Vellimoonga (2014) Movie Script

'India was attached to
single string by 'Khadar'.
A Gandhian dream which was as big
as the independence of a nation.
The pride of ones own countrymen.
By giving the face of purity.
A Gandhian principle which
lead to complete independence.
He wished that 'khadar' should
evolve as a symbol of a culture.
After gaining independence.
The 'khadar' and the
politics it represented.
In the corridors of power and among
the people it emerged as a power.
In between the ruling
and creation of funds.
The shape and expression
of 'khadar' kept on changing.
In the corridors of power.
With the pomp in
abundance of money.
It became a representation
of a certain political culture.
The principles of Gandhiji. One
person who saw it as breath of life.
Had lived in our little Kerala.
He was called as CP by compatriots.
'Cherian Pakilomattom'. Who made
'pure politics' as the penance in life.
One hailed from Kajirapali.
A true Gandhian, who realized
politics is true service to the nation.
Wife Annakutty and three children.
Mamachan, Tom, Sally.
In the 10 acre land which was
obtained as ancestral property.
What is left out at present is...
...a small house and one acre
enclosure that is surrounded.
The all the rest is borrowed by
'politics based on principles'.
In the strike for existence.
During the early days of 80's.
The migration to Malabar.
In the northern regions of Kannur
district. Close to Karnataka forest.
A mountain village named
'Santhipuram'. Over there.
By clearing of ginger
forest, one six acre land.
For an average family that
is more than enough to live.
But again the politics
made CP, a debtor.
Without gaining anything.
Losing everything when
being suppressed to death.
On holding Mamachan's hand,
he pitifully looked.
Mamachan, knew the
meaning of that look.
The dreams of one entire family.
Mamachan took on his shoulders.
For that. He combed
off his own dreams.
He liked his father. But he hated his
politics which ruined everything.
Like that, that day has come.
The day which changed
Mamachan's route of life.
Mother! Mother!
Mother! Where have
you kept my shirt and all?
That will be there in the cupboard.
Where is it?
Father's only. With this let there
be some kind of use, like this.
Hey fellow! Look.
Okay good wearing it. Should
not commit any mischief.
How come Mamachan
is on 'Khadar' today?
There should be
something else, no?
Only this was left behind by father.
So thought of wearing this.
Brother, take this okay.
I'll come now.
Okay, okay.
It's some kind of problem.
Sir, don't push sir.
What happened?
Big playing with cards.
With money?
No, for a cup of tea.
Now what to do next?
Shall I go home and tell?
No, tell in his house.
Don't tell in my house.
Sir is calling you.
For what?
I'm not with them.
You are only called.
Go, come back only
after getting two.
Yes, come in.
There was no need of coming.
Could have at least
made a phone call.
They will be released
right now itself.
Sir, you may sit.
Sit sir.
Not sitting little busy.
Sir your name?
The silver owl
with the silica eyes
The silver owl
with the silica eyes
On that day, the
politician as Mamachan.
No, the so called Khadar
dresser Mamachan was born.
After that Mamachan
has not removed the Khadar.
Then full fledged political worker.
While remaining in big parties... was during the time had realized
won't reach beyond panchayat.
Uttar Pradesh resident
Anand Sharma.
A party called DNC was formulated.
There by Mamachan moved on to...
...DNC and became
follower of 'practical politics'.
Today Mamachan is the DNC's
youth Wing's national secretary.
The central minister Anand
Sharma is the God like figure.
The sacred places are
Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.
This is the story of Mamachan.
The story of 'Khadar' which
was worn by Mamachan.
'After 22 years..'
That is Jose is it not?
That kind of going is by getting mad.
Actually is it there?
Or is it a mere eyes wash on us?
Yes, it is there.
Today morning while calling from...
...DCC, only I came to
know about the matter.
Look, Jose.
Comrade, lal salam.(Red salute)
Go, ask.
We'll try.
Kutticha, go and ask.
Hey man, even if asked not
going to tell the truth and all.
Just go there.
All the ones who had drunk
has come, is it not?
Jose is waiting, go.
Now there will be no
one left out to know.
Jose! This...
Did you see that?
Hey man.
A vice president without any
respect towards opposition.
And one president.
I'm a good for nothing husband and.
I'm scared of you.
There is a talking in the village.
I'm only being decent like this...
...when getting cross, I'm
a contemptible fellow.
Do you know that?
Don't I know all that?
You don't bother all that.
Out here one person is luring
on you, I've a small doubt.
Yes, well who is this Jose?
Yes, that contemptible fellow only.
If I get him in my hand.
Will hit him and..Oh my heavens!
Jose, now only I've told about Jose
and put my tongue inside my mouth.
The tongue can be put
inside the mouth...
...can it be drained and
put on the hanger?
Can't be done.
The cow is standing in the
sun I'll move it and come now.
Jose shall I go?
Today also lost from the hand.
Why looking like this?
I've told a thousand
times to the president.
Without asking me
shouldn't do any matter.
For that what did I do?
To the ones who
are waiting outside...
...who told the matter of road?
Will she do like that?
That too, to me. No, no.
I only, today at 11 o'clock
there is an explanation...
...meeting which is to be held.
Can't you do all this by asking me?
I had called Josettan.
Told outside the network.
But still...
...anger will come, no?
Is it that big problem?
My president such a project is
for the first time in our area.
The estimated cost is 2 crore.
Central government's village
development special project.
All the illicit pregnancy of the
centre are created by me... is saying like that
and walking out there.
The national leader Mamachan.
On previous day, about this same
road. In our Kunjikutty's tea shop.
I've heard him talking about this.
Is it?
Eating the jack fruit from my house.
And sitting in front of my house.
This Mamachan is a
person who is like that.
Stupid fellow!
Once if we don't play carefully.
This also will be taken by him okay.
Will it be a problem?
As far as I've known, Mamachan
will come only after 5th.
For the time being the president
at the explanation meeting.
Need not have to give
big explanation and all.
Let me think.
What can be done.
Let me also think, fellow.
What can be done with you?
Santipuram, Jayagiri mountain high
way which was made to reality.
To the people's leaders.
Santipuram citizens
revolutionary salutes.
The respected Kannur district
panchayat president.
Respected Jameela Asif.
Within few minutes
will come to this gathering.
Don't we have to put the garland?
Move to that side.
Is the material to crack,
is it all ready?
As today is first where
can it be obtained?
Hey man, was telling
about the crackers.
That is all ready long back.
Lucky if it cracks!
Like that the respected Kannur
district panchayat president.
Whom we were anxiously waiting.
Ms. Jameela Asif,
has come near this function.
Jameela Asif with huge applause...
- Greetings.
...we welcome her.
Put the garland.
Has not turned up late, no?
What a pity!
Got duped.
From where did it come?
You all just move or
else he'll sit near my wife.
The work is started.
Just hold this.
No need of that.
I'll hold.
Sit. Sit.
Brothers and sisters.
Who is that?
Respected chief guest Jameela Asif.
My co-workers who are
sitting in the dias.
My compatriots who are dear to me.
Today, is the day of happiness.
Our demand which was
there for so many years.
Today it's going to be materialized.
Over here.
In this rare occasion,
to be with you.
I'm really happy. In this occasion.
Such a beautiful welcome
that is staged for me.
To all in the language of heart.
I'm telling my thanks.
This is also gone from
the hands of Jose.
Truly to get a project like this
for our panchayat, reason for it is...
...they are two personalities.
Can anyone tell who they are?
Who is it?
Your father and mother.
Yes, our respected panchayat
president Ms. Show and...
...vice president respected Mr. Jose.
They are that big two personalities.
Till yesterday, he was
a person who told...
...Jose should be beaten and killed...
...only then this area
will turn out to be good.
What happened to him?
Dear ones, I remember.
For the last so many days.
Respected Ms. Show Jose.
Ms. Show Mathew.
And Mr. Jose.
With a demand to
execute this project.
Several times had come to meet me.
Many vital secrets, I...
When was it?
Who knows.
...shared with president.
Because of that, this time at Delhi.
With the rural development minister
Sharmaji, I spoke about this matter.
Also gained a supporting decision.
Immediately after meeting Sharmaji
and came out, I called Jose and...
...l, informed this happy news.
Is it not Jose?
In this occasion.
I would like to remind one more thing
to president and Jose, that I wish.
Your responsibilities to the
panchayat is not ending here.
The needs in here, which is
well known better than me.
As a local leaders, you are the ones.
Because of that should study each
and every problems in panchayat.
Should have open
discussions with people.
Then you should come
and meet me. Okay.
Then what?
If it's a genuine request
we can find a solution on that.
I'll be there.
We still have to move ahead.
For that as one among
you, as one with you.
Like so far, I'll be always
there with you.
On these topics they have got
the caliber to talk authentically.
Our Jose and president.
I'll talk.
Go, go.
...since they have not got nothing
more to talk, than I spoke.
For the presidential address, I
welcome Ms. Jameela Asif to dias.
For all my thanks and greetings.
'Can you do like this?'
'Can you do without informing?'
'The beans and porridge is for us'
On telling the opposition
was not informed.
Under the leadership
of Maniyan Kuttichan.
Kunjumon and followers are doing sit
down strike in front of panchayat.
For that there is no one
over there is it not?
It's not necessary
that they need people.
They are lot of filthy people like that.
Here comes a thing, which
is not included in any of these.
'A silver owl'.
Look how he goes.
We can play cards.
Then get up and come.
Okay then.
Brother will it go today?
There are things to do after going.
Asking what is it?
Hello Gopi.
What Swami?
Then didn't say anything to me.
Hey, yesterday I was at Delhi, only.
Is it so? Reached just now only.
One inauguration.
Can't be left alone like that, no?
Okay then.
Aren't you coming man?
Then what?
Sit in the back.
There are no vehicles after this.
Who are these people?
Then shall we go?
To where was the journey?
At Delhi, there was
a central committee.
Mamachan, will you
become a minister soon?
Mamachan, money!
No need you keep it.
Shameless fellow, simply going
by wearing white and white.
Pull, pull!
Have made my father
to pull a lot is it not?
Take this.
Uncle, what did you bring?
There was nothing at the shop.
Hey girl, come lets go and play.
Wait fellow!
Hey boy! Have you returned
after roaming? Silly fellow!
Like you fooling the compatriots.
Fooling this children, that is not
possible my dear Mamachan.
Your some character they will
also get some of it, is it not?
Old lady, didn't it die?
No, you shameless fellow!
My heavens!
Your father was an
excellent congress worker.
Have always made the
compatriots to talk good about him.
For that what is there, now?
To make the compatriots talk,
you are also not bad at all!
Not that, today also some how
managed to sit in front of jeep, no?
Then what? Can one sit on top.
Last day while going to
church, heard someone talking.
As you can't sit in the front.
You won't get inside an auto.
While going to a marriage house,
should become a marriage boy.
While going to a house
where the death has occurred...
...should lie inside the coffin!
On hearing the people talking,
will feel like peeling off the skin!
A son born to spoil
the name of the father!
That father's name is...
...written in a notice and send by
the bank. The acquisition notice!
It is also good old
lady knows that one also.
If at all such a acquisition
notice has come.
By cheating anyone you must
have paid that one also...
...this mother knows that.
Indeed! I stopped that practice!
Mother's dear son is there, no?
Village officer.
Tell him to stop self saving.
Tell him to pay off that one.
Yea, best.
After getting a glass of water
from him. I don't think I can die.
So, you know the things.
I know fellow, I know everyone.
Look, that girl Sally has come.
So what? Do I've to
climb the coconut tree?
Today also, was she mood out?
Who knows. The village officer and
the princess wants another house.
Kind of nuisances.
- Come mother.
Not that Sally. Why are you here?
I came to see brother only.
- Is it?
In their place, told there is a girl
suited for you. Shall we go and see?
I've told you, not to come
here saying the marriage topic.
How many proposals
have you brought?
Out which half was
canceled by you.
And the other half canceled
by your husband.
This is not like that.
It seems that family is suited to us.
Haven't you seen the girl?
What is the age? That was told.
In this December, 32 will be over.
Your father in law is staying alone
at house as a widower, no?
Tell him to marry.
32 years of age.
Then what do think what
age you will get?
Only okay, when received like that.
Then what?
Mamacho, do you know
what is your age now?
Mother, not because of that.
After 24, 25 when our Christian
girls remains at home... seems there is something wrong.
Then after 40, you
are remaining, no?
There is nothing wrong in that is it?
This old lady won't let
to drink rice gruel.
Ho! My mother!
What is it?
That flow is gone!
That is brother, mother
is simply telling 32 and all.
Good girl, brother will like her.
Has the brother in law seen?
Then nothing more to think.
That idiot will cancel it.
No, no need. I'm not there.
Go, go!
Shall I jump and come over there?
Hey girl. Come here.
See this.
What is it mother?
What? Allergy on flower.
Looks like Pachan has
come since very long.
I came just now only.
Then you should have called, no?
I called. Didn't you hear?
There was wax picker
in the ears, no?
Then how are the things?
Come, will tell.
Hey man.
Jose won't lift his head
again for some time now.
Yesterday I've given
such a task on him, no?
Can I ask one thing. You instead
of busting after Jose.
Can't you become at
least a ward member?
Hey man, Pachan.
I have entered into politics not just
to become a mere ward member.
All those things I've
not dreamt in dreams.
Not because the
compatriots not allowing, is it?
Hey man.
You wait and see. When the DNC
joins in any one of the fronts in...
...Kerala. On that day
Mamachan will fly to Delhi.
All that flying we will do later.
Look, I've arranged
a good task against Jose.
Is it necessary, that fast?
It's required.
A thing that is not seen
by compatriots so far.
What is that man?
Come, will show you.
Is it so?
Cleaning the courtyard, no?
No fixing the porotta!
What all things he should know.
It looked like as if
cleaning the courtyard.
But still, I never thought he
will do such a thing like this.
Jose, how can you bear this?
Jose, you drink this.
Go man.
Then all of you just move back.
Just move back brother.
Let Jose get some air!
Have you informed the president?
How can I say this to president?
Before people starts gathering, Jose
do something what is there to do.
'For Santhipuram-Jayagiri road'
'For allotting rupees 2 crores,
DNC national secretary...'
'...Saluting Mr. CP Mamachan'
However a thing like this.
At our junction it's for the first time.
'Plusk' (Flex)
- Pluske...
Why there are crowd over there?
Look, written about Jose.
Hey man.
How come there is a
gathering over here?
Lord, did Mamachan die?
'Death will come one day
Remember that, you human being'
'Your actions in life
Will also come along'
'Do the good deeds
Without laziness'
Leave the hand, leave the hand.
'Death will come one day
Remember that, you human being'
What happened to him?
It was chest pain.
What a pity!
He has got one boy, no?
Charley or something.
Who knows where he is. Long back
he has snatched Kunjukutty's radio.
What time is it said
the body will be taken?
Come fast man.
Have a sight on the coffin!
Not on the coffin, must
have a sight on you only.
Go and take man.
Again Jose became an ass!
Where is our wreath?
Something bigger might have come.
No need, no need to stand.
Will go.
- Okay.
Urgently give it to
newspaper office. Go.
Come here.
Did you inform Charley?
- To where?
When is the cremation?
- At 10. Has gone to pick up father.
Do one thing. Tell father to do
the cremation at the evening.
Let me search for Charley.
Otherwise what is the use
of saying a compatriot!
By unloading 3 or 4 chairs and
to tie a sheet and to drink soda.
Anyone can do that.
Tell father that I've told.
Look, whom are you calling?
Calling father.
Mamachan told to change
the time of cremation.
Brother did you get high or what?
Don't you know he is mad?
What without cremating the person?
Simply bluffing and gone.
Come here.
Will drink soda. Come.
Why did you pay rupees thirty?
A person without control.
My dear brother.
What did you do on her?
Didn't do anything.
Which is this item?
- Sister only.
Brother..Take me also.
Take me also..Brother!
What is this old lady saying?
- To take her also.
What, is he going on
a tour to 'Veegaland'?
No need to laugh and all.
Learn that lying.
Soon will have to lie.
- Go man!
Is everything over?
- I had told to come early.
There is no one here.
Hey look!
Will go.
Going on reverse.
Ho! You keep rubbing like this.
Brother is going to leave. Go.
Go man, to that side.
Mother, I'm leaving.
Brother just wait.
Wanted to tell one thing.
What is it?
That is..Regarding the
partition of the property.
- Mother you keep quite!
Brother has not told
anything on it so far.
What should I say on that?
In my name there is
no property to partition.
We don't want anything
which is in anyone's name.
Just give, those ones
which we have the right.
Hey fellow, the agreement of
the property is at the bank.
Without clearing that debt,
it's difficult to conduct partition.
It's not that the debt can't be
cleared off, it is not clearing it.
Say what is my share? I'll give that.
There is no use if you give anything.
Not that what have you got
to do, on dividing this now?
Is it to boil it and eat?
I'm looking for a transfer to a place
which has got little more facilities.
After selling this only, I can
escape from this village.
What to sell?
It's father's property, I won't
allow to sell this.
I know very well what
to do with my share.
Stop it fellow! This house
and property is in my name.
Here you don't have a share.
You go and give the case.
There is lot of wealth with
you, that is earned by you.
With that you move apart.
- Mother!
You only have to move apart, no?
Not obstinate that it must be sold.
Will do the facility for that.
- Not simply saying will do.
Within this month something
has to be done.
Will do it fellow.
- Come girl!
Mother why did you talk like that?
Not talked, was made to talk, is it?
Started for a long time ago. Only
the thing I've not told all this to you.
Give it mother.
Let him do what he likes.
I won't give a single
grain of sand to him.
Right from beginning you had
been struggling for this family.
Then after he got a job and on
being able to stand on own feet.
Did he think of you?
Elder brother was made to wait.
Younger brother married.
Now wants to stay separate.
Here guy is getting old...
...and tooth starts growing
through the nose.
Keep this sack inside.
Aren't you going to Trivandrum?
For what?
That flow is gone.
Since dressed up like this. Will
show it to compatriots and come.
Hey you. Hey Mamacha.
Stop there.
It was father, no?
Come Mamachan.
Get on the vehicle fast.
For what?
Get on it.
You get on it.
Father tell the matter.
You keep quite.
I'll tell.
Should I sit at the back?
Why not I come in the jeep?
No need, we'll go in this vehicle.
Is it?
Has the place reached?
You just push.
- What to push?
Never in my life, so far...
Push man like that. Why man didn't
you eat anything in the morning?
My heavens! I forgot that.
Then I'll go and eat
something and come, okay.
Mamacha, where are you going?
Push man.
Father only told no?
To eat and come.
A father who doesn't
value the words.
Throw this thing here
and why not go walking?
Mamachan, you are
over weight, okay.
Mamacha, come.
Look, this is our community church.
A good church. Is it to tell this father
made me to push vehicle this far?
So, you know that is it?
Then there are certain
things which you don't know.
What is it?
A thing like this is here
for a very long time.
On the intermediate days,
holy mass one each.
And on Sundays, two holy
masses are the practice.
No need to break the practice.
On seeing your mother's
sorrow. I gave her a word.
That I'll bring you and make you
stand in this church enclosure.
I kept my word.
Since it's father, can't scold also.
Who are you to postponed the
cremation of Mathanchettan?
That is because to find this Charley.
Then did you find Charley?
One leader has come.
This is some what
an unfair play.
He is the one who has not
seen church after the baptism.
Telling to change the
time of cremation.
Other than cremation can
the church be changed?
Pacha, you take some one's
vehicle and come to the church.
What at the church?
Why do you want to go
to unwanted places?
Didn't you know.
It's our father's burial.
Yea, tell everyone.
Lord, has the father died?
(A Choir song)
Hey man, what is all this?
As Mamachan must
place the wreath first.
Without informing anyone. Came in
full speed. By turning on the lights!
Take this and place it.
You put on your chest and
lye down at that tomb.
Why is that?
When father scolded me, I just
told out of that ill-feeling only.
Look, don't show this kind of acts.
Am I mad to buy this wreath with
the money which was scarce?
So you have got the money to
buy the wreaths and all, no?
On telling to charge this for
Rs. 50, you don't have that.
Which is this monument stuff?
While purchasing this on the way
of return, good condition, 84 model.
More than that fancy number also.
Looks like a new vehicle.
Since we have come all this
way, why not bless this one?
First see whether this will
travel and then you bless this.
This one. Mamachan get in.
Will I get septic?
For you! What to do with this?
Will keep it safe, some
worthless fellow will die for sure!
Now does this thing also require
pushing? - Will correct this now.
It's in a very good condition, is it?
- Yes, yes.
Hey man, which is that girl?
I don't know.
I've also wished only
this much of beauty.
Mamachan, that is too less.
You are a problematic person, okay.
Mamachan, it's regarding the
case of going to Delhi.
Will see fellow.
Only this saying is there and
then doing this slavery work.
Then what about taking
you to Calicut?
Don't make me to talk.
Then who else will say?
In the hot sun, at Calicut town...
...four plus three a
procession of seven people.
You, decently inside the jeep.
Don't laugh okay.
Mathachan did a big cheating.
What man?
Should have died after
the arrival of that son.
For that he has not gone
to Dubai for a job.
He went eloping at the age of 12.
No doubt why he
became an opposition.
Just move a bit to that side.
Has come.
Kunjukutty, one half tea.
All of you, about whom
are you gossiping?
We were just saying things
about that Mathachan...
...who died and was just laughing.
Kunjukutty, after each day.
The 'vada' is becoming smaller
and smaller, it's like a marriage ring.
All should only take the notice
of 'vada' becoming smaller.
No one should notice the hole
in it becoming bigger, okay.
That is true, look at this.
I'm going write it in the account.
What is the use of him coming
here and drinking the tea?
Why is that?
Had an excellent wife.
That one eloped with
the black smith, no?
Even otherwise earlier
also she was a flirt.
How many times she had come
to flirt with me. He is a poor guy.
But I'll blame him only. If it's male
means there should be a control.
That must be there.
If the males doesn't have the
control. If anyone lures the wife.
Wife will go along with him.
- That is correct.
That is all my wife.
My friends.
If anyone comes home.
Only half of her face will be seen.
Get down.
Careful. Careful.
While fell in the gutter came and hit.
The other half will be
on Jose, is it not Kochappi?
If you say unwanted things
I'll hit you okay.
Lal Salam.
- Lal Salam is your father.
A strong tea.
I need a glass of hot water.
- Let it be a boiling one.
What is there to laugh on this?
Jose where are you going?
Has got some jobs
at the panchayat.
Yes, yes.
Don't take the tea now.
All the activities of the Jose are
for the development of our panchayath...
...on thinking that, one relief.
Jose is developing no?
Who is this with Jose?
That is our road contractor, no?
This is some kind of dealings.
May be some task
against Mamachan.
Say it's against Jose.
All the tasks against Mamachan,
will boomerang to him, is it?
Why there is no light and all?
Has he sold the house or what?
Why mother has not slept so far?
What happened?
What for mother is crying?
I've not cried and all.
Ho! Were you laughing,
weren't you?
Where are they?
- They, went to her house.
The child told, will come
only on day after tomorrow.
What have you decided?
Where he wants, will give 10 cents
of land and money to built house.
What else to do?
While thinking the kids were taken.
On taking the kids, what is use of
jetting the mucus from the nose?
My dear mother, you stop crying.
Hey Mamachan, you don't avoid
the marriage proposals like this.
When I die, there will be
no one for you.
Me? The Lord won't pardon!
On getting the right one, will
marry now that is the situation.
I'll set the rice gruel.
My heavens!
Before serving the rice gruel please
see that the hands are washed!
Go man you useless fellow!
Started the program!
This is as if lying in
a government hospital.
Thinking to sell the house and
enclosure and go to somewhere.
Telling uncle, what kind of an
uncle is this any way?
'Big victory for the
Trinamool congress'
'Including Kerala, in 5 states the
election commission is going...'
'...ahead, with the
preparation of elections'.
'To increase Rs 5 per month for the
cooking gas, the central petroleum...
Who is this is it Cheguvera or what?
Why man, why are
you in this dress?
That is today is our
wedding anniversary.
Is it?
In the 11th party congress
at the main entrance gate.
When I was wearing this same dress
and sweating at that time only...
I and she met for the first time.
That is how fell in love
also, it is in the memory of that.
How is it?
Very good, great.
Is the president in here?
Come, come inside.
Who is this Mamachan is it?
- Why early in the morning?
Just came to see the president.
Look, go and take the tea.
- Me?
No need of tea and all, okay.
That is a custom here.
He has told he doesn't want no?
- Go!
What is that president what
is in front of my enclosure... it not a path?
Or is it that I, don't
belong to this panchayat?
Why tarring is avoided
only in that area?
That, that is Mamacha, that
is different two projects.
Is it? Let me hear.
Tea and coffee!
Is this the two projects?
That is not the thing, asking which
one do you want tea or coffee?
Coffee will do.
Now its clear otherwise I'll get
confused because of doubting.
Then tea is it?
That is Mamacha.
From 'Tundipadi' to
upwards one 200 metres.
From the 'Alingathazathe house'
to downwards one 600 meters.
That is a special kind of project.
In between this there is only my
property, no? Which is 100 meters.
Do one thing, for the time being
merge the two and do it as one.
That is not possible.
There are lot of other problems
which Mamachan doesn't know.
So the things are like that.
Then there are some other problems
which president doesn't know.
Shall I tell?
- Do you have sugar?
Not that, do what want
sugar for the tea.
My husband if he doesn't,
want he'll say that.
Not that generally those people who
come to see you, they usually...
mused to have a slight
problem with sugar.
So the sugar is required is it?
I'll put it okay.
What is that Mamachan
is trying to say?
No nothing at all.
That medical store license which is
at Karthikapuram is still now in...
...president's name is it?
Is it so?
Think it is like that only.
But during the time of election
in the details of the property.
That is not mentioned.
Just take a look at this.
Mamachan, where did you get this?
The right to information.
Trying to scare me by showing this?
This is not a big deal is it?
Like losing the head and all,
No the head won't go but
this job of president may be lost.
I know its the brain
of Jose. Tell Jose.
Then I'm leaving, okay.
Mamachan, What kind
of a going is this?
Drink the coffee.
Nice coffee!
For that didn't drink, no?
Because of that only.
I've made one stronger
than this, to your wife.
Tell that.
Child get down.
Hi, my children!
Where is brother, mother?
He has gone for the matter
of your new house.
No, need of that
and all, now mother.
Our transfer is ready now.
- To where?
For me to Trivandrum and
for her to Muvattupuzha.
Very soon she will
get to Trivandrum.
One of my friend is in secretariat.
It was done through him only.
Then what about the kids?
That is a problem now.
Since its at two different places.
Will it be a problem to mother?
What is the problem to me?
Its only a problem of one month.
After that she'll come with
me till that time mother...
Even otherwise kids
love mother only.
Yes, yes that you came
to know that, now only is it?
We must leave today itself.
Shinny, make it fast.
Local committee people
have started asking now.
Not that after marriage it
has been 4 years now.
Still now why has a little comrade
not come? That's their question.
- The decision is all presidents only.
Look, all this is at home only.
I'm her husband.
This is panchayat office.
Even otherwise there are
thousands of complaints about you.
Seen at the panchayat office
in a suspicious manner.
So that is it.
All that time, Jose was
there wasn't it?
We've to talk.
Go on talk.
Hey man, you just go out.
Is it? Can tell to go
out from the room, no?
Not that, my heavens!
Without shouting, listen to
what I say, first of all.
President, you don't say anything.
On asking whom?
Listen to what I'm saying.
- Yea, tell.
Morning Mamachan,
had come home.
When he came and
showed just smiling...
...forgot everything that was
done so far.
No, not because of that.
Our medical store's license
at Karthikapuram is in my name.
At the time of election we have
not mentioned that one.
How did he know this?
Told something like the
right of information and all.
No doubt why village
is not developing.
Certain laws..
What is it?
You dirty fellow aren't you
ashamed to peep and look?
Asking whether I'm ashamed
to peep on to my wife?
I'll look again.
Anyway today I'll fix
a hidden camera.
Hey man, yesterday also saw.
May be a bad dream.
Which her?
That girl is there no?
That we saw at the church.
How come you haven't
left that so far?
Why can't we consider that?
You consider all by yourselves.
What is the use if I
consider all by myself?
Telling it must be
considered by family.
Then in that case it must
be considered thoroughly.
Don't con, okay.
That girl is not that much
aged and all Mamachan.
Will be jailed for abuse.
May be will be around 22 years.
Will be 22 years.
The way you say, will
feel like you are not yet 24!
My Mamacha...
...why don't you look into
that case brought by Sally sister?
Look, had told that she is a singer.
At night can hear
the songs and sleep.
To hear the songs, I need
to buy a tape recorder, is it?
My heavens!
What happened?
- Excellent!
Looks like uncle is dead. Come.
What happened mother?
The leg has got a cut. Looks
like glass piece was struck.
Let me see.
Only this much!
This requires a stitch!
- There is nothing for that.
Just rub with some leaves.
In between this is there any
reason to call communist people?
This will get septic.
He is a person with sugar
and pressure and all, no?
What is the surety
it is struck by glass?
May be bitten by a snake, no?
- What, a snake?
On getting the name which was
bitten, can take out the poison.
Can we get that one?
- Try calling.
My mother it is not, it is like that.
May be like that, even if or not,
there is a chance for that, no?
Last year, almost by the same time.
On the same leg, my uncle
was struck by glass...
...had dinner and slept.
Next day evening it was the burial.
In the last moment there
should be someone with father.
You get inside the vehicle.
Look, take this body.
- Then hold it.
Then no need, I myself will take it.
Hold Mamachan.
Do it by yourselves.
Don't put me down.
Mamacha, you don't come,
I'll manage this one.
Mamacahn, you go
and see whether the...
...bitten snake can be caught.
Which was the snake that you said?
- King cobra.
Get in. Manju get in.
Mother get in at the back.
Child get in.
No don't hang, if you hang and put
the poison will come up fast.
Why are you tieing? Is it
for the poison not to reach on top.
No that is for the police, not to catch
when seeing the cops, lift it up.
Look, haven't you not gone so far?
You come here.
First of all buy some medicine for
the cough, to that idiotic person.
Look, have you got some money?
Go man.
Inform who are to be informed.
Move the hand mother. Child give
the hand here, must horn okay.
Stupid fellow!
What happened?
Uncles leg got cut.
Pachan, told its a snake bite.
Which is the snake?
Has declared an enquiry.
The Pachan expert
has told its a cobra.
I was in the kitchen other wise
I, would also have gone.
He didn't take me,
then will he take mother?
Take this...
...lucky he doesn't die on a jeep
accident, due to over excitement.
Manju sit properly there.
My child don't cry.
- Go fast.
I'm going fast, no?
Okay press the horn.
Don't be scared like this.
Not regained the consciousness
so far. The BP is low.
Nothing to worry now
it is in the observation.
Anyway let him be here for few days.
- Tomorrow we'll shift to the room.
Then its good that
you brought here on time.
Father, did they put the stitch?
No, if required they
told to take a TT.
TT is good.
What Mamachan, told is true what
he wants is the medicine for cough.
Brother take this
and put it here okay.
Mamachan, do you know to play?
Did you hear, became check no?
That is it.
This guy!
Hey fellow.
Snake charmer has come, is it?
What happened to you on
that day, were you mad?
What all things were done by you?
Go Mamachan, simply"
Don't think I'm not
knowing anything.
Mamachan what did you mean?
Come here. Do you know
that Manju is my sister?
Do you know how
costly the rose flower is?
I know.
Then by plucking my flower
are you blooming your flower?
My dear Mamachan kindly pardon.
Since you came to know the
things you must be with me.
Will remain with you but not
because of the love towards you.
Then? - Thinking that uncle can
be given a task.
Lot of my father's property
is with her father.
Once you get inside that house then
the things will be doomed is it not?
That I'll handle.
Mamachan just be with me.
Then can I tell a thing which
is beneficial to you?
What is that?
Come will tell.
Why not tomorrow
we go to see a girl?
To see girl!
From our area new people have
come here, on changing the stay.
One Kajirapalli person. The
person is a contemptible fellow!
But that person has got a
daughter she is a nurse at Delhi.
I'm more interested on that
girl who was seen at the church.
We can think about it.
But before that, there is nothing
wrong in seeing, no?
No problem, but still more
interested on that girl only.
My Mamachan, I called
her father telling I'm a broker.
He seems okay but I've not
told Mamachan's age and all.
But anyway we'll go there tomorrow.
But still saying, this nurse and all.
Started. First go and see.
Then the rest of the things are
later, no? Even otherwise for...
...Mamachan's age nurse is the best.
Again at this age what all diseases
like sugar, pressure are yet to come.
My Mamachan when marrying at an
old age, there must be some use.
That is also true.
Is it a family that will suit me, man?
Told no? Father is
a contemptible fellow.
What is boy's job?
There is nothing as sort of a job.
Some property is there
and also some politics.
That is good.
The things out here has
the broker told all that?
No, that is...
By the way, how come
he is not seen...?
Wanted urgently to go to
a place, he has not come.
The girl is coming.
Where are you hailing from, the
native place that you said?
The native place is...
One minute okay.
Don't know who this one is?
How is it?
You are not Pachan,
you are a Saint.
Why have you not told this before?
This is all Pachan's play no?
When Mamachan sees in the mind.
Pachan will see that on the tree.
What more yet to see?
Coming, coming.
Had not drank tea, yet?
- Yea.
We are the natives of Kanjirapalli.
- Where at Kanjirapalli?
Over there its called 26.
Is it?
We are also from 26.
Over there this Pakilomattom
Cheriyan sir, everyone knows him.
That is my father.
Are you Mamachan, no?
Yes, how do you know?
At 26 one who was staying
in your enclosure.
Do you remember that Kunnel,
Avaras's son Vareeth?
Why not?
I've whacked him long back, no?
Where is he now?
Let it remain there.
During those times do
you remember one Mollykutty...
...who used to come along
with you, to school?
Why not?
As Mollykutty told only,
I had whacked him.
Those were the times.
That loafer is staying there only.
Don't look, come, come.
Call his father!
Is that needed?
Then at least call him a dog!
Go you dog!
What dog? You stay there girl.
Haven't I told, no?
Mamacha, no need leave.
You'll hold her hand is it?
What is it? Is it tooth ache?
Tooth ache?
At that time I was very
fond of Mollykutty.
Don't know where she is now?
On coming to Malabar,
no news at all.
Is here only!
She is my wife only.
Is that so?
Then this Vareeth?
- I'm the one!
Excellent. Come.
Sit there man.
Something to girl...
What is it fellow?
There is no use of that.
Anyway liked the girl. Anyway no
need of much going and coming.
Father you decide a date.
The girl who is going to be married
her father is called like this, no?
So are you the one who is marrying?
Get up, fellow!
Aren't you ashamed? Marrying
a girl who is daughters age.
Have come with a marriage
proposal only, no?
Get out from the house!
On thinking the future of the child.
Get out I say.
Do I've to tell you
separately, get out fellow?
Get out!
- Ho! No!
Think once again or
else will have to repent.
Go I say.
- No, need.
Did you take only the 'Jilebi'?
You fool.
He threw out that 'achappam', no.
What are you looking?
Go inside.
Mother is not bad, no?
Go, girl.
'Waiting shed, Jaya Bharatha
Kala Kendram - Santhipuram'.
In this old age, certain peoples wish.
That is not the thing, when the
men get mad, will they do like this?
I'll show this fellow today.
- My heavens!
He is mad, for not
getting the girl. Come.
Lucky that you called me, other
wise would have vexed myself.
There is no point in blaming them.
Anyone will laugh on this.
Yesterday on reaching home do you
know how many times I, laughed...
...thinking on this.
On telling this matter to mother,
mother keeps on laughing...
...still now not stopped laughing.
After father's death, I'm seeing
mother laughing like this...
...for the first time.
Did you get tensed?
- Then what?
Leave it Mamachan. If she can't
be wedded, will wed her mother.
You only wed her mother.
- What me?
What is the way to see her?
That way is there on that day
when we went to see the girl.
Only that way is there.
Will give one.
Hey fellow just to talk.
For that there is a way.
- Is it the way which was told before?
She goes to church every day.
On going to church can see her.
Going to church is
a trouble some work.
But on thinking she can be seen...
The keeper of light
Lend us the permission
To light the lamp at the altar
Let us open singing
doors of wishes
To know the kingdom of wishes
Give us the permission Lord
The prince of kindness..
The prince of kindness
Doing rubbish inside the
church compound fellow.
Why, can't a phone call be made?
Get out fellow.
Told no? I'm going.
Aren't you girl, with a smiling eyes?
Aren't you a pearl, with beauty?
Kindly write the love,
divine creation
During the festival at church
On a silver chariot
The happiness flutters and spills out
In the sea..I'm a like a breeze
My God!
Like an un faded flower
Within the nest inside the heart
With take care of you, lovingly. Will
remain lingering in pain, by one self
On the Athen valleys
Slowly adds color to it
Kindly leave. By giving
kiss of sweet words
She is my beauty of heaven
Aren't you girl, with a smiling eyes?
Aren't you a pearl, with beauty?
Kindly write the love,
divine creation
Hey stop there, man.
- Run!
An unending river
Which is full of song of soul
The waves danced on kindness
On telling your name
"In the broth of love
On the un seen shores"
Give a handful of shyness
The moon has bloomed
from head to toe
Aren't you girl, with a smiling eyes?
Aren't you a pearl, with beauty?
Kindly write the love,
divine creation
During the festival at church
On a silver chariot
The happiness flutters and spills out
In the sea..I'm a like a breeze
Mamachan also started
to travel at the back.
Even though got old he also
has got wishes and emotions.
After all he is a human being, no?
Get down.
Careful, okay.
Brother, you have got
high contacts in Delhi, is it?
Why not?
I wanted to ask one thing.
- What is there in that?
Then, I'm getting down okay.
Mamacha, money?
- No need you keep it.
Don't worry you may ask.
Asking the doubt to the right person!
Not that what is brothers intention?
No, there is no special
intention like that.
If there is intention or not? Kindly
don't pester by walking behind me.
Won't pester you.
Just thought of seeing
and talking to you.
Moreover if there is any
...we'll sit there and talk.
To sit and talk its not a
politics, is it? - No.
Father, has told on that day
itself, not interested, is it?
This much age difference,
will anyone allow?
Even if I say I like, do you
think father will allow?
Don't know.
Because of that to make people
talk, by walking behind me, again...
...don't pester me.
Sorry to say only.
- Hey you!
Hey you, dirty fellow
leave my daughter.
Stop there, fellow.
- My heavens!
What man? What do you
want? Is it my child?
Flirting with some stupid fellows.
Go home, girl!
On that day you were not beaten
and send out from the house.
That is because of my decency.
What is the quality
that you posses, man?
By holding up the loin cloth
and wandering to and fro is it?
One politician has come, hey you!
First of all try to become at
least a ward member...
...and then think of marrying.
Has come with a party which
is not heard in the area.
If you are seen in front
of my daughter, again.
You'll know the real character
of Vareeth, okay.
Didn't you see he caught
on my daughter's hand?
He and his politics.
I won't leave him.
- The shirt got wrinkled.
Can't you go and die, man?
Why are you late?
- The vehicle came late.
Then..Met that old
friend of mother also.
There is no sign of he leaving.
Did he say anything, to you?
For few days he is walking
in front and behind me, is it?
On seeing there was no way
out, I told him to stop that.
What did he say?
- He is not the one, what we thought?
A poor guy, only after saying
thought it was not required.
Did you say any non sense?
- How? Will I say like that?
After all, its mother's friend, no?
- Okay, you go inside.
In between that, father came in.
Scolded a lot on that poor guy.
Not that, I'm thinking
why not I marry him?
Mother what do you say?
- Look, don't con, go inside.
Mollykutty was struck!
It has been 14 days as on
today since you talked to me.
Again if you show humbug
I also know to show.
On that day, why did you pretend on
saying father was bitten by snake?
So, your worry is that father
was not bitten by snake is it so?
The way you look, will feel
like I did it intentionally.
Did it, thinking that there should be
some respect in front of your father.
Did I know it'll turn out like this?
Not that... is mother?
Look, don't make me talk, okay.
What is up?
Will say after drinking.
You go to that Esho-appan, and see
whether military can be obtained.
Okay then.
Look, tell Vakkappan that I'm coming.
Again when father sees
you, he'll kill you.
Then what?
He doesn't have the guts for all that.
(A p raye r)
Look straight and pray.
Children you pray
father will come now okay.
Lord, let there be 'MH'.
'MH' must be there.
Here comes the 'MW.
'Kind Maria, salutations to you'
'Along with the Lord,
you are also blessed'
'As per your advice, the Christ'
'Becomes the one who is blessed'
'Kind Lord, the sinners like us'
'Always, at the time of our death'
The item costing
Rs.150, costing Rs 400.
' which spoils
the individuals and families...'
'...the temptations on liquor...'
Morning at the church he will
be the first person to yell out.
God, kindly protect.
Otherwise no need, on first again
have to come to the same place.
Lord, forget it.
(Playing a love song
in the back ground)
Stop it man.
- One was put according to situation.
Okay if you don't want, no need.
Totally became ashamed.
He verbally insulted me to the core.
That too, in front of her.
I know Mamachan, got upset.
You leave that. That is because
you are loving for the first time.
Next time there won't
be any problems.
For the first time?
Hey Pacha, I have started
this before you were born.
Including your sister Jancy.
I've loved 6 people.
Since you are her brother
that is why I'm taking you...
...all though you are an idiot!
None among them did
not mind me, that is true.
After that no other girl
has entered into my mind.
God, has shown her to me.
Otherwise what is the use
of father pushing me to church?
Because of that,
I thought it'll take place.
It will happen Mamachan.
The marriage will
take place in heaven...
...that is what is
said in our Bible, no?
Go man!
Man, which is this vehicle?
- This one...?
This is 'Duster' a very good mileage.
Not that, whose vehicle is this?
Didn't you recognize him?
Our Mathanchettan who died,
it is his prodigal son.
Long time back one who
eloped and went, Charley.
He has gone to Bombay and
made lot of money and came back.
Now after buying that 'Pettu
Simons' house and enclosure...
...he is staying there only.
Do you know who are
the Charley's new friends?
That Jose, uncle and that Kochappi.
He should be like that only.
14 years.
By dreaming this day
only I slept on all other days.
On coming back, thought
everyone will be here.
It's there Charley.
- We all are there.
Jose is it possible that you go head
with this panchayat and all always?
Trying. Its politics, no?
Will see.
Not that, here Mamachan
has to be suppressed is it not?
That is not as big
as to suppress and all.
Simply its a kind of show off.
Then pour one more.
No, no need. Stop!
That is not possible.
With consciousness for the
head and strength for the limbs.
No one should leave from here.
While drinking should
drink to the point...
...where the
consciousness is lost.
Otherwise don't try this task.
Bring it here.
Is it okay to carry on like this?
After marrying need
one family and all, no?
To be honest, on this return
there is also an intention like that.
After finding a good
girl and should marry her.
On the flee to make
money forgot to live.
That matter we'll take care of it.
- Yes.
Our post man George's younger
daughter is there, no?
Why can't we propose her?
She is the one who eloped with
the boy at the St. George bus.
She came back on
the next day itself, no?
I saw her brooming
the courtyard in the morning.
Then there won't be any problems.
No, no all that won't suit at all.
Our Vareeth's daughter is there no?
Why not that girl, be proposed?
That may not be okay.
What is wrong in that?
What is there he has got with him?
That is not there.
- That you leave it.
How is the girl?
A beautiful one.
But nothing is there.
A good girl.
- That is what I also want.
You just think over it.
The girl is 10 sovereign gold.
For that have you
rubbed and checked?
The own one still now not rubbed
and checked that is still pledged.
What is it?
The only negative point is,
Mamachan has seen the girl.
On that day itself the girl's
parents has told no, to it.
But still Mamachan is after her only.
Even if its broth of milk, if
the dog licks its gone, no?
You just try, the Mamachan's
case I'll handle.
Then come.
- Where are you going, sit?
Let us go and talk
this over and come.
That can be discussed tomorrow.
- All this can't be left for tomorrow.
You go.
Aren't you coming?
- You go and arrange it.
I'll fix this one!
Will it take place?
Not yet finished man?
Mamachan, will be over now.
Brother you cut slowly. On
going there is no other job, is it?
Go man.
What is the news?
Has been long since seen.
How are the things in Delhi?
ls everyone keeping fine?
Why not?
Since your party men are not doing
good in Delhi, there all are fine.
Hey man, you come here.
- What is it man?
Why are you not happy?
To be happy, your father
has not died, no?
Shall I tell one thing which
makes you really happy?
One girl is there which
you wanted to marry.
Which one? Our Vareeth's.
Her marriage, we all
have jointly fixed.
Till so far, to all the tasks which
you have given to me...
...just take it as a return to that.
I can only do it this much.
Then one who is going to marry
her is not an old man like you.
He is a youth!
Charley, can you come till here?
Look at the way he comes.
This is the thing which I had told.
Mamachan, a big guy!
One who has invented Delhi.
In the history of Indian politics.
A chapter that cannot be omitted,
that is what is standing here.
Mamachan must help me.
When my father died it was only..
...Mamachan who wanted
to inform me.
Have searched a lot, haven't you?
Mamachan, as you know
I don't have anyone in here.
Because of that.
In the position of my father...
...Mamachan should conduct
this marriage for me.
Now, you are little happy is it not?
Will see.
Now what to do man?
There is no time to think, if anything
is to be done, it must be done now.
That is what I'm also thinking.
Now the tent has to be erected,
should call the people.
Charley, has delegated
everything to Mamachan only.
Those people who are
to be personally called...
...Mamachan, they must
be called like that.
For some people when invited
over the phone they won't like it.
Go man!
- Mother!
Your father should be called.
Why don't we go up to Delhi?
- Is it to wed your father?
Not because I wish to go to Delhi.
She went back.
Didn't you know?
Can you give that soap?
Rub With this.
Look, on going there no need
to worry on Charley or her father.
Can tell the matter
and can be cleared.
I think it can be done.
Must call Saly.
By compelling and calling
brother didn't even talk.
Has the child slept lady?
If I tell a thing
will you come to tear?
You tell.
Last week it was our 'Thekele
Jimmychans' marriage fixation.
As they had given
the ad on internet.
Do you know within 2 weeks
how many proposals had come?
Why don't we also
give one ad like that?
What is his age now?
Don't you have any
work at the kitchen?
All that I'll do it.
Answer me to what I asked brother.
Hey lady, my age is not 26.
You go and press two
of my shirt and 'mundu'.
Tomorrow very urgently
have to go to somewhere.
To press the shirts and 'mundu'
bring one girl and tell her that one.
No doubt why he was
made to be here by getting old.
From top angel will come.
Angel and all won't be okay.
Again, will it come?
It was you. I thought it was
your cut out placed.
Why in this dress?
- Don't we have to go?
To where?
To Delhi.
- For that who has called you.
For a help to Mamachan.
Otherwise on seeing her
Mamachan will be nervous.
Won't be nervous.
- Will be nervous.
Won't be nervous.
My dear Mamachan,
don't say like that.
Tell like that.
Had told good bye to mother
in the morning and had come.
On going back immediately mother...
...will think Delhi is some
where a nearby place here.
But I've got only one ticket.
Mamachan you don't worry on that,
I'll hang somewhere and stay.
It is leather.
- Not leather. Its 'Khadar'
Whatever it is for the Mamachan's
get up all this is okay, no?
Put the cloth pleats down.
Release the breath.
Remove that glass.
Now hold this.
Now I became the old, me, no?
As per your height,
only this is enough.
Come. Take that bag.
The first sight is any way good.
Here comes your old lover.
Should have married her at
least by killing that Vareeth.
Keep quiet man.
Seriously preparing
for a journey, no?
We are to Delhi.
- Up to here only.
Up to here only.
Why this way?
Since coming after all these
days, has not seen mother so far.
Must come out in the time
when he is not there, is it not?
Yes, yes.
On that day, I...
...coming to see the
girl, that incident...
...don't tell mother.
No, I won't.
Mamachan, knows his
character, is it not?
Don't feel bad on saying
like that on that day.
L..Simply fought is it not?
Okay, I'm going.
What is that you were telling
about fighting and all?
Your sister Jancy!
No, no need.
Has reached.
One minute.
We are coming straight to there.
Brother 2 Sasthamangalam.
- This is not a bus, but an auto.
On the way can you
show that capital?
That place I'll show you
on reaching inside the room.
This is Chandrasekharan
Nair stadium.
It was that one, no?
- Have you seen it before?
Hi, zoo!
Sit properly man.
Why don't we go after 3 or 4 days?
You stay.
I have some work, ongoing.
What is this grave yard or what?
- Keep quite.
There is life.
How much is it?
Take the balance.
What is there as balance?
This only 20, no?
This might be placed
due to my arrival, no?
What is the use of all
this between us, Mamachan?
You come here.
- Greetings.
Is Gopi there?
- He is inside.
Take the rest.
Didn't you hear what the
leader has said? Take the rest.
Don't know which idiot is this?
It was Mamachan, no?
Now you are reading English and all.
That is not for reading.
While sleeping to protect
from light falling on the face.
As it is English,
it will be really hard.
Who is this?
This is our boy in the youth.
Understood, the district president.
Tony Vakkathanam.
Shall I order something cold?
Hey fellows, if anybody is
there without sleeping go...
...and bring 3 soda lime.
But still my Mamacha,
when that Swamy told... sit simply as president.
I never expected this much!
There is no job at all.
All that will be corrected.
Somehow lets us get into
anyone of the frontiers.
Automatically the job will come.
You wait and see in the tomorrows
discussion something will happen.
Well, very good if
something takes place.
Then tomorrow I won't be
there, you go all alone.
How can that be possible?
I'm trying to make the things
right through an another means.
Through our 'Poonjattu'
person a try to get into 'UPF'
For us there is no rule
that only left is suited.
That you at the 'Udayagiri
panchayat' has arranged a rain...
...water harvest program,
what is the value of that?
Mmm..Out, out!
So, no one has come to know is it?
Ho! Its not at all a big deal at all.
But still how much will
be the value of it?
Somewhat like 65 lakhs!
Have you started digging the hole?
Without the rain where to dig?
Then in that case you start
a project to start the rain.
That is good.
Will see to it.
Then while sharing
don't forget me okay.
Okay, I'm leaving.
Earlier also its like this, on taking
about money your ears won't work.
Blanket, blanket!
Hello, Swamy!
Swamy give me some work, by
sitting idle here, root goes down.
I was not late, no?
You were talking something
about rain harvest.
That is because of rain there is
holes every where only told that.
That is not the matter. it is
concerned with getting money.
That is why told me
to stand outside, no?
Understood that much, is it?
That is more than enough.
Hello Tony Vakkathanam.
Should not simply walk like this,
our youth wing should be...
Our youth wing should
be made strong. Okay go, go.
Mamacha, on one thing
I'm thankful to you.
After failing in 7th standard
for the first time... person is calling
my real name. - Is it?
Actually I didn't remember
I had a name like this.
But anyway really happy.
Okay, then hold this.
- Then what about lime juice?
Its simply a promise.
Won't get that. Understood
that one also, no? Please come.
Pacha, put the phone
down the comrade has come.
Have you reached long time back?
- I came by 11 o'clock itself.
I thought of reaching
by 11 o'clock but... between, that Pillai
came and made a cross.
Pillai, says there should be no
new candidates taken inside the front.
To join with him there
are lot of tiny leaders.
At last on telling all will be
thrown out, all kept quite.
Its very difficult this
system of united front.
Lot of parties without
any sort of ideas.
And lot of leaders for it.
Not that, comrade what
about my matter?
The moment when I took your...
...matter for discussion,
then all started.
VKP was the one who
was dead against.
You know all those
things, no? Come.
Anyway the things
ended in a good manner.
In the next front meeting
you'll be there.
I know for your party
only there are leaders.
All this is on account
of relationship with you.
At that time when Veeran
left our front and went.
The 'Thadi Thomas and
Theyya' was plucked from...
...there and they were brought
here. It was done by you only.
During that time if you
had not played like that.
Everyone would have
fallen by hitting the nose.
Hey man can all that be forgotten?
- Yes.
Then what about the matter of seat?
- There is a chance for one.
Sometimes it won't be there also.
For the seat which all filthy persons
will do what all things, who knows.
As the election is declared now all
the toy snakes will raise the heads.
You'll be here in the
evening, no? Will meet.
Not that must go to Delhi.
- Convey my regards to Sharmaji.
The matter of the seat
will be decided within...
...a weeks time, I'll call.
Red salute comrade.
The Delhi is completely changed.
For that have you seen Delhi?
- In the movie New Delhi!
Do you want to see
the capital once more? - No!
I don't want to see that place.
While going to Sharmaji should
sit respectfully and with modesty.
Did you understand?
Why can't these people
chop all this and plant rubber?
Here the rubber won't grow.
That is why.
Look there.
- This is that China gate, no?
India gate.
Only gate is there, why
there is no compound wall?
Will you please keep quite.
By the way there is
no compound wall, no?
Did you see it?
Greetings Swamy.
Was the journey fine?
- Was fine.
This is Swamy, he is the
personal secretary of Sharmaji.
If we start now we
can meet Sharmaji.
Will be fresh now and come.
- Carry on. - Come.
Greetings Sharmaji!
Hey Mamchand!
Come man, come.
Bless me.
- I was waiting for you.
How are you man?
I'm fine.
Who is this?
He is our state president,
Tony Vakkathanam.
Oh! Good state president?
Fall on the feet!
Okay, okay.
Okay, sit, sit.
Sharmaji, I...
- Okay, okay.
In the Kerala assembly also we are
going to have our representation.
Well very good Mamchand.
- Thank you.
Comrade Murliji
has done everything.
- Has conveyed regards to Sharmaji.
Really great, look Mamchand.
With me I've got lot
planning for the parliament.
But now the issue is, I've got an
appointment with Home minister.
You do one thing meet me in the
evening at that time, I'll tell details.
Will meet in the evening, no?
- Okay. - Take care.
Didn't see.
Just like a Hindi film got over.
Then what you told was
all true, is it?
- You are really great, okay.
The idiotic compatriots are they
knowing any of these things?
Not that Mamachan,
at the Trivandrum you told.
I'm the district president while
coming here, told I'm state president.
Then when you go
to America tomorrow will... make me Indian president?
That is the value of 'khadar' the
positions will keep on gaining.
There is no use at all.
Are you scared?
For what?
Just asked felt like, there
is some sort of tension.
Then why are you drumming
with your hands?
The hand is shivering that is why.
Don't know what to do?
- Don't do anything.
Will you keep quite?
- Okay then I'm not talking.
Hey man when she comes
I'll show some hum-bug.
You should start talking.
Come here.
First you'll say don't talk, now
you are telling to talk.
Now should I talk or not?
First of all tensed again
are you putting more tension?
I'll talk, okay.
Here she comes.
What to do now?
- Why not we run?
Be still man.
When did you reach?
- Yesterday.
- Its okay.
This is Stella.
- Mamachan. - Liza has told.
- Didn't ask!
Sit, sit.
Why no one is talking anything?
That is because, you talk.
What is the rate of one operation?
Operation to whom?
To some one!
No, for anyone...if they wants.
Is there doctor here?
- Yes, there is.
What about the attender?
A very good hospital, a
hospital should be like this.
Then Mamachan, why don't we go?
Don't sweat while standing.
We'll move away. Come Pacha!
We'll go.
- Girl you may go.
There no problem with
Mamachan if I stay here.
Go man, you stupid fellow!
Became a nuisance, is it?
Come here, you Pachan.
Coming Stella.
- Sit.
What is this?
With the black badge and all.
That one, no? One of our
nurse who was with us, died.
Everything was ready
for her to go abroad.
But the management didn't allow.
For that, that girl...
My heavens!
Wanting an enquiry on that
demanding bond must be stopped...
...its a strike against it.
That is good.
For the first time a person from
the native place to see me, in here.
Well, I didn't come to see like that.
Then when Pachan told
you'll be here, thought of seeing.
That is understood.
What? Is it coffee?
Brother, won't have come.
The marriage should be
with consent of parents.
I've only that condition.
Without their permission,
I'll not do anything.
What you told is true.
Just wanted to see.
That's all. Then just wanted
to say something...
I know brother loves me.
Then mother also has told.
You are a poor guy.
All that is not my worry.
Father won't allow.
Has struggled a lot for me.
Poor person. In father's
dreams only I'm there.
Not that, the over aged
is a problem for me.
Brother do you know?
At the Kajirapalli one of
my marriage was canceled.
That is why father sold
the property and came there.
Just consider my
proposal has not come.
If you need any help just call me.
Then I'll take leave.
The nose of Stella is what I liked.
Then what about Manju's nose?
Tell Manju to go.
We'll go, no?
- We are going.
Then will meet in the next visit.
There is no next visit.
- Shall I go Stella?
Go fellow!
Both of you are here.
Hold this.
Why have you come
here, without informing?
What is it?
What happened?
Where is brother?
- He has gone to Delhi.
Where are the kids?
- They have slept.
When is brother coming back?
Will come back
after 3 or 4 days only.
What is it? Tell what the matter is?
Mother don't you know anything?
You tell what the matter is, clearly.
Do you know who has transferred
me and her to 2 different places?
Mother's dear son, Mamachan.
No, no he won't do
anything like that.
Don't make me to talk more.
Come lady.
What a pity is this?
When is your next return?
Before the marriage, I'll reach
here 10 days before.
Hello, tell where are you?
Are you at the hostel?
We must rock the marriage.
Then I'll kill you.
I intended this marriage
should be blasting.
That is utter cheating, hey
man to the alcohol drank...
...must show thankfulness at least.
Hey man what I told is
this must be conducted... a good way by celebrating.
Tell like that. After drinking don't
talk to me like un educated people.
Will you people keep quite?
What happened?
Searching her that filthy
guy has went there, today.
- Is it that Mamachan?
He has become a big
nuisance, now what to do?
Will see.
Charley, you go boldly.
We will deal with him.
After chopping him to pieces
only after that we will meet again.
Who will chop?
Okay, if you need
anything, just call me.
On thinking what have you
told you'll handle Mamachan?
By drinking his alcohol...
...must say something to please
him, what do you say Jose?
Have you got shame? For a
long time both are babbling.
Why is mother
looking at me like this?
Thomachan had come.
How is he doing?
Told, how he got
the transfer and all.
But still this much was not required.
My dear mother he only told
he wants to live separately.
Then to go immediately,
I saw only this way.
Then why didn't you
transfer both to one place?
Then things will be different...
...he would have taken
the kids and gone.
Mother only told no? Can't
stay without seeing the kids.
In this case it will serve
both the purposes.
Mother go and take one tea.
'The decision was not taken
today, the bars will remain closed'
'There are chances of a big re
shuffling in the central ministry'
'Kenna, with great expectation'
'This time it is noticed that Kerala
will have a major role in the ministry'
Go girl!
She can't be blamed, also!
Mamachan, come.
We reached 10 minutes back.
Knew that.
How come a sudden visit?
The election is the topic.
Do you know how many
seats we may get?
There is only a chance for one.
Is there any idea who
the candidate is?
That will be me only.
In the coming day,
district committee is called.
In Kerala as the new
situations has emerged.
Sharmaji, has got some other plans.
In the next term ministry expansion
there will be a minister from Kerala.
The plan is to bring it
to Rajyasabha from youth.
Either Mamachan or Gopi.
That is what Sharmaji, has told.
You both are alike to party, no?
Now I'll tell my suggestion.
Mamachan at Delhi and Gopi
staying here that will be good.
What do you say Mamachan?
- Okay then.
We can ask Trivandrum
south, no Gopi?
Okay ask.
In that case let Gopi go for
the fronts meeting in the evening.
Try hard for the south.
Now there is no
difference opinion, is it?
Then everything as told.
Mamachan see you at Delhi again.
Comrade, what kind of
an action is that? - What?
While asking Trivandrum
south, gave 'lrikkoor'.
Who asked?
Yesterday Gopi was only crying
and demanding wants lrikkoor.
That is because as that...
...constituency chances
of wining is more.
You don't worry man. All though
its a sitting seat of KP.
On trying hard that can be gained.
- Yes.
It has been more than 30 years, no?
The people might
have got enough of it.
Why not? Might had enough.
Any other constituency.
- I've told what I can.
The rest you people do.
10 to 15 parties and one seat.
- Might have had enough.
Friends, after the formation
of DNC Kerala unit.
For the first time we
have obtained a seat.
Because of that this election as far
as we are concerned, its very vital.
We've received 'lrikkoor' where
the chances of winning is more.
There, we must find a strong
candidate that is my opinion.
Instead of lrikkoor, I'm trying
for some other constituency.
Yes, yes.
- What for?
At lrikkoor our wining is sure,
then why thinking...
...of other constituency? That is
purely foolishness that is my opinion.
That is true.
- What I mean to say is...
There is no issue.
Our party is contesting
in the lrikkoor constituency.
That is true.
In that case, in this situation
I'm recommending Gopi as a candidate.
That is true.
How can that be?
- That is okay.
I'm a person who is outside
that constituency.
Its better that one person who
is from that constituency...
...should be the candidate.
- That is also correct.
You tell one among them is correct.
- That is also correct.
So that is the correct side of that.
So because of that in
the lrikkoor constituency.
As a candidate and
people's choice...
As one who is dear to all
I declare Mamachan.
That is correct.
- All of you clap.
The meeting is dispersed.
'That is correct', you go home.
All of you go.
Wait there, wait.
- I'm also coming.
What have you done?
- What is it?
You should have stood, no?
That is what we have decided is it?
All that doesn't matter is it about
thinking on things in Delhi?
You don't worry and that I'll handle.
You are wanted by the
people of lrikkoor.
I don't think there is any need for it.
Its only when I win, no?
Mamachan, I'll make you win.
Kerala, is the hot bed of elections.
Both the parties
have declared the first list.
In the lrikkoor, for the left
un expected candidate.
DNC national secretary,
Mr. CP Mamachan...
At lrikkoor, is the leftist candidate.
At Trivandrum the DNC state
secretary Mr. Gopi has...
...declared Mamachan
as their candidate.
Our Mamachan?
So its true that he is
national secretary is it not?
Irikkoor is the only seat of DNC.
This Mamachan is
a real big thing okay.
When saying a MLA and
all, then what is he?
- That after wining in election.
That thing is received, like this there
will be red light on top of the vehicle.
For that doesn't he have to win?
- Must win.
Jose, now you are the same front.
From tomorrow onwards...
...must ask vote for Mamachan.
- Who?
- Yes.
My dog will go.
- Okay with that one also.
On this election our party
won't be having any work.
Then his party is it
not contesting this time?
That is not the thing.
- Then.
As per Mamachan's character, not a
single vote will be received at least...
...from his house.
Okay comrade. Is it from
tomorrow onwards?
I'll be there.
Who is it Jose?
From the district committee.
- Lucky she is not the one.
From tomorrow onwards must
start the election work.
This is something like being
caught inside the rat trap.
Can't take it out and must
walk with the rat trap.
There is no other go,
than carrying it.
What is the use of
getting angry on me?
Better than this was
suspension or degrading.
No, not reached.
- We are in the same area.
How to go without seeing?
Lord, anything for the mother?
What happened?
- Nothing has happened.
To meet the MLA candidate
everyone has come.
This is the person.
Mother, brother has come.
How is the set up?
- When did you come?
We came on hearing the news.
Brother, tea.
How is it? Are you happy?
Come here.
Who told you to bring them all to
the house? Must send all of them.
I just for a show off, to make a
pomp. Did it become an issue?
People are mad out here.
What is it?
Mamacha, my dear
son hats off to you!
Come will serve you coffee.
See, see.
- I'll show you now.
Hey man, on wining here the
things in Delhi will go out of hand.
That stupid Gopi is
waiting for a chance.
Which means?
- We must fail.
Then don't you want
to become MLA?
MLA? ls MLA out here or
MP in Delhi which is big?
MP at Delhi.
So, Mamachan must fail.
That is easy no? Will anyone
vote for you, who knows you.
Should have thought of it before.
- What is it?
When checked before. The bad
mark which was created here... could be spread to
whole of this constituency.
Give you one beat.
Will eat the food prepared by mother
and we'll think of some ideas, come.
Will the item come?
This is not the item which comes
like that, I've tried my maximum.
Before coming, will become in mood.
You pour one more.
Looks like its him. Move all this fast.
Jose, come.
Come inside.
Sit Jose.
Sit Jose.
What do you want to drink?
- Nothing is required.
Then, why I called Jose is...
...that is to tell about
the matter of Mamachan.
That I felt so.
Jose should really work hard.
That is to make him win no?
My dog will work.
What if Jose is also benefited?
Even if you say will
give rupees one crore...
...I'll not get a single vote for him.
One crore is not there.
But few lakhs are there.
Take it.
- Tempting people, is it not?
What should I do? That is told by
Gopi. There are no cameras here.
From your panchayat not even
a single vote should go out.
Then to the maximum put
the people and all over...
...the constituency do the campaign.
That's all.
If it were that not even a
single vote should be gained.
That will happen, we don't
have to do anything...
...just fold our hands
and watch and see.
This is like, bit tough.
My Jose I know that that is why
I, delegated this to Jose, only.
If Jose intends, it will take place.
There is no surety and all.
Will see to it.
My dear Jose.
If Mamachan fails here
then we can't hold him then.
In the central ministry there will be
a nomination from Kerala, of DNC.
While failing he will get the chance.
Because of that at any cost
he'll try to fail in here.
But to make him win, that
is my necessity, now.
In the middle of this
is there a game like that?
Then you must say
that no? This I'll manage.
I only wanted to hear that.
Then shall I go and start the work?
- Okay then.
Every minute is precious.
- Yes, yes.
Money..Take care of it.
Don't know whether there
is camera kept anywhere.
Just pour one.
- Its ready.
Jose whatever you
say, this we won't allow.
You listen to what I'm saying.
Now what you told is okay.
Again don't tell this one.
Not that, what happened
to you Jose? - My dear uncle...
Might have received
money from Mamachan. - That is it.
Is your wife working for Mamachan?
Why is that?
Otherwise Jose will not say like this.
Look my wife is panchayat
president, not panchayat pipe.
When any problem comes, to come
running over to there with the pot.
All that is not the
problem out here, no?
How did Jose get turned?
Anyway I've decided
to work for Mamachan.
Those who wants to go can go.
- Jose, is that so?
We've got only one word. We are
not there for this dirty work.
- That is it. - You come.
- Lets go.
Mamachan is a Malayalee, more
that that he is our compatriot also.
Then for Mamachan,
other than us who will work.
Jose will not do anything like that
without seeing anything, I'm sure.
Then Jose what is our
future program?
We are breaking!
- Who?
The bottle we are breaking.
- Then what about Mamachan?
We'll win Mamachan.
Then start the actions.
- Pour fast.
Look, silver owl.
Okay man, bus will come now.
You may go now.
- Who is that?
What Lalettan?
No, its Josettan.
- Oh! It was you?
Where is Mamachan on a journey?
- Just for an 'agitation on salt'.
Why? Are you joining?
What man morning itself
you are in a debating mood?
What is it, if so?
From now on we should jointly work.
- Is it so?
Mamachan you don't worry.
- We are all there with you.
We will make you win.
- Indeed!
What if, I don't want your help?
This is your problem.
Your character is like kids.
Inside its neat. You be prepared
to win. We've started our work!
- Mamacha!
Where to?
- Somewhere!
Ho! Jose!
- What man?
- Nothing? Then get in.
Will go.
- Get in man.
Got in.
After Maveli..Only you are
there. If you convince all men
Then you are the leader
After Maveli..Only you are there
If you convince all men
Then you are the leader
One who makes
promises to his fancies
One who does magic
is always the winner
- Don't be scared, that's only a chisel.
Those men who has succeeded..
Our candidate..Mamachan!
They had over turned the truth
When vote and seat is more. Ones
own matters are the first priority
After Maveli..Only you are there
If you convince all men
Then you are the leader
Come on man, without shyness.
Go man, contemptible fellow.
Contemptible fellow is your father.
- Calling father!
Stop there fellow!
To make money
Will catch hold of right party
For your shade
Will catch hold of a flag
To canvass the vote
Will take the aid of laughter
By laughing will
take the life out
To make money
Ready to do anything
Politicians will pile on the nation
Then will go fleeing
Old man who is dead
Must flatter him maximum
For the marriage
and initiation ceremony
To show off you must attend
You were here, no?
- Go dog.
We came here in the morning.
The house owners have gone to Palani.
Will be back after 2 days.
Dear comrades, during
the time of election.
There is no political enemies for us.
Because of that with the religious,
communal leaderships.
Either cooperating or on
meeting there is nothing wrong.
Not that Jose, what
is Mamachan's stand?
Some what relaxed now.
Something must be done.
That we will manage.
Do one thing.
From tomorrow onwards
for Mamachan's campaigns...
...myself and Prathapan
also participates.
Prathapan has chartered
According to that
everything will happen.
Okay shall we disperse?
For today will disperse.
After Maveli..Only you are there
If you convince all men
Then you are the leader
Mamacha, you take the child.
- No need. You keep it.
Will come and take
it afterwards okay.
The body is getting numb
The heart is beating vigorously
The election has come near. Who
will rule. Who will ruin the country?
"it is a evaluation
heather and sketcher"
When the vote
comes to the box
When all the votes are
counted and on passing
The promises are tied in a sack
Thrown in a corner that is not seen
Are hidden away from sight.
And will smile. You too
Then, who is the one who fails?
Its the people who is giving votes
For the leader and
for the winner
Ones own matters
are the first priority
Who is that one?
If you come inside, I'll chop.
Has come asking for vote.
After Maveli..Only you are there
If you convince all men
Then you are the leader
One who makes
promises to his fancies
One who does magic
is always the winner
Those men who has succeeded
They had over turned the truth
When vote and seat is more. Ones
own matters are the first priority
Requesting vote for Mamachan,
the opponent candidate.
He and his...
Today also won't be there?
Then what to do?
Okay, let me see.
Okay, I'll call.
- Jose, just take this.
Let it get cool.
Why is the face different?
Little tight.
Gopi, is telling to roll
from somewhere.
If Gopi has said
nothing to look, just roll.
On saying to roll, to roll this
is not 'dosa' its money.
Yes that is it, its money then
there is only one way out, Sholy!
Anyway I'll not get. But if Jose asks
will get. Must ask in a decent way.
Will get it. She will give.
- What?
Just ask her chain to pledge.
Give this there. Money I'll
arrange from somewhere.
Simply to make the people talk.
What to make the people talk?
What did he mean?
Mamachan, this is church. Have
you come here wrongly or what?
No, father.
- Its election no?
For that Lord has got no vote man.
That I know.
- Then?
Father I must confess.
In the state its the
final toll of campaign.
In the 140 election constituencies,
making the final campaigns rocking.
The members of the
both parties are ready now.
In the state the election
campaign comes to an end.
All over the state the final round of...
...campaigns were
really full of excitement.
Jose, how was the final ceremony?
Its was an ocean of people. The
central minister Anand Sharma.
And others got shocked? Do
you know what Sharmaji, told?
Mamachan's public
support was astonishing.
Public support?
Did Mamachan oppose?
- Was fully active, no?
Can't be otherwise no? To
Mamachan's left and right...
...Gopi, Prathapan and
I'm standing, no?
As the ceremony has ended
what should we do next?
One more work is pending
the last nail on his coffin!
- Who is this new saint?
Why all the leaders at mid night?
How is the campaign going?
- Finished.
The matter I, told yesterday?
The reply for that I've
given yesterday itself.
Not for Mamachan for any other
person, there won't be any...
...canvassing from
the side of church.
Then what is the use of bringing
all this men and coming?
Not that, when we say its not
like how Jose says, no?
That's it!
What do you have horns?
When father announces...
- Politics is not my job!
My job is to take care of the
spiritual matters of the people.
Not that even the Bishops used
to have certain political stands.
Not hunger, Bishop.
You just say Bishop!
- Bishop!
Enough, enough.
On telling to Mamachan,
a big amount can be...
...given to church.
- From Mamachan's hands, no?
Last time when going for mission
collection, he is the one...
...who gave the 'rubber milk'
Not that father, as Mamachan
is our own person...
...father you just
say without detailing.
To say without detailing?
That is, to say, don't say.
Then if it is don't say, then say.
Then no need to say?
Must tell.
- What he said, don't say?
That is I've suggested
a pattern to father.
Okay let me see.
- Then announce for 3 masses.
To announce 3 times is
it a marriage or what?
Not like that, but for a this.
- Okay, all go, go, go!
Come, come, hammer is
there in the hand.
That is his parties symbol, no?
'Salutations to the altar of sacrifice.
Salutations to the tomb of our Lord.'
Father tell, please.
Not telling!
The mass which was received by
us today, for subduing our debts.
Let it be a reason to
liberate from sins.
We do not know whether we will
come again or not for a sacrifice.
Didn't say.
- Didn't say.
All of you must wait for a moment.
Dear ones, tomorrow its election.
Let it come out like that.
We must elect the best ones
which is suited for our country.
The Mamachan as he is from
our church's jurisdiction.
As you all are aware he is the
candidate in our constituency.
Mamachan has asked to all
of us to help him by praying.
We can all pray one minute by
closing the eyes for his success.
Kerala, goes to polling booth today.
To 140 constituencies the polling
will start today morning by 7.
In the state 112 problematic
polling booths.
Huge security measures.
Come here, this is our candidate.
- Did you see the symbol? Box, box!
Come, come do you
remember what is said?
Shouldn't change
the symbol and vote.
Our symbol is box, shoe case!
Sister, this side.
- Come this way.
Come here.
- Call them here.
My Santha! My God!
- Go and catch your wife!
What happened?
- She is near my house.
Who is this? Just one thing,
wants to say one thing.
Come, come.
Will release him now.
This is our candidate,
Mamachan, go and vote.
Stand closely, one after the other.
Come here close.
Should I come out?
- Come out.
People are standing, come.
Please come Mamacha, come.
I'm Stella, along with Liza.
- Yea, what is it?
At the hospital there
was a small issue.
What happened?
Where are you going?
Where are you going man?
Go man.
- What is all this Tony Vakkathanam?
Take him and beat.
Hello. Here there is no problem.
Now let me vote.
The time is over.
- Not yet 5 o'clock.
The time is over.
- How can that be, I must vote, no?
Told you, no?
To say time is over has not come
your house to vote. Give it here.
Move back lady.
The time is over man.
Where to push?
- The time is over, this person...
Hey fellow come here.
Move back fellow.
Leave, Leave I say.
That is to show the wife.
Now catch!
Walk this way.
- Walk.
Greetings. With the election
news 2014 is starting.
The declaration and
the verdict is over.
Now what is remaining is
counting the votes.
Here comes the silver owl.
- I'll call.
Have you reached early?
I came in the morning straight
away came from Trivandrum.
You do one thing you sit for the
counting. If anything is there, call.
In 140 centers the counting of the
vote will start from the morning 7.
By 9 first results will come out,
opts main election officer.
Gopi thinks something will happen.
On opening the ballot box...
...Can see Mamachan failing.
Keep quiet man!
Okay GOP'-.
Now over to the news
which is received just now.
To the 14th Kerala assembly
elections first results came out.
With the 4 seats the UPF is leading.
Haripad, Mala, Neyyattinkara,
Pala on these...
...constituencies when UPF won.
Thalassery was maintained by LPF.
At Manjery, KK Ahammed Kutty of
UPF had won with...
...a lead of 50,000 votes.
In the constituencies of Ernakulam,
lrikkoor, Adoor, Calicut, Cherthala...
UPF is maintaining a clear lead.
All together it is in their support.
Will it go swayed?
Both the parties are advancing
neck to neck that is seen now.
Till now its not clear
who will rule Kerala.
Out of the results which are
declared in 130 constituencies.
Both the parties have
won 65 seats each.
In the remaining 10 seats,
leading in the 5 seats each.
At Piravom K Surendran won
with a lead of 3,000 votes.
At the Puthupalli, the UPF's...
All the eyes on lrikkoor.
Irikkoor will write
the verdict of Kerala.
In 139 constituencies where the
vote counting is complete.
For the LPF 70 and
for UPF 69 seats.
At Kerala there is a
chance of hung parliament.
At the lrikkoor UPF candidate
KP Joseph wins.
At the lrikkoor the lead
position is changing.
At lrikkoor when 80% of
votes are counted.
UPF candidate KP Joseph is
winning than the opponent...
...CP Mamachan with 3000 votes.
At lrikkoor KP Joseph is contesting
election for the 6th time.
For the last 5 times he had won.
When 90% of votes are counted.
The lead of UPF
candidate KP Joseph is...
We'll watch some movies.
Mamachan, just leave
your breath. They are leading.
This time Kerala is for the left.
In the lrikkoor constituency,
waiting for the results.
When 98% of votes are counted.
CP Mamachan of DNC is
maintaining a lead of 2000 votes.
At the lrikkoor, what is
ending is 30 years...
Where is that remote?
By rewriting the history the LPF is
coming to power for the 2nd time.
Did Mamachan hear that he failed?
Swamy anyway our game worked!
Now there won't be any change,
there is a lead of 2,000, no?
At first simply just got shocked.
Gopi has got no doubt
at all, he is strongly with me.
I'll manage without having
any problems to Swamy.
Swamy, has got
lot of thanks. I'll call.
Mamachan did you
hear the news clearly?
They are saying we have won.
So what?
- So what? You only told...
Comrade, thanks.
Happy, lot of happiness.
Little busy, shall I call you back?
What did you say?
- Won!
Hey man did you know to
win how much I struggled?
Mamacha, you only told.
- Please...
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll talk later.
Give it here.
You and your.. Hey man
you only told... failing here, can go to central.
Me? When?
Other day to Jose.
That I told simply.
- Told simply?
Till yesterday you were
not saying this one.
Hey fellow what all difficulty in
securing a seat, do you know that?
Then at that time
Gopi wants that.
Then at that time I simply
created this central minister story.
Then at the central nothing is there?
At the centre the eggs
are boiled and kept!
Why was that poster torn
and abused that Jose?
Did I say that?
- Said!
Then sorry.
Hey Pasha!
When we try to fail.
They will try to make us win.
Their line is to harass, no?
Even other wise to win an election
how much money is required?
If at all anything is received from
the party fund, half of it will be...
...snatched by Jose and others.
Now since the Jose's wife wedding
chain is pledged, we are relaxed.
Then what about Gopi's case?
- Gopi's case is gone! Come.
I'm not coming, at least
you should have told me, no?
First I thought of telling you.
- Then?
Then, I thought no need of it.
In the acting since you don't
have much experience, as I do.
You will have a sly look.
They will catch that also.
My first vote is simply wasted.
Its Maiden vote, no?
Its not virginity, no?
Mamacha, can I
believe this at least?
Or will this also...!
Believe me!
Then we must celebrate this.
They have started
the celebration, no?
Then we will rock this one.
Hey fellow put it down.
When I went to Bombay what
all things happened here?
Even by hitting Kuttichan and jose,
they won't look eye to eye...
...they became friends.
Mamachan became the MLA.
Not became, he was made.
You only told Mamachan will
be beaten, killed and all.
That was a different
game played by us.
If he doesn't win here he will
go to central, will we leave?
Is it not Kuttichan?
You should be really
appreciated okay.
We won't accept that.
Is it? - Then what?
Then I'll leave.
At the house of the Vareeth tent
construction has just started.
Okay. Morning I'll come
here to dress up the groom.
Shall I go?
- Okay then.
It will be ready, let me see
what the comrade is saying.
Look, here comes the comrade.
- Hey Mamachan.
Don't we have to sit?
- What is there on that?
When you are free,
come to the office.
We will discuss rest of the things.
All that let the comrade
decide and call me.
Okay then carry on.
A kind of despotic look!
What is there?
You just stay with me.
When we stand united
that is benefited to all.
Did he go?
What are you thinking?
Today it is her fixation.
The brain used by you
to win this election...
...if you have showed
one out of hundred... she'll be there at your house.
This is all like this man.
We will desire a lot.
Some we will get some
we won't get.
The more we wish on anything
that won't be gained at all.
That is life.
Leave it man.
Everything will happen.
For you one person will be waiting.
You wait and see.
Lie there!
Look, on going home
the house was locked.
Has checked the entire area
place Charley is not seen anywhere.
MY Lord!
- What is it Vareeth?
This proposal was brought by
you and now where is he, fellow?
Hey Vareeth!
Be calm Vareeth!
Father, how to be calm?
This is the second time my...
...daughter's marriage
is getting canceled.
Charley won't do like that?
- If he won't do? Where is he then?
You were the people no?
Who was with him for 24 hours.
Now are you justifying him?
Since I was with him,
what can I do on it?
I'll show you.
- Leave Vareeth.
Come here what is this man?
You should answer this.
- What can I say?
Just to be little Mamachan,
I stood with Charley that is true.
But father I didn't know
he'll do such a thing.
You fellows are you
playing with a girl's life?
- Vareeth, you don't get worried.
Lord, will show some way out.
You tell the matter to the child.
Don't cry.
- Father, what will I say to my child?
You go there.
Don't cry.
Its my fault.
Without checking what he is, who
he is, father has fixed this marriage.
I never asked what is your opinion.
Everything is my fault.
Please don't cry!
Don't cry!
Not that, Vareeth
has not told anything.
Why, are you all gone mad?
What father is saying my daughter...
...should be married
to this Mamachan?
Hey fellow! He has studied
with my Mollykutty at school.
Father, how much is the
age difference between... child and Mamachan?
You should not tell the
calculations of the age to me.
Virgin Marry at what age
did she marry father Joseph?
Do you know the age
difference between them?
I don't know.
- Okay leave that one.
Our AK Antony in which
age did he marry Elizabath?
That is what is said, there
is no point in age and all.
The point is on, how they live.
That is not required father. Now
since her marriage is canceled.
I just can't put her on some
one's head, just like that.
I also have hard feeling with him.
But in this situation what
father told is correct, is it not?
Now as Vareeth told now,
Mamachan is not just a silly guy.
He is a MLA now, now he is the
deciding factor, on the topic...
...who must rule in Kerala.
That let him decide...
...but who should marry my
daughter, that's decided by me.
My Vareeth, I know you have
a slight ill feeling towards him.
But still saying, he will take care of
your child, in a very good manner.
On this earth it will be Mamachan
who loves her to the highest.
I've seen his heart.
As its a confession secret
I can't say more on it.
You must know her soul.
I'll talk to Mamachan.
Father, for the time being
you don't talk to him.
Behind canceling this marriage...
I've got a clear doubt
whether its Mamachan.
Hey lady! Why are
you not saying anything?
What all things are
told by your father!
God will punish okay. If it
were to cancel your marriage.
Mamachan, could have
done that much before.
At that time when there were that
much problems at the hospital.
I've called several people for help.
There was no one present at
that time and in the last I...
...called Mamachan.
During that time when
Mamachan and all came to Delhi...
...told about the death
of a nurse, is it?
We were all on a strike
demanding an enquiry.
But now..
- What happened?
The hospital management, Liza
and all in hostel room.
They are all locked inside.
Didn't you inform police?
The police and all is on their
side, can you do anything?
I'll handle it!
Including the minister
all had come there...
...that is because
Mamachan has told.
No one should know anything
that is what Mamachan has told.
That is why I've not
told this matter to you.
In the name of father, son
and holy ghost...
Look watch and learn.
Will he ruin it?
Hey what is this?
Anything to drink?
- One half is there.
Then shall we go?
Happy that you had come.
- As it is a good day.
Will tell a happy news.
- What is it?
Greetings to the newly
appointed sports minister?
Sports minister?
- What is it?
Can't you believe?
Didn't I say that on hearing this
Mamachan will be shocked?
Comrade don't feel bad, I'm not
there to become minister and all.
How can that be possible?
This is...
...this is decided by the front.
All that won't suit!
One minute.
Arrange the set up for the comrade
to have food. Comrade you may go.
Lal Salam (Red Salute)
The same to you also.
So he was not shocked, no?
May be he might
not have understood.
Don't you know him?
- Why not? Who is he?
From 'Karippa Parambil'
- Yea, yea.
This was not required.
Take one photo.
Girl, give one kiss.
Hey man, I've called and
said on your transfer, okay.
By this week there will
be a transfer to this place.
Then no need to delay much.
I'll put the bag in the car and come.
Okay, okay.
Will go.
Thomachan, is really happy.
He thinks that you
have done a big help.
Why not?
Hey boy, now you will at Trivandrum
so mother need a company, no?
That is the reason why you
had transferred him to here, no?
He is such a fool like this!
So mother understood
everything isn't it?
For more than 40 years I've
been taking care of you, is it not?
But anyway you
love your mother, no?
That is always there mother.
Shall I go?
Come girl.
How is it?
Has started...
Hey man kept everything is it?
Hey boy, when are you
coming back to here?
Yes, on seeing uncle's cough, it
seems must return in this same car.
On becoming whichever big
minister, don't forget your father.
When I say must
not steal, you won't listen.
But you should not gulp
everything by yourselves!
Should do something for the
betterment of the country also.
Did you hear?
- Will try!
He won't be good!
Daughter you must make him good.
Will tell all that later.
Okay then.
- You get inside the car.
Hello, when the snake
bites they will inform.
Now, let the snake
charmer get inside the car.
Have an eye on Jose, okay.
Okay, bye to all.
Say bye to uncle!
Bye uncle.
- Bye.
My dear sir, I've told to
comrade that I'm not interested.
There is no change on that.
Okay, again will meet at Trivandrum.
Why did you say don't want
to become a minister and all?
That is sports, no?
What is the gain on it?
I'm interested on revenue!
But still on getting a
good opportunity like this.
You wait and see
they will again call.
Other than me who
will do the oath?
If its revenue means can really grab!
Both will be happily going
to take the oath, is it not?
Then who is me?
My dear sister, I'm this devils friend!
I know what I did is extreme,
don't keep anything in the mind.
This Mamachan likes you
that much, that is why.
To call and tell me to play such a
foul act. That is due to severe love.
I was damn sure on it.
When a friend is in need, at that
time only we have to help, is it not?
Has got some cheap acts with
him but he is a good person.
Like this there is one item in
my house also, at that time this...
...Mamachan has helped me.
My name is not Charley
and all, I'm Josekutty.
- A planter from Pala.
Achaya, after all the busyness,
both of you must come there.
Sister, don't keep anything in
the mind. Okay then Achaya.
Don't waste time, you
may go. I'm also going, okay.
Okay fine.
Achaya, forgot to tell you wish
you a happy..Then no need of it...
One beautiful life, okay.
- Okay then.
Then shall we go?
This beating is required to me!
I've done such an act on you.
If I wanted, I could have hidden this.
Then felt doing that also
towards you is not correct.
You might not have heard anything
good about me, Charley..No!
Like what Josekutty said, I also
know what is done is bit extreme.
Mamachan, didn't marry so far
not because of getting any brides.
Only because, has not seen
anyone that is liked by the heart.
While on seeing it, didn't
feel like losing that one!
Even though the age is a bit
over, I'll very well take care of you.
Whatever it is, I'll not cheat you.
If you can pardon me, pardon
or you can beat me again.
After taking the oath, then there will
be bad name on beating a minister.
Okay then, shall we go?
Get in.
Hey dear worth less fellow, I never
thought you are such a cheap!
Son Pacha! Didn't get mother.
If its daughter, okay with daughter.
- Excellent!
I, CP Mamachan.
What is ascertained by law.
In the Indian constitution...
The silver owl
with the silica eyes
On the other end of the forest
has kept the net of flower
On the this end of the forest
has kept the net of gold
What is caught in the net is
which is not obtained to anyone
The silver owl
with the silica eyes
On the other side in the
cage has kept a peacock
On this side in the cage
has kept a cuckoo singing bird
On the other side in the
cage has kept a peacock
On this side in the cage
has kept a cuckoo singing bird
After seeing it.
All wanted..
The silver owl
with the silica eyes
Silver owl
Even if its pitch dark
Can see very well
Will find out any small prey
Even if its pitch dark
Can see very well
Will find out any small prey
Without fluttering the wings
Will snatch in a jiffy
The silver owl
with the silica eyes
Will fly to the sky top
Will spin the neck like a toy
Dakinies, who has got magic wand
Will sit on Dakini's shoulders
The silver owl
with the silica eyes
The silver owl