Varshangalkku Shesham (2024) Movie Script

[singing a Carnatic song]
[Years ago]
She's right around the corner.
Go quickly.
Indira Chechi,
I've been watching him from when he was
buying groundnuts from Kunnappadis.
He has been gazing at you
with his mouth agape.
Tell him that I
don't like all this.
You really don't like it?
I didn't mean it that way,
but I need to play hard to get, right?
- He's good looking.
- Yes.
But he's got a fraud's demeanour.
Doesn't he?
Look, look.
Even his dad has that!
Also, who gets through life today
without being a bit of a fraud?
Here he comes.
I don't like people
following me like this.
I won't repeat it.
I have no other option.
That's why.
He's head over
heels in love with you.
Love letter, love letter!
Last night, my plan was to sleep
until 11 PM and then study hard.
But I woke up only at 7 AM.
I went into the exam
completely clueless.
If I don't answer all the
questions when I get back home,
Dad will tie me to the
coconut tree and beat me.
Can you please teach me
everything on the way home?
Is this why you
were following me?
You're a big shot in the
literature society, right?
Aren't you a writer?
It's of absolutely no use.
As per the Indian
education system,
losers with excellent memory
are considered star students.
So, you just called me a loser?
- No, I didn't.
- You did!
No. Forgive me!
- I won't forgive you!
- That's alright, but please help me.
Go and ask your friends.
I have no friends who are
knowledgeable in history.
What about the studious
ones in your class?
- They won't let me near them!
- True!
So, will you help me?
Tell him that you lost
the question paper.
How come I never
had this idea earlier?
How was your exam?
I haven't written any
exam as well as this one.
Where is the question paper?
Errr... there's a breeze that's
seen only in North Kerala...
That breeze must have
swept it away, huh?
- Dear!
- Huh? Who dear?
Oh no!
The Tiger!
Question paper for
the History exam.
Oh! It has a name
and a picture on it, huh?
In which year was
the Charminar built?
Last year?
You donkey!
Who built the Qutub Minar?
Must be some carpenter!
Oh my God!
Oh God!
Mom, brother hasn't
stopped crying.
No point in me saying
anything, really.
It's because he's going after
cinema and theatre, right?
You do this.
Buy him some lentil fritters
from Syed Alawi's shop.
All his problems will vanish
when his tummy is full.
Two lentil fritters!
["This World" directed by
Shakespeare Shekharan]
Hey, watch where you're going!
His damn phone
and his Bluetooth!
His focus is everywhere
but the road!
Sorry, Sir.
These guys drive without
their eyes on the road.
We just had a narrow escape.
What's the name of this person
you're looking for?
Murali Vishwambharan.
When did he go missing?
It's been a while.
I searched for him in
several places.
I didn't get any leads.
This morning,
one of my friends...
saw him leaving after
buying something...
from a grocery shop in a
village near Erode.
By the time we turned the
car around and reached there,
he was nowhere to be found.
Was it the shopkeeper
who gave you the location?
He doesn't know this person...
but he has said
he'll track him down.
I got the location only now.
This missing person...
Who is he to you, Sir?
My closest friend.
Today is December 22nd.
50 years ago,
it was on this very day...
that I met him.
Where did dad go, Grandma?
He has gone somewhere.
He has left?
Tell me what time it is!
From the shadows,
it seems like 4:30 PM.
- 4:30 PM?
- Looking again, it's 5:30 PM.
There he goes!
How was your exam, Venu?
- Excellent!
- Will you pass?
No chance!
[Nalanda Cultural society
presents "This World"]
- Raviyetta!
- Yes.
Can I raise the curtain today?
- I don't mind.
- Okay.
But come only after you've
done your peeing and pooping.
You can't leave in between.
I won't leave!
Where's Shekharettan?
He has been looking at a wire
ever since he arrived.
- Wire?
- Yes. A telegram.
Who sends a telegram from
Tamil Nadu asking for a Sari?
Don't they get Saris over there?
Would it be due to inflation?
The wire came from
Tamil Nadu, right?
Shall we ask a Tamilian?
- Nanu.
- Yes, Shekharetta.
Call Velu from the light
and sound department.
Please check this
dialogue, Nanuvetta.
Velu, what does Sari mean in Tamil?
- Women's garment, Sir.
- That's okay.
Is there any other meaning?
Other meaning for Sari...
Apology, Sir! [in Tamil]
- Apology?
- Shekharetta, it means S-O-R-R-Y.
There's a good
news for all of you.
That scoundrel who
plays the hero in our play...
has absconded!
- He and his bloody apology!
- Shekharetta!
I've been asking you
for so long!
Shall I be the
hero of this play?
I know all the
dialogues by heart.
Okay. Tell me the dialogues
from the last scene.
For decades,
melting away in
the summer sun...
Melting away and?
Melting away...
What was the rest?
It's my misfortune that's
making me do this, boy!
You are the hero in today's play.
But don't utter a single
dialogue in the last scene.
Do whatever you
can with your face.
I'll hit it out of the
park, Shekharetta!
I have no doubt about that.
That's enough!
Get me the dialogues.
I'm the hero.
Today will probably be the biggest
boo-fest of my theatre life.
Should I arrange goons
to shut them up?
No. Even the goons
will boo today.
We'll have to play some
tricks with the music.
Shall we ask Peethambaran to
raise a notch with his harmonium?
He raised a notch
last week in Kottiyoor.
It shattered my heart!
I will have to come up
with an idea.
Shekharan doesn't
have "conference"!
- Aren't you Unni Master's son?
- Yes.
Don't tell my dad that I
came here, Shekharetta!
I won't tell him.
I don't like him.
No one likes him, Shekharetta.
Will you do me a favour?
Yes. I'll do anything
you tell me, Shekharetta.
You should go to
Kunjahammed Sahib's house.
People have come there from
Persia, Kozhikode and Bombay.
- A party is going on there.
- Okay.
There's this guy there who sings and
plays the violin really well, Murali.
- You must get him here.
- Okay.
Just tell him that
Shekharettan is calling him.
You may take the bicycle.
- Okay.
- Go quickly!
Venu, where did you
get the bicycle from?
I don't have time to talk.
Shekharettan has
given me a task.
You don't need us now, right?
Isn't that your guy, Chechi?
Shut up, wretch!
Come on! Come on!
Pour forth the wine,
O' starlet divine
You're the desire
in my heart's shrine
Pour forth the wine,
O' starlet divine
You're the desire
in my heart's shrine
When you grace my lips
O' sweetnectar
I soar to mystic
realms, my dear
Why, despite my longing for you,
do you not draw near?
Wow! Bravo!
Why, despite my longing for you,
do you not draw near?
Why, despite my longing for you,
do you not draw near?
Despite my countless calls,
why do you not appear?
Wow! Marvellous!
When your waves waltz,
my heart's on an overflow
When your waves waltz,
my heart's on an overflow
When your touch eludes,
tears begin to flow
When your waves waltz,
my heart's on an overflow
When your touch eludes,
tears begin to flow
O' night's companion,
O' queen of my heart
Will you come along this way,
play your part?
O' night's companion,
O' queen of my heart
Will you come along this way,
my sweetheart?
Longing for you with all my might,
yet, why's your arrival not in sight?
Longing for you with all my might,
yet, why's your arrival not in sight?
Longing for you with all my might,
yet, why's your arrival not in sight?
Calling you day and night,
yet you stay out of sight
Pour forth the wine,
O' starlet divine
You're the desire
in my heart's shrine
Pour forth the wine,
O' starlet divine
You're the desire
in my heart's shrine
Pour forth the wine,
O' starlet divine
[traditional Moplah song]
This one's grander than
Sahib's previous feast, right?
Who is Murali over here?
Open that door and see
for yourself.
Are you Murali?
Why? Can't I be Murali?
Is his name Murali?
I don't know that.
But he's a top-notch boozer!
Shekharettan asked
me to bring you along.
Oh, no! I am really busy!
I need to drink some Scotch,
down some rum,
and then puke it all out!
So yeah, I'm pretty
occupied, buddy!
It's Shakespeare Shekharettan
who's calling you.
What did he shake?
Shake-Spear Shekharan!
It's a lame joke!
It's a lame joke!
Then why are you
laughing, rascal?
I'm drunk.
I'm drunk too!
Tell that petty bourgeois that
I'm not coming.
You must tell him, okay?
Comrade E.M.S. is also
coming to watch the play.
Hey, hey!
E.M.S. Namboothiripad?
- Sahib, Sahib!
- Yes.
Can you please give
me your car keys?
Slow down, man!
- Is this your first time in a car?
- Huh? Yes!
- Mine too.
- What?
Just kidding.
I haven't brought my bicycle.
Sahib's men will bring it.
- Oh no!
- They have to take this car back, right?
Do you even know
the story of this play?
I've read all of Thanniyoor Bhaskarans
writings, even those he never penned.
- Hey.
- Yes.
Which lighter do you like?
What? Lighter?
Not lighter! I mean, writer!
- Rabindradev.
- Oh, wow!
- Bengali author!
- Yes.
Rabindradev is my favourite as well.
Every time his book releases,
I make sure to
find it and read it.
Go slowly, man!
There are people sitting there!
Shall we run over them?
Do whatever you
want after I get out!
- Where's the gear box?
- Don't throw it away!
Take everything to the stage.
I'll run over them
in reverse!
Shucks! Nobody was hit?
Hold this.
You seem to be sloshed!
Will you be able to do it?
I'll kill it!
I'm still dealing with the
aftermath of what another guy did.
when is E.M.S. coming?
He just stepped down
from power, right?
He will come.
Comrade will come back!
You come with me now.
You're swaying.
Should I hold you?
Soap, comb, mirror!
Soap, comb, mirror!
are you cross with me?
Don't talk to me.
You are a liar.
What liar?
- Do you know what this is?
- What is it?
- Dangling bangle!
- Who's going to wear it?
Give me your hand.
I'll be going to Persia
after a few days.
You'll go to Persia and...?
In Persia...
I'll make plenty of money.
When you make plenty of
money, will you forget me?
How can I forget you?
[singing a famous Malayalam
song composed by M.S. Baburaj]
Where are you off to,
To your wife's house!
I shouldn't have asked!
I really shouldn't have!
- Isn't that enough?
- That's enough for today.
[singing a famous Malayalam
song composed by M.S. Baburaj]
Singing Babukka's song while rowing
the boat through the Eranholi river...
is an amazing feeling!
[singing a tune]
Sahib brought this when
he came from London.
This item is not available in India.
Whenever I come up
with a tune in my mind,
I can record it on this
- Murali.
- Yes.
Can't you go to Madras...
to compose movie songs?
On a coal train that rushes out in a cloud
of smoke, why don't I head to Madras?
What's the point in making
songs for somebody else?
Just like how it is abroad,
I must create songs
on my own terms.
You don't have the courage to
leave this place and its people, right?
The ones who are around us...
are our strength, aren't they?
wherever you go,
a crowd will follow you.
Your strength does not lie in
this place or its people.
are a fan of M.S. Baburaj, right?
Who doesn't like
Babukka's songs?
If he hadn't boarded a train
from Kozhikode to Madras,
could we have sat on
this boat today,
listening to this
masterpiece of his?
You just have to get out there.
Careful when you get out.
Don't fall down.
Murali! Your coat!
I don't know whose it is.
Keep it.
- See you!
- See you!
The next time I saw him...
was after two years,
while I was doing my
second year of pre-degree.
Do you remember me?
Have we boozed together?
[singing M.S. Baburaj's famous song]
- Do you study here?
- Yes.
Well, can't say I'm studying here.
I just show up and
mark my attendance.
Your Principal
is my neighbour.
Rabindradev's new book
has arrived in your library here.
I've come to ask if there's
any way I could get it.
Is it?
In that case, let me
search for it in the library.
- I can also read it, right?
- As you wish.
- Mr. Pillai!
- Shush!
- Hey.
- Yes.
Why didn't you inform me that
Rabindradev's book has arrived?
To inform you,
are you my father or what?
A first year Malayalam student
took it as soon as it arrived.
What's the name
of the student?
I don't know.
Won't you know if you
check this register?
- Yes.
- Check it and tell me then!
So, you know the name
without checking, huh?
- Yes, I do!
- Bloody....
- I may get the book today, right?
- Let's try asking.
- Hey, Venu.
- Yes.
Vijayan Master
was looking for you.
What's the status of the
college magazine article?
Oh! You write too?
Of course! He's the big
shot playwright here!
Hey, can you take Murali to the
classroom of Annie from first year?
- There? To Annie's class?
- Yes.
- Give this book to Vijayan Master.
- Okay.
- Come.
- Hey!
Are you guys twinning?
From Balettan's shop, right?
Everyone gets the same one.
Up next is the song,
"Why this union?", sung by Balram.
If you're done reading
the book you have,
could you please give it to me?
My name is Murali.
I'm a friend of Venu,
the young writer of this college.
I'll finish reading it by tonight.
Is it okay if I hand it
over to Venu tomorrow?
I share your eagerness to
get my hands on the novel
and start reading
as soon as it arrives.
I'm not patient enough to wait.
If you could give
me your address,
and if I have your permission,
I shall come to your
house tonight and get it.
I swear on my mother,
I'm not a stalker.
If you take the by-road
near Manayoor pond,
and come straight,
you'll see stone steps
on the right side.
If you come there at 8:30 PM,
I will give you the book.
There are no stalking
wolves there.
But there are snakes.
Where are you off to at night?
To Rajasthan.
- Go and return quickly.
- Okay.
What is it, Grandpa?
Get me the betel
leaves and tobacco.
Here you go.
Always say, "See you soon".
See you soon!
Why this union?
As springtime yields its grace
And summer's sun takes its rightful place
Desires, with an intensity newfound,
Mysterious and profound
Why this union?
Secrets entwine,
Roots deep-seated, in hearts they define
Flames dance,
impatiently they shine
Once you finish reading it,
hand it over to Venu.
Are you saying that we
shouldn't meet again?
I never said that, did I?
I mean, see you soon!
That was the
beginning of a romance.
After that, Murali started
visiting our college often,
under the pretext of meeting me.
But the one he met...
and had endless
conversations with,
was Annie!
An accident had claimed
the lives of Annie's parents.
She lived with her older sister
and brother-in-law.
Given the family's passion
for literature and music,
Murali became their
favourite in no time.
Annie was a fan of Victor Hugo,
the French writer.
Murali got the Malayalam translation
of a novel written by him
delivered from Kozhikode to Thalassery
Railway Station via Mangalapuram Mail.
So, this hasn't
been published yet?
- It hasn't been published.
- Oh!
An officer from
Kozhikode Radio Station...
has translated it to Malayalam.
That's nice. A handwritten novel,
just like a handwritten magazine.
- Hey, Venu!
- Yes.
There's a small problem.
- What?
- It doesn't have the last chapter.
Are you sure?
I have read the English version.
I remember it.
The last chapter is missing!
This is like the power going off when
a movie is approaching its climax.
The one who sent this is
in for a thrashing from me.
If it's not complete,
shouldn't he inform me?
I had promised Annie that
I'll give it to her tomorrow.
Narrate the story to me!
What for?
Will you write the rest?
Well, I can try!
Won't that be trickery?
We can trick only the ones
we love, right?
Shall we dilute it a
little bit?
Yep, let's dilute
it a little bit!
Let's do it then!
Let's do it!
[Chapter 14]
- Hey, Murali!
- Are you done?
Yes. Catch it!
How is it?
Why don't YOU go to Madras?
I can visualize what you've written,
just like watching a movie.
You're cut out for
more than just theatre.
No way!
Movies won't work for me.
What's the point in going to some place
and making movies for someone else?
I can do plays on my own
terms in my own place, right?
You don't have the courage to leave
this place and its people, right?
The ones who are around us
are our strength, aren't they?
There is no shortage
of advice from you.
That's right!
I'll be right there!
Knowing you were coming,
she's been in the kitchen since
morning, to make fish curry.
Does it usually take this
long to make fish curry?
Not at all.
It wasn't until she
became friends with you
that I saw this side of her's.
it was like she was always
hiding something deep down.
When your parents died,
how old was she?
She was nine years old.
When you're showered
with plenty of love,
and when you lose
it all of a sudden,
it's not so easy to handle.
I wish I could shake your
hand and say thanks to you.
You know it's because
I'm unable to, right?
Say it.
Lunch is ready!
Go on.
Tell me how it is.
How did you make
it taste this good?
That's a secret.
You eat it.
We haven't had an
open conversation yet.
But I thought I'll
say it from my side.
I really like you, Annie.
I would like to marry you.
I'm not a rich guy.
But I won't let you starve.
Did I scare you by
bringing up marriage?
Once you complete your studies,
or if you're planning to
get a job, after that...
We can take it slow.
I am ready to wait.
Murali, there's no need for
anything between us.
Please leave now.
What happened, Annie?
When I ask you to leave,
just leave!
I'm not a wimp to leave
when you ask me to!
I've seen what you have
for me, in your eyes.
Tell me the reason!
[humming a romantic Hindi song]
Thank you.
Earlier, while
working in Bombay,
I had danced with an actress
to this song at a party.
Don't bluff.
Yeah, right!
Danced, it seems!
- Shall I show you?
- Show me.
Well, I can't dance alone.
I'll join you then!
[singing a romantic Hindi song]
Annie, may I...
kiss you?
What we had between us....
What was that then?
It was a beautiful
escape from my reality.
Your elder sister...
That poor thing is lying
there unaware of all this!
Is that why you slept with him?
What's this union for,
why combine?
Secrets wound, roots intertwine,
In hearts, they embed, malign
Flames rage in fatal attraction,
In impatience, they pine
Oh, Murali!
You were here?
After that, I didn't see
Murali for some time.
When I enquired in his home-town,
no one knew where he was.
No clue where he is.
He has always been that way.
When his mind is hurt,
he just disappears.
Just as he disappeared now.
Right, Sir?
When was the next
time you saw him?
Who is Venu here?
There's a letter for you.
During the interval,
go and collect it
from the staff room.
You've begun getting letters
from the first day itself, huh?
Boarding a coal train that
rushes out in a cloud of smoke,
shall we head to Madras?
If you bunk my class
on the first day itself,
don't think you can
ever come back here!
Sir, I'm leaving not just
this class, but this town itself!
- Where to?
- Madras!!
You are destined to doom!
Thank you, Sir!
As soon as I read it,
I didn't think twice.
- I left immediately.
- That's good.
Hey, we're going to stay
at a lodge in Kodambakkam.
People who do ground work
in cinema hang out there.
It'll be easy to get
acquainted with many.
What's the name of this lodge?
Swami's Lodge!
I've got money...
I've got enough money to
cover the rent for 2-3 months.
I have also taken enough
money for immediate expenses.
If we walk 30 minutes
from the lodge,
we can reach most of the studios
where film shoots and
song recordings happen.
We may be...
able to do something, right?
Let's knock on all doors.
One of them will open.
We will work our
way up from there.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Long live M.G.R.!
[crowd raising slogans for M.G.R.]
- That's Swami's Lodge!
- There it is!
Why have you left me alone to
clean this mess? Hey, Senthil!
Where did he go?
Who are you?
- Who are you?
- Brother, where is Swami?
Here I am, scrubbing.
I am Swami.
He's the one.
- Can we get a room here?
- What room?
- Kunjahammed Sahib...
- What?
Oh! You're the one
Sahib told me about?
Chetta, are you a Malayali?
South Indian.
I know 5-6 languages.
You've come to try your
luck in the movies, right?
Yes, yes.
Half of the screwballs
come here for that.
And you've brought the rains
along with you from Kerala!
Today is a very good day.
M.G.R. has been sworn in as the
Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu today.
Very lucky day...
for M.G.R.!
Did you see M.G.R.'s
cut-out over there?
- Yes.
- There's a water tap near it.
If you drink water from it,
you can become a super hit.
Actor Prem Nazir Sir
drank it five times.
The great actor, Sathyan Master
drank it three times.
Actor Adoor Bhasi
drank it four times.
Joshiy is coming tomorrow.
- You want a room, right?
- Yes.
Where is the key?
Was he counting while
they were drinking?
Seems to be an expert at
cooking up stories.
Come here, Senthil!
- Coming, Boss!
- They need a room.
- Give them the key.
- Okay, Boss.
The room is upstairs.
All rooms are comfortable.
There's water leakage in
all of them. Go happily.
Do you have towels?
- Yes.
- I don't have it.
Give it.
I'll take it.
Once you become a superstar,
don't forget me.
My name is Swaminathan.
Well, forget it.
Is this rain water
or toilet water?
It stinks!
How is this place?
It's a superb place, Sir.
It's like a magnet for madcaps!
- Is there Ayurvedic treatment here?
- Sir! Mental cases, Sir! Mental!
There's a guy in this room.
He has come here from Mettupalayam
to try his luck in movies.
He utters Shivaji Ganesan's
lines from morning till night
and tortures us, Sir.
There's a guy in this room.
He always catches the cigarette
with his mouth like this.
But he's a good guy.
He has a unique style!
And then there's another
guy in that room
who works as a reporter
in a movie magazine.
He is always on dope!
- Must be an intellectual, right?
- Of course! Of course!
By the way, in our lodge,
we only have common toilets.
They will be neat,
but won't have latches.
Latch means?
Lock, lock!
- Oh!
- Oh God!
Beware! Anyone
can enter any time.
So, wear underwear
when you have a bath.
Did he ask us to wear
underwear while bathing?
- Yes.
- No need. Let's buy a lock.
- Everything is set.
- Okay.
Shall I leave?
Oh! Just a minute.
10 paise.
Buy and eat whatever you like.
Do that, okay?
Bloody misers!
Did I chatter non-stop for this?
Did he just say
that we're misers?
Do you doubt that?
I don't doubt it.
Can't you see that
I'm cleaning here?
Is that his Mom?
Wait! I'll ask the
boss to fire you!
Then your boss will have to
sweep this place! Get lost!
Come on, drink it!
O' ballads of life,
come draw near
This way,
let's move without fear
In search,
with hearts sincere
The bright future's
already here
This path we choose,
without fear
Victory's anthem,
in our hearts, we revere
O' ballads of life,
come draw near
- Can you write in Malayalam?
- Yes, Sir.
But the article won't
come out in your name.
The byline will be mine.
I'll give you a share
of the fees I receive.
That's okay, Sir.
Could you... get me a chance
to work in the movies?
How did it go?
I can't climb so high, Sir.
It's too risky.
I won't do that.
Then why are you taking money?
P.R.O. Arumai Prakash
asked me to come here.
Can I get some job here?
Tell Arumai that I'll consider
during the next movie.
- Arumai! Bloody idiot!
- Sir! Sir!
I don't want any money, Sir.
Please give me a chance.
Hey! Didn't I say we'll see in
the next film? Get lost!
- Hey, you! Stop!
- Sir.
Will you work without pay?
I will, Sir.
Good. Hey, moron!
What are you doing there?
Get out!
Hey! Get lost!
I'm saying this from my heart.
You'll be doomed!
My pleasure!
- Do you know carpentry?
- If you show me how to do it, I'll do it.
- You'll have to hammer nails.
- I'll hammer anyone, Sir.
You need not hammer anyone.
Will you hammer nails?
- I will, Sir.
- Go inside!
That's not how you do it.
Slam it like this.
Do it.
Oh no! Sorry!
Did he like it?
Sir, I'm a violinist.
Can I get a chance?
Get lost, man!
I can even give you
some money, Sir.
Don't you understand, you idiot?
It's okay!
No need!
Stop it!
Do you think I came here from
Neyyattinkara to eat nougats?
I'll grab his foot and
smash him to the ground!
Hey, hey, hey!
You composer!
What's with the bows in the hands
of those three guys?
Won't they touch the strings?
- Will the violins get pregnant if they touch it?
- Hey, he found out!
I'll even give your Dad
a run for his money!
If you do fraud jobs and
try to steal money,
you'll see my true colours!
You do this.
Throw these three dummies out.
And within ten minutes,
bring in guys who actually
know how to play the strings.
Get out!
- Brother!
- Yes!
Do you know how to
play the violin?
- Yes.
- Thank God!
Come fast.
Thank you!
This is the hand of an artist.
Huge success is coming
your way soon!
- Hey, Venu!
- Yes.
- Come. Let's go.
- Alright, Grandpa!
Bye, Murali!
See you in the evening!
Son, take good care of him.
You both can achieve
great heights together.
But if ever a problem occurs
between the two of you...
There will never be any
problem between us.
If it stays that way,
that's good!
In times to come,
as foretold
Great rhythms fill,
precious as gold
On the paths you tread,
Where tears are shed
Remain aflame, ahead,
Like a fire, strong and spread
O' ballads of life,
come draw near
This way,
let's move without fear
In search,
with hearts sincere
The bright future's
already here
Dreams quietly bloom,
unseen, inside
From others' eyes,
they silently hide
With steadfast hearts,
and steps so sure
Day by day,
our path we secure
Let's take to the sky,
on wings we fly
Surging like waves,
under the open sky
As stars, united,
we form a light
To shine together,
forever bright
O' ballads of life,
come draw near
This way,
let's move without fear
In search,
with hearts sincere
The bright future's
already here
This path we choose,
without fear,
Victory's anthem,
in our hearts, we revere
O' ballads of life,
come draw near
This way,
let's move without fear
In search,
with hearts sincere
The bright future's
already here
O' ballads of life,
come draw near
This way,
let's move without fear
In search,
with hearts sincere
The bright future's
already here
- Come on, guys!
- I'm just going to perform a prayer.
Performing a prayer, huh?
It'll be your funeral today!
Come, come!
- Hey, why are you guys doing this?
- Come on, bro!
- Come, come! Fast!
- It's a jolly day!
Hey! Has he started?
He'll start now.
Come quickly and look!
- Take a look!
- Hey! Don't look!
How long have you been
knocking, bloody dogs?
Do you guys eat rice or crap?
Stray dogs! How dare you
show up here and fool around!
Shameless dogs! Is this
your dad's home to knock?
Rotten scoundrels with no shame!
Shameless fellows!
Leave me, you buffalo!
You're getting nothing today!
My hat just fell down!
Come here.
All the movies we've done
here have become super hits.
May your film also
have the same destiny.
Hit him!
Superb, darling!
- My Golden Lub!
- My Lion Cub!
I have to buy a Benz
once the film releases.
What a pathetic film!
Such torture!
Let's have some tea and
go straight to A.M.V.
This is my first production.
I've sold everything except
what I'm wearing.
Will I prosper?
- Super hit, Sir!
- Wow!
Will the movie be a hit?
365 days!
A worldwide blockbuster!
Oh, dear Goddess!
The movie will be a super hit, right?
What is your name, Sir?
Mr. Keshavadev,
from Kamukara.
- I'll pray for you, Sir.
- Thank you!
Thank you!
Shall we pay him 5 extra?
Don't spoil them.
- Right.
- Oh God!
I'll invite you for
the Golden Jubilee.
You must come.
[humming a Malayalam song]
The Veena player!
Both have strings, right?
Have you been to the Keecheri
Palottukavu festival, Sir?
Oh, sorry! I don't travel
much outside Kerala.
This is near
Parassinikkadavu in Kannur.
Is it? What's the
speciality there?
You should see the fireworks
blowing up in the sky, Sir!
Must be a blast, right?
Of course.
But your movie will bomb
with an even louder blast!
Are you mocking me?
Everyone who took money from
you was mocking you, Sir.
I told you the truth.
That's all.
My movie will be a superhit.
It will tank on
the very first day.
It's foolish to make movies,
trusting these bourgeoisie who
wear kurtas, sunglasses and hats.
Talented people
are wandering around here,
without any opportunities.
I can show you so many!
My movie will be a super hit.
Why are you repeating
the same thing?
Your film will bomb!
- Wanna bet?
- Yes!
If my movie tanks, I'll shave
off half my moustache!
If it succeeds, I'll shave
off my entire moustache!
- Bet!
- Bet!
Move your hand!
You move.
It'll be a super hit.
It will bomb!
It will be a super hit.
- It will be a super hit.
- It will be a super-flop!
Cut it!
Hey, Gopi!
- Come, change the screen!
- Coming, Sir!
Hey, come here.
His bloody umbrella!
Give me a massage!
Come on, rub properly!
- Hey! Shameless fellow!
- What are you doing here?
Get lost!
Radhika, dear!
I'm doing my make-up, Sir.
I'm in no hurry.
Take your time, Radhika.
[retro song playing in the background]
Under the 'Predators Films' banner,
I am doing a movie
with a noble message for society.
"Tender Games"
I know, Sir. They had
narrated the story to me.
I'm the one who sent them.
- How's the story?
- Terrible!
Oh, no!
We can make it better.
It's not just that, Sir.
There are some
intimate scenes in it.
I can't do them, Sir.
Why are you talking like this?
Of course, you can do it!
I will help you.
No need, Sir.
- Don't say that.
- Please don't, Sir!
- Everything is for art's sake, right?
- Please don't, Sir!
Leave me, Sir!
Let go of me, Sir!
- Leave me!
- There's no one here, Radhika.
- Just once, for the sake of art!
- Leave me, Sir!
I'll make you a big movie star.
Isn't it all for art's sake, my dear?
Bloody scoundrel!
- I'm an orphan.
- What?
I've never got a
mother's affection
or a father's love.
But I must get you,
come what may!
If you dare come near me...
- I have incurable diseases.
- So what?
- I've already had a cardiac arrest.
- Very good!
I have to do certain
things before I die!
Please cooperate!
Leave me, you dog!
- Just a kiss, Radhika.
- Shameless fellow!
What is this, Radhika?
This is not fair!
- Just a kiss, please!
- Don't beg like this!
- How arrogant are you!
- I said, leave me!
Don't be so
cold-blooded, Radhika!
- Venu!
- Yes?
I'm acting in films only
upon my family's insistence.
I don't wish to continue this.
I am a primary school teacher.
I haven't left my job yet.
You needn't provide for me.
I really like you.
Will you marry me?
Chase her out of here!
Unless you throw
her out of here,
don't expect me to
act in your film!
Kamraj, your entire shoot
got completed this afternoon.
Someone else will
be dubbing for you.
I don't need you anymore.
You can't create a scene here.
Thambidurai, take him
to the hospital quickly!
Look at him
bleeding from his butt!
This one starts
with a piano piece.
Eight to nine bars,
followed by a melody.
[humming a tune]
It's beautiful.
Hey, don't call me Sir.
- What's your name?
- Sir...
Murali, Sir.
Do you wish to be
a composer, Murali?
Sir! Please bless me, Sir!
God bless, God bless!
- Do you drink?
- Eh?
Err... I'll pass.
It's Scotch Whisky.
Oh Lord!
What a fall from grace!
Maybe... I'll have a
couple of drinks, Sir.
Come, Murali.
Composing music
is not a problem, buddy.
Convincing the music
to people is the problem.
What the director likes,
the producer won't.
What the producer likes,
his wife won't like!
If his wife likes the song,
his mistress
will definitely hate it!
Overcoming a thousand
such hurdles,
by the time the song gets out,
I feel like gulping down an entire
bottle and fleeing from here!
I'm not into all this, Indra.
I can't handle the pressures
of the film industry.
What then?
What do you plan to do?
First, I want to become
a music conductor.
Then, straight to Bombay...
to compose Ghazals
on my own terms
and live a peaceful life.
I really envy you.
Your thoughts are so simple.
And your compositions
are even simpler.
What do you lack?
You're doing big films
with big stars, aren't you?
Big stars and their big films! Sigh!
That big star you
just spoke about?
He called me over to
his home yesterday
to compose music.
When I went in, neither the director
nor the producer was there.
There was a group
of his so-called friends.
He made me sit in the centre
and asked me to compose music.
Cigarettes, liquor, weed.
I could even hear women
from the next room.
Amidst all this,
I had to compose music.
I composed twenty
tunes sitting right there.
And he sent me away,
saying he'll call me another day.
Another round?
[Shanmugham Cinema]
- Murali!
- Yes.
The producer who made a
bet with you? Keshavadev?
Yes, yes.
I just watched his movie.
How is it?
There are two opinions
among the audience.
- What?
- Bad and very bad.
Poor chap!
Who is it?
Where are those talented
rascals wandering around...
without opportunities?
Show me at least one guy!
I'll call him right away!
Don't go anywhere, sir.
Ilango brother!
Where is Venu?
There is a Muneeshwaran
Temple nearby, right?
He has gone to the
hostel behind it.
Why there?
Go and see.
You'll know.
Let's roam around
Marina beach and...
I've found a producer.
- What?
- Yes.
- Come!
- Go!
I haven't even completed
the screenplay.
You'll be able to write it.
Narrate the story now.
But... what if he
doesn't like my story?
No way! He'll like
any story you narrate!
You're never gonna find a producer
as foolish as him in this lifetime.
Oh Narayani, my coconut
Your disgusting dimples
This is the director
I told you about, Sir.
- Which movie have you directed?
- He hasn't directed a movie as yet.
Then how did he
become a director?
Err... Well...
You can sit.
You start!
I'll be right back, Sir.
- You can sit.
- All the best!
Bye, Sir.
You can sit.
Sit down!
You may sit.
Okay, Sir.
Which direction should he face while
accepting the advance? East or west?
Accept the advance from whichever
direction it comes from.
Are you sure?
Why does it matter where the
Goddess of Prosperity comes from?
Just grab it!
A deserted, hilly region.
And there, an old
ancestral house.
Hmmm... Low budget!
The kitchen in the old house.
The home maker keeps
a vessel on the stove.
She pours some water into it.
She puts firewood into the stove,
and lights it.
The water boils.
She puts tea powder into it.
Even I know how
to make black tea!
- Narrate the story, will you!
- I will, Sir.
As the tea begins boiling,
from the room inside,
you'll hear a loud, deafening bang!
Who died?
Will he narrate it properly?
He hasn't even
completed the script.
This guy forced
him to narrate it.
- Listen. I have faith in him.
- Who is that?
Looks like he messed up!
Keshavadev's second
movie will be directed by...
- me!
- Hey!
Venu bro has become a director!
Venu, the tap water seems
to have done its trick!
Sir, your moustache?
I shaved it off.
While paying the advance to
the director of a Tamil movie
that's going to be a
hit across South India,
I need to look
dignified, don't I?
- Wait, Sir. Let me take a photo.
- Alright.
Give us a smile, boss!
Smile, bro!
- Come, Murali.
- Hug him tight, bro!
- Do we look good?
- You're going overboard, Boss!
Will you compose the
songs for my movie?
Film industry is
not my thing, buddy.
Moreover, it's your first movie, right?
Let's hire a well-experienced
music director.
And employ the most talented
technicians across all departments.
Then, even as a project,
its value will be greater.
I know all that, dude.
Don't you think that I'll want my movie
to have a song like the ones you compose?
isn't this wrong?
It's my closest friend's first film.
You must stand by him.
If this news comes out,
it will be a huge insult to me.
Once our name is spoilt
in this industry...
No one will know of this.
You have my word.
[humming Murali's tune]
This is enough, Sir.
This is... way beyond
what I expected.
Thank you, Sir.
Thank you so much.
Memories collide
The heart yearns,
riding the tide
Memories rush back
in a fierce embrace
Leaving my soul
in a languished space
With open eyes,
through day or night
I throbbed within,
holding tight
Memories collide
The heart yearns,
riding the tide
Without arriving,
without bestowing
The heart drifts away,
quietly going
Without arriving,
without bestowing
The heart drifts away,
quietly going
- Hey! Your film should be top-class.
- Certainly!
It should be a super hit.
That will make me proud!
This is not just
an ordinary place.
- See you!
- You too!
[Months Later]
Hey, Thamizh!
[Indistinct conversation]
Memories collide
As the heart yearns,
riding the tide
Hey, turn up the volume.
Memories rush back
in a fierce embrace
Leaving my soul
in a languished space
With open eyes,
through day or night
I throbbed within,
holding tight
Memories collide
The heart yearns,
riding the tide
Without arriving,
without bestowing
The heart drifts away,
quietly going
Without arriving,
without bestowing
He has composed
it so beautifully.
The heart drifts away,
quietly going
Memories collide
The heart yearns,
riding the tide
Memories rush back
in a fierce embrace
Leaving my soul
in a languished space
For those memories,
crystal clear
For that fragrance,
I hold dear
Time and again,
my heart yearns to be near
For those memories,
crystal clear
For that fragrance,
I hold dear
Time and again,
my heart yearns to be near
Forgive my flaws, just this once,
come near
Im pining for you,
wish youwouldappear
Everyone gets the same wage.
We can't pay you extra. Get lost.
Pay me what I ask for,
you scoundrel.
- How dare you call me names?
- What?
- You dog!
- What?
- What will you do to me?
- Get lost, you outsider!
- Leave me!
- How dare you call me names?
Wish you would appear
Memories collide
The heart yearns,
riding the tide
Stop, stop!
Murali, you play it.
Memories rush back
in a fierce embrace
Leaving my soul
in a languished space
Memories collide
Leaving my soul
in a languished space
Memories collide
The heart yearns,
riding the tide
It's been many years since I
arrived in Kodambakkam.
I've seen everything here.
For those who
live without discipline,
Kodambakkam is almost
like a Bermuda Triangle.
You may be able to enter.
you'll surely be lost
to never be found.
Hey, brother!
Wow! You look so
different, brother!
- How are you?
- Me?
I'm doing great!
- Where is Swami sir?
- Swami?
He has gone outside.
Your friend is upstairs.
Go see him.
- See you!
- Alright.
I couldn't attend the
preview of your film.
I had a recording session.
That's alright.
- When is the release?
- Soon enough.
I'll watch it in the theatre
on the very first day.
I need to share some good news.
Shall we go to the tea stall?
Yeah! Why not?
Let's go.
How's the tea?
Same as always!
I'm going to marry Radhika.
At your home-town?
I've booked a hall in T Nagar.
If it's here, all the film folks
will be able to attend, right?
Just that my family
will have to come here.
That's right.
Anything you need,
just let me know.
I'm here for everything.
I don't need anything, buddy.
I just need you to get
a hold of your life.
I heard that you got into
a fight at the studio,
got drunk, threw up
and ended up on the road.
My friends told me.
Who are these friends?
Memories collide
I'll come sober
for your wedding.
I... shall cause no trouble to
any of your friends.
The heart yearns,
riding the tide
Damn! Why are we talking like this?
You'll have a lot of people to
invite for your wedding, right?
You better leave.
Come on.
- See you.
- You too.
To Indradhanush?
Why did you give
your song to him?
He was here during
his beginning stages.
Do you know how many
musicians he has cheated?
He'll talk ill about
the film industry.
He'll say that working
here is hell,
and then he'll offer cash.
He'll shamelessly copy
other people's music,
and release it as his own.
he never asked me for my song.
Why does he have to ask you?
You gave him the song
even before that, right?
He knows how to
manipulate everyone.
And now, the entire town
is singing your song!
That's your baby!
And you sold it off, didn't you?
Aren't you ashamed?
Can I talk to you for a minute?
You gave me this song
voluntarily, didn't you?
And you're the one who asked me
to release it in my name, right?
So now, how can I admit
that this is your song?
I don't want any
credit for this.
No one needs to know this,
except him.
Only Venu has to know.
Venu is not just your friend.
He's the director
of my movie as well.
If he gets to know, the entire
industry will come to know.
I can't handle that.
I've reached here after years
of hardship and battles.
This name and fame...
I'm not ready to lose them.
Are you going to create an issue?
- Very well! Do it, then.
- Sir...
I'm not here to
cause any trouble.
In his eyes, I'm just
an alcoholic now.
And I can't bear it.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Why are you making a fuss?
This is just one song.
Just one bloody song!
You're someone who
knows music, right?
Go, make another song.
Listen, Murali!
Not just to your friend,
you need to prove who you are,
to the whole world.
You can do it!
Go, make a new song.
[doorbell rings]
Were you asleep?
Why are you here at this hour?
I want to talk to you.
You seem to be really drunk!
Don't you know that
I'm a drunkard?
Haven't your... friends
told you about me?
Radhika, you're here?
If they know that you're living
together before marriage,
your family will go crazy.
Murali, leave and
come back tomorrow.
you may go inside.
I shall leave after
talking to my friend.
Didn't I tell you that
you can talk tomorrow?
Go inside, Radhika.
She didn't like it one bit!
What do you have to say?
I shall...
I shall compose the songs...
for your next movie.
Wasn't it your great wish...
that I should compose
a song for your movie?
I shall compose all the
songs for your next movie.
let's discuss it tomorrow.
Why leave it for tomorrow?
You tell me the situations.
I'll give you the songs.
After a hectic run
for my film's release
and inviting people for the
wedding, we just got to bed.
I'm exhausted.
- Let's meet tomorrow.
- Buddy...
I don't need that much time.
Just give me five minutes.
You tell me the situation,
and I'll compose the song. Don't
you know how quickly I make music?
You come with me.
Sit down.
Okay, tell me the situation.
Tell me!
Let's finish this quickly!
- I'll tell you.
- Yeah, go ahead.
With their hearts full of dreams,
two friends come to
a sprawling city.
And one of them
sees success after success...
and reaches great heights.
And the other...
with his life in shambles,
hits rock bottom.
they drift apart.
Finally, on a wretched night,
they find themselves in a fight
and ultimately part ways.
This is the situation.
Now, compose a song.
Compose it.
Compose it, I say!
When your fingers
touch the harmonium,
dimwits may cheer you on
like frogs in a well, back home.
But this isn't
your Koothuparamba.
This is Madras.
From the cooks working at
Directors' Colony...
to the Godfathers of this industry,
everyone here is an artist!
This city is an
endless sea, Murali.
You're not even a
tiny drop here!
Then what the hell makes you
this arrogant, you loser?
Seriously, what do you even
possess, to be so arrogant?
Do I need to ask you to get out?
This one begins
with a piano piece.
8 to 9 bars,
followed by a melody.
[humming the tune of "Memories collide"]
Swami, is he upstairs?
I am a bit late, aren't I?
Forgive my flaws, just this once,
come near
Hey! Hey!
Get out.
- Leave me.
- Hey, you idiot!
- That's my song!
- It's not yours! It's his song!
I haven't cheated anyone.
You've ruined our friendship!
Leave me!
Bloody dog!
- That's my song.
- Leave me!
I haven't cheated anyone.
Leave me.
- I will show you what I can do!
- Get lost.
I'll see to it that you suffer!
I'll throw you out
of this industry!
Scoundrel! How dare you
lay your hands on me!
You're still a bloody amateur!
I've given you such a big
hit, you ungrateful dog!
Hey, Pandya! Start the vehicle.
For a few years after that,
I had no idea about
Murali's whereabouts.
I got married to Radhika.
My first film became a super hit.
Many films that followed
also became super hits.
At some point,
I started losing
hold of myself.
My movies got
worse and worse.
Even before the mid-90s,
my film career...
came to an end.
In the meantime,
haven't you met,
or spoken to Murali?
I did speak to him...
in 1989.
I will never forget that night.
Mr. Venu Koothuparamban!
You must've recognised
my voice, huh?
I watched one of
your films today.
A screwed-up movie!
Though I said "screwed-up",
you know what I mean, right?
Didn't you tell me once...
about frogs in the well?
Today, you are that same frog that relishes
being in the midst of yes-men in Madras!
You do one thing.
Head straight to
Directors' Colony.
Bharathan, or the likes may
be staying there.
Head over there
and slave away in their kitchen.
And while you're cooking,
be sure to keep the kitchen door
slightly open.
So that you can listen to
sensible directors
discussing about the
evolving Malayalam Cinema...
and learn something from them!
And if you can't even do that...
Hasn't your dad bought
30 cents of land in Pattiam?
Go, break your back
tilling that dirt!
After that phone call,
for several years, there was
absolutely no contact between us.
Last year, I had come to Kochi
to receive aid arranged
by the association
for my wife's medical treatment.
That's when I noticed the room
boy at the lodge I was staying in,
passing by, after getting
a tape recorder repaired.
Since I had seen a
similar tape recorder...
up close for several years,
I noticed it.
A little later,
I heard someone playing
the violin from a distance.
A tune that I've heard before.
Many years ago,
I had heard the same tune while travelling
on a boat through the Eranholi River.
I heard that exact tune,
with not even a
single note altered.
Years later!
We've reached the location.
That's the house.
Forgive my flaws, just this once,
come near
I'm pining for you,
wish youwouldappear
Forgive my flaws, just this once,
come near
I'm asking you again today,
come before me, appear
Memories collide
As the heart yearns,
riding the tide
Memories rush back
in a fierce embrace
Leaving my soul
in a languished space
Memories collide
Leaving my soul
in a languished space
Memories collide
As the heart yearns,
riding the tide
aren't dead, yet?
You haven't changed
one bit, you scoundrel!
[Years Later]
Venu Brother!
How are you, Brother?
I am Senthil!
Senthil from Swami's lodge.
- Where is Murali?
- He has left, Brother.
- Where did he go?
- Near Salem,
there's a village
named Karpagam.
He has gone there.
For nearly three months,
he was with me.
He was trying to land a job
as a music teacher somewhere.
Just yesterday,
he got a call from
Karpagam Music Society.
So, he left early in the morning.
Is he not here?
No, let's head to Salem.
Is he touring the whole
state of Tamil Nadu?
You had paused at the point...
where the two of
you had reunited.
I'll tell you the rest.
That day,
it was my ego
that took me to Bombay...
to become a music director.
Knocked on many doors...
But when some Madrasi who doesn't
know the language knocks...
who's going to open the door?
Finally, at Mehboob studio...
I got an opportunity to meet
music director Ali Zafar.
Until the '93 bomb blasts,
I was with him, in Bombay.
As his assistant,
as a music conductor and so on.
After the bomb blasts,
Ali Zafar left Bombay for good
and headed straight back...
to his home-town...
in West Bengal.
And I went along with him.
Near Katra Mosque,
we started a music institute.
We taught music
to a lot of people.
Some of them became
popular musicians...
and some of them,
music directors.
And you?
After all these years,
why have you come back here?
A week ago,
while I was in Kolkata,
I had seen you on TV.
Venu Koothuparamba...
Lifetime Achievement
And the Lifetime Achievement
award goes to...
Venu Koothuparamba!
Is Mr. Venu Koothuparamba here?
Where are the superstars
you said would show up?
Chechi, can I also have a
Lifetime achievement award?
Stop it, you woman!
Bringing unknown old chaps
and conning us, huh?
When the credits read, "Written and
Directed by Venu Koothuparamba",
the entire theatre used to erupt
in applause, back in the day.
What happened to you after that?
I got stuck amidst the flatterers.
Success went to my head.
I did wish to make a
comeback as my old self.
But that never happened.
As I failed time and again,
my golden, victorious past...
has been forgotten by people.
To show the world
who you really are,
there's an inherent
power within you.
Your writing talent is not
something to be buried away.
You must unearth it once again!
We're long past our days, right?
This world belongs
to the youth now.
This is their time, isn't it?
We don't have to give exclusive
rights of anything to anyone, Venu.
This world belongs to each
and every person who's alive.
It's been many years
since I finished writing these.
I take them along with me,
wherever I go.
Try reading all three of them.
Where are we going now?
An old friend of ours
has passed away.
We are on our way to his house.
Who is it?
To the Emperor of....
- Co...
- Condolences.
But... is he a Malayali?
A pure Malayali.
To become successful in Tamil movies,
he was acting
like a Tamilian.
He was such a fortunate man.
Will artists like him
be born ever again?
Songs like "Memories"...
Will anyone else be
able to compose them?
That's my song...
Where were you when he
was awarded the Padma Shri?
I was in a bar.
I spent a whole day...
and a night there.
God makes the wicked
flourish like a palm tree!
I'm feeling a bit hungry.
On our way back,
let's stop at Lakshmi Amma's shop,
and have Sambar Rice.
So many wreaths for him?
All these should
have been yours.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, Venu...
-Isn't that...
What to do!
Human life is so unpredictable.
All the scoundrels
are here, huh?
Hi, hello!
Do you recognize me?
- No.
- I am Poduval, the legislator.
A man who lived only for
the sake of art, right?
- Everything is for art, isn't it?
- Definitely.
Is she your daughter?
No, my wife.
- What's your name?
- Kala (art).
Oh, Namaste.
Let me go and pay my respects.
I'm feeling unwell.
- Kametta, one selfie please.
- Move aside, you.
I'm really sick!
I am a huge fan of yours, Sir.
Son, I think you've
got the wrong person.
No, Sir.
I am... an assistant
director in the movies.
- Pradeep.
- Oh.
I've watched your old movies, Sir.
I am a huge fan.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
Take a photo if you want to.
No, Sir.
We're here for a funeral, right?
- A photo wouldn't be appropriate.
- Son...
I wasn't telling you.
It's been really long since
you've met a fan, right?
Quickly take a photo with him.
Who knows when you'll
get such a chance again?
How do you know Indradhanush?
I am his fan, Sir.
Especially of his song,
Who else is here to do such
brilliant compositions again?
There's no one else here.
How about we take that photo?
Memories collide
The heart yearns,
riding the tide
Didn't you find any
other song to sing?
When I stand here,
only this song comes to mind, Sir.
This one song is enough...
to remember this legend, right?
- Are you going to Ernakulam?
- Yes, Sir.
We are also headed there.
- Come, join us.
- Thank you, Sir.
Pradeep, who are
you working with?
I am with Pothettan, Sir.
Who's this Pothu?
Well.... Dileesh Pothan.
Oh, Dileesh Pothan.
Before that, I was Syam Pushkaran's
script assistant.
-In films like "Kumbalangi Nights".
Son.... could you
please read this script,
and tell us your opinion?
It's almost a 3-hour
drive to Ernakulam, right?
Who wrote this, Sir?
It's Venu's.
Sure, I'll read it right away.
Listen, this is my favourite script
among all the ones you've written.
The new generation
will also like it.
I am sure about that.
[singing a song from
the movie "Neram"]
The first four to five scenes after the
interval, were classic cringe material!
Do you mean that it's good, Son?
You'll be booed
all over Kerala.
Oh, no.
So, what do we do now?
You'll have to rewrite
all the dialogues.
We can do everything
that's necessary.
How is the script, overall?
It's an ultimate
feel good story, Sir.
The way the scenes flow...
is outstanding.
It's a film meant for
the movie theatres!
Will the young generation like it?
Sir, if the movie is good, it will
work for both old and young alike.
If the output turns
out to be good,
Malayalis will flock
theatres in huge numbers.
The line producer of my previous film
had given me an advance of 3 Lakhs....
to make a film.
He wants to do it
this year itself.
My script isn't ready yet.
If I tell him that
I like this script
and that I'm working as
an associate on this,
he may agree to
produce this film.
If that's the case, why don't
you have a word with him?
But I am a bit sceptical.
Sir, I'm saying this without
considering your seniority.
Don't feel offended.
You must not
consider the seniority.
You can tell us anything.
In case he gets an impression that two old
men are spinning yarns in their old age,
he won't do this movie.
But he is a filthy rich Great Gatsby
who likes to show off.
If you can stage a cheap show
to blow his mind,
he will fall for it.
What do you mean by
this "cheap show", son?
How can I explain the meaning
of cheap show to you, Venu Sir?
I think, I've understood.
I knew it.
You... transfer that advance
to my account.
For what?
To flee with it?
Venu Sir has told me that
you are an expert at fleeing.
At this age,
where can I flee to?
Didn't you just mention that...
Yes. We have to
stage that, right?
-Then transfer the money soon.
Do you need the full amount?
- Where's the director?
- He will be here soon, Sir.
You mean, I should wait?
He'll be here in five minutes.
Okay, whatever.
I have a security agency in Dubai.
It's called Fearless
Security Services.
So... So, what was our movie's title,
some "Life shit", right?
"Ballads of Life".
Yeah, right!
Too cringey.
How about we add my
company's title to it...
and make it,
"Fearless Ballads of Life"?
That will be cringe overload.
Let's skip it then.
I am getting a new logo done,
with my face on it...
for Fearless Cinemas...
We can keep that, right?
We can chop off the head
and keep the rest.
That's okay.
That will do.
Where? Where is everyone?
Sir, they'll be here
in five minutes.
Call them, no?
- They will be here soon.
- Well, I can't...
stand the heat in here.
This tropical climate...
doesn't suit me.
Sir, you just have to
take off your sweater.
It's not a sweater.
It's a cardigan.
You won't understand all that.
Call them. Ask them to come soon.
Or should we go there?
- Coming soon!
- Let's go there.
- No, they'll come.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- Alright.
Have you reached?
Man, immigration clearance
isn't as simple as it was earlier.
Send it on our ship.
That's much safer.
Sir! That's the director...
and the music director.
What is this? An old age
home's anniversary celebration?
They are all
talented oldies, Sir.
Guess we'll have to put condolences up
on the screen before the thanks card.
Don't say that!
What if they die
in the middle of shoot?
They won't die like that, Sir.
How can you be sure?
- Sir, you come with me.
- Well...
Why don't we make them do a full
body check-up before the recording?
We can do that, Sir.
This old hag dressed in a
Churidar is doing the music?
- That's a man, Sir.
- How can you say that?
I know, that's why.
Oh, yeah, he has a beard.
The fire within me,
burning with might
Brings dew drops down,
sparkling and light
This is how we used to
record songs back in the day.
Instrument players...
and singers,
performing together.
Shall we record our movie's songs...
like this?
The first movie of
Fearless Cinemas...
must be like this.
This is how it's going to be!
Let's record the music
of all our movies like this.
Can we get this
studio for all our movies?
The fire within me,
burning with might
Brings dew drops down,
sparkling and light
From a bloom of pain,
so pure and devout
Honey streams,
sweetly spreading about
Watching rain's embrace,
so tight
The summer dragonfly
hums with delight
These moments,
these good times we find
Become silk threads,
With the past in tow,
not evading
Lets seize the present,
no delaying
Spinning futures with dreams,
This music,
this song so bright
O' world,
lend your ears tonight
Time's gift, a magic so free,
This music within me
The fire within me,
burning with might
Brings dew drops down,
sparkling and light
From a bloom of pain,
so pure and devout
Honey streams,
sweetly spreading about
Watching rain's embrace,
so tight
The summer dragonfly
hums with delight
These moments,
these good times we find
Become silk threads,
The fire within me,
burning with might
Brings dew drops down,
sparkling and light
From a bloom of pain,
so pure and devout
Honey streams,
sweetly spreading about
Watching rain's embrace,
so tight
The summer dragonfly
hums with delight
These moments,
these good times we find
Become silk threads,
With the past in tow,
not evading
Lets seize the present,
no delaying
Spinning futures with dreams,
This music,
this song so bright
O' world,
lend your ears tonight
Time's gift, a magic so free,
This music within me
The fire within me,
burning with might
Brings dew drops down,
sparkling and light
From a bloom of pain,
so pure and devout
Honey streams,
sweetly spreading about
Watching rain's embrace,
so tight
The summer dragonfly
hums with delight
These moments,
these good times we find
Become silk threads,
Another gold raid in Kerala.
Movie producer Alex Mathew
under arrest.
Middle East businessman
and the owner of Fearless Entertainments,
Alex Mathew has been
arrested by the Police, moments ago.
Let go of my hand!
Why do you keep saying
that this is smuggling?
I brought the gold with the help
of all the officers in the airport,
through a proper green channel.
Do you even realize the
seriousness of what you're stating?
Fatso, do you even know
what a green channel is?
Who took you into
the Police force?
I... I smuggled a few...
gold biscuits, proudly!
Is that the problem here?
Nurses are underpaid here...
Fishermen's tears
go unnoticed...
I'll expose you and
your government.
The cabinet will
go to the dogs!
What do we do now?
Sir, the set work and
purchasing haven't begun yet.
And the actors are all newcomers.
We haven't confirmed them yet.
Shall we put this
film on hold for now?
But I'll try to find a producer
at the earliest.
Huh? Isn't that enough?
I said that only because all of
them were there, Pradeep.
Who is going to invest
in this project now?
Not just that...
Such an elderly director...
making a movie with newcomers...
In the last 20 years,
can you show me even one such
movie that's become a hit?
Tell me!
Are you heading back
to your home town?
I haven't decided yet.
- See you.
- Okay.
See you.
Sorry, Sir.
I wasn't aware of the
producer's shady background.
It's okay.
You were only trying to help me.
Thank you, Pradeep.
Remember the last time we met?
A week after that,
I moved into a hostel.
I never set foot into
that house again.
The one who took care
of me and my education...
was a nun at the
convent, Sister Mary.
She... is the one who
got me married as well.
He runs a media company.
He has a movie
theatre business too.
We are settled here.
Two girls.
One is in Canada,
and the other one
is in Bangalore.
How about your family, Murali?
I don't...
have a family or kids, Annie.
Do you...
ever think of me?
This is Annie.
What is it, Annie?
I'll pass the phone
to my husband.
Hi, Murali.
I am Annie's husband...
- Namaste, John.
- Your movie got shelved, right?
Call the director
and the crew back.
A friend of mine is interested
in producing your movie.
He'll get there by
tomorrow morning.
We have found a producer.
Turn the vehicle around!
Thank you.
Keshavadev Sir?
Not Keshavadev.
Jayan Keshavadev.
The stories behind the super hit
movies you directed for my dad...
I have heard them
plenty of times...
even until just
before he passed away.
And today, when you are in need,
if I don't stand by you,
what's the point in saying that
Keshavadev is my father?
- Shall we begin?
- Yaay!
[everyone cheering]
Let's minimize the
set-work on the movie...
and shoot the indoor scenes
in actual locations.
We may have to
work multiple shifts.
But if we stay united as a team,
we can make it work.
But that didn't work.
I guess not.
The assistant directors, camera assistants,
costume assistants
and art assistants...
of this movie will
be paid salaries.
On top of that, they will also get an
additional daily allowance of 1000.
[everyone cheering]
But... but...
to get this extra allowance,
apart from the scenes
charted for each day,
you must complete at least
two additional scenes.
- Sure, we will.
- Yeah, that's the spirit. Great!
If we complete two
additional scenes daily?
The shoot will be completed
ten days before schedule.
That way, Jayan can
save at least 30 Lakhs.
So, what's the harm in giving
some extra allowance?
He is not like his dad.
He is very sharp!
Must have been raised
by his mom.
Jimmy jib, track and trolley...
Let's skip all the fancy equipment.
All we need is a good gimbal
without any stability issues.
This camera works
in low light, right?
Yeah, it will work in low light.
- But won't work if there's no light.
- Eh?
I watched around 30 odd movies that
released in the past four years.
All the good music directors
are doing the same thing.
They take traditional music...
and blend it beautifully with
different genres of western music.
I am also going to
do the same.
But in a different way.
In my own style.
O' ballads of life,
draw near
In this moment,
The luminous dream you chase
Is right here, in this place
O' ballads of life,
draw near
In this moment,
The luminous dream you chase
Annie's husband seems
to be pretty strong.
If he finds that you're
up to any mischief,
he'll knock the living
daylights out of you.
Don't talk rubbish!
How could you think of
such things at this age?
I sense great chemistry
brewing between the two of you...
If I ever feel it's
getting out of hand...
If you do?
I'll inform John that what's happening
here is not composing, but flirting.
Pradeep, give her a break.
Let's go.
If we use only newcomers,
it won't be financially viable.
I'm not asking for big stars.
An actor who's famous enough to
generate some kind of business.
That's necessary!
We'll listen to the story.
But... the payment
should be perfect.
Two Crores?
His last four movies
bombed, right?
Please bring it down.
The construction of
his house is going on.
Do you have anything like KGF?
I want to keep fighting
from start to finish.
Oh, Pan-Indian!
I'll inform you when
I get one. Okay?
- Did you get him?
- I'll get one soon.
- He's not doing movies this year.
- Oh no! What happened?
He's off to the Himalayas.
He can do it when he
comes down, right?
Once he's back from the
mountains, he's off to Europe.
- Where is he now?
- On top of some rocky hill.
There's no network
coverage over there.
These guys!
What is it, Saji?
My dear sir, instead of acting,
some dudes are just out
there hiking the mountains!
Do they even have a life?
What's wrong with these guys?
Here, I can't even
climb the stairs.
And they are off
to the Himalayas!
Can't they just work
and make a living?
Venu Sir!
Only one guy is available now.
He's a good actor.
But his last six or seven
movies have bombed.
He can fetch decent
satellite sales.
His overseas market
is also okay.
What is his name?
Nithin Molly.
What is he like to work with?
He won't cause
any headache, Sir.
He's a good guy. Sometimes he
gets angry and leaves the set,
but if we get the association to
call him, he returns immediately.
Nithin Molly.
Molly must be his Mom, right?
His full name is
Nithin Mulanthuruthy.
It was Mulanthuruthy that
eventually became Molly.
Oh, okay.
Venu Sir.
Shall we consider him?
O' dear hero,
loved, near and far
Pan-India's calling,
you're the star
Box office's mate,
raise the bar
Your comeback,
awaited, by far
O' dear hero,
loved, near and far
Pan-India's calling,
you're the star
Box office's mate,
raise the bar
Your comeback,
awaited, by far
To blow your trumpet,
loud and clear
A stormy sea of people
gather near
You can never stop me,
I'm born again
I'm here to rule again
Oh boy, I'll go again
Boo me, Blame me
Throw me I'll fly again
Im here to rule again
Oh boy, I'll go again
You can never stop me,
I'm born again
I'm here to rule again
Oh boy, I'll go again
Boo me, Blame me
Throw me I'll fly again
Im here to rule again
Oh boy, I'll go again
Sir, the director
would like to meet you.
For what?
I've met plenty of directors in
the last eight years of my career.
It's pointless.
Well, don't you want
to listen to the story?
Why should I?
There aren't any stories
that I haven't heard
in the last eight
years of my career.
It's pointless.
In that case, what
about the dates?
You can discuss all
that with my manager.
This guy?
- Tell me.
- Chetta.
- The schedule is okay.
- What's okay?
Some adjustments
have to be made.
During the dates
you've asked for,
there are three
inaugurations, two baptisms,
and one feeding ceremony.
The feeding ceremony
is not a problem.
After feeding, Chettan
will return by noon.
What's the use of this
baptism and feeding ceremony?
You just have to
bless the children.
You'll be paid in plenty!
All in black!
Very nice.
- I'm glad.
- So everything is okay, right?
It's okay, Sir.
Thank you.
Then why are you still here?
I don't like seeing film folks
while I am eating!
Leave, leave!
Can I eat this buffalo
leg in peace? Please!
- You eat, Sir.
- Leave!
Pay the bill on your way out.
Hey, start the vehicle!
Since we're starting
shoot today,
I visited the temple
and prayed.
Here is the offering.
Where is Venu Sir?
Clap in.
Roll camera!
Rolling, sir!
Cut it!
The movie is starting today.
Thank you!
I'll call you later.
Okay, okay.
He will come now.
Aren't you ready, Venu Sir?
- Ready.
- Okay.
Start, action, cut!
Do you remember anything?
Or will you also jump into the
pond when the actress jumps?
I've heard this somewhere!
I know my job very well.
Yeah, sure! I know that
very well too!
What is this, Sir?
When they see such
a senior director,
can't they even greet
him good morning?
Can't they at least smile?
Wait until tomorrow and see.
Yes. The one for cholesterol.
Here you go, Sir.
- For BP?
- Here you go.
Blood thinner.
- Did you take insulation?
- Insulin, not insulation!
- I'll take it tomorrow.
- I'll inform Chechi.
- I'll take it today after some time!
- Okay.
Groundnut toffee,
laddu and honey toffee.
Don't give any of these to Sir.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Get me an orange juice.
- Okay, Sir.
Add lots of sugar.
Am I the boss or is it him?
You seem to have
all the ailments, huh?
Who do you think I am?
New kid in the block!
Where are you going?
To the location, Sir.
Why are we going
to the location?
Am I not the artist?
- Go to the caravan.
- Okay, Sir.
- Tea or coffee, Sir?
- Only Pepsi.
- Got the content for the reels?
- Yes, Sir.
- Slow motion?
- Yes. This will be viral.
My foot!
Didn't you say the
same thing last time?
This is the scene, Sir.
Get lost!
- Spoiling my mood in the morning itself!
- Good morning, Sir!
Shall we go and
meet the Director?
- Why do I have to...
- It's okay, Sir. Let's meet him.
Come on, then.
- Where is he?
- He's down there.
Why can't he come up?
No! Don't allow anyone inside.
Let the kids stay there.
Ask the others to leave.
Sir, sir.
That's the Director.
Ask everyone
there to move a bit!
- Cool. Youngster, huh?
- Move left!
Not him, Sir.
- The one sitting next to him.
- Move this side!
Move this way!
It's spot on now!
Which one?
That old chap?
Even my eighth is going to flop!
This is it.
This is what we want.
Let me get my make-up done.
Don't you want to
hear the story, Sir?
What's the point?
It's going to flop anyway!
- Get lost!
- Oh no!
- Shut up, guys!
- Get lost!
What's that ruckus?
Well, Nithin Mollywood has arrived.
Venu Sir, is the framing okay?
It's really good.
Pradeep, where is the artist?
- Isn't 'Best actor' available?
- It's Mohanlal, Sir.
- Youth icon?
- Youth icon is Mammootty.
Promising talent?
If you confirm now,
it's yours.
Okay, I'll come.
- Okay, Sir.
- Send the ticket.
Economy would do, right?
You read the script, right?
Yes, I read it.
You're a very friendly
school teacher.
So, you should always
maintain a smile.
Okay, I'll maintain it.
Which place is he from?
Oh! Aluva, huh?
But you needn't use that slang.
Just a shade of it is enough.
- What shade?
- Pradeep will show the positions.
- Pradeep? Who is he?
- I am he!
Arrogant fellow!
Do you need a rehearsal?
For whom?
In that case,
let's go for a take.
All the best.
Ask Pradeep to
show me the position.
Standing there
with his chest out!
What's the first shot?
When you walk and
reach the main lobby,
- you'll wish the kids there
- She looks awesome.
and when you get inside
you'll notice the choir group
kids sitting on the steps.
Then when you walk forward,
you'll see some teachers there.
- Male or female?
- All male, Sir.
- Shucks!
- After seeing the teachers,
you'll enter the classroom,
wish the kids there,
and when you turn,
you see one kid and
your reaction changes.
All this will be covered
in the first shot.
All this in a single shot?
It's a single shot, Sir.
We'll die doing re-takes, man!
All these junior artists
should walk here and there.
The camera's choreography
should be correct.
Can't you keep a simple shot
as the movie's first shot?
Venu Sir says that if we
finish the complicated shots first,
we can finish the rest easily.
That guy is an ancient relic.
Not an ancient relic, Sir.
He's a genius veteran.
Get ready for take!
Ask him to stop his cheap-show
and move aside!
He's been at it for long!
- If you've come here to work, do that.
- Is it for me?
- And don't annoy your co-workers!
- Arrogant fellow!
- Understood?
- Shall I get him banned?
- I'm saying this to everyone!
Pradeep, is everything ready?
ADs, get ready!
Venu Sir, waiting for your call.
- Sound!
- Sound rolling!
Roll camera!
Rolling, Sir!
Clap in!
Clap out!
- Background action!
- AD-1!
Okay, Sir.
Go, go!
Go, go!
Good morning!
- AD-2, artist entry!
- Okay, copy!
Sing, sing!
[school children singing a gospel song]
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
Come, come.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning!
AD-2, inform me just before the
artist enters the classroom.
AD-3, artist entry!
Okay, copy!
Come on, kids! Talk! Talk!
Laugh loudly!
Say good morning!
Good morning, Sir!
Good morning!
Sit, sit.
Cut it!
Don't relax, children.
It's a retake.
One more, reset!
- Shot okay!
- Huh?
- Okay!
- Shot okay!
Shot okay!
The shot is okay?
My first take is okay?
MY first take?
There's a small speed
variation over here, Sir.
I'll ramp it in edit.
Keep a mid shot of
Nithin as the next one.
Steady block.
Didn't I tell you, Sir?
That he's a genius veteran.
Wipe Nithin Sir's sweat
and freshen him up!
Hey, Subin!
-The scene is about to get done! Get up!
-Sorry. We dozed off.
- Get up!
- What?
- Roll camera!
- Rolling!
Clap in!
Clap out!
Cut it!
Cut, cut!
Isn't it okay?
Nithin Sir, keep it subtle.
Don't overdo it.
Don't insult the artist by
announcing it on the mic.
Others needn't know about the
correction in performance, right?
Sorry, Sir. Henceforth,
I'll use the walkie.
Sir, going over-board has
become a habit now. That's why.
You must go over-board
where it's required.
The public likes that too, right?
You're doing very well, son.
Thank you, Sir!
Shall we go for a rehearsal?
For whom?
- This shot is okay.
- Are you sure?
Dear, if the Director
Uncle doesn't like it,
he will say 'cut' like this.
If he likes it,
he will raise his hand
first and then say 'cut'.
He brought his hand up
for this one!
- Shot okay!
- See, see?
You don't have to leave, Tara.
We can sit and chat, right?
You may leave, dear.
Don't sit, Chechi!
Costume change.
Let the scene we're
shooting get done, man!
-It's done, Chechi.
-Take it and leave.
-Thanks, Chechi.
You've been telling me only
about expenses since dawn!
- Jayan Sir!
- What?
- It's pack up.
- What?
Oh no!
It's only 5 PM, right?
Shoot for some more time!
Go, go!
Sir, not just today's scenes,
we've finished shooting
tomorrow's scenes as well!
How many additional
scenes have we shot?
- Four.
- What?
- Four?
- Yes.
Where is Venu Sir?
With the past in tow,
not evading
It doesn't feel like we are very
different from these kids now.
That's the power of Cinema!
Good morning, Sir!
- Good morning, Sir!
- Good morning, Sir!
Good morning, Sir!
Things worked out
way beyond our expectations.
Scenes that we were supposed
to finish in 16 days,
were completed in just ten days.
Meanwhile, news broke out about some
problems in Jayan's finance company.
"Don't worry about anything."
"Focus only on the shoot."
Jayan reassured me.
But 11 days after
the shoot started...
Venu Sir!
Venu Sir!
Our Jayettan!
Heart failure, they say.
For the past one week,
I had lost my peace of mind.
The finance company's...
problems on one hand.
And the fact that our movie's
rights aren't sold yet,
on the other.
Currently, Dad has
a debt of 2.5 Crores.
He hasn't paid for his medical
insurance in two years.
We don't even have money to pay
bills when he gets discharged.
Don't worry about
all that, dear.
All of us have received some
advance payments from him.
We are all with you.
Only when Jayan is back to normal
and can handle all the problems,
will we resume the movie.
I know what I'm going
to say will upset you.
But... thinking realistically,
I doubt this movie
will ever happen.
Two and a half years ago,
in a place called Pambanar
near Kuttikkanam,
I was invited as a guest
for a school's annual day.
Radhika was with me.
A kid studying in second grade...
I still remember her name.
She sang songs from
my movies really well.
the local legislator...
spoke a great deal about
me for 15-20 minutes.
There was a pride I saw
on Radhika's face that day.
It was on our way back from there,
that we had an accident,
and she lost her leg.
With that same
pride on her face,
do you know when I saw her next?
When she came to listen to
the songs from our movie.
How do I tell her...
that my movie has been shelved?
[Ballads of Life]
Without anyone noticing,
away from the limelight
of the film industry,
I would have lived and
died like a nobody.
Why did you encourage
me to dream?
After that night,
I haven't seen Murali.
After that,
didn't the movie happen, Sir?
It did...
because of one drunken mistake!
Only because of one person.
Nithin Molly!
How's the mutton, Chetta?
Isn't it awesome?
I like all the food
that you bring.
But I can't enjoy the
taste of anything today.
What happened, Chetta?
I'm shattered, Rishikesh.
Who gave you this name?
Sorry, Chetta.
It's okay.
Everything isn't
our fault, is it?
Seven consecutive flops later,
all my hopes were pinned...
on this movie.
"Ballads of Life."
- Did you hear this song?
- Yes.
How is it?
- It's simply fire, Chetta.
- Yes!
Fire! Fire!
The song is fire!
The script is fire!
The director is fire!
And the crew is fire!
But the movie
suddenly got shelved!
Why, Chetta?
Because I'm an outsider!
I have no support!
I have no Godfather,
- Yes!
- That's it!
I came to the Malayalam film
industry hoping to do good movies.
But when I got here,
what was going on here?
- What?
- What?
Caucus! Belt!
Groupism! Favouritism!
Yes, yes, yes!
Enough with your
"yes, yes, yes"!
Sorry again, Chetta.
- It's okay.
- Okay!
Will this be a problem?
That guy's son, this guy's son,
and the other guy's son
are ruling the Malayalam
film industry, aren't they?
Amidst all the stress I go through
trying to make my mark here,
I may just eat three or
four extra Biriyanis.
And when I gain some weight
because of that,
some social media megalomaniacs
who only have negative comments,
body-shame me.
They mock me from head to toe!
I came here all alone,
carving my path!
How dare you make fun of those
who've come up on their own, you dogs?
How dare you body-shame
me, you dogs?
I'll kill you,
you bloody dogs!
- Jayan.
- Sir!
Did you see anything, Sir?
Saw what?
What the heck has
this clown done!
How's he going to face
others in the industry?
How's he going to
face the nepo-kids?
Hey, what is this?
When he drinks, he should
keep his mouth shut!
He checked into some
star hotel and got drunk.
He's not in Kochi.
Couldn't you get
him over the phone?
His phone is on flight
mode. But he has Wify.
Did you mean WiFi, dear?
Yes. Anyway, he will
call when he wakes up.
- Let me know when he calls.
- I will.
[alarm ringing]
[multiple notifications]
Who is calling?
I don't have a film
releasing today, do I?
They body-shame me!
They mock me from
head to toe!
I came here all alone,
carving my path!
Oh shit!
Buddy, scram!
How dare you make fun of those
who've come up on their own, you dogs?
Come fast!
I laughed my off watching
Nithin Molly's video.
Those who admire that schmuck
should be chased away!
He's a lost cause!
Whatever said and done,
everything he said is 100% true.
Film industry...
has totally gone to the dogs.
Nithin Chettan is in my heart!
I laughed when I heard
what that fool said.
Carved a path? Who?
But there was a song
playing in the background.
That was nice. If it releases,
I'll make great reels with it.
Nithin Chettan is my heartbeat!
Body-shaming is toxic
behaviour and it has to stop.
I support Nithin Molly.
Nithin Chettan is my life.
Everything else is !
What do you say now?
Had he performed even half
as well as he did in the video,
he'd be a star today.
Nithin Molly is someone who
struggled and made it, from among us.
His movie and that song should be
released at least through crowdfunding.
Now let's learn how
to make a salad.
I liked that song very much.
Let the movie release.
All the best, Nithin Molly!
Please suscribe my channel.
Nithin Molly's rant...
should pierce the hearts of every
Malayali who uses social media!
It pierces my heart
everytime someone mocks me!
You invited me to your
room, entertained me,
and then screwed me over,
you scoundrel!
Couldn't you have
avoided this inauguration?
We had taken the
money in advance, Sir.
What is this wedding
necklace for?
Isn't it superb?
Young vibe!
Why are you getting scared, Sir?
The Malayalis waiting there are
the ones who nurtured you, right?
The ones who nurtured me
are waiting to boo me!
It's true.
You guys are making
me a scape goat, Fe...
- Frederick.
- Frederick!
All their names are so
difficult to say!
I'll go and set things up, Sir.
Do whatever you want!
Bloody hell!
I have to look for another job.
I can't stand this rascal!
[chanting prayers]
Oh God!
I'm stepping out.
Nithin Sir has stepped out.
Control the crowd.
Girls should be
specifically controlled
because we can't
control Nithin Sir.
Is there anyone behind me?
There's no one, Sir.
Wherever you look,
there are only fans!
Isn't this the applause that
every star dreams of?
So, all this applause is for me?
Those who come on their own...
are even more powerful, Sir!
Love you, Nithinetta!
To blow your trumpet,
loud and clear
A stormy sea of people
gather near
Stay back!
A stormy sea of people
gather near
You can never stop me,
I'm born again
Wow! Nice!
Oh boy, I'll go again
Boo me, Blame me
Nithinetta, marry me, please!
Let's call upon the most
sought-after celebrity right now.
The darling of Mollywood,
Nithin Molly!
The same new kid in the block!
Hey! How are ya?
Chetta, Chetta!
Say one dialogue, Chetta!
- What?
- One dialogue!
The dialogue about
coming up on your own!
The dialogue you said in the video,
about carving your own path!
Hey, that's not necessary!
- Please, Chetta!
- Come on, Nithin Molly!
Please say that dialogue which
all our viewers are waiting for.
Nithin, Nithin!
- I'll say it.
- Nithin! Woohoo!
I came here all alone,
carving my path!
How dare you make fun of those
who've come up on their own?
- Wow! Wonderful!
- Thank you!
- Chetta!
- Yes.
Say the entire dialogue!
- What?
- Say the cuss words too!
Oh, no. That's not necessary!
- It won't be right.
- It'll be right, Chetta!
Say it entirely, Chetta!
"You dogs!"
Say that too!
- Oh no!
- There is no problem, Chetta!
Call them, Chetta! Cuss their
Dad or Mom or anyone else!
I said that yesterday because I was in
a very emotional state. Sorry, sorry.
It's that emotion
that we want, Chetta!
Pay it back to those who mock you
and body-shame you, Chetta!
Pay it back!
Give it back!
- Chetta.
- Yes.
Just add "you dogs"
when you say it!
It'll be pure fire!
Pure fire!
Come on!
Nithinetta, give
us the cuss words!
I came here all alone,
carving my own path!
How dare you make fun of those
who've come up on their own, you dogs?
How dare you body-shame me,
you dogs?
Love you, Nithinetta!
How dare you make fun of those
who've come up on their own, you dogs?
Nithin, you are my everything!
- How is it?
- Wow!
Bloody stray dogs!
Chetta, will you give me your
Whatsapp number?
DM me on Insta.
- Will you forget?
- I won't forget even if I die, Chetta!
Vanish mode, Vanish mode!
You dogs!
Oh no! Who allowed
girls near Sir?
- Sir! Sir!
This way, Sir!
Move away,
you bloody bouncers!
Just when a girl falls for me!
- Nithinetta, come back!
- This is my dream!
This is my trip!
Aren't you coming with me today?
Come, let's get out of here.
And so, by abusing
everyone who mocked him,
Nithin Molly became
an overnight star.
Our movie,
the songs in our movie,
and the age of the makers
of the movie...
All these became major
discussion points.
Jayan, heard you're
resuming the movie?
Please give us the audio rights.
With pleasure, Santhosh!
But the old rate
is not possible.
1 Crore, only.
Jayan, that's too much!
I won't reduce even a penny.
Call me only if you're okay with it.
Hope everyone at home is fine?
Okay then. Bye!
Isn't 1 Crore too much?
Hey, Babu! I had fallen at their
feet when our movie got shelved.
None of them came to my help.
And now they are calling me,
only because the public
wants to watch this film.
I won't sell this movie
for peanuts.
If my father's name
is Keshavadev,
I will decide the market
value of this movie!
Here comes the call for
satellite and OTT rights!
Good Morning, Jacob Sir.
Morning, Jayan. We discussed your
proposal today. We have an offer.
- Tell me, Sir.
- 7 Crores!
J TV has offered me 8 Crores.
People are going crazy over
Nithin Molly now.
If I close that deal soon, I'll get
the cash before shoot resumes.
Give me a call if you
can revise this, Sir.
- Okay, Jayan. I'll call you back.
- Okay, Sir.
Do you really have
an offer from J TV?
J TV, my foot!
We've got squat!
Oh wow!
Boss is back in form!
- Yes, Jacob Sir!
- Jayan, final offer. 8 Crores...
- Plus...
- Plus?
- If the TRP crosses 9.5...
- Come on, come on!
- Hike it up! Up!
- 50 Lakhs, additional!
Take it or leave it!
- Sir, I will take it.
- Great!
I'll send a confirmation mail.
Okay, Sir.
Thank you!
That was awesome, Boss.
Messing with my Boss, huh?
- Santhosh!
- Jayan!
1 Crore is not possible.
80 Lakhs.
I don't have anything more
than that. Please agree!
I want 50 Lakhs credited to
my account by this evening.
If that's fine,
let's close the deal.
I swear on Lord Guruvayoorappa!
It will be credited
within half an hour!
- Is that confirmed?
- Of course!
Wow! You seem to be
so happy today, Jayan!
Yes, Doctor. I'm too happy today!
See you tomorrow.
- What about your dialysis?
- Forget it!
I'm not in the mood today.
I'll come tomorrow.
Me too.
Hey, Venu Sir!
Your star is back!
Shall we have a blast?
This suitcase and kurta
look quite familiar.
[Ballads of Life]
If you ever restarted the movie,
Murali sir wanted me
to give this to you.
Throughout this copy of the script,
he has marked the cue points
for the background score.
The entire book contains
the notes for the score.
In case there are changes
in the movie's length,
he has even instructed me about
the alterations to be made.
Basically, it was only after writing the
entire background score of the movie,
that Murali Sir left from here.
I regularly see music
directors who are adamant
that they won't begin the score
until they get the final reels.
But here, for a movie that
hadn't even commenced shoot,
he composed the
background score
and how it has perfectly
blended with the final film,
is beyond my comprehension.
It's hard to comprehend...
several incidents that have happened
while this movie was being made.
The kind of reception from the public
for every song that released until now...
How, with the movie's
pre-business earnings alone,
Jayan paid off all his debts...
How, a movie that everyone had written
off, saying it will never happen...
has released all over
the world today...
Your movie released today?
Venu Sir, our Friday is here!
Are you nervous?
Everything feels
like a dream, man!
Where would Murali be, Jayan?
Boss, your tea!
- Cigarette!
- I won't give you.
Your film will be awesome!
All the best.
Venu Sir, I'm Najeeb who
works in the film unit.
Yes, Najeeb.
Tell me.
I saw Murali Sir near Erode.
You saw Murali?
Yes, I did.
Where is he?
Where did you see him?
I shall send you the
location in half an hour.
- Yeah! Okay.
- Okay, sir.
[Ballads of Life]
All the A-centres are sold out.
Even the lower-tier theatres
are booked 80%.
We just need to know
the response now.
Hey! Venu Sir is calling.
- Hello!
- Saji!
I need a cab.
Theatres are filling up fast.
Shall we go this evening?
Why not!
Let me call
the theatre.
Any orders, Sir?
I don't want anything, dear.
It's my first movie. Just pray for me.
Sir, I'm an atheist.
I don't pray.
You may leave.
My foot!
Did we pay these people to come?
No. They've actually
booked tickets.
- Is it?
- Shut up and sit down.
Okay okay.
[chanting a prayer]
At least this movie...
Yaay! She recognized me!
The theatre is full, Venu Sir.
My heart's racing!
Switch off the camera!
Or else, you'll be
behind the bars.
- Who's that?
- Shadow Police, I guess.
The movie has started, Sir.
Nobody is reacting?
Are they sleeping or what?
Sir, people aren't laughing as much
as we expected in the second scene.
Venu Sir, there's not much of a
response for our outdoor scene either.
Our classroom exterior scene
has zero response, Sir.
- Come let's go.
- Where are you going?
Let's leave once they
start booing. Sit there.
Oh God!
Tell me how the response is for the
scene where Nithin is with the kids.
That scene has worked well with the
audience, Sir. They're laughing!
They are all applauding, Sir.
Huh? Was this a comedy film?
Sir, our canteen scene
has worked wonders.
Tremendous applause!
The scene just before the song is simply
hilarious! Everyone's having a ball!
This is my comeback!
The crowd is going crazy, Sir.
I don't understand what's happening!
Sir, this is Murali Sir's location.
Okay, Sir.
Yes, Sir.
You needn't message me
Go, watch the movie peacefully.
Our film is a super hit.
You can be sure of that!
What's happening, dude?
This is the magic of cinema, bro!
Now there's nothing
to be worried about!
Thank God!
Finally he has a hit!
I am back, baby!
It's been so many years
since I've seen anything like this!
Yes! He's back!
Let me call and
inform some people!
Dude, it's a hit!
I don't know how!
But it's a hit!
The film is top class up to the interval.
It's top notch! The narrative
doesn't drag anywhere.
It's superb!
The songs and score
are amazing!
- Venu Sir!
- Thank you.
- Sir!
- I shall call you back soon.
Venu Sir, the first half is
All the theatres are calling up,
to increase the shows.
People are waiting outside with phones
and cameras, to record responses.
- What did you say?
- I said the movie is extraordinary!
They don't know that
I'm the producer, do they?
I've got Murali's location.
I'm leaving for Tamil Nadu.
Oh God!
Please come and watch
the movie with me.
We worked so hard
for this, right?
The first time I watch
this film in the theatre...
will be with him.
That's my decision.
You go and watch
the entire movie.
After that,
head outside,
look at all those cameras,
and tell them with your head held high,
that this is your movie.
The second half is about to begin.
I've got to go, Sir.
But when it comes to the character
arc, there's a small clash between...
Give your review
after the movie, man!
Please say good things, kiddo!
Welcome back! Though
the first half is good,
the second half needn't necessarily be
good. We'll have to wait and watch.
Forgive my flaws, just this once,
come near
I'm pining for you,
wish youwouldappear
Memories collide
The heart yearns,
riding the tide
Memories rush back
in a fierce embrace
Leaving my soul
in a languished space
Memories collide
Leaving my soul
in a languished space
Memories collide
The heart yearns,
riding the tide
Check out the messages
I've received on my phone!
With the songs you composed,
and your background score,
our movie has released
today, Murali.
It's a blockbuster!
Pack your bags and come with me!
I want to listen
to all the songs,
[music from the movie playing]
It'll take just fifteen minutes.
[another song from the movie playing]
- Sir!
- Yes?
- What!
- Huh?
You aren't... dead?
Do you want me to die?
My first film has
released today, right?
You think I'll die today?
when I checked your breath...
When I held my finger
under your nose...
When did you hold the finger?
While I was inhaling...
or exhaling?
Probably... between the two.
I made a blunder.
Well, that's nothing new, right?
Dude, I want to see the
response in the theatre.
Sure, as if the theatre at
Lulu, Edappally is right here.
You should've thought of it
before you fled from there.
Why? Has it released
only in Kerala or what?
Let's... head to Coimbatore.
Who is over there now, Sir?
There's no one there.
We need to go to the theatre
where our movie is playing.
- Start the car.
- Yeah.
Can you increase the
speed a little bit?
With two old men in the car...
how can I, Sir?
And that too, on a highway!
Pull the car over.
What happened, Sir?
I want to pee.
Just a minute.
- Come out.
- What?
Get out, kiddo!
Go, go!
Go, sit on the other side.
Aren't you twirling
your moustache?
Nah! Not now!
Sir, how come you've
worn the seat belt?
You'll know why, soon enough.
Oh God!
Sir! Sir!
Please slow down, Sir!
Please tell him, Venu Sir.
Slowly, Sir!
Sir, there's a car in front!
Oh no!
Look straight while
you're driving, Sir.
Just kidding!
Murali Sir!
Shall I drive for some time, Sir?
This is a new car, Sir.
160 kmph?
Oh, no!
Oh, no! We're dead meat!
Are you a music director or Michael
Schumacher's brother-in-law?
Greetings, Sir.
I was informed that
you'd be coming.
The film is fantastic, sir.
But the show is about to end now.
That's okay.
I can gauge the response of
the audience in person, right?
For sure, Sir.
Come in, Sir.
Aren't you coming?
Isn't this your movie?
You carry on!
It's playing on this screen, Sir.
- We'll take it from here.
- Okay, Sir.
Isn't that the score
for the climax?
I haven't changed anything
that you composed.
It has ended.
[claps and cheers]
O' ballads of life,
draw near
In this moment,
The luminous dream you chase
Is right here, in this place
O' ballads of life,
draw near
[Ballads of Life]
In this moment,
We shouldn't have
waited this long,
to make a movie together, right?
How come we didn't think
of this idea earlier?
Do I have to answer this?
Then? Do you expect your dad
to come and answer this?
Just say it, dude.
There's a right time
for everything, buddy!
Crossing the waves
of the endless sea
Let's continue this journey,
you and me
As birds of desire,
high we aim to soar
In this moment, rising,
Crossing the waves
of the endless sea
Let's continue this journey,
you and me
As birds of desire,
high we aim to soar
In this moment, rising,
Crossing the waves
of the endless sea
Let's continue this journey,
you and me
As birds of desire,
high we aim to soar
In this moment, rising,
Crossing the waves
of the endless sea
Let's continue this journey,
you and me
As birds of desire,
high we aim to soar
In this moment, rising,