Velaiyilla Pattadhari 2 (2017) Movie Script

'Unemployed Graduate 2'
I'm sure Vasundhara constructions
will bag this too
Who is he?
Which company?
Ma'am, he is from
Anitha Constructions
Last year he organized
a slum clearance project
It became a huge revolution
Revolution in a slum?
He assembled around 1000 unemployed
engineers and completed the project
It is a group in Facebook called VIP
He's really smart
He is now doing cost effective projects
with the same group of engineers
Engineering students look
upon him as a hero, ma'am
Why didn't anyone
tell me about him?
He's very young, ma'am
We didn't think he was
important enough
To achieve awards
Only hard work and talent count
Wherever he may be working
entice him to our company
What did you say his name was?
"Lean and mean"
"No useless scene"
So long to buy vegetables
from the next street?
Why did we buy a car?
Why stick to this rusty rattletrap?
You are always late
because of this
'Even if I bend backwards and crawl
they sing your praises all the time'
- Gawd! What's this color?
- Pink, sis-in-law
What dress sense!
Change into a suitable office wear
- Only shirt, right?
- Don't argue
'My today's quota is over'
Mine started even before yours
What are you doing?
I had my tablet
I'm drinking my coffee
Must be cat's piss by now
I'll make a fresh cup
What's so funny?
- Now do you get it?
- Get what?
How it feels if you keep yelling
at someone from morning!
- Attend to your work
- I'm going, don't fret
- As you sow, so shall you reap
- Anitha represented him instead
- Won't we like to see you get the award?
- Sure, you will
But you'll say 'Ma sentiment'
Nowadays even I can't stand
his 'Mother sentiment'
How long will you be
in her good books?
- Show it over there
- I can't
- Is this shirt okay?
- Your lunch bag
- See you
- 1 minute, wait
Can't even knot your tie properly!
Harry Potter, you're a blissful bachelor!
I need to book cooking gas
I called the agency thrice
Can you tell them
on your way back home?
Why don't you tell your husband?
But you do a good job of everything
Very good at buttering me up!
Before marriage I was the errand boy
at home, now for my neighbor too
I forgot to call the plumber!
Raghu, don't forget to call the plumb-
- My dear daughter
- He didn't stop for 1 minute
- Shalini?
- Ma?
- How are you, dear?
- I am fine, ma
-What about you?
- I'm pulling along
- How is dad?
- What does he lack?
Behaves like she is in Delhi
and daughter in Dubai
Don't you eat properly?
You've lost weight?
Harry Potter, you're a fatso dog now!
How are you?
Top of the world
with your blessings
'Wonder why she's being so nice'
- Feeling shy, sir
- Go in, Raghuvaran
I'm so embarrassed
Do you know how proud
we are of your achievement?
All due credit to
your father, ma'am
In yesterday's function...
...if you had received this
it would have been ultimate!
No, ma'am, it is only right
you should receive it
Madam, you know very well
Raghuvaran is highly sentimental
Not only that, by the time he pedals
his Moped, the award function will be over
Even the next election will be over
Don't deride my vehicle, sir
Calling it a 'vehicle' is most derisive
I am hungry
Cut the cake, baby
Hear me out calmly
Don't over react
You are building up the suspense!
You have heard of
Vasundhara Constructions
One of the biggest companies
All India #1, right?
You have been called
for a meeting by that company
Why me?
For what, sir?
No idea
It could be any reason
You've bagged the most prestigious award
May be a project
Or even a job offer
No, sir
I don't want to go
I'll work here for a while and then start
a company of my own with the VIP boys
You know my plan
I do
But if this is being handed
on a golden platter to you... will widen your horizons
You will meet more people
That will be a stepping stone
for your own start-up
You shouldn't miss
such golden opportunities
If they absorb you from here
It is a matter of great pride to us too
No, sir, I work here
What's wrong in just meeting their boss?
Whom do you want to meet?
Vasundhara madam
I have an appointment
She has called me
Called you?
Go and tell her Raghuvaran from
Anitha Constructions has come to meet her
Don't show attitude to me
If I twirl my moustache, that's it!
'This must be the office for
all the 1st bench students to gang up'
Has Worli project gone in for approval?
- No sir
- Make sure it reaches today
Your appointment order
is with my secretary
Go and collect it
My manager will
introduce you to everyone
Tomorrow he will brief you
on the projects you'll be working
Ma'am, can I sit down?
Ma'am, I didn't come here
to join your company
Courtesy demanded I should tell you
in person I'm not taking this job
When I was a nonentity
Mr Ramkumar gave me this job
I feel I should be loyal to him
Do you know what
you are rejecting?
To get a job in this company
People are ready to go any extent
- And you're rejecting it
- I know, ma'am
I've attended an interview
in your company 25 times
But I have a dream of my own
There are around 1000 engineering
graduates who believe in me
They work for me 24x7
with no strings attached
We are planning to apply for
a loan and start a company
Mr Ramkumar has offered
to help us in setting it up
If I accept this job now
all my plans will come to a standstill
Don't get me wrong, ma'am
1 minute
If you don't work here
it's no loss to my company
But if you don't work
in my company... is your loss
All the 1000 students together
After applying for a loan...
...get it sanctioned and
start your own company
To get projects in the midst
of so many competitors
Construct buildings
Be practical
How can you be
so discouraging, ma'am?
A few weeks ago, it wasn't
practical to think I'll get a job here
But today you've called me
Respecting my talent
you've offered me a job, in person
If we dream big
everything is practical
Instead of you being the boss
in your own company... be an employee
in my company a status symbol for you
Madam, instead of
being the lion's tail...
...I prefer being the cat's head
'Watch out, Amul babies'
'It's Raghuvaran back again'
'Ain't no stranger to pain'
'Hit it'
"God's creation priceless"
"A charming princess"
"So say people to me"
'You be a nobody'
"See, ray of hope; a tiny light"
"Star shine bright
Now in your eyes with delight"
"Sometimes in your eyes is a light
Hard work will reap rewards right"
"All battles you will win with might"
"Walk forward; don't balk"
"You see my swag but you know
I always walk the talk"
"Steer with your hand your own journey"
"Take control, we makin' our own destiny"
"Crush them for your cause"
"Break down the walls"
"Regain what you lost, pal"
"You got it all"
"Gathering strength from people around"
"Every stride is a tremor on the rebound"
"Every game on this arena is fair"
"A solemn oath we'll dare to declare"
"A mutiny
Will usher in a new era truly"
"The country
To forge ahead firmly"
"Raghuvara, stand on your own feet"
"I am the boss, all of you pay heed"
"Our talent will do
Hold your head high, dude"
"Co-travellers are we
Don't give up so easily"
"So what if we are educated really
Still prince turned paupers in our society"
"Let us be born in an avatar new"
"We'll make a deep impact, dude"
"Let our gait show off an attitude"
"No one can question us, dude"
"Let us laugh and make merry heartily"
"Let's have fun and be super-silly"
"Let us work 24x7x366, guys"
"We won't keep quiet, we realize"
"Gear up, be forthright
Get up; stand up for your right"
"Rise and shine bright
Like the sun bring the light"
"Go all out, no respite
No, no, don't give up the fight"
"To win, move with insight"
"Charge and comp(l)ete
This world is at your feet"
"With purpose pursue
The rewards belong to you"
"Fight with might
It's your right"
"To win, forge with foresight"
"Amul baby, money make a lot of enemies"
"You overcome tragedy with opportunities"
"Let our nation be free
of rebels good for nothing"
"Lean and mean
No pointless scene"
'Lean and mean'
'No surplus scene'
"This ill-mannered heart so insolent
To no one will it listen"
[song from 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani')
Sir, I've stopped
Get down
I don't see any difference
I've dropped you at the doorstep
Please go to your house
You stop in front of your house
and ask me to go to my house?
Yes, sir, my house is here in Andheri
Your house is close by in Vashi
Just keep walking!
You brought me
only by walk till now
What is this, my boy?
Distance from Andheri
to Vashi is 30 km
You know my father got this for me
when I stood 1st in 7th grade?
How can I walk all the way-
Scoot now
Leave, baby
Off you go
Fine, I'll go
This is why you shouldn't
ride pillion with a drunkard, baby
I cut our friendship
"You are an awesome chick
looking ever so chic"
[song from 'Mohra']
'Where are you?'
Won't you let me sleep in peace?
Get down
- I might as well finish it
- Climb down
- What is this stink?
- Didn't you shower?
Are you drunk?
Don't raise your voice
You'll wake up your wife
If I was hell bent on marrying her
why didn't your brain object?
Why won't you ask me?!
That's missing from when you were a kid
Aren't you eating properly?
You've lost a lot of weight
Look who's talking!
Moron, I'm helping you in
as quietly as I can
Why did you turn on the light?
- What...?
- Am I drunk or are you?
I'm right here beside you
How can I turn on the light?
- You didn't, huh?
- Aren't you ashamed?
Where are you going?
If he's drunk...
...on the sly you are
tucking him into bed!
No need to slap him
but can't you scold him?
You're letting your tongue run
How dare you insult my dad!
Son, don't stop her or else
you'll feel terrible in the morning
Let go, dad
Please let go of me
Leave me, let go of me, pa
Don't hold me, let go
- Papa, why did you let go?
- Didn't you ask me to?
Why let go to make me fall?
You think you can bully us
in our house?
Stick to your house then
- I'm going to my mom's place
- Why get upset, dear?
Why are you so naive, pa?
I've been hearing this for a year now
You keep threatening us
with this dialog
Did you go even once?
Why give us high hopes?
She's right next door
You can jump that wall and go
- Raghu, shut up
- Why not?
You'll regret it a lot
Didn't I say so too?
You'll feel bad
Dad, I'm feeling terrible
all through my life
Your mother has spoilt you rotten
If she had raised you well,
will I be in this mess?
What happened?
Did you hear what she said?
Look how this girl
is lashing out at you
Did you leave us to avoid hearing
these heartless words?
If only you had been alive, will I be
forced to listen to such words?
Your mother has asked you
even worse questions than this
When you had no job,
you drank, okay
Now you've got a decent job
What is your problem now?
I'm married now
Who else would you
have got as your wife?
I married you when you
were totally jobless
Calling me jobless, eh?
What a silly song this is?
You are married, you are neither
single nor young! Go to bed
You pamper him too much
I'll break all your teeth
I won't even bother you're a dentist!
You think I'll pee in my pants
if you stare daggers at me
Karthik, don't ever get married
Remember not to get married
Don't take it to heart, dear
'Don't get married
Shut the door at once'
Did I say all that?
Was I so bold?
Don't go anywhere near home
Dad went to the Humor club
before your wife woke up
He asked you to meet him there
Dad, this jasmine is
your blessed idea!
If this doesn't work out-
[clears throat]
[clears throat even louder]
Do you know why I'm late?
No, you've come on time
Do you know why
I've come on time late?
I bought these flowers
just for you
For me?
For the 1st time, why have you
bought flowers for me? was dad's idea-
Why did you buy flowers
for no reason today?
For your hair
- What mischief were you up to?
- Nothing of that sort
If you haven't done anything wrong
why did you get me jasmine?
That means...that means-
- What?
- That means
Tell me
Some other girl has got into your-
I've been cheated
What will I do now?
Don't ask anyone
'It was his bright idea!'
- Where are you going?
- Inside
Cyclone has hit the base!
We'll come back later
- I swear I did nothing
- Let go of me
Who else will see my face
other than you, dear?
Your logic is right
- But what did you do?
- Nothing
'Don't believe him, Shalini'
Blow now
- Hey! I'm not drunk
Then why worry?
Go on, blow
I can smell liquor
I didn't drink at all
How can you smell it?
- But I can
- I swear, I haven't
- You are drunk
- Oh! God
- I can smell booze
- Dad, what will I do?
All because of this blessed jasmine
Madam, in the hospital plan
of Chettiyar's Medical college-
- Haven't you sent it as yet?
- Yes, we have
We've sent our quotation
but he wants to meet us
He's asking us to
explain in person
Why...? Wasn't your
presentation clear enough?
It was crystal clear and
we explained to them also
But he's an old timer
and not educated
His business dealings
are always like this
Whoever it is, he has to
meet them face to face
I can't meet him
This is a 6 billion project
Only if you come we can clinch it
If Vasundhara Constructions is involved...
...then it's a tough call
We are unlikely to get it
Whether we get it or not, sir...
...let's do our best and leave
the rest to God, come along
- Why are they here?
- Don't know, ma'am
Why has Chettiyar scheduled
2 appointments at the same time?
Madam, I'm Raghuvaran
Do you remember m-
Sir, why did she say
'shut up' to you?
I asked her to translate
'keep quiet' in English
And she said 'shut up' promptly
- You could have done better, baby
- Forget it, ba-by
Can you explain
your design please?
Can we have privacy?
Then you could've met him at home
Why come with all these men here?
Why do we need privacy?
Go ahead, explain
But make it simple, that will do
Raghuvaran, is a war
about to start now?
- Did you get it?
- Very well
Baby, you think she rented a room
and rehearsed it 1 whole day?
I am sure!
You could explain your design too
Sir, the most important reason
to build a hospital is... should be close to
an accident prone area
Our land is right there
and that's no problem
I prefer sunlight entering
the building straight away
Rays have a natural healing power
And the 'vastu' also matches, 100%
I've checked all that, sir
This is the hospital's entrance
We have raised it to prevent
a deluge in the rainy season
- I understand
- I'm sure you do
Separate entrance
and exit for ambulance
Open area ensures ventilation
[song from 'Seeta Aur Geeta']
That's a gem of a song
"Take me along with you
To glide like this day and night too"
"Waltz along with me serenely
Let's clasp our hands in harmony"
What a composition!
"Take me along with you
To slide like this day and night too"
Pharmacy will be built
in this particular area
Rest of the plan is
as per your suggestion, sir
There are many technical details
I don't want to bore you with all that
When it comes to design
yours is much better
Your company has
a good reputation too
No big difference in budget either
I should give the project to you
Then we'll take leave, sir
Please wait, my dear boy
'Mr Raj Mohan, when shall
we inspect the site?'
'Not tomorrow
We'll go next Thursday'
You and I presented similar plans
The difference is
I said it with humility
You said it with temerity
Content was same
Only the tone differed
If it was just me, it's okay
He's senior to us
in age and experience
You're addressing him as 'idiot'?
You are born with a golden spoon
Give respect and take respect
Madam, even if you are
a shining star in the sky... need to be grounded as well
Dude, awesome
This is our biggest project
after slum clearance
Raghuvaran, everyone is having fun
Why are you sitting here alone?
Is everything okay?
Everything is okay, sir
But I have no clue
how to deal with my wife
Even ISRO scientists are clueless
about that technique, baby
Look over there
50% of them are married
But why are they still sticking
around here and boozing?
I rest my case!
Case closed?
My father wants me
to accept her as she is, sir
Your father is a veteran
Whatever he advises
will be 100% right
Just toe the line
What should I do now, sir?
Usually how will you
tackle such situations?
"My heart is on fire
It cries in despair"
"Unable to control the pain any longer"
"Whatever I've heard, learnt or realized"
"A learning lesson to be utilized"
Raghuvaran, if you sing like this
the boys will go out for a fag
Sing a peppy song
Come on, sir, do I have to sing
a lament song also in a peppy mood?
Fine then
"Same song I am singing"
"In a loud voice ringing"
"Tho' I try buddy,
it's simply off-key"
"I am walking on the edge of a dagger"
"With my life at stake,
who will be my savior?"
"I've lost faith totally
On my life regrettably"
"My heart is on fire
It cries in despair"
"Unable to control the pain any longer"
"Whatever I've heard, learnt or realized
A learning lesson to be utilized"
"Would you get married ever?
No, my brother, never"
"It is a bond of treachery
Remember it's just trickery"
"Bid goodbye to joys, thanks to your wife
She'll make sure you have a lousy life"
"Nothing seems good enough for her"
"I am clueless, her thoughts are ablur"
"I did nothing wrong in word or deed"
"People point to me as odd one out indeed"
"Clutch it tight, liquor may spill over
If your wife sees, end of your chapter"
"Zip your lips tight
Just be absolutely quiet"
"If she lands up here suddenly
you'll be dead meat surely"
"Before the wedding, the ever-docile bride"
"After marriage she showed her shrew-side"
"Romance seems to be a distant dream
Marriage got me trapped in this extreme"
"Trapped in a nightmare
No escape hatch to spare"
"Same song I am singing"
"In a loud voice ringing"
"Tho' I try buddy,
it's simply off-key"
"I am walking on the edge of a dagger"
"With my life at stake,
who will be my protector?"
"I've lost faith totally
On my life regrettably"
"My heart is on fire
It cries in despair"
"Unable to control the pain any longer"
"Whatever I've heard, learnt or realized
A learning lesson to be utilized"
"Would you get married ever?
No, my brother, never"
"It is a bond of treachery
Remember it's just trickery"
"Bid goodbye to joys, thanks to your wife
She'll make sure you have a lousy life"
"One look at wifey
Her face is so scary"
"She'll give witches many
a run for their money"
"A procession of memories now emerging"
"At the doorstep of my heart, o' surging"
"An oboe of dreams calls out true
to the days of the past de javu"
We've reached
your place, get down
- I got down long ago
- You did, right?
Then go in and sleep tight
That's my house
You go to yours
Where is my house?
Where is my house?
Tell me...tell me right now
You are drunk
like a skunk and-
You think I'm drunk?
You mean to say
you drank milk?
- Mocking me?
- Don't do this
Don't create a ruckus here
Go home now
- Ruckus?
- Then what?
I will bring the sky down!
What will you do about it?
Sir, you're being rude
if you insult me
I'll also insult you
and I'll cross respectful limit
- Will you dare?
- Yes
Go ahead and insult me, go on
Call me 'tutadak' at the end
of every word, go on
I'm waiting
Why are you quiet now?
I can't go against my conscience
Whatever, we'll discuss it in the morning
- You go home
- How can I go from here?
Here, take my 'sweetheart' and go
Go on, sir
My sweety pie
My honey bunch
Here you go, sir
She is too close to you
I will not take her with me
"All the beautiful ladies, beware"
"Look, I am here"
Drunk again, huh?
He's dead meat today!
"I am the friend and enemy
of a beautiful body"
'Go...go and make
Harry Potter listen to it'
"Beware, dear damsels everywhere"
Are you drunk again?
Yes, of course
1 minute
- What are you looking for?
- Your helpline
- What is it?
- Bubble gum
- Why?
- To cover the booze smell
- Oh great
- Your wife will come, quick
- Where is she?
- Inside
She is inside?
- There or here?
- In that room
'If she asks for me
tell her I'm not at home'
- Can you smell booze?
- Yes
- Even now
- Why do I still smell?
I refused but he insisted
He mixed cool drink in my booze, I mean
booze in cool drink
And forced me
- Turning the tables on me?
- 100% truth
You shouldn't drink till
this sacred thread is on your wrist
'Raghuvaran, there appears to be a problem'
'Let's go check, sir'
- Manick, what's happening?
- Some kind of protest
- Some issue with outsiders
- Madam, please wait here
- Who are they, Manick?
- Don't know
What is your problem?
What are you doing?
This is a deliberate ploy, madam
Take your hands off
- Don't interrupt
- Stand aside and talk
- Move away, I say
- What's happening?
Raghu, what's happening here?
Who are all of you?
Why are you creating a problem?
Get lost!
You'll show off
you're a macho, scumbag!
If you stay a minute longer
I'll call the police
We will call the police
Take a look!
Stop staring at me
First take a look at this
How can this be true?
Chettiyar gave us the project
How can he give you
the confirmation letter?
Call Minister Madanmohan
How is it possible?
How can I interfere in
the assigning of projects?
Do you accept 500 million to 1000 million
for your election expenses to refuse me?
I feel we should maintain
a good understanding, sir
You decide if you want
my support or not
Wait, why get tense unnecessarily?
You want that company's project, that's all
I'll handle it for you
Govt land?
My ancestors owned it
But your ancestral property can
change into Govt land tomorrow
I have the power to do so, right?
Are you threatening me?
I won't keep quiet
I'll file a legal suit
Walk up and down the steps
of the High Court for 20 years
Chettiyar, be sensible,
am I referring an amateur firm?
It's the biggest company in India
Give it the firm
that's well equipped
Instead how absurd!
You want to go to court
You shouldn't have had the gall
to advise me, Raghuvaran
Corporate world is another
ball game altogether
Now I realize how you became
the #1 company in India
Taking crooked shortcuts
and backstabbing, huh?
I got this #1 position through
sheer hard work and skill
Is this a sample of
your hard work and skill?
You've become the joke
Because of this temerity of yours
this project slipped out of your hands
You're merely an engineer
in a small company
Earning 4 to 5 digits
Just a pittance
If you can show off such temerity...!
I lost my parents
when I was barely 12
I had to chase away
my greedy relatives
And save my family legacy
As a young, naive girl
I had to take over the reins... make it the #1 company
in the whole of India
To stand on my own feet alone
as a woman, imagine my temerity?
I respect your talent
and achievements
But even after you have
reached this level... see you stoop so low and beat
a small company like ours out of the race
...I am amused
Whatever name & fame
you have earned loses its meaning
If you had requested me
I would have relented
You'll hand over, huh?
Who are you?
Do you know whom
you are talking to?
I would have spared you
with just this project
Now I won't show mercy
The job in my company
you refused arrogantly...
...if I don't ensure you accept it
with folded hands-
The 7 minutes grace time
I had kept aside for you over
- What's the matter?
- Don't know, Raghu
- Raghu
- Sir, what's this?
From yesterday, 3 companies
have cancelled their projects with us
- How can they do that?
- Don't know Raghuvaran
They are so tight lipped
I'm really puzzled if it is because of
the Chettiyar project getting cancelled?
Raghuvaran, we have full liberty
to go back on our decision
Sir, we don't deny that
We just want to know the reason
What did you quote?
800 million
Same project with a better design
Vasundhara Constructions
has quoted 500 million
It is impossible to do it
within that budget, sir
Why would they quote
if it is impossible?
We can only assign this contract
to the one who quotes less
Don't get us wrong
Ma'am, regarding the Panvel project...
...we have never handled
such small assignments
In addition, you have
quoted 300 million less
We might have to bear
that deficit, ma'am
These numbers are irrelevant
We can tide over
these minor losses easily
I am compensating profit-wise
with other major projects
Don't question any of my moves
for the next few weeks
Whatever project I name
just take over without a murmur
It isn't under my control
My hands are tied
Try to understand, Mr Raghuvaran
If such a big company quotes
so low, they'll get the project
No doubt Mr Ramkumar
is a good man
But what can we do?
Yes, Mr Ramkumar
Your company is
very well established
Why are you taking over
small projects that come our way?
You've even acquired
Chettiyar's project
Why are you targeting us?
Your company isn't my target
Only Raghuvaran
You have 2 options
Either ask him to work in my company
as my employee subserviently
Or you dismiss him
I won't step into your space
You'll get back all the projects
you lost automatically
Both are impossible
[inhaling a deep breath]
'What is it, son?'
Why are you staring blankly?
I am only your imagination
Tell me
I'll spank you
Out with it
Listen, ma
I don't know what to do, ma
Too many good people
are suffering because of me
I feel terrible, ma
Did you do anything wrong?
No, ma
Did you want to harm anyone?
No, ma
Then be bold and do what
your mind thinks is right
What is right, ma?
You know what is right
'That which, as a chandelier
the wind protects however'
'How can this flame be snuffed
For it glows with the will of God'
What is it, Raghuvaran?
Sir...I...I want to resign, sir
Why are you saying this
all of a sudden?
Vasundhara's problem is with me
Not with Anitha Constructions
Our company has already
suffered losses
This can't go on, sir
Raghuvaran, we can tackle it
You've already gone
out of your way, sir
It is only right
I should resign, sir
Listen to me
You don't have to resign
You definitely should not leave
I don't know what else to do either
One day I'll definitely
come back to you
Ma'am, Raghuvaran has been dismissed
from Anitha Constructions
'Ma'am, Mr Raghuvaran
is here to meet you'
They fired you, huh?
Didn't I tell you the other day?
That you will definitely
come back here
I have forgiven you
Join duty tomorrow
I was the one
who resigned the job
No one fired me, nor did I
come here asking you for a job
I had a lot to lose till yesterday
Projects, a company's progress,
a good man's peace of mind
But I have nothing to lose today
Your enmity is with me
Not Anitha Constructions
Hereafter whatever hassle
fight me face to face
Who the hell are you?
Why should I clash
swords with you?
What is left with you now
when you have lost everything
Today you don't even have
an identity of your own
I have a permanent
identity of my own
Unemployed Important Person
Unemployed Important Person
I am jobless but nevertheless a V.I.P
Even if I am minus a job
my contentment will be a soooper plus
You can only buy
our projects and our jobs
My happiness is not for sale
You can never buy it
For you...
The 2 minutes I had
set aside for you is over
Shall I see you, Vasu?
Wake up, Raghu
How can you sleep
till 9'o clock? Get up
How can you loll in bed like this?
Attend to your work
'My name is Raghuvaran'
'I am an unemployed
graduate once more'
[song from 'Aasha']
Don't waste time
Throw the ball fast
What will you preach now?
My classmates are working
I'm still playing around, right?
I didn't say a word
Go ahead, play
On Sundays I'm the one who has to go
to the butcher, whether I work or not
Some chores are constant!
At least then, a girl from upstairs
was watching me but now-
Raghu, please buy some meat
for our house too
Your credentials are very good
But the company you worked for
had incurred huge loss because of you
[humming loudly]
"Life is a wonderful journey"
"No one is aware of his or her destiny"
[song from 'Andaz']
"For all of us one day
death is inevitable anyway"
"The soul will depart one fine day"
The moment I see you
poetry rattles off my tongue
How are you?
Top of your world, huh?
Couldn't find any job so have you
started home delivery of vegetables?
Yes, madam
I am yet to find a job
But if I go home, I have someone
to dish out a tasty meal for me
After eating to my stomach's content
I just sleep without any worries
You must experience the joy
of a siesta after lunch to enjoy it!
Beyond words, madam
Then I'll wake up late in the evening
I'll just sit quiet and
while away my time
After that I spend time
with my VIP friends
Madam, being jobless
is a special talent by itself
Not everyone can excel
But you can't be like that, right?
You must go straight to work
and then think what to do next
Then you must plan
what projects to buy
Chart out schemes
to grab others' projects
Then mull over how to spoil
innocent lives like mine
Very tough indeed!
Can you ever be at peace, madam?
My route is clear, ma'am
No cash in my wallet
No burden in my heart as well
Shall I take leave, Vasu?
However heavy his burden
does his temerity lessen?
Unemployed idiotic person
'Bring it on'
'Game on'
"Maintain your distance from me"
"You can't compete with me
You're a straw, I'm a gale stormy"
"Don't try to show off with me"
"I'll displace you in a jiffy"
"My middle name is 'Gutsy'
Love is embedded in me"
"From my heart, honestly
Listen to this too earnestly"
"I shower mercy on those who trust me
To forgive readily is my life's remedy"
"With a sweep of my palm deftly
pain vanishes promptly"
"I wasn't born yesterday, believe me
I have my own dignity you see"
"Honesty hands strength to me
Paves the way to cross hurdles boldly"
"I trust no one, seriously
I live on my own terms obviously"
"I can reach the moon if need be
I can even bring it back with me"
"My life has been a struggle endlessly"
"Setbacks are my buddies ceaselessly"
"I am not a flower delicate or dainty"
"One huff from me effortlessly
will move a mountain easily"
"I am here already
You're full of temerity"
"I am here steady
Poison in my heart ready"
"Bring it on
Who are you, pawn?"
"Make your move, moron
Game on"
'Bring it on'
'Game on'
Where is it?
I forgot, dear
I'm anyway jobless
I'll go buy it
This same stare seemed like
a loving glance once upon a time!
Please come
Sir, please come
Shalu, please move all this aside
Now I play the husband
And you're the dutiful wife
Raghuvaran, you aren't
dropping by at the office these days?
At least you can
come to meet us, right?
Raj Mohan sir misses you a lot
No, I'm just whiling-
Yes, baby, who'll pay
the dues at our tea shop?
How long will you be like this?
Can't you at least try for some other job?
I'm unable to find the right job
even though I've been on the look out
I don't know from where
enemies target me all the time?
I mind my own business
Listen, Raghu, when a horde
of people are chasing you... means you are
far ahead of them
Actually this is the true sign
of one's real progress
'Enemies will come and go'
Life is measured by friends
And progress by enemies!
Sir, awesome quotable quote
This can be written even behind autos
Isn't this your dream?
To start your own construction firm
with the unemployed graduates?
Make an effort to fulfill
your goal, apply for a loan
Our boss will also help you
When I don't know what to do next,
drowned in darkness... such moments
my mother guides me
'Started his favorite
mother-sentiment topic'
- Let's leave, madam
- Why are you also leaving?
- Bro, my glass
- I swear she's hawk eyed!
I would like to help you
Then do so at once
Sir, please be quiet
But how can I trust you
and sanction your loan?
You aren't even eligible for
1/2 the amount you've applied for
Don't lose hope, Raghuvaran
Is this the only bank we know?
'Not possible with this kind of profile'
'Can't sanction a loan for you, sir'
I've spoken to our friends
They have volunteered to
invest their personal funds
Let's pool in money
and start this company
We won't even get 20% of
the amount needed for a start-up
Even if we decide to do this
how can everyone afford it?
By mortgaging your house,
pledging your jewelry, vehicle?
I don't have the guts to
shoulder such a responsibility
Hey! Clear out now
Go, I say
You're acting over smart
- Okay, go
- Sit...sit
Get lost!
- How are you?
- Doing good
Raghuvaran, I have 1.3 million with me
My savings
Least I can do from my end
- Sorry, I misjudged you
- Move aside
All yours
I can't accept it, sir
How many years of
sweat and toil in this, sir
I can't sponge on you
Your wife might take it amiss
If I take this back home,
she'll be upset
- My name is Balaji
- Tell me
I went to your house looking for you
I was told you'll be here
Oh! Is it?
Vacate that seat
- Never mind
- Please sit down
I was in Delhi, when you were
awarded the 'Engineer of the year'
We wanted to hire you
in my dad's company
But we heard you even turned down
an offer by Vasundhara Constructions
'I know you're now trying
to start your own company'
I would very much like
to collaborate with you
We are clueless about our next move
How will this work for you?
Unlike us, you have
your dad's financial support
I didn't want to be
under my father's shadow
That's why I've saved 5 million
If you bring in the same amount
that will be your investment
I'm sitting here in
a tea stall with 10 others
How can I invest
that kind of money?
That's okay
I can be the sole investor
If you can give
a collateral or a guarantee
'Banks also ask for a collateral'
'We will be registering
the company in both our names'
'I need some kind of
investment from your side'
Put that damn cigarette down
What is your problem now?
Ma, we are starting
a new company, right?
My partner wants
some property as collateral
We only have our home
So what now?
You don't understand
You've lived in this house happily
You are still living here
Raghu, the house I lived in
or I am still living
Not our home
'In your heart'
Off you go
Why waste time thinking?
When your brother's job
required a deposit...
...didn't I take voluntary
retirement for his sake?
I think of this as my duty too
I know you'll succeed
and redeem the house
Plan your next step, son
'How can I handle
such a huge responsibility?'
'He is so casual about it'
Aren't you feeling well, dear?
I'm fine, why?
You will be bringing
the roof down all the time
Suddenly you're so quiet
I got scared
That's why I was wondering
till you get a new job...
...we must run the house
with only Karthik's salary
I'll start my clinic again
No need, we'll manage
How will you manage?
Tell me
Did I study dentistry to be
stuck with household chores?
I'm also bored
I'll start my practice again
Won't you clean your glasses?
Full of finger prints
I just can't understand you
When I was having a proper job
you kept deriding me
Now I'm jobless and
you're showering concern
I fell in love with that idle,
unemployed Raghuvaran
I love only that Raghuvaran a lot
"God gifted you specially
as a godsend to me"
"As my feet take flight fancifully
like a rhythm of dance sprightly"
"God gifted you specially
as a godsend to me"
"As my feet take flight fancifully
like a rhythm of dance sprightly"
"Your attitude and ability
enthrall me in totality"
"Our hearts beat in tandem
Can never separate them"
"Eyelids of these eyes say
You are mine come what may"
"No more dark days
thanks to the sun's rays"
"As a boon you came to me
It's will of God surely"
"Blessed is my life's destiny"
"You were once only a desire so selfish"
"Now you're my beloved hope to cherish"
"Without you, my lass
not a day can pass"
"Nor a single night can I last"
"Without you, not a flower will blossom"
"Without you, even spring won't be welcome"
"My path forks hitherto
into a destination new"
"I obsess about you to heights of insanity"
"Yet you bring me tranquility"
"I want you beside me for eternity"
"God gifted you specially
as a godsend to me"
"God gifted you specially
as a godsend to me"
"As my feet take flight fancifully
like a rhythm of dance sprightly"
"Your attitude and ability
enthrall me in totality"
"Our hearts beat in tandem
Can never separate them"
"Eyelids of these eyes say
You are mine come what may"
"No more dark days
thanks to the sun's rays"
"As a boon you came to me
It's will of God surely"
"Blessed is my life's destiny"
"You were once only a desire so selfish"
"Now you're my beloved hope to cherish"
'How can you get upset so soon?'
It's been only few days
since we started our company
We'll get projects
Be patient
He may have procured a license
But how will he get projects?
Hit it, only 1 run
If you hit here, he'll get out
Walk out now
[indistinct chatter]
'Is it VIP constructions?'
Yes, this is VIP constructions
'My name is Prakash'
'I want to meet you
regarding a project'
'I'll send you the address
Can you please come at once?'
Sure, sir, I'll be there immediately
I own 50 acres of land
I want to build a Theme park
for kids to enjoy their holidays
I know you did
this Slum Clearance project
I also know you've started
your own company
This will be your 1st project
Just to prove a point, I know you'll be
totally dedicated and do a good job
I have immense faith in you
Bro, emotional?
As usual you'll say
'Clear out' huh?
Fine, I'll go
Love you, bro
"Crush them for your cause"
"Regain all your loss"
"Gathering strength from people around"
"Every stride is a tremor on the rebound"
"Every game on this arena is fair"
"A solemn oath we'll dare to declare"
Stop, men are working here
Take a detour
We can take the other route, sir
'Didn't know this route to our site?'
Bro, how far is this lake from our site?
Around 2 km
- 2 km...?
- Yes, sir
Why didn't anyone
report this to me?
We knew about this route
only now, Raghuvaran
Is this MMRDA's updated plan?
'Yes, tell me'
'I am at the site now'
'Where are you, bro?'
[phone conversation]
Do a soil test immediately
We've given the soil test report
and got the approval already
Focus on the job to be done
Okay, bro
'Tell me'
Sir, soil test has to be done
'That land doesn't come under
the open space recreational area'
'On the contrary,
it's in the disaster zone!'
'If the sluice gate
is opened in heavy rains...'
'...this area will be
1st to get flooded'
'If we still go ahead
and build on marshland...'
'...budget will increase 10 times'
'Even then Theme park is risky, Raghu'
'Not taking all this into account
we've quoted a normal budget'
We shouldn't go ahead
with this project
I know you were very excited
But I can't go against my conscience
Your decision is right, Raghu
We didn't follow you to become
an industrialist overnight
Or to make millions
You just mentioned the word
That's the key word
Still because of me
the 1st project-
You don't have to
explain to this extent
We believe whatever
you do will be right
Not only that, all these youngsters
will only support you
He called himself
a youngster conveniently
I don't need an excuse to call myself
a youngster, I am like that from birth!
What lousy timing to joke!
I'm worried about
our company's future
You're all working without
a salary, so we are managing
You were our anchor
when we were vegetating
'Don't feel bad, Raghu
We'll take care'
'I know'
All the test reports are
only duplicate certificates
We greased everyone's palms
'Is it something unheard of?'
'You tell me'
I know it's common, sir
'Listen, who is the boss
in your company?'
'You or is it Raghuvaran?'
'Who is the decision maker?'
He may not be aware of
the value of this huge project
But your dad is a business magnate
'Won't you be aware?'
Listen, Balaji
Raghuvaran needs you
but you don't need him at all
Fire him, take up this project
and carve a niche for yourself
I'll take care of everything
Instead of backstabbing like this
I would rather carve my niche later!
We don't need this project
"You have the heart and integrity-"
'Raghu, Prakash has given
the project we dropped...'
' Vasundhara Constructions'
'I heard they are starting work at once'
- What are you saying?
- 'Confirmed news, bro'
This will lead to trouble
Prakash gave us
only fake documents
I wonder if she is aware of this
Do something about it
Is he here?
Tell him I have absolutely
no interest in meeting him
I must tell her
something very important
She refused to meet you, leave now
As per the MMRDA updated map
this land is in a flood prone area, sir
How did they get an approval then?
If you have fake documents
anything can be done, right?
I have the soil test report
Give it
This involves many lives
Stop this project
Or else your head will roll
How was this approved
without my consent?
Prakash, what is this?
I trusted you and signed
all the documents
He has tested the soil
and has all the documents
Break his limbs or whatever
and grab those reports
Which century are you in?
Who knows how many copies,
how many people... many mobiles
and computers have it?
All that is too risky
Grease his palm generously
like you did mine and seal it
'Okay, I'll take care'
As of now the project
is with Vasundhara
She is not aware of this
'I bribed one of her employees
who came up with the perfect plan'
Since his project went
to Vasundhara Constructions...
...those engineers are
totally frustrated
This monkey will benefit
from the 2 cats fighting
It's in your hands to ensure
I don't get into trouble
I'll take care of all that
Is there a problem between
Raghuvaran and you?
He isn't that big a fish
to compete with me
Who is he?
Then why is he creating problems?
He was the one who opted out
He has no problem
with this project
You are handling this project
and that is his problem
It's no big deal greasing
that officer's palm
How are you, bro?
What is bothering you?
Speak up freely
Ask me whatever you want should be happy
I should also be happy
I'll pay you 5 million
Handover the test results and
all related documents
Develop your company
with this money
Who is this Balaji?
How can Balaji decide
instead of you?
I'll help you get rid of him
You can be the solo boss
of your company
You can help me
with my project
What do you say?
One who enjoys hospitality of
another, will never be ungrateful
I shall never forget those who
helped me in my times of need
I came here to inform Vasundhara
and ask her to drop this project
She knows everything
Go, if you have
time to waste
Okay, try meeting Vasundhara
You will learn
only when you fall
Did you check the Theme park designs?
Tell me, Mr Raghuvaran
I need to see Vasundhara ma'am
Ma'am is busy
You can't meet her now
It's an urgent matter
I need to tell her
something important
She said 'Can I meet all the beggars
and vagabonds who land at my doorstep?'
Please go or else I may be
forced to call our security
Beggar-boss of
VIP constructions
My project won't stop
because of you!
Actually I am a bad boy
Cuss words come easy to me
You can't even handle that
Listen to me
Till I am around, you can't erect
a single stone in your Theme Park
If you really dare to,
then try your luck
Why hasn't the work started?
Look for yourself
'Watch out, Amul babies'
'It's Raghuvaran back again'
'Ain't no stranger to pain'
"Gathering strength from people around"
"Every stride is a tremor on the rebound"
"Every game on this arena is fair"
Why are they sitting here?
Don't know ma'am, but they refuse
to budge till we drop this project
Call the cops
Who is that 'hot' figure?
She's yelling her throat hoarse
Not just 'hot'
She is burning coal!
She is Vasundhara
'She is 'the' Vasundhara, huh?'
If such a chic chick wheels and deals... will we get any project in hand?
Every single project
will only go her way
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
I think...instead of working
as an engineer here...
...I wouldn't mind working
as a peon there
You're also pretty!
With whose permission are they
protesting here on a private property?
Ask them to clear out
What's this? Do you know
this is a private property?
Will you leave quietly
or want to be bashed up?
Did you think we are rowdies
sitting here to create a ruckus?
All of us are Engineering graduates, sir
- Try laying a finger on us?
- Shall we post his photo in Facebook?
Hello, everybody
Take snaps of him
[voices in unison protesting]
Sir, please listen to me
I have all the proof to show why
a Theme Park can't be built on this land
I don't know how a reputed company
like Vasundhara Constructions...
...can start this project
without proper research?
Till this project is dropped
we won't leave this place
Did you have an idle chitchat with them?
Beat them up
Madam, they are graduates
How can we act rash-
Do you intend standing here
and gawking at them?
'I got up on the wrong side of the bed'
Ma'am, the media will hound you
'Your reputation is at stake
Please leave, ma'am'
What are you doing here, Ganesh?
We are protesting
for a just cause
Is that so?
1 minute
He is known to me
Take a close-up snap of him
18 months ago you protested
for a 'slum clearance' project
It became a serious riot
Looks like fresh problems
are cropping up now
Do you go in search of problems?
Or do problems follow you?
This land is 2 km within
the perimeter of a lake
Such a big structure shouldn't
be built in marshland
This land is unsuitable
for building a Theme Park
But one Mr Prakash
is hell bent on doing so
Imagine how many children
and how many lives are at stake
We can ignore this and
mind our own business
But if something untoward happens here
and we watch it on any News channel
...each and every engineer here
will die of sheer guilt
That's why we are protesting
You don't have to believe me
You find out the facts and
inform the general public
These are copies of my research
Distribute these-
You are doing this
to gain publicity
Some people say
you're doing this for publicity
Those 'some people' would have
said so for their own publicity, sir
By suspecting even the good deeds...
...this world is moving
towards a negative space
This is the 1st project
of VIP Constructions
We could've easily accepted this
...made our money and
gone our sweet way happily
But we did not get tempted
We are protesting
regarding that same project
You decide what's good or bad
and what should be believed or not
They are refusing to budge, sir
We are scared to use violence
as they are all educated
'I am pressurized thanks to
Vasundhara using her clout'
'They are occupying private property
Clear them at once'
- Is juice allowed during 'fast'?
- Did I say we were fasting?
- Ask them to eat
- Okay
- Yes, sir
- Your time is up
I can't wait any longer
You sound like Amitabh Bachchan
in the KBC game show
If you don't leave now, we will be
forced to resort to 'lathi' charge
Do you have proof
not to build here?
Yes, sir
Then file a case in the court
Get a stay order legally
File a case?
Get a stay order!
They will take adjournments
one after another
Months will roll into years
You'll retire and your grandpa
will reach Heaven-
Why are you suggesting all that?
You should take immediate action, sir
Listen carefully
We will be forced to arrest you
because you're refusing to leave
Take all of them into the van
They are just doing their duty
Our fight isn't with the police
Let's go, sir
- Champakali
- 'Where are you, dear?'
I am now the guest of the Govt
- 'What does that mean?'
- I'm a hero from today
- Who is on the line?
- My wife, sir
1st time I'm coming across a man
talking to his wife in a riot
A married man won't worry
about any rioting, sir
Because both are 4 letter words
Riot is wife, wife is riot
'You talk too much
Get in first'
'This land is 2 km within
the perimeter of a lake'
'Such a big structure shouldn't
be built on marshland'
'This land is unsuitable
for building a Theme Park'
Is the land for the proposed
Theme Park within 2 km of the lake?
Yes, ma'am
If our boys leave the premises
they will start the work, Raghu
We came here only to create
a public awareness of this problem
We have achieved that
The people will take over now
- Isn't this Raghuvaran of VIP group?
- Yes, bro
Come here, all of you
Take a look at this video
'This is Raghuvaran, man'
This seems to be a new problem
Soil test report
We are fighting for justice
'Raghuvaran is right'
'We will support him'
All these students
are against construction
They are so fluent in English
Can't understand one bit
In my lifetime, like these cops
in English movies...
...I am yet to see a fit cop
going to the gym, with a 6 pack
Shut up, moron
You are the last person
to talk of 6 packs
A girl fancies me a lot
A girl fell for you?
Spin a story
I can believe
Now listen to him too, sir
Not just 1, girls make
a beeline to me
Please take them
from here right away
They turned my station
into a boys' hostel but-
It was fun
They are good boys, sir
Illegal permission for children's
Theme park granted
That officer should be suspended
He is Raghuvaran of
Slum Clearance project fame
He fought for justice
Why did they arrest him?
Prakash is actually behind all this
He didn't file a case
It seems legally he should
Just watch the cases now
Sir, 25 cases in Ahmadabad
15 cases in Luck now
20 cases filed in Mumbai
Am I the only one in the entire nation?
Looks like that, sir
'Mr Satish Agarwal resigned his post
as minister of Public Works Department'
'Bribery is the basis
of these illegal permissions'
'If they go scot-free...'
'...schools and hospitals will be
built without safety measures'
'Officer granting permission
should be imprisoned'
'The MMRDA officer who granted permission
has also been arrested by the Police force'
'Our company till now has never
faced such a huge loss, ma'am'
10 cases in Hyderabad
12 cases in Kolkata
5 cases in Bengaluru
15 cases in Bhuvaneswar, sir
You can't blame our company
We started work only after we got
all the required approval documents
If the soil has to be tested
why didn't they do so?
That young man knows! How can
such a big company not know this?
'Ma'am, today 3 clients have
cancelled their projects with us'
15 cases in Chennai
20 cases in Jabalpur
In Jumrithalaiya-
Stop it! You list just gets longer
- What should I do now?
- Present yourself, sir
- Where?
- In all the places
A golden opportunity
This is a big victory
Don't we have to meet the boys?
- Will you hurry up?
- I am hurrying
We won even that protest
Riding on this deserves an award!
My dad got me this Mofa
when I stood 1st in 7th grade
You are boasting
as if you got a gold medal!
Why are you overtaking my Moped?
Are you trying to insult her?
One day, my vehicle
will be the talk of the tow-
'Oh...ho! What happened here?
The whole place is in shambles!'
- What happened?
- It was like this in the morning
Someone has broken in
It must be Prakash's handiwork
Raghu, how many men on his side?
200 or 300 goons?
You know our strength
1 hour will do
In Vasundhara's and Prakash's office
we can wreak havoc
This is how they will
expect us to retaliate
What proof do we have
they are the miscreants?
We haven't even installed CCTV cameras
If we retaliate like that
all our efforts will be in vain
Our lives will be at stake
'Someone is so happy
after doing this'
'Will the rich stoop to any level?'
It isn't my fault
Raghuvaran is to blame
The only project we got
we opened a can of worms
Now companies hesitate to
assign any project to us
In addition, office is fully damaged
Without funds I don't know
how to tide over this
Your house deed is with me
as collateral
We can sell it, square up
your shares and raise funds
Or we can sell 50% of your shares
to other companies and raise funds
But you'll lose
your ownership
You'll be only an employee
of this company
I am not for that option-
I...I'll sign my shares over to you
I'll be an employee of this firm
'Raghu, if you start a company
of your own one day...'
'...won't you name it after me?'
'Fat hopes! My VIP boys
worked their butt out'
'I will name it VIP Constructions'
Oh God!
- Go on, smoke
- It's okay, I snuffed it
Did you surrender
your shares this morning?
Raghu, from 7th grade
you've been the topper
Then in 10th grade
you were school topper
You excelled in
11th and 12th grades also
You aced your Engineering degree too
I wasn't proud of
your accolades then
But because your mother lived here
you sacrificed the company you started
Today I am so proud of you, son
So what if you have to be
an employee in that company?
1 step forward, 2 steps back!
Vasundhara told me right then
'You lack the eligibility
to be an employer'
Maybe that's true
That's a load of rubbish
A share is not everything
The whole town knows
who owns VIP Constructions
To be the boss is no big deal
This is just your 1st attempt
Albert Einstein tried 300 times
In his 301st attempt
he invented the bulb
No one can take away
what is destined for you
But the bulb wasn't invented by Einstein
It was Edison
Whatever, that's what I meant!
Mother also talks just like you,
in a consoling manner
What are you saying?
Your mother talks to you?
Whenever I am upset
I'll inhale and call out 'ma'
She will come and we will
have a heart to heart chat
Don't go around saying this
to anyone outside, go to bed
'Okay, if you truly love her
she will come even if you call'
'She never came
even when she was alive'
'Hey what happened?'
'Why are you standing like this, huh?'
'Did anyone call Raghu?'
'Balaji, we thought you-'
Come, Raghu
Take a look there
- What's up?
- I have no idea
What is she doing
in our office?
Besides your 50% shares...
...I bought 25% from Balaji
I own 75% of the shares
Now the managing director
of this company is yours truly!
I didn't know she bought
my shares, Raghu
He actually sold it
as separate shares, but-
My sister concerns bought all the shares
Now...VIP Constructions
belongs to me
What, sir?
I am with you, Raghu
You own 25% shares
in this company
Why did you walk out?
We'll stick together hand in glove
Or hand in hand we walk-out
I have money
after selling my 25%
We'll do something
But I won't ask for
a collateral this time
Let's have a cup of tea
Can you buy 200 cups of tea?
- Why?
- Look over there
Hey! Why did you all walk out?
Wherever we go
let's stick together
Are you mad or what?
We can't even pay you properly
You stick around and take
50,000 to 60000 bucks per month
Plus, at a time so many engineers...
to get a job in India's
#1 company is impossible
- Get back inside
- Listen up
#1 company in India
50000 bucks a month
We don't want all this
All we need is 1 cigarette
and 1 cup hot tea
That's all
'- Hit the nail on the head
- Went above my head'
What did you say?
You own VIP Constructions, huh?
Those who are behind me now
They are the foundation
of VIP Constructions
Your pillar of support is
an ordinary cement building
That's just money
However much you hoard
it will just fritter away
This is mass appeal
Once united can never be divided
My father shared
his pearl of wisdom with me
'No one can take away
what is destined for you'
You have plenty
No one can take that from you
What belongs to us-
Have you all lost it?
What did you all think
while walking out?
How can you chuck your job?
And follow him blindly?
Is he your elder or younger brother?
Or some great leader?
Who is he to you?
Friend, ma'am
I'm afraid it is going to pour
It looks very cloudy
Vasundhara took over the company
and fired the entire lot
- 'Is he all by himself?'
- Yes, he is alone
'I'll deal with him'
Ma'am, everybody has gone home
It's raining heavily
How long will you be-
I lost my 50 acre plot
because of you
You thought I'll let go
of you that easily?
I'll give you 2 minutes
Allow me to go my way
within that time frame
Or else, what will you do?
I'll beat you to a pulp
Amul baby, not gone?
' along'
Bloody fellow!
'Lean and mean'
Listen, I'm not to blame
Vasundhara is the one
who sent us to hit you
'Spare me'
Hey! What do you have against me?
What did I do to you?
What do you want from me?
You snatched my projects plus my job
Now you grabbed even my company
What more do you want from me?
Actually you're the one
who is hounding me
You ruined my company
and made my shares crash
Do you know how much
I lost because of you?
I wanted to play fair
And unknowing I wanted
to stop a grave blunder
How many times I tried to inform you?
Did you listen to me?
Why the hell should I listen to you?
Are you mad or what?
Why do you nurse a big fat ego?
I respected you for standing
on your own feet and winning till now
But the moment you sent goons
to hit me, you lost even that
I sent goons to bash you?
I'm not that cheap to
send goons to bash you up
Then why did Prakash bring
those thugs to hit me?
Go to his office
and ask him this question
'Can I believe her?'
Listen, hereafter stay away from me
I'll take care of my job
and you attend to yours
Hey, you think I am
an equal opponent to you
That's what I find hard to digest
I've come up in life by
crushing many bigwigs easily
Where are you?
Where am I?
And you made me
stoop down to talk to you
I can't even bear to see your face
People like you can never be reformed!
Live in your world of illusion
with your fake status
'Whether you drink water
from a pot or fridge...'
' got to pee
to relieve yourself!'
What bloody status or level!
Good lord!
Where is the ground floor?
Your ground floor has disappeared
What 'what'?
Check for yourself
Oh my God!
My sweetheart
What? My vehicle
means the world to me
Oh! No, what will I do
if you get rusty?
Why did you turn off the light, madam?
'So many people don't even
have a candle at home'
'Look how this place lights up
with a power outage here'
Cost of this mobile is equal to
what most people earn in 1 month
Can I make just 1 phone call?
From your landline
- Did you take the loaf of bread?
- Yes, uncle
- Water bottle also
- I'll get it now
Come soon
What did I forget?
I forgot something
Watch your step
Hello, Raghu, where are you?
Our house is flooded
'Waist high water
We are shit scared'
'When will you come home?'
Our neighbors are on the terrace
We are also going there
'Where are you?
Are you safe, Raghu?'
I'm safe in a tall building
Okay, you stay there
Don't step out
Situation is really bad out here
I'll come in the morning
when it clears, stay safe
Raghu is safe, right?
I believe he's safe
He didn't let me talk at all!
- Where's Harry Potter?
- He ran up to the terrace first
[song from 'Robot']
"Zoom...zoom, robot, dude"
Can't you keep quiet for 1 minute?
Can't you sit still
for 2 minutes in one spot?
Can't I even breathe?
Of all the people, I had to
be marooned with you!
It isn't as if I am dying
to be stuck with you here
I don't know to swim, otherwise
I would have escaped to safety
Ground floor is completely flooded
You can drink from there
I think throwing stuff
is your favorite hobby!
Why don't you try Shot put
or Javelin throw in Olympics?
'I was just kidding
and she's serious'
"Water o' water what is your color?"
[song from 'Shor']
"Whatever you are mixed into
you assume that color too"
"After seeing you
I've realized this, my love"
Is it booze?
I was right, right?
'Raghuvaran, you are beyond
shame or shyness'
'Ask her without
being embarrassed'
Actually I'm feeling
a bit thirsty too
'Ground floor is completely flooded'
Go and drink from there
Bad omen to ask!
But where are you off to?
Canteen is on the 3rd floor
What happened? am slightly
scared of darkness!
Chairman of India's #1 company
She is scared of the dark
Queen of Jhansi
What happened? am also
a bit scared of the dark
If you come along with me,
we can go together-
Lion king...!
"From my eyes nonstop
Tears rain drop by drop"
[Song from 'Woh Kaun Thi']
'If you are afraid,
consider yourself dead'
Madcap, it's me
let's go
I don't like this
"After seeing you
I've realized this, my love"
[song from 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge']
I won't forget this
till my dying day
This doubt has been
nagging me for many days
If I ask, I hope you won't
throw something at me?
Why are you so arrogant?
Don't be upset with me are talented, no doubt
But haven't you heard
the old film song, 'Naya Daur'?
"Reach out your hand, companion"
"When one gets exhausted, then
lend a hand to ease the burden"
It should be team work
That will fill your heart with pride
What do you know about me?
As a single woman, in this society-
'If a girl wins...a girl succeeds!'
If you keep saying this
you are degrading women
Listen, men and women are equal
Men claim to be stronger
than women physically
But a woman is much more
stronger than a man mentally
You should have met my mother
She was such a terror
Terror of a personality!
What was I saying?
'I stood on my own 2 feet
and succeeded in life'
Don't say it as if
even you are surprised
Say it casually and brimming with pride
Temerity after all is your middle name!
But even then, given my status... could've behaved in a more
careful and respectful manner
'Do all those 4 phones belong to you?'
Look at this now
These 4 expensive phones of yours
and my ordinary phone are equal
No service in any of them
nor can you talk to anyone
Your Mercedes Benz and
my sweetheart are the same
We can't leave this place
in either vehicle
You kept harping on
your goddamn status
Today even the rich are stranded
in the middle of the road in this flood
You are super rich!
But a while ago you couldn't get
a glass of water or a morsel of food
Poor, rich, difference in caste,
religion, high class, middle class
Low class, literate, illiterate,
the lender, the borrower, corporates
...traders, politicians, actors,
slum dwellers, folks in fancy bungalows
...good natured, bad natured
We need torrential rains like this
to teach us a lesson, all are equal, huh?
Are you married?
[loud lament]
What happened?
Go away
You are so educated
Do you have any sense?
Since you asked me, I'll drink
My Mofa, my sweetheart!
'I feel like smashing his sweetheart'
'Please don't die, baby'
What, madam?
Shall I drop you?
Where do I keep my feet?
Are you a kid to ask me this?
Find the footrest
and manage somehow
Why is this fleet of cars whizzing past?
Must be some big shot
That's my staff going
to pick me up!
Should I stop?
No, no...don't
I don't mind this
Is there a 5 star hotel nearby?
People are struggling
to reach street corners
Why do you need a hotel now?
I'm hungry
Skipped dinner, right?
How can I help you?
We serve only simple food
in my house, kindly adjust
Bro, no one is at home
Come up, we are all on the terrace
I'll follow you
Madam, this is my brother Karthik
Madam, careful
Steps are slippery
Madam, my best friend, Harry Potter
- Shalini, look who has come
- Welcome
This is Vasundhara, dad
I've told you about her
- Shall I make 'dosa'?
- Please sit down
Serve madam first
She can't handle hunger
She is born with a golden spoon
How do you manage him, sir?
Keeps yakking 24x7x366!
Wait till you hear his dialogs
on mother-sentiment
Raghu, you're safe, right?
We are all safe
From last night we couldn't
get through to anyone
Network was just restored
- Are all our friends safe?
- Yes, all safe
- Listen
- What?
I saw so many people stranded
on the way, let's go help them
Ask our friends to assemble
near the tea shop
Are you making fun of me?
It's alright
Madam, this is my mother
Ma, this is Vasundhara
Say hello to her
Uncle, why is he talking to a photo?
He claims he even
talks to her in person!
- Serve 'dosa'
- Please eat
This is how delivering pages
of dialogs whole of last night...
...he drove me up the wall
We are friends now, right?
Hereafter don't torture me too much
Our VIP Constructions office, ma'am?
'I will give you back
your VIP Constructions'
Until now you've seen
Raghuvaran only as a villain
You haven't seen him as a hero
Wait and watch now
subtitled by SHAKTIjeet