Vasaku jala reede (2012) Movie Script

Bad Hair Friday
Hey, man
Best place for a broken heart
what broken heart, i have no broken heart
Everything is fine
Let it be
Katri just wanted to take a time-out
And this happend after you proposed to her?
Dear Katri, would you marry me?
She just wants to think about it a bit longer
and rightly so, she needs time to think
point is, that you have a time-out
what point?
Time-Out, Party, Sexy girls
sure, sure, ok
Party, Beer but no Sexy Girls
ok, fine
Damn i'm so happy to see you guys
yeah, damn
you too
I think this will be the best day ever
what you think
not exactly the best day of your life
it's painful damn it
it will be more painful,
when we break fingers on the other hand too
one more time
pay your debts, asshole
it's only 50 euros
with our service fee it will be
87 euros and 50 cent
plus taxes
and health insurance
here is the bill
and next time we meet
we will count your toes as well
next time
fuck head
Butcher is listening
in the evening?
we got a job tonight
You are treating me like you are doing drugs
do it once, do it twice
and then you go partying with other girls
which girls?
Do you think i don't know about your partying
and how you are fucking those chicks in the clubs
what are you talking about?
Is this what you think of me,
a cheap and stupid woman?
But you are not cheap
Armani jeans, Gucci clothes, all your bills
You can shove it up your ass,
damn Gucci
What do you want then
I want you to quit
puting your dick in every hole in the town.
Oh shut up, what are you talking about?
Oh they are calling already
Pick it up then
Yes old man
Hey, what are you doing there?
What are these?
Fuck, you know that you don't need these.
What are you doing?
You wanted to keep these for tonight, yes?
Go fuck how much you want
You are really lucky
When are you introducing him to me
You have been together for 3 months already
Soon, maybe
- you have unread messages -
What is it?
- Don't bother to come back babe! -
He sent me a poem
I'll send him a kiss back
So sweet
- Go to hell -
Matu is sending me poems all the time.
I thought he is the only one who is so romantic
Grandma i'm gonna go now
Don't worry about me
I will meet Liisi in town
I will come back in the morning
Liisi is a good girl
Don't be late!
- I won't
True love is the most important thing in the world
Grandma what are you doing?
Your grandpa gave this to me
Hold this
Go already
Go, Go
I think we should go to the beach and start from there
Start what?
Beer, Sex and all the things men like
Hey Katri, it's me
Pick up if you can, please
We are in town with the guys
what, to the beach
We are going to the beach
I know we took a Time-Out and all that
But i love you
Go fuck yourself, you blind stupid walking dead moron asshole
No not you, some idiot walking on the street
What do you mean you are not giving me money
I need 50
I am not partying too much
but still i got expences you know
hey i'm not a 10 year old boyscout who you send to play in the garden
are you listening?
for fuck sake
This is your third phone this month
enough aleady
whats going on
it's fucked
Old man is not giving me any money
He says i party too much
and the university stuff too
I'm sick and tired of this shit
someone should kill him with a dildo
considering your father's business
i wouldn't be surprised if it actually happens
i'm not thinking about the dildo thing,
just generally speaking
you wish, old man is tougher than a cockroach
you can put a nuclear bomb in his ass
and he still wouldn't die
Hey watch it man,
it's a genuine Gucci replica
You got something to say?
Fuck off
What are you looking at, huh?
You need to work
Where's the money?
I got no money,
Eva has all the money.
Pay your debt
You have to work, if you want to live
Fucking whore
Hey, what the fuck
I thought i will go and get some
Do you have any money?
What are you talking about, it's our own girls.
If you got no money
then go fuck yourself, moron.
Eva, it's allright
We will find a solution
and then we will leave those idiots behind.
Which solution?
For example,
the horoscope said we are gonna win a lot of money
Sounds like a plan
-It's me
The accountant
I will be late
I don't want to see it here anymore
Figure out something
I will pick it up tomorrow
until then.
until then.
Where is Tnis?
I don't know
Talking to his girlfriend maybe
He is so screwed.
Oh, leave him alone.
He knows what he is doing
Hey, monogamy is not normal.
Women are like flowers
and men are bees who fertilize them.
What bees, what do they fertilize?
Bees put it in trees, bushes, flowers
and men put it in women.
It's a big happy buzz.
She is taking the Time-Out really seriously.
Now she's not even picking up the phone.
hey, maybe the problem is in your....
Stop it,
it's a sensitive subject.
As sensitive as with Piret?
or with Katrin?
or perhaps with Lenna?
and her huge natural.....curls
This time it's different,
Katri know and accepts.
my medical situation and there are no problems.
We are only messing around, don't worry.
It's an important decision,
let her think about it.
Ok, don't worry about it.
Let's focus on the right things now,
beer and the ......
Holy shi.....
Hot, Hot, Hot
Thats some Hot stuff.
- Really hot.
I mean, as a bystander.
Hey boys.
See you in the club later.
Where is my brother?
Yes, brother. Where is he?
I don't know.
Maybe they know.
They know everything.
We are going to town.
Don't give him that shit.
This stuff is too good for him anyway.
He will take it as food.
But this is only food for the soul.
and leave my brother's medicine alone.
Specially him
- Hello
Thanks for helping me out sooner.
It's a shame to keep such a man in prison
I won't forget about this,
you can count on that.
Yeah, we will count that with everything else.
Your son.
Kids grow fast.
You are locked up for a few years
and you don't even recognize them anymore.
A bit of a mommy's boy,
i need to teach him more.
Boys are difficult.
My son has totally gone to waste.
What are you gonna do about your old man?
He said he will take away my car,
if i won't start studying
He might as well just die.
Makes no difference how many years i go to school.
Wow, check it out.
Crazy stuff.
What if you just pay your teachers?
I tried that already
Old man tried it before me.
Teacher didn't dare to
look me in the eyes anymore
They said i have to start studying.
You are in really deep shit then.
When are your exams?
Next week.
Maybe it's time to start studying then.
If today's deal will go through.
Then i don't care much.
Old man can give
the money to the cats if he wants
But for todays deal,
we need some money.
I will ask my stepmom.
What the fuck.
Kitty, Kitty.
Jesus christ, what a monster.
Hey boys,
see you in the club later.
Oh well
Not a bad view, huh?
Not bad.
Nietzsche once said,
all good ideas come when you take a walk
I don't think he was a smoker.
My good ideas come
when i'm taking a shower.
I am not thinking of sick ideas.
Sometimes i want to take a shit,
particularly when it's nice warm water.
You know when you
really want to relax.
In prison i wanted to smoke all the time.
Even when i had plenty of cigarettes.
I was hungry for a fuck all the time
I was hard all the time.
Particularly in the shower.
Remember the Crack,
he looked wierdly at me.
I knocked in his teeth.
Everything that makes you stronger is good.
The Opposite is bad.
The definition of Good and Bad.
- Oh!
What did he say about money?
He is a philosopher.
What's happening in the evening?
Do i get any money?
I need to pay my bills.
Inflation damn it
Bread cost as much
as a packet of weed already.
Don't worry.
Our money problems are over in the evening.
300 Euro
2 for me, 1 for you.
Howcome 2 for you?
For this job you need a sensitive artist hand,
not a fist that is used to kick in teeth through the ass.
Let's go there
- Where? To the cinema?
But we have no money
to the casino
Whats your lucky number?
Whats wrong with you?
I told you 20
I put on 30
Hey sweety
- Hey
Sorry i'm late
i went shopping
No problem
Did you get something cool?
No, we were just looking around
Everything is so expensive
But i did find one dress for today evening
We are going out with the girls,
we have free entrance
- Yeah
Girls night out
But i'm working in the evening
Don't worry about it
we are just chatting and having fun.
yeah but
Ok, anyway i have a surprise for you
Surprise for me?
Show me then
Close your eyes
- Ok
No peeking.
- I won't
You can open your eyes.
What is this?
- Yes
I did this for you
You did it yourself?
For me
ofcoors, it's not really....
You are so lovely.
I have never had any regrets
about any of my decisions
Not even my shitty marriage
Some might say,
that after you had beaten your wife
it could be interpreted as that you DO regret it!
Listen, the bitch deserved it
same goes for that asshole
who she cheated me with.
Men want two things
Excitement and play
there for they want women
because women are the most exciting toys
What is she doing now?
She's disabled.
last i heard she went to Finland
disabled people get better benefits there
Women were mysterious
even for Nietzsche
Fuck of with your Nietzsche
Look, this is a man.
Give me your hand
and this is a woman
and this is how you fuck
Hello lovebirds
But you were....... locked up
there you go,
sometimes the laws are useful
The old man put his army of lawyers
to work or something?
Yeah he had his reasons.
right, thats right
thats how it should work
What plans does the old man have for you?
Just a few things.
but in the long run
I will take my son,
and head for the palmtrees.
I have had enough.
Hang on,
does Larissa allow you to take the son with you?
It's not a multiple choice question exactly.
Choose this or that.
Carmen Electra
2007 edition
2007 4th edition
Length 1.64
Weight 51kg
measures 90-64-82
page numbers 16-17
prefers men who are positive
and favourite color is
favourite color is.... Ferrari red
thats the girl who just walked by
Beautiful girl
Where is Risto?
He is fucking in the toilet
You know
Sergei called
You still talk to him?
He said he was sorry
and that he misses me
and that he is in Cyprus currently
Eva do you still remember
what he did to you?
I remember very well
I'm thinking about white sand on the beach.
What happens to my brother then?
You take your brother with you.
We have money
Ketas will kill us whens he finds out.
We won't tell him anything
We do as we planned
We just go out and we are gone by tomorrow.
together with your brother
Maybe we get it from him?
i don't know,
last time we got shit from him.
I felt wierd for two weeks
Forget about that idiot.
Whats happening here?
Stop this immediately
God damn thugs
Leave the flower alone
Damn fool
What's your problem grandpa?
God damn thugs
these are the kind of people
that i have to live with
maybe you wanna look around huh,
this is my area.
Do you think i'm scared of you?
I know your type
Drug addicts and drunk people
This is not your problem,
i will deal with this.
- Don't call me that, call me mommy
That sounds a bit strange
In the beginning it always sounds strange
But some things you just get used to
Technically i'm your mom
but what do you need this time?
- Oh, money
Mommy will help you.
How much do you need?
Thats not a small sum.
Candy money
You have a sweet tooth
I buy all my candies in advance
But then you have to be a
good boy for mommy
Your father is not caring about me at all.
He is so angry.
We would be much better together.
Only you and me.
We would be better off,
if he was not around anymore at all.
What are you talking about?
Let's talk about it later
Right now
there is another thing you can do for me
What's that?
Do you have a cigarette?
Do you have a cigarette? asshole
How did it go with the psycho-mom?
I don't wanna talk about it
Come on, what happend?
I told you,
not talking about it.
Where is Risto?
I don't know,
probably fucking in the toilet already
Wow, look at this guys
I also had something similar once
Yellow color
My dog ate it
We had a huge dog,
he ate everything
Hang on,
this is all part of the tactic
What tactic?
Getting girls tactic
Go there
Put your hand against the car
like it's yours
Don't give it a massage
Stand still, don't move
Smile as well
Good, all good, let's go
Lot of girls here
Blondes for you, bruenettes for me.
Which ones do you prefer?
I'm fine i have a girl already.
Let's see what you say after a few shots.
3 tequilas please
6 tequilas
Let's not over do it,
take it easy.
Yeah, don't worry.
- Let one of us be more sensible
More for us then
Hey don't scare away any girls
with your virginity
Nowadays a virgin is
as extinct as a Penguin with fangs.
Penguins have never had any fangs.
- Thats my point
Do you have a cigarette?
Do you have a cigarette, asshole?
Do you have a cigarette?
I have no cigarettes
I don't smoke
Smoking is bad for your health
Passive smoking can be even more dangerous
What do you mean?
Depends on the situation
What situation am i in then?
You know very well why we are here
Why are you here then?
You stole bosses money,
Like my colleague just said
You took something that doesn't belong to you
I haven't taken anything
I haven't taken anything
Yeah sure there was some accounting errors,
but i...
no more lies
Do you know what time is it now?
Evening time
It's evening, learn to read the time.
Close his mouth
Like i said
Enough with the lies
Now it's time to learn
How did it go?
The deal is closed.
The stuff is in the car.
Some for the show
Yeah, my old man will say the same soon.
Write those words down on a paper for him
It was nice of you to share your stuff
- Fuck off, it was my stuff
Fuck off
Don't get personal
Let me loose now
You will pee on yourself there
At least
i don't let some old man pee on my head
Shut it
Seriously guys let me go now
my hands will die soon
Dead hands
Your sexlife will be finished
Man with dead hands
the horror
Fuck you guys seriously let me loose now
Where are the bitches?
They went out i think
Fucking bitches
They were suppose to bring money
where are those bitches
Let me loose
- Shut up i'm thinking here
I will put sandals in your mouth
i will feed them to you
If you won't shut up
My hands will die soon
- Yelling all the time
They don't like you
It's all quiet in space
Listen, you know, that i know, that you know,
that i know and thats how it is
and he knows as well
Know what?
That she loves you
You are such a good guy
Yes, i love her, but she doesn't love me
Yes she loves you, don't worry about that
How do you know that?
Because we all love you
You are a good guy
You are my best friend
i would give my life for you
Maybe it was a mistake to come to Tallinn
Maybe Katri will take this the wrong way
- No, no
The entire point of this trip
was to cheer you up
Just like Kris loves you as well
BUT not in a gay way, more like a friend
Hey what are you doing now?
Hey, stop it
Put it away
Maybe it's me
Maybe it's because i'm not healthy
Look there is a good looking blonde
- No no no
Think of yourself as the snake charmer
Do it like Ott Lepland with a lawnmover
- Who?
Have you ever wondered that peeling an apple
and peeling someones skin
is not really different from eachother
Do you see this?
where the apple stem used to be
It's quite difficult to peel there
With humans it's exactly the same thing
It's quite difficult
to peel the skin around your asshole
It's not a coincidence that we are here
The fact that you got caught
that was the first little decision that you made
That you could someway be more clever
than your destiny
That you could take something
that doesn't belong to you
Nietzsche has a saying about this
Whats happening?
Hey ladies
- Hey
This is my friend, Lemps
- Hey
This is Eva and Kirke
Don't fall down now
You girls have no idea how rich this dude is
He has 3 cars in the garage
One in the garage, one is still unwrapped
and one he is crusing around with
But he has a good heart,
he gave a real stuffed Panda to an orphanage
The kids were so excited
Where are the bitches?
They better be here in the morning
with money
Are we there yet?
There where?
You wanna know where?
Are we really there?
You are all fucking idiots.
Do you hear that?
- What?
this noise
Which one of these?
Bloody hell
Let's go
Where are you?
I have been looking all over for you
Only thing i can get is your voicemail
Please i want to go home already
All the guys here today are morons
also i feel sick
Please call me as soon as you get my message
Wait, wait
Ok guys
The costumes are here
Hey, what?
Are you serious?
Of course
Can you imagine the girls there?
Hey if you want you can come and look later
No, i will wait here.
Every man is a master of his own sexlife
So cool
Do you have a condom?
Everything ok with you?
You are healthy?
- Of course.
I'm going in then
He is not coming, i'm telling you
I don't see him coming.
He is simply not coming.
Not coming,
he is not coming
Shut up you fool,
he will come.
He is not coming,
i'm telling you.
He is not coming
Not coming
I think he is not coming
I'm gonna hit you if you don't shut up now
I told you that he is an asshole.
I think i have found something
more interesting for us
Shut up bitch
Shut up
shut up
Shut up,
shut up
Are we doing this or not?
First we need to do something else
let's go
You got any money?
Yeah, for the Taxi
You don't?
This should be enough for you
By the way,
you were the best this evening.
You crazy guy,
celibacy breaker
Business as usual
The path of life is full of suffering
To survive you have to understand suffering
i'm giving your life that understanding
understanding that
what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
or it will make permanent damage
Who is it?
The lesson is over
now we are gonna take a ride
err, does he hear with that side?
or do i have to walk on to the other side
From a medical point of view,
it makes no difference.
Just the glases will not stand in place anymore
and you can't put a cigarette behind the ear anymore.
That was a good one.
You know
It feels so good being with you
I was thinking if you want perhaps
then tomorrow we could go to...
I have a strange feeling
I don't know
I think i love you
Who the hell are these?
Get the hell out of here, you morons
- We are leaving soon.
We don't want any problems
- Sure, quickly get out. This is not a hotel.
Have they paid already?
That was not the deal with these guys.
Fucking bitches
Your job is to bring in money,
not to use your tools for free.
These are mine
Fuck you
keys, please
Sorry, but it's an emergency
you will get your car back
Now that's fucked up
that is fucked up
Who were they?
It's my bag
My money damn it
Now what?
It seems,
these assholes have enough money to pay rent for the car
Shut up
Hey, i need some help
oh my god,
blood, blood it hurts
No, where is the nearest hospital?
We can't go to the hospital god damn it
We have to go to hospital
- Please take me to the hospital i need help
Thats fucked up
What, whats wrong
We can't go to the hospital,
you shot everybody
It was self-defence
You shot the girls as well
They were all just one gang
makes no difference
Tell me where is the hospital here
I don't know where am i driving
or what am i doing
What am i gonna say to my mom if i die?
- You are not diying
Hey the bag is full of money
Tonis, Leemet.
- What bag, what money?
Leemet, bloody hell!
Leemet can you hear me?
Leemet, Leemet
Leemet look at me
Leemet damn it
Tonn, he is not breathing anymore
What? Do something then
What am i suppose to do,
he is not breathing anymore
Still warm
You are here?
Oh, hello
Here you go
Have you been here
all this time?
Yeah pretty much
It wasn't that bad
You have been drinking
I took a little with the girls
Do you love me?
Of course i love you
Seriously, seriously
Everything is fucked up,
so fucked up
We will find a solution
- What solution?
What solution will we find, huh?
Calm down
- What calm down
Do you feel calm?
Leemet is dead
Leemet is dead.
Are you calm? huh
Is that calm enough for you huh
You know very well that i love you too
Of course i know
I feel good being with you
You are always here, next to me
- Yeah
waiting for you with a rose
No, thats not what i mean.
Come on
I will show you something
We can't go to the police
We need to get rid of the car
and the body,
we need to get rid of the body
body? call him Leemet,
he is our friend you know
There has to be a better solution for this
This is like a nightmare
Ok, listen
We found the car
and the body
yes, body
He seems dead to me
blood all over him
doesn't move, doesn't breathe
mouth and eyes wide open,
what do you think it is?
a box of tomatos?
Sounds bad
We didn't plan to put him in the box so soon?
We will take care of your cold friend
OK, see you there
They found the car
the accountant is dead
Damn, we don't get paid then
nope, we won't get paid
- Fuck
Wait was he sick or something?
We didn't do anything to him,
only the ear.
Achilleus ear
His weak spot
An ear damn it
Damn it
Yes, it was me,
i took the money
It was a big mistake
I don't wanna see it here anymore
Don't kill me please
Take it easy,
nobody is killing anyone here
Wait, what money?
The money i stole from the Old Man
The guys who did this to me
- They work for the Boss yeah?
Yeah, for the Boss
And where does the Boss live?
he has a house in Kakumae
close to the sea,
i can show you where it is
Who are you anyway?
We will help you out from here first
I'm so confused right now
New plan
- What are you doing?
Listen we gonna get our money back
The money wasn't ours in the first place
Just because you stole it from someone,
doesn't mean money belongs to us now
Our money,
their money who cares
There was about 100 or 150 bundles of money
maybe even 200 bundles
Every bundle about 10.000 Euro
Thats about 2 million Euros
thats about 30 million Kroon,
so what?
That would solve all our problems
It doesn't solve any of our problems
We will go to prison,
or i will go to prison, you can walk home
We are in this shit together
Who is helping you right now?
Katri doesn't pick up the phone,
Lemps is dead, for fuck sake.
We at least owe it to him,
he didn't die for nothing then.
I don't know, i don't know
It all feels so wrong
Wrong doings are part of the past
Do you know what time it is now?
- No, what time is it?
I wanted to say that
that i wasn't in club with just girls
You can open your eyes
Quickly in and quickly out,
just like agreed.
We are so fucked right now
Then we got nothing more to lose
One last time
Fuck everything
Freeze everybody.
- Nobody move
Nobody move
- Freeze, stand still.
Can i help you with something?
I told you to shut up damn it
Yeah, don't say a word,
just shut up
Hello, Katri
No, it's not a bad time at all
You want to marry me?
Can you believe this, she says yes
She wants to get married
Listen, let's leave!
What are you doing
- Come on, let's go!
We are very sorry
It's all a mistake
We should put you in a box
just for the sake of it.
As a lesson,
so next time you know what to expect
Do you know what this is?
Do you?
It's a tracking device
You fucking asshole,
you don't fuck with me ever.
This is quite a lot of money for Two people
Shit loads of money
I'm thinking
it's even more money for One person
Don't think so much
Hey don't mess around
what, for money?
Dont mess around,
we can reach an agreement
You pulled this one off quite fast
I didn't think it will be this bloody
but fast
Mommy is here now,
don't worry
Mommy will be here for you forever
67, 68, 69, 70
that is all that is left
7000 Euros
It's for you
Hey mom, it's me
No, no all is fine
Mom don't cry
I wanted to say that i'm coming back home
If i'm allowed
I'm running our of credit
but see you soon
Do you know if Nietzsche
has anything to say about this?
Totally fucked up friday
It's Saturday already
- What the hell?
Actually it's quite the opposite
I'm your guardian angel!
- Sure
Well that explains a few things
At least you didn't die a virgin
But i don't wanna be dead at all
Well i can't do much about that
Of course
There are alternatives
Which alternatives?
Like reincarantion
I could go back then?
- Sure
In that case,
you would have to start from a lower level
How low?
Petrus, shut it off!
Well for example,
Thats a joke right?