Vaya con Dios (2002) Movie Script

VAYA CON DIOS - The God is always with you
We're Tertullian church.
The Holy Spirit is accompanied with your voice,
And trust that praise will move the God.
So our church was forced to dismissed in .
Now our church
together with the Montechebrie Church is the only survivor.
Hedy Catro!
The two churches have been arguing with the possession
of the standard set of the church up to now.
In two hundred years the book has been kept by our church.
The book records "the Pope Juaurvat's Matrix".
In another wordit's that Holy Spirit is accompanied with your voice, and trust that praise will move the God.
The priest Finol enjoys meditation
With the "the Pope Juaurvat's Matrix" which is "accompanied with your voice".
You brat!
When we start to pray for the second time today,
: -- :
We never dream of that our life will be changed from the day.
: -- :
No one could work miracle except for the God
: :
No one could creat us except for the God
: -- :
No one could save us except for the God
: :
The god is the only homeland for us. The god is the only one that can be reliable.
: -- :
We respect and love the God more than every one else.
: -- :
We will not believe in anything else except for Jesus Christ.
: -- :
Even it's only an unwise choice, it's evil.
: -- :
Please listen to our pray. Please forgive us, forever.
: -- :
Hey, Hello!
: -- :
There's a woman outside.
: :
We would never allow that the Pope adjudged us, Tertullianism
: -- :
as a evil genre and dissmissed us.
: -- :
I don't care! Give my money back!
: -- :
We are abbey!
: -- :
I take it for granted that you should pay off for what you owe! I wont let you enjoy any more!
: -- :
Enjoy? We live just on goat milk and barley.
: -- :
Please have mercy on us.
: -- :
Didn't you hear me? Mercy? Pay off the money!
: -- :
I'm going to die soon!
: -- :
My consumer. You, shut up!
: -- :
Can I speak? Sure, if it's about work.
: -- :
I cannot understand the section of music book
: -- :
where the tune turn to C.
: -- :
Oh, it can be expressed by the easy note
: -- :
Don't look down upon me! You will regret!
: -- :
Excuse me.
: -- :
Give you another three weeks. It's the last time!
You can keep saying for thirty minutes.
What's wrong with the woman, Archimandrite?
Don't worry, brother Finol.
What you should do is to pray and praise.
What would that woman said?
It should be hard to Archimandrite.
-Are all women like that? Ask Finol.
He might have a story before he came here.
-When he was in Protestantism? When he study in Roma.
-And did you also have a story like that? I came here when I was .
: :
The woman of bakery in the village said if i massage for her,
she will give me a cake.
But I never eat any.
You should be felicitated cause you came here when you are a baby.
You won't be bothered or hurt for a woman.
Here's a joke. One man
I've heard of it.
What does "Give you another three weeks" means?
That's, that's...
That's bastard!
Arbo! Tassilo!
You will surely...
Surely what? Have some medicine.
Take the book and go to Italy.
Montechebrie? They will accept us?
What about other books? We've been researching on them for years!
Pawn them.
ArboI'm really happy that you have grown up.
The God, forgive me. Brothers, never disperse.
The book is our spirit.
Bring it to Italy.
It's railway!
Will we finish the slience cultivate?
Do we keep silent before we reach Italy?
We must walk the chalks even we go out of the church.
the Jesus spoke when he passed through Cana.
That's another thing. How can you be compared with the Jesus?
"Be accompanied with your voice" can also be expressed like this.
We can break silence.
-Yes, that's right! Amen
What do you want to say?
My feet are paining. Can we take a train?
Hedy Catro!
Hey! Stay up!
: :
Strange people!
You jump into my car! Don't act just as if you know nothing!
: :
I nearly die!
Just wanna look on with folded arms?
Help me pull the car! Hurry!
Get out!
It's OK.
-Shall we go? Yes, go away.
What's up?
My feet are paining.
How do you walk to Italy?
Let me show you.
Pass through the Bayern statecross the Akos and then go to the south.
Ok. After I take some photos nearby, I will take you to Stuttgart.
If it's OK we could to together.
But I hate others talkative.
HiI will be there right away.
Your car is OKUlrich
If the bamboo telegraph is right, we can earn good money.
Tomorrow we would meet the buyer.
You must award me, for example, a journey to Lyons.
Ok, see you then.
Is this a telephone?
Our village also got one!
But it cannot be brought with one who go away.
I drove at one time.
It's the first time that Arbo is in a car.
My stepfather's car is Barrucas.
Don't you continue your slience cultivate?
It would be perfect if we could get a car.
Sorry, I forgot to clutch.
And you also forgot what you are!
Give me your camera!
Release me! I will call my friends !
Hurry! Get on the car!
It's the priests who can kill a man!
Take the film out!
You, hold the steering wheel!
Bring me a film in the black bag.
This one? Thank you.
I hold it now.
-Why thost people pursue us? Maybe they like us.
Loathsome man!
: :
My name is Kiala.
I'm Arbo, he's priest Finol, and he is Tassilo.
God damn it! Where the hell are we!
I will cook somthing.
: :
If Hedy Catro has been still with us,
We could make a pudding with it's milk.
A poor guy!
Hey! I don't wanna stay here!
Go to find some oil!
Arbo! Tassilo!
You come here.
I find a very good place!
Why don't you sleep?
: :
It's too quiet. I feel scared.
I'm used to the jollification in city.
It's not so quiet here. Listen.
Can I ask you a question?
How can you make a sound in alt like that?
Tenor and soprano are both OK.
What I mean is that boys agone
In order to keep the voice unchanged
-You mean gelding? Yes.
I use the falsetto to sing. Like this.
Teach me about that camera.
You should know that it's diesel oil or gas on earth.
It's very clean.
Is it the sound of a car?
Or a sound of a tractor?
I know the sound of the tractor. It's not like this.
It should be lower.
This is better.
I know, I know. # gas will be fit for you.
You must press the shutter.
-When to press? -Almost this moment.
Now is very good for photograph.
Every moment is perfect.
The God make miracles again and again.
I embrace the God.
This is you at one minute ago.
At that time Kiala came to my mind.
I can't see that thing.
Finol! Wait!
: :
Here is the location where we are now, and here is my hometown.
I wanna to see whether my mother is still alive or not by the way.
How can you get the map?
Ah! My heart is beating fiercely.
-Where the music comes from? From the sound recorder.
But it's against the formula of the parallel chord.
The pace is strong too, as well as much twinkling sound.
-To sing by neck! -What mysterious music it is!
Can you play it again?
You come here for me?
It has been thirty years!
And you even didn't come to attend your stepfather's funeral!
I always miss that boy.
But I dare not mention him when my hunsband was above ground
I don't know the address of the church either.
I felt very very distressed for guilt.
Those days were hard for me.
And our living is always in low water after the unification.
Taste itIt's from my garden.
You will understand it when you fall in love.
But the point is that how to deal with it?
As a priest,
How can you achieve it?
As for me,
I, and my friend, Claudius, fell in love with the same woman.
Claudius Leis
But the lady liked me.
So my friend has been hostile to me up to now.
How can a priest have his woman?
The point is not whether you can have a woman.
The most important thing is that
You should konw what you hope.
As to us, it's so simple. The question is up to
Whether you'd like to be a priest or not.
Take care!
Any more?
You used to like to eat crispy rice.
Take your time.
It's warm in the house.
I'm lonely these days, and I am also busy with many things.
I am getting old.
But luckily I can see that my son comes back!
Help me to make the fencing tomorrow.
And we must tidy up the hogpen before autumn. It's time we raised some pigs.
Sorry, but we just call on you by the way.
What dou you mean?
-Is that true? -Yes.
Can't you spare more time here?
There are many rooms here.
-You will leave again just like that? No.
Can we stay here for some days?
It waste too much time.
We are priests.
The place we should live in is the church.
You go first. I will stay here and repair the fencing.
Do you want to repair the fencing and raise the pig for your whole life?
If the answer is 'NO', go with us now.
Havd you forgetten the promise between you and the Archimandrite?
-Go with us. It's enough!
I've never promise anyting to the Archimandrite.
Why our church comes to an end like this is all due to you and the Archimandrite!
I've told to you time after time that we must save money.
But two proud of you always seeking for those bizarre music books!
I cannot bear your holier-than-thou face any more!
Listen up
Not only you who stay in the dusted museum all day,
But also I who is milking every day am always looked after by the God!
: :
Tassilostay here and be a stupid farmer for your whole life!
Stupid fool! Say that again!
I would stay here!
Here's the tickets. NO. train.
Thank you. You helped me a lot.
All what I know is to praise and pray.
And you know what is wrong.
Any way you are that special!
Maybe it's because many priests got their special lives recently.
Keep in touch.
Here comes the train!
-Wait a moment! Hurry up!
Tassilo should have also came with us.
Wait, it seems that somebody is coming.
-Anybody here? Yes.
How are you doing?
-Kiala, you finally come back. How are you doing?
-What happened? I will talk to you later.
You should have informed me when you had decided to live there for the whole night.
And you even didn't answer your mobile phone.
Do you know how worried I was? Is it, Cripay?
I am sorry but you would not believe even I told you.
Can you guess what pictures I took?
Poisonous rubbish was poured into the locale.
Look at this.
It couldn't be ture.
I am sorry but they took the pictures first.
-Where's my car? I will go to wash the car.
Here's the terminus. Get off!
-Doesn't the train go to Mailava? No, it doesn't go there.
You have to take another train. Get off.
The next train will leave at : in the morning.
Look at this if you wanna have a good night.
What the hell is this?
Oh, you can't sleep there. It's a bagnio.
: :
Do you know bagnio? Bawdyhouse!
Sleep here for a while. All my friends are good guys.
Wait a minute.
The Church produce beers, right?
We can sleep with these men.
You are very kind. Thank you!
-I wish you success. Thank you. Take you time.
God will bless you.
Give him some silver.
Finol Borne!
Pater Claudius Leis!
The God guides you to a fantastic way.
Why you sit here?
We are waitting for tomorrow morning's train.
I am priest Leis, and I am also Finol's classmate.
As well as the Archimandrite of the seminary.
It will be a long time before the train get to here. Let's go to our seminary.
I'll see you off at the railway station tomorrow morning.
Tertullian church? I can not believe it.
Didn't it disappear long time ago?
I remember that the Pope dismissed it in the th century.
You are always very very calm
When you are angry.
What's wrong?
"Calculating the way."
"Please continue going ahead"
-Welcome! -How are you doing?
Young priest, please go to the dormitory.
I need a talk with priest Finol.
Sorry to bother you. Good night!
If you had been protected by Roman Catholicism
You would not have been give up your research for year
And you would not be a outlier.
It's not so bad.
Is that the famous "Juaurvat's Matrix" ?
Can I have a look?
It records the matrix of the ecclesia we've found
for the Church for years.
You can not find it with your dogmata.
Some people consider it just as a file.
I would not show the book to such people.
If you read the part of the Protestantism on the book,
: :
Maybe you will be unhappy.
You look down upon me.
Your old gurad is a big loss to the Church.
I got a proposal.
: :
Because of the opposition against the Reformation,
We are very strict to Church Music.
But now the situation mitigates.
We need some people
To investigate and pack up the Church Music.
So it can be easier for the believers to sing.
WillaertSchein, Gabrieli
Why you collect the Protestantism music?
Because I believe we can call up the soul
Of the Protestant by this way.
And now I know that it's an unwise idea.
Stay here for some more days.
I will put you up and offer you two assistants.
And we will buy all books of your church.
How about Arbo?
I think it's OK that he live with the students.
The Laurel Goddess?
I had thought that the book had been burned
-In the seven-year war. Aha.
So cute.
He's more cute when you see him face to face.
Very special.
What happened?
Fool! He's a priest.
When did you begin to mind such things?
You should spare more time on Ulrich.
He even lent you his favorite car without hesitate.
Maybe you should have a date with him.
And you also konw what will happen after the date!
He should thank me for my hard working for him.
Why didn't I ask where they went at that time?
You are very remorseful, aren't you?
Excuse me.
Have you seen priest Finol? It's high time we went to the railway station.
He said he would stay here for a few days.
Brother Bedisen will take care of you.
Where have you been?
I've been looking for you for an hour.
It's time to go to class.
I don't know.
I wanna talk with priest Finol.
Not now. I will explain it to you later.
Let's go. Everything would be nice.
: :
Hey, and what is this?
How can I get back to the root menu?
Press F.
It will be two times faster to look up in my booknotes
-Than using a computer. -You will be used to it soon.
Why can't the computer count the timbre?
It cannot count such things.
Then you should change a better computer.
-And then? It seems that he has risen to the bait.
Where is the book?
In his room. He don't lock his door.
Don't be so impatient.
I wanna know one thing.
Is the book that important to us?
: :
For two reasons,
First it libels the Primogenitor of our denomination.
What is more,
The theological comment by Juaurvat
blocks the reciprocity between believers and our Church.
That kind of dogmata
should not exist at present!
If I annihilate the heretics like him
Others will appreciate me.
Of course the Encyclic will be more happy!
Priest Finol!
-What's wrong? -We must leave here now!
I'm sorry for not telling you in advance.
There are many valuable files in this museum.
I want to look through them.
It won't delay us for long.
And I will tell you that later.
Only a few days.
And you can also learn a lot here.
It will take months.
It looks like that there's no enough assistant.
Pick up some good files and bring them to my room. Thank you.
Arbo! You scared me!
Where's your priest uniform?
In the chest.
: :
It's just manners to the host.
: :
The question is not so simple as you think.
: :
We must leave here now!
: :
You can come to help me too!
: :
There are many opportunities here
That you would never dream of in our abbey.
I cannot stay here any more!
We have not sang and praised for a long time!
And Tassilo aslo leave us.
I must go! I belong to Tertullian!
I will bring the book to Italy!
And you, also sweared!
A Tertullian chamber council?
Come with me!
: :
Listen up!
Our archimandrite is a idealist.
The dismiss of our abbey is all due to his fault!
When I saw Claudius Leis at first,
I could not bear my actuality for even a moment.
And Tassilo was also convinced instinctively that it had came to an end.
We should thank the God. He guided us here.
You kissed the instep of Virgin Mary!
There is not only one way you can follow the God.
Where's the book?
I gave to Claudius Leis.
You stand there just like a fool for a whole day.
I won't let you suffer any more.
Give the boy a lift!
He rejects everything!
He is born in the abbey and grows up in the abbey.
He won't forget his whole-life belief so soon.
: :
Nobody ask him to forget it.
Not only dose he not understand us,
But also create many difficulties for us!
I will persuade him to change.
Claudius Leis
Thank you very much for treating us.
But it need time for me to forget the past.
As to Arbo it will be even worse.
Wait a minute.
Fantastic wine!
It's the gift of the bank.
Keeping good relative with the bank
Is very important.
Do you undertand? We must do like this.
Can you lend me you phone?
I must hang up. A ghost appeared!
Call you back later.
-What's the matter? I want borrow your mobile phone.
I've never rufuse a request from a cute boy.
Let me park the car.
How is it? It tastes terrific.
Take some photos in Lyons. It's a good idea!
-Excuse me. -I thought you have turned it off.
-Hi. Kiala?
What is that? The telephone line is weak.
Kiala! Oh, Godthank you!
Is that Arbo?
KialaHelp me!
I am still in Germany.
Priest Finol is in the Arbo.
But I can't stay there!
Come to the point directly. I am not familiar with the theory of the region.
Where are you now?
Can you get to the train station?
I got something to do now.
I will meet you at : am in the NO. railway station.
Where? When?
-: am, NO. railway station. Right!
See you that time!
Thank you.
If you got noting to do before : am,
How about join us in a party?
-Where? Get on!
Is that true?
Kiala took me here.
Kiala! Tassilo!
Take a rest first.
You will get better if you take this.
: : : :
It is too hard for you to drink so muchyoung man.
Get up.
And drink this.
I've been looking for you around for long.
What the hell has happened?
Where is the book?
Standard Matrix!
What is that?
Tertullian's Matrix. Juaurvat's book.
The book, priest Finol's uniform and tickets all disappear!
Where is my things?
I don't know. There is nothing with you.
You were rubbed?
No, I only drank some fruit juice.
Ok. Let's go out to find it.
Thank you for your taking care of him.
The soup tastes very good!
Try to recall it by heart. Where is the book?
I don't know.
Thank goodness, you are still alive.
It is smelly in the morning.
And the grass is watery.
If i were you, I won't have gone there.
The last week the motherfuckers took me there.
When I went out,
: :
I found i lost two beer bottles.
Here is your thing.
Where is the clothes? Aha, My friend robbed them away.
I can't get them back.
Thank youthank you, brother.
How can you play with the stranger so carelessly?
We are intimate at that time.
She even kissed me.
They are tricking you.
What is this?
tuning fork.
It is the relic of the Archimandrite
It looks beautiful.
I help you with rubdown.
I bought some food.
Where are you? I bought some delicious food.
It is Chinese food.
We eat itand then go to find Finol.
And then go to Italy.
He won't go.
Priest Finol lost his belief.
He even doesn't sing and praise recently.
All that he does is to be present at the Eucharist every sunday.
I hear that taking part in the Eucharist is the responsibility of their dogmata.
-When is the dinner? : am.
Leave me some food.
Get up now.
How will Tassilo say if he see us like this?
He may say:
Why you two are so free?
When all the villagers are busy with buying lemon on depreciation day.
What does it mean?
It's a joke i heard in my childhood.
What joke? Tell me.
A man came home back from his journey.
He found that the pineapple was at low price.
And all the villagers crowded to buy it.
He also wanted to buy some. So he came home in hurry.
But the picutre front him was that his wife was sleeping with another man.
So he said
Why you two are so free?
When all the villagers are busy with buying lemon on depreciation day.
Do priests have such jokes in the church?
Once in a while.
Tassilo have three jokes. It's one of them
Do you want to hear other two?
I got a method to get Finol back!
Why you two are so free?
In the name of the God and the Goddess.
Your play is so wonderful!
It's just a simple prelude.
I pay a visit here just for your performance.
-Together with all of you. -Together with the God.
For holding the Secret of saving,
Which will be praised at first?
Chapter Praise My God.
How about changing it to Chapter ?
The one is Who Accept The God's Arrangment.
This is my favorite one.
It has been planned.
-It's my fault. It's my fault.
Nobody will blame you for it.
I can't. No.
I believe in you.
It's hard for me to do so.
God, please forgive me.
Here's chapter Praise My God.
-It is chapter . Ah?
So let's come to chapter .
The man who accepts the God's arrangment,
Will never despair.
He will be reinforced from tribulation and pain.
He will believe in the almighty God,
And Stand up strongly.
The moment he feel happy,
He knows when to be called up.
The man who is loyal to the God,
Face your substantial life with your mercy.
Sing and praise. The God is always with you.
Don't forget to do good.
Finolplease sit down!
The one who believes in the heavean solemnly,
You will have a renascence.
The one who never doubt about the God,
will never be deserted by the God.
Cateh them! We must get back the book!
But how can we... Do what I said!
Kiala! Wait!
-Let her go! Release me!
Arbo! Don't take care of that!
This book belongs to the Catori Denomination.
This book belongs to the Tertullian church.
You dismissed long time ago.
Come! Get it!
-Thank you Take care.
I will catch you!
I feel you heart now.
But Kiala is willing to leave of her own accord.
Priest Finol you know nothing.
And you, get back to the books you love!
I won't follow you any longer.
You took me out and only want to tell me this?
I love youArbo.
Of course I can not replace Kiala in your heart.
But we choose such live.
You choose it yourself.
But I don't.
I never have other chance.
That's not the truth.
Everybody stands on the crossing of choices each day.
If it has not been like that, I would not be here.
Sit on knees in front of you
Let's go, Arbo. we should help Tassilo.
-Let's go! Stop!
Come on!
There's no a clutch.
We have no time to consider about it.
It must be impossible! Look for the instruction.
User Instruction!
Happy driving, together with Benz.
-What should I look up for? The gearing and the engine.
Hey, tak care. It's Father Leis' car!
Automatic Gearing Device.
Get out!
-If you want to drive automatically, -I ask you to get out!
Put the Gearing Device to D.
Those motherfuckers!
Where to go?
The railway station!
Where is the railway station?
Go ahead please.
Go ahead metres and then turn right.
Go ahead please.
-Hello? Where are you?
-You get back the book? Yes
So come back qucikly!
We should go to the railway station?
Which station? Who are you?
-Trun right. Arrive!
Here's the destination .
Our journey delays for two days.
-Is it Ok? Very good!
-Really? Yes
I am sorry to have bothered you frequently rencently.
It doesn't matter.
We go to Lyons! Youmeand Crippy!
Can I look at the bag?
What is this?
It's...listening to the heart.
It means that.
What is wrong?
I am sorry I can't go with you.
What happened? Wake up!
I want to go to Lyons together with you!
Hello. Excuse me.
Is there anybody in the church?
Brotherscome here!
So that Juaurvat's Matrix,
came back to Montechebrie two hundred years later.
This is the most important day for the Tertullian Church.
Tassilo and priest Fransciso became good friends.
They often talk on chinese food.
Finol and the Archimandrite
argued day after day aroud the explaination of "accompanied with your voice".
And they came to another couple.
But all of my life changed...
No one could work miracle .
except for the God.
No one could creat us.
except for the God.
No one could save us except for the God.
The god is the only homeland for us.
The god is the only one that can be reliable.
We respect and love the God more than every one else.
I should go.
Go on praising.
I was surprised that she was not standing outside.
At last she told me that it's to give me freedom to make my choice.
If I was willing to embrace her in my arms at that moment.
I shall give up anything of mine.
I grew up to be a man that day.
The god is the only homeland for us.
The god is the only one that can be reliable.
We respect and love the God more than every one else.
VAYA CON DIOS - The God is always with you