Vardi (1989) Movie Script

Come, son.
Where are you running? Listen.
My dear.
Come on.
Leave me!
Leave me!
Help me!
Help me, please.
Somebody help me.
Somebody help me. Uncle!
What are you doing? Leave her.
Help me.
Leave me!
Leave me, scum!
Inspector, do you know on whom you're raising your hand?
I raise hands on goons knowingly.
You're in uniform so you think you're God.
Leave my son.
Leave my son.
No! No!
Son, don't spare them!
Who are you?
Death has no name.
It's not him, but his uniform of cop is saying so.
Uniform doesn't speak, but makes other shut up.
You're not doing the right thing, inspector.
If Rudra finds out that his brother...
So you're Rudra's brother.
Where is your brother? - Ask your mother.
Where is Rudra?
People say that decent ones are...
...defamed by prostitutes.
What others can't do...
...prostitutes do that.
How many hearts did I steal? What did I do with them?
How many hearts did I steal? What did I do with them?
I broke some hearts while I returned some.
I left some to wander.
How many hearts did I steal? What did I do with them?
I broke some hearts while I returned some.
I left some to wander.
How many hearts did I steal? What did I do with them?
Everyone complain against me.
Yet my love is in their hearts.
Everyone complain against me.
Yet my love is in their hearts.
Everyone complain against me.
Yet my love is in their hearts.
Now what should I do? It's my habit.
I made many promises. What did I do with them?
I made many promises. What did I do with them?
I broke some promises while I returned some.
I left some to wander.
How many hearts did I steal? What did I do with them?
Give me a souvenir.
May I never miss it.
Give me a souvenir.
May I never miss it.
Give me a souvenir. May I never miss it.
I don't remember it clearly.
Stop! -What's going on?
If anyone tries to act smart, I'll shoot.
Inspector! -Everyone turn towards the wall.
What's this... - Move that way.
You fool!
Inspector Ajay Singh.
Who gave you the order to raid?
Sorry, sir.
I came on knowing Rudra was here.
I didn't know you were here too.
No problem. - It's all right.
You can take the money. - Trying to bribe us?
Inspector, take him to the police station.
Give me the bag. Come with the other evidence.
Come all you! You came to watch dance.
I'll show you dance in the police station. Come.
Hey! Look!
He's running in the opposite direction.
Sleep quietly. This is the right place.
Oh! It's an earthquake.
Have you gone mad? Why did you kick me?
Inspector Ajay's kick can bring earthquake in anyone's life.
Do cops get salary for kicking poor people?
You hit me for no reason.
We get salary for locking thieves like you behind bars.
Do you think you can hide after removing the uniform?
Come here. Out with the booty!
Booty! What kind of an inspector is he?
He's asking for bribe in front of everyone.
I take lots of things too. But if you give it yourself... will be better.
What? -Rudra's bag.
Rudra? Bag?
Stop acting and answer me properly.
I respect your uniform.
Or else if I punch you, you'll fall there.
Did you insure your hands?
Sir, I warn you. Don't act smart.
What can you say? I'll make you tell the truth.
Who is it?
Wow! How to praise your beauty?
Can't you see I'm talking to a girl?
Goon! Scum! You tease girls. Aren't you ashamed?
If I don't get you jailed I won't call myself Sonu. Got it?
Sonu! -Shut up!
Madam, you're mistaken. I'm... - Yes, you're decent.
You fell in water by mistake.
Yes. - Madam, he's evil. - Shut up!
You just shut up!
Both of you... Police! -Police.
Madam, I'm police. - Coming, madam.
Sir, what a catch!
Very good, wicket keeping. - Thank you. - Constable, shut up!
Take them to police station.
Don't worry, madam. He'll go to police station by itself.
Right now.
But listen to me. - I don't care.
Whether he's police commissioner's father or son...'ve to lodge my complain. - Yes, fatso.
But he's really police commissioner's son.
Oh God!
Where is inspector Ajay?
Inspector Ajay.
He's here, sir.
Sir. - You're mistaken, sir.
He's not an inspector. He's a goon. - Yes, sir.
Meaning? -Both of them were teasing me in swimming pool.
And this fatso constable won't lodge my complain.
She wants to complain against police in police station.
Why didn't you lodge her complain?
But sir how can I write a complain against my officer?
If your officer can bully...
...then complain could be written against him. - Right, sir.
Come. I'll write your complain. - Tell him... - Shut up!
Don't shout!
Tell me.
What happened with you? - I was in swimming pool.
He jumped in water and grabbed me.
No, sir. He did it. Really?
Then? -When I screamed they acted as if...
...they were fighting.
It wasn't an act, sir. I wanted to arrest this goon.
You flirt... - Keep quiet.
I'll record your statement later.
Then? -Then what?
He didn't rape me. Only that was left.
What is she saying?
No, sir.
I'm sorry.
Your name.
Sonu Kaul.
Are you doctor Kaul's daughter? -Yes.
Miss Kaul, you can go.
Strict action will be taken against them.
And I apologize on behalf of the police department.
Look, don't forget to take action.
Brother, which inspector is on the duty? Yes, Munna...
Sir, you?
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
Sir, they've arrested my Munna.
He's your Munna. - Yes, he's very decent. Munna, I've come.
Inspector, what's the charge against him?
He stole money from Rudra in police uniform.
He has the booty. - Where could I hide the booty, sir?
In my shirt or loin cloth. - Shut up.
If there any witness. - No, sir. They fled.
Did you hear? Witness fled. Booty disappeared.
He has no proof. Didn't I say my child was a gentleman.
Keep your loin cloth down. - Constable, release him.
But sir... - That is my order.
You come with me.
Constable, hurry up. This prison might spoil my child.
Tell me, what happened?
Rudra was in my hands, sir.
This gentleman dropped in at the nick of time...
...and ruined my plan.
Keep an eye on him.
Some day he'll be useful to us.
Boss has come!
Look, who has come? Our boss is here.
Brother. Brother.
Maya, what drama are you enacting on your wedding day?
Why did you come late?
Actually our boss' bank opens late.
So it took to withdraw the money.
Shut up, fool!
Brother Jai, please. It's getting late.
Munna, should I get you married too?
Yes, father.
Come, Sweety. You came late.
Bless you, sister.
You too be happy, groom.
With this money start some business so...
...that my sister leads a happy life.
This is loan, not dowry.
Return it when you earn the money.
So that I can get my other sister married.
Brother Jai, you're not human, but angel.
Not angel, just a human.
Because only human helps other human being.
So nobody knows that boy.
Nobody knows that boy.
Good. Now do you know me?
Who doesn't know you?
Answer me.
Who am I? -You're Rudra.
What do I do?
You... - I... the boss of this city.
I rule on this land.
Above and under this land...
...I've share in any business that takes place.
And those who don't pay my share are killed.
Just think. Try to understand, fools.
If the world finds out that I'm so helpless and weak...
...that I can't protect myself from one man...
...can't save my money from just one man...
...then do you what they'll do?
They'll kick us out.
Find him.
And shoot him. Go.
Hello. - Rudra.
Yes? -I heard you're getting weak.
That... I didn't get it.
You're so weak that a boy can snatch...
...briefcase filled with money.
I'll send someone powerful.
I erred. Don't you worry.
That boy and money... - You should find them.
Yes. - Or else...
He's abroad...
...but somehow he gets every news.
Sorry, gentleman. Please proceed.
All of you know...
...that today India has the balance of power in Asia.
And India is a big country.
People there believe in peace and non-violence.
If we want to conquer Asia...
...we must spread violence in India.
So we've decided...
...that we'll send our agents and lots of money in India.
So that there will be destruction.
There will be communal riots.
We'd make people of diff religions to fight.
And then everything will be destroyed.
And for this work...
...I've decided...
...that I'll send Bob to India. - I'll go to India.
I'll conquer India.
You? How can you go? There is warrant against you.
I didn't spend 16 years with you... that you send someone else when there... chance to avenge those who exiled me.
But this decision has been made. - Who decided it? -I did it.
Without asking me? - I'm the chairman.
You were chairman.
But not now.
Anyone objects to my becoming the chairman.
Thank you, friends. Thank you very much.
...I'll avenge for this broken thumb...
...from every person of India.
First of all...
...I'll settle score with Verma.
With Verma.
Come, son. Eat your food.
Take hot bread.
Did you meet that girl?
Actually I got 3-4 such cases...
...that I got busy. - Which girl are you talking about?
Did you choose a girl? -No, mother.
Mother, actually. - Who is this girl?
Ask him. He goes to swimming with her leaving his duty.
Really? Who is she?
Whose daughter sister she?
Leave it, mother. - I can't forget it.
If you don't get her apology by tomorrow...'ll get my notice.
Can I come in?
Who are you?
If you accept this bouquets with your hands... can see my face.
You? -Yes.
Greetings, doctor. Greetings, aunt.
Greetings, Miss Sonu. - Why did you come here?
Who is this handsome young boy?
You don't know. - No. - He's commissioner's son.
Ajay. Inspector Ajay.
Inspector Ajay.
Come, son.
Come, son.
Son, are you married? - Married? -Yes.
Aunt, I would've got married, but I'm unlucky.
The girl I like lodges police complain against me.
Oh God! What are you saying?
Mother, actually. - It's nothing, aunt.
Actually sometimes things go totally wrong.
And sometimes nothing becomes something important.
I didn't get it. - You won't.
This is a long story. And time is less.
I came to apologize to her. - For what?
You didn't make any mistake. - I already did it.
Uncle, actually I was chasing a goon.
And Sonu thought I was a goon.
And the matter has reached dad...
...who is a commissioner too? -Yes.
And his order is that by this evening...
...if I don't get Sonu's signature on this apology letter...
...he'll fire me and arrest me.
It's no big deal.
Sign it. - No. - Take this pen.
First I'll read what he wrote.
I've just apologized. I wrote for whole night. I got tired.
Yes, he won't get your degree in his name.
Sign it. - Yes.
Sign it, dear. - Come.
Sit. Sit.
Thank you.
Thank you, aunt. Thank you very much.
What's the hurry? Eat something. - No, aunt. I'll come later.
You shut up. - Do come, son.
Bring your family too.
They'll like our Sonu. - Yes.
I too like...
Meaning? -You signed it. Thank you very much.
Ok, aunt. Bye. Bye, uncle. - Come again.
Bring commissioner along.
Our daughter is very nice.
She's very beautiful and virtuous.
She's educated. Do come. - Mother.
Sir Kasturi.
Sir Kasturi.
Come, Jai.
You disappeared after talking of buying a bus like a ghost.
Brother, I got late in arranging the money.
Did you sell the bus?
Kasturi never changes his words like the market.
The bus is in the same condition. Check it.
Sir Kasturi, you're great.
Take the key.
Wow! Passengers are in before the owner. - Brother...
. did you buy tickets or...
entered thinking it to be your father's bus.
We've this ticket.
My dear... think knife is a ticket.
Kid, throw it.
If you cut your hand, your mother will beat you.
Throw it.
Oh, friend. You got serious.
Brother, if you want you can take the bus.
I'll buy another one.
Did you father give you the money to buy the bus?
Don't abuse my father or I'll whack you.
You came to steal Rudra's money. - Leave me.
You came on time, sir.
But how did you come here?
You didn't steal rrs' money.
So why are his goons beating you?
I don't know, sir. I don't understand.
This is Rudra's money.
Sir, this is the money stolen by Rudra from the poor.
The court will decide who stole from whom. - No, sir.
If this case goes to the court, kids of the colony will suffer.
I came to buy this bus for them.
Are you Robinhood... steal from thieves to help the poor. - You too do it, sir.
It's a noble deed.
Kids will go to school in this bus.
They'll go to picnic during holidays.
They'll bless you.
Sir, please.
Sir, if you do my work, I'll do anything for you in life.
Kasturi too is a thief. - Yes, sir.
Sir, he supplies vehicles to all the thieves.
I too bought it.
Ok, listen.
If you help the law, our work will be done.
I'll do as you say, sir.
Sir Kasturi... - Yes.
You're taking the bus.
Look, take money from him.
From him? -Yes. And papers of the bus...
Ok. - Ok, I'll give him. You may go.
Let me count the money. Then I'll give you the paper.
Is this your good? -Yes, sir.
This is stolen good. - Stolen?
I didn't know Jai... - Not Jai, but Rudra stole it.
He's Rudra's man. - Rudra.
You... - Tell me quickly.
Do you want to get arrested or surrender the booty.
No, sir. You can take the money. If you want take more money.
But please don't arrest me.
Ok, I'll forgive you this time.
Yes. - Don't repeat it. - Yes.
Let's go. Come.
He took the money and he took the bus.
I'm in total loss.
I gave you the bus. Now remember your promise.
You'll help the law now. - Yes, boss.
And listen. If you wish to wear uniform again...
...then come to me for a real uniform.
What a joke!
Hail Lord Shankar!
Bless you.
Hail goddess!
What this misbehaviour! - It's worship, Goddess.
Can't a devotee offer flowers in devotion?
You swine! If you don't leave I'll call the police.
No. It's not police affair, but love affair.
Keep your hand on your chest...
I mean on your heart and say that you love me.
I Love you? -Yes.
You're a fool.
You've defamed me. - Don't chew my brains.
Is a girl like a mosquito...
...that you can trap between two hands.
I've experience of life.
I've seen many film.
From Dilip Kumar to Mithun...
...I know every heroes trick.
Just tell me...
...where will I find the girl?
What a figure?
What a glance?
What a figure?
What a glance?
What a figure? What a glance?
Oh God! What a hand!
Father, is this day or night?
Munna, this is a love story.
You've to make yourself king and her a queen.
Every lover is looking for a chance... get this beauty.
Someone else in place of me...
...wants to dwell in your heart.
I came to engrave my name on your heart.
What a figure?
What a glance?
What a figure? What a glance?
Got slapped again. - Where am I?
You're still in my lap.
Where is she?
Everywhere around here...
...I've followed you.
I've passed many sleepless nights for you.
I came to steal your slumber.
What a figure?
What a glance?
What a figure? What a glance?
Your beauty has...
Your beauty has wooed my heart.
Do you know that?
What a figure?
What a figure? What a glance?
Sir. Sir, it's not my mistake.
Ever since I saw that madam, I've lost my mind.
I just think of her.
By the way, you to saw her.
Don't you think of her.
You do?
You do.
Then I promise that I'll fight with... till the end in this matter.
Agreed. - Agreed?
But you promised me something earlier too.
To find Rudra's whereabouts.
Sir, nobody knows where Rudra disappeared.
Even his men aren't seen in the city.
It seems there is going to be a big heist.
Sir Rudra. Boat is here.
Sir, I'm very happy to see you after a long time. Really.
I'm also happy to see you.
I'm seeing a pig with dots for the first time.
Sir, it seems you're still angry with me. - No.
Can anyone be angry with a pig?
People make hamburger of it.
Hot dog too.
Can I make a hamburger out of you?
What are you saying, sir? I'll find that boy.
I make nice minced meat.
If I feed you, you'll relish it. - I'll find him. - Bala.
He's my younger brother, Rudra.
He's my brother.
Brother, can I make hamburger out of him?
No, I'll do that.
But later.
Rudra, who knows that I'm going to come?
Just me and my men.
They're your men.
No, they're from custom police.
Don't worry, sir.
Everyone is bought. Nobody will spill the beans.
Rudra, people with tongues tend to talk.
You can go. - Can I? -Yes.
Sir, nobody will know. Don't worry.
...I want that police should know.
What did you do, sir?
Didn't I say that police should know?
But the way I want.
Like this.
Through broken hand drenched with blood.
The same hand.
The same hand.
They're the same hand.
Lalchand is back.
This hand had changed my destiny.
This hand has lines of bars...
...which holds half of my life.
Happy. Happy birthday to you.
Sister-in-law, congrats! Happy birthday.
Where is my son Anil?
Where are you?
Your admirer is wandering.
My kids where are you hiding.
Sister-in-law, tell me where they're.
They hid after seeing you.
Now find them.
They're not under this.
Where could they be? Yes, I got it.
Both of them will be in the balloon. Not possible.
I'm mad. Where did they go?
Where are you?
Sister-in-law, they're playing hide and seek with me.
Look, today is his birthday. Tell Anil to come soon.
Or else I'll return everything.
Then don't tell me.
Where did they hide? -Hands up.
Now you're out.
I'd seen you both hiding behind the curtains.
Give me a kiss.
Look what I've brought for you. Lots of toys.
Bhagwan, why did you bring all these?
You'd decorated the entire house in the morning.
Sir, if I could I'd hang banners from here to police station.
What is left? You should've decorated the entire city.
Sir, don't mock me. Today is my nephew's birthday.
And I'll do what I want.
You can scold me in the police station, not here.
Sister-in-law, don't interfere between us.
No need for that.
Today is his birthday. I'll do what I want.
I'm saying for your own good.
Save some money for your son Ajay too.
What are you saying? Did you hear, sister-in-law?
Ever since Ajay's mother died...'ve raised him.
You look after him.
Isn't Ajay your son too?
You're right, brother. Ajay is our son.
This Anil is my son.
Right, son?
Let's go, father. Let's decorate.
Yes. - No, son.
Your father will come with me for duty.
Got it? -Duty.
Duty on this day too.
Birthday program got ruined.
What to do? I've to fulfill the duty of this uniform.
This uniform is a hurdle.
It divides every house.
Husband and wife separate.
Father and son separate. What kind of uniform is this?
Sister-in-law, look...
...I don't agree with you in this matter.
You're a police's wife, yet you don't know what uniform means?
What does it mean?
Tricolour praises it.
Holy Ganges sing this song.
Tricolour praises it. Holy Ganges sing this song.
This uniform protects one and all.
This uniform protects one and all.
This uniform serves everyone.
This uniform protects one and all.
This uniform protects one and all.
This uniform serves everyone.
Hail lord Ram!
Hail lord Ram!
This is the country of Mahatma Gandhi.
This is the form of truth.
This uniform gives the message of peace to the world.
This uniform gives the message of peace to the world.
During war this uniform spreads havoc.
During war this uniform spreads havoc.
This uniform serves everyone.
This uniform protects one and all.
This uniform protects one and all.
This uniform serves everyone.
Uniform never differentiates.
Nobody is its foe or friend.
Uniform never differentiates.
Nobody is its foe or friend.
Those who blemish it will get wiped out.
Those who blemish it will get wiped out.
Don't ask how severely uniform punishes them.
Don't ask how severely uniform punishes them.
This uniform serves everyone.
Take the good.
Weapons should reach today.
Sure, chief.
They're out of the storehouse. You'll get the delivery.
I didn't get it.
You'll understand when you see the weapons.
Right, Kallan.
Let's go. We've to go afar.
What's the matter, inspector?
Sir, we got news that this truck has smuggled goods.
...police consider other police smuggler. - Bhagwan Singh.
You're mistaken, inspector.
We're bringing weapons from the headquarters.
Sorry, sir. I've orders from superiors.
I've to search.
Can I check the papers? -Why not?
Constable, check the truck.
Sir, let's check. - Sure. Come.
Show the papers.
From which company are you? 27 is in Assam. Where did you come from?
Let's go.
Bhagwan Singh! No!
I won't spare him! He betrayed the country.
He betrayed the uniform.
No, Bhagwan Singh!
Court will punish him. Leave him.
Leave him.
Come on.
It isn't easy to cheat a dacoit, Lalchand.
Listen carefully. If you don't give weapons within 2 days...'ll get killed.
You'll surely get the weapons, chief.
The one who snatched from me will bring it.
Eat it, son.
Who are you?
Hey! -Tell you husband, Verma...
...that if he informs anyone his son will be killed.
I'll tell you the rest on the phone. - No.
Leave me.
...a man left this parcel.
He said it's birthday cake.
I didn't order it.
This uniform killed my son.
This uniform killed my son.
I want my son.
I want my son. - Shanti.
I want my son. - Shanti!
No, Shanti. - I want my son.
Did you see the result of ruining Lalchand's plan?
Your entire life to ruined.
You lost your only son.
You rogue.
You murderer! I'll kill you.
I'll kill you. - Is this the killer's phone?
You can't kill me, but your son.
You've already... - No, Verma.
Your son is still alive.
Actually I was trying to get a good deal.
You don't believe me. Talk to your son.
Speak up.
Speak up.
Say, dad.
Son Anil.
Father, take me along.
Don't worry, Anil.
Anil. My son. You're alive.
Son... - Give me the phone.
Lalchand... - Did you hear?
If you want your son's life...
...bring the truck loaded with weapons.
And take your son back.
Or else you know the consequence. - No.
It can't be done! Never!
Think it over.
But this time you won't get clothes drenched in blood...
but severed head.
Your son's head.
No, Lalchand. You can't do this.
You won't do this.
No, Lalchand. You can't do this.
You can't do this.
What does he want?
Give him what he wants, but bring my Anil back.
Bring my Anil. - What can I do, Shanti?
In return for my son he wants my honesty.
I don't know anything. I want my son.
I want my Anil. Bring him back or else I'll die.
I can't sacrifice my son for this uniform.
Bring him back.
Very good, inspector. That's more like it.
Bring the goods. - Wait.
First hand me my Anil.
Not so soon. You're our friend now.
My helplessness is helping you, Lalchand.
If Anil hadn't been in your custody... would've been somewhere else.
Goods are okay, sir Lalchand. - Good.
Where is my Anil?
Now Anil will always be here.
What? -Yes.
He's a son of a decent mother.
When he learnt that his father betrayed the country...
...he said he won't go home. - Don't joke, Lalchand.
You got what you wanted. Hand my Anil to me.
Your son is dead, inspector.
Now it's your turn.
You killed my Anil.
You too arrested Kallan.
You killed many of my men.
I won't spare you.
Take him away.
Tie him to the truck and push it down the valley.
Take him away. - You killed my Anil. I won't spare you.
I'll kill you, Lalchand. I won't spare you.
I won't spare you.
If God is one's savior, nobody can kill him.
Sir, bring Anil. I'll see him.
He won't come, Bhagwan Singh. This scum killed him.
What are you saying?
You killed an innocent boy with his hand.
I'll break your hand.
Bhagwan Singh.
Bhagwan Singh.
What did you do?
Bhagwan Singh. - Sir.
To hide the crime of a traitor like me, you staked your life.
God will never forgive me. - No, sir.
You got a big punishment for your mistake.
Our son... our Anil... away from us now, sir.
You got punished for your mistake.
Bhagwan Singh. - Sir...
...don't make such mistake again. - No.
Bhagwan Singh.
Mother... this...
This land is our mother, sir.
And this uniform... its shield. - Yes.
Don't let this mother get insulted.
Don't let this uniform get blemished.
No. Bhagwan Singh. Never.
You can get a child again...
...but not your mother.
Yes. - Sir...
My Ajay... your son now.
Yes, Bhagwan Singh. Ajay is my son.
Sir, when he grows up...
...make him a cop too.
And teach him to respect this uniform.
If by mistake he insults this uniform...
...then don't forgive him.
Shoot him.
Bhagwan Singh. - Shoot him.
Today I learnt a big lesson. Bhagwan Singh.
I'll fulfill your every wish.
I promise. - No, sir.
Don't promise. Swear...
...swear by this uniform.
Bhagwan Singh. I swear. - Swear by this uniform, sir.
Bhagwan Singh.
Sir. - Bhagwan Singh.
Bhagwan Singh.
Bhagwan Singh.
I promise, sir...
...this hand will beg at your feet for mercy.
I swear.
Rudra must've disappeared. - Yes, sir.
We've raided all this dens.
He must've reached Lalchand.
Now Lalchand will try to get his friend...
...Kallan Khan out of prison.
If we do this work...
Kallan still has 6 months sentence left.
What if we release him before time...
...and let him meet Lalchand?
You mean when Kallan will meet him, we...
Not a bad idea, son.
Get me Central jail.
Give alms, sir.
Give alms.
Give alms in God's name.
Give alms in God's name. God bless you.
Give alms in God's name.
Sir, be careful.
Police is all around you.
Commissioner's son inspector Ajay is...
...sitting in the hotel in the front.
Phone on this number.
Bring tea.
Welcome, Kallan. - Police is here.
Don't worry about the police.
My men are out in disguise of reporters in press van.
You're commissioner's son.
Listen carefully.
Tell your father, the slave of uniform...
...that forget six months, if Kallan...
...had been out even 6 years before time...
...I wouldn't have forgiven him.
That scum thinks...
If you utter a word more, I'll kill you.
How can you kill me?
I'd killed your father like a dog.
He'll kill me.
Wait, sir.
Help! -Sir, leave him.
Help me. - Sir.
Brother, help me. - Don't hit him. - He's hitting a poor man.
Look, brother. His father put me in prison for 16 years.
Now his son has whacked me.
You cry in front of press. Leave me.
Ask him. Tell them, scum. - What?
I'll... - I didn't kill your father.
Even if I'd, it wouldn't have been a crime.
He was a smuggler but he got me punished. - Leave me.
You abuse my father.
I won't spare you. - Help.
I'll kill you.
Ajay, stop it.
Stop it, I say. - Leave me, sir. - Stop it. - Sir.
He was abusing him... - But it doesn't mean...
You can do anything.
You've the uniform and the law on your side.
With this baton you can break anyone's skull.
Did you see the police's justice?
Using this uniform they're oppressing the people.
Commissioner, police atrocity is crossing the limit.
If law is mocked openly...
...we reporters will run a campaign against you.
You can do what you want.
But remember, this man is a criminal...
Did you see him accusing me falsely?
I've served 16 years imprisonment yet I'm a criminal?
Come with me. I'll see what the police does.
Commissioner, read tomorrow's newspaper.
Boss is standing.
And you're sitting.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Hey, baldy. Stand up.
Get up, fools.
Stupid. Get up, you with long hair.
Get up.
You don't fear God. At least fear me.
What are you saying, Lalchand?
I never saw you getting high before.
You called me a drunkard.
You called me a drunkard.
Kneel down.
I should kneel down. - Yes.
Have you gone mad? -Mad...
You called me mad?
You're mad.
Your family would be mad.
All of you're mad.
Everyone is mad here.
What's this joke, sir Lalchand?
Get up.
Kneel down.
Do it.
Do it.
Kneel down.
Come on.
Now did you enjoy it? -Bala.
What's going on?
Kneel down.
Do it. - Shut up.
Kallan. - He hits me.
If Bala says, you've to kneel down.
Kallan, kneel down.
Do it.
Do it. Do it.
You too.
Everyone has kneel down. You too do it. You used to act smart.
Brother, you too kneel down.
Ok. Satisfied?
Everyone has knelt down like cocks.
Now I'll bring a hen.
Then I'll start a poultry farm.
Hens will give eggs.
Chickens will hatch out of it.
They'll say 'Chi, chi.'
Cock will say, 'Co, co'.
Be here. I'll bring the hen.
Don't move.
Hold this.
Kneel down. Don't cheat me.
If anyone moves, shoot them.
They're fraud.
Kallan, don't be angry.
You know my brother is the only one I've.
Come to the point.
So the thing is that I've come with a great plan.
The first phase of this plan is to...
...spread hatred in this country.
Stern hatred.
Yes. - Sir, a man wants to talk to you.
He says he's Lalchand.
Put him on. - Right, sir.
It's surprising that you still talk to me.
Had it been some other father...
...after hearing the scream of his innocent son 20 years ago...
...he would've gone deaf.
My son's scream were suppressed by your screams, Lalchand...
...when you were begging for life spreading your broken hand.
And tomorrow entire city will beg for mercy.
If you want to see...
...come to watch the drama at the procession of Ganpati festival.
This way you'll get to see God too.
Hail lord Ganesha!
Hail lord Ganesha!
Hail lord Ganesha!
Hail lord Ganesha!
Hail lord Ganesha!
Hail lord Ganesha!
Hail lord Ganesha!
Is everything fine? -Yes, sir.
Be careful, Ajay. I feel that Lalchand is nearby.
Hail lord Ganesha!
Hail lord Ganesha!
Come on. Move.
Hail lord Ganesha!
Kallan, tell your men to be ready.
Come on. There.
Hey, what happened? -Move.
Inspector, he shot my Munna.
Inspector, he shot my Munna.
Munna! -Don't spare that man.
Inspector, no. No.
Tell me.
We can't afford to work over time. Got it?
For a scum like Lalchand...
...why are you ruining your life, Kallu?
I don't know any Lalchand.
This is for Gujarat.
Karnataka. Allahabad.
Send the trucks today. They might get raided. - Ok, sir.
Salim. - Yes.
Send 5 boxes of rifle, 200 swords and 300 tridents to Gujarat.
Is the truck ready?
Police! Run!
Is this Rudra's den? -Yes.
I'll tell my sir.
Sir, we're at the right place.
You do the checking. I'll write the report.
One wicket is down.
2nd is LBW.
3rd is out.
4th is run out.
Tell me your name.
Do you know Kalia...
...then Rudra...
...then this Kallan will get caught.
My brother will also get caught.
Everyone will be hanged.
I'll go to watch it. - Bala.
What rubbish!
He scolds me.
I won't talk to you. I won't eat.
Ok, dear.
Keep quiet. I apologize.
Ok, dear. Listen...
Keep quiet. I can't see you cry, Bala.
Don't cry. Listen to me.
Listen. - No.
Bala, I'm worried. Don't cry.
You're worried. - Yes. - Why?
That commissioner's son has worried me.
Commissioner's son? -Yes.
You don't have a son.
Eat, my son!
Who are you?
Hey! -Tell your husband Verma...
...that if he informs anyone his son will be killed.
What to do with him, Lalchand?
Come, Munna.
Munna! Inspector, he shot my Munna.
Inspector, he shot my Munna.
Do you know the ward? -No, sir.
Excuse me, doctor.
How are you?
I'm fine. - Doctor...
...can you tell me in which ward is the boy who was shot in riot?
In that room. Come. - Yes.
How is he?
He's fine.
Actually he failed me in my judgment.
Failed your judgment?
Yes. - What do you mean?
I thought he'd die...
...but he didn't die. He's alive.
Doctor, it was because of your effort. - Yes, I tried a lot.
Come. - Yes.
Uncle, you're here.
Sonu, you're here on duty. - Yes.
Shanti, this is the girl I told you about.
Doctor Kaul's daughter.
The one from the swimming pool?
She's so sweet. - Where is Jai?
Keep lying down. Come.
He's Jai.
Only a son could do what you did.
I can't repay your favor.
But I can bless you.
I don't want anything else.
There is nothing greater than a mother's blessing.
I didn't see my mother.
But today after seeing you, that desire is fulfilled.
No desire should be left unfulfilled.
This brave boy Jai and inspector Ajay's alertness...
...foiled Lalchand's plan to start a riot.
But we arrested one of his men.
I'm sure that Lalchand is very close to our reach now.
Sir, can I click a snap?
Well, why not? Sure.
No! No!
I won't let Munna do this.
It's important to free Rudra, Shambhu.
Without him the work for which I returned... India after years can't be done.
But why are you after my Munna?
You've all the arms and ammunition. Free him.
Rudra is still in the lock up.
Don't try to act smart with me.
He's not your son. - He's not your son either.
I know he's commissioner's son. - Shut up!
If you want Jai to live with you as your son for life...
...then he has to free Rudra.
Or else I'll kill him.
Mr. Kaul, before we perform any ceremony...
...I want to tell you something.
For us Ajay is everything.
But he's not our son.
He's not your son.
Then? -Ajay is son of my late friend constable Bhagwan Singh.
He sacrificed his life to save mine.
I may haven't given birth to Ajay...
...but he's like our son.
Think again, Kaul.
If later... - What are you saying?
By telling this truth...
...I respect you and Ajay more.
We'll be proud to have son of a martyr as our son-in-law.
Yes. Yes.
Can I see this?
What are you doing?
I want to know if your heart beat for me or not. - Jai.
Maybe you don't know... - I don't want to know.
I just want to hear my name from your lips.
I want to see my image in your eyes.
Don't dream during the day.
Or else truth will hurt you more than this injection.
The truth is that...
The truth is that you'll feel sleepy now.
If I feel sleepy, I'll dream about you too.
Where is she? I found you.
Doctor, where were you? I was looking for you. - Who are you?
This is a patients' ward. Can't you see?
I can't see. There is only darkness in front of my eyes.
I can see. Come with me. It's an emergency. - Leave me. - Come.
What are you doing? -Dear...
Jaya, there is an emergency.
I've given injection to Jai. Sit next to him. - Ok.
You handle him. I'll take her along. Come.
Hurry up or else my wife will die. Come.
What are you doing? - It's going to be fun.
Leave me.
Leave me. - I'll leave you later.
I say leave me.
I've left you. Happy now. - Sir...
...where is your wife? - I'm not yet married.
What nonsense! Are you out of your mind?
No, but my heart is in a bad state.
There is dream in my eyes. And you're in my dreams.
Shut up! -What did you do?
You? Cheat. Loafer! -Listen.
Listen to me, Sonu.
God made me and you...
God gave you beauty for me.
God gave me love for you.
God gave you beauty for me.
God gave you beauty for me.
God gave me love for you.
I am your patient, treat me.
Let me dwell in your heart, I'm yours.
I am your patient, treat me.
Let me dwell in your heart, I'm yours.
Listen to me. This is true.
God made you for me.
God made me for you.
God gave you beauty for me.
God gave me love for you.
Whether you refuse or accept...'ve to fall in love with me.
Whether you refuse or accept...'ve to fall in love with me.
It not our choice to be made.
God chose you for me.
God chose me for you.
God gave you beauty for me.
God gave me love for you.
I have woken you from my slumber.
I was lost in a world of dreams.
I have woken you from my slumber.
I was lost in a world of dreams.
From this crowd of millions...'ve found me for you.
I've found you for myself.
God gave me beauty for you.
God gave you love for me.
Hey, you're ready to go.
Good! Take your discharge paper.
Thank you, sister.
Where is doctor Kaul?
She's among clouds.
You've made her a bird.
Bird got trapped in a cage.
Today she's getting engaged...
...with Ajay, commissioner's son.
Lucky girl.
With Ajay.
This isn't possible. - What happened to you?
Not possible.
Not possible.
Finish the ritual quickly so that I can eat sweets.
Not at all. Don't touch the sweets. - Why?
Daughter-in-law is a doctor. - Stop it.
Son Ajay...
...take God's name and put this ring on her finger.
No, Sonu.
You can't get engaged. - Jai. - You can't.
You're mine. Only mine.
Take this ring out. - Stop.
You can't do this!
You came.
I knew you can't leave me.
Now that you're here, I don't need liquor.
Now don't you leave me alone.
What have you done to yourself, Jai?
Get up. Let's go.
Hey, listen.
You won't leave me, right? -Come in.
What's this?
Why didn't you stop me?
Why didn't you throw me out?
Because you came here after getting thrown out.
You know...
...that Sonu got engaged.
You told me everything in intoxicated state.
Knowing that I love someone else...
Last night you need support, Jai.
If my body became your support for some time...
...then what was the harm?
One day it has to get incinerated.
It came of some use before that.
I'm yours, Jaya.
I'll always be yours.
Tell me, where is Lalchand?
Did he say anything?
No, sir.
Shift him to Nasik.
Nasik? -Yes.
It's dangerous to keep him in lock up for long.
With maximum security take him personally.
Everything should be arranged. - Ok, sir.
They'll try to free Rudra.
Fatso, keep care of her. She shouldn't hang out of the window.
Uncle, you too come with us. - I'm taking children to picnic.
It will be fun if you come along.
We'll return by evening.
You're calling the commissioner, Shambu.
You? -Yes.
How come you're here?
Do you see this, Shambhu?
How long my nose keeps growing?
Do you know why?
When it smells traitor... becomes long. Got it?
I'm not betraying anyone.
You can't do that.
Do you see the bus filled with children?
The one that just left your colony.
That bus? What happened to it?
What happened to it? What happened to it?
Nothing. But something will happen.
Corpses of 30-40 innocent children...
...will be found in some ditch.
People will consider it an accident.
Think about the commotion in your colony. - No. You can't do this.
You can't punish those innocent children.
I'm not punishing them, traitor.
I'm punishing you...
...for the crime that we did together. - No!
I gave you commissioner's son to kill him...
...not to raise him.
Go and call Jai so that I...
...can expose this scum and tell him...
...that he's the lowly person...
...who had separated an innocent boy from his parents...
...and turned him into a criminal. - No!
No, don't tell this to my Jai.
I've raised him like a child. He'll hate me.
I've raised him like a child... - So?
So he has to free Rudra. - No!
Never. He won't do this.
He won't free Rudra. - No?
Never. - Never?
Who are they, father?
They've brought bad news, Munna.
The bus in which jaya and children left is in danger.
We've to free Rudra, Munna.
Or else... - Father, are they... - Yes.
Don't delay, boy.
If you delay, those children will get killed.
If anything happens to children, you won't see the next day.
Now I'll phone commissioner...
...that his son is alive... - But you...
Lalchand doesn't kill one bird with one stone. - But you...
Commissioner's son went to free Rudra. He won't return.
After getting his son's news when commissioner comes here...
...he'll be killed.
No! -The entire family will be wiped in one blow.
No, Lalchand! I won't let you do this.
I won't let you...
Hello. - Is commissioner there?
He's not home. Who is it?
If you want to meet commissioner's separated son...
...come to Shambhu's bar in Dharavi quickly.
Aren't you ashamed to play such pranks?
It's not a prank. - Leave me...
Boss, the people of the colony.
Set this bar on fire.
It's on fire. Bring water.
Constable, what's this? -Sir, Shambhu's bar is on fire.
Where is Shambhu? -He's inside.
Shambhu! -Sir...
Shambhu! Who is commissioner's son?
Who is he?
You know him.
My Munna. My Jai.
Jai? -Yes.
Lalchand had abducted him. He gave me to raise him.
I kept quiet because of fear.
I didn't even tell my Munna.
Then I got attached to him.
Save him.
Save my Munna.
But where is he?
Lalchand had abducted the children.
Munna is going to free Rudra...
Rudra? No.
He shouldn't commit any crime.
Shambhu! Shambhu!
Get back.
Constable. File a report.
Yes, sir. - Get back.
Get back.
Get back.
Come. From there.
What happened? -Where is Rudra? -In his cell.
Rudra! -What happened?
Open it.
Thank God.
You remembered God after seeing me. - Shut up!
Ramesh, we've to shift him to Nasik right away.
But sir police convoy will be ready by tomorrow. - No...
...he'll come with me.
But commissioner said... - This is my case Ramesh.
I'm doing it on my own responsibility.
Look, if anything goes wrong...'ll be punished for disobeying the headquarters.
You too could be punished for disobeying me.
Go and do as I say.
What is it, son?
We mourn the deceased and not those who are alive.
Your son is alive, mother.
What are you saying? - Am I not your son?
Why not?
May God give you long life.
But today is Anil's birthday.
I miss him.
O' God, today is the test of my duty and deed.
I want to get Jai out of the crime world...
...into the shade of maternal love.
Bless me, God.
Give me strength.
I'll give you good news by evening.
Bless me so that I succeed.
My blessing is always with you, son.
Sir, where are we going via this dusty road?
I know where I'm going.
But sir, this road will take long to reach Nasik.
Ok, sir.
What are you doing? Leave me, sir.
What did you do, sir? You let Rudra escape.
Your work is done. Free the children.
Work is done.
Work will start now...
...after Rudra's arrival.
Free the children.
Hey, what are you doing?
You're freeing the witnesses.
Kill all of them!
Scum, if you act smart I'll blow your brains out.
Nice attitude! But it's futile to threaten.
Don't worry. We won't kill you.
Someone else will kill you. - Who?
You? -No.
Your father.
Take the children. Let the bus go.
Come, children. Sit.
Today police's reputation will be defamed publicly.
What rubbish, Lalchand?
I'm talking about your adopted son. He has grown wise.
He betrayed the police and repayed his father's debt.
Don't try to fool me.
Ajay can never do this.
If you don't believe me, ask him.
He not just freed Rudra from the police...
...but even handed him to me.
He'll come to you. Ask him.
I'm sorry to report, sir...
...Rudra escaped from my custody.
Did he escape or you let him escape?
Before selling your honesty you should've thought...
...that the one to whom you sold this uniform...
...our respect and love...
...had killed your father and my son.
I know, sir.
But whatever I did...
...was in helplessness. - What helplessness?
I can't tell you, sir. - What helplessness?
I'm sorry, sir.
If you wanted money, you should've asked me.
I would've sold my entire property to fulfill your wish.
You can't be my Ajay. You don't deserve to wear this uniform.
You get out. Get out from here.
Get out of my sight.
I said get out.
We've to fulfil our duty.
We've to repay this debt.
With our hands, we've to handcuff our own.
With our hands, we've to handcuff our own.
This uniform hates those who defame it.
This uniform serves everyone.
No! It's not possible. This is a lie.
I know you can't do this.
The world can be deceived, but not a mother.
Tell me, son.
Whom are you trying to save?
Tell me, son.
If you don't think me worthy enough to share your sorrow...
...then I've no right to wear your ring.
Ajay. - Son.
Stop Ajay please.
Now your tears or my words can't stop him...
...only prison walls can stop him.
No. For God's sake don't think so about your son.
Don't ruin your own house. - This house can be ruined, Shanti...
...but principles of the members can't be broken.
I won't let any such person in my house...
...who took bribe from the criminals.
Oh God! What should I do?
Father... who has raised me with love... can I hurt them in return for their favors?
I swear, from those people who snatched Jai...
...I'll bring Jai back to them.
Bless me, father.
This medals are souvenirs of my brave friend...
...who gave his life to save honor of uniform.
A person like you doesn't deserve to touch it.
Ajay. Don't go, son.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
You too eat it.
Bala, what's going on? - Brother, it's my birthday.
Birthday? It was last month.
So what? I'll celebrate birthday every month.
My small friends come to meet me.
Or else I get very lonely.
If you want to celebrate birthday...
...why did you bring ugly kids of beggars?
Wow! You too party every night.
Even your friends are so dangerous.
I get scared looking at them.
And then you kiss those aunties and give presents to uncles.
Did I stop you?
Give presents to my friends too.
Bala, won't you give us presents?
Presents? Sure.
I'll give presents to all my friends.
Tell me what you want. I'll give you. - Bala.
I want watch. - I want TV. - Yes.
I'll give everyone.
My brother brings truck loaded with watches.
It's stored in store house downstairs.
Brother, give your watch to my friend as present.
To him? -Yes. - This is a gold watch.
So what? Give him the watch.
Bala. - Don't be a miser. This is a birthday present.
Priest say that if you help poor, God will help you.
Priest is wrong.
...if you don't give present to my friends...
I won't talk to you, brother.
I'll never eat food. - Ok, Bala.
Listen to me. Don't cry. I'll give them something better.
No. You won't. I know.
Ok, dear. Give them. Give everything that's in this house.
Take it. Take the watch.
He's my brother.
Bala. - Yes, everyone will get it.
TV, radio, clothes, money.
Utensils, furniture. Take everything.
Take everything. Don't leave anything. Take that too.
Take the cupboard. It's yours. Take it.
You gave everything. - Don't say that. They're poor children.
Brother, do you know a school will start in their colony?
I'll go to school too.
A school will start in the colony.
Then I'll talk to the principal.
I'm the oldest teacher of this colony.
And I'm happy that I'm inaugurating the school of this colony.
This school is illegal.
It's made on government land. Stop it.
No, sir. We bought this land with donation money.
Old man, you want to seize government land. Get lost.
How dare you raise hands on teacher?
Shut up!
If you don't evacuate the place, I'll burn this place.
How can you set it on fire?
Forgive me, inspector. You're mistaken.
Scum! How dare you!
Hit them!
Don't spare them! Beat them up!
Who did this?
First you shoot, then you ask what happened?
Hit them! They're our enemies.
Hit them! They shoot at us.
Hit them!
Don't shoot! It will incite them. Let's go.
Latest news.
Today anti-social elements created violence in police uniform.
And they set houses on fire.
Because of it riots started in the city.
Curfew is imposed in the areas where riots took place.
Government has ordered judicial inquiry.
In Bihar and Nepal...
I'm the cause of this riot, fools! I'm!
I'm the violence and ruination!
I'm your destruction!
I'm! I'm responsible for everything.
Notorious terrorist is responsible for it.
Chief minister has ordered his arrest at any cost.
Government announced 5 Lakh reward on Lalchand.
Chief minister visited riot-hit areas.
Jai. Where are you going?
Jaya, I swear on my father's death...
...that I won't spare his killers.
No, Jai. Don't go. The entire city is on fire.
It's nothing compared to the fire of revenge in my heart.
Get aside.
First listen to me, Jai.
Inspector, today I'm in no mood to listen.
Get aside.
Listen to me, Jai.
I'm not here to nab you.
Stop, Jai.
Jai, are you fine?
Jai, listen to me. - Move.
Today I won't get arrested. I'll go even if I'd to kill you.
Listen to me.
Are you mad? Jai!
You're my target for the second time.
But even today I won't shoot at you.
You've no guts to shoot.
I don't have the gust to shoot my brother.
I've no brother.
I'd a father whom I just cremated.
Shambhu wasn't your father, Jai.
He'd only raised you.
You're commissioner Verma's son. You're my brother.
Commissioner Verma's son.
Are you drunk?
Jai, when you were small love had abducted you.
Do you know why Lalchand abducted you?
To free his friend Kallan.
But father sacrificed is son, not his principles.
And today for those principles he sacrificed his adopted son.
I've lost my uniform, Jai.
You're suspended? -Yes.
Because I didn't shoot the criminal...
...who was fleeing with Rudra.
I could've caught you, Jai.
But I want to take you to father as a son, not as a criminal.
I've sworn to take you to mother.
You're my brother.
You did all this for me.
Let's go. We've to do lot of work.
We've to arrest Lalchand Kallan and Rudra...
and take them to father.
My brother, first do one thing for me.
Tell me.
Take me to mother.
I'll greet her from afar.
After seeking her blessing, I won't care even if I'd to die.
Come, my brother. Come.
Listen. - No, curfew won't be taken back.
I'll send more force. - Did you see this?
This boy... he's Jai.
He'd saved my life.
It sees Ajay and Jai have joined Lalchand.
I don't believe that my Ajay...
If you don't believe go and see for yourself.
Many young men have died in the city.
Pyres are burning in every colony.
And it's because of Ajay and Jai. Got it?
Hello. - You're still alive.
You're shameless.
I think stones of your city are weak like you.
They can't kill a man.
Strong stones have been collected for your tomb, Lalchand.
If you'd been decent I would've told you...
...that now you should die. - Who will kill me?
Your old arms are useless. And you've suspended your son.
Ajay's suspension and Rudra's release won't work, Lalchand.
As long as I've both my arms, you can't ruin this country.
Verma, your arms will be cut too very soon.
This is Lalchand's promise.
These arms will be with you, father.
Where did he go?
Hey! You can't go without a girl. - Really? -Yes.
Brother, we need a girl. - Let him come.
Where is the one with yellow suit? -I don't know.
You don't know. You fool!
My time isn't over. - Keep it up.
Who are you? Get out of here.
Get out. - Ajay.
Where are you going? I'll strip you.
Let's go.
What happened, sir?
What happened, sir? -He's after me.
Jai, take care. - Sure.
Where is Rudra? -I don't know.
Are you sure?
Leave me.
Jai, he says he doesn't know.
He doesn't know? Now he'll know.
Oh! I'm hurt.
Do you remember? -I don't know.
I don't know. - This position is good for memory.
You'll remember very soon after a few spins.
Remember Rudra not God if you want to save your life.
Fool! You don't know Rudra. - Forgive me.
Leave my car. - If you don't say, you'll be whacked.
I'll tell you. - Ok.
Yes, you remembered? -Yes.
Now tell me, where is Rudra? -I don't know.
You fool! -They gave money and took the bombs.
They want to create riots in sacred places.
I don't know where he's. But this will happen tonight.
We've to stop them, Jai.
You handle the north, I'll handle the south of the city.
I will shed tears today.
I won't celebrate festival.
When my son will return home...
...only then will I lit a lamp.
I swear by you.
This is a dark night. What kind of a Diwali is this?
This is a dark night. What kind of a Diwali is this?
There is hatred all around. This world will get incinerated.
This is a dark night. What kind of a Diwali is this?
They neither fear God or Almighty.
They are devils who shed blood of innocent people.
They neither fear God or Almighty.
They are devils who shed blood of innocent people.
Water can't quench their thirst.
This is a dark night. What kind of a Diwali is this?
What times have come when there is arson all around?
Some devil has come again in the form of a saint.
What times have come when there is arson all around?
Some devil has come again in the form of a saint.
Who is the cruel man who stole our slumber?
This is a dark night. What kind of a Diwali is this?
Please save this country and every house from destruction.
Please save this country and every house from destruction.
O' people, remember your God!
Devotees are away from temples and mosques.
This is a dark night. What kind of a Diwali is this?
There is hatred all around. This world will get incinerated.
This is a dark night. What kind of a Diwali is this?
Those who try to destroy holy places...
...get destroyed themselves.
You were looking for this.
Didn't I tell you not to do illegal work? You got hit now.
Shut up.
He hits me. - Tell me, where is Lalchand and Rudra? -Tell him.
Tell him. He won't tell you. Shall I tell you?
Madam. Madam, stop.
Madam, your parcel.
Listen. - Madam.
What's this?
Scum! Have you gone mad?
One says that everyone got caught.
Other says that no police station has...
...lodged report of their arrest.
Then where is Bala, Rudra and Kallan?
Get up! Is this a pillow? - I can't sleep. - Really?
Should I sing a lullaby? -Yes. - Shut up.
Come, Jai. Father must be in office.
What are you thinking?
Ajay, how does it feel when a mother hugs her son?
You'll know in the evening. Let's go.
Come on, kids. Let's go to headmaster.
We've to go to school? - Agree with me, Ajay.
You'll get 3 Crore in Switzerland bank.
The price of selling 80 Crore Indians is only 3 Crore.
He's very miser.
To free me, my brother can give you 3 Crore rupees.
We'll free you. Tell me where is your brother.
Shall I? If we go straight there is my brother's den.
Shut up, fool.
If you open your mouth, I'll cut your tongue. - He hits me.
Come to me. Tell me. - Ok.
Nobody moves.
Arrest them.
Leave me.
I was going to bring them to you, father.
Don't use this word again.
Sir, listen to me. - We only listen to last wish of traitors... the gallows.
Sir, listen to brother Ajay. - Shut up!
Take them along.
Sorry for this emergency meeting.
You know whatever that is happening in the city. - Lalchand...
...agent of foreign agencies, has tried to spread fear in public...
...that seemed to have increased after...
...Rudra and Kallan's arrest.
Lalchand has gone mad.
He's speaking carnage in the entire city.
If we don't arrest him, people won't trust police anymore.
After police's effort, we can't find him. So...
...I place a plan in front of you by which...
...Lalchand can be arrested.
IG, who made this plan? - Your son. Ex inspector Ajay.
Excuse me, sir.
If a criminal will plan for us, I don't even want to listen.
Please, sir. Not as a son...
...but as a police officer, listen... - Shut up.
Don't defame police force by calling...
...yourself a police officer.
Excuse me, sir. Excuse me, gentlemen.
Don't worry. I'll talk to Verma.
Tell me, who can we reach Lalchand?
He'll come in front of us, sir.
You know sir that Lalchand has nobody in this world...
...except an insane brother who is in our custody.
...If he believes His Bala's life is in danger,
he'll attack us in anger.
And we'll be ready for his attack.
But how can we prepare if we don't know where he'll attack?
He'll attack where we want.
Sir, 22 miles away from the city...
...there is a police training centre.
If you permit...
...we can make a fake court there.
Do you think Lalchand is so stupid...
...that he'll consider training centre to be a court.
We'll decorate it like a film set.
We'll make a fake court...
...and everything will appear real.
We'll announce that trial will take place on Kallan...
...Rudra and Bala there.
I'm sure, Lalchand will attack there to free his brother.
There are men in court. Real ones!
Everyone will be there.
Judge, lawyers, clerk, public. Everyone.
But sir, all will be police. - Ajay, this is a dangerous plan.
What if we fail?
Think sir, what if Lalchand succeeds?
It's our duty to protect the public, sir.
And a true cop is always ready to give...
...his life for his country and duty.
Sir, I'm ready to be the judge.
Thank you, ACP. - Sir.
Go ahead!
Ajay, to kill a traitor like Lalchand, I approve of your plan.
But remember...'s honor and many officers' lives are in your hands.
I won't let you down, sir. I promise you.
Sir... - Just a minute.
Will these notorious criminals be tried in open court? -Yes.
So that the world can know their crimes.
Sir, will you get even your son punished?
For law duty is dearer than relationship.
Jai has saved your life, sir.
Jai saved Rudra too who is a fugitive.
Sir, what's charge against Lalchand's brother Bala.
Charge sheet will be presented in the court.
Do you think Lalchand will keep quiet? -Lalchand... - No...
He won't keep quiet. He's very hot tempered.
If you hit me, he'll shoot you all.
Don't hit me. Will you? -Shut up.
He hits me. - Quiet!
He hits me! -Get lost.
Jai, Lalchand must be watching too right now.
Listen... you...
Shut up! -If you hit me, your brother will hit you.
Rogue, call your brother.
Lalchand! If you've the guts come and save your brother. Come.
Bala! No! -Come out, scum.
No! Don't hit him! -If you've guts save your brother.
Come, fool.
He'll kill him. Do something.
Oh God! He has killed him! -You rogue!
Today Lalchand will take his revenge and complete his mission.
Gather all the men and ammunitions.
Turn the court into graveyard. Nobody should escape alive.
There should be corpses everywhere.
Corpses of minister and police.
I'm coming, Verma.
So Mr. Verma, police wants remand or wants to start the trial?
Police has prepared the case, your honor.
Who is the defense counsel?
Is this blast of festival celebration?
Why are you staring me?
Sir, Lalchand has come. He has attacked with his army.
My brother came. - Shut up!
I'll tell my brother that you hit me.
Come on.
Our plan has succeeded, sir. Lalchand has attacked. Over.
Good. Very good. Keep me posted. Ok, over.
If anyone moves, I'll shoot.
Come on. Move.
You've got... - I'll shoot. Come.
Don't hit me.
Come on!
Sir, be careful.
We took weapons for you not for us.
We're fighting Lalchand, sir.
Let's go.
Sir, Lalchand has attacked from helicopter.
Send more police force, sir.
Did you see, Verma?
Lalchand doesn't just break law, but court too.
By breaking the court, noose won't break, Lalchand.
It's very close to your neck.
First think of your neck.
Death is very close to you.
But no...
First I'll kill this scum who had hit my brother. - No!
No, I won't kill you so easily.
You hit my brother. I'll kill you with my hands.
With my hands!
Stop, Lalchand or else your brother will really be killed.
Yes, your brother is alive.
What you saw on the TV was a plan to bring you here.
No! You're lying to save him. You're lying.
If Bala is alive, where is he?
Wear this handcuff, you'll be taken to him.
Tell me, where is my Bala?
He's in our custody. Tell me or I'll kill your son.
Jai is my son? -Yes.
Look at your son for the first and last time.
He's the boy whom Shambhu and I'd abducted.
Jai, my son. - Wait, mother.
He's lying to save his brother.
Yes! The way you're lying to save your brother, inspector.
You know everything.
If he wasn't Verma's son... wouldn't have let him escape with Rudra.
Why didn't you shoot?
Why are you with him instead of arresting him?
Why is an inspector working with a goon?
Thank you, Lalchand.
If you'd not told, father wouldn't have believed me...
...that I did this not for your friendship...
...but to save his son Jai.
Son. My son.
Stop it!
Verma, tell me. Where is Bala?
Or this family drama will end for ever.
Your family will end too with it.
My men are all around. Nobody can escape.
Go and find Bala.
Anil, my son.
Anil. - Mother. - My son.
My brother has come! My brother has come!
Bala! My brother.
Brother! My brother has come! My brother has come!
Wow, Lalchand! You did great.
Brother, this judge is very good. He gave me lollipop.
I'll become judge when I grow up. - Sure.
Lalchand, we've taken control of the court. What now?
We've to decided fate of these three.
Kallan, take them to balcony and shoot them.
No, not now. This is court.
First trial will take place.
Then decision will be made. Then punish them, right?
Not a bad idea! Verma, history of law has changed.
Till today trials of criminals were held...
...but today a criminal will hold trial of police.
And decision will be made by a mad man.
Who is mad? Is this judge mad?
Yes, Bala. They all are mad.
All of them are mad.
They think law is in this torn book.
Justice is made here. This statue is goddess of justice.
So today you'll give justice.
You'll be the judge. Yes, you.
I? I became judge even before growing up.
I... how can I be... give me the gown.
Give me. - Give this gown to him. - It's stuck. Give me.
How to wear it?
Verma, I never saw a better trial.
Don't disrespect this place, Lalchand. - Quiet.
Order! Can't you see judge sitting here?
Come on. Start the trial.
Bring the criminals in the witness box.
Brother, you too come.
Yes, your honour.
Your honor, I never did any crime till today.
Because one who does crime thinking... to be wrong is a criminal.
But I did ever crime thinking it to be a veneration.
And veneration is veneration no matter its form.
Nobody has right to stop me from veneration.
Point. Right?
Police record says that I've killed many. Right.
But not for me, but for others.
For example, I promised dacoits that I'll give them weapons.
I stole weapons from police armoury but Ajay's...
...father Bhagwan came in front of me.
I was forced to kill him or he would've killed me. - Scum!
I'll kill you. Leave me! -Order! Order!
Judge is here. Aren't you ashamed! You curse.
Lalchand, you've to pay for this mockery of law.
I've always mocked Lalchand and court.
And today in this court, I confess publicly.
I've killed, I spread riots.
I tried to sell my country.
And this court can't punish me.
Like all the other courts in the world...
...this court too is helpless in front of Lalchand.
That's all, your honour.
Then you confess that you did all those crimes?
Yes, your honor.
Judge, what's the punishment for all those crimes?
Death penalty!
Then this court gives you death penalty!
What are you doing? Will you kill me? -Whom should I kill?
You did all those crimes. You should get death penalty!
That's true, but...
No ifs and buts. You confessed to your crime.
So you'll get death penalty! - Bala. - Death penalty!
Mad, stop this drama. Get down.
You too are a criminal. You'll get death penalty too!
Hold him! He'll kill everyone. - No!
You too are criminal. Death penalty for you too!
Bala! Listen.
Listen, if you want to punish, tell the police to do so.
Court doesn't punish. Police punishes. Right?
Then... police uncle take this gun and punish him.
Bala. - What? - Give it to me.
If it falls it will break. I'll give him.
Sure? -Yes.
Will you cheat me? -No cheating. Give it to me.
I trust you. - Sure. - Take it.
1. 2. 3.
Order! Order!
Hey! Judge uncle, nobody listens to judges. They all fight.
Nobody listens these days.
Your bullets are over. Let's eat lollipop.
Sir. Go in.
Let's go. I'll give you lollipop. - Come.
I'll come after eating lollipop. - Quiet.
He hits me.
Scum! I promised my father that you'll...
...fall at his feet and beg for mercy.
Apologize, scum!
You won't...
Ajay and you can forgive him for killing Bhagwan Singh...
...but I can't. - I won't spare him.
No, Jai. Don't break the law. - Leave me. - No.
Lalchand will go, Verma, but not alone.
He'll take you all along.
Brother, get up.
Get up, brother.
You won't get up.
How can you get up? You died.
My brother died.
My brother died.
Hey, goddess of justice. Watch.
My brother who used to scare the entire... with his power is in this state.
He's lying in dust.
He used to think that he rules over the world and time.
Look, what he has now? Dust.
And this...
...this Kallan...
...used to call me mad.
Now tell me, who is mad?
You or I?
You're mad.
Because you didn't even know...
...that the people you kill are like your brothers.
If killer is a brother...
...and one who dies is brother too...
...then why do brothers kill brothers?
Stop! This is injustice.
You told me that you'll keep me as your son.
Yes, you're like my son.
I'm. Look at my uniform. Give me medals too.
I'll become policeman too.
He hits me. - Never mind.
You won't hit me. He won't.
This is the land of Mahatma Gandhi.