Vellai Pookkal (2019) Movie Script

Lalitha, see who is there?
I don't see anybody here.
No one is here....
Who ...? Who are you?
No... no... please...
This is how the murders have happened.
When they were alone, the killer has brutally attacked them.
Sir, the jewels in the bed room are also stolen.
If the motive is for jewels, then why has he not taken Lalitha's jewels?
It is a personal revenge.
Where is the owner's dog?
There was no dog here sir.
Then whose plate is this?
The dog should be nearby. Go search!
The dog is refusing to come inside.
Why is the dog not coming in?
It must be scared of something...
Just a minute!
Give me that phone.
Sir. There is no sim card in this phone.
This is the 'Dog Taunt' App.
When the app is switched on,
high frequency sound is emitted.
We are not able to hear this,
but the dogs can hear and they're afraid.
The killer used this app to control the dog.
He has come prepared knowing there is a dog here.
Why did he attack a small girl?
He has strangled her neck.
She might have seen the murder.
So, in his hurry he would have....
He was not in any hurry for anything
He was stable
Why should she alone be strangled?
This is very personal.
Call all the securities who were on night duty yesterday.
Yes Sir.
These are the securities who were on duty last night in this area.
Both of you can go.
Sir inquiry?
Your inquiry is over
Lets go! Lets go!
Where are you both working?
Next street, second house, sir.
Third house from here.
Did you both see anyone looking suspicious last night?
No, we didn't.
Why are you scratching your head?
Were you drunk?
You are a security. Don't you have your owner here?
Owner is out of town to attend a marriage.
What about you?
Owner lives in Singapore.
For 3 months in a year they come and stay here.
I oversee the Security and Maintenance.
Oh...You take care of everything is it?
Yes Sir.
Good for you...
Are you renting this place out illegally?
No sir. Nothing like that.
Pity you are not clever to take advantage.
Don't you wear a cap?
Sometimes, Sir.
Why is your dress wrinkled?
I was on night duty, Sir.
Come in Inspector.
The person who committed these murders.... Mr. Das!
Sir! Sir! It was not me...
Get lost!
Mr. Rudhran, why do you think he committed these murders?
Selvi is a very small kid.
He had been watching her when she went to school.
One day when she was alone, he took her and
She has tried to communicate in her diary in her own way.
How are you certain that he is the killer?
Selvi had struggled when he was strangling her neck...
A red thread from his cap's logo was caught in between her fingernails.
There was also a phone with the 'Dog Taunt' app.
Securities use the app to control the dogs.
So, I interrogated all the securities in that area...
Everyone was wearing their caps, except one.
The red thread should have come from his cap.
The other security guards had wrinkled uniforms, because they were on night duty.
But this guy's uniform was fresh.
Based on these facts I confirmed the killer.
Your next case is in USA.
What do you mean? In USA?
Yes. Isn't your son Ajay working for Microsoft in Seattle?
Yes, Sir.
Rudhran, how long will you stay without talking to him?
It has been about 3 years, right?
Go to him
Forget the past. Go and stay with your son and mend your relationship.
But why, Sir?
You are going. Not as a police officer but as a father.
Hi dad!
Welcome to US
How are you?
How was your journey?
Give me your bag.
Where are the other bags?
It is there.
Dad, you go inside. I will bring the bags
Hello Dad.
Dad...come inside.
Do you like the house?
It's all Alice's touch.
I am feeling tired now.
Your room is upstairs.
Dad, this is your room.
That's Mount Rainier.
Still an active volcano. They say it may erupt any time.
Do you see those buildings? That's Downtown. We came through there.
When you wake up in the morning the view is beautiful.
Here is the TV... Wi-Fi network is Lakshmi Illam.
Mom's name!
It has been years since I saw this photograph.
Dad let me keep it in the living room.
We need one more like this with Alice.
Feeling sleepy?
Please go to sleep.
If you are hungry you can have food or fruits
I will see you in the morning.
Hi Rudhran?
You hesitated so much to go to America. How is life there?
When you stand on the balcony with a cup of coffee in the morning,
you are reminded of the crowded streets in India.
The Garbage truck comes without fail on Wednesday
You know how clean the Garbage Truck is?
Is the garbage truck important now?
Did you meet new people?
Yes. People are waiting in line to become my friend.
But I prefer to stay with my son and daughter-in-law.
Oh. Good. Finally, you spoke to Ajay?
Not only Ajay. Even the refrigerator speaks to me!
Eh!? Leave that...
How about your daughter in law?
What's the hurry? I have just started speaking to the refrigerator.
Confusing....What are you doing now?
Now? I am going to have breakfast.
Oh! What is for breakfast?
Hot rice cakes...
Drumstick curry.
Filter coffee along with that.
What happened?
Nothing. A small mustard seed was caught in my teeth.
Your smart mouth has landed you in a virtual jail!
New place... New people... just because you are bored, don't go looking for trouble.
That's all I can say. Take care. Bye!
I feel sorry for Syria. When will all this end?
Problems can be solved when people think rationally instead of being emotional.
Sorry. I think from now on I will cook what I want to eat.
This is like lemon rice in India.
Instead of something like lemon rice, I wish I could eat lemon rice itself.
Tell me where we can get masala and vegetables. I will go and buy.
Dad. Please try.
Eh! There is nothing here.
He has taken everything.
Are they all pranking me?
Sir. Do you speak Tamil?
I am Bharathidasan.
People call me Bharathi.
I am from Trichy. What about you?
I worked in BHEL for 32 years.
I have come to the US after that. You?
Is this your first visit? It's my second.
I never hear people speaking Tamil here!
Only if you give a chance can I speak
Shall we leave?
I came with my son, Ajay.
He is there.
Looks like dad and uncle have met.
On the other side is Ramya.
Do you know them?
I know her mother too.
Have you started your shenanigans?
My mom and dad.
Dad. We both work at Microsoft
What is car pool?
We both go to office in the same car.
They will also come back in the same car.
Look at him. He is shouting for not giving him a bag of chips.
Dad. Keep quiet. He is talking to his wife.
Stop your shenanigans.
As it is uncle does not like the US.
You don't like the US!?
Ask people like me who are experienced in US way of life.
Old people like us have a full-time job here.
What is that?
Going for walks!
Join me tomorrow.
There is a beautiful girl named Brittany on 130th street who....
My god. What is this?
I was about to say that she makes good coffee.
Be ready at 10 AM tomorrow.
I will come exactly at 10:30 AM.
Dad please. Sorry uncle. Dad will meet you when I come to pick up Ajay.
Bhai (brother)
Hi... He is staring like he's the Pakistan cricket captain!
You are right dad, he is from Pakistan.
It's been 3 months since we moved here.
I have not seen him talk to anybody yet.
In fact, his daughter is studying in Alice's school.
Okay sure. I am going to my room now.
Are you angry?
How can you be bored with a girl like her next door?!
How old do you think...
Approximately thirty years...
I was asking about us, not her!
These faces, not strange anymore
These places, feelin' like home more & more
I will become familiar with
new cuisines, my palate is catching up.
Strange! I am a stranger no more!
These faces, not strange anymore
These places, feelin' like home more & more
Roadside tea shops
Chatting with friends
Traffic jams, the blowing horn
Lovers' faces!Oh! The longing, oh! The love..
Filmstars peeking from posters...
Metro water trucks, plastic pitchers chasing them.
Filmstars peeking from posters...
Metro water trucks, plastic pitchers chasing them.
Cant see them here.
Oh the tragedy..
I will soon miss feeling remiss
These faces, not strange anymore
These places, feelin' like home more & more
Uncle, bathroom is on the other side.
Oh ok! Sorry.
Do you like it here in US? How is life?
Everything feels new here.
But the quietness is kind of bothering.
If it were India, it would have been exciting with cases and investigations.
Retired life is not a T20 (cricket) match,
to always be happening and exciting.
It is more like a test match where scoring even 10 runs a day would suffice.
That is the beauty of it.
Haven't we seen these guys in our neighborhood?
Sir what are you doing?
Creating a ruckus at school!
Have to show them what a cop can do.
Hey! Who are you? What is happening here?
Go home!
Get lost!
Why are you getting involved in other people's business?
Those guys are usually loitering in our neighborhood.
What if they cause problems for us? What will we do?
Dad, he is from that group!
Dad! No, don't!
I'm going to call 911 and report them.
I've seen a 1000 people like this.
They bark, but they don't bite.
Dad, This place is not like India.
At least in India, dogs bark.
It does not even do that here.
I'm here to take care of it, son.
Dad, do you want to tour Seattle tomorrow?
Oh.. you don't have to take a day off for this....
Ajay: That's no problem, dad!
Dad, we can go right?
Dad, let's leave.
Skin color different, depth of love (or loss) the same
Am I lost or am I new (person)?
Am I a new person here?
Strange! I am a stranger no more!
These faces, not strange anymore
These places, feelin' like home more & more
I will become familiar with
new cuisines, my palate is catching up.
I will no longer be a stranger in this place
These faces, not strange anymore
These places, feelin' like home more & more
Dad, do you like US?
You have everything here,
yet something is missing.
What do you think is missing?
Dad! What are the police doing in front of our house??
What happened, Bharathi?
Mona has been kidnapped.
No one knows what happened.
They are questioning Mona's boyfriend, Jeff.
Come, lets go inside.
This is how Mona must have been kidnapped.
What are you doing outside in the middle of the night?
Dad, The security system will be ON
all the time. Henceforth,
Do not go out at night anymore.
You should be in the house by 7 PM.
And when you go out you must text me.
Oh, you are imposing curfew on me!
You think you can dictate terms to me,
My foot!
Why is he behaving like this?
What was the need to go out now?
Mona has been kidnapped. So, why are we going to her store?
I am terrified.
Even now it is not too late. Can we go back?
This is unnecessary.
If you really felt that way,
you would not have come all this way.
There is no harm scoring boundaries in a test match.
Mona Photo Studio. This is the building...
Is that the same cop?
Let's go let's go. Else you might get caught.
Dad went investigating last night.
Come on in.
Uncle, I am hearing a lot of complaints about you?
Complaints about a cop? What complaints?
Heard you went investigating at midnight.
If there is a crime, some people will talk, some people will get in action.
Did Ajay ask you to interrogate me?
Where did you both go?
To Monas Photo studio.
Why? Only yesterday you got caught by the cops. Why again?
I went there only for the family photo.
I am home by 7 PM as per your curfew.
Dad... no iPad while eating.
Don't eat that. It has meat.
Oh, it looked like veg fritters.
Yeah right.
Dad... Don't think about the case now.
Rudhran sir, what Ajay says is correct.
Why are you worried unnecessarily?
Cops will take care of it.
Mom. He is also a cop.
But he is retired.
So what? I am still a cop.
Suppose I was a retired doctor,
And Bharathi has a sudden cardiac failure.
Careful! Drink this.
I was just joking!
Should I do nothing? Or should I treat him?
Dad. It requires skill to be a doctor.
But to be a cop skill alone is not enough.
It is not just a job, it is a frame of mind.
Not everyone can become a cop.
There's no need for cops... I'll tell you what happened to Mona.
Mom... Don't get started now.
Lets pause your investigations.
First, tell me who made the fritters?
And why is it burnt so much?
I think the man in the next house...
You're saying he burnt these?
He should have done something to that girl.
I have seen them exchanging angry looks often.
Isn't he a Pakistani?
Are you saying all Pakistanis are terrorists?
They should put a ban on you.
Wouldn't that be nice? I would have had a peaceful life.
I should have left you alone in India.
You said that the African-American man was creating trouble the other day, right?
Rudhran sir. Wasn't that the same day he picked a fight with Mona too, you said?
Both of you are stereotyping much like Trump.
Why is nobody suspecting Jeff?
In these types of crimes,
the boyfriend is always the main suspect!
He definitely looks like...
Ramya, aren't you stereotyping now?
You should not be biased in an investigation.
So, you mean Jeff is innocent?
No. I say he 'may' or 'may not' be a suspect.
Uncle, the US cops are different from Indian cops.
Wait. They would have thoroughly investigated before detaining him.
You only said the other day that Jeff and Mona had a fight.
Jeff should have done something to Mona.
Bharathi, Ramya is still immature.
If couples begin to kidnap and kill each other for small fights...
there won't be anyone left in this world.
Sir. Get Ramya married soon.
Ramya. Please, Wait.
Sorry for the trouble.
I should apologize for Ramya's behavior yesterday.
I should be the one apologizing.
Ajay told me about everything just yesterday.
I left everything back home for Ramya.
I came to the US to take care of her.
She was happy and settled.
Everything was going well until....
Adhi...... my son-in-law....
After he died, she was devastated.
Everything changed, even her behavior.
Depression, medicines, therapy, all put together....
That one accident changed everything in her life.
Sorry Bharathi. I should not have disturbed you.
You dont have to apologize.
In fact, I need such a distraction.
Otherwise, I will also go mad.
Come on.
You need a change. Come with me.
Stella. Two.
Who is Stella?
That is the name of a beer.
Coming back to what we were discussing yesterday....
You said that Jeff could not be the person who kidnapped Mona. How?
When we went to Mona's Studio, I found some clues.
She goes to the studio only three days a week.
Mary is in charge rest of the days.
Mary looks after the studio very well.
That is not important now.
Kidnapper knew she was home that day.
He came through the main entrance.
No forced entry.
So, either Mona knows him
or it must be someone who Mona will not question to let in.
You mean like a plumber, electrician etc.?
That's a possibility.
How do we find who it is?
I saw the kid before the police arrived at the scene the other day.
Which kid?
That kid with the skate board who hangs out in our neighborhood.
Why was he there at that time?
How is he connected with Mona?
If we talk to him, we might get a clue.
This boy Carlos......
You are retired.
I have to keep reminding you again and again.
Why don't you watch movies on Netflix or Tentkotta like other Indian parents?
When have I done that?
Ok. You can go out with Bharathi uncle to the park etc.
I already spend so much time with him. I'm getting bored.
Then do something you like.
That is what I am doing now.
All this smart talk is good....
But you will not make an effort to speak with Alice.
How many times will she keep trying to speak with you!
You avoid her even if she tries to make conversations.
Poor little thing... She lost both her parents when she was a kid.
She has no one other than us!
Is falling in love such a big crime?
Even if it is, I am the one who did it!
Why are you punishing her?
Say something?
You are also behaving like an old-school person.
Have I ever told you love is a crime? Have I?
What a stupid question!
The crime was not that you fell in love,
nor that you told me...
But when did you tell me?! That was the mistake.
Did I not ask you before I made all arrangements for your wedding at our place?
You said yes for everything.
And just two days before the marriage,
You called and said you were not coming and that you were in love with Alice.
Did you even think about how the other girl will feel?
Did you at least think about me?
Okay... Leave that.
I raised you like a friend so that you don't feel lost without your mother.
You could have told me at least.
You all become too selfish after coming to the US
You think that the world revolves around you and you forget everything else.
Hey! Hey!
I am talking to you and you are walking away!
Hello Rudhran. How is life?
F#$% you. Put the phone down!
Rudhran Sir, Ramya told me Ajay was angry and left for work by himself instead of carpooling.
You can trust the person who says he does not like his father.
But not the one who says that he is more of a friend to his father.
Why? What happened?
This Ajay....
Forget it. We will discuss that later.
We have a new case to discuss.
Carlos, the kid on the skateboard has gone missing.
When was this?
Yesterday. We are headed to that crime scene.
Crime scene?!!
If we figure out how the crime is done
then we will understand many things about the criminal.
Why did he do it? Will he repeat it?
We will be able to answer these questions and more.
Damn! He totally flipped the story.
She is wherever we go!
She is a cop. She will be there at the crime scene.
Yeah okay... you are also a cop.
If you go wherever she goes, she will be there.
Leave all this. Why don't you try to pacify Ajay?
How can I?! He walks away in the middle of the conversation.
It's okay Rudhran.
We see our kids as friends, but we can't expect the same from them.
Also, Alice is a nice girl, Sir.
If you start talking to her, half your problems will be solved.
Sir. Will you talk to her?
So, we have to go back to that place early tomorrow.
To avoid the police.
What happened?
I banged my head on purpose!
Ajay, I want to ...
I am going to Bharathi's house.
I will be back around 7 or 8 PM.
Please inform Ajay.
Hmmm... She is a nice girl.
I spoke to Alice.
Does Ajay know that?
No. He is still angry with me.
I will tell him later in the evening.
Oh no! They have cleared everything.
Thank god!
Even if he stops, these people don't leave us.
Bharathi... come fast.
The only thing he has not taken today is a plane.
Bharathi. Do you know how to swim?
What is this Rudhran sir?
You are peeping into Mona's house.
Or you are chasing these African-American men.
I don't understand what you are doing.
Be patient Bharathi.
These two cases are linked.
We have all the answers to connect the dots.
We just need to ask the correct questions.
Hey! I need to ask you some questions. Do you have the time to answer?
You are in my mind. Speak in Tamil.
Pardon me, Sir. You can question me.
What is the connection between you and Mona?
Nothing except that we belong to the same area.
There is nothing more.
Exactly... there is nothing else as far as I know.
So this is not the correct question.
When Mona was missing what were you doing there at night?
I was doing what you were doing.
You are a school kid.
Who would have kidnapped you?
Who else have you seen me with?
I have....
I have seen you with that guy!
You followed me. I thought you would catch me. But you missed.
He is the one who gave you the bag. Right?
What is the connection between you and Carlos?
Did you kidnap him?
He threatened me too. Do you remember that?
What dear, are you scared?
Uncle it is not a sin to kill these types of people.
Ramya, what are you doing here?
Wow. She is very good looking.
You go away from here.
Enough of staring. Answer now.
Why should I take the trouble to kidnap him?
He will become unconscious if I touch him lightly
If not Paul who could have kidnapped you?
A monster
How did he kidnap you?
See the blood on this. He hit me with this.
Mona, he had attacked you with force as well.
Attacker knows you well.
Carlos, did he know you too?
No need for him to know me.
If he knows about me that is enough.
Mona, you...
Why are you still talking to this old man?
Wake up Bharathi. We need to get down here.
Wake up!
Oh look! Is that Sunny Leone?
Where? where?
Wow, she looks old. Did I sleep for 40 years!
Sir. Slow down, I might get lost in the crowd.
Bharathi, there is a similarity between the two cases.
How do you say that?
Mona was kidnapped from her house whereas Carlos was kidnapped from the road.
Mona is a working professional. Carlos is a school kid.
Mona is 30 years old. Carlos is a kid.
How can you connect these two?
Bharathi when I visited Mona's house
and visited Carlos' crime scene,
I found out one thing in common.
When he was dragging Mona's body in the garage,
he should have done that with a lot of effort.
Not clear, right?
Give me that bottle.
Imagine that I kidnapped Mona, and this is Mona
I attacked her and she fell
How would I drag her body?
I will pull her with her hands or legs.
Like this right?
So, the blood stains will be in a straight line.
But our guy is a bit weak.
He has paused in between while dragging the dead body.
That is why you see a pool of blood
wherever he had stopped for a while.
When I checked the blood stains both in Mona's house and Carlos' crime scene, I confirmed this.
So, the kidnapper is a person with a weak body frame.
So, Mona's boyfriend Jeff can be ruled out.
It is not that difficult for him to drag these bodies.
So, my conclusion is that...
both have been kidnapped by the same person!
Same person?
Wait for me.
My only doubt is why should he do all this?
We will have to find out.
He has kidnapped two people from different economic status.
And that too in broad day light! Why?
There is only a few days of gap in between the two kidnaps.
That too in the same neighborhood.
The kidnapper has also attacked them with force.
He would not have done that if it was for money.
It is risky. And there have been no ransom calls.
If he had attacked a small boy so brutally,
he must be an experienced person.
Bharathi, if you solve five sides in a Rubiks cube
the 6th side will solve by itself.
This case is like that.
We have found out HOW he did it.
if we can find out WHY,
then we can figure out WHO did it!
In my experience if someone is kidnapping with such vengeance,
I am sure this will continue.
Ramya what happened? Who?
Where were you dad?
I tried calling you so many times.
Our phones got switched off.
Dad ........
Alice. Please eat this.
Thanks dad.
Yes, they are involved in all of this.
He has threatened Mona and Ajay already.
Just the other day at the basketball court, Rudhran attacked a member of the gang.
Paul came looking for Rudhran the same night.
There was a tussle between them.
Mona called the cops on him.
That is when trouble started between Paul and Mona.
Paul threatened Mona and left the area.
What are they saying Rudhran?
The police have no evidence.
They say he is being accused because he is African-American.
Like how we use 'caste' in India, here they use 'Race'.
What are you saying?
This is the guy!
He is connected to all the missing people.
He is involved in Ajay's kidnap,
Mona's kidnap too.
He is responsible for all of it.
What are you thinking about?
No Bharathi. I feel we are missing something.
Paul is well built. But we theorized our suspect has a lean frame.
So, he cannot be the culprit.
What do you mean?
He might have hired somebody for kidnapping.
They came to our house and threatened us.
What other evidence do you need?
Or are you looking for warrant and evidence like the American police?
Only American police need all these.
I don't need all those.
Are the police here?
Sir. Where are you going?
Is Ajay there?
Sorry sir. You already warned me.
Because of me....
Why is he doing this?
Is it Mona?
What are they saying?
They say Paul is not connected with this.
They will investigate the case further.
But Mona's body was found at his place!
What could be better evidence than this?
We have become the alibi.
The day Ajay was kidnapped,
we were following Paul closely.
They say someone else killed Mona elsewhere and dumped the body at Paul's hideout.
Someone else?
How do they know?
Tire tracks and clues from vehicle movements indicate that.
Sorry Rudhran! It was me who took you there.
No Bharathi.
If you had not done that...
we would not have known somebody is trying to mislead us.
Misleading us?
If not Paul, then who else?
Has he slipped from our hands?
No Bharathi.
We are in fact only getting closer to him.
He was quiet all these days,
but now suddenly he has revealed Mona's body.
If it is not Paul....
who else could it be?
How is Ajay involved in all of this?
He knows Mona, Carlos and Ajay.
He knew when Mona will be at home,
and when Ajay goes to the office.
He knows everything and has problems with everybody.
Not only that,
he knew we were following Paul as well!!
Yes! He knows where we are going...
Our activities...
He is watching very closely!
But how?
Only two options
he is watching us directly!
Or he has joined forces with
someone in our neighborhood and is doing all of this!
Whom do you suspect?
Why did you come out?
What happened inside?
I heard someone speaking.
Tell me Sir. What did you see inside the room?
Okay come, let's call the cops.
Be quiet Bharathi!!
What happened?
Majid has no connection in this.
Then the people inside the room?
I feel sorry for Syria. When will all this end?
They are Syrian refugees.
They are like Srilankan Tamils in our country,
with the same pain.
Like I am searching for my son,
they have lost their motherland
and searching for a home.
It is not Majid!
Do you think this is why Majid and Mona had problems?
He has given illegal asylum to
these people which Mona did not like.
Sir, didn't you see Carlos' photo in their house?
So the reason for Carlos' disappearance....
Carlos and Najiba are in love.
He is seen around here because of Najiba.
On that night when Mona went missing...
He ran out of Majid's house
because he came to see Najiba.
What is this?
It is not Paul...
Not Majid either. Then who?
I don't know... I don't know who!
The Garbage truck comes on Wednesdays without fail.
Bharathi, when we went to Majid's house
wasn't the garbage bin full?
Yes sir.
Alice. We need to follow the garbage truck.
What happened, uncle?
Ajay went missing on a Wednesday,
Garbage collection day.
The person who came today should have come on that day too.
He must have seen something. We need to find out. Let's go.
Where are you going now?
Dad... wait here.
Uncle see this daily report.
Give me that.
Look at the name list.
Look - the day Ajay went missing...
"Hunt" was the person who came that day!
Did you see someone?
He has seen something.
He says that he saw a black truck.
Come sir... let's go!
There are so many black trucks in this city.
How will you find out the truth with this one clue?
I don't know.
We have tried our best.
What else can we do?
We have come very close to him.
He also would know that by now.
Police also has tightened their grip around him.
If we don't do anything now
Ajay's life will be in danger.
Uncle, Alice told me she needs to pick her car up. I will drop her there.
Please be patient Rudhran. You will find Ajay.
Take rest.
Sorry Ajay. I made a mistake.
I behaved like an ordinary father.
For a moment, I forgot I am a cop.
Like doctors who do not operate on their own kids?
Let me start over.
Who saw you last on the day you went missing?
It was me.
When did you last see him?
8 a.m. when I was about to leave for school.
Correct. This exact time is shown in the security hub.
After that, the door was opened again at 10:04 AM.
Ajay should have opened the door. Right?
Next the door was opened at 10:22 AM.
So there is a gap of 18 minutes in between.
This is the time you were abducted...
Ah! Hunt told us that he saw a black truck.
So, the black truck was used to kidnap you.
Did no one come to meet you
between 8 AM and 10:04 AM?
Ramya! What time do you usually pick Ajay up?
10:30 AM
On that day?
I came at 10:30 AM on that day too.
Did you see Ajay?
He didn't answer my call.
I knocked the door. He did not open.
I assumed he went alone just like the previous day.
Previous day.
That was the day I saw you last.
You didn't go to office with Ramya that day?
Why did you go alone?
Don't you remember?
We fought on the previous day, in that anger...
No matter how much we fight,
you always come and talk to me after.
But you did not do that.
So, there should have been something else that
made you leave without talking to me the next morning.
Ajay what is that on your face?
I have seen this somewhere else.
These rashes are caused by some flower.
Yes. It is Dandelions.
Both these rashes look similar to me.
I think you showed me where these flowers grow.
Wherever you see the dots, the flowers grow there.
Your face has the same rashes as seen in Mona's corpse.
The day after the rashes appeared,
they abducted you.
So, you had gone somewhere and seen something.
Who did you see? Mona's killer?
If you had seen him, why didn't you tell anybody?
Why didn't you go to the police?
You didn't even tell me, why!?
Why did you hide this?
I got it!
What happened sir?
What are you doing?
I know who abducted Ajay.
What are you saying?
There is no time to explain. Where is Ramya?
She has gone to drop Alice.
Call her immediately.
It is ringing but she is not picking up.
Try for Alice.
Please dial now!
What happened?
Alice is also not picking up.
Rudhran, be careful!
Rudhran. Where are we going?
Why to Odessa?
Because Ajay is in Odessa!
What? Who told you that?
The day before Ajay was kidnapped,
he did not go to work.
He went to Odessa instead.
He had the dandelion flower rashes on his cheeks.
I saw the same rashes on Mona's body too.
Mona's autopsy reports had a list of places where these flowers grow.
When there is a list of places, how do you know it is Odessa?
If you ask the right question you will get the right answer.
Among those locations, Odessa is the only place that can be a day trip from home
So Ajay had to have gone to Odessa.
Since her childhood, Alice had seen only hell in her life.
Her mother was her only solace.
After her mom's death, the girl who was used to
being tortured started to give back what she received.
She erupted like a volcano!
She hunted down all the animals in her life.
She lived alone.
She chose loneliness.
She wanted to distance herself from her past and her past identity.
At one point of time she stopped thinking
about how to live and started to think about why to live.
Nicole became Alice.
We tend to think no one would harm children.
That is why they become easy targets of abuse.
But Alice was different.
She focused only on the animals under the human cover.
Wielding the very weapon she used to defend herself, she started saving others' lives.
She wanted to devote her entire lifetime for saving the innocent.
But destiny had something else in store for her.
Alice who had been seeing only animals in her life
saw a human being for the first time.
That was my son Ajay.
Ajay introduced her to a different world.
Though she was a bit reluctant at first,
she grew a liking for him too.
On one side her brutal past
and on the other side the pleasant present,
she started leading a double life.
That is when I came into her life.
Hello dad...
Mona was misbehaving with the kids coming to her studio.
Alice, being a student counselor, learned about this from one such kid abused by Mona.
Alice decided to hunt Mona.
Being a neighbor, Alice knew when Mona would be home.
When she got an opportunity,
she made Ajay and I to go on a day trip.
She made us believe she is not coming due to my discomfort around her
Both her plan and her family were important to her.
Carlos sells drugs to his school friends and abuses them.
She kidnapped him when he was alone.
As the number of missing people started to increase...
There is a special report on missing people in
Washington State on the news.
Alice's childhood photograph was shown in that report and
they mentioned she had gone missing from Odessa 15 years ago.
And the kid was named Nicole!
Ajay was shocked to see that!
That was when he walked out of our conversation.
He started having questions about
the person with whom he has been living with.
He wanted to know for sure.
He decided to go to Nicole's place.
He saw the other side of Alice there.
He also got the skin allergy there.
In his state of shock, he did not even talk to me.
Alice tried to explain her side of things.
But Ajay...
So... she attacked him.
The next day,
I spoke to Alice for the first time.
I am going to Bharathi's house.
The day Alice and I became friends...
... was the day trouble started between Alice and Ajay.
When Bharathi and I went to see Carlos's crime scene,
Alice went to school to create her alibi.
She came home with the black truck.
The time was 10:04 AM.
That is when Hunt saw the black truck.
She took Ajay out of the house at 10:22 AM.
She set a crime scene at home before we came back.
She accused Paul during the police interrogation.
Only the American police need evidence and warrant.
I don't require them.
Once she realized we were planning to follow Paul
she planted Mona's dead body at his hideout.
Alice believed everything would end there.
She didn't expect me to continue the investigation.
Alice, we need to follow the garbage truck.
Only when we went to see Hunt did she realize
the police too are closing in on her.
Uncle, Alice told me she needs to pick her car up. I will drop her there.
Alice decided to shift Ajay from Odessa.
That was when Hunt had called my phone
that I had left behind in Ramya's car.
He had mentioned he saw
the same black truck in Odessa too.
Alice! Hunt has seen the same truck in Odessa.
We need to tell Uncle about this.
Alice did not want me to know this...
So, she kidnapped Ramya too.
When I realized Ajay had seen something
or someone in Odessa. Yet he had hidden that from me.
That means it has to be someone close -
should be either Ramya or Alice.
Ramya's black truck was not as old as Hunt described.
And her husband succumbed to an accident in that
same truck which is why it was kept under wraps
So, I ruled out Ramya.
I went to Odessa in search of that black truck.
The hunt that started with her father 12 years ago
came to an end with me, her father-in-law.
I am ok!
I am alright.
Ramya where is my phone?
This is the Dog taunt app!
When the app is switched on,
high frequency sound is emitted.
Trust me dear. Let me help you.
A new bud (child) arrives with a million dreams.
A million potentials in this world.
Venom filled pedophile monsters trying to crush them every nook and corner.
What kind of a sick world is this?
How do we annihilate those monsters and save the innocent children?
Let us build a fort.
Let us keep watch.
And defeat the monsters
while embracing the innocent!
Let the buds bloom into full blown flowers... they should be!
#Vellaipookal (Dandelions)
The stream of water sees a golden lotus breathe fire for the first time
It is the time for a fiery light beam to become a vigilante
She spreads her wings emerging from flames
She soars in the sky with her roasting wings
The stream of water sees a golden lotus breathe fire for the first time
It is the time for a fiery light beam to become a vigilante
Her heart carries a pain - one that cannot be forgotten
Her mind is resolute - one that cannot be weakened
The stream of water sees a golden lotus breathe fire for the first time
It is the time for a fiery light beam to become a vigilante