Varsham (2014) Movie Script

Manorama News, Newsmaker of the Year,
this year also we're taking
efforts to meet,
neither a Superstar from Silver Screen,
nor a political leader.
But an individual, who enriched,
malayalees life, through his Karma.
Among six such persons, the one
we're going to meet now is,
Anand Group Chairman, Shri.P K Venugopal.
Greetings Mr. Venugopal!
It is not the same Venu,
whom people knew for years,
who is seated before me...
But today's Venugopal has
reached great heights...
as a human being as well as a
businessman simultaneously!
We would like to hear Venu's story,
from Venu himself...
...Right from the Horse's mouth!
When looking back...
Life itself is a story!
That story began from this house only.
But at that time...
this house was not like this.
I already advised you,
not to entrust this to Venu.
Don't worry, Venu must've arranged it.
Swamy will reach on time.
- Oh my God!!! Dog...!!
- Close it quickly.
Get away, you dog!
How come you are here at this hour?
Isn't it time for the function to begin?
You better put the dog inside!
Take away the dog!
It won't do anything, only barks...
Bringing up dog to kill people?!
Where's Nandhini?
Just returned from Beauty parlour!
Almost reached Aishwarya Rai's mom's age...!
Nothing short in her arrogance!!
Get inside. Why standing there itself?
Jimmy, doesn't bite, come inside.
Why are you letting the
dog out in the day time?
If anybody opens the
gate unaware of it"?
The moment Venuettan and son leaves,
I lock the gate from inside.
Otherwise people will hound me
pressing the bell.
Which beauty parlour do you go?
Beauty parlour!!!
Going to that place itself
is allergy for me!
Isn't this beauty enough?
This itself is pretty high!
Come again?
No, I mean...where's Venu?
Omana is in tension whether
Samy will come or not!
If Venuettan says,
how can Samyettan not come!
You've not seen Buddha's statue
he presented after Srilankan Visit,
come, it's inside.
No time!
I'm standing on thorn!
Please call Venu!!
He's in the cattle shed.
Cattle shed?
Veterinary doctor has come!
We'll go and meet him there.
Curry seems over cooked!
Thinking only of beauty parlour always,
and not bothered about curry?!
Nandini, Function is at
6.30. Come early.
She's in great pain.
That'll be there as her
delivery date is nearing.
She mooed throughout the night,
thus disturbing my sleep!
Should the medicinal dose be increased?
Not required!
Can we compel the cow to give birth?
Let the appropriate time arrive!!
Hasn't the treatment got over yet?
It's getting late for the function.
Colony's President, Secretary, all are
there to begin the function,
but this creature have only me.
Get them something to drink.
Orange or Rambutan?
Orange is better as Rambutan
isn't good for this climate.
No need, Venu.
Do we need to send a car,
to pick up Kalyan Swamy?
Won't he reach here at half past six?
Shucks!!! I completely forgot!!
Are you serious, Venu?
Dr.Omana, don't get tensed,
he's our Swamy!! Leave your worries.
Seeing my number,
he'll surely pick my call.
Haven't you started?
For how many days?
Swamy, couldn't you inform me?
Okay then.
Swamy is in Japan right now.
He had to fly last night,
for a shop's opening.
Are there larger number of
Indian Communities in Japan?
I don't know!
Who will give away the prize to
Dr.Omana's daughter?
Is this significant than
setting up a shop in Japan?
Accolade can be presented by anybody
for swimming championship!
I'll arrange someone.
Here is the person! Even the Doctor,
can give away the prizes.
Sorry, I'm busy.
People can't sleep peacefully
because of these creatures!
Heck with this dog...cow...!
Are you coming, Shambu sir?
I know how to deal this!
Don't get angry, Dr.Omana!!
I too don't get sleep at night
For that, can I compel the
cow to give birth?
Shouldn't also the cow feel so?
What's happening?
Why did Omana walk away in a huff?
Everything is cool here.
This costume looks appealing!
Just listen to this, Venu.
Will serving mother be for favour'?
Never gentlemen, never!
Serving a mother is
sewing the country!
Serving a mother is serving a party!
Compatriots, that day will come,
this time...this time!
How's this?
Even our Prime Minister will
bow down before you!
Cool her down!
Programme will commence
with my performance.
A quite complicated role!!
You should've reminded Swamy!
I deliberately didn't!
Her hoity-toity strides...
her snobbishness.
And a Swimming Champion daughter!!
Couldn't she focus properly
on pursuing MBBS?
Any need of Swimming?
It's her Arrogance!!!
Swamy needn't give away the
prize to her daughter!!
Why did you promise her then?
She'll spread rumours everywhere
that you don't know Swamy.
Do you think Dr.Omana will say so?
How did she become a Doctor?
This Defiant?!
She's not a Doctor.
But you called her Doctor?
Her husband is a Doctor in Gulf.
Omana is Doctor's wife,
thus became Dr.Omana!
Is that so'?!!! See you then, Venu.
Wait doctor, leave after the function.
My son's music is also held!
I'll surely miss it, Venu.
That's why I couldn't see
Anand around!
Singing practice, ah?
Why does he need a practice?
He's a talented singer!
Now he's off to his Karate Class
and will return now.
Also Karate amidst Music?!
This is the present trend now!
I didn't get those opportunities.
Let him pursue whatever he likes!!
Jimmy doesn't feel hungry nowadays.
Get him to my clinic when you're free,
I'll check him.
See you then, Venu.
Gentle breeze which came.
searching company,
will you sing with me,
in the blue moonlight?
I came humming a song, this way,
when the branches of
midnight blossomed.
Will you sing with me'?
When the dew drop of desire swells up,
I search for memories in my heart.
When the waiting sunlight is shy,
many springs arrive with songs here.
In this soil, wet with the rain
foaming with new fragrance,
where my dream blends,
searching for a note to sing,
will you sing with me?
Gentle breeze which came,
searching company,
will you sing with me,
in the blue moonlight?
Just as night dream is awakened,
the night flowers adorned
with little sprouts.
When this pollen turned into a tune,
my notes became its song today.
With its chillness,
my heart of blue owers,
bloom all over my grove,
to sing a tune.
Will you sing with me'?
Will you sing with me'?
Bearer, one soda!
Oh what a joke!!!
Bearer means one who carries...
You know when does a man
turn into an alcoholic?
While drinking alone!
Drinking with those vagabonds,
is it not shameful?
I've washed the car.
Take this.
Shall I bathe, Jimmy?
Mid of the night 7? Do it tomorrow.
- Your song was excellent!!!
- Thank you, Kasichettan!!
Your song is not that bad,
but you have to become
thorough of the raga first.
Which raga'!!! Donkey's cry ah?!
Get off you!
- Keep it there
- That's enough, dad..
"That's enough dad, please"
You should score A+ in all subjects,
can you?
You drink!!
As you've too many comforts,
you are spoiled!!
When I was your age, my dad demised,
responsibility of the family burden
fell on my shoulders,
and my studies amidst!
No point in blaming you!
Is it my fault that you are not dead 7?
Talking defiantly, you arrogant!!
I've warned you several times,
not to befriend Shambu sir's son.
I'm scared even to see him
after knowing that he has cancer.
What is the problem, mom?
Blood Cancer is not a
contagious disease.
Moreover he is in the
earlier phase of disease,
and will recover,
if given correct treatment.
He has his own justifications
for everything!
See, Omana's daughter won the prize,
just watch and drool it!
I'm fed up of you both.
You must have seen her
ostentatious attitude!
No use of telling.
I'm destined to lose to all!
Why are you shouting at him?
It's needless to tell you all this!
You know, Omana's husband, in Dubai,
doesn't even drink a drop!
Do you hold that guy's liquor
accounts in Dubai?
His income is 8.5 lacks!
And also purchased a new villa,
you know?
Do I've to hang myself to death, for that 7
Not necessary! You stay drinking!
I'm hereto bear all the sufferings!
Heck with the cow and its delivery!!
Can't you throw that out somewhere?
You put me to shame in front of others!
Why are you blaming the poor creature!
That poor cow can't even
deliver because of your torture everyday!
Will you both just stop this?
Actually, what do you want me to do?
Learn swimming!
It's my desire!
You should win that prize next year.
Okay everybody, ready for clap?
Milkshake laughter!
take deep breath!
Absence of Kalyanaswamy,
really weakened yesterday's function!
He regularly has Masala Dosai
with Venu every morning.
Damn it!!! His Kalyanaswamy
and Masala Dosai!!!
Don't stir my anger!
Next is, Argument laughter!
Rainy season is approaching,
if you offer me 20000 Rs,
I'll get my house at native, repaired.
Sure!!! See full of ticks at his back!!
Which fish do you need today?
Son, which fish to be cooked today?
Beef is enough for me!
Take out the beef!
Beef!!! Dammit!!!
It's not a fridge but a meat marketl!
Shut the fridge door gently.
Have you seen the new fridge
in Omana doctor's house,
it's as large as Cupboard!!
I swear!! We'll go and
see after sir leaves.
Will anybody store fish in Cupboard?
People would've casted their
evil eyes on you!!
You don't even seem to bother!
Our fridge doesn't have
enough space to store things!!
It's as small as match box!!
Don't bring anything
home to store in fridge!
My day will become crappy, when
step out hearing your crappings!
As if you raised a
heavenly abode for me...!
What do you lack here?
Don't kindle my anger!
Once they leave, close the gate
and let out Jimmy!
Misfortunes descended since
when I stepped into this hell!
It's getting late dad, let's move.
India is my Country
All Indians are.. brothers and sisters!
I love my Country,
and I'm proud of it's,
rich and varied heritage!
Don't you know Mobile phone is
restricted in School?
Father, by mistake
I left it in my bag.
Pull up your pant...kneel down till noon,
only then you'll correct yourself!
Good morning!
Why this sudden desire of
becoming a Swimming Champion?
Not dad, it's my mom's wish!
My dad wishes me to play for IPL.
He's still a great fan of Tendulkar,
and I'm Kohli's!
Don't you wish to make him a Doctor?
Yes, but he can also play and swim too,
and this is the right age also.
I agree, but pursuing
all at the same time,
deprive him of his childhood 7?
Do you think he's an extra-ordinary guy
to excel in all these?
As he's my son, he surely can't!
I never knew this school is only
for extraordinary children!
Oh dad...!
This temperament,
is your main problem, Venu!
Any father will lose his temperament,
on seeing his children being criticized!
This will be the state if
Fathers become Principals!!
Get into the class after
bringing your dad!
I can't bring by dad here,
I'm already ashamed of his character!
Clever boy!!! He'll come up in life!!!
Hm...! He will come up...!
I wouldn't have joined him here,
had I known it was this type of school?
Let him scrape through it this year also.
Steep rise in Gold, has ensued
rise in adulteration too,
That's my tension!
I am not satisfied even
after rubbing it too much!
Don't take too much of tension!
There are other banks also here.
But Anand Finance is different
from other banks!
Oh, you mean this Petty shop is it'!!!
Get off you!!
Oh my sir!!!
Don't waste your time here!
Fraudulent Finance!!
What happened?
Go and experience it
This is period where, one can take
gold loan within 3 minutes,
And he still uses his barbarian set up!!
Barbarian setup'!!!
Customers are walking away in a huff!
What is the problem sir?
Do you know who is ANAND
in the board displayed outside?
Every one knows!!! It's your son!
You know, is it?
He's just 17 yrs old!
Do you want him to get
the curse of entire people?
What am I supposed to do now?
You'll say, gold value will decline,
if provided gold loan,
And you'll also scold if
I don't provide gold loan!!
You'll chide if I call up
the chit or not,
...also when provide or not ...!
Stop it man!!
Where are the other staff?
They have gone for tea!
Ramani suffers morning sickness
in her delivery period!
Rajan and John have gone for collection
What's the stock value for today'?
I was checking that!
Sensex is up by 200 points.
We can sell Tata Motors share today.
- What's the price?
- I'll check
Wherever I go and click,
It says GO HOME
Youtube asks you to Go Home?
Sea, Go HOME here!!
- Show let me see!!!
See!!! Home means house, is it?
Where did you learn Computers?
KP APPAN Tutors!!
It's couldn't be KP APPAN
But his APPAN's(Dad's)
What happened to...?
Better brush your teeth man...
.you have a bad breath!
I brushed this morning also sir.
Some breathing problem, sir!!
Won't you obey me?
I'll get it brushed right away
Tooth paste is stocked here.
I am not sure when will
the problem arise!
Majid was looking for you,
he'll be coming at 10'o clock.
You buffalo!!!
You told him I'm available here?
Aren't you available now?
Today is the last date of
registration, for his plot!
You know what would be my loss
if get it done today?
Here comes Majid!
Tell him you've not
seen me here today.
But your car is down?
Manage it!
Had it been a scooter,
I would've managed!
I don't even know to drive a car
Why this back side exit, Venuettan?
Greetings sir!
Committee will form at 4'o clock!
- Who all are present upstairs?
- All are there.
It's true he paid me the advance,
and signed an agreement for 6 months?
Land, which was costing 4 for a cent,
have a market value of
not less than? presently.
I can purchase it right away
if you sell it for 7,
and will be able to
resell for 8 blindly.
But he wants to register
the title deed for 4!
Registration period
validity expires today.
I won't return his advance amount also.
You'll be cursed, Venu!
Better return Majid's advance amount.
One person is watching
all this from top!
That's the reason, Venu
visits temples frequently.
Earlier, he never stepped
into any temple.
See the changes happening
in our lives!!!
Will the money be sour,
for you guys?
Good afternoon!
When did you land from Dubai?
By this morning ight!
What an intolerable heat there!!
Started early morning itself I!
Just check the time! It's 1.30 p.m.
I don't touch this in A.M.
Now it's P.M., right?
I have to finish this!
Which card did you put?
I've won.
It's Venu's day, today!!
He pulled a fast one on Majid!
Purchased 25 cents costing 4 per cent!
He'll definitely get a
lucrative profit of 1 Crore easily!
One cigarette, please!
I'll smoke unnecessarily
if I keep cigarette packet with me.
Did you mention about the
land in Kottayam?
Is the deal over?
You've owe us a treat!!
Why can't we plan an
Ooty's trip for two days?
Best climate there now.
Ooty? !!!
Then my staff will sell my
office in my absence!
Peterettan's Manavalan Finance
has branches all over the World.
And he is cool headed,
but why are you so tensed?
I've only one branch,
that is my tension.
One is enough, right?
Amongst us,
you have the necessary funds
to roll out in business.
How's that possible?
It's already three months,
Why should he make money this way?
Just a waste!
Even if he's a frog in the well,
money is MONEY!
There's a reason for Omanachechi
going to Gym daily!
What's the motive?
Even Danny sir at the next door,
goes to gym at same time, You know that?
Mixed, ah'!!!
There are people who've seen
them going together in a car!
See how cunning she's!
And the poor Doctor is struggling
Hard under Dubai's heat!
As I was there last day,
for household chores,
I received Doctor's call.
But Omanachechi was in Gym that time.
When Doctor asked me, "Where is she"
my mouth went dry!
He must've got some hint I supposeH
I heard he's arriving soon.
You shouldn't have done that, Hima!!!
Why bring discord in
other's family life?
Okay then, let me wash the vessels!
Do that later"
Tell me this first.
As David stopped selling fish,
I have to go to Market to buy fish.
He's onto Real Estate Business!
All are making money
in that business only.
As per Vasthu, this is the
right place for cattle shed.
What can I do if your bedroom
falls on that side?
Hubby, please come here!
Give a minute, please.
As your dad stopped selling fish,
the Colony people find it difficult,
as per Dr.Omana's opinion!
Comparing the current
Real Estate business,
my dad now feels his
old fish business is far better.
When you get a marriage proposal,
your dad being in
Real estate business is a plus point!
Will anyone name a
servant maid as Hima David'?
But I wasn't born as Servant maid!
If you insult me anymore,
We too have associations
to forward our grievances.
Better come inside
Don't let others gossip about you!!
Omana, curry is boiling!
I'll see you in the evening.
Okay, I too am getting
late for the Gym!
Hell with her gym!!!
Seems she and Danny sir
go to Gym together!
Do you know that?
What nonsense are you talking?
If I see you talking to her anymore,
- You'll see my true colours
- Maid is here!!
If you get me the beef,
I'll roast it and leave
as I've to make fish curry
for Omana doctor and Colonel Uncle!!
Coquetting with her!!!
Yes, this must be the house!!!
You wait here!!
Oh my God!! Dog...don't bite me...!
Get away you dog!
Help me please..anybody help please!!
Oh my God!!! My dhothi!!
- Who's that'?-Jimmy, get inside.
Who's that?
Where did this Kasi disappear?
Get inside the kennel!!
Get him his dhothi
You bloody!!
It Pulled away my dhothi!!!
If that dog had pulled away
my underwear... then?
Who are you?
Coming to my house and shouting at me?
Oh my Colonel Uncle!
Is this Omana doctor's Varal
(snakeheaded fish) Uncle?
It just pulled out his dhothi,
didn't harm him!!
You people did this deliberately!!!
I won't leave it like that!
Wait and see!
Those rascals have taken out my life!!
I'll surely teach you a lesson!!
Rascal!!! Are you sneering at me?
I'll surely take you to task!
Couldn't you lock the gate?
Colonel Uncle walked out in a huff,
saying he will never
step into my house again.
Do you know this?
Aren't we here to settle this issue?
Please sit down, Omana.
Venu, tell me, how can we solve this issue?
What solution?
Will Jimmy understand that
Colonel is an army man?
Does it have sense?
Colonel is just a distant uncle of you!!
And why do you have to worry about it?
Mom, please come"
Don't shoot up your
pressure unnecessarily!
Everyone here knows
what all she shoots up in Gym!!
- Will you please be quiet?
- What did you say?
Is there any point in
unnecessarily talking and wasting time?
Dog didn't bite her uncle
on the public road,
but at the front yard of my house!!
Who asked him to come inside?
Let her give a valid answer for this!!
Hell with his dog and cow!!!
Who asked you to rear cow
in your 10 cents of land?
I'll decide what I should do,
don't teach me!
I'll give you a solution!
Due to security reason,
current situation demands a dog!
Yes tell them!
That doesn't mean you've to untie
the dog during day time?
Any need? No, isn't it?
I will decide when and
how to let my dog free!
Gandhiji gave freedom
for them too in 1997!
It was not in 1997 but 1947!!
Whatever it may be!!
Great discovery!!
Now you understood it was
futile to talk to him!!
If this committee can't find a solution,
I know what to do!!
Don't frighten me!!!
I may get frightened!
Oh God!! What a nuisance is this!!
Venu, please come here...
Come here I say!
Come, let me talk to you,
regarding the garbage issue.
I've nothing more to discuss here!
We too!
Don't get heated up!!!
This generation is bad!!
It is more difficult to deal with
animals than with human beings!
There are many associations
to take care of them.
Shambu sir, it's my land,
my house, my dog and my cow!
Yes I agree to your point!
If complains that you are torturing the cow
for a month without providing proper treatment,
is given by Omana, to Animal Welfare board,
do you know its consequences?
It's a non bailable offence!!
You'll be grilled!!!
Can I force the cow to give birth?
Any point in talking philosophy
after being grilled?
Isn't it a disgrace'!!!
To avoid that only, I am telling this!
Settle this as early as possible.
- Not out!!!-Get lost!!!
Hey, what nonsense are you doing?
They are just playing...
It happened by mistake, Uncle!
I'm okay dad!!! Doesn't matter!!
Doesn't matter?! To whom?!!
He has to appear for his
entrance exam next month.
This fall is enough to lose a year
if he breaks the spinal cord.
Sorry uncle!!!
Come here son!
Sorry dad!
Shambu sir, please don't feel
hurt if I say something.
A sick child has to be
brought up in a different way,
and not be a hindrance to others!!
Enough of playing!!!
He's getting better now dad!!!
He's undergoing herbal treatment!
Herbal treatment for Blood Cancer'?!!!
You're not hurt, aren't you'?
Stand still!!!
Move it towards left!!
Turn it this way!
And now fasten it there.
Didn't I ask you about
its feasibility here?
That's the suitable place for her!!
If cow is there, nobody would
come and sue or fight!
Have lunch and go.
Not necessary!!!
I have workers in the fields!!
Shall I go, dear?
See you then!
Next week is our mom's death anniversary.
Everyone must come.
Next week...?
Forgot it ah?!
Not that really"
Never mind! Too busy, right?
Now I'm there to remind this!!
Tomorrow, I may not be there.
But always keep in mind that
our parents are laid in that soil!!
No brother, I'll surely come...
It slipped away from my mind!
See you them!
Move then!
- Yes madam
- Prepare a sweet today!!!
Daughter's results have come!!
She is the class topper!!
Does she also work in
Omanachechi's house?
Yes, main person of Omana!!
And we're nothing!!
Hell with her...her daughter
and her first rank!!
I'm totally fed up of this life, Mohanan!
Get me the chicken!
What inclined you to think so?
You'll not understand.
Being a higher grade teacher,
you earn a hefty salary every month,
Thus you hold some
respect before Mohan!!
But my situation is different.
Even for a penny,
I have to depend on him.
Then why did you quit
your banking profession?
Yes!! I made a mistake that day!!
As I was newly married,
I didn't think of these things!
Shouldn't there be someone
to lead me to the right path?
If only I'd had that job,
I wonder what I'd have become!
No point of using teeth clips
only during nights!!
Gum contour will rise up!!
Come to clinic next week!!
Let's do Fixed Ortho!
You just be quiet!!!
She has no gum problems!
Yes, that's not possible!
What'll people comment if
I put on the teeth clip during day?
For that reason,
should I stop using teeth clips?
For last School day, when
I had been to Anukuttan's school,
he felt embarrassed to introduce
me as his mom to his friends,
this was the reason for that!
You just don't assume things!!!
My life will end in this kitchen!!
I've severe headache!!
Get me a cup of tea!
Damn it!!!
You have to take a
decision of him today!
What's wrong with him?
Do you think he would study
and pass the entrance?
If that doesn't happen,
then, I'll have to hang myself
to death before Omana!
Are you studying well?
As he's your son,
don't have too much expectations!
Oh! You're too brilliant
to become a Collector!
Don't provoke me in front of them!
- Actually she didn't mean that!
- What else then?
As a precaution, what if we try
for a seat in Amala College?
He needn't lose a year, right'?
What'll be the capitation fee there?
They charge 40 blindly!!
Even tug of war for that seat!
I'll discuss this with Father.
He regularly visits my clinic.
Suppose if he gets us any concession...
What more to think?
For whom are you hoarding
all this money?
Will you let me in peace?
Won't you get in merit?
Not sure!!
It's very tough dad!!!
And only few seats are available!
In that case, this is the best.
And that's also comfortable.
He can stay at home and pursue.
Hey go man...go man..
Oh no...oh my God!!
If you're willing to pay
Capitation fee for medicine seat,
Why don't you look out for
admission in Bangalore?
Yes, even the Capitation
cost will also be less.
These are enough to spoil the children.
It's enough if he studies from here!
In his age, till now,
you've not let him for
one day tour also!
At least now let him catch
a glimpse of the World!
Can you to talk to
Father Rector regarding this?
Even if we pay 40, seems there's
admission only for next year!
Won't he lose a year then?
Rector will never discard your words!
I'll surely meet him,
as that shouldn't sabotage his future!!
But what I feel is,
Good Lord!!!! Pull him up!!
Pull him up!!
Anything wrong with you?
No dad!! I'm okay
Where on earth did the teacher disappear?
Don't get tensed!
Only if he consumes some water,
he will learn swimming.
You don't have to teach him
swimming anymore!
Stop it right away.
No, he's picking up very fast!
Whatever he picked up so far is enough!
Better reimburse the fees
amount and get lost!!
See, this is how the world is!!
If away from my sight, then finished!!
And you talk of Bangalore?!
Better study hard for
5 more years and pass.
And then get you married after demanding
dowry of whatever I spent for you
Oh...Is it there?
Yes of course!
When I imagine of his marriage,
I get tensed
Earlier Kousthubham hall
would've been adequate!
But we have Lulu here,
can't even imagine of planning
any function over there!!
Anything less won't look good!
Being a Priest,
you needn't worry about that!
New one?
Yes, just exchanged!
Only 916 gold has value now!
Will you be quiet for a while?
It was him who was very dear to mom!!
After one stage, we've to forget
...Whoever they are!!!
Weld is too less,
I keep an eye that
nobody should carry it away!
Get those things from the shed.
I shall also come with you, Kasichetta!
Isn't that Thangammayi here?
Here she comes!
Did Lohithakshan called up?
No aunty, why?
He's willing to pay 40000 per cent
if I'm ready to sell this entire plot.
We are willing,
but I need your consent
for the access to our plot.
Just 400007!!! Are you crazy?
We will easily get 70000!
We don't get buyers for this.
Anyway, I've no idea of selling this,
let it remain here as it's!!
Land value is also increasing!!!
After his studies,
let's set up a clinic here.
Who is going to come here?
You can't earn a single penny also!
Doesn't matter!!! Free Treatment!!
Isn't enough to come twice in a week
for couple of hours?
Rest of the time, he can practice
in Town and earn.
He hasn't even joined for medicine, right?
Still we must have meticulous
planning for everything.
I've decided
Villagers who criticized me
must queue up here for treatment.
Dear, won't I carry it?
We're going to Kizhakodathu
You're not coming, right 7
Just convey my regards there!
It's only betrothal, right?
Anyhow I've to be there for the wedding!!
I've plenty of work to do!
Go carefully!!! See you then!
See you then!
Make it fast!!
I'll have to reach the
town in banking hours!!
I'm going to my hometown this week!
If you give me that 20000...
What 20000'!!! When I am
struggling here for money,
Heck with your 20,000!!!
Please don't say like this, Venuchetta
If I don't get my house
repaired this week,
my family will come to streets
What will I do now?
Please give him dad!!!
He's been requesting you
since a long time!!!
Give him if you've!!
You're very smart in giving lectures!!
Only one who toils hard and earn,
knows its worth!
Take 4-5 coconuts if you want.
Better clean this place before leaving.
Only God knows when you'll return!!
Suppose he misses his 4.30 bus,
In that pretext he will
stay here for 5-6 yrs.
Long time since he had come to
work in Sir's company,
just to compensate for the
loss of damaging the TV,
he was forced to stay here.
How long since he began staying here!!!
You'll get a handsome
amount if rent it out!
Oh! Give this for rent
to make our living?!
Had I got this room,
I can avoid travelling home daily.
Mom, has Kasichettan left?
No fondly talks okay!!
I'm not going to let him here anymore
What's wrong with this fellow?
Isn't he the one who raised
your son since childhood?
Who? That tamilian!!!
What I meant is... But he helped...
- Kasichettan!!! -Yes Anand dear!!!
Put the broom aside!
Mom asked me to clean this before I go.
Put it aside!!
Don't you've to repair the house?
Here's the cash!
From where did you get this much of cash?
From swimming class!
Dad told me to stop Swimming class!
You take this cash, Kasichetta!
No, it's wrong!!! If Venuchetta learns this,
he'll shout!!
I'll convince dad!
You don't have to tell this to anybody!
You start early!!
No, ifs and buts.
Don't you've to repair
your house before rain?
Convey my regards to
Kanakamma and Manichechi!
Anand dear!!!
Where's that fellow?
What happened
What's it dad?
With whose permission did you give
money to that Tamilian rascal?
Answer me!
You thought I'll not know this?
Making a fool of me'?
What's happening here?
Move aside! You come here!
Everything is a joke for you!!
Stop lashing my son
and tell me what happened!
My son!! You've spoilt him by pampering!
The Swimming Class's
reimbursement of Rs.15,000,
He gave it to Kasi for
repairing the house!
15,000 Rs'!!! Did you give?
Only at the age of 30,
id I see a full Rs.10,000, you know?
I've given it for repairing his house.
He'll surely return it dad!
Are you Lord Buddha to help everybody?
One day he persuaded me
to pay the fees of his classmate.
I pardoned him that day!!
That was my mistake
Vivek returned the money, dad!
Kasichettan will also return it!!
Damn it!!! He shouldn't be
seen here anymore!
Cunning rascal!!!
I learnt this only when he
called me from Coimbatore!
I myself encouraged him!
Will you repeat this?
Enough of lashing him!!!
He never had anything
in the afternoon also,
have something and go to bed!
Whatever happened, happened!
What? Will your family pay me Rs15,000?
If you talk ill of my family..
My family paid you a handsome dowry
which you really never deserved
What was lacking in me?
Saying that you were Dubai Shaikh,
broker convinced me and
got me married to you.
Later only I knew you were
just an accountant
So what?
I amassed all this without
taking a single pie from your family.
You don't need to give an
account for it!!
"Why this kolaveri, kolaveri,
kolaveri di! "
Oh my goodness!! He arrived
I've warned you not to
sing while sweeping
Won't the neighbours hear'?
Hasn't he woken up still?
No point of just visiting temples daily!
Should also have some compassion!!
Today is Sunday!! Let him sleep
John Master's daughter wakes up at 4 am
to prepare for entrance
But we've already got him the seat.
then why worry?
If he continues this way,
I doubt if he'd pass MBBS!
Even that money will go down the drain!!
"By Open the door!!
Dear, open the door!!
Dad will not scold you!
Commit a wrong and still being stubborn?!
I'll take him to task...!
Open the door dear!!
Open it I say.
Venuetta!!! He'll open.
Dear, it's mom!!! Open the door!
Open the door, dear!
I say open!
Dear open...
What happened?
My God! What's wrong with him?
Wake up dear!!
- Wake up my son!
- What's wrong with him?
I don't know!
Whom shall I call now?
Which hospital to...?
Open your eyes, dear!
Open your eyes I say!!!
What happened to him?
What am I to do now?
Actually what has happened to him?
Doctor, how's he doing?
Not responding!
Nothing wrong?
Did you check his pulse?
I think we have to defibrillate him!
He's not responding.
Sister, adjust rate!
We going! ! Ready!
Oh God!!
That's his dad!!
His mother is under sedation!
Gone is it?
Hey! Smoking in the hospital?
I'm sorry
Heard that he was poor in studies!!!
Could it be a suicide?
It's all over!
There was nothing wrong!
As usual he went to bed at night!
No Luck!
For whom?
For him!!
What for me?
We'll stand outside!!
Do you've a cigarette?
This is over!!
Just one will do!! Only one!!
Can buy!
Got enough cash!
What's the need now!!
Why the delay in bringing my son?
Post mortem is over.
Father wanted to keep in school also.
And they have started from there!
Then you could've kept it on the road.
Is he a thing to be exhibited
for you people?
Who gave you the permission
to dissect his body,
who was as tender as ower?
Ambulance arrived!
My son...
Venuetta!!! Our son arrived!!
Open your eyes dear!...My son...!
Get up my son!
Father will not scold you hereafter.
It is your mother calling you, son...
OPE" your eyes!
Venuetta!!! Our son!!
Anukutta Your father has come.
Look at your father!
Oh my God!!
Our son doesn't open his eyes, Venuetta!
Wake up my son!
Venuetta Our son!
My baby!! Here is your dad!!
Have a look at your dad, dear!
Ask him to look!
I only beat him lightly...
Whatever I've, is for him only...
Then why"?
Oh my Anukutta!!
Won't the burial be done today itself?
As long as body is kept here,
Venu will lose his composure.
What shall we do?
We'll go to the ancestral home!
He's got a land there!
Let's do the burial there!
I'll tell him!
Everything went well, isn't it?
I've become a total zero,
Shambu sir'?
You guys will grow up and become great!
You must!
My son is reduced to ashes!
You go and take bath!
My son used to eat 5-6 dosas
at 7'o clock.
Who will give him there?
It's time for the soul to reach heaven!
To make his journey peaceful,
concerned person's body
must be kept clean!
Thus go and have a bath!!!
Tell Nandhini also!!
She's also not listening to me!
Our son..
Go...take bath!
Our body must be clean
for his soul to reach heaven.
It's enough if you just wet your hair!
I never did a shave yesterday.
That's not necessary now!
It's necessary!
Let that not be lacking now!
Papers have not been taken
for some days!
- Venuetta!!
- Sir!!
I tried calling him daily for a week.
I thought he didn't attend
because it was office number!
Had they both taken any drastic decision?
- Venuetta!!...
- Sister!
Get inside Jimmy.
You scared the hell out of us!
Just reached this morning from Trivandrum!
It's Anukuttan's Postmortem report!
I collected it this morning
from Medical college.
Few children of his age
also have suffered such attack in sleep.
Only when it afict us,
we take action!
It could've been caused
due to Food habits,
or by birth disorders!
But what's the need now?
I tried calling here,
several times to inform this.
Nobody picked up the call!!
What's the point?
Hasn't my son burnt down to ashes!
Shambu Sir gave him the CD of the song,
Anumon sang on the Annual Day!
This is how he reacts after watching it!
I shouldn't say anything.
If I say..
He'll immediately shout at me!!
My son has gone...
he says I've no sorrow!
If I live here,
I'll go mad!
I spray all his dresses daily!
This is his favorite spray!!
I won't spray for this alone!
As he wore it that day
when he went to bathe,
this has his smell.
I thought of gifting this pen
when he scores in exams..
...Gold plated!
But I couldn't gift him!!
Instead I only shouted at him!!
He had really felt hungry!!
I didn't even let him eat contently.
My child...
"must have gone hungry!!
Would it have pained him?
It would've really pained, right?
Why didn't you come home?
I came here directly
and saw, the place he's been laid down
covered with thorns and bushes.
As I was busy with harvesting,
I couldn't have an eye on this!
And Thangammai, will return from Bombay
only after Baby's delivery.
They will clean it!!
Why don't we set up a
lovely garden here?
He has to lie down
amidst fragrant flowers.
Come, let's go home!
I feel comforted here,
as he's very close to me.
Why not build a house here..
Without any Vasthus.
A room for him where he lies,
and a small room for me next to him.
Only that much is needed...
Only that much will be
needed hereafter!
Life is after all this much only!
You continue.
Please join us, Venu...
to relax yourself!
Seems Kannan's count is normal,
got the results today.
Hello...Everybody...Good morning!
Happy news!
Got Kannan's results! !
It's normal!!! His count is normal!!
Distribute to all!!
Henceforth, you can go to
school regularly.
Give her!!
Give me.
Take aunty!
Take it Uncle!
Venu, it's time to go to the Bank.
You come!
Have you denied food to children of
Anand Ashram from tomorrow?
All are cheats
Do you want to take up
their curse also?
It's all cheating !!
They will charge me for 3 idlies,
and serve only 2 nos!!
Are they trying to cheat me?
Let them do what they like!
But we'll at least get
some peace of mind!
Sewing other children is your peace?!
My son is gone!!
Aren't you worried of it?
Celebrate! Celebrate well!
Yes, take it that way!
I don't wish to argue on that I!
Don't utter!!! Don't utter a word!!
Shall we move?
Why don't you think of
adopting a child?
I know few unaffordable children
who aspire for medicine,
they will also be loyal to you.
They'll kill us and run away
with things here!
Only own ones will sustain!!
Rest is waste Come.
I don't want the company
under my son's name be liquidated,
That's the only
reason I accepted this.
I'm here only for this week.
Please tell her.
I can't stand to face all this .
I don't wish this company
to be collapsed!
I'm also ready to take your
Employees along with the company.
I also feel it as a good deal.
You still have to
recover many funds,
and cover some of the liabilities.
Won't you find it
difficult to run this?
Just say "Hm",
I'll take care of the rest.
Won't you understand what I say?
I can't pay you more for this article,
don't pester..
Please don't deny!!
As it's quite urgent..
Only this remains in
my hand to pledge.
I need Rs.70000.
I beg your pardon sir.
You've not responded anything,
Won't you understand?
Get lost!!
Oh my God!
You've killed him?
No, he fell down.
Only this was lacking here!!
Get some water!
Hold him, please!
I can't see any variations
in ECG, he's okay.
I was worried whether
we'll be in trouble
My time is too unfavorable!!
He's not the man
I met the other day!!!
It's fate!!
Nothing to worry!!
He just fainted!!!
You can see him!!
What happened to my dad?
What happened?
He's fine!
Let me go! It's a place
where humans are killed!
I'll settle the bill and come.
Why are they creating a scene!
Can't you ask them to
maintain silence?
That man's youngest child is ill.
If an urgent surgery is done,
there's a chance for survival.
He might have approached
your bank for money.
Do you know them Doctor?
Varma sir's patient!
I co-operated in whatever
way I could, but"
For his son?!
I can't afford to meet the expenses
Why are you standing here for!
I will surely not live,
if anything happens to my son.
Carry on with your son's treatment
I'll send the amount right away.
I'll go to office and
come back in half an hour.
Don't deter his treatment.
Don't worry!!
Everything will be fine.
Only Lord has sent you here!
May the Lord bless you!
May you be blessed with good!
Jimmy, stand here.
Slept well last night, is it?
Yes, after many days!
I have to go to hospital early.
I'm not sure, what other help
that boy requires!
I couldn't even ask him anything in detail
They were dumbstruck,
as tears swelling in their eyes.
Tears of happiness!
Have you seen it?
Stay quiet
- Dr Jayashree?
- Enquire in duty room.
Then do one thing.
Today's O.P is after 3 p.m.
Was wondering where to enquire!
Good I saw you
During yesterday's commotion,
I forgot to ask the Child's name.
We call him Amir Khan teasingly!
When is his operation?
I'm eager to meet him.
Will you show him?
But they left yesterday itself...
His operation is in Vellore!
We've no such facilities here.
Then why no one informed me yesterday?
Operation is scheduled for next Monday.
Your yesterday's help was..
I've not come here for
your good certificate.
I want to see him right now...
...Right now.
But sir, I already told you..
I paid 75000 from my pocket.
They absconded with that!
How much commission did you get?
Does such a boy really exist?
Was that a drama before me?
As I'm a good for nothing fellow,
you can cheat me easily.
Amir really exists!!
If you don't trust me,
then we'll go to Vellore!
I shall also come.
If that boy really exists,
he should come here...
I've to see him.
Sir, please try to understand.
I can understand your mental agony.
You never understand my mental agony.
Your age, is my experience!
To understand that,
you'll have to take 100 births!
It's true, helping the boy
brought you joy!
Will you always be able to
help everybody?
Wait! I am also coming!
Come soon!!
- Kanna, get inside
- Let me play for some more time.
Kanna, get inside!
Go inside and study
Get inside
Half-yearly exam is nearing!
Lots to study. Bye then!
He's afraid I would cast
my evil eye on him.
Don't make such wild guesses!
Have no tension about me...
or her!
We'll not commit suicide!
Not because we wish to live,
But by an unnatural death
we never can reach him.
That's the Shastra!
When did you arrive?
Fearing Venucheta's scolding
if I returned without money,
I was working in my hometown.
In the meantime,
such a tragedy happened.
Anand dear had given me this money.
I got my house repaired with this,
and left my family safe there.
Please accept this money, Venuchetta!
Money paid for Anand's Medical college
admission will not be reimbursed.
It's their policy!
I also tried all possibilities!
If you offer some more cash,
they are ready to keep Anand's name
for their new block,
I told to confirm it after
discussing with you.
Why naming a lifeless
building after my son?
Can you guess how much
these papers are worth?
I was checking these accounts,
Crores...Worth Crores!
Most of them were made by my cheating,
manipulating and over smartness!
I felt too proud then!
for whom?
Calm down Venu!!
Nothing is in our hands!
How can I tolerate?
Just a bit... If a bit of life,
was left in his body,
I would've got him treated
anywhere in the World.
Didn't give an opportunity for that!
I'm Jayshree, Metropolitan Doctor
I have four dogs!
So I could easily tame him.
What do you want actually?
Isn't Venu sir at home?
He is taking rest.
He knows me well.
Can you please inform him?
I will wait!
- Come
- Thanks
Don't displease her,
since she's a Doctor..
Should I worship her,
offering owers 7
Will not let me live peacefully here also!
Look here...!
You created such commotions
to see this boy!!
This is Venu uncle about
whom I told you.
Hi Uncle!
Aslam, get inside!
Sir is here.
Only today he'd been to hospital
after his discharge from Vellore,
So, I brought him here.
I keep my words!
I'll get something to eat.
No thanks!
He has some food restrictions
for couple of months.
And then back to School,
isn't it deaf!
He's good at studies.
Just can't express my gratitude!
I really mean it!
That's okay!! Take your seat.
Is this your son, Uncle?
He looks too smart
Doctor, eh?
My son couldn't become a Doctor, dear!
I'll somehow return your money.
Sir, but please give me some time.
That would've remained
just as papers in my bag,
Isn't it, Doctor?
Otherwise this will always remain
heavy in my heart!
Should we really worry this much?
Yes, we should have...
Avail special loan for Health,
Education and wedding,
with 10% interest!
Gold loan per gram is Rs.2500 -Anand Finance!
Has he gone crazy?
Isn't 10% interest much
lower than Bank rates?
Gone Mad?
Can anybody sustain his business?
Rs.2500 per gram?!
What is he up to?
Let me call Venu!
Wait, let's know its development
and then call him.
Might be the end of everything!
I told of merging his company
to Manavallan Finance for fair price.
But denied in the pretext
of Son's sentiments!
Such fellows will never
listen when advised!
Now see what happened!
If Venu starts giving such loans,
will anybody approach our company?
Can we take legal action?
Private chit funds are supposed to
charge only 2% interest more than banks,
do we abide that?
If a person is willing to
give in a low interest rate,
- What judiciary can do?
- That's true!
Will he be troublesome
for us in future?
How far will a frog leap
in an abandoned well?
His company...
...will be on this palm..
...just a matter of time!
You watch!
I was about to call you!
Seeing the Paper Ad,
we received 100s of calls,
since this morning.
They've come to avail loans!
What should I do?
Who's inside?
Your brother and Co- brother!
They are not going home...
they want to meet you here.
What am I supposed to do?
Verify the documents of those who've come.
I'll tell you what to do.
What's that matter that
you can't discuss at home?
Not that...
We'll feel free to discuss here.
What's there to discuss so freely?
All of us feel that you
throw money to some strangers!
They're not some strangers
but deserving people
But when will the money be worthy?
Only when it goes to the
hand of deserving people,
It's okay you helped Aslam...
But do you think all
people here are genuine?
Most of them are tricksters!
Don't we verify their documents?
What documents?
What absurdity!
Not even a single person
will repay this loan!!
I decided only after a deep thought
I'm neither concerned of profit nor loss,
But peace of mind!
I need some ray of hope,
to sustain my life until death?
Or shall I leave my daughter
at your home for some time?
Her presence will give you a relief!!
Let her stay there and study!
I can also come and meet her often.
And you know what happened!
I've told my opinion!
Only we're there to help you at need,
Don't forget that!
Are you coming with me, brother?
Brother, you also tell me
what you've to say.
Why forgo that 7?
You do whatever you feel is right.
Do it if you really feel peaceful
This brother is always with you!
This was my playground
during my childhood days!
This company was
my dad's life and breath!
Surprising to see a
Doctor operating Crane!
This is my dad's office!
Even now I'm afraid to
sit on this chair!
Isn't it difficult to handle both
company and hospital parallely?
One hour daily is enough here.
We can find time if we really want!
After dad's demise,
I had a trying time!
Despite having so much wealth,
He buys only the cheapest fish!
That shows his stinginess!
On the 14th day of my dad's death,
I met Venu sir for the first time.
Here comes my mom!
Have it!! Home-made snacks!
As I said, you can't
escape from eating now!
Come here whenever you find time.
I suggested Nandhini chechi to engage
in something instead of being idle.
At that time only, the idea of
Private College sprung up!
Teaching in College'!!!
Actually you don't know her well!
She has good confidence.
She has also worked in a bank earlier.
She can teach Economics,
the subject that she'd studied
Don't try to ridicule me!
Anyhow I've decided to give it a try,
as I've been confined within four walls!!
- Hats off to you!!-Thank you!
This credit also goes to Jayashree, right 7
Did I say so?
No tiff between you both for this reason!!
Shall we leave?
See you!
12 persons have already redeemed
gold loan this week !!
Seeing a person doing a
business with such dignity,
People complain that
we charge exorbitant interest,
You can't say that this didn't
affect your finance company...
Just call your branch and check.
Many people are still unaware of it!
It better to Nip in the bud !
Here he comes!!
You're not seen here off late!
Sit down!
How is your business?
Goes well!! Why meet me urgently?
Regarding business only.
There is nothing to conceal while talking!
Do you think you can sustain this company,
for this specified rate of interest?
After the first excitement,
and when business volume increases,
then you'll understand it's repercussions!
I've the experience!
It'll carry on like this for timebeing,
and about future...
I've also stopped thinking since few days,
thus there's no point!
If your son is dead and if you feel idle,
then do meditation in some Ashram!
Instead, why are you troubling others!
Joshy, I'll talk to him...
Venu, a tragedy occurred in your life!
And we too feel sorry about it!
But we are also doing business
in the same field!
If you start like this,
how can we sustain?
I never wished to put you
into trouble deliberately!
I can understand what you're saying.
I too had done it earlier!
But now, I can only do this!
Only when I go to that Office,
I feel like living!
Please forgive me!
I'll decide whether I go to
Ashram or do Bhajans!
Whatever I do now, is what my son likes!
He's seeing it from above...
and also enjoying it!
That belief is my confidence!
How long will you run
the business opposing us?
Let me also watch it!
I'm a frog in an abandoned well!
I know my weakness well, but...
I've something which you guys don't have,
a desire to die!
When you feel that desire in you,
You'll get courage -the courage to live!
See you then!
He'll definitely ask for trouble!
If not, we'll surely put him in trouble!
We study Economics because,
there's scarcity of many goods we want.
This problem is common to Individuals,
well as the State
That's why we say Economics
is the Science of Scarcity
And Scarcity is a basic factor of our life.
Why did you change your line to Education?
It's my grandpa's College!
That was my idea to build Engineering College
adjacent to this.
There's good business possibility in Kerala.
It wasn't as tough as I thought!
I memorized and taught them!
Not sure whether the students understood
So what? You still have time to improve!
It was only your first class
So are you continuing here?
Why do you gaze at me?
Great!! Very good!
Such out-of-theway appointments
are allowed nowadays?
For the time being,
Guest lecture post is enough!
Later we can think!
I don't need any post.
I just want to spend more time here,
as I feel happy to see these students.
Let's go!
- Are you guys in a hurry?
- No, not really.
College canteen is very near.
We can relish yummy snacks
and tea of Kumarettan
Shall we go?
He has never had tea since 20 yrs,
and is he going to have now?
Why not a change?
Let me also have a tea!
You're lucky!!! She's really great!
I had taken Vada (snack)
while I was in College.
Yeah, I know
I came humming a song this way,
When the branches of midnight blossomed,
Will you sing with me'?
Will you sing with me'?
I'll serve food!
In the guise of finance company,
we malayalees come across many
fraudulent cases in history
Give 5 and take 10...
Avail loan for 100 % gold value!
Companies who deceive people
offering such alluring promises,
might be the last link of
such companies,
suspicion grows stronger
about Anand Finance
A finance company can't
sustain longer,
by giving huge offers to
attract the investors.
Like in history,
A very few early Investors
will get profit shares,
and they ee away after cheating
the majority of the depositors.
There are strong doubts about these
types of finance company.
Mr.PK Venugopal owns this company
This company started in the
name of his only son.
After his son's suicide,
this company was on the
verge of shutting down.
From there, this company
comes back unbelievably,
after the demise of his son,
Mr.Venugopal's mental illness,
created more doubts for
stronger arguments
Hello...Yes Anand Finance!
Nothing as serious as you suspect!
Here's your money!
Where are my ornaments?
If you lose your temper like this...
Let me discuss it with Sir.
Please any time.
Your ornaments are safe here!
There's no one to cheat anyone here!
Venu, this is what I told you!
Useless people!
N one has gratitude! !
Anyway we're with you!
Came to tell that only!
We can play a game against
the Channel, if needed?
At present they're the judiciary!
Just give a word!
Heartless ones even say
that he committed suicide!
Not necessary
What you did so far is
more than adequate
Could sense a mockery in that remark!
Why did you say like that?
People are coming in heaps!
It seems they want their gold now itself!
Settle everybody!
Tell me in advance
how much fund is required!
None should utter a harsh word
against my son!
Got it?
Let's settle and shut down.
Inform everyone.
Let them take it and enjoy!
What you showed is utter foolishness!
Winding up will only trigger suspicion!
But I'm not cheating anyone!
I'll settle every single penny!
I have 100 times more wealth than that.
Instead of convincing people,
why do you give up?
I lost already!
What more to lose beyond this?
It'll be wrong if I try to help others!
I tried helping myself,
to withstand. live!
It's over!!! That's enough!!
Don't you've the post mortem report?
It's not a Suicide!
It's just a paper
It was a murder...
Both of us killed him!
When I think about that...
Cricket, Karate, Medicine,
Music, Dance, Swimming"
My son danced like a doll to our tunes!
I enforced all my desires on my son.
Actually that wasn't affection,
but selfishness!
Self realization, only now?
Yes Father, that is the fact!
No...l meet many children and parents.
You know very well that
I'm not telling this to comfort you.
You keep saying that
he likes what you're doing now, right?
Now why this disappointment?
I'm tired!
I lost out my mind to fight against them!
Everything is finished!
Just sit inside"
...locking up the house from outside!!
What bothers me?
I'm leaving,
but remember one thing!
If you do so,
then that'll be the grave mistake
you're doing to your son.
You just said, you weren't
able to show justice,
to his actions when he was alive!
Even if it's right,
at least show some justice to his death!!
He deserves it!!
If you accept defeat now,
then their allegations will become true!
Perhaps, later on nobody can rectify it.
Is this what you wish to do for your son?
Then go ahead!
I'm leaving.
My job is not to chant Vedas
into this buffalo's ear!!
Nobody can impede the one
who decided to ruin himself!
Get ruined!
To prove the genuinity of our company,
we do hold the necessary documents.
Then why do you worry?
I'm waiting here for sometime.
Only yesterday,
I learnt of the issue here.
That's okay.
Accept this 10000 and consider
this as first instalment .
Kindly accept this!
Never close down!
You are doing many good deeds here!
As we exposed this news,
It's the responsibility of a media
to scrutinize both the sides!
Yesterday, we reported of
Anand Finance scam.
To prove the innocence of the
opposite side,
Anand Finance's proprietor himself
is joining with us on this Live show.
Greetings Mr Venugopal
Please tell me Mr.Venugopal,
Is it possible for any finance company
in Kerala to do business,
at such a low rate of interest?
I've evident documents of
all the transactions of last 6 months.
You can examine them!
Venugopal, It'll be better
if you explain it.
When seeing a person or
their company ruining,
I too felt excited earlier,
until my son's death!
Whatever you see in those
documents are, merely accounts.
There isn't any truth beyond this!
As you reported yesterday,
my son didn't commit suicide.
He died of Cardiac arrest.
This is his post mortem report.
You can verify this too!
These are the records of the document
regarding the transfer,
of me and my family members document,
to the company.
These properties worth manifold
than the Depositors.
You can verify these too!
I don't need to deceive anybody.
As you mentioned yesterday,
lam not going to flee away.
When you examine it, you'll understand.
It's a business !!!
We can do such business in our State,
But people like you should co-operate.
Mr.venugopal, I think you've mistaken us!
My son was his poor heart!
To you and all the viewers
who are watching this,
I only want to say one thing.
To understand what I have done...
and why I have done...
Please show mercy to have a broad mind
to understand this.
That's all!
Even if it was a local channel,
'l'.V media is a double-edged sword!
Even if it's a channel,
shared by you few people,
you should not have
committed such a mistake.
Now the entire people, supports Venu.
By transferring his entire properties
on Company's name,
thus he proved his point to people!
In such a dire circumstance,
did anybody expect Venu
would approach a media?
Whatever it's,
let's find a solution for it,
as early as possible.
This is not the duty of a
Labour & Welfare Minister of Kerala.
Please try to understand my position also.
For this rate of interest,
Venu proved that one can
run a profitable finance company.
Isn't that really an eye-opener?
That's not necessary!
Let me see whether can do
anything from this Ministry,
without your help.
Please don't take my words seriously
I'm with you!
At tomorrow morning, 10 a.m,
I've planned for a
compromise meeting at Guest house!
Let me talk to Venu!
What do you say?
I would've surely made a
settlement to this issue.
Cheer up man!
To be honest, I really honour you, Venu!
You really sparked a revolution in
Private finance sector.
My son was born today,
thus I promised to be at home at noon.
Even I come to the point.
With all due respect,
what the real problem is,
you've upset the balance of the trade!
Ignoring an existing system,
can any independent individual succeed?
Not possible!!
It will only end up in tragedy!
What do you expect from me?
The interest Scheme which
Anand Finance has put forward,
needs a major modification!
Let the things come back
to the normalcy.
That was the reason I told Peterettan,
that this meeting doesn't
need anybody else!
As there's no point of such
unnecessary discussion,
let's solve this issue smoothly.
I don't understand why a
person like you intrudes in this?
Am I doing anything wrong?
I never say so.
But, others should also do their business.
Let them also survive!
When Govt. has taken
intensified actions against Blade Mafia,
is it justifiable for you to talk this way?
Don't be smart enough!
Just for a profit of mere 10 rs,
you've done beyond these, in the past!
Can I leave if you've nothing else to say?
There'll be a protest before
your company on the 4'th day,
Do you wish to see?
I'll seal your company, mind you!
But I have no workers in my company.
All my workers are entitled for
equal share in profit!
That's how I amended the
by-law of my company!
I don't want anything.
I just want my company to run,
that's it!
You'll surely suffer, Venu!
Don't create any trouble, sir!
I've decided to carry it forward
You might try to impede this,
still you'll not succeed!
Because the truth prevails in me!!
The sound of dark clouds
flapping their wings,
the sound of water drops
falling on the leaves,
Far away, someone has opened,
the window of the sky.
Rain has come this way
to awaken by a caress.
Love and separation,
have written a poem, on the nature's wall.
Know rain, at my bowl of heart,
is stretching for the elation
which you can only give.
The sound of dark clouds
flapping their wings,
the sound of water drops
falling on the leaves,
though spring has come many times,
in these paths, some owers till now,
reluctant to bloom, in the veil.
Remained on the hills, the murmur of
those flowers blooming.
Rain, shower to the soul which is,
listening with hope, lots of joy.
Great disaster triggered in his own life,
was turned into a great successful story,
That's Mr.venugopal.
Through this, he himself became a light,
to many people around him,
A rare Charisma!
Out of these 6 persons, it's you, the viewers,
who have to find out the Newsmaker of this Year!
All the best, Venu!
The sound of dark clouds
flapping their wings,
the sound of water drops
falling on the leaves,
Far away, someone has opened
the window of the sky,
Rain has come this way
to awaken by a caress.
Oh my son!!!
Oh my Venuetta!
What has happened to you son?
OPE" your eyes!
What has happened to you, Venuchetta?
Is it raining?
Nothing to worry, you'll recover:
What's wrong with me?
Something serious which can't
be disclosed to me?
What's wrong with me, Jayshree?
Sir, you're not well!
Found multiple blocks in Angiogram!
In one way, it's good that we diagnosed it now.
Varma sir will be here for another week.
Before he leaves, let's conduct
the Bypass surgery
One week?
Please lie down!!
Don't strain too much.
You require lot of rest.
I've not been hospitalized in my life time.
Only a week remains now!!
Will I survive after the operation?
Let's try, sir!
So only one week!!!
It's not meant that way.
That's what our science says
ls there any point in arguing?
I've to go! I can't waste my time here.
What's this sh'!
- You're sick! -I know...
No more arguments regarding this!
As there's no surety of survival,
I'm not willing for this surgery.
This is not the right situation for that.
I've plenty of things to do
Please listen to me, I'll not let you go.
I don't need anybody's permission.
I will decide how to end my life.
Only for such one,
I survived these many days.
It's time for me to reach my son.
That shouldn't happen inside
this room with medicines.
It must happen in my house,
If possible, in my son's room,
on his not...
I must go!
Do you know, my friends,
Right now there are more
than 10000 depositors in Anand Group
It's their hard earned money,
which is in the name of his son!
...In the name of Anand Education Academy!
Were Mr.venugopal is going to
spend the money!
Should we allow this injustice to happen?
Being an ex MLA of this place,
and also an ex-Minister,
I'll fight for this injustice
until my last breath!
Safe guarding the depositors is my duty!
I will never step back even
by an inch from this protest.
Is there any necessity
for you to rush here?
Aren't we here?
Why did you stop work?
We don't have to bother
about that paper-tiger!
Don't worry yourself thinking of this.
You mean to say it'll get
settled if I take rest!
We're running out of time!
Let the work function!
I've filed a case against the members
of the Committee for protection.
Advocate had just called me.
Ask them go to hell!
Bloody hell!!! Case!!
Don't stop the work!!
I don't wish to see that.
Do you hear me, brother?
Things aren't as easy as you imagine!
Advocate said, stay order for
stopping Construction,
will be issued by the Court this week .
Being Anand Trust Patron,
I've spoken to all concerned people.
It's not the depositors
who are behind this plot,
but Peter and Satish!
Let me talk to them directly
This type of launch should never stop!
If this happens,
it will benefit all poor and
aspired children of all times.
Dear, when did you come?
Oh my dear!!! Why you have this misfortune
After offering a huge amount,
he purchased all my plots.
What a merciless God!
It's good you decided not to get operated
You don't have to suffer that
pain also before death.
Hospital will also charge a huge fee!
Krishnakutty was also suffering
from similar illness,
he died after vomiting blood in Vellore.
Will you be quiet?
No sense of what to talk!!
You stay calm!!
Definitely, there'll be a way out.
We've an objection!
Our sweat is also behind
the growth of this company.
Purchasing so much of land
in a remote village itself is ridiculous.
It's only that we didn't
express it that day!
Do you think it's practical
to start an Educational Academy?
University Affiliation itself
will involve lot of formalities.
It will all happen
We're just taking its first step.
That's all.
Let the institution come up first.
There is no need for investors
to be in tension.
We are pumping a margin of our
profit in this project!
Anyone can verify it.
We've done this earlier also.
Why this doubt now?
Now things aren't like before.
After Venu sir, What next? Who next?
That's what we've to think immediately.
Nobody has the right to take
any decisions on their own.
As per by-law, we should conduct election.
Let the election come.
No one has that fear!
Stop it!
5 - 6 yrs back, after my son's demise
I remember coming to this office,
After sending off the existing 5-6 people here,
I came with the intention of shutting down.
If this company could have
grown vastly from there,
Behind the growth, it's the dream
like Education Academy!
If not...
If not, then this company
will be no more!
All that's good for speech only!
All of us have an objection!
You must do the operation!
Then, we'll have a deadline at least.
Instead if you also die one day like your son,
Don't forget some lives that are here.
Whether you do operation or not,
all of us are aware that
there's no recovery for it.
Thus do whatever you could
as early as possible.
I've only have that much to say now.
There's no point in accusing them.
They also have the right
in Company's profit share.
Hearing is on 20th of next month.
I have to be present there personally.
Instead, can I go on your behalf?
That only I can do for you.
Nothing to worry, everything
will become fine.
I'll surely settle them.
Must be brother!
Hello Uncle!!!
He came by early morning ight.
What appearance is this!!
Where's Aslam?
I came alone"
Just to see you
Only last year, Aslam and family
ew to Dubai, after getting a job
My dad also wished to see you.
Since he joined newly,
he doesn't have any leave.
How is the school in Dubai?
It's good, better than here.
It's my prayer..just for you, uncle
My dad said my prayers will
come true only if I take a vow.
This is the holy water!
Shall I offer you?
You should do the surgery.
Patient's mind will cure half of his illness.
Can't you please rethink over it?
We were just talking of you, Venu.
Don't get offended, Venu.
When it is about people,
I will forget friendship.
It's my responsibility to
back them up, right?
Mistake might have happened!
In this regard, please don't
trouble me in this condition.
This is my request.
Why do you talk this way, Venu?
You can take that as my last wish
or anything you feel like.
That Institution has to come up
after my son's name.
It's concerned of many
children's future, please.
What can we do when the
issue is in the Court?
What foolishness!!
Time is the only thing that
is not in the hands of human being.
I'm in such a terrible condition now.
We also know it, Venu!
You tell me what should we do?
You should withdraw that case.
Work should resume.
You just want only your
wishes to be fulfilled?
Don't we've children?
Don't they have to survive?
Tell me what I have to do.
You tell me.
You better leave
In this situation don't, things
may get more worse after discussion.
What can we do if people object?
That Institution will surely be there
after my son's name.
It is the place where he lies!
All these you see here
are built over my son's death.
Don't you know that?
I'll not let even a
single person to lay a hand on it.
It's difficult to have
inauguration on the New year.
Even the structural work is
not completed
Try to speed up the work.
Club's election is scheduled in March.
Many straw men are there
to blow up my presidential post!
Peterettan, come here.
Kerala's biggest Private Finance Company,
Anand Finance is shutting down.
This decision may create a historic turn,
in the banking sector of Kerala.
Anand Finance Chairman PK Venugopal,
declared this decision to the
Media this morning,
I feel that this decision at a time when
Anand Finance is at a profitable
stage is relevant!
When there are many Financial Institutions
like Nationalised Bank,
Scheduled Bank and Co-operative Bank which
are under the Government's direct control,
what is the need for this Private Institution,
which makes the people's life miserable
by collecting more interest !
It's true that we tried to bring some
revolutionary changes in this sector.
But this will not happen if a single
Company intends to purify this sector
Thus I request all Private Finance
companies to shut down.
Instead make the banking norms
more simple and transparent to the people...
As a Chairman of Anand Finance,
using Veto Power,
I've the right to take all decisions.
For the employees and Investors
of the Anand Finance,
Profit share will reach all of them equally.
If the Govt. can ban on private lottery,
If this Govt. can ban the private bars...,
Those who kill malayalees charging
exorbitant interest,
Why can't they impose a ban on
Private Finance 7
More than 500 families committed suicide due,
to debt trapped by Private
Financing firms last year.
I lost my house availing loan
from Manavallan finance.
They have to be fired down naked!
Regarding shut down of finance companies,
Mock fight between the opposition
and ruling parties in the parliament.
What is this Venu?
You could've told me
if there was any problem.
I would've settled everything.
Oh Peterettan!!! Please Come!
Take your seat!
Nandhini see who has come!!!
Get a cup of tea!!
I'll have it later.
First hold this.
It's the court order regarding the
removal of stay order,
imposed on Anand Education Academy.
Now you can set up Academy
or anything you like!
Let the children get educated and grow.
Good, isn't it?
Thanks Peterettan
I'm always grateful to you for this.
I say whole heartedly.
That doesn't matter.
Any point in shutting down the
firms because of this?
Good running firm, isn't it?
As a return for my help,
you must retract from this decision.
I see!!! So that's what you mean!
As how the solar scam accused resiled,
...turning hostile!
A compromise!
As you have one foot in the grave,
You can do anything you like.
But it's the sword, on top of our heads.
Please understand that.
I've no grudges towards you.
It's not my personal decision.
I feel this is right now
Didn't you wish for the
presidential post in our club?
You contest in the forth coming election,
I'll withdraw.
I had wished for it, long time ago.
Are you still remembering all these?
What's the need of Club
when bars are shut down?
I beg you !
I've rolled crores of rupees in Market
If this issue triggers and
disreputes the company,
Look at me...
Then you'll see me no more!
Nandhini, serve him tea.
Have tea
ls there any issue which
can't be resolved?
Yes, Venu!
Let my decision remain like that!
My heart feels this decision will be
good for coming generations.
Human life can finish for ever,
all of a sudden!
If you get that self realization
then everything will be simple.
I'll pray sincerely that my decisions
doesn't hurt you in any way.
I swear!
Nandhini, please open the kennel
Everything will go well
Peterettan gave this?
What a kindhearted man!
You call Dr.Jayashree...
Do you feel anything uneasy'?
I've a desire to live!
Stronger than I ever felt!
I've many more things to do.
Even our son will feel happy.
Let's fix the operation with Varma Doctor.
Nothing will happen to me.
I'll come back.
I'm sure.
And we present Manorama News,
Newsmaker of the Year,
Mr.P K Venugopal!
My world..
I'm felicitated for seeing
the world beyond that.
But when I stand before you,
Only two persons appear before me
Of the two, one person left me long back,
Even the extension of my life span,
is due to the prayers of my son in heaven.
I can only wish my son
to be present here on this day.
Thus I'll remember him only by smiling.
I can only give him that word.
The other person...
ls still beside me...
Right before me...
Without even my knowledge...
...Like a shadow... always.
Only you both are the reason
for my standing here.
...You are the only reason
My colleagues are also present here.
Right from Education Academy,
Anand group has still more things to do.
My energy, is you people, who
will be with me in that journey.
Each and every minute that remains,
How much ever it might be...
To increase the present strength of
200, to 2000,
I'll do whatever my intellect,
mind and body can do!
Because my son will live through you people!
Don't we've to go?
See you then...
All the best!
Bye sir...We'll be there with you!
- Everything will be fine.!
- See you Father.