Very British Gangster, A (2007) Movie Script

This is Manchester.
By day, it's run by police.
By night, it's run by gangsters.
Manchester is where I was born,
where I live and where I'll die.
When I was doing the Hacienda door,
it was a tough door.
Different gangs... from Moss Side,
Cheetham Hill, Salford...
all turning up, all wanting
to come in for nothing.
So, me and this other lad that ran the door
said enough was enough.
Let's take the trouble to them.
And we did. Took it to them.
Tell me the story.
The Dog's Head.
That was the nickname
for the pub after that.
Everyone would say, "I'll meet you
down at The Dog's Head."
We just went to the pub.
He had a shotgun on him
and I had a machete.
And one of the gang lads' dog was about,
so I just chopped its head off
and carried it inside the pub
and put it on the pool table,
and more or less told them
and asked them
to stay away from the Hacienda,
or the next time it would be a human head.
And they never came back.
Dominic James Lattlay Fottfoy the First.
Many years ago,
my dad used to say to me,
"Look after those that look after you.
Fuck off those that fuck off you."
So I changed it by that name
to Lattlay Fottfoy.
That's what the initials stand for.
Dominic, this is home?
This is all my kids.
These are my nephews,
godsons and cousins.
No one else will have them.
Have you seen the size of my fish tank?
Very expensive. See them?
They're very, very expensive, them.
This is Aiden, my godson.
Got his head flushed before.
- Didn't you, mate?
- This is Bugsy, my son.
Bugsy, who's your mom?
I love the kids coming round.
It reminds me of my little days
when I was a kid.
So is this the same madhouse
that you had growing up?
Yeah. It was mad.
We'd all bring our own friends home,
so you can imagine there'd be
40 or 50 people in the house.
They'd be upstairs and everywhere.
When the house went on fire,
the whole lot went through
all the ceiling, right up to the top.
So when you walked in,
you could see right to the top.
Is that my vest there?
It's dirty now, look.
They just stamped all over it.
So has it ever been used in anger?
I wear it when I'm on meetings.
Or when I go round my mum's for dinner.
When you were doing the armed robberies,
would you use the...
Yeah, I would put one on.
I always wore one.
But I don't do those things no more.
I've set up my own security firm,
Manchester Security.
A flourishing business.
Does that need a new wheel on it or what?
Does that need pumping up or a new wheel?
I must admit, it is my favorite vehicle.
Of all vehicles, I'd have that one.
My bus, my taxis... forget about it.
That's my favorite vehicle.
It brings back memories.
- Are you still up for business?
- If the right job came along, yeah.
- And have you been asked?
- I've been asked by many teams.
But I've knocked them back.
It's just not the right money
or I didn't like it.
It's a pity really, because one of them
I was offered on,
they got a lot of money out of it.
- Did they?
- I was devastated afterwards.
- You missed your chance?
- I did.
And every time you pass
one of these vehicles on the road,
do you get a bit of a...
- I get a hard-on.
- Do you?
I honestly get a hard-on.
Are you proud of your work
with the Prisoners' Liberation Army?
I was, yeah.
I was made up.
That we got our own back on them.
A sense of justice.
Have you seen them lights light up at night?
Have you not seen them?
Have you seen them?
I think they're solar power.
They light up and they flicker.
Fucking drives too fast.
I keep telling him, "Slow it down, man."
There's loads of armed robbers in Moston.
Pull over there on the left.
Pull over on the left.
That there.
That van there, you see it?
That videos all the fucking
security vans around there.
It'll sit there.
There's a security van
due any second now to this bank here.
There it is. Look.
Bang on time.
Now he goes into the back,
his mate gets out.
Has he got a vest on him?
He has, hasn't he?
He's got a bullet-proof vest on.
I've never seen that one before.
They drop off half a million pound
in that bank.
- If you were on the job, what would you do?
- What, on that one now?
I'd park up there in a van,
and as he comes out,
I'd burst out the door and grab him.
What would you say to him?
Follow me, over there now.
You, open the fucking door.
Throw the bags out now.
Start throwing them out.
Quick. And he'll do it.
Throw the fucking bags out now!
Get it!
Police chases can sometimes
be scary or a buzz.
Depends what's after you,
what's behind you.
And why they're chasing you.
If you're coming off a job,
then you're more worried.
If you've gone out deliberately
and looked for the chase, it's a buzz.
So would you go out
and deliberately create a chase?
Provoke a chase?
- Twenty years ago, yeah.
- Tell me about that.
Here's the police now.
We can take one now if you want.
Watch. I'll show you how to take
a fucking chase, Donal.
- No, no.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah. Thanks.
- All right, then.
You broke out from a prison van
to rob a security van?
We had two security vans
to rob the same day.
One in the morning,
around about 10:00, one at 4:00.
We was going for the double.
No one's ever done a double before.
So we thought we'd have a laugh.
What was the reaction
of the prison officers?
He admitted in court
that he pissed his pants.
He said, "I just pissed my pants
in the back of the car."
I could hear him pissing, anyway.
And I remember saying to him,
"Don't let them take me.
Don't take the cuffs off."
And he said, "I can't stop them.
I can't stop them."
They had the gun pressed against him,
telling him, "Take the cuffs off."
Fuck off! Quick!
I'll set the dog on you.
You can see that he's filming,
so shut your fucking mouth and fuck off!
Fucking mong.
I've had a busy day today.
- How many have you had in?
- Too many.
Too many kids going back to school.
How's Damien's kids?
Yeah, they're all right.
About eight month, nine month.
Shock to everyone, wasn't it?
I couldn't believe it when I found out.
Devastated. Devastated.
Did you go?
I went to the funeral, yeah,
but there were so many in the church,
I couldn't get anywhere near it.
I know.
So, Andy, what are you getting done today?
Do you think a uniform commands respect?
Yeah, it does.
And it gives respect back.
And your boys really kind of
have a uniform, don't they?
Always looking pretty sharp
and wearing ties.
It's important to us to look good and...
because we know we're being
watched all the time,
so we might as well look smart.
Especially in case
we end up in front of a jury.
How much money do you think
has gone through
the hands of the Noonans
over the last 20 years?
Allegedly made over five to six million.
But where's the money?
That's the question I'm asking.
Where's the money?
Is it in property?
Is it in horses?
No. It's behind the bar in landlords' pubs.
So with all the money you've made,
you're still making money,
you're still active.
Is that the message you're giving out?
I'm still dangerous.
Anyone's dangerous...
but there's some that are really dangerous.
Are you really dangerous?
And the next generation
is ready and waiting?
Yeah. They're already primed.
So how many is in your crew?
There's about 20, but I always keep
the young ones around me
because they're more loyal,
more trustworthy.
I've got a lot of respect for them
and they've got a lot of respect for me.
I know that they will watch my back
and I will have to respect them
and watch their back.
And they know I've had their backs
many times for them
because I know that they will die for me
and I'll die for them.
They'll shoot for me and I'll shoot for them.
Let's all get in the car quick.
He's in the van.
Where's Adam and Michael?
I don't know where Dominic is.
Shut up. Shut the fuck up.
You nearly got me arrested
for your shouting!
He poked me in the fucking face,
you little knobhead.
Don't take me for some
little dickhead, right!
Don't take me for some little dickhead.
I was getting griped up for fuck all,
so don't take me for some dick.
You shouting nearly got me
done for on the street.
Because I'm shouting at you...
Because I'm shouting at you,
I nearly got myself arrested.
You were told to give your name
and information, yeah?
Give the information
and shut your fucking mouth.
I fucking gave my information.
You weren't getting grabbed up,
you little knobhead,
so shut your fucking mouth!
They said he'll be out Monday now.
They've taken the car, have they?
We've got to get our van now.
That's been clamped, sorry to say.
- I asked.
- It's not. It's not.
Dom said it might be...
Steve said they clamp them for the day...
You can't do a right here, can you?
No. Go on, just do one anyway.
We was walking up the road, yeah,
to collect the car, to collect the van,
and an Audi's pulled up,
a knob in an Audi Estate's pulled up,
skidded, jumped out,
said, "No one move.
"Stand again the wall. Freeze.
"Put your hands up.
Let me see your hands," and all that.
So why were you two guys fighting?
That was just a little silly argument
blown out of proportion.
The police were like...
He's giving the police loads, yeah?
I'm just trying to calm down,
saying, the more you shout,
the more you're just gonna
get yourself fucked.
They'll just arrest you.
They'll say, "Look, sunshine,"
throw you in the back of the van,
and he's riding fucking...
But there's a way of doing it
and there's a way
of explaining things to people,
and poking somebody in the face
in a public place just pissed me off.
Andy, how do you feel about being the boss?
We're the boss.
Me and him are the oldest, simple as.
And we're the younger brothers of the family.
Thank you.
Have you been arrested before?
I have done, yeah, and I've been
into a young offenders institute.
- And how old are you now?
- Seventeen.
You're 17.
So, if you weren't working for Dom,
what would you be doing?
Acting? Great.
So who are you acting for?
I've done things for Red Productions,
Love In the 21 st Century,
I've done adverts with Roy Keane
and David Beckham.
I've tried getting him in,
but he won't get off his arse
and get it into gear four and do his lines.
Why do I need to sit and stand
and just speak a load of bullshit
into a camera?
I've got better things to do with my time.
You'd make more money from acting
than you would from criminality.
I wouldn't say that.
- But I'm not a criminal.
- Okay.
You're just assuming I'm a criminal.
I'm not.
But you're part of the crew.
Are you part of crew?
Part of Dominic's crew?
I'm not saying I'm part of his cr...
I'm friends with Dominic,
do you know what I mean?
- He's looked after me.
- You clearly get respect when you go...
Oh, yeah, you do.
Everywhere we go,
everywhere we've been with him, isn't it?
They always... Everyone shakes
your hand everywhere you go.
I suppose you do get a bit of a big head
standing next to him and all that.
He's genuine, man.
He's a proper caring person.
He's top.
Do you think there'll ever be a day
when one of you guys
are gonna turn grass on the other?
- No.
- Really?
Every criminal gang always has a grass in it.
Well, unlucky for those that do,
then, isn't it?
I was kept in the cell Saturday night
and Sunday night.
No visits, no phone calls,
no letters, no mails,
no newspapers to read.
Not even a change of clothing
was allowed to be handed in.
Other prisoners got that,
but not me, of course.
You know what? The police harassment
of DJ Noonan Security.
You know all the vehicles,
you know they're all insured,
you know they're all taxed.
You ever think of going straight?
I've thought about it many times,
but sometimes it's difficult.
I'm trying to set up a security firm,
but the police won't let us go straight.
It's the way the police is
around here in Manchester.
Yeah, but the going straight
is a personal decision, isn't it?
You could go straight.
You choose not to.
No, you can go straight,
but it's just that we've got that name.
Got that reputation.
The reputation goes before the name.
But you made that reputation,
along with your brothers.
Maybe so, but at the end of the day
we don't really want to keep that reputation.
It's just stuck with us.
Stuck with us through
generations of uncles, as well.
And now our nephews
are gonna suffer the same.
As we get older, they'll suffer the same.
So, do you think you were always
destined to be a criminal
and you are always destined
to continue that work
and not go straight?
You never know what's round the corner.
You never know what...
Might win the lottery.
I've got a fucking leather sofa
that I need to sell,
but it's fucking bank holiday and shit.
No one's got any fucking money.
Just talk to them, just tell them the story,
and then I'll go and talk to the other fellow
and fucking get the payments down.
Yeah. Well, I can try.
I can get 500 for tomorrow morning.
All right, I'll give you a call
in about an hour,
let you know what's happening.
- All right. Cheers, Dom.
- All right. So long.
This guy fucking got himself
into some serious trouble.
He's gone to some fucking
really heavy gangster
and got himself into some
serious fucking debt.
He's offered the guy nine grand
for a two-grand fucking loan.
The fucking knob.
Just for the record,
what made you... possessed you
to go into a post office with no weapon
and expect to walk out?
Fucking stupidity, I think.
I walked in, put the bag in
through the tray and said,
"Put the money in the bag
and don't do anything stupid."
He went, "What?"
So I repeated myself.
He went, "Fuck off!"
Pushed the button.
And I was like, "Fuck!"
'Cause I've seen it on TV
where the fucking...
the shutters come down
and the shutters come down.
And I thought, "Oh, fucking hell!
I'm well stuck here!"
I turned round and looked at the door,
and it was still, like, slightly open,
and I just fucking ran for the door.
I were, boom, in my car and off.
I were gone.
- Was the alarm ringing?
- Fuck, yeah.
That's loud, that.
That were loud, that.
I remember that fucking sound.
I'll remember that sound forever.
It was fucking horrible.
So how were you caught?
I did it in my own fucking car.
My own car.
No fucking false reg plates on it.
I parked the fucking thing outside.
And you're coming up for trial shortly?
That'll be a plead guilty, I suppose.
I can't fucking deny it, can I really?
What have they charged you with?
Attempted robbery.
Attempted robbery.
- Without firearms, though.
- Without firearms.
- Did they have you on CCTV?
- No.
They couldn't really prove it was you, then.
I've admitted it, though.
You shouldn't have said anything.
"No comment."
I've admitted it, though.
Naught I can do about it.
The only reason that I went in there
was through fear.
Like, I've got to get this fucking money.
My time's running out.
It was like I had to do what I had to do.
There's a lot of people with debts
like you who are struggling.
Yeah? How do they get out of it?
How do they get out of it?
That's what I want to know.
How do they get out of it?
It's not nice owing all this money.
But there's got to be a way out.
You wanna buy some carpet?
All the fish have died out of that fish tank.
Fuck you!
- Worse than your driving, Andy.
- I know.
Hey, no one beats my driving, cunt.
Will you fuck off? Come on.
You're pissing me off now.
You're pissing me off.
Move out of the way, will you?
Just keep the fucking noise down,
or you'll be moving.
Shut up!
Shut up or I'll send someone out
to beat you up in a minute.
- Who will?
- I will.
This is my manor where, in daytime,
I act as a social worker.
Everyone seems to come to me
with their problems around this area.
And other areas outside Manchester, too.
It's one of them deprived areas.
I was born here and bred here,
and this is where I want to stay.
Fucking hell!
It's a fucking safari!
This is a rough area.
They're knocking them all down.
This is history, this.
And they're just going to gonna take it away.
I'm going to a lady's house
who's just phoned me
to say that her husband has been
attacked with a hammer.
And the guy who's done it
has also threatened
to burn the house down...
with the kids in it.
This one.
What's it called?
Bailiffs! Open up!
- Sure this is her street?
- Yeah.
All right, Dom.
You all right, Steve.
He bit my arm.
And he twisted it
and tried to snap it, all right?
Then she comes screaming like a banshee.
I said, "Whatever."
You know what I mean?
He's come with a hammer
to the front door.
Cracked him with the hammer.
- Where did he hit you?
- There.
Could have fucking killed you,
that blow to the head.
Then threatened to torch
the house with the kids.
- What do you want me to do?
- Don't know. Have a word?
I'll just basically tell him to stay away.
Please leave a message after the tone.
At the tone...
All right, he's not answering.
I'll have to go round.
Can we get to some agreement
where everyone just keeps
their music down to a level
and people can say
"good morning" and that...
Would you like me to come back
one more time and I'll monitor it for you?
If there's a messing about, they'll move.
But why should I leave my house
when I've been here 10 years?
Can you answer me that?
Can I have a word with you?
You're getting a brick
through the fucking window.
We're going to Woodford to remove a baby
that was taken away from the mother
by the grandparents.
Get me on it.
Get me on and take it away.
Right, we'll just take that fucking baby out.
They'll have to arrest us then, won't they?
Because we're not letting Ruby go
until me dad says goodbye to her.
- Mother, where are you going?
- I'm going away.
Keep your eye on her.
Back seat, back seat.
Get that fucking cigarette
out of your fucking mouth!
Fucking prick.
Come on, let's go.
Move out, move out.
You all right, kid?
You've caused some problems
tonight, haven't you?
I think he's got fucking lost,
if you ask me.
They're looking for Strangeways,
aren't they?
- Is it a prison van?
- Yeah, that's a prison van, that.
Let the prisoners go!
I've always thought...
and I hope you don't mind
me asking you this...
that there's a hint of lavender
about you, Dominic.
Lavender? What makes you think that?
Because I've got a bald head?
Put another way, you know, are you gay?
Yeah, of course I'm gay.
Everyone knows I'm gay.
- Do they?
- Well, everyone around me knows I'm gay.
My family know... brothers and sisters,
best mates.
How did you first become aware
that you were gay?
When I was first aware of it?
I think it was just messing about
in an empty house with some of my mates.
And then I carried it on from there,
'cause I'd already experienced it.
I went into a boarding school
just the day after my birthday.
And I was 13 then, exactly 13,
and I was sat in the bedroom
upstairs in the dorm.
And when the night time come,
I sat on the bed and just got punched
straight in the face.
I saw a white flash and that.
I got told, "You do what we tell you to do,"
got told to take my clothes off,
start playing with them, sucking them off,
and then they raped me, about six of them.
And it went on all night.
It went on for weeks.
Every night, they'd take turns with me,
staying in the bed all night,
two at a time, raped me,
and then they just went the next one,
the next one, the next one.
It just went on and on and on.
Laughing and joking
and making me do dirty things
that I wouldn't want to wish on anyone.
I caught up with every single one of them
and I severely hurt them.
I severely hurt them.
I just fucking punched them
or kicked them and that.
But the main one I managed to pick up.
He didn't recognize me,
but I remembered him.
He got hurt as well.
I met him one night in the Gay Village
and I dealt with him.
I dealt with him severely;
I really hurt him.
I tortured him proper.
The best quality torture you could do.
Just fucking knocked fuck out of him.
I did things that he wished
he never did to me.
Dominic, you've done some terrible things.
How do you manage that
with being a Christian or a Catholic?
I get a satisfaction coming to church
and asking for forgiveness,
and I believe I've just been forgiven
for what I've done
and I can just walk out of here.
I'll probably do the same again
and just come back here.
Obviously, you can't do that at court...
say "I'm sorry" and expect to walk away.
Do you have any consideration
for the, kind of, victims?
I do, yeah.
On quite a few.
I look back and think,
should I have done that?
Should I have handled it differently?
Sometimes I think no,
that's what they deserved.
They did it to someone else,
and they get back what they've done.
- Did you ever kill a man?
- No.
Did you ever order a man to be killed?
Can't answer questions like that,
can I, really?
You can't answer questions like that.
I'd be arrested.
It's been alleged I have, but...
If you allegedly ordered
the execution of a man,
would you allegedly feel guilty about that?
If I was going to do something like that,
that person would have to
have done something really bad.
Not a silly thing...
something really, really serious.
Then, yeah, I wouldn't think twice about it.
How do you sleep at night?
Laid out on my bed, straight.
There's gonna be 11 of these
in the next few weeks.
We're gonna convert them
into cash carrying vans.
These back doors will be sealed up.
These are getting sealed up
with steel inside it.
And then we got all this coming out,
we're building cages here.
One man will remain in the back of the van,
one man gets out,
will lift up the shutters,
drop the money in or out, put it down.
We're offering a cheaper service
because I think Securicor
and Group 4 are too expensive.
They're 75 quid each, them.
It is secure because they've got
to get the fencing up yet.
It's got cameras in it.
All bullet-proof windows going on this side.
They can't sledge through it.
Same with this here.
Can't come through this side.
The desk go in here,
and they'll just hand the money out.
There'll be little shutters on it,
put the bags out to them.
There's also 5,000 safe deposit boxes
going in downstairs.
So you can leave all your deeds in there,
your passports, anything of value.
Half of them will probably
put drugs and guns in them.
Be advised not to leave
any money or jewelry
because we'll not take responsibility for it.
- This is my undercover unit.
- What's up?
Come to say hello
for washing your windows.
- Oh, nice one.
- Just washed your windows.
Can you give us a lift
back to ours now, Dom?
All this food is paid for by me,
by generosity.
Are you eating that, Sam, or what?
- Dad! Dad, throw me on.
- You know what?
I won't throw you on there,
I'll just throw you across the floor.
Yeah, my mates asked me
to whack you for them.
Did they?
You're not very good, are you?
Believe it or not, Dom, we're a nice family.
We don't do everything nice,
but we do look after each other.
We look after our friends.
We come out at 3 or 4 in the morning.
We stop all the burglary.
We stop most of the filthy
fucking drugs hanging about.
You still seem to be
very strong in Manchester.
Oh, yeah. We're still strong.
It's not just we're strong.
We've got lots of strong people round us.
It's not just that we're strong, anyway.
We've got lots of strong,
loyal people round us.
We'll always have that.
If they think they can just
take one of us out and it's over,
then they're silly fucking people.
Very silly people.
Yeah, let's do one
one of the prisoners sung years ago.
It's called "Standing Here Naked."
It's about the strip cells.
Standing here naked,
my clothes are on the floor
Two screws search my body,
two more stand by the door
They laugh and they snigger
The governor's hateful crew
Your body's ours to violate
There's nothing you can do
You can take me and beat me
again and again
But you'll never take my dignity,
you'll never see my pain
For all you evil warders
that play this evil game
It's I that stands here naked,
it's you that stands in shame
Yeah! That's it!
Yeah, I'm just heading into court now.
- Listen, good luck for today, yeah?
- Yeah. Cheers.
I'll give you a ring later, buddy.
I'm on my way down there now.
All right.
Dominic Lattlay Fottfoy,
go to court number 3.
Shouldn't take much longer now.
So what's happened?
Jury's gone out for their considered verdict.
Sent a note in...
This is my brother Dessie.
I have to take this call. Dessie?
The jury's just come back in.
They've been sent home by the judge,
but they did send a letter in,
which is encouraging.
They said, "Is it possible to find one guilty
and one not guilty on count 4?"
I'm here to give my side of the story.
The other fella's not here.
Kid? I'll call you back one minute.
So one of you, it seems,
is going to be declared innocent.
You can't send an innocent man down.
He was only picking up foreign currency.
Only down there for security.
Yes! Nice one, Steve!
Yeah. Come, let's go.
I've only just come out of court.
Not guilty.
- Tell us what happened.
- Unbelievable.
I just come back
with a not guilty verdict,
which was the right verdict
to come back with.
At the end of the day,
my solicitors and my barrister
did the investigation for that case
to prove my case was innocent.
- Nothing else, nothing short, nothing less.
- What now?
I'm going to go back because
they're sorting out my expenses.
It's cost me a lot of money, this trial.
To British justice!
To British justice!
And he's in the building.
Give it up!
Thank you for everyone coming tonight.
As you know, I was on
a very serious charge down in London
for a charge I never knew about.
I went down there as security.
Someone else was picking up some drugs.
I thought it was a load of money.
I'm talking a load of bullshit,
but who gives a fuck?
All right. Enjoy yourselves, eat the food,
don't wait for me 'cause I just had
some chips on the way up.
This is dedicated to the Customs and Excise.
We can't go on together
With suspicious minds
And we can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds
Oh, let our love survive
Or dry the tears from your eyes
Don't let a good thing die
When, honey, you know
I've never lied to you
Yeah, yeah
Were caught in a trap
A customs one!
You've got to get your act together
and do your own stuff.
You go round to the houses and say,
"We want some money for fireworks."
If they say, "Get to fuck,"
you say, "You get to fuck
because we run this area, not you."
- Local drug dealer.
- Yeah, guys, stop...
That better not be on!
These kids have been
selling drugs round here.
I tell them not to sell them,
but they don't listen.
I don't do nothing.
This guys the biggest
drug dealer in Manchester
- and he keeps it on the D low, this guy.
- That's what I'm saying.
Do I look like a drug dealer?
Have you seen me? Come on.
They know you're lying now.
You're a grass, aren't you, Michael?
Always getting arrested,
never gets charged.
I wonder why.
You know what it is with him?
He's known as what we call
a sweet grass.
What do you mean, a sweet grass?
He says things, pretending like, "Oh, no,"
but then the police get to hear about it.
Shut up!
I'll say on camera,
he has slept with me several times.
Don't chat shit! Oh, no!
- Why have you gone red?
- Why have I gone red?
'Cause I don't want to look
like a puff on national TV!
That's why!
I had 12 of these cups when I first come in.
Now I've got fucking two left.
They fucking don't wash nothing,
them little bastards.
Who's ate the cakes?
I'm being serious now.
- Fuck the camera!
- It was not me.
Who's ate my cakes now?
Someone has ate my fingers!
- I had one coconut cake.
- Why?
- Why?
- They're my cakes!
- You didn't ask for my permission.
- I'll buy them back.
You fucking will buy them back,
double fucking back!
When did you get arrested
for the breach of bail?
Yesterday. I've been arrested
for breach of bail twice.
Dom got me out the first time.
He said, "You have to release him now."
'Cause they tried keeping me,
illegally tried keeping me.
Dom was me solicitor
You gonna get him in court tomorrow?
Sunday. Don't think so.
What was the charge
you're on bail for?
Um, assault, criminal damage,
Dominic, I could be talking to
a younger version of you here.
Better looking.
I am better looking.
Dom serves and protects.
We just serve.
As one of Manchester's
most high profile gangsters,
This is the only picture I've got,
it's of my little Bugsy.
Look at him, sweet and innocent.
What a little fucking bastard
Is this the extended family?
You always have a bit of
a clan around you don't you?
Yeah. Most of the time, yeah.
Some guy's trying to be Elvis. Look.
Oh, look, Elvis Presley.
Oh, eh. You go, boy.
Do you think, um, Sean
would make it on X Factor?
- Who, Sean?
- Yeah.
He's have a good go, wouldn't he?
I don't know, 'cause there's good people
there, as well, isn't there?
Oh, cheers. Thank you
for the vote of confidence, Bugsy.
There is competition.
He's right. There's some
good people knocking about.
He's right to say that.
Yeah, I'm joking.
Is it difficult bringing up
kids these days?
It is, really.
It's difficult enough when you've got...
All the things that we want.
...mother and father.
There's a lot of people that are
one parent families.
It must be a lot difficult for them
And then all the things that we want,
sometimes you can't get it.
No, well, let's reverse that question.
No, you can't always have
what you want in life, Carrie-Anne.
We do our best. We get what we can
when we can get it for 'em.
They've not been brought up
to get everything they want.
Even if we had the money,
I wouldn't give it to 'em.
Bugsy, how many sausage
do you want?
Paddy can't work 'cause he's ill.
I can't work either.
We do our best,
you know what I mean?
Have you seen these?
F in music. You should be
ashamed of yourself, what.
It's still a pass.
What do you mean, it's still a pass?
It's still a pass.
An F?
A to F is a pass.
Yeah, F for "fool".
Every gangster family has a singer.
In our family, it's me.
I sing weddings, funerals, and acquittals.
Mostly acquittals.
I want to be famous, "Top of the Pops",
maybe go on X-factor next year.
Frank Sinatra had gangster connections,
and it didn't do him any harm.
My dreams are to be a boxer
because I've always liked it,
since I was younger.
If I don't make it being a boxer,
go out for football.
"Steven Robinson".
Has he died?
I started off as a grafter,
I started off working for someone else.
Phone would answer,
I would go round the corner,
pass something to someone,
go back and we'd have bare dough.
We'd have bare money in our pocket.
Then like, after about
a couple of weeks went past,
and I thought, yeah man, I like this.
But I don't like passing him all the dough.
Because I used to pass him
a big wad of change.
I thought, I'm not liking it,
I'm not going to pass it to him.
Just went about the smack heads
that he had, I started giving out.
Then he met me, he had a bit of conflict
saying he was going to do this and do that.
So I said, right, well, bring it.
You've got to bring it, come and do it.
So I just got me boys and that together,
got a few little weapons, went round.
I had a scrap with him,
bit his face off. End of subject.
He just quit,
he didn't want none anymore.
Now there's worser things going on.
People were chopping and shooting people.
I only smashed one persons head in.
But I took over his one patch,
and that's all I needed then.
I would chop you in half
just for the reputation.
It's money and drugs and power.
Because people fear us,
and they know what we'll do to them.
Yo, is that chippie open up there?
Your phone.
Oh, no. What's up now?
They've gone off more than a bit.
I've got to keep 'em out now, Dom.
Do us a favor and ring them up.
Need to get this bottomed out, Dom.
They've got to just fucking keep out.
They're going to cost me a pub here, mate
- All right, I'll get onto them for you.
- Thanks, kidda.
They've been fighting again yeah?
It happened the other day.
Fucking windows got broke again
and fucking bottles.
On Friday, uh...
No, you're embarrassing me,
I swear to God.
You're embarrassing
the fucking family name.
Her own daughter's embarrassing her...
Never mind her daughter.
We've got a better name than that.
Fucking idiots now, in it?
That's all they're saying about you
up that end, you're just idiots.
I'm not arsed.
You're not arsed?
Well don't drag my fucking brother's name
through the mud then yeah?
Carry on.
I was having a fight,
and just because I got the better of him,
he started crying and ran to the teacher,
said I battered him.
So what did Mrs. Roberts
say to you, then?
"I don't want you on the premises,"
and I went, "Oh, I'll go then."
How long for?
Seven days, she said.
His face went dead red
and started crying.
It was still red
when he told the teachers.
I told you to stop messin' about
toy fighting before.
Even at the house when you start gettin' hurt
and start fucking crying.
Mm-hmm. That's what happens.
When I was there,
it was ABC right down to G.
The cleverer you were
the more you were at the top, A,
and the dumber you were,
you were at G.
Paul's on Z, then, isn't he?
In fact they just made up
a new letter for him.
Fucking hell, they will suspend you
if you go in like that.
Won't know it's you.
I hated that school.
Would you wanna be like your dad?
Me dad? Nope, 'cause he's done armed
robberies and stuff like that, hasn't he?
Would you ever go in prison?
No, 'cause they spit in your drinks
and, how would you know,
they could piss in your drink.
You wouldn't know.
Spit in your food and mix it all up.
Your dad's been in
24 years, as well.
Ugh. I bet he's been eating all sorts.
I'd do it to get
one of my mates out of trouble.
I'd go into prison for that,
but I wouldn't...
I'd go in prison for me family.
Yeah, so would I, but I wouldn't go
and do something from off me own back.
Yeah, for myself.
Like an armed robbery, for example.
Yeah, I couldn't do that, mate.
I'd prefer to get other people
to do it for me, if you think about it.
Don't wanna die, anyway.
Don't wanna die young.
Neither do I.
Don't want to get killed.
And I do?
Yo. Shuriken.
So I'm gonna be a singer,
become a millionaire with me voice,
and then I'm going to buy
a pile of pubs and clubs in Manchester,
and then I'm going to design my own train,
design my own plane,
buy a pink hummer,
a Porsche 911, a Range Rover,
and my very own boat.
Abramovitch, like Abramovitch,
with his big fucking Russian yacht.
I've not seen him,
he's probably on the rock somewhere.
He's, uh, he's disappeared.
He comes out when he's got no money,
and he manages to get some.
Is he just lost, then,
on the crack, Dessie, then?
Totally gone off the rails.
He's, uh, he's on drugs.
It's a shame, really,
'cause he had such a big name,
and, uh, now his name's shit.
At the end of the day,
it's a dangerous drug to mess around with.
A few people say you should help him,
but you can't.
They have to say it themselves.
They have to say that's it,
I'm fucking finished.
And he keeps telling me, "I'm off it,
I've been off it now 5 or 6 weeks,"
but he hasn't he's a fucking liar.
He's always lying. They're always born liars,
them kind of people.
Once again another Noonan trial,
and no witnesses.
Just lucky, aren't I?
Just lucky people.
It's not just one witness.
I understand it's seven or eight.
Eight witnesses have decided
to leave the country.
All of them have left the country.
That has been confirmed by the courts.
They must've had, I don't know,
a tour package.
They must've got a cheap deal.
The more go,
the cheaper it is, isn't it.
Is the back window open?
The back door?
Because it looks like the police
just whacked up. Open the door.
Mike, dickhead, Mike. Come, hurry up.
The Volvo, you dickhead.
Fuck me.
Are they still there?
I was coming out to wind them up then.
I thought I was getting nicked.
The difference is with Dom,
he's got no one to work his back.
Whereas I've got my grafters
and all these.
He's only got his family,
we've got boys and family.
Anyway if Dom goes down,
I will take over.
At the end of the day, it'll be mine.
Everything will be mine
The case is, against me,
that I am in possession of a telephone
which can be linked to the persons
who abducted somebody.
But so what? A phone?
You could have ended up with that phone.
It's like me now giving you the phone.,
and then a week later, you're arrested,
and you gotta explain
where's it come from.
Now they've asked for
police protection on the jury.
I mean, what's all that about?
What are they trying to say?
That we're going to intimidate the jury?
Hello? No, Paddy, Paddy.
I'm on trial at the moment.
I'm at court every day.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday. I'm on a six week trial, yeah?
So I got to deal with it when I can get back
in time, when the case gets adjourned.
Paddy, I'm only doing
my best for you, Paddy.
At least you got a big check
to come out to you for Christmas.
Paddy, I'm under a lot of stress, yeah?
All right, then.
Not as much as me Paddy, you're not
expecting 20 years next week, are you?
Right then! Fucking prick.
Shut them fucking dogs up.
Get this hairy fucking monster out...
How did your barrister
sum up for you?
He summed up very well.
I was kind of surprised 'cause, uh,
he convinced me that I wasn't there,
that's how good he was.
Do you think he convinced
the jury you weren't there?
You've only got to
put doubt in one man.
You never know with these juries.
Like I said, they find guilty people innocent
and innocent people guilty.
Another victory, another Noonan set up,
and I'm coming home.
I said to them cops
when I left that courtroom,
I walked right up to them in the box
I said you went for me, you lost.
You're a fucking rat.
This is probably...
no, it's the the jury.
They want to know where the payment is.
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
Yes, sir?
Can I have a pint...
A bottle of Beck's, please?
We're not dinosaurs
and we'll never be extinct.
It's not that we have luck,
it's just that the jury believes
we are innocent people.
Would someone ever take out
a Noonan in Manchester?
I hope so and I hope it's me first.
I'm fucking fed up, fucking fed up with life.
Got no money,
not got a pot to piss in.
Got a shitty car, married, kids,
mortgage, fed up.
If there's anyone thinking of
taking the Noonan's out,
can you take me first please,
but please do it as quickly as possible.
In fact, I'll even come to you if I have to.
Just give us a phone call.
I'll meet you anywhere you want.
And make sure it's behind the back
of the ear and it's fucking clean.
And don't let me linger, for fuck sake.
I am a whinging bastard.
Please make me the first.
But in the mean time,
if you want to set Dominic before me,
then you can have him.
You can't take out the Noonans.
We've not done anything to be took out.
No one wants to hurt us
at the end of the day.
And if they did,
by God, there'd be some fireworks.
- Would there?
- Oh.
I've got a bigger army than the police.
We've got more guns than the police.
Silly bastards.
I'm down to 25 murders.
What a load of bollocks, isn't it?
24, wasn't it you done?
No, I didn't do 24.
I didn't do Ritz-Carlton.
How many was it alleged you did?
Ah, for those. The police...
The police reckon 23.
They reckon I'm behind most of
the murders in Manchester.
And are you?
He's a good Catholic.
I'm a catholic,
I don't believe in a life for a life.
I don't believe in taking life.
Dominic, tell me what happened?
I just got a phone call off Sandra
saying that, uh,
he's just been stabbed
in the last 10, 15 minutes.
He'd just been stabbed,
and she had a phone call off him
saying he was dying in the street.
She told me, she said he's lying
on the floor now, his guts hanging out.
I don't know what to do.
Jesus Christ. Jesus.
He's not going to die is he?
I don't know Donal.
There'll be fucking trouble if he does.
There'll be a lot of trouble if he does.
An ambulance has pulled up top the line.
I'll check it first.
I seen two ambulances
pulled up seconds behind each other.
The first one stopped,
and as they opened the doors,
I just saw a man lying on there.
I couldn't see his face.
I did think that was Dessie at first.
Just then I saw all the police
surrounding the ambulance.
Then I said to a copper
"Is that Dessie Noonan?"
He went "Yeah. Why?"
I said "He's my brother."
They started pumping on him.
The doctors got in there
and started pressing on him.
And I could just see that he was dead,
I could see that he was dead.
His stomach had swollen up
It looked like...
He was a big guy anyway
but he looked twice the size.
And then afterwards,
when I got told that he'd bled inside,
I realized then why he'd swollen up.
'Cause all the blood stayed inside.
It didn't go anywhere.
I went to the scene where it happened.
Within minutes, I found out who done it.
He's history.
He's finished.
He knows he's finished.
That's just life.
I was in shock.
I mean, I was still...
I'd had a beer the night before
and I was still feeling the beer.
And as soon as I got told,
it was like I was sober straight away.
Phoned Dom.
Just said, "Dom, sorry to hear
about your loss," and that.
There's nothing much you could say, really.
You don't know what to say
when things like that happen.
It'll be massive, the funeral.
No doubt about that.
No doubt about it.
Obviously, if Damien's was big...
People who have never
even met him will turn up.
With people being killed
like Dessie, and that,
it makes you realize
if such a big guy was killed,
it makes you think, "Well, I could be next."
If someone that big
can get took away like that,
we could get took away
a hell of a lot quicker.
We're like where he started.
We're at the beginning.
We're in the prime, you know what I mean?
We're just up and coming.
Eventually, we might be like him,
we might be bigger than him,
we might be nowhere near him,
we might be dead.
They're the original ones,
they're where we've got it from.
They're who we've watched and thought,
"We can do that. We'll try that.
If they can do it, we can do it."
Anyone can do it if you've got
a set of balls, yeah?
You've got it?
What you've got to understand is
when Dessie and all these gangsters...
what you call gangsters...
when they was kids, yeah,
they had holes in their roofs,
they didn't have no food or...
They did what they did to survive.
We do it for a rush.
We do it for the rush,
we do it for the adrenalin,
the actual rush of taking
someone else's things off of him.
Bam, as easy as that.
Say we do about 30 robberies
and we get caught for 1.
You're talking, like,
at least 10 grand each robbery.
Didn't anyone ever teach you
the difference between right and wrong?
No. No one teached us how to read,
not where I'm at...
We can't read, we can't write.
Can count money, though.
You'll see this face on Crimewatch UK.
Dominic phoned me
Friday night, Saturday morning
at quarter to 8,
and he said, "Eileen, it's Dominic.
I've got some bad news for you.
He said, "Our...
Our Dessie... found dead last night."
Me just waking up,
I just said, "You're joking!"
He went, "No, I'm not joking."
I said, "I'm sorry I didn't mean that."
Just cause I just woke up, you know.
And I woke Paddy up and told Paddy.
Dominic, the casket that you've chosen,
this is the one here.
It's called Piet, the Last Supper coffin.
It's got all the bronze handles,
corner pieces.
- Is that the best ones you got?
- You can't get any better.
Your lads are going to carry
the coffin to the...
Yeah. My lads will be carrying it, yeah.
Because he's quite a big man.
He's quite a big man, this Desmond...
Did a guy get murdered yesterday?
I believe he's been shot dead yesterday.
Yeah. A good friend of our Dessie's.
I received a threatening letter today,
saying that "You're next,"
'cause Dessie owed money.
I've doubled all my guards
and I've doubled my fucking vests.
How many's allowed in the car?
Six in the back.
We could get an extra person in the front.
Yeah, I want my guards to go in each car.
It's nothing to do with the children.
They should let the kids carry on to school.
It's only a fella that died.
But notwithstanding where we are,
I will say this for me.
Forgive me, Father.
For me there is no forgiveness
for the perpetrator.
And there is no forgetting
for the perpetrator,
wherever he or they may ever reside.
That is my position.
In a minute, I want you to just get up there,
take the lads in blues and yellows,
and don't let no one on that plot.
Only immediate family around the grave first.
The rest come in.
Bath time.
Bath time.
And it's the first bath they've had.
They're like drowning rats trying to get out.
Shut up. Fucking mong.
Careful what you film here.
I don't want the RSPCA on my case.
Put that one in the microwave
for 30 seconds!
One's missing.
If someone whacks him, they whack him.
Got fuck all to do with me,
but good luck to them anyway.
The amount of people that come up
and told me how much they want to kill him.
You don't think there's been enough killing?
It's only just begun.
This is my undercover unit.
Dominic, what happened with the arrest?
Tell me.
I gone up there on the fucking Sunday.
I was under surveillance when I left
my house in the morning at half 8.
They said they've had me
under surveillance for months.
They have police saying they saw us
get out the car, lift the bonnet up.
And what kind of gun was it, Dominic?
Just a normal revolver with five bullets.
It was found in the bonnet area,
hidden inside the fucking
battery compartment.
So how are conditions in the prison for you?
I'm on a unit, high-risk fucking...
I've not had one single visitor yet, Donal.
They keep knocking people fucking back.
They won't let me have any visitors, end of.
They've just stitched me up.
Well, I love him, of course,
'cause he's my dad and...
That's it, really.
Because I love him and that's it.
- No matter what he does?
- No matter what he does.
He's still going to be there for me.
B-U-G-S-Y. Bugsy.
I told his mom to get
his passport done and everything.
We're going to fuck off.
You know what?
When we go, I'm not bringing him back.
He's not coming back.
He's not being brought up
in this fucking shit-hole.
In all your time, how long
have you spent with him?
Two years 'cause I done fucking six months
on remand on the last one, didn't I?
2 years out of 11 years?
Any plans for when Dominic gets out of jail?
He's taking me on holiday.
Where is he going to take you?
Anywhere where I want.
You fancy doing a holiday, Bugs?
Might be going to Jamaica.
Put me in your suitcase.
- What?
- Put me in your suitcase.
- You in a suitcase?
- Don't you start, you!
I want my family to be careful
and don't tell people what they're doing,
because it's their business,
and how do you know...
you might say it to the wrong person
and they might grass you up
to the police and get you arrested.
These paintballs are extra hard today
because you're all gonna be cold,
so you're going to be
in lots of pain, I'm sorry to say.
I don't want to see anyone
shooting dead people.
Look, Dominic, maybe they
pleaded guilty because they are guilty.
Are you guilty?
- Would I say I'm guilty on the phone?
- No.
- Right, don't ask a stupid question, Donal.
- I'm sorry, Dom.
What do you think a gangster is?
Well, they go around killing people,
but not for no reason, for a reason.
It has to be for a reason,
like, say, if they owed them money
or something like that.
He can't help it, can he?
He's a gangster, he's a gangster.
And that's it, really.
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