Velipadinte Pusthakam (2017) Movie Script

He is coming with the clouds.
Every eye will see Him;
Including those who pierced Him;
All the tribes of the Earth who
mourn over Him, will witness Him.
'The book of Revelation'
'Velipadinte Pusthakam'
(The book of Revelation)
2017, Aazhi Poonthura.
An academic day in a coastal campus.
Good morning Sir.
Only when I came here, I realized
that I had father's phone with me.
So you're in a fix?
This is the problem if we buy
phones on buy one get one offer.
You have come here to study?
Sir, I wanted to
take down notes"
I understood what
notes you are making.
I have noted that.
I will send this note
to your parents.
They will take care of the rest.
As long as I am the
Vice Principal here,
I won't allow any guy to romance;
Or any girl!
I am Prem Raj (King of Love).
Raj (King) who
opposes Prem (Love).
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
How come you are late today?
I became a little late.
I couldn't reach while you were
cleaning my cabin, Matilda.
So do one thing.
From tomorrow, clean
it only afterl come.
You understood, right?
Good morning!
Good morning!
I had sent a joke on Whatsapp to
you even yesterday, Mary Miss.
You didn't open it.
I've told you several times not
to send me such vulgar stuff, Sir.
Sol blocked you, Sir.
Isn't sex a pan of life, Miss?
Is a Biology teacher
supposed to forget that?
It's a time when men who trouble
women, lose their organs.
Oh my Swami!
Don't forget that, Sir.
So arrogant!
This is why she
isn't married yet!
She is always ready to chop!
Stop there, you!
Catch him!
Catch him!
Stop: I Say!
WW! '
There's a tsunami from
the beach even today.
Looks like the city would
be finished today!
Catch him!
Fight, Father!
A major fight, Father!
Father, the students from the beach and the
students from the city are fighting again!
Knock him out!
Come on!
Don't fight!
Where is he?
Stop wasting time & close it fast.
- Go to your class!
Lock it up!
Open the gate!
Open the gate, I say!
Othen/vise, we'll knock
it down & come inside!
If they try to show their rich
man's attitude to our children,
then no one will go
back to the city!
You should disperse, please.
Othen/vise I will have
to call the police.
You can call the police or the army!
We're not going without settling this!
There are no such problems here.
Look, someone has misled you.
The students are having a
healthy discussion over there.
The Church instituted this college
with the sincere intention that,
the poor students of this coastal area
should also get higher education.
And not to create such
rascals like you! Understood?
Father, if B.Sc. Aqua Culture and
Industrial Fisheries are such bad courses,
go ahead and stop them!
Most of us from the coastal
area, are studying that here.
And these guys have
given a name to us.
'Market Boys'
Hey Franklin!
Come here.
What is it?
- Look at this.
'For different kinds of
fish, Franklin Fish Market'
Sardine! Sardine!
(shouting like a fish seller)
I have sold fish at the
market, several times.
And that was to make
money to study here!
Why? These guys don't
eat fish or what?
What about you guys
mocking us, then?
Father, they were the ones who named
our group first - City Beggars.
They are saying that we
came here begging for seats
because we didn't get
admission in the city.
So sad!
Aren't you guys ashamed to
fight like little kids?
If they call you as market boys,
why do you have to take
it in a wrong sense?
Is the market such a bad place?
We get everything
from there, right?
The market is an originating
point of a culture.
If you add another word to it,
it will be another culture.
Even though I have such a beautiful name.
- Prem Raj (King of Love);
Some students call me
Kama Raj (King of Lust).
I don't have any
complaints in that.
That's because you watch those
kind of videos on your phone.
We are digressing
from the problem.
That's not the problem here.
Why did you hit these innocent kids?
Don't use the brute force of the beach
on these kids born to good families.
All of us already know that
you are on their side, Sir.
Yes. I am always on
the side ofjustice.
What justice, Sir?
Do you know what
atrocity they did?
What is it?
The other day, when you &
Stella were sitting &talking
under the tree in
front of the lab,
that scoundrel Sameer,
he shot a video of that and
uploaded it on YouTube.
When I went to question
him, he slapped me as well.
She is sitting there and crying.
If they do such vulgarities,
what should we do, Father?
Father, I haven't
taken any video.
They are simply putting
the blame on me.
I know very well
that you did it.
You & your gang were present
there at that time. - Get lost!
And you're a big short
film director, right?
From the way it's shot, it's
clear that you have done it.
- Yes.
Father, Stella is a girl
who studies really well.
She's saying that she won't
come to class anymore.
My doubt is not about that.
To clear your doubt,
why did you go and sit
under the tree with her?
So I have a doubt whether what happened
there was indeed a doubt-clearing.
You feel so because
your mind is polluted.
I'll slap you..
Don't make matters worse, sir.
Sit down!
These guys are
becoming so wayward,
because you Fathers
are so naive.
These guys are doing many
atrocities in this campus.
Romancing under the tree,
under an umbrella,
And for the sake of that, they fig ht
against each other & play blame games.
To find the original culprits,
there is just one
way now, Fathers.
CCTV Cameras should be
installed all over the campus.
And then I will observe each
and every movement of theirs.
That's good.
That's a very good suggestion.
- Thanks, Father.
If there's a complaint in
their name hereafter,
I will immediately give
a TC & expel them!
Otherwise, I'll resign myself.
Ya rig m!
The reputation of this institution
is most important to me, Father.
Great fragrance.
Which is this perfume?
You've been fooling me for long saying
that you'll give me Calvin Klein perfume.
Uncle said that he'll send it to aunty.
It should reach here from abroad, right?
You & your uncle & aunty!
Here comes aunty!
Hey Encyclopedia,
- Hey Aunty,
will you spoil our romance?
- No!
If I don't give her the stuff I
promised on time, she'll ditch me!
Dude, camera!
Hey! Give me the book & go!
Good students!
Good friendship!
We've crossed the camera!
Then come on!
Hey! Stop!
One, two, come!
Who went this way without a shin?
We don't know, sir.
- Sure?
Sure! We don't know, sir.
- Get going!
Hey! Come here.
- What is it, Sir?
I want to know who all have come wearing
striped trousers from the beach team.
I'll check!
But who will ring the bell then?
I'll be sent to hospital, right?
I can't let it go on like this.
I will give you a list.
After the last period,
ask the students in that
list to report to my cabin.
What's the matter, sir?
- There will be an identification parade.
Isn't that you?
I am fatter than that, sir.
Yea? Then it must be you!
Ifl had such a body, I would've
been in the movies, Sir.
It's not me, sir.
- It's not you!
You would look like
dough for the Parotta.
But this guy looks
like a body builder.
Sir, after you advised us that
day, we stopped all these things.
Shouldn't we secure our future, sir?
- Of course!
Secure your future!
Why are you wasting time
trying to secure your future?
You guys can only keep
talking to girls;
And you want to secure your future?
This must be kids from some other
batch who have a grudge against you.
Stop it! What is this?
Pull it up!
Pull up your pants!
Sir, it's low waist.
Low waist? Those who don't have a
butt, shouldn't wear pants like this!
It will go down and lie here!
Got it?
Who else will have a
grudge against me?
Shall I tell you something?
Whoever it is, we will
catch them within 2 days! - No!
Take 3 days!
Then 3 days!
Definitely, sir.
I haven't believed
this completely.
Still, you may leave!
Come. Let's go.
Good morning, brother.
- Good morning.
Foreigners on this campus?
They must be tourists.
Not me!
What dirty stuff
are you watching?
Switch it off!
Oh Lord!
I'm not able to turn it off.
Turn off the main switch!
Good morning, Father.
- Good morning.
Go to your class!
Oh Christ!
Disgusting fellow.
- Me?
The students weren't lying.
This is your hobby?
Father, I am innocent.
Some foreign channel came in..
No! No! No need of
any justification.
I've suspended you from the
Vice Principal's position.
- Shut up!
The students didn't name him
Kamaraj for nothing.
'My dad stole my mom's
pretty earrings'
'My mom gulped down my
dad's Brandy bottle'
'My dad stole my mom's
pretty earrings'
'My mom gulped down my
dad's Brandy bottle'
'Like the fishing season and the
temple festival arriving together'
'That's how it feels when
certain people get busted'
'Don't try hard to
tame the sea-breeze'
'O commander of the moral policing army.
O king of lustful desires'
'My dad stole my mom's
pretty earrings'
'My mom gulped down my
dad's Brandy bottle'
'My dad stole my mom's
pretty earrings'
'My mom gulped down my
dad's Brandy bottle'
'How far can a
little prawn jump?'
'As far as the vessel, maybe'
'Don't try to tease us'
'Don't try to mess with us'
'All those who troubled us,
are all big zeroes now'
'They are eager
to see the light'
'But they are shy
to face the light'
'The disguises have disappeared'
'Get back to your true self'
'You can offer a Golden Cross
at the Malayattoor Church'
'What came as a mountain,
went away as a molehill'
'There's a rain of celebration
all over, you tadpoles'
'My dad stole my mom's
pretty earrings'
'My mom gulped down my
dad's Brandy bottle'
'My dad stole my mom's
pretty earrings'
'My mom gulped down my
dad's Brandy bottle'
'Like the fishing season and the
temple festival arriving together'
'That's how it feels when
certain people get busted'
'Don't try hard to
tame the sea-breeze'
'O commander of the moral policing army.
O king of lustful desires'
'My dad stole my mom's
pretty earrings'
'My mom gulped down my
dad's Brandy bottle'
'My dad stole my mom's
pretty earrings'
'My mom gulped down my
dad's Brandy bottle'
Luckily I didn't lose my job.
I just got one week
suspension and degrading.
That too, after apologizing in writing,
and falling on their feet and crying.
The trap that they laid for
you, was a bit too much, Sir.
They live on the beach, right?
A tsunami would take them away!
Wait & watch!
It's a Guru's curse!
But how could they do this
by entering the office?
Yes. My doubt is that
Sir did it himself.
Get lost!
I saw you dancing with them.
I have a doubt whether
he is in their gang now.
That's a trick I
played to fool them.
When these guys see them dancing,
they will go & hit them.
Then they will hit
these guys back.
Then your suspension would
turn into a dismissal.
So I was building a wall with dance
between the gangs to avoid that.
Darling, I didn't know that
you were such a big builder!
Somehow try to get back
to your post, Sir.
Othen/vise, there won't
be anyone to support us.
How do you think it's
going to happen?
A new guy is coming to
take charge of my post!
From where?
Who knows where he's from!
He shouldn't be
allowed to survive here.
He shouldn't sit on my chair
happily for a long time.
We have to chase him away!
Don't worry about that, Sir.
You can count on us to do that.
He's coming!
Salutations! Salutations!
Salutations to the newVicey!
Salutations! Salutations!
Salutations to the newVicey!
Take back Prem Raj Sir!
Salutations to the new Vicey.
- Management should stop their injustice!
Go back! Go back!
New Vicey, go back!
I'm not used to
falling, children.
I'm only used to
making others fall.
I'm Professor Michael ldiculla.
I'll be around here
for a few days.
We'll meet soon.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
It was me who called
you in the morning.
Oh! Thank you.
Thank you for the information.
Well, how did you get my number?
Manager Father had given your
number to all the staff yesterday.
Manager Father is
quite smart, huh?
He has great foresight, is it?
So my number would have
reached many people.
That's why last night someone
called me and threatened me.
Saying that ifl step into this
college, my legs would be chopped off.
Gosh! Who is that?
He said he is a famous goon.
He said his name as well.
What was it?
Pookkattupadi Rajan or
something like that.
Be careful, sir.
This is a troublesome place.
Is it? -Yes.
That's all right.
I forgot your name, Madam. Name?
- Mary.
Mother of Jesus?
Hail Mary!
this is our new Vice Principal.
Professor Michael ldiculla.
I'm the previous Vice Principal,
Premraj ldikkattutharayil.
I've heard about you.
- What?
Well, I've heard that you teach very
well and behave decently with everyone.
Many here don't know that!
I am Kariyachan.
Students call him
'Kappiri' Kariyachan.
I teach Physics.
Students call her 'Tintumol'.
I also heard that students
call you 'Kamaraj', Sir.
I already met Mary Miss.
So all that is over already!
So you've started
work quite early!
Premraj, behave yourself!
(Recites a verse in Sanskrit)
Did you understand anything?
- No.
I teach History. ls
this from the Bible?
Ascoundrel connects knowledge
with sinful activities.
Is that so?
The knowledge that a scoundrel
gains, leads to sinful activities.
This is from the Chanakya Sutra.
What about your family, Sir?
My mother died
during my childhood.
3 years back, my
father also died.
What about your wife and kids then?
I am single.
Free bird!
So I fly around like this.
The sky here is quite
difficult to fly through.
Clouds! Clouds!
Be careful!
Not to fly in the sky,
just a little above the earth.
Like a pheasant bird.
I like to fly really low and eat all
the worms and insects on the earth.
Understood, Pookkattupadi Rajan?
An awesome English film has
released; Full of the other stuff.
Go for the night show.
- ls it awesome?
So I wish a good
day to all of you.
Okay then.
Excuse me!
You told me about an English film
earlier, right? What is its name?
This is really sad!
'This is really sad'
Must be dubbed into
Malayalam, right?
I'll watch anyway!
I must have imagined it.
My dear friends,
The origin of all knowledge,
our classmate,
Encyclopedia has written
& directed this drama -
'Move away, aunty.
The wall will break and fall'
These guys are so thick skinned!
O Holy Mother, save us
from all our sorrows.
Estapanos Drama Company,
Thank you.
Take your notes.
- Miss, this is Malayalam period.
Not Physics.
Your period is the
next one, teacher.
Sorry. Carry on.
What is this, Tintumol?
So irresponsible!
I'm going wrong everyday.
Miss, don't forget to
come for the next period.
Without your class, I
can't sleep properly!
Here they are!
We should have chosen some
other second language.
We needn't have
seen their faces.
His attitude is as if the college
belongs to his dad!
Where is your class?
2nd DC.
My father is there.
Not my mother.
In my case also, my
mother departed first.
My mother is not dead.
She is alive.
Just that she is living
with someone else.
Everyone knows this story here.
I get mocked for that too.
So, why should I hide
it from you alone?
Okay then.
- Okay.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Welcome, Dracula.
Sit down.
Who wrote this?
It's Sameer, sir.
Oh! The protest leader?
I like such kind of trolls, because
there's a kind of creativity in this.
Idiculla - Dracula.
Very good.
All the teachers here
have nicknames, sir.
Ya. I heard all of them.
That was there when we
used to study as well.
We used to call Mathayi sir, who
taught Theology, as 'Frog' Mathayi.
So, I'm seeing it only as an
inevitable sweet revenge by time.
Sir, even the students
here have nicknames.
He is Encyclopedia!
I have a lot of knowledge.
Too much of it, actually.
He comes to class
only once in a while.
So we call him 'The Blue Moon'.
- Get lost!
Sir, he is Liar Aunty!
He is kidding, sir.
- Get lost.
Enough! I'm happy.
So no wonder that I
also got a nickname.
Is there only male
dominance here?
The girls don't want to ask anything?
Ask something!
Sir, did you have food?
You're really fond of food, is it?
- Ya.
That can be seen on your body.
Walk for at least 30
minutes in the morning.
She is walking.
She has been walking
behind Andrews for a year.
It is said that matured love can
preserve this whole nature.
But these days, in campuses,
I doubt if there is
any matured love.
What's needed the
most in campuses,
are healthy friendships.
If a girl & a guy sit and talk, certain
people shoot it & put it up on YouTube.
If you keep irritating again..
- Didn't he say that he didn't do it?
lam sure that you guys did it.
What is this?
Don't think that we would forget it.
- Get lost!
Sit down.
Sit down, I say!
Sir, Stella used to be
the topper of our class.
Because of him, she
stopped her studies.
I said it because
of that grief, sir.
He father is saying that he is
going to get her married soon.
Sir, he's a major short film director. But
does that mean he can do such things?
Have you made short films?
- Yes.
'The drunken man'.
That short film was done by Sameer, sir.
Oh my God!
That's really viral, right?
It already has more
than 2 lakh views.
The music is also very nice.
Sir, I did the music for it.
Oh! Very good.
I'm really happy that such
talented students are in my class.
Looks like he is also
favourable to the rich kids.
Electronic media has opened
vast windows of knowledge.
But, as you all know;
Along with that, there are many
traps and ambushes hidden in it.
To maintain a patient's life,
the doctor uses a sharp knife
on the operation table.
An attacker also uses a sharp
knife, to kill people.
So, social media and modern
gadgets are all good;
But be really careful
when you use them.
You shouldn't use the knowledge that
you gain, to hurt another person;
Instead, it should be
used to help them.
Othen/vise, the knowledge that
you gain, would be meaningless.
Now, can this Dracula
start the class?
Go ahead, sir.
Where is my money?
- Don't hurt me, man! Leave me!
Where's my money?
- I didn't take it.
I swear on God. I didn't take it.
I swear on this sea.
I didn't take it.
Don't give false promises
and get the sea furious.
Where's the money?
- Don't tickle me.
Everything would slip down.
What is this?
Here's the money.
Don't take that!
Oh my God!
Huh? Cycle?
Then I'll get some money from him.
Oh no! The cycle hit me! Come fast!
- What is this?
I need compensation.
- It's bogus, sir. He'll keep bluffing.
No! No!
Already he's not able to stand properly.
Why did you hurt him?
No one can remove their shin
while working on this beach, sir.
He will steal all of them!
To get money, he will steal
anything that's kept outside.
He's a thief, sir.
I don't have such an
opinion about myself.
I drink to give income
to our government.
But to get an income to
drink, I steal some stuff.
That's all!
Don't fall!
See! That's all!
The road is straight, right Sir?
I keep swaying while walking.
Aren't you going straight?
Take me also with you.
Please. I'm really sick.
Take this body as well.
Can this cycle bear you?
- Of course!
Bear me?
Let's go!
Stop stealing and work properly.
- Okay boss!
Get lost!
Look at the travelling
liquor store going.
'0 bearded man, who drops
me home when I'm drunk'
'The fishing season has
arrived for Varkeychettan'
Hey, bearded sir.
We've reached my house. Here!
Take it inside.
Go in!
since you came all
the way here anyway,
come to my house, give me
a hundred Rupees and leave!
Don't give it, sir.
Don't give him even a penny!
Franklin, don't
mess with your dad!
This is Franklin's father?
That's not my fault, sir.
Who is this, son?
This is the new teacher
from my college.
Please come in, sir.
I'll get you tea.
Your Sir?
Even though unknowingly, I
called you 'Sir' itself, right?
Sir, ask him to stop
going to college.
He should go to work at the sea.
Education is not more
important than poverty!
Well, if he studies now, you can
live without poverty in future!
As if he's going to become
a doctor by studying!
Doctor Franklin,
You're talking as if you are
earning for this family.
- Then what?
- Sir, he was an amazing mechanic.
And look at him now!
Sir, after I joined the college,
I go fishing in the sea during holidays
and make nets to meet expenses.
And my mother is
also going for work.
But this thing is only worth keeping
here with a sticker that says 'Father'.
There's no milk.
It's black coffee.
No, sir.
Don't drink it.
The glass would stink of fish.
Sometimes, it might
stink of cheap rum too.
Give it here. Stink of fish, it seems!
As if I don't eat fish!
Is it stinking?
Good coffee.
I like black coffee.
Your son is really smart.
He had good marks in
the previous semester.
One thing is for sure.
By the time this course is over,
he will pass, get a
job and make it big!
Is it?
What about salary then?
- Of course! Definitely.
I didn't know!
This Nedumudi Venu
(actor) didn't know!
Shut up, dad!
Mom, take him away!
When you get salary, come
and give it to your father.
There shouldn't be a complaint
thatl stole my son's purse.
Then shall l..
Carry on.
I'm also leaving.
- Okay sir.
I read the short story that you
wrote for the college magazine.
Arabian Sea and..
- Magic Lamp.
It's really nice.
Keep writing.
- Yes sir.
Hey. That's all rig ht.
I will study somehow.
There are more classes
before the exams, rig ht?
You took the rig ht decision finally.
My dad was about to stop my
studies & get me married.
Yesterday, when our new
Vicey ldiculla Sir
came home and talked
to dad, he understood;
That our decision was wrong.
Hereafter, whoever
says whatever;
I don't have any problem.
I did it because of a
grudge against him.
I didn't expect that it
would become so serious.
Anyway, you have come back.
Than ks for that.
The one who reaches first
everyday is late today!
What do I say.
Dad had a slight chest
pain last night.
When we went to the hospital & took
an ECG, everything was normal.
It was out of tension.
My wedding was fixed after
knowing all our stories, right?
That got cancelled.
That's why he got really
tensed and scared me.
Anyway, an arranged marriage is not going
to be practical for you anytime soon.
Whatever said & done, your mother's
history is definitely a black mark.
You could have found someone
within this time, right?
My dad hasn't recovered from the
shock that mom gave him yet.
Then why should I do that again?
Leave it.
There's no rule that a woman's life would
be complete only if she gets married.
You can say 'What you can't
get is just what suits you'.
Still, I don't have a problem.
See. It's all a joke for you.
Hey. lfl say something,
don't get angry.
It's something that
suddenly came to my mind.
What is it?
Shall I suggest a
proposal for you?
With ourVicey ldiculla?
Have you gone crazy?
Will you put me to shame?
I have to work here itself.
Why? You don't like him?
Or is it because of the age difference?
Talk softly!
It's not that.
There must be some reason behind
why he hasn't married for so long.
Or what if he is someone who doesn't
want to get married at all in life?
What if he's someone whose wedding
isn't happening, like you?
Look. You don't have
to know anything.
I will handle things without
putting you to shame.
Isn't that enough?
to go with a
proposal suddenly...
But it's not you who's going to talk!
It's me!
Do you have any other dislike?
Tell me that.
No dislike as such.
Go &teach your class.
I'll take care of the rest.
What is it? Do you
want leave tomorrow?
No. It's about something else.
- What's your opinion about Mary?
Mary Miss!
About Mary Miss, I have
only good opinions.
So you like Mary, right?
Why do you have such a doubt?
I like Mary; And just like
that I like you too, Anu Miss.
Oops! I am already married.
I have a son. His
name is Tarzan.
So does he hang on creepers and all?
- How did you know that?
He breaks the clothes-line daily.
That's his favourite hobby.
Kids named Tarzan do this usually.
That's why I asked.
And, about Mary's
family background..
I know!
I have an urgent meeting.
Shall we talk tomorrow?
Well, when can I talk
to you personally?
It's for a good deed.
That's why.
The time for a good deed means,
after the Qurbana at the Church.
Which Church do you go to?
- The Southern Church.
Then it's fine. So bring Mary Miss
and come to the Church tomorrow.
Let's talk over there.
- Okay.
He would be angry
that we are late.
But we missed the bus, right?
Couldn't you leave a little early?
Oh God!
There he is.
That's not him.
Won't he com e?
He might be on his way.
'The messengers of God have gathered'
'The ray of light is
opening its eyes'
'The messengers of God have gathered'
'The ray of light is
opening its eyes'
'With the sacrifice
of the Pesaha sheep'
'Let's submit ourselves with devotion'
In the name of the Father,
the Son,
and the Holy Spirit;
May the grace of the
Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God,
and the fellowship of the
Holy Spirit be with you all.
I want an explanation!
Hiding the fact that
he is a Priest,
without wearing the Holy attire,
displaying his tempting body,
why did Father ldiculla interact
with everyone here freely?
Why did he take classes?
Ridiculous ldiculla!
H ey.
The Church or the Canon rule
has never specified that,
a Priest should perform educational duties
only while wearing the Holy attire.
And, he didn't deliberately hide
the fact that he is a Priest.
I myself told him not to mention that
specifically, for the time being.
Not for anything else;
They are more furious against the
Management and the Fathers here, right?
Now what?
He himself revealed to everyone
that he is a Father, right? Then what?
I won't acknowledge Fathers who
are not dressed in vestments.
Even if it is my own
father, Damodaran!
H ey.
A Priest wears a vestment
on his heart first.
And not on his body alone.
Then from tomorrow, I'll wear
my clothes on my heart.
And I'll come here naked!
I know what's on your mind!
That other stuff, rig ht?
If you create any more problems,
not just suspension or de-promotion;
You'll be getting a dismissal! Got it?
Why are you getting angry?
I said it because of the
friendship between us, right?
Cool down!
Cool down, I say!
Take a deep breath!
You get going!
As if I'll do
everything you say!
Get going!
Loo k!
I am leaving.
The students have
gone to the Church.
See that it doesn't
become a problem.
I tried to stop the
quarrel between you guys,
and become a good
friend of yours.
Once you know that
I am a Priest,
I thought you would maintain a
distance with me, out of respect.
Anyway, I will come to campus
tomorrow in this attire itself.
No need, Father. How we saw you first,
we want to see you like that only.
Like you said, that's
better for friendship.
Anyway, I am really happy,
that you guys came together,
at least for this reason.
Students should stand
together like this,
even for things of
public interest.
- Yes.
Here comes the main man!
What's wrong with you, man?
What all have you brought?
Some tapioca and yam.
Don't you know that there's
no one here to cook all this?
Then why did you
bring all this here?
Well, I worked hard and
cultivated all these.
Give a lot of it
to the monastery,
give another lot
to the orphanage,
You just have to order all that.
I'm leaving only after
feeding you some of it.
I don't want. Give
some to these kids.
Those who don't
want needn't eat.
Who is this, Father?
I also haven't figured out.
Sometimes he acts as if he
is greater than my father.
He is someone who takes
care of my house.
Vareeth Chettan.
Good morning sir.
I mean, Father.
Good morning.
Good morning to both of you.
What did you do yesterday?
I couldn't find you
after the Qurbana.
You wanted to say something
urgently, rig ht?
Anu Miss was going
to talk about,
Mary's marriage proposal, right?
You wanted to know if I know
some prospective groom s.
You wanted to ask that, right?
- Yes.
Yes! Yes.
Then why didn't you ask?
Well, I suddenly got a call.
My son fell sick.
Who? Tarzan?
What happened? Did he
fall from the creeper?
Not that.
Fever, right?
Ya. Fever.
There's a young man, related
to my mother's family.
He is an engineer in Australia.
He has also been
asking me for long,
to see if there are any
girls suitable for him.
This is the guy.
Nice, rig ht?
Nice. Very good.
I told him whatever
know about Mary Miss.
If you are okay,
when he comes next week;
We can talk and fix
this alliance.
And in the next summer vacation,
I'll get you both married myself!
What say?
I'll come to your house and
talk to your father, Mary.
'Like the sea and shore, without
any distances in between'
'All the minds are joining
hands with each other'
'While the waves dance with
the rhythm of the sea,
invisible waves are
dancing on the shore'
'The sky that uproots darkness'
'And stretches the sun
like a lamp to us'
'The silver star of
dreams is shining again'
'All over our eyes'
'There's happiness
all over our hearts'
'Like the sea and shore, without
any distances in between'
'All the minds are joining
hands with each other'
'Like the sea and the shore'
'0 cool flowery breeze,
coming from the other shore'
'The walls have disappeared.
Didn't you hear the beats of celebration?'
'All over the town'
'Didn't the messenger from
Heaven descend on this earth?'
'Didn't he give you love that
makes borders disappear?'
'Love, that never ends'
'Bearing the rays of the sun'
'Smiles are spreading all over'
'Till the end of life,
that smile should never disappear'
'With the beauty of
a full moon night'
'Like the sea and shore, without
any distances in between'
'All the minds are joining
hands with each other'
'While the waves dance with
the rhythm of the sea,
invisible waves are
dancing on the shore'
'The sky that uproots darkness'
'And stretches the sun
like a lamp to us'
'The silver star of
dreams is shining again'
'All over our eyes'
'There's happiness
all over our hearts'
His father ldiculla Thomman
was a famous landlord.
His father ldiculla Thomman
was a famous landlord.
He is the only son.
Isn't that enough?
His father's brother is a Priest.
Father Philippose.
Father Michael wanted to be like Father
Philippose, since his childhood.
So Father is a millionaire, is it?
No way!
He left everything.
He donated most of it
to a charitable trust.
And the rest to an old age home.
What lies are you
telling the kids?
Vareethettan is like this.
He keeps bluffing.
I said the truth.
Now the only thing left to
sell, is Father's house.
That too, has been written in my
younger son's name after his demise.
I was about to write it in
Vareethettan's name after my demise.
But he didn't allow me.
- Don't talk like that.
I should have left a little bit
of land to sell, Vareethettan.
These students don't
have a hostel here.
We need to find a way for that.
Don't we need a hostel?
- Yes!
A hostel is absolutely
necessary for our college.
I had presented this matter
to the Bishop last year.
He has already given us permission to
do it by raising a fund ourselves.
That's good!
How can we raise the fund for that?
Will we get any money
from their homes?
We might get 2 kilos of
dried prawns instead!
Sir spoke the truth
for the first time.
This Father Michael is proposing stupid
schemes without thinking properly.
Shall we conduct a
fund-raising programme?
Adance programme by a famous film
star, or something like that.
Would we get so much
money from that?
If the ticket rates are high,
it won't be sold here either.
Father, for people
to buy tickets here,
we would have to conduct a cabaret
by Kunnummel Shantha here.
This guy..
Shall I suggest something?
Shall we..
Shall we make a movie?
Stop joking!
- That's interesting.
There's a very close
friend of mine.
You all know him.
He is an actor and a producer.
Mr. Vijay Babu.
He is someone who produced a movie with
only newcomers & made it a success.
I had spoken to him about this.
We don't need anyone from
outside in our movie.
Amovie in which only the students and
staff of this college would be acting.
We can shoot it
during this vacation.
Without any stars,
if you make a movie with
these scrawny kids,
who is going to watch it?
Make a movie with Sunny Leone.
I will raise money on
interest from somewhere.
Hey Sunnykkutty, you keep quiet.
Sit down!
Sit down, I say!
But Father,
what about the fund
to produce the movie?
Vijay has agreed to spend
Rs.1.5 crores for us.
He will provide the main technicians
for camera, editing, make-up, etc.
Only they would be
getting a remuneration.
If we are able to complete
this movie with Rs.1 crore,
we will get 50 lakhs
for the hostel fund.
If the movie succeeds, a
share of the profit as well.
If this happens.
It will be the first feature
film in this country,
to be produced by
a college campus.
So, we don't have any financial risk?
- No.
Vijay agreed to do this,
because it's for a good cause.
If the management,
and the student representatives,
are convinced about
this concept,
you can applaud in approval.
- Awesome!
So first, we need to find a
director for this movie.
if so, I suggest Sameer's name.
You just said what I was thinking.
Now, we need to find a good story.
Let's announce that the
ideas for this movie
should be written within
a page and submitted.
even though I don't know this
Vijay Mallya personally,
It's Vijay Babu.
Yes. Then Vijay Babu Sir.
This scheme which is trying to make him a
pauper and would send him to the streets;
lam expressing my
disapproval to it, sir!
So I'm doing a walk-out, Sir.
Shall I leave, sir?
Don't mind that.
Mat u,
Well, I had sent some 'copulating' pictures
on WhatsApp to you. Did you get it?
Then where did it go?
What you sent Matilda,
was received by Michael.
This one, rig ht?
Well. I am short-sighted.
Since I am short-sighted,
it got mixed up while sending.
Don't disgrace me.
(Recites a verse)
Poison is always poison!
- Of course!
After so much has happened, why
don't you change, Premraj?
I'm going to report this.
- Please don't do that, Father.
I will have to commit suicide.
your movie will have
all my support.
Don't you have a wife & kids?
Then why are you doing this?
Do you know?
Shall I tell you a truth,
if you won't become sad?
I am a slave to a condition
called perversion, Father.
Not just an ordinary slave.
A grave slave!
Won't you show the mercy that you
would show to a patient, doctor?
I mean, Father!
WWW you?
This disease has a proper
treatment in Ayurveda.
Tell me about the
treatment, Father.
Have you heard of
'Erythrina variegata'?
An actress, right? I've
seen her on centre-spreads.
NO'. No'
This is a botanical name.
- Oh!
Locally, its called tree of thorns.
- That was it?
Just climb to its top
and slide downwards.
All your perversions
would be gone.
It's a punishment that God gives
sinners like you in hell.
Father, hereafter, whatever
you say, I won't react.
From today, we will be good friends.
There are no secrets between us.
My phone has some really
nice 'copulating' clips.
I will send it to you, Father.
They will come of use
during your lonely moments.
I see a Satan who makes people
fall for temptations, in you.
Stop standing in front
of me & go away!
Get lost!
There are some sparks.
But these are all concepts which
can be narrated as short films.
It doesn't have a subject for
a good commercial movie.
When a group of amateurs,
are making a low-budget movie,
we need an absolutely
strong script.
The strength of the script has to
overcome all the other limitations.
So we cannot take a
risk regarding that.
I think it's better to approach
an experienced writer
already working in cinema.
If so, let Vijay himself find
a suitable person. Right?
Let me check which all writers are free.
Then we can decide the rest.
What's the decision?
Sit down.
Sit down.
I was stuck with some work
early in the morning itself.
I had to quarrel with that
studio photographer.
When I ask for the photo, he keeps
saying that he'll give it, but he won't.
What's happening?
- Going on.
S0 may I?
- Okay,
Who is that?
Did you notice the name in
front of this auditorium?
Vishwan Memorial Auditorium.
This is that Vishwan.
In a college run by
a Christian Parish,
a Hindu brother along
with the Priests?
Very interesting.
This Vishwan was the reason behind
this college coming up here.
It was Valancheri
Bishop who said that.
Vishwan's photo should
be kept in the centre.
It has only been 10 years since
our college was constructed.
This land belonged
to the Church.
A major bigwig here.
Who's also a believer of the
Parish, Mathen Tharakan
took this land on lease;
And finally said that
he won't vacate.
So where the law of
the land failed,
it was this Vishwan who got back this
land, with his daring spirit.
So was he a goon? - Some people
used to call him that way too.
As Bullet Vishwan.
But as far as we know,
a very honest man.
A daring man who opposed
injustice wherever he saw it.
After coming here, I got curious
and had enquired about Vishwan.
Even though he wasn't educated much,
Vishwan fought for this college.
The next night after the foundation
stone for this college was laid,
Vishwan was killed
by Mathen Tharakan.
But he didn't go to jail.
He paid money and got
a culprit for hire.
Someone who worked in
his fishing boat-
'Crow' Rameshan. His name
is something like that.
That man is in the jail now.
That's an interesting story.
Does this have a story
to be made into a movie?
I was going to say that.
There's a movie in this.
No other campus in India might
have such a back story.
This is what we should
make into a movie.
For a Christian Parish, defeating an
enemy who's a believer of the Church;
The story of a young man from a different
religion, who sacrificed his life.
This has a secular theme.
Such stories are the
need of the hour, currently.
Collect every single minute
detail about Vishwan.
Sir, this Vishwettan was
my father's friend.
I have seen him
during my childhood.
It was since Vishwettan's death, that
my dad started drinking so much.
He is someone who writes
short-stories and all.
Shall we try him as
the script-writer?
Yes. Why not?
Let him try.
Sir, I'm not experienced in
writing a script for a movie.
We will have people to help us out,
and ask for suggestions if needed.
Vijay, we are going to begin the
research for this script, immediately.
We should start shooting
during the summer vacation.
So we don't have
m uch time to waste.
Yes. The coming days,
is a journey towards
Vishwan's life.
Ajourney to completely
understand who Vishwan was.
'0 alleys'
'Please tell us'
'Write a story with
those footprints'
'Let's gather some
flapping wings'
'Stitch a few little
feathers on to them'
"Let's open windows to the
path of righteousness
'Let's fill your tears
with rays of sunshine'
'To remember;
To remember, forever'
'To hold closer;
Closer to my heart'
'To name these flowers
and even the grasses'
'O paths of the heaven'
'Make way through the mist'
'Give us a poem, written
by the heavenly stars'
'Those who crossed this path'
'Those who disappeared
from memories'
'Those stranded lands
have turned into deserts'
'Those who cultivated the dry
lands and made them flourish'
'Those who showered as rain, to
fill the springs and went away'
'Let the minds awaken to the
stories of these glorious lives'
'0 dream, which is shining and
disappearing; Please come before us'
'Let us preserve
some good deeds'
'As rays of fire
for any darkness'
'Let's open the doors to
listen to heavenly whispers'
'The long forgotten past is before
us, as the shining golden sun'
'Let's search for them'
'Memories as beautiful
as peacock feathers'
'Let us adorn'
'Rainbows on our hean'
Everything is silly
for you, Vishwettan!
Fights, quarrels and
police cases daily!
When you're late to come
home, my heart is on fire.
You have enemies all over town.
Do you ever think about
me and our daughter?
- Why are you doing this for random people?
- She's good.
- Very nice.
Teacher, let's start.
Isn't it for the college in which
our kids can study, Rameshan? (Repeats)
See this as an
opportunity for that.
Okay. Done.
Anu, didn't you
learn it by heart?
I did, but I forgot.
Next is 'Crow' Rameshan.
There's no point in drooling
over the fish! Got it?
You won't even get a tiny
fish from Mathen Sir's boat.
Good. Suits him.
Com e.
What is this fellow going to do?
Hey, 'Crow' Ram es han,
this Vishwan has
played many such games.
If you want to see this
Vishwan in all his glory,
Come here!
I'll show you!
If you touch my people again,
I'll cut you open &
take your gearbox outside.
That's enough.
It's okay.
- How can that be?
I'll set it right. This
is the first time, right?
Don't try to scare me.
You can give me some small role.
You should!
Shall I go?
Rameshan, you Crow!
Don't try to mess with us!
Rameshan, don't mess
with this Vishwan.
Next one!
If you want to see Vishwan in
all his glory, I'll show you!
Hey Rameshan,
this Vishwan has played
many such games.
The rest of the characters are okay.
They can be improved.
But I don't think any of them
can do Vishwan's character.
And now, only three of you
Fathers are left to audition.
That will gain a lot of
criticism from the Parish.
People will complain that
Priests are acting in movies;
Don't even think about it.
Well, shall we call an
established star to act then?
Each movie needs its own
unique selling proposition.
The students, teachers and
staff from the same college;
Writing the story & screenplay,
directing and producing;
For the first time in the country,
or maybe in the world itself;
A commercial feature film that
will be released theatrically.
That's the uniqueness I
found in this movie.
That's what I was
intending to market.
If we bring an existing hero,
it won't have that uniqueness.
And, if we cast a star;
His remuneration, assistants;
And thus the whole
set-up will change.
We can't make this movie
in the proposed budget.
for the time being,
let's freeze this project.
I'm sorry, 9W5-
I'm sorry, ldiculla. Please don't mind.
- Hey. It's okay.
Hi. Sir, it's Sameer.
Tell me, Sameer.
Sir, you should come back.
Sameer, I'm in a hurry,
Tell me the matter.
Sir, we found the right
person to act as Vishwan.
All of us here found him
to be 100% perfect.
Please come and see him, Sir.
When a director is so confident,
how can I say no?
I'll come.
- Thank you, sir. Okay!
Hey 'Crow' Rameshan,
if you try to prick on my boys;
You won't have wings
to fly in the sky!
Get up & leave with
whatever life left in you.
Bloody scavenging crow!
'An Interval for ldiculla'
Push it!
There's a lot of fish in there.
We're really lucky.
There's no point in
drooling over the fish.
You won't even get a tiny
fish from Mathen Sir's boat.
Don't say that, Rameshan.
The boatmen don't have any fish.
If we don't get fish from you,
how can we do business?
All of you are protesting against
my boss along with Vishwan, right?
If you want fish,
go and ask Vishwan!
Vishwan runs a workshop.
How will he give us fish, Rameshan?
So you know that, right?
And still you want
to oppose my boss?
Isn't it for the college where
our kids can study, Rameshan?
Ya right! As if all the people here make a
living after studying in colleges. Get lost!
Ask him!
Ram es hetta,
please give fish to everyone.
Jayanthi, aren't you ashamed
to ask fish from me?
All the people here are suffering because
of your husband's over-smartness.
What's the need for him to do this?
Hey! If you talk nonsense,
What will you do?
- Try saying again. Then you'll see!
I won't consider that we're related.
I'll slap you!
Rameshan, you crow!
Don't mess with us!
If Vishwan knows, he
will torch you alive!
Ya rig m!
If you are so fond of Vishwan,
get your wife married to him!
How dare you insult my wife!
Come here, you..
Oh God!
Rameshan, no!
Leave him!
Ram es han, leave him.
Don't do it!
Stop! Don't hit him!
He will die!
Stop m
Ram es han!
Leave him!
Hey 'Crow' Rameshan,
if you try to prick on my boys;
You won't have wings
to fly in the sky!
Get up & leave with
whatever life left in you!
Bloody scavenging crow!
Cut it!
Get up!
Nothing happened, right?
You are okay, right?
Father, here's his 'mundu'.
Oh! He lost his 'mund u'?
Wear it.
Superb, Father.
Very well done.
Great job, Sir.
Whether it's good or bad,
it's all your responsibility.
I got ready for this adventure
because all of you compelled me to!
Didn't you get the full
support from the Bishop?
Then why are you scared, Father?
But, it's the first time I'm being
in front of a camera, Father.
But it doesn't feel like that.
How did you learn
to fight so well?
Were you fighting all the
time at the Seminary? - No.
During my childhood, Father Philippose;
Sent me to a martial arts centre
without my dad's knowledge;
Saying that it would
improve my concentration.
It came of use only now.
- Come Father.
Please come.
Sir, tea.
How long should I
wait for a tea?
All this is child's
play for all of you.
Sorry Sir.
Ifl was in Bombay..
Hey! Come!
So much attitude!
Cut it!
Cut it!
I can't see anything because
of the smoke & these goggles.
Either stop the smoke;
Or let me take off
these goggles.
Sir, light the cigarette;
Come down the steps
and say your dialogues slowly.
Lighting a cigarette;
Coming down the steps
through this smoke;
And dialogues!
I can't do all three together.
Moreover, Mathen
Tharakan does not smoke!
How do you know that, Sir?
I am Mathen Tharakan, right?
Wouldn't I know about myself?
Moreover, why should we send out
a wrong message to the audience?
It will be written that 'Smoking
is injurious to health' at this corner;
Why do you want to give an
extra job to the Censor Board?
If I throw this away,
that will be gone!
Loo k!
"'5 gone!
Saw that?
Then avoid the cigarette.
Let's go for a take.
- No!
- DOP Sir, ready?
Who is this?
Father Censor Board?
Sir, what all are you saying?
The Censor Board I said earlier got
mixed up with this and came out.
Father Sensilavos.
- What?
- Father Sensilavos.
Just a minute. Can I see the writer?
- Who?
- The script writer?
- It's me!
What is it, sir?
You can find so many other
good names for Fathers.
Where did you find this Father
Czechoslovakian to get my tongue twisted?
Try saying it, Sir.
It will be all right.
You still have that old
grudge against me, right?
your teacher who taught
you is saying this!
Don't put me in trouble.
Don't get cursed by the Guru.
Co-operate with me.
If you do so,
I can throw pearls, diamonds
and charcoals of acting here.
You can pick the ones you need.
Sir, just to try to say
that name correctly.
- Okay,
- I will try!
Father, move a little when the
trolley reaches behind you.
When that trolley reaches
behind you, you should move!
Pay attention!
- Say the dialogue properly!
When I'm trying to
give a suggestion"
This is why your acting
is not improving.
Clap in!
- Rolling.
Stan camera!
- Take 8. Clap!
Well, looks who's here!
Father Joseph?
Glory be to God, Father!
Glory be to Him,
now and forever.
Cut it.
Now, just make it Father
Joseph in the script.
Only that will be possible.
The land belonging to the Church, was given
to you on lease for 10 years, Mathen.
Now, even after
the term is over,
isn't it unjust that you haven't demolished
the peeling shed you built there?
The case is in court, Father.
Let the Court decide whether
I should vacate or not.
That will take a really long time.
Only if that shed is demolished
as soon as possible,
and proceedings are ensued,
we can start the college at least
during the next academic year.
From tomorrow, I'm going to start the
peeling of prawns in this peeling shed!
Disrupting jobs of
around 200 workers,
you don't have to build
a college there!
Don't be so adamant!
That college is the dream
of this entire village.
It's for a good future
for our children, right?
Don't object it.
if all the kids here start
going to college;
Who will be left here
to go to the sea?
Those who are doing
their traditional jobs;
If you mislead them
from their heritage,
you will be cursed, Father!
Cut it!
Finish eating this,
there will be night shoots here.
So we'll see to it that you &your
daughter are not troubled. -Yes.
What trouble?
It's Vishwettan's story, rig ht?
Okay. rig ht?
lam not so fair, right?
Chechi, she has put on
make-up for the movie.
Who is Vis hwettan?
Didn't Father come?
- Father is on the way, in make-up.
Our Father Michael is
acting as Vishwan.
Father is here.
This is Vishwettan's
wife & daughter.
Through the script,
I could really
identify the person.
What's your name, dear?
- Sreekutty.
She was named after
the daughter we lost.
Vishwettan left us, when
I was pregnant with her.
I know how much Vishwan
loved his family.
The virtues of Vishwan, who
is considered to be a goon;
When this movie releases, the
world would realize that.
You should understand something.
You should understand something.
Your husband is now
an actor as well.
I cannot come home
daily like earlier.
I have shooting tomorrow.
What I'm drinking?
Juice! Juice!
Afilm actor should
only drinkjuices.
Do you know how many
fans I have already?
Clicking photos and selfies;
I'm fed up, dear!
I'm fed up!
I think fans have
come here as well.
Anyway, you hang up..
And go to sleep.
Okay. I'll call you later.
Aren't you the guy who's acting
as Mathen Tharakan? -Yes!
Please come in!
This has been going on at
the location since morning!
So many people came to meet me.
Of course, they should!
You're doing an awesome job
acting as Mathen Tharakan!
I will be awesome!
- Of course!
Mathen Tharakan is the main
villain in the story, right?
Even though he's a villain,
that guy had more foolishness
than villain-ism.
So all the students
told me in unison,
that I should be the one doing
that character. - That's awesome!
Well, what do you do?
I'm not doing anything.
I'm just about to do.
Is it?
- Yes!
You didn't mention your name.
I am the character
you are playing.
The living villain;
Mathen Tharakan.
Oh! It's a pleasant surprise!
My character is standing
before me, alive.
The character has come
in search of the actor.
Very nice!
I want to study you properly.
And you should teach me
some things as well.
Why not? I'll teach you!
That's why I have come here.
- Very good.
I have a slight confusion
only in the climax.
Did you kill Vishwan
with just one blow,
was it through a physical fight?
Should I just tell you how,
or should I show it to you in detail?
- Show it in detail!
Dude, just show him how
that Vishwan was killed.
So you held him like this?
And then?
Hold his neck.
Kick on his groin!
- I have learned! Enough!
Ya! Hit him there!
Should I tell you specially
to break his ribs?
- No. Don't do that.
- Give it to him!
Like that!
Put him on the floor & kick him!
Kick him properly!
Like this..
- Strangle him.
- Don't kick there!
Stamp on his nose!
Don't kick there, please!
Hey! Enough!
You are Mathen Tharakan?
Are you like me?
Stop your movie-making
today itself!
Othen/vise, I'll drown you
all in the deep sea!
Go tell that Father who's
playing Vishwan's role;
If he tries to resurrect the dead
Vishwan and make him a Saint;
Even the Father would meet
the same fate as Vishwan.
Trying to be Tharakan?
Bloody scumbag!
Gosh! What happened to you, Sir?
What happened to him?
Where is Father?
Father, come here!
Mathen Tharakan came and
thulped this Mathen Tharakan.
If the shooting isn't stopped, he said he
will come and kill the dead Vishwan again!
Yesterday night, he taught me
this movie's climax very well!
You could have called
us immediately!
I got what I deserved.
First I thought that I
shouldn't tell anyone.
When I saw my face on the
mirror in the morning,
I bowed down to myself.
I thought it was Lord Hanuman.
After going straight
to the hospital,
and doing all this patchwork;
I felt that I should shout out to the
whole world, about howl was tortured.
Because no other actor
should suffer my fate.
And there's a dialogue in another
movie, right? That's a lie!
'If there was a loud cry,
I would have woken up'
I cried loudly so many times!
They were wide awake and hitting
me left, right and centre!
Oh no!
Father, we should file a
complaint at the police station.
That's not necessary.
He will also file a case saying that this
movie is deliberately defaming him.
- Yes.
- He might get a stay order too.
We just have to say that the story &
characters are imaginary at the start.
If there's any issue,
instead of Mathen Tharakan,
we can say Pothen
Tharakan while dubbing.
Those are all things
which come later.
First, we should think how to continue
shooting this movie without any obstacles.
no need of any case.
We should hit him back.
You used to hit each other for
no reason in college, right?
So go hit him, for me.
- We will fight!
Hey! No need of that!
Violence should not be
fought with violence.
I will talk to him peacefully
and set everything right.
That's good.
Come here.
- What?
Where is your house
in Porbandhar?
That's not in Porbandhar.
It's on the other side.
There's something else there.
My dear Father,
this Vishwan was not such a great
soul like you are all saying.
He was just an ordinary goon who
used to beat people in this village.
Finally, because of his over-smartness,
he got beaten to death.
The guy who did it,
is still in jail.
The court acquitted me in that case saying
that I'm innocent, back then itself.
And now, you're making a movie
saying that I'm the murderer.
This is really shady, Father.
You have misunderstood us.
This movie is not
to defame anyone.
This college and a
hostel for the college;
Was Vishwan's dream.
To fulfill that dream,
we are making Vishwan's
story into a movie. That's all.
Why should you show me as
a villain for that?
Even if this movie
gets made or not;
There's a story that the
people of this village,
have believed for
the past 10 years.
If that story becomes a movie,
what more disgrace
would you be getting?
So don't try to oppose us.
If you oppose us, you will fail.
Because, behind this dream;
There's the whole youth and
people of this village.
Mathen Sir,
don't try to create
troubles like earlier.
You won't get anyone from here to go
to jail for you, like 'Crow' Rameshan.
You better be calm.
It's the people's need to make
Vishwan's story into a movie.
If you even dare to touch one
among us, because of this;
All the boys would break into
your house &finish you!
We won't allow you to
step into the town.
You won't know where
you're getting hit from.
All that won't be needed.
He has understood
everything now.
Boys these days are like bees.
If they are disturbed, you wouldn't
know who's stinging you from where.
So, as we said..
See everything positively.
And at times, you can come
&watch the shooting too.
If you dare to raise your
hands on this boy again,
there won't be any
kerosene in your shop.
I will pour that and torch you!
Did you hear me?
Kafiummasshew mop!
Where did Vishwettan go?
Where did Vishwettan go?
He went to give a
signature at the station.
Oh no! Don't tell him
that I told you.
You Kankanis would
know very well;
How many cases are there
against him, right now?
Why is everyone silent?
Jayanthi, we don't know!
Dude, Wshwefian.
- Where were you?
- I had gone to check a vehicle.
Must be a police jeep.
How did you know that?
Why are you doing all
this for random people?
Why don't you mind
your own business?
If everyone starts
thinking like that,
life would be like
a rusted vehicle.
If it has to be painted &
carried around in style,
we should help others.
And we should also hit people who
don't move even after honking.
Is this any recent honking case?
The case where I beat up that
ration shop owner lttoop. That one!
Oh God!
You hit lttooppettan also?
Isn't he a good man?
Good man indeed!
But he hit his own son & bruised
that poor kid's eyes and face.
What's your problem if
he hits his own son?
If it's his son, he can
do anything or what?
He said he wants to get good
marks and go to college.
And his father said 'Don't go to
college; Run the ration shop!'
When the boy didn't agree,
he started beating him up.
I hit him because I didn't want
the son to hit the father.
Nice excuse!
It's compromised.
Ittoop sent his son to college.
He said that he didn't send him
because there's no college nearby.
This is why I keep saying that we need
a college & a hostel in our village.
Will our protest
succeed, Vishwetta?
Let's try going forward
in a fair way.
Nowl'm on the goon list, right?
Othen/vise, we can
try that route too.
When she's angry, her face looks
like a Leyland Lorry, right?
Yes. Correct!
Why is your face turning red
for such silly matters?
Everything is silly
for you, Vishwettan.
Fights, quarrels and
police cases daily.
When you're late to come home,
my heart is on fire.
You have enemies all
over town, right?
Do you ever think about
me and our daughter?
And you're sad that lttoop's son
didn't get to join a college.
Did you forget our past?
What I saw in lttoop's son's eyes;
Were my tears!
The tears of someone who deeply
desired to study, but couldn't.
You know rig ht?
Even after the sea took my father,
my mother carried fish baskets
to pay for my studies.
And I studied well also.
It was while I was dreaming
about joining college,
that my mother became paralyzed.
She lied motionless for 8 years!
I took care of her,
as much as a son can.
You were the only one who used to
come running to help me back then.
You were the only one who
used to console my sorrows.
And now, even you..
No, Vishwetta.
I said that out of fear.
I won't say it again.
Cut it.
Very good.
Okay right?
- Very nice.
Okay, s I r?
- Perfect.
Father, the shot is okay.
Father, the shot is okay!
Father has really
internalized the character.
I swear! No words!
- He is awesome!
Get ready for the next shot.
What's that crowd here?
Did the sea-turtle lay
an egg on the shore?
Vishwetta, please understand.
- Varkey!
Oh my God! Cinema shooting!
Hey Vishwan!
- Just a small..
Cut it!
Cut it!
- Dad!
- This is my Vishwan!
Vishwan has come back
healthier and mightier.
As FatherVishwan.
Hey! Take him away!
- Let us shoot this.
Take him over there.
One more, sir.
- Okay.
Vishwettan, please
understand what I'm saying.
Varkey, what you're
saying is pointless.
Hey! Stop! Stop!
Cut it!
How can he be Varkey?
I am Varkey, right?
If this is Vishwan, Vishwan's
best friend is me!
Dad, I'm doing your role.
- How's that possible?
If you do my role, will
you marry your mom?
Someone take him away!
Move away, Chetta.
- It's my father. Take him there.
Franklin, these boys
are hurting me!
Dad, stay calm!
- Okay. I'll sit here.
- Don't get up from here.
You should sit there.
Don't move again.
Vishwan is telling you!
Okay Dimblicoos!
But one thing! Mistakes
shouldn't be made.
Only you are dead.
Historic men like me
are still alive here.
So okay.
Carry on!
Carry on!
Sir, let's do one more take.
- Okay.
Clap in.
Sound! Roll camera!
Vishwetta, please try to
understand what I'm saying.
Varkey, what you're
saying is pointless.
Don't say that you won't
attend Jason's wedding,
because of a silly ego clash.
Cut it!
What's that?
I have never done this. I swear!
Who said that?
- Who?
Havel ever said so?
- What?
Vishwan, don't you remember us
going for Jason's wedding? -Yes.
Both of us got sloshed after the wedding
and dinner and lied on the stage;
I thought the boat was a
bathroom, and pissed on it;
Jason's father swore
at me, and slapped me;
Don't you remember all that?
We're shooting the
wedding like that.
But it won't be so vulgar.
Not that.
- Okay fine.
Dad, I'll fall on your feet.
Let us shoot this.
Please go, dad!
Give me Rs.100.
- I don't have any. Get going!
lam stuck doing some
college kids' film.
None of them know
anything about films.
I'll call you.
So we'll have a blast at Jason's wedding!
- Okay!
We'll have a blast!
Cut it! Okay!
- Superb!
How are you able to
do this, Father?
Dude, next is the
song sequence, right?
'There's a canopy of
jasmine flowers up there'
'There's a canopy of
jasmine flowers up there'
'Here comes the palanquin
of silver moonlight'
'And he wants to step on to it'
'There's a canopy of
jasmine flowers up there'
'There's a canopy of
jasmine flowers up there'
'Are there fireworks
in your heart?'
'ls it a firefly in your eyes?'
'There's a canopy of
jasmine flowers up there'
'There's a canopy of
jasmine flowers up there'
'On the breeze'
'On the breeze'
'Someone is writing a message'
'All the cuckoos are
singing that story'
'Like the stars covered
by misty clouds'
'A desire has awakened
in this heart'
'Let's swing on the rays of
sunshine, with all our heart'
'0 clouds, can you come with
a chariot of rainbows?'
'Let's swing on the rays of
sunshine, with all our heart'
'0 white flower, can you be the
pearl that my girl adorns today?'
'There's a canopy of
jasmine flowers up there'
'There's a canopy of
jasmine flowers up there'
'Here comes the palanquin
of silver moonlight'
'And he wants to step on to it'
'There's a canopy of
jasmine flowers up there'
'There's a canopy of
jasmine flowers up there'
'Are there fireworks
in your heart?'
'ls it a firefly in your eyes?'
'There's a canopy of
jasmine flowers up there'
'There's a canopy of
jasmine flowers up there'
There's only one way now.
It's actually illegal.
Mathen has gone to Mangalore.
As pan of a public agitation, the public
should trespass and demolish that shed.
I'll take care of the
rest at the court.
Why should we drag those innocent
people to the court, sir?
Mathews shed shouldn't
remain there, right?
I myself am more than
enough for that.
(Tharakan's Peeling Shed)
Cut it!
Father, are you okay?
Get up, Father.
- It's okay.
Bring a chair for Father.
Well done, Father.
What is it, Sir?
Have you come to confirm
whether Vishwan is dead?
Vishwan will not die.
Because Vishwan is not just a person.
He is an idea!
An idea which said that even the poor
should come to the light of awakening.
Ideas don't die, right?
I don't know all that, Father.
I haven't come to argue
with you or threaten you.
I felt that I should say
certain things to you.
Even I reached this stature, from
being poor and hungry, Father.
And like all other businessmen,
I have done some
violence to make money.
It's true that I seized the
Church's land and didn't move out.
Because I never thought that a college
or hostel is needed here, Father.
I thought that the kids who want to
study would go somewhere else & study.
And it's true that I had a
grudge against Vishwan.
But I didn't kill him.
Till the time I came back from
Mangalore, your story is true.
'Crow' Rameshan
wasn't with me then.
Ram es han!
Hey! No!
Stop if I say!
I'm telling you!
Ram es han!
Oh God!
Vis hwan!
Vis hwan!
What did you just do, Rameshan?
People will only think
that I made you do this!
They should think so.
That's why I did it now itself.
For protesting against you, and
for burning down your shed;
You asked me to kill him!
Ram es han!
When the police asks me,
I will say only that!
You will be the 1st
You scoundrel!
You were double-crossing me?
Leave me, boss.
Let me complete.
This is an old payback.
He is the one who
defeated me everywhere.
He romanced & married the
girl I was supposed to marry.
Anyway, your headache
with him is over, right?
You can go back to Mangalore
right away without any worry.
When the police asks me, I'll say that I
killed him due to personal vengeance;
And that you don't
have any role in this.
Isn't that enough?
And ya, if I go to jail;
My family shouldn't starve.
So pay Rs.10 lakhs to my family.
Only ifl know that
they received it,
I will surrender to the police.
That's howl had to pay him.
And it wasn't the wage to be
convicted for a murder I did.
Even though the
court acquitted me,
everyone saw me as a murderer.
And now when your
movie comes out,
that thing that people
had begun to forget,
will be confirmed again
in people's minds.
Leave it.
It's all right.
What am I going to do by gaining
a good name in this age?
Let Mathen Tharakan remain as
a murderer in people's minds.
I felt that I should confess
this truth to you, Father.
That's why I came now.
And if you haven't
believed what I said,
'Crow' Rameshan is coming back
after his punishment next week.
You can ask him.
Someone who has done a
life imprisonment term,
needn't lie about
that case now, right?
'Puttu & Kadala'
'How do we eat it?'
'Let's slurp it up'
'Give us a
'Parippuvada' (snack)'
Hey. That cameraman's
assistant Balu;
He is deeply in love
with you apparently.
He has been scanning
me for many days now.
Your castes are almost the same.
And he's financially sound too.
What should I tell him?
Tell him that I love you!
You idiot!
Go and tell him that I love YOU.
Dude, what happened?
Thanks, dude.
Note down the
continuity costumes.
Or there'll be so
much confusion.
That's really sad. We should have
found another option as well.
What happened?
Father, we were about to shoot
Vishwettan's family song tomorrow.
But the girl who was supposed to act
as the daughter won't come tomorrow.
She fell sick & got
admitted in a hospital.
No problem!
We can make our..
My daughter act...
Will Chechi allow?
Why wouldn't she?
Let's try asking. Come.
- That's a good idea.
Mom, dad is here..
Do you want to act as this
dad's daughter, Sreekutty?
Mom, shall I act?
The girl we fixed cannot come.
That's why.
Oh! But she isn't used
to acting and all.
We will take care of that, Chechi.
My daughter is really smart.
Now we just need the
mother's permission.
She's a child who has
never seen her father.
Even if it is through a movie,
lam happy that she would be
getting a father's love & care.
All the problems
are solved now, right?
Now let the vehicle go
forward smoothly. Come!
Thank you Father.
After this song, and four more
scenes, our movie would be complete.
That's true.
We have to re-s hoot the climax.
Re-shoot it? -Yes.
Yesterday Mathen Tharakan
had come to see me.
Actually, Vishwan wasn't
killed by Mathen Tharakan.
It was 'Crow' Rameshan.
Come here, Father.
He will say many such things.
But we cannot re-shoot what
we've shot based on that.
He wasn't lying.
He said those things honestly.
Let it be!
We are following & shooting a script
that we all discussed and decided upon.
If you tell us to re-shoot what we've
shot in between, how's that possible?
Father, we spent a lot
of money for the climax.
Whatever you say,
I won't allow you to depict an
innocent man as a murderer.
Father, we're not making a
documentary on Vishwan's biography.
This is a fiction film, rig ht?
Don't talk nonsense, Father.
Truths may sound like
nonsense for you!
But for me, they are
all new revelations.
You should understand
something, Father.
You are an actor in this movie.
It's a director's decisions,
that drive a movie forward.
And not an actor's.
- Maybe!
But an actor has the right to back out
from things that are not righteous.
For a movie,
to make money;
I won't take pan in spreading
lies to the whole world.
I was killed by 'Crow' Rameshan.
Not Mathen Tharakan.
That's the truth!
That's the truth!
Against the truth, I
won't do anything!
I won't act!
You can find someone
else for that!
What you're saying
is true, Sameer.
This is not a documentary.
It's fiction.
But there's an element of
virtue in what Father said.
Someone who was believed to be a
murderer by the people until now;
Isn't it good that he is
proved to be innocent?
Through the medium
called cinema,
when certain hidden
truths come out;
Our movie will have
an honest intention.
it's better for our movie that
there's a Mist in the story
that the people believed in.
What do you think?
the expenses to
re-shoot the climax;
You don't bother about that.
It's all for the good
of our movie, right?
I became involved in this project
because of my gratitude to Father.
You shouldn't have
made him upset.
Go tell him that you'll
do everything as he said.
Father, there's a fit
of anger that comes,
when teachers ask us to
re-do the record books
we drew with a lot of
difficulty, right?
In such a fit of anger,
I said a lot of
things unknowingly.
Sorry Father.
When direction
got to my head;
I thought I was being
a super director.
My mistake.
Father, he behaved like Chem ban Kunju who
saw fish on his boat. (From Chemmeen movie)
Me also, a little bit.
you can slap me if you want to.
Don't stay quiet.
You guys should be slapped!
I know 'Kalari', wrestling, I got a
black belt, etc. Do you know that?
If you show off too much..
We won't do anything!
I put my hand into the
lion's mouth unknowingly.
I'm lucky that I
got my life back.
So what's the plan for tomorrow?
We can re-s hoot the
climax on the last day.
Shall we shoot Vishwan's
family song tomorrow?
Family song?
'You and me, made
for each other'
'And our mischievous
little girl'
'You and me,
made for each other'
'And our mischievous little girl'
'When we're together,
there's happiness all over'
'The feast where we come
together would be delicious'
'The golden sun who lights
lamps in six of our eyes'
'Come, swinging by and
shine before our home'
'Get the silver anklet, go
for a dip in the deep sea'
'Take a white crystal, and
dance around the shores'
'Get the silver anklet, go
for a dip in the deep sea'
'Take a white crystal, and
dance around the shores'
'You and me,
made for each other'
'And our mischievous
little girl'
'This house which knows the
pleasure of laughter and merriment'
'Sprinkle some gold
on it, O morning'
'Come by on a chariot, to spread
rays of sunshine on these two wicks'
'Gift the blue sea
in your eyes to me'
'And give me the heartbeats
of the fishes inside that sea'
'Come with the beauty
of the fresh moonlight'
'Bring a pearl necklace
made of your kisses'
'I'm longing to give
all these to you'
'Even though it's routine,
we never grow tired of it'
'You and me,
made for each other'
'And our mischievous little girl'
'You and me,
made for each other'
'And our mischievous little girl'
'When we're together,
there's happiness all over'
'The feast where we come
together would be delicious'
'The golden sun who lights
lamps in six of our eyes'
'Come, swinging by and
shine before our home'
'Get the silver anklet, go
for a dip in the deep sea'
'Take a white crystal, and
dance around the shores'
'Get the silver anklet, go
for a dip in the deep sea'
'Take a white crystal, and
dance around the shores'
'Get the silver anklet, go
for a dip in the deep sea'
'Take a white crystal, and
dance around the shores'
'You and me,
made for each other'
'And our mischievous
little girl'
Isn't it time for you to sleep?
You're still playing?
Go to sleep.
Dad, mom said tomorrow
is your birthday.
Did she announce it to everyone?
I'll have to treat all those
monkeys at the workshop tomorrow
Go to sleep.
Come on!
What gift do you want tomorrow?
You just have to give me
a sweet kiss, my dear.
Not that, dad.
Mom has given me
money to buy it.
Your mom has made a lot
of money by selling fish!
It's not that.
From the time I bought a shin
for you, she started off;
Saying that she also wants to
buy a gift for her dad. - ls it?
She won't listen to me.
- Yes.
I also want to buy a gift for you.
- Okay.
Sojust give me a
flower like this one.
3 flowers!
- Okay!
3 flowers!
Here's the chicken.
It's for the evening programme.
You only announced it
to everyone, right?
Then would they leave me?
- Well, where is our daughter?
Isn't she here?
- Huh?
I thought she went with you.
She didn't come with me.
Is my daughter there?
- She didn't come here.
Oh God!
Where did my child go?
Our daughter!
- Dear..
Com e.
What happened, Vishwetta?
My daughter is missing.
She's missing?
My child...
Cut it!
Very good!
Father, awesome job!
Come, dear.
Get up.
Well done!
Great feel, Father.
- Did you get wet? - No.
- Great job, dear.
Dear, it was superb.
Father, the shot is over.
The shot is over.
Hold him.
Get up.
Get up.
Come on.
Are you all right, Father?
It was very good, Father.
Kos hy, just come there.
- Okay.
Sit down.
Give the towel. - For her.
- Here you go.
Father, just relax. Okay?
Franklin, let's set
up the next shot.
What is this, Father?
You could have acted as a
Father or a Priest, rig ht?
Instead of that, death
and tears and all that.
Here. Sign on this thing.
The rental agreement's validity is over
for those who're staying in your house.
This is for the renewal.
I have to go back
in the night train.
I have to sow seeds early
in the morning tomorrow
Father, you have shoot only tomorrow
You can take rest today.
Va reethetta!
No snacks this time?
I've kept it at the Church.
- Let me go there.
Father, you do one thing.
Go to the Church.
Get up.
Let me see what's happening here.
You carry on.
It wasn't like that.
I know!
Whom do I say all this to?
It wasn't like that!
It wasn't like that!
Whom do I say all this to?
What is the problem,
Whatever it is, tell us!
I have told you about
Michael's father.
Idiculla Thommen.
He was really strict.
He had a huge objection to
Michael going to the Seminary.
Because he was his only son.
His brother Philippose,
chose the path of God.
If his only son also
took that path,
he was scared that his
generation would be extinct.
One day,
Michael who had left the house
himself to join the seminary,
was brought back by my boss.
Will you go?
You think you can do
whatever you like?
Tell me!
Will you go according
to yourwish?
Tell me!
Tell me!
Brother, why are
you torturing him?
You are the one who
gave him these ideas.
This family needs
only one priest.
He should lead a family life
and preserve our generation.
Va reet h,
until he comes and tells me that
he won't join the seminary,
don't give him even
a drop of water.
Son, drink this.
(Reciting the Lord's prayer)
Michael, who became mentally unstable on
that day, had to be treated for some time.
After his disease was cured,
Michael was sent to the
Seminary according to his wish.
On that day, the
doctor said one thing.
With a lot of love and care,
if he diverts his
mind on to something,
his mind would slip
completely into that.
When I saw his acting today,
I don't know.
I'm really scared.
I've heard that certain actors live as the
characters even after they finish acting.
I'm scared that this would be
something like that, in all senses.
we shouldn't make
him act anymore.
But Vareethettan, our shoot
will be over by tomorrow night.
If you say no now..
How can we stop at this stage?
Vareethettan, a lot of
money has been spent.
Did you see Father?
He will be at the Church.
I went there to get
back Father's costume.
Butl couldn't find him there.
It's been so long
since I saw the sea.
Who lifted me?
Who is this?
Oh my God!
Vishwan, I will fall!
Leave me..
The sea..
If it wasn't like that,
then how was it?
You always call out,
when you see mistakes.
If that wasn't how my daughter
died, then how did it happen?
Did you do it?
Tell me!
- No!
Tell me!
Tell me!
- Tell me!
I'll tell you, Vishwan!
I'll tell you everything.
Where is your mom?
Mom is cooking dessert at home.
Today is my father's birthday.
These flowers are for my father.
Those flowers should
be kept on his chest.
He's a cheat!
Your dad kidnapped the girl
I was supposed to marry.
She also cheated me.
She's also a wretch.
You're the wretch, uncle!
Ya! Your dad and mom
turned me into a wretch!
And they are romancing and
celebrating a birthday?
I won't let them be happy.
I won't let your dad
& mom be happy.
I'll get you a couple of flowers
to keep on your dad's chest.
No need!
I thought I should finish your
father when I get a chance.
But, more than that.
Your dad and mom should
suffer at the same time.
Ram es han,
what's in the pond?
Are you blind or what?
Mind your own business, man!
I didn't understand then that
a murder was happening there.
When I was about
to leave my house,
he came before me again.
The nail was bent.
Now it's all right.
Did you know?
That Vishwan's daughter drowned & died
while trying to get flowers from the pond.
And over there, you".
If you even dare to tell anyone
that you saw me at the pond,
your son who's playing there;
I will go to jail only after killing
him &throwing him to the swam p.
If you dare, just try saying it.
Don't cut your hand. Be careful.
To be frank,
I didn't tell this to anyone,
because I was scared.
I became a drunkard because of the
guilt that I couldn't tell anyone.
Even though Sreekutty's
death really weakened him,
he didn't stop fighting
for the college.
What the hell are you doing?
Drinking so much &
spoiling your health?
No, Vishwan.
I don't want to live.
I'll lie here and die.
Why are you talking about dying?
What's your problem?
Then why don't you
come to the workshop?
I am not your friend, Vishwan!
lam just a wimp!
I don't have the
courage to face you.
I am scared to come
in front of you now.
What is it?
If I don't say that at least now,
I will die of a heartburn.
Our Sreekutty,
didn't die by drowning in water.
She was killed.
She was killed.
- By whom?
Who was it?
'Crow' Ram es han.
Since he said that he
would kill my son too,
if I say this to you;
I didn't say it out
of fear, Vishwan!
Vishwan, who went to avenge
his daughter's murder;
Never came back.
Next day early morning,
it was his dead body
that everyone saw.
What is this?
If you don't give what I ask for, this
is what happens. - Shameless fellow!
Don't talk about my shame.
- Come here.
What's this noise?
That's 'Crow' Ram es han.
He's celebrating after coming back
from jail. Let them celebrate!
'Crow' Ram es han?
(singing a folk song)
Hey 'Crow' Rameshan!
What is it?
Hey, did you know?
During the movie shooting here,
some news about you has come out.
People believe that it was
indeed you who killed Vishwan.
Yes. It was me indeed.
What do you want?
You want to kill me?
Do you dare?
You and your bloody people..
I'll cut you open!
Get lost!
(continues singing a folk song)
Father, when I wave this towel,
start the bike & come forward.
Who is that?
Shucks! Move that
vehicle from the frame!
Who is that?
'Crow' Ram es han.
Who gave you permission
to make a movie on me?
Did I kill a guy and go to jail
for you guys to make a movie?
Chetta, don't create any trouble.
We'll meet you to do
the needful soon.
There are 10 more days
of shooting left.
Who is spending money for this?
Call him here.
You can shoot your movie
after settling this.
Chetta, the producer has gone to Chennai.
He'll come tomorrow
After that, we'll do something.
- Something?
If you don't bring Rs.5
lakhs to my house,
you won't make a movie here
or leave this town. Got it?
Who is doing my role?
He has shoot only in the night.
Why? Am I the Satan who
gets out only at night?
Not that, Chetta.
It's the scene where
he's killing Vishwan.
Then I want to see that.
I want to check whether what
you're shooting is right.
let us take this shot.
Please move.
Holding my hand?
Move away!
I'll beat you all to death
&throw you in the sea.
What are you looking at?
There's some problem
happening there.
Is there anyone here who's brave
enough to fight Rameshan?
Then come!
You heard me, right?
If you don't bring
the money tomorrow,
you would all be lying in a
pool of your own blood here.
That idiot doesn't know that the
shoot will be over tonight.
Shut up.
That's 'Crow' Ram es han.
Lights on!
Lights on!
Roll camera!
Hit him!
Come from behind.
- Turn him!
Come behind!
- Cut it!
Rain off!
Very good!
Hold the umbrella properly.
The camera is getting wet.
Okay! Rain on!
Benjamin, come fast & hit him!
Hit him!
Get the ropes ready!
Who is me among them?
Him! He is acting as you!
M: guy!
Yes. That guy.
What the hell is he doing?
Leave him.
What is it?
'Crow' Ram es han.
What kind of a rain is this?
Benjamin, hit him back.
Not like that.
Hit him back!
Benjamin, hit Father.
Benjamin should hit Father.
Stan hitting after a struggle.
Benjamin, you should hit him!
You should hit Father.
Father, you shouldn't
hit Benjamin.
Just keep rolling.
Don't cut it.
Sheesh! What is this fellow doing?
'Crow' Ram es han is here.
Kick on his stomach!
What are you doing?
To put me to shame!
Father, don't hit Benjamin.
Benjamin, hit him back!
He will put me to shame.
Hold this!
Father, you should get beaten.
Not like that.
Kick like this!
Stop m
It's not me!
He was defeated!
I killed Vishwan!
You are the one who hit
me to death, right?
Then kill me!
You can kill me!
But why did you
kill my daughter?
Don't stop the rain!
Master, there's no more water.
What the..
Hit him, Vishwan!
He killed Sreekutty!
Kill him!
Kill him!
Kill him!
He killed our Sreekutty.
Kill him!
Father, no!
Father, don't do it!
Father, don't do it!
After a few months"
In spite of so many obstacles,
you were able to complete that
movie and make it a success,
because of the hard
work of all you people.
To be frank,
Vishwan's character coming
to life from the movie;
Happened unknowingly
during the shooting.
The general opinion is that not showing
Vishwan's death was a good decision.
Vishwan doesn't die.
With new revelations, he still
lives in the hearts of people.
We gave such an end
caption as well.
That's also true. A new
revelation happened, right?
It was proved that 'Crow'
Rameshan killed the child.
The public filed a complaint,
a re-investigation happened;
And 'Crow' Rameshan
is back injail.
Because of our movie, there was
one such good outcome as well!
Bishop, if you tell
us when you are free;
We could do the
hostel's inauguration.
I'm not the one who
should inaugurate it.
The most suitable
person for that,
is Father Michael.
Well, he is banned from the
Parish rituals, right?
When there are grave
psychological disorders,
and criminal tendencies,
such bans are common.
But, his disease..
Would never resurface, and
he is completely cured.
The doctors have certified that.
By God's grace,
he is fit for service now.
You can fix a date.
I will send Father Michael.
Dude, tie this.
Not there!
Over there.
Dear, give this soon as Sir comes.
Premraj is here.
- Tie it over there.
You go there.
Franklin, come!
Oh my God:
" Sir! I
Sir, good morning!
Wait! Wait!
Girls, come!
Even though he's a film-star
now, he's still so loony!
That's true!
Come, dear.
Stand closer.
Some more.
Please move.
Father is here.
- Sameer!
- Welcome!
Wherever he comes, I
lose my stature.
Sir, Premraj Sir.
I'm really happy that you're
cured of your madness.
With just this movie,
I became really busy.
Sol resigned my job at
the college as well.
In the next film, I'm
doing the hero's role.
Everyone is so adamant,
that I should be the hero.
The movie's name is 'The Lecher'.
- Good.
But I'm scared of one thing.
Like you, when I'm
doing this character,
whether I would transform
into that character.
Hey! That's not possible.
- No?
There's no need for you to
transform into the character.
Because it's a 'Lecher', right?
Yes. Very true!
Father is here.
Welcome, my superstar!
- Father, they
Praise be to the Lord, Father.
Praise be to Him,
now and forever.
Did you reach early?
- Yes.
You were supposed to get
us married, Father.
Well, this year itself;
I shall baptize your child!
- Are you doing well? - Yes.
Hope you're fine.
- Yes.
So shall we start the function?
Com e.
You should speak, Father.
I don't know whether this
is a good news foryou.
But for me, this is a good news.
Since our Principal
Father is retiring,
from tomorrow, I'm going to
take charge as your Principal.
Father, shall we all
take a selfie together?
Ready! Smile!