Vedam (2010) Movie Script

Who are you waiting for?
go pushing yourself....
It will be impossible forever,
if it's not possible now...
It will be similar to nothing
even if you are here...
Every day there is some
deficiency throughout the life...
And that is the place for success...
Every day there is some
deficiency throughout the life...
Without which there wilI
be no place for tomorrow...
Saying that this is not sufficient...
lt is achieving something here...
Witness the tomorrow
through today's dreams...
Fight and make yourself
efficient to win every day...
Put your indelible signature
on the time...
Saying that the time will stop
where you stop...
Start your story now itself
which studies earth...
Ramulu - Sircilla
Eggs develop and transform
into caterpillar.
Caterpillar will transform
into butterfly.
Eggs develop and transform
into caterpillar.
It's known as pupa stage.
PateI has called you,
why didn't you come, Ramulu?
I said I'd come.
- When wiIl you come?
Don't you know you
must repay the loan?
Patel said he'd not keep quiet
if you don't pay interest.
We repaid the principle, didn't we?
Why are you opposing, Padma?
Tell whatever you want with PateI.
Hey old man! if you don't
come with money,
I'll come and drag you
myself, bIoody.
Come...come...long time no see.
I'm not here for self, Rathamma.
Tell her.
I want Saroja.
It seems he saw Saroja on terrace
while going this side.
He has been yearning for Saroja.
Stopped eating and studying.
Unable to bear it anymore,
his father sent him with me.
If anyone sees our girl,
he'll be Iike this only.
Saroja is attractive and in demand,
so will cost you Rs.5000.
I feel it's too much.
- Pay Rs.500, I'II come.
I want Saroja.
Keep quiet, the young bull
may get frightened.
Look Rathamma...
- Nothing less.
Rs.2000 for other girls
and Rs.5000 for Saroja.
Fixed prices.
- Okay.
Call Saroja.
Saroja - Amalapuram
Don't get scare, boy.
Like warning is printed on
cigarette pack,
stiII they sell it,
this is also like that only.
This is not good for heaIth
but it's a business.
You start...
What do you know to like me...
What do you think about the human body...
It is after aIl pure leather...
That contains 9 doors...
Human body is heinous one...
And it is purely a temporary one...
What is the result for you
to desire this one...
Why did you desire the
company of this girl...
Poor boy!
How long will you sit Iike that?
Why did you come here then?
Who is it?
- It's me Karpooram.
Koti's phone, stilI not yet over?
- Not yet begun. Tell me.
Youth of Hyderabad have gone mad
seeing your body and shape.
Wait Koti. Hey, close your ears.
Tell me
For 31st night, two young men,
fixed for Rs.50000.
Good show.
New business...
let's have a blast.
Can l vacate this place now?
- Then what? What will you do there?
Pack your bags and come here.
We'll leave tonight,
you come to the station.
You give a slip to Rathamma.
- l'll come later.
New weapon.
This will be the last night here.
l think she has frightened him.
Frightened him?
How much did he pay?
- Why?
You've taken Rs.5000 and
pay me just Rs.1000 only.
You mean...?
Ra.1000 for getting crushed and
Rs.4000 for doing noting.
You've learnt to ask accounts.
We are not living on your hard work.
Many families depend on me.
Police, pleaders, goons,
l've to give them all a cut,
if not l can't run this company.
Isn't it my blood that you
distribute to others?
Why are you arguing with me?
lf I send few students,
they'll burn your face.
Send them Iet me see.
- Why will I not?
Why are you arguing with Rathamma?
Leave her sister.
She doesn't know anything,
I'Il expIain her.
Tell her, I've invested in her since
her mother died, I'll take it back.
We are packing bags and leaving
this place forever tonight,
why are you fighting with her now?
Rahimuddin Qureishi - Old city
- Greetings.
You were trying to get Visa,
did you get it?
Yes, I got it.
I've to collect the papers today.
The blessings of Hakim Baba are with you.
- Thank you.
Take it.
- Bye.
Father wouldn't like us to go.
But I can't stay in this country.
Let bygones be bygones,
past is over.
We must forget it.
Only few times in life
we forget the past.
Not always.
I want Raju right now.
MaIIesh, you go that side.
Where's Cable Raju?
- Did you see Raju?- No.
lt's Ganapathy, brother.
Greetings brother.
He was collecting cable rents.
Cable is mine, money is mine,
where's my money?
Nobody has yet paid, brother.
Not paid, bloody bastard,
how dare you collect my money?
Tell me bloody, where is Raju?
You collect money from people
and don't pay me. brother.
- TelI me, where's Raju?
Masthan! Raju is up there!
Raju, come here.
Bloody life!
Cable Raju - Jubilee Hills slum
Greetings brother!
You'lI live for 100 years!
l was about to call you on phone.
Were you about to call me?
Why did you come here, brother?
l would've come if you'd called me.
Trying to fool me taking my money?
I think he'll not leave till I pay up.
He's running away,
catch him!
Stop...l'll talk to brother.
- Listen to me.
Brother, let's talk it out.
Brother, he's innocent,
he doesn't know anything.
Please Ieave him, brother.
When are you paying my money?
Pay him.
- My foot! You dark man!
lf I had, why would l run?
Please Ieave him.- lfyou don't pay
Rs.10000, l'll take his 10 fingers.
Brother, he'll lose fingers,
he'll become useless.
Leave him brother...
Who toId you to get caught?
Please don't mistake me, brother.
l'll pay your money in a week.
Tell your boys to stop, brother.
I'm talking to him.
Whojumped on the asbestos?
Aunty, move...
You may fall, be careful.
Brother please, l'll pay in a week.
- How dare you threaten me?
I got you man!
I beg you brother.
Don't do it in public.
Let's talk it over evening drinks, brother.
l've talked to brother.
Cable is not coming properIy,
it's bIurring.
The note you gave too has holes
it's not valid.
When are you paying cable rent, Nagamani?
I'll pay next month.
- Then watch TV from next month.
Won't you wait?
- No, he won't.
My phone!
Your girl friend?
Are you spending Masthan's
money on her?
No, don't play with it.
I'm picking up the call.
- Don't pick it up.
I'm picking it.
- lt's my life!
Shall l pick it up?
Bloody life!
BIoody! What should I see?
What are you doing?
Are you coming to the party?
I'm leaving now.
Baby, my trainer is calling me.
Bloody life!
Didn't hear it, did she?
Where the hell did you come from?
Watch out, you may slip.
Listen to me.
Leave it, shirt may tear,
I've to attend a party.
You tore my shirt, bloody!
Got him boys?
- We got his vehicle.
We must kill him.
- As soon we get him, brother.
That's my bike bring it.
Dark many, lost bike for you.
Hey dude! I need your bike.
Last time you left the tank dry.
This time l'll fill up the tank,
l swear on you.
One can trust anyone in this worId but
not a friend who promises to fill petroI.
My specs!
Get going, you'll get crushed
under some city bus.
The specs is good.
Malli, Cable Raju is asking
for the bike.
MaIIi is coming.
Stop...stop for a minute.
Bloody beanpole!
You'll get bitten by a dog.
Why did they runaway
from me, cowards?
Not cowards but smart guys.
- How about you then?
Shut your gob!
I'm going urgently out ofstation;
will you give the bike to Masthan?
I will give.
New bike, be carefuI,
just now serviced.
My bike! Forget it.
You get down.
Buddy, be carefuI, that's Masthan's bike.
Ifwe strike ofzeroes,
50 x 2 = 100,
100 x 10 = 1000, equal to 1000.
Sir, the interest is 1000.
Sit down.
Did you see how easily he did it?
Now the sixth problem,
who will solve it now?
I'll do it sir.
Can't anyone else do it? Fools!
Lick his armpit, you'll get sense.
Who is Ramulu's grandson here?
Are you Ramulu's grandson?
Who are you?
What have you got to with him?
We don't have anything,
Butchi Reddy PateI wants him.
Will you also come with him?
- Don't shout.
Why is the work not going on fast?
Do it quickly.
The load must Ieave by evening.
Brother, RamuIu is coming.
Hey Ramulu! Why are you coming furiously?
To fight?
What's the matter?
Do l've guts to fight you, Patel?
You're talking too much.
Did you bring my money?
Will you settle the due?
Get the accounts.
Patel, I paid the principle amount fully.
Now I've to pay interest only,
if it's ten or twenty,
if you give me 6 months,
l'll settIe it.
What ten or twenty?
The interest is Rs.50000 now.
Check the accounts.
PIease listen to me, Patel.
Then, how would I get my money?
- Your mother.
My son Seenu!
Did you eat anything?
How have you become?
You had to face this
because of us, son.
Can this boy repay the loan, sir?
Please leave him, Patel.
Who will repay the loan then?
I told you to wait for 6 months, sir.
I'll not wait for 6 months or 3 months,
l'm giving you just 3 days time,
he'll work here till then,
if you don't repay the loan by then,
I'll send him to work in
city construction sites.
10 years...he'll be with us
for 10 years.
Sir...he's a school going kid.
PIease leave him sir.
- Then you come.
Take the boy away.
The more we cry,
the more they laugh at us.
Let's pay his money and
take back our boy.
Song is very good, who wrote it?
TilI now we used to perform
in colleges and pubs,
shall we do a Iive show?
We'll be performing is Hyderabad
from tomorrow.
Crowds around you.
My life!
Raju, pIease help me.
PIease help me.
What's this box?
Fridge to keep people.
Would they keep peopIe in fridges too?
The dead are kept in it,
give me a hand.
A big shot is dead on Road No: 13,
they are going to keep it
for two days.
ln our coIony body cremated
in an hour.
But when weaIthy die, they keep
it fridges like this for days.
You need money in death too.
Bloody life!
Come on, get going.
- Go...go...
Will know...will know...wilI know..
Will not know!
What will not know?
- That it's a duplicate.
How much?
- Ra.100.
Recently bought it in Flamingo.
While the world is following me...
Why am I following you...
You did something to take me
to heaven in seconds...
How did you drown me...
l'm looking at you,
doing everything...
Never mind...
l'll put an end to your game...
I'Il take risk and
loot you completeIy...
I'm your property,
why would you wish to loot it, then?
Please listen to me.
He's coming from Canada to meet you.
Mom, I'm not coming.
You're coming to the party tomorrow.
Always like this, never consults me.
What happened?
- Some Siddarth is coming from Canada.
New Year party is in MI,
I must meet him there.
What shall we do?
Let's do one thing,
let's go to the party.
What if your mother dislikes me?
Why would she dislike you?
You're well educated.
You're very rich. What else?
You're right.
Mom has no one else other than me.
I'Il convince him.
What if he still rejects me?
l'll announce it.
What will you announce?
Then, you'll get locked. Even if you refuse,
she'll get me married to you.
Okay baby, as you wish.
We must get two passes for that party.
Passes only, right?
- If not passes will get exhausted.
I'll send my driver to get it.
Tomorrow is very important day for us.
My documents.
Mr.Qureishi, yourVisa is ready.
My guess was right.
You've twins.
I want a boy and a girl.
Agreed, take it.
Daughter will be named Zaara.
- Zaara?
Zaara, it means father's daughter.
Father's daughter.
Then for son?
No, let's name him as Shahrukh.
Let's name him as Sachin Tendulkar,
or Pavan Kalyan...
Hey what's this?
Don't be afraid. Playing mischief.
What are you saying?
Are we playing mischief?
Brother, get down.
What's your problem?
They put colour on her.
Put colour on her, right?
We are dancing in the God's procession,
you calI is as playing mischief?
Putting colour her is wrong, isn't it?
Get down, let's talk.
We are going.
- PIease forgive us.
Please forgive us.
Why are you beating him?
Go away!
He's abusing our God.
He says we are drunk
and playing mischief.
l said go away.
But he's fighting with us.
What is your name?
Are you here to create trouble?
No sir, they...
Are you alI Iike this only?
Real devotees will offer prayers only.
You guys are tarnishing the image
of real devotees of Lord Ganesha.
Go away!
Take it.
We are in neck deep debts.
My schooI going son is
bonded labour to repay it.
ls it?
You want to settle debt and
educate your son.
ls it Devadanam sir?
I'm Sammaiah here.- Tell me.
There's a kidney case, 'O' positive.
- You require it?
Not require, we need it badly,
we are searching for two days.
- Why didn't you tell me sir?
Okay, they must in Hyderabad
by tomorrow morning.
l'll get them Rs.80000.
You pay Ra.80000,
l'll fix my rate with them.
Operation will go on tomorrow,
keep Rs.100000 ready. Come.
Please sit down.
You want us to go to the city?
Your blood is not good.
You'll not fetch good rate.
Please don't say like that sir,
please heIp us sir.
My son is very good in studies.
Must send him to school, please sir.
I'Il ask them.
Sir, they are very cIose to me.
Woman sir. She badly needs money.
He says Rs.40000.
- Okay we'll go.
Oh God! What a big hotel!
How much would be the ticket?
Just for a night, at the most Rs.2000.
For two, Rs.4000!
- Don't shout, you fool.
They'lI know we are from slum.
Shut up and follow me. Idiot!
Take your hands off me.
If anyone asks you,
say you're my driver.
For bike?- Yes.
- Buddy...
if you call me as buddy,
I'll break your bones. Call me as sir.
It's night, Iights are on, is it
necessary to wear goggles, sir?
l'll beat you with slippers,
walk little away from me.
Why are they like that, sir?
Rich never smile.
In our country the rich
are very fair.
They are born and brought up
in AC comforts.
Two rupees short Rs.40000.
How much will it cost us
for a year's drinks?
Ifwe have a blast,
it'll cost Rs.10000, buddy.
BIoody! Rs.40000 for a night's drinks?
Lower your voice, if not they'll
know we are from slum.
Buddy, if you talk your way to
make her buy the two tickets.
lf I ask, she'll get 20 tickets also
notjust 2,
but once if I commit to bring
the ticket and fail to do it,
oh no! You don't know...
How about this bike?
- Buddy, forget it. Masthan's bike.
You must be alive to
marry her, right?
Take your hands off it.
Bloody life!
Notjust one or two, Rs.40000!
Not Rs.40000, two rupees less.
Enchanting with beauty and
tying with charm...
Mesmerizing with romance...
Leave the heart's thoughts
to river Ganges...
Leave the thoughts at the threshold...
Leave the issue ofvillage
to village itself...
Leave the issue ofway
to way itseIf...
Leave the rights and wrongs
to ancestors...
Leave the shyness to darkness...
Remove the screen and drapes...
Leave the first feeIings of loneliness...
Leave the bunds and fields...
Leave the puzzles to wind...
How nice it would be to fly away?
The world is a market of colours...
Everything here is a wonder...
What is the price of beauty?
Only few could judge, that much...
- Fake virtue...
Love and sacrifice...
- Cheating...
Honour and virtue...
- is up for auction...
All our Iife is...
- IIlusion...
Attack, fight, plant, unite,
fighting and hastening...
How nice it would be to fly away?
It would be nice to fly away...
He always drops in at the wrong time...
Come in SI, sir.
Long time no see.
I'm a regular here,
what's this long time no see?
To heII with your brain.
Saroja is getting hotterwith
every passing day. Send her.
Saroja has great demand.
Forget her, we've 4 fresh parrots.
I'Il call them.
Keep your parrots in the cage.
Saroja is mine all the night.
- Difficult sir.
No policeman will come
here till tomorrow.
Your earnings are yours.
Okay. Can we do business refusing you?
Okay, come in.
Want me to massage you,
police brother-in-law.
Remove your hands.
Is Saroja ready?
She is but is it forfull night?
Why brother-in-law?
It seems you don't have
that much of potency.
I must take you to station
and give a good thrashing.
Forget about thrashing,
l've American tabIets,
if you want ask me,
l'll give you two tablets.
Move away.
Please call me if you need, brother-in-law.
How nice it would be to fly away?
You look like a cinema heroine.
You don't deserve to be here.
I know that.
lt seems you don't have that
much of potency for full night.
Who told you that?
I'm known as 'Dagger' Kantha Rao
in Kakinada company.
But here they say you're impotent.
- Really?
Nobody must say like that.
Just a minute, I'II be back.
What are you doing here?
- You want tables, brother-in-law.
For others it's Rs.1000,
but for you it's Rs.500 only.
I'Il pay you tomorrow.
Only ifwe are here tomorrow.
Are you ready?
Can't avoid it, right?
FuIl night, right?
Watch out now! I'm not impotent but...
Oh lion!
Two!- What?
- What are you counting?
World is beautiful...
with myriad of colours...
AIl say this...
Raju, don't worry.
Let's manage it tomorrow.
Where were you all the day?
Masthan's men are combing foryou.
lt seems you took his bike.
They threatened to kill me
if you don't return the bike.
I begged them to spare me,
return their bike tomorrow.
Why don't you answer me? You collect
their money, can't you give them?
What are you doing with the money?
Your parents died leaving you to me,
and you're torturing me to death.
l'm struggling to meet the both ends and
you don't even bother to help an old lady.
You eat and roam Iike a wild bull.
I told mom l'll not come.
But we must make it at any cost.
Some guy is coming from Canada;
it's a kind of meeting the bride.
l'll introduce you to my mom.
We are going to the party.
We are meeting your mom.
What about the passes?
Passes? Just Ra.40000 only.
- Rs.40000?
Why do you need so much money?
Are you using drugs?
Who is Pooja?
ls she from our slum?
Slum...slum...I'll drown you old woman!
Do you want me to bury in this slum?
Her bungalow will be the
size of our slum.
She's a Princess!
Foryour face, you'll get a princess.
lf luck is in our favour,
she'll come here in a Benz car.
Tomorrow morning 7 am flight,
don't forget it.
Why are you telling me? Go to sleep.
You always come late.
- You always come late.
That's you.
That's also you.
Even that's also you.
- Go away!- Get lost!
Hi mom!
Major KuIkarni called on phone,
he has asked you to come
tomorrow to fill the applications.
What do you mean by that?
I don't like tojoin Army.
What wilI you do then?
What are you planning
to become in life?
I've started a music troupe, a Rock Band.
You mean playing guitar
in hotels and bars.
Traditionally our familyjoins
Army or Air force but you...
Your grandpa served in Army,
yourfather was in Army,
When dad died, Army got a hero,
but l lost my dad.
I'm not selfish, you're forcing
your dreams on me.
Is it my dream?
I'm telling you foryour career.
Tomorrow morning I'm going
to Hyderabad.
l don't know what should l tell about
you if anyone inquires.
You don't need to tell, mom.
Everyone wiII tell great
about me with you.
Hey dark man! We can't choose to
be born as son ofAmbani.
One must be fortunate.
But ifwe plan weIl,
we can become son-in-law.
We must have little talent and
he must have a daughter.
First you must have Rs.40000.
Let's do one thing,
let's ask Ra.1000 loan from 40 peopIe.
40 people? Tell mejust one name.
l've become like this
lending you money.
Did you ever pay a penny in
the donation box oftempIe?
One who never repays money
lent to him is Cable Raju.
l'll beat you with slipper.
Bloody life! Not a soul in
world to Iend us Rs.1000.
You didn't leave anyone,
you've cheated all ofthem.
Dark man! Who will invest Rs.4000
trusting on us?
I've been trying your phone since
morning but it's switched off.
I forgot to charge it Iast night.
10 minutes since we missed the flight.
Always you're a problem,
how can you be so irresponsible?
When is the next flight?
- Not seat vacant.
Listen, its 500 kms from
Bangalore to Hyderabad.
Ifwe go by road, we can reach
in 8 hours by evening.
Great, come.
Rathamma used to send me
to bed even if I was sick.
Now we are on our own, sister.
We can take rest orwork as
and when we feel like, sister.
Okay dear, get up.
So what?
l've been listening to your
discussion since last night,
I want to talk to you.
What's it?
Your name?
- Why?
Just curiosity.
lf possible have a talk with you.
Not incense stick?
Who asked your name?
I told you because I like you.
Look Saroja, you're beautiful,
why are you into this cheap business?
l know what I'm doing,
but what do you do?
l reform the society.
Mother Teresa said hand that heIps is
more divine than praying lips.
l too say the same.
l helped to paint the black board
in my village school.
l helped my vilIage at great cost.
Infact recently l gave 6 apples free to
be distributed among the patients.
If it's necessary I toId them to cut
into pieces and distribute it.
Why are you telling me
your boring tales?
I'm coming to the point.
I want to so something with you.
What will you do with me?
- l'll help you.
Instead oftaking a lover every night,
if you marry me,
l'll take care ofyou.
Then, l'll have onIy one all nights.
Brother-in-Iaw, help me.
- Am I here to help you?
Why are you popping in
when we both are discussing?
I don't care about your past.
I don't care about caste or religion.
I don't want dowry or property.
I'lI help you.
Yuck! Get up! What?
Will you marry me?
Have you seen your face?
Why are you taIking
to me disrespectfully?
What AssembIy or parliament?
Get lost, you shorty!
Get down...get down...
Go, sit near the bathroom.
Go...if not I'lI beat you.
I want to talk to you.
I want money.
I want Rs.40000.
- Rs.40000?
ls your grandma not well?
To give a party to his girl friend.
Ra.40000 for a party?
Have you gone mad?
You stop it!
You come with me.
Uncle, it's life and death problem...
- I'II beat you black and blue.
What's our area, uncIe?
- What's our address?
Jubilee Hills.
- Jubilee Hills?
That's is Jubilee Hills,
Ours is also Jubilee Hills but slum.
Slum dweIIers.
Dirty tenements.
So what?
- Asking me so what?
ls ours aIso a Iife?
Even our death too is insignificant, uncle.
A rich man died on Road no: 13,
his body was kept for a day,
in our slum hardIy we keep an hour.
Cremate in an hour.
We need money for anything, uncle.
- What's your probIem now?
UncIe, that Jubilee Hills girl Pooja has
Rs.400 crores worth property,
wealthy girl,
almost fixed,
if you help me to get through
this night, my life's settled.
Yes uncle.
He has some plan, what about you?
If he becomes King,
I'm his Minister.
lf he's settled,
then l'm also settled.
Please do something, uncIe.
- Yes uncle. We'll settle in life.
l don't have that much money,
mine is not sound party,
band party...
UncIe, you can do if you decide.
- Stop it.
Raju, seII the bike.
That bike...
- Market Masthan's bike.
I'll sell if you want to buy it.
Already he's after my fingers for
non-payment of cable dues.
if you buy his bike, he'II go...
- I know what wiII he be after.
l got it.
We can do one thing to earn money...
But you can't do it.
Uncle, we'll do it, we need money.
- Stop...stop...
Snatch chains.- Chains?
- What?- What chains?
GoId chains worn by women snatch it.
Uncle, he's educated...
- Shut up.
Chain snatchers don't do it for mother
or sisters, but for personal...
Hey! What the hell are you saying?
We came seeking help but you're
advising him to steal...
Raju, come.
- I'll get a chain by evening.
You stop...
I'll get it sold in half an hour.
Keep money ready.
What's this, Raju?
Don't snatch heavy chains.
- Why?
It may be hard to snap.
One more thing,
don't snatch thin chains too.
- Selling is difficult.
You too come with us.
- Why?
You can measure if it's heavy or thin.
Where will the kidneys be, father-in-Iaw?
How will they take it?
It's here.
You said an iron rod pierced
earlier when l asked.
Not an iron rod, doctor's knife.
l settled the principIe of PateI
the other day.
You shouldn't have done it, father-in-Iaw.
Children are the only property
ofthe poor man,
l was illiterate,
my son was illiterate,
you are aIso illiterate,
now your son must study,
educated will eat three square meals.
Okay, father-in-law.
Let's educate Seenu.
Let's anything we have
for him notjust kidneys.
Why are you dancing with a guitar?
Get inside.
Rich brats enjoy life with
their dad's money.
Sit inside.
Hey, you tomato head!
Why are you talking about my dad?
How dare you challenge me!
- Watch out, I'm coming.
That bear is finished today.
Bloody idiot!
Which side?
I think it's better to avoid
highway for sometime.
Actually we should've stopped
and helped them.
There were many peopIe,
they'll take care ofthem.
Help doesn't mean only we,
anyone can do it.
Yes, anyone can do it
but not we.
We'lI sing espousing that in songs.
Can't differentiate between gold
and fake gold?
What ifwe steal the temple bell?
Shall we steal sIippers in the temple?
Shall we steal change
from a beggar's bowl?
We need Rs.40000 notjust Ra.40.
Use brain.
Bloody life! Such a partner in crime.
Entire Rs.40000 is waiting
in the bus stop.
Looks like a street girI.
- Greetings.
Very happy.
- How is this sister-in-law?
Happy new year and congratulations
for going to Sharjah, sister.
Sister, if you go away to Sharjah,
who will give us money?
Your uncle Rahim.
- Where's uncle Rahim?
Think again, father.
You too come with us to Sharjah.
l'll stay back here only, son.
- What's in this country?
My childhood, my memories,
everything is here, son.
I can't leave my motherland.
l'm not running away.
l'm escaping.
Father, no peace in life here.
I fear to live here.
I fear.
- Fear?
Once man starts fearing,
it follows him wherever he goes, son.
lf there are 10 Hindus,
Muslims get scared,
ifthere are 10 Muslims,
Hindus get scared,
mob mentality.
- Mob mentality?
They kiIIed stillborn.
How would you know?
How painful it is!
Be ware Hyderabad!
I'll give later.
Saroja, he's after me.
- Hey Puli Raja!
They took my chain.
It's ringing but not picking it.
BIoody! Don't know where
the hell Koti is?
Try again.
Many shells get washed ashore on the
waves of desire with plenty of dreams...
Frothy laughs abound...
Madam, pIease connect
to this number.
Sister, aII are watching us only.
Let them see!
People stare at film stars and us.
- Indeed!
I'm Ramulu from Lingampalli.
l'll go near, you snatch the chain.
I'm scared, please Ieave me, buddy.
Coward! Come front.
Come and drive.
Be careful.
Cut from very near.
Go near...go near...
Chain snatching is very difficult,
you need practice for it.
Raju, you made three mistakes.
You were born in slum
instead ofJubilee Hills.
Educated but snatching chains.
Tried to snatch Pooja's mother's chain.
Do you love that girl?
Sister is very beautiful, brother-in-law.
l spent a Iot to get her.
What you spent for her is very little.
What did you spend on?
Is it necessary?
- I want to see once.
Dark man! There are only two castes
in this world.
Haves and have nots.
Theirs is one caste and
ours is one caste.
Anyway l don't have any caste feeling
only cash feeling.
- Pick it up.
I came foryou only.
Anyway we are meeting
today evening, right?
l wanted to see you.
What's that kerchief around neck?
lt's very cheap.
That guy! He's my driver.
He almost hit your mother
unable to drive properly.
Okay, say sorry to mom
when you meet her evening.
Have you taken the passes?
- I'm on it...
You'Il meet today evening.
Rs.40000! Where should I steal it?
It's not wrong to do anything
for such a girl.
Isn't it?
Come, luck may change with area.
Sister, he's not picking the call.
- Try again.
Were you the one to calI me?
- Yes sir.
Are you Ramulu?
- Yes sir.
ls it her?- Yes sir.
- Come...come...
Sister, if he changes heart,
what would be our plight?
It won't happen, don't worry.
RamuIu, your name is not Ramulu,
Valigonda Raji Reddy,
she's now your daughter,
her name is Revathi,
your younger brother's name is
Valigonda Narasimha Reddy,
you're donating your kidney
to his son Pratap Reddy, right?
What? He's like your son.
Madam, you please remember
he's your eIder cousin brother.
Remember it?
Don't forget it.
Do you've a stepney?
- Yes, but that too is flat.
You didn't stop there and
God stopped your car here.
I'll never do such a mistake
again in Iife.
Problems are normal for us.
You say as if I did flatten
the stepney wantonIy.
Had you come early,
we wouIdn't have missed the flight,
we wouldn't be in trouble now.
Why are you heckling me
stiIl for morning incident?
Sop the fight and think
about what to do next?
Pitch a tent there, let's sleep here.
We must get the stepney tyre vulcanized.
Where's the vulcanizing shop here?
They are like that, they'll fight
only when we are there.
The story is completely different
in our absence.
Why do you always fight with me?
I don't fight it's you!
Okay, it's me.
Angry again!
What's that you don't like in me?
l hate your singing.
- What?
There's no soul in it.
Words don't come from heart.
My dad wrote the lyrics,
it sounded good, so l sang.
Who's bothered about lyrics now?
You mean?
A song is a lyric told musically.
What do you like in me?
- Your singing.
God has given you a good gift.
Good voice.
Good music sense.
Snatch it.
Men are there.
- Don't think too much. Snatch it.
Bloody, open your eyes and
snatch it...snatch it...
Hop on bike!
Bloody crap! Why do you keep a phone?
Can't you pick up the call?
Don't shout at me.
- Waiting here for haIf an hour.
Train was running Iate,
so l accepted a deaI.
I'll drop them and
be there in 10 minutes.
Stay there, l'll come.
- Come.
- Come bloody rogue.
He's coming, bloody idiot.
ln the tension I couldn't
pass urine, I'll go now.
Is it for men and women only?
Don't you've for others?
My people are here.
- Sit down.- Sir!
What is your name?
Sir, her name is Revathi,
my name is Raji Reddy.
- Stop.
I'm not asking you,
I asked the lady.
Are you Revathi?
Are you wiIIingly donating your kidney?
I do sir.
Which place are you from?
From which place?
Are you selling your kidney?
l told you earlier sir.
My brother.
- Don't try to cheat me.
Shall I call police?
No sir...
- He's calIing police, father-in-law.
You said she's your daughter.
- Are you doing business?
Get out.
Come out...come out...
What please?
What's your name?
Who is Siraj?
Who is JaIal? Tell me...
Catch him! Catch him!
Where are you running away?
What's going on here?
Why are you beating him?
They have links with terrorists.
- They arejust kids.
How are they connected with terrorists?
Why is he running away on seeing me?
Where are you running away?
- Stop...
l've seen you somewhere...
What's your name?
What is your name?
Rahimuddin Qureishi.
Qureishi? You've grown beard.
CouIdn't recognise you.
How are you connected to them?
My uncle's sons.
Are you al like this only?
Respect? You create trouble
in Ganesh festival,
they have links with terrorists...
- l didn't create any trouble, sir.
lnfact l lost everything that day.
Is it...where's Nazir?
Not in my house...
don't create trouble here.
What are these people doing here?
What's happening here?
- We are going to Sharjah tomorrow.
So, a small party.
- Sharjah? Why?
When did you get the visa?
- Yesterday.
Yesterday visa, today party,
tomorrow going to Sharjah on New Year.
lsn't something wrong in it?
Every Muslim appears like a terrorist
to you, that is wrong.
Yes, everyone appears like that only.
Including you.
Come to the station.
Come I say...
- Please leave him sir.
Where are you from?
Didn't Bullabbai called for this girl only?
- Yes sir.
Rathamma's company.
How dare you put to sleep Bullabbai?
Come with us.
Come to the station.
Come...come you...- Sister!
Please forgive us sir.
- lf I trust you, l may go tojaiI.
Go away...go...
- Please show mercy sir.
What do you want me to do?
- This time I'lI tell lie perfectIy.
Lie perfectly? I must beat the
man who sent you here.
I beg you sir.
Sister, leave me...leave me...
Leave him sir...
Where the hell did all women vanish?
Venkatesh fiIm is on show in cable TV.
Why would they come out then?
Snapped it.
There are many people.
Many necks too.
Keep the bike in top gear.
You may get caught.
- No, we must get chains.
Who are you?
I don't know how to love also.
Get up!
had a flat tyre, friends went
to vulcanizing shop.
That hairstyle, beard,
guitar in hands,
are you a Westerner?
Who is she? Tell me.
So what iffriend?
Will you kiss publicIy?
We werejust talking.
Atleast you tie Rakhi to
make him your brother.
Brother, please teIl him.
- Why should l tie to him?
Why did you shut the engine?
lfwe are caught we're dead.
Start immediately...go...go...
They are following us.
Change the gear...Go fast... Turn ahead.
Beat him, she's talking filthy. out...
No sir, it's not me who
snatched the chain...
- Bloody!
lt wasn't me, right?
Looks like chain snatchers.
Get them intojeep.
- Come.
I couldn't understand English...
- Can't understand English? Get in.
How did he come here?
Run over him!
Beat him boys!
So many beating up one boy.
Ten against one!
Running upstaging and
overtaking one another...
Your father's name?
- Karri Subba Rao.
What does he do?
- Carpentry.
Where do you Iive?
- Jubilee Hills slum.
What did you do?
Didn't do anything yet?
Are you in police station
for doing nothing?
Hey, come here!
- Come here.- Coming sir.
Come here.
What's your name?
- Raju.
- Yes sir.
Full name?
- Cable Raju.
Cable Raju? What's that?
- Anand Raju, known as Cable Raju.
What does yourfather do?
- He's no more, lost him as kid.
Bullabbai's case, sir.
I was surprised about Bullabbai
getting on nerves.
She has it.
Who are these guys?
Chain snatching case, sir.
They hit ourjeep while escaping.
How did you hit the
policejeep perfectly?
What to do sir?
if you're unlucky eating a banana
can also break your teeth.
Ifwe eat a banana...
- Nothing sir.
Can eating a banana break the teeth? phone is ringing.
My life sir...
Is it necessary now.
- Shut up.
What do you know?
She'll kill me if l don't pick it up.
I don't mind if you do anything even
shooting me with a gun, sir.
But l must answer the call,
if not she'Il kill me.- Pick it.
Pick it...
- AII ofyou be silent.
Where are you?
- I'm having a head massage.
Have you taken the passes
for the New Year party?
l'll take it, can I call you back Iater?
You're into it deep.
That's it sir.
How long are you into this business?
Answer him.
- From today morning only.
Just chain snatching or
you do murders, kidnaps...
Sir, we are not like that...
snatched a chain for money.
Why do you need money so urgently?
My uncle Dappu Subhani is dying sir.
For him...
- Greetings sir.
Who are you?
- My name is Subhani.
Dappu Subhani?
You're dying, right?
- Am l dying...?
Yes, I came to know itjust now.
Madam... Just a minute.
- My madam sir.
Which madam?
- DSP's wife...
Madam! Are you fine madam?
How are you madam? your daughter fine?
Madam...chain snatching case...
l'll give the chain too, madam.
Madam...okay madam...
How do you know madam?
- I do the devotional music for her.
What devotionals?
I mean sing devotional songs
while she offers prayers.
Like this...
Stop it!
Forget about that madam,
what's my benefit?
Do you want me to sing
devotionaIs foryou too sir?
Brother is brother, stake is stake.
Got it sir. You win, it's all yours.
My man is outside.
- l will give.- Go
Come, you idiot.
- Madam...sir released.
What? - Devotionals? Coming madam.
- What?- Phone sir.- Take it.
What?- Money sir.
- Leave it.
I'm sparing you because this is
the first time, if you repeat then...
l'll not, sir.
Did Rasool come?- He did not come sir.
- Didn't come?
ls it real love?
Seenu is appearing before
me a Iot, father-in-law.
l practiced many a times but
forgot when doctor asked me.
Wish someone else could buy it
we'd be saved.
Where will we go and
whom will we ask?
Isn't selling kidney a crime?
Look, the bus has come.
Where are you going, Ramulu?
Your time is good.
- Did doctor accept?
Damn with his acceptance.
I've changed the hospital.
RememberwelI, you're Revathi
this time not Padma.- Okay sir.
Wear these new cIothes.
You weave clothes,
can't you wear good clothes?
Does a labourer have
a house of his own?
Does a cobbler own shoes?
Our lives too are similar, sir.
Thinking of cheating a policeman
and surviving in this world?
Did l fleece him or steal him?
Shut up! You get sold for money
and arguing with me.
Did you talk to Bullabbai?
- Yes, we do get soId for money.
Because we're illiterates
and have nojobs.
But what's wrong with you?
You've education, you've a job,
and a uniform to wear,
but still you get soId for money,
like us!
Bloody bitch!
Are you and me same?
Shameless creature!
Why should we be ashamed?
We strip to get sold,
you wear uniform to get sold.
Bitch! How dare you teach
lesson to a policeman!
Please leave her sir.
You're her accomplice!
Bullabai told me about you also.
Your name sounds strange, right?
What's your name?
Karpooram (camphor) sir.
Karpooram? What's that name?
Lives that get extinguished sir.
So that name.
Do you get extinguished
or extinguish others' lives?
Beat and pack them to Bullabbai.
- Okay sir.
lfyou send us to him,
what would BuIIabbai give you?
He'II give a bottle of liquor
and a biryani.
That's all, isn't it?
- What would you give me then?
We're going to run business
newly here,
we'll give your share of
25% every month.
Please don't send us back
to Rathamma.
Bloody woman! l thought you'd seek a
honest living running away from her,
so you're going start new
business here.
You'll sell this country.
Keep this as advance sir.
Are you giving me a tip?
GoId sir.
- What about this gold?
Hey peacock! Don't be proud
because you're beautiful!
l'll cut your wings!
Where are they staying?
With whom they're staying?
Take detaiIs and release them.
- Okay sir.
Like you ignored the victims
ofthe tractor accident,
had that Sikh lorry driver ignored us
what wouId've happened?
Vivek is wounded severely.
Every man speaks about God.
Why should there be
problem about God?
Unable to understand the language
What's this?
In Telugu.
- Water!
ln Hindi, it is called as water!
- So what?
God too is like that!
In one language he's called as Rama,
in another language Allah,
and in another language
he's called as Jesus.
People are not fighting for religion.
They're fighting without knowing
what to caIl him!
lfthe entire world had one language
and one culture,
there wouId be one religion only.
Every minute...thinking before
taking a step...
Every minute...reining in the
flow ofthoughts...
Every morning, though dreams melt away...
I'm standing before the truth...
lf humans live like humans and
Iet live humans as humans...
Sacred Veda (knowledge)...
You're escaping from this country.
What have you pIanned along
with them before escaping?
You're prejudiced and torturing us.
We're not like that people.
You aIl are same!
Why are you accusing the entire
community for few waywards?
Just few? l've evidence that
they've connections.
Tell me...where did you go?
- We went to sister's house.
We don't know anything sir.
- Who crossed the border with you?
Don't know sir...don't know sir...
My life got ruined because ofyou sir.
I lost my forthcoming child.
You could've stopped it,
but were a mute spectator,
please don't let them aIso run
away from this country, sir.
What have you planned on January 1st?
Don't beat us, sir. I don't know sir.
Please leave them sir.
Hey you bloody f...,
not tomorrow but tonight!
Today's the judgement day,
thousands will die!
What are you saying, Siraj?
Where have you planned to do it?
He's frustrated and Iying, sir.
Tell me, what have you planned?
Tell me...shall l fire?
TeIl me else, l'll kilI you.
KiII me...kill me I say!
You can only kilI me, but
thousands will die tonight.
Kill me...kill me...tonight thousands
will die, watch out!
Shift them immediately to ATS,
and aIert the control.
tonight something is going
to happen.
Get complete information
in an hour.
WilI you kill thousands of people?
Why are they doing like this?
- I know everything.
Do I look like a fool? Go...go...
How Iong man!
- It's coming! Have tea till then.
Hey, give him tea.
To madam also.
- Okay.
l'll pay for it.
As if I owe them money!
Already they took Rs.2000 inside, uncle.
Like a man who went to police to report
missing son lost his wife too there.
This is also like that.
Would you like to have tea?
- No uncle.
We stole the chain neatly,
but bumped into poIice jeep blindly.
Should've bumped an ambulance,
you'd have landed up in hospital.
Good riddance!
Bloody fooI!
Please wait, let's go back immediately.
- Okay madam.
Uncle, grandma...
- Who will give us money then?
l've Ra.3000, do what so everyou
want to do with it.
Why are you spoiling that girl's life?
You shameless creature!
Let's go.
We must know our place!
Just because I can do devotionals well,
Raghavendra Rao didn't make me music
director of devotional films he made.
This is also same.
You and that girl have
that much difference.
One must have money for everything.
Uncle, you didn't see the girl...
- Shut you!
You're responsible for this situation.
Don't get caught like this
and call me to get you out.
Face the music on your own!
l'm getting late for my work.
What shall we do now?
Who are you calling?
Where are you?
- I need to meet you urgently.
I've to talk to you now.
- Now?- Right now.
What is he saying?
- What will he say?
Gold chain, 25%. share,
and Saroja whenever he wants.
You don't worry, just few days
and you'll be the boss.
Bloody! It was all because ofyou.
Had you come little earIier,
we wouldn't have got caught? foot boss...who gave
the chain the policeman took?
While getting down from the train,
l stoIe it from that BapatIa short man.
Now, my Lord Krishna has saved us.
What has he done? There's no God!
Ifthere had been,
why would our fate be like this? Get in.
Who told you about me, sir?
I've recognized you, sir, tell me.
Yes sir, I do have a good item!
Best type.
Just now stepped in Hyderabad.
Ours is very strange job, sister.
Anyjob wouId fetch you more salary
the more experienced you are!
Ours is the onlyjob that fetches more
money the less experienced one is!
You'll get paid handsomely for
no experience at alI!
Are they?- Yes doctor.
- I'll call you later.
What's your name?- Revathi sir.
- Revathi?
He's my fatherValigonda Raji Reddy,
he's my paternal uncle
Valigonda Narasimha Reddy.
I'm here to donate my kidney
to his son Pratap Reddy,
Okay...are you willing to donate kidney?
I do sir.
- Sign here.
Thumb impression sir.
Take the thumb impression and
get her ready for the operation.
Have you eaten anything?
- No.
Okay come with me.
You don't worry, Padma.
Just a small cut and
they'II give you anesthesia.
Just think of Seenu,
you'Il not feel any pain.
Okay father-in-Iaw.
Revathi, pIease come.
- You go...go...
l'll pay you as soon the
operation is over, Ramulu.
Your grandson will go to the school.
Why are you so tensed?
I can't telI the truth looking
into her eyes.
Shall we go return then?
No, it's all over.
Today I must tell her the
truth at any cost.
But l'm scared.
What shall we do?
You tell her.
- To whom?
To Pooja!
- Oh no!
I beg you, leave me,
don't trouble me.
It's my life...say it carefully!
I loved her initially for money only,
but don't know when it started,
l love her sincerely,
but due to unavoidable circumstances,
- What's that?
Due to unavoidable circumstances...
Please don't use Hindi words in Telugu.
lt's Telugu!
Where is Raj?
TeIl her few truths about me.
- l got it.
Running away with Masthan's money,
snatching chains from women,
getting bashed up in police station...
Bloody! Not the bad truths, man!
TeIl her good truths.
You mean we don't have money,
cable TV, lives in slum...
That's all isn't it?
- Go and telI her.
You're Raj's driver, aren't you?
Where is Raj?
Sir is there.
- Bloody life!
You wanted to tell me something.
Before I meet your mother...
I want to teIl you...
My mom will surely approve you.
- I want Rs.40000 now!
What's this, buddy?
You said it's all over.
Why this Rs.40000 again?
Don't know who invented this kiss?
Buddy, this is injustice.
Must do something and
have that Rs.40000.
This is a paper that changes hands
and changes the fate...
lt's a rupee that keeps flying from
one pocket to another pocket...' a rupee...
To buiId castles or forts...
or to get cremated...
To eat a morsel offood...
or to kill anyone...
lt's a rupee...
How many coIours this chameIeon has?
Black or white?
The man who is devout of
this Goddess ofwealth...
Even God needs it to fill
the charity box...
Brother, man creates fake notes.
But notes?
- It creates fake men!
Wealth isn't there but here!
Brother, you know this in your life!
There's bread in toast,
but there's no dog in Hot Dog.
I can tell like this philosophy easily.
Every man is ready to advice!
- Buddy, tamarind rice.- Give him.
To save a life or to win in a struggle...
To keep moving the wheel of life...
From birth till death...
It's rupee...
l'm getting into mood myself.
Shall we go?
We're near Madina crossroad, sir.
CI is Babu Rao, right?
- Yes sir.
Connect me to him urgently.
What man?
They're drunk with religious fanaticism;
you're drunk with vengeance,
together are doing injustice
to peopIe like us.
Both are terrorists.
Do I look like a terrorist?
You do everything and speak
like an innocent.
You were planning to escape
to Dubai, right?
What a life is yours!
l don't now if you're chasing bad luck
or bad is chasing you,
earlier you lost your chiId,
now you're going to Iose your life.
Why are you staring at me?
Are you thinking of escaping from me?
l'm planning to buy another
acre of land, sir.
Yourjob is good.
Just eyes and kidneys?
Don't you buy other things?
You're too greedy. Come.
Bye sir, keep in touch sir.
Ramulu, be careful.
- Okay sir.
l had promised you Rs.40000.
- Yes, sir.
My expenses is Rs.3000,
take the balance money.
What's this sir?
You promised to pay me Rs.40000.
shouldn't l take my expenses?
You wore new clothes, right?
You went around in car, right?
WiIl money come easiIy?
Sir, this is not money but
my grandson's education.
Show mercy sir, pay as promised.
- Don't create a scene.
Take your money.
Tie it in a bundIe.
People may see it.
Take it. Tie it carefully.
HospitaI is near by,
l'll get you an auto, go happiIy.
I'll come to the hospital
tomorrow morning.
l've seeing since my chiIdhood,
men always see the entire body
but never looks straight into eyes.
Men are always mean.
Yes, Koti doesn't even spare me.
Should I hook up with you nasty thing?
What does she Iack?
Everything is too much, latch less door.
Greetings sir.
PIease come in.
Not that but she!
Do you want me?
What a beauty, Koti!
Ravishing figure!
Rathamma! l got those bitches!
- Got the bitches?
Yadagiri is the right man,
he'II suck the bIood of Saroja.
I don't have anything to do with her.
Send my money.
What's in money? l'll send it.
The bird is dead.
What's up Koti?
You were arranging beds for me.
Have you started new business?
I didn't know she was your item, brother.
Bloody bastard! I'll kill you!
Will you trespass into my business?
Wait, l'm taIking to him, right?
- Tell him...
What had happened was...
- What had happened?
l beg you, l don't have any
connection with her...
Ifthe deer wants to survive,
it must run very fast,
or else will get eaten by the tiger.
You keep quiet. Tiger, Koti brought
in few customers.
We thought he was a man.
He ran away leaving the women.
Are you women? Bloody bitches!
Look, Koti brought us here.
He ran away.
Take it as I've come to you on my own.
Let's do business together.
Keep Rathamma away from it.
Take your 25% share.
- 25%?
You're not a partner;
you're an item in the market.
How do we buy pulses, salt, tamarind?
Like that l've bought you from Rathamma.
New girl...wouId've never seen
anyone like her in life.
Sister, come.
- Catch them boys!
top...- Leave me.
- Bring them.
Elderly man! Aren't you Revathi's father?
Is she doing fine sir?
- She's talking now, you can see her.
Okay sir.
Where are you?
I'm in shower, tell me.
- Have you taken the passes?
Why are you getting so worried?
After aII just Rs.40000 only!
That's aII, I'm on it.
CouIdn't you've asked
Rs.1000 extra, father-in-law?
Seenu has no good cloths,
he has only a pair.
He has been asking for slippers
for Iong time, father-in-law.
He gave Ra.3000 short.
Would Patel agree?
- Let's sign a promissory note.
Grandpa! There's some money
on the floor, is it yours?
Father-in-law, thief!
My money...
Money is for a child's education!
For my son!
More dangerous than you.
Be careful.
Don't plan anything together.
Why are you staring at me?
I'lI pluck out your eyes.
Be alert.
This is the way every Muslim
is treated in this country.
What's your name? got stabbed...
That van driver hit me...
Be careful!
Why do you want to take the trouble?
- Open the door I say!
Don't argue, open the door.
Go to hospital.
StiIl not yet ready?
Did you take the passes or not?
Taken the passes or...
l don't have money.
My name is Ananda Raju.
PeopIe call me a Cable Raju.
l live in the slum behind your house.
Ever since I met you, what ever
I had said or done is blatant lie,
I'm a hypocrite.
My life is different from
what I'm living
Like a storm in the sea...
it raised to great height...
A wish to wash the heart clean...
Like a dying candIe's light,
it's flickering....
The wishes to live like a true human...
It has become the beat ofthe heart...
It has become the life in eyes...
Like the soul ofthe Iife...
Let the human take birth
again in me...
Doctor has gone for the rounds,
please wait.
How long?
How much time has passed
since it happened?- An hour.
Check her sir.
- What happened?
Got stabbed, lost heavy blood.
Stab? Did you lodge poIice complaint?
Police? Why poIice now?
She needs a doctor now.
Medico-legaI problem sir,
a knife stab, sir.
She's dying there and he wants
to go to the police, sir.
Yes, you must first go to the poIice.
Please don't say like that sir,
do something sir.
l'll pay, sir.
Money is not the problem,
if you don't...
She's an orphan,
please do something, sir.
Can't you understand if I tell?
Sir, I'lI be indebted to you all my life.
- Go to the police first.
if you want I'll sleep with you
as many times as you wish.
PIease show mercy, sir.
What's that nonsense you're saying?
Please sir...
- WiII you go or shalI I call police?
Doctor sir...
- Sister..
This is gold sir.
Take this and save my Iife.
She doesn't know how to
survive in this world, sir.
She doesn't have anyone else
other than me.
Who are you?
Why are you coming this side?
He belongs to our religion!
- Greetings.
Victory to the holy warrior.
- Praise to God.
if you plant bombs in parks and
malls only few people die,
few go to the hospital injured,
what ifthe blast happens
in a hospital?
ln 2 hours from now, everyone would
be celebrating the New Year,
but nobody knows
what's going to happen here,
you're getting a new lease of life today,
escape from here!
Rahim, you've a simmering fire in you,
use that fire to support the holy war.
It's all over.
Seenu's life is over.
How can we go to ourvillage now?
Let's take poison and
die here.
To heII with this life!
Our money, Padma!
You wait, I'll see.
Your son will go to the school!
ls it?
Padma, God is there!
Seenu will go to the school!
Have you go any other number?
Only that number.
Where are you guys?
You arrange...
Excuse me, we need to go urgently,
very important work,
our entire future is depends on it,
we're in a helpless situation,
Sir, you've been called to the
third floor, lift is in that corner.
Father, look at him!
Krishna, don't relax,
keep me informed.
Where's the medical shop, sir?
- That side pIease. did you get hurt?
How did you get hurt?
I feII down while pIaying.
- What?
Brother...please stop...
- Who are you? Please go away.
Rahim, stop! Where are you going?
- Sir, the child wiII die.
What happened, madam?
Close the door!
ElderIy man, come here, pick it up.
Your money, take it.
Bundle is safely.
Tie it tightIy.
Be careful.
Please forgive me, mother.!
Get up!
Close the door!
Sir, I've seen Mansoor Khan and
two others, many are dead,
which side?
- This side.- Go!
New block is under construction, sir.
Shifting people to it, sir.
Stay here, be carefuI.
Don't move!
All are fine, right Sister?
How to go out from here?
- We can go from that side. Come.
Sister, this side, right?
All ofyou come.
She can't walk, please help her.
Come here, take her.
- You carry on, I'Il be back in a minute.
Didn't recognise me?
Morning we met in the police station.
Devotional song group.
We can go out from the new block.
Come with me.
You come!
Enough of it, Munafir.
Kill them...kill them...
This holy war for Allah!
Which God has asked
to kill humans?
This is for the holy war!
God too trusts humans only.
Are you a Muslim?
Are you really a Muslim?
What you are doing isn't
approved by Allah!
Ifthis is holy war as you say,
kill all of us here!
Glory be you, O Allah the great!
Glory be you, O Allah the great!
This is holy war!
Bloody life!
What's your name, brother?
In this new life, where there is
no pIace for darkness...
Know there is still a battle
to be won...
Can you recognise one of
your old friends?
Where are we going?
We'lI catch the first train
leaving the station,
and go the place where it takes us.
How to make our livelihood?
We've come back from death,
let's earn honestly, live honourably.
Don't want to continue
this damned life.
Just a smaII stomach, right?
Come, we'll not have any opposition.
Trust me.
Saroja, your dream of own company.
Hey, neverwalk before a bull,
it'll butt you,
never walk behind a donkey,
it'll kick you,
never walk on any side
of a crook like you.
eyes will telI everything...
What did he say uncle?
IfVlP's die people come for 3 days.
But people will come
a week for him, uncle.
He died like a hero, uncle!
- Who said he has died?
Death has died!
Hail Ananda Raju!
Who will pay the balance Rs.15000?
if you want the kid,
settle every penny.
Hey Patel! That's it!
Enough ofyour looting!
- What makes you so brave?
Check the accounts.
Calculate it yourseIf.
I don't know to calculate, PateI.
- Then pay Rs.15000 now.
Grandpa, I know to calculate,
can I calcuIate the interest on loan?
Calculate interest on Ra.50000
loan at 2%.
For Rs.50000, if you remove
For 30 months...Rs.30000, grandpa.
Rs.30000, that's all!
Come Seenu!
Why did you let him go, Patel?
How quickly he calculated
the loan interest!
Let him go,
let him go to the school!