Veneciafrenia (2021) Movie Script

The characters and events portrayed
in this film are fictitious
even though certain real events
may have been used for inspiration
and were fictionalized or invented
for purposes of dramatization.
"Cruise ships out".
It's fiction! Just a fiction!
Thanks, thanks a lot!
Long live Carnival!
The whole fiesta, guys, is fiction!
Young folks can't handle their booze!
Come here, come here,
come with your little friend, come!
- Why not?
- Because it doesn't suit it.
Why not? It's in fashion
and the pants are gorgeous.
That's true.
And I have the perfect blond wig
for the pigtails.
Susana, listen: We're going to
the Venice Carnival, remember?
- People don't go as Harley Quinn.
- What do they go as?
Historical figures.
Harley Quinn's been
in the comics for years.
- She's been the Joker's girl forever.
- Right?
Harley Quinn isn't
a historical figure, okay?
They'll be period costumes,
those big skirts,
- with masks, like...
- Like what?
- Like in fairy tales.
- Yes, true. Sad, with tears.
Sad, no, mysterious.
- You can be Cinderella.
- Fuck no, not Disney princesses.
Christ! What did you do at school?
- Aw, honey.
- Apart from that.
We've hired the costumes
and they're classy, okay?
This isn't Las Vegas.
- Pretty historical figure: Marie Antoinette.
- Who's Marie Antoinette?
- Fuck, Jose, don't shit me.
- They cut off her head.
- Cut off her head? Why?
- Really? The fucking French Revolution!
Don't pick on your brother,
he's a cutie.
Cutie to you,
but to me he's an idiot
who went off partying
while I stayed studying.
Hey, I can't find my passport.
- Did you look properly? It'll be there.
- I lose everything.
Have you checked your bag?
Here, let me see.
Look what he's got.
I had no idea they were there.
I must've had them for years.
Right, now you are sleeping
in another room, eh?
- No, I bought them for us.
- They're expired, that's gross.
He can sleep with his sister, right, Isa?
- Shut up, asshole!
- You shut up, clown!
You're latching onto Susana, but you're
only here because Alfonso didn't come.
Thanks for reminding me,
I almost forgot.
- This was to be three couples.
- No, two couples and maybe Susana.
I don't know why the fuck
I'm always alone.
If hooking up with your brother
bugs you, I'll give him a miss.
- I'm not that into him.
- You two relax, eh?
- We're here to have fun.
- Right, babe?
It'll be there somewhere.
Right, guys, I'm going to explain
what's going to happen.
Tonight we'll dress up,
go out for some tequilas
and then dance until
they have to carry us to bed.
- Anything wrong with that?
- Nothing crazy, I'm getting married.
- What's that got to do with it?
- This could be your bachelorette party.
- No, no, get off!
- Yeah, yeah.
No bachelorette party, no surprises. No.
The next boat leaves
from Murano in 10 minutes.
Ha! I've got one for everyone.
Come here.
- No, no. No, no.
- Give it to me!
- Give it to me.
- Yeah, yeah.
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
It's all your fault,
fucking tourists!
Cruise ships out!
You destroy everything you touch.
They're saying it's our fault,
we destroy everything we touch.
- What did we do? We only just got here.
- Come on, let's go.
We're from Spain,
this is a bachelorette party, got it?
Come on, let's go.
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Move it, move it!
But we just got here.
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
- This'll be our taxi.
- It's wood.
- These bags are heavy.
- Jose, have you got everything?
Good morning.
- Stop complaining.
- Hey, this is full of shit.
Buongiorno is better.
- Spanish?
- Yes.
It's heavy.
- This is great.
- Arantza, wait, I can't get down.
- Good morning. Go ahead, miss.
- I'm Isa.
- Giacomo.
- Giacomo.
- Careful, don't fall.
- I can do it alone.
- Look what I got you, hon'.
- Ol!
Where's the city?
What about the city?
It'll be that way. I don't know.
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
- Jose!
- Jose!
Jose, wait until we get to
the hotel swimming pool.
How can you be so clumsy?
- Fuck.
- C'mon, help.
Will you stop attracting
fucking attention?!
If I jump, will you help me?
Christ, Jose.
- Fuck.
- No!
Now I've lost all my contacts.
Don't you have them
in the cloud?
I don't use it, they steal
your data and control your photos.
- How do you follow Insta, Facebook?
- I don't have them.
No fake identities
and crap on the Net for me.
He's a free spirit.
This free spirit
is in a fucking bind now.
You can't locate me, track me
or find some photo
to blackmail me.
Who'd blackmail you, you idiot?
You're nobody.
- Poor boy, poor boy.
- Little thing...
- Take that off, you're soaked.
- You'll freeze.
Take if off.
Jose, seriously, take off your clothes,
you'll get fucked up.
- Take it off, please.
- Get on.
You might get a cold
and Mom will blame me. C'mon, shit.
Take off your clothes or it's no good.
- Leave me, I can do it.
- You're such an asshole...
- This guy's a bummer, huh?
- Fuck, it's cold.
- What's that?
- Real film, not video.
- What's that?
- Where did you get that?
- Someone left it at home.
- Someone!
- The director for the ad I did last week.
- Yeah, sure!
- You shot it in your house?
- No, Jose, honey.
- What was the ad?
- Victoria's Secret.
- Sure.
- Sure, what?
Will you please stop
judging me for one second?
C'mon, bitches, make it sexy!
Is that everything?
You look like my mom's friends.
- C'mon, those curves!
- Go, go!
Let's go, let's go!
- Go for it, go!
- Don't be boring, go!
C'mon, go, butt.
A little booty here.
Long live Venice!
Jose, I can see your...
Check out that booty!
Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.
A little bit cold.
I'm staying here. It's nice.
- Everything alright?
- Yeah, yeah.
Do you know there's an island
that's a cemetery?
- That's fun, a cemetery.
- Lots of famous people are buried there.
And palace parties.
There must be a private party, right?
Look up "masquerade party".
You can only go to those
if you know someone.
- There's another island full of ghosts.
- Forget the islands.
- We could do a Ouija board.
- Or play Scattergories.
You two are so lame.
I'd rather go partying
than talk to spirits.
You do as your told,
we're paying for the extra room.
- Cancel it, I'll sleep with Susana.
- If I want you to, kid.
You were going to sleep with me
but you insisted on your own room.
Is it so weird to not want
to sleep with your sister?
Do you know the shit
we kicked up at the agency
- to book an extra room?
- It's a package thing, man.
Now you're not using it! Fuck it,
- you never think of anyone else.
- I don't mind, Jose.
- If you want to sleep with Javi...
- Fuck that.
- Pajama party.
- No fucking way.
Maybe I'll stay up
and party all night.
- As long as I don't see you...
- Listen to this:
"In the Middle Ages, the Plague
killed hundreds of thousands of people.
They didn't want the corpses in Venice,
so they left them on the island".
- Can't we talk about something else?
- The worst part
is that they started
to take the sick there.
Can you imagine? You couldn't see
the ground for all the corpses.
And you're alone, dying,
stepping on that.
Okay. What's the name of
this wonderful place we can't miss?
The island of Poveglia.
If you want, I can show it to you.
We have other plans, thanks.
We can all go to the opera together.
I have tickets. I have tickets.
- Tickets, tickets.
- I've never been to the opera.
- Or to school. Shut up.
- Thank you.
Look, look.
Tickets, tickets.
- What opera is it?
- Rigoletto.
Isn't the lead a jester?
Yes, I am Rigoletto.
The Duke of Mantua wants
to steal my precious daughter,
but I will not allow it.
I'll have my revenge.
- Okay, okay...
- Yes, I'll have my revenge!
Bravo, bravo!
Revenge, terrible revenge,
- is all that my soul desires.
- Excuse me...
- Revenge. Revenge.
- Careful!
- Excuse me!
- Please! Get the fuck off!
That'll do! Enough!
- Did he hurt you?
- Like he hurt me...!
Get out of here!
- Fuck that guy!
- Close up! Are you alright?
Thank you, thank you.
Wow, man!
- Who said it was better than Vegas?
- It's wonderful, a dream,
water everywhere!
It gives me the creeps, girl.
Look, the feathers,
the sequins, the glitter,
the porcelain faces.
It's fucking creepy.
You're pure poetry, Javi,
I don't know what I saw in you.
I fuck like a bunny.
It must be that.
Ciao, ciao.
- Thanks for everything.
- Have a good time.
- Take this for you?
- Yes, the bag.
- How much is it?
- No, no, no.
- Yes.
- No, with what happened...
- We'll pay him some other way. Let's go.
- Thank you.
Let's go.
- Right. Ciao.
- Ciao.
I'm woozy, eh?
And you didn't want to come. Whoah!
- Are you buying me a mask?
- No, it's a rip-off, girl.
Wow, cool costumes!
- Girl, this is... A selfie?
- Go on.
Selfie, girls.
- Look nice.
- Fuck off.
- Go for it.
- You asshole, Jose.
- Right, that's it.
- Cool photo.
- Come on.
- Where is it?
- Yes, that way.
- That way?
- Did you look?
- Jose, you're dragging everything.
- How can it be this way?
- Yes, Susana, it's this way.
- Imagine if that jester popped out.
- Shut up.
- Revenge!
- Shut up!
- Ciao.
- Good morning.
- Oh, sorry.
- Yes.
- Susana.
- What?
- Could we do this later?
- No.
- I'm going up for a piss.
- I'll go with you.
Jose, take your fucking bag.
Now this is more like it.
Fuck, this is swank!
Fuck, I'm cold!
You bet.
Don't nod off now, asshole.
Call a doctor. I think I have a fever.
- You gonna fuck Susana?
- You're pissed off, eh? She's hot.
- Lucky you!
- I don't know, she thinks I'm funny.
Your sister doesn't
find it fucking funny.
Fuck her. I'm fucking sick
of her big sister routine.
It's cute, right?
Are these the costumes?
- It's heavy!
- They can bring it up.
- Pass my phone, Susana.
- Do I take the bags?
- I'm going up.
- The kid's fucking bag. Go on.
- Isn't the lift...?
- There's no lift, it's Venice.
- How can there be no lift?
- This weighs a ton.
Come on, it's nothing.
here's your costume.
- Having a shower.
- He couldn't wait for his room?
- Does he want to occupy all of them?
- He was freezing, I don't know.
He's wet the sheets.
- Really!
- This doesn't fit.
- Fuck you, it'll show off your junk.
- What the hell's up with you?
You're being a pain in the ass.
He falls in the water.
You shirk everything
and go up to smoke a joint.
- What?
- Do you think I'm an idiot?
It stinks.
You can't smoke in these rooms,
and it's weed as well.
You two are assholes.
- You're looking fine, Arantza.
- Shut up.
- Wanna fuck?
- No, when I say you're an asshole...
- Why not?
- Your buddy's having a shower.
- Fuck, your abs turn me on.
- A-list sportswoman, man.
- What difference is there to B?
- This.
Is this white one Isa's?
It looks like a wedding dress.
Isn't that bad luck?
- Now you know what heels are like.
- You actually wear these things!
- Wow!
- Good evening.
Girl, this is wild.
Good evening.
And this, bitches,
is called a spectacular entrance.
Tits up, ass out.
Let's paint Venice red.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
To Venice!
It cost a packet,
but it's worth it.
You have to do it
once in your life.
Just once, it's so expensive.
- Yes, I'm ordering a salad.
- One for everyone.
Don't be stingy.
Shit, to the booze-up
we're gonna have.
But no overdoing it,
I have to get married.
- She's getting married.
- Please, it's your last chance.
As of tomorrow you'll be
in the hell of marriage forever.
You're just dying of jealousy.
Sure, it must be that.
Fuck, she's my sister.
What's wrong?
Sorry to bother you. Are you tourists?
Is it that obvious?
The costumes are splendid.
When did you arrive?
- Today.
- This afternoon.
On a cruise ship.
I understand that you're open
to new experiences.
I have the privilege of inviting you
to a private party
of a friend of mine.
It's near here. We can walk.
Let's say that it's
an exclusive celebration
- and requires certain discretion.
- We're very discreet.
- Susana, please.
- Don't spoil it.
Sorry, but we're not the kind of girls
who accept invitations from strangers.
- Thank you.
- We're not? Every weekend...
- Does the invitation include us?
- Apparently not.
- Girl, we don't know him from Adam.
- If you want, we'll ask for his ID.
- But you can't see his face.
- He's wearing a mask, like everyone.
I'm sorry. Some other time.
I hope you have a pleasant evening.
Until next time.
What a jerk.
That jerk meant fucking fun,
but our friend Isa fucked it.
- How could you say no to him?
- He scared me.
- Good, it's more exciting.
- No, it's alright,
you see an Italian in a mask
and go crazy.
No, he was in the know.
Carnival, I love you...
I love you, honey.
- I trod in it by accident.
- Cut it out, always the same.
Run, run, run!
I can't, I can't!
It stinks of shit. Gross!
What's that? What does it mean?
Killers Street.
Let's not go down there.
Further up is Killers Fountain,
where people met to kill each other.
- Jose, you're treading on me.
- Sorry.
- You've never seen him like this.
- Which do you like more?
I like this one and this one.
Hi. I'm going to ask this person.
Excuse me, a place
with the music molto loud...
- Really loud.
- hot waiters...
and gin, very cheap gin.
- That's right.
- Really cheap.
I have no idea.
I'm sorry. I'm only a bear.
What's he saying?
Okay. Okay.
- Why ask a bear?
- She likes them hairy.
- Leave the bottle, we'll serve ourselves.
- Very well.
You know what scares me?
- We can't find the hotel?
- No,
missing these moments.
- Seriously?
- Yes. It's a lot of things.
Going to London, living as a couple...
What if his feet stink
and we don't like the same series?
Wasn't he the perfect man?
Until you commit yourself,
you never know.
- So I don't want any trouble.
- Excuse me, you want trouble
like everyone does,
but you just can't.
I can't?
Because you're gorgeous
and that scares people.
- Since when is that a problem?
- For fucking, it's perfect.
But at the moment of truth,
guys prefer normal girls,
like Arantza and me, right?
No, don't involve me,
I don't want to know.
Don't be a wimp, say it.
- Well, maybe, yeah.
- Do I scare you now?
- Or what?
- What are you doing, girl?
- What am I doing?
- What the fuck are you doing?
You bitch.
You're right, but you're a bitch.
And you guys suck,
you're scared to not be in control.
I love you anyway, eh?
We're in the north, I think.
This is a fucking maze.
You don't say!
Tourism has risen by
400% in 5 years.
We're talking about
27 million visitors a year,
over 75,000 a day.
All because of cruise ships.
Does this influx of people
endanger the city?
I'll just say one thing:
One must forget the past
- and think of the future.
- Thank you.
I'm not saying we should go crazy
and run off, but that guy's out there.
- What guy?
- The doctor.
- Shit!
- Shit!
Let's go!
You haven't paid!
Fucking tourists!
The shoe! The shoe!
- Move it, move it!
- C'mon, let's go!
- Look.
- Careful, careful.
- He's there.
- Run!
Come on.
What do we do?
Let's go.
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
- Ring it.
- Ring it.
They'll ask us for a flyer,
an invitation or something.
We say we're friends of the doctor.
- That's it.
- Sure, sure.
Why didn't we go in with him?
- We were late. What's the problem?
- That's it. Ring.
Knock, knock.
- Rigoletto, man.
- Fuck, that's cool.
Come in.
This is...
I just decided:
This is my bachelorette party!
Fucking great!
Arantza, what's wrong?
No, calm down,
I can't understand you.
Don't shout, please.
Okay. Okay, I'm coming.
I'm coming.
My brother's not here.
He's not here?
He's not here.
He's not in the hotel.
I don't care.
I'm calling him, but he must be
out of range or whatever.
Or underwater, remember?
What the fuck happened?
- No fucking idea.
- Didn't he come with you guys?
No, we thought he was
up ahead, with you.
Arantza and I are
the kid's minders now.
We're all grown-ups here.
Don't stress out, he's scored with
some waitress at the party.
You were into them, eh, you fuck?
You couldn't keep your eyes off them.
This isn't like Jose.
Sure, that's why he had
his bag full of condoms.
Alfonso, honey, how are you?
I can't talk now,
I'll call you in a while, okay?
You get on great, huh?
You tell each other everything.
- Piss off.
- They have no secrets.
If I tell Alfonso
that one of us disappeared
in a party where half the people
ended up naked,
he'd get the first plane here.
Is that what you want?
Nobody says anything
until it's strictly necessary, please.
Hey, Drama Queens.
Jose will be here in an hour
with a stinking hangover.
- What did you book exactly?
- Two doubles and a standard.
You've looked in his room, right?
Jose Luis Garca.
Honey, I'll call you back, okay?
What kind of shitty hotel is this?
Look properly!
- Arantza, Arantza.
- Look properly!
- You mixed up the booking.
- It could've been you.
- Don't yell at me.
- Let's call the police.
Call the police?
He'll turn up in no time.
- What if something happened to him?
- Alright, who saw him last?
He was talking to...
- to that guy, the...
- The doctor?
Fuck! God!
Thank you.
How are you, Guido?
Sorry to bother you,
but these Spanish kids
say they've lost one of
their friends. The usual.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of it.
Good morning.
My name is Guido Brunelli,
captain, San Zaccaria precinct.
I'm sorry you had to come here.
So someone hasn't returned
to the hotel as expected.
- My brother, he doesn't usually do this.
- No one usually does,
- but he met someone and...
- Are you going to help us or not?
- Do you have a photo?
- Yes, we took a selfie yesterday.
- He's not in it.
- Why?
- He's being a dick with the blanket.
- He fell in the water and got soaked.
Don't you even have one?
- Maybe, his passport...
- He's not registered in the hotel.
What? Didn't he come with you?
- Yes.
- I told you,
he was soaked
and went up to change.
Whoever he is,
he doesn't have a room here.
She says he doesn't have a room.
Because he went up to ours.
Why are they going on about it?
The costumes!
We hired five costumes.
Get him to come.
But he would've spoken
to someone, I assume.
What's wrong?
Do you think we're making it up?
No one thinks anything here.
I need to know
everything your friend did.
He got changed, up in the room.
- What else?
- We had dinner, went to a party...
- Right, you drank.
- Of course we drank.
Susana, please.
- There was a man at the party.
- What did he look like?
- We didn't see his face.
- He had a plague doctor mask on.
And you think this man
may be involved.
Excuse me.
Yes. Brunelli.
Very well. Right away.
- He's not taking us seriously.
- He judged us straight away.
It's the way it is.
I'm sorry, I must leave you,
I have work to do.
I thought only we tourists
made you waste your time.
- The summit is on Wednesday.
- What summit?
The bilateral meeting between
Italy and France.
As if that weren't enough,
protesters want to boycott it.
- Cruise ships out.
- Bravo, that's it exactly.
The ocean liners.
Did you come on a cruise ship?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Then you're to blame.
Nothing on the networks.
Only one Jose Garca,
but he's a French actor.
How could we not take
a single photo of him on the trip?
He's fucking stubborn,
he didn't want one.
The weekend in El Escorial.
He came on Sunday.
I don't have him in my phone.
Wait, wait.
Fuck, the Super 8.
I'm sorry, but we don't take
those items anymore.
We don't develop film.
It's all digital now.
Yes, wait a moment.
No, that's not it.
- Google shows 8 more stores.
- Let's go.
That way.
- No.
- Let's stop for a moment.
- What are we doing?
- Looking for Jose.
Sure, Isa, but it's our vacations.
What are you saying, Javi?
You want a beer?
- You want a pizza?
- I'd love a fucking beer.
Until we find Jose,
we can't sit back, so...
He's not 7 years old.
He's fucking somebody,
like any single guy.
- Javi, enough!
- You pig. You're just jealous.
- Arantza, don't shit me.
- If you're so keen, join him.
- We have to find the black door.
- We're going back there?
It was night,
all the streets look the same.
We backtrack from the hotel.
- Do you have an Ibuprofen?
- Yes.
- Isa, we went the wrong way.
- No.
- No, it wasn't this way.
- Yes, yes.
We were here
and we went in there, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
It's them. There they are.
This man says
you didn't pay the bill.
- That's why we're here.
- A bottle of tequila.
One, two, three, four.
Like yesterday.
He says there were four of you too.
This guy's a jerk.
- Sorry?
- This has an explanation.
Jose was outside smoking,
he mustn't have seen him.
Look, we're not crazy,
if that's what you're getting at.
Someone must've seen Jose, okay?
We're going to prove it.
Let's go to the black door.
- The black door?
- You're scared, eh?
The worst is yet to come.
- Shut up!
- Revenge! Revenge time!
I don't think it was this way.
What do you know, Javi?
You get lost on Gran Va.
- Here?
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- They won't open up.
- I'll come back with a warrant.
What is it?
Carabinieri, madam.
Just a quick check. Excuse me.
Let's go.
There was a passageway
and stairs going down.
This isn't it. Let's go.
- Sorry, madam. It's alright.
- Really?
I'll tell you one thing.
Whatever it is,
there couldn't be stairs going down.
- Why?
- Because of the water!
Venice is supported on wooden posts
driven into the mud.
You can't build underground.
Look, I'm sure your brother
will turn up sooner or later.
Let's give it some time.
My number.
What's the word...?
- I don't know. Airport?
- The translator.
Hello. Hello.
I need to go to the airport, please.
- I have a taxi there.
- Isn't this a taxi?
Luigi, I'll take care of it.
You relax.
- Giacomo, right?
- Yes. You remember?
I'm going to the airport.
I think the Consulate is there.
- Yes, it is. Is there a problem?
- You're going to the Consulate?
- Yes. The police won't help us.
- Look, Isa,
aren't we going overboard?
Do what you like. Jose's vanished.
I'm not sitting around waiting for him.
Okay. Someone should stay
in can he turns up.
Go to the hotel, I can do it alone.
I'll go with you.
This is killing me.
I can't handle this girl.
Don't be a dick. He's her brother,
she's scared, it's normal.
Normal? She's a fucking nutcase!
She's fucking up my vacations
and this cost me a fortune.
- You know what a day in Venice costs?
- Piss off.
- Isabel Garca?
- Yes.
No need for you to come.
I could've told you over the phone.
- Your brother, Jose Garca...
- Yes.
Can't you call him?
No, I explained that
to your workmate.
We're here to expedite passports
and control the legitimacy
of judicial procedures.
So even if we had 20 photos
and his phone on GPS,
you couldn't do anything.
Very little.
My feet hurt.
I'm thirsty.
- This is bullshit.
- Would you rather wait at the hotel?
I'd rather get lost next time.
I'd be fucking sweet,
having a gin and tonic.
The last one. It has to be here.
Mamma, I can't now,
I've got customers!
What did I tell you?
You don't fucking listen to me.
You pig! You like sleeping
with Spanish tourists!
Mamma, shut up. That's enough!
Let's go, a beer.
- See that palace?
- Which one?
The one with the pizzas?
It's Ca'Dario. It's cursed.
All of its owners since the 15th century
were murdered or died in an accident.
- I don't give a shit.
- You're so obnoxious.
This sucks, running around all day...
The Who's manager bought it
and died falling down the stairs.
Who are The Who?
A 70s rock band.
Now it belongs to
an American multimillionaire.
It'd be good to meet him.
You marry him,
wait until he falls down the stairs,
I turn up and we keep the house.
Javi, he's gay.
That's fine. I'll marry him.
Don't worry about your friend.
He's in good hands.
- What did you do to him?
- What do you want? Money?
There still people in this world
not motivated by money.
But, of course,
you don't understand that.
Don't move.
My brother thinks
he's got it all under control,
but I have to go after him,
doing the dirty work.
What are you going to do?
How will you get out of here?
With these things,
the less you think, the better.
The key is to not get nervous
and to do it fast.
Isn't it incredible?
Nobody saw anything.
It's like it never happened.
Honey! Where are you going?
She's jealous.
Wait for me.
Good evening, Giacomo.
The lady's waiting.
Jose's not back. And Arantza
and Javi aren't in their room.
I spoke to my workmates
and to Water Taxi, but nothing.
Honey, I can't talk now.
I'm behaving myself. Are you?
If staying here all night
doing overtime
to get these people's trust
is behaving myself, then yes,
I'm an angel.
I'd rather be with you
there in a gondola,
going down the canals.
Isa. Isa, please pick up.
You know?
I've got a flight here
that leaves tomorrow at 7.
No, no, it's a mess and...
It's really not worth it,
this isn't how we imagined it.
Rats run down the streets at night.
- Don't you want me to come?
- No, it's not that.
It's just...
The girls wouldn't take it well.
You said it wasn't a bachelorette party,
Javi and your brother were going.
Sure... Alfonso, I have to go, okay?
I can't talk now,
they have to call me.
- Aren't you with them?
- Yes, we're all together.
I'm in my room waiting
for them to call me to dinner, okay?
- Stop interrogating me.
- Okay, right.
We'll talk some of the time.
It's Arantza. Hold on. Yes?
Isa. Can you hear me? Isa...
Arantza? What's wrong?
I'll send you my location,
come and get me.
Let's go. It's here.
You have nothing to fear,
we'll look after you.
Next time I'll kill you,
you've gone completely mad.
You'll screw it all up.
Get the girl and let's go.
It's here.
- Are you sure?
- Let's see.
- What the hell is going on here?
- Fuck.
I need to know what
you remember of the party,
anything can help.
They were all masked,
even the waiters.
They had candelabras,
on their heads.
And large bottles with a murky,
very sweet yellow liquid.
- Yellow... like grappa?
- No,
it was... What was it called?
No, it can't be Theriaca.
Why? What's wrong?
Is it a drug?
No, it's an ancient beverage.
- They say it's magical.
- Magical! Are you kidding?
- It hasn't been used for centuries.
- What's in it?
Nothing good.
I gave you a chance
out of respect for our father.
But I clearly made a mistake.
You never take me seriously.
He's like a rabid dog.
He has to be kept on a leash.
- He's your brother.
- Yes, but he's ruining everything.
After this murder
no one will listen to us.
There's no need.
It may be the only way
they'll listen to us.
What are you talking about?
About fear.
Only fear will stop them.
The only thing that will
get them away from here.
What are you thinking of?
Actually, we've always known.
It was the only way,
but we didn't want to admit it,
until this idiot...
Do you think
we should let him do it?
It's all sinking, Hugo.
Not just this house,
your whole life is sinking.
These people have no scruples.
If we frighten them,
they won't dare come back.
Think about it.
Let him go.
We know where he's going.
They used to make Theriaca here.
Now they sell souvenirs.
How can you turn up
as if nothing was wrong?
- You bastard!
- It's no time to make a scene.
Are they tourists?
Your friends? Out for a stroll?
- No. Your father.
- Upstairs, as usual.
Why? Are you finally
giving him back the money?
- That's why I love you. Yes.
- Sure. You liar!
- Girls.
- Go on up. Please.
- Go on up.
- Go up, cuties. Have fun.
You owe me 500 euros.
That's not why I'm here.
From what I see,
you're not here for Gina either.
You haven't been
to the meetings for a long time.
- We'll talk later.
- You're for us or against us.
Come on!
Despite the protesters,
the summit will be held
normally and problem-free.
Nobody can stop the rise
of the new Venice.
Wait and see.
Listen, two lads have disappeared.
It seems they drank Theriaca
or something similar.
Similar, it could be.
But it's impossible
that it's Theriaca.
Who can get a unicorn horn
these days?
It has poisonous plants,
viper skin, opium...
Some 70 ingredients.
All the pharmacies made it
until it was banned.
- Hi, how are you?
- Something's happened,
something serious.
Yesterday we went to a party and...
- Fuck, what?
- I told you
- I didn't like you going alone.
- Alone?
Alone, Isa, without me, alone.
Could you stop thinking about
yourself and listen to me?
I don't know if
I want to listen to you.
- You have no idea what's happening.
- No, Isa, I have no idea.
You know why?
I've been calling you for two days,
two days and no word.
Are you with someone?
Put that down.
Pick her up.
What are you doing here?
Sorry to wake you so early.
- What's going on?
- This won't be pleasant.
It won't be easy
to recognize him.
- What? No, no, no, no!
- Cover him up!
- Let go of me! Let go of me!
- No, no!
- Fucking let go of me!
- Get off, fuck!
Wait, wait, wait!
- You're fucking kidding me!
- It's Javi.
Let me see him!
Let me see him!
No, no, no, no!
Fucking hell!
It's Javi.
Isa! Isa!
It's Javi.
Let go of her!
Wait, wait!
Let go of her!
You laugh?
I'll leave you on the buoy!
Shall I leave you on the buoy?
Shall I let you die here?
It's alright, take it easy!
Let go of her!
Look, look, street theatre!
Let go of her!
Out of the way! He's crazy!
You're to blame!
The jester is great!
Is it real? He's very good!
They will die like pigs.
Their heads must be cut off!
Like beasts!
They will wait.
Believe me, Giacomo, no one...
no one will try to stop me.
No, no! Isa!
Look, that blood looks real!
Bravo! Bravo!
Look at her cry!
It's just for show, right?
An act, an act!
It's an act!
Bravo! Bravo!
Great, really.
Let me...
- Fucking trip.
- Jose.
Why the fuck did I say
yes to my sister?
No one's to blame for this.
Bullshit! We could've gone
to Lanzarote, to Ibiza,
any fucking normal place.
Relax, we'll get out of this.
You think so?
- Yes.
- They must have the wrong people.
It must be a mistake.
We should notify the family
of his death.
No, no, please.
Isa, why don't we go?
- What about Jose... and Arantza?
- What about us?
First Jose, then Javi,
you know what I mean?
It's no coincidence.
Do you want to stay here
until they get us?
Susana, I'm not going
to argue with you.
The people at the party
set their sights on us.
They're following us,
watching us.
I'm not going without them,
is that clear?
No one should leave the lagoon
until all this is cleared up.
That man in "plague doctor" costume
must've paid for his dinner, right?
He paid in cash.
Do you know what this is?
It was on the lintel of the black door
and in the souvenir store.
It's... a symbol...
an ancient symbol.
Secret societies used it.
It's everywhere,
in some recent graffiti as well.
It seems that someone's revived it.
A secret society for what?
Some guy out there
is spying on us.
Were you spying on us? Why?
Super 8.
- Super 8.
- What did he say?
Super 8, your camera cartridge.
Arantza had it.
I recognized them.
They're the girls in the photo.
Those girls, I've seen them.
The girls in the photos.
Super 8.
You look like my mom's friends.
- C'mon!
- Go, go, go!
A little booty here!
Who's that?
Revenge, terrible...
- Stop the video.
- God damn...!
The peak will be at 11:00 pm.
We'll use code words
to make the searches easier:
"Mass tourism", "terror",
We calculate that in two hours
there'll be over 2 million views.
How long will it take to locate us?
It'll be hard to trace the IP.
How long?
One hour.
No, hold it.
I don't know you
and you don't know me.
I only know that
we trust each other
because we're Venetians.
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Giacomo, why aren't you with us?
It's a farce.
A farce?
That monster spits out hundreds
of thousands of bastards every day.
They're tourists,
they give us a living.
You're on their side.
Cruise ships out!
Cruise ships out!
Where to?
Palazzetto Pisani, please.
Go away!
I said go away!
I'm going out for a moment.
- I'm fed up.
- Sorry, sorry.
Excuse me.
Does this exist?
We'll check.
Many residents of the ancient city
feared that something
like this would happen.
9 floors high,
weighing 65,000 tons
and able to transport
2,500 passengers. Out of control.
These are images of the tragic
accident of last May 14.
From the hospital we're told
that Fabrizio Lizardo, 24,
died today due to an accident
during a protest march.
You shouldn't look at that.
I know you still do too.
It gives me strength.
One more motivation.
He and I never understood each other.
He'd be so proud of you today.
Steel yourself.
You have to talk to everyone.
No masks.
No masks.
I'm alright. I'm alright.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Isabel Garca?
What's this?
He's been robbing tourists for years.
No, no.
It's not just theft.
It's something else.
Call Brunelli.
Giacomo! Giacomo! Giacomo!
- Where are you?
- Giacomo!
Yes, Brunelli. Who's this?
We're in the Manin Theater.
Manin Theater.
Very well. I'll be right there.
- I'm going down.
- What?
- I'm going!
- No, no, no!
Giacomo! Giacomo!
- Are you alright?
- Isa!
Hold on!
Where are they?
What have you done with them?
They're visiting the islands.
Your friends are doing
some tourism, that's all.
Isn't that what you came for?
Help me!
Help me!
Pull, pull, pull!
Are you alright?
Yes! Revenge!
Terrible revenge!
No! Help me get her down!
Susana! Susana! Susana!
Hold on, Susana!
Hold on! Hold on!
Help me!
Help me get her down! Fuck!
Who are you?
Do you know that girl?
Evil man!
Die, evil man!
- Stop!
- Stop!
You're not the traitor we all thought,
you're one of us.
Hugo trusts you.
Why us?
Because you are the plague.
Let go of her!
Why did you let her come up here?
Don't you want to talk
about what happened?
No, I don't want to know or to talk
about what happened, okay?
I want to leave here
and forget all of it.
I'm staying.
Excuse me?
Jose and Arantza are missing.
What are you going to do, save them?
Isa, there are people who do this.
They're called the police.
- Stick your sermons up your ass.
- What do you want?
For me to come here,
eat this shit and smile?
Isa, people are dying.
You're getting into some shit
that'll ruin our lives.
Is that my fault?
No, but you knew what was
going on and said nothing to me!
I don't want to know
what happened at that party.
Or who that guy
you were hugging was, okay?
Really, I won't ask you
for any explanations.
And I'm really sorry about
your brother and your friends.
But you and I are going home.
If we hurry,
we can still catch the last plane.
I'm staying.
It's over.
Fuck it. No fucking wedding now.
Here he is.
Piero Lisardo Mondalvi.
Violence, resistence.
- Hold on, he's mentally ill.
- Yes, he's crazy.
"San Clemente Hospital.
Director of the center, Hugo..."
Piero Lizardo,
like Hugo, the director.
He had a son who died
some months ago in an incident.
That's right!
The riots by
the cruise ship protesters.
- They're the same.
- They're brothers.
No, twins.
Today, the protests
in front of the seat
of the bilateral Summit with France
turned into riots all over the city.
- At present there are over 50 injured...
- Here you are.
Among them nine Carabinieri.
The protesters aimed to highlight
the problem of overdevelopment.
due to the disappearance of tourists...
have even requested
the suspension of Carnaval.
But who's the craziest of the two?
Piero worked there
as a security guard.
I've been there a lot,
in front of the Lido.
There are only ruins there.
The perfect hiding place.
And we're online.
Tell La Stampa.
The Summit begins in three hours.
In three hours it'll all be over.
CRUISE SHIPS OU We're going to be late.
Look, look,
the dead from the plague.
The dirt we're walking on
is made of bodies piled up
on top of each other for centuries.
Jose, Jose, are you alright?
What have they done to you, Jose?
Take it easy.
That's how the video that
went viral this morning ends.
The two surviving Spanish tourists
are recovering in a hotel,
waiting to return to their country.
As for the facts, the police
are investigating the abduction
and its link to the homicide
that occurred this week.