Vendetta (2022) Movie Script

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday,
dear Katherine
Happy birthday to you
Make a wish, hon.
You can do better
than that, come on!
Let's see what you
got, Mighty Mouse!
Oh, someone's been doing
her pushups, I can tell.
50 a day.
That a girl.
Now, I want 50 miles an hour.
You got it.
We gotta go in soon.
Mom's got dinner on the table.
And Coach said that there'll
be college scouts there.
So that's why we gotta win
to make it into the playoffs.
Well, it's great to
see such commitment,
but your mother and
I, we're not sure
you should be putting
softball first.
But, Dad, I'm on honor roll.
I know.
You don't have
to worry about me.
You can play, but you're
getting a real degree.
I'm gonna play, and
we're gonna win, so.
Alex for life
everybody, everybody
Put your hands up,
put 'em up, put 'em up
everybody, everybody
Put your hands up
Put 'em up, put 'em up
everybody, everybody
Put your hands
up, put 'em up
That's what you get
for fucking me over.
I got this.
You sure you got this?
He's ready.
Make me proud.
Now get out.
We did it!
You guys were in the zone!
I know.
Amazing game, Kat,
I'm super proud.
Wanna go get tacos?
Hell yeah.
You got it.
Great game, Coach!
I told you we were gonna win.
I didn't doubt you.
You were amazing out there.
Coach said all the
scouts were very impressed.
He did?
Professional softball
player and a lawyer?
I don't know, Kat, I'm
not sure you can do both.
You can, technically, but you
just want me to be a lawyer.
I just want you to have
a regular source of income.
That's what I want.
If I get a scholarship,
I am saving you money.
You should be happy about that.
You make a very
good argument there,
but it's not me
you gotta convince.
It's your mother.
You always say that.
I always say it
'cause it's true.
We only want the best for you.
But you totally nailed it today.
Be right back.
Don't be taking off on me.
Hey, you know what
you should be?
A comedian.
If I left you here, what
would I eat for dinner?
Your mother's leftovers.
I ain't going
nowhere, I swear.
- Hey, Juana.
- Hey.
I've come to pick up.
Taco Tuesday.
Get out of the
fucking car now, get out!
No, Dad, Dad!
Bitch, I'll fucking shoot you.
Shut the fuck up.
Don't look at me!
What do you want from me?
Please, I don't have any
money, I don't have anything.
I don't want your
money, little girl.
I want your soul.
It's what Father wants.
To become one of
us, to become it.
Great, got the
extra salsa and guac?
Show me you want it.
Show me.
No, no, no, no, no!
It's done.
We gotta go, brother.
On the ground!
Help me!
What happened?
They hurt her.
Are you okay?
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no.
No, no.
Oh, please, no, no, no.
The Eatonton Journal emailed,
asking for an interview.
William, did you hear me?
I have to go meet with
the prosecuting attorney.
What do they want?
In the
interest of getting this thug
off the streets as
soon as possible,
his attorneys agreed
to plead guilty
to assaulting an officer,
possession with the
intent to distribute,
and resisting arrest, and
that's all in addition
to his parole violations.
We're looking at five to seven.
Years, that's it?
If he keeps clean, he
could be out in three,
but, yes, that's what
it's looking like.
This kid murdered my daughter.
He should be executed or
life in jail, no parole.
Mr. Duncan, we've got
no video, no photos,
no eyewitnesses except you.
You got a concussion
during the struggle.
You want everything
riding on an eye test,
some optometrist
they put on the stand
who's gonna say you were
in shock and hallucinating?
I know what I saw.
Your biggest problem
is that there's no gun.
Well, they took it.
Who's they?
I'm just saying what
they're gonna say.
Look, if you wanna
try to convince the DA
to take this to trial,
you're welcome to.
But this case is so paper thin,
the judge is probably
gonna throw it out,
and Danny Fetter is gonna
be back on the streets.
At least this way, he's
off for a good few years.
Basically, it's your
word against his.
It's bullshit is what it is.
It's bullshit, and you know it!
I'm not disagreeing
with you, Mr. Duncan,
but I gotta be honest,
I had to schmooze
the judge to agree to
half those charges.
The plea deal makes the
most sense, trust me.
And that night, outside
the Mexican restaurant
that you and your
daughter visited,
can you point out the
attacker that you saw
and physically fought with?
Not sure I can
confidently identify
that man as the
attacker, Your Honor.
What the fuck are you doing?
Mr. Duncan, are
you absolutely sure
that you cannot confidently
point out the attacker?
Yes, Your Honor,
I'm 100% sure.
Mr. Fetter, you
are free to go.
I see no reason to further
waste this court's time.
Case dismissed.
I'm so fucking proud of you.
You can do anything in
this life, you know that?
You can do anything.
I love you.
Come on.
You did good.
You can run this world,
the streets, everything.
It can be yours.
If anybody tells you
otherwise, you know what to do.
You're a man now.
Thanks, Dad.
Get in the truck.
Go see what that
guy wants, all right?
Come on now.
Hurry the fuck up, bitch.
All right, whatever.
You look like you could
use some fun, baby.
I'm fine, thanks.
Missing out.
All right, let's
get outta here now.
All right,
man, I'm coming, yeah.
Don't fuck up with
that other one, too, baby.
Got it.
Get your ass moving, come on.
Oh, motherfucker!
My leg is broke.
You're that girl's pops.
Her pops.
And you're here
to kill me, huh?
If you do this, there's no
going back for you, asshole.
You killed my little girl.
She was innocent.
Yeah, sure about
about that, huh?
She looked pretty good to me.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday,
dear Katherine
Happy birthday to you
Oh, wait, look there.
Looks like that
was just yesterday.
Why are you all zippered up?
I was cold.
William, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
I'm just gonna go take a shower.
Happy birthday to you
Your heart's racing.
Are you okay?
I just...
It just keeps running
around in circles.
If we hadn't
stopped for takeout,
if we'd taken a different route,
if the game had finished 15
minutes later, just she...
She'd still be here.
You can't do that to yourself.
Last time you were like this
was when you got off that plane.
everybody, everybody
Put your hands up,
put 'em up, put 'em up
Be right back.
everybody, everybody
Yo, my pants don't sag
'Cause the gun in my waist
Got a .44 there,
try to act my age
You're fucking late.
Five minutes.
A lot can happen
in five minutes.
I can cut your fucking dick off
in five fucking minutes,
and shove it up your ass.
What the fuck is this?
It's dead out there.
You don't think
that I know this town?
Where's the rest of it?
That's it.
Put 'em up, put 'em up
Shit, man.
Put your hands up,
put 'em up, put 'em up
everybody, everybody
Danny's dead.
What the fuck?
I give you and your
friends full access.
You disrespect me.
You fucking high?
You're high right
now, aren't you?
Yeah, I'm the one that's high.
Fucking tweaker.
You come up short like this
again, I won't be forgiving.
Now get the fuck outta here.
A pleasure.
Everybody, everybody,
put your hands up
Put 'em up, put 'em up
everybody, everybody
Put your hands up
Put 'em up, put 'em up
everybody, everybody
Put your hands up
Put 'em up, put 'em up
It's Danny.
What about my brother?
Yo, yo, yo,
I can't let you in.
Can't let you in.
That's my brother.
I said I need
you to step back.
I just told you that
that's my little brother.
And I just told you I
need you to step back.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Who did this?
That's what we're
trying to find out.
Hey, man.
Not right now.
I know.
Put your goddamn weapon away.
Who the hell is that guy?
That's Rory Fetter.
Donnie's boy?
Can I help you?
Detective Neil Chen.
Are you William Duncan?
What's going on?
I came here to inform you
that Danny Fetter was
murdered last night.
Well, how did it happen?
Not sure yet.
What were you doing
last night, Mr. Duncan?
I was here.
I mean, I went for a
walk, but I was here.
Yeah, he was here.
Am I a suspect, Detective?
At this point, I can't say.
I didn't kill him.
Sure, I understand
what you're saying.
You have any idea who did?
No, but all of
those Fetter boys
run in some dicey circles,
so we got a few leads.
Well, I wish we could help.
As you can imagine,
my wife and I
are going through our
own grief right now, so.
Well, I'll let you
know if there is.
Give me a call if
you think of anything
that might be helpful,
and don't leave town without
letting me know, okay?
Might have a few more questions.
You okay?
Where were you last night?
I just said, I
went for a walk.
You never just go for a walk.
Well, I've also never had
my only child murdered before.
I don't want you to
go back to how you were.
What does that mean?
You mean when I had bullets
flying around my head
and my best friends were
dying all around me?
Is that what you meant?
This is different.
It's our daughter.
You know what?
I can't believe
you'd even say that.
To Danny.
He was good fucking man.
I wanna find the
person that did this.
I don't just wanna
take their life.
I want him to suffer
Don't trip, boss.
We gonna find him.
We gonna find him.
Will we?
Where will we find him?
Is he in your bottle
that you're drinking?
Is he under this table?
Huh, are you him?
Do you plan on finding
him while you're sitting
on your fat fucking
ass, drinking?
The girls was out
all night last night.
Maybe they saw something.
You know what I'm saying?
Ask 'em.
Yeah, now.
Yo, yo, girls, get
off the fucking pole!
Come here!
Hurry up, come on now!
Come on.
Y'all see anything strange
out here last night?
Yeah, I saw a guy.
Oh, yeah?
Seemed kinda out of place.
Come with me.
Come on!
Come on, shit.
Tell him, tell him
what you told me.
There was this one white
guy, dressed real well,
like a businessman,
just waiting in his car.
I went up to him, but he
wasn't there to party.
Looked kinda nervous,
actually, real intense.
Hold that.
Is that him, is that the
man you almost serviced?
That's him, definitely.
William Duncan.
It's the dad.
It's the father of the
little girl that Danny did.
Get everyone, everyone.
I want to go hunting.
I spy with my little
eye a dead guy.
Get up.
That was exciting,
William Duncan.
That's right, I know your name.
I know everything about you.
What do you want?
What do I want?
I want you to not exist anymore.
I wanna watch you die.
You killed my brother.
I want revenge.
Please, please.
Please, please, please.
There's a shooter!
There's a shooter!
There's a shooter!
There's a guy on the ground!
I think he got shot!
Right there, right there.
Are you at home?
Lock all the doors and windows.
Just do it!
I'll explain it all
when I get home.
Get back inside the house!
What's going on?
Why, what?
What the hell is going on?
Some people tried to kill me.
What, why?
Does it matter?
You need to call
that detective.
Well, the prints came back.
The vic is a Jason
Ditman, aka Henley.
How do I know that name?
He's one of Rory
Fetter's boys.
What the hell is going on?
This is Neil Chen.
Detective, it's
William Duncan.
William Duncan.
I was just thinking about you.
What's up?
I need you to
come to the house.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Excuse me.
You can try to spin this,
but I know you
killed Danny Fetter.
I know why you did it.
I honestly don't even blame you.
I'm pretty sure
that it'll shake out
that you killed Henley, too.
That dead guy, from
like an hour ago?
You can give me the silent
treatment all you want.
There is no other
reason why Rory Fetter
would be so gung-ho to kill you.
You know damn well
you started a war.
Now you want me to help you.
I don't know if I can.
Why should I help you?
I don't want my
wife to get hurt.
You should've thought
about that before
you went and got your revenge.
What'd you think
was gonna happen?
Marine Corps Commendation
Medal, Iraq, Afghanistan.
Looks like you know
how to handle yourself.
That was a long time ago.
This is where it's at now.
You picked a hell of a
crew to start a fight with.
Got a squad car
outside all night.
You'll be safe.
This is far from over.
I'll be back tomorrow
with a lot more questions,
and I want answers.
You're gonna have to
start talking to me,
or to a judge.
Nice wheels, goddamn!
Well, I figured you'd
pay me extra for it.
You're funny,
you're very funny.
No, I'm serious.
I'm just so glad you made
it, right on time, man.
The boat to Sierra Leone is
leaving in about 15 minutes.
Well, break me off, man.
That thing's worth at least 20.
Shit, the sticker says 70.
I get paid when
the boat leaves.
I don't get paid, all right.
You can still pay me, man.
I know you got it.
I don't get paid til the
fucking car's in the container.
- Fuck that.
- Come on.
I'm not gonna Uber
home with nothing.
You know what, put
some plates on it.
I'll drive this
fucking thing home.
Hey, wait a minute,
wait a minute.
You're not going
home with nothing.
See, you're not going
home with nothing.
What's this?
What it look like?
It looks like an insult.
Oh, okay, okay.
I'll take that Mercedes.
It belongs to somebody.
So did that.
I'm sure that belonged
to somebody, too.
Please, indulge.
That's a lot of fucking
money on the street.
Looks Chinese.
- That's a better market.
- Yeah.
You owe me, man.
I know, I know, I know.
Thank you very much.
You owe me!
You're drinking?
You need to tell
me what's going on.
If you knew, you wouldn't
look at me the same way again.
William, hey, I love you.
You are my husband, and
whatever's going on,
we are in it together.
I feel like I'm right
back in the Middle East
in a fucking war zone.
What are you talking about?
You don't wanna
know, Jen, you don't.
I do.
I killed him.
I killed Danny Fetter.
He took our baby away.
He was gonna go away for
five to seven years, maximum.
It wasn't fair.
- William-
- It wasn't fair!
William, I don't
know what you.
And now the rest
of them want my head.
Well, do we need to leave?
Where are we gonna go?
Yeah, well, we can't
stay here if it's not safe.
There's a squad car outside.
We'll be fine, but first
thing in the morning,
go to your folks, at
least for tonight.
And I take it
back to the store,
and I tell this moron kid
like, "Hey, broke again."
And this dummy kid says I
didn't install it properly
and because I, oh shit!
No fucking way!
That prick threw the
fucking bottle at us.
Why did they leave?
Hello, hello.
Don't make that phone call.
Give me the phones.
Give me the phone!
Both of you.
Thank you.
Can I call you Bill?
How about Willy?
I don't know, Donnie,
whatever you prefer.
I like Willy.
Don't believe
everything you read.
I'm a very nice guy.
Listen, this is just
between you and me.
Leave my wife out of it.
Jen, go, go-
No, no, no.
It's about quality time
with family, right, Jennifer?
Or Jenny, Jen?
Did you know that your
husband killed my son?
Only because your
son killed my daughter.
Well, he was my son.
Why do you look so
angry, William, huh?
You're the one who
did the killing.
Don't be angry.
It'll all be over soon.
You got the good shit, fancy.
We drink cheap shit.
I like the gasoline taste.
But that's just me.
No, goddamn!
No, no, no, no, no, sit down.
Get down, no, no, no, no,
Willy, down on your knees.
She had nothing to do with it.
Beg for your fucking life.
Say hello to my son.
Do you see the light, Willy?
Is it everything they
say it is, huh, huh?
I can't wait to celebrate death.
For now, I act as
its executioner.
Fuck you.
Mm, that's what you wanna
use as your last words?
You should enjoy this.
911, what's your emergency?
- Sir?
- Help.
Sir, are you all right?
Mr. Duncan, oh,
God, Mr. Duncan!
You're gonna injure yourself.
Here, come on.
Let's get up, let's get
you back in bed, come on.
Help, help, help, help,
I need some help in here!
Oh, easy.
It's okay.
Calm down,
calm down.
Doctor, Doctor!
It's okay, easy, easy.
Okay, help me strap him in.
He's having a manic episode.
Come on, sir.
10 milligrams Haloperidol.
- Got it!
- And get some ketamine.
Breathe with me, come on, sir.
It's gonna make you
feel better, calm down.
I don't wanna be alive.
You are alive.
I don't wanna be.
Look at the miracle man.
You're still alive.
So, is it over?
Okay, let's give
this a try, okay?
Come on, take it slow, no rush.
Good start.
One step at
a time, there you go.
Baby steps, no rush.
Somehow, I don't believe you.
I don't even think
you believe you.
There's gonna be a
photo with you dead
if you keep going.
There you go.
One step at a time.
We both know that.
It's your choice.
Okay, looking good.
Looking really good, Will.
You don't have to lie to me.
I'm not lying to you,
you're doing great.
You're gonna be outta
here before you know it.
Yeah, that's the plan.
That's fucked, man.
Somebody's luggage and shit.
Hey, yo!
Who are you?
Who are you?
I asked you a question, man.
I don't want any trouble.
I'm nobody.
Motherfucker, why you lying?
Shit, you think I'm stupid?
Come here, hey!
Check this out.
That's you.
What are you doing here?
It's been a long day.
I don't want any trouble.
Oh, looks like
you got it, man.
Plenty of trouble
from what I can see.
You in hot water with
them Fetter boys, huh?
Yeah, maybe I can help you.
I don't need any help, either.
Okay, Willy, all right.
You do you.
You know what?
You know where I can get a gun?
step into my office.
Yeah, I had a little run-in
myself with them Fetter boys.
Yeah, you know what
I'm talking about.
Rory, yeah.
Motherfucker shot me, yeah,
right here, in the shoulder.
Three years ago.
Motherfucking asshole.
Then he killed my
fucking cousin.
Fuck, man, hate them guys.
Yeah, it all comes down to
pain and pleasure, my man.
Pain and pleasure?
How much pain you wanna
inflict on that fucker,
and how much pleasure
you want to derive
from inflicting said pain.
Yeah, be my motherfucking guest.
That's a Glock Nine.
You can tell by the sound.
That's one of the most reliable
stingers on the street.
Most cops carry that exact
same model right there.
That gun's so reliable
you could drop
that in a pan of pancake batter,
lift it up, it'll
still bang bang.
Not that I would
recommend doing that.
Yeah, you look like you
know what you're doing.
Cop, cop, you ain't a cop.
You a cop?
No, served, long time ago.
You kill anybody?
I was a marine.
So you killed people.
I know, shit, you ain't
fucking around, huh?
No, sir, I am
not fucking around.
Willy, you can call me Dante.
Okay, Dante, I
would like to purchase
all of your guns and munitions.
How much would that cost?
Yeah, you're
gonna need 'em, man,
going up against
the Fetter gang.
Yeah, they some bad apples, man.
So many guns, they
have many guns.
All right, I'm
gonna hook you up.
What's that saying?
The enemy of my enemy
is my friend's enemy,
or some shit like that.
All right, give me 10
grand for the whole lot.
There's 10 right there.
Wait a second.
Let me see that.
I should've asked
for more money, man.
Man, anything else I
can get you, rich boy?
Nope, not unless
you can get me a car.
Let me guess, you
want one of them
cars with no name on it, right?
You wanna keep it clean.
That would be preferable.
Shit, man, I got you covered.
You want a sandwich with
that, too?
How about the
car and the jacket.
Man, I love that jacket, man.
This jacket right
here, this has been
in my family for
three generations.
My grandfather wore this jacket.
Chasing the devil away
Chasing the devil away
He's hanging on
your shoulder
While you're standing
on the corner
There's no better way
There's a better day
Slinging rocks on the corner
There gotta be a better way
Than hanging on the
block and the gutter
That's where you're headed
You shot the kid, get away
The money is cold
It's the root of all evil
Plus a new pair of Jordan's
If you ain't balling
bitches, it's a laugh
When you try to
holler, niggas dying
Trying to get dollars
Through the
Doing the business
For dead presidents
Open or closed?
For the hood riches
And some be good snitches
Telling cops where
your herb stay
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Shit plays for keeps
The devil don't discriminate
Friends and faith,
no one is real
For a half a mil
Niggas, they sell
they soul for the cash
or closed?
Dressed in all green
Chasing the devil
Open or closed?
Chasing the devil away
Open or closed!
Open or closed?
There's a better day, hey
Pull you into darkness
And the other in the light
One side is trying
to keep you kind
The other wants to fight
Battling with
all these demons
And it's fucking
with your life
Trying to make
an honest living
In an industry of fakes
These leeches on your ankles
Making business
deals for snakes
The way you damage,
you just keep
On doing what it takes
If you represent yourself
Then you ain't
got to lose a case
The fuck is this?
You're light again.
No, it's not light.
A shame about Danny.
He had potential.
Danny was pure, but
too much like me.
Well, Danny's dead, Pop.
And whose fault is that?
You were supposed
to watch his back.
It should've been you.
Yeah, maybe it should've been.
Maybe it should've
been you, too.
Get the fuck outta my face.
What the?
You come into my
home, motherfucker?
I'll fucking kill you!
I'm gonna fuck you!
Oh, you motherfucker, come here!
Oh, fuck, why'd you shoot me?
Oh, fuck.
Oh, oh, fuck, oh, goddamn.
Oh, fuck, oh, goddamn,
oh, fuck, you hit me good.
Oh, shit, I need an ambulance.
Oh, I need an ambulance.
You fucking shot me twice!
I need you to
tell me where he is.
Fuck you, I need an ambulance!
Oh, God!
Where is Rory?
Okay, okay, all right.
If I tell you, you promise
you'll call an ambulance?
I won't die like this.
Yes, Zachary, I can do that.
You promise?
He's probably at the club.
He's always fucking there.
Fuck, fuck, it's
their club, man!
Okay, okay, make the call.
Make the call.
Where's my phone?
Come on, come on.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
We had a fucking deal, man.
Please, you don't
have to do this.
You don't, please.
I have a daughter.
Thank you.
Open or closed?
Your casket.
You want it open or closed?
Another one of Fetter's boys.
Pardon me.
Detective Neil Chen.
Are you Donald Fetter?
What are you here for?
It seems your son
Rory and his friends
are in the middle
of a little conflict
with a gentleman by the
name of William Duncan.
I know all about William.
He killed my son.
I thought he died.
No, he's very much alive.
I think he just killed another
one of your son's friends.
I'll be blunt.
I'm here on a
mission of goodwill
to end this war, both sides.
I just want it to stop.
Whatever my son has
done, that's his business.
I'm not sure I can help.
You can see yourself out.
Sir, I need to
speak with your son.
I'm not here to arrest him.
If I were, I wouldn't
be here alone.
Why should I trust you?
I know who you are, Donnie.
I know all about you.
Every cop does.
And I know that we allow
you to do what you do,
and I know that that can change.
Do you want that to change?
Get your ass in here.
He'll be right in.
Who the fuck is this guy?
Rory Fetter, Detective Chen.
The fuck do you want?
I know all about your
war with William Duncan.
My war?
If I read the papers correctly,
William Duncan is deceased.
Oh, no, he's not.
In fact, he just
killed your buddy Zach.
- Zach's dead?
- Yeah.
Shot three times today,
just now, in fact.
Then why are you here?
Why aren't you out
chasing this murderer?
Don't know where he is.
He escaped the hospital.
The one that you sent
him to when you shot him,
murdered his wife.
So, you felt that
it was a good idea
to come to our place of business
and tell us that this fuck-face
who killed one of my
friends is on the loose
and you can't catch him?
Listen, I'm actually here
on a mission of goodwill,
'cause I want this all to end.
He's not gonna stop.
So I'm here to tell
you that maybe you
should disappear for a while.
Is that all?
Yeah, that's all.
Enjoy your day.
The fuck is this?
This guy trying to scare us?
I want you to kill that prick.
Get it over with.
'Cause I fucking do everything.
Right, yeah.
Evening, Detective.
Gun wasn't cheap.
You're telling me.
What the hell
are you doing here?
You working for them?
You a crooked cop?
No, man, I'm trying
to fucking help you.
I want this to stop, I
want all of this to stop.
I saw you at the club.
I went to tell
them about Zach.
They deserve to
know what happened.
How far are you gonna take this?
However far it goes, it goes.
They took everything from me,
and it's only a matter of time
before they do it
to somebody else.
You gotta let this go.
You know what, I didn't
think of that, you're right.
I should fucking let it go.
Are you even fucking listening
to anything I'm saying?
Let it go?
You know what these people do!
- I know.
- Yeah, you know.
In fact, there have been
other initiation murders
just like this, and
I knew it was them,
but nothing ever fucking
sticks with these guys.
Well, well done, Barney Fife.
Doing such a great job of
protecting my community!
I cannot let you
keep going like this.
You know that.
I'll stop.
It'll all be over very soon.
But I'm telling you now,
if you get in my way,
I will fucking kill you.
You understand me?
Yeah, I understand.
Now I don't wanna see you
again until this is over.
Then I'll turn myself
in, I'll go to jail.
You can give me the
lethal injection.
I don't fucking care.
But right now, you
need to do one thing.
You look the other way.
All right.
Go and get this over with.
Get in here.
Sit down.
Why are you still here?
You just asked me
to come in here.
Go take care of
William Duncan.
Don't worry about it.
I'll take care of him.
Just kill him.
What the fuck's wrong with you?
He's one man.
I'll take care of it.
Just fucking bounce.
Kill the prick.
You're my son, goddamn
it, act like it for once.
I'm your son.
Hey, my brother!
You gotta let me in there!
My girl is in there!
Hell, all my girls.
I'm VIP!
Oh, let me in, man.
You got me.
Looks that way.
Get it over with.
I don't feel anything.
I'm serious, Donnie.
You know, they say the
first time is the hardest.
When I killed your son
Danny, I was emotional.
It felt...
I think the word is visceral.
But now I'm sitting
here in front of you.
Not even a shake.
Is this what happens?
Is this normal?
You tell me.
How many people you killed?
Hmm, do you remember?
How'd it feel when
you killed my wife?
Enough of this shit.
You feel numb then?
'Cause I feel numb at the
prospect of killing you.
You know, I feel a
little disappointed.
Just kill me.
- Hell no!
- Shit, man!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Go, go!
Hello, Rory.
Who's this?
Who do you think?
Did you kill him?
Well, then I'm talking
to a fucking dead man.
You can't kill
what's already dead.
Change of plans.
Get back to the club.
My man.
Oh, fuck!
Sorry, brother.
What are you sorry for?
He was a shit father and
a despicable human being.
But that's not the point.
You can't kill
what's already dead, Rory.
Find him!
Yeah, let's roll, let's roll.
When the bough breaks
The cradle will fall
And down will come baby
Cradle and all
Fuck, motherfucker!
Get off me!
I'm walking
out with him, Rory!
The fuck off me, motherfucker!
You're fucking dead.
I'll fucking kill him!
So will I.
Rory, I saw that guy again.
Yo, it's me.
Come in!
You got shot.
No shit.
Where'd they get ya?
Shoulder, I can't reach it.
Wow, little bit
of a problem, huh?
Yeah, when you get shot
in the back like that,
like, hell, what
are you gonna do?
Come on, stand up.
Okay, sorry.
Can I take a look?
Oh, man.
Man, that's in there deep.
You think you can
get it out with these?
I ain't no doctor, man.
I don't care, just try.
Just do it.
It's empty.
That's the best I can do
under the circumstances.
How are you today, sir?
Do you by any chance know who
owns that brown car out there?
What is the license plate?
I don't know, it's
not in the system.
That's okay.
Thank you.
Yo, what the fuck, man?
He didn't know.
Look at that shit.
Can I keep this?
Oh, Willy, Willy boy!
Who the fuck is that?
It's them.
They must've followed me.
Oh, Willy!
Looks like they
brought company, bro.
Fucking hell.
You're the next contestant
on "It's Time to Fucking Die!"
You ready?
All right, here we go.
Oh, shit!
Move out!
Damn it.
Move out!
Shit, fuck!
Stay down, stay down!
Come on!
Fucking hell, man.
Fuck, go, go, go, go!
Go, go, go!
Better not try to shoot
out my tires or some shit.
You know how much
tires are, man?
Come on, Willy,
come on, Willy!
They're fucking expensive,
and I know they're
800-fucking-dollars per tire!
Let's go, let's fucking
do it, let's go!
I should've fucking seen her.
Fuck you,
you're right on him, bro.
Come on.
Come on, get close,
get close, get close, get close!
Fucking hell, man.
Go, fuck this bitch!
Fuck, get those motherfuckers!
Come on, man, pick
up, pick up, pick up.
Yo, what's up,
what's good, my dude?
Roach, man, I need your help!
Get those motherfuckers!
Yo, man, you bringing
me some noise, man?
Got no choice, man!
They trying to kill my ass!
Now, here?
Really, man?
I'm coming in hot, bro.
I got you, don't
worry about it.
What the fuck is up?
That's an old friend.
He's gonna take care of us.
If we can get there.
Listen up, everyone, incoming.
Load up.
In a few hot seconds,
some real bad guys
are gonna come up here, so keep
your fucking head on a
swivel, and stay frosty
'cause a bunch of shit is
about to pop the fuck off.
Woo, come on!
Fucking A, man,
we're doing it!
Did we lose them?
Oh, fuck me, shit,
my ass, damn it!
Come on, come on!
Back up, back up!
Woo, my man, you
saved my ass, man.
You're my best parts supplier.
You know I'm not gonna
let you die, brother.
Fucking A, bro, thank you.
Who the fuck is he?
Man, that's the
guy they're after.
What the fuck did you do?
It's a long story.
Man, you that
crazy motherfucker
that's killing all
these fucks on TV, man.
I don't watch the news.
Well, I'm crazy, and
you better be happy
that I am.
Get back, get back!
Going to hell in
smoke, motherfucker.
Say hello to God.
Got ya.
I'm out!
I got you!
Help, please.
Oh, William!
How many people
have to die, Will?
You killed my father, Willy,
which I don't really blame you.
But Danny...
Danny I didn't want to die.
I fucking loved him.
He wasn't made for this
world like you and I.
No, no.
No, you have to stop.
It's over now.
It's over, Willy.
I told you I would get you,
and I got you.
And I got you.
Got you.
All right, everybody move!
You two go around back!
Hey, hurry up.
Welcome to the party, fellas.
Got your guy.
Wanna go get a drink?
Can't have you die on me.
You caused a lot of damage.
You better arrest me.
I hope it was worth it.