Varsity Blood (2014) Movie Script

Warriors, stand up, and
yell for the black and orange.
HERMAN: Go warriors.
CHEERLEADERS: Black and orange,
black and orange.
DIANE: All right, ladies.
That's it for tonight.
Go warriors.
JEFF: Hey, Hannah.
Hey, Jeff, thanks.
So, uh, you got a
costume for tomorrow?
I got to take my little sister
trick or treating
Before the game.
Oh, so you're going to
stay after for the dance?
No. I mean maybe. Why? Are you?
No. Probably not.
I mean, you know
how these guys are.
Not really into school functions
Unless it involves
chasing a pig skin.
Hogeye high, where high
school victory is everything.
Ain't it grand?
Uh, ew, Blaine,
you're all sweaty.
TINA: We're going over
to mike's to get hammered.
Are you guys coming?
- Uh...
- I don't know. Ask her.
No, Blaine, um, he promised
to take me home early.
I have homework.
Uh, yeah, look, I realize you
haven't been around long enough
To understand what
an honor it is to be invited
Somewhere by someone like me,
but next time I say,
"Hannah, come play."
You say, I'm on my way. Okay?
What about you, Diane?
You coming?
Maybe in a bit.
I was going to get some candy
first to throw at the students
At the pep rally tomorrow first.
Uh, whatever.
STUDENT: Hey, how's the
view down there, Herman?
HERMAN: Stop. Let me go.
HANNAH: Guys, get him down.
MIKE: How's the view, Herman?
Guys, stop!
JEFF: Let him go.
Have you idiots learned
nothing this past year?
MIKE: We're just messing
around. Calm down.
PETER: Just giving old
Herman a squirming.
HERMAN: Will you stop it?
Are you all right, Herman?
HERMAN: I'm fine!
VICKIE: Hi there.
Hey, your dad's working late
so mom sent me to pick you up.
Oh, okay.
LINDA: Uh, heather?
Are we supposed to be getting
that biggie's barbecue?
Hey, I'm game. I'm starving.
You hungry, Vic?
Fine. I guess I can find
us something to snack on.
LINDA: Well, now.
That's the spirit.
I guess pinto beans and
collared greens for you, girl?
Whoa. Hold on a second, babe.
Did you, uh, did you ask your
mom about tomorrow night?
Oh, um, not yet, but...
Blaine, you know what
she's going to say
About me staying
out past curfew.
Fine, I'll ask, but I can't
make any promises, okay?
It's whatever. I knew
this was going to happen.
Fine. I'm coming.
How many times?
How many times what?
Are you going to come?
Oh my god. Blaine.
But seriously, okay?
I know, I know your rules.
No drinking and driving, okay?
All right.
Come here.
Good night.
Blaine, is that you?
You better get in here.
Coach Randall?
This isn't funny, Blaine.
Now stop screwing with me
And get in here and
screw me already.
So, you're not in
the gym right now?
You said you would meet me here
after you dropped Hannah off.
No. I'm not going to mike's.
Hello? Hello?
Dammit, Herman.
What are you still doing
here in that stupid get up?
Stop staring at me
like some pervo.
You're not even supposed
to be in here right now.
That's it.
I'm calling your mother.
Okay girls, where's Diane?
I tried calling her
a gazillion times, coach.
She won't answer.
Were you girls out
partying last night?
I'm here, aren't I?
All right.
Well, you're co-Captain.
So, you're in charge.
Want to cue the music?
I want you to fly your little
fly away asses in the gym,
Guess I'm the bossy bitch today.
And every other day.
HANNAH: You guys, shouldn't
we be worried about Diane?
It's not like her
to miss a rally.
Loosen your
chastity belt, heather.
She's probably just shacked up
with that varsity linebacker
From Mattington, taking our
"ride on the mustang" cheer
To a new level. If you
know what I mean.
Yeah, but are we sure?
Maybe we should call her folks
And make sure she's not in
trouble or anything.
The front is in trouble.
We can't do our
basket toss about her.
Now, Hannah and heather,
you frame me,
And Herman you do whatever
losers do while we dance, okay?
work, step, watch it,
fake it
stop, stretch, drop it
shake it
move left, right
then face me
catch your breath,
it feels amazing
oh, oh, in the club like
oh, oh, for the last night
oh, oh, in the past life
I'm on fire
all my girls on the floor
let me see you stop
and show me how you move
'cause tonight
we didn't hide
we did just like
we wanted to
we're on fire
burning hot
on fire
o-n-f-i-r double e
let's go, to from the front
to the back
let's go, from the front
to the back
let's go, to from the front
to the back
let's go, from the front
to the back
on fire
breathe deep,
show it, move it
front, back
with something to it
don't stop, feel the music
let go, just don't lose it
oh, oh, in the club like
oh, oh, for the last night
oh, oh, in the past life
I'm on fire
all my girls on the floor
let me see you stop
and show me how you move
'cause tonight
we didn't hide
we did just like
we wanted to
we're on fire
burning hot
on fire
o-n-f-i-r double e
let's go, to from the front
to the back
let's go, from the front
to the back
Tonight, we're playing our
number one rival,
The Mattington mustangs.
So what are we going to do?
Ride those mustangs!
What are we going to do?
(CROWD) Ride those mustangs!
ROBIN: Hey, give me a sec.
Jeff, wait. Where's Herman?
Uh, comic convention apparently.
He texted me and told
me he couldn't make it.
Asked me to fill in for him.
Hey, kids, where
the heck is Diane?
Nobody knows.
Looks like she bailed.
God forbid hogeye high's
greatest gold plated whore
Miss an opportunity
to strut her shit
For the entire defensive line.
She must be dead.
Yo, red.
- It's robin.
- I know.
Did you get any wide
book photos because
Skewed ones simply won't do.
Well, you really needed a
bigger one for your head,
But unfortunately they just
don't make them that big.
What the hell are you laughing
at sweaty ass reject?
Shouldn't you be passing
around Gatorade or something?
And best of luck for our
four 4-0 varsity team.
But as much as I know we all
would love a victory tonight
From mighty warriors, I'd like
us also to take a moment
To think about the tragedy
That took place in our
town last Halloween.
In memory of my...
in memory of my loving
daughter, Ginny, gifted athlete,
Straight a student, and
a child of exemplary character,
This would've been her
final year at hogeye,
And today's the
year for our loss.
May we have a moment of silence?
So, who's Ginny?
She's nobody.
Just forget you ever
heard that name, okay?
- Why? What's the big...
- I said forget it.
Hey, chill, Tina.
Graves is the one who
brought her up, remember?
Yeah, Tina.
Hannah didn't know.
Well, I wish we didn't
either, so she's the lucky one,
And principal graves can go
screw a heard of heifers
For all I care, so let's
just drop it.
Don't forget, girls.
6:30 sharp on the field.
I'm such a skank.
HANNAH: I don't know how
you guys put up with her.
You guys up for a
pre-Game shake at the shack?
LINDA: Wow. Sounds like a plan.
HEATHER: You guys coming?
No. Y'all go ahead.
I'm on a diet.
All right.
I'll see you at the game.
HANNAH: What is with her?
What did I say?
Uh, I don't know.
She's probably on her
period or something.
Don't even sweat it.
What do you say, uh,
you and I be all like, hey
And go back to my place
before the game?
Um, I actually told
Linda and heather
We'd go get a shake.
Do you want to come?
No. I'll probably just go to
mike's and play video games
Or something, all right?
Later, babe.
Can we say choad?
Would one of you please
tell me who the hell Ginny is
And what happened back there?
Uh, I need a shake.
Diet's off. Let's go.
Huh, okay, so you know how
sometimes like serious shit
Goes down in these
little Podunk towns
And nobody ever wants
to talk about it again?
Yeah. Kind of like my
mom is with my dad.
Okay, so last year before
you moved here,
The principal's daughter, Ginny,
was killed Halloween night.
She was murdered?
No. She died in an accident.
It was alcohol related,
wasn't it?
That's why you
didn't want to tell me.
I mean, when we met
back in august,
You were still so upset
over your dad.
It just never felt right.
So why did Tina get
so upset earlier?
I mean, were they friends?
We were all her friends,
And I guess it's still just
hard for us to think about.
I mean, Ginny was one of the
sweetest, softest,
Most genuine people
you'd ever meet.
I don't think there was
a single person at school
Who didn't just adore her.
Hell, even Tina liked her.
She was on the cheerleading
squad, wasn't she?
That, that's why graves
looked at us so weird earlier.
I mean, Ginny was captain
of the JV squad
Since we were freshmen, and
the apple of her daddy's eye.
That man used to be
one easy-Going chap,
But he's been grim as
all get out ever since.
Yeah. It kind of
reminds me of my mom.
I mean, he seemed to be holding
it together pretty well today.
Yeah. Well, someone had to.
Our buddy, Ben,
Damn near fell apart right
before our very eyes.
Who's Ben?
Ben Youngblood. You know,
as in rick Youngblood,
The honky tonky farmer
dating your hot mom?
I didn't know rick had
another son other than mark.
Well, mark was actually
a year younger than Ben was.
Ben was in our class.
Was? What happened to him?
After Ginny died,
Ben's wagon snapped
right off it's hitch.
What he means is that
Ben went to rehab
And not the kind
where celebs go.
Janitor Fred found a bunch
of downer meds in his locker.
Supposedly, it was
what was left of his mom's
Prescription pills that she od'd
on when she committed suicide
A few years back.
Diarrhea mouth.
No wonder Rick's been
so sympathetic to my mom,
But I can't believe he never
mentioned he had another son.
He just didn't want to put
that on her after everything
Y'all went through with your
dad anymore than we did you.
Or maybe he told her, and
she just didn't tell you.
Parents have a
way of hiding shit.
I'm just saying. Okay?
So, where's Ben now?
He never responded to the rehab.
He just sits in this dark quiet
room painting portraits
Of old Ginny graves.
So he just left him there
in the nut house?
It's not a nut house.
More like extended stay
if he was suicidal.
Geez, that's heavy.
Do you guys think I should
say something to my mom?
Dude, your mom barely let
you out of the house as it is.
How do you think she's going
to respond to something like,
Hey mom, guess what?
I took some dead chick's spot
on the cheer squad today.
Runs of the mouth, remember.
Although he does have a point.
Hey, did you guys see that?
I thought I just saw something
behind those trees over there.
I don't see nothing.
Okay. Now, I'm officially
Can we get out of here, please?
So, you think peter will likey?
After all those slices
of sausage at Biggie's,
What I think is peter is
sausaging your stepsister.
No way.
LINDA: Why not?
Vickie's free loving
fearless screams, "screw me."
Because peter would never be
into a tree hugger like Vickie,
And likewise, Vickie would never
be into a jock like peter.
All I'm saying is I have
impeccable eyes and ears.
You wouldn't understand because
you've never been in love.
And neither have you.
Just because you been saving
yourself for Peter Paxton
Since kindergarten doesn't make
you some damn fool in love.
It just makes you a damn fool.
There's nothing
wrong with waiting
Until you've found
the right person.
Unless it means you're the only
virgin left in hogeye high.
So you think that peter
wants to screw Vickie
Because he thinks she's easy?
Not because she's easy
But because sex with her is
different then sex with you.
Sex with you is like
shooting a bunny,
Guaranteed to be
greeted with guilt.
Well, we'll see about
that tonight
When I hook up with
him, won't we?
Huh, I'll believe that
when I see it.
You and I both know the only
guy you're hooking up with
This weekend is Jesus come
church Sunday morning.
And you're one to talk.
You haven't dated
in over a year.
That's because there's
a lack of brothers
In this hick ass town.
I dated a few, but they're only
good for one thing, the booty.
Hey, you guys mind if I catch a
ride with you to the game later?
But you never come to the games.
Well, maybe I want to see my
stepsister in action for once.
Or jump in your
stepsister's action.
Of course you can.
The only thing is we kind
of had plans afterward.
That's fine.
I can find my own ride home.
So you're not going to the
costume ball after all, then?
Not this year.
Apparently, Tina planned
a private party for us.
And why haven't I
heard about this?
Maybe because Tina doesn't want
the whole school to know.
Oh, spill.
Where is it?
I don't know.
She wouldn't tell me.
LINDA: Thank you,
thank you, thank you.
KRISSEY: You mean to tell me
You had your hands on our
school mascot uniform,
And you didn't bring it to
come trick or treating?
JEFF: Sorry. I had to
leave it at the school.
Someone got fake blood
all over the poncho,
But hey, if you like,
I can go get my cool
trainer T out of the car.
It's just down there.
Thanks, but I need
candy collateral,
Not a trainer with
sweaty tackles.
Yo, smarty pants.
We almost finished?
I got to get to the school soon,
And I might need
your help picking out
An outfit right after the game.
Ooh, for a girl?
Maybe, but you cannot tell mom.
Words will never hurt
Provided we hit at least one
more block of big houses.
Hmm, fine, you got a deal.
This is going
to be a long night.
Mike, where's the booze?
Didn't get it yet.
What? Dammit, mike you said...
babe, I got my brother's id.
We're going to take
care of it later.
You're acting like
it's not a big deal.
What do you think you're going
to look old enough because you
Were held back for two years?
What about you, Blaine?
Did you do what I asked you?
Only through the masterminding
and manipulation.
It's ours for the night.
CHILDREN: Trick or treat.
GIRL: Where's your costume?
Costumes are for pre-Adolescence
and perverts, princess.
Happy Halloween, kiddies.
and happy Halloween, Tina.
NANCY: Hannah, come on in here.
You're going to be late.
Hannah, I don't
want you going out
After the game tonight.
Big storm's coming through.
But mom, you said as long as
Blaine had me home by midnight
That I could, I could go.
How do you expect to get
a cheerleading scholarship
When you're hanging out
with a boy all the time?
Mom, Blaine's the running
back for the football team.
I couldn't get much more support
unless I dated the mascot.
Blaine is very supportive.
Supportive of one thing...
getting into your
cheer bloomers, dear.
Mom, we're just going to
go to Biggie's barbecue
For a while, okay?
No cow tipping.
No house wrapping,
No mailbox bashing, I promise.
No. Made up my mind.
Mom, it's Halloween night.
I mean, didn't you and
dad go out after games?
I could've cheered
for the cowboys,
But instead
I married your father,
And now he's gone.
I just don't want you
throwing your life away
On some boy like I did.
You are a great cheerleader.
You are the best.
You can go and become a
competitive judge or something.
Travel the world,
do something with your life.
Do you regret marrying dad?
I mean, do you regret
having me, too?
No, you know that
I loved your father.
I don't regret
marrying your dad,
And of course,
I don't regret having you.
Everything that
I have done is for you.
I moved us here for you
So that you can have a better
shot at getting a scholarship.
But I've heard
nothing but bad things
About these new friends
of yours, and I'm afraid...
I'm afraid that
they're going to have
A bad influence on you, okay?
So, no. You're not going
out tonight, and that's it.
I made up my mind.
I got to go.
I'm going to be late.
Fine. Take the car.
The keys are on the end table.
I'll go with rick.
This is for your own good.
Yeah, get up,
Clap your hands, let's go baby.
- Boo.
- (SCREAMS) Blaine.
Oh, we won, baby,
And who brought down the house?
You know my boy brought
down the house, baby.
Oh, what's up. Come on, man.
LINDA: You big asshat.
You almost game me a
damn heart attack, idiot.
You better watch your mouth,
Young lady, or your dad
is going to have you
In cuffs.
Hi, Ms. Wallace.
Good evening, Ms. Wallace.
My, what a looker you are,
all dressed up for our game.
Oh boy.
Thank you so much, Blaine.
I tell you what,
why don't you go take
A cold shower and
maybe put on a shirt.
Hannah, let's go.
Can I at least go get
a burger with everyone?
Blaine will bring me home.
We already discussed this.
Just a burger,
and I'll be right home.
I promise.
I'll bring her home myself.
I promise. Scout's honor.
Man, that was a great catch you
made during the second quarter.
It was even better
than last weeks.
Oh yeah, you come
to the games, huh?
You kidding?
This here is a true warrior.
Would've tried out
for the team, too,
Only he couldn't on account of
he would've missed too much
Practice with it being
deer season and all.
Well, looky there,
he hunts, too.
MARK: I shot a 12 pointer
Point blank between
the eyes last week.
LINDA: And on that note,
I do think we need
to go catch up
With mike and Tina,
right, we got to...
yeah, I think we,
we ought to get out of here.
Goodnight, Ms. Wallace.
Goodnight. You go, you eat,
You get back home.
You have 30 minutes.
Bubba and I will make sure
she gets home, okay Ms. Wallace?
Thirty minutes.
hey. Where are you guys?
Is that Tina?
Did she get the booze?
What's... fine.
Well, wow, mister.
Don't you look
good enough to eat?
So you all dressed up for
our little fiesta or what?
Yeah. Sorry. Can't.
Made other plans.
You guys have fun though.
LINDA: Um-Hmm.
Knew it.
God, Tina.
Hey, where did everyone go?
Um, robin went to go get
bubba's truck from the school
So the guys could
chat real quick.
Don't tell me it was all a hoax?
Apparently, Blaine's mom is the
realtor for the old Williamson farm,
And he confiscated the keys.
So we done died
and went to heaven?
That barn's an awful idea.
The spiders, snakes,
No electricity.
Exactly, which means
it's Ab, fab for Halloween.
So, where is everyone?
Loading up beer
and boxed wine...
JEFF: Boxed wine?
...over at mike's.
JEFF: Sounds like a
post game pasture party.
And pray tell,
where have you been?
I just sweat like a camel's
nut sack for four hours
In Herman's get up,
and I needed to take a shower, nosy.
Besides, not all of us can
enjoy the game scantily clad.
Forgive me, good sir,
And allow me to
officially invite you
To the senior send off party
At the old Williamson farmhouse.
Whoa. Your mom's letting you go?
Well not technically.
In other words,
have fun with Hannah tonight
Because starting tomorrow,
she's grounded for life.
Oh yeah.
We can't worry about that now.
We have bigger issues.
So, we missing damn
good drinking time.
Let's get out of here.
Come on, come on. Hurry up.
TINA: Did you get everything?
Of course, I got everything.
Hi, sheriff Jones.
Either of y' all seen my
daughter since the game?
Oh, I haven't seen Linda.
Perhaps she went back to the gym
for the annual costume ball?
Don't bullshit me, Ms. Blair.
I ain't the one.
Now, if you plan on
drinking with my daughter,
You make damn sure
all the drivers stay sober
Or else you call me, got it?
We'll be totally safe,
sir. I swear.
You hear me brophy?
Yes, sheriff.
I don't give a damn
who your daddy is
Or how much dough
he wipes his ass with.
Designate, castrate.
You follow me, son?
We'll be safer than safe.
And tell Linda she best
have her ass home
Before I get off
my shift at two. Okay?
Yes, sir.
Well, if I just shot myself.
Calm down, you big vagina.
I knew he'd be
totally cool with it.
Now, can we go?
Geez, that car nearly hit us.
BLAINE: Calm down.
It's just mike and Tina
joining the caravan kiddies.
Probably just ready to get
up there and screw is all.
HEATHER: How romantic.
What? With the cobwebs?
The rat feces.
Oh my god, heather.
It's supposed to be scary.
Stop being such a freaking
princess all the time.
HANNAH: I mean, Blaine,
maybe she's right.
Maybe this isn't
such a good idea.
I mean, you don't know
how crazy my mom gets,
Especially after my dad.
All right, look.
I've got it all figured out.
We're just going to tell
her we had car trouble,
And I'll have you
home by midnight.
She'll never know
the difference.
It's going to be fine,
okay? Just chill.
Hey there, girl. All right.
Jones, Saxon on dispatch.
Do you copy?
Sheriff Jones here.
Uh, copy that.
Sheriff, I just got a call from
Hughes rehab center
in honeybrook.
Appears one of their
residents, Ben Youngblood,
Says he's from hogeye,
went missing last night.
Yeah, uh, that's
rick Youngblood's eldest,
Uh, yeah, I know him.
He was in Linda's class.
Did they notify rick his boy left yet?
Maybe he's headed back home.
Well, the facility hasn't
been able to reach him,
And I tried the landline
listed, but got nothing.
I have an idea
where I can find him.
Did they say anything else?
The psychiatrist said that
Ben never informed anyone
about his departure,
And he also voiced concerns
about Ben possibly trying
To head this way on foot.
Concerns? Why concerns?
Said Ben's typically
catatonic state
Had recently developed into
sudden outbursts of anger,
And that the nurses were even
in discussions with his father
About moving Ben to
a more secure facility.
A more secure facility?
He says they were
starting to worry.
Ben had become
potentially harmful,
Not only to himself,
but to others, too.
All right. Well, we'll find him,
and uh, we'll talk to him.
There's one more thing.
I'm not sure they're related,
but I got a phone call
From Ms. Sanchez earlier.
She said her daughter never
returned home last night.
she missed school today
And then cheering
at the game tonight, too.
Wouldn't that be the Diane that
your daughter's friends with?
TINA: Holy shit. Check it.
It's old myrtle
Christy's dive bar pub.
I can't believe
that dive is still open.
Supposedly, it has the best chicken
fried steak in ten counties.
Some say she's a witch,
That she kills stray cats
and casts spells on them,
And then fries them and
serves them to the customers,
And that's why
the food's so good.
Whatever, babe.
You're full of shit.
Grab me another beer.
Please, grab me
another beer tinker tits.
I love it when you
talk dirty to me.
Just a hopeless romantic.
Now, usually on Halloween
people like to bob for apples,
But I'd like to shake things
up a bit this year, baby.
Have you ever been
bobbing for bananas?
BUBBA: Geez,
is mike wasted already?
Heather's going to go ape on
his ass if he's driving blitz.
I still can't believe Hannah even
let Blaine talk her into all this.
Yeah, well Blaine's going
to be real heated whenever
He realizes he brought
her all the way up to BFE
Just to have her
blue ball his ass again.
You mean they
haven't done it yet?
Not at all.
Hannah doesn't drink or screw,
Which is exactly why she and
Blaine make such a terrible match.
Wait. Why doesn't she drink?
Her dad was killed on
July 4th by a drunk driver.
- You didn't know?
- Holy shit.
No. I had no idea.
Yeah, well, she doesn't
really like to talk about it.
Makes her crazy mother
even crazier apparently.
I mean, you guys should
see this woman's bathroom.
It's like a freaking
CVS pharmacy up in there.
Poor Hannah,
it's got to be rough.
Oh, hey, sheriff.
Evening, ladies.
Have either of y' all
seen Linda or heather?
No. I haven't seen any of
the girls, not since the game.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah. I'm just wondering
What kind of toiling
trouble Linda's into.
Well, we haven't seen 'em.
They might be avoiding
a school dance after the way
Graves treated them
at the pep rally today.
Yeah? And how's that?
He's drowning with his
melodramatic bout of guilt is all.
Not that it would have mattered
if they would've showed up
Considering principal
graves isn't here.
He's probably at the cemetery
wailing over his daughter's grave.
ROBIN: Besides, you
shouldn't be intimidated
By a barf bag like Blaine, Jeff.
You should just
ask her out anyway.
And what makes you think I'm so
interested in Hannah to begin with?
Uh, because Linda told me that
you bought a homecoming corsage
For a certain someone back
when you thought Hannah
Had been dumped by
Blaine for Dana steel.
Okay. I never told Linda who
the corsage was for, so...
well, so, who's it for then?
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
That's what I thought.
Look, I say that you ought to make
your own pass play on Hannah tonight.
It's happening.
We're making this happen.
Oh, shit.
Petey's truck's down
the old park 'n puss.
BLAINE: I wonder who that
old dog's banging tonight.
He's with Vickie, duh.
BLAINE: Oh, man!
God, no wonder he kept
that new ass a secret.
You guys, we don't know for sure
peter's having sex with anyone, okay?
Well you sure as hell down
don't go down there to talk.
I know that.
(LAUGHS) God damn, heather.
Freaking dude you been in
heat for since kindergarten
Is banging your sister? (LAUGHS)
That's some Springer
shit right there.
- She's my stepsister.
- Don't take it personal.
Petey doesn't like
them church going chicks,
Even if you are the tightest
piece of ass in school.
Get him in about 10 or 20 when
he's ready to settle down.
I'm sure he'll hit
you up, all right?
Blaine. Would you please
stop referring to our gender
As piece and ass.
Oh, baby, come on. Calm down.
It's just bullshit
locker room talk anyway.
Blaine, shut up
and watch the road.
Oh, shit, and we have arrived.
Bitches, welcome to
the party of the year.
BLAINE: What's up, baby?
Welcome to hell, shit heads.
Happy fucking
Halloween, bitches.
Going to our graves
remembering tonight. Holla.
Holy hicks town,
this place is awesome.
If you enjoy the bowels
of Lucifer's layer.
Mike, you realize you were
driving like an idiot, right?
Sorry about it.
Another rob Donaldson freak out.
Chill out, big red.
You're all red.
Hannah, you told your
mom we'd be an hour.
She's going to kill us.
It's fine, robin, really.
Well, I'm not explaining
this one to her.
Come on, babe. Let's just...
we're here, right?
Let's have some fun.
Come on.
Uh, Blaine. Can I get my duffel?
JEFF: So do you guys
think I should like...
I don't know approach her?
What should I say?
You need to offer
to take her home
Because her mother
is going to freak out.
Blaine, did you
see my cell phone?
It was in my bag earlier.
No. I don't know.
Maybe you left it
In the girls locker
room or something.
Hey, take my truck, okay?
Take my truck. I'll stay here.
I don't... I don't have service.
Oh no. The woods must be
blocking our reception.
Great. What am I
going to do now?
No. Don't look at me.
I called this an hour ago.
What do you want to do, babe?
We just got here,
and I'm not leaving.
Um, if you really
need to go, Hannah?
Maybe bubba and robin can stay here
and drink and ride back with the rest,
And I can take you now if bubba
doesn't mind me borrowing his truck?
Yeah. Just, uh,
leave it in the parking lot
And put the keys in the tire.
Um, thanks, Jeff.
It... it's fine.
I'll... I'll stay.
I mean, my mom's
already really mad at me,
And she needs to learn
that I'm almost an adult.
That's my girl.
Sorry, dude.
So let's go check
out this hell house.
Don't call it that.
Spook house.
Still not funny.
Help me out, man.
Oh hey, babe, you coming?
I'll be there in a minute.
All right.
Hey brad, hey brother.
You girls are going to
make me so rich some day.
This has nothing to do
with Hannah, does it?
No, Nancy. Sorry.
I, um, actually came to
have a word with you, rick.
It's about your son, Ben.
Yeah. What about him?
Ben? Who the hell is Ben?
His rehab has been trying
to reach you all day.
It would appear
that your son, uh,
Left yesterday evening.
The shrink say he might've,
uh, returned here on foot.
I guess it's safe to assume
That he hasn't tried
to contact you?
Rick, you never told
me you had another son.
He's sick, Nancy,
and I don't like to talk about it.
He lives in a care facility.
Do you have any clue where
you son might've gone?
I got a couple of my deputies
out looking for him now.
Why? What did he do?
His shrink is just concerned
That he might be
harmful to others.
Now, I've never known
your son to be dangerous.
Perhaps you can enlighten me.
You just tell your bloodhounds
to keep their damn paws off him.
He'll listen to me. I just got to
find him before he does anything.
You wouldn't mean anything having
to do with my Linda now, would you?
Now, look here, sheriff.
I know you covered
For their asses because
Linda is your kid and all,
But Ben don't see it your way.
That don't mean he's
dangerous now neither.
Your son was just as
responsible as the rest of 'em,
And for the record,
my daughter, Heather Zann,
Robin Donaldson,
they're good girls.
They didn't mean
for it to happen.
I get that, sheriff,
But you got to let me make
sense of that to my boy.
That's fine, but I intend to keep
my family and my jurisdiction safe.
Good, 'cause you're
wasting my time.
Where are you going?
To call mark and tell
him to be on the lookout.
You get your jacket.
We're going to find him.
Sorry about this, Nancy.
Just keep him from
doing anything stupid.
Thank you.
What's the problem?
What's going on?
We should not be doing this.
Doing what? We're teenagers.
This is what teenagers do.
And what about heather?
Why me and not her?
I mean, she's way
prettier than I am,
And you know she's
in love with you.
I don't know. Heather's great.
She's the type of girl you
take home to your mother,
Not just the park 'n puss.
(LAUGHS) You piece of shit!
And what? I am?
You're a bigger slut than I am.
We ain't sluts.
We just rock stars.
This shit is the tits.
you and me
we make sense
I guess
I just don't know why
you complete
my dark side, my wild dreams
I can't conceive of a way
to break us down
everybody wants
you under control
they strip away the sins
that make up your soul
they try and bring you down
clean you up and drown
No. These are the tits.
You and me we're terrified
how the signs of our lives
climb aboard my life
we'll fly away
- Hannah, have a beer.
- No thanks.
BLAINE: Yeah, baby.
Come on. Have a beer.
You guys know I don't drink.
But Hannah, it's
Halloween. You have to.
JEFF: If she doesn't want one,
she doesn't want one. Okay?
Shut up.
Who the fuck invited you, water boy?
Hey, is there somewhere
I can go to change?
Yeah. Come on upstairs.
I'll show you.
Not so fast, bro.
Come on Hannah. I'll take you.
MIKE: Sucks for you.
TINA: Hey, babe. Why don't
you get the lighter fluid,
And you and bubba go
light the campfire?
Babe, there's supposed to be
a chance for rain tonight.
Babe, it's a 60% chance of rain,
But there's 100% chance
my little cheergina
Is going to be all closed up if
you just don't do it already.
Oh, come on, bubba.
HANNAH: Oh, it's dark.
Can we get some light in here?
TINA: Yeah.
I brought two kerosene lamps in that bag.
So, what brings you here?
Here to see someone special?
You really want to know?
None of your business.
Heather, check that other bag.
I got you a little
Halloween surprise.
Tina, you know I don't
like knives.
Not that. Check the other.
So I can make a jack-O-Lantern.
Tina, thanks.
So easy. I kneuw you'd love it.
Fine. Try and hide
your business,
But it's written all
over your face.
You love somebody.
Maybe if somebody had a
relationship of their own,
She wouldn't be so brown nosing
everybody's shit all the damn time.
I'm sorry,
was that a racial slur?
Take it as you like, dear.
Okay, girl. I've had
just about enough.
Hey, let's go explore the house.
I thought you hated the house.
I changed my mind.
Girl, you best be glad
I just washed my uniform.
Dude, it's fucking go time.
Don't you mean blow time?
Yeah. All right.
That was so sweet of Jeff to
offer to drive me home earlier.
ROBIN: I know.
Jeff's a sweet guy.
Yeah, but I always
thought he didn't like me.
He always acts so
weird around me.
Hannah, my sweet, sweet friend,
So close yet so very far away.
Jeff has all but professed
his undying love for you,
And you think he
doesn't like you?
What? No way.
Yes way.
But, I mean, he would've
told me, right?
I mean, Blaine says I
love you all the time.
It's easy to say I love you
when what you actually love
Is so very orifice specific.
Ew, robin, gross.
It's true, but Jeff
isn't like that.
He's deeper than that,
And it's not easy trying to wear
Those kind of emotions
on your sleeve.
But he doesn't even talk to me.
Like how heather
doesn't talk to peter?
Oh, wow. You're right.
How can I be so...
We're teenagers. It happens.
Okay, captain obvious,
are you ready?
Let's go roast some
mallows, shall we?
Oh, heather.
My god, Vickie.
Oh shit!
Okay, okay, okay.
So, who has a good ghost story.
LINDA: Oh, I got one.
Once upon a time,
two brainless boobs
Screwed what little
brains they had
Right out of each other,
And then their love child was
unleashed into the universe.
ROBIN: Oh my god.
- Mike's condom breaking!
- Oh god.
That's as scary as it
gets on Halloween.
Brophy, shakes on the defense.
Shut up, you know I hate
it when you talk that shit.
Now focus on my rocking
body with every move.
So hard sometimes with
this rocking physique, babe.
God, you're perfect for me.
Baby, won't you
come inside with me?
I think we need some
more marshmallows.
No, we don't. We have plenty.
There's never enough
with you around, red.
Hey, watch it, Bochner.
Why don't you chill out,
cake boy?
Come on, baby, please?
I need a hand.
With what?
LINDA: His passing
hand got tired.
You know what? Fuck you, Linda.
Come on, baby, please.
I think she made her
decision, Blaine.
JEFF: Besides,
don't you have a date
With a bag of snow
flurries anyway?
Your snow boogers
are almost gone.
Why don't you shut the hell up?
Hey. Don't even think
about it, Blaine.
You know what?
Fuck all y'all then.
HANNAH: Blaine.
That prick really chaps my ass.
Oh, Hannah, are you okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
ROBIN: Where are you going?
Inside. I think it's time
to tell Blaine goodnight.
Jeff, will you still
drive me home?
TINA: Watch it there, greedy.
Save some for the rest
of us, will ya?
What are you doing, bro?
Dude, I'm trying to call
that slut, Diane,
And see if she's fucking
behind my back.
You do realize
you're calling Diane
From Hannah's phone, don't you?
Man, it's whatever.
I'm done with that tease.
TINA: Oh, poor Blaine.
His big plans to bang Hannah
backfired and now he's pissed
Because his little
Latina backup booty
Isn't waiting on top
of the Cerveza.
HANNAH: Oh, great!
Oh, baby. You came.
I can't believe I was so stupid.
What are you talking about.
You're not stupid.
Look, I found your phone.
You are so full of shit, Blaine.
You had it this whole time.
So what? I couldn't call my mom
And now you're screwing
Diane, snorting coke
And doing god knows what
else behind my back.
You know what? You're the
one with all these rules
Because of your
stupid daddy issues.
What else am I supposed to
do to have fun around here?
You know, Blaine? Don't
ever call me again. Ever!
TINA: Oh, Jesus.
Come down off Broadway.
Why don't you mind
your business, bitch?
It was just one line,
okay, and look,
Don't even worry about Diane.
That was just sex.
Don't take it personally.
You know you're my girl.
Look, let's just go upstairs
and talk about this. All right?
I'd rather carve my face
like a jack-O-Lantern
Then be anywhere
near you. We're done.
You know what?
Fine. It's whatever.
It's your loss though.
Yeah, well locker room
talk on my end says
It's not much of a loss.
I didn't say it. It wasn't me.
I didn't either.
Y'all accepted the dare.
Y'all got to do it now.
LINDA: All right, Jeff.
Now, it's your turn.
Truth or dare, and
you better say dare.
What the hell just happened?
what did he do to you?
HANNAH: How can I
be such an idiot?
Can we get out of here now?
ROBIN: Yeah. Let's go.
Hey, get your god damn
hands off her.
JEFF: Chill out, man.
I'm about to whoop
your bitch ass.
Hey. You're going to have
to go through me first.
What are you going
to do, Barton?
Back the fuck down, Barton.
You got nothing to do with this.
ROBIN: He does now.
Why don't you shut the hell up?
This doesn't concern you either.
Talk about it.
Just let it go, okay?
He's high. They're all high.
Strap a muzzle on it,
shit starter.
You know what, bitch? That's
it. You're going to get it.
HEATHER: Stop guys.
We're all friends here.
Just because we played recess with
these losers in primary school
Does not mean we're friends,
And ever since
Hannah moved here,
She's been nothing
but trouble for all of us.
Trouble for me is more like it.
Hannah's done nothing wrong.
You need a real good ass
whooping. You know that boy?
Are you going to do it, bitch?
- Well, come on then.
- Hey.
Linda, where are you going?
To grab the biggest
branch I can find.
No, this bitch did not just
tell me to put a muzzle on it.
Yeah, I fucking did.
BUBBA: What the hell?
HEATHER: What the hell?
TINA: Trick or treat, Herman.
You sleazy boy-R-Squeeze.
Geez, Herm, showing up a
bit late, don't ya think?
Guys, I don't think
that's Herman.
What's he doing?
BLAINE: Holy shit!
BUBBA: Come on. Come after me.
Come on.
ROBIN: Oh, my god,
she's breathing!
BLAINE: Hurry up. Come on.
HANNAH: Heather, come on.
We have to go.
BLAINE: Come on.
Someone call for help.
Is everyone okay?
Is anyone hurt?
Piece of shit.
Stupid smartphone.
What are you doing?
HANNAH: Looking for a weapon.
TINA: Nobody's lived here
in years, dumb ass.
HEATHER: Over there.
The carving knife.
TINA: Oh, peachy now a
fucking storm, too?
Could anyone tell who it was?
Where do you think he went?
No idea. I don't see him.
We all know who it is, heather.
HEATHER: No, it can't be.
TINA: Shut it, Blaine.
There's no way.
He's the fucking crazy one.
It's the only thing
that makes sense.
Wait, you guys think
it was Herman?
I mean, just because y' all were
picking on him the other day?
It's not Herman.
It's Ben Youngblood.
HANNAH: Wait, what?
I thought he was in a home.
Well, he obviously got out, duh.
HANNAH: Why would
Ben be doing this.
Does this have something to do
with the principal's daughter?
I thought you said she died
in a drunk driving accident?
TINA: Drunk driving?
We killed her.
HANNAH: You what?
ROBIN: When you asked if it was
alcohol, we just let you assume
That it was a drunk
driving accident.
HANNAH: So what
the hell happened?
HEATHER: It was after
Thursday night JV game.
We were having a
Halloween party.
HANNAH: With who?
JEFF: All of us,
out on the field.
BLAINE: We were wasted.
The girls were fooling around,
doing stunts and pyramids.
We were throwing the
football behind 'em.
This is before Herman
was a sophomore.
Ben was the mascot then.
HEATHER: And we fell.
HANNAH: You guys were drunk.
That's like manslaughter
or something, isn't it?
ROBIN: And you're all
still minors.
And certainly not when Linda's dad is...
was the sheriff.
BLAINE: If Ben wouldn't have
been following Ginny around
All the time like some
stupid ass puppy,
Then none of this shit
would've happened.
HEATHER: Ben didn't want
to be the mascot.
He only tried out because he
wanted to be closer to Ginny.
He never liked us no
matter how hard we tried,
Always called us
Ginny's friends.
TINA: It's because Ben
Youngblood was a fucking freak,
And the only reason
Ginny dated him
Is because she was a
mother fucking saint,
And she pitied his poor
pathetic obsession over her.
Okay. It doesn't matter
who's under that mask.
What matters right now is the rest
of us get out of here alive, okay,
Robin, you should've told me.
ROBIN: You just lost your dad to
some other idiot's negligence.
How could I tell you that without
you thinking I was awful.
What do you care?
You scored her coveted spot on the squad.
I don't give a shit about that.
MIKE: Guys, look,
he's out front.
What the hell is he doing?
JEFF: I think he's cutting
your cables.
Damn it, Blaine.
You and I can take this
Mother fucker out
right now. Let's go.
No way, man.
He's fucking with us.
He's got a fucking
bow and arrow.
He wants us to come
out there, man.
You do what you want,
but I'm not going anywhere.
You're such a bitch.
So what do you
propose we do, Blaine,
Sit around and snort
snow and pray to god
He doesn't come in
to kill us first.
That's exactly what I propose.
I mean, shit, somebody's going
to come looking for us, right?
Nobody knows we're
out here, remember?
You are unbelievable,
you know that Blaine?
Linda is dead. Bubba's hurt,
and you're still over there
Trying to ride a fucking
white horse.
- Fuck you, Hannah.
- Fuck you.
HEATHER: Guys, stop. Now,
can we all please just focus
And try to figure
a way out of this?
MIKE: Guys, he just
skipped bubba's truck
And went straight
for Blaine's car.
ROBIN: You can only pop
the hood from the inside.
He can't cut the cables
without the keys.
Thank god. That's our escape.
You have bubba's keys?
We thought he was going
to take you home.
Fucking Brill.
Maybe he left them on the tire.
JEFF: All right, then.
Maybe one of us can... I don't
know, run around the farmhouse
And create a diversion long
enough to confuse him
And the rest can go get
the keys off the tire
And when the bait comes
around the farmhouse,
They'll jump in,
and we'll take off.
But bubba can't drive like this.
Yeah, guys. I don't
think it's a good idea.
Bubba can have a
serious concussion.
MIKE: She's right. I mean,
there's no way to get the keys
And bubba into the truck
in the amount of time
It'll take that crazy fuck
to get around the house.
JEFF: So then head out
to the water.
That's the only way we can
distract him long enough
To escape and get some help.
MIKE: Dude, running through
that open field
When he has a bow and arrow,
it's a suicide mission.
JEFF: It wouldn't be for the
fastest running back
In the entire 3a district.
Hell no.
Fine. I'll go.
MIKE: Okay, but where are you
going to go?
JEFF: I'll go out to the old
cabin across the lake.
If I can make it across the
water, maybe I can lose him.
I'm going with you. What?
Hannah, no. You should get
the truck and go get help.
I'm not letting you
go out there alone.
I'm coming with you.
I can keep up.
Hannah, I don't want you
risking your life, okay?
I'm sick of everyone always
making my decisions for me.
I'm going. It's my decision.
It's final.
Fine. Who's going to get help?
I will. Robin, you come with me.
What? Why me?
TINA: Don't you want
to help bubba?
No, that's not why she
wants you to go with her.
It's because you're a fat
ass. Odds are better on Tina
If old Ben turns around
after he takes Jeff out first.
Blaine, shut the hell up.
ROBIN: Oh my god.
He's right, you bitch.
Fine. Forget it.
I'm not going by myself.
Babe, you know I got your back.
You know what? Fuck it!
You can all just leave then!
Maybe you guys can go down
to that pub and get some help.
- It's not very far.
- Good idea.
And I'll stay here
and help robin
Since there's an obvious
shortage of balls around here
Without bubba awake
to protect us.
Self-Righteous cunt.
That's it. One more fucking
word out of you Barton,
And I'll nail you
to the wall myself.
Hey, mike. Looks like
the rain's letting up.
We'll wait for you guys to leave
around the side of the house
And then we'll bolt for it.
Okay. Um, this is probably
not the best utensil
To be carrying when you're
running for your life,
So keep everyone safe.
You guys bring help
fast, all right?
You sure about this?
You guys ready? Yeah.
On three. One, two, three.
Hey, asshole.
Over here.
Go, go, go, go!
Mike, let's just get
heather and Blaine.
The four of us can
just make a run for it.
Come on.
No. It'll take forever to
get back to town on foot.
- No, we can...
- Bubba needs our help now.
I'm not going to
leave him and robin.
We can't bring them all. They're too big.
They're going to slow us...
I said I'm not going to
leave them behind, okay?
Mike, behind you!
MIKE: Think you can
catch me? Come on.
Fuck. Come on, please don't.
Shit man. Come on. Please!
Do you think he's
still following us?
I don't know.
He was headed this way
when we left the house,
But I didn't look back.
What should we do now?
I guess we cross.
Get on the other side so
it's easier to push off.
Here. You got it?
Hello? Hello?
Somebody help.
My friends are gonna die!
Hello? Help me. Oh, thank god.
You got to help me. Let me in.
Let me in.
You bat shit. Fucking hooker!
Fucker, didn't think I could
man handle a big stick, too?
Bring it.
Fuck you!
Don't guess they started the
renovations? What a shit hole.
You check in there, and
I'll look around outside?
Maybe there's
something here we can use.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Hannah.
I'm sorry... about
your dad and all.
I didn't even
know until tonight.
Um, it's okay. Thanks.
Saxon on dispatch. Do you copy?
Jones here. Copy.
You find Linda yet?
No, not yet.
I keep hoping they'll
come back over here,
But uh, the Booker
residence is dark,
And I looked everywhere.
Dispatch just got a disturbance
call at Christy's pub
Down on county road 696.
What kind of disturbance?
Myrtle said some teenagers
were harassing her,
Said she saw a few cars
turning down ranch road 3000.
Reckons they might've
been heading out
To the old Williamson farmhouse.
HEATHER: They're still not back.
Why aren't they back yet?
Ben chased them out of
the woods like 20 minutes ago.
They ought to be
long dead by now.
Blaine, would you please stop?
We don't know for
sure anyone's dead.
Jesus, you are so delusional.
Wake the fuck up.
Look, I hate to rain on your
little let's stay positive parade,
But I don't think you realize the
seriousness of the shit storm
You're in right now little miss
princess hogeye teacher's pet.
I realize exactly
what is happening here,
But your negativity
is not helping anything.
Keep your fucking mouth shut.
I'm going to have to take
bubba's truck to get help.
I think he's losing
too much blood.
I hope you can drive a stick.
I don't know how.
Well, I do.
I sure as hell am not
risking my life to save yours.
Fine. I'll go. If they
didn't find the keys,
Maybe bubba
dropped them out back.
Hannah, out here.
Oh, does it have any shells?
Obviously the fucker
doesn't have a gun
Or he'd have used it, right?
So, maybe we can use
this to scare him?
We really don't
have another choice.
All right. Let's do this.
ROBIN: Be back soon, okay?
Take care of him
for me, will you?
I'll guard him with my life.
Robin, behind you, behind you.
She made it.
Oh, shit. Where'd he go?
I'll come back for you.
I promise.
Robin's dead.
I can't let you go out there.
I have to see if that
truck will still run,
Or we're all dead. Now move.
You people are freaking crazy.
If you go out there, I'm
not letting you back in.
I'll take my chances.
I don't know if I can go
back. What if they're...
I'm not going to let
anything happen to you.
I promise.
Oh, fuck me.
Glad you're here.
I need higher ground.
Burn in hell.
It's so quiet now.
If mike or Tina made it,
the police would've been here already.
They wouldn't
have come and left?
All the cars are still here.
Wait, is that?
Bubba's truck is up
against the tree over there.
- Oh my, god.
- Shh.
We're going to be okay.
Let's go up on the front porch.
Robin, are you in there?
Heather? Blaine?
Bubba's still here.
Bubba, can you hear me?
Stay with him.
I'm going to take a quick look around.
We need to get
bubba and go right now.
What is it?
Bubba, please.
Blaine, upstairs.
Hannah, we need to get the girls
and get out of here, okay?
Jeff, wait. There's
somebody else in here.
- Jeff, behind you!
- Ugh.
No, bubba.
Bubba? No.
Hannah, what happened here?
I killed him.
You did what?
I thought he was Ben.
Hannah, I know
this hard for you,
But I need to know,
where is Linda at?
Under my feet, asshole.
Hello, Hannah.
Rick, where's my mother?
Oh, she's around here somewhere.
If you hurt her...
I swear to god.
Don't need to be
worried about her.
If I was you, I'd start worry
about not having any friends
Come Monday morning
first period.
How could you do this?
Do I really need to
give you a list of reasons?
I suppose that's fair.
For starters,
it's hunting season,
And hunting's just plain fun.
Second, there's this whole mess
that these heathens caused
That made my poor boy
go all looney farm.
Damn meddling kids.
Made my first born boy
go to the retard house,
Tarnishing my family name.
Family name? Please.
Look at yourself.
I'm pretty sure you
botched that on your own,
You backwards
white trash piece of shit.
Ooh. Where did that come from?
I didn't think
you had that in ya.
You won't get away with this.
Why? My boy, Ben, did it.
You'd frame your own son?
He don't speak now.
It's not likely he's going
to be able to say anything.
You, stand back.
Aw, dammit, Nancy.
Things were just starting
to get good around here.
You promised me.
Mom, you knew about this.
Hannah was not part of our deal.
Well, seeing me without
my mask wasn't either.
I told ya to put a leash
on this bratty little
Shovel slayer over there.
I told you to make
sure she stayed at home.
I did, but she didn't
listen, did she?
Mom, what deal?
Hannah, butt out.
Just tell her, Nance.
The stiff cat's
hanging out of the bag.
You talk too much. Just shut up.
Your mom was freaked out as all
Get out right around
the time I started making
Carne Asada out of
senorita Sanchez,
But a handful of
them happy pills,
And then she started
realizing that you was
Just one step close to
that cheer scholarship.
That's enough, rick.
We've finished everything
we came here to do, right?
Now, Hannah and I aren't
going to say anything,
So we're going to stick
to the original plan.
Ben did it all. Understood?
- All right, Nance.
- Understood, Hannah?
I made a mistake.
Mom, don't talk.
Please. Just keep
your eyes open.
Keep looking at me.
I just, ugh, oh.
I wanted a better life for you.
Mom, wake up.
Wake up.
What? You don't think
I'm smart enough
To wear a bullet proof vest
under this here poncho?
You run on home, Hannah.
I'm going to stay here
and build a big old bonfire
Starting with your mother.
If your mom had half
the spitfire as you do,
We would've had
ourselves a real good time.
Little Indians all in a row,
Ten is enough
just wanting to go.
They're only ten little
Indians, you son of a bitch.
I thought I'd already
taken care of you.
Behind you, asshole.
Jeff, are you all right?
All right, miss Wallace,
I think that'll be it.
If you want to head over
to the ambulance there,
You can ride with your
friend to the hospital,
And we'll meet you there.
All right.
Wait. Detective Ironside,
did they ever find Rick's son?
Yes, ma'am. We found
mark safe and sound.
He's down at
the station right now.
No, not mark, Ben,
The one from the insane asylum.
The one that rick was
trying to frame this on?
Oh, um, I'm not sure.
I...I don't think so.
We'll have to check.
Then, he's still out there.