Vendetta (1995) Movie Script

Welcome to freedom.
My name is Carl Hamilton.
Cease fire. The exercise is over.
Gathering for debrief.
- What will he do on holiday?
- He will be on paternity leave.
What the hell is that?
It is Don Tommaso.
Good afternoon. Enjoy your meal.
We regret your father's death.
We miss Don Vincenzo.
- Why have you traveled from New York?
- I am the eldest son.
Would you like to take Don Vincenzo place?
No one can take my father's place.
I will soon have completed a deal that
allows me to be generous to the Council.
I can offer future collaboration.
- Weapons.
- Weapons?
We have never dealt with weapons here.
- When will the deal close?
- This week.
Rumor has it that narcotics police
has given you trouble in New York...
- and that's why
you have returned to Sicily.
I am here only to propose
a collaboration with the Council.
I hope you understand that the Council
does not tolerate illoyal competition.
I am a gentleman.
Respecting an agreement.
I suggest we wait
until your business is finished.
Once that's done, we can consider
Don Tommaso's proposal.
To my father.
No. No!
No! No!
Release me!
- Can you see what it says?
- "Johanna Louise."
"Johanna Louise," it says.
What do you think?
I read that a marriage that can
a boating holiday can handle anything.
I'm happy. That's for sure.
- Now you remembered.
- Exam! How did it go?
And how soon will you be well
Sweden's first female police chief?
- I'll just take this.
- Carl! Don't pick up.
We can not risk such a
weapon falling into the wrong hands.
Do you think they are
content with the money?
Swedish Armaments has transferred
more than ten million to Banca di Sicilia.
- You dispose that amount.
- Formally speaking, I'm on paternity leave.
Formally, your leave starts
on Sunday at 24:00.
You should only hand over the
ransom and bring home the Directors.
It is a mission
without guns, Carl.
- No weapons?
- Absolutely not.
You are the emissaries of the government.
You go to Palermo in the evening.
- Johanna Louise?
- Yes?
- Dad is going on a trip a few days.
- Should I bring a life jacket?
No, sorry, you can't come along.
When I get home, we'll go sailing.
- Well.
- Do you know who's here? Go and look.
Good Johanna!
- How is my princess?
- Can I come with you?
No, it's not possible.
- It's only two days.
- Sure. Of course.
Take care of yourself.
- If we find the hotel?
- Joar, we are trained for this.
I do not think this was a shortcut.
The taxi stop Piazza Verdi, 22.00.
- I want to talk to Don Tommaso.
He's busy.
He is my brother.
They have sent Carl Hamilton.
One of the best in the world.
Listen, Giulio.
It's just business.
Do you understand? Stay out of it.
They have sent their best men.
Then they plan to free the hostages.
As said: Stay out of it.
We can not trust
a man like Hamilton.
I do not trust anyone.
Castellammare del Golfo, 14.00.
- Then it is don Tommaso.
- It seems so.
- White wine: Be careful. Red: go home.
- Good.
I told you that you can not trust
a man like Hamilton!
Turn off the alarm, Nitto!
What are you doing?
It is an interesting man, Giulio.
It's been a long time, Don Tommaso.
Hello? Yes, I know where it is.
You can be stay put.
Yes. Goodbye.
I have already ordered.
- Did you know anything about this, Nitto?
- No.
There were personal reasons.
What is wrong with you, Giulio?
Why don't you listen to me?
- He has humiliated you.
- You just make everything worse.
Dad has come home.
He must be in the bedroom.
First there!
Dad has a package for you.
It is from Joar.
Joar is dead.
Look, Mom.
I have to Joar.
He was completely unprotected. Unarmed.
It was pure bloody execution.
I could not do anything.
You got an order to be unarmed.
Do not blame yourself!
My orders were to be unarmed.
It was a negotiating mandate.
We would travel as emissaries.
We received a ransom
and would, if possible, bring home the hostages.
- We would not have gone unarmed.
- So it's our fault?
I do not mean.
I will personally take on me
responsibility for the captain Lundwall death.
We were offered protection,
but I declined.
I find information
been somewhat scant.
According to Chief
, the operation is completed for you.
You can starting today
take your leave as scheduled.
- Who is it?
- Carl Hamilton.
May I come in?
Would you like some coffee?
Elisabeth, this is hard for me...
- but as the line manager
it is my duty to inform...
- to Joar was killed yesterday in Sicily
during a mission for the Swedish state.
- Death?
- I'm sorry.
It's not your fault, Carl.
I have to talk to Ake.
See you later.
Stop at the gas station.
We would need to be alone
a moment.
I go back to Palermo.
I'd like you came with.
But you must know one thing.
This is not sanctioned.
This is personal.
You need not say more.
I have some holiday to take out.
Establish yourself as an American sailor
around Castellammare, Sicily.
Rent a sailboat on the mainland
and sail over.
Wait for contact from the harbor
in Castellammare del Golfo.
Here is the outlay.
- Carl?
- Yes.
What is it?
- There will be no sailing.
- What happened?
I am commanded to Palermo
to complete the mission.
They can not do so.
- I have no choice.
- They can not force you.
Will you ever give priority to us?
How do you think we feel when you are away?
sit and wait for someone to call
and say you're dead.
I can not handle this anymore.
You will avenge Joars death. Right?
Johanna! Johanna! Johanna Louise!
Stop it.
He's still alive.
Paolo and Luigi are dead, but he is alive.
Let me take care of it personally.
You have never managed anything
on your own. Get out!
- You do not know what happened.
- Yes, I know everything.
Henceforth, any further
trouble will be avoided.
Do you see who is here?
- Sit down.
- Hello, how are you Johanna?
- I'm actually Johanna Louise.
- Carl always says that.
- Of course. Johanna Louise.
- This is Kalle Beebop.
- Good day, Kalle Beebop.
- Kalle bows.
- Is Carl sleeping late?
- What do you mean?
I wanted to meet him before you leave.
Carl is in Palermo.
We do not think your plans will
work here in Sicily, Don Tommaso.
We do not want to draw unwanted
attention to our business.
Your father would not appreciate
your initiative either.
My father always said
that the result is what is important.
My plans will give me
excellent results.
The Swedish government is on it's knees.
It's not a good idea to
involve foreign governments.
There are advantages
with governments.
They are affected by
public opinion.
In this case, the people
want the hostages freed.
No matter the cost.
And what would we get
for our involvement?
About ten million dollars.
For such an amount, I think
you should get more time...
to conclude your business.
Agreed then.
Thank you for your confidence.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Thank you.
Lieutenant Luigi Bertoni-Svensson reports.
Orders from Hamilton.
It was damned foolish.
You were two seconds away from death.
Sure. But so was you.
Fucking jerk.
- Everything OK?
- Yes.
Commander. Lieutenant Luigi
Bertoni-Svensson reports.
It's good. Call me Carl.
Win Mag! Damn.
Put them in the forepeak.
It seems
there is someone in the room.
- Who the hell is it then?
- I can't see. It is too dark.
Give me that! Move!
He does not get it. Fucking idiot.
It's me. There are two guys
in room 545, weapons unknown.
They intended to detonate an explosive
device with a radio transmitter.
Room 545. No problem. I'm on my way.
- Hey, take it easy.
- Of course.
Good. Bye.
Hello. I'm out of soap. Is there more?
Room service.
We haven't ordered anything?
- We have not ordered anything!
- We haven't ordered anything! Get out!
- Sorry.
- Couldn't you stop him?
- He threatened me with a gun.
- Did he say where he was going?
- No.
He has guards at the entrance, on the
mountain, the ruins and on the terrace.
An electronic alarm along the road,
but we will come from here.
The only path that is unattended.
- Why?
- Because it is impossible.
Look at the last seven or eight meters
you'll understand.
- And a free fall of 60 meters.
- Any questions?
- What do we do with Giulio?
- We keep him for the time being.
How does it look?
It looks good. No guards at the railing.
You just have to climb.
- Yes.
- Guard at the railing. Be silent.
- Yes.
- They have left the terrace. Go on.
Continue down! I'll cover you! Now!
Two to One. Come in.
Two to One, come in!
I need cover!
- Have you found him?
- No, but he is surely dead.
I believe it when I see the body.
Find him! Go on!
You heard. Go on!
Get him out of the water.
We have a problem. Giulio's dead.
Don Tommaso.
- Yes?
- We have found a body.
But it is not Hamilton.
Giulio, I told you
not to get involved.
Why didn't you listen to me?
- Hello?
- Hello. It's me.
- Hello?
- When are you coming home?
I do not know. We are not finished yet.
Johanna, you want to talk to Dad?
- Hello?
- Yeah, hi.
Hello. I must be away a little longer,
but I promise to come home soon.
- Yes. Bless Donald Beebop too.
- I can promise Kalle Beebop too.
Kalle Beebop, I'm coming home soon.
- Johanna Louise?
Can I talk to Mom again?
- Yes?
- Eva-Britt, listen carefully.
There have been some complications.
You have to be careful.
Go into your room. Go into your room!
- What happened?
- Go to your father's cabin for a few days.
What are you... I am fully capable of
taking care of myself and my daughter.
That's my daughter too! I ask you
because I think it's important.
- What happened?
- You have to trust me.
You lied about this whole trip.
If you are worried about us,
you come home.
Do not assume
that we are waiting for you.
- I've been patient enough.
- I can not talk anymore.
Hamilton will not escape.
I swear on my dead brother.
Call Stockholm.
Is this your initiative?
It was just a suggestion.
We needed information
and now we have it.
The cargo arrives this evening,
but goes through duties tomorrow.
- Luigi and I examine it tonight.
- And security?
No problem. Da Piedmonte will fix it.
Then we exchange the hostages for drugs.
What the hell is this?
- Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
- But the telex, then?
We'll get out now.
- Can you tell us why you're here?
- Sorry. We have our orders.
It is a code.
Of course it is a code.
- Mom, a balloon broke.
- Oops.
- We will buy a new one on the way home.
- Okay.
And one for Kalle Beebop too.
Listen here...
Stop her! Stop her!
- You bastard!
Stop the car! Do something, damn it!
Stop! No!
No! No!
They have no chance of
leaving the country.
Carl, take a break.
I'll go to the hotel.
02.05, 04:00,
that is tomorrow morning.
Latitude 373850. Longitude 124540.
Four nautic miles southwest of
the lighthouse at Capo San Vito.
They are here now.
How are you?
So good to see you.
What a pretty girl you are.
Come to uncle.
Dad, I do not want to be here anymore.
I want to go home.
Johanna Louise!
- Hello?
- DG, good. Is Eva-Britt there?
Yes, she is here. Wait a minute.
- Yes?
- I'm sorry. I never thought...
Have you met her?
I have talked to her on the phone.
She seems okay.
How do you know
if you have not met her?
- She's fine.
- What have you done?
She will die just like Joar.
I'll take care of her.
What will you do?
I'll be in touch.
What will he do?
- How much do the Italians know?
- Nothing. It is safer.
Cover the meeting place,
and report if you see anything worrying.
- I'll be in touch.
- Are snipers worrying?
We have considered your proposal,
Don Tommaso.
We think that perhaps we should refrain
from doing business with you.
- You can lose substantial profits.
- Yes, and a lot of problems too.
Although we have not lived in New York,
we read the newspapers.
- We do not like negative attention.
- It will not be a problem.
Your entry in the Council depends on
success with this transaction.
I do not question the Council's decision.
Do you really think he
has stopped his drug trade?
The Narcotics Police have made him
change plans in America.
I am not talking about America,
I'm talking about Sicily.
It's time.
Turn off the engine.
It's good. Up.
So, yes. Up, up. Good.
Good! Cut it loose!
Half speed ahead.
Get up.
You need a hospitals
and Don Tommaso can not wait.
We have to take a risk. Okay?
I'm home in two hours.
You take care of the cargo.
Nitto, tonight all is sorted.
Drive now.
12, 45, 40. Here.
Here it is. We solved it.
- General, we have solved the code.
- I do not understand.
This is coordinates.
Come, I'll show you.
Here it is.
- Put the area under surveillance.
- Got it.
Get in the car,
in the back seat.
Sit in the back.
Welcome to freedom.
My name is Carl Hamilton.
Are you comfortable there, honey?
Let's go home.
This is my colleague.
Hey, little troll.
Give Me General Cortini. - We are ready.
Okay. Go in. - Go.
- Have you opened the container?
- No. Should we?
- No. Do not do anything.
- We are under attack!
- Whats happening?
- Stick!
Stop them! Catch them!
They will die! All of them! Go!
- Red wine.
- I see them.
Protect the girl!
Out, fast as hell!
Cover behind the rocks. Down there!
Cover the girl! Down!
- Johan, dammit!
- Cover, ke!
- Hello?
- Mom.
Hello, my darling.
Mom is here and I think of...
- Can dad talk to mom?
- Hello?
Eva-Britt, it's me.
She is fine. It's all over now.
Is it true?
Where are you?
What happened? How is she?
- I'll take care of her.
- I know.
- How does it feel?
- I want to take my holiday now.
Gather the men and fly to
Don Tommaso's villa now.
Find number seven. Seven.
- What should I do?
- You have to try.
- I do not know if we can defuse it.
- Keep trying.
Check number eight.
- Evacuate the area.
- Ok, sir.
- Give me Cortini.
-There is a specific frequency. A Moment.
Try to get in touch with Cortini.
It is important.
It looks abandoned.
Nitto, explain what is happening.
Where is everyone? Why is the gate open?
Can you explain?
Nitto, what are you doing?
I'm really sorry.
The Council have decided I should kill you.
- Why?
- I've told you about the cocaine shipment.
What have you done?
Your father would never
cross the Council.
I had to.
Do you understand?
Anna committed suicide.
And you know why.
We were in love. Twenty years ago.
I was no one
and you were Don Vincenzo's son.
And then...
The wedding.
I could not save her.
Poor Anna.
It's been a long time, Tommaso.
- Have you had contact with Cortini?
-Yes, he wants to talk to Hamilton.
Press the number five, nine, two.
Cut the blue wire.
- It does not stop!
Wait, I am coming!
Mom, Dad rescued
Kalle Beebop with the helicopter.
Hey, Kalle.
Okay... Careful. Hold on!
I wonder what is fantasy
and what is reality for her?
We will see how it goes.
No, this is too much.
What are they doing here?
We just wanted to
wish you a good vacation.
I know you like this vintage.
Thank you.
- How did you get a transmitter in the bottle?
- In the cork.
- What if he opens it?
- I know Carl.
He would never drink a Chteau La Tour
in a sailboat. He'll take it home.
We will know where he is.
Why did you do that?
It's your favorite wine.
If DG really wanted to give me a gift,
it would be his home-made apple cider.
And what was that then?
That? It was something else entirely.