Veerappan (2016) Movie Script

You dare mess with a lion, you moron.
You will not have an easy death.
The way I kill you,
even Satan will beg for mercy.
Satan are you listening!
Are you listening Satan!
You killed four of my men, right?
Now watch.
After that Danesh tried to run away
from there
but Veerappan and his men
finally caught him.
Dinesh's face was smashed
in such a way
that nothing is left above his neck.
Even I couldn't see Dinesh's body, sir.
I can't imagine his wife's state.
Sir, our whole force's morale is down.
The minister and media are
repeatedly asking me
when will we nab Veerappan?
We have more forces, more weapons,
more power and more facilities.
And even our dead are more.
In a month, Veerappan has killed
seven of our officers including Dinesh.
I am embarrassed of myself, sir.
Another group is coming
to join us tomorrow.
What's the use of getting new groups, sir?
How will we find an ant in a crowd?
I understand.
But what else can we do in this situation?
Tomorrow, I'm going to the headquarters.
You need to brief the new group.
Okay sir.
I'm sure your fitness is excellent.
Shooting perfect,
assault weapons training is fantastic
but all of these abilities
are futile against Veerappan.
He wears sandals
and roams around
with an old model rifle and very few men.
If he's such a simple criminal
then why did our department
fail to catch him in the past 20 years?
I came here last year,
and you all came today.
Officers will come and go,
many will be killed or retire.
Few will be permanently injured
but this shifting of officers
and adding up of our forces
have no effect on Veerappan.
No one has found him yet.
My experience and study about him
says that there was never anyone
like Veerappan
nor can there ever be.
Perhaps, some of you know
a little about Veerappan,
but I would like to put him
in perspective.
As a teenager Veerappan
used to cater tea
to the forest guards
at a check-post in the jungle.
It's those forest guards
who initially trained him to fire a gun.
Veerappan used to go into the forest
as per the guards instructions
and kill elephants.
They used to pay Veerappan
a few hundreds
and they used to earn thousands
for elephant teeth.
With time,
wild life laws became strict
and guards had to stop
their corrupt practices.
When one of the forest guards tried
to stop Veerappan,
that's when Veerappan
became a murderer.
The district police sent two constables
to arrest Veerappan
and he ran into the jungle
to escape the policemen.
The Police are trained
to arrest criminals in civilian areas.
But they had no idea
how to find them in a jungle.
As a result,
the police returned empty handed.
When the local boys realized
that the police couldn't harm Veerappan
they started looking up to him
as their hero.
With time,
Veerappan became the king of the jungle.
"Keep walking"
"Keep moving"
"Keep fighting"
"Keep walking, keep moving
Keep fighting"
"Keep walking, keep moving
Keep fighting"
"Keep walking, keep moving
Keep fighting"
"Keep walking, keep moving
Keep fighting"
"Twirl that mustache, twirl it
Twirl that mustache, twirl it"
Many of his childhood friends
became his gang members.
Soon, Veerappan and his gang members
started extorting from the timber traders
and mine owners in the jungle.
After receiving a number of complaints
from traders
for the first time,
the police took Veerappan seriously
and they sent a big team to nab Veerappan.
But as soon as the police
caught up to them
Veerappan and his gang members
crossed the Tamil Nadu border
and entered the Karnataka side
of the jungle.
And the police couldn't catch him
due to a jurisdiction problem.
Veerappan then started
his criminal practices in Karnataka.
And whenever the Karnataka police
came after him,
he would run back into Tamil Nadu.
Veerappan took great advantage
of state problems
and his gang grew more and more powerful.
Finally, both the states realized
that they should come together
to nab Veerappan.
And they made a joint task force.
"My brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my Veerappan"
"My brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my Veerappan"
"My brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my Veerappan"
"He leaves a bloody hell in his wake
Its the victory anoint on his forehead"
"He'll wage war, spread destruction
He only brings damnation"
"Filled with rage, embodiment of sins
The embracer of death"
"My brave boy, my brave boy, my brave boy"
"My brave boy, my brave boy, my brave boy"
"My brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my Veerappan"
"My brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my Veerappan"
This task force killed about 80 percent
of Veerappan's gang in their first year.
But then Veerappan realized
that it was his mistake
to move about with a big gang,
as a big gang can be easily spotted.
So, he reduced the size of his gang.
While the police had another problem.
If they entered the jungle
with a heavy contingent,
they won't be able to carry out
the mission quietly,
which Veerappan would benefit from.
And if the police entered
with a small team
Veerappan would attack and kill them.
Veerappan would also leak
false information about his whereabouts.
This would exhaust the police contingent
going on a wild goose chase.
Sometimes Veerappan
would pay money to the villagers,
so that they work as informants
for Veerappan.
In the meantime,
the media gave him enough publicity
that Veerappan became a hero
and started enjoying his popularity.
He killed many people
just so he could make the headline.
"Unwavered, ever victorious"
No, no, no please!
"Even fear is afraid of us"
"Unwavered, ever victorious"
"Even fear is afraid of us"
"Even the guns of enemies
Beg for forgiveness"
"When his mustache fires shots"
"Keep walking"
"Keep moving"
"Keep fighting"
"Keep walking, keep moving
Keep fighting"
"Keep walking, keep moving
Keep fighting"
"Twirl that mustache, twirl it
Twirl that mustache, twirl it"
"Twirl that mustache, twirl it
Twirl that mustache, twirl it"
"Twirl that mustache, twirl it
Twirl that mustache, twirl it"
"Twirl that mustache, twirl it
Twirl that mustache, twirl it"
"Twirl that mustache, twirl it
Twirl that mustache, twirl it"
Whenever the higher-ups were displeased
and put pressure on the police,
they would brutally beat the villagers
so as to get some information
about Veerappan.
As a result, distance between the police
and the villagers increased.
And Veerappan took advantage
of this situation.
Due to the forest terrain
and infighting between security agencies
Veerappan has been fearlessly ruling
this region for the past 20 years.
And even today,
his rank is increasing by every minute.
And now, he's started considering
himself a King.
"We own everything from north to south"
"King of the jungle, ruler of fate"
"No one can dare to challenge him"
"Because he can never lose"
"Keep walking"
"Keep moving"
"Keep fighting"
"Keep walking, keep moving
Keep fighting"
"Keep walking, keep moving
Keep fighting"
"Keep walking, keep moving
Keep fighting"
Meanwhile, our biggest fear right now
is that we've been informed
that Veerappan has immense respect
for LTTE Terrorist Velupalli Prabhakaran.
And he wishes to meet Prabhakaran.
So that he can do something big
with his support.
I don't understand one thing sir.
Journalists, gun runners
and his messengers,
all of them have met Veerappan.
But only the police have no clue
of Veerappan whereabouts.
How is that possible, sir?
They can all meet him
because he wants to meet them.
And obviously,
he doesn't want to meet the police.
And he doesn't meet people directly.
First, he sends a message
to the person he wants to meet.
Then that person needs to meet his contact
outside the jungle.
Once his contact is satisfied,
they let that person in.
One of his gang members
keeps close watch
on the person entering the jungle.
And when he's confident
that no one is following them,
that person gets to meet Veerappan.
Otherwise, the meeting gets cancelled.
That's the reason,
we are unable to do anything,
even though we know about his contacts.
At the moment, there are seven check posts
including ours in the jungle.
And we all have the same goal,
to nab Veerappan.
We might be able to catch him soon enough,
or maybe never.
What information do we have
about his personal life?
He got married a few years ago.
He lives with his wife Mutthulakshmi
in the jungle.
I'm bored of this palace.
I've been telling you for ages
to take me to the jungle but no.
After marriage, it's every girl's dream
to roam about in the jungle
with her husband.
And to let those big mosquitoes bite her!
So, there's no peace of mind,
neither in the day nor at night.
But you don't care enough
to understand.
Just yesterday, I told you
that my saree is just partly torn
bring me new ones
only when it is completely torn.
But no, you bought them all at once.
Now, give the rest to your jokers.
Now will you tell me
how much spice you want?
As spicy as me.
What good will
nabbing Mutthulakshmi do?
She doesn't have a
single case against her.
So, I don't think she can give
us any information about Veerappan.
Also Veerappan must have changed
his location by now.
Actually, we're so completely exhausted
wandering in the jungle for so many years.
Now, I just hope for a miracle
and Veerappan himself comes out
of the jungle.
-And then we can nab him.
-I have a wonderful idea!
What if you invite him
to your birthday party?
He will come to have some cake.
You can nab him then.
What did you just say?
Are you out of your mind?
How would you get him out of the jungle?
I may not be able to succeed.
But this one thought
can change our strategy.
Till date, many of our officers
have failed to find Veerappan
in the jungle.
So, what if we change our strategy?
I am listening.
Sir, taskforce team B has caught
Veerappan's wife Mutthulakshmi.
They are interrogating her.
But there's no direct case on Lakshmi.
In fact, she has been detained
without any entry.
We didn't get any information from her,
and we won't.
But sir, if you put pressure
and get Mutthulakshmi released
then I have a plan.
Those police dogs took away my Lakshmi.
I wonder how they are treating her.
How did this happen?
How did this happen?
They've got the information.
Beware of the insider, for he can
bring down the biggest setup.
I don't say that.
It's written in the Ramayana.
Then who's an insider in my setup?
Who is he?
Hey, Chinu.
Are you that insider?
Tell me.
Are you the informer?
That just leaves you.
No one is ready to accept it.
But, I know it's one of you.
But I don't know who he is.
Give it here.
I'm a demon for the entire world.
A demon.
But you know what?
There was a bigger demon than me.
Hey, Chinu.
You've heard of Ravana, haven't you?
After my death, he will ask me
that, "I abducted someone else's wife
and you were unable to save your own."
I couldn't even protect her.
I know,
that among the three of you
one is a bastard
and the other two are innocent.
Whoever is the insider,
give my regards to Ravana.
The rest, please forgive me.
Don't shoot me.
-Brother, no!
-Shut up!
No, brother, For God's sake.
No, brother.
Look at him, he's a monster.
You will die if I let him loose.
Tell us.
I don't know anything. Let me go.
So, you don't know anything?
Tell me where Veerappan
is hiding in the jungle?
I don't know anything.
A slap on your stomach is more painful
than that on your cheek.
But if you keep hitting one place
repeatedly, it ruptures one's intestines.
And once it ruptures...
-What's happening here? ten minutes--
-What's happening?
-Who's she?
-She's Mutthulakshmi. Veerappan's wife.
What charges do you have on her?
Actually, we are only interrogating her
to get information about Veerappan.
But this is illegal!
Let her go.
Right now!
Sorry, Mutthulakshmi.
They are wrong to be
detaining you here.
You may leave.
Get her out of here.
Dinesh was one of our best officers.
I can understand what you're going through
as a wife.
Till date, he has killed 87 Policemen
along with Dinesh.
Anyway, what can we expect from a demon
who can kill his own daughter?
-His daughter?
A task force team
cordoned him a few months ago.
He must be here somewhere.
Go down and search for him.
Fearing that force might hear
his daughter crying,
Veerappan killed her...
I hope that bastard gets killed.
Will you help us do that?
Veerappan's wife Mutthulakshmi
is looking for a house to stay.
With the help of a real estate broker
we want you to pretend to be a house owner
and take her on as a paying guest.
And you'll gradually try
to gain her trust.
You'll befriend her and try to get
information about Veerappan from her.
You mean like a spy?
You're asking me to befriend a woman
whose husband has murdered mine?
You have a reason to seek revenge,
which is why I've come to you.
But if you don't wish to do this,
it's okay.
-No doubt it's risky.
-I'll do it.
Can I call you Lakshmi?
Can I call you Lakshmi?
Why not?
I'm not British.
Not even an Indian.
My name is Shreya.
My dad's an Indian
and my mom was British.
My husband has a job in Singapore.
And I'm doing a project
on Indian fabrics here.
My husband is...
a carpenter in Dubai.
What? Dubai.
Oh, it's such a wonderful city.
Isn't it?
I've never been there.
Lakshmi, how can you
have not gone to Dubai?
Lakshmi means precious, which means...
Sister? What is written here?
An officer has said,
that Veerappan will be dead soon.
How can that be?
Nothing can happen to him.
Whatever. Like we care.
No. Nothing will happen to him.
You're talking as if you know.
Be patient, she will definitely talk.
If not today then tomorrow.
But she will talk.
Even I think so.
I lied to you.
Lie? What was the lie?
That my husband is in Dubai.
Actually, my husband...
is Veerappan.
Veerappan? Who Veerappan?
Remember that photo that got published
in the newspaper. That's Veerappan.
Actually, my husband is Osama Bin Laden.
Are you serious?
How can you marry such a man?
No, he's not as bad as the
police and media portray him.
You know what, sister?
The police lies all the time.
They do fake encounters
and blame Veerappan for that.
And I've heard
that he killed his own daughter.
This too is a story
that the police made up.
I can hear someone down there.
He was running to save his daughter.
He tripped and she fell off his hands.
She died of a head injury.
What else will he tell his wife?
But even we don't know the truth.
Even I don't know the truth.
But the truth is, that his daughter died
because of his chosen way of life.
And Dinesh's death is also a truth.
I can understand
that you're getting emotionally influenced
as you are spending
a lot of time with her.
You need to get back.
What happened, sister?
You're very quiet.
Lakshmi, I have a problem.
Actually, I'm in need of money.
I have to return a bank loan and
if I don't do it within the due date then
they'll send me a notice.
Please, don't mind.
If you can pay me
two month's rent in advance
then it will be a great help.
By that time,
I will receive money from my husband.
Even I don't have such an amount.
But, if you don't mind
I do have a solution.
I can send him a message
that I need money,
he'll definitely come with the money.
He even wants to meet me.
But we need a place
that the police can't reach.
If you can help me find a place,
I will meet him
and I'll be able
to give your money too.
I will try.
But not for the sake of money
but for our friendship.
I have a friend who lives in the U.S.
She has a farm house here
in the jungle.
No one lives there.
Just a caretaker and a few laborers.
That's it.
Will it be right to call him there?
Okay, let's do one thing,
let's go there,
take a look around the house.
If you think the place is right
then send a message and call him there.
If you think it's not appropriate
then we'll find another way.
This place is right,
but what about all these people?
All these workers go home in the evening.
No one will be here
at night except for the two of us.
Her name is Shreya. I live with her.
She's very nice.
She helps me a lot.
I need money to pay her the rent,
as soon as possible.
There's a big yellow farm house
near the Jhanjeli part of the forest,
I'll be waiting for you there.
And there's no fear of the police here.
This house belongs Shreya's friend.
Come here with the money
as soon as possible.
"Twirl that mustache, twirl it
Twirl that mustache, twirl it"
"Twirl that mustache, twirl it
Twirl that mustache, twirl it"
"Twirl that mustache, twirl it
Twirl that mustache, twirl it"
"Twirl that mustache, twirl it
Twirl that mustache, twirl it"
"Twirl that mustache, twirl it
Twirl that mustache, twirl it"
Hey Govindan, you have to admit
that Prabhakaran is a great person.
I want to touch his feet.
Who Prabhakaran?
You moron. Don't you know Prabhakaran?
LTTE terrorist Prabhakaran.
Whatever you think about him
I don't think you are any less
so why are you praising him?
Have you lost your mind?
How can you compare him with me?
He's been controlling India
all the way from Sri Lanka
and here, all we can do
is kill a few policemen.
He has killed
Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.
If I get one chance to meet him,
then you'll see, our gangs
destiny will change.
What have we achieved up till now?
I kidnapped superstar Rajkumar
and they paid nine crores. Nine crores.
What did I get?
Only seven lakhs.
Every Dog has his day.
They too will have one
when I feed them to the vultures.
Then they will know who Veerappan is!
Mutthulakshmi has sent a cassette for you.
I'm fine.
I've changed the house,
her name is Shreya.
I live with her.
She helps me a lot.
I need money to pay her the rent,
as soon as possible.
There's a big yellow farm house
near the Jhanjeli part of the forest.
I'm waiting for you there.
I need to tell you something.
Mutthulakshmi, I can't come.
This is STF's conspiracy.
Your friend Shreya is a STF spy.
She passes all your
information to the STF.
They've installed cameras
and mics in your room.
Please leave that place.
I won't be coming.
She found out
that you're working for the police.
Lakshmi. You have to listen to this joke.
What, what happened?
He has sent a message.
That you're a police spy.
Enough, Mutthulakshmi. Enough!
I was helping you, and you're doubting me?
I'm taking such a huge risk for you
and yet you're doubting me?
Sister? Sister!
I don't have a doubt, he does.
And he could be wrong.
You must understand
that he has to doubt everyone.
Anyone can betray him,
anywhere, at any time.
My heart says,
that you're not a police spy.
I am sorry.
What do you want to do now?
He said he will not come.
So, what's the use of staying here now?
Remove all the cameras
and mics before they reach home.
-Yes sir.
The operation has been cancelled.
Veerappan is not coming
tell everyone to relax.
Right sir.
Team, take it easy. Relax.
What's wrong?
I still doubted you, sister.
That's why I was checking.
Lakshmi, if you're still in doubt
then you better look for another house.
This is very insulting
that you continue to doubt me.
-Please leave, just leave!
-Sister please.
Listen to me, sister!
Please forgive me, forgive me!
Please let me stay here.
You can understand that I'm paranoid.
Sister, I'm sorry! Please, I'm sorry.
What do I tell the media now?
That we hatched a plan to nab Veerappan
about which he knew more than us.
Your so called fool proof plan
itself is a proof
that we are the biggest fools.
Sir what's done is done.
Now, you'll tell media
that Veerappan came
to kidnap the farm owner for ransom.
We got the information,
so we went there to save him
and during that operation
we killed three of his men.
While we lost five of ours.
This lie is not for our reputation
but a requirement for my next plan.
Regardless of your next
plan, what do we do about this?
Who leaked Shreya's information
to Veerappan?
Sir, I found him.
Had I not helped you in meeting Veerappan
so many people would have survived.
I'm so angry at myself.
But sister,
how did the police get there?
Our meeting
was only known to me, you and Veerappan.
Then how did the police find out?
Are you doubting me again?
See, Lakshmi, there are many police units
in the jungle to nab Veerappan.
Anyone could have gotten the information.
How would I know?
All I know is, so many people were killed.
I'm sorry, sister.
I didn't know this would happen either.
Why did we stop here, sir?
Take a closer look.
I could have never imagined
that you would do this to me.
I shot you because I don't want
to waste my time threatening you.
Now, tell me about your contact
with Veerappan.
You are one of the four people
who had all the information.
And after running
everyone's background check,
I'm not just doubtful but certain.
What are you saying, sir?
Don't insult my intelligence,
it already took me
a lot of time to recognize you.
And if you tell me the truth
I'll go back and tell everyone
that Veerappan attacked us
and you were injured.
You'll be a hero.
But if you don't tell me the truth
then my story will change.
That you lost your life in the attack.
Now, you decide,
do you want to be injured or a martyr?
I won't kill you,
but I will injure you a lot.
And after my questions are done,
I'll count to two for your answer.
Tell me who is your contact?
-Gandhi! His name is Gandhi.
Who is this Gandhi?
-A terrorist.
You mean Shashi
had joined hands with terrorists?
Shashi's father used to work
for a Terrorist organization.
And he must have been influenced by him.
So, you mean to say
a terrorist sympathizer was in our force?
But that's unbelievable.
What is unbelievable?
Indira Gandhi was killed
by her own bodyguard.
Anything can happen.
-What about Shashi?
-I killed him.
Give me the room keys for 703.
Don't shoot. I want him alive.
Leave my child!
Move back.
Leave my child!
Leave my child!
Leave my child!
I will kill the child. Move back.
Leave my child!
Leave my child!
Leave my child!
My child!
Leave my child!
My child!
Leave my child!
I will kill the child. Move back.
Stay there and let the child go.
-Don't kill my child!
-I said move back!
-I will kill him.
-No, no please!
Sir please control yourself!
Sir please control yourself
we want him alive, let him go.
Sir we need him alive!
Leave him alone sir! Please.
I know that you terrorists
take training to bear pain.
So, I've thought
of a painless interrogation plan.
You won't be able to watch this.
I should be involved in everything
as long as I'm working here.
These two injections
will shoot up his blood pressure.
And until we give him its antidote,
his blood pressure will rise
to such a level
that his heart and veins will burst
from the pressure and he will die.
But how will you know
that he's about to die?
Change in his skin color,
his breathing style
and his eye movement
will give us a clear idea.
In a while, his nervous system will fail
in its attempt to control his body.
But, sir.
-Is it necessary to do this?
My job is to kill Veerappan
and I will do anything for that.
Even you,
and even myself if necessary.
Where were we?
Yes, you were talking
about nervous system failure.
Then you will know
that he has only one minute.
Now, you have a few seconds left.
Tell me otherwise, I'll break
this antidote syringe. I only have one.
Only one.
I will tell you!
I will tell you.
We gave Veerappan the idea
to kidnap film star Rajkumar.
-You mean the terrorists?
Now, I will give you a little antidote
to increase five minutes of your life.
That's because if I give him
the full dose,
then he'll stop talking
and will start finding ways to escape.
Now, I'll increase
five minutes of your life
every time you give me information.
And I'll give you your life
when you give me the complete information.
Now, tell me what happened after that.
I've heard that there was a problem
between your group and Veerappan.
Yes, our group members
betrayed Veerappan.
Veerappan didn't get much
in that kidnapping
but he liked the idea
of kidnapping famous people.
But he didn't have competent men.
But now he's planning,
to kidnap famous celebrities
and politicians.
-Like Rajnikanth.
Kanchiswami. And other ministers.
-Then why is he not doing that?
-Due to financial reasons.
He needs more experienced people
for which he's contacting cities.
And he wants
advanced weapons like, AK47.
He's yearning to get them.
How is he recruiting new people?
One of his men is in jail. John.
He has contacted him to form a team.
With whom?
Madani? The underworld don.
He's contacting his men in jail
to seal the deal.
Sir, please I told you everything.
Now, please give me that injection.
I've lied to you.
This is the revenge of the child
for his mother.
Where are my men?
My men are taking care of them.
You've killed 20 to 25 people.
And yet, you're scared of death?
What do you want?
Both of us know what you do.
Years ago, I couldn't arrest you
when I was working in your area.
Because you don't leave any proof behind.
And I was restricted
because of this uniform.
But now I work for a special team,
which doesn't need any proof.
Now, I don't arrest, just kill.
But I'm not here to kill you.
For now, only Veerappan is my target.
I know that one of Veerappan's men
is in contact with you
because he's in need of new recruits.
I want you to supply my men to him.
-But this--
-No ifs and buts.
Just say yes.
I'll get you a big reward
from the department.
On top of that you will get
a big amount from Veerappan too.
You will get money from both the sides
without any risks.
If you reject this offer,
then you will be the biggest fool.
And fools and killers don't have a right
to live in this world.
But you too are a killer.
I kill, to teach killers
that killing is wrong.
"Even his shadow is like a shroud
He's filled with rage"
"He'll destroy, he'll annihilate
This monster will cause chaos"
"This monster will cause chaos"
"Roar of a tiger, enemy of his enemy
Embracer of death"
"My brave boy, my brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my Veerappan"
"My brave boy, my brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my Veerappan"
"Lullaby for my dear
Lullaby for my dear"
"A bowl full of blood
A bowl full of blood"
"After drinking some of it..."
The idea to kidnap film star
Rajkumar was really impressive.
I got really popular in India.
But I couldn't make much money.
I confided in the wrong people
and was betrayed.
But history won't repeat itself.
You see, I like the idea
of kidnapping famous personalities.
But for that,
I need better guns and more men.
Just these won't be enough.
I need at least twenty more.
And for this, I think Madani
is the right person.
Madani will be more than happy
to do it.
In fact, he was waiting
for this kind of opportunity.
"He likes to spread a massacre
He's like a cannibal"
"He'll destroy, he'll annihilate
He'll drop bodies over bodies"
"As destructive as time itself
The face of fear, embracer of death"
"My brave boy, my brave boy, my brave boy"
"My brave boy, my brave boy, my brave boy"
"My brave boy, my brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my Veerappan"
"My brave boy, my brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my Veerappan"
The idea is to make four to five teams,
and then send them
to Chennai, Bengaluru, and Coimbatore.
to kidnap Rajnikant, Kanchiswami
and other ministers
so as to shake up the government.
I will be famous internationally.
Understood, boss.
You three, go meet Madani
and gather men
and be at Gudimetla
by the afternoon of day after tomorrow.
I'll meet you there with Veerappan.
-Okay boss?
Drop your weapons.
Drop them.
Drop your weapons or
I will kill you all.
Now, put your hands up.
Did you think that I'm a fool?
I knew this was a trap.
That's why I played my own move.
You fooled my wife, right?
You made her befriend that female,
right? Now you'll see.
I will take you
and your police dogs to the jungle?
I will ask for ransom.
and as soon as I get the ransom,
I'll slit your throats.
Come on, move! Move!
Betrayal, betrayal, betrayal!
I've been betrayed far too many times!
What do I do
with this empty gun without bullets?
I will chop that officer into pieces!
I want more of these guns.
Once I get these guns,
I will create havoc!
Not just the police,
I will destroy the government too!
I thought I was better
than my preceding officers,
but one wrong decision led to
so many people losing their lives.
Now, I too am on the list
of failed attempts to kill Veerappan.
-Don't be so hard on yourself.
They say that to win a war,
you have to be prepared
to lose small battles.
You don't get it. I've lost!
No, you must win! For those
who Veerappan will kill in the future.
He has sent a message,
he's going to do a big job.
He'll have a lot of money
if this job gets done.
Then I will be able to live
with him in peace.
But I've lied to him
that I am not with you.
What could it be?
She doesn't know.
I have just received information that
a team has arrested a man
under the suspicion
of being Veerappan's gun supplier.
I've ordered the team
to hand over that man to you.
Get him!
Quiet, quiet you bastard! Quiet!
Quiet! Keep quiet you scoundrel!
Let go! Let go of me.
Tell me.
Tell me.
-You bastard--
-I will tell you!
Yes, I'm hand in glove with Veerappan.
He wants AK47 guns,
I'm going to arrange this deal for him.
Are you mad?
You want to give him AK47 rifles?
What if he attacks with them?
What do you think of yourself?
If my seniors find out
both of our heads will roll,
-it's damn risky.
-Sir, there's a risk in every decision.
It's possible that he can do this,
but I believe he will not do it
until he has the required men.
But by then it will be too late for him.
Sir, this is the only chance we have
to trap him.
And he will never imagine
that the police will supply him with AK47.
So, we'll have 100 percent of his trust.
But still,
it's risky. It's very risky.
Sir, not doing anything
in the case of Veerappan is also a risk.
This will stay between you,
Kumar and myself.
-MT Kumar.
Who was suspended three years ago
from our department.
You have actually gone mad.
That bastard always thought
that you're behind his suspension.
-How can you trust him?
-It's not about trust, sir.
I just want to make use
of his capabilities.
You didn't tell me anything
and I didn't hear a word.
What did I say?
Tell me.
I've come to talk about work.
I understood that.
Otherwise, you wouldn't come to say hello
to the person you got suspended.
I didn't get you suspended.
I just couldn't stop you
from being suspended.
Nevertheless, you
treated me like an enemy.
You encountered Subba.
Even though you knew
that I took money from his brother
to save him.
-And I got suspended.
-Subba was a hardcore criminal.
He set five laborers on fire
in his factory's furnace.
It was right to kill him.
Forget the past,
I will avenge you someday.
Tell me what you want.
I want your help in nabbing Veerappan.
Do you think
I will still work for the police?
You wouldn't do it for the police,
but you'd do it for money.
Veerappan has a bounty of 5 million
on his head.
I will get you a reward
of 1.5 to 2 million from the department.
I'm listening.
I have a plan,
to supply arms and ammunition
to Veerappan to gain his trust.
And you will take this consignment to him.
Why me?
You don't have the face and mind
of a policeman now.
Nor have you ever worked
in Veerappan's area.
So, there's no fear
that you'll be recognized.
And this is a high risk operation,
I'm doing it illegally on my account.
If I pick anyone from the department,
there's a chance of an information leak.
And the result
can be very dangerous to me.
And most importantly,
we might be enemies
but even today I'm a big fan
of your intelligence and capability.
Now, tell me what I must do.
You need to tell Veerappan's contact
that you cannot enter
the jungle for some reason.
And with the AK47 rifles,
this man, your man Kumar,
will go to the jungle.
Veerappan will never agree!
Its always me who goes in there.
And suddenly a new man?
He will never agree.
I need to think of another idea.
You can rest.
Now, you can show your broken leg
to your contact
and tell him
that you had an accident on your bike.
You can't walk for four months.
That's why my man Kumar
will take the AK47s to him.
He will believe and agree to this.
Because, he's in a hurry.
He will definitely say yes.
I know you're in pain,
but is your pain worse than the pain
given by Veerappan to all those people?
Think about it.
Your pain might go down.
It was a bike accident.
My bike collapsed with a lorry.
broke my ankle.
Due to multiple fractures
I can't get up from my bed.
Since Veerappan is in a hurry,
my man here will go instead of me.
He knows as much as I do.
And whatever Veerappan asked for,
is ready.
How do you know Rajan?
We both work for Mugilan.
Who is Mugilan?
Mugilan is the main supplier.
Mugilan told me not to leave evidence.
How's the food?
Who is this Mugilan?
Prabhakaran's man, they are very close.
Prabhakaran? Who Prabhakaran?
LTTE, Velupalli Prabhakaran.
How is Prabhakaran's nature?
Can I say something?
Once I was having lunch
with Mugilan and Prabhakaran.
Prabhakaran was praising you a lot!
I mean, what did he say?
He said, a single man without the support
of any organization,
has risen to such power in India.
He also said that you are more popular
than even him.
No, no, no. I respect him a lot.
You know,
history has never heard of a man like you.
Everyone praises you.
You are an inspiration.
Mugilan always used to say
that we should learn from you.
Mugilan's just being kind.
-Can I ask you something?
Can I meet Prabhakaran?
No one can meet Prabhakaran.
But you just said you had lunch with him.
Sure you can meet him,
but only when he wants to meet you.
He only meets with Mugilan,
and that day,
I happened to be with Mugilan.
There's only one person
that's a direct contact with Prabhakaran.
can't we talk to Mugilan?
I can try but I can't promise anything.
I've been under some pressure here.
I don't know who is trustworthy
and who is not.
Once my proposal reaches him,
then it's a done deal.
Absolute partnership.
He can do something for me,
and I can do something for him.
Sounds good.
Let me talk to Mugilan first.
And see if he can do something
about your request or not.
Hey. Hey, don't shoot, don't shoot.
I know that you
have a better response time than me.
Good news or...
Bad news, for Veerappan.
And good news, for us.
Mr. Mugilan, Mr. Veerappan wants to meet
LTTE chief Mr. Prabhakaran.
How would we know
which one of us is laying the trap?
This time we're the ones framing him.
He made us believe this every time.
And we lost many of our men
by falling in his traps.
But then, you didn't have Kumar.
That's why I came to you, Kumar.
Thank you.
So, we will kill Veerappan
on 18th October?
-Why that date?
-Even Veerappan will ask this question.
You will tell him
that Mugilan sir was given this date
by Prabhakaran himself.
Because Indian Navy's monthly drill
will be conducted on 18th October.
Security guard ships
will be away from the coast.
And our boats will get a clear route.
But why then?
I need time for preparation to kill him.
You are very lucky!
Mugilan has convinced Prabhakaran
to meet up with you!
That's terrific!
So, when am I meeting him?
You have to leave on the night
of 18th October.
Mugilan has arranged a vehicle,
which looks like an ambulance.
Two of his men will accompany you.
They will take you to the sea coast
from where,
Prabhakaran's men will pick you up.
But why is it on 18th October?
Because the Indian Navy is conducting
navy exercises on 19th.
Due to which,
coast guard ships will leave the coast.
Hence, the security will be reduced.
And by the way,
Mugilan is also coming with you.
This is great news!
One little thing.
Mugilan wants you
to shave off your mustache.
My mustache?
So, that no one
can recognize you easily.
You must do this.
Mugilan has told me.
Mugilan knows better.
"My brave boy, my brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my brave boy, my Veerappan"
"My brave boy, my brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my brave boy, my Veerappan"
"Lullaby for my dear
Lullaby for my dear"
"A bowl full of blood
A bowl full of blood"
"After drinking some of it..."
"Demons dance around you"
"He likes to spread a massacre
He's like a cannibal"
"He'll destroy, he'll annihilate
He'll drop bodies over bodies"
"As destructive as time itself
The face of fear, embracer of death"
"My brave boy, my brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my brave boy, my Veerappan"
"My brave boy, my brave boy, my brave boy
My brave boy, my brave boy, my Veerappan"
Something for you to eat.
You can have it on the way.
-Thank you.
-Your dad will be fine, sister.
Don't worry.
I don't know how long
I might have to stay in the village.
You take care of yourself Lakshmi.
Don't worry about me, sister.
I'm fine.
Lakshmi, can I ask you something?
Aren't you scared?
Your husband has a bounty
of 5 million rupees on his head.
So many police units are after him.
He's always at risk.
What if something happens?
I've always lived with this fear, sister.
I was married
but I always lived like a widow.
I can't tell anyone
that my husband is dead,
nor can I tell them who my husband is.
I just want us to be back together.
I too want that for you.
your husband always thought
that I was a police spy.
What if that's the truth?
No sister, my husband can ditch me
but not you.
Take care of yourself.
I can't believe
that you agreed to help
your own enemy to kill Veerappan.
It's a lot more fun to hunt the hunter.
I don't understand.
Veerappan is his target
and he is mine.
I haven't played my move yet
because before finishing your enemy
you should end his strength.
You know when we were together,
how he wouldn't spare us.
You managed to escape
but I got suspended.
So what's the plan?
As per my plan,
I will get the reward
for capturing Veerappan.
On top of that, I will get paid
for supplying AK47s to Veerappan.
Then after this operation ends,
I will reveal
all of his criminal activities,
people he killed in fake encounters,
how he murdered his own officer,
how he supplied AK47s
to a dangerous man like Veerappan.
I will reveal all of this to everyone.
Then the department will have no choice
but to dismiss him.
Then you can get your men to kill him.
That would be our revenge.
Boss, you look smart
after shaving off your mustache.
No one can recognize you. No one.
This is Sherwanand and he's Lalladuwa.
They are Mugilan's men.
They will save you if anything goes wrong.
Let's go. Come on, take the car out.
Come on, hurry up.
Boss everything is all right, right?
All the best.
Safe journey, bye.
Move it! Come on!
Yes! Yeah! Yeah!
Hey, reverse the truck.
Who are you?
Hey, out of the way! Why did you
park the truck in the middle of the road?
Park the truck on the side.
I'm still worried about Kumar.
He can do anything.
If he exposes us then we'll be in trouble.
Sir, I forgot to tell you.
Kumar died in a fire accident.
You turned out to be a bigger monster
than Veerappan.
To kill a monster,
its important to exceed him.