Vegas (2009) Movie Script

Come here, Daniel!
Hey, boss!
We're just dancing.
Come join us, Thomas!
It's lovely
to be Denmark!
He's so sweet, Thomas.
Maria, I pick you.
Hey, new girl!
Hey, new girl!
I choose you.
I choose you.
Come on. I have chosen you.
Come on!
You chose me?
Do I look like a fucking poodle?
- What?.
- Do I look like a fucking poodle?
She looks more like a toy poodle.
- Marianne!
- It's my choice. I don't choose him!
Smile bigger.
Come on.
- Do I look a little weird?
- Maybe a little.
It's lovely
to be Denmark!
Just calm down!
Please calm down!
Don't ruin our furniture!
Come here.
I thought they were asleep.
Let go of me!
Aren't l good enough for you?
I love you!
I love you!
I love you!
Aren't I good enough for you?
- Stop, Roger!.
- Don't touch me!
- Don't touch me!
- The police are outside.
Calm down!
You have to stop. Now.
Sit down, Roger.
Get yourself cleaned up.
Come on! Go wash your face.
Sit down, Roger.
Sit down, Roger!.
Is everything OK in here?
It's just the TV.
Sorry. We'll turn it down.
Turning 16 is something special.
It isn't the same
as turning 10 or 14.
It means that
you are practically an adult.
Not only that you can drive
a moped now. Legally.
Anyway, let's not talk about that.
Let's talk about responsibility.
Eirik, you took part in our decision
to make this a foster home.
And the way you have welcomed
Marianne into our family, -
- shows us that
you are responsible and mature.
There are many people
who care greatly for you.
Your mother and I love you
very much. We are proud of you.
Cheers, and happy birthday!
This wasn't so bad, was it?.
They think you're great, Marianne!
Hang on a second.
- What did you tell them?
- That we're listening to music.
- Like this?
- Just like that.
Are you undressing?
- They've arranged something. Come.
- Have they made a show?
Let me look at you.
Just a little longer.
This is a little embarrassing.
It's beautiful.
Now and then things turn out
just like I planned.
It's lovely to be Norwegian...
In Denmark.
I'm sure they'll find her, Johannes.
Here, kitty!
Nice kitty.
How could you sing like that?.
But it's true.
It is lovely.
Mom said so.
Tivoli Gardens.
The Glypotek.
Lego land.
The Little Mermaid statue...
"It's almost never happened before."
Not almost.
"It's never happened before." Period.
"It's never happened before. Period."
Don't say "period".
Think that inside your head.
We'll contact you later today.
You didn't tell me what to say
about her bleeding!
- It's OK. Don't be sad.
- I didn't know what to say.
Don't worry.
Daniel, we have found a nice place
where you can sleep tonight.
You and Thomas will meet soon again.
- Come with me, Daniel.
- It's OK, Daniel.
Don't touch me!
Terje, stop it.
Stop it.
I said stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it, Terje!
This is the third foster home
you've screwed up this year.
- lt was just a lousy match.
- Are we a good match?
- I don't have anyone else.
- The sofa is taken, as you can see.
You and aunt Anne
are the only family I have.
Get a grip.
We've tried this before.
You and aunt Anne
weren't exactly a super match.
I was fourteen back then.
I'm better now. I promise.
Now I know what it takes.
Can't you talk to her?.
We'll see.
It isn't only up to Anne and me.
They're expecting you.
Let's just keep each other informed.
You let me know
where you are, et cetera.
That's one of our house rules.
In here, Thomas.
I hope you'll like it here, Thomas.
If you need anything,
just let me know. OK?
Will you be OK?
Will you?
- Do...
- Yes?
Are you dumb, or what?.
What's that in your face?
Someone hit you?
- It's a birthmark.
- Really?
It looks like a beard.
- A beard on half his face?
- It's a birthmark!
I'll do anything.
Anything, Lillian!
I understand if you hate me.
I get so damned mean!
I'm sorry.
Wait, Roger!.
- Have you seen Daniel?
- No. He's supposed to come next week.
You aren't going to lose touch
with each other.
But children from troubled homes
are kept separate -
- until we find out
how things have been.
We've been just fine.
I'll kill you, you bastard!
Hey, Steve!
Excuse me.
Take it easy, Steve!
Calm down!
Let go of me!
Can I borrow 100 kroner?.
Fine. Now you owe me fifty
and I owe you fifty. So we're even.
- Let go!
- Listen to me!
- Kim!
- Have you lost your mind?
- Want to go outside?
- No.
No, it's too cold outside.
It's 25 degrees Celsius out there!
Who the hell do you think you are?
Now you owe me a hundred.
Thomas just got here yesterday.
But you've settled in
fairly well, haven't you?
This is temporary. Until they
figure out a permanent solution.
Terje came today.
Terje, this is Thomas.
Many find lifelong friends here.
Want to watch
the football game together tomorrow?
We can make waffles
and argue about which team is best.
Maybe you aren't
such a big football fan?
You neither?.
OK... At least you have
something in common.
That isn't bad!
If you want any other
sandwich toppings, let us know.
We can get you anything,
except that chocolate stuff.
That's too sweet.
Or goose liver.
That's way too expensive.
What do you usually eat?.
Keep going.
Your little brother...
Is his name Daniel?
They won't let you see him.
Do you know why?
They don't know if you're fucked up.
If you're dangerous.
Are you?
Are you?
You want to find out?.
I don't even know if I like you.
A cigarette would be nice.
You can forget about the house rules.
We can come and go as we want.
They can't do anything about it.
- They aren't exactly our parents.
- Do you have siblings?
Not that I know of.
Holy shit!
- What are you doing?
- Holding my breath.
- On the edge of the roof?.
- I'm not afraid of heights.
You concentrate so much on relaxing,
that everything else stops up.
It's like time stands still.
Time stands still?
What if you concentrate super hard?
Can you go back in time?
Nut case.
Do you have bothers or sisters?
Good for them.
I'll never get any, either.
We lost my mother.
On the ferry to Denmark.
He's lost his bother..
They just won't tell me where he is.
Maybe they don't know.
No one knows where anyone is.
No one is together.
Everyone is somewhere,
but no one knows where.
That's when it would be nice
to have a dog, or something.
- Don't you have a key?
- Do you?
Find one!
No, I'm more of a dog person.
Cats freak me out.
Piece-of-shit cat!
One for dad...
One for mom...
And one for little brother.
And one for myself.
Wait, Terje!
I got new sneakers!
It's not like she needs them anymore.
- They haven't found her yet.
- What?.
What will you do when she shows up?
You've already buried her!.
She'll be shocked!
It's good your dad
has some strong pills.
What?. Missing people
sometimes turn up again.
It's true.
Like that piano man in England.
He turned up on some beach.
He had lost his memory. Took ages
to find out where he was from.
Your mom may be walking around on
some beach, oblivious. You never know.
No, you don't.
Maybe I could borrow them?
Medicine, medicine, medicine...
Come on!
He'll figure it out soon enough.
- That she's dead as a dodo?
- Yeah.
You don't need a reason to be happy,
as long as you are happy.
Dead as a pollock.
Knock it off.
Dead as a blue whiting.
Blue whiting?
Is that a fish?
You bet!
Blue whiting.
Everyone who's happy, can
All belong to Happy land...
Everything will work out
for all of us!
He's my uncle.
For real.
He lives with my mother's sister..
He's going to let me live with them.
He misses me.
Thank you.
How are things here?
Come on.
Daniel and I aren't allowed
to come home until Roger leaves.
Do the authorities...
Do they get to decide
who I can live with?
Is that any of their business?
- This is just a phase.
- Where is he, mom?
The authorities say I can't tell you.
Where is he?
Hi, boss.
Give me a swig.
Want some?
Any fodder here?
Make it yourself.
Eggs and bacon.
I want you to tell me where he is.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Are you mad at me?
- No!
Don't be stupid.
I said it had never happened before.
I got that part right.
Are they treating you well here?
Sort of.
Soon we'll be together again, Daniel.
And mommy?
If she wants to.
- We could make this nice.
- Yeah. Cool.
At least it's dry.
- There isn't any water..
- That's what he said!
I'm going to bring my dad
to Denmark. And find her.
Why don't you talk about it?.
Just the two of you, alone.
She never made it to Denmark.
How can you know?
Maybe she did.
I thought
I'd start saving some money.
That's good.
- Look at this leaf, Wenche!
- Beautiful.
Hi, Siw.
Want me to clean your room too?
- Dance!
- Me?
No, you dance.
I'll just stand here.
Come on, Thorstein!
- Come on!
- No way!
Promise me that it will work out.
Promise me that it will work out.
Do you promise?
Yes, I promise.
Get off of there!
She is my sister...
They just need to see
that we are happy together.
That Daniel is OK here.
Lillian has a job now,
so they can't use that against her.
- Isn't that great?. At Kiwi.
- No, at Rema.
I can see you confusing
Rimi and Rema, but Kiwi?
It's important that they see
that you and Daniel are happy.
She's here.
Don't worry.
Sorry about that.
- Roger has made venison stew.
- Lovely.
Hope you're "game".
Could you...serve?
- Water?.
- Yes, please.
Thank you.
- Cheers, Daniel.
- Cheers.
I'm sorry.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
It's OK. You were just worried
that you couldn't come home again.
She understands that.
He has to go, doesn't he?
He has to go.
He has to go.
At least I have a job.
They can't use that against us.
Did you buy everything in the store?
We have to celebrate.
Don't know how long
we'll have together.
I'm going to Denmark with dad.
You're going home.
They'll love me!
Uncle Thorstein is taking care of it.
How much have you saved?
480 kroner.
Didn't you almost have 1000?
Is it wrong
that I never contribute any money?
Like I said:
You just get a key.
- Isn't there an alarm here?
- Sure.
My birthday.
They're collecting money
for some new penguins.
But how many penguins do you need?
It's important that I don't freeload.
All yours, nut case!
Are they all related?
Herrng have millions of offspring.
I don't think they know who's
a mom, dad, sister or brother.
But who really knows that?.
I do.
You think you do.
But you don't know.
We don't know.
- What do you mean by that?.
- I have a father.
Someone who knocked up my mother.
But he may have slept around
with a lot of other women.
Like your mom.
Or yours.
Both of you.
- So we're siblings?
- Brothers and sisters, man.
- Hi!
- Hi.
- Are you at work?
- Come on.
Get out of here.
You stay here.
This isn't cool.
Not at all.
- At least my mom is somewhere warm.
- Where?
Las Vegas.
What's she do there?
Works at a casino.
Makes a fortune.
She keeps wanting me to come visit.
But she's given up asking me.
She asks my aunt instead.
Caesars Palace.
It's awesome!
Give ten dollars to the doorman
before you go in.
Then he'll remember you
if you get in trouble.
- Let's give him thirty.
- And you wonder why you're broke?
Don't play the slots.
They're for the tourists.
But just past the slots
is the Million Dollar. Mill.
We play for 100 dollars.
Not 10, not 50, but 100.
That gives much better odds.
We play the combination
and win millions!
That would be enough.
In your dreams.
Come on!
Isn't it enough?
How much are you missing?
- Around 1000.
- Marianne?
Today he's 1000 short, tomorrow 2000.
- He has no idea how to save!
- Yes, I do.
Anyone want a kebab?
We have to do something, Thomas.
How much are you short, right now?
I'm short 500 koner..
Get out.
I see.
I understand. But he's sitting here
with two ferry tickets to Denmark.
Yes, but this could be
just what the two of you need.
I'll tell him.
He'll be pleased to hear that.
This isn't a permanent decision
you have to make.
Stay with us as long as you want.
Or until you can move home.
Roger hasn't moved out, Thomas.
- And it doesn't look likely.
- He will move out!
I hear you, but we have to
relate to the situation today.
She has a job, she doesn't want
him there anymore. She's doing fine.
He's going to move out!
I think that's enough.
At least
we have had a chance to meet.
Think about it, Thomas.
And we'll talk again in a few weeks.
I haven't seen her for days.
Have you quit?.
Work, mom!
I just didn't feel up to it today.
- What is this?
- Can you call, tell them I'm sick?
- What the hell is this?
- It's nothing.
- What is this?
- Nothing.
He has to go, mom.
- Don't you get it?.
- I can't.
I need someone who loves me too.
Loves you?
You call this love, mom?
You call this love?
- I want you to leave.
- What?.
I want you to leave.
Please leave now.
- Am I the one that has to leave?
- Yes.
Are we the ones that have to leave?
Me and Daniel?
Me and Daniel?
Do we have to leave?
I will find her..
- Bye.
- Have a nice trip.
Terje, have a nice trip.
Our little Columbus.
See you tomorrow.
- Hi.
- Hi...
We were just in the middle of...
We're all she has!
You can't drag herlin here
without telling me.
- What is she thinking now?
- What are you thinking?
It's impossible, Thorstein.
Considering how things are
between us now.
We've been struggling for ages!
He doesn't answer..
I thought she was OK with it.
She was supposed to be working
the night shift.
But suddenly she just came home.
It never has worked between us.
Like it helps to be related!
It doesn't.
At least
there's nothing automatic about it.
You missed a spot.
Right there.
Apparently I did.
The one to the right
of that gray building.
I've lived everywhere!
There too.
I fucked up.
Why are you like that?.
You fuck up everything.
Didn't you get any?
Do you think we need you?
I don't need anyone.
Did you get any?
Shut up, you idiot!
- I apologize.
- Don't say that.
- I apologize.
- Never apologize.
- Sorry. I should have let you know.
- We didn't expect you to pick him up.
We're just going to buy
Christmas presents.
Have fun.
- Bye!
- Bye.
- How about this?
- She already has one.
It's the same, but red.
This is for mom, understand?
Your mother.
To make her happy.
It's nice, isn't it?.
I want to go home.
I know.
I want to go home too.
No, I want to go home!
Come on.
Hi, Daniel!
- You OK?
- Yes. I'm fine.
Just fine.
- How are you?
- Excellent.
And you?
I got a new iPhone.
I see.
You don't "see" anything.
It isn't what you think.
I get exactly what I want.
Do you know why?
- Do you?
- Why?
Because he's crazy about me.
He can't get enough.
This is perfect!
He loves fish, so...
He does.
He'll love it!
What are you going to give your aunt?.
Weren't you going to get marred
and have kids?
Did you think he wanted you?
Come on, Terje.
I have something for you.
I hardly ever use it.
I'll go with you.
Should we bring herin?
Terje, she's gone.
She isn't in Denmark.
She's gone.
You mean, you think she's dead?
I can't take this anymore.
What can't you take, dad?
Is it my cat thing?
No, it isn't your cat thing.
Because I don't do that anymore.
It's that
I can't have you around me.
Why not?.
Because every time
I lay eyes on you...
And I don't want to think
like this, but l can't help it...
I think it's your fault
that she's gone.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Want me to unwrap it now?
It isn't Christmas Eve yet.
What do you think?
You understand that
you can't come home to us now.
The way things have turned out.
You understand that, Marianne.
You're 16 now.
Come here.
I have to get out of here.
Help me.
Help me.
Have you stabbed him?
Help me!
I have to get out of here!
Pack your things!
Did many people show up?
It was...
that they didn't find him either.
He's probably in Denmark.
With his mom.
- Don't you think?
- Probably.
Have you heard anything
from your mom?
Is she still there?
In Vegas?
My mom is nothing but
a regular junkie in the park.
Do you have TV in your room?
Canal Plus.
Danish TV2.
Swedish TV1 and TV2.
And the Norwegian ones?
See you.
It's best you don't come back.
It screws up my outline.
Your turn.
How are you doing?
Pick up the ball.
You got me!
I'm gonna get you!
- You aren't allowed to hold me!
- You rascal.
- I can't take care of you anymore.
- I know.
That's because you're so smart.
But we are brothers, right?.
The best brothers in the whole world!
- And you'll come visit?.
- Yes. All the time.
Wanna play tag?
Let's play tag.
You're it!