Varathan (2018) Movie Script

George, I am super
confident about this project.
All we need is two
months to pull it off.
Here is the initial design.
Have your coffee, man!
Aby, the truth is..
"This project has been shelved.
Our company is going through
its worst phase right now.
In the near future, I don't see
such a big project coming our way.
[George] And a talent like you..
...with so many years of
work experience in Dubai..
you're way too qualified and
talented for us to afford you anymore.
[George] That's the truth.
- Do you want to say something?
- No no, absolutely not.
[George] I think this
is the right time..
...for you to use
your connections here.
And I am bloody tired,
and I want to leave
this bloody work scene.
I needed a break as well.
The thing is,
Priya is expecting.
Oh really? That's good
news man. Congratulations!
So things are working out.
Yeah, I guess.
I guess.
[George] It was a pleasure.
Anyway, George, you
have been wonderful.
There's no hurry.
Finish your coffee, man.
That's alright. I'll just
meet everyone and bid good bye.
I'll just get a smoke and..
[George] Sorry about this.
No, that's alright.
Thank you, George.
- It's been a pleasure.
- Same here.
- Let me walk you out.
- Yeah.
- That's my phone.
- Yeah, that's yours.
- Hello
- Aby
- Yeah
- Did you leave?
No, there was a board
meeting since morning.
Let me just get in touch with
Shanitha. Call me when you leave.
How come you brought me
gifts all of a sudden?
How was the presentation?
Oh, that didn't happen.
The client backed out
in the last minute.
The company does not
have new projects, so...
...they are a little confused..
I mean...about myjob.
Is that why you
bought me these gifts?
No.. I bought it because I liked it
I am okay, dear.
I will be by your side.
You'll need a lot of rest.
I had visited the doctor
along with Shanitha today.
There was no heartbeat
detected during the scan.
They said there is no hope.
Why didn't you let me know?
You were about to go
in for the presentation.
I didn't want you to go
in with negative thoughts.
Are you alright?
Yeah. We hadn't planned the baby.
It was a happy accident.
May be, it isn't time yet.
At least, we know we
could become parents.
Come Aby
Let's go out for dinner.
Do we have to go out today?
Don't be a bore!
I'll get ready quickly, okay?
Do you remember our
first ever drive?
To Mamzar?
With the IBM gang.
I miss that.
I really miss that time, Aby.
The name of love, is that you?
Are you the truth
my eyes search for?
Are you the flower
blooming slowly within me?
I see your face, lit as a
full moon on a dark night.
I hear your voice like a
cool drizzle on a sunny day.
I give half of my
heart to you, my love.
I search for you like a creeper
searches for a branch to grow.
Showing me a thousand
reflections of myself
You are that mirror.
The name of love, is that you?
Are you the truth
my eyes search for?
Are you the flower
blooming slowly within me?
You are a beautiful poem.
You are the burning
desire within me.
You are a melody
that makes me groove.
Thank you.
I spoke to mom while
leaving from the hospital.
Did you tell her?
I just wanted to hear her voice.
Mom would be worried
if she got to know.
A by,
How about we move away for a while?
What's the matter, dear?
Just a little tired of everything.
Feels like Monday mornings
when I dreaded going to school.
That's because you didn't
go to a boarding school.
To me, every morning seemed
like a Monday morning.
Not that, Aby..
Why are we paying a
huge amount as rent here?
If we move back, I can see
my mother and sister often.
You too can visit
Jibin in Bangalore.
What about your job?
Oh, I have the work from home
facility due to the pregnancy.
All I need is a laptop
and a wifi connection.
Isn't that the only advantage
in our field of work?
Even your start-up would be
better back home, don't you think?
You know how start-ups are..'s about the luck too.
It's alright, Aby. Take
all the time you need.
It has been your
long standing dream.
You haven't seen my dad's
estate in the 18th Mile, right?
You'll love it!
And it will be a
welcome change too.
Let's go live there.
It is, for sure, better that
eating this organic food here.
It is a good idea,
but won't you miss Dubai?
If we miss Dubai, we shall return.
Are you planning to smoke
yourself to death out there?
How's the weather these days?
Not bad.
Can't you stay here for a
couple of days before you leave?
No, not possible.
My dear mom, we are
going to be around.
We'll visit you over the weekend.
Go. Set the table for dinner,
instead of finishing the wafers.
Isn't Kurien coming
down anytime soon?
He was here on leave recently.
He only has 1.5
years of service left.
He could get that extended, right?
What would he do with an extension?
At 42, if he retires from the Air
Force, he won't get a job here.
Kurien will easily get a job here.
Do you have a job reserved for him?
Even the young ones are
roaming around jobless.
Aby, could you please
pass me the curry?
The Government employees can
at least rely on a pension..
...what's your plan, Aby?
Iam planning a small startup.
What is that? A private
job or a Government one?
What kind of a
question is that, mom?
- It is..
- I'll get the glasses.
Let's eat, Aby.
- Has mom fallen asleep?
- Yes.
As she grows older, mom's
becoming more practical.
After dad's death, she has
struggled a lot to raise us.
Don't mind.
Don't worry about it,
it's only right that she
worries about her children.
Let's leave early tomorrow,
Maria asked us to take her car.
- Visit me during the weekends.
- Will do.
I hope you have Benny's
number saved on your phone.
I have already arranged for the
wifi and the cooking gas connection.
And Aby, he is a specimen..
But quite helpful.
Nothing like that,
he is a nice man.
Trustworthy. He is a
small time politician.
He has all the tricks of a
politician rolled up his sleeves.
Now that you are there, you
can keep an eye on it all.
Okay, Mom. See you later. Maria..
See you
Tell Kunjumol that I will
visit her over the weekend.
Mom's bread and stew was fabulous.
Is it?
You shouldn't be telling me this.
Why didn't you tell her that?
Mom must have understood.
I had 2-3 servings.
Still, you could have told
her you liked her food.
And, why did you hurry
and get into the car first?
You could have been a little
affectionate towards mom.
I really don't know
how to do these things.
Don't I know that?
Leave my hand, let me drive.
No, not letting go of your hand.
Sir, could you please
drop him to the 18th Mile?
He is late for the exam.
- Could you please drop him to the school?
- Yeah sure, get in.
Bye .
What exam do you have today?
Sir, could you please stop the car?
- What?
- I'll just get off here.
What time is your exam?
Didn't you ask for the subject?
Right, right!
Okay, bye-
Kids, these days, have
their priorities set.
Two cups of tea, please.
[Abin] Do you want a piece of cake?
Let's share one.
[Abin] A piece of cake, please.
Where are you headed,
Sir? To the resort?
No, we're going to Palathinkal.
Oh, so you're DFO Paul Sir's
son-in-law. The one in the Air Force?
No, the one in Dubai.
This is Priya.
I guess, you didn't
recognise me, Priya..
- Is your mom and sister still in Kochi?
- Yes, they are.
- Twenty seven rupees.
- Oh yes
Bye .
- Here's the change.
- No, that's alright.
Such people are hell bent
on destroying our culture.
I wish I was born
in this generation.
Gents Beauty Parlour
Greetings, Sir. Hello Priya.
I'll park the car for you, Sir.
No, that's alright.
This is an old water service
set up, from the British era .
Since you aren't familiar,
you might land up in the pit.
Shall I try once?
He seems very adventurous.
How was the drive?
Was good.
- How is your mother?
- She's good.
Do you remember?
Obviously, my dad used to drop me
daily to school on this scooter.
Still in superb condition,
best for local commute.
I see.
- Sir, I am Benny.
- Abin.
- Let me carry these for you, Sir.
- No, that's alright.
Bring the luggage, Murugan.
That's my dad's scooter.
- Keep the luggage in the room.
- No, leave it here.
Sir, this is Murugan.
- He takes care of everything around here.
- I see.
- Where are you from?
- Near Theni
Take the money.
- Aby, is the wifi working?
- Of course, this guy is Mr Technology.
[Abin] Connected,
the speed is good too.
- Then, shall we leave?
- Sure.
Let me take your leave,
Sir. I'll see you tomorrow.
Mr Benny..
Do you drink?
- I don't even touch this during the lent.
- Sorry, I didn't realise.
I don't want to decline
your first present,
the lent will be over
soon, isn't it Priya?
- Alright
- Okay, bye.
- See you tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Aby, please bring the suitcases along.
- Alright.
My grandfather bought this
property from this guy.
This is my grandfather,
Mr Varghese Paul.
He was the Advisor to the
British Magistrate here.
Hey, isn't this
my father-in-law?
Paul Sir was a handsome man, right?
A by,
These are night vision goggles.
- Belonged to my grandfather.
- I see.
Hero Pen.
Looks like a villain's set up.
Yuck, a cockroach.
Hey don't kill it.
Why did you kill it?
Then? Should I have made it my pet?
You didn't have to kill it. It
would have lived somewhere around.
Not inside my house.
This was my dad's biogas setup.
Paul Sir was awesome.
Yeah, but this was a big flop.
Ugh..the crickets are loud!
The male crickets are
the ones making the noise.
Who said so?
My dad used to tell us.
Is it?
But why?
To attract the female crickets.
Right, they sure will be
attracted to this noise.
Good morning!
Didn't you sleep?
I woke up early.
It's been a while since we
sat together like this, right?
Yeah, we have a lot of time now.
My parents often sat right
here with a cup of coffee .
Is it?
Aby, what are you thinking?
That I have not many
nostalgia to share.
What is it called in Malayalam?
So difficult to pronounce,
how can one feel it?
On the branches of my dreams,
I stitch together the
leaves of our lives.
To become a new season together.
In the heart of these hills,
the wind adorns a flower.
Grooving to our melody of love.
Love falls all over me,
like the first fall of snow.
My eyes brighten up at your sight.
I studied in this school from
high school to the 12th grade.
After dad passed way,
we moved to Kochi.
Where was your classroom?
On the other side.
These are all new blocks.
- Aren't you Priya Paul?
- Yes.
- How have you been, my dear?
- I am well.
This is Abin.
- Hello
- How are you, sister?
- I am good too.
I think this sister has read
every single book in this library.
You were right. She
has an excellent memory.
She remembered your name
as soon as she saw you.
She wouldn't remember everybody.
I was her favourite student.
That's why.
Yeah right!
- It's true.
I believe you.
- lt is the truth.
Alright, I agree.
Let me take that.
- How about a cut cake each?
- No, thanks.
Why don't you start a
fans association here?
Aby, notice that guy?
He is the main scanner around here.
Can't even walk
peacefully if he's around.
Maria and I used to
call him 'chameleon'.
He can drain one's
blood with that look.
Hey, this is Lilly's
younger daughter
Maria's younger sister.
She is better than both
the mother and the sister.
Sigh, he won a lottery.
He's been here since the time
my mom came here as a new bride.
Hey, that's Maria's sister.
Priya Paul, 12 B
Are you tired?
A little bit.
- You rest for a while.
- Yeah
Mr. Benny is here already.
Mr. Benny!
- Hi
- Good morning
Good morning!
- Where did you go?
- Went walking
I'm going to the market
to sell this pepper.
I see.
[Abin] How much do we usually get?
Not much. Very little.
No one really buys
pepper these days.
Once we pay the labourers,
there is not much left for us.
No profit.
- Muruga, make sure you pack it all.
- Okay.
Yeah, I had asked them to bring
a bottle of milk twice a day.
They provide first class
milk, Sir. Have their own cows.
They live nearby. Nice people!
Did you recognize them?
Oh it's you, Sir.
How was your exam?
All he says is not bad.
Pass on the bottle.
What's your name?
Preman (Love)
- We'll take your leave, Sir.
- Okay.
- Bye, brother.
- Bye.
How do you know them, Sir?
We have people here too, Mr Benny.
Coffee or tea?
I'll take tea.
You are lucky, he is a loving boy.
How are your wife and children?
They're good. Rachel has exams now.
- So both of them are always
in the church. - I see
[Benny] ..not at all,
Parunthanpara has changed a lot.
They've fixed the tiles and
it is a sight worth seeing.
- Both of you must visit soon.
- We will.
Super fast tea, I see.
This one.
I'll go along to sell
the pepper too, what say?
Didn't you come to rest here?
Why take all this trouble?
- It's good to know these things, right?
- Yeah, that's true.
- Then, quickly get ready and come, Sir.
- Let me finish my tea.
Are you looking for
another job out here?
I should, after some time.
If you need a help at home,
we could ask Preman's mother.
No, we'll manage.
[Benny] Please stop
the car here, Sir.
- Has the cement arrived?
- Yes, just unloaded all of it.
Okay, I'll just go down
to the market and come.
What is that building?
Sir, that's the new
Information Center.
From now on, nobody
can mess around here.
Everything can be
viewed in the CCTV cam.
- What kind of mess can happen around here?
- What kind of mess?
Sir, a guy came here along
with his wife the other day..
...he pushed her off the
cliff. He killed her.
And then he filed a
complaint with the police..
...stating that his wife is missing.
When the police arrived, all they
found was a dead pig's remains.
Then what? He paid the cops
and got out of it scat-free.
These outsiders come
here and create mayhem,
and then we'll have to run
around setting it right.
You get the picture, right?
Yeah, getting there.
72 X 456
equals 30,800. Okay?
Where I come from,
72 X 456 is 32,832.
Check again
72x456 equlas..
"Yes, he's right. 32,832.
How can the calculator go wrong?
Must be because of the cold. Calculator
doesn't work in the cold, right?
- Mr Benny, let's go!
- Yeah.
Isn't this correct? I'll count.
[Benny] I have been selling
him pepper all these years.
Isn't Mr Benny here?
Who are you?
Pappally Contractor sent me here.
Mr Benny isn't here,
he has gone out.
Pappally Contractor has
asked Mr Benny to visit him.
I'll let him know.
- Cigarette?
- No.
Or I'll take one, for a friend.
Foreign cigarettes cost a lot here.
Priya must have fallen asleep.
- She must have fallen asleep.
- Must be in the kitchen.
I'm sorry, I was on a
call with the client.
Take this, the cash
from selling pepper.
I don't have to go all
the way to Kochi anymore.
You can give it here.
Okay, let me take your leave.
Mr Benny, a certain Pappally Contractor
had sent someone to summon you.
That's the contractor who's taken
your land on lease for farming.
I'll go see him
tomorrow. Okay, then.
- Shall I come along?
- Sure.
See you tomorrow.
Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary to us!
Four years..
"So 1, 2
I'll place the rest..
I spoke to Thomas,
gave him a basic plan
about my start up.
Nice, what did he say?
He is a little busy,
he said we'll sit on it
as soon as he is free.
It is totally worth waiting
for a designer like him.
Aby, take your time.
No worries at all.
Thank you.
Hold this.
Do you know the couple who
lived the longest together?
Shoshamma Thomas and
Philippose Thomas!
Yeah, from our very own Kottayam.
They married each other
when Shoshamma was 12
and Philippose was 13 years old.
They both lived
together for 9O years.
Then, we shall aim
for a century then.
- To Shoshamma,
- And Philippose
...and to our happiness.
Our happiness.
Blow the candles.
- Aby..
- Hmm..
There's someone outside.
There's someone there.
There's nobody here.
I saw someone. I am sure.
Must have been a nightmare.
Come, lie down.
That guy sitting on
the wall, drinking
is Kuriachan Contractor's
brother-in-law, Baby.
He is in the army, drinks
a lot. He is on leave now.
The other one is his
younger brother, Peter.
He is a bachelor.
See that gym guy? The
youngest brother, Kunjumon
Famous for his
temper. Useless fellow.
This guy, wearing the glasses,
is their father lype Pappally.
The family arrived here from across
the mountain during his father's time.
The guy standing next to
the jeep, wearing pants
...that is the
Contractor's son Johny.
Standing next to him is Jithin,
who just tails around these boys.
Don't be afraid,
Sir. Come this way.
That's the Contractor.
He has taken most of the land
around here on lease to farm.
Don't be afraid. He
won't do anything.
This is Paul Sir's younger
daughter's husband, Aby.
Did you get scared of the dog?
Just a little..
That's what I was wondering.. who
is this outsider coming with you?
If you are scared
of a dog on a leash,
what will you do if he
manages to break free?
Child, get me the cover from
inside my table's drawer.
Okay, father.
Who is it?
It's me, Benny from Parakudi.
There are girls as ripe as
the apples, my dear Peter.
Ah.. who am I talking to?
Have you even seen an apple?
All you've seen is the
local tapioca and yams.
- I'll somehow manage with
the local crop. - Right, right!
Hey Kunjumon, come join us!
[Kunjumon] No
Workout, get in shape!
Give it to him.
- Aren't you in the 10th grade?
- Yes
- Sandra?
- Yes
Father, I am leaving for school.
Has your elder daughter
returned after studies?
Jessy is attending the
premarital course in the church.
What will these girls
achieve with education?
Mother, I am leaving.
Then, shall we take your
leave? Carry on with your work.
- Alright.
- Okay.
[Josy] Who is that?
Her husband. You
should see her now.
This is Baby's son, Josy.
Runs a textile shop in the town.
Did you get scared?
- When did you reach?
- A few minutes ago.
Jessy's wedding has been arranged.
No, I already had some.
Why are you doing these
unnecessary chores?
Give it here.
Come, watch me work.
How sad is his situation!
What has happened
to him? He is happy.
I am only worried about my Priya.
I hope he takes good care of her.
Look at him grinning, looks
like a worthless fellow!
You've started drinking
early in the morning!
Jithin, can't you go find a job?
You come, Sabu.
[Josy] Take good care of the crops.
Her smile reminds me of the
trip to Ooty from school.
- Haven't I told you guys about it?
- Yes
You could tell that story again.
It'd be fun to listen to the
story while looking at her.
Then what? Go on, Josy.
The first time I spoke to her was
in the 12th grade, on a trip to Ooty.
Before that, I was
scared to talk to her.
She was a brilliant student.
All of us boys in the
back were drinking.
Late in the night, she comes
and sits right in front of me...
and asked me, Could you
please shut the window?
I was shocked. All
my high was gone.
I asked, Are you feeling cold?
Then she said that she has motion
sickness, if the wind is too much.
So I told her that my mother says
if you hold your belly and sleep,
you won't throw up.
Pour me another glass.
Aby, put it the other way around.
Not like that, the other side.
The other side?
- You mean, inside out?
- Yes
Isn't it all the same?
Nope, the jeans
won't fade this way.
- Oh, the technicalities!
- Yeah
Then, tell us the
rest of the story.
While the bus was descending
the high range, she dozed off.
I was still numb from her talking to
me, I couldn't take my eyes off her.
Suddenly I thought she was going to
puke, so I kept my hand on her belly.
And her hand was on my hand.
Since I acted on impulse,
I tried withdrawing my hand.
...but she didn't let go of my hand,
kept my hand pressed against her belly.
Then, till we got to the
bottom of the high range...
What's up?
Aby, some of my
clothes are missing.
Must be here.
I looked for those
everywhere, it isn't here.
Where will it go?
Aby, my undergarments
are the ones missing.
Where can it go?
Aby, I don't see
the humour in this.
Hey, I'm sorry.
[Nehemiah 4:13] So
I placed armed guards
behind the lowest parts of
the wall in the exposed areas.
I stationed the people to
stand guard by families,
armed with swords,
and bows.
[Nehemiah 4:14] ..l stood
up and said to the nobles,
the officials and the
rest of the people,
Don't be afraid of them.
Remember the Lord, who
is great and glorious
and fight for your brothers,
your sons and your daughters,
your wives and your homes.
Here.. we get duck meat?
Hmm? How come this
sudden love for duck meat?
When we visited Kerala during vacation,
my mom used to make bread and duck curry.
Super tasty.
It used to be Jibi's favourite.
We could go to Bangalore for
a couple of days, what say?
Jibi has been calling me.
Let's settle things here first.
About the duck meat,
let me ask Mr Benny.
Might not turn out as
good as your mom's curry,
but I shall try.
I'm here. - Aby..
- What is it?
Aby..there's someone looking
at me through the window.
That's the scarecrow.
- Aby, can you please go check?
- Stop screaming.
- Aby...
- Yeah
What happened?
Tell me..
Did you see the duct tape?
Aby, what happened?
Aby, what the hell are you doing?
That guy is working over there.
All we have to do
is cover the window.
[Abin on the phone]
When will you be free next week?
Alright, let's do that.
And, hello...hello..
- Who is it, Sir?
- Thomas, my friend.
College mate?
No, we were colleagues.
He is from Kottayam.
- You can call him from my phone.
- No, that's alright.
My phone always has range.
Why is there a crowd?
Please stop the car.
- I am in a hurry.
- I'll be back in a minute.
- Who is she?
- You won't go from here alive!!
What's going on Josy?
Ask him yourself.
[Benny] Wait..let me ask him first.
Wait a second.
- Brother, I was sitting in my car
along with my friend and simply talking.
You and your friend were simply talking!
She's his friend, it seems!
Roll the glass down,
come on.
- Let's see your friend.
- I'll beat you up.
- What is it?
[Jithin] Let me tell you.
They've been here for a while,
this is immoral.
Chameleon spotten them first.
- Brother, I live nearby.
- Doesn't the place have a name?
From Pala.
You've come all the way from Pala,
to do all this nonsense?
What's happening, Josy?
They were up to no good
inside the car.
Please don't hit me.
Wait a second, Jithin!
Wait,wait... listen to me.
I'll sort this out.
Move aside, everybody.
You come with me.
Calm down!
Benny, you should not be
interfering in this case.
Josy, let me just speak to him.
- Come, come with me.
- Don't beat me, brother.
We didn't do anything.
We came here only to talk in peace.
They created this unnecessary ruckus.
I'll tell you one thing.
These boys are really notorious.
If you think I did anything wrong,
let's call the police.
Let them come and do the needful.
Police will take 2-3 hours to get here.
Don't make her suffer.
Give some money and get out.
I'll give you whatever I have.
I'll handle it.
Give me the money.
- I don't have much money with me.
- Give whatever you have.
If this is all you have,
deal with it yourself.
Take it all.
I don't even have money
for fuel now.
Don't ever return to do
such cheap things here.
- No, I won't.
- Go now.
Please let me go.
- Here,take the cash.
- ls this all?
That's enough.
Take your car and leave!
Wait, shouldn't the one who spotted
them first get rewarded?
- Take!
- What the hell is this?
- That's all you get.
- This isn't enough for my efforts.
Take your car and leave!
Don't ever come here.
[Chameleon] Pose for a picture, girl.
You'll die now.
Move away from the car.
Some guys are up to no good.
I couldn't let the girl suffer..
"Otherwise we wouldn't have let
him off easily.
Mr Benny..
God created the forests
and the valleys for humans.
You are into literature, I see.
- It is from the Bible.
- ls it?
Priya Paul, do you remember me?
12 B, Josy K Baby.
Oh right.
When did you come?
Almost a week ago.
I see.
What does your husband do?
He was in Dubai,
works in the IT field.
Isn't the IT field going through
a recession?
I had seen your husband,
on my way here.
What do you do, Josy?
I run a textile shop in the town.
We have taken your land on
lease for farming as well.
I see.
Wait, I'm coming.
I need to get some work done.
Is it?
- Feel free to call me.
- Sure
We'll be around here.
Shall I give you my number?
I'll give it.
Call me for anything you need.
Okay, thank you.
- What happened?
- She's taken my number.
She'll call me.
I am sure.
She must be in the shower.
Hey, you shouldn't be looking
at her.
Brother, if you are serious..
none of us will look at her.
Have I ever denied anything
you wanted, Johny?
I'll fulfill any wish you have.
Brother, you are awesome.
Oh Priya..
Here's a song for you..
Oh Priya..
A song from my hearL.
Your beauty has given wings to my soul.
Your beauty has given wings to my soul.
You are the one who ran away
with an outsider,
- What?
- Aby, can't you hear them?
Take the headphone.
Not the noise.
They are in our property,
destroying our peace of mind.
Isn't this a countryside, my dear?
After a long day, a drink or two and
a few folk songs.
Isn't it the only entertainment
they have?
They aren't singing folk songs,
it is only to annoy me.
I cannot sit here listening to this!
[Josy] Hey, stop.
That fellow is coming here.
Be careful, Sir.
Why are you here, Sir?
It would be nice if you could
stop singing.
My wife and I am working.
[Jithin] Sir needs to work.
Hey, stop it.
They are kids, Sir.
Leave it.
You could have told this from down there.
No, that's alright.
My wife isn't well.
- We won't sing, Sir.
- Okay.
Alright then.
There's a wedding happening in
our house. Hence the celebration.
- Pour a drink for him.
- No, no.
Why not ,Sir?
Don't you drink?
- No.
- Have a drink , Sir.
We'll be really happy.
Say cheers, guys!
- Another drink?
- No, I am good.
Thank you.
Poor 911V!
They were a little drunk,
wedding and stuff happening at home.
Aby, did you drink?
Yeah, one drink.
Aby, why did you have to drink
with those guys?
My dear Aby, this isn't Bangalore
or Dubai.
You don't even know these guys!
We asked them to stop singing,
they stopped.
So, when they offered me a drink
I didn't decline.
What's wrong with that?
Aby, there's nothing wrong at all!
Talk to me!
There's no use talking to you.
Where is your mother?
She's gone to work.
How is Sandra?
I met her at the Contractor's house.
All good.
Look at you blushing!
Was yours a love marriage?
Was yours a love marriage?
Yeah..l was trapped.
I'll take your leave, Sir.
I have a class.
Are you really going to the class?
Yes, of course.
What the hell are you doing?
- Move! - Priya?
Whose phone is this?
Whose is it?
It was in the bathroom.
In the bathroom?
Who'd keep it in the bathroom?
What the hell are you doing?
Get up.
Move aside, Aby.
There has been no peace
since the time we arrived.
What are you looking for?
Whom are you calling?
Aby, give me a minute.
This is Josy's phone.
Aby, I know these guys from the time
I was in school.
They are the worst.
I know how to deal with this.
Wait.. what are you doing?
Sit here.
Let's talk in peace and
take a decision.
Aby, from now on none of them
should be entering our property.
We are cancelling the contract.
Aby, I don't want to live in
fear in my own house.
One should be able to go
to the washroom in peace, right?
You relax, I'll go talk to them.
Sir, I think you are mistaken.
Hey Josy..
ls this yours?
Yes, how did this break?
I had given this for repair
in Biju's shop.
Who broke this?
What's the matter?
You go, eat something and
head to the church.
[Josy] This is what happens when
you entrust someone with phone repair.
Didn't I tell you, Sir?
Our kids won't do anything like that.
- Hey you!
- What?
- I am sure..
- About what?
That you kept the phone there.
Show me whatever you got.
Come on!
Let it go.
And about the contract, you can't
start and stop it as you please.
That too for such petty reasons.
I'll tell the boys to be careful when
they are working in your property.
Isn't that enough?
Alright, then.
The wedding date is approaching,
we are busy with the preparation.
And Sir,
this is a countryside.
There is a way of life around here.
It would be good for you and
your wife to remember that.
Alright, then.
You may leave.
How many days of leaves left, Mr Baby?
Have the issues been resolved?
No. .All we need is two days
of autonomy to sort things out.
[Baby] What happened, brother-in-law?
Nothing, some people just come up
with random issues.
There's some confusion.
He had given the phone for repair.
Aby, I have no confusions at all.
Don't be so naive, Aby!
Even if it was Josy,the situation
wasn't such that I could speak.
The Contractor's elder daughter's
wedding preparations are on.
Sandra's elder sister's.
You don't have to do anything.
It isn't like that, my dear.
I spoke to the Contractor about the issue.
He promised that we'll have
no trouble from their side.
Aby, I am not interested in
listening to any of this.
Why are you tensed?
There is law and order in this land.
If they create anymore issues, we'll
deal with this legally.
Did you eat anything?
Come, let's eat something.
Come dear.
How about a drive day after tomorro?
To Kottayam..
To see Thomas?
Yeah, he's free then.
No Aby, I have a lot of work
to be completed.
Iam way behind on the deadlines.
I won't sit here alone for sure.
I'll go sit in the
library at the convent.
Are you sure?
Yes. You go and come back.
What'll I do in a place where
you guys will be talking business?
You should've woken me up.
I didn't want to.
Why wake you up so early?
Do I look okay?
- Shall I leave?
- Okay.
- How will you go to the convent?
- On dad's scooter.
Call Mr Benny if you need anything.
I'll call you when I leave.
All the best.
Thank you.
You take care.
I know you're angry with me.
I wanted to tell you this in person.
I don't want us to have a
Alright, fine.
Priya, please don't close the door.
I got to know
the matter only when uncle told me.
I had given the phone
for repair in Biju's shop.
If you're doubtful,
you can ask Johny too.
You guys need to leave.
My husband is not here.
I have nothing to
tell you guys.
What nonsense?
Josy told you he didn't do it.
Johny, stop it.
Priya asked us to leave.
I don't want to talk to you guys.
- Stop the vehicle.
- What happened, brother?
- Come on.
- What happened?
Just come.
[Sandra] No brother, please
don't beat him up.
[Sandra] Please don't hit him.
[Josy] Take her and go.
Come along!
[Sandra] Please listen to me, brother..
[Jh"y] Move, Josy!
[JY] 5110p, Johny.
[Josy] Move aside, Johny.
Come back.
Come now.
Hey, leave him.
We'll get him later. Come.
What happened to her?
Nothing, she was in a minor accident.
She is alright.
Nothing to worry.
- Where is she?
- Here.
Doctor, this is Abin.
Her husband.
Nothing to worry, just minor injuries.
She is still in shock, was crying
saying that she wanted to go home.
[Doctor] Are you done with
the dressing? [Nurse] Yes.
Did you get scared?
She is alright.
- Get these medicines and
take her home. - Okay.
What happened, dear?
Stop the car!
Don't you want the key?
What are you doing?
Iam talking to you.
Aby, get out of this room.
- Tell me what the hell is going on!
- For what?
How many times did I tell you?
You can't do anything, Aby.
What the hell did I d0?
What have you ever done?
They know you can't do anything.
They dropped me
at the hospital in the evening.
You will never understand the violence
and abuse I went through.
We shouldn't leave this matter.
Come with me,
let's go to the police station.
- We should file a complaint.
- And then what?
I refuse to go through the
verbal rape that will follow.
Their vehicle didn't hit me.
No one saw them drop me off
at the hospital either.
Who the hell will believe
that they did this?
They'll say I made up these things .
No one is going
to stand by my side, I am sure.
But I know exactly what happened
inside their jeep.
Aby, please don't touch me today.
I don't think I can stay here
safely with you.
I don't think I'll be safe
with you anywhere at all.
If my dad was alive,
he'd never let anything happen to me.
Aby, leave me alone.
Can you please go outside?
- Sir..
- Who's that?
Sir, could you please drop us to
the police station?
Sit down.
What happened?
Sandra and I were talking.
Josy and the others saw us talking.
They took her along,
and they beat me up.
They told that they'll kill him, Sir.
They won't spare him, Sir.
They are looking for him everywhere.
- It's them!
- Get inside, both of you.
Why are you standing outside, Sir?
Did your wife kick you out?
Getting some air.
Did the boy who delivers milk
come here?
We saw him run through the gate here.
I didn't see him.
- If he comes here, tell us.
- Sure.
Alright then.
Brother, I am certain that the
mother and the son are inside.
That's the boy's footwear.
[Johny] You should have
caught them then.
Stupid boy, I have told you many times..
I am talking to my elder brother,
don't interfere.
Ugh, can you all shut up?
I need some peace.
I will take care of this.
[Josy] Johny, keep quiet.
Sir, let me get straight to the point,
leave the mother and her son to us.
He has done something terrible.
I'll bring them to the police station
in the morning.
Let's settle all of this there.
You don't have to do shit.
Don't try to be his father.
[Baby] Don't say that.
[Peter] I asked him if they were here.
Leave it.
Sir, there is a wedding coming up
in our family.
This guy sneaking around won't
do us any good.
You call him outside, Sir
We'll talk to him.
We didn't come to invite
you to the wedding.
There is a saying around here..
don't think you have heard it.
Don't feed the outsider dog!
Shut up! How dare you raise
your voice in my house?
No matter what, I am not
going to send them out tonight.
I stand alone.
Don't bother talking to this
outsider, get in and bring them out.
This isn't Pappally House for you
to enter at your father's orders.
None of you are going to enter
my house and take them from here.
Hide there.
[Peter] Stop crying, boy.
[Johny] Can you keep your mouth shut?
[Baby] Sabu, quickly get a piece of cloth.
Hold his hand lower, Kunjumon.
[Josy] Be careful, father.
Brother, don't spare him.
Cut him into pieces and
throw him into the cardamom fields.
The one who touched my son,
will not be spared.
We'll finish him here and
only then leave.
This is the word of Kurien,
the son of lype Pappally.
Bring the house down!
Come on.
Take whatever you find.
[Johny to Josy] Brother..
[Baby] Wait..
[Peter] Let him go.
- What happened?
- Electric shock
Out there.
Here, take the bullets.
I want to see them
running for their lives.
Give the gun, brother-in-law.
Josy, cut the telephone lines.
Nobody should know
even if he dies here.
Sabu, come with me.
He isn't a worthless guy like
you said.
Johny, they won't dare to
step outside. Wait and watch.
[Peter] Kick it open!
[Sabu] Open the door!
Hey, what was this guy doing in
I don't know.
Josy, reverse now!
Why did he and his wife
even come here?
I don't bloody know,
Don't touch the door..don't!
You'll get electrocuted.
Take a piece of wood and
break it down.
First, move this thing (Peter) from here.
[Kunjumon] Come.
Put him on the couch.
Be careful.
[Baby] You aren't hurting
the door. Hit harder.
Sir, is everything alright?
No matter what happens,
don't open the door.
- Aby..
- Don't be afraid, nothing will happen.
Close the door.
Close now!
Children, don't spare him.
I am certain he is either a Maoist
or a terrorist.
You swine! If you're man enough,
then step outside!
Go, get the boy!
You guys can leave. I've arranged a
pick up for them.
Come, brother-in-law.
Go home peacefully.
There's nothing to worry.
H 6y,
don't forget to deliver the
milk in the evening.
Try entering my house again,
doesn't matter if police comes or
your father's army comes!
Unfortunately for you,
law and order still exists.
Until the last bit of fire is quenched,
Until the last bit of ache is cured,
I promise to be your shadow,
And you, my sunshine, everyday
Protecting each other,
we'll continue this journey.
This world is deserted,
A stretch of wilderness,
Locked together inside the same cage
Are you and me!
We got through yesterday
to get where we are today,
Looking forward to tomorrow,
Each of my breath turns
into a new life with you.
Until the last bit of fire is quenched,
Until the last bit of ache is cured,
I promise to be your shadow,
And you, my sunshine, everyday
Protecting each other,
we'll continue this journey.