Vargur (2018) Movie Script

Yes. Hi.
I'll be home in about two hours.
Yes, I will do that on the way.
OK honey. See you.
Come here.
Here please.
Have a good flight.
Ladies and gentlemen, we start
now with the landing on Keflavik.
Take your seats back
and strap on.
Flip up the tables,
open the window screens.
Bring your backrest
in an upright position.
Put your carry-on bag under your seat
or in the overhead compartments above you.
Please turn off all
electronic devices now off again.
Young woman?
Please take your seat.
I'm taking a break.
I'll get back to you in an hour.
Should I bring you something to eat?
I thought,
you found a flat?
But I can not be right now.
Well, you can not stay here either.
Oh mom. Come on.
Only for a few days.
What if they followed you?
But they are not.
If you do not pay them, someone else will be hurt.
Hello Erik. So, the bank
will give you until the end of the week time.
Should they not have their money until then,
will they take necessary steps
to seize your house. Call me back.
Why do not you pick up?
You're not supposed to call me.
Is everything going?
Yes, it's my turn.
How much do you need for a car?
30 to 40 thousand.
Do not call me. I'll get in touch.
Hey! Are you already looking for a lawyer?
What's wrong with your brother?
A "thank you" looks different.
I got him the best deal.
Yes I know. He sees it differently.
Is that so, yes? Three years are
nothing at the charges.
Sandra, can you see the file here
please send to Kristin?
Clear. I'll do it in a second.
One more thing. write it to me
on the bill.
You'd better leave,
before anyone else sees you.
You have to pay these guys.
You can not get around that.
Yes. IM working on it.
Hey, could you ask me for rent a car for a few days?
For a few days?
Yes, I have a job in Porlakshfn.
Without a car, I can not go there.
And I walk that long?
Oh, come on, Benni.
I will, show my appreciation.
Oh yes?
With flowers and dinner? Like this?
Thanks man.
Sorry, I was stopped.
Mama will finish in two hours.
She comes right here.
I can stay here today too.
No. I want mom to be here.
I promised him
that you order pizza.
Yes. OK.
Money is in the kitchen. In the glas.
Thanks, but I have money myself.
I have.
Well, my boy! Nice to see you.
Do we want to order pizza?
What kind do you want?
Hey buddy. Wait in the car, yes?
When will we continue?
We drive soon.
Hey kid.
Thought so, you left.
Small plan change. Thou shalt do the money
bring it back and fly back with it.
I thought,
I should just pick her up at the airport? You get twice that. Four million.
How much is it?
One and a half kilos.
Are you still there?
You go through there first.
Ex-inmates are always checked.
They check you so.
And she's running through it.
Come here.
Here, a telephone.
My number is stored.
If you ask, you go to the Rammstein
Concert. The ticket is in the envelope.
Who is the girl?
She is reliable. She has to be clean
be that the dogs do not start.
Stay away from her on the return flight.
If she gets caught, leave her behind.
Young woman!
Please take your seat.
What if she talks?
She will not.
You know how it works.
And what if?
You are in no connection.
You are clean. Stay at a distance,
until you are outside.
Is everything alright with you? Can I
Maybe bring you a water?
We listen to.
I'm taking a break.
Report me back in an hour.
Should I bring you something to eat? Zofia.
What's happening?
Swallow it.
I can not.
Swallow it!
Bloody hell.
Do not forget! Zone P3. Blue Dodge.
Excuse me.
Would you come along?
How so?
We only want to be brief
to look in your pocket.
-This way please.
-What did I do?
Listen, this is pure routine.
We received a call.
She was lying at a bus stop.
Was beaten up pretty violently.
She does not understand our language.
Where are you from?
Is my Polish so bad?
I am Serbian. After the war
They sent me here.
Who did this to you?
And what happened after that,
when you three were alone in the apartment?
What happened,
when you three were alone in the apartment?
In the flat?
Lena? Can I talk to you briefly?
Yes. Be right back.
There was one passenger
a warning, Atli Franklin.
We searched it thoroughly,
he was clean. Did he fly alone?
Yes alone.
When are we going to go?
drink a coffee?
Stop this nonsense.
I do not want to push you to anything.
Was that the only one?
Yes. Otherwise found nothing.
And you did not think
to keep the plane on the ground?
We can not do it at will
Keep aircraft on the ground.
Yes. But they were professionals.
The thing is packed by machine.
No, I do not remember that.
But a woman has just before
Landing in the toilet included.
May I?
She sat directly behind the emergency exit.
Let's see. 26C.
Zofia Lisowska.
Polish citizen.
She has a return flight to Copenhagen
booked in three days.
You get the pictures
the surveillance cameras.
Well. Thank you.
Yes hello. I need all the shots
from the terminal since this morning.
Zofia. Drink that.
It helps.
Just like that.
Did she leave her?
No. She just vomited.
And her stomach feels rock hard. That can not be normal.
Atli, we have to
just wait.
What if one has burst?
Then she would feel much worse.
Okay, I'll call you again.
You will like that.
-Do we want to show her around?
-It's clear.
Here you have everything at a glance.
So everything is not finished yet?
This apartment is for presentation.
Let us take a look around.
I am from the hotel staff.
Can I talk to you briefly?
I have to ask you, not here
to smoke. There were complaints.
Yes. OK.
Is everything ok?
Yes. My girlfriend feels
just not good.
Can I do something for you?
No, she just needs a little rest.
Thank you anyway.
We have to take her somewhere else.
How so?
I think,
the staff creates suspicion.
There was one here
and wanted to go to the room.
Has she already eliminated those things?
No. Not yet.
OK. Stay calm. You have to
out soon. Keep me posted. -Where is the problem?
-That we have to wait first.
I realize that the assets
the company must be held together.
But my father in law
had a lot of private accounts.
I do not understand why we are now
have no access to it.
What are the sales of these towers for us?
As you know, your father-in-law was
highly indebted when he ...
Has killed himself.
I did not want to ... and until we did not
know what the towers bring us,
we can not pay you any money.
We should take a lawyer.
So we do not get any further.
Are not these gentlemen our lawyers?
Well, technically we are
not that one. We work for the court.
But since we are involved in the sale,
it is in all our interests,
to wait for the best bid.
Our interests are none of your business!
I want to know,
what sums of money we're talking about here.
Of course.
We will send you an excerpt.
-Hi. Did the laxative help?
No. Still clogged.
It's two days now.
Can not we get someone
who looks at her?
Absolutely no way!
Do you have a longing for the jail?
I only thought
we'll get someone to check her out.
Under no circumstance.
We have to go through alone.
Both of us, you and me.
Give her this. They calm her down.
You can tolerate one too.
That will be fine.
Atli Franklin.
Just outside again.
Has three years because
Sat drug trafficking.
Zofia Lisowska. Was shortly before
landing on the toilet.
There, the pellet was found.
Yes. Cursed.
She comes without problems
through customs control.
She goes to the bathroom
and he follows her.
He stays in there for a few minutes
and come out again.
While he is in control
Doing a scene, she goes past quietly.
I doubt,
that they had a lot with them.
Do we really want to do that?
waste our time? Who is the Dodge allowed for?
Benony Dagsson.
Check him.
Oh, you already have the bank statements
sent out for Mrs. Eriksson?
I'm doing the concept right now
ready for the Danes.
Do you want her to become a lawyer
take and who checks our documents?
They will not do that.
I'm not sure about this.
Oskar, Kristin wants to talk to you.
I'll send her out right now.
Hey. Are you waiting. Do not go in.
Excuse me?
Did not you see the sign?
You do not have to clean up here. OK?
Do not worry about it.
"So, what's on?
Of course I will come with you. I want to
my banana ice cream! Two big balls!
Two big balls?
And you want to eat all by yourself?
You know what? Dad gets too
an ice cream. A walnut ice cream.
I take strawberry. "
My son.
This is my child.
The little rascal.
I'll get the bucket.
I swear it, I did not know
that he still turns crooked things. He borrowed my car because
he wanted to go to Porlakshfn.
He has some fishing job there.
He said.
I'm not against it
my probation requirements violated?
And have you been to his mother?
Well, he hides sometimes.
Or with his brother?
He is a successful lawyer.
We just want to make sure
that the company is not liable for it.
Finally there is a good offer
and you doubt.
Let her decide,
what they do with the towers.
Is the company not obliged to
to disclose all information?
How do you know that the towers
not suitable as a hotel?
The building permit forbids it.
And how do they know that you know that?
They do not know that.
OK. Then do not tell them either.
And if you ask?
The company is not liable, whatever
the buyer afterwards with the house makes.
If they ask you, you give yourself
ignorant and refers her to me.
Excuse me, Frode would need your help for a moment.
I'll be right back.
Who says that the
Can not change building codes?
You do that already.
Why do you want
to break the business?
I just do not want to take any chances.
There is more behind it.
Are you trying,
to prevent the sale?
I have to delay him.
How much is missing?
30 million.
We are the only ones
who have access to these accounts.
I did the same for you.
But I have it after two days
I only need a few more days.
Listen, you have until tomorrow.
Otherwise, I teach our partners.
It's just as bad for you
when our partners rummage around here.
It is not my problem.
Oskar, I only need
a few more days.
Get the thing right.
Erik, there is a woman for you.
From the police.
Good, send her to my office.
Central, here 2-4-4.
Novakovic? Are you from Poland?
There are not many Serbian policemen here.
No. Are not many of us.
Do you know where your brother is?
Yes, he was here a few days ago.
Needed money.
And for what?
I did not ask him that.
Where is he now?
What ... what is it?
I am looking for this girl.
Who is this? Did she do something wrong?
This is Zofia Lisowska.
Her brother is with her.
Why do you think that?
They flew here together.
Are you in Copenhagen more often?
Yes, regularly. We have customers there.
What is? Do not you want to answer?
We have the Dodge Durango
found in front of the Hotel Nordica.
Certainly the same?
License plate V-D-7-2-6.
-World Class, hello.
I'm calling,
because your card has expired.
Excuse me,
can not we clarify that later?
Sure, but apparently, there are some
Problems with your membership.
I'll call you back later.
Where is the policewoman?
She was just here.
Come, lie down in the bed.
That's better. -Come on.
-No no.
That's not normal.
I need a doctor.
Take her out of the hotel.
What happened?
Take her away now!
-Come to the back door!
Get up. We have to disappear.
Why are the cops after her?
No idea.
Were you at a distance when flying?
And at the airport?
She was in the bathroom for a long time.
I only looked for her.
What? Why did you do that?
She has vomited two pellets.
I chased her down.
Do you have a clue,
how much is one worth?
What should I have done?
You should stay away from her,
until you two are outside.
There are surveillance cameras everywhere.
Hospital. You're welcome.
We could see her in front of the hospital
unload. She has a child.
She knows nothing about us.
She does not have to say anything. Her belly is
full of drugs and the police know it.
What do we do now?
Without the drugs they have
nothing against you.
I know where to take her. Can you copy that to me?
Clear. I'll do it in a second.
I need it right away. Three pieces.
In there.
Turn off the light.
Come on, we almost made it.
I'll help you.
Do not leave me alone here.
I'll get you a doctor.
You can not leave me alone here.
You're just stressed out. OK.
We have to do something.
And what?
What about the guy Mama is talking about
get their drugs? Is not he a doctor?
Maybe we have to give her something.
A strong sedative.
Mom could have one.
Who was that?
They just came in.
Where is Atli?
He's fine.
Help me.
Erik, please.
She has not turned up yet.
You have closed the gate.
Where are you hiding now, girl?
Do not give her too much of the stuff.
Mom shit.
What do you think?
Your friends were with her.
Have been looking for you.
Did you do something to her?
When will you get your shit? finally settled?
Give her more,
as soon as she wakes up.
What? Do you want to go now?
Once the pellets are out,
do you get your share?
Then you can fuck
To put life in order.
You have called?
Why are the cops looking for you?
That's just a misunderstanding.
For sure.
And what about the guy who's trying
have to lure our kid into their car?
"Daddy's friends"?
Was that also a misunderstanding?
What exactly happened?
When his teacher saw her,
they drove off.
Since your home?
Atli, I want
that you stay away from us both.
Do you have the report?
read from last night?
Two men have a wife
squeezed into her car.
A patrol has been there looking
but found nothing. They pushed her into the back seat
and drove off.
Did you see the license plate?
No. That was too far away.
Where did the girl come from?
From the construction site over there.
I try it for the third time.
Call me back!
Where are the keys?
Which keys?
To the towers.
They should be in there.
What is it for?
For the garage.
No. Zofia.
Get up.
I can call you,
when your phone shows up.
You can not just go in here.
I do not know who she is either.
Sorry, what are you doing?
-I would like to talk to you.
I can not do that.
Do not call me Anymore.
-She is dead.
She is dead, Erik!
Where are you?
What ... what's going on here?
Who is this?
Is she dead?
Oskar, wait. I can explain that.
What to explain?
Why is there a dead hooker?
-I'm going to the police.
-No, she's not a hooker.
No idea, What a sick shit going on here.
But keep me out of this.
Very quiet.
Lick me.
The whole thing is here for you
just as bad as for me.
No. Definitely not.
Let me go! I do not cover you anymore.
Help me.
Come on now!
Central, please come.
Take her legs.
Take her legs, damn you!
Wait. In there.
What you up to?
What the fuck?
You will not cut her.
What would be the alternative?
Bring something for a change something.
Atli came to me and asked for a loan.
But unfortunately I could not help him.
It did not work.
How did Oskar and Atli know each other?
Oskar defended Atli,
when he was charged.
After that, they apparently stayed
in contact.
Why did not you defend him?
I do not have a license for it.
What about the 30 million?
How could they get lost?
It's not uncommon in our genre
To move money between accounts.
There was no reason to check that after Oskar was dead.
And you did not know that he was with that
Money financed his gambling addiction?
No. I knew,
that Oskar was a player.
But not that he was addicted.
I have already been interrogated three times.
They think,
that you still need me?
They were a great help to us.
Unfortunately, there were some ambiguities.
Yes understandable.
We assume that one more
third person was involved.
Do you maybe have
any suspicion?
I just hope you find him.
Thank you.
Without a concrete suspicion
we can not continue to interrogate him.
Nothing can be found out of the girl?
So again...