Velaikaran (2017) Movie Script

'The reason for this 8 year old's inherent violence is because...'
'...he knows he can never buy this car in his lifetime.'
'Not just diabetes or blood pressure,'
'Even the violence that stems out of social disparities is genetic too!'
This is the sales graph of New Fedora company,
our Indian associate...
All our partners have made us lead, in their respective countries...
...except in India.
Because Saffron company is number one there.
We see it.
Your India is the largest consumer market in the world.
As your company remains second, we can't be... position number one! in the global market.
You have time till next April.
Legal or illegal,
But just makes us number one in India if you want to continue.
Got it?
Yes Sir.
Come on worker!
'The Worker' "Your fingertips transform into tools"
"You make the world, worker!"
"You embrace pain and churn out vision!"
"You're the boss, dear worker!"
"Won't your tribe increase!"
"Won't it?"
"Won't your sweat make a mark?"
"Won't it?"
"Lift the world on your shoulders"
"Oh worker!"
"The Gods shall descend on your palanquin!"
"Come on, worker!"
"May isn't your only month, dear worker!"
"You'll be celebrated every day, rise dear worker!"
"Your fingertips transform into tools"
"You make the world, worker!"
"You embrace pain and churn out vision!"
"You're the boss, dear worker!"
'Shall we start?'
'Hello everyone...
'This is your Arivu speaking'
'When I was in Polytechnic school, we started a...'
' radio exclusive to our college...'
' me and my friends.
'It made me very popular and got me new friends too!'
'It helped us discover each others' strengths...'
'It was very useful'
'That's when I realized...'
' could be useful for Kolakaarakuppam, the place where I was born and raised,'
'hence I wanted to start a radio here!'
'With tiny savings and with all of your contribution,'
I could finally launch KUPPAM FM today!
'When I was young, I asked someone'
'Why were we born here?'
'Why should we struggle?'
'When will we get out of here?'
'Do you know what he said?'
Don't be trapped under circumstances,
instead try to change it in your favor!
That someone is...
- None other than Mr.Kasi. - Did I say that?
Of course brother! You said it.
Your friend here is trying to brownnose me.
Not really,
he always respects you a lot.
Not just words...
He literally has changed the fate of our slum
And is our undisputed King today!
So I don't know if it's possible to...
- Hey! - Bro...
Are you cuddling him?
He has embezzled money using my name.
Just knock him out completely. Just punch him in the face!
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though I can't make you all happy the way kasi brother does,
- I'll try my best to entertain you. - Tell him I'll come!
KUPPAM FM is pure entertainment! That's it bro!
Move away
All I need is your permission to start this FM.
Why is he hell bent on starting an FM channel?
Will it be profitable?
I'm not doing this for money, it's my passion.
Passion, my foot!
Even the children in this slum make 15 grand a week.
- Hey Muthu... - Bro...
- How much did your son make? - 2 lacs bro!
Hear it out,
He surrendered for just 2 months and earned a hefty sum!
Try to learn.
Start the car
Bro,I've struggled for 6 months to start this...
Please bro...
- Everything is ready. - Stop the car
- Hey Anbu! - Bro, Sorry
- Bro, please consider... - Get in the car
Don't keep your husband locked up with you all the time...
- Nothing of that sort bro. - Send him to work
Atleast give me 10 days!
I'll stop this, if you don't like it...
Oh God, don't nag! Go ahead and start it.
Thanks Bro!
On cue, listen to Kuppam FM...
Dad, please inaugurate.
Why is there a rod instead of a ribbon?
Ribbons are a clich for a world-class welder like you.
Go ahead and rip it dad!
Don't you think it's too much?
Chill out for the fireworks now!
Mom, come here.
I know you don't like this stuff,
but still flag-off those buttons, for my sake.
- This button? - Yes.
- God bless you! - Thank you.
Warm greetings to the folks of Kolakaara kuppam!
And Happy Ayudha Pooja!
This is your Arivu on Kuppam FM 90.8
and you're listening to, "Let's chat with ARIVU(sense).
- Kumar, can you hear it? - Very well.
Next to me is Mr.Sadasivam, a Mason, 88 years old...
Looks like Mr.Sadasivam is the chief guest!
- Please talk on the mic. - Lean forward.
Our slum is actually not Kolakaarakuppam (Killer slum),
it was Cooliekaarakuppam (workers' slum).
When the Brits ruled, they hired us to build some of the iconic buildings
We built the Ripon and Central station.
This gong here...
Don't point here. The gong is over there.
Whenever our mason would ring that,
we would know it was a cue for us to rush to work.
When you made me ring it today; the sound made me nostalgic.
That was Mr.Sadasivam sharing his experience with us.
Like he said our slum is legendary,
as we have multi-faceted people from all walks of life
like plumbers, carpenters, fishermen,
electricians, painters...etc.,. residing here.
Cooliekaarakuppam is now being called Kolakaarakuppam.
How audacious of our neighbors!
Either call us Cooliekaarakuppam or Kasi's Slum.
He rocks man!
There are two upsetting things in the world;
One is ignorance and the other is apathy.
To make you understand that;
I'm here to use this radio as a tool.
That's why I chose this auspicious day to launch this FM!
Anyone can share their problems or give solutions,
Kuppam FM will be a bridge to everyone.
90.8. Let's chat with Arivu...
- Also let's chat with some sense. - Yes please!
We'll start today with a music fest,
If you're wondering who it is...
it is our very own... famous... Sengamalam troupe!
These talented girls, are gonna kickoff the music.
Start music!
They're damn slow!
I don't think this will work out...
We'd better guide them!
"This is Kuppam FM, 90.8!"
"Let's chat with Arivu"...
"We'll dance the talk!"
"Black people are stereotyped savagely"
"Let's change their notion, fell as!"
"Toilers are us; Don't cast us aside"
"Come, let's show the world!"
"Black people are stereotyped"
"Toilers are us"
"Our city just became a metro"
"The reason for the change are our bros!"
"Though our conditions are nasty our place is the heart of the city!"
"Black people are stereotyped savagely"
"Let's change their notion, fell as!"
"Toilers are us; Don't cast us aside"
"Come, let's show the world!"
"You effing morons!"
"Black people are stereotyped"
"Toilers are us"
Four bouncers are required in Supreme hotel
Eligible guys, please rush!
Did you see what's happening there?
Santa, I heard you were my fanatic!
- How could you litter here? - Wow, my idol!
Try to keep your house clean; but not at the cost of our roads!
Cleanliness is next to Godliness!
I'll follow it, hero!
My son rocks!
Our area is Kasi Kuppam
We'll all be united!
We don't care who you are!
We'll share our love.
Masons built the Tajmahal
Even Shahjahan would vouch for it!
Masons built the Tajmahal
Even Shahjahan would vouch for it!
If we ask for help, others skedaddle!
just abscond or go vamoose!
But without invitation
Our brother Gopalu will stand by you and lend a helping hand
Rulers of the city have always left us in doldrums
They're just namesake habitants making rules!
Black people are stereotyped
Black people are stereotyped
But we're a hardworking breed!
Black people are stereotyped
Black people are stereotyped
Effing morons!
Black people are stereotyped
But toilers are us
Our city just became a metro
The reason for the change are our bros
Though our conditions are nasty our place is the heart of the city!
Black people are stereotyped savagely
Let's change their notion, fell as!
Toilers are us; Don't cast us aside
Come, let's show the world!
The sturdy shopping mall, stands tall with our mast!
Masons built the Tajmahal Even Shahjahan would vouch for it!
Cars come and go but the roads we laid, remains!
Masons built the Tajmahal Even Shahjahan would vouch for it!
"Which is the truth?" Powered by New Fedora, after the break
What's the topic today?
6 girls walked out of their wedding last year.
They are debating if it's right or wrong.
Those girls are not married yet, even after a year...
but the guys they rejected are all happily married!
That's the whole new twist.
You were never keen on these shows.
An amazing girl gave a bold speech, watch out...
What speech?
- Hi, I'm Mrinalini - That's it.
- There was something about her speech. - What?
How do I explain it! Oh here it comes, check it out.
In a society where male chauvinism has been eradicated,
we are here to debate if women use their new found freedom wisely.
Mrinalini, a documentary filmmaker is here on behalf of these women!
First off all, understand one thing...
Why do men boast as if they gave us freedom?
Why this hypocrisy between men and women?
You guys smoke and booze,
we are also entitled to do whatever you guys do!
Even your profanities targets only women, can we target men instead?
Switch it off.
Wait mom, she's trying to say something.
Men stray around, although married...
would you accept if women stray like men?
As women, we too have the rights to choose our sexual partner!
She is too much talking
What a slut!
Is she gonna ape men just to prove a point?
Just forget whatever she said.
She's ranting like a tramp!
Dad, but I swear there was something about her speech.
You are dared in TV interview But still you are in home
Come out
You said that 'I will smoked and drinked' Can I company with you?
Hey look she's there. Come out... Muah!
Come out... How dare you...?
Did you see the ruckus outside? Why haven't you left yet?
My cousin is on the way. I'll leave as soon as he's here.
Just because she is holding a mic...
How irresponsible can her speech get!
Miru,there's a huge crowd in front of your hostel...
They'll definitely embarrass you, Better try to sneak out from the back
Ponni, I'm getting a radio interference of your son's FM.
Sir, can you increase the volume?
You didn't like your son's initiative, then what?
He said he's gonna talk about me today.
I'm sure he's going to mock me, but I'm curious.
Ponni, please fetch the luggage from downstairs?
Ponni, did you see her on TV?
Hey Mrinalini,
M'm sure you will hear my rants wherever you are!
- No way. - Why?
Our signal here is weak as such, so how would she hear it?
- Don't you want this job? - Ofcourse.. you rock & roll!
Hey Mrinalini...
Don't mindlessly blabber about women empowerment...
- Do you even know what it is? - Is it Arivu on air?
The ones who work hard can speak about it...
- Switch it off dad. - Uncle, don't.
A hardworking, homely woman, my Goddess...
My mom, Ponni
She can speak about it, but how you?
Wow, English?
- This is Ponni's son Arivu... - Yes Miru...
He has started a community radio in his slums.
He's such a moron.
I've told him to quit and look out for other jobs, but...
Ponni sis, get her some cold water.
You have no idea how gentle and kind my mom is!
She hasn't used a single profanity to scold me, yet...
as she's soft spoken
but hearing you speak on the show, she invented new abuses!
- Two of which were even new for me. - Yuck!
Stop preaching your half-baked theories about women empowerment,
with your ugly face.
- Have you seen her? - Yes, on TV
- Does she look hot? - Nah!
She's actually hot!
- Give me your son's number. - I really have no clue.
If anyone wants to scold Mrinalini, just give me a call on 7397293339....
This is RJ Arivu on...
Kuppam FM, 90.8, 'Let's chat with Arivu!'
I'm proud of you my child.
Hi, you're speaking with Arivu (sense).
I'm speaking with sense, but looks like you're nonsense.
Looks like our girls too have developed a sense of humor!
Funny chicks...
- Who's this? - Mrinalini.
- How could she hear? - It's a miracle!
Would you like to share your thoughts?
Would you speak anything in front of a mic?
I just wanted to share my wisdom with the society.
Do you even have a license to run this?
We don't even have a license for our bike.
First off,you have no rights to be on air.
How dare you tarnish my name?
To hell with the radio and your audience!
Children, I'll be off for 2 days.
It's Kasi
Ya, tell me Kasi...
Looks like you have intervened with my food inspector?
I didn't believe when my boys told me...
Hope to hear from you, it was unintentional.
Oh, it was very very intentional
How long do you think you can rule us!
It's my time now.
That's is why I interfered in the officer's matter.
Oh okay! I got it.
We'll see.
Game on.
- Bhagya... - Bro...
We can slay the food inspector anywhere...
Krishna & Muthu will do...
But we have to kill him in Das' area.
And teach him a lesson!
Only a youngster like you can pull it off!
- Will you do this without any fear? - You can bet my life on it.
- Come - Bro
- Do it tomorrow. - Sure bro.
Hey Bhagya, where did you rush off in the morning?
What is the matter?
- Sit down first, I'll explain - Why?
Kasi bro himself called me for a job!
Wow, what a sketch!
20 guys from our side,
All we have to do is murder, escape and get 3 scapegoats to surrender.
Who is gonna surrender?
Our boys Logu, Venkat, Guna...
They are school kids man...
They've been pestering me for this job since a long time,
Did you tell them they have to surrender?
I don't have to tell them, they'll eventually find out on the spot.
You don't have any idea about our plan, why so many questions?
Come with me, let's announce the time to our boys
You are completely sloshed; Sit down first.
They're always around my house, I'll inform them.
Hey, Logu, Venkat, Guna, come here...
What's the matter bro?
- Didn't you want to work with Kasi? - We have been waiting only for that.
Then come tomorrow.
Guys, listen up...
We have all heard commentaries on cricket, football and Kabbadi.
But for the first ever time you'll be hearing commentary for a gang war!
Through Kuppam FM!
Kasi bro's gang will be on action today
Bujji seth, Bhagya, Suresh, Mani, Michael, Anbu...
Let's hear the bloodshed... not just that...
...but, also the aftermath very soon, LIVE!
The backups...
Hey! Look there is some one
Looks like our entire gang gathered to kill only one guy!
So the fight ends on a lame note!
Great, so you'll come soon...
I thought of speaking at least today, it's ruined!
Hang on...
There's a twist!
Das team is here too.
Both gangs are equally geared up.
Our guys are extremely dark, but they are dark and extreme!
One bald guy, per team
Weapons in each team...
Their eyes are turning red!
clenching their fists, getting furious...
like a MASS HERO!
Judging by their swag;
Dhoni must have picked up the helicopter shot from these guys,
Bhagya is scoring well
They've smashed buji bro's head
Both the teams are fighting vigorously,
especially kathir...
But someone's sneaked up behind him nearing him...
Oh shit!
They've smashed his head!
Oh God!
Most of our guys are injured,
You just wait
Arivu...Kathir's mom wants to talk to him.
Hey Kathir! Your Mom's on line.
Place it on your ears
- Kathir! - Mom, nothing to worry
I'm scared shitless,
Please come home son.
Kathir is geared up to fight some more,
Might as well even sacrifice his life for Kasi!
Das himself has joined the fight
He's lopping everyone with his billhook
Our guys are clueless, but Bhagya has spotted him.
Come on!
Das and Bhagya head on...
Bhagya is slashed by Das...
Hey Bhagya...
Get up...
Oh snap, our line is disconnected...
You're bleeding profusely, let's go!
Try to get up...
The pain is unbearable!
They have surrounded us
I'm scared... They're gonna kill us!
Go fight them!
Are you kidding me? I don't know to fight
If you like me, then do this for me...
I'm not getting angry
Just imagine someone who you hate, who makes you furious...
And hit him...
Hey... hey... Don't...
Stop it!
Put it down! Just put it down.
- Who did you imagine? - I thought of the "esteemed Kasi"...
Hey Logu, come here...
Did you see that?
You guys wanted to work with Kasi, right?
For what? All this skirmish?
Do you even know why they called you here?
- Stop it Arivu... - Shut the fk up!
To make you surrender for their crimes.
What are you looking at?
They conned Saravana to surrender for 2 months.
It's been 2 years but he's still in jail.
Police dragged Moorthy in to this too.
They cut his femoral nerve... and now he's paralyzed...
His poor mom is taking care of him till date!
Do you wanna belong in this list?
Do you?
Just because you were born here doesn't mean you have to follow their paths...
You can become anyone you want to!
You decide...
What you want to become.
Das, Das, I'll sign those papers for you.
But please save me from Kasi.
- Hey Mr.Food inspector... - Leave me
Is he your protector?
Safeguard him now...
Till his corpse rots!
I'm sparing your hand now
If you have guts, fight me again...
- Kasi bro has accomplished his task. - Where is that 3 guys?
He's looking for those 3 boys to surrender
- Looks like they fled. - What the hell?
Sounds strange...
Logu, Guna and Venkat managed to escape...
Give it to me bro...
But Syed bro volunteers now.
But Kasi doesn't want him ousted...
He's choosing someone easily dispensable.
Anbu come here...
The chosen one is...
Jail isn't new to him...
But this time, his wife is pregnant
He won't be here to see his baby's birth
Hey Arivu,
I just visited Bhagya at the hospital now
He says you thrashed everyone, keeping Kasi in mind.
Please tell me it is not true...
Not just that,
The purpose of this radio is to put an end to him!
To put an end to him?
That selfish bad has transformed us into killers, for his benefit!
Hardly 10% of our guys are employed well...
The rest of them work for Kasi with or without their knowledge.
Earlier generations were coerced into this path due to fear and poverty,
but the current generation seem to enjoy this life of sadism...
These orphans, illiterates are enslaved and lured by drugs and women.
When I wondered why nobody questions him;
I realized he has loaned money to all these people and enslaved them further!
Instead of inspiring people to work hard,
He's brainwashed them to commit crimes.
I'll use his own people against him! and make my radio campaign stronger!
We'll ask him, come on.
What's with the crowd?
Hello sir...
You do know that my son is getting married next month...
and he is in the hospital now...
Why do you have to put us through this?
He trusted you with his life,
But he's battling for his life now!
What do I do?
Arivu is the reason behind this...
Move away...
All of you...
Back off!
Hey Arivu, he is walking over here with great fury.
I guess he will rattle our place.
Damn...Arivu, he is here!
What are you doing?
Hit me bro
Smash this place down... And also me.
I wanted to show them your might and power...
But these fools misunderstood me!
Not everybody is as brave as you to do this...
Inspite of knowing the perils of this job
What I did was a mistake...
Expunge this place brother!
Will I be heard on this radio?
Can people hear me, even if I speak?
Of course.
You ungrateful swines,
Kasi here. what are you hooting at?
Don't act as though you suddenly turned over a new leaf!
Your livelihood depends on crimes...
If not for it, you will all be on roads or cleaning toilets!
If not for me...
You wouldn't even have a place to stay.
You fucking morons!
You morons depend on me for everything from birth to death...
Remember ...whatever you have today are my free handouts!
Nobody has rights to their lives here. I own you all.
Kasi, don't get mad.
Why would we rebel against you?
We live through your alms
Come here...
Has a policeman ever been here before?
Hey, I've gotten you everything.
from ration cards... to money for your votes
How dare you question me?
I'll throw all of you out of here, beware!
You're the reason behind this.
I'll slit your throat, the next time you go on air!
Oldie, don't die yet you will have to cremate him very soon!
Sir, don't...
Brother, just a second...
I didn't mean this...
Apologize Arivu!
Please don't shut my radio down!
Are you happy now?
You pampered him so much...
And turned him into a spoilt brat!
Now Kasi is threatening us...
Arivu, looks like your mom's blasting you.
Your mom's voice is heard on the radio.
She's ranting about you to your dad...
Here, have a listen
Your son seems to know all about...
what each and everybody in our slum is up to..
Every single damn, trivial detail...
Does he have any idea about our own problems?
Has he any idea about our debts?
Or about his sister's college fee?
Or at least about the interest we're paying for his education loan?
On top of that...
Welding day and night... your eyesight has deteriorated!
Does he know, you've to undergo surgery in a month?
Or the doctor said you will go blind!
Is he aware of at least that?
Inspite of being such a young girl our daughter said no, to costly curriculum,
in light of our situation.
Our son doesn't have even half the maturity she does!
This goon is threatening to kill him.
Our son will die...
You will go blind soon...
As your son's payback to us his sister and myself will forever be stuck as maids,
to support you two!
Nothing of that sort will happen.
He will make us proud soon!
Don't mind your mother...
I'm fine.
Welcome to walk-in at Saffron, we wish all the best for the candidates
It's getting late When they start interview?
Why is he pretending to be so sincere in front of the CCTV?
Sir, they are calling you.
Why boss?
Why are you so tensed? Just relax.
Anyway, I'm Hari...
- I'm Arivu - Okay, nice meeting you!
- Excuse me, Here's your pen. - Thank you.
Mom, I'll perform well in the interview...
I'll definitely get this job...
I'll call you after the interview; please hang up.
Is it your mom?
Yes, she's more tensed than me!
Aren't all mothers the same?
- Adhi... - Arivu...
- I'm... - Hari, I know!
Having eavesdropped, he says it as though he invented my name!
Guess he is new to this sales job...
He looks like a Malayalam movie star now,
but soon he'll look wasted like Dev D!
You must have one hell of an experience with interviews!
Have you been to all of them?
Hell yeah!
There will be 4 guys interviewing here...
2 bald guys and 2 nerds they will ask us ton of questions...
...but they won't know any of its answers!
Am I right?
I don't know.
Can't believe he doesn't know.
They asked me about my-self(shelf) in an interview...
I told them I have 2 boxers & 2 briefs in my-shelf!
I landed the job for my sense of humor
Hello, why're you pestering me with your postpaid plans?
I myself will call you if I need one. Hang up.
Sir, you can come now.
- Is it your friend? - No, it's the VP.
You mean Venkat Prabhu?
No, it's the vice-president of the company
He wanted to know if he can come and I said YES!
I shouldn't have asked you bro...
But stop kidding with his name!
Okay boys, this interview is over!
Sir, 7 guys seem okay for this job...
1, 2, 3, 4...
5...6 & 7 okay.
Chuck the rest of them.
That guy, is constantly looking at his watch.
Doesn't have any patience.
The prerequisite for a sales job is patience!
Doesn't matter if it's an hour or a day,
one should have patience to get their job done.
This guy, even before this interview could start... already scouting for other jobs in the newspaper!
And him, normally customer care calls are super polite...
...but he is unreasonably harsh to them.
How will he handle our harsh clients?
The rest, don't have pens...
Can't tie shoelaces...
Especially this yellow shirt!
Boss, I understand what you are gonna say
I myself will leave.
Except for the selected 7, the rest of you get out.
Thank you, Adi good job
You saved an entire day for us...
by finishing it in half an hour!
But for you, we couldn't be sure if we chose the right guys.
It's okay Anything for you sir!
- I'll see you at the office. - Sure sir!
Excuse me sir, just a minute.
Sir you explained why you rejected them, but not why you selected us.
Excuses are given, only for something you don't want...
Not for something you want.
Hello everyone, I'm Aadhi, your brand manager.
You'll be working for India's No.1, FMCG company!
No matter how many departments are here...
It's only the sales team that brings back the company's investments.
You rock stars will determine the company's success!
Say we're the best!
We're the best!
- We are the best! - We are the best!
- Will mom be delighted? - Obviously!
- Mom - Mom!
Behave yourself little bro.
- Somebody has just landed! - Where?
She looks like my match made in heaven!
Shit, she'll shred me if she hears my voice...
- It's time for me to go - Then it's time for me to stay...
- Hi ma'am! - Hello!
Excuse me, can you call Arivu's mom?
We're talking to you, could you please call his mother?
- He's upto something... - Arivu, Arivu...
- Are you Arivu? - Yes..err.. no
How dare you talk about me on the radio?
I'm right in front of you now Let's see what you've got!
Talk now If you some bs!
Why are you looking at him? Instead of talking to me...
I wanted to come over your place to thrash you,
But I spared you for your mom's sake!
Hi, I'm Arivu's friend...
I came to tell you I landed the job.
And seek your blessing!
But Arivu has landed in trouble with her!
Did you understand? Mommy...!
Your friend is more courteous to your mom than you...
But you look like a disgusting pig!
Aren't you ashamed?
Can't you be decent like him?
Did you just say, "decent like ME?"
He's a sarcastic fellow Watch out he'll try to mimic me now.
No mom...
He is so sarcastic He was not even born to me!
- You leave son! - Okay
Don't spare this fat pig
- Smash him! - Just go...
Hey Arivu!
You look stylish Did you attend any interview?
Miru, this is RJ Arivu...
Sweetbox? So did you get the job?
- She stares intensely! - Hey, all the best!
Hope you understood?
Isn't it Arivu(sense)?
I don't have any, since my birth.
- Get lost! - Huh?
- Go! - Thank you!
Buddy why did she scold you? Did you do a bad mimicry show?
I told you already he wasn't born to me!
Super bro, let's rock
Take it
Meet Stella from the Sales department, on 3rd floor.
-Stella? -Yes
Hang on, let me check!
Stella is having a massage.
-Massage? -Yes.
Stella Madam!
Sir? You are?
Yes, I'm Stella Bruce!
Why what did you expect?
It's a chick's name!
One can use a woman's name, but not a woman
come to the point...
I'm Arivu(sense)!
I'll be the judge of that!
Being my first day, what am I gonna learn today?
Whatever I'm gonna teach you!
What will you teach?
Whatever you ought to know!
Turn left...Turn left...
-Sir... Sir... This shop? - Yes
What order will we get here?
No, we are here to give orders.
Hey fat face, makes us some tea.
Sir, we're getting late...come soon.
why hurry?
Sir, let's commence our work
When celebrities are selling our products on TV...
why should we toil?
-Not that Sir... -You're off limits!
- Sir? - You're just a practice boy!
Get me the Christmas order details of the supermarkets
Sir, I'll arrange it before you come back.
Sir, I want to talk to you personally...
Please don't think I'm bitching about my senior...
But Mr.Stella Bruce is unfit for the job
He doesn't teach me anything
Nor does anybody respect him ...
we are unable to achieve our weekly targets too!
Stella, what sort of a team are you running?
Either you should achieve the set targets
or resign and get the f out!
I'm scared of losing the little bit of talent I have,
Everybody looks up to you in our office...
let me learn from you.
I want to work hard and succeed!
First stop yapping like this.
How else can I succeed?
Work smart, not hard!
"Hardwork" is begging people to buy our products...
But "smart work" is making the consumer understand
...that he needs our product.
To understand our consumer, marketing is more important than sales
I get it... but I also don't get it!
Let me tell you.
Look at the place, what do you see?
Ofcourse, it's a supermarket!
Supermarket is super marketing!
Let me tell you something
As soon as you enter any supermarket,
the basic psychology is to look at the right corner,
so that spot is very important.
That's where our products are!
The next crucial element is smell
so look to your left...
they would've stacked up fragrant products
to instill freshness to our customers.
Do you know why they give you a basket as soon as you enter?
yes.. errr.. to carry all our belongings.
Just in case if someone wants to buy only one product
this will make them feel guilty and trick them in to buying more.
Likewise, kids' goodies will be placed on the 3rd row
because it's easy for the kids to reach.
But the essentials like rice, milk, etc will be towards the end
because you have to cross so many products to reach them.
Hence you'll be distracted and buy it.
Have you seen a window here?
No sir.
Not even clocks?
It's to make customers lose track of time
Not just that, every supermarket will have
a different entry & exit!
It's to lure you in to buying unnecessary items
On top of that,
a few products will be placed at the bill counter too.
to tempt you even when you're in line!
Look, there, on TV...
It's the marketing strategy of our competitor,
They're advertising without revealing the product
to induce curiosity in the consumer's minds...
even our guys are breaking their heads to find out what it is.
Marketing is such an ocean!
What I said was just 10%, marketing is everywhere.
Every single tactic used from birth till death...
totally revolves around marketing.
So nothing is impossible in marketing
From now on, look at everything that way
Sir, I'll rock sales & marketing here on!
I've come across a guy called Aadhi,
what he tells me is to do smart work instead of hard work.
He's demanding more money to unload this inside
when I questioned him, he left irately.
I'll do it sir.
He's stacked all his products in the front
It's everywhere!
If I combine his acumen and my hard work
I can make it big! You guys also can!
It'll change our lives!
"Have little patience"
"Work hard to win the race"
"Do not think to be an owner for a small trade forever"
I'll give you the order the next time we meet.
Sir, this is what you said last time too
Trust me, I'll give you the order the next time I see you.
" not give up will get the success"
"Place mountain on the shoulders Can easliy hold that, trust us"
Hey, what's this?
You promised to give the order, the next time you saw me
Did you run across 9 floors? Are you mad?
You must learn from him, he's a damn smart guy!
You've earned the order, come to my office
Thank you sir!
He's Arivu, he works for Saffron.
Hello... Hi...
These are our 5 elements!
-Land -Real estate
-This is Air. -Vaccum cleaner
- Here's Sky -Dish TV
- He's Fire -Induction Stoves
-He's water -Water purifiers!
Leave the rest of them, what do you do?
I sell anything that I can get my hands on
We need to start a WhatsApp group
For what?
If the Water can doesn't reach me by today,
I'll change the vendor.
RO water is your solution.
RO water?
We can help each other on the side by referring each other to our clients,
And sharing info on the group.
Though you are a Tamilian, enroll it it'll be shared in the group
Why did you stop with just one son?
If you had another son, he would've liberated the entire country
Mom, looks like she's asking you.
Yes Arivu?
I've decoded something about the New Fedora ad.
Let me hear it...
These 2 are the bull's horns...
The blue ones are the cow's udders
If we connect both, it looks like a milk brand
But I don't understand the SUN though!
The Sun?
Vitamin D is present in the Sun's rays. That's why!
They're essentially conveying, that their milk is nutrient rich
Oh you found out already!
Even the advertisers can't explain this with such clarity.
Here's the account of our expenditure, have a look
You're my mom,
why would I probe you about my money?
Have you kept track...
of all the sacrifices you made for me?
It's inhuman to be crafty with your own mom.
No, there's a 3 grand that's.....
I don't care if it's 3 or 30 grand, it's all yours.
You dumbo...
I meant there's a shortage
what you gave me wasn't enough!
Better show me the accounts.
What've you been doing with all my money?
Have a look,
You're just full of hot air!
That's why I was keeping accounts.
You handle your own accounts henceforth.
Even your dad doesn't probe me, but you...
Leave it, chill...
I'll shower all my earnings and you can spend them as you like
I won't question you ever again.
But are you sure we have a shortage?
- Hey... - Right, leave it
May I come in sir?
I just got a flash about the ad, let's talk to our MD.
Are you kidding?
It took me 10 years to meet MD, myself!
you seem hasty.
Okay, what's with the FEDORA ad?
They are making "Vitamin D enriched" as their USP.
- Are you quite sure about it? - Yes sir!
Then, I'll study the formula first and update MD later.
Not a big deal, it's calci cauliflower! I've researched already.
-calci what? - calci cauliflower.
Now is the right time...
If you tell him now,
he will immediately make you one of the board's directors
What makes you say that I aspire to be in the board of directors?
No sir, it's my dream to have you in the board of directors.
Let me talk to MD now.
You have done a good job man!
Sir don't forget the formula please, it's calci...
cauliflower! God is great!
- May I come in sir? -Come in Narayanan, tell me...
Sir, I've decoded the teaser of the New Fedora ad.
Really? Sit down.
It's basically a milk product.
To avoid any confusion, I've virtually written down the formula
Good... good..
It's just calci cauliflower!
Did you know something, nobody has used this ingredient before...
I accept that it's a milk ad..
But, bring the guy that told you about this.
Just go!
- Sir, he's Aadhi. - Brand manager.
Give me the details
There's lobbying for Vitamin D enriched milk!
New Fedora has planned to capitalize on it!
It's main ingredient is Cali Calciferol
- Repeat that... - Cali calciferol
But you told me it's calci cauliflower?
Cauliflower? What?
Yes you told me that...
Are you kidding me? There's no such ingredient
You're incapable of even repeating a formula!
- But sir... - Please, I'll call you later.
Arivu, Aadhi is the right mentor for you!
- Errr...Sir? - He's cunning, watch out!
He tricked me saying it was "Cauliflower"
Tell me a bit about yourself. what's your ambition?
- Your chair. - What?
Your chair sir.
What's wrong with it? Even you would've aspired for it.
Even I have the same aspirations
I want Saffron to be numero uno always.
And I want to be a prime reason for it.
We'll release a paper ad tomorrow
stating "Vitamin D from SAFFRON"
- Look what happens! -I'm impressed.
Make sure the ad comes out tomorrow.
Sure sir, nice tie!
Shit, how did they know about our plans?
I desperately kept this a top secret, to quell them...
Don't know how they found out sir.
This is how we are slipping from the top and losing everything
Do we have a mole set up, in their board of directors?
-Yes -Super sir!
I don't want this project anymore. shut it down!
we have invested a huge sum for it.
if we cancel it now, it will null our complete investment
So should I come second this time too?
This is a matter of my ego. I know how to handle it.
I won't spare them
I need more money to pay our electricity bills.
No amount of money seems to be enough for you mom.
You're corrupt!
She seems to be jolly
Mom, you won't have to work there from next month on.
I'm earning well now.
Ask her to try washing vessels in her spare time,
it'll come handy for her from next month!
You shut up!
He's as such given me 5K less from his first month's salary.
It was because of GST!
-Tell me - Where's Kasi bro's entourage going?
It's his birthday today,
so he's off to seek blessings from big boss in Kanchivaram.
He'll be back only tonight.
-Is everybody from the gang going? -Yes.
What are you looking for? Tell me.
Ask our boys to distribute this to every house...
Pass it over there...
Here, read it.
Arivu asked me to give these
I was waiting for this day to come.
Only I know how hard it was,
to restrain my thoughts in spite of launching this radio.
If you believe in my intentions and concern for you people,
then listen attentively.
Government officials visited our slum 3 years ago,
Kasi bro warned us that they were here to out us!
So we fought them and also celebrated Kasi bro
But they weren't here for that,
they were here to register the land in our names.
Hard to believe right?
What you have now... is the copy of the registration order
If it had happened then,
by now we would've got all the basic amenities
like food, ration, water, drainage, road!
we would've gotten easy loans from banks pledging our land
and used it for educating our children, for marriage, house, business
or even used it to save someone's life.
So if we get all these amenities,
Kasi is paranoid that he may lose his foothold among us
and hence thwarted it.
He has created an illusion that we need him for our survival
I've broken free from the shackles and wish the same for you.
we are confined to a whale's back thinking it's an island.
We have to wake up before it swallows us!
Inspite of all this, if someone wants to rat me out to Kasi
I don't care.
I don't want this place to be jinxed anymore.
It's high time we take a call!
We shouldn't let even one more person to transform into a gangster
we have to retrieve other members from him as well
Our kids should be educated, get good jobs
and reach great heights!
If you're ready and believe you need this change
if you want to emerge to light, from darkness
Switch on your lights at midnight!
Enough of putting up with circumstances
It's time to change tides in our favor
I believe you will switch the lights on!
The choicest word in the world is "DEED"
-Who's it? - It's me, one of your fan listeners!
Scared? Thought I was Kasi is it?
-Why aren't you asleep yet? - Asleep?
How can I sleep when such an interesting thing is about to happen?!
My life seems interesting enough for you?
Do you really think they'll switch their lights on for you
at such an odd hour?
I told them to do that to see how much support
I have amidst them!
If they support me, I'll struggle with them...
If not I'll fight for it, alone!
Oh, it's Kasi!
Kasi please, he didn't do it intentionally, Sorry.
You please hide inside.
Did you go on air, in spite of my warning?
Heard it from your mom!
Bro, I have so many things to tell you...
What did you say on the radio, say that first!
- Didn't my mom tell you? -What?
The LIVE relay became a total mess,
and you got so pissed and scolded everyone.
So to make up for it...
I wanted everyone to switch on their lights at midnight,
to surprise you!
That's why I spoke on the radio.
Why would you plan this surprise at the end of my birthday?
It's a clich to blow candles at midnight!
But I wanted to do something different...
and wanted your birthday to end on a bright note.
Thus I came up with the plan!
Sounds good!
What's the time?
3 minutes to go...
I'll slash their throats if they don't switch those lights on!
I myself will update you tomorrow brother!
Kasi is the KING!
This is my friend Bhagya.
Please offer him a job.
Citing him,...
I'll be able to change the mindset of felons in my slums.
Sample marketing?
Today's lesson learnt from you.
Now that you have told me the problem,
Let me talk to Bhagya
You wait outside.
No sir...
- He's very short-tempered - I insist...
Hey Bhagya, mind your words!
What he says is right, I'm very gruff
Incase of any brawls I get violent
I'm not suited for your white-collared job
Look out for someone else!
You are gonna do the same job you did for Kasi
But in the guise of a delivery boy, with a salary
- Okay? - Yes sir
It was a big deal to get him to take this job
Don't worry, it's my responsibility to make him work.
I knew good times were coming,...
right on the night you asked us to switch on the lights.
It was surprising for me as well
Never expected everyone's support
It's a token of respect for your kind heart.
Why else would a totally unrelated girl rally for you here?
This girl, Mrinalini ...
She said that you're right, and can be trusted,...
and asked us to switch on those lights boldly.
- Hello - Sriram, sir
Tell me
- What's Mrinalini' type? - Damn, she's my cousin man!
- I'm not trying to flirt - Then?
She has helped me by rallying for me in my slum
That's Mrinalini.
It's her misfortune that she's looked upon as mad and peevish!
Then what did she talk like that on TV?
She did the documentary to show those girls in a positive light...
and tried to change the bad perception on them
Which is why she agreed to talk on the show!
But they made her a scapegoat to generate TRPs
She's hurt for trying to do the right thing.
I am also hurt her
Just do me a favor.
These are the phone numbers of 6 girls whom married those idiots
Let's put it on speaker
- Hello! - Weren't you part of the reality show?
That's how we got your husband's number & yours.
He's not my husband, it was just pretense!
- What are you saying? - Nandini & myself were there
So 2 of them were frauds!
Congratulations, your husband and you have just won a trip to Bangkok
Did you get the message?
We're getting a divorce, what the hell do you expect us to do in Bangkok?
Ma'am don't hang up, let me come with you for a sandwich massage!
Super sir.
She's telling the truth to a stranger on the phone
- What if we go to her house? - Sir!
She'll spill the beans
My husband is a pervert
He keeps taking photographs and videos of all the women.
He even took a video of Mrinalini's speech
- Do you have it? - Yes the entire speech.
Matriarchy was the origin of our society.
Go read Volga to Ganga.
Women were the ultimate decision makers.
Infact, she can even choose her partner for every night
Are you okay to reintroduce that culture?
We have the freedom to do anything, but we won't misuse it
Because we know the importance of freedom and it's limits.
Periyar was significant in fighting for women's rights
We respect him and every other man who supports true empowerment!
This is the real Mrinalini.
Everyone should see her true face.
- Tell me - Did you checkout Facebook?
- No, why? - Go see it
It's cheap to exploit women
But it's even cheaper to exploit their problems!
Did you tell me they were coming?
The channel asked us to pretend as a happy couple
Mrinalini warned us that this would end badly
And the channel showed her in bad light.
I wanna apologise to Mrinalini!
Sister, we're really sorry we made a mess at the hostel
You spoke the truth Hats off Ma'am!
- Did you see it? - How did this happen?
Because of Arivu.
"Hey heartthrob, what did you do to me?"
"Happy moments caressed me"
"Hey heartthrob, what did you do to me?"
"You made my nights glitter!"
"My horizons widen, as my perspective transforms"
"I seem to know you wiped away my sins!"
"As lies drift apart"
"The truth shines!"
"My lips utter you are my confidante!"
"The world transforms and imparts colours"
"My heart says you're my true love!"
"There's nobody like you on earth"
"I love you without boundaries"
- Arivu Bro... - How's business, little boy?
Superb, bro All flowers were sold out.
- Why are you still here then? - I have one yard left.
- So? - Buy this for your wife.
She isn't my wife.
Unmarried? Then get this for your lover.
- No way! - One night stand is it?
- I'll kill you. - She looks gorgeous bro!
As if I didn't know it
I swear I didn't teach him to talk like this
He made up the truth on his own
Medicines cost us 4000, clothes 300, transport 350, rice 650 bucks...
Mom, I don't care about the math
Just swipe this card and take how much ever is available.
That's all I have.
What sort of an answer is that?
Why're you so dull?
I snapped at mom today
What for?
No amount of money seems enough
We didn't face this even when dad earned less.
I earn thrice his salary, yet it's not enough!
Don't know where the money goes.
Meanwhile the land officer said
We'll get our registration only after 6 months.
What? Better stay away from Kasi till then!
You be careful
I heard he's been enquiring about you everywhere
I heard it too.
Anyway we made a decision, let's face it.
Okay sure.
Can I come in sir?
Yes! Please
What's up?
I'm feeling worn out running behind sales targets
I wanted to recharge myself with your motivation.
I'm motivating myself too
What do you mean?
Look here, they are leading companies in food industries
He's changed the trend of buying it in exclusive ice-cream shops
They've distributed free freezer boxes
To all small shops and made it accessible to everybody.
Starr masala Mix, they have understood the pulse of women...
and introduced an instant masala!
So they are the winners!
The problems may vary
But we have to come up with creative solutions every single day!
That's marketing!
Tell me Bhagya
Arivu, Kasi is chasing me.
- Where are you? - In our godown, come soon
Bro, what's this?
Hey, Bhagya...
Hey Bhagya
Don't worry, You're okay Bhagya...
How could you kill our own guy?
Hey Bad, Kasi...
You killed my friend because he left you.
You made killing your livelihood, but now you ought to die!
They'll break in anytime now and they're gonna slash you
After your death, we'll prove to the world that
We are not crooks, but hard workers
We'll prove it
You're a slimy asshole that'd do anything for money!
Why're you still alive? Die...die
Rot in hell, you thug!
I didn't kill Bhagya by myself, it was also you!
What the hell are you saying?
Your boss assigned me to kill Bhagya.
Both of us have the same boss and the same job
What are you looking at?
Do you even know about the product you sell?
It's poison!
You are killing everyone by feeding them poison
I at least know why I kill people and why I'm dying,
But you've no idea who you are killing and who might kill you.
Your company will sell its poison,...
and a woman named Kasturi will file a suit against it
Bhagya will save her, as per plan.
Nab his phone.
Jeyram, you can't escape this time.
I'll not spare you nor your company
And I'll kill him on behalf of the company.
If I follow their orders, you think I'm a criminal
But if you do the same you call yourself a proud worker!
We're on the same boat
Just a tinge of difference...
they pay me wages, whereas they pay you a salary!
If I'm a hit man, then who are you?
You are an even more ruthless hit man!
If you say that I eat shit for money, then you're doing the same thing too!
Our boss is calling me
Kasi, what happened?
Did you finish off Bhagya?
I did.
He'll live a 100 years, we're the ill-fated ones.
Go fool, go on... Today is Fool's day!
The entire world celebrates without knowing why
But you are the fool that truly deserves to celebrate this!
The best fool!
Go fool, go
He killed Bhagya before I could reach
How did you miss it?
Saffron is top-notch not just in the market
But also in manufacturing dangerous substances!
"Oh my God!"
Arivu, we'll handle everything
Don't get caught up in things Just leave!
Hello, tell me Arivu
I want to see you
I'll come to your home
"My dearie God Be with me as my guide"
Do you even know about the product you sell?
It's poison!
We're doing the same job for your company!
"You are the one who curse me"
They pay me wages, whereas they pay you a salary
What's this?
We were about to fuck up
But Prem saved the day by killing those people!
I can bet on you, my boy!
So far in my career...
never seen such an ace target achiever like him!
"Can't bearable if we lost our beloved"
Our kids should be well educated and achieve their dreams
No more thugs should emerge, from among us!
If I'm a hitman, then who are you?
You are an ever more ruthless hitman!
You are only questioning me
Call me in case of any problem
Or the company's number given on the card.
Arivu, this guy had a look at our TV problem...
and recommended installing this.
Else it would have been a total loss for us.
He had one last product, and sold it to us
It costs 4000, instead he sold it for a discount.
Middle class guys have the same mindset
We can't sell even essentials at the end of the month
But we can sell even unnecessary items, if we approach them on the 1st!
Tomorrow is an auspicious day
There will be a huge crowd gathered for the wedding in the next lane
The guests will be dolled up with jewellery.
We can easily rob a handful of gold!
We can exploit people until they have fear
We can con people using their own greed!
- Sir! - Sir!
Come in for a minute.
- Why sir? - Come in
No formalities on hospitality please.
Sit down.
Is a stabilizer mandatory for an LED?
Yes, else it would burst during voltage fluctuations.
- Hey dude... - Tell
Didn't you work with an LED brand before?
- Is a stabilizer mandatory? - Not really.
- Wouldn't the TV burst, without it? - Which fool said so?
Someone is trying to con you, be careful.
- Where are you? - Nearby in the tea shop.
- Are the guys around? - Yes
Could you come over to my house. It's urgent.
Now tell me.
Is a stabilizer really required for this TV?
- Arivu, what are you doing? - Mom, stay out of it, I'll handle it.
Vani, go inside
It seems I'm a hit man. I'll kill you.
Sit down
Now, is a stabilizer really required for this TV?
Not really.
So you have sold a useless product to so many people
Monthly targets, that's why!
While I run around to meet my targets, you snatch mine from right under my nose
So who do I snatch it from again?
Why are you running around for someone else's targets?
Arivu, what's this?
Mom, I'm not talking to him, I'm reflecting upon myself
He's just like me mom.
- Aren't you? - Yes sir.
- Do you live in a similar house? - Yes sir!
Then why are you stealing from here?
- Remove your shoe - Why?
Just do what I say.
Oh, your sock is torn near the thumb?
It's the pinky finger for me.
Why didn't you buy a new pair?
I exceeded my monthly budgets
So you couldn't buy socks? What else did you buy then?
A refrigerator and a TV on EMI.
There are people to sell exorbitant stuffs
But there's none to sell essential things.
What's this?
Energy drink.
Will your highness drink only this?
- It has 8 vitamins... - It has 12 chemicals!
You're just a leech
But I'm a blood sucking parasite!
I'm selling this poison.
Hey, what happened?
He is the one who sold the stablizer for my LED
How dare you con a fellow salesman?
Show your mettle elsewhere.
Why won't you?
You change jobs every month and babble nonsense
You have no clue what you sell, but you are desperate to sell it somehow
This guy over here, overcharges his client for theft insurance
And bragged that nobody cares to lodge a complaint in case of a theft.
Even if they do, it's a meagre 5%, so the rest are profits.
I laughed hearing you say that, the other day.
A million people like us,...
having no idea about the product, rush off to sell it...
to poor schmucks
But what we don't realise is, we're doing it to ourselves.
If I earn 10 bucks, somebody cons me for 20.
He sold me this water purifier
Assured me there would be no problems
But there is a problem every damn week.
That table over there
They dumped it on me using popular marketing!
Would it be possible to see this in elite areas?
When I wondered how money was always insufficient in spite of earning so much
I realised I was getting conned left, right & centre!
True, we are bunkos!
How many of you can say that you have been truthful?
Answer me guys
We haven't been selling goods, we're selling lies
Traders have exceeded manufacturers now
Knowing that they can sell anything,...
they have started manufacturing shitty goods.
Enough of this shit!
I don't need this money.
Whether or not you understood, I did!
Mom, please give me my debit card
- Why? - Just give it to me.
I don't want to pay my sister's fees with this money
She won't be allowed to write her exams if we don't pay tomorrow
I'll arrange it somehow, but not this
What the hell are you doing Arivu?
What do you expect me to do?
You tell me that our family will be ruined if I don't work
But another guy is telling me that
I'm ruining other families because of my work!
I don't know what to do
Let me think
Hang on guys
- Arivu, what happened? - Everything's gone!
I wanted to save my friend Bhagya,...
but people are saying I've killed him.
Kasi, who I wanted to kill...
I've saved him instead!
I've lost sight of my life.
I feel ashamed.
Arivu, why are you talking like this?
What you achieved here is no mean feat!
You can come out of this quicker than you think.
I won't run away from this
I'll do something big!
I've given you so much time already
There's no improvement.
My plan is not only to make New Fedora number one
But also sign a merger with Saffron.
Merger? Are you joking?
How's it possible?
My son will make it possible.
Hi Mr.Steve
Let me first brief you about Saffron's SWOT analysis;
You can then decide if you want to meet Jeyaram.
3 people from our slum have died today.
Babu & Syed were killed because they were part of a gang
But Bhagya died because he turned over a new leaf
Just as when I thought people here were in the wrong jobs
For worse people outside are doing their entire jobs wrongly
One tells me to work hard, the other tells me to work smart,
But nobody told me what good work is?
If we could make a small progress in stature now,...
...I thought at least the next generation would dream big.
Atleast we're better, we know we belong in a low class.
But the middle class people are doomed!
They are tricked by false hopes...
Disguised as one of the workers,...
I could understand the middle class' mentality.
They'll even buy poison, if it's on discount.
We need to identify the elites responsible for this
Though I'm born with silver spoon, but I hid my identity
The reason why I worked in some company for monthly salary...
Not only Safforn company
To get whole food industry
Our mistakes will affect only us
But an elite's mistake will ruin the entire society
If my plan works well,...
we can make them spend 100 bucks from their pockets every day.
Thugs are just those who kill people
We're thugs even if we affect others unintentionally.
Some countries have resources, some have foolish people
But India is a combination of both
Yes, it was me who said we can progress if we work hard
Correct, but the progress happens to someone else, not us!
Being a foreigner if you think you understand it better
Being within the country I understand it even better.
They're exploiting our poverty to make us run behind targets.
They don't even give us time to introspect.
Even I don't have the time
I'm poor too
But I'm gonna take a break
My target is to make everyone understand that...
...they aren't working ethically!
Today is April 1st, fools day
Someone told me I was the world's best fool!
I'll accept that.
But May 1st is Labour day;
I'l prove that I'm the world's best worker!
The next time we meet, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse!
The world's most unparalleled word is "DEED"!
I'll prove it!
"Who would we call to rock our golden cradle?"
"Who would we call to replace you?"
"we were unified by soul"
"we shared this life"
"Bhagya, my friend you deserted me"
" rest in peace!"
"we await your resurgence"
He will have a fear of killing each one
When I killed him...
There is no fear of his eyes
He is so bright
Dad, can you do me a favor?
Tell me son...
There's so much happening around me...
I need time to introspect.
I want you to manage the household for a month
Tell me...
Can you work for a month instead?
I don't have a choice.
Don't worry, I'll handle it.
- Kasthuri Madam... - Who's it?
It's me, Bhagya's friend, Arivu.
Why are you here? Please leave.
There's a link between my friend's murder and you
I won't leave until I find it!
Will you open the door or should I break in?
My son loves your food products, can you deliver them home?
Sure, which locality?
St.Thomas mount
Siddhu, why're you doing this?
- Madam - Play inside...
Come in Bhagya, you're very punctual!
Hi Bhagya, how are you?
Yes Bhagya.
I'm with my son, leave it outside... I'll take it later
Money is under the flower vase.
Why did you pretend buying this for your dead son?
There are cameras everywhere... and what's with you?
What's happening here?
Either tell me or I'll make this public.
My husband died in a road accident;
My son Siddhu, was the only reason for me to live!
My life slowly transformed because of him.
But even that didn't last long!
He became ill...
I thought it was just fever.
They took a CT scan
And gave me the biggest shock of my life!
saying it was cancer.
No matter how much we tried...
it was all futile.
I couldn't digest this at all.
Doctors told me junk food could be a probable cause;
I wanted to know about it in detail.
Junk foods aren't manufactured the way they are advertised;
Our daily food like noodles, bread, cake...
are manufactured using toxic chemicals.
Kids don't ask for these repeatedly...
just because it tastes good.
The taste is enhanced through visuals,
by listening to their favorite stars' endorsements
and by free merchandizes.
They're addicted to it due to the dopamine rush creates in their brains!
No matter whichever product you take,
they deny adding preservatives or additives.
Do kids eat just bread ?
they eat jam, noodles...
biscuits, juice...
each of which has a variety of chemicals.
The cocktail of these chemicals...
turns toxic inside our body!
All over world Chennai is 2nd place for child cancer
It's said, our generation will be the cursed ones
to see the deaths of our kids.
To avenge my loss...
I filed a lawsuit on Saffron company.
what's the proof to say our products caused him cancer?
He could have eaten other things...
or even contaminated water.
Or your synthetic outfit could also have been a cause
The case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence!
That's when I decided...
to sacrifice myself for the evidence.
I'm consuming the same poison,
that my son died of!
to prove the entire world!
To track the change in blood cells...
it takes approximately 4 months.
So my battle will last 4 months.
or maybe till my body gives in.
Surveillance camera will monitor me 247
And I've got a guy to deliver the Saffron goods.
Today is the first day.
Is your kid asleep madam?
Today is the first day
I'm gonna take bath, there are no eatables here
but still to avoid doubts...
Will this evidence suffice?
I've seen murders without flinching,
but it's depressing to see such a suicide!
My heart's heavy, please tell me what to do?
I can't believe he is dead!
What a sick society this is!
You make mothers kill their own children.
I fed him these cookies myself!
I'm vigilant about what my child eats
but if reputed companies tamper our food,
should we be paranoid about eating too?
I won't spare Saffron company!
I understand, I'm at a loss for words;
but today is the last day you'll be eating this.
I won't let you do this to yourself.
I'll come back with a solution.
I met Kasthuri to enquire about Bhagya's death.
What are you saying?
Didn't I tell you to update me on everything?
I know sir.
Our company's products were the reason for her child's death!
To prove that...
she's consuming only our products.
She has a visual record of it.
Jeyram you can't escape this time!
I won't leave you and your company
I guess her vital organs have failed;
anything can happen to her now.
I feel bad hearing this.
I regret working in such an unscrupulous place!
We need to help Kasthuri, at any cost!
We'll drag our company to court.
This is what she says too!
But I feel something beyond this...
I came to tell you about it.
- What? - Sir
I felt offended when someone called me a hit man;
I'm sure our workers will also feel offended...
knowing what happened to Kasthuri.
Similarly... every worker will rebel against their corrupt organization!
Us workers, who carry out their evil deeds...
can change things if we change!
Are you mad?
Everyone's busy with their own work,
The guy who knows about the scams won't bother...
or deny it!
And the guy who doesn't know... will be shocked!
but won't have a solution.
It's a foolish and impossible move
to reach out to fellow workers.
We had a similar discussion before;
when you asked me...
if a large scale road block campaign was possible?
I told you it was impossible.
you looked at me menially and said...
there's nothing impossible in marketing!
If we can reach a product through marketing;
why can't we reach our pain as well?
Stop blabbering mindlessly...
Is this even an idea?
Don't share this with anyone, They will think you've gone mad.
I feel ashamed to have trained you!
Get me those videos from Kasthuri tomorrow.
End of discussion...Get out!
Something interesting happened today...
A lower middle class guy...
came up to me and asked me...
why can't we take the consumer's problems to workers?
I was shocked!
His approach completely baffled me.
It's a waste talking to these criminal bosses;
Similarly we can't force a consumer to stop buying goods.
It's only the skivvy like me, we have to target
we have to change them...
It's the only solution for our problems.
Why would they change?
He is doing his work to support his life.
You guys don't seem to understand!
The workers and consumers are the very same people!
I don't get it.
They are workers only for 8 hours,
the rest of the time, they are consumers.
He's living in the society, he's ruining!
If we could get this point across...
everything will change.
This is impossible!
Don't blabber!
Ya right, I can't!
It's not viable to be a good person, It's not possible do any good.
You're right!
But Adhi told me there's nothing impossible in marketing!
He's ingrained it in my mind.
Even if my mentor disapproves, or if Kasthuri desists
I'll still find a solution.
Let's think over it in the morning.
Let's go!
We have thought about it so many times
Nobody is gonna be affected, whether or not you get a solution!
Don't drag Kasthuri in to this, without any clarity.
Atleast if you let her be,
her own battle will give her some satisfaction.
You can't turn workers against their bosses;
What have you been studying for the last two centuries?
Macaulay Education system...
invented by the Brits to raise a generation of puppets.
These workers belong in the same class as those puppets!
Do you think you can change them?
No way in hell.
Don't waste your time and energy!
Why did they call me to this meeting?
He spoke well, but I understood nothing.
Are you gonna tell the workers not to work?
Will they stop working, if you say so?
It's futile trying to explain this to workers.
Don't kill her with your silly theories and experiments!
What mom?
Why are you mumbling to yourself?
You won't understand why!
I was hearing you guys speak;
and would like to suggest something.
Not sure if I can tell you...
but let me try.
I've been working as a maid for 30 years
atleast in 20 different houses.
A few men would stare at me perversely.
I felt disgusted that my own bosses were doing this.
But I accepted it as my fate.
But one of them tried to touch me inappropriately;
I was shocked!
That's when I realized...
I need to be loyal to my work,
not to my boss!
I gave him an intense frown;
and he got scared!
He was petrified,
He didn't fire me.
instead he got scared if I would disclose this to others
He deliberately stayed away from me
and couldn't face me.
Infact, he treated me with more respect!
Do you know why I'm saying this?
We need to set our own boundaries for our loyalty.
Nobody else has that power...
not even our boss!
Our salary is for the work we do...
It's not a bribe to conceal their mistakes.
I shared what I felt.
- Mom... - What?
Where did you hide such wisdom so long?
You have told me such a powerful thing today!
I've understood it now.
I'm so happy.
My mom gave me all the answers.
She made me understand the power of a worker.
Do you know what it is?
If we break that...
no matter how big they are
it's easy to defeat them!
It doesn't require a revolution,
an opposition is more than enough...
to defeat them.
If we can popularize a formulated drink worldwide;
we can also reach my formulated ideas worldwide!
I have a plan ready.
I'm gonna put it in action.
I'll start with my own company.
Setting an example through that...
I'll do much more!
Only you seem to understand my pain and struggles.
Just tell me I'm right...
I won't utter a word about Kasthuri, even to my mentor.
Your word is enough!
Just be with me... I'll achieve anything!
Will you?
"Oh my life, my love"
"Leaving you is the same as dying"
"Oh dusk, Oh my dawn!"
"My days henceforth,"
"will be on your gaze!"
"Untouched by farewell's gloom"
"You were my consort, my love!"
"Impervious to mien"
"I'll seek solace in your heart!"
"Till eternity our love lasts"
"Without it, I'm just a corpse!"
"'ME' isn't just me"
"It's you my love, run towards me!"
"Till eternity our love lasts"
"Without it, I'm just a corpse!"
"'ME' isn't just me"
"It's you my love, run towards me!"
"We'll meet hurdles"
"We may even get weary"
"And face the depths of pain, my love"
"You're the prison I wanna be caged in!"
"I'm the fondling feather you'll cherish!"
"There's no permanence;"
"Today's just an illusion"
"We'll rage till we die"
"and chill on a volcano!"
"Till eternity, our love lasts"
"Without it, I'm just a corpse"
"'ME' isn't just me"
"It's you my love, run towards me!"
Did I ask you for your help?
Just let me follow my own path!
He's trying to make your struggle more meaningful.
Definitely he will win
We are here for you.
I'm going to meet Saffron's investors tomorrow.
It's a big move dad.
Loknath, enough of being Jeyram's spy,
you're gonna be my spy tomorrow at the investors' meeting.
Family day celebrations are held tomorrow
We should seize this opportunity...
and do some sample marketing!
The first step in bringing the workers to our side is;
to amass the support of all 5 department heads.
A product would be essential only for a few people;
but the company will force us to sell it to everyone!
yet we have done it.
The first few people will automatically buy it;
but the rest has to be persuaded to buy it.
The real challenge are the rest of the few
They won't buy it no matter what you say...
We'll deal with them emotionally
by exploiting their sympathy towards us.
and win them over with sentiments.
He'll buy only then.
We will apply the same tactic here too.
We will convince them this way.
No matter what you do, It's impossible to please everybody.
Atleast 5% of them will revolt.
They can neither be convinced nor shunned.
Okay guys, we'll make a new start tomorrow!
"All hardworking friends, gather here"
"Sing along, the world is ours"
"For a society without disparities"
"come up with a solution"
"Let's follow the path of Arignar Anna"
Bro, super Thanks
I welcome everyone present here...
to the grand celebration... on the occasion of,
The Family day function of Saffron!
Before we could start...
I would like to thank our encouraging team heads
for permitting us to conduct this event on a grand scale!
Thank you so much!
I want to show you how people at Saffron work,
through an AV.
Let's have a look.
The reason Saffron is number one;
is because of your hard work!
So all of you repeat after me, with confidence...
We're the best!
What's going on?
why are you here?
while I've made arrangements for our meeting elsewhere!
Excuse me sir...
- Adhi? - No...
Adhiban Madhav, New Fedora MD's only son
You planted a spy in my company... to depose us.
But I became a spy to buy your company!
It's entire administration is under my control now!
including your investors.
Some of the highlights of my damages were...
was to get you fettered in to the milk product.
- I think we should do this - Thank you sir.
I have the license and patent for it;
Making an ad was our only expenditure.
You won't get even a single penny...
of the 800 million you have invested in it.
So Jeyram,
you will never be able to beat the mess you're in right now!
I will avenge this!
Jeyram, the best thing you can do now is join hands with them.
Family & kids can help yourself to the buffet outside.
You can spend some time there.
Our plan is working out buddy.
Get the next act ready, I'll be back after a quick call.
Let's see you smile, as you sign...
I'll take care of it good than you
- Arivu - Sir
Can you come to our auditorium?
What's the matter?
- It's regarding Kasthuri... - Did you get the evidence?
I wanna talk about it to you in person.
Be right there!
Dad, good sign!
See you gentlemen.
We all saw how proud your family was;
to see a glimpse of your hard work!
Can we now see how it affects others?
Sir, please play it.
My son died of cancer...
caused by Saffron products.
Everybody around me and even courts... didn't believe it.
Hence to prove it... I'm doing this to myself.
- Sir, isn't it pathetic? - Yes Arivu.
Just this video is enough,
to shut this company down.
If you're feeling this sad;
won't they too?
- For who? - Our workers.
They are watching it, as we speak
Come with me.
Watch out, there's nobody here.
I couldn't live a life with my son...
I want justice for his death!
I'll die peacefully.
They won the case by arguing that...
there may or may not be harmful chemicals in these products.
Here's the solid proof!
I'm consuming the same poison,
that my son died of!
to prove the entire world!
Just read what's written here;
at least for our sake.
A boss may not understand my loss;
nor will a consumer...
but I sincerely believe, that a worker will!
They should!
Did you see that?
you told me this was impossible;
but I will get my point across to these people.
I hid this from you;
so that you could see it for yourself!
Sorry sir.
Can you still say "We're the best?"
Do you have the virtue to say that?
They have stripped us of all virtues! That's the fact.
We just saw... your family's applause for you.
Can you be truthful in telling...
that you are proud to do this sort of work?
The truth is, we're all good people
in front of our family and the society.
But when it comes to work;
we mindlessly follow our bosses without realizing the consequences.
Should our hardwork be misused; to kill the innocent consumers?
We are all prime reasons for their losses!
Are you implying we're wrong?
of course, each one of us is guilty!
They extract work from us through division of labor.
Our very own Moorthy...
claims he's in charge of only the bottle caps
Ravi says he made only these bottles
Moses says he operated only these machines.
but what you don't understand is...
that it's a cumulative work of everyone.
When will we ever understand the larger picture?
It's not division of labor, it's division of crime.
Look at what he has done!
He has sent this video to my wife.
How dare he?
Why did you send this my family?
Don't you have any sense?
What will our family think of us, seeing such videos?
Was insulting us your plan all along?
I'll teach you a lesson
It wasn't Kasthuri's video, it was a corporate video.
Why can't you see properly?
Why did you have to hit him?
- No, I didn't. - You almost killed him.
- It's okay bro - But, you're bleeding.
Let's assume you didn't hit me...
But I actually didn't!
This is the least of my agony.
you haven't understood my point yet...
that's what agonizes me.
Weren't you terrified now, assuming your family has seen the video?
That's exactly, what's wrong with our work.
Weren't you relieved when you knew they didn't see it;
weren't you?
That's what we have to do now!
If we're unable to talk about our jobs
to our family...
it means we are in the wrong job.
We shouldn't do it anymore.
We're closer to the consumers than our bosses.
If you wanna be loyal to our bosses then our real bosses are the consumers.
So let's be loyal to them.
What do you propose we do?
You tell me.
Do you want us to conduct a labor strike?
File a complaint? or sue the company?
Or parade around in protest?
Is that all?
We needn't do such filmy things. There's a simple solution.
What's it?
For just 2 days...
let's follow the government regulations.
without the boss' knowledge!
- How can we do that? - Why not?
Haven't you theorized false reports before?
During last month's inspection
you followed these rules, to save our boss!
You're right, but it's risky!
None of you will be affected.
even if there's a problem...few of my boys have joined the company.
They will take the blame!
- Won't you, guys? - Of course!
We have done this before for immoral things;
why wouldn't we do it for a higher purpose?
From what you looks like you want us to revolt against our boss!
and sit at home forsaking our jobs?
We'll all be on roads, if we listen to him.
That's exactly what I'm saying.
They have promoted me by merit;
I won't let this happen.
Do you think you will have these jobs, anyway?
My friend Bhagya;
was killed because of Saffron.
I'll sue this company!
and it will be shut down for at least 2 months.
If not me, Kasthuri will definitely sue us.
by any logic, you all will be shut down.
Then, it will make headlines... and you will be answerable...
to your families and conscience!
Why're you confusing everyone?
people don't know what to do with 5 years of power!
what can you do in two bloody days?
He's right. What can we do in 2 days?
Do you think I'll have loose ends in my plan?
Just trust me and do as I say!
If nothing happens out of it; then beat me up like Kennedy!
I really didn't hit you.
He makes sense...
It's just a matter of two days.
So far, we've openly committed mistakes;
for once let's do some good, behind shut doors!
Arivu, the QC department agrees.
I'll do it.
What do the others have to say?
We'll all do it.
We too will...
- Shall we begin tomorrow? - Yes we will.
Now say it with confidence...
We're the best!
- We're the best! - We're the best!
If could do this for just 2 days
we can build it up manifold, with your marketing.
I'll prove a point to our boss, by turning them against him.
I'll threaten him with kasthuri's video too.
I'll force him to manufacture quality goods.
So, I would need small favors from you.
Ask me for big favors!
I'll gladly do it. I'm sorry for not believing you earlier.
I'll never leave your side.
Thank you sir.
Check this out!
the guys who rooted for their companies...
are now rooting for the consumers.
We're winning big!
He's our marketing head Mr.Aadhi;
my mentor!
Arivu's work is something great!
He'll achieve it!
You don't have to run behind courts anymore.
If Arivu wins, I'll be happy.
If not, I'll fight against Saffron.
This struggle isn't just to fight Saffron...
Saffron is just a sample;
We have to fight the remaining 5 companies.
I told you only about 4.
You forgot to mention New Fedora...
They are dangerous.
This plan includes them too.
Every product that comes out after May 1st
should be world class!
Only then, it's a win for us!
With great fervor, I made this company mine...
but he trawled the workers to his side.
He broke their loyalty for us, right in front of me!
It's wrong.
He made me realize that... we took their loyalty for granted.
Even the workers realized their loyalty was misused!
I could feel it, only when it slipped away.
What will we do without it?
Put him in place...
There's no use in destroying him.
We need to destroy his idea.
Guys like him are our future enemies!
We knew how to face our opponents politically and judicially!
Now we need to prove our capitalism... to these morons,
who have sprouted all of a sudden dealing with emotional cards.
Not just Saffron...
he's wagered to bring about a change in all 5 companies.
I'll be with him the next two days,
Using him, I'll buy those companies.
Only then will I return...
to my seat, as a boss!
Why did you send 10 bags, as always?
Use 5 bags, and dump the remaining!
Look here Arivu,
We have reduced the toxin levels way below the government regulations.
Even a new born baby can consume it without fear!
Sir, change the expiry dates to 3 days instead of 6!
We have done it right!
I've been working here for the last 10 years...
We add more toxins than the prescribed levels;
Our bosses may benefit;
but we're betraying our consumers.
So we're trying to make products ethically
much against our bosses... errr...ugh.
Arivu, what's this?
What do think you're doing?
Can't you do anything right?
There's a CCTV right there,
be careful, the MD may come any minute!
God is great!
How did you lure him?
I learnt it from your words of practical wisdom;
You told me that he'd do anything to become a director of the board.
I told him I'd make him the director. So, he accepted my offer.
- How can you make him a director? - With your help, of course!
You are MD's close friend
I'd appreciate your help in this regard.
If we have to make bread, according to rules
we'd have to use more wheat than plain flour.
I did exactly that.
They counted our inventories;
So I swapped their places.
Today's problem is over!
If we do this tomorrow too;
We can fulfill our promise to you.
Aren't you happy?
Yes, we have only one day left
I've shared this with the union leaders of the other 5 companies.
But, they seem to be apprehensive.
It'll be better if you address this directly.
He's Arivu.
I am Madhavan
Thank you sir.
Greetings! I am Karthik
- Thanks sir - Jeeva
- Henson chicken company. - Thank you for coming.
New Fedora, mixing department. We came 4 people for our company
We would like to do this in our company too, but...
it isn't easy at all.
Our company is too strict, we can't do it.
- It isn't possible - Just a minute.
I didn't ask you to do any of these things we did.
Just do one thing;
While you go to work tomorrow...
just wear a white cloth over your shoulder!
- What is he saying? - How will it be enough?
Are you for real?
How is that enough?
That is more than enough!
What do we say if someone asks us the reason for it?
Just say, "It's for nothing"
"For nothing?"
Bro, what's this?
What purpose is it gonna serve?
Just have a little faith in me.
It'll bear fruits in just 2 days.
He's asking us for a simple favor...
my subordinates and myself will follow that.
I'll do it..
Me too!
We'll all do it!
You're listening to Radio Mirchi:98.3, with RJ Sha!
Day after tomorrow is May 1st, labor day
In lieu of that, we have a guest in our studio
...the social media star, Mrinalini!
I'm here to talk about something important.
Sir, let me listen to the radio.
His name is Arivu...
He wanted to do something significant for labor's day
And he has done it!
He has vowed to prove himself; as the best worker!
I'm as eager as you guys to listen to what he has to say!
Don't miss it, tomorrow at 6pm.
Stay tuned to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM...
Earlier it was just marketing...
but now...we have started our promotions as well...
We'll manufacture ethical goods in all 6 companies,
and reach it to people on May 1st.
And we'll announce it proudly on radio!
Aren't we good workers now?
But we have only one day
But we made them do to a simple favour
How they can make a good products?
I coaxed just the workers in our company;
But, I'm negotiating directly with the owners in the other 5 companies!
The owners are waiting for us now.
That's the power of our sample marketing.
You should join hands with Das...
He's the reason I'm admitted here.
Do this for me, please bro!
Look at what you did! Look at Kasi...
You're the reason for it.
We won't leave you
I'll kill him...
- Thank God, you're awake! - Put the weapon down.
It's not his fault.
He took his revenge on me, that's all!
Let him go.
Kasi bro...
I tried to kill you, without realizing what a gem of a person you are!
Please forgive me.
I'll do anything for you, henceforth!
I've summoned these officials for you;
Shoot your questions to them.
From the long list of these honchos' crimes;
could you reveal just a few?
There was a lot of them...
I threatened each one of them... rather strongly!
They came running to me.
Does it include New Fedora's boss too?
yes, it includes the Owl faced dork too!
Hey, mind it...he's a reputed man!
You're right, but... he has a major weakness!
His secretary, Philomina...
He's having an affair with her, for a long time now.
Das has filmed it on tape.
Why did you stop the car?
Excited to see it right away?
- Hang on - No...
Even Das' boys loved the video!
Sir, old and young combination
Sir, watch it
It's as interesting as real porn!
Damn it dad...
You could have laughed in front of me...
You're way too decent.
What's the plan now?
Sample 1...
They're shocked, so they're here.
Sample 2...
we'll show them what happened at Saffron,
and threaten them with that.
Sample 3,...the protest cloth
Sample 4... is via emotion!
I'll come to the point...
In all your food products there's a cocktail of toxic chemicals
It in fact exceeds the government regulations.
This should be curbed with immediate effect!
We have the authorities in our pockets...
who are you to question us?
The officers won't question, nor will the authorities;
but I will question you...
I mean, a worker will question you!
Can I say something shocking?
This change is happening right now
in India's leading company, Saffron!
We are manufacturing good products without our MD's knowledge!
We aren't scared to work ethically.
You've after all changed one company...
Doesn't mean you can change the whole industry.
Sir, can I tell you an even more shocking news?
This change is already happening in your firms.
as a gesture of protest...
everybody is wearing a cloth over their shoulder.
Are these guys wearing a white cloth?
Yes, all of these guys are...
Ask them why...
and they'll say it's nothing!
Ask them why they are wearing it.
- Why are you wearing this cloth? - It's nothing.
They're saying it's nothing.
You don't have money making skills;
So are you here to loot from us?
Okay, name your price!
I'm not interested in your money or status;
We never wanted to be one of you!
Bosses are bosses...
We're mere workers...
We came to just work
not to commit crimes.
If you follow the regulations;
you'll only lose from your profits.
but our whole lives will be profited!
We'll give quality goods to people.
Please sir!
Wait for 10 minutes.
We'll call you after a brief discussion.
Sir, I guess they were bowled over!
Give me your hands...
I'll tell this to Miru right away!
How dare he use that tone with us?
This guy is zilch!
we have seen too many people like him.
You guys don't understand...
His motives aren't selfish.
His questions are logical and reasonable;
plus he has turned our workers against us.
I can't risk it with my daughter's wedding by the side;
I'm scared of losing my name by fighting a guy like him.
We'll talk to him...
Arivu, come here.
Sir, what's it?
We are doomed!
I heard everything they said.
Do you know what they are saying?
They think you're acting all noble.
I planned everything to a T;
this should have worked out favorably.
Am I fool then?
What did you say?
That you came to work, not to commit crimes!
They have twisted its entire meaning, and making fun of you.
I just want to get out of this mess.
Come in...
We were thinking about your proposal.
The hell you did!
Talk properly moron!
As if you are perfect...
Why should I respect unethical bads like you?
He's built his factory by destroying a family;
You, killed your daughter's lover
I don't wanna negotiate anymore!
When I come back tomorrow, I want all your signatures on the agreement.
If not...
I'll leak all your private videos and trend #CEO leaks across media!
Hey jumbo!
How do you get chicks when you can't even function properly?
Your signature should be the first one on the list!
Playing games with me?
Sir, let's go!
Superb Arivu!
Will this work out?
A one hundred percent!
This is why I need you!
What's the plan now?
We need to check the 2nd day samples.
I wanted to go over the agreement details with them, if you are here.
It'll be too technical;
you please deal with it.
I'll be back for signing.
- See you, bye. - Love you sir!
How can he disrespect us?
Do you know why I'm patient?
I knew about him already.
The guy with Arivu is my spy.
Your workers are with Arivu.
Using them, he will give you hell.
Did you notice his crude lingo?
He won't return your videos
He has other plans.
That's what happened in Saffron
I told him too.
For the sole reason to come out of this mess
Saffron's MD handed over the company to him.
Sir, the agreement?
Look at this.
Did you know why I acquired Saffron?
I wanted to teach him a lesson, not minding my losses!
Write over your major shares to me.
I'll settle your monies right away.
Make me your deciding authority.
I'll annihilate him after that.
He won't let this go.
Rather than accepting Arivu's demands;
we can retain our dignity.
Not only that, I'll get your videos back.
We have suffered a lot to do this job without boss's knowledge
I felt relaxed to think, we will go for work as usual from tomorrow
My hands are shivering
I'm going blind...
I'm not even able to talk.
Act for your money's worth.
My health's ruined because of this...
Say it credibly!
- Sir... - Watch the telly...
- What's it? - Something's horribly wrong!
It's because of Saffron.
Doctored videos are doing rounds, to extract money from big corporations.
Cops have arrested one such gang today.
It looks exactly like Kasthuri's video.
You don't know anything right?
See you at office.
So my battle will last 4 months.
This video looks like the one Arivu showed us.
This looks just like Kasthuri's video.
Is Arivu there?
Tell me.
- CEO wanted me to fetch you. - What?
Did you watch the news?
Shocking, isn't it?
I bought those companies over, with your help.
Including Saffron.
Hard to comprehend?
You'll understand soon.
They took away my company because of you
Won't you use your brains?
He has spun a fictional tale, using a pseudonym Kasthuri.
He has cheated you sentimentally.
and benefitted from it.
The next MD is all the more ruthless.
He won't spare you.
Come Arivu
What are you looking?
Your ex-MD must have mentioned me.
The reason for this is my trusty Arivu!
Good job Arivu.
It was only because of him,
I was able to identify disloyal employees.
Better work sincerely;
Yet, if you wanna play smart you'll face the consequences.
You're a world class con artist!
I never laid my hands on you; yet you pretended to be hurt.
And spoke an impromptu line; saying
That you weren't hurt by my slap; but hurt by our collective ignorance.
That line hurts me now!
We trusted you...
Why did you get us in to this mess?
Stella sir
I know you must be angry on Arivu...
Insult him in front of the workers and shoo him away from here.
You are motivated us against our boss
I'll talk to the MD about your promotion.
Don't do anything now;
hit him after I speak.
Is this the reward you were planning to give us?
Was this your intention?
No bro...
Don't mistake Arivu, please... there's a ploy behind it.
He's not the reason for any of this.
Please believe me.
Rght from the minute he stepped in;
he's been manipulating us.
How long do you think you can con us?
Didn't I say he'd be trouble?
What shall we do? Should we forgive him?
Don't hit him... please.
He's innocent.
Get away, all of you.
Enough of this...
let's get back to business.
Arivu, come.
Let's work properly.
You stay away...
I'll deal with it.
I feel bad for you.
I feel bad too.
Since this was a big initiative;
and involved the lives of other workers,
I was way too careful.
I had all exit strategies!
and various plans in place.
My friends warned me then.
It's impossible to satisfy everybody.
a few will oppose.
But I tried to please my opponents too.
Stella Bruce...
You want us to oppose our bosses and remain jobless?
- His plans won't work. - That's what I'm saying too.
I used him for my sake
I assumed all possibilities; but didn't realize I'll be betrayed.
Why're you still here?
Aadhi told me to hit you.
He isn't your mentor, but a traitor.
Don't trust him.
Why did you do it?
Damn it, Why?
I revered you!
I thought you stood by me.
Inspite of knowing the repercussions...
How could you do this to your own colleagues?
I was destined to be a boss, even before my birth.
Saffron's new MD is proposing the board;
to appoint his son as the CEO!
His only son...
Adhiban Madhav...
Arivu, that's me!
Does being a boss entitle you to treat me like shit?
Can't you see my point of reasoning?
You're living in LaLa Land!
Your thoughts are mere fantasy!
Here, only the boss should get what he wants!
That's Corporate!
And that's growth!
Don't mind the collateral damage!
According to you, it's poison.
Is this crap called growth?
How many of you eat your own poison?
Or use your own products?
You guys eat organic...
and use the best imported products.
But you want us to consume poison for your profits!
What did you just say?
"Only the boss should get what he wants!"
First, let poor people get at least something!
We're struggling for that.
I don't care how big you are!
I'll walk all over you!
Won't you ever change?
Listen up...
On May 1st,
the day you wanted to show the might of workers,
I'll show you the power of a boss!
I'll accept that you broke their loyalty for their bosses!
But if I have to win it back;
I can't just be a boss.
I should return as a savior!
They should revere me as their God!
I'll make them beg me, to take over!
In sometime; I'll make you say it too.
I'll create a few problems first.
I myself will bail them out of it.
If you try to act heroic;
I won't provide any solutions
I'll leave them with just problems.
Make a choice between the workers and your campaign!
This is the first problem. Come on.
This is the food inspection squad.
They'll study the toxin free samples you made the last two days,
in comparison with today's.
Do you even know what products they are testing upon?
They have devised a plan to prove that the last two samples are standard ones,
but today's products were deliberately adulterated.
Do you understand?
He doesn't know about this
Didn't I tell you Arivu was innocent?
I won't let this be!
I'll make your dreams true
What do we do now?
Adhi will handle it.
He isn't budging.
he's set the warehouse on fire! to destroy our last 2 days' samples.
Go soon.
Your guys are dying...
Go on... Go!
Oh God!
What's happening?
Get out...Run...
You broke their loyalty towards us;
Hence I destroyed your efforts.
Save me
Go save him.
You can't tell them I did this...
Because they need me to vouch for you.
What's the hurry?
Sacrifice at least one life, for your experiment.
My legs are trapped.
Guys... let's save him...
Don't look at me, just hurry!
Hold him...
Hold his legs
Move away...
What did you say?
Worker for 8 hours...
but a consumer for 16 hours!
I'm a pure-bred boss for the entire day!
Showing off your marketing skills to me?
Aadhi sir, what's with the injury?
Sir, what happened?
We should punish our vicious MD.
He's destroyed the samples, we toiled for!
Once I get the lab results, I'll send you all to jail.
I'll burn the entire warehouse down.
Nobody should dare to do such things in future!
We can get him arrested with this evidence.
How can we?
We must punish him
He is right
You call the police.
Call them.
Sir, I'm Aadhi from Saffron Global Consumables...
Police will be here in 10 minutes, to arrest my dad.
Bail will be ready in 20.
Have you gone mad?
What's the matter?
Nothing. We'll discuss later.
Stella sir...
-What did you say? - Actually, nothing...
Though your idea is good, please keep quiet!
Why're you hesitating to say it then?
He wants a fellow worker to take over the reins,
for the company's betterment.
Great idea.
Why did you hesitate to say it?
It sounds good to hear,
He wants me to become the CEO!
Is it so important now?
What's wrong with that?
You're well-read and thoughtful;
you care for us and the company!
what else is required?
You saved the lives of 42 people today...
You have become a demi-God for their families!
Why can't you become the CEO?
On behalf of the board of directors...
we don't have any objection towards this decision!
- Am I right? - Okay!
Union leaders are okay too!
Yes we are!
Is everybody okay?
Yes, we are
The board of directors have to agree to my terms.
Only then will I take over!
Here's my friend Arivu...
Only I know how much he struggled to make this happen.
But his dreams were shattered, right in front of him.
His dreams might be temporary;
But what I propose now is permanent!
From now on...
we'll follow the government's regulations.
Whatever profits or losses we incur;
will be borne by the company.
The board of directors should accept them.
I made them believe in me!
I'll make them believe my words too.
Won't take long!
So far, we only conned the consumers...
but from now...
I'll con the workers too.
I've seen the pain of the workers from close quarters.
They don't get paid enough...
We have to triple their salaries...
Starting from today.
As soon as they hear the word "Money"
these worker dogs...
will be wagging their tails at me.
Mr.Aadhi, we have approved your terms & conditions.
You're the CEO, for Saffron group of companies!
On top of this;
I want Arivu to whole-heartedly agree to this decision.
Arivu, convey your acceptance.
These fools...
always think others will change their lives for the better.
But what they don't know is,
only they have the power to change their lives!
Until then, I'll exploit them to the fullest!
Why wouldn't I be okay?
I want Aadhi to become our CEO.
Didn't you want to exhibit these samples to the world?
All you have remaining, are the ashes!
Go announce!
We've been working for almost a month now
Due to Arivu's efforts...
we'll soon be able to get quality products...
from these companies!
Nice to hear
We'll ask him how he managed to get this done.
People how to get this...?
- We'll talk about the detail - What happened?
So stay tuned you guys!
Good evening, Arivu Welcome to the show
Waiting for your valuable words!
You must have heard about me by now
Whatever Mrinalini said was true
I knew my company manufactured toxic products.
And also knew millions of people consumed them.
I wanted to put an end to it.
So, I made my own colleagues...
manufacture quality goods, under the boss' nose.
I wanted to bring those samples...
and prove to the world that, we could achieve this!
But I don't have those samples now.
They burned everything.
Arivu, what are you saying?
I thought they would have reached the consumers by now.
But the sample I'm gonna show isn't the product's!
The workers have given me something even bigger!
So far I've listened to my boss
But the last 2 days, I listened to you.
When I started work today,...
I was worried if I would go back to the old ways.
I didn't care about the others
But I wanted to work according to my conscience!
I did what was ethical.
I had peace of mind today.
It's all because of you Arivu.
I mixed only 5 bags
I've made mistakes knowingly
But I paid my penance the last 2 days.
I couldn't do any more wrong deeds
My heart just didn't permit it.
I could see those kids' faces.
Would I do this to my own child?
Today morning my hands shivered...
when I reached for the sixth bag.
So I set it aside.
Expiry dates are advanced by 3 days, even in today's batch.
Isn't it a printing mistake?
I knew all these people would go back to their old ways.
So I took the liberty of printing the expiry dates earlier,... it would reduce the damage.
A product that sells for a week, will only be sold for 3 days.
What if someone finds out?
Who cares? In such a vast process...
it's impossible to single me out.
Workers who were dutiful only towards their job,...
were now dutiful to the consumers!
I tested these products
It was made as per regulations.
You've done the right thing
Even you man
Even Kennedy has done a good job!
Not just these people
Each member in my company did their work ethically.
Someone told me
That people will always wait for others, to bring about a change.
But every change happens from within,...
and that's enough to bring about a revolution!
Today my team is a testimony to that.
Through marketing, I wanted to showcase this product as a sample!
But through their humanity, they showed a sample of their honesty!
Workers proved if they are change themselves
they can change everything
Super, bro
You have made us think!
We have a caller.
Hello...tell me sir
I'm Vinod, Arivu's colleague.
Tell me brother.
We thought we were all doing good, individually
You have yet again proved us that it was a collective effort.
Why are you still being anonymous?
Tell them it's Saffron.
What if it becomes a problem to you?
Why're you scared?
We've elected an employee as a CEO.
Nobody know how he will behave after becoming a boss.
We won't let it happen.
He was one of us.
We'll depose him, the same way we promoted him!
You're being too blunt on radio!
Aadhi will be listening.
Who gives a damn?
We aren't doing anything wrong.
Can you hear us?
Can you hear us loud and clear Aadhi?
It's all fine.
But we cheered for him, when he hiked our salaries.
But we no longer fear for our jobs We are not for sale!
We won't sell out for high incentives!
Superb bro!
Only our samples were destroyed
But I have their honest products with me.
We could benefit a million people today
Because a thousand workers transformed!
The millions who are listening,...
need to realize you're not just a consumer.
But basically a worker, from different walks of life!
That way we can help billions!
Your workers have achieved it
But how can this happen all over?
We can.
A politician decides our fate
But a business man decides a politician's fate!
We people are responsible for their mistakes.
Work is nothing but labor in exchange for money.
But we give something extra
It's called loyalty!
That's the root cause of these problems.
We are exploited in the guise of work...
just because of that damn loyalty!
The loyalty shown to a bad boss,...
is akin to betraying a trusting consumer.
You can even sacrifice your life for a good boss
But not to an ae!
So what's the solution?
We need to break down the concept of loyalty!
There's no need for a revolution.
All it takes is a small opposition.
My mother taught me that!
The trials in my company
Small gestures of mutiny in the other companies...
were based on this concept!
I saw the shock on my boss' face when their loyalty was shattered!
You don't have to do anything big;
Show some opposition.
If not, start gossiping.
You mean gossip?
I thought you're gonna say something great!
You want us to gossip?
10% of us are innately good.
The remaining people, pretend to be good.
Fearing the consequences.
Gossip has a special power.
We're wasting it, by talking irrelevant things.
When this multi-storied building collapsed,...
if at least one worker came forward, it would have done some good...
saying it was built reprehensibly.
People are conned to have C-sections, while a natural birth is possible.
At least one nurse could come forward with the truth.
Loyalty, my foot!
Even we are loyalty for them...
They are monitoring us with CCTVs
We should also monitor them, with gossips.
They won't error if they know they are being watched!
Nor will they make us error.
How ever it is possible, just gossip.
Think about it
You will be scared about the gossip, if your family member did this
Our bosses should have the same fear.
So far, we've beguiled people!
But from now on, let's be a whistleblower!
Let's gossip.
But business and economy will take a hit.
Let's demand boldly that people want only quality!
Let them supply for that demand!
Business will increase.
Therefore profits will increase too!
We won't have any crunches.
If you think you can do it
If you think we can bring about a change
Switch on your lights by midnight!
If you do it, it will instill fear.
And bring more confidence among our patrons!
Though there are only a few criminals they are united!
So it becomes easy for them.
But though there are many altruists we are all scattered.
Let's show them the power of our unity!
Even after this, don't be trapped inside your fear.
If you switch on your lights
They won't be able to replace us even though they fire us!
Let them search...
for darkness in today's light!
I don't know how many of you are listening
Not sure how many of you will do it.
But I wanna say one last thing
I wasn't a fool but a good worker.
It took me a month to prove,
But it'll just take a second for you.
I believe you will switch on those lights!
The most unparallel word...
is "DEED"!
Let's do it!
Bro, it's Kasthuri.
Why isn't Arivu here?
That Minalini..
Amma, her name is Mrinalini
I couldn't pronounce her name
Didn't your friends call you? why didn't you go?
You didn't even go to our terrace.
Why're you just lying down?
Dad, sit down first.
Are you tensed?
I've done my part.
I wanna be with you guys now.
"Rise up, workers!"
"Rise up, workers!"
They have set reminders to switch on their lights!
"Never cease!"
"Never fall"
"Never be..."
"Rise up now, workers!"
"Greatness, will be our work!"
"Highs and lows don't matter"
"Change your destiny, through victory!"
"Fireball of hard work"
"You are the world!"
"The breeze that flows awaits your command!"
"Never cease!"
"Never burn out!"
"Never fall!"
"Never heal"
"Never tire"
"Never lose!"
"Fight for it!"
"Rise up now, workers!"
"Greatness, will be our work!"
"Highs and lows don't matter"
"Change your destiny, through victory!"
You didn't tell me the reason that why you selected me
"Fight for it!"
"Fight for it!"
"Fight for it!"
"Fight for it!"
"There's nothing impossible on the face of earth!"
"Rise up, like a storm!"
"Not knowing our strengths; scared and subservient were we!"
"Rise up, to the top!"
"Make use of this one life"
"To impart meaning for others!"
"Workers should rewrite history"
"The hand that feeds should never starve!"
"Never cease"
"Never burn out!"
"Never fall"
"Fight for it!"
"Never heal"
"Never tire"
"Never lose!"
"Fight for it!"
Nobody errors by choice
They do it because it's success!
All we have to do, is show them; that goodness wins ultimately!
They will start doing it by choice!
This attempt is a marketing by itself!
To illustrate, that virtues can triumph!