Velle (2021) Movie Script

Praised be maharaj.
Praised be maharaj.
What did the pandit say?
Praised be maharaj.
- What did the pandit say?
- Praised be maharaj.
- What did the pandit say?
- What do you think he said?
- He kept saying only one thing.
- What?
Unless Saturn turns favourable,
my life will be hell!
I'll keep facing hurdles.
I told him...
...I've tried everything.
I wore black as you suggested.
You told me to feed a black dog,
- ...I searched for one and fed it?
- Yes.
You asked me to fast and I did.
- When will things be favourable?
- What did he say then?
He said today.
Today? How?
- A girl will come by.
- Girl?
Dazzling, dressed in blue....
...holding a weapon,
she'll walk right here.
- That's yours.
- Hello.
What hello? Your daughter's
crying since morning.
She's saying that her father
promised to get her a new bag.
Both the bag and
her dad are missing.
She'll get the bag by evening.
When? When will she get lucky?
- Mom!
- I am unable to handle her.
You know I am at work.
His life is also hell.
Nobody's here yet.
- That girl?
- Blue clothes.
- Weapon in hand.
- Yes.
Hey hang up!
- Cover your faces.
- The girl is here.
Let's go.
Don't do anything stupid.
''Idler, I am the idler''
''Idler, I am the idler''
- Mind blowing! What a story.
- Thank you, sir.
But you see, son, your
story is full of truth...
We need to sprinkle some lies.
- Yes, sir?
- Sir needs some lies.
- Lies?
- Do you have some?
- No, sir.
- You please go.
This is the problem with
creative people like you.
You can't take criticism.
- Such arrogance, son...
- For one, I'm not your son.
As for the arrogance, I've
earned it with a lot of effort.
It has taken me 10 years, sir.
- Which actress are you considering?
- Rohini.
Rohini? She's a star.
I'll make the film, son...
Rishi. Sorry, Rishi.
You call her.
I don't have her number.
You don't have her number?
Okay, sir.
Anything else, sir?
What else? I'll handle the rest.
Yes, you'll handle the rest.
Thank you, sir...
...for making up my mind.
"Dreams have turned sides"
- "I'm awake while sleeping"
- Yes, Rana, I've reached.
"Through the windows I can see"...
...'the path to the destination"
- What's in the bag?
- What's this?
"Heart beats like butterflies"
- Your Films!
- Can you see my name on the poster?
- What's in a name?
- Everything.
"The lines on the palms"...
..."guide me ahead"
"I've decided not to stop"
"Let me fly"
"Let me fly"
- "Let me fly"
- How was it?
- Same.
- Don't worry, things will work out.
''Let me fly''
- Yes, mom?
- You didn't come?
I thought you'd stay with us.
I'll keep visiting.
I'm staying close by.
Did you get the job?
Who's asking? You or Dad?
Rishi, producer!
Producer, Rishi...
Not interested.
Not interested!
Hello. No, sir, it's not Rishi.
Rishi's manager.
Okay, done.
Okay. Okay, sir.
He's sending Rohini's email id.
Mail her the synopsis.
- "I'm a traveller, you're my destination"
"Dear life, you're my companion"
"I'm new, you can test me"
"Dear life, you're my mirror"
"Don't abandon me as I move ahead"
"I'll keep flying with
the newly grown wings"
"Don't obstruct my path
as I take on the winds"
- "In the skies"..
- Hello.
- "I lose myself"
- Rishi Singh?
Myself Rakesh, Rohini's manager.
Can you come over?
"I want to write a story on the clouds"
"Let me fly"
"Let me fly"
''Let me fly'' - Rishi, myself Rakesh.
Give me two minutes.
It's nice. I read the synopsis.
- Good, very good.
- Thank you.
Hope it's not stolen.
No... many people narrate
stories saying it's their work.
Later we get to know that
it is not their work.
Thank you, sir.
Where are you going?
Please sit.
I wasn't talking about you.
Please sit.
I was talking about myself.
I am also a writer.
A lot has been stolen. I'm
sure you've heard the line...
'it doesn't matter if the
doors are open or shut'...
...'words do sneak out'
Who wrote that? I did.
I've written a lot for Rohini too.
But I don't think she can do it.
She doesn't have it in her.
You see? Rohini is just a star.
And you know I need an actor.
She has so many issues.
Mental issues, ego issues...
So many issues!
- She's behind me, right?
- Yes.
Hello. Hello, madam. Sorry, madam.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Your manger is very interesting.
Don't ask! He's a distant
relative of my dad.
By the way, I read your synopsis.
You've written a
very detailed treatment.
And I also saw the short film.
That girl... She's very good in it.
The writing style is very familiar.
You wrote 'Safarnama', right?
Oh! That's Mr. Kumar's script.
The writer of the industry, right?
C'mon! I'm no outsider.
I know he can't write.
What does he say?
You see,
child, writing flows naturally.
A blank page turns into a mind
blowing scene in a minute!
That's obvious... since
someone else is writing!
Anyway, why me?
Don't you think the character is
very different from my homely image?
Yes, it's different from
the image but not from you.
So, how do we go about it?
You want me to read the script or...
As you like. You can read
it or I can also narrate.
- Would you like to narrate?
- Yeah sure.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Hope you're not nervous.
- No.
So, we open, in a small city.
The sun is setting.
Gentle breeze, a pleasant evening.
Get 'roti'.
I know you're not interested
in living with me.
Can't help the situation.
I'm all you have
since your mom died.
But I am not your mom.
I won't pamper you.
I'm talking to you.
I am respected here.
Hey! Let's go.
How do you keep losing your phones?
I don't do it deliberately.
Hey, let's go.
- His phone is missing since morning.
- Oh no.
"Dad says I'm a sinner.
Life's a mess like a lollipop"
"I'm called an idler but I'm a dude"
''I've no penny in my pocket yet I'm
Check for a red phone.
- ''I have tea shots with extra milk''
-''Pull up pajamas and flee''
That's why I called you...
- ''Pull up pajamas and flee''
- ''Dad's old school but I was born cool''
Have you seen my phone?
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear..."
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
''My dear''...
- It's not here.
- Here neither.
Oh yes!
I didn't come here yesterday.
What are you doing, Rahul?
"Boys get the tank
tipsy with petrol"
"Boys tilt the engine and fly away"
"Boys get the tank
tipsy with just a taste of petrol"
"Boys tilt the engine and fly away"
Where does all that oil go?
You don't remember anything.
You were looking
for your phone, right?
My head was aching.
Mister, have you seen my phone?
Which clothes was he wearing?
Clothes? Mister, phone.
- Phone?
- No.
"My dear boy's not listening"
What do these guys want?
What are they up to! Rascals.
"My dear boy's not listening"
Such shameless boys!
His phone was also red like yours
"Pampered boys eat
stuff without paying"
"The silencer is bust but
they act like it's a Ferrari"
- I'm sure you left it in the jeans yesterday.
- Jeans?
He wore shorts yesterday.
Your name is Raju, keep quiet.
Must be in the jeans! Huh...
"Boys don't cry for girls"
"Boys just enjoy"
"Boys don't cry. Boys just enjoy"
"Be it Trump or Obama,
there's none like mumma"
"There's none like mumma"
"Mom's blessings are
filled with love aplenty"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear..."
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear..."
"My dear..."
- Have you seen my phone?
- What?
- Where is your phone?
- Mine...
Keep it safe. It gets
lost easily these days.
Okay, bye.
Focus on your studies.
This is rubbish.
Hello, Riya. How are you?
I'm fine.
Will you have tea or coffee?
Do you offer tea/coffee
to all students?
- No, sir. She's your daughter so...
- She's my daughter at home.
Here she's just like
any other student.
Okay, sir.
Are you waiting for tea?
- Missed!
- Dad, what's wrong?
Look at your marks!
- They're better than the last time.
- These are better?
You've been rotting in the
12th grade since 4 years.
How much more time will you take?
Time? Time is not a worry dad...
Time is our creation.
Sun, Earth, the earth
revolves around the sun.
We believe one
revolution is one year.
I don't take it as a year though.
I think of it as a month.
So I've spent 1, 2, 3, 4...
4 months in the 12th grade.
Show me one boy...
...who cleared 12th
grade in 4 months!
Have some shame! Why are
you ruining my reputation?
Reputation! As if you're
some commissioner, dad!
Property dealers have no reputation.
This is why I want
you to be educated...
...and become successful. Be famous.
Make me proud.
Stay away!
This is not your result but mine.
- Ravikant's result.
- Enough, dad.
You opened my eyes.
No more aimless wandering.
I'll do as you say.
Of course. I've been
asking you for a new phone.
- Did you get me one?
- No.
Good you didn't.
- I don't want a new phone.
- You don't?
It costs 20,000 rupees.
I'll be happy with
my repaired old phone.
What's wrong with your phone?
It's an internal debugging
modem connection error.
That's technical.
I know. My old phone will
get repaired in just 10,000!
- 10,000 instead of 20?
- Yes.
- Really?
- Dad...
''My dear boy...''
- It's his dad.
- Go for it.
Hello, Rahul. I looked everywhere
but couldn't find your phone.
Listen, don't tell your
dad, he'll thrash you.
Okay, see you later. Bye.
Done counting?
Well, son, you didn't tell
me where your phone is.
- My phone?
- Where is it?
Dad, don't! Please.
Wait till your next results
and I'll set you right!
Bro, great phone.
Good things happen to good people.
All scorpions in the world
are no match to this snake.
And all snakes....
Open the window.
We know the rest.
- When all snakes...
- Then?
Not interested. Keep quiet.
Let me tell him about how
good a person you are.
Somebody might walk in.
This can wait.
I'd rather fart.
25! I've done it. My life is set.
Dad will be proud.
- 25.
- Excuse please.
- 25.
- Excuse please.
- It's 2.5
- What?
Didn't you see the decimal?
That's okay, I didn't
even write that much.
Hurry up! You're taking too long.
Keep this separate.
- Rascal!
- What happened?
- Traitor!
- What happened?
I'm whiling away time with you the
entire day and you ended up studying....
- night.
- Not at all!
I swear on my mom, I didn't
even touch the books.
Then you should.
You scored 3 marks.
3 out of 100! You should be ashamed.
- You're ruining your parents' image.
- Ugh!
You guys didn't take this long
even in writing the exams.
Shut up.
- You shut up.
1.5, bro! Respect, bro!
- Let's go.
- Hurry up.
- What?
- Let's remove a few more papers... nobody gets suspicious.
Had dad seen my marks,
I'd get thrashed.
- I just scored 2.5.
- I know.
- Okay, bye.
- Okay.
Why was she looking at us?
- Hope she didn't see us.
- You were standing out, right?
- But I was looking inside.
- Oh dear!
What's the problem
even if she saw us?
- She's the Principal's daughter.
- What?
Yes, come here.
She's in our class.
- Really?
- Yes.
I've never seen her before.
You'll have to attend
class for that!
Wait, I'll talk to her.
- Hey!
- What?
Take a look at yourself!
I wouldn't step out of
the house with that face!
Here, hold this.
Use your charm.
He thinks of himself
as Shah Rukh Khan!
- What's wrong with my face?
- Now what do I say?
He'll get slapped.
Rahul, I'm sure you've
heard that name.
She'll spit on his face.
Do you have a grandmother?
I do.
She turned 80 five years ago.
I remember that day clearly.
My 10th grade papers had come home.
My dad yelled so loudly that my
grandma suffered a heart attack.
Then we had to put a stent.
As and when the
papers kept coming,... kept yelling...
...and the stents kept adding up.
Remember a tiger grabbed his
uncle while pooping in the open?
- He's telling her that story.
- No.
It must be the grandma's story.
Poo? In front of a girl?
You know,
the doctor has said that...
...there's no more place
left for stents now.
You know I steal papers
to keep my grandma alive.
Please! If you keep
this to yourself,... old woman will bless you.
My grandma will bless you.
Good morning, madam.
- Please sit down.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Angad.
- For the first time ever, our names...
- ...won't be taken.
- Rahul.
Is there another Rahul in the class?
- Who cares!
- Rahul.
That's not mine, madam.
Rahul, who has made a geography
map in a physics paper.
- How did she get it?
- Come here.
- Don't say much.
- Come here.
You think this is funny?
You think this is funny?
What is this?
The map of our country, ma'am.
India is great.
Duffer! Take this.
Get lost.
I had taken it out myself,
how did it land up there?
How would I know?
I thought that if only our
papers were missing,...
- ...she'd definitely get suspicious, so...
- Ishan.
I put them back.
- Listen...
- I'll see you outside the class.
Rajeshwar Prasad.
Raju in brackets.
'Good Luck To Me',
'Praise The Goddess'.
'Curse those with an evil eye'
- Come here.
- Go.
Good morning, ma'am.
Two extra sheets for 1.5 marks. Why?
Ma'am, for good luck.
He was fooling you... I put his paper back..
Get lost.
Ramesh Bhatia, come here at once.
You've scored the
highest from the three.
- Thank you, madam.
- It's 3!
Thank you, madam!
Sit, 3 marks!
Ma'am, I never got my paper.
Ma'am, me neither.
Ma'am, me too.
I too, didn't get mine.
Ma'am, me neither.
Okay, sit down all of you.
I'll see to it.
Did you steal her paper?
How does it matter? We're done for.
Dad will thrash me.
Look, she has stolen her own paper!
Look here. Show the paper.
Show the paper.
Show it.
- She scored 1.
- Useless.
I scored 3.
Hey, don't worry. I'll teach you.
I scored 3, I'll teach her.
Riya, please step out.
I'm very embarrassed.
Do you know what you're doing?
You should never do this.
You know that your dad is
the Principal of this school.
That doesn't mean that
you can do as you please.
You should know
what are your limits.
And that's it.
Want to get even? Just say it.
- What?
- Revenge.
I know where she
lives. How could she...
...insult you? How dare she!
Don't you feel like tying
the physics teacher... a chair and ask questions?
Now talk about classical
mechanics, velocity,...
...Newton's third law.
Here's my law.
How will we kidnap her?
She's trouble. She wants
to hit the physics teacher.
- Come, listen up! Dear Lord...
- I didn't say anything.
Ugh! You'll beat up a lady?
Here he is.
Riya, R3.
- R3?
- Yes.
Rambo, Raju, Rahul.
Riya, R4?
Of course.
Wow! This place has taught
me a lot more than...
...our school ever will.
"Smile at the camera,
your teeth are shining"
"Smile at the camera,
your teeth are shining"
"We swell with joy and
add on to each other"
"Neither worry nor
fear. The whole city"...
..."seems like my home
every time you smile at me"
"Let's go, we've been summoned"
"Friends beckon"
"Let's go, we've been summoned"
"Friends beckon"
"We're fortunate indeed"...
..."to have great friends"
"Let's go, we've been summoned"
"Friends beckon"
Look at how he fell!
Where's your uniform?
Show me the phone.
Oh! Your parents will
die earning money...
...while you fool around!
Sorry, sir.
- Sorry.
- "Why spend these fun filled days"...
I cleared the 10th grade...
"Like a miser"
...but I'm in the 12th since
4 years. And you?
- I jumped from the 6th to the 8th.
- "Why spend these fun filled days"...
- Let's see what happens next.
- "Like a miser"
- How so, R4?
-"Let it fly",...
She's a decent girl. "Let it flow"
- We need proof.
-"Say whatever"...
- Correct. We need proof.
- "Is in your heart"
"Let there be fire"
''Whisper to me''...
..''if you have some plan''
- Way to go!
You're a part of R4 now.
"Connections are being made"
"We'll crash all
barriers and break free"
"Neither worry nor
fear. The whole city"...
..."seems like my home every
time you smile at me" - Rahul!
"Let's go, we've been summoned"
"Friends beckon"
"Let's go, we've been summoned"
"My friends"...
"Friends beckon today"
What's with you?
- Meaning?
- You weren't writing at all.
I don't want to study.
I don't like it at all.
Oh, is it?
I enjoy dancing.
Dance for me is like....
I want to be Martha Graham.
- Do you know Martha Graham?
- Of course....
...I don't!
Martha Graham is
a contemporary dancer.
No, Martha Graham is the
God of contemporary dancing.
She taught dance till the age of 70!
People learn her
techniques to this day.
Imagine, 70 years!
- It's your high.
- What?
Everyone has some or the other high.
Yours is dance.
You know, so was my mom's.
She was a kathak dancer.
I loved watching her.
She used to dance so well!
You have no manners!
Shouldn't you ask?
Rahul, what's your high?
Rahul, what's your high?
A person doesn't seek his high.
The high finds its way to
the person and engulfs him.
Let's see when I get engulfed!
"Buddy, you have no clue,
you're my life"
"I take pride in losing to you"
"The universe is
incomparable to you"
"I will be a part of your goofiness"
"I'll fight the world
for you everyday"
"Together we will make the wrong...
"I'm shielded from my
sorrows by my buddy"
"Friendship has taught
me carefree laughing"
"Let's go, we've been summoned"
"Friends beckon"
"We're fortunate indeed
to have great friends"
"Let's go, we've been summoned"
"My friends"...
"Friends beckon today"
Don't disturb, dad.
I've loads to study.
- Study?
- Yes, dad. Enough is enough.
Now I'll focus.
I want to give you a good life.
Your son will rid you
of your hellish life.
- Is it?
- Yes.
Look, a huge bungalow.
A big car.
- 3-4 servants.
- Nice.
You just give orders...
Listen, get me juice.
By the time he gets it,
your mood will change.
Not juice, get me coffee.
Yes. Get lemon juice.
Get me salad.
And get me coffee again.
Daddy, give me some money.
What for?
I'll take IIT exams.
Only then will all this come true.
Dad, don't think too much.
Or you'll end up lamenting.
We'll be stuck in this tiny house.
10,000 is no big investment
for a great future!
- It's nothing.
- Nothing at all.
Are you sure?
- I'll get the money.
- I'll come along.
- I'll get it.
- Let's go together.
Give me the red one.
- This?
- Yes.
This one and that too.
Yes and the one in the middle.
Here, sir.
Why are you crying?
Why are you crying?
What happened?
Tell me?
- Any problem?
- No, sir.
Show me.
Very nice.
That scoundrel!
Didn't you punch him in the face?
Tell your father what his friend did!
I told you no more lies.
Just because don't want to study
doesn't mean that you can lie...
...about a decent man.
What the tuition teacher
did was wrong but dad...
Don't call him dad.
What are you doing here?
You don't like studying.
Your father isn't likeable.
Why are you here? Just leave.
Learn dance.
I have a friend, Ritesh.
He learns in a dance academy.
Go there and learn.
How will we manage?
I'll manage it.
Is it a true story?
Not completely true but close to reality.
Sounds personal.
You could say I know the girl.
Hey, what are you doing?
- Delete it.
- Yes, sir.
- I'll whack you!
- Rakesh!
What's going on?
Madam, he recorded a
video of you drinking.
Ma'am, I was on a video
call. I didn't record you.
- Take him out.
- Move.
Move out.
Sorry, this happens all the time.
I'm sick of this stupid image.
No more Nutan...
It's Nadira from now on.
Change the image.
"Imaginary love"
"Imaginary love"
"Imaginary love"
"Let me look at you constantly"
"Just stay before my eyes"
"Is this love one-sided
or just imaginary?"
"A night that turns into day"
..."and unites with stars"
"That special moment,
stays with me all night"
"O my silly heart!"
"The moon is half"...
..."a little less for
me and more for you"
"This is how you dwell in my dreams"
"This is imaginary love"
"I try to see you everyday"
"I try to see you everyday"
How are you, Mr. Writer?
You're the writer, Mr. Kumar.
I merely pen things.
Are you serious?
He narrated my story to me!
So did you confront him?
He hasn't come out of the bathroom yet!
"My eyes betray me"
"You're my desire"
"O my silly heart!"
"Make a firm resolve"
"Hold hands with a promise"...
..."to make dreams come true"
"This is imaginary love"
"This is imaginary love"
- Was that Rohini?
- Yes.
- She dropped you here?
- Yes.
Oh my! What are you saying?
You should've invited her for tea.
She doesn't have tea.
We could've just had water then.
You just let her go!
You know, I'd be a star
in office for a week!
Okay, could I get some tea?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Your servant is at your service, right?
I will make tea.
Thank you, servant!
I'll add salt to your tea.
What are you doing?
Let me, bro.
My grandpa says that
when you meet someone...
...who uses his tongue
more than his brains...
...touch his feet!
Shut up!
Why couldn't you keep mum
in front of the girl?
He boasted like a hero.
You messed up...
and now want me to shut up?
You go away. We'll handle it.
- I'll go?
- Yes.
- I'm going.
- Go.
Bro, forget that. What about the money?
Her daily expenses and
dance fees will cost money.
There will be expenses, so says Raju.
- What about the money?
- Please go back.
- Okay.
- He keeps coming back.
Should I ask dad?
Yes, ask dad.
You anyway fool him.
He'll take money from his dad!
Very good.
Even if we sell all our books,...
...we won't get much.
Should we loot a bank?
- Let's crash an ATM.
- Stop!
Bro, look...
...I know what's happening
with her is wrong.
But we can't just..
I mean what will we do?
- Please go.
- Shut up.
Go away! You two can
do nothing without me.
Every group has a hero.
Who's the hero of this group?
- Who?
- Me...
It's me.
What? What are you laughing at?
- What happened?
- Got it!
Yes, blackmail. When a person
doesn't know something...
- take money in exchange..
- I know what is blackmail.
- Then why ask?
- What are you even saying?
- Wasting our time.
- Whom do we blackmail?
His father.
- My father?
- Yes.
He's always with that beauty parlour lady.
I've seen them.
- His mom has no idea.
- I'll break your face.
Mom knows everything.
- Mom knows everything?
- They're just good friends.
Bro, whether you say it
in English or French...
...this relationship is objectionable.
Why do you care? He's my dad.
For how long?
My dad will be my dad!
- Go there.
- Why? I won't.
Shut up you both.
We need money, right?
- Think.
- I am doing that.
- Does your mom really know?
- Are you mad?
- We're thinking.
- Disgusting.
What do we do?
Kidnap me.
''Velle Velle''
- That was a joke, right?
- No.
Bro, she's a goon.
She'll get us killed.
Madam, please spare us.
Nothing will happen.
How so? A lot will happen.
Kidnap me and ask my dad for a ransom.
Ask your dad for a
ransom! It's not easy...
Her dad, her money, no tension!
Of course it's worrisome.
What are you saying?
What are you nodding about?
This is what happens on crime shows.
Three guys get arrested for kidnapping.
He looks like a goon anyway!
Don't you get it? She'll watch
us on crime shows at home!
- Rambo, it's easy.
- Easy?
Well, even the 12th grade syllabus
was easy but we couldn't handle it.
- We'll need a car.
- We'll need a car?
- We'll manage it.
- Hey you!
- Done?
- Done.
''Velle Velle''
''Velle Velle''
RS sir is not an idiot.
No, he's a teacher.
I'll get Radha. Dad will believe her.
What will you tell Radha?
- Radha.
- Yes, madam.
Shall we go eat 'chaat'?
I eat that only with 'Him'.
Radha, want to see a movie?
- Madam.
- Yes?
Shall we go for an ice-cream?
Don't feel like it.
- Hey!
- How about saffron-pistachio flavour?
''Let's go''
''Bro will handle it''
''Things will be clear now''
''Brother's here, cheers!''
''Don't worry, my dear''
''Bro will handle it''
''Oh bro!''
''Bro will handle it''
''Things will be clear now''
''Brother's here, cheers!''
''Don't go afar, come near''
''Don't worry, my dear''
''Bro will handle it''
''Oh bro!''
''Bro will handle it''
''Bro will handle it''
''He'll handle everything''
''Oh bro!''
''Idler! I'm an idler!''
''Idler! I'm an idler!''
''Idler! I'm an idler!''
''Idler! I'm an idler!''
Now? We'll call now.
My phone.
You know a lot.
How many times have you been kidnapped?
Keep quiet.
It's saved as Doctor Dang.
- Doctor Dang.
- Okay.
Hello, RS sir?
Offer greetings too.
Take his blessings too.
That'll help in the jail.
You're a kidnapper! Here you go.
Yes. With style.
Now you look the part.
Hello, Radhe Shyam, we've
kidnapped your daughter.
The voice should come from the
pit of your stomach, robust.
I can't do that, I had 'aloo
paratha' for breakfast.
- I'll throw up.
- 'Aloo paratha'?
You didn't even tell me?
Did you tell me the other day...
...when you had 'poori sabji'
at your place?
You were lucky.
That 'poori sabji' was terrible, bland.
It still gives me acidity!
You were born because of acidity, Rambo.
Uncle couldn't sleep that
night because of acidity.
Why do you involve my
father in everything?
I will, so what?
You're a junior, behave like one.
You don't tell me what to do.
He's talking about my dad!
I'll thrash you!
Let's go home instead?
- Sorry.
- Make the call.
- Don't talk about my dad.
- Sit quietly.
Hello, Radhe Shyam?
We have your daughter.
Within an hour...
How much do we need?
I need half a million.
You guys figure your amount.
Hundred thousand each?
- Okay.
- Done?
Tell me.
Hello, Radhe Shyam.
- Who's this?
- That's not important.
It's important that you listen carefully.
So listen up,
we've kidnapped your daughter...
Is this a joke?
Who's calling? What do you want?
Listen teacher, enough of your exams!
You ask too many questions.
Who, why, how?
- Dad!
- No...
Please don't hurt her.
What do you want?
He's being respectful.
Eight hundred thousand in an hour.
I'm sure you've heard this in movies,...
If you go to the police,
we'll kill your daughter.
So, I won't say that....
...because I know you won't.
- I'll call you back in half an hour.
- Listen...
Rahul, you aced it!
- Yes?
- Hello, sir...
Riya has been kidnapped, sir.
Sir, Riya has been kidnapped.
And, sir, my...
I know, hang up.
If you go to the police,
we'll kill your daughter.
Okay? All the best.
What happened?
- Hello, Radhe Shyam.
- Hello
Did you change your
shirt before coming here?
You're looking good.
How much did you get it for?
- Where's Riya?
- Where's the money?
Here it is.
Doesn't that bag look small?
I don't know. I've never
seen eight hundred thousand!
Neither have I.
Have patience, Radhe Shyam.
Yelling can get your daughter killed.
- Sorry.
- He apologised.
Now walk straight ahead...
Keep going
- Keep moving.
- Yes.
Now stop.
- Yes.
- Sit down.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Stand up.
Sit down.
Stand up.
Sit down. Stand up.
Hurry up. Stop messing around.
Wait, he has troubled us a lot.
- Want to see a rooster?
- No.
Radhe Shyam, now stop.
Put the bag down. Yes there...
Now enter the building and
take your daughter.
Which way?
To your right
Oh my!
Count it.
That's the real stuff.
1, 2, 3, 4...
...5, 6, 7, 8.
- Bro...
- What?
We could've asked for some more money.
- What?
- Let's go.
Sir, your charger.
You're here! You're a saviour.
Give. Want some tea?
Take the jacket.
I am safe now, there was
only 7% battery left.
- Rajni, what 7%... 8% ...
- Relax, my friend.
You gave the money, right?
Now it's easy.
They'll spend it and
I'll catch them. Simple.
Nothing is simple.
- Nothing is simple.
- Did you ask Riya?
Is she fine or not? Is she okay?
Why? What's wrong with her?
She's fine.
You're okay.
- Right?
- Keep quiet.
So, Riya, tell me,...
...all three wore masks, right?
Yes, sir.
They were all in masks, sir.
Sir, I screamed ....
...but nobody heard.
They snatched my ice cream too.
So, Riya, did you see...
- Sir, I told you, they wore masks...
- Oh lord...
Tell me, dear.
Uncle, actually everything
happened so quickly...
...I was petrified.
I understand.
Take your time and tell me quickly.
- One...
- Say something.
One was like you.
But younger.
And the other one...
Like dad?
If he had a mustache.
- Here, I did it.
- Oh no.
No, we both did it.
- We did it.
- The girl is stressed.
What stress?
Am I not under stress?
What is stress?
- Listen...
- This is crazy, Rajni. What?
I get tired. My dear,...
...there were three, right?
Yes, uncle, three of them.
Something is fishy.
She cooks up new stories every day.
What do I do?
You're so... Just relax.
What relax?
I mean, this generation...
- ...needs freedom.
- Here.
Dad just left, I'm also leaving.
Okay, bye.
Here she is.
Thank you.
- Give me that.
- Thank you.
- Is it heavy?
- Yes.
Ritesh will meet you, okay?
This is eight hundred thousand.
So be careful.
Don't tell even Ritesh.
But you guys?
We'll be there. If we come
now, it will look suspicious.
Okay? Go.
- Rahul.
- Bag.
- Thank you, guys.
- Take care.
Don't worry.
What if she flees with the money?
No, I mean...
- I'd definitely do that.
- I know.
"Yes, I remember"...
.."those stories"...
.."taught to us"...
..."in childhood"
"I speak my heart out to you"
"I try to explain things to you"
"There's a lot of difference between
the heart and the outer world"
"I always suggest ways of the heart"
"The world is a complicated place"
"The world is not so honest"
"Yet I spread my wings"
..."and fly away"
"I fly away"
"I fly away"
"I fly away"
"I fly away"
Beat him.
Here you go.
"Listen to the heart"
..."and be grateful"
"A rebel doesn't give in"
"Celebrate your pain"
"You're your only friend"
"Lose yourself in dance"
"Leave Behind"
"Fly away"
"All that doesn't suit you"
"Fly away"
"I fly away"
"I fly away"
"I fly away"
"I fly away"
- Sir, madam didn't come with you?
- Which madam?
- Riya Madam.
- Isn't she home?
She's not home since yesterday.
But she wasn't with me, fool!
She's not home?
Tell me...
They thrashed me. I was surrounded.
- Debt?
- No.
- Credit.
- No.
- Loan?
- No.
- Gambling.
- I'm a teacher.
- Just got thrashed?
You saw nothing?
There were three
people wearing masks.
Three people.
Something is fishy.
- Yes, Radhe, tell me.
- What Radhe? Riya is missing again.
Look again, she must be around.
Is it a book for me to look again?
Come here quickly.
Let me see.
What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- I'll go first...
- Have you left?
- Yes, we're on the way.
Okay, bye.
Riya, are you leaving?
- Yes, aunty.
- Lock the door.
"The world is a complicated place, "
"Yet I spread my wings"
..."and fly away"
"I fly away"
"I fly away"
"I fly away"
"I fly away"
- Take this.
- Bag!
- What's in it?
- Nothing.
T-shirt. One more T-shirt.
One more T-shirt.
Now guess what else is there?
Tell me?
Tell us, what else?
- T-shirt.
- Let's go.
Give me your dad's number.
Dad's number!
Nobody listens when you speak nicely
Raju... A chewing gum is stuck
to my shoe
- Oh God
- Sorry
- Hello.
- Praised be maharaj
Praised be maharaj, Tell me.
- All well?
- Yes, all's well.
- How about you?
- All's well by God's grace.
You see,...
...we have your daughter.
I want one million by evening.
Which daughter?
Is this your first kidnapping?
At least check the number.
He disconnected!
It's my friend's number,
not my father's.
I've no idea who it was.
- He's calling again.
- Answer it.
Yes, we have Riya.
I want one million by evening.
And listen up,
don't go to the police.
Or Bhushan is ready...
Who's Bhushan?
He's a pimp.
- He pays well.
- Uncle, listen please...
A million by evening.
Praised be maharaj.
- Who are you guys? What's going on?
- Aunty..
- Where have you come from?
- She's our friend.
Should I call the
police to throw you out?
Aunty, Riya, she's our friend.
- Leave at once.
- Sorry.
How much can you give?
10,000 isn't enough.
I'll return it. Don't worry.
Check elsewhere.
Rahul, listen.
Hello...I'm outside the store,
We have Riya, maharaj.
- Where is Riya?
- Rahul!
Leave him. Let's go.
What are you doing?
- Rahul!
Yes, I'm in the bank.
Are you mad? Come here right away.
Let me know.
- Praised be maharaj.
- Listen...
Under the railway bridge at 5 pm.
Uncle, I couldn't
arrange for the money.
- Should I call Bhushan?
- Uncle, give me a day.
Uncle, we're students.
Okay. You have one night.
I'll call back.
What we can do is...
We could.. Wait let me think.
Mom's call. I hope you don't mind.
- No, please. It's okay.
- Thanks.
Mom, I didn't answer because I'm in a narration.
Please understand that I'm at work.
Your dad has met with an accident.
What? How? When?
I don't know. Nobody's
telling me anything here.
It's a head injury. The doctors are
saying that they'll have to operate.
It will cost around one million.
Rishi, I'm really worried.
- Yes, I'm coming.
- Come soon.
Rakesh, is the cash ready?
Yes, madam.
It's a million. Okay.
Thank you.
Thank you, Rakesh.
Let's talk about something else.
To take your mind off.
Honestly, I can't...
- Of course.
- Thank you.
What do I eat
- Do you have a pen?
- Sure.
Thank you.
Auto, quick.
Hurry up.
Follow them, quick.
Madam, the road ahead is closed.
Head straight and then take a left.
Thank you. Please hurry up.
Let's go, take a left.
Stop. Come.
- Hurry up.
- I'll pay you later.
It's a complete million,
I saw it myself.
There they are.
- You're sure, right?
- 100%
This is not just everyday news...
...but a tragic incident.
Our favourite actress Rohini
was attacked brutally.
Three masked men were
behind her car accident.
The three culprits are at large and
the police is on the lookout for them.
Okay, let's go.
Are you okay?
Want to come home with me?
Should I take you home
My sexy number... You...
It's a tragic incident.
Three masked men crashed her car...
..and vanished with
one million rupees.
- Rajni.
- Yes, Radhe?
Tell me. My battery's dying.
Those three boys... R3 gang...
I think Riya... Hello....
Battery died!
Where's the charger?
4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Repeatedly counting the money
won't increase the amount.
- What did Ritesh say?
- He'll be here in 10 minutes.
Bro, the woman in
the car looked familiar
I don't know. But I've seen
her somewhere for sure.
I'll recognise her
if I see her again.
Won't she recognise you as well?
Here he is.
Buddies, get in!
Rahul, how are you?
What was this guy's name? Ramu?
- Let's go.
Does your family
know what you're up to?
What am I up to? Nothing.
My name is Ritesh.
I know everything.
What do you know?
You've eloped with Riya, right?
You want to marry her.
I sensed it the
moment she came to me.
Great. But,
Rahul, tell me one thing.
I never took you
for the lover types.
It's all good. Don't worry.
I've helped many
couples get married.
Rohini is still unconscious. Three masked
men were behind her car accident.
They have disappeared
with one million bucks.
What was their motive?
The police are still looking.
Only three people knew
about the money in the car.
You, me and madam.
I didn't do it,
and madam could never.
This was all your plan, right?
So what you're trying to say is...
The money that Rohini
withdrew to help me
I stole that money... stall my dad's operation?
Has the operation gone
through? How's your dad?
- Let's go.
- Where to?
I've spoken with Raunak.
He's arranging for money.
You go to your father and
I'll get the money and come.
I'll come with you.
Let's go.
- What?
- Mom's calling.
- Yes, mom.
- Rishi, where are you, son?
I'll be late but I'll be there.
How's dad?
The operation's tomorrow. Come soon.
Yes, I'll be there.
Mom, how did the accident happen?
- Where was he?
- I don't know.
Nothing at all.
Drag this scoundrel!
Hit him hard! Hit Him!
- What are you doing? Leave him!
- Hit him. Hit him properly
Get lost!
Kick him hard! Don't spare him.
Keep hitting him.
Rascal. Get lost.
Come, brothers. Feel at home.
Don't be shy. Come in.
I'm starving. What will you have?
'Chhole Kulche', 'Parathe', 'Samose'...
My bro's getting married!
I'll get something special.
But what? 'Aaloo Parathe'?
Do one thing, get 'Samosa'.
'Samosa'... Not at this hour.
- No, 'Chaape'.
- Yes get that.
- Marinated?
- Yes.
- With onions and chutney?
- Whatever you like.
Don't come back.
Stop counting money
and give me my phone.
- My phone.
- Your phone?
- I don't have it.
- Funny!
I gave it you.
'Video games de-stress me!'
Hey, I had returned it!
Try dialing my number,
it must be around.
This is nothing new.
Bravo! You're too good.
What perfect timing
to lose your phone!
Why worry? We can easily buy a
new phone with all this money.
- He not going to count anyway.
- Really?
Where will the kidnapper call?
I told you... We do so much for you and
you can't even keep your phone carefully
We should just keep looking
for your phone, right?
- We're useless anyway...
- Shut up!
You shut up!
You're not a hero, okay?
Yes, Rambo! You're Ramesh Bhatia.
Yes, I'm Ramesh!
He's Rajeshwar and you're Rahul!
We're students!
We're not even decent
students to be honest...
We got Riya into trouble,
If they really sell her...
Here comes the food!
I too, have a 6 year old daughter.
Is she 6...
I guess she's 7. Wait.
Grandma died,
aunt's daughter eloped...
...I hit a cat...
She's 7 years old.
Her name is Rakhi.
She wants to be a dancer.
She dances like this.
The bag is really heavy.
Does it have something special?
This is eight hundred
thousand, so be careful.
Is it special?
It's branded.
Looks like a good brand.
- Please...
- No, they'll kill me.
They'll kill me.
- Please.
- No.
No... No more lies.
It's showing 5 minutes away since
the last 5 minutes. I'm starving.
I didn't feel like cooking today,
so I ordered from your app.
You do that...
Money return...
Free fund.
Wait, don't do that.
I ordered one hour ago. What
kind of delivery is this?
Mister, I'm the Principal.
You should be punctual
if you're a Principal!
I'm a school Principal.
Why work as a delivery boy then?
I'm not here to deliver food.
I'm here to meet Rahul.
I'm the school's Principal.
Where did the delivery guy go?
People might die of hunger...
...and yet they'll call
themselves hunger warrior!
The Principal has come here
to meet Rahul at this hour?
I'm sure there's good news.
He cleared IIT?
...I knew that my son would...
one day...
But he has not done all
the handwork by himself.
I too, have stayed
up with him all night.
Shut up!
No, sir! This is impossible.
Rahul and kidnapping?
Look, we're decent people.
Very decent people. Look,
I didn't receive the food I ordered.
And I'm uncomfortable
asking for a refund!
I admit he's mischievous.
He has no mother after all.
But kidnapping? Out of the syllabus.
Where is he?
He has gone to some wedding.
Call him.
Why not? Right away.
It's ringing.
He recently conned me into
buying him a new phone... that costs
20,000 for just 10,000!
Why isn't he answering?
There! He did it.
Raman didn't answer
my call yesterday.
I didn't answer
my uncle's call today.
Does that mean we're
behind all crimes?
Are you insane?
- Rahul, it's your father.
- You talk to him.
- Hello, uncle, greetings.
- Bless you, son. Where are you?
Uncle, we're getting off the stage.
We were clicking pictures.
I see. How's the food?
It was okay. The cottage
cheese was slightly chewy.
I ordered food from that app Rahul
suggested but it hasn't arrived yet.
I'm dying of hunger.
Well, where's Rahul?
He isn't answering.
- He wants to talk to you.
- Talk to him.
- Hello.
- Son, why aren't you answering?
Put that on the speaker.
I'm in a bad mood, dad.
So what? Why aren't you answering?
I lost my phone and that's
why I'm in a bad mood.
Again? You lost your phone again?
Have some shame!
You're just wasting money.
Had you not been born...
...I'd have saved enough money... own a bungalow,
a car and ample wealth.
Anyway, where's the
Principal's daughter?
The Principal is
sitting in front of me.
He's saying that Rahul has
kidnapped his daughter.
He is mad. Why did you let him in?
The other day he was lecturing a
cat not to poop in the school...
...but in some corner outside.
Do you understand?
How can a cat answer, dad?
Ask him to get admitted
in some hospital.
He's a threat to the society.
He can't even look after
his daughter, idiot!
Could I offer you some tea?
Where is the phone?
Yes, Radhe.
What Radhe?
What kind of a friend are you?
- What happened?
- I'm going tomorrow morning to look for Riya.
I'm 100% sure that these three boys are
behind her kidnapping. It's my gut feeling.
Will you come along?
Or you'll keep saying
something is fishy?
Where will you go?
Am I supposed to tell you that?
You're the police. You tell me.
That's true.
Okay, pick me up. I'll be ready.
What else?
He's not answering.
He's not answering? What now?
- Let's sell her.
- Sell her?
Yes, sell her.
So then, could I go home and come?
Stay home only.
Get lost.
Let's go, there's no point sitting
here. Let's look for the phone.
"Things didn't go as planned.
Everything went for a toss"
"All the paths visible are misleading.
The correct one is missing"
"If it was all just a game, how
did things go against our will?"
"How did we mess up and
ended up like this?"
"Why were the stars
stolen from the skies?"
"The nights are dark.
There are no brighter days"
Yes, mom. Yes, I'm trying.
- Hello, aunty. Is Raunak home?
- He's not here.
- Did he say anything... - No.
- Rana.
Rana, come.
"My beloved's lonely"
"My world is in disarray"
"Fate is miffed"
"Restless ways"
"Stony paths, unending moments"
"Spearing gasps, lost joys"
"Fire within, perilous life"
"Teary eyes, sea of ashes"
You want to escape?
You want to escape?
"Why are the mirrors shattered? Why
is my heart drowning in a trench?"
"Why do we escape shadows?"
"The heart's a sea braving storms"
"Giant winds roar away"
"Our boats are about to sink"
"We are kites without strings"
"and bottomless pits"
"A fog clouds our eyes"
"My beloved's lonely"
"My world is in disarray"
"Fate is miffed"
"Restless ways"
"Stony paths, unending moments"
"Spearing gasps, lost joys"
"Fire within, perilous life"
"Teary eyes, sea of ashes"
"Fate is miffed"
"Restless ways"
"Stony paths, unending moments"
"Risky life, lost joys"
"Fire within, perilous life"
"Teary eyes, sea of ashes"
We can do one thing
What about her?
I mean, she can help.
She has landed up in the
hospital trying to help me.
- How can I ask her...
- I know that...
...but it's not like you're
asking money to splurge!
It's an emergency.
If something happens to uncle...
According to this chart,... mean to say that those
three boys are behind everything?
Yes. Even the attack
on that actress.
Something is fishy.
Forget fishy and
look at it carefully.
First Riya got kidnapped.
Then I gave eight hundred thousand.
Then the tuition teacher
incident happened.
Wait a minute.
You think that those boys have beaten
up the tuition teacher as well?
That's really stupid! Why
beat the tuition teacher up?
And why didn't Riya
want to go for tuitions?
Escape route. Lame excuses everyday.
She's lying!
Apparently the tuition
teacher misbehaved with her.
He touched her like...
Non sense things.
Stop the car.
- What?
- Stop the car.
- Stop...
- Pull over.
Rajni, don't react like this.
I know her.
She's been lying
since she was a child.
She'd lie as a child
to avoid homework.
- I know her.
- Just shut up, Radhe.
What kind of a father are you?
I know her! You know nothing.
A man touched her...
Would a girl lie to her
father about such a thing?
- You...
- What did you do? Tell me.
If those boys have beaten up that
scoundrel, they've done the right thing.
I wish you had hit him!
Listen, check my
last seen on Whatsapp.
5:30pm last evening.
Where were we at 5:30pm?
Rishi! Where are...
- Turn the auto around.
- Rishi!
Rishi, listen...
Will you tell me what happened?
- That thief's phone had fallen down.
- Where?
When he pushed me, the phone
fell out of my pocket...
This is where it fell.
- Where?
- Right here.
The phone fell here.
Dial my number.
We're done for!
What is he doing here?
- Drive ahead.
- Disconnect the phone.
- You'll end up helping him.
- What if he finds it?
We'll end up behind bars.
Rahul, I'm getting a call.
He's calling.
- Disconnect the call.
- How can I just cut it?
What do I do?
Rakesh, did the
police find any phone?
It's not him.
He's talking to someone else.
So who's calling?
Didn't find it, right? Let's go?
- Hello.
- Hello... Where are you my fellow?
Who are you?
Who are you? Why should I tell you?
Listen, this is my phone, buddy..
You called me a buddy!
Wait a minute.
There was a beggar here yesterday.
I'm sure that he took the phone.
- Beggar?
- C'mon!
Rishi, will you look for
the beggar in the entire city now?
Let us at least try. C'mon!
Oh man! Okay.
You'll see a phone number.
In front of you.
- No, in front of you.
- Yes.
I can only see a
road in front of me.
Listen to me, mister, that
phone means a lot to me.
I want that phone.
So, please tell me where you are.
You called me mister!
Why bang your head against a wall?
- He's no good.
- Just drive the auto.
Sure, I've been
driving for 10 years.
Why don't you just die?
I'll finish crying once and for all.
I'm done crying every day.
What are you laughing at?
Come home. It's time for school.
A bag isn't enough.
- Our daughter needs her father.
- I'm coming.
I have to go home again.
I'll come directly from there.
What? Should I drop you home?
- Move.
- Who was that?
How did he get the phone?
- Where will we find him?
- I don't know.
I know...
- ...where you'll find him.
- Where?
- You know that temple near the park?
- Temple near the park?
That's where they all loiter around.
Look, a man's brains
may stop working...
...but the stomach doesn't.
One may not understand
other things but hunger...
...can't be ignored.
Am I wrong?
Rishi, shouldn't we be
with your dad right now?
Let me at least try.
We're five brothers.
We own a small piece of land.
It's because of 'hunger'...
I am sitting here
Why else would one ... this scorching
vehicle all day?
Am I wrong?
Stop staring. He's not my uncle.
Look at that bag!
Get in.
- Get in.
- Shut it.
Shut it.
Move aside, beggar.
Wondrous God!
- Bro!
- What?
Forget it. Let's leave.
We'll get thrashed if we're
mistaken for child smugglers.
Nothing will happen.
- Nice bag.
- My dad got it for me.
I see.
He got it from Dubai.
Very good. I too had a similar bag.
But this uncle lost it.
Can I have a look?
This is the one.
Where is your dad?
- Where is your dad?
- Why should I tell you?
Even I want to order
a bag from Dubai.
Shall we?
- She's fair.
- Age?
Age... How old are you?
- Age?
- 18.
- Get her.
- Okay.
You stole the phone, right?
- Yes, you did!
- No.
Stop! Come here.
- We've reached.
- Is it?
- What's that for?
- Dust allergy?
I'll do the same.
Where is Riya?
Catch him.
Give me the phone.
- Where is the phone?
- Give the phone.
It's mine....
- Go.
- Get lost.
- Praised be maharaj.
- Where have you reached?
We're at the traffic signal.
We'll be there soon.
Come fast. The customer is waiting.
The number you have
dialed is
- currently busy.
- Got through?
Please stay on the line
or call again later.
He's not answering.
Should we tell the principal?
The payment will be the
same as the last time.
My man will hand over the cash
to you in a white envelope.
Let me know what denominations you prefer.
I'll keep those notes ready
for you. Leave it to me.
Keep 2,000 rupees notes.
It takes too long to count.
Don't fret it. We'll keep 2000 rupee
notes for you. What else can I do for you?
Just be there on time.
- Water?
- Hold on.
- Yes.
- Hey...
- What rubbish is this?
- Help!
- Are you mad?
- Stop this drama!
Hey! Are you blind? Catch him!
Can't you drive?
- What are you doing?
- Let him go, Rishi.
- Rishi...
- Please help me!
You keep quiet.
- What's going on?
- Leave me.
What are you doing?
Get her out.
Get her out.
Get him out.
Get her out.
Move aside.
- Thrash him!
- What are you doing?
Nab him.
- Rishi, mom's calling.
- Sorry I have to...
- Yes, mom.
- Son, the operation is done.
Done? What about the money?
Someone called Rakesh
said you sent the money.
Okay, I'm coming over.
What happened?
The operation is done.
Money was arranged.
- Got the money?
- Yes.
Let's go to the hospital.
Let's go.
Sorry, do I know you?
I am Rishi.
Rishi who?
Rishi... narration...
You really thought
I lost my memory, right?
No, I was on to you from the start.
I'm an actor. Give me some credit.
Of course, I was worried.
- I'm perfectly fine now.
- Thank god.
And thank you again.
Not at all.
Call your family.
- Hello.
- Rahul.
- Riya!
- It's Riya, come here.
- Riya, where are you?
- Rahul, I'm sorry, I lost the bag.
Forget that, where are you?
Police station.
Police station.
The police saved me while I was escaping
Can you come here?
Hello? Rahul?
Riya, please call your dad.
You see, we're students.
Raju, Rambo and I...
We love you a lot.
You turned R3 into R4.
But we weren't there for you.
If they had really...
Your dad loves you a lot.
One phone call and he gave eight hundred
thousand without another thought.
Rambo's dad wouldn't even
give 10 bucks for him!
You're very strong.
You saved yourself.
Be strong in front of your dad too.
You have the right to ask what you want.
Home is home after all.
Do you know what's the best part?
I was always very smart.
I just am in the wrong company.
Dad says you'll do
something great one day.
Just change your friends.
Let's make a gang, R2.
Cheap people not allowed.
What happened?
- we'll keep the 1.8 million.
- Yes.
- We'll make our own gang.
- Yes. R2.
Rich guys. Cheap people not allowed.
- Poor people.
- Yes, poor.
- Poverty!
- Let's go.
"As the Cloud Parts,
The destination gets clearer"
"A path disliked now seems likeable"
"I found a friend and courage too"
"God is our guide and
I'm ever so grateful"
"I found a friend and courage too"
"God is our guide and
I'm ever so grateful"
"I'll overcome hurdles
and swim over the seas"
"I won't turn back ever"
"I will fly far away"
"where there are showers of love"
..."and blessings aplenty"
"I'll go with the flow
and follow my heart"
"I am ever so grateful"
"I found a friend and courage too"
"God is our guide and
I'm ever so grateful"
"As the Cloud Parts,
The destination gets clearer"
"A path disliked now seems likeable"
Before Raju and Rambo
come here, you can cry.
Why should I cry? You cry.
- Who's leaving?
- Me.
- Right.
- But I am very happy.
I am also happy.
My friend's going to be
Martha Graham, dance academy!
Great people with great dreams.
- Crying?
- No.
- You are crying.
- No, I'm not.
I made it rain in vain.
- In vain?
- Yes, all waste.
I see. So I should cry?
- Cry a bit.
- A bit?
A bit. From one eye.
- Rohini, are you ready?
- Yes, ready. Thank you.
Call her Rohiniji.
Rohiniji, are you ready?
Yes, sir.
"Dad says I'm a sinner.
''Life's a mess like a lollipop"
"I'm called an idler but I'm a dude"
''I've no penny in my pocket''...
..'' yet I'm carefree''
''I have tea shots''...
...'' with extra milk''
''Pull up pajamas and flee''
''Pull up pajamas and flee''
''Dad's old school but I was born cool''
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear...''
"Boys get the tank
tipsy with petrol"
"Boys tilt the engine and fly away"
"Boys get the tank
tipsy with petrol"
"Boys tilt the engine and fly away"
''The world judges them
but the boys enjoy''
''Boys just enjoy''
''Boys just fly''
''Boys just enjoy''
''All relatives alike love drama''
''All love drama''
''All are middle class
but I was bron first class''
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear....."
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear boy's not listening"
"My dear...''
''Pampered boys eat stuff for free''
''The silencer is bust
but act like it's a Ferrari''
''Pampered boys eat stuff for free''
''The silencer is bust
but act like it's a Ferrari''
''Boys don't cry for girls''
''Boys just enjoy''
''Boys just enjoy''
''Boys don't cry''
''Boys just enjoy''
''Be it Trump or Obama,
there's none like mumma''
''There's none like mumma''
''Mom's blessings are filled with love
''My dear boy's not listening''
''My dear boy's not listening''
''My dear boy's not listening''
''My dear...''
''My dear boy's not listening''
''My dear boy's not listening''
''My dear boy's not listening''
''My dear boy's not listening''
''My dear boy's not listening''
''My dear ....''
''My dear boy's not listening''
''My dear boy's not listening''
''My dear boy's not listening''
''My dear ....''
''My dear ...''
''My dear...''