Vault (2019) Movie Script

Judge Giannini's
sentence climaxes a story of extremes,
the maximum penalty and the longest
criminal trial in Rhode Island history
for the second largest
robbery in US history.
All of which will be fodder for
conversation for some time to come,
as will the question,
"Whatever happened to most of the loot?"
Michael Owens, News Watch.
Well, the Bonded Vault
situation was a...
more of a safety deposit box
type of thing.
And when people put
their items in the vault,
they didn't mark them,
and there was no way of telling
to whom a particular
bag of coins would belong.
These are nice.
These are real nice gifts.
Are they silver?
Are they silver, Al?
Yes, yes, they are.
Silver medallions.
Well, I can't, at this
time, disclose their names.
That will come out
in evidence...
- Are they local people?
- No.
They are not local people.
I can tell you
the majority of them come from
the southern part of this country.
You ready?
Let's boogie.
- Forgot your mask.
- I don't need one. Let's go.
Hold on, hold on.
You're really not gonna wear a mask?
There ain't no point
in wearing that mask.
When we walk in there and you
stick a gun in someone's face,
they piss their pants,
they don't remember details.
But I'm hearing about banks
out in California, right?
They're startin' to use cameras to
monitor the buildings. They are.
They're startin'
to do that now.
I just wish... you know?
First of all,
this ain't California.
when we walk in there,
all they're thinking is,
"Please, God,
I ain't never taken the
kids to Niagara Falls."
They ain't gonna remember
the shape of your nose
or the color of
your fuckin' curly hair.
You have a point.
I know I do.
That's why I said it.
So now I got a mask on
and you don't.
I been robbing
a long time.
You been robbing
a long time.
I ain't never worn
a fuckin' mask.
I ain't gonna
wear one today.
But if you wanna wear
that mask,
go right the fuck ahead.
Now you can breathe better,
you can see all around you.
And when we step out
of this car,
you're not some fuckin'
lunatic with a ski mask on
in broad daylight.
Can we go?
'Course we can.
Fuck you waiting for?
Chucky and I met when I was...
when I was 15.
Been fuckin' thick
as thieves since.
He got in some fuckin' fight,
and people got impressed by it.
To be honest, we didn't really
know what we were getting into.
- After you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
Stay still!
Don't even think about it.
- You hear me? Don't move a fucking inch.
- Let's remain calm, please.
No need to take this
to a violent place.
No, no, no.
We know all about the safe in
the back of this establishment.
We'll open it up,
take a peek inside.
This will all be over quick,
ladies and germs.
Get this over your head,
You, put this on.
- You...
- Is that loaded?
- Are you a comedian?
- Do what they say, Karyn. Let's get 'em out.
It's no problem, just as long as
he gets that piece out of my face.
I don't need to get killed
if this fool gets scared.
Oh, I'm scared?
That's what
you're worried about?
You seem jumpy.
Are you happy now?
Sit on the floor.
Oh, my God!
Here, put this
pillowcase on.
Be right back.
There she is.
Come on. Combination.
You oughta be careful with that
attitude of yours, you know.
Anybody ever tell you that?
Walking around like that,
you're gonna mouth off to the
wrong person one of these days.
Are you the wrong person?
See, that's exactly
what I'm talking about.
Shit like that is provocative to a
guy like me in a situation like this.
What kind of situation
is this?
This... This is a tense...
- It is?
- All right.
Purses and wallets!
Hurry up.
Give me your purse.
I got exactly enough money in
this purse for my bus fare home.
- So what?
- So I don't give a shit
if you rob that sweaty old white
man's safe and his whole store.
But if you think you can come in
here, take all that,
and get my bus fare today,
then you'd better plan on returning
to the scene of the crime at 6:00
and giving me a ride home, because it is
certainly too far to walk in these shoes.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Time to say good-bye, friends.
- I'll see you at 6:00.
That's what time
you get off, right?
No, thank you.
I have a boyfriend.
He ain't invited.
Here's the deal,
ladies and germs.
We're gonna walk out that door
now while counting to 100.
And while we count,
we're gonna have our guns trained
on the windows of this establish...
- You shot him?
- You shot him?
It's not like
I meant to do it.
Fuck that, let's go!
Pasquale. Hey, Pasquale,
what are you doing with this bread, huh?
What are you doing
with the bread?
Let's see what Gerry Ouimette
has to say.
I've earned with the family
for... many, many years.
I treat your family
like it's my family.
You know
I've been loyal to you.
Some say loyalty
is all we ever had.
With that I agree.
You and I,
we live by the same code,
one I respect with my life.
Nixon was obsessed
with loyalty, you know.
He learned that from us.
Quaker shit-for-brains.
Thought he could cover his ass with
a pledge like a fucking Boy Scout.
Fuck Nixon.
I respect you, Raymond.
I respect the family
and what you've built.
And after all these
many years,
I'm thinkin'
maybe it's time...
I got some respect, too.
Respect. What kind of respect
are you talking about?
I wanna be made.
I know I'm not Italian,
but I want you to accept me
into your family.
I've been loyal.
I've done...
I want a claim
to what I've earned
that cannot be challenged
and is understood.
You see this mouse here?
He comes here every day.
I give him some bread.
I trained him, you know.
He thinks we're friends.
His name is Pasquale.
Do you think Gerry Ouimette
is one of us?
Oh, wow.
Pasquale agrees with you.
He says you're one of us.
But Pasquale is wrong.
You got as much chance of being one
of us as this little mouse right here.
You keep pissing and moaning,
you're gonna end up just like him.
I'll break your fuckin' back
and never blink an eye.
Okay, Frenchman?
May I offer you a ride?
Do you really have
a boyfriend?
You know, you really shouldn't
be walkin' home in those shoes.
Speaking of shoes...
I came across a purse today that
matches 'em perfectly. You wanna see it?
- Wanna go for a ride?
- You know, I should call the police
and report your plates, dummy.
Wanna come home
and meet my mother?
She's making meatloaf,
and she does a really good job with it.
- I'm Deuce.
- Yeah, I know that,
because your partner
yelled it at you and everyone
during the robbery
you committed today,
We gotta stop doing that.
Seriously, though...
my mother's meatloaf
is somethin' special.
And if you miss out on it, you're gonna
be makin' a really, really big mistake.
You're lucky I'm hungry...
'cause I couldn't buy lunch.
And in all of my years
of public life,
I have never
obstructed justice...
They don't think he knew.
He knew.
He fuckin' knew everything.
...whether or not
their president is a crook.
- Well, I'm not a crook.
- Who the hell is even runnin' the government?
Hmm? Is crime even illegal?
- I don't even wanna hear this.
- There you go.
There's your law and order
candidate, Deloris.
They're nothing
but hypocrites. Hmm?
Robbin' their way to power,
and then they wanna lock
everybody else up.
You know, Tommy...
that might just be...
the smartest thing
you ever said.
- You feelin' okay?
- Get out of here!
- Come on!
- No, I want... Get out. Get out of here.
There she is.
- Ma. How are you?
- Ha ha! Hey.
Ohh. Mm.
this is Karyn.
Karyn, this is Ma.
That's the mayor over there,
my Aunt Connie.
- Ha ha!
- Hi.
- Hi. It's really nice to meet you.
- You, too, honey. Welcome.
You look tired.
They workin' you too hard down there?
- Long hours, Ma. Long hours, you know.
- And you two meet at work?
Yeah, something like that.
- Thank you.
- Well, help yourself. My home is your home.
Deuce, make her a plate before
those animals get in here.
I'm actually gonna go take her,
introduce her to those animals
quick before we start eating.
- Come on.
- Oh, okay.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
Yeah, let's go meet the animals.
- Ohh!
- Hey.
Everyone. This is Dorothy.
That's little Paulie.
This bright ball of sunshine
is my sister Danielle.
You don't need to bother
with her.
That's Debbie.
That's my degenerate
brother Tommy.
That's Chucky.
You met him earlier.
And I have no idea who this kid is.
Come on, let's sit down.
Let me point out,
it was voluntary on my part,
and deliberately so,
to avoid a precedent...
...that might destroy the principle of
confidentiality for future presidents...
Turn that thing off! Come eat!
- Doin' anything Friday night?
- I'm busy.
- How about Saturday?
- Got plans.
You know what?
This might change your mind.
I got you something.
What are you doing? Get off me!
What are you doing?
- This is for you.
- What is this?
- Where did you get this?
- Look at that.
- Those are real diamonds in there.
- They are?
Bet that sheep fucker from Milford
never got you something like that.
Stop that!
Help me put it on,
will you?
Oh, come on.
An unsolved
murder in Providence
could have been ordered by Raymond
Patriarca from behind bars.
And you said that your...
Your proof is...
Yeah, just a minute.
- Where you gettin' all that cash?
- Here.
- Okay.
- I love you.
I love you, too.
Thank you.
...come to the attention of
the authorities long before...
- This is you?
- Yep, this is me.
Is this a good place
to live?
I guess I wish
you could see the stars
when you looked up
at the sky.
I'd like to just live somewhere
where you could see the stars.
I heard about that.
Light pollution.
Serious problem.
- Wish me luck.
- Why should I do that?
'Cause I got another thing
with Chucky next week.
Okay, well,
you should try not to shoot anyone.
You know what? No one was jumpy
until you said we were jumpy.
It's whatever
you say it is.
Oh, yeah?
Well, here's what
I say it is.
Maybe once this thing is done,
we both quit our shitty jobs,
find a good place to live where
we can see some stars together.
But this is
our first date.
- So you admit it's a date.
- Oh, come on.
You are really
something else.
But I'm gonna keep
my job.
I know for a fact that your boss
ain't gonna make payroll this week.
Look, you know,
you should wear a mask or something.
I mean, when you walked in there today,
I could see everything, your whole face.
Maybe I'll pick you up again
tomorrow at work.
Pick me up
at the bus stop.
Hey, Deuce, you...
Goddamn, everybody,
you are doing great!
Hey, you keep your
goddamn eyes on the floor
or I'll paint it
with your fucking skull!
You understand me, sir?
All units advised to be on the
lookout for a dark 1970 Ford Thunderbird
which may be attempting
to commit multiple robberies.
You look up at me again,
you find out what happens.
Come on! Look at me again.
- How we doin', partner?
- Right on time, partner.
Hoo hoo ha ha ha!
Six minutes to midnight,
my man.
Get your hands over your head! I will waste
a motherfucker for fun! I swear to God!
Unit 219 coming up on
Douglas Avenue. Be there in 15.
- God!
- Roger, 372. I've got multiple units inbound.
I'm sorry, Deuce,
and I'm sorry, Chuck.
Pleasure doing business
with you.
- Comin' through.
- Good day!
Let's go, Tommy boy!
We're fuckin' legendary!
Two in one, they said
it couldn't be done.
Let's get the fuck
out of here!
- Where's Tommy?
- Where the fuck is Tommy?
We gotta go.
We gotta go now!
Fuck me.
Get up there, drive!
Hey, Bill, how you doin'?
What do you think
they got the goat for?
I don't know.
It belongs to Joey Bruno.
- You think he milks it?
- I think he fucks it.
Germy bastards,
those Italians.
You see the old geezer
over there, on the bench?
That's Il Padrino
right there.
That's Raymond.
That's Raymond?
That's the fucking guy I've
been hearing so much about?
Guys I talk to says no one breaks a window
in Providence without Raymond's say-so.
Whole town's crooked, so people talk
about him like he's the fuckin' mayor.
Even the Five Families
in New York come to him
when they need out-of-town
workers or to settle a dispute.
Guy in the kitchen says Raymond's got
Whitey and them in Boston forever,
after Joey Barboza
done 40 Irish all by himself.
I heard some shit, too.
Cat Angelo down in laundry
swears he's the goddamn devil
walkin' the earth.
Angelo said bodies been popping
up fuckin' everywhere for years.
Anybody crosses Raymond
gets fuckin' buried.
With brutality.
No exceptions.
Il Padrone, please.
I ask for what I ask.
Your son cost me a lot.
Your family cost me a lot.
Look, they seemed
like a nice family.
They'd walk in and out of the
house, they'd always say "hello."
He's the real power
in Rhode Island.
Doesn't look like much.
How come the guards don't make
him wear this prison shit?
They can wear
whatever the fuck they want.
I ain't scared of those pricks.
Come on, you big guinea!
Think I'm afraid of you?
You ever been to Lowell,
you friggin' porchetta?
You don't know
what that means!
Hey. This was
fuckin' dumb, Chuck.
What you talkin' about?
I got two packs of cigarettes
says this fat fuck
can't catch me.
Come on!
Too much fuckin' tortellini!
You're a fuckin' maniac.
You're a fuckin' maniac!
Three times Golden Glove
champion, Lowell!
Deuce, come on, get up!
Let's go, let's go.
On your feet.
Gerry Ouimette
wants to see you.
- Who the hell's Gerry Ouimette?
- Oh, shut the fuck up.
Okay. First cell
on your right.
That's the opposite
of your left.
Hello, boys.
Nice to meet you.
Scotch okay?
Yeah, thanks.
Gerry Ouimette.
You can call me Gerry.
This part of prison
is much nicer over here.
Yeah, no shit.
That was impressive
what you done out there today.
Let me ask you somethin'. Is it true
that you two tried to hit two banks
in the same city
on the same day?
We sure did.
I won't recommend
you try it.
Yeah, mistakes happen.
You're thinkin' big.
That's good
for young guys.
Yeah, we try and stay hip
up in Lowell.
It's a smaller time thing than you
guys got going on down here, though.
Yeah, well...
I run with these Italians.
Make 'em a lot of money.
They appreciate my talent.
Like I appreciate yours.
So they put me in the nicest
part of their goddamn jail.
I got certain agreements
with these Italians.
- But lately, they've been getting so fuckin' greedy.
- Yeah.
I always get the short end of the deal,
'cause I'm not Italian. I'm French.
That's a shame.
I'm gonna need protection,
but I'm gonna stand up to 'em
if they try and shake me down.
What you done today to Jimmy the
Butcher, that's gonna count.
You be my guys on the inside.
Gerry Ouimette owes you
a favor in the world.
Help you get on your feet.
You understand the offer?
- Yeah, we'll go back and talk about...
- No problem.
Anyone got a fucking beef,
you tell 'em come see
Chucky and Deuce.
You make
a good decision quick.
That's good.
You're with the Frenchman now.
Chuck, Deuce, you're gonna
be out in no time.
- Hi.
- Hey there, darlin'.
Ha ha!
You look skinny.
I'm at my fighting
weight, baby.
- Your ma's excited to see you.
- I'm excited to see your foxy ass.
How's the family?
How's my sister?
Her burn-out ex-husband
stopped sending money.
He's the kinda guy
you just gotta stab.
Okay, see, that's what
I'm talkin' about, Deuce.
Can we unpack your bags?
Can we eat dinner?
Yeah, let's eat dinner.
Can we leave the parking
lot of the prison
without you threatening
to stab somebody?
I'm not saying me.
I'm saying that somebody
should stab the fuckin' guy.
Then there was the airlift
of refugees from Southeast Asia.
50,000 of them came out of
Saigon on MAC aircraft
as the enemy closed in
on the stricken city.
Another 70,000 escaped by sea,
later to be picked up by our
planes and our contract carriers...
Who the hell drank
all the 'Gansetts?
Oh, my goodness. Chucky.
Oh, that's so sweet.
I missed you.
Welcome home, Deuce.
Welcome home, Chucky.
Yeah, listen,
let's go for a ride later.
- Got a thing to show you.
- Yeah, all right.
Hey, girls?
Here, from the week.
All right, Frank. Well...
I don't even have
to open this, because...
I could tell you
what's not in here.
And that's 20 large.
I'll shank him right now.
It's all right.
You know, Frank,
we've been friends a long time, right?
Um... We grew up
together as kids.
Your father knew my father.
And sometimes I feel,
because of that,
I'm here with these
four walls around me,
and you're out there, and you feel that
maybe you could take advantage of me.
- Raymond, listen to me...
- No, no, let me finish.
Next time you bring me
an envelope,
it better be right.
Or next time you see me,
you won't see me.
Et voil.
What are you, Joe Namath?
You want a fuckin' fur coat?
The fuck we doin' out here?
This is Gerry's thing.
That business card
he gave us.
I called it
when I got out.
This is it.
This is the job.
Furs? That's what
the Frenchman's got for us?
The Frenchman don't give
a fuck about the furs.
That's the job.
Bonded Vault.
- The fur place has a bonded vault?
- Forget the fucking furs.
Everyone thinks
this is just a fur place.
It isn't.
These two Jew brothers,
the Levines,
they own both companies.
Hudson Furs
and Bonded Vault.
Bonded Vault is a whole
other business.
Only a select group
of people know that.
Abe. Let's go.
They got an actual
steel vault in there
full of
safety deposit boxes.
Big deposit boxes.
They're used by a very
certain underworld clientele.
Right here in Providence.
Employees don't even know
what's back there.
These boxes, there were things you
wouldn't wanna take to the bank.
Who do you think uses
those deposit boxes?
We're in fuckin' Providence!
Look, Gerry might have a
fuckin' death wish, but I don't.
You remember Raymond?
fuck that old man.
This mob shit ain't
like it used to be.
Raymond has been
locked up for years.
No one's watching the store.
Let's get the fuck out of
Providence, Chuck, all right?
Tell Gerry, "Thanks, but no,
thanks" on this one. Let's go.
Deucey, what is it
about Gerry Ouimette
gave you the impression
that would be okay? Hmm?
Just so we understand
each other here, Chuck,
you're talking about robbing the
central bank of La Cosa Nostra.
I'm talking about how
legends get made, Deuce.
Raymond was
a young man once.
I bet he had to shoot his fuckin'
shot to get to the money, too.
Gerry's offering
70 stacks each.
Are you fucking kidding me?
This is
the retirement plan, pal.
70,000? Each?
I got him
to repeat it twice, too.
He needs us.
no one we hit can tell
the cops what we took.
I ain't worried
about the cops.
If there's as much shit in there
as you're sayin',
- we're gonna need more guys than just us.
- Taken care of.
Frenchie's got
the whole crew ready to go.
What crew?
All right, boys,
the name of the game
is seven-card stud.
Come on in, come on.
Let me introduce you
Hey, everybody!
This is Buddy Lowell.
Hey, how you doin', Buddy?
I had this idea, right?
Remember when we hit that pawn shop
and I accidentally yelled
your name when the gun went off?
- Yeah, I remember that.
- I found a way to fix that.
Gerry put all
these guys together,
so nobody knows
anybody's real name.
We keep it that way.
Everyone's just calling each other Buddy.
Your name's Buddy,
plus the town you're from, dig?
So you're Buddy Lowell.
That sounds really
confusing, Chucky.
Nah. Trust me,
you'll get used to it.
Don't call me Chuck.
Call me Buddy Manchester.
What are you doin'?
You got no business being in this game.
What are you doin'?
Buddy Providence.
This here is my friend
Buddy Lowell.
Hey, Buddy,
how's it going? Huh?
We're gonna have a good time
with this thing, huh?
Gonna make
a few fazools, right?
It's your bet.
If I were you...
Easily distracted?
Buddy Cranston.
Meet my partner
Buddy Lowell.
- How youse doin'?
- Jesus Christ!
He's fucking huge.
Grow 'em big in Cranston.
Hi there. I'm Skip...
Uh, Buddy. From Barrington.
Buddy Barrington.
Take a look at the board.
- You're drawing dead, Buddy.
- That's Buddy Barrington.
Cranston thinks he's a country
club hustler got in over his head.
You think that's a good idea
to have him in the crew, Chuck?
- Huh?
- Huh?
I meant... Not you.
Here, I call you.
Who's the old man, Chuck?
That's Buddy Woonsocket.
I was just gonna tell you.
We might have an issue
with him.
Read 'em and weep,
you snail-eatin' motherfucker.
I will show you
how to use it.
Ha! It's supposed to be
a friendly game.
I told you
you had a crappy hand.
- You fuck with me.
- Damn, man!
- Just settle down, man!
- You fuck with me.
- It's just a game.
- That's Buddy Roxbury.
Him and Woonsocket
know each other somehow.
Also, pretty sure
they're both mildly retarded.
It's your deal.
Back it up. Come on.
Is this the best crew
Gerry can get?
They're enough.
Don't complain.
You still got some money left.
Maybe we should do this ourselves
instead of with these guys.
- And this whole Buddy thing...
- Hey, easy.
You just relax, all right?
Hey, you.
- Hey.
- Where have you been?
Danielle said you haven't been home.
Nobody has heard from you.
- Just been busy.
- Yeah, I bet you have.
How's things
with Gerry Ouimette?
- You don't need to know that name.
- No, apparently I do,
because you've been
out of jail a week
and you're in Providence tryin' to get
yourself killed. You must be crazy.
Listen to me.
We have no choice.
If I can find out,
you don't think anyone else can?
How many guys you got
on this job?
Me, Chucky, plus five.
You trust them?
Yeah. Most of them
seem okay.
One guy could be a problem.
- Okay, you should make him the driver.
- Make him the driver.
Yeah, convince him that's
the most important thing,
and you need him to be responsible
for staying with the vehicle.
Just keep him out of your way
during the job.
Maybe I should
just hire you.
I am not a damn fool.
You keep following me around,
so you can't be too smart.
How big is this thing?
Really big.
We can get out of here,
you know.
You do not have to do this.
We still have time.
You do not...
- Baby, I don't need your mo...
- Just listen.
Give it to my ma.
You keep a hundred.
I just gotta lay low
for a few weeks,
and then I'll be in touch.
There's nothing I can say?
I should get goin'.
Be safe, okay?
Call me when you can.
Come on. Say something.
What do we have for vehicles?
Barrington is gonna pick up the
second car in the alley over there.
That's the pick-up.
Just pull right up front.
Vault opens at 10:00 a.m.
We need to make sure Abraham's in,
'cause he's the one who has
the combo to the safe.
They usually have
two employees up front.
The girl, Jeanie, is the receptionist,
but we're going right past her.
When we walk in, right away
we are looking for Abraham.
Myself and Buddy Lowell go in
first to lock down the situation.
Nobody move!
I wanna talk to Abraham.
A couple of minutes later,
Buddy Roxbury and Buddy Providence follow.
Tape up the employees, crack the
vault, grab whatever's inside
and we get the hell out.
While we're in this van,
you're in charge.
Till the Buddies come out with the
bags, what do you do?
I wait, I watch.
- I listen.
- That's right.
You wait, you watch,
and you...
I listen!
Our main concern here
is making sure
nobody walks in
when we're hitting the place.
Or any customers.
Oh! Who the fuck are you?
Fuckin' pieces of shit.
Look at these
two fuckin' assholes.
So we go early. First thing.
Buddy Barrington
watches the door.
Police detail combs the block
around 10:00 a.m.
So we need to be in
exactly 9:15 to be out by then.
Settle down, all right?
- Cool heads here.
- I got it.
- Cool heads.
- Got it.
How'd he do?
Is everybody clear?
Do we need to talk
through it again?
We don't need to talk
about nothin'.
Let's crack this motherfucker.
I'll see you
in 30 seconds.
After you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
We're closed.
Jerome Geller?
Uh, Phil Defonte.
Nickie Carducci.
My friend Buddy asked me to come
in here and look at some accounts.
Some boxes
I need access to.
I don't even know
if I'm saying these names right.
Let me take a look here.
Looks like a shopping list.
Sir, we're closed right now.
That's all right, Jeanie.
I can help him. Uh...
These Italian names, you know?
They got so many vowels.
Jesus, how do you...
how do you say that one?
Hello, sir.
Is that your van
in the parking lot?
Don't think
about the alarm.
If you touch it,
I'm gonna blow
your fuckin' head off, okay?
- Okay.
- Do you understand?
You can't do this...
Do you know where you are?
You have come to the wrong place.
You're telling that
to the wrong man.
Now, where is your alarm?
That's not a very good alarm.
- How many other people you have in the office?
- Four, five.
We've never really needed an
alarm to be protected... here.
- We're friends of Raymond.
- Four?
Or five?
Five. Including me.
Good. I want you
to call them up here right now.
Every one of them. Right now!
Sam, Hyman, Rosalind, everybody,
I need everyone in the showroom right now!
Now, keep movin'.
Let's go.
You, too, sweetheart.
Everything will be okay.
Hello there.
My name is Buddy.
This man is my associate.
His name is also Buddy.
Buddy and I
are here today...
to rob you.
So please put these pillowcases
on your pretty little heads,
and this will all be over
relatively soon.
Let's do what
we came here to do.
- Go.
- Come on.
Up against the wall.
March! Up against the wall!
Let's go.
Come on, doll.
Thirty minutes.
Get a move on, Buddies.
We got our shit
together, Buddy.
We're good.
Everything's good.
Buddy, look!
How you doin' there,
- Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?
- What?
- What's your problem?
- My problem.
Ain't gotta work no more!
Yeah, baby! Keep it comin'.
- Little busy here, Buddy.
- I want to take...
- Buddy?
- ...the pillowcase off my head.
- What?
- I want to take the pillowcase off my head.
I can't.. I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
All right.
- Sorry, gentlemen.
- Why? They open?
Uh, a high-security client.
- Come back in an hour, please.
- Are you fuckin' shitting me?
Come on, this is fuckin'
bullshit is what it is. Jesus.
That's all right. We'll get
somethin' to eat and come back later.
- You're buyin'.
- Fuck you! I bought last time!
What'd you throw for a fuckin' small
coffee, a buck, you cheap cocksucker?
Let's go!
We got 14 minutes.
Here we go.
It's so fuckin' hot in here.
- Is that everything?
- Got it all, baby.
All right.
Get in the van!
Come on.
All right, we're gonna
count to a hundred.
Time's up, let's go.
That's when he took out the pillowcases.
But initially...
- What pillowcases?
- He had pillowcases for everyone.
To put over our heads.
Initially, he came over here.
Are you fuckin' kidding me?
I'm with The Providence
Journal, and I'm wondering,
did you have any valuables
inside Hudson Furs?
We're looking to speak with
customers of the establishment.
Were you a customer
of Hudson Furs?
Am I a customer?
Yeah. Yeah,
I'm a customer.
Okay, great.
Can I please have your name?
Yeah, Benjamin.
And your last name, please?
Your name
is Benjamin Benjamin?
If you don't mind me asking,
Mr. Benjamin,
what were you storing
inside the vault?
My coin collection.
And I had a coin collection
in there, too.
And I wanna know
what the fuck is goin' on.
I heard 'em say everything's
on the floor in there!
How they gonna know
whose shit is whose?
So, you're all
coin collectors?
Sorry. Can I get
your name, please?
Yeah, we're all
coin collectors!
It's a fuckin' convention,
you fuckin' Irish freckled fuck!
You motherfucker!
Get going there, buds.
Come on, Sox,
here we go!
- Sox, let's go.
- Come on!
Retired once
on a bouncing ball to center.
What have we got here?
What's happening?
- What's goin' on?
- Pitcher deals, and here's a ball.
It makes me happy to see
Chucky let loose a little bit.
There it goes, a long drive.
They both bet ten grand
on the Sox.
A home run!
The Red Sox win it!
When Chucky told me,
I could've killed him.
Well, whatever
gets them off, I guess.
It's nice to see Chucky
less stressed, though,
especially since we heard
about Roxbury.
What? What happened
in Roxbury?
Deuce didn't tell me
The guy from the job.
They called him Buddy Roxbury.
No one's seen or heard from him
in two weeks.
And he's still owed 40 grand
from the fence.
I don't know about you,
but it sounds kinda fishy.
Oh, you brought the money,
though, right?
I got the money,
but if the shit looks stepped on,
I'm out, you dig?
Hey, how you doin', Tony?
How's it goin', fellas?
Got us a little
somethin' to eat.
Here you go.
Sausage and pepper for the big man.
Peppers and eggs
for me.
And for you, I got
a nice big stromboli.
Clean this up. Throw him
in the wood chipper.
I didn't mean to make you nervous.
Everything's fine.
- You look real pretty, by the way.
- Thank you.
Cheers for Carlton Fisk,
I guess, right?
I'll deal with him myself.
For now, give Danielle 300.
There she is.
- Come here.
- Come here? You come here.
- Look, I gotta go to bed.
- Oh, no, no, no. You gotta stay a little while,
because it's Edie and Chucky's last
night before they go back east.
Come on, Karyn.
We're gonna miss you!
How about we all
just do one more?
- One more.
- One fuckin' more.
One more.
This is to Carlton
fuckin' Fisk!
To Carlton fuckin' Fisk!
- Ahh.
- Ahh.
When do you think
we can go home?
I don't know.
I'm not gettin' done
like Roxbury.
You oughta slow down.
Don't be mad at me, baby.
You know I hate it
when you're mad at me.
You're gettin' messy
out here.
And I don't wanna have to
keep moving around like this.
I'm serious.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I really do.
I love you.
I ain't never said that
to a woman before.
That's something special,
you know?
Well, I'm somethin' special.
You owe me your life.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
I told you to make that old man
the getaway driver.
Because of me, you are here.
I am your everything.
There's that
fuckin' mouth of yours.
Or is tonight the night it gets
me in trouble with the wrong guy?
Look at the stars.
You got us those.
And I love you.
Look at the stars.
There's a car in the parking lot.
There's a car
in the parking lot.
What does it look like?
You told me to tell you if
there's another car out there,
and there's another car
out there.
What's it fuckin' look like?
Put that fuckin' back.
Let go of it.
- Hello?
- How's it goin', buddy?
Not bad.
How's it goin' with you?
You know, uh,
looking back and forth
between a shitty motel
parking lot and the TV.
Just gettin' a little
agitated out here.
Listen to me.
Some of those guys
were never cut out for this.
We said that
the night we met 'em.
So he's pointing
a salad fork at me...
Cranston said
he was a gambler.
Oh, my God!
Gamblers owe debts. Gerry don't
think it has nothin' to do with us.
I fuckin' hope not, Chuck.
I'm startin' to see
some characters around me.
Well, you're on
that shit, Deucey.
I bet you're seein'
all kinds of things.
- Be cool.
- Is there a problem with the fucking fence, Chuck?
Gerry owes me some money,
you know?
There's no problem.
Just taking a little longer
than we thought.
This, uh, Barrington thing's
got the Frenchman laying low.
That ain't got shit to do with
me, Chuck, respectfully.
We were promised
what we was promised.
- Call me next week.
- I'm sorry, Chuck.
I'm sorry. I...
Karyn's driving me
fuckin' nuts.
She's gettin' antsy.
I don't know.
No problem.
- You sit tight, call me next week.
- Chuck.
Give Ma my best, huh?
- It should be!
- Yeah. We're gonna see the Statue of Liberty.
We're going to see
the White House.
I got a long way to go,
- Get back to your room.
- What, Deuce?
- Right now, get back to your room.
- Hey, man, what are you doin'?
- Mind your business, fuck face!
- What are you fuckin' doin'?
- Deuce! Come on, get the gun out of his...
- That's right.
Will you let go of me!
What is wrong with you?
What's your problem?
What's my problem? What's your problem?
You out of your fuckin' mind?
- What the fuck?
- What do you think "stay here" means?
- Get the fuck in there.
- Just get the fuck off of me!
Fuck you, Deuce!
Some people
have a deep, abiding respect
for the natural beauty
that was once this country.
And some people don't.
People start pollution.
People can stop it.
Who is it?
Your mother!
- Hey, Chuck.
- You look like shit.
Whiskey and women.
Karyn around?
No. No, uh...
she left a week ago.
Everything got all...
fucked up out here
between us, you know?
Come on.
Put some pants on.
Let's go for a ride.
You still seeing
that Edie girl? The teacher?
Yeah, I still see her.
I also started seein' her sister.
Funnily enough, her sister's been
the one who's been gettin' all...
- Deuce.
- Tell me I'm wrong.
Tell me that ain't why
they sent you out here.
You ain't supposed to be
out here for another month.
All of a sudden, you call me out of nowhere
and you say you gotta see me right away.
Tell me I'm fuckin' wrong.
Tell me I'm wrong.
Tell me I'm wrong!
Okay, listen to me.
You been makin'
a lot of noise out here.
People hear things.
Are you here to kill me
or not, Chuck?
A newspaper in Providence been reportin'
you're willing to testify for 10,000.
That doesn't even make
any fucking sense!
Show me the gun.
Show me the gun!
After all we've
been through, Chuck?
You're the one
that dragged me into this.
If you didn't fight Jimmy the Butcher,
none of this would've happened.
Do you ever think
about that?
And you're gonna come down here,
and you're gonna kill me
and leave me like a fuckin' rat
in the desert to die?
Easy, now.
Let's just fuckin'...
think for a minute here.
After everything
we been through, Chucky Flynn.
My brother, huh?
I don't wanna
fucking kill you, Chuck.
I mean, Jesus Christ,
I don't wanna die,
but I don't wanna
fuckin' kill you, either.
I don't wanna kill you, either, Deucey.
Jesus Christ.
I'm sorry.
I mean, I was supposed
to kill you,
but I couldn't kill you, Deucey.
I love you.
How about...
Well, how about, um...
How about fuck 'em, then?
How about fuck 'em?
You don't do it then.
You don't do it.
You don't kill me, and I don't kill you.
Jesus, stop fuckin' crying on
yourself, you germy bastard.
You've been fuckin' cryin'.
Don't make
a fuckin' big deal.
Jesus Christ.
What are we supposed
to do now?
We're supposed to hug
or somethin'?
Go fuck yourself.
I told you...
Got Woonsocket, too.
You don't see
what this is, Chuck?
Huh? They're doin' us
one by one.
Meanwhile nobody's
gettin' paid out.
Gerry keeps sayin'
it's too hot to move the shit.
It's bullshit is what it is.
Think about it!
Right? They promised us
70k apiece for seven guys,
but we didn't fuckin' see
any of that,
except for what we skimmed
when we were in there.
No. I heard on a news report
the other day
that we took out an estimated four
million dollars from that job.
Who's got the money,
Chuck? Huh?
We brought it to Gerry,
who was supposed to bring it to the fence.
And Gerry's keeping it
to get back at those
fuckin' greasy Italians.
Meanwhile, we're strung up here
like fuckin' bait for Raymond.
No. No.
You gotta talk to Gerry.
You talk to Gerry, or we move on
him, if that's what it takes.
All right.
I'll talk to Gerry
one last time.
If that don't work,
you're right.
We'll do it your way.
- I'll make a move on it.
- Yeah.
Let me fix this.
'Cause if not,
I'm fucking killin' him.
We did our part, Gerry. Okay?
We did our part,
and now you're sittin' on the
payoff while we're out here naked.
In the meantime,
bodies popping up on the news.
It's startin' to feel a lot
like old times in Providence.
We gotta get paid and get out.
You look nice.
They sent Chucky Flynn
down here to kill me.
My best friend
since I was 15 years old.
It's over, Deuce.
It sure is.
I don't know why things got all
fucked up out here between us.
I feel like I'm goin' crazy.
Where the fuck you been?
Where'd you go?
I made a mistake.
Gettin' away with it,
that... that...
that was the worst thing
that ever happened to us.
- We should've never got away with that.
- Calm down, calm down.
Lower your voice. Please.
All that money was evil,
and it poisoned us.
It poisoned us the same way it did
them, all those Italians.
It's bloody money,
you know.
I sold all that jewelry
that you gave me.
I couldn't stand thinking about
whose wife or mother it came from
or who had to get hurt
or die for me to have it.
It destroys people.
That's why everyone
keeps turning up dead.
And you're gonna
turn up dead, too, Deuce.
Here's the last drop
of your poisoned money.
There's a plane ticket
in there and $300.
Go home, Karyn.
I'm sorry
it's over, Deuce.
I'm so sorry it's over.
Stop saying that it's over,
okay? I'm saying to you...
...take this and go home.
Deuce, you gotta listen
to them, okay?
You just listen
to whatever they say.
- What's wrong with you?
- You gotta take the deal.
You gotta just listen
to them, okay?
Just try... Just listen to
what they have to say, please.
- Listen to who?
- That's the only way it's gonna work out.
Okay, baby?
You just gotta listen to them, Deuce.
- Just listen to them.
- Robert Dussault?
You're under arrest
for suspicion of armed robbery.
I'm so sorry.
Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.
I'm sorry.
If you cannot afford
an attorney...
- Deuce.
- ...we will provide one.
Do you understand these
rights that I've read to you?
You're gonna tell me everything
you know about the Bonded Vault heist.
And that's the only way you're gonna
get out of this mess alive, Deuce.
Trust me on that one.
There's a lot of angry
guineas in this town.
Word around the campfire
is that the price on your head
is at an all-time high.
I wanna talk to a lawyer.
Go ahead.
Chucky Flynn's guy's available,
now that he's down a client.
You didn't know that, Deuce?
- What?
- Yesterday morning, they pulled him out of the river.
- In what was it, Centerdale?
- Yeah.
What the fuck
are you talkin' about?
He disobeyed a direct order.
There's no second chances with
these guys you're dealing with.
Chucky took that bullet
for you.
But I'd bet you my last dollar
there's another one right behind it.
And probably one
for your girl Karyn as well.
They got $10,000
on your fucking head.
Lucky for you, you're a candidate
for the Witness Protection Program,
if you've got a story to tell.
If Chucky's dead,
it doesn't matter.
What do you wanna know?
Chucky and I met
when I was 15.
been fuckin'
thick as thieves since.
Chucky and I
were in ACI.
He got in some fuckin' fight,
and people got impressed by it.
This guy Gerry Ouimette
called us down to his cell,
and, you know,
things fuckin' happened.
To be honest, we didn't really
know what we were gettin' into.
We were going to this bonded
vault which was behind a furrier.
And, uh, we went in.
And we had a team with us,
bunch of guys.
The others
went by Buddy Roxbury,
Buddy Cranston.
It was some fuckin' thing
he came up with.
We loaded up as many bags
as possible.
Everybody carried them out.
And then after
everything got on...
we just left
like nothing happened.
Heard about it
on the news a lot.
And then I knew that maybe this
was a bigger deal than I thought.
Chucky had a fuckin'
great time, too. Heh.
Never got paid, and people
started disappearing.
And that's how I knew that it probably
was the worst thing we ever did.
The Bonded Vault robbery
was coordinated by myself
and Chucky Flynn.
And the job was contracted
by Gerry Ouimette.
You're alive?
Sit down, Deuce.
I'm a diabetic and I got
a bad memory, you know.
But if you want me to
come back after my trial,
I'll be glad to tell America
what's really going on.
No, no, they asked me to talk,
so I'm gonna talk.
I mean,
let's all be honest here.
You could make a pretty good
movie about my life, too,
all things you made up
about me.
My name has been dragged through
the mud for the past 30 years
under the myth
of organized crime.
And you want to know why?
Because I'm a successful
Italian-American businessman.
That's my only crime here.
You people act like Italians brought
all the crime on the boat with us.
But you're a smart man,
and you ought to know
America is
a criminal enterprise.
It's been that way
when we got here,
it'll be that way
when I'm dead and buried.
So do what you gotta do.
This shit
is out of hand, Gerry.
We came through on our end.
You don't understand a fuckin'
thing, do you, Chucky Flynn?
Why don't you make me understand
now, Gerry? Come on, please.
Please, make me understand.
I get 70,000, too.
I'm still waiting on my end,
just like you.
You were the one
who gave us the job, Gerry.
If you ain't got the money,
who the fuck we been working for
this whole time?
I already told you,
In Providence,
there's only one man you can work for.
Heh. Gerry, Gerry, come on.
Don't look so sad.
A man can still
make his luck in America.
But it's not like
it used to be. Nah.
This thing of ours, it's over.
But no one will admit it.
I want what's mine.
I want all of it.