detective, my kid disappeared!
Yes, speak to me sir.
- Hello, are you there?
- Well, I'll call you right back.
How did Tae-sik's grandpa
learn about the goblin?
Someone who knows the story
might believe what we're saying.
A long time ago
when his friend disappeared
people said it was
because of the goblin.
It means there was
the egg in the past?
I guess I saw another egg.
I saw a light in the water again
when I went back to the cave alone.
Let's go and check.
You know how to get there?
What will you do with it?
What if...
there really is another egg?
I'll break it in front of everyone!
My stepfather, the police
and the TV people!
We'll stop time and
disappear while they're shooting.
- That's the only way.
- No way!
You know nothing about it.
But you said...
even if we go to
different dimension,
I don't have to worry
as long as I'm with you.
But they all died!
Let's just leave.
Let's leave the island and
go where no one knows us.
I don't care
if nobody recognizes me
as long as...
you know that it's me.
It's a bit cold at night.
Are you alright?
I'm okay. You?
Let me wear your sweater.
Su-rin, let's go.
Right now!
- Su-rin!
- Are you alright?
- Sung-min...
- What the heck are you doing?
Come here!
Let's get out of here.
Let's go!
Hey, Jin-sung.
What does it look like to you?
Su-rin's portrait from the back?
Damn, that's not what I mean!
I'm asking your opinion
as a detective.
It shows his psychology
towards the girl.
That sort of thing.
Anyway the moron is a pedophile.
Look at the kids' clothes.
Su-rin's fingerprints
were all over that house.
And we found shoes matching
the footprints at your home.
My conclusion is
that he's known her
for a long time...
Don't you have anything
more to tell me?
Oh my God.
This is Su-rin's phone.
I found that son of a bitch's
pictures in here.
She called him Sung-min.
She might believe it for real...
According to the villagers,
she believes the suspect
is one of the victims.
So rather than
Stockholm syndrome,
isn't it closer to
pseudologia fantastica?
Still, can you explain all of this
as simply
the delusions
of a 13-year-old girl?
One adult and one child.
- ID, please.
- Pardon?
I need the adult's ID.
50 it seems more likely
the suspect manipulated Su-rin
into thinking
he was a missing friend.
Dad went to the men's room.
No ticket without an ID.
I want to pose
a new question here.
People are most curious about
whether Su-rin was involved
in the abduction of her friends
from the beginning.
Meanwhile police have called for
restraint in spreading rumors
or publishing speculative articles
which might sidetrack the case.
The suspect is about
6 ft tall with a slim figure,
wearing a black hoodie,
brown pants and black backpack.
The entire police force on
Hwano Island has been mobilized,
with a SWAT team standing by
for any contingencies.
Did you check inside?
Where to?
- Yes, sir.
What a fuss...
Where exactly downtown?
- We'll get off here.
- Here?
Thank you.
Come here, quick!
Wait, hold on.
Over there!
Stop there!
I'll go this way.
Suspicious person located.
In pursuit towards the pier,
assistance requested.
I'll catch you.
You go ahead.
Let's meet at the cave.
Don't get caught!
Su-rin! No!
We found the girl!
Are you alright?
You're not hurt?
Keep her safe!
Why don't we run
a fingerprint test?
Compare Sung-min's fingerprints
at the orphanage
- against this man's...
- You got that kind of time?
I'm sorry.
Stop talking nonsense.
Think of it this way.
A lonely man living alone
saw you somewhere one day
and desperately wanted
to be your friend.
But naturally he thought
you wouldn't want that.
So he started to find out
about you.
Where you live,
who your friends are...
Must've found your blog, too?
Then he got an idea
while reading your blog.
Kidnapping your best friend
and then pretending
that he's Sung-min.
If he says he grew old
while trapped in another world
you'd believe him since you're
full of imagination, he thought.
That doesn't make sense!
The story you just told...
you made it up.
That's right.
I made it up.
But isn't plausible?
At least more than
the egg and the cave?
Listen, Su-rin.
Sung-min and Tae-sik,
they might be still alive.
You should help us.
You know where
he is now, don't you?
Go ahead, I'll wait here.
Bring everyone we have.
YES, sir!
Are you walking? Run!
Hey. Take a good look over there.
Give it to me.
You don't have to do this with me.
I'll do it alone.
Even if you disagree,
I'll let people know
that you're Sung-min
I'll just tell them I did it.
That I kidnapped
and killed them all.
That you weren't involved.
Then it will be over.
And then?
What will you say when
the police ask who you are?
I'll come back, I promise.
We'll be the same age then.
And you'll recognize me, right?
What's that?
Tell them to stop!
Yeo Sung-min!
I've been thinking
on the way here.
What if it hadn't happened?
With you and the boys,
we'd have entered middle school
and gone places together...
But I can't live like that now.
And I hate
to see you miss it
because of me.
Don't move.
Stay still.
Don't move.
It's alright.
Send the kid over here.
Come here.
Send the kid over,
you bastard!
Don't shoot!
Please listen to him for once.
It was all true!
The cave and the egg!
Okay, I get it.
Stay away from him now!
This is Sung-min!
My friend!
You're being fooled!
It's you who are wrong!
I'm begging you.
Please believe him for once.
Let him go! Let go!
Don't go near.
Are you alright?
Su-rin, I'll get you.
I realized then...
he stopped time again
to save me.
Just a second.
Listen, Su-rin.
If he really was Sung-min,
why did he disappear
leaving you at the shore?
If he broke the egg and
went into suspended time,
he must've had a way to
let people know he's Sung-min.
Because he wanted me to
live an ordinary life,
that's why he just disappeared.
But later...
you told the police
you helped him because
he threatened you.
Can you tell me
why you said that?
Out of the way, please.
Su-rin, what's your relationship
with the suspect?
Mr. Oh, any comments?
Su-rin! Say something!
I told the truth over and over,
but no one believed me.
Damn it.
I hate this island!
Su-rin, don't come near.
Thank you.
Sure... go ahead, eat.
I honestly don't know.
It is indeed a miracle
that you and I survived.
But even if I believe you,
nothing will change.
You know what I mean?
Say you were threatened.
He said he'd kill your friends,
so you did what he told you.
- But...
- That's best for you.
Do as I say.
The story you told me,
are you okay
if I put it in the book?
I want to stop telling lies.
I'm the only one who
knows he's Sung-min.
Can you print this in your book?
What did you write?
It's a secret.
Is the mission school too strict?
At least they have a dorm.
What's the fun of
a girls-only dorm?
So long, then.
You look great in that uniform.
Did you see someone?
Let's go.
White Moon
I walked with my eyes closed.
The darkness scared me
but I couldn't open my eyes.
But soon I wasn't afraid anymore.
I opened my eyes,
and found you holding my hand.
I dreamt of us gazing at
the white moon together.
Translation: PIC