Vendetta Road (2023) Movie Script

- How's it going?
- I was so close.
I spotted a buck just up north.
- What happened?
- My damn watch scared it away.
- Ya know, I bet you could
find another one around here.
- Yeah, but would it be worth anything?
- I saw the best one I've
ever seen a couple days ago,
down by the cabins.
I didn't get too good a look at it,
but I bet it was about 15 points.
- Well we better hope
it's still here tonight.
- Dakota, I'm half-joking.
This is 400 acre of land.
Unless you have a ton of luck,
you're not gonna find anything tonight.
Besides, what you need is
a bunch of trail cameras
you can just put around
all over the place.
- Okay, so do you think you could get
your hands on some for me?
You know, I saw
some at the hunting store
a couple days ago.
Besides, what are you
gonna do with them anyways?
- What do you mean? I'm
gonna do what you said.
I'm gonna put them around the grounds
so I can look for deer.
You think you could lend me some money?
- Think it's gonna cost you
more than you think, Dakota.
Besides, I gotta get home.
- Ryder, please. This is my life.
I mean, look at me. I don't
even have a smartphone.
You know how corporate feels
about poaching around here.
- Give me a minute.
Check this thing out.
- What in the hell is that?
- This?
This is a genuine helmet that was found
on the World War One battleground.
- Son of a bitch.
It's beautiful. My grandfather
was in World War One.
- It's yours if you're
willing to make a bargain.
- How much?
- Let's say 250.
- You know I don't have
that on me right now.
- Well make a cash withdrawal.
- What?
- You heard me. Make a cash withdrawal.
Just take your card and use the register.
You sure know
how to bribe a man like me.
- I'm stacked with all
kind of things like that.
Hey, anything to pass on for me?
- Nothing much.
There's only one cabin
left to rent for the night.
Some trash down by the
lake you need to pick up.
Door lock's still a little broken.
Nobody's been too needy, though, so ...
Typical number of trailers here.
Anyways, I gotta get the hell
outta here. Got cows to feed.
Well then head
out. Get the hell outta here.
- Happy hunting.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey, ma'am, excuse me.
We're looking for a
campsite. Anything available?
- Well, you know, we do,
but we're pretty busy this weekend.
- That's okay, we don't mind.
- Well, all the spring breakers are here.
You know all these--
- Awesome.
- Yeah.
- We're older, but we can get
pretty rowdy with the best of them.
- Hey, hey, stop.
- It's all young kids.
- We're not old. We like young kids.
I mean, we really do.
- So I'm not gonna hear complaints then?
- Absolutely not.
- Not from us.
- No, no, we can be rowdy.
- They may say that
we're too rowdy for them.
You never know.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Could be kinda fun.
- Next weekend would be,
you know, way more calm.
- We kinda wanna ...
We don't get much time off from work.
We have to get back to work for next week.
We'd like to do it right now if we could.
Come on, they're not that bad.
- We'll keep it really calm.
- Wait.
Maybe we won't.
- Come on.
- Okay, you know, I guess we
could squeeze you guys in.
- Awesome, all right,
we'll meet you back at
the headquarters, okay?
- Okay, sounds good.
- Hey, thanks.
- Yeah, see ya.
Oh wait, can I catch a ride?
Forget it.
- El Reno, this is Dakota.
- Good evening.
- Good evening. Sorry about that wait.
- No no no, it's okay.
- What can I do for ya?
- I'd like a room for the night, please.
Oh, excuse me. Where are my manners?
- My name's Harold Zaboski.
A room for the night, although I may need
to stay a few extra
nights if it's available.
- Okay, you should be fine,
but that'll be an $80 per night cabin fee.
- Wonderful, I'll take it.
- There's that, and here is
your cabin number and day pass.
- Thank you.
- Dakota.
- Dakota.
- El Reno, this is Dakota.
Yeah, this is Layne
Benson from Cabin Three.
I'm just wondering why you
need my credit card exactly?
- I'm not sure what you're talking about.
I just got a
call from somebody saying
they were the front desk employee
and that the money I used to pay
for my night was counterfeit.
- I'm sorry, ma'am. I'm the only one here.
Well, somebody's trying to get
my credit card numbers.
- I'll take care of that for you.
Thank you.
- El Reno, this is Dakota.
Hey, this is Cabin Two.
Someone just called me and asked
for my credit card numbers.
Was that you?
- No, it wasn't.
How the hell would someone else
even know the phone number to this cabin?
- It's pretty easy actually.
You just press pound and
then the cabin number.
Well that's just a shame.
These lines should be a
little bit more secure.
- I apologize, sir.
You'll have to take
that up with corporate.
Fine. Well, thanks anyways.
Who the fuck is this?
- Hi, this is Dakota from the head office.
I've been getting calls from other cabins
saying that they've been
contacted by someone
saying they're from the head office
trying to get their
credit card information,
and I was just wondering if you've gotten
any calls like that this evening?
No I haven't. Bye-bye now.
- Hey, could you let me know if you do
get any calls like that?
Look, I have been
napping this entire time,
and you just woke up me
and my goddam, fucking dog!
Can I speak to your manager?
- You'll have to call her on a weekday
during business hours.
She'll be happy to help you then, though.
Eh, whatever.
- Hi, how's it going?
- Pretty good.
I've gotten a few calls
from people in other cabins
about someone trying to
steal their credit card
information over the phone.
- The nerves of some people.
- Yeah, I was just wondering
if anything like that
has happened to you tonight.
- Nope, not yet.
Could it be someone from
a different cabin maybe?
- Maybe.
You know, I'm willing to bet it's those
pesky teenagers next door.
- You know, it's funny you say that.
I passed them on my way over
here from the front office.
They rubbed me the wrong way.
Someone oughta give them a
good smacking, if you ask me.
- I'll see what I can do. Have
a good night, Mr. Zaboski.
- And to you, Dakota.
- One second.
- Actually, that's me.
- What's up?
- Do you guys have WiFi?
- No, this is a campground. Anything else?
- Yeah. Uh ...
There's this guy who's
been calling my friends,
asking for our credit card information.
I was wondering if you had
anything to do with it.
Is it a prank call or?
- No, I don't know anything about it,
but I've actually gotten that complaint
from a different people and
I'm trying to figure it out.
But, it'll be fine.
Just, if you get the call again, hang up.
And trust me, I've got everything under--
So, yeah, anything else
I can help you with?
- Is this scammer caller
guy like, on the campground?
- No, I doubt it. It's highly unlikely.
There's really no reason for you to worry.
- Let me describe him to you.
It was this male voice,
like really deep and rasp--
- I don't need to know
what he sounded like.
I already told you,
everything is gonna be fine.
- Are, are you okay?
You seem a bit scared.
- I'm fine. There's no reason
for you to be concerned.
- Are you sure?
You seem like you're in this
deep state of fear and jitteriness,
like anything could like
jump out at you at any--
- I'm okay! Got it?
Now is there anything else
that you need from me?
- I need a toothbrush. I forgot mine.
- Okay, I'll be back with one.
Here you go.
- I also need toothpaste.
- I'll be back again.
Here's your toothpaste.
- Thank you.
Sorry if I was a bother.
- It's okay.
Hi, how can I help you?
- I found this shovel outside
and I was wondering if it was your guys'.
- Yeah, that's definitely ours.
I didn't realize it was missing.
- Also, I found this remote control car.
It was moving when I picked it up.
Actually, I think it was following me.
- Huh, that's weird.
- Very.
- All right, well, thank you.
- I also need a toothbrush and toothpaste.
- Okay, I'll go get that for you.
Here you go.
- Hands!
Where'd you get that?
- Uh, it's mine.
- Put it down, slowly.
And turn around.
If you make any sudden
movements, you will be shot.
- Am I under arrest?
- About to be.
Let's go
Whoa, whoa, whoa! You don't wanna do this.
- You're in my way.
- You're not going anywhere,
pal. Now put the rifle down.
- I mean no harm to you.
Just let me go and everything'll be fine.
- You murdered the guy from
Cabin Five, Logan McLean.
- You don't understand!
- I sure as hell understand
that you murdered him
in cold blood and buried him on our site.
Now this is the last
time I'm gonna say this.
Put the rifle down before I--
- Don't move.
Get up.
Give me the shovel.
- Why?
- No evidence.
I know you've been following
me with your little
security cameras and a remote control car.
Are you one of them?
- What the hell are you
talking about, one of who?
- Okay now, handcuff
yourself to that pole.
- What do you want from me?
- Like I said, I'm not gonna hurt you.
I just came looking for some ammunition.
- You're really just
gonna leave me like this
for the rest of my shift, huh?
- Yep.
Looks like I'm gonna be sticking
around here for a while.
Okay, here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna go out and get
rid of whoever's out there.
I'm gonna be standing here in the backroom
armed and loaded in case you don't comply.
Is that understood?
All right, get out there.
- Hey, I was just wondering if you've
seen my friend anywhere.
He's about this tall, and he's
wearing a blue jean jacket
with a hoodie underneath.
- No, I haven't seen anyone like that.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- Positive?
- Mm-hm.
All right, well,
if you do end up seeing
anybody like that, just let
me know as soon as possible
because it's actually really
important that I find him.
- Okay, sounds like a plan.
- All right, awesome,
and I'm from Cabin Five.
- Okay, cool. Well, have a good night.
- All right, thanks.
- Mm-hm.
- Now back to where you were.
- So what's your story?
- You think you got a right to know?
- I mean, I'm kind of in
the middle of all this, so.
- There are people after
me. That's the gist of it.
- And who are these people exactly?
I mean, the guy up there said
that he was from Cabin Five,
which is the same cabin as
the guy that you buried, so.
Can you please just
tell me what's going on?
- I think I'm in as much
in the dark as you are.
- Okay.
Well, here's an easy question.
Why'd you kill the guy from Cabin Five?
- I was the only person
staying in Cabin Five.
- So you're the guy in our
guest book, Logan McLean?
- Nobody's Logan McLean.
That was just an alias I
used to cover my tracks.
That man I killed was part of an American
Irish mafia that's after me.
But it looks like the rest
of their militant squad
has still somehow tracked where I'm at.
I honestly have no idea how they found me.
- So you're the one who was calling around
asking for people's
credit card information?
- These bastards will go to hell
and back to find me.
Gotta take any measures
possible to get away faster.
- Who are you so important to them?
- I'm their gunsmith.
But, I didn't work for them willingly.
- Well that mighta just
been more than I needed.
- Well, since I'm gonna
be stuck here for a while,
I figured you should know it all.
But, I could really use some
help getting out of here.
Do you have any ideas?
- Oh sure, let me just
think back to the last time
a man running from the mafia
came into the campgrounds
with tons of men chasing after him.
- I suppose if you're
not gonna be any help
I could just leave you
cuffed like this all night.
- What do you have in mind?
- Well you could transfer me
over on the way to your car,
without them noticing and
drop me off somewhere.
That's your truck outside, right?
We can use that container
to transfer me over there.
Go from there.
This'll have to do.
Now, you're gonna bring this
container over to your car
with the dolly and go
from there, understood?
- I expect you to be on your
way once this is all done.
- You'll never hear from me again.
I trust you.
- So, do you have like
a real name to go by?
- Just call me Ivan.
- Okay, Ivan.
You ready?
- Let's go.
- They did something to my truck.
- That's what it sounded like.
So what the hell
did they do, just go around
destroying everyone's spark plugs?
It appears so.
You're gonna have some angry
customers on your hands.
- Okay, and what about you?
I mean, you're stuck here.
You seriously don't think that
you can just wait them out?
- No, they've tracked me here somewhere.
They know that I'm
somewhere on the premises.
They don't have any
reason to look elsewhere.
- Do you think maybe they tracked you
from that mafia member you buried?
- No, they woulda found where he's buried
if there was a tracker, but
it's only a matter of time
before they find the grave site.
- How'd you even kill him?
- Well, all he had was this gun
and the handcuffs.
I managed to take the gun from him,
but it took all my ammo to
take the bastard out, though.
- Okay, but you were their gunsmith.
Why didn't you manage to get any guns
from the compound before you left?
- They're all sent into this safe
once production on them is complete.
Once I had my chance to escape,
they were completely outta my reach.
And now we really need to find out
if they know where he's buried.
Do any of these cameras cover
where the dig site is at?
- No.
But, there is another option.
- Radio check.
- Good, check.
- Okay, so far I haven't seen anyone.
Okay, there's not a soul around here.
It's the same way you left it.
Why didn't you finish burying the body?
- I got suspicious. Can you do the rest?
Sure, I can't wait
to bury my first corpse.
And without a shovel.
- I think I hear one of them inside.
- Okay, just stay hidden. I'll
be back as soon as poss ...
I was just burying this dead animal.
- Freeze!
Oh shit. I'm so sorry.
- Please don't hurt me!
- It's okay, it's okay.
I just thought you were somebody else.
You know what? Forget it.
You didn't see anything, all right?
It won't open.
Take this instead.
- No, it's fine.
- Does that door not lock?
- What did that girl want?
- She never told me. Now answer me.
Does that door not have a lock on it?
- It's broken. We've been
meaning to fix it for a while.
Then we better
stay on guard every second.
- You better hope she
doesn't call the police.
- We'll just have to cross
that bridge when we come to it.
For now, we need to stay
focused on the threat
that's here in front of us.
- We? Who's we?
- You need to see this.
They're talking with someone.
- Zaboski. He checked
in earlier this evening.
- Well, looks like we
just found our inside man.
- What is Zaboski, some sort of mafia spy?
- That'd be my assumption.
They must have sent
undercover mafia members
all over the flat state of Kansas.
- Do you know him?
- No. Not him or the man I killed.
He must have checked in undercover
after hearing no response from that guy.
And once he realized I was here,
the rest of the gang showed up.
- Do they see us?
- I can't tell.
Now what's happening?
- They know about the body.
First my truck,
now you're putting my
deer cameras in jeopardy.
- He mighta been looking
at something else.
And besides, your material possessions
are probably the least of our worries.
- Our worries?
Here we go again.
What the hell do I have
to do with any of this?
You brought all this on me.
My life could end tonight because of you.
You know that scares me, right?
- The hell with whatever you're fearing.
They're after me. I'm the
one who's truly afraid.
- Then why prolong your fear any further?
- Hey hey, hey hey, what are you doing?
I thought I could trust you.
- You can't trust me.
You knew this was coming as
soon as you gave me this back.
- You're helping me out, remember?
You're doing a good deed here?
We're working together to end this.
- Yeah, well, I know a
faster way of ending it.
- Look, they want me alive.
If you kill me, they'll be after you.
I'm wasting my time
trying to get your help.
Send me out there.
I've got nothing to live for.
No family.
Nowhere to go.
Go ahead.
- Fine, you win.
Let's just see what they're doing now.
- What do you have in mind?
- We search for Zaboski, with this.
- What if some of them are out there,
just outside the building?
Won't they see you drive
that thing out there?
- Not necessarily.
- So, uh,
how long have you worked here?
- So now you're gonna try
and do small talk with me?
- Just trying to fill the air.
- About three months.
- Not long then?
- Yeah, I started this
job as soon as I dropped
out of the sheriffs academy.
- And why did you drop out of the academy?
- This gig just felt way more low key.
And a lot less treacherous too.
- Would you have anything to leave behind
if something were to happen?
- Just my father.
- At least you still have your family.
- If you even consider him family.
He lives so far away now.
But my God he was the best
hunter the Midwest has ever seen.
- So you have nowhere
else to go either, huh?
- I live in my truck.
That should tell you
everything you need to know.
- So I take it you're
more urban than rural?
- Fuck the cities.
Besides, the countryside gives
everyone room to breathe.
Did you, uh, really mean it
when you said you had no family?
- The mafia's my family.
Was my family.
There they are.
- Too bad the feed
doesn't pick up any audio.
- They're about to flip
this park upside down.
Great! Now we have no eyes!
- We're drawing way too much suspicion.
We need to come up with
something, anything.
- Well what do you have in
mind? We can't really do much.
- Well, Zaboski's in charge
of this whole thing, right?
Maybe I could just kick him out.
- Sounds like a suicide mission.
Weird timing too. What
would your reason be?
- Maybe, I don't know.
I mean, him and his
friends have probably made
all the campers that have
seen them uneasy, right?
He expects me as a park
employee to just be fine
with them all running around?
- What do you think you'll get outta this?
You honestly believe he
will just obey your command
and abandon the important
mission he and his gang are on?
- Maybe I could tell him I
saw you running up north.
- I don't think he'll buy it.
They tracked me here somehow.
And they probably have
this place surrounded
with more men we can't even see.
- I think it's plausible that you
slipped through them somehow.
- They might doubt the
story's a plausibility,
but we've got no other choice.
It's only a matter of
time before they'll try
breaking into this office.
And I think they're just at the point
where this is the only place
they haven't searched yet.
- Then let's go with the
running up north story.
- Dakota!
How's it going?
- Hi, I hate to bother
you, but can I have a word?
- Sure, sure. What's going on?
- Okay, well, I've seen
you and your friends
walking around here, you
know, and one of them told me
that you were looking for
somebody, is that right?
- Looking for someone?
Um, sure.
- I'm sorry, was it
not one of your friends
who told me that?
- Oh, it was.
We already found him.
Made you look technique. Never fails.
Now, what I want you to do is
on your little walkie-talkie
there tell your little
boyfriend to stay put.
- Ivan? Everything's going well.
Just stay in the cabin
and I'll be back soon.
- Bye, love.
We'd be better
off if we stuck together.
- Yeah, I think you've just proven that.
- We have to get outta here
before more of them find us.
- Okay.
- This is our best chance at getting away
If you see anybody, duck underwater.
- What? Why?
- It makes you a harder target.
Get down!
- You said you were a night clerk?
- Part time.
- Okay, I've got one shot at this.
- Zaboski, I have eyes on both targets
just across the creek
from Southview Drive.
Coming up on them now.
- Dakota.
How are you?
- Hey, Tamera, is there
anyone else here right now?
I need a quick favor.
- What can I do for you?
- Where are they?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Don't mess with me, kid.
I saw them run in here.
The girl and the boy, where are they?
- He's behind the counter!
- You're not gonna kill me, are you?
- Your punishment will
be worse than death.
Any of the fucking mess that you caused.
Now, where's the girl?
- The classic made you look tactic.
Never fails.
- Nicely done.
- Yeah.
Hey, sorry about the mess.
This oughta help.
- What are you doing?
- A guy like Zaboski definitely
has something good in there.
It's worth a check.
You check this.
- Oh shit.
- What?
Told ya.
- Here, for wherever
you're running off to next.
No, you need it more than I do.
- It's for saving my ass.
I should probably get outta here.
- Where you gonna go?
- I don't know, but it's gotta be far.
- I hear Hawaii's pretty
nice this time of year.
- I do look pretty good in a lei.
- Send me a postcard.
- You should come with me.
- Mm, I'll be fine here.
Plus, I gotta go cover your tracks.
- Fine.
- So, is there anything else
that you need before you go?
- I should be fine as
long as I keep moving.
- Okay. Well, good luck.
- Thank you.
- Stay outta trouble.
- I will if you will.
- Aloha.
- So how was it?
- Oh you know, not too bad.
Just some car chases
and crazy mafia people
trying to kill me.
- Good one.
Anything to pass on?
- Well, we sold out on cabins.
Cabins Five and Seven have
already checked out, though,
and I counted the cash drawer,
so you should be good to go.
- One last thing. Why'd you let him go?
- What are you talking about?
- The homeless man I checked in.
Why were you protecting him?
- He had people after him.
How the hell do you know about that?
- There's so much you
don't understand, Dakota.
- What, so you're like one of them?
- After I left, my
associates contacted me.
They told me that someone escaped
from the compound in Kansas City.
Now I was told that
Harold Zaboski and his men
were gonna take care of it.
See, when I checked him in,
I had no idea he was the escapee.
- You don't even know someone
from your own criminal underground?
- We don't fraternize too much.
It's all business between us.
He was a fairly important
person in the operation, sure,
but I don't pay attention
to people like him.
- Bet you feel pretty stupid, huh?
- Little bit.
But nowhere as stupid as you feel.
See, I know what you did.
You and him killed a ton
of our men, and you learned
some pretty valuable information about us.
So now I'm here to finish the job.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Put it on the table, both of them.
It's been a pleasure working
with you, Miss Brooks.
Really has.
Any last words?
See this is important work we do here.
There is no tolerance
for any interference,
and in fact we, I can't--
- Do you really have to do a common
bad-guy monologue right now?
Just kill me already.
- My pleasure.
Nice shooting, Dak.
But this doesn't change a thing.
There's still gonna be an army after you,
and that son of a bitch.
- Then bring on the army.